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Grayson Ball in the Great Gray Hall

The Graysons are having a ball! Everyone's invited. There will be food and drink in abundance, music, dancing, and surprise prizes.


Oct. 27, 2018, 6 p.m.

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Isabetta Jyri Bedivere Kenna Orelia Lou Enoch Elora Berenice Ouida Pharamond Felicia Alaric Sebastian Delilah Sorrel Brogan Niklas Reese Sabella Emily Domonico Leonidas




Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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Comments and Log

Isabetta arrives early. She's fine to mull about kind of awkwardly so she does just that. She starts to look around to see if the food has been set out, walking a little awkwardly in her gown. She apparently doesn't go around in gowns very often.

2 Harthall house guards arrives, following Ouida.

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Jyri arrives with a whole cadre of Whitehawks, walkig next to Elora and looking around with curiosity and some awe, that one eye gleaming with interest. Someone's dressed up the Prodigal nicely today, silks and umbras worn. "Big," is his final decision on the hall, but the way he says it suggests it's a compliment. He upnods to Liara, then remembers where he is and gives a stiff bow.

Bedivere gets up and waves hello to everyone here, doing so with his left hand whilst his right forearm is held back under his knightly tabard behind him. Then, he moves away from the badger table to the Majestic Gryphons couch and flumps down into the cushy cushions.

Kenna took great care in dressing for this Grayson ball. One doesn't just //show up//, there's a particular attitude to be had. So she's in a fitted dress with matching jewelry. No need to particularly show off, but just enough to respect exactly where they are at. "Elora, I think I'm going to go be a wall flower with Bedivere for a bit - and then maybe tease him into dancing with me soon." She splits off from them to head towards Bedivere, smiling as she goes and bowing to their hosts.

Orelia arrives in a dress bearing her house's colors, though a little bit in reverse. It's a dark green high necked dress with deep purple slashes across the skirts and bodice of the dress. She also looks decidedly uncomfortable in the dress, silk or not. But anyone that knows Orelia knows she's far more comfortable in trousers and tunic than in a dress. She arrives a few minutes early to the ball. Fashionable? No. But practical.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

As if on a cue - possibly by dint of the fact that Liara shoots a pointed look over that way - the band breaks out into a fairly brisk and bombastic piece. The princess has parked herself by the entrance to greet those coming into the hall. There's a general bustle of servants, moving to gently usher anyone who looks hesitant farther into the hall, to a table or couch as desired, with food or drink being offered readily. Jyri's initial greeting draws an amused look from her, and she graces him with a smile.

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Look who has made it? None other than Lou! Lou who usually eschews coming to these events. And, this particular princess who hates being a princess isn't even dressed in embarrassing garb. She's wearing a lovely ensemble of aeterna with emerald green embellishments. As she walks down the stairs into the hall, it's hard to mask her disappointment at just how many people have arrived already. She takes a deep breath, steels her shoulders, and walks into the crowd, but not before glaring over her shoulder at the upstairs counterpart of the house, like she's looking for someone who should be there right with her to make this an easier night to swallow.

Sir Enoch Grayson arrives dressed in his armor of the King's Own, likely beside the King himself, and a smile on his face as he looks around. "Good to be home." He clasps his hands in front of him, standing attentively as he looks around. Seems he's presiding security over this here gathering.

Elora arrives, her arm through Jyri's. Green eyes dance around the room with a large smile etched across her features. "Quite big," she agrees with a laugh. "Lovely as well." She offers a little curtsey in Liara's direction. "Everything looks wonderful," she murmurs to the woman.

Isabetta is ushered toward the treats, as if she needed to be told. She decides to sample a little of everything. She literally does just that. Just a bite, she needs room to try it all and thus starts working her way down the table. Num num num. Eventually she finishes and has an assortment of treats all with a single bite taken out of each of them. She looks for a place to set it down with a frown.

"Liara! /What/ a resplendent achievement you have here!" Berenice sweeps in, dressed in a lush gown of darkest umbra with a touch of wine-red seasilk, her hair styled into a perfect combination of elegance and softness, a touch of cosmetics in the dark of her eyes and the red of her lips. She steps up to the hostess first off, reaching for her hands and leaning in to offer one cheek kiss, then another. "I am /so/ looking forward to an absolutely decadent evening."

Ouida arrives with none in her entourage, the Harthall knight seemingly a stag for this event. She isn't wearing her customary steel or leathers, however, instead wearing a resplendant floor length gown that evokes misty clouds on a stark night, the cut simple but meant to highlight her statuesque height and unexpected feminine beauty. Beaded silken slippers peek out from underneath the hem now and then. Though not one much seen in public finery, Ouida moves as if she's comfortable in it and in her own skin, drifting in to take in the festivities and the music.

Pharamond seems in good spirits as he comes in, dressed in...not armor? When was the last time anyone saw Pharamond in something besides his leather armor? Heck, even he's pretty sure it's what he sleeps and bathes in. But today he wears a whole new outfit, in Ashford House colors of course, but the pants, the shirt, the waistcoat even - so fancy! He does have Oakheart, becuase...House Sword...but even that matches the colorscheme of his ensemble. But let's be honest. Free drinks? Free food? Free friends? Okay, yes, he was most certainly going to be here.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Aryka Wyrmfang, Teonia Redreef, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy puppy arrive, following Sorrel.

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Jyri's smile to Elora is small but intent, so is the admiring look. "Green looks real good on you," he tells her and squeezes her arm a bit closer to himself. He gives Kenna a little wave and then bows towards where the king is before steering the two towards the foods. "Want something to eat right away?" he asks though, not forcing her along.

Liara's gaze is drawn off towards Isabetta, and she quietly snags a servant to send along to offer a gentle suggestion that Isabetta situate herself at the table set with the amber and glass badgers. Then the Grayson's attention is taken by Berenice, and she gives a ready smile and returns the other princess' greeting in kind. "You're very welcome, your highness. I don't doubt that you'll enjoy it."

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Lou continues to walk into the room until she misses a step as she stares at the a colourful patchwork monster made out of cloth, suspended from the ceiling that's hanging within the room. Her jaw opens in an 'oh' sort of fashion, and she glances around for any other sort of Graysons in a 'is that supposed to be here' sort of look as she points at it with a rather dumb looking expression on her face. She's the socially inept one, mind you. And she's just not sure the protocol on big patchwork monsters.

Felicia's not in her armor.. for once. Although Wheelspinner is part of the outfit she wears, the oldest Harrow dressed in a wealth of pitch black umbra with her hair done up elegantly, but bereft of any particularly notable adornments. Arriving with her arm looped in Brogan's,"I always feel out of place in these sort of things." she admits quietly to the northern lord with a brief grimace as they enter,"Like I'm going to wind up using the wrong fork and someone is going to lecture me about it for years afterwards."

Isabetta is guided by a servant to a table and she totally allows herself to be guided, after all, she has a sampler plate of just about all the snacks already and the wine will surely flow so what else could she want? She's already getting into the wine and when she does spot Liara she gives her a very friendly wave. No doubt the princess is going to be busy all night so perhaps she'll get a proper greeting later. A long draw of wine later and she second guesses herself.

Alaric has his drink and his spot by the map table from where he can survey the room with an affably jaunty air about him. With a grin, he waves Lou over towards him, restraining himself from calling out her name and drawing even more attention to her. He's so nice like that. "Found anyone to throw out yet?" he deadpans to Enoch. "Maybe there's an infiltrator in that monster. Best keep an eye on it to make sure it's not making any telltale wiggles," he advises.

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Sebastian is dressed rather simply tonight -- in a fine white silk shirt and black pants -- the more noteable piece his white great coat, the stitcing and intricate detailing intended to draw the eye. That he's not, as is his habit, wearing clothes of Pravus colors might or might not mean something at all. He is without guards, as usual, and makes his way towards the hostess -- blue eyes gleaming as they land on Liara. "Your highess. It's a pleasure to meet you -- Lord Sebastian Pravus," he introduces himself to her, with an easy smile. "Yes -- the Princess Berenice is correct. What a marvellous set up," he adds, with an twitch of lips as he steps up near to Berenice.

Orelia doesn't move for food like a number of others. No she moves for drink. Because that's probably the only thing that's going to get her through the night. So she moves in the direction of someone that looks like they have alchohol. Not to take whatever is on their tray, but to ask if they have rum. The little swordswoman has worn some elbow length purple gloves to go with her dress, but they don't quite cover up the bruises on her upper arms. Bruises that anyone familiar with a sword practice ring would recognize. Once she's found someone that will go find her some rum she looks around for a place to hide-Ahem. Stand and watch. Her hands keep drifting to her hips, to where her blades should be hanging but aren't. There was simply no way to make them look good with the dress she's wearing.

Enoch was just happy to be home, though when he notices Felicia arriving with Brogan, he seems to give his fellow King's Own a little wave. Though, his eyes turn to Alaric, and he gives him a bit of a chuckle. "I will keep my eyes open, my King. Sadly, I haven't found anyone who needs to be thrown out quite yet. But, the night is young."

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard, 2 Grayson House Guards, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting arrive, following Sabella.

And then there's Alaric, grabbing her attention. Lou gives him a grateful sort of look, follows by a warm smile. "Your Highness," she greets as she slips in a seat near to him. "I hope all is well?" she asks. She gives Enoch a curious look when Alaric talks about throwing people out, and then nods at him. "Cousin." She turns back to Alaric. "It seems Liara's outdone herself, but is er.... that supposed to be here." She points to the colorful monster hanging from the ceiling, a single brow raised in question. "I can vanquish it if not. Though, I daresay, I left my diamondplate blade back in the room."

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Liara's paying the patchwork monster no attention. It's probably meant to be there. It's pretty big and pretty central. She's just studiously ignoring it. She continues to greet arriving guests, then overhearing Felicia, she offers with a smile, "Use any fork you like, my lady, or better yet, there is an abundance of finger food over at the side there. Lady Isabetta there seems to be doing quite well - have you met her? Welcome, welcome." Then her gaze is drawn on to Sebastian, and she greets him with a ready smile. "A pleasure to meet you, my lord. You're very welcome - please, help yourself to food and drink as you like, and simply ask if there's anything lacking." The suggestion would appear to be that a servant would be the one to ask rather than Liara herself.

Elora looks down over the dress, grinning and smoothing a hand down the front of it. "Why thank you. It was a gift from Silas as a thank you for some medical work I did the other day." She steps away from Jyri for a moment to give a little twirl in the dress. "He has style, I'll give him that." All smiles, the woman peeks towards her cousins, hand lifting in greeting. Orelia and Pharamond also get little finger waggles of greeting. "You look pretty wonderful yourself. How are you doing without any armor on?" she wonders as they move towards the food.

Darkest shadow is a theme, for the pitch umbra of a dress enveloping Felicia is mirrored by the secondary spectre. Delilah follows after, separated by a moment or two. Handfuls of starshot tumble over her celestially inspired cloak match the fitted dress, and soon enough she has a slim flute of wine stolen from some distant corner. "Dame Felicia, Lord Brogan," she says in her light, lilting voice. It isn't meant far to travel, the prospect of engaging them meant to be especially soft-spoken. "Good evening. Princess Liara has done a lovely job arranging this."

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All in white, with clean lines of aeterna broken by seasilk dyed in golds and oranges and reds that match the dawnstones in her black curls, Sorrel cuts an attractive, tall and slender figure. She walks like on a cloud, with precise dancer's steps, and when she hears music, she turns a dainty pirouette that shows off her dress. She looks bright and cheery and in high spirits, and she glances around for those she'd like to socialize with.

Pharamond makes his way over by Orelia eventually, though as the night goes on he will have to make it to Liara, the hostess with the mostest, and of course the other Graysons to thank them for the invitation and the provided fare and entertainment. But the one he has gotten to know best is the little swordswoman and so he grins, tapping her elbow gently as he grabs a glass of wine. Offering it out to her, he smiles, "How are you feeling today?" He chuckles, looking down to his outfit, "Even though I believe this fits, I feel completely underdressed compared to my normal day," he says, gesturing for a place to sit if she wishes to continue talking as he takes a sip of the chilled wine.

Kenna smiles at her family members as they drift around, even as she excuses herself from Bedivere, "I'll come check on you again soon uncle," and then she's doing her own drifting. A drink is retrieved before she makes her way to another table with a bright smile.

Ouida's blue eyed gaze turns towards the hostess, and it's towards her that she moves first. Once she reaches the Liara, she will wait her turn amongst the various others wishing to greet her, before offering her own warm smile, and the bow that indicates she's far more accustomed to legged attire than skirts. There is no shame or discomfort upon her features. "Your highness, thank you for hosting the ball this evening. I do not believe we've been acquainted as of yet. I am Lady Ouida Harthall. The Marquise and Marquessa send their regrets for a prompt arrival as they've been held up with other business elsewhere. I shant keep you long, but wished to express my gratitude."

"What's a fork?" Counters Brogan, as straight-faced as he can be, which is not very effective at all. "What is that thing?" Brogan's grin falters as he looks sternly at the patchwork monster. look liara

"Oh, I have no doubt, either," Berenice assures Liara warmly. Her smile brightens even more when she finds Sebastian suddenly next to her. "Ah! Lord Sebastian, what a /delight/ to find you in attendance." Without another word, she slips a hand into the crook of his elbow to take his arm. "I'm sure you'll be the perfect escort for the evening. Shall we find a place to gossip?"

Brogan says in Northlands shav, "It's got a kind of bearhead, but." More consternation as he is clearly trying to puzzle it together. "Ok. So, booze will be a priority, but let us grab a seat to be able to use ase a sort of launching point?" He points out the sofa to Felicia. "That looks comfortable, and in prime area to sally forth from." He starts to head that way and pauses as Liari gives solid life advice. "See, Fel? No fork worries. Thank you, Princess Liara. Oh hey there Delilah!""

"I feel like I'm walkin' on clouds, light as a feather, and half naked," Jyri responds wryly, giving Elora a quirky smile. He starts piling up some food stuffs and soon realises he can't possibly eat everything. Turning his one eye up at the monster, he squints at it thoughtfully. "Whatcha think that's for?"

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"Most kind, Princess Liara," Sebastian replies, with a brightly amused smile. "I'll be certain to avail myself of your hospitality." With a grateful nod towards Liara, he steps out of the way to let others seek the hostess, allowing Berenice to claim his arm with a pleased grin. "Of course. Lead the way, Princess Berenice," he says, and then leans closer to murmur, "Preferably via one of those servants offering around drinks," with an amused glint of gaze.

"You are very welcome, my lady," Liara replies to Ouida, with a warm and ready smile. "I imagine that we shall continue for quite some time, so late arrivals are more than welcome." Still, no comment on the patchwork monster. It looms, waiting. If it weren't so colourful, the thing might be halfway horrifying, really.

Alaric follows Enoch's gaze to smile over at Felicia and Brogan as well. "Well, I don't know if it's -sad- that we haven't had to evict any guests barely ten minutes into the ball. I'm not going to fault our security processes for not being strictly necessary," he declares wryly to Enoch. "Or our guests for not arriving so obviously inebriated they'll have to be sent home straightaway, at that." He grins at Lou. "Oh, of course. We've been considering upgrading the house's symbol from the griffon to the... flying rainbow extra-eyed longnecked bearclaw critter," he explains helpfully. It's a testament to his public speaking ability how confidently he can make up a name on the spot like that. "For some definition of 'upgrade', anyway."

1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Orelia spots the little motion in her direction from Elora, and lifts her freshly acquired glass in the woman's direction. It's filled with something clear which she's been assured is very fine rum. There may have been muttering on the lack of color to it. Then she spots the other target of her waving and her eyes track over to Pharamond as he starts in her direction. There's an awkward motion from her that starts as a bow and ends up a clumsy curtsy. Her lips part to start a string of curses but a quick peek at their surroundings tell her those had best be kept to herself, so she swallows it and forces a smile. "Lord Ashford." She most definitely does not accept the glass of wine. She has rum. Orelia lowers a hand again towards her hip, only for it to swipe on empty air, and her face scrunches up in irritation. Someone definitely misses her swords. "I'm tired. And bruised. But I'm here. How are you?" She asks, tone polite if uncomfortable.

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Lou glances over at Felicia and Brogan when Enoch points them out. She waves in Felicia's direction, knowing her fellow Explorer. She gives her a wide grin as well. Then a server comes back and she snatches a glass of whiskey from the tray, and just as she's starting to drink it, Alaric is going into his comments on the patchwork monster and she ends up spluttering her drink before she's even had a chance to take a swallow. She gives Alaric a baleful look, though laughs heartily at his comments. "I see. Er..." she fumbles about for some napkins to clean up the spill. "Well then, perhaps we might want to consider changing it back..." she suggests to Alaric, and asks Enoch. "Don't you think?"

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Elora offers Orelia a smile, brows lifting just a little bit as she spots the awkwardness between the woman and Pharamond as he approaches her. There's a sudden glint in the woman's eyes, lips twisting upwards. She might be staring a little. Jyri's question is enough to draw her attention back towards the man, a knowing twinkle still there. "What?" She follows his gaze towards the monster, head shaking. "I haven't any idea. Perhaps it is filled with confetti?"

Niklas emerges from Queenspeace Hall with Sabella on his arm. A nanny and a power nap have him looking far less bleary than he was before. "Goodness, a packed house." He and his wife make quite a pair, him all in umbra and gray fox fur, her in aeterna with floral flourishes. As they step further into the hall Niklas pauses in front of the Grace of Grayson painting, Sabella in front of Sabella, the continues on to offer greetings. "Princess Sorrel, it's been too long!" Lou gets a snappy nod, "Pathfinder." And more and more, until, "Princess Liara, this is quite a to-do. Congratulations."

Reese arrives at the ball while adorned in her rosy tunic and ivory leggings. She has her weapons too and looks suspiciously ready for battle. The princess moves with all this nimble grace. She glances over the room trying to get a feel for things here. She notices Elora first and has a gentle smile for her. "Lady Elora." She greets.

"/Always/, darling," Berenice assures Sebastian, reaching with her other hand to give his arm a reassuring pat. She begins to wind towards one of the sets of couches, but she makes /sure/ to take them past /several/ servants with trays of drinks, snagging a glass of sparkling wine for herself. She doesn't drop and drape immediately -- it's early in the party -- but she flashes a warm smile to Bedivere as she and Sebastian approach where he's seated.

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Enoch chuckles rather lightly at the King. "Well, my king, there's still time, no?" he winks. "I believe we already have more than a few guests who are rather known for their drunken personalities." He grins, before he looks around further, spotting Reese and Elora and giving them smiles as well.

"That'd be hellish to clean up," Jyri says with a grunt, looking at it all with the sort of boring practical eye of someone who suspects they might be asked to clean up. He perks up seeing Reese and bows at herw with a grin. "Princess," he says with genuine fondness.

Pharamond chuckles gently, nodding in understanding to Orelia as he bows politely and as she refuses the one glass of wine, he deos what Pharamond does. He drinks the first one...quite quickly, before setting it down. It would be uncouth to be double-fisting at a party. Fortunatley, his drinking prowess allows him such ways to escape being uncouth by throwing it back and now having just the one glass once more. "Lady Whitehawk," he says to Elora as she comes by and he looks to the man with her, and then there's a Princess Reese near as well who also earns a merry bow. "Want so..." and he goes to hand her his extra glass only to realize he has it not anymore. "...some company out at the tower this week? I was intending to head out that way this week."

Powernaps can only do so much. Sabella is still looking a bit tired, but she beams a smile around and gives Niklas' arm a quick squeeze, "This was a good idea, thank you for convincing me to come down. Princess Liara! Everything looks amazing and this was such a good idea!"

At the notice of the King, Brogan's head inclines deeply. He's in the process of steering Felicia towards the sofa he has mentioned. As a tray passes, immediately Brogan snags a bottle for himself, and to share. "A lot of folk here that I barely know or recognize. Still, it is good to get out and about and well. Drink." Brogan immediately drinks to that as he takes his seat and promptly offers the bottle to Delilah.

"I am glad to hear it, your highness," Ouida says to Liara, of late arrivals being quite acceptable. But then the Harthall steps back, so that the hostess isn't crowded, and the seems content to drift back amongst the other revelers, plucking a glass of whiskey from the tray of a passing server with some relief. For now, however, she merely holds the drink, content to people-watch.

"Well, I leave the particulars up to your capable supervision," Alaric declares to Enoch approvingly before hmming at Lou's response. "'Griffin' -is- a lot simpler to say. I suppose to be a proper symbol it'd need a far shorter name than 'flying longnecked extra-eyed rainbow bearclaw critter'. Perhaps something like the 'Lirawrah'." He glances to Lou. "That's not taken, right?" She is apparently the local expert on strange beasts in this conversation, after all.

Liara flashes Niklas and Sabella a warm and ready smile, her greeting for them a less formal matter than she's offered to many of the other guests - she just gives a small wave. "Lovely to see both of you." Various servants continue to move about, and at Liara's quiet direction, some seek to gently usher any single or otherwise uncertainly dawdling guests either towards tables, couches or groups, and judging by the direction given, there would seem to be some effort to match people with new and unfamiliar faces.

Orelia looks to Pharamond a moment, then back over towards Elora. "Socializing is good." She grumbles as she starts across the floor. At least she can walk gracefully, though that's not due to any sort of courtly training and much more her sword training. So she makes her way smoothly across the floor in the direction of Elora, offering the woman a tight smile, though when she spots Princess Reese there is a light and slightly awkward wave in Reese's direction, but her walk continues to take her towards Elora, pausing once she's close. "Lady Whitehawk." She dips into another curtsy, this one a lot less awkwards than the first one. "I hope you're faring well this evening. Sorry that I was not able to come and shop with you for a dress yesterday, though you seem to have done just fine in selecting one."

Isabetta spots Reese and waves wildly at her with a sausage looking - thing. She looks at said sausage looking thing like she's both not sure what it is or if she likes it or not. The sausage looking, ah, thing does have a bite taken out of it, so she's clearly not judging it from looks alone. The amount of wine she's been trying to consume might make it debatable if she can taste anything she's trying though.

Elora grins towars Reese as the woman arrives, offering a little curtsy. "Good evening, your Highness. I'm glad to see you here!" Her eyes drift over the woman's outfit, lips stretching into a smile. "I see you went with the tunic and leggings as promised. You look wonderful." She brushes Jyri's arm, gesturing towards Pharamon and Orelia as they get closer. "Jyri, this is Lord Ashford, and Lady Stonewood. You guys, this is Kennelmaster Tersk of the Iron Guard."

"Prince Niklas, Princess Sabella, you both look quite refreshed for new parents," Sorrel says cheerfully and with a measure of amusement. "Congratulations." It's not clear if she's congratulating them on the baby or on getting a nap after having the baby. She drifts in a direction, finding herself near Berenice, Sebastian, and Bedivere, where she offers smiles all around and grabs a drink from a passing server to hold like a prop.

Felicia offers an upnod in the direction of Enoch before flushing a little at Liara's words with a brief flash of a smile, distracted by the need to enthuse,"Lilah!" for Delilah. It's all a bit of a rush for her as Brogan heads towards the couch, Alaric getting a respectful inclination of her head and Lou a brief salute as she goes. The drink accepted with no small measure of relief.

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Reese has a warm smile for her cousin when she notices Enoch. "Oh, Sir Enoch very nice to see you again. Are on duty guarding the King or here to enjoy the party or maybe both?" She asks. She then smiles to Jyri. "Master Jyri, hi." She says, seeming a bit surprised, but pleasantly surprised. She then turns to Pharamond. "I would be honored if you would visit." She says toward him. She smiles to Orelia. "I love your outfit choice, ady Orelia." She murmurs. She then heads over to Isabetta and tries to kiss her cheek. "Lady Isabetta." She say softly.

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"Indeed, it is!" Lou exclaims. "And, I've even found the most perrrrrrfect place," yes she does drawl that out a bit, "for a griffon roost if we ever do manage to find any again. There's this mountain range, to the west, just beyond Grayson lands that I just got back from exploring. Griffons would love it there, most assuredly. The peak is a huge plateau, that stretches for long swaths and I swear that you can see all of Arvum up there, in bright, vibrant colors." Lou practically gushes with the retelling of this. Yes. Practical, pragmatic Lou is /gushing/ about this plateau. "I can't wait to go back there. Or, at least, the cave we missed. But I'll make a trip to the top again just for the view...." And she even lets out a relaxing sort of sigh, surrounded by people, as she explains it all. There's no missing that dreamy-eyed look she has on her face even as she takes another sip of her whiskey just thinking about it all.

Lou adds, with a slight smirk at Alaric, "No, that's not taken, but... griffons are still so much better." She winks at the king then looks around some more.

Isabetta gives Reese a kiss as she accepts one, and a little one arm embrace that keeps Reese clear of the treats that would likely make her tunic messy. She tells the princess, "Lovely to see you Reese, I'm just enjoying the treats with Lady Kenna here, I'm sure you know her because you know everyone, but I did not." She tries another sausage looking- ah.. thing.

"Socializing is the spice of our world," he teases Orelia. "Without socializing we would not have any need of Champions and Swords. The chance to make offense, to take offense, it is all best done in public gatherings." He jests...mostly, but it's fun to tease the young lady as he looks to Jyri, "Kennelmaster. Now that makes me want to visit the Guard house and see some of the hounds and such to see what you've done with them. Well met," he offers to the man, giving an incline of his head as he puts his hand across his chest briefly in a polite gesture. He does grin to the Princess though and teases, "Though if I head out there no turning me into a pack mule. I refuse to visit just because you need me to bring some supplies you may have forgotten," he teases to Reese though adds...."Not that I wouldn't totally bring them if you needed it. But it's far more fun to be pretend defiant."

Kenna stands when Reese comes near, smiling at the woman. "It's a pleasure to see you again princess. You look very fine here, how are things going?"

"Pleased to meet you Kennelmaster." Orelia offers the man a quick smile before Reese is speaking to her. She looks down at the fitted dress, then back up as Reese compliments it. "I hate it. But I didn't have time to go and get something made that was worthy of court and not a dress." Orelia sighs softly and makes a little face, well not a little face, her features scrunch up, but her head shakes and an uneasy smile settles on her lips. "You do look lovely though Princess." The glass in her hand is lifted for a full drink from it, though she pauses and lowers it. "I'll be damned. It is rum." That is apparently a good thing since she immediatley takes another drink okf the clear liquor.

With the initial influx of guests now abated and people largely mingling instead, Liara removes herself from her spot by the door and steps farther inside, till she draws up short somewhere near the patchwork monster. She places her hands on her hips and tilts her head to gaze at the thing, wondering aloud then, "This thing's rather in the way of the dance floor. Would anyone care to help?" A servant sidles up near the princess meanwhile, bearing what could be charitably described as a quarterstaff, but it's mostly just a stick with a bit of a point on it.

Niklas looks around the room and says, "It appears that the easiest path to saying hello to everyone is following the Whitehawks. They've spread out perfectly to cover the whole room." He pauses, then gives Kenna and Delilah each a suspicious look, "Maybe they're up to something! Perhaps-" but then food comes by and he gets distracted. If the coup is imminent there will be no warning. Still, he pauses to wave at each Whitehawk in turn. "Lady Delilah, Lady Kenna. Lady Elora, so good to see you again." Bedivere gets a wave too, but, like, he's waaay over there and Nik is just too lazy.

Jyri bows to the ones he's presented to, with militaristic precision. He's even wearing the Iron Guard cloak and the crest. "Pretty sure we can make that happen," he says, giving the man an appreciative look. "Pleased to meet you too," he responds, lacking that social flair of a noble, but seemingly rather confident anyway. "I think I'm gonna sit down and eat some," he tells Elora, reluctantly releasing her arm, gesturing vaguely in the direction of a table.

Enoch looks to Reese, giving her a bow of his head. "Well, I was presiding over it as security. Must always be ready, yes?" he grins before he looks around once again...make sure no danger to be head. When everything appears to be clear, he seems to relax a little bit. Though it's very clear the King's Own was probably not going to have any fun.

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Hearing her name called out Kenna looks upwards and scans the room before finding Niklas' waving at her. She laughs, "Prince Niklas, the same back to you," She looks back to Reese and Isabetta, "If you'll pardon me?" Then she's winding her way off towards the prince. To Niklas, "You look like you are in fine form tonight."

Reese look over to Kenna at Isabetta's words. "Oh, I do know her, nice to see you again Lady Kenna." She says while hovering close to the southern Lady. She then turns to Pharamond. "See that is tempting. Now I will have to send you a message saying I need a bottle of blush wine or rose water or something." She murmurs. She then looks to Kenna. "Thank you and things are going well and with you?" She then peeks back to Orelia. "I don't know, I think the best outfits of all are those that are combat ready. And you can likely dance in that." She nods in agreement with Enoch. "I agree with always being ready."

"Well," responded to Reese because Kenna hit enter WAY too soon.

"My cousin picked it out for me. But he did a wonderful job," Elora says of her dress with a little smile. She smoothes a hand over the silk. "Princess, you should absolutely use him as a pack mule, for the simple reason that he told you not too!" She gives Pharamond's arm a pat, laughing. "Would you guys care to join us?" She asks Reese, Pharamond, and Orelia as she moves to follow Jyri over towards the table. She slides in next to him, leaning against his arm.

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Isabetta nods to Kenna and says, "Of course Lady Kenna nice to meet you." She turns her attention more fully toward Reese and whom Reese is speaking to. She gives them each a curious look.

Pharamond sees Liara over by the monster and he chuckles, "Excuse me," he bows to those and he makes his way over to help. Why? Cause that's what you do when you're at someone else's house! He moves to the other side of the patchwork monster, eyeing the giant bulky form of it and he just shakes his head. "This is quite a...thing..." he says, speaking as politely as one can as he smiles to Liara. "Hi...designated pack mule here," he teaess, bringing the conversation he was part of in one area over to the thing. "Where...are we taking this most special creation?"

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Alaric steps forward to Liara, evidently on board with waving a pointed quarterstaff around a packed ballroom. What's the worst that could happen? "I stand ready to go down in history as the first Lirawrah-slaying monarch in Compact history," he declares confidently.

Sabella looks longingly at the food, but declines when something delicious passes by. Instead she snags herself something bubbly and also waves to the Whitehawks, "It helps to have a good nanny," She replies to Sorrel with a smile, "Elizabetta has just been so wonderful with her. And this party is just downstairs in case I get needy." Depsite that sounding like a joke, she glances back towards the door. Then she calls out, "Lord Pharamond! It's so good to see you out and about again! I've nearly convinced Prince Niklas to write his epic about your life, so you two ought to spend more time together!"

Reese murmurs softly to Isabetta. She then smiles at Elora's words. She tries to gently reach out for Isabetta's hand as if wanting to lead her toward the table. "I am going to going to use him as a pack mule." She says, sounding quite serious! She then smiles to the King. "Your Majesty."

Delilah's voice carries across the way a little over to Ouida, who looks that way with a little raise of her whiskey glass in salute, and a warm smile. Though as word creeps in of the latest lodge preparations, she listens in unabashedly. The call for help is one she can easily answer, although less easily so wearing amber beads and sheer silk, but she makes the gallant offer never the less. "I shall be pleased to lend a hand!" she calls out, eyeing the patchwork dragon.

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Liara turns her gaze aside to Pharamond, away from the patchwork creature, and grins quickly, then Alaric shows up a moment later. "A group effort, then. Why, it strikes me that the king should lead the way." She snags the quarterstaff, such as it is, from the servant to pass to said king, then stands back a bit.

Orelia says, "I feel naked without my blades. I just couldn't make them look good with this dress no matter how I tried. I really need to get some trousers and tunic made that are suitable for court. Like yours Princess. May I ask who your tailor is? Because I'm not sure I could do another gathering like this in a dress like this." And Orelia is fidgeting and shifting in place. Clearly uncomfortable in the dress. She's also not made any effort beyond the elbow length purple gloves she's wearing to cover up her practice attained bruises on her arms. "Please." She comments, moving to join the table indicated by Elora, settling in... awkwardly. She goes to sit, and gets tangled with her dress a bit, then rises to smooth it out before sitting again, grumbling the whole while."

Isabetta holds onto Reese's hand, accompanying her as bidden. Toward Alaric she curtseys politely, demurely when Reese addresses him, but otherwise keeps her head down, perhaps speaking quietly to Reese.

Alaric checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Delilah's rise from the couch shared with Brogan and Felicia, a ripple of stardust on the adamant shadows unspooled around her. Her smile sets warmly against her honeyed complexion while exchanging a few words with them, and then another pause for the approaching trio. She needs only a few moments to follow the movement, familiar faces all round her. The deep dip of her head towards Niklas belatedly greets him, and she merely casts a wink in his direction -- and Sabella's! -- when she can. That light trace of a wave turns more animated and gracious to Ouida in her dragon-slaying endeavours. The joys of something so busy means shadows can simply dissipate when not looked upon, which is precisely what happens.

Pharamond may be old but he has ears like a hawk and as he helps Princess Liara adjust the giant...that thing...he bows to Alaric, looking enthused. "Your Majesty," he says. "May your foes be vanquished post haste," he teases before hearing Sabella's charming voice and he waves. "Princess," he says, another deep bow. "I know it has been a while but you look radiant as ever. I've been lead to believe in my slim experience that books are filled with pages. Were the Prince to write a story about my life and even 50 pages were in it, what would we do with the other 47?" A little self deprication but spoken in complete jest. Orelia's comment however, well, either he's turning on the charm, or he's totally embarassing himself. Or possibly a bit of both. "Orelia, I am sure there is nothing you couldn't make look good if you tried," he calls across. Out loud. For everyone to hear.

Reese looks over to Orelia. "Always being armed is good. I was at play before that was attacked." She says, sounding a bit on the paranoid side of things. "Armed when one can be armed, sometimes pesky kings have blades peacebond on the palace and stuff." She says and casts a glance to Alaric.

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Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, 1 Bisland pride guards leave, following Delilah.

2 House Deepwood Guards, Rona, Aurora, a dark coated Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Emily.

After sorting out a bevy of messengers, Bedivere finally waves to all those who previously greeted him: Kenna, Berenice, Sebastian, Sorrel, and Niklas. Then, the Whitehawk lord says to those who are near enough to hear him, "Forgive me, please. I should be free now. A pleasure to meet you, too."

Alaric takes the pointy not-quite-a-quarterstaff and confidently jabs up into the monster with it. "Aha!" he declares triumphantly, and then with a short pause to see if anything happens casually tugs his monster-slayer out of it as a few things fall out of the hole in it. He catches one of them before it hits the ground. "Well, that looks like an entirely fatal wound to me," he concludes. "I'll let the rest of you put it out of its misery, then," he declares regally as he hands Liara back the staff and gives his random acquisition a closer look as he heads back to the map table with a return smile for Reese, Isabetta, and Pharamond.

Obviously, the patchwork being has been busy eating, because when Alaric strikes it, part of the colourful cloth rips and something comes tumbling out. Liara doesn't bat a lid, and says to Pharamond, "You might lend a hand, my lord."

Liara gets a toy badger made out of cloth from a big useful bag.

Elora glances towards Pharamond as he compliments Orelia so loudly. She hides her grin, poorly, behind a hand as she stares back towards the woman. "I'm pretty sure the whole party heard that."

Lou lifts a brow as she watches Alaric valiantly rise to take care of the a colourful patchwork monster made out of cloth, suspended from the ceiling. However, luck does not seem to be with him. She claps and says loudly. "Good try, Your Majesty!" She rises from her seat, fussing with her dress - because she's not a dress wearing person! - and walks over. "I'll give it a try!" she declares. Because, why not! She looks around to see if anyone else is willing to try.

Kenna glances at the stuffed dragon with a smile, and when Lou looks around she stands on her tip-toes. "Oh! Me!" HER SHE IS VOLUNTEERING.

Ouida checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

"I'll try!" Elora adds with a little wave of her hand. "After my cousin, of course!"

"Am I more sleep deprived than I thought or is that really Lou in a dress?" Sabella asks, staring at her older sister.

Orelia looks up and over from her conversation at Pharamond's comment towards her. She doesn't respond, just closes her eyes and turns back to the people at the sofa and takes a long deep drink from the rum in her hand. "Good show Majesty. Showed that beast what for." She calls, though not as loudly, just loud enough for the King to hear, and not the entire ball.

There is nothing like being fashionably late and like the Princess...err Pathfinder Lou the Deepwood Lady does not look entirely used to dresses though she makes a valiant effort upon her arrival. Her guards are dismissed outside the hall so she can enters without them. The newest edition stops to get her bearings, looking about at those assembled as she offers a nod or a smile to each. She begins the slow walk of the room, fingers plucking at the draping cloth that flows down her back. Eyes slip from the King to the Pathfinder as the woman stands to take part of something that the scout is still not entirely sure of.

A servant detaches himself from somewhere near Liara at a quiet word, the princess paying only some attention to the patchwork monster - there are others to deal with that, after all - to usher Emily farther into the hall, and towards a couch. Food and drinks are readily offered.

Niklas offers a snort at Pharamond's words and says, "My lord, you underestimate my tremendous and, I dare say unequaled, ability to simply make things up. Your life would be adventure from top to bottom. There would be a whole chapter about how you got kicked out of the Society of Explorers for finishing their work." Niklas glances over to the people swinging the stick around and brightens considerably. "Oh, are people volunteering to make fools of themselves? That's one of my favorite games." A shrewd look in Princess Berenice's direction and he adds, "Second favorite, perhaps." Back to his company he offers Orelia a quick nod. "Good to see you back, Lady Orelia. I do hope to see you fight again here soon. I haven't seen anyone give Sir Bayweather that kind of a workout in some time. And of course the Bard's college has missed you as well."

A familiar figure draws Sebastian's attention for a moment, where he's standing over by the couches. He lifts a hand to try and get Emily's attention -- it's the hand with a glass of wine in it -- though whether he can be seen through the crowd is debatable.

Kenna's totally going to hit that thing with a stick if given a chance. There are just some wonderful things in this world - and THAT is among them. Looking about has her spotting Emily though and she lifts a hand, "Lady Emily Deepwood!" So much waving.

Reese murmurs softly with Isabetta as she stays at her table. She has managed to gather herself a mug of mead and seems to be enjoying herself. Her cheeks are pink and everything, pink like the ribbons in her golden locks. Reese notices Emily and has a smile of greeting for her. "Lady Emily, nice to see you."

Enoch seems to chuckle rather softly, looking about as people took swings at the 'monster' with the not-so-much-a-quarterstaff. Oh! someone got close. but no cigar. He ponders even attempting it himself.

Felicia elbows Brogan,"Looks like they're trying to slay the monster. You want to give it a go?" she enquires of him with a brief grin.

As the servant moves to join her, Emily offers her thanks with a smile that gathers her freckles upon her cheeks. Her eyes then move to the first motion she notes, having made it half way across the room she lifts her hand in greeting to the Pravus voice. A slight tuck of her chin but turns her head at Kenna's enthusiasm, "Ahhh Best Date!" she calls back with a great deal of humor in her voice, her smile splitting her lips. She does however pause as Reese greets her, "Princess," she greets warmly and dips into a slight bend of her knees, "It is always a pleasure," she offers her. "I am going to get some wine and then find a place to watch..." because wine is expected. She slips over towards such a thing and gathering herself a glass she slips closer to Sebastian and says, "Tell me what exactly is going on?" Sip.

Pharamond laughs playfully at Prince Niklas' words. "You, I have absolute faith in," he says, brinning back and forth between Prince and Princess Sabella. "I cannot wait to read all about the things I don't know I've done," he offers with bemusement beefore looking back at those taking swings. He probably should go join his table but helping Princess Liara handle the giant paper monster seems a much, much smarter iea at the moment than making his way over to that couch. So much safer out of arm and sword's reach, though there's that twinkling mischief in his eyes, and that ever-present slightly upturned smirk that the Lord of Revelry is unable to hide in so fun a setting.

Kenna checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Reese checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Elora checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Pharamond checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Brogan checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Felicia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Lou checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Sabella checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Niklas checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

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Isabetta stays near to Reese, her eyes scanning the room, she dips a polite nod to Emily and then knots her brows. A moment or two of thought and then she leans toward the princess next to her.

Kenna gets up the stick and closes her eyes. (Because that totally helps people hit things, right? Thank goodness that she doesn't do it with her sword like that!) A small bag falls from the monster and she sweeps it up. "Ohh, how pretty!" Keeping the small bag in hand she makes her way towards her uncle again. "Uncle Bedivere!" Chiming out!

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Orelia hears her name and she twists at the waist, rising from her spot on the sofa to wave at Niklas. "And you Prince Grayson." She looks to the others at the sofa she's been sitting at, thanking them softly for their hospitality before she steps away from the sofa to go and socialize. "I do need to stop in at the college. I haven't yet had the chance since getting back. Training and no small amount of drinking has taken up my time. The alchohol back home simply does not stand up to the quality, or strength of what I can get here." She herself doesn't move to beat up the object of so much amusement. She stands back and watches the others, a bemused expression on her features.

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"Hairpins." Felicia recommends for Orelia,"Even when weapons aren't allowed, no-one checks the hairpins. Not, mind... that I am as good with them as I ought to be, but, if worse comes to worst... fists and hairpins." there's a nod towards Reese and a brief wink,"Granted, growing up in the lowers that was just... survival." there's another nudge for Brogan,"Come on. That thing is going to be so easy to hit, even you can do it." she needles him.

Reese k;;\


Jyri checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Orelia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Lou does take a moment to take her turn with the stick. She takes it gingerly in her hands and pokes up at the conglamouration hanging from the ceiling, and frowns as she only manages to tear a small section. She shrugs and passes it off to the next person, then retakes her seat to continue her conversation with the king. She does, however, hear Sabella and gives her a withering look for calling attention to Lou and the fact she's wearing a dress. But, in a Jeeze Sis, can you be any louder sort of way. Though, she does flash Sabella a warm grin afterwards as she fusses at her dress once more when she sits, looking ENTIRELY uncomfortable in it. But she wore one. For the sake of the Graysons.

Liara gets a carrot from a big useful bag.

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"Mistress Gianna will surely be happy to have you around," Sabella assures Orelia with a bright smile, "There seem to be an awful lot of parties that want the Bard's College playing at them these days! A testament to how hard the Nightingale works." When her turn comes up, Sabella takes the pole and manages to snag something that falls through! "Oh, Nik, grab that hat for me! I really don't feel that up to leaning down yet." And once she's done beaming at her win she calls out to Lou, "You look beautiful, Lou!"

Jyri eyes that monster, grins at Elora and then says; "Be right back." He stands up and joins Elora out there and will take a swing after she does, waiting for his turn with arms crossed over his chest and a faintly dubious expression he /tries/ to keep there. But in truth he's amused by it and can't really suppress that.

Perhaps sword--er...stickplay while in ballgown finery is not something much practiced in the Harthall keep, for as Ouida takes the stick on her turn and jabs it upward into the wounded dragon, she too pierces the surface, but not cleanly, the distraction of holding her beading from exposing too much cleavage putting her off balance with an indirect hit. Another small bag tumbles out though, nearly bouncing off her head, before it's snagged.

"Oh so you'd rather be hit by Persuasion? I'll keep that in mind..." Felicia snorts at Brogan as the pair rise from the couch, apologies made to its other occupants before she nudges him to go take a hit before her.

Pharamond finishes helping by the mosnter and takes his swing as well, making some good contact with it which only proves that he is still entirely too sober. Though if stories are true he gets better with drink, not worse, but he hops up then and makes his way over to the others at the sofa, making sure to avoid a staff-baring Orelia as he settles down once more. Hopefully safely now, amongst friends. After grabbing another glass of something to drink. He's not picky. There hasn't been an alcohol created he hasn't tried and liked so far.

Reese gets in line to try hitting the monster. She seems all into this game. "Woots, I am ready to slay the monster!" she says. She then turns her attention to Brogan, seemingly interested in something he said. "Right now?" She asks all curious like. "I do agree that hairpins are good. I have a set of Ida's." She murmurs.

Elora's own attempt at swinging at the monster goes about as well as can be expected. She lands, but it isn't a very strong hit at all. The blow strikes, and she goes stumbling back a couple of inches, laughing the entire time. "Is it terrible that I feel bad hitting something, even if it isn't a real something?"

Liara gets an armoured doll festooned with pink ribbons from a big useful bag.

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Yes, a Princess Reese action figure fell out for Pharamond from Liara's monster thing.

Bedivere gazes forth toward the whacking action then nods briefly to Berenice, "There we go." says he as if Kenna's extraction of the small bag from the battered 'monster' fully explains the whole thing. He gets up right away and easily greets the other Whitehawk. "What did you get?" he curiously inquires, then sits back down as Kenna does so, too. "Nice! Do you know what it is that you will have made with them?"

Jyri takes the stick after Elora and gives the monster a severe enough blow it 'bleeds' out... a couple of rubies. Surprised, he catches them and looks down at them with his mouth agape. "Hey," he says and holds them out to Elora. "I think these are yours."

Emily checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Orelia puts aside her empty glass and decides to take a swing anyway despite her standing off before. Everyone else is doing it! So she steps up and gives it a good two handed swing. When it drops otu a couple of rubies she looks rather surprised. "Huh." She doesn't have the same ladylike compunctions as some of the others, bending down to scoop up her prize, though she has no where to really put it. She turns in place a moment, cheeks puffing out as she ponders. "Are there? I'm really quite out of touch. I'll need to stop by tomorrow or the day following then. Catch up on everything that's been going on while I was back home."

Niklas takes the stick and swings in around in a way that should seriously make everyone nearby very nervous. He's got a real kid with a mop who thinks he's a staffmaster vibe going on. It could really fly out of his hand and remove a tooth or three at any moment. But then he takes his swing and out pops a beautiful purple gemstone. Niklas' eyebrows shoot in. "Is that a duskstone?" He scoots over and picks it up, then says, "Oh dear. If I'd known that you could get jewelry for hitting things I would have paid more attention when father was teaching me swordplay."

Liara gets a cloth bag full of candy from a big useful bag.

Liara gets a cloth bag full of candy from a big useful bag.

Ouida is overheard praising Liara: Thank you for running a great event, with cute party game!

Reese is overheard praising Liara: awesome party and fun game!

Berenice's attention is like a laser. "Did someone say /duskstone/?"

Isabetta is overheard praising Liara: You did a thing!

Enoch is overheard praising Liara: For the fun game!

Berenice is overheard praising Grayson.

Berenice is overheard praising Liara.

Sorrel glances to Berenice. "Maybe we should have a swing at this monster, too, hmmm?" she suggests.

Lou is overheard praising Liara: For hosting the Grayson Ball, and doing a wonderful job of it.

Orelia is overheard praising Liara: Wonderful party.

Emily watches everyone taking their turns and when Kenna sits beside her, she grins all the more and hands off her wine. "Kenna, be a best date again and hold my wine..." She shoots he woman a grin and wink before she pushes up from the couches to smooth her dress and cross towards the offending patchwork. She rubs her hands together and then will take the stick next. Once in hand, she flexes her fingers around and the swing is rather..close but not close enough, it goes a little wide and she lets out a breath. "Well then," she says, trying to keep the dress in place before she hands it to the next or else leans sets it down. She kicks her skirts out a bit and turns about, giving a shrug of her shoulders.

Lou is overheard praising Alaric: For being the first to try to slay the Mighty Lirawrah!

Elora ooos as a bag of candy pops out from her hit. She scoops it up and peeks into it happily. "Candy," she whispers to Jyri before she is handed the rubies. Eyes go wide as she stares at them. One is held onto as the other is pressed back into the man's hand, her fingers curling on his. "Two heart-colored gems? I think we're each meant to have one. We can have them set into something," she murmurs before tugging him back towards the table.

Liara sort of sidles back a bit when Niklas swings the stick about. She passes little comment on it, or the duskstone. The patchwork monster is starting to look a bit battered, having shed no small amount of whatever it consumed, though there appears to be at least something left.

It's only proper for best dates to take up the drink when Emily hands it over. "GO EMILY!" Cheering is happening. It's important.

Felicia waits for Brogan to go before she has her own shot, blinking and picking up the hairpins that fall out with a laugh,"See what you get when you pick on my hairpins?" she asks of him with a wolfish grin,"These will be great for one of the sisters."

Berenice checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Eyes still rolling at Felicia, Brogan's head shakes slowly side to side. "As if you can hit me." Speaking of hitting things, Brogan's smartassery may have cost him with the powers that be, as he fails miserably with his strike attempt. Putting a hand over his eyes he blindly hands off the stick. His eyes peer out from between fingers at Reese. "Oh, I did not mean a brawling spar, though. I mean, we could. But I assume that would be frowned upon." Then Jyri hits a jackpot for Elora. "Well done!"

Sorrel has rolled a critical success!
Sorrel checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Sebastian checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Domonico enters the hall, attired as always it seems, in his sculpted dyed leather armour, which seems to have been cleaned up and polished considerably. He pauses at the entrance and casts his gaze across the hall, as is surveying the horizon for ships, taking in the sights and looking for those he may recognise here. The Malvici hmms quietly to himself, his expression serious as always.

"You're terrible, Princess Berenice," Sebastian informs her drolly, though there's a gleam to his gaze as he does so. He's just about finished his entire glass by now, but he doesn't seek a fresh one just yet. Instead, he watches Emily make her way towards the creature with interest, and a laugh. "Oh, that looks fun," he says to her, as she's heading back. He looks for somewhere to deposit his glass so that he can follow suit.

Kenna mutters, "... ... ... very ... if you don't uncle."

Bedivere rises up from his sofa seat and gives Kenna a shoulder squeeze with his only hand then he wanders past to queue up to go play whack-a-monster.

Bedivere checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Beaded slinky dresses don't usually have pockets, and neither does the confection that Ouida wears. She does, however, take advantage of a more natural pcoket in her cleavage, and the small bag is tucked down there. Apparently the social graces that other Harthalls possess don't fully blossom in this one. With a grin and a shake of her head, Ouida moves out of the way.

Jyri's stunned look is a bit tell tale still, he didn't quite expect that sort of wealth to literally drop into his hands. He turns another precise bow at the king and Liara in deep respect and thanks and then follows Elora back to the table. "Maybe on my spear?" says he, with a severe lack of romantic notions. Poor Elora.

Liara gets burnished sunset of deep winter pair of striking hairpins from a big useful bag.

Isabetta stands up to get in the line for the whack a monster. She draws a breath and sighs, "I hate to do something so unseemly because I am a /very/ proper lady whom would never do anything as such." She tries to keep a neutral expression as she waits her turn to try to slay the monster.

Isabetta checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Liara gets a spacious backpack in the shape of a griffin from a big useful bag.

Reese looks over to Brogan. "A brawling spar at the ball would probably reflect bad on us." She says, but looks tempted.

Niklas cockily tosses his duskstone in the air and grins at Berenice. "Yep! Something for a litt- shit!" The gem comes down, hits the tip of Niklas's finger and bounces off. He scrambles forward, just missing catching it a half-dozen times, the gem keeping out of reach before he finally clamps ahold of it with his other hand. He glances around, then smiles the smile of the shameless before tucking it in his pocket. Then Isabetta hits him in the jimmies with a stick. "AWF!"

Bedivere hands off the whacking stick to the next person, which looks to be Isabetta before he heads back to the majestic gryphons couch and flumps down.

"Well, Sabella did need some time between children, if they even decide to have another," Sorrel remarks upon seeing Niklas's misfortune.

"I am /delightful/," Berenice replies blithely to Sebastian, beginning to tug over towards the monster. She looks like she has never wielded anything resembling a weapon in her entire life, but clearly she is willing to take a stick and hit a weird thing with it if it means the possibility of /precious gemstones/.

Orelia is sadly lacking any pockets, and her dress is high necked, and she doesn't have much in the way of cleavage to begin with even if she wasn't wearing a full necked dress. After a few more moments of trying to figure out where to put the gems she slips them down into her glove, shaking her arm around until they fall into her palm under the fabric. At least there she wont' accidentally drop them. She glances over to Sabella again after she situates herself. "How has Mistress Gianna been faring?" She asks curiously, her attention on the conversation though her eyes are never really still, that gray blue gaze constantly moving around the party and the attendees. Then there is an assault, on Grayson jewels in the form of Isabetta striking Niklas and well... Orelia unashamedly bursts out into laughter, while also moving in that direction. "Are you okay Prince?" She asks between bouts of laughter.

Passing by Sebastian as he sets himself to task, Emily laughs, "Best of luck," she says before wishing the two Princesses much the same. Its back to the couches and she lowers next to Kenna, reaching for her wine. "Thank you for holding it. it seems you are much better crack at this than I am..well done," she says. She drinks and then cheers for the others, clapping and calling out with delight. Blue eyes watch each, her freckles drawing up as her lips pull into that tight curve. She wiggles a bit, getting comfortable amongst the cushions.

Pharamond blinks. "Going for the jewel and he gets hit in the jewels. Now that...makes for a good story," he says, unable to help chuckling slightly but he would stand up to see if the Prince needs help up. "Princess Reese...should we go help him?" But of course, he looks to the real Princess Reese sitting there an dsmiles, "Not you, Princess...." he says with a grin and he holds up the doll. "This Princess," he says with amusement and he leads the miniature Pink Power Paladin over towards the Prince to 'help.'

Isabetta really /really/ gave that swing her all. She's hitting with eagerness suggesting she expects a real prize and boy did she wind up. She is all full swinging when she feels the satisfaction of connection. You know the feeling, like you're doing a hitting something game and you feel the whap, the whomp, the thud through the stick, in your arms, in your heart. Your soul. She knows she hit, she knows she hit home, she knows she hit well. She even hears someone cry out, an exclamation ? A gasp? She must of really slayed the beast. I mean /re-heheeeally/ slayed the beast. It's just then that she peeks.

"Oh," Isabetta says, awkwardly and hastily hands the stick to someone else.

"She's been very well," Sabella says cheerfully to Orelia, "Very busy with--Nik!" she cuts herself off with alarm, rushing over to the poor Prince who has dropped to his knees, "Are you allright? Well, no, obviously not. Could you get us some ice?" she asks a nearby servant, taking hee husband by the arm, "Let's just get you seated somewhere..."

Sorrel follows along after Berenice, helpfully giving pointers in how one holds a sword to the other princess. Her recommendations are basic and meant to be helpful, at least, even though she's not necessarily lucky herself.

"I think it is just as well that there is no immediate requirement for those," Liara observes dryly of Niklas, then she gives a brisk clap of her hands, speaking up to the hall as a whole. "I know everyone has -dressed- to dance, so, while our last few valiant sorts finish the monster off, I rather think we should actually dance." The band seems to take a cue from this, picking up the volume of the music somewhat.

"Yes." Elora sends a strange look up towards Jyri as they settle back at the table. "Maybe for your spear."

"Ohh, that's a rather good pun there Emily." Kenna giggles when Emily rejoins, giving up her wine to the woman. Then she ponders for a moment looking at an open spot and then bounces to her feet again. "Uncle, would you dance with me?" It's going to be terrible, but the broad smile on Kenna's face implies that she doesn't mind at all.

Sebastian waits for his turn, stepping up to the monster and taking up the staff in turn. He gives it a good whack, managing to hit it, to his great delight. Out comes a crushed looking -- pack? He frowns, pauses to pick it up -- and shakes it out. It has the shape of a griffon, much to the Pravus Lord's evident amusement, as he heads back towards the couchs, offering it out for inspection. "Anyone overfond of griffons?" he asks the group, with a wry amusement.

Reese winces as Isabetta hits Niklas. "It will be fine." She say softly as if wanting to give Isabetta some comfort. She then turns to Pharamond at his words. "Naw, I will let my sister help with that one." She mutters, before realizing that Pharamond is actually speaking to the doll Reese. She turns her focus to Sebastian next. "I like griffins. I think many of us here do though. So many Graysons. None Griffonier."

Orelia will help Sabella get her husband to his feet and help get him over somewhere to sit down and nurse his newfound wound. "Let no one say Prince Niklas has never been wounded in battle." She gets out between her giggling bouts. She really found that funny. She IS trying to stifle her laughter. She's just failing utterly.

"You may have a point. Still, it couldmake for a good show." Brogan ends up turning his head towards a commotion and there is a furrowing of brows as someone he does not recognize right away goes down hard. "Come on now. Walk it off young lad!" His head shakes slightly, and there is a glance at Felicia. "Now back to picking on your picks."

Liara gets a leather hat adorned with an extravagant plume from a big useful bag.

Pharamond has left the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

The hat that falls out for Berenice has obviously been placed in the thing with some care, because the plume's still intact, somehow.

Domonico moves closer to the... monster?... that everyone seems to be attacking, frowning as he looks up at it and he asks... whoever may want to answer. "What...? Is the purpose of this activity then?"

"I do try my best," Emily remarks with a little laugh. She grins some at the Lady until she pops up to ask her Uncle to dance. Sipping of her wine she glances to what Sebastian offers for them to see. Her smile grows some and she hmmms, "I like trees?" she teases and then glances up at Reese, "The Princess is right," is offered. She settles back, getting comfortable as she plucks and smooths her dress into place. "Keep it. Its a nice reminder of a good time, is it not?" A finger is pointed towards the item, her others still wrapped around her nearly empty glass.

Pharamond is overheard praising Liara: This has been an amazing event. Thank you for hosting the Grayson Ball!

Emily is overheard praising Liara.

"Imgonnathrowup," mutters Niklas to his wife. Fortunately he has no Classy modifier to endanger. Pushing himself to his feet, the prince sidewalks over to the closest sofa and carefully sets himself down. "If I end up an alto because of this..."

Niklas has joined the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

Felicia snorts at Brogan again,"Right, sure, like you wouldn't be curled up on the floor if it was you." she nudges him,"Well, I mean... I was going to pick on your fists, instead. But if her highness wanted to brawl you," she nods towards Reese,"I'll let her take the first shot."

It's really seriously questionable how a rug got into the patchwork monster, but as the thing very literally starts to come apart at the seams, a rug drops out of the core of the thing, and what an odd rug it is. Along with a little note reading, "Please consult Liara Grayson."

"Merely good fun, my lord," Ouida replies in a calm tone to Domonico. "A game of chance, as part of the festivities." Her blue eyes are warm and the rest on him. "You might have a chance to give it a go, if you like."

Liara gets a rainbow-coloured fur rug from a big useful bag.

Kenna checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Pharamond chuckles. "Well for some, it's to break a Prince. For others, it is a way to control future births," he says, and chuckles. "But from what I have seen, for the most part, you hid it, and perhaps get a prize," he says with amusement, assisting it seems Ouida in explaining, though her explanation is probably a little more...polite than his was. He is definitely entertained though.

Isabetta is rather quick to get back to her spot and then toward those at her table she remarks, "I didn't slay the beast. Or maybe I did. I'm not sure which is worse." She steals a look at Niklas and then quickly looks away, in that sort of I didn't do it way. "Did some say dancing? That sounds like a fabulous idea."

Domonico checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Niklas sets his hand on his stomach and groans, "Is this what it's like to be Luca every day? I should stop laughing at his crushed testicles."

Berenice leans over to pluck up the hat, returning to her group at the couches with a hint of humor as she rejoins them, carefully setting it on the artful updo of her hair. It doesn't exactly sit right, but she wears it at the exact right angle, of course.

"I am neither a Grayson nor a griffon fan," Sebastian says, though he chuckles when he turns to see who's making the comment. "Princess Reese -- a pleasure. It sounds like this is the perfect gift for you, then, your highness," he says, offering the backpack to Reese with an ease. "I'll remember it just fine, Lady Emily -- so long as there's no Setarco Fire to end the night," with a twitch of lips as he glances back towards Emily.

Kenna puts her hands on her hip and plays at mournful, "But uncle, I came to the party all alone and it has been so long." She look oh-so-sad, though it'sokay so-so when she winks at Emily.

[Fashion] When Berenice models 'a leather hat adorned with an extravagant plume' on behalf of Velenosa, it gains modest attention from admiring onlookers.

"Wow, this here looks like a party!" chimes in Prince Leonidas Thrax. Dressed in fine leathers, he seems to look for the fastest way to get to the whiskey. "Now, hm....what to do first?"

Reese reaches out for the griffin themed backpack, looking it over with all this interest. "Thank you, Lord Sebastian. I appreciate this very much." She says toward him. "I will have to show you the collection of things that I keep one day. It has favors from many parties and past events. I will either wear the back or add this to it." Reese then tries her new bag on.

"I'm not sure that hat quite sets off your dress, but you do wear it with aplomb, Princess Berenice," Sorrel assures her with a delighted musical laugh. "I have my rainbow-colored fur rug, and it is something I wish I could wear as a cape, for I'm sure it'd be quite stylish."

"Keep that fire away from me," Emily remarks easily enough to Sebastian, "It is a right good thing, because this whole affair," a motion is made to the party at large, "Is all sorts of waiting to go wrong with the addition." She smirks at Sebastian then looks to Berenice and laughs. There is a soft sigh as she relaxes further, looking quite entertained as her eyes settle on Kenna, "If your Uncle refuses, //I// will dance with you, my lady."

Domonico hmmms as he gets the 'rules' explained and he takes the necessary staff. The serious Malvici tests the weight of the weapon and gives it a few practices swings, nothing fancy mind you, all crisp, clinicical movements. He considers the monster carefully and with a sharp exhalation of breath, a step forward and a precise, powerful strike TWHAPS the monster a mortal blow!

For Domonico, when he gets to striking the thing another note will flutter out, just a note, reading, "Please consult Liara Grayson." And at this point, at said princess' urging, some servants show up to quietly remove what remains of the patchwork monster.

[Fashion] When Reese models 'a spacious backpack in the shape of a griffin' on behalf of Grayson, it gains modest attention from admiring onlookers.

Reese is overheard praising Sebastian: so generous!

[Fashion] Kenna models 'a long sleeved, boatnecked, backless dress' on behalf of Whitehawk, gaining a decent number of admirers and significant compliments.

Liara gets a cloth bag full of candy from a big useful bag.

Isabetta is overheard praising Niklas: He's got a lot of balls.

Sebastian makes sure to collect a new (fresh!) glass of wine, before he smiles to Reese. "It suits you much better than it would have me." A Lycene, wearing a griffon -- now there's a scandal! "Oh, come now, Lady Emily. What's a good party without a scandal?" His gaze goes to Berenice, modelling her hat, with a low-throated laugh. "Oh. The plume is, ah -- something. Quite eye-catching," he says, with a delicacy borne of long practice.

Bedivere looks up with a little surprise at Kenna's words, "That is not what I was saying at all!" There must be a missing piece to that conversation there. Getting up from the couch, he makes way to offer out his only hand to Kenna, that left one palm up.

"Emily, I'm coming back for you," Kenna announces as she takes up her uncle's hand then turns to grin at the older man. "I'll have you know I'm a bit of a terrible dancer, so you'll have to do the work for both of us. I simply instigate."

Kenna checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Bedivere checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Sabella is handed a nice wrapped up bit of cloth, which she hands to Niklas and then glances around to position herself so that at least the entire ballroom doesn't see him icing his crotch. "So," she says brightly, "That is a lovely hat, Princess Berenice! And that backpack is very nice, Reesey!"

Domonico looks down at the note that flutters to his feet as the patchwork creature was dispatched by the might blow he struck it and he stoops to pick it up, reading it carefully before he looks around. "Liara Grayson?" he asks aloud, looking around with it in his hand.

Elora checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Liara Grayson would be the one in the green gown with all the griffons. Though she's rather pre-empted Domonico, seeing that note, and a servant shows up with something to hand to her, which she moves to confer on the Malvici.

Reese struts about showing off her new backpack, although she doesn't seem to the best model ever. She then looks over to Brogan. "We can brawl spar another time. I probably shouldn't now." She says, but does seem rather tempted. She turns her attention to Sabella. "Thank you, I am glad you like it." She says to her ister. Domonico gets a mile of greeting when she notices the lord.

Jyri checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Liara gets Party Favour, a rubicund-headed spear from a big useful bag.

"You better!" She calls after Kenna with a bemused smile. She finishes off her own wine and gives Sebastian a look over her glass. "There is always plenty of scandal to be had, with or without that unholy thing you call a drink," she quips. A full smirk across wide lips and then she is rising, pushing herself only to find that the Grayson servants are oh-so-attentive and collects another glass. Setting her old one aside she lowers once more so she can work on the wine, "Mmmm my throat is not on pleasant," is said for the gathering at large but there is a twitch of the corner of her mouth. She settles her gaze on the two dancing Whitehawks.

Niklas sets a bag of ice down on his lap and glumly says, "Well, this is happening." Looking down to the others at his seat he says, "So. How is your evening going, Dame Harrow? Lady Elora?"

Jyri has left the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

Bedivere joins up with the younger Whitehawk, Kenna, for a dance, but it is incredibly clear he is lacking his right hand when he brings his right arm around front before him and around her. His left hand is the only one which really works for hand holding, and he does not look to really have his heart completely in the dance as he gets a bit misty eyed and at least twice, the older Whitehawk steps all over her nice shoes.

2 Harthall house guards leaves, following Ouida.

Leonidas moves to simply watch people swing at things. "ooooo....a part of me wants to try that. But I'm not a lucky guy." he murmurs to himself, keeping his arms crossed.

Jyri gives Niklas one of those sympathetic looks. That pain, it's not to make fun of. Much. He does wait to go out on that dance floor, bowing at Niklas - he'll let Elora do the greetings first of course.

Having no one to dance with really, Lou stays seated at the table with Alaric, holding a quiet conversation with him. From time to time she looks up to smile at her sisters, and Niklas. And she waves at some of the people she knows.

Kenna reaches up and presses a hand on Bedivere's cheek when he gets misty eyes and steps forward to be able to whisper into his ear. Dancing still, but things are private enough for a conversation.

"That's Party Favour," Liara says to Domonico, with a quick grin as she goes to hand off the spear, then she's away again. So, too, is the patchwork monster - the shredded remains of it - being handled away by servants. Liara turns to step out onto the dance floor, gaze turning across the various guests as if to pick one out, in the off-chance someone is (un)lucky enough to make eye contact.

"Your highness." Niklas gets a quick grin from Elora. "I am doing quite well. About to go make a fool of myself pretending that I know how to dance. I would love to speak more later, however. Once you've had a little time to... heal." A little curtsy for the wounded Prince as she takes Jyri's hand.

Liara picks up a colourful patchwork monster made out of cloth, suspended from the ceiling.

Liara puts a colourful patchwork monster made out of cloth, suspended from the ceiling in a big useful bag.

"Unholy? It is a delicacy in the Silken City, I'll have you know," Sebastian tells Emily, faux-affronted, though the glimmer of amused gaze suggests he's far from upset. "You've never lived until you've played truth or dare with the most stoic of nobles while drinking Setarco Fire -- that's for sure."

Bedivere quickly apologizes to Kenna with sincere regret in his hazel eyes for all those momentary mishaps where he scuffs up her nice footwear, "I am going to buy you new shoes."

Domonico wields Party Favour, a rubicund-headed spear.

Sorrel gets a messenger, and moves to slip out for a moment, probably so that she can have her wits about her to answer it.

Sorrel has left the Couch of Majestic Gryphons.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Aryka Wyrmfang, Teonia Redreef, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy puppy leave, following Sorrel.

Felicia eyes Brogan,"Not on your life." she huffs,"You don't just have two left feet, I'm pretty sure that one is on backwards." she laughs.

Pharamond is not the very best date. That has clearly been named to be Kenna. But as she is left alone, Pharamond politely steps up next to Emily and he gestures to the dance floor. "Good evening," he offers his hand. "I realize that this will only be temporary, for a love like ours is sure to not last past this next song, before my particular charm wears thin," he teases. "But would you like to dance, M'lady?"

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"I think a pair of shoes is an acceptable sacrifice to dance with you uncle." Kenna says more loudly, and just moves her feet to keep up the dance.

Niklas reaches out and takes Sabella's hand, giving the back of it a kiss. "Go and dance, Sabella. It's. even some time since you had the chance." He looks around, then nods toward Leonidas, "Prince Jasher's brother looks ready to cut a rug."

it's been some time since you had the chance

Domonico is handed Party favour, an eight foot rubicund tipped spear and he thanks Liara with a bow, before considering the impressive weapon in no small amount of awe amd he looks back around for Liara to thank her again to catch her eye whereever she is to thank her again.

Orelia doesn't move for the dance floor herself, being bereft of a partner. But she can stand nearby and watch, and drink. She's gotten another glass of rum from one of the servants, this time with some actual color to it, so it even looks like rum instead of that clear stuff they gave her earlier.

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"Are you sure?" Sabella asks Niklas, though she doesn't actually wait for an answer, leaning down to kiss the top of his head before heading over towards Leonidas, "Prince Jasher's brother?" she guesses with a smile, "Did you want to dance?"

Jyri quirks a grin at Niklas again and then leads Elora out on the dance floor. He promptly lifts her up, puts her small feet on his and then sweeps her across it, quite literally. He might not be able to become a dancer on the theatre, nor does he care that much about doing the steps right. But he throws himself into it with gusto and easy motions. "See? Easy," he tells Elora, grinning at her.

Emily attempts to usher Sebastian off the couches and succeeds so now she is truly alone when Pharamond steps out. She glances to her wine, then him and draws a breath, "Very well," she says as if it some great feat to set aside her wine and rise. But it is with his hand that she does so, ascending to her full height as a rueful smile pulls across her lips, "How kind of you, my lord. I do not think we have officially met. I am Lady Emily Deepwood, who is it I have just agreed to dance with?" Because one should find out, right? She will allow herself to be led to the dance floor and looks towards Sebastian, "I have gone somewhat far," she remarks and then chuckles before looking up to her partner and stepping in to place a hand to his shoulder.

Emily has left the Couch of Majestic Gryphons.

Lou is finishing up her conversation with Alaric and looks very much like she's gathering herself to leave, pulling a generic cloak around her shoulders to stave off the crips autumn air as she does so.

"Are you short of a dancing partner, my lord?" Liara queries of Domonico, and she flits her gaze over towards Orelia in sort of suggestive fashion. "Someone can hold that for you if needed."

Berenice checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Emily checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Bedivere checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Aryka Wyrmfang, Teonia Redreef, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy puppy arrive, following Sorrel.

Oh? A dance? Leonidas smiles to Sabella with a wink. "Depends on who I'm dancin' with. I'm not exactly the best dancer in the world so..."

Lou has left the a magnificent map table of Arvum made of oak and marquetry inlays.

Willen leaves, following Lou.

Pharamond checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Sebastian checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Brogan says in Northlands shav, "But what could possibly go awry?"

Bedivere simply grunts about the sacrificed shoes. They can fight it out, er sort it out, later after they get home. He does his best to not stomp her and actually pay attention to the here and now, except he suddenly forgets that there is no hand on his right arm, so after he sends Kenna spinning, there is nothing there to really catch her. "Oh geeze!"

Near the couches, Berenice takes Sebastian's hand where he offers it, and the two of them step away from the furniture towards the dance floor. She draws in close, a graceful sweep of umbra in Sebastian's arms. She may not be able to swing a weapon, but /this/ seems to be one of her social weapons of choice, and she dances skillfully enough that it almost doesn't matter how well Sebastian does.

Sorrel slips back in, looking cheerful. "And now I must find me a dance partner," she declares, moving lightly on her feet as she looks for somone who isn't yet taken with whom to dance.

Kenna checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Kenna goes sppiinnnnnniinnngggg oops, right there is a person. At least it's a friend? Friendly? Kenna's just heading RIGHT in that direction.

Domonico looks across to Orelia as Liara looks towards her and thinks a moment before nodding once, handing the spear to a worried looking servant and stepping toward the Stonewood and offering a bow, "My Lady. Lord Domonico Malvici. Would you do me the honour of a dance?"

Sabella laughs, "With me, if you'd like. I'm Princess Sabella Grayson and I assure you that I am a very good dancer and can compensate for just about anything!"

Reese looks toward Lou as she seems to be leaving. She has a gentle smile for her sister. She then curls back up on the sofa and watches the dancing.

Alaric has been left to his own devices with Lou's departure, and noting the dancing underway he takes to his feet and heads over. "What a coincidence, Princess Sorrel, I was thinking quite the same thing. Shall we?" he offers regally.

Isabetta is swishing some wine in a glass and watching the dancing.

Berenice puts a leather hat adorned with an extravagant plume in fierce leather clutch with gold kiss-lock.

Pharamond leads Emily out to the dance floor, a little bit of a growing smile. Depending on her shoes, she's going to be a bit taller but it matters not. His hand slips about her back and the other rises to take one, and thus formal dancing does happen. "Pharamond Ashford, House Sword," he says by way of introduction to the youthful lady. "And I appreciate the dance. It was going to be awfully uncomfortable coming out here and dancing with the as far as etiquette goes this is probably a bit more seemly." Though he thinks for a moment, "Deepwood. If you end up out in the woods perhaps I'll be lucky enough to go with one time. I haven't gone out on a real hunt or such in a while."

Sebastian leads Berenice out onto the dance floor, settling a hand on her hip and the other over her shoulder. He's well taught -- enough not to shame his House, certainly -- but he's nowhere near as adept as Berenice, sky-blue eyes amused as he leads her around the floor in time to the music. Emily's appearance nearby has him wrinkling a nose at her, though the expression clears when he sees who she's dancing with, grinning towards Lord Pharamond, before the step of the dance sweeps himself and Berenice away, attention shifting towards the Velenosian princess as he leans to murmur something to her.

Felicia arches a brow at Brogan,"You know I don't have any idea what you said. Crownlands, remember?" she shakes her head at him,"Now you're just trying to be mean."

Leonidas seems to smile to her. "Prince Leonidas Thrax. Yes, I am Jasher's older brother. But, if you say so..." he grins and extends his hand to Princess Sabella, "Shall we tear up the dance floor? Or my foot?" becuase...he dances terribly.

Elora looks mildly stunned as Jyri sets her on his feet and then begins to dance with all the grace in the world. The small woman is mainly just holding onto him, letting him lead. "I had no idea that you could dance like this," she states with surprise.

Sabella checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

"It would be my pleasure, Your Majesty," Sorrel replies with a curtsy that is full of artful little flourishes and style. She rises and moves to take the king's arm, radiant in her element. She's an exceptionally good dancer, and she moves across the dance floor with dexterous grace.

Leonidas checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Sorrel checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

Alaric checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 66 higher.

Brogan looking all too amused with himself, Brogan repeats. "I said, what could possibly go awry? I mean, the risk is lower since you're not your usual clanking self."

Orelia doesn't realize she's been targeted. Not until Domonico comes her way. Orelia's eyes track where he walked from, spotting Liara. Princesses and their meddling. Orelia narrows her eyes playfully at the Princess, as if promising retribution. But she does turn a polite smile on Domonico. "Gladly Lord Malvici. Just ummm." She laughs softly. "Don't be surprised if I mangle your feet. It's been some time since I've danced. Well on a dance floor at a function. In a dress. Usually I'm in my fighting leathers, and with a blade in my hand." A very different kind of dance. But she does move out towards the dance floor with him.

Liara slips over closer to the band to quietly bother the woman conducting it, and a moment later, the tempo of the music being played picks up somewhat sharply, as indeed does the volume.

Orelia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

A nod is offered to Pharamond as Emily is about his height with flats. The woman will only wear flats to do otherwise would risk a twisted ankle or a shared head bump with her partner. As she can find her footing rather easily, she helps him along his way though he matches her well enough to make it look seamless, that is up until they collide with a spinning Kenna and Emily stumbles a bit towards Pharamond. Her head whips about, "My lord Ashford you were supposed to be on look out," she says with a great depth of levity before she laughs at Kenna and wiggles her fingers briefly lifting them from Pharamond's shoulder before they settle back into place. "When things have settled, then we must have a moment out to enjoy the wood, my lord. I would be glad to show you the best treks," she says in conversation.

Sabella grins and takes Leonidas' hand to head out to the dance floor. And she keeps smiling even when there are missed steps that hit her toes. Having just given birth, a little foot pain is nothing! "How are you liking Arx so far?"

Domonico checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Keeping an eye on the other couples so he won't bounce into someone, Jyri does seem to enjoy himself quite immensely. At least he's not looking like he intends to bite someone, his expression quite open, nods given to those he whirl past. Elora's feet are safe, cause he just holds her up. "Bit like fighting," he explains. "You know, movement of feet." He adds, dead pan; "Probably helps I'm not letting you touch the floor." He grins to take the edge off that tease.

"Oh damn, sorry..." Leonidas is embarrassed and now bashful that he stepped on a lovely ladies toes. Though he does enjoy some happy conversation while doing so. "Oh, I'm likin' it well enough. Just landed today. I didn't think there'd be dancing today though, so it's all full of surprises." he winks. "How long you been in Arx?"

Bedivere slightly grimaces before heading closer to Kenna, Emily, and Pharamond over there. He catches up and offers out his left hand to help steady Kenna. "Are you okay?" says he with quiet concern to the young Whitehawk before then glancing over toward Emily and Pharamond with an apologetic nod.

"Oh dear, Sorry Lady EMily!" Kenna says sheepishly as she returns that last wiggle before making her way back to Bedivere and kissing him on the cheek. "Perfectly, though I //might// have had a little much to drink." She's only had one, so clearly that's just an excuse. Bedivere gets a quick hug.

Alaric knows how to make Sorrel's flourishes look good, directing her about the floor and finding the right spots to stop and stage for maximum visibility. He's evidently not setting out to match her acrobatics-for-acrobatics. Perhaps seeing people already spinning off a bit out of control has made him think that it's not quite the right floor for that sort of all-out motion. But judging from his bright smile, he's having a wonderfully fun time all the same as he speaks quietly with his partner.

Sabella laughs as she twirls along, "Long enough to find a husband and have a baby, so, hm, two years now? And I adore it! It's always so--" she flinches briefly but forces another smile to cover it, "Exciting! And there are always new people to meet!"

Domonico nods at Orelia's words and he responds with, "I am in the same boat as you then. I can move my feet in combat but in a dance... well let's try not to maim each other and embaress ourselves?" He leads her to the dancefloor and the pair of warriors actually do a very good job on the dancefloor, their footwork more akin to two opponents circling each other in battle but with a definite grace to them.

"Oh, there is no doubt that if you let my feet touch the floor, we will end up causing some kind of disaster. There would be no survivors. I am quite alright with dancing just like this." Elora's arms stay looped around Jyri's neck as she lets him lead the dance. "We should sweep past my uncle and Kenna. Say hi!" She gestures with her chin in Bedivere's direction.

Pharamond will do his best to take the blow, allowing Emily to lean into him rather than go tumbling, and he has quick enough reflexes typically to keep all upright, or at least out of harm's way. "This is why I never drink and dance...which is to say why I usually never dance," he teases. But as he is playfully blamed he turns it right back to Emily with amusement. "I had meant to but you were utterly too distracting for me to have noticed anyone else," he says by way of compliment but he does step briefly to the side, making room again for folks to continue when they are ready, though as he watches Kenna and Emily the friendship, it is pleasing, his smile widening. "I am sure that this was in every way as Lady Deepwood said, completely my fault," he says, falling upon the dance petard.

"God damnit..." Leonidas curses to himself as he steps on poor Sabella's foot again. But, his eyes widen. "Well, you sure as hell didn't waste time. Lucky man has a wife like you." he says in admiration before he tries to actually dance with her, looking her in the eyes as he keeps his feet away from hers.

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"A proper massacre," Jyri agrees, keeping the banter with Elora. He turns them around and steers them towards Kenna and Bedivere; noticeably he dances on the outskirt mostly with his one eye turned in towards the other dancers. Probably so he won't get someone coming in from his left side without him seeing it. "Lady Kenna, Lord Bedivere," he greets, voice raising a bit over the music.

Kenna releases Bedivere from a hug to turn to Jyri and Elora when they come back. "Dearest Cousin, Guardsman Jyri." Such a bright smile for her family. "How is your first Grayson ball? Enjoying yourselves?" She curls an arm into Bedivere's stump and gives the arm a squeeze.

"Ahh but you are quick on your feet," Emily remarks to Pharamond, a black brow arching as a bemused smile curls her lips, "Ahh that would be because I am in a dress. Its a strange thing really, never really cared for them but here we are," she says with a grin showing a line of white teeth. She tilts her head, glancing back at Kenna and Bedivere, giving them both a warm smile, "No one better to run into," she promises. A soft laugh and her eyes shift to the other partners albeit briefly so that she can converse with her partner. "I do not think we have ever met, lord Pharamond, but it seems we are to know each other now. I do not often dance," she seems thoughtful when she says that. "Only once before...truly." She says.

Sorrel lets the king help her look good. Her footwork is neat and skilled, and she makes for a lovely danger as she exchanges a few quiet words with her dance partner. She manages some complicated moves there with him, some which really rather show off her dress quite well.

"The only sort of massacre I could inflict. Unless there is some sort of pie involved. I could massacre one of those as well." Jyri gets a delighted smile from Elora as her curls go twirling as they move. They slide up towards her family, the woman's face brightening further. Uncle, cousin! Hello. This party has been rather amazing," she admits. "How are you two enjoying yourselves?

Pharamond looks back to his dance partner, though now it seems it is speaking partner and he looks to Emily, gesturing then to the conversation or the dance floor as he allows her to choose what is next. "Well, we were a fitting pair then. I am pleased that the experience will not hinder you, and I would love that, should it be at an opportune time, to see how the tracks have changed and get out and stretch my legs a bit. Sparring, training, they are all well and good but it is entirely different when you are out in the woods versus in the ring," he says sincerely, offering the dark haired woman the chance to return to her friends if she does wish.

Orelia despite her statement is not a terrible dancer. At all. She's rather graceful and light of foot, and even knows the steps to the dance. Or if she doesn't she fakes it really really well. She moves around the dance floor with her partner, chuckling softly as they move along. "I guess we had nothing to fear." She's a fighter herself as well. Graceful almost liquid movement tell testament to that fact. "How has the sea been treating you Lord Malvici?" She asks as they move around the floor.

"You say that, but you don't know how demanding I can be," Sabella laughs again, spinning under Leonidas' arm before giving a curtsey as the music ends, "Poor man runs all around fulfilling my every whim. Truly I am the lucky one. But should you need a tourguide please let me know! I love showing people around!"

After hugging Kenna, Bedivere lets go to turn back to Elora and Jyri to whom he waves his only hand, before he drops the wave "Good to see you." says he while letting Kenna take his other arm, the one with no hand. Though, he does not really say too much, he looks around at the dancing people here before then turning back to Kenna, "I should probably go. Feeling tired. Please, stay and have a great time."

At some stage, Liara's helped herself to a glass of red wine. She drifts on around the edge of the dance floor, and nearing Elora and Jyri, she wonders, with a little arch of her eyebrows and light smile, "Seeking more dancing partners? Or, I should say, shall I arrange one for each of you? Or indeed anyone else." The last remark comes with a little sweep of her gaze over anyone else in the vicinity not dancing as is.

Sebastian leads Berenice around the floor before unlacing his hand from her shoulder to spin her with a daring twirl-and-dip -- counting on the Princess' demonstrated ability and grace to handle that with nary a warning -- the Pravus Lord looking amused as he does so.

Leonidas laughs a bit as he dances with her, giving her a little twirl before pulling her back to him in a clean and fluid motion. Hey, maybe the Thrax Prince wasn't so bad after all! "Oh, I believe it." he winks. "You got those wild eyes. I'll be sure to pray for his poor soul." he chuckles. "Hey, I'll take you up on that. Maybe we can go bar hopping on something."

"Oh, pie sounds //amazing//." Kenna glances about and when no pie magically appears she nods firmly. "It sounds like we need to go find some pie." Liara approaches and Kenna bows to the princess, "Your party is amazing, thank y ou so much for holding it." Turning back to Bedivere Kenna wraps her arm in his. "To pie Uncle! Let us go!"

"Pie-Killer? I donno - it's not that good of a name," Jyri says, and moves them off the dance floor near Bedivere and Kenna, rather reluctantly letting Elora go. "It's a great shindig," he agrees with Elora. He gives Bedivere a bow, the man eyed with keen interest, but doens't say anything else - that bow will speak for itself, it's very respectful. As Liara joins, he turns to her and bows again, hand on his stomach. "Lady ELora, mind if I take your cousin for a spin?" he asks, glancing between the two with a grin. "Her highness is right there, more dancing."

Glancing back to the dance floor, she motions for them to leave and even goes so far as to redirect them towards a server that she can gather a wine glass from. "A fitting pair, I like that. We both enjoy the woods and that is good enough for me," she quips with a bit of humor to her tone. Her glass is partaken of, a deep drink before it lowers to rest in both hands as she has found a place at the edge of the floor to keep speaking with the Ashford. Her eyes flit out over the dance floor, smile quirking at times before blue hues settle once more on Pharamond. "The wood offers a place of context for training and if you so wish, you would be welcome to join the rangers and myself when we run our drills," she offers him and then studies the dance floor once more, taking another sip of her wine and then offering it to him. "Liquid courage...once it is gone we can dance again if you like."

Domonico notes Orelia's footwork and grave with a slight nod of approval. His own steps have considerable dexterity in them and are more precise flowing from one step to the other, almost as if walking on the deck of a moving ship. "We do seem to be managing quite well. The sea is treating me as it always does. Very well. Indeed I feel so much more... at home on the open seas. And your life? How does that fare?" he asks Lady Orelia with a slight smile.

Bedivere nods curtly and then says to the others near them, "Great to see you, please, excuse us." Then, he reaches over and pats Kenna's arm before then leading away to go on their quest for pie!

"It is a delight to have such excellent guests," Liara replies to Kenna, with a quick smile, not making to detain her or Bedivere any longer than they might wish to be, wont though the Grayson is to happen to people and coax them into things.

Bedivere says, "Yes, thank you so much."

Jyri realises he's a bit late, and gives Kenna and Bedivere a wave. "Maybe you'd like to dance, Your highness?" he instead asks Liara. He's definitely not a shy type.

Berenice is laughing right into that dip when Sebastian twirls her, delightfully light on her feet, her back arching artfully into the dip to make the most of it before he twirls her back up. She seems to be chatting with him throughout the dance, her expression warm with pleasure.

"If I can ever get away for a night, definitely!" Sabella beams at Leonidas, "Make sure you stop by the Racontaur Brewery, the owner is an amazing storyteller!" she enthuses. "And the Sleepless Knights has the best breakfasts in the city!"

Alaric turns Sorrel about, putting the lightest possible constraints on her motion, letting her flow about the floor in a swirl of silk. He laughs lightly as he continues to speak with her, sparing a quick glance around him to remain disentangled with ther others on the floor.

"Save pie for me!" Elora calls out to Kenna and Bedivere with a laugh. She pauses her dance with Jyri in order to offer Liara another little curtsey. "You two should dance," she insists witih a warm smile towards Princess and Kennelmaster. "He could stand to have a dance partner whose feet can actually touch the ground without causing devestation," she laughs.

"Only once all of my guests have had an opportunity, and then, by all means," Liara replies to Jyri, and with a quick grin, she turns to look over towards Isabetta, wondering, "Has Lady Isabetta danced yet?"

Niklas pushes himself to his feet and tests a couple of steps. After a moment he nods and awkwardly shuffles over to to side table, where he serves himself up a plate of something delicious. "No Thraxian food? Thank the gods."

Leonidas laughs aloud, looking her in the eyes. "Sounds like we have a night to ourselves one of these days! Sleepless knights? Well alright then." he smiles, before he'll pause in his dancing. "Well, I'll spare your feet any more punishment. Thank you for the dance, your highness." he bows his head softly to Sabella.

"I'm merely meddling," Liara replies to Elora, quietly and entirely cheerfully, with a quick wink.

Orelia chuckles softly, her eyes moving around, constantly on watch around her, though she does keep most of her attention on the dance. "I have been on a ship all of one time. And I spent most of that time sick. It was rather exhilarating though. Being on the ocean, like the world is at your fingertips. Simply direct the ship where to go and you'll get there. Eventually. Quicker than by foot at least." She moves along a little long pondering the question that's been asked of her. "It goes well. I've only just returned to Arx a few days ago. Had to go home and help handle a little family business. I've jumped right back into my Champion training." The bruises on her arms above her gloves are testament to said training.

Pharamond follows along with Emily away from the floor, and over to the alcohol. " call it liquid courage. If the tales about me are to be believed, I would just call it breakfast..." he teases as he picks up the glass and looks to those dancing in movement. There are some who are truly incredible - The King and the Princess. Orelia and Dominico. "I have seen people up for awards and state it is an honor just being nominated. In this particular case, I think I understand that feeling. There's what I did out there, and then there's art," he says, not bringing Emily's dance down to his level for he knows better. "They all look amazing," he says while taking that glass and lifting it in toast before sipping some. "Some forest training with the rangers? That...would be a quite different way for me to test some skills. I gladly accept your offer," he says, with a deep bow offered to the Deepwood lady before he rises once more.

"It was a pleasure!" Sabella replies, giving a wave before turning to head back to her poor husband. "Any better?" she asks Nik, taking a seat beside him.

Jyri squeezes Elora's hand quickly, bows to Liara and then marches over to where Isabetta is, giving her a bow. "Jyri Tersk, Kennelmaster of the Iron Guard," he introduces himself. "Would you like to dance?"

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With that said, Leonidas leaves Sabella's side on the dance floor, instead moving to Isabetta and giving her a kind smile. "Why hello there. have ya had a dance yet, my lady?" seems Sabella's dancing with him has boldened him somewhat.

Sorrel permits the king to guide her ever so lightly as she trips the light fantastic on the ballroom floor, her little white slippers moving fast and slow and fast again, depending on the move that she is executing. She largely relies on Alaric to keep others from steering into them, but she is quite sure of foot and the twirl of the white gown is almost mesmerizing.

Domonico nods his head at that as he listens to Orelia, all the time keeping an awareness of the battle... I mean dance... around him, the two lightfooted warriors sweeping between and through gaps on the dancefloor skillfully, exploiting openings when necessary. "There's nowhere I can't go when I'm on a ship on the seas. No where." His eyes dip to her arms and he chuckles before he responds with, "I am constantly training myself." He as well seems to have fading bruises on is exposed arms as well, "Perhaps we should train together. Test our dancing in the ring as well?"

Elora laughs. "Well, Princess Grayson, your meddling appears to have worked." She grins as she watches Jyri approach Isabetta to ask her to dance. "This party has been amazing, by the way. Thank you for the invitation. I have never seen a monster where you beat presents out of it before. That was exciting!"

Sebastian, too, is laughing now -- pleased it seems with Berenice's deftness out on the dance floor. After a moment, he murmurs something to her, laughing, and then leads her towards where Emily and Pharamond are talking. "Let me introduce you to the Lord Ashford, purveyor of excellent drinks," he's telling Berenice as they approach. "Lord Pharamond, the Princess Berenice. I hope you two aren't already aquantained -- or I'll have ruined my good deed for the day."

Isabetta looks up having two offers and then scratches her cheek and says, "Oh my, I have two choices and I do not know which one to pick. I am not certain how to decide, except I think you two will have to compete." She claps her hands together and says, "I know just the thing, which ever of you can make Princess Reese blush the deepest I shall gladly dance with."

"Breakfast? I do not know if I could summon that much gumption to drink before the mid-day meal," Emily admits and watches him partake. There is a crooked smile and then she huffs a laugh before she lets out a breath, "Some people were made to be art, some were made to do other things. It just means we get to admire them," she says and tilts her head. Her eyes however catch the approach of the Pravus Lord and his partner, the Princess Berenice. She quiets during the introductions but that keen gaze slips over them all. "The Lord Ashford is an interesting man, good deed or not bringing your lovely partner over to speak with him was a good deed," she says to Sebastian with a wink. "We are considering the dance floor once more," she tells them both.

Reese stays quietly curled-upon the couch while nursing her mug of mead. She looks over at Isabetta at her works and sucks in a soft breath. "Issy..." She says.

Berenice is in the midst of murmuring something to Sebastian, brow arched and eyes playful, when he draws here right to Emily and Pharamond. She laughs aloud. "Oh, Lord Sebastian, you're terrible at this! I'm afraid I have /indeed/ had the pleasure of making Lord Pharamond's acquaintance, so now /all/ of your efforts are ruined." Which she seems entirely unapologetic about. "It is, however, a pleasure to see you again, Lord Pharamond."

"Why, there are beasts out there in far off and hard to find places which you can beat to procure exotic pelts," Liara quips at Elora, then grins readily as she sees people approaching Isabetta, agreeing with the Whitehawk lady, "Oh, it worked."

Leonidas laughs and shakes his head. "Ohhhh no no no. The gentleman here offered first. Besides, I'm not one to treat women like victory prizes." he gives a bow of his head. "Carry on!"

"Lady Whitehawk is momentarily bereft, your highness," Liara calls lightly over towards Leonidas, as a sort of addendum to her chat with Elora.

Jyri looks outright baffled at that request from Isabetta. "No, it's good. He can dance with you." There. The man might be able to dance, he isn't shy and seem to be quite at ease here... but social games? Definitely not his thing, nor does he seem to understand it. "Hey, Princess Reese!" he instead calls. "You wanna dance with me?"

Isabetta sighs a bit and leans over to give Reese a hug, a perfectly innocent hug. A perfectly not at all troublesome innocent hug.

Oh, in that case. "Well, shit, I don't want to leave ya without a dance partner. Would you like to dance, my lady?" Leonidas asks of Sabetta with a smile on his face. 2nd times a charm!

Reese looks a bit surprised when she is asked to dance and it takes her a few seconds to process such. She returns Isabetta's innocent hug with a hug of her own and then rises to her slippered feet. "Okay, Jyri, thank you." She says in his direction.

Pharamond smiles and bows to the Princess indeed as she is brought over. "A pleasure to see you again," he intones. "We had the chance to meet at the training circle a few days ago when Princess Marian reminded me how important it is to not be at the working end of a blade," he says, and gently touches his side where beneath said silks there are stll a few reminders of such lessons. "But the Princess makes an impression that is not easily forgotten, especially from so recently. It is good to see you again as well Your Highness." He bows deeply however and nods to Sebastian. "When a Lord sees another Lord at the baths, I'm afraid a drink is the most innocent thing one can offer. But you are too kind." Turning to Emily, he says in a stage whisper that is anything but truly quiet and is instead easily overheard. "Have your toes uncurled from fear or shall we try this again?"

Niklas gives Sabella a sprightly smile. "Oh, I'm fine. Can't keep a Kennex down for long. Even one who isn't a Kennex anymore." He reaches out and takes her hand. "I do hope you had fun, even if I went and ruined it. Oh, well, not ruined it. I did win a duskstone!"

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"He seems rather keen on a different dance partner. That's quite alright, I would rather not cripple anyone by stomping their toes too badly." Elora offers a little wink in Liara's direction. "I'm actually going to go and see what kind of goodies were in my bag of candy. I'll catch his highness for a dancer later." She shuffles quickly back towards the table.

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Isabetta looks frantic, she went from the most asked lady at the moment to no partner at all, she practically thrusts her hand out at Leonidas, "Me! I mean , good ahh, lord, you asked me and I dare say I mean to accept." She hurries to her feet. "Lady Isabetta Gilden."

"Perhaps." Orelia concedes with a tipping nod of her head. "I've found myself rather busy since my return. But if I do find myself with a little bit of extra time I'll ber certain to send you a missive. Do your duties take you from Arx often? Or do they tend to keep you close by? Either way I'll send a missive. Or I can try to schedule a time, though I'm terrible at keeping schedules. Simply awful." There's an amused smirk from the blonde duelist, her eyes moving about her as they weave through the crowd of dancers. "Sorry, that sounded a lot like I'm trying to dodge the request. I'm not at all." She offers Domonico a smile as they move around the floor. "You move well on dry land for someone who spends to much time at sea. I've often heard that sailors can become a little clumsy when the world doesn't tilt and move beneath them."

Sabella laughs and smiles at Niklas, "You did! Win the duskstone, I mean. You haven't ruined anything! It's been a lovely night out, but," she winces slightly and presses a hand lightly to the top of her chest, "I think I need to go see Relara. I miss her and she probably misses me. Do you want to stay or come with?"

Jyri gives Reese a bow, hand held out and a grin given. He knows her quite well, from Iron Guard work. Out on the dance floor, he comments on her outfit; "Smart outfit there." He could say 'you look lovely in that', but that's not really his thing. Still a comliment and earnestly admired.

Reese seems pretty good at dancing. She has the nimble grace of a warrior and the training of a princess all mixed together. She glides over the f \;

Leonidas chuckles just a little bit before he accepts her hand. "Wel lalright then!" he erupts with boisterous laughter once again, his voice perhaps the loudest out of everyone's. "Prince Leonidas Thrax! A pleasure." he'll help walk her over to the dance floor, where he will attempt to lead. "Though I must apologize in advance if I step on your toes." he winks.

Sebastian gives a long-suffering sigh -- like his life is /ruined/ by this revelation that Berenice and Pharamond are already acquainted. "It's a good thing I didn't place a bet on it, then. Though I wager I'd lose every bet about whether you knew this or that person in Arx, Princess Berenice." His fingers tap hers lightly, perhaps to show there's no hard feelings. He glances at Emily, before giving her a beaming smile. "Again? I fear I'm too late -- though I shan't hold it against my lord," he gives a wide grin to Pharamond, "Given his generosity with alcohol. Princess Berenice -- shall we find something positively awful to drink?"

Reese seems pretty good at dancing. She has the nimble grace of a warrior and the training of a princess all mixed together. She glides over the floor on her slippers of pink steel silk. "Than you, Jyri. You are pretty dressed yourself." She murmurs. Her dancing is modest, not very flirty and yet still very graceful. She glances over to Isabetta and Leonidas, having a smile for them.

There is a brilliant laugh from Emily when they speak of the baths and the Deepwood fans a few fingers over her lips. Those dark freckles gather, always a sign of her amusement. Slowly her hand lowers and she looks aside at Pharamond, brows lifting before she looks back down to her toes in question. Her eyes flicker towards Sebastian and she tilts her head, "One more dance, Lord Pharamond then I must test my dear friend Lord Sebastian to see if he can move as well as he paints," she says before reaching out to take Pharamond's hand and be led back to the dance floor.

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"Yes, I'm rather fond of visiting the Training Center, if only to watch highly skilled people sweat," Berenice replies to Pharamond with a hint of a wicked gleam to her dark eyes and her red-lipped smile. She tsks her tongue at Sebastian. "/I'm/ only drinking things positively /delightful/, of course. But yes, we should find some more of that." Her eyes crinkle as she offers a conspiratorial smile to Emily.

Isabetta looks thoughtfully at her feet then shrugs a bit and says, "Imagine I said something clever and witty about sea legs and then we'll get on just fine." She takes her hold of Leonidas as her role as -not- leading the dance goes and does a simple way of following his lead. "I know some Thrax, Princess Denica is a rather good friend of mine and I think I might have known other Thrax before that. It is good to meet you Prince Leonidas."

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Finishing her wine off, Liara passes the empty glass to an attentive servant, and proceeds towards the dance floor again, wondering of everyone and no one "Would anybody who's not already occupied like to dance?"

Domonico nods, "I often take to the sea back to lead my squadron out pirate hunting but I am currently based in Arx at the moment at Malvici Hall. Often I will be training in my free time at the Southport Square training centre. If you ever have free time and find yourself there I'll usually be around practicing my footwork." He glances down at his feet briefly and adds, "Perhaps it is all the additional training I do that helps ground me and stops me falling over myself?"

Jyri's style is similar to Reeses, bit more blunt and bold and less nimble definitely, but the two make a good dance couple. His cloak whirl behind him, the iron guard symbol prominent on its back. "Didn't own silk before yesterday," he tells her with a little chuckle. He isn't flirting at all - but enjoys dancing with a friend. He actually gives Elora a few looks now and then - clearly he has mostly eyes for her. Or eye. "Gonna head on out after this though, no all night party for us. Too much work."

"The pleasure is mine, Princess." Leonidas laughs before he gives Isabetta a successful twirl to go with it! He was gonna dance the night away, that's for sure! "Heh, I remember a Denica. She's probably much taller though by now." he sighs. "Ugh, I feel so old." he chuckles.

Niklas shakes his head at Sabella, rising to hook his arm into hers. "I think Elizabetta could use a break and I should probably have a soak anyway." He offers a general wave to the room, then gives Liara a deep nod. "Thank you for the excellent evening, cousin!"

With a low throated laugh, Sebastian makes a sweeping gesture as if to hurry Emily and Pharamond out towards the dance floor. Meanwhile, he escorts Berenice towards where the array of drinks are on display -- some more fanciful than others. "Oh, that's the only reason I go to the training center, myself. Not to actually train. Mm, that reminds me, I heard this positively delightful term the other day... violent flirting. That's something I've seen a time or two there. Mm. Here, will this do?" he selects a glass, pale pink and shading to orange, and offers it to Berenice.

With Niklas and Sabella making to leave, Liara flashes the two a warm smile. "Lovely to see you here!"

Pharamond slips back out to the dance floor then with Emily for round two. This time however, Pharamond is in his element. More comfortable (okay, more liquored up) he sweeps up the Deepwood Lady and there's a moment where he says, simply, "Ready?" Ready for what, exactly? Pharamond sets a pace, and instead of a waltz this time, he decides to set something more akin to a waltz but it' much more. Style...and flair, and dips, and spins, chances for dark hair to go flying about and for gowns to twirl. He is no least, not that anyone knows, but he manages to whip out a dance that at least shows he's paid attention all these years.

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Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard, 2 Grayson House Guards, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Niklas leave, following Sabella.

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Reese nods in response to Jyri's words regarding silk. She keeps dancing along with her nimble grace. "Alright, take care then Jyri, it was nice to see you." She says toward him. When it seems like a good moment she slows the dancing and then slips back all together, maybe trying to give Jyri a good window for leaving in. She moves to curl back upon the couch with her mead.

"Most certainly," Berenice replies, taking the glass Sebastian offers her. She's laughing at the new term he shares, her voice lowering a bit, eyes gleaming with mischief as she replies.

"Lady," Isabetta corrects, "I am a Lady, Gilden is a small house, we are not princess and princesses. We have a Baroness and I do not envy her." She is quick to point out. "I am you see a very irresponsible lady whom I dare say none would claim, except those whom are fooled by my ways. My poor house, my poor poor house." She tries to looks serious, but cannot hide the expression of mild bemusement.

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No one is ready for Lord Pharamond Ashford and is suddenly amazing moves! Emily looks utterly surprised with the sudden deft ability that the man shows when he takes to leading them around the floor. Its all she can do to keep up with him and not falter in her dress and upon his own feet. JUST BARELY. Emily colors a bit, swallowing, "You are making me looks like ordered chaos," she says, a soft exhalation of a laugh as she firms her grip in his hand to keep herself upright. Is a wash of blues and creams as he wields her around the dance floor. Really she's just /here/.

Orelia gives her shoulders a quick shrug as she moves through the steps of the dance, not once stumbling or mistepping, just gliding across the floor. "It's possible yes. And if you're around I'll send a missive when I get some free time and am not already bruised and beaten from training."

Jyri gives Reese a thankful nod. "COuldn't leave without a dance with you, Princess," he says and the two steer away from the crowd. He bows to her again. "Take care, I'll see you out at the Lodge," he tells her and then goes in search of Elora, and the hosts; he will thank Liara profusely and heartily, bow to her and the king and then head on out, probably with Elora.

Leonidas laughs. "Sorry, sorry, //LADY// Isabetta." he has mischief and the like in his eyes. "Hey, Irresponsibility is my favorite pasttime. I think we'll get along just fine." he winks.

Elora watches Jyri and Reese with a bit smile, hands lifting to give a little clap at how beautifully they dance. She has a little baggy of food with her by the time the pair seperate. "Princess, you looked beautiful out there," she tells Reese. "I will see you again soon." After a quick thanking of Liara, the Whitehawk Lady slips her hand into Jyri's arm, heading out with him.

"Be safe, Jyri." Reese says. She then has a gentle smile for Elora as well. She looks concerned upon hearing Leonidas' words. "Oh, no, they shouldn't have met."

Isabetta seems to notice Reese a moment then in a lower voice she inquires, "Have you by chance seen Reese's tower? It is an amazing tower, it is not flooded or full of toy boats. An amazing boat." She pauses a little and then says, "I mean tower."

Looking pleased with his selection, Sebastian chooses something that's more yellow for himself, lifting it to his lips and sipping, as he leans to listen to Berenice. Whatever she says earns a low-throated laugh, the Pravus Lord murmuring back.

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Domonico laughs once as he shifts through the dancefloor with Orelia and he shakes his head, "The best time to spar *is* as your are already batter and bruised. Fight through the aches and pain and see just how much more you have in you. After all in battle you will rarely be fresh and ready for each opponent."

Reese has a pensive frown when she hears Isabetta's words. "Anyone who floods my tower is going to..." She says and then trails off as if trying to think of a good enough threat. Reese seems to be struggling. She is not known for her wit! "Well they are goong to certainly regret it."

Orelia laughs and shakes her head. "You sound rather like Lord Ashford. And my father. And my cousins. Fight through the pain. Well yes. But fighting through the pain to the point of causing permanent harm would end my career as a Champion before it's even begun. Now though I am definitely in need of more rum." So when the dance slows to a stop and moves on to another Orelia will step back from her partner. "I need a little more to drink. Thank you for the dance though Lord Malvici." She drops into a shallow curtsy. The movement is a bit awkward. Unfamiliar. But hey she tries.

Leonidas looks curiously to Isabetta. "Uhhmmm...hmm....I don't think so? Is it fairly noticeable? I might have come across it in passing." He does seem to raise his brow a little bit when she says that there are amazing boats. "Do tell." he laughs.

Isabetta frowns a bit and admits, "I have nothing to tell, that was my whole plan." She frowns.

So she said one song, but it's possible that Pharamond pushes it, having a bit more fun with this dance than he typically does. Inspiration only strikes so often and he's in that perfectly comfortable balance of being safeily amongst friends and, in truth, settling into exactly what the ball should be - the chance for a moment to get away from stress and to simply celebrate. And so there's a note as the song changes where things just end up with the right beat and the right note and the right reason that Lord Ashford spins Lady Deepwood around one time and then tilts her back, letting the scout's lean form on display as any good male dancer should - showing off his partner, before he realizes that the exhuberance of that dance actually has a hint of perspiration beading at that brow and has his dance partner more or less at his mercy unless she wants to roll to the floor...and so quickly he stands her up again and bows, a chuckle. "Lady Deepwood," he says, a little flushed...from the dance, and he makes sure everyone is upright and standing before offering to escort her back to her friends to check upon their well being.

Domonico returns the curtsey with a straight backed, military style bow, "Indeed. You have a duty to your own care and well being and don't forget that. Commendable indeed Lady Orelia." He smiles before he adds, "Thank you for the dance as well. Until our next dance. Be it on the dancefloor or on the sands."

Reese chimes in with. "I got it now. Anyone who floods my tower is going to be arrested and locked up in an Iron Guard Cell. Then I will report them to the head of their house. " She seems to be directing her words mostly to Isabetta.

Pharamond does, as they're walking off, lean down and whisper to one of the servants as he hands over the Reese-doll and he smiles slightly.

Leonidas laughs, before he gives Isabetta a bow of his head. "There is still a long night ahead, but I'd love to stop by this Tower to see you. Thank you for the dance, My Lady." he grins to her softly.

It is all Emily can do to look anything like she's got some measure of what is going on, just slightly behind him all times but managing to stay upright. Her own focus is shifting to her foot steps but its easy enough when he is guiding her. Giving in to that notion of just allowing him to do so, the lady lets a smirk draw at her lips and then notes as they move into the second song. A dark brow rises and as she is turned and whisked about, she tries to say something when her back bends and she is sent into that dip. Her face shows shock, eyes blinking rapidly as she grips and tenses. She's going to fall! Nope, nope she's not and once upright, she glances at her partner with a shake of her head, "My lord...dare I ask what came over you? I feel like I should be apologizing for my lack of footwork," she says and glances to watch that doll handed off to a servant. Her head turns as its carried off and she is guided towards Berenice and Sebastian. "Well then, I think Lord Pharamond was fooling us all with his first dance. He's rather spry on his feet."

Liara slips around towards the band, and a few murmured words to the conductor later and the music starts to decrease in tempo and volume. It's still there, still something to dance to if so wished, but no longer quite such a pervasive presence.

Pharamond shakes his head. "I don't anticipate you having much to apologize for," he says. "I should sneak over to my friend there as well," he says, gesturing towards Orelia. "Don't let her know I said this, but she could be one of the fastest swordsmen I've ever seen," he intones. "If you have a need to take other people out hunting as well or to work on training, she is immensely talented already at this young age and surely is only going to get better. I suggest making the time to make her acquaintance as you're able," he says. "And again, all that nice stuff, I never told you," he says before stepping back and bowing, deeply, to Emily and departing, to get both drink and to catch up with others he may have been neglecting.

Orelia gets herself another glass of rum, pausing actually not far from Sebastian to take a sip from the glass, a light sigh leaving her. "Lord Pravus." She greets, tipping her head to him. She's all out of curtsies for the moment. "Enjoying yourself?" She asks, glancing to the glass in his own hand, a light smirk playing across her lips. Eyes track the others around the room, watching Princes and Princesses, Kings, Lords and Ladies all moving around the dance floor.

Sorrel bows to the king, their dance seemingly over, and with a swirl of her skirts and a bright smile, begins to wander the room, looking for social interactions.

Sebastian and Berenice have claimed themselves a pair of brightly colored drinks. They're still standing near the table, talking in low tones, the Pravus Lord looking wry, a shade regretful. That expression vanishes the second he notices Pharamond and Emily approaching, his usual easy expression surfacing in its place: "Ah! I'm afraid I missed seeing it. There's nothing like a good turn on the dance floor to get the heart beating," he says with a low-throated laugh. Bright eyes turn on Orelia as she greets him, giving her an easy smile, too: "Lady Orelia. A pleasure to see you again -- outside of the baths this time," with an unrepentant ease.

Alaric is moving about the floor no longer, having led Sorrel to a graceful halt along the edge of the floor and exchanged parting words with a smile. He glances around with a bit of a now-where's-my-next-drink? speculative expression.

Domonico steps back from the crowd and retrieves his spear again, considering his prize before he looks around the room, spies Princess Reese seemingly enjoying herself, giving her a knowing nod if she sees him before leaving without ceremony.

Reese lifts her gaze to Domonico. "Take care, Lord Domonico." She says in his direction while still curled-up on the couch with her mead.

After finishing his dance with Isabetta, Leonidas looks around the place for who seems alone in the merryment. And Liara takes the cake! Approaching her, Leonidas bows. "Hello! My name is Prince Leonidas Thrax...and I was wondering I may have this dance?"

Sorrel drifts back in the direction of Sebastian and Berenice so that she can catch Pharamond and Orelia. To Pharamond, she says, "I noticed you watching me dance, so I paid a bit of attention to you dancing. You did very well!"

If only Liara had cake! But she doesn't. She has nothing except what she swiped while no one was looking 'cause they were all dancing. She's still on her way back from that brief chat with the band's conductor, and she offers Leonidas a ready smile. "Why, certainly."

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"Lord Sebastian was /monopolizing/ my attention," Berenice says to Emily, all apologetic as she heaps blame on Sebastian. It wasn't her fault at all, OBVIOUSLY. "But I'm sure you were splendid." She offers a brilliant smile to Orelia with no indication that they've ever met. "Hello! Lady Orelia, apparently. Princess Berenice Velenosa."

After some time, Lou comes back. "Good gracious, is this thing still going on?" she asks as she comes through, largely making her way towards the staircase if she can escape being noticed too much!

"You speak well of her, I look forward to meeting her," Emily begins but notes Orelia joining the group. She offers a bright smile and tilts her head, giving her a nod, "Lady Emily Deepwood," she offers the woman, "Lord Pharamond was just singing your praises," she says as her eyes flit around for the Ashford Lord who had gone to get himself a drink. Tucking her hair behind her ear as she glances to the colorful drinks and looks curious, "That seems like an equation for trouble," she remarks and then grins at Berenice, "Quite all right."

Alaric and retinue have evidently exhausted all their available socializing time, because with a regal wave (and a drink for the road) the King is escorted out the door.

Leonidas grins and offers the Lady his hand. Hoping that he doesn't quite step on her feet, he'll walk her to the dance floor, where he will attempt to lead the dance, even if he can almost guarantee that she's a significantly better dancer than he is. "So then, tell me about yourself? How long have you been in Arx?"

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Reese rises to her slippered feet. She tries to give Isabetta's cheek a gentle kiss. "Thank you, Princess Liara, it was a very nice party." She murmurs. She smiles toward those gathered speaking. "Take care everyone." Reese then starts to take off.

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"I'm fabulous, and a while," Liara answers Leonidas, with a light smile. She's quick and light enough on her feet, even if she's been perhaps overusing them, having not sat once since the ball began. Her attention's distracted by people departing, and she offer a cheery, "Lovely to see you," to them.

Orelia is not completely socially inept. She saw the change of expression on Sebastian's features as people approached. But she's tactful enough not to comment on it. Even if only just barely. "Yes. Outside of the baths. With clothes on. Though.." She looks down at her dress. Far from the first time she's given it nasty looks tonight. "You at least look comfortable and at home here." She does summon up another awkward curtsy for the Princess though, dipping downwards, though she forgets to grab her skirts to keep them off the floor. "Cursed things." She growls at her dress for the twentieth time tonight. "A pleasure to meet you Princess Velenosa." And then there's another greeting, this time from Emily. "Lady Orelia Stonewood. A pleasure Lady Deepwood. And I'm sure they were anything but praises. Codgerly old man." She smirks as she says it though. Clearly there's friendship there between her and Pharamond. If friendship can be attributed to the verbal knifing they throw at eachother regularly.

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Giving a little twirl to Liara, Leonidas smiles to her. "Well, that's sure as hell good to hear. I apologize, I never quite caught your name." He smiles to the Princess

Berenice's brow sweeps up at something Sebastian leans in to murmur to her, and her smile widens. "Is it?" she asks Emily with a brightening gaze. "I /love/ equations for trouble. They're so preferable to the more peaceful sorts." She looks brightly to Orelia. "Are /you/ the trouble, Lady Orelia?"

After a moment, while folks are introducing themselves, Sebastian murmurs something towards Berenice with a flicker of amusement. He reaches to set his glass down, and then offers a hand towards Emily. "Shall we, my lady?" with a barely supressed gleam of amusement. "I'll try not to disgrace you terribly, though it sounds like I have big shoes to fill," with a wry smile towards Pharamond.

With a little arch of her eyebrows, Liara replies to Leonidas following the twirl, "Oh, I do apologise. Liara Grayson. A pleasure to meet you, no doubt." She seems a little more focused on dancing for the moment, not quite so preoccupied any more by departing guests.

Pharamond comes back with a clear glass of rum that is sliiiiiid and offered to Orelia as he has his berried brandy, his drink of choice, and he catches just in time Sebastian and Emily sneaking out (if sneaking means walking in plain sight) to the dance floor and he smiles then to Orelia and Berenice. "It will be a challenge, but I promise that while each of you is drinking I will ensure that neither of you drinks alone.' And so he grabs a second glass of...something from a server walking past and he smiles. " I have one for each of you." And he lifts both glasses in toast now, "So what shall we speak of next, since I am afraid I am likely not to dance any better than that tonight."

Orelia lets out a not so soft laugh at the question that Berenice asks her. "Usually. I've been trying very hard not to be here. I have been on my absolute best behavior. Though I probably did not impress anyone with my manners when I laughed at Prince Niklas's misfortune." But even as she mentions it her lips tighten and she visibly holds back some additional laughter. She takes the rum from Pharamond, as that now gives her two glasses, one in each hand, and she has zero shame about having a glass in each hand.

There is a cough and rueful smile as Emily glances between Berenice and Orelia, "Ahh ladies, you are both trouble I have a feeling. Good trouble I am sure and delightful trouble. Many forms of trouble and I think, we should speak about having a lady's evening to see what may come of it," she remarks with hopeful amusement. The hand offered in her direction is caught and she hesitates but takes it, "Well as long as I can keep up we will do well, the Lord Pharamond should be teaching dance if he is always so able," she says and gives the Ashford a grin before excusing herself so she can follow the Pravus towards the dance floor. Her hand finds his shoulder and her right in his, she lifts her chin and tries to look all elegantly ladylike, "Is this how the Velenosians dance? I thought perhaps there was far less clothing involved most times," its a tease but then she chuckles softly. "But lets not give that a try."

"A pleasure to meet you, Princess Liara." Leonidas looks rather amused at her distracted nature. "So, I see you are quite the legendary party-planner." he teases her.

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"Party?" Liara wonders of Leonidas. "Why, this was in no small part an endeavour to bring down a horrifyingly ludicrous effigy from our ceiling," she quips. She seeks to up the pace of the dance a little, her movement still light-footed and deft.

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"Oh, behaving is overrated," Berenice says with a bright laugh to Orelia. "Although you have to be quite talented to dance on the line between entertaining and actually getting asked to leave the party." She glances about the room, but it looks like she missed Niklas's departure. "Ah, well. I'm sure he could use a good laugh after what happened."

"A lady's day?" is Sebastian's horrified contribution. The very /idea/ of these ladies getting together is certainly fearsome enough to make the Pravus Lord look briefly uneasy -- though the glimmer of sky-blue gaze suggests it's a little put on, as is the low-throated laugh that follows as he escorts Emily towards the dance floor. With his hands in the very-proper places, he chuckles at her suggestion, eyes widening for a moment. "Oh, we /should/," even as she's saying, 'let's not', much to his visible disappointment. "You've never truly danced until you've played strip dancing. It is a game best played with a bottle of Setarco Fire." Like all the things regrets are made of, it seems. He leads Emily along in time to the jaunty beat, capable if not striking quite the same sense of performance her previous partner managed.

Orelia takes a sip from the rum glass she already had, draining a good deal of it in one long ago before she responds to Emily. "We should have a lady's night out. It has been quite some time since I've done anything like that. Always training or... well training. Always training then I guess. Lady Elora and I were supposed to go shopping yesterday but she got caught up with her healer's duties. Hence why I am here in this horrendous dress and not court appropriate trousers and tunic." Then Emily is being led off, and Orelia moves to the nearby table and gratefully settles into a seat, after fussing with the skirts of her dress.

"There's something to be said for wearing a nice pair of pants to an event. It changes the sort of dancing one can do, and makes lifting your partner an easier proposition, since you're not worried about your skirts getting tangled," Sorrel says brightly to Orelia, though the way she dances, she probably doesn't worry all that much.

Pharamond grins to Berenice, "I like your thought process," he says with amusement, looking to Orelia as she drinks down Rum #1 while preparing for Rum #2. He sits back, his legs crossing casually in the silks he wore rather than his typical leathers. "I have to say, if these could actually help me in a fight, they're far more comfortable than some things I have to wear," he offers with amusement. As Sorrel settles down too, his smile widens slightly. "Princess. Had I not known any better, I would have thought that you actually had invented dance. You were an absolutely jewel out there," he says inclining his head respectfully and he relaxes. Settling back he seems to be in delighted spirits now but just the slightest hint more mellow than when he was out dancing. "So the question is, when the Ball ends as assuredly at some point it will have to, what becomes the after-Ball?"

[Fashion] With talented modeling, Liara displays 'Grayson ball outfit' around Arx, garnering flattering conversation and murmurs throughout the city about the fine choices made by Grayson for sponsoring someone with such exceptional taste.

"Lord Sebastian," she says and then laughs, "That sounds like its probably true entirely...I have to admit I have never been so bold," she says and though they are able to execute the steps she is not all together light on her feet, having to rely on her partner for a bit of guidance. "At least you are a bit more tame then twinkle toes Ashford," she remarks to him, "Makes me feel less oafish," she admits and glances back to the gathering few she knows as they speak. She grins up at the Pravus Lord, "No matter what the challenge, there will never, ever be anymore Setarco Fire," she says to him.

Leonidas laughs a bit to Liara, nodding in appreciation at her efforts. "Is it too early to say that you not only crushingly succeeded, but truly put a smile on everyone's faces?" he grins softly to her, his own feet light and quick, despite his much larger build.

"Oh, all you have to do is sell a few duchies so that you can afford a full suit of steelsilk, and then you'll have the best of both worlds!" Berenice replies with bright cheer to Pharamond.

"Thank you," Sorrel replies to Pharamond, looking flattered. "I'm a performer by nature. After the dancing is done, I have to go sing for the king. We'll be discussing whether my new cycle of songs is full enough for the political purposes to which songs can be put. It ought to be quite interesting, really. I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping that he's got suggestions as to where to go with some of the songs, which are weaker than others."'

"Oh, yes," Liara replies to Leonidas, and goes on with a quick and cheery grin. "The relief once it was fully gone was really quite palpable. What a silly thing for someone to leave hanging over the dance floor." Musing, she adds, "Maybe it could stand to be reconstructed as some sort of couch."

Orelia nods he rhead to Sorrel's statement. "I'm much more comfortable in them. I told Lady Reese I was going to follow her example. But when I went into my clothes I realized I didn't have any court appropriate sets. Well, at least not to a ball of this caliber anyway. So I'll need to see about getting some made for the next one." The little duelist leans back in her chair, finishing her first glass of rum and setting the emtpy on the table, hands clasped around the second glass now. "You were very impressive. Graceful. Like you weren't even touching the floor." Orelia agrees with Pharamond's compliments.

"Are you suggesting I would dare lie to you, Lady Emily? I would never," Sebastian puts on an affronted expression, clearly feigned as he sweeps her around the floor. He doesn't try anything too fancy -- but does break it up with a twirl here and there, at least. "Oh, now you're just breaking my heart. There must always be Setarco Fire, or the possibility of Setarco Fire. Perhaps a suitable bet would tempt you to try it again..?" he tries, with a low-throated laugh like he knows how likely that to be.

[Fashion] Sebastian models ' Winter white great coat with silver lining and Stormward pearl buttons' on behalf of Pravus, gaining a decent number of admirers and significant compliments.

Pharamond chuckles quietly. "I am fairly certain that there's already a few comments about the differences between the swords that wear heavy armor versus us that wear leathers. If any of us went out in silks..." he says, a little chuckle. "Though, you'd move quicker, that's for certain. Though there are some I've seen where even in steelsilk, I wouldn't want to take a blow from their swords. The Compact is blessed with an abundance of people who I am glad are on our side," he says, sincerely, speaking about the general quality of those in battle positions. "The good part of that is there is no lacking of training partners. The bad part," he says as he lightly lifts just the side of his shirt to show a small part of a large bruise before putting it down again. He wrinkles his nose, "I'm feeling that one after the dancing. I should have remembered it before I decided to see what wanted to bend, what wanted to twist, and what did not." For Orelia, he smiles his agreement to his praise, before looking back to Sorrel. "That seems both fun and full of expectation. I wish you well in that...though having someone willing to assist has to be of good help." And to Berenice, he looks over, before looking out to the floor. "You and Lord Pravus get along well."

"You and that horrible drink, always a place for it? Hardly...though you will have to be more creative the next time you try to get me to drink it..again. I have learned my lesson, there are far less painful ways to get drunk," she points out with amusement. She sweeps into those twirls with no extra aplomb, just the simple movement as the two continue in conversation that carries with it some ribbing. "But do tell me what you think is a suitable bet...I am curious," she says and arches a brow, giving him a nod before she dips her head with their next turn.

"Thank you, thank you. I should probably get going. Can't keep the king waiting," Sorrel says brightly, and with that, she heads out, light of foot and with a smile on her lips.

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Leonidas couldn't help but smile, but eventually? He stops in his movements. "I better get going...but thank you for this wonderful dance and the party, Princess Liara. Can't wait for the next one." he winks, and if she allows, he'll kiss her knuckles like a gentleman before seperating from her. "Remember to invite me!" he smiles as he starts tow alk off.

After permitting the kiss to her knuckles, Liara offers Leonidas a quick smile. "A pleasure to meet you, your highness. There may be fewer monsters at the next one!"

"I am not entirely sure I would feel safe fighting in silk. Steelsilk or not. I would be paranoid that the next sword thrust would run me right through." Orelia's head shakes slowly. "But of course that would be assuming I somehow lucked into an entire gold mine's worth of money." She looks about as people begin to exit almost en masse, a little frown for it all, but she's sticking around, at least for now. There are other people that require attention after all. "

"But there are few more /abrupt/ and /guaranteed/ ways to get drunk," Sebastian counters Emily protest, with another of those low-throated laughs. As for the suggestion of a suitable bet? "Mm. How about a lovely piece of jewelry? I could use something new to add to my collection," because naturally, he assumes he will win. "Winner is the last to yield." Because someone /always/ does.

"Do you ever feel safe fighting at /all/?" Berenice asks Orelia with a hint of laughter in her voice. "Seems like it's always a dangerous occupation." At Pharamond's words, her smile widens. "We do, don't we?" she says airily, looking out at Sebastian and Emily on the dance floor. "We have similar temperaments, I think, in some ways. Senses of humor. We get along quite well."

With things starting to get somewhat quieter, though the steady bustle of servants doesn't quite cease, Liara finally goes to find herself a seat, and troubles a passing servant in Grayson livery for a glass of wine.

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Emily lets out a breath and looks like she may not be falling for his suggestion, giving him a skeptical look, "I realize that accepting this challenge is going to end in a very painful day after, but very well. If you so desperately want a CHANCE had a piece of jewelry, you are on," she promises. She shakes her head and gives a laugh, nearly missing a step, "You are a horrible influence, my lord. Horrible."

Orelia purses her lips at the question that Berenice asks, taking a moment to think about it. "Honestly? Most of the time I do feel safe. I know that my armor will protect me from what few blows my skill will not. And the rules of the ring are another protection as well. I imagine that would change were I out on the battlefield. Though that is something I'm sure I'll get to experience not too much farther in the future." She doesn't seem overly worried about it, though there is a bit of uncertainty there. She banishes it with another drink of her glass of liquid courage. "Princess Grayson." Orelia greets Liara as she arrives at the table. "It has been a very enjoyable evening. Thank you so much for hosting this event."

"I've been accused of far worse, so I shall count that -- and the acceptance of my very fair and generous challenge -- a victory," Sebastian concludes with a low-throated laugh that might be a little breathless from the dance. After one last turn and spin, he offers out his elbow. "Shall we find a drink, my lady?"

"You should always take what you can as a victory..." Emily offers and then looks near grateful for the slow of their dance. Her eyes glance aside when he offers his elbow and she notes the change of attendees at the table. "A drink would be lovely...and wine preferably," she says and slides her hand onto his arm. She has to pull at the silk of her dress to adjust it back into place before glancing down at his own pants. "Gild save me. I will have to wear dresses more often so that when these events occur I might look less like a fish out of water," she intones. "I do so enjoy our lively group."

"I am glad that you enjoyed it, my lady," Liara replies to Orelia, with a quick smile. "There were some surprisingly marvellous dancers, weren't there? Perhaps not so surprising to those who know them better."

Pharamond doesn't get messengers often, but he had to step away for a moment before returningseeing Liara has joined the table as well and he smiles widely. "Princess!" He gives a deep bow and a toast of his glass. "You have hosted a glorious event and I am grateful to have been welcome," he says, cheerfully, and he settles down again. The dancing, the up, the down, the new outfit, the old and new friends. "A joyrful reminder of all things fun." Settling back now he looks to his those about. "I do not envy the staff but I am grateful for those who will handle the clean up of this endeavor."

"It's a lovely dress," Sebastian allows, glancing sidelong at the silken dress as he escorts Emily off the floor. Fortunately, there's a very capable Grayson servant waiting to offer them drinks. The Pravus Lord selects a wine and offers it to Emily first, before snagging one for himself. He's already sipping at it -- a third of the way through -- by the time he rejoins the group by the table, looking breathless. "Ah, but -- where has everyone gone? Surely the night is not that far gone," he laments, as he notices the crowd slightly smaller.

"Ah well, so goes the night of verbal dancing," she offers Sebastian as she takes a sip from her own wine. Her third and it is partaken of a little slower than the last two. She joins him on their approach and smiles at each of them and pauses upon noting Liara, "It was a lovely evening," she says to the Grayson Princess, inclining her head. "So I have this feeling we need to expand ladies evening to include a few of the men here so they don't feel so left out," she says, giving Pharamond and Sebastian a look as she tips back her glass.

"Liara, it's a positively /divine/ party," Berenice coos as soon as the Grayson princess arrives nearby. "You should be /exquisitely/ pleased with yourself. At the end of the night, you can fling yourself into bed while the servants clean up, and then you can lounge about all day tomorrow with the satisfaction of a job well done." Her eyes brighten as Emily and Sebastian make their way back over. "A splendid dance! Sebastian, I am sure there is /plenty/ more revelry to fulfill your need."

"I am glad you were able to attend, my lord," Liara says to Pharamond. Then to both him and Berenice, "As things to clean up go, I would say it's not so dreadful as all that. Somehow, nobody bled anywhere after all. Still, I don't have bed in mind just yet - it would be a pity if I were to wander off and fall asleep while I still have some marvellous guests." Then she flashes Emily a grin. "I had just been thinking that there were surprisingly fine dancers present - people who might otherwise talk themselves down."

Sebastian touches a hand to his chest, affecting a wounded posture at Emily's suggestion he and Pharamond be included in ladies night. "Now, now. My ego isn't /that/ shaken by being excluded. Besides, shopping for dresses and doing each other's hair isn't my thing." Because that's what goes in in ladies' nights, surely. That, and, "Now sleepovers...?" with a wry expectation that there might be retaliation, of the verbal or physical variety to that. "But yes, a lovely evening, Princess Liara. A splendid effort on your part. Do you arrange these things often?" Berenice's words earns a grin from the Pravus Lord, "Glad to hear that," with a lift of his glass in silent toast to her.

Pharamond laughs the lightest little bit and looks to Emily. "I am a barely passably not repulsive male," he says. "I am afraid I would make a stunningly frightful lady," he says with a grin. "But if it just a matter of fun and keeping secrets, I am sure in those ways I can keep up." He looks over to the others, listening curiously. Though Lord Pravus' suggestion draws a laugh so merry it seems to echo as he leans back and nods. "Yes...I mean someone must be relied upon to protect the virtue of those present. Who better, am I not correct?" Sure he is. Of course he is.

Emily lets out a huff at the two men, "Your imaginations are sorely lacking, my lords. You disappoint me," she quips. A brow arches and she sips at her wine, giving them /looks/ over her glass before her smile returns for Liara. "The Lord Pharamond did not let down on that end, surprised me enough that I could barely keep up. I felt like he was hustling me," she remarks with a great deal of humor. The wine is sipped at again before her arm tucks across her stomach. She lapses into speculative silence and giggles at something that only she knows about. Another short huffed laugh and she tips back her glass once more.

Orelia had gone a little quiet, sitting and listening to the others speak. Which is not to say she's idle. She's drinking her rum down steadily, though she doesn't get herself another glass. She's had several already. Maybe more than several. "I'm sure dress shopping would be very much Lord Pravus and Lord Pharamond's thing if they gave a little thought to what goes on while dress shopping and dress fitting." She smirks a little bit as she puts her emtpy glass on the table in front of her. "But lady's night would rather suggest that there are no men involved."

"Less than I should!" Liara replies to Sebastian, then goes on to add, "I will be holding a winter thing. Ball, party, snowman building - I'm not sure yet." Then her gaze flits back to Emily and she wonders, "Can someone be hustled when dancing? I rather like to think that dancing with someone of surpassing ability can only be a good thing, although I appreciate that some may feel a little awkward about it."

"Well certainly you don't need to escape for bed /now/," Berenice agrees with Liara with a warm laugh. "But when the night is /through/, of course. You'll deserve the most /divine/ night of sleep. Or morning and afternoon, as the case may be." She steps closer to Sebastian, slipping a hand through his arm and tilting her head closer to murmur something humorous -- from the curve of her smile -- in a lower voice to him.

Pharamond tips his glass, "I try not to be too much of a let down," he says though he affects a wounded glance. "Hustling you? For naught," he says. "You wound me, m'Lady! As if I would ever..." he says with playful offense before he looks to Sebastian and then back to Emily. "I'm not so sure...that you have the right of it. I can assure you that I have an imagination fueled by many, many years of being single. It's actually one of the reasons I don't go to the Grotto too much when it is crowded. We are blessed with a stunning array of Lords and Ladies of all types in this Compact. Sometimes, the mystery and the imagniation is quite fun," he says. "Until it's time to not have the mystery...then that is usually fun too," he offers, that wicked grin affected and replacing the wounded one as he nods to Orelia. "Just so. I can...well not now obviously, but yes I can imagine such." But most importantly, Princess Liara comes to his defense and he smiles up to Emily then. "See? Innocent." Yeah...innocent.

"Oh, I assure you, my imagination is quite a lot more active, but nothing that can be spoken in such esteemed company. Mind, if it were a Lycene party--" Sebastian gives a low-throated laugh at the very thought. "I wouldn't hesitate." Pharamond's words -- and his look -- earn a wide grin from the Pravus Lord in mute support. Liara's response has him regarding her with interest. "Mm. I have no great love of winter -- but I do love the chance to do a winter sculpture or two. If you need some decorative pieces for your winter ball, do be sure to let me know." He takes a sip of his wine, eyeing Emily sidelong -- not sure what she's laughing about, and yet /certain/ it has something to do with him, somehow. He turns and tilts his head towards Berenice as she murmurs something to him.

"Oh no, one can not really, it was merely a jest, Princess," Emily remarks being drawn from her thoughts. Her eyes flick towards Sebastian and Berenice before she shifts and finishes off her glass. "The Lord Pharamond was a divine partner," now empty glass lofted in his direction. "Innocent is hardly the right term but in this case you are not held accountable to hustling me into thinking you are an average dancer like myself. Perhaps it was a stroke of luck," she remarks and is alrady looking for another tray, another drink and the empty glass is waggled in her grasp. THERE! She steps briefly aside and setting it down grasps another with a soft thanks.

"Afternoon doesn't seem unlikely, at this rate," Liara remarks to Berenice. Then she's rather taken by Sebastian's suggestion. "Oh, are you? That sounds marvellous. I shall certainly ask when the time comes around." The Grayson simply flashes Emily a grin. "You rather appeared to have enjoyed the dance in any case, and that is key."

Orelia looks down at her empty hands, and the dress she wears, then around at the group at the table before pushing up to a stand. She offers another curtsy, this one a bit better than those before it. "Thank you all for the company. It really has been a very pleasant evening. Going to take my leave now. Need to rest and get back to training tomorrow." She then turns and starts away, moving gracefully across the floor.

"Lovely to have you here!" Liara offers to Orelia, along with a warm smile.

Pharamond nods quietly, listening to the exchanges and as Orelia prepares to leave he stands up and bows politely, "I would take tomorrow off too, as a reminder. Wait until the next day to train," he says. "It's been a rough week. A few days of finding something to do other than swinging the blade would be good. A swim, a run, but something that doesn't involved getting hit," he offers as his advice, sage and wise and likely to be ignored. And now he is standing, and he looks to the floor, "Speaking of...before the band wraps up would anyone else like one more dance or shall I spare your feet?"

Berenice just looks amused by Sebastian's quiet reply to her, and she looks to the others with a heaving sigh. "Alas! I think I'm going to have to make my way home. Liara, as I said, it was a /delightful/ evening. To everyone else -- so wonderful to meet you or see you again, as the case may be." She wiggles her fingers in a little wave before she begins to step away.

"The Baroness Lucita still has a couple of my creations from last year -- how she manages to keep them from melting even in that cold basement is impressive -- if you wanted to see," Sebastian tells Liara with a smile. "But certainly, do." He straightens, a flickered smile sent Berenice's way as he drains his glass. "Well, I think it's time to take my leave, too. Thank you all for a wonderful evening, especially to you, Princess Liara. Shall I escort you out, Princess Berenice?" he offers, gallantly, holding out an elbow.

"My feet might protest a little too much, my lord," Liara answers Pharamond, with a smile, then she turns to bid Berenice and Sebastian farewell. "Lovely to see you, as always. And a pleasure to meet you, my lord."

As the others begin to take their leave and Emily only just grasping another glass she lifts it in parting to Orelia and Berenice, "A pleasure to make your acquaintances," she offers the Princess and lady. Her gaze slips to Liara, "Aye, it was a wonderful time, even the dancing," she says with a light curl of her lips. "Ahh it seems the party is finally disbanding," she says thoughtfully and taking a large drink of her wine, she sets it aside. "Have a good evening," she offers those departing, giving a nod of her head to each before she shakes her head to Lord Pharamond, "I worry that another dance and my luck shall run out," she says after Liara's words. "I may be time to follow suit though, and return to the manor."

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Berenice gasps with surprise. SUCH surprise. "Why, Lord Sebastian! How very gallant of you." She slips a hand into the crook of his arm. "I suppose we are going in the same direction for most of the journey home." She tosses one last smile over her shoulder to Liara and the others before sweeping off.

Pharamond nods as it seems the event is making its way to its dying breath. "Well, I am pleased to see that even at my age I can still close out a party," he says and he offers to Liara one last dazzling smile, "Thank you again." And with everyone departing as he looks after Orelia and the departing Lord Praxus and Princess, he looks to Emily. "I would be remiss in my duties if I did not offer to see you safely home." Because clearly he had the worst time dancing with her and it's purely a philanthropic offer. He looks down at his outfit, and ponders walking outdoors and laughs, thinking this is going to be quite entertaining. " the breeze. Yes, let's walk."

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"It is not all that far, my lord but if you would like to share the walk back I would not mind the company or conversation," Emily admits and and glances aside at him, "You are kind to offer though...I think we can both attest to how little silk does for protection against the cold," she says bemused and then turns, offering a deep inclination of her head to Liara. "Princess, it was a pleasure and I look forward to the next." This said she will look to Pharamond and join him in departing the Grayson grounds.

"Lovely to see you both and have a warm journey home!" Liara offers to the two, with a quick grin - as if it's far across the Grayson Ward.

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