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Inquisition Art Auction and Fundraiser

The Inquisition holds an art auction and fundraiser to benefit efforts to aid the Lodge of Petrichor. Expect classy offerings like said art, which will take bids via silent auction, and an Inquisitorial trivia contest to win a piece of luxurious star iron!. The evening will also include plenty of wine, food, and entertainment.

Bids for the art auction be taken until OOC 9:30 PM EST on Friday, September 21 (one hour after the start of the event). The auction includes paintings by Fortunato Grayhope, Mae Culler, Lianne Malespero, Sebastian Pravus, Tabitha Whitehawk, and Sina Izetta!

To make a bid, visit:
To see current high bids, visit:
To view artwork, visit the Garden in The Grotto or


Sept. 21, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Aleksei Tikva


Waldemai Fortunato Sebastian Vicente Godric Merek Khanne Shard Sina Alarissa Tabitha Alistair Adora Kenna Elias Niklas Caspian Delilah Jordan(RIP)




Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Grotto - Garden

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Comments and Log

Tables with wines, ales, teas, and light snacks -- canapes, cheeses, sliced fruit, very small desserts -- are set out amidst the brazier-lit garden, giving attendees the opportunity to eat and drink while they peruse, chat, or rack their brains over trivia answers. There are a few musicians, mostly instrumentalists who Tikva has directed to be as low key as possible -- light, mellow strains of string and woodwind to provide pleasant background noise for a gently lit, un-pressurey soiree. She has obtained a glass of pale liquid that she holds in her hand, and swirls up to people as they enter the secluded pleasantness of the garden so that she can greet folks with brilliant cheer. Laric has put some of his highest energy, highest friendliness inquisitors on this case, after all.

"Hi! Welcome, one and all! Please enjoy the party, consider bidding on some art -- it's in a good cause! -- and good luck sussing out those secrets in our trivia contest!" This spiel is not word-for-word what she says to EVERYONE, but the general sprightly cadence and feel of it is probably getting familiar for those who are standing near Tikva.

Waldemai finds an ale with a good nose and samples it in the manmer appropriate to sampling mug at a time.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

Fortunato shows his usual discomfort with spiels and parties and raises his hand awkwardly. Generally. The instrumentalists do catch his attention, briefly, and he frowns at a woodwind as if it troubled him personally. All he actually says is, "I suppose I can stand in a corner and work on my philosophy project," and then he goes to do just that. Hold up the wall, scrawl on parchment.

Sebastian strides into the grotto, solo -- dressed in a mix of clothing from silk to leather to umbra that would probably make most fashionistas wince. He has his priorities, of course -- securing a glass of wine immediately, something white -- before he circles over to where the artworks are set up, spending time regarding each of the pieces with an intensity that speaks of admiration.

Aleksei has secured the /very best service/ from the Grotto staff -- it's always excellent, of course, but living with the owner certainly does help -- and he's all bright, warm smiles as people enter. He's got a glass of whiskey in his own hand that he sips from now and then when he's not in the midst of a greeting, shaking someone's hand, directing people to the box of parchment laid out for people to grab sheets of and fill out. "You could make a /star iron/ mirrormask!" he calls over to Fortunato. Even better than a stygian one!

Vicente walks into the garden with a rhythmic pace that has a lighter step than might be assumed given his size. He enters near the start of the event and he stays more towards the back, his eyes scanning about slowly, primarily at the people scattered about but also at the artwork and plants in their turn. He does not move for a drink as he glances about but moves to clasp his hands behind his back.

Godric counts as neither friendly or high energy. But he does count as an Inquisitor! So here he is, making at least a token appearance to look at artwork and pretend he's not some kind of recluse. Hey look, whiskey! He'll breeze on by, nod politely at the hosts, get liquor. It's perfect.

Fortunato immediately brightens at Aleksei. "Could I? I made a mirrormask with a /piece/ of star iron atop the stygian once. An entire star iron mask would be so very decadent."

Merek has come to the place, as he shifts his cloak about him. His hood is up, and it seems like his orange gaze talks all the things to mind as he walks through. He moves to find a place to stand and lean upon a wall.

Khanne looks like she is positively sweltering, for simply having had to walk through the grotto to get to the garden. She wipes at her face as if she is sweating to death (she's not), but smiles when she sees some of those already gathered here. She lifts her hand, waving to those she knows before heading right over to the sweet things set out, looking over them to carefully pick what she might like.

Shard enters...cautiously might be the best word. Her eyes are faintly narrowed as she steps into the garden properly, and her expression is distinctly neutral, with only the occasional muscle twitch that doesn't seem to be leaning toward any sort of smile. She moves to fetch a glass of whiskey straightaway, but her attention seems to be more on everyone else than the available food.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant arrives, following Tabitha.

"I don't-- I mean, I would be amazed by a star iron mirrormask, that is definitely true," Tikva says with a laugh on her breath, reaching up to rake her hand through her hair. She takes another sip from the pale liquid in her glass, and spreads her hands wide. "Please, everyone, take a look at the lovely work on display. Our artists have given us some really fantastic pieces, and the competition is sure to be stiff. I'm also looking forward to seeing which of you can sniff out the most secrets on those trivia ballots! Super mysterious!"

Sina makes her way into the Grotto, dressed in simple but lovely fashion in pale blue and alabaster linen. The only sign of her position currently is a medallion a chain about her slender neck, bearing the crossed scrolls of Vellichor. Otherwise, she is dressed more for a party than being tucked away amongst the stacks as Archscholar. Her long dark hair is woven into an intricate braid, and her moonshine eyes glance about with bright curiosity, a light smile touching her lips.

Aleksei's smile is particularly warm for a few people he knows best -- Fortunato, of course, and then Khanne and Shard and Sina as well, who get wide smiles of greeting even if their entrances are quiet. "And we're very lucky to have a number of our wonderful artists here in attendance! All of them donated their time and talents for no payment. Although I'm happy to give any of them a very appreciative hug, which is worth like a million silver."

Waldemai is examining the paintings. "That's the Lodge of Petrichor?" he says. "Never seen it myself." His accent suggests he's from the far south, near Southport.

Someone has a room to renovate and as such, artwork becomes a necessary part of that. So Alarissa makes her way into the grotto's garden to come see what is up, a glance around to see who is present.

Tabitha is here, having drifted in at some point when as few people as possible were watching. She's not an outlandish figure in the garden, wearing a dress of simple lilac silk, with her strawberry hair hanging in a braid over one shoulder. She's a small woman, and her steps are very quiet -- so as she walks around, examining each painting with an admiring look across her soft features, she probably doesn't attract much attention. Nonetheles, her cobalt gaze moves across the room, from this person to that, slowly blinking.

"It's quite a place," Sebastian murmurs to Waldemei, overhearing his comment. "Well worth the trip -- if you've an inclination to get out of Arx for a while," with a little twitch of lips, as he lifts glass to drink a little.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Vote on artwork at and enter the trivia contest at ! Trivia entries close at 9:15 EST and art bids close at 9:30 EST

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Alistair.

"Seen it recently. Looks about right." Godric finds himself standing near Waldemai, and so he gives a brief reply. "I kind of like that one." He gestures to After the Storm. "Seems kind of soothing."

"The winner of the trivia contest will earn an ingot of star iron to be used as you see fit, and our first runner up will win six bolts of umbra, so if you don't win the grand prize, you'll still have a shot at making something glorious and shadowy!" Tikva circulates in a cheerful circuit around the room, offering patter to all and sundry while she nurses her glass of lemonade. "Enjoy the canapes! And the tiny cakes! They have chocolate chips. The cakes, not the canapes."

Alistair checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Alistair arrives and for once he doesn't give his typical glare and survey of those present. Most here probably are immune to that glare. Like building up a tolerance to iocane powder. He gives a nod to Inquisitor Tikva and Inquisitor Aleksei, hosts of this classy event, and sulks in the back as is his usual approach to public events. At the mention of tiny cakes he only slightly looks around.

Waldemai looks over at the round work Godric has pointed out. "I see what you mean," he says and has a bit of a quaff. "A little sad, too, maybe? Reminds me of when we sailed back from Setarco and Lord Luis was dead."

Fortunato does take a moment from his parchment to review the trivia parchment and his eyes widen slightly. "Well," he says. "I am not confidently equal to this challenge, for all I do love shadows and all that shit. Perhaps I will bid on a worthy artist instead."

"Not that the Inquisition is shadowy!" Aleksei adds to Tikva's cheerful pronouncement. "I mean, not all the time! Tikva and I are very bright and sunny."

"Are you sure?" Tikva's skirts glitter as she turns to face Aleksei with a very thoughtful, serious expression on her face. "I've been told I'm terrifying."

Adora stomps on in, perhaps to counteract all the bright and sunny. She casts a sour look around before heading over to look at some of the paintings.

"It doesn't count if Ainsley said it!" Aleksei retorts to Tikva. Maybe they are part of the entertainment.

Lowering his glass, Sebastian gives Waldemai a mute, sidelong glance -- perhaps only for the mention of Setarco. He downs the rest of his glass in one shot, then circles around to where the food -- and thus most of the people -- are gathered.

Princess Muffin, the fluffiest white puppy arrives, following Kenna.

"I'd say so. A little sad, but still hopeful. I think? I'm not really an artsy... person." Godric shrugs, knocking back some of his whiskey. "And I'm just going to stay right here, to hopefully avoid being dragged into a discussion on who is terrifying."

Vicente moves from his place in the back and towards the artwork at the front. His eyes continue to shift about the room as he takes the time to look at the artwork more closely. His right arm drops down to his side while his left hand remains behind his back. As he passes one of the pieces, he moves by Tabitha and says, "Buyer or artist?"

Shard studies each person as they enter, sipping occasionally at her drink. Only when the flow of people slows down does her gaze shift toward the art on display. The trivia questions? She hasn't so much as glanced that way.

Sina offers a warm smile to Aleksei, and inclines her head toward him, moving closer in his direction. "I was overjoyed to see all the lovely additions. This was a wonderful idea," she tells him with a bright smile. She'll take him up on that hug too, giving him a companionable embrace, before stepping back and glancing over the lovely garden grotto. "I look forward to seeing the turnout, though of course... I'll have to partake in the trivia too," she adds with a grin, before moving off in that direction. She dips her head toward Tikva in passing as well, and Alarissa receives a warm smile as well. She dips her head toward Alistair when she sees the High Inquisitor too, before she finally reaches where the trivia is being done.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kenna before departing.

Adora gives the paintings skeptical looks, "People are bidding on these?" she asks Shard, seeming unimpressed. Her attention is pretty immediately pulled towards the food when she catches Sebastian moving that way.

Confessor Imori have been dismissed.

Confessor Warren have been dismissed.

5 Armed Confessors have been dismissed.

Shard gives Adora a flat look, but no verbal reply.

"Hey," Fortunato barks toward Adora from his corner. "That is some of my finest work on display. Which was mine again?" he does add at a light lift.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Aleksei grins wide at Sina's compliment. "I don't think I'll ever manage an event that does quite as remarkably as the art auction the Liberators held -- but we did have some pretty special bidders and donators on that one. I'm pretty thrilled that so many artists donated such amazing pieces." And then he calls out "Good luck!" when she heads over to grab a trivia sheet.

"These little things are good," Sebastian says to Adora, noticing her following him towards the food, pointing down to the little biscuits with some sort of meat and sauce on top. "Can't speak for anything else," he adds, wryly.

"Blessed Sina." Alarissa calls over when she see's the other woman. There's a gesture to the ship painting with raised brows as if asking if that's her before she's touring the other pieces, a dip of her head to others present.

Quietly, Tabitha turns to look up at Vicente when he approaches, her gaze flicking with a bit of self-consciousness, "Oh, artist." She points over to the watercolor of blossoming trees with a gentle motion of her hand, her brow furrowed lightly. There's a look on her face that doesn't exactly speak of satisfaction, but she smiles anyway, politely, "Tabitha Whitehawk." She dips into a curtsy, then corrects herself, "Lady Tabitha Whitehawk."

Alistair seems to be giving very dire and serious orders to some Confessors. Is something going on? Will someone be arrested? Will a demon pop out of one of the prizes? The Confessors salute and turn to procure some of the tiny cakes. Alistair looks about as if he isn't abusing his power in terrible fashion.

Waldemai tells Godric, "Oh, yeah. The trick to that is to always have a glass and keep looking at the paintings, or the food or something." He puts down the empty mug and snags a full one. "And always have a glass in your hand so you can finish it and go get another one if you need to escape." Commoners...they know all the tricks.

Adora eyes Fortunato, then points at the watercolor trees. "That seems vey you." she says in a tone as flat as Shard's look. When Sebastian recommends the biscuits she greedily piles two or three in one hand while shoving the other into her mouth. "Not bad." she says with a mouthful so that it sounds like 'no baaaghrth.'

"Only the MOST amazing Artist in //Arx//." Kenna is just going to have UTMOST belief in her cousin as she comes up behind her, reaching out to hook an arm into Tabitha's.

"Oh, no. I don't usually do trees unless they're on fire," Fortunato is able to tell Adora with something like comfidence.

"And maybe make approving or disapproving sounds once in awhile?" Godric speculates, switching out his glass of whiskey as suggested by Waldemai. "I can do those much better then actual commentary."

Waldemai says, "Mmmhmm." He winks.

Tikva laughs and clicks her tongue at Aleksei, and then turns and arches an eyebrow with the spread of her smile. "Good evening, Archscholar! Congratulations on your promotion, or maybe I should offer my commiserations for the rather large pile of work I am sure has been dumped in your lap," she says, and laughs again, her grin crooked.

Vicente glances at the blossoming trees, the glance is rather brief before he turns to look back at her and then folds both hands behind his back, "It is the one had my eye on but the bids to escalate quickly. You have a skilled hand Lady Tabitha." He turns his attention back to the painting again and says, "Lord Vicente Fidante at your service." His eyes continue to look over the painting as he speaks to her.

Godric lifts his glass in a toast to Waldemai. Suddenly, this is much more bearable. Because he can grunt in agreement and all is well.

Trailing a few other passerbys into the Grotto, Elias steps through the vine-laced doors and into the gardens. Scratching at the scruff on his jaw, he looms over a table, carefully considering his choice of snack while he gets a feel for the atmosphere.


A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Godric before departing.

With a little twitch of lips, Sebastian manages to cover most of his amusement at Adora's muffled response -- not to mention her eagerness at the food. "No need to rush. They'll replace them soon enough, like an endless waterfall." He waves his hand, briefly. He takes one of the last ones himself, just in case, though. At Tikva's shout, he grimaces, shifting the glass from his right to left hand, like, he's too busy to answer questions.

Sina offers a warm smile toward Alarissa, and inclines her head at the inquiring gesture. She looks over the trivia sheets, and after a moment, she seems to change her mind after looking at some of the questions, and instead makes her way to where the beverages are. She takes up a glass of wine, and then makes her way back toward Aleksei with a smile, looking over the others as they mill about, view the artwork and give their silent bids. "I can see you've put a lot of work into this. I enjoy seeing all of the people come together for a good cause." She turns, then, toward Tikva as she greets her, and she inclines her head with a warm smile. "Your Highness," she greets Tikva warmly. "Thank you. There is a great deal more work ahead, but it is very fulfilling work, so far. Though, sometimes I'm still a little surprised when I think about it. Walk into the Dominus' office with a question, and leave as Archscholar. It's all still a bit much to take in," she says with a grin, then sips her wine.

Niklas comes into the Garden and glances around, just this side of perplexed. "Huh. I didn't even know this was here." To his credit he makes the rounds of the paintings, doing a good imitation of someone with a discerning eye, before getting some free food and drink. As he passes by Tabitha he says, "I love your painting, Lady Tabitha. It is no wonder that Sabella treasures your friendship. I may have to commission you for a project I have coming up." He pauses, then says, "Not another play." Then, "Though I did finish my next play and will be casting next month, so if you want to help with sets, by all means." He looks over at Tikva's shout and narrows his eyes. "You know, Princess Tikva, I /am/ a painter. But you decided I should have food thrown at me instead. It's always good to know where your friends think your best talents lie!"

"Oh. You're the one my brother talks about," Adora actually looks at Fortunato with more than just disdain, "What's that he says? That your minimal artistic talent is rendered further useless by your driving need for attention by seeming dark and edgy. But what the fuck does he know, he paints unicorns next to gods damned farm houses." she shrugs, "Artists." When Sebastian says things will be refilled she picks up a few more, getting gravy on her sleeve. "Well, they can't fill the plate if it's not empty, yeah?"

Alarissa doesn't go for the trivia, instead lingering near where the bids are taken, furiously writing in her bids on one painting.

Tabitha jumps just a little bit, eyes widening when she gets Kenna'd. But then she turns to her cousin with a look of recognition, wraps her free arm around her in a brief hug, then turns back To Vicente with a brighter smile on her face. Apparently the presence of her kin is a soothing thing. "Really? Oh, thank you, that makes me very happy. All the paintings are so lovely, so that's a wonderful thing to hear." Then, with a look towards Kenna, "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Vicente. This is my cousin, Lady Kenna Whitehawk." And when Niklas arrives, she smiles at him, seeming genuinely touched. "Thank you! Any help I can lend would be my honour. I've had such fun assisting with the projects you and Princess Sabella come up with. They're always marvellous."

Fortunato claps his hands together around his scrap. "How delightful! I love contempt. It drives me to paint more ruined trees and haunted beasts and rotting farm houses. Perhaps for my next piece, I will put a rampaging dragon beside a farmhouse. In flames, of course," he says with an air of confiding in his new friend Adora. New friend indeed.

Kenna beams at Vincente for his complements of her cousin cheerful in her support of her cousin. "Your words are very kind, and of course, utterly true. Tabitha is //much// to demure to own up to how good she really is." There's a squeeze on Tabitha's arm. Kenna's got her back yo. "I'm going to avoid that Trivia stuff though, I think we can all agree that is Delilah's wheelhouse."

With a subtle clearing of his throat, Sebastian's gaze flickers towards Fortunato, then back to Adora at their exchange. Wisely, perhaps, he doesn't intercede, edging further down the table not so much for the food, though, since he just kind of stares at it, and then drinks from his glass instead.

Aleksei edges over to where the trivia entries are being dropped off, and then he frowns a bit nervously to see the basket entirely empty. "Maybe we made it a bit too hard," he mutters.

"Artists." Adora repeats with that contempt Fortunato is so fond of as she shoves more food in her mouth.

Though the party itself is geared to be sedate and low key -- with low, pleasant music, understated lighting, and foods and drinks -- but Tikva is just not that sedate or low key, and she applies herself to volume in ways that are probably not very restful for their guests. "I think people are letting themselves be psyched out," she says. "Come on folks. You don't have to get em all right to play. The winner is the one who gets the most in the room!"

Fortunato laughs delightedly, and then shifts forward to the box to drop off his trivia entries. "There is swearing herein," says he, and returns to his wall.

"Yeah, there's no minimum for right answers!" Aleksei says in agreement with Tikva. "I mean, who knows, even if everyone's totally stumped, someone might guess one right answer and win!"

Shard's nose wrinkles very slightly, for just a moment or two. She raises her glass to her lips and takes a much slower sip of the whiskey.

Khanne took a ballot a bit ago, spending some quiet time off to the side nibbling sweet cakes and jotting down her guesses to the trivia. A couple of times, she can be heard letting out a small snort of a laugh if anyone is near enough.

Waldemai asks Godric, "Mind if I ask what you're work is? I'm Master Smith Waldemai Isenhu...I run Champion Chainmail down on Southport Square."

Alistair watches as one of his Confessors, Balanar, a bard of no renown and known for the slit scar across his throat, grabs one of the trivia questionares, gleefully plotting on how he can use this opportunity to try and mess with the history books.

Godric can't help but grin just a little. And wryly, too. "I'm the Inquisition's Coroner." is admitted. "A Master Smith, eh? Wish I had much use for armor, though a set of gauntlets probably wouldn't be amiss sometimes." Who knew performing autopsies could be so dangerous?

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Godric before departing.

Ovelia gets a sheet of the trivia questions and Alarissa looks them over. A murmur given to those that she knows or thinks she knows while still working to bid on the painting. Soon enough, Ovelia's ferrying back the sheet.

Vicente continues to eye the painting without looking to the newcomers, "Yes, too often people try to focus on some complex piece when simplicity is as attractive as all else." He now looks back to Tabitha, Kenna, and Niklas, all receiving a bow of the hand, "There is no doubt that a skilled hand is necessary for simple to be produced well." He glances about and then back to the small group, "Pleasure to meet you, I shall leave you to your gathering and thank you for your contribution."

Niklas folds his entry in two before walking over to deliver it. "I like that every line says 'guess'. That feels accurate." He waves to Fortunato. "Master Fortunato!" And then Aleksei, "Did you see the painting I made for Tikva and Gareth? You're in it. Tikva says she hung it in the House of Questions, but I don't commit nearly enough treason to ever go there."

Sina slips off toward the trivia one last time, and after a bit, she quickly fills in a few answers that she feels she knows. Some, she leaves blank, because even Archscholars don't know everything! She hands it in at the last second, then takes up her wine again and moves off to mingle some more. She moves toward the paintings, studying them more closely now, though she doesn't linger too long on her own. After all, she's spent days staring at it, and making it as perfect as she can.

Alistair grabs the questionare from his Confessor, glancing it over before he hands it back and peering at Aleksei and Tikva for a moment. He says nothing, and does not join in the game, since he assumes that would be improper since this is for the benefit of the Order.

Waldemai snags another mug of ale as it wanders in reach before answering Godric. "Coroner, eh? I'd think a good pair of leather gloves would work better." He clenches and flexes his hand. "Be a bit more give to it, right? My neighbor, Arthur, at Bootstraps and Bracers could do you up a nice pair."

With a new brightness about her bearing, Tabitha smiles between Kenna and Vicente, giving the former a squeeze of the arm and a fond smile. To the latter, another curtsy and a pleasant nod her head, though it's a bit of a shallow curtsy because she's still leaning on her cousin, "Thank you too. It was a pleasure to meet you also."

Alarissa smiles at Sina, murmuring to the woman as she gets near.

Fortunato turns his attention from whatever he's scrawling to eye Niklas narrowly. "Why on Arvum would you paint me? There are countless more interesting people to paint. Regardless. I have not seen it, but I will clearly have to."

Sina smiles and makes her way toward Alarissa, bending her ear to the murmur. There's a soft smile that touches her lips, and she inclines her head in turn, murmuring something quietly back.

Khanne has joined the Swinging seats amongst roses.

Tikva swings her arms wide now that she's finished off her lemonade. "We're coming up on closing these bids, folks! Get your bids in now, y'hear?"

"See, and you always worry so much." Kenna says affectionately to Tabitha even as she nods at the departing Lord, "It was good to meet you. Tabitha, can you introduce me to anyone else here?" Sabella and Niklas get waved at cheerfully.

"I didn't!" Aleksei says, all tragic apology, to Niklas. "I mean, who would ever go to the House of Questions? Not me, I'm just an Inquisitor. I didn't know you painted! Or I would have asked you for a piece. Don't blame Tikva, I was the one responsible for hunting down artists and annoying them."

Ballot submitted, Khanne takes another sweet and heads over to the roses. Situating herself on a swing, she gently starts to move, humming a small, quiet tune as mist-grey eyes watch the festivities.

"Undoubtedly, yes. A good pair of leather gloves would work quite well." Godric agrees, "I'll have to stop by there, see what he has available." He sounds sincere at least. "I'll mention your shop to those of us who might need something stronger." is added, after a moment. "That last messenger means I need to drop by the Clinic though, as I'm on call this evening with the Physician's Guild. It was actually decent meeting you." Another toast, and he knocks back the rest of his drink before he has to go though.

"I was supposed to give you a piece," Khanne says over towards Aleksei. "I'm sorry I didn't."

Vicente smiles to the three as he departs, it seems somewhat forced and yet not insincere. His hands remain folded behind his back and he casts on last look on the painting before he leaves them to have their conversation.

Waldemai raises his mug in salute to Godric. "The same. Gods keep," he wishes.

3 Armed Confessors leaves, following Godric.

As Elias plucks a glass of wine off the table, he glances over at a nondescript person working on filling out their ballot. His chin lowers and his eyes narrow as he begins reading the questions; lightly scratching his scalp in the meanwhile. "Oh boy." That look of dread was as clear as day, and he instead opted to find a painting to bid on.

Tikva whooshes over to the ballot box in a flurry of skirts so that she can help -- or 'help' -- with the game now that the end has come. "AND DONE," she hollers.

Glowing a bit as she turns to smile back to Kenna after Vicente departs, Tabitha narrows her eyes throughfully around the room. "Ah... I don't think I know anyone else you might not..." Then she adds, "But tell me if you see someone you don't know, and might like to meet. Perhaps I do..."

Waldemai is on his third mug of ale. He edges away from the pretty pictures that now belong to other people. "If we just want to make a donation, who should we make it to?" he calls. Being seen as a public benefactor is good for business, doncha know.

Adora leans back against the food table and basically makes sure her hands are never empty, biting into another tiny canape. Deciding she likes it, she crams two more in, looking over to Elias. "Too little too late it seems."

"Ah, apologies Master Fortunato, I meant Master Aleksei. I painted all the inquisitors I knew. And Prince Alistair, who I didn't know, but who I stared at from afar for several days to get the details down. But I must admit, now I do want to paint you. Perhaps working on a farm, wearing overalls and milking a cow with a big smile on your face." At Aleksei's answer Niklas gives a nod. "Well, Tikva and Luca have corralled me to take a pie to the face, so at least I'll get to do my favorite thing and make a spectacle of myself." He looks over the paintings, then says, "Tikva, can I have the silver Saoirse sent you? I want to win something. If you give it to me I will either tell you what it's all about or promise NEVER to tell you, whichever you prefer."

Kenna looks about, lips pursed and then points at Aleksei. "I feel like I've //seen// him, but never met him. Any chance?" There are more than a few faces the youngest Whitehawk hasn't met, but start with that one for now.

Tikva tosses Niklas a pouch underhanded. "I still don't understand what this is about," she says.

Alistair checked composure + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

"All right!" Aleksei claps a hand and starts going about and collecting bid sheets for the various paintings. "Congratulations to our winning bidders: Princess Alarissa, Lord Elias Leary, Lady Khanne Halfshav, Duke Cristoph Laurent, Vice Captain Shard, Fortunato Grayhope, and...Sal! Ah. If those present have their silver at hand, they can give it to me and take their paintings! Otherwise they'll be delivered when you send your final bids in."

As Niklas reveals he has been staring, no /spying/ on the High Inquisitor, the man gets an ominous stare from the large Prodigal born Inquisitor. Alistair peers at Niklas, as if finalizing realizing 'Ah, you were the one who made me feel as if someone was watching.' Alistair whispers to another Confessor, a large Thraxian ex-Reaver. Likely marking Niklas for some stray crossbow bolt or the like. But for now he just looks about with that dour emotionless mask of his.

Khanne slides off her swing and approaches Aleksei with a small pouch of clinging coins. Holding it out to him, she says, "I'll take my amazing sketch done by the beautiful Lianne when I head home. Not sure about the subject matter... but... it was drawn by her hand, so I had to have it." She gives him a playful wink.

Shard straightens out of her comfortable slouch, expression unchanged, and moves over toward Aleksei now. She apparently does have the money ready, because that's exactly what she passes over.

Vicente's stroll through the garden is quiet, his eyes continue to scan about but not seeing everything about him. The faintest smile covers his mouth but it has the look of practice rather than being natural. His hands are clasped behind his back and his eyes deflect to the artwork when he happens to pass by a piece. In all he seems to have the look of someone who is interested by design rather than someone who has lost himself in the gathering.

Aleksei picks up a charcoal sketch entitled generosity.

"Perfect then." Kenna's just going to keep her hook on Tabitha's arm and not at ALL have a problem shifting themselves right towards Aleksei, though she does pause to let others converge on him with coins first. "Good master? My cousin Tabitha wanted to speak to you for a moment." As if this was ALL Tabitha's thought.

Her bid was highest and Alarissa claps her hand gently, happily. "The first piece for the renovation of the shackles. I am delighted." She murmurs to Sina. "I know precisely where it will go too. Only fitting that you are there in some form still within the house." This spoken as well to Sina. "Now to send Ovelia for the coin."

Aleksei picks up the wolf guards.

Aleksei picks up A blooming field in progress, a painting.

Waldemai applauds politely for the winning bidders, since that seems to be the thing to do.

Merek walks on.

Elias tosses a shrug at Adora's remark, murmuring aside, "Those were some difficult questions. I should've came here a bit more well-read, but... Bah, where's Delilah when you need her?" With a voice calling out his name, he fumbles for the coinpurse at his side as he approaches, picking out a few coins to match his bid. "Aha! I got lucky after all."

Aleksei picks up a watercolor painting of blossoming trees.

"Now, we'd love to share with you the results of our trivia contest," Tikva says with a bright smile. "The answer to our first question is the Samar Peninsula! Most of you got this one, but I'm afraid that 'east' was a little too general for us, sorry! My favorite answer to #2 was Badger House, but it's actually us Graysons who say the badger cares not, and that's why we named our bar after it."

Did someone say a sister's name? Kenna turns towards Elias's direction and grins at him - "She's //probably// wrapped up in some piece of writing or book like she has been since the moment she was born."

Shard, once she's finished taking care of payment, takes up her glass again. There's a glance toward Alarissa for a moment, and a faint twitch around her mouth, before her attention shifts over to Tikva.

Sina continues to murmur softly with Alarissa, and smiles softly then when it becomes evident that the Princess Consort has won the bid on her painting. She glances around, and smiles. "I'm glad," she tells Alarissa sincerely. "I hope that it brings joy to that place, and to your household. I hope you enjoyed the story of its inspiration as well," she adds quietly.

Still standing over by the food tables, Sebastian uses the excuse of applauding the winning bidders to drain his glass. Some he watches more closely than others, looking thoughtful.

"I forgot there was a bar in Grayson's ward, I don't even think I've stepped into it yet," Says Caspian after he hears Tikva give that little tidbit. "I guess when it comes to taverns and drinking, everyone is better then Grayson." He offers a smirk at that.

Alistair is distracted by his Confessor giving him the crossbow finger when Tikva mention Badger House. The High Inquisitor grumbles and rolls his eyes.

"Sabella walked in and found Saoirse naked in our bed. Apparently she had asked the guards where Prince Nicholaus' room was. So the money is to replace anything her boobs touched." Niklas shrugs. "Sabella has been pregnant for three years now. I'm no longer fazed, but I used to be a Kennex so I also don't turn down money." He gives Alistair's confessor a friendly wave, throwing up an Islander pride gesture. "Wait, maybe the money was to buy silence? Shit. No one tell anyone about the Saoirse thing I just mentioned. I am /bad/ at this!"

"I should've told her that there'd be books here," Elias remarks with a smile meeting his lips for Kenna. "Lord Elias Leary, it's good to meet you, my uh -- Lady?" In the midst of that, he passes a quiet thank you to Aleksei and he hefts up the prize painting, passing it along to a servant to be carried home.

Tikva is overheard praising Inquisition: Yay, art! Yay, trivia!

"The person responsible for the plot that began the Crownbreaker Wars was Prince /Durian/ Thrax -- not Darius. Although he became King at that time!" Aleksei announces, going through trivia answers. "Don't feel bad, only /one/ person got that one. But /nobody/ knows who the Ebon Blade is! Rodrigo Telencia, folks. Take a visit to the Hall of Heroes and see his statue! It's pretty interesting. And it was Angus the Goat's command that was victorious in the Battle of Redhill Bridge. Not me! Or a dragon."

Niklas nods enthusiastically to Aleksei's answer. "The story of Sir Erec is great. The goat's second has the better nickname, though."

"A couple of you knew that Rathlander beat assassins to death with their own arm," Tikva says with bright cheer, "and that's how they like to party up there in the North! But nobody knew who the Hero of the West is! It's the Prince of Sanctum, High Lord Edain." Tikva kind of fingerguns, and then blithely saunters on, "And the place you can get fresh milk in a tavern is indeed at the Sleepless Knights, which is also coincidentally the only pub in town that has its own shrine! Who knew, right? Gods bless the Oathlands."

Adora snorts at what Caspian says and reaches for a drink. Her fingers are basically covered in gravy and some well meaning person offers her a napkin. Looking briefly offended, she starts licking it off. "Who wastes good gravy on a napkin?"

Given that Aleksei is a busy bee, Tabitha just smiles and waves shyly at him before she turns to Elias with a warm look of thanks written across her features, coupled with a little, 'thank you.' That was a nice bid, after all. She waits for Kenna to make the instructions, however, before she speaks further.

Sebastian is overheard praising Inquisition.

"Lady Kenna Whitehawk," Kenna provides her name to Elias, winking at him. "Delilah's youngest sister. I rather thought the same thing when I heard about trivia. She is absolutely impossibly good at that kind of nonsense." She shakes her head abruptly, "I'm bad - this is Lady Tabitha Whitehawk, our cousin, and one of the artists here." Pointing at the one with trees.

"Why did I right Restless Knights? Can't believe I forgot that one," Says Caspian with a snap of his fingers. "Rathlander Redrain is my hero. My favorite amonst the statues too."

Sina turns a little toward Tikva and Aleksei as they begin calling out the answers to the trivia questions. Sina listens on with interest, ever the Scholar, always learning new things. She smiles behind her glass at something, and then takes a little sip of the wine.

Vicente is overheard praising Inquisition.

Sebastian', truthfully, doesn't seem as interested in the trivia questions. Undoubtedly because he didn't submit an entry as much as the /history/ aspect. He takes a moment to detour past the food tables, snatching last biscuit before he departs.

"The Hero of the West is always the current Prince or Princess of Sanctum," Aleksei adds on cheerfully. "Although Lord West of Westvale is a good guess. /Nobody/ knew that the Rude Thrax War was fought with House Redrain! But I liked the idea that House Thrax fought a war against House Thrax. Only one /very clever/ person knew that Inquisitor Salvadore's favorite snack is, in fact, CRICKETS. Although I bet he'd like some of these other snacks. And Sir Tollison Rand was the heroic Sword of Bastion at the onset of the Crownbreaker Wars. And, I mean, /most/ knights don't get to serve as Sword of Bastion." He gives Alistair's Confessor a /look/.

Sina is overheard praising Inquisition.

Tabitha is overheard praising Inquisition.

Kenna is overheard praising Tabitha: The BEST artist.

That thank you from Tabitha was met with an ever-growing smile from Elias, who then flopped onto a nearby seat. "Oh I'm horrible at this stuff." The rim of his wineglass was tilted towards Tabitha, "It's a brilliant piece of art, really. I'm pretty sure I lucked out on this one. Come have a seat if you'd like."

Elias has joined the Swinging seats amongst roses.

Kenna has joined the Swinging seats amongst roses.

Vicente makes a few passing comments regarding the Inquisition prior to his departure. His general expression appears immovable largely while still remaining polite. With a last stroll through a quieter portion of the garden, he departs.

Khanne twists her lips with a 'hmmm' sound. Her brow furrows and she shakes her head with self-disapproval. Though one comment Aleksei makes about the Thrax fighting the Thrax makes her snicker.

Tabitha has joined the Swinging seats amongst roses.

Vicente is overheard praising Tabitha: I liked her painting.

"He does like embers, too, but I don't think there's any way for most of us to give him those without burning our fingers," Tikva agrees lightly. "Almost none of us in the room knew about the Lady of Twilight Dreams-- I promise he wasn't married to the Queen of Endings, and I don't know who the Sweet Pea of the Sea is, but she sounds adorable." She laughs, and then adds, "A bunch of you knew that the Metallic who commanded lighting was Cobalt! Whoever said 'what's an order,' I don't remember which you were, but I strongly you suggest you find time to tour the Hall of Heroes, there's some very interesting facts there that will enlighten and inspire you."

"What if you frequently tour the Hall of Heroes, but mostly loiter in the first room and also don't have a terrific memory?" Fortunato asks, raising his hand.

Aleksei picks up After the Storm.

Niklas calls out, "The Sweet Pea of the Sea is the name of the flagship of the Kennex fleet!"

"I'm pretty sure you know what the Metallic Order is, Master Grayhope," Tikva return sallies to the hand-raised heckler. "Or I'm telling Laric."

Ovelia returns, guard and coin in hand to bring to Aleksei, in exchange for the painting that Alarissa won while the Princess Consort listens to the trivia answer beign answered. "See, I've gotten two? Two right."

"The Inquisition was founded by Princess Theresa.../Valardin/!" Aleksei announces after giving a little pause for dramatic effect. "Not Grayson. And some of you didn't even make a guess! There's only five Great Houses! Anyways. I can't believe--" He looks so disappointed. SO disappointed. "/No one here/ has read the Doctrine of Skald, APPARENTLY. Skald bodyslammed an ARCHFIEND, guys!! And made the Red Run Falls up North! Also he can totally swim!" He pauses. "I'm pretty sure."

Khanne is overheard praising Inquisition: I shall forever cherish my sketch made by Lianne. Interesting trvia contest!

"I think Skald's Super Suplex Falls is a more interesting name!" Calls out Caspian!

Confessor Imori have been dismissed.

Confessor Warren have been dismissed.

5 Armed Confessors have been dismissed.

"It sounds like some kind of-- clothing?" Fortunato strains. "Otherwise, one can /read/ a god's doctrine, but not remember specific geological features!"

Adora stuffs a couple of finger foods that can travel into her pockets then starts to head for the exit.

"You're in the Liberators, Caspian!" Aleksei calls back. "They're red because of ARCHFIEND GUTS! That's way cooler!"

Sina murmurs and nods in agreement with Fortunato. "I couldn't remember the name."

"I mean... I've read it... just... I'm tired." Khanne says as she swings gently. She then points at Fortunato and shouts out, "that too! That man is brilliant."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tabitha before departing.

Alistair nods his head as the answers are red off. As if he knew all the answers. Obviously.

There's a press of her lips to Sina's cheek and a murmur before Alarissa's turning, heading off with one of the guards bearing the painting. A wriggle of fingers for Khanne before out the door she goes.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat leave, following Alarissa.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly arrives, following Delilah.

Khanne smiles at Alarissa and wiggles her fingers back. "Give my regards to Victus and the children."

"Hey, I'm only human, I can't remember every little detail!" Caspian calls back to Akelsei with a pout his way. "I know I didn't win this. I didn't know most the answers. This was a hard one," he huffs, shaking his head. "I such at trivia."

"A couple of you knew about Marmodum, although my favorite answer was absolutely Elftown," Tikva shares with an airy wave of her hand, and then she adds, "and a number of you knew that Dominus Tin included the Platinum Ban; the Faith doesn't actually have any Laws of Limerance about public farting, although I recommend not doing it during a wedding!"

Sina smiles as Alarissa makes her depature, murmuring something to her in reply, and she sighs as she watches her painting go. She seems content though. She remains, sipping her wine very lightly, and looks back to Aleksei and Tikva to hear the rest of the answers. She does recognize Khanne's voice, and gives the Redrain noblewoman a little wave of her fingers in greeting across the way.

Sina bursts out laughing.

Niklas frowns sharply and whispers, "But I've been to Elftown!"

Khanne smiles at Sina and waves to her. "Lovely painting. Great use of colors... I would have bid on it, but it was too rich for my pockets right now." She then blinks ant looks at Tikva. "Well... maybe they should write one... I mean..."

"The /amazingly/ awesome hero whose sacrifice turned the tide in the Elven War was the Lianhan. Who, granted, may very well have been 'the pretty one!' She was also an amazing half-Sylv'alfar spellsinger who was /incredibly/ heroic and badass." Aleksei grins wide. "The lanterns in Arx are lit by something called /sparklegas/, which several of you knew. I guess technically the person who wrote 'the sun' is also kind of correct, but not really the answer we were looking for. And, finally, /less than half of you/ knew which of the royal twins is older! Or the names of the twins at all. It's Princess Alessa Grayson who's the Crown Princess; Prince Elisian came out second."

Delilah may be late to show up to the grotto. Important tasks called her to attention that probably rhyme with 'Sinner' and 'Preening,' not that it terribly much matters. Hair piled up and an actual dress replacing the typical leathers that she wears, she goes light-footed around the crowd while the laughter shimmers on the air. Somewhere is her sister, hanging out there, or her cousin. And it won't be long before the spooky Whitehawk in her bright gown finds the painterly and clanky ones.

Delilah has joined the Swinging seats amongst roses.

Khanne smacks her forehead. "How did I forget sparklegas?" She sighs and shakes her head.

Kenna bounces to her feet, "DELILAH OVER HERE." This is a shouting okay party, right?

Niklas tilts his head toward Khanne. "You should go get a sparklemite. They're kind of amazing."

Khanne looks to Tikva then after a thought occurs to her. She grins and asks, "is that why there are no anti farting parts in the laws of Limerance?"

The Confessor Balanar looks like he wants to get a second rule, at least an appeal to a higher authority, that The Sun is not the correct answer for that question. Cleeeaaarly they get more light from the sun!

Khanne says, "Sparkle...gas... and farts... get it?"

"I'm sure Khanne is right about that! Sparkle farts!" Tikva cackles. "Now, as a matter of fact, you've all done great, but two of you did EQUALLY GREAT, with nine correct answers each, and now we have to ask you a tiebreaker!" Tikva spreads her arms wide. "Lady Khanne and Master Fortunato, please step forward and whisper in our ears--" She gestures to herself and to Aleksei. "--the special /title/ held by a /very patient/ amphibian."

Fortunato gives Tikva and Aleksei both a baffled look. He shrugs. He steps forward. To bullshit.

Khanne slides off her swing again, blinking as she approaches Aleksei and Tikva. She looks at Fortunato then to Tikva and Aleksei again. "Huh.... I did that?" She grins and thinks for a moment.

Delilah can always trust for someone loud getting her attention. She goes tiptoeing rather quickly into the roses, though she throws a friendly wave in the direction of Prince Niklas over there -- after espying Aleksei, Tikva, and Alistair, even more waving will be maintained.

Sina smiles to Khanne, and inclines her head. "Thank you. I adored all of the paintings. Especially when they are created for such a good cause." She smiles toward Aleksei and Tikva. She glances toward Delilah then as she arrives, and smiles. "Lady Delilah," she greets warmly. She glances about then, to smile as Khanne and Fortunato are called forth in a tiebreaker for the trivia. She takes another sip of wine.

Jordan is late to this auction of artworks, but he seems to be here for something other than making bidders on art. Probably also not get arrested, that's not a very good idea. The knight glances about and, spotting Alistair, moves in his direction. Nods are offered to those he's more familiar with, a rare smile here and there such as to the newly minted Archscholar, and then he's bowing to the Velenosa Prince in anticipation to his approaching.

Tikva holds a whispered conference with Aleksei!

The High Inquisitor keeps to the back of the whole event. He seems to be enjoying himself. There is no display of happiness. But he just seems a bit less dour then normal. No glowers, glares or stares. Well... one or two. But he has kept them to a minimum for this little event that brings at least some good will towards the Inquisition. He turns his gaze upon the approaching Jordan, nodding to the man as he approaches.

Aleksei huffs a laugh at the answers Fortunato and Khanne offer up. "Okay, well, I'm afraid that /neither/ of you were able to guess the right answer, which was: the Keeper of the Hearthfire. So, uh -- another tiebreaker! Whispers and all of that: who penned the oldest known vague journal in the Archives? You know what I'm talking about: pointed insults without naming names, but most people still know who you're talking about."

"Aw, I know this one," grumbles Niklas. He sends a wave Delilah's way when he sees her. "Remind me to tell you why I had to leave earlier! It's really... really weird!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Fortunato notes, "You have a very odd idea of knowledge folk would just have to hand. Are you touched by Vellichor?" It ends in a grumble, and then Fortunato ponders a little longer this time.

Sina notices Jordan's arrival, and she gives a wave to him. She watches him curiously a moment as he makes a beeline for the High Inquisitor. She lingers where she is for now, however, sipping her wine and enjoying the ongoing trivia situation as a winner turns out to be difficult to determine. She does eventually edge her way toward one of the food tables, to pick up a snack to nibble on.

Khanne blinks in confusion then shrugs and whispers to Tikva and Aleksei, then chuckles at Fortunato's comment. "Right?"

Delilah settles in among her kin and associated friends, those bright summer-sky eyes tracking the advancements of the remaining duo in their questioning. "Oh, that's a brutally good question there." Nodding in approval to Aleksei, she once more turns her head to Sina and casts enough radiance in that smile to burn down a building. Wine will eventually be sought, but not at the moment. "I will take you up after this, Prince Niklas. Come snatch me up when you feel like it."

"Yes! Master Fortunato has gotten it correct! It was the inimitable, inevitable Prince Tyrval Ael'Noctis!" Tikva punches her fist in the air and grins a little maniacally. "Congratulations to Fortunato for his victory, and to Khanne for a close race and our second prize! I was going to have to make you remember Laric's birthday next."

"So that means that Fortunato has won this very dark and brooding piece of /star iron/--" Oooh, aaaah. Aleksei fetches that up straight away to gift over to the artist. "And Lady Khanne wins these six bolts of dark and mysterious umbra!"

Tikva is overheard praising Fortunato: He knows stuff!

Tikva is overheard praising Khanne: She knows stuff!

Sina smiles and gives a little cheer as Fortunato is declared the winner of the trivia, and she beams a smile at Khanne too. "Oooh, Star Iron, and Umbra! Now I wish I had paid a little more attention to the trivia," she says with a slight grin. She takes another sip of wine.

Tabitha is overheard praising Aleksei: What a wonderful event!

Tabitha is overheard praising Tikva: Such a wonderful event!

Jordan rubs at his left elbow with his gauntleted hand; whatever he's speaking to Alistair's clearly serious enough to merit a slight offset to his usually contained demeanor.

"Oh... Pfft..." Khanne rolls her eyes at the mention of the Prince. She smiles to Fortunato though and says, "congratulations Fort. Well... thought." She grins widely then says to Aleksei, "oh! Thank you." She looks down at her bright ensemble. "I will have to consider how best to use this... hmmm..."

Tikva is overheard praising Aleksei: It's true, he's great!

Sina is overheard praising Fortunato: For winning at Trivia!

Aleksei is overheard praising Sina: For donating beautiful artwork for the Inquisition's auction!

Sina is overheard praising Khanne: ,2=For knowing things!

Aleksei is overheard praising Sebastian: For donating beautiful artwork for the Inquisition's auction!

Aleksei is overheard praising Tabitha: For donating beautiful artwork for the Inquisition's auction!

Aleksei is overheard praising Lianne: For donating beautiful artwork for the Inquisition's auction!

Aleksei is overheard praising Mae: For donating beautiful artwork for the Inquisition's auction!

Alistair checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Aleksei is overheard praising Fortunato: For donating beautiful artwork for the Inquisition's auction!

Fortunato takes the nugget of metal with a bemused, "Well, this is officially the most expensive thing I have ever owned. It in fact outweighs everything else I own. Together." He vow slightly to the two administrators. "Thank you for hosting. I learned a lot about milk and such." And to Khanne. "It was luck, really. Could've as easily been you."

Sina is overheard praising Khanne.

While Jordan seems peturbed at what he discusses with Alistair, the High Inquisitor remains straight faced as he has the entire night. He even takes a brief moment to enjoy the last bite of cake before he turns to fully regard Jordan.

Aleksei picks up A Sense of Self.

Fortunato is overheard praising Aleksei: Running the Inquisition auction!

Fortunato is overheard praising Tikva: Running the Inquisition auction!

Aleksei is overheard praising Tabitha.

Aleksei is overheard praising Lianne.

Aleksei is overheard praising Mae.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alistair before departing.

Salvadore, a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Alistair before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alistair before departing.

Aleksei picks up Wildness of Nature, a painting.


Khanne is overheard praising Aleksei: Host with the most

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Shard finishes off her drink with one last, long swallow, then sets the glass down. She's apparently not going for any refills. Her attention shifts over toward Jordan and Alistair.

Khanne is overheard praising Tikva: Hostess with the mostess

Alistair is overheard praising Tikva: 3

Alistair is overheard praising Aleksei: 3

"Well, if you hate umbra, we sure won't be insulted if you trade it away for something else," Aleksei says with a laugh to Khanne. "Or whatever you like to do with it. Thank you to everyone who came, who donated time, money, and talent. Enjoy the food and entertainment for as long as you like, but that wraps up our events for the evening!"

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Roran.

Khanne is overheard praising Fortunato: Smarty Smarty pants.

"Thank you all so much for coming and contributing to the Inquisition's efforts to defend the Lodge," Tikva says, her smile wide and her arms flung outward in a flare of silks, "with an extra special thank you to everyone who painted for us!"

Sina is overheard praising Inquisition: Because no one expects the Inquisition... to have such great parties!

Khanne shakes her head and holds the umbra up to her. "Oh, no! I don't hate it at all. I just don't own any... I am sure I can find someone who can give me suggestions for what I could have made with it. Maybe one of th... Oh... well, you know, fanciful gowns of some sort. The kind that show a lot of pale skin against the darkness. Hmm... anyway, thank you for hosting, and for all your work and dedication."

Jordan seems focused in his conversation with Alistair, and also dead serious. Whatever the end result of the conversation is, the knight places his hand on the Prince's shoulder, if allowed, and he says, "Thank you. And likewise, should you need anything."

Fortunato retrieves his painting win, the Wildness of Nature, and examines it for a long moment before departing more quietly than he came.

Ugarte leaves, following Fortunato.

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