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Lenosian Shadow Carnival

One and all are invited to the Velenosa Estate for the Lenosian Shadow Carnival. Attendees are instructed to wear black and they will be introduced to a festival of dark delights with plentiful drink, authentic Lycene cuisine, shadow dancers, contortionists, and a special treat for our guests.


April 27, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Talen Eleyna Mydas(RIP) Isolde Jaenelle


Alessandro Niccolo Hana Theron Sabella Coraline Bliss Duarte Joscelin Belladonna Reese Elgana Ennettia Iseulet Jordan(RIP) Enyo Ysabel Kia Morrighan Derovai Ian Jaerith Lianne Cadenza Zoey Tabitha Eirene Catriona Harlan Orelia Luca(RIP) Simone Monique Isabetta Merek Amari Juliana Lorenzo Saoirse Silvio Malrico Mirari Ignacio Felicia Grazia Lucita Sofia Tessa(RIP) Micaela Waldemai Barric(RIP) Margret Lethe Pasquale



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


To Vellichor, and others with far too much time on their hands.

I attended the Lenosian Shadow Carnival tonight. It was grand and decadent and filled with many webs in the process of being woven, like all the best Lycene parties.

I won a little coin, met a few interesting people (including some of whom I'm now related to), and left in possession of all my appendages. Including my head, so I'm well ahead of some. Fine night, all told.

Talen arrives, following Eleyna.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrives, following Amari.

Lucita has joined the alcove by the archway.

3 Thrax Guards, Olenna arrive, following Catriona.

Lianne has joined the garden benches.

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2 Armed Confessors, Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

Juliana has joined the alcove by the archway.

Ignacio leisurely strolls into the Velenosa Grounds with Cadenza on his arm. Taking a brief pause to look at the gathering crowd, he nods to those that engage with him or his wife, but besides that, the pair make their way over to the alcove by the archway, securing a spot to enjoy the festivities.

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Mydas, or Ettore, arrives alone save for his escort. Clad in umbra, covered from neck to toe in the dark fabric, the ensemble is otherwise completed with a shoulder cloak, hiding much of his right arm within its folds. He nods to those that have already arrived, but otherwise heads to take a place at the garden benches, waiting for the start of the festivities with his typical calm.

Tessa is here, leaving her canine guards at the door the lady looks around curiously at the festival, bouncing a bit lightly on her toes.

6 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Jaenelle.

Joscelin Arterius and Morrighan Redrain arrive together, wearing a fabulous set of dresses, Josie in ebony and gold, Morrighan in sable and silver. It's beautiful. Joscelin is muttering to Morrighan, excited, strutting in that dress with pride for the woman who made it.

Merek has come to the event with his umbra on like a few have, and also his cloak and its hood up which cover his features. He makes his way off to the side to watch people and relax for the time being.

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Enyo makes her way out of the Velenosan estate, alone, her hands lifted up to do a few last minute adjustments to her tiara. There's a slight bounce to her step, and a faint whistle slipping past her lips as she looks around the grounds and seeing who has already arrived, and if there's anyone that she just has to bug right away.

Ian is here. When did he arrive? At some point. This is a shadow carnival, so maybe he just... shadow'd in somehow. Either way, he's found a place to sit, and he's got a bottle of whiskey, and he doesn't look like he intends to go anywhere anytime in the near future. His satchel bag is under the bench. Three guesses as to what's in it. (Whiskey. It's more whiskey.) Having settled in, he exchanges a few words with Zoey.

The Greenmarch contingent arrives -- with Alessandro and Coraline to round it out, because variety is the spice of life. This particular group consists of Monique, Simone, and Margret, as well as the aforementioned Velenosa and Thrax. And all in black, of course, because obviously. Alessandro has Margret on his arm, though his words seem addressed to the whole group. "...just have to find out," he's saying, with a hint of that incessant amusement. He winks at Margret then, before gesturing grandly with a little bow, as though he has had anything to do with the preparations. Which, also of course, he has not at all.

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Florian arrives, following Derovai.

Orelia looks around stunned by the large crowd, she looks a little overwhelmed by it all, her eyes dart around quickly trying to take it all in, this might be one of the few times being deaf in one ear comes as an advantage, less sensory input. She skirts the outside of the crowds carefully.

Cadenza makes her way in with that Rose Knight, her steps quick to keep up due to that tight dress but her feet not see. Her long hair pinned up and out of her face for once she does nod to those she recognizes, a wink given as she follows her husband over to the alcove. That black silk dress fitting her as it does but she does have the give to sit down at least.

Zoey is wearing a very Lycenian dress of umbra, quietly talking with Ian as she watches people pile in. There is whiskey, yes, and it's being shared.

Lethe arrives by herself and takes a curious look at the people here and their outfits. She wears black with red jewelry. She looks for a good place to stand.

Someone wearing a mask representing a starred night is dressed in black, with touches of scarlet and gold to offset her somber appearance. The umbra and glass, the gold and ruby, she's a striking figure of a woman with the air of mystery thanks to the mask hiding her true identity. She has come alone, and doesn't seem to be socializing other than to people-watch.

Amari arrives and notices a familiar blonde, having perhaps seen her canine guards waiting outside for her. She stops alongside Tessa and after a look around, reaches over and lightly touches her arm, "Lady Tessa! Did you not bring a companion?" She asks, glancing about curiously, as if she half expects a man to pop out of somewhere. As she's doing that, she notices Enyo a bit further ahead and lifts a hand in greeting.

Tessa looks around the place and then waves a hand cheerily to Amari, heading that way, "Oh I didn't know some people would be in masks! I would have brought one!"

Lianne, all in layers of black lace, arrives entirely all by her lonesome--nevermind the out of place blonde-in-black who lurks by the entrance, ever-present wheresoever her marquessa might be--and that seems to be the way she likes it, so comfortable is she in her solitude, shoulders straight and expression serene. Of course, that comfort does not prevent her from seeking out familiarity; spying a particular figure moving toward the garden benches, she drifts that way as well, serenity nudging a little nearer to brilliance.

Black is not a shade one usually witnesses Princess Elgana in, but here she is dressed in a gown of flowing inky midnight with her hair left to flow loose about pale shoulders. A curious look is given around as she takes in all the sights, and the faces as she searches for the familiar amongst the strange. Once her dark gaze settles on Cadenza and her husband she starts toward them. "Lady Cadenza," she says once she gets within a few feet. "It has been far too long, dearest!" She closes the distance and smiles to Ignacio as she comes to Cadenza's side. "And always a pleasure to see you as well Lord Ignacio."

Silvio arrives alone, but shadows forbid he would leave that way! He makes an entrance in mostly blick finery, with little hints of red here and there. Truly, he looks like a Lycene man that's ready to slap or kiss the next person who talks to him, a slyness about his features at present. He gives a wiggle of fingers greeting towards Cadenza, then drifts in and out of the milling crowd. Hunting in a way.

The grounds outside of House Velenosa's estate are transformed today, though it's really hard to tell at first, at least until one's eyes adjust to the darkness. Blots of nebulous shadow obscure mass sections of the courtyard amongst the torches and stewards of the house move amongst them, not seen and then suddenly present, always on hand to provide just what someone's craving at just the right time. It's uncanny, really. In the forecourt before the magnificent aged home of the Lyceum's ruling family is a stone pool, filled to the brim with inky black liquid, its depth unknown. Contortionists move in alien ways, shadow dancers act like demons freed from the Abyss itself, tendrils of obsidian ribbon fluttering in their wake. It is a night of sin incarnate, a night of delight unending.

Walking beside Coraline, and arriving with Alessandro and her Greenmarch kin, Monique is garbed in slinky, sleek black silk, the embroidery on the pattern the subtlety of hanging spiders and silvery webs. "You might as well tell us," she's saying to Alessandro quietly, "we're already here. What if we were supposed to arrive nude?"

There are some mysterious forces in the world, there must be, for Morrighan to have ventured out of the Redrain Ward and into the Lyceum - even more, in a dress. She keeps an arm slung through Joscelin's, silk chiffon lightly swishing at her feet as the pair make their way towards a set of benches, away from the crowd. Her head is ticked aside at the jeweler, listening with an amused expression, her smile wry at her companion's notable excitement.

The Archduchess of Lenosia steps out of the Estates entrance on the arm of her Consort. She is dressed in a figure-hugging body suit that gives the impression of clinging shadow to the alabaster pale skin and lush cruves hidden beneath. The outfit is only saved from immodesty (ha!) by the adornment of broken mirror glass around certain bits with other fragments trailing down the length of legs and arms. Black hellebore flowers are woven through the mass of pale blond curls with dark lipstick and kohl-lined eyes to complete the look. Next to her, Talen appears and moves like a living shadow, dressed in skin tight black leather pants, black boots, and black paint bonded to his bared torso from navel to neck. She stops at a central point on the grounds and calls out, her voice carrying in the darkness, "Honored guests, welcome to the Lenosian shadow carnival. We hope you enjoy your stay and only caution you to take care, for you never know what dark delights you might find in the shadows." The Archduchess grins rather mischeviously.

Pasquale slips into the party, dressed in black silks, as the occasion seems to call for. He does not look entirely at ease with himself in the large press of a party and finds Lianne as quickly as he possibly can. "This will be fun," he says, a touch firmly, as if trying to talk himself up to actually /having/ fun. He also looks around for a server, from which to acquire a drink.

As she arrives with the group, Cora is of course in black but hey that is her usual color. Her masculine clothing perhaps not the norm but she likes them. As she hears Monique's words she feels her cheeks color and shakes her head. Looking around at the people and the place.

"Lady Amari!" Enyo calls back, lifting her hand to wave in return to the woman, that smile flashing wider before she waves her over, "Come! I'll introduce you to people. Or like...well, the ones I know."

Stepping in to the area with a smile on her face, Bliss takes a moment to look around and spot familiar faces. She is wearing a gown that seems made of loose pieces of sheer black silk, stitched together to an outer piece that is also sheer, each step or twist causing them to rearrange and creating a visual effect of rippling transparency. Very Lycene summer. Her head goes to the alcove, where she lifts her hand in wiggling greeting toward the Fidantes and Elgana, also giving Lucita a small smile, as if struggling to place the face. With that, she heads toward the benches by the fountain, sitting down on one to enjoy the show.

Bliss has joined the benches by the fountain.

Merek looks around to all the things that are here at the carnival. It is a curious thing to be sure, as he moves to a place where he can relax and settle in to watch the fountain and its dark inky waters.

s Enters behind Alessandro and Margret, her black gown of lace and chiffon giving a soft rustle as she walks. She shakes her head and tosses a laugh back over her shoulder at Monique, "You would have enjoyed that too much I think."

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Joscelin takes a moment to admire the antiques of an especially energetic contortionist, stopping on her way with Morrighan to the fountains to watch. "Momo, look at -that-. Goodness! Do you think he'd be able to do that in be-" But then Morrighan is whispering at her, Josie tilts her head to grin back in reply.

Unlike Elgana, Derovai lives in black. But these black clothes seem nicer than before. There are even touches of blue here and there, as if in subtle defiance of the all-black edict, and the buttons on his clothing are rather interesting. His longcoat is wrapped tightly around him as he strolls in, head tilting slightly at Eleyna's comments. But he quickly finds a place to be, the start of the Maze of Mirrors where he plants himself for the moment.

Derovai has joined the Maze of Mirrors.

Dressed in black as requested, though her dress's cut is very Thraxian, Catriona glides in with an easy step, surveying the estate. She's not been here before and as such takes everything in with interest. She smiles at Coraline as she passes. "Good evening," she calls to Cora and the group with her in general, pitching her voice to carry over the crowd noise if there is much without being too terribly intrusive. She's good at it.

Talen is most certainly not nude, though he's without anything upon his top, saves those clinging shadows born of paint. As they stalk out of the estate, he follows his liege and wife, turning to look to her with a careful consideration. "Tonight is night where the shadows are your friends, where you may bathe in them and live in them, act in them and become something you cannot be in the light. Enjoy yourselves, and know that within the Lycuem ward, and within the domain of our rule... you are unjudged." Even a hand is lifted, to the masked amongst them, saying, "Even the Valardin are welcome, ashamed to be amongst us," he teases, as if that's an accusation, and an invitation to sin.

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Someone wearing a mask representing a starred night grins to herself when she hears other talking about masks. She plucks a flute of champaigne as a servant just happens to pass by and drinks it with a pleased smirk. "Oh this will be too much fun," she says softly, to no-one in partciular. The fountain is met with a nod of approval and a touch of leering.

Baroness of Saik, it is not easy to feel beautiful so deep into ones pregnancy. But tonight, Lucita steps in a shimmering vision of the midnight sky. Dangerously cowled both in front and back, her pale skin glows against the darkness of her gown. The dress of gosamer silk as dark as a moonless night and bursting with stars. A large broach fitting the gown below her bustline then allowing the skirts to fall freely to the floor. Hemitite and crystal shimmer through those folds, twinkling and winking as light chases across her skirts. A hem of silvery light grazing the floor. For a moment stopping as if to let all look for that moment before her compainon steps to her side.

Lady Juliana Pravus waits a moment, letting the Baroness sparkle in all her mystery and glitter before stepping to Lucita's side. From her artfully piled curls to the dainty slippers below, the lady is a vision of shadows and light. Her dress, held at the shoulders with large silver broaches that suspend the black gossamer silk letting it fall around her in a veil of smoke. Arms bare, the dress drops unfettered, unbroken mists that gives the illusion of modesty. Like all smoke, it is not the gathering darkness that draws ones curiostiy. Instead it's what it hide and reveils as wisps shred and thin, so the impossibly thin fabric turns transparent as she moves. No, Juliana wears nothing at all under the gown, though the illusion of modesty goes unbroken. By the hand of a clever artist, the lady's pale skin has been painted in vines and thorns of polished steel. They wind down her body, twisting and turning while blossoms in Pravus blue bloom amoung their razors edge. Each flower carefully placedpla so that their spreading petals pretend to preserve her secrets.

Cadenza looks to catch that wave of her brother Silvio and waves in return. Seeing Elgana she waves brightly then, standing. "Your highness!! It has been way too long." Giggling....giggling?! She then motions to where they're sitting. "Join us! I'm super excited..." When her cousins come out and make the first announcement me, she quiets down the motions back to the Redrain princess.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Grazia before departing.

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Hearing her sister, Cora grins and waves her with her, "Catriona, come on along with us."

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Waldemai ducks in for a quick look round the side shows.

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Giuseppe, a kindly old man, Mirari arrive, following Luca.

Sabella also arrives alone! Alone is clearly in tonight. She's wearing a dress of umber that leaves one shoulder completely exposed, with dark red beading here and there depicting roses. Since her hair is so bright, she's pulled her hair up in a twist of curls with a single red rose pinned in place at the side. She glances around, giving bright smiles and waves to those she knows and otherwise wandering about, looking around at all the sights. "Oh, that looks..." She leans to the side and tilts her head a bit, "I didn't know people could bend that way."

Orelia notices a friendly face in Coraline and approaches her quietly, her face clearly showing a bit of nerve, she tries to force a smile as she curtseys to Coraline. "Hello there... mind if I tag along for a bit... there is a lot going on here"

Movement catches Elgana's eye and she turns, smiling as she notes Bliss and giving a rather excited wave to the woman before she looks back to the pair she is with, nodding to them and moving to take a seat.

Lucita's p juliana= sure

Smiling to Orielia Cora shakes her head, "I don't mind at all."

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Lianne turns a smile as bright as the summer sun toward Pasquale as he falls in beside her. She does not hesitate to welcome that nearness, her hand slipping beneath his elbow that she might lock arms with him as they make their way to the benches. "Fun," she echoes as if considering that possibility. "Dizzying," she offers instead. "A flurry of endless introductions. That's where we'll start. It's where we /always/ start. Let's see if we might find something deeper before the evening's done, mm?" With that, she's drawing up toward Mydas, that same radiant smile offered to him, their conversation quieter, lost to din of the crowd.

Gia the peregrine falcon arrives, delivering a message to Silvio before departing.

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Sea-blue eyes framed by smoked out kohl slant aside to find the subject of Joscelin's attention, the dame arching a brow at the contortionist and impressive flexibility. Morrighan pauses by the fountain, her focus returning to the jeweler, but then...she opens that mouth. "Joscelin," the redhead mutters. She should be used to this now. Her head shakes, but mirth is evident upon her expression, returning that grin. There's a soft laugh and a gentle nudge given to the benches, though in passing offers Ettore a small wave in greeting.

Silvio flips open the note and then looks over towards Grazia. He drifts in that direction, then, chuckling with delight. "Ohhh, I thought that perhaps you would be outraged for a moment at least, before you figured it out." His hand gestures idly in the air.

Margret comes in on Alessandro's arm along with her cousins and Coraline. She is wearing a sleeveless black gown with webbing across the chest that clings to her round figure without being too clingy. They start towards the maze of mirrors along with the rest of the entourage. When she sees Elgana she lifts her hand to wave at her. If she's even able to see her in the dark. When they pass Bliss she gives the woman a smile before she whispers something to Alessandro.

Amari beckons for Tessa to join her as she strides quickly along to catch up to Enyo. "You look amazing." She notes with a vague wave of her hand that lags after the movement of her gaze from tiara and down to pendant and umbra dress she's wearing. That said, she smiles and falls in next to the baroness, eyes wide. "I'm just going to follow you around, if you don't mind. There's so many people!"

Merek allows for his hand to reach to the waters and twirls his finger about it while wearing his fingerless leather gloves. He then seems to consider it, as he takes his time to hum a little tune.

Ettore answers the wave with a nod towards Morrighan, and a small smile of greeting as she passes by. Is that an arched brow at the sight of her in a dress? Why yes, yes it is.

Ian looks over at the person who has joined them at their bench. He looks like he's going to offer the whiskey bottle he and Zoey are passing back and forth (it's not like he doesn't have more) but she has the champagne flute, so. He just nods. And takes a drink, himself. He looks like he needs it; his features are strained, tense around the eyes and the jaw.

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"It's hard to be outraged at you for sleeping with your own husband," Grazia points out to Silvio, hands on her hips, though she does sound amused.

Isabetta looks around the grounds and after a thoughtful moment, heads toward some benches, which she wasn't invited to or anything just heads that way.

Lucita glances around the gathering, a curtsy given then trying to not so obviously waddle, makes her way over toward a seat. Her hand raises to give Bliss a little wave and a warm smile of greeting. Nods and another wave are given to Ian, Zoey and others as she recognizes them amid the darkness. "This should be quite an interesting night."

The Archduchess favors Talen with an indulgent smile as he expands upon her welcome. She tucks her hand into the crook of his painted arm and surveys the crowd with pale blues eyes, made all the more vivid by the dark kohl that lines them. "So, where shall we begin?" She murmurs to her companion, seeming rather delighted by what she sees already.

Another little glance and Elgana catches some more movement, squints and then waves when she notes that the wave was in fact directed toward her and was from the Lady Margret. And then back to talking she goes with those she is gathered with.

Isabelle, who isn't happy to be doing this arrives, delivering a message to Sabella before departing.

The Guildmaster bats her big, gold eyes at Morrighan and her mirthful, aquamarine gaze. And Joscelin's mouth is half Lycene, what does she expect? "What?" she asks innocently, looking at Ettore as the redhead greets him, Joscelin offering her own sunny smile and a nod of her head as well. "You look stunning, by the way. I mean, your creations are always stunning but when you -wear- them? Gods, you're breath-taking." Pride, much pride when she says that, all of it.

"Thank you! You look fabulous as well." Enyo replies, moving to loop an arm around Amari's, "That's totally fine. I promise that I'll not let you get lost in the crowd and stuff." She assures the Oathlander before she offers a quick smile to Tessa as well, "Hello. Come on, then. First order of business is to say thank you to our hosts." She tilts her head in the direction of Eleyna and Talen before she's off, dragging anyone that is brave enough to stick with her along, "Your Grace!"

Cadenza looks up from her conversation, waving to Lucita with a bright smile. Motioning her over and pointing to a seat she then winks as she looks back to the convo for a moment.

Orelia's ears perk up as she hears the name 'Joscelin' she looks around franticly for the source, but is having some issues, she stands on her tippy toes looking about, she turns to Coraline and chimes in, "I believe I heard the name of someone I am looking to meet... Did you hear someone say Joscelin?"

Ian lifts his bottle in a vague toasting motion to Lucita when she waves. Then he gives it to Zoey.

Alsandair, Crom, Jaerith arrive, following Iseulet.

Someone wearing a mask representing a starred night lifts the champaign to Lucita and nods a silent agreement at that. She seems to be studying Ian and Zoey curiously, eyes dark rimmed and kohl'd under her mask.

Zoey lifts her hand to wave at Lucita.

At first, she had absolutely NOTHING to wear, at least in the shades of color that were requested, but then a generous patron came to the rescue. As such, Kia enters the grounds for the carnival, glancing about as she purses her lips looking for any friendly and familiar faces.

Juliana, crosses with Lucita, curtsing or nodding to those she knows before stepping into the alcove at the baroness's side.

Coming from the direction of the Estate itself, Prince Luca arrives with all the grace and ease as would befit someone of his reputation. Curiously, not only is he dressed, but it would almost appear as if he might have been dressed under duress or some manner of coercion otherwise, because his clothing is not the usual affair. It's fine in quality, thoughtful in cut, and definitely doesn't look like something he has been fighting in. Chalk that up to the evening's occasion, perhaps. A woman is on his arm, Mirari Corsetina, who appears to share the same taste in clothing. But then, it's the Lenosian Shadow Carnival, is it not? Black is the color of the evening. He stops, just outside of the bounds of the grounds, smoothing one hand down his shirt and letting his dark gaze sweep across the people who are gathered for the festivities.

"The pool, I have gift for you," Talen promises his wife, the Archduchess, the key host for the eve. Taking her by the wrist rather than hand, he moves with liquid grace towards it, dragging her along with. As Enyo presents herself, he snatches her along to. The former gets the pleasure of first instruction, the latter the second. "Enter your hand into the pool, if you dare, and draw from it a gift."

Amari links arms with Enyo and does her best to keep up and not gawk like this is her first time at a Velenosan event of this scale. She does though, because she just can't help herself. When she's brought before the hosts of the event, she echoes the baroness after a respectful bow of her head to the pair, "Your Grace."

Ysabel is here and standing next to the stone pool in an ebony dress, arms folded across her middle. The water looks... different. Darker. "How fascinating." She's rather tempted to crouch and dip her hand into the pool, but thinks better of it at the moment. A quick glance around has her spotting Enyo and few other familiar faces amongst the crowd.

Ettore likewise offers a nod of greeting to Joscelin when she smiles at him. Maybe he agrees about Morrighan's tailoring skills. He is wearing her creations after all.

Someone wearing a Black Lace and Silk Mask with Moonstones walks as quietly as the shroud of shadows cast across the grounds, her glittering eyes wide beneath her mask as she weaves through the decadent, midnight spectacles of the festival. A few steps are taken backwards as she catches sight of a contortionist bending and moving in a demonic fashion, moving her towards the stone pool with its glittering black waters. She's like a mouse in a dark room full of cats, wary and silent, but nonetheless she seems fascinated by her surroundings.

Silvio tilts his head and arches his brows in a carefree manner. "Ahh...well, I think I am going to partake of too much wine and make out with someone in the maze. What are you going to do, Duchess?" You can make the man a Lord, but you apparently can't take the Lycene Prince out of him.

"You sure your middle name is'nae trouble?" Morrighan softly queries aside to the woman, her gaze holding a dubious quality while peering aside at the half-Lycene Guildmaster. She doesn't buy that look of innocence for a moment, laughing. The dame knows better. The amusement slips from her visage for but a moment when the compliments begin to be laid down, bringing her to glance aside, a little red in the face. "Shush, you. I'm in disguise, nae one will ever know tha' it's me. Th'gown does suit you though."

Someone wearing a Black Lace and Silk Mask with Moonstones has joined the benches by the fountain.

Cora nods at Margret's words, "She truly isn't worth the air to curse her. Now where is some of that rum." Catriona gets a grin, "They certainly haven't. Normally I would be somewhere quiet but it seemed exciting."

Eleyna barely has a chance to greet Enyo and Amari before she's being dragged toward that creepy pool, filled with black water. She eyes it, eyes her hand, and then emits a theatrical sigh before, as requested, she slides her hand into the water.

Eleyna checked luck at difficulty 10, rolling 13 higher.

Lucita gives a pleasant smile to the masked person when she notices the raised glass. On taking a glass, or rather a half glass of wine after a servant passes by, she raises hers in return.

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Mirari leans in to whisper something to Luca before she hugs his arm, tugging him toward the refreshments and people. She blows a kiss toward Eyno as she moves near her, but continues further into the maze of mirrors, contortionists and other entertainments.

Merek has joined the benches by the fountain.

"You made this for a figure who's largest components are hips and thighs," Joscelin says wryly, but takes a moment to pose for Morrighan. "It's -stunning- on me, and that's entirely -your- fault. As for my middle name-" And here, Joscelin looks perplexed, then laughs. "No one asks about my middle name. We can go with 'Trouble', but it doesn't begin with a K."

"What, oh, okay." Enyo replies as she gets swept up herself, her brows lifting upwards a bit before she gestures towards Amari, "Lady Amari Keaton, I would love for you to meet Her Grace, the Archduchess Eleyna Velenosa." She then indicates Talen, "High Highness, Archduke-Consort Talen Velenosa." She then glances towards the pool, taking a half step towards it, evidently she's curious enough to follow Eleyna's lead when the Archduchess has had a turn, lifting a hand to wave towards Mirari when she spots her, blowing a kiss right back.

Merek learns something about the water as he twirls his finger about it, then he looks at his hand and considers it. He then allows his hand to dive into the water in full earnest as he wiggles his fingers about in the pool.

Someone wearing a mask representing a starred night continues to watch the people in the shadowy corner as she sips her drink in pure still silence. She's enjoying the scene so far by judging by the gentle smirk on her black painted lips. Even if she's making the group around her slightly uneasy. Perhaps because she's making them uneasy.

Iseulet arrives quietly, hands laced together behind her as she slinks in gracefully, confidently but of course it was the man from the Nox'alfar Embassy opening that she knew that drew her attention first and she makes her way to his side, "You're brave." She says offhandedly to Merek.

Enyo checked luck at difficulty 11, rolling 10 higher.

Engaged in quiet conversation by the fountain, Bliss smiles at Margret and lifts her hand to wave back at the woman when she notices she's been spotted. After she notices people going toward the pool, she lifts her brows and stands up, marxhing right on over there and running her hands through the water when she has a chance to do so.

"Did you lose a bet with your armoire, Luca?" Sabella asks with amusement when she strolls by the Velenosan, giving him a Mirari a smile. "MIstress Corsetina, hello! This party is amazing, isn't it? Dancers, those people over there bending themselves into positions I'm honestly not sure they should be able to. Seriously, should we call a healer? Is that--is that normal?"

Ian doesn't look uneasy about people very often. Almost ever. But the woman in the starred mask has -all- of his attention -- and not in the way that people usually do. There's wariness here, like someone who's gotten closer than they'd like to a dangerous animal or a crazy person with a knife.

Merek looks up as he considers Iseulet, "A little water like this doesn't make me that brave, I've experienced a lot of things, so..." He offers a polite nod, "I did sit on the fun couch with you, sometimes you just gotta experiment," he offers her, then he takes both hands within and tries to seek about for something.

As Eleyna is elbow deep in murky water, she offers a smile to Amari and says, "I believe I was introduced to Lady Amari during some children's event. My son and heir decided to up-end a table full of sweets, I believe?" She laughs slightly and pulls her hand free of the water, something clasped within the grip of her fist. "It is a pleasure to see you again regardless. Feeling lucky?" The Archduchess opens her fist, revealing a coin held within her grasp.

Bliss checked luck at difficulty 12, rolling 3 higher.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer arrives, following Theron.

Saoirse checked luck at difficulty 13, rolling 3 lower.

Tabitha look down into the glittering water, trying to discern what details she can about it.

Mirari levels a slightly unfriendly look at Sabella. "Mirari." She says, nodding once towards the Grayson Princess. "Unless someone is screaming, I think they're fine...Sabella was it?" She slowly gives the blonde a once over and smirks. "You look very pretty, your Highness, the color suits you."

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Sofia.

Ian relaxes after the woman in the masks speaks. He takes a long drink.

Saoirse stands and walks over to the INKY FOUNTAIN. This should be a breeze, right? ...Wrong. She leans in... nothing. She leans further... nothing.... she leans further.... and slips. With a splash, her entire right side hits the water!

Tabitha checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Isabetta is far too oblivious to grasp what is going on around her so instead she watches the pool with mild interest dancing across her face.

She considers Merek for a moment before Iseulet laughs and sits on the side next to him and reaches in! Because why not. It couldn't be full of tentacles and razors right?

Merek checked luck at difficulty 13, rolling 5 higher.

Iseulet checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Too curious, Amari leans forward to watch Eleyna reach into the pool, all eyes to see what might happen or what prize she might draw from beneath the surface. When Enyo takes her turn, she follows, but stops there to curtsey to the pair after she's been more formally introduced, "A pleasure to meet you both. This is amazing..." She's not sure about the water, but when Eleyna's arm reappears, fully intact, that's enough to convince her it'll be fine. When reminded where they'd met before she beams, "Oh, of course. That was cute! I thought little Aeryn was going to do the same." Then? She'll brave the black water too, carefully sliding a hand into the murk.

Someone wearing a mask representing a starred night perhaps blows her cover when she calls out, "I'm so not fucking going to help any of your dumb-asses if there's something toxic in that fountain." Her appearance may be exotic but her voice is rough and husky.

Let it never be that that Luca is hard to drag toward a place where there is alcohol being served, and so the gentle but insistent tug that brings him toward the refreshments is one he is all too pleased to comply with. They're off, winding through the gathered people until he can claim a cup of.. something. Who can tell what it is? It doesn't seem to matter to him. His attention is dragged toward Sabella as she speaks, and a fox-like grin spreads across his lips. "If I did, I should probably lose that bet more often. But then, how many nice events do I ever really attend? Let's not say I'm a betting man." A moment after, when he looks Sabella up and down, he seems to agree with Mirari. "You really do look rather nice in black. Very suspicious, 'Bella.", and a smirk thins across his full lips, before he's taking a drink from that cup and searching about for other trouble to get into.

Derovai calls out to the woman in the starred mask, "Good thing you're not a Guildmistress at the moment!" from where he stands by the Maze of Mirrors.

Cora moves to the fountain to have a try. Hey distractions are a great thing! She sticks her hand in and feels around.

Zoey walks over to the pool of water and dips a hand into it. In for a penny...

"Aww, sounds adorable." Enyo decides, sliding her hand into the water, brows lifting just a bit before she pulls her hand back out, opening it to reveal her prize. There's a brief laugh, then the broken mirror is tucked into her dress for later, giving her hand a quick shake before drying it off on her dress without a care for possible messes. "I was just going to drag the Lady Amari around with me, who would you suggest we bug next, Your Grace?"

Ian raises his eyebrows when Zoey gets up to go try the fountain. "Good luck," he says, before going back to his drink and his conversation.

His presence, absent armor, is probably understated enough. Save for the fact he /has/ to carry that alaricite sword everywhere on a metallic scabbard. Yes, we're talking about Theron Mazetti, the Sword of Ostria. Oh, there's also the collar of the White Lily falling about his shoulders, since this is a gala party, after all, one hosted by his patron, no less. Spotting Enyo, he inclines his head to her, before looking about.

Unless she can find a good reason, Tabitha is not going to shove her hand in that fountain. It's all mysterious and spooky, and who knows what kind of dirt is in there! Wrinkling her nose, her allows her fingers to brush shy of the surface, then pulls them up again like someone might when they're afraid of getting burned by a candle.

Joscelin starts tugging on Morrighan, suddenly distracted, pointing at the fountain. "Oh, look! Mysterious liquids! Let's go put our hands in it!" Excited. Completely serious. "Come ooonnn...!"

Eleyna laughs when she hears that familiar voice. She turns in the direction of the masked woman, all wide blue eyes as she says with an 'innocent' expression. "Do you -really- think I would invite people to a party only to coerce them to reach into a pool filled with toxins?" Then, her expression corrects itself and she murmurs, lower, "Maybe you shouldn't answer that honestly."

Alessandro has left the Maze of Mirrors.

Lucita recognizes that voice and her face lights up with a beguiling smile and she gives the person in the starry mask another wave and is indicating she's behaving, pretty much, just a small amount of less powerful wine.

Arriving fashionably late Sofia comes out of the Velenosa Estate with her guards behind her. Dressed in a flowing gown of black silk she moves gracefully into the grounds peering about with a faint ghost of a smile. A glass of wine suddenly appears in her hand, easily procured from a passing servant. She sips it slowly wandering about and admiring the crowds and entertainment.

Alessandro says something to the group at the mirror maze, before he moves away toward the fountain, apparently to try his luck as well.

Isabetta waves her hand toward Luca and calls out to him, "Luca! I hope you are planning to push someone into the water before the night is complete!" Then she points conspicuously toward the arch with Cadenza, Ignacio and Elgana in it.

Silvio has joined the Maze of Mirrors.

"Thank you, Mirari," Sabella replies to the other woman with a bright smile, "I wasn't sure if I could pull off so serious a color, but here we are! And all joking aside, Luca, you do look very nice all dressed up like this." She glances over at people reaching into that black water. When Isabetta calls out she carefully takes a few steps away from the direction of the fountain, just in case.

Jaenelle slips out of the Velenosa estate, barefoot and clad in less than opaque umbra. She does not appear to wish to go near the pool that others are poking. Instead she seems quite content to watch from the back of the group of people enjoying the carnival. For now, at least.

After leaning into the pool, and leaning in further and further, until she suddenly grabs onto something -laughing for some reason as she does do, going, "Oh, gods, that is amazing," she says with a snicker before she pulls out a bag, shaking it with a clink of coin. "... Perfect."

That was Bliss.

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Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Cadenza hops up from her seat and sashays off with those quick steps over to that pool of waters. Giving her cousins Eleyna and Talen a wink before bowing. "Archduchess...Archduke-Consort.....thank you for this lovely evening....." Standing up straight she then smiles. "And nice to see you both." And wth that, she looks to the water and sticks that hand in. You only live why not?

Orelia has joined the benches by the fountain.

Lucita stands up and wanders over toward the pool and contemplates the dark surface and the ripples across it that are generated by the others reaching in. She gestures to Juliana to make and attempt first.

Merek lifts up his hands while he holds within one of them a mirrored piece of some glass oval in shape that reveals his reflection and has onyx water streaming along it. He considers for a moment, and spins it around with his fingers. He then takes a small breath and exhales, and something seems like it is bothering him a lot mentally, as he stares into his reflection for a moment on it.

When Saoirse rights herself, she comes up with... an eel. A squishy, wriggly eel. Yuck. She jumps, tosses it back, and steps away from the fountain while shaking off her hair and arm.

Looking to the others at the alcove as she moves to follow after Cadenza she chuckles she pauses to say to her companions, "Lady Cadenza is not one to shy away from things." And then off Elgana goes toward Cadenza and that mystery pool.

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The Archduchess dries her hand off on a towel that is delivered conveniently and unobstrusively into her hands by one of those shadowy servants. "Hm. The mirror maze is interesting if you don't mind them. But..." She glances around and then smiles, "If you want to meet someone interesting, introduce yourself to Guildmistress Joscelin Arterius. Tell her that I sent you. And remind her that you're my protege, Enyo." Eleyna laughs gaily and hands the towel back to the servant.

Just when she's sitting down, Morrighan is promptly tugged back up, focus brought towards the fountain once more. "Mysterious liquids, she said," comes a mutter from the redhead, sighing quietly, yielding to Joscelin's eagerness to get hands deep in questionable substances. "Lets put out hands in it, she said," A sidelong look is sent to the woman, her freckled nose a little crinkled. "Famous last words? I'll nae dampen your enthusiasm, lets see what we can find, mn?"

Someone wearing a mask representing a starred night calls back to the Archduchess, "It'd be funny as all Abyss," says the masked woman with a chesire smile. Then she amends, "Until someone dies. Then it's -really- a party." She figures she has blown her cover enough and slips the mask off to reveal Eirene, to the surprise of very few. The look is still has enough of a militant edge to it that it's not entirely out of keeping, but there's a lot more silk and umbra than usual.

Lethe follows those she has been speaking with as they head to the pool.

Merek checked wits + occult at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Wait a second, did someone just pull coin out of that fountain? Alright, now Tabitha's going to give it a try! Rolling her sleeve up, she submerges the tips of her offhand fingers into the water, then slides deeper with a wince of trepidation.

"Theron!" Enyo hollars when she spots the man, waving him over to where she's still loitering by the pool with the others, "Come stick your hand in the mysterious black water!" She then turns her attention back to Eleyna, her head tilting to the side, "Oh? Well that sounds like it might be entertaining, I shall do that. And mirror maze? I'm going there before the night is over as well."

Luca's dark gaze sweeps around until he takes note of the person calling out to him, letting it settle on Isabetta, and he seems to have a laugh for her. "Oh, I'm sure someone's going to get close enough at a point to push them in. We'll see where the alcohol takes the evening..", and he offers the woman a wink, before he's glancing back to Sabella. "Thank you..", he tells her, actually rather graciously. He leans in toward Mirari a touch and murmurs to the woman, "We should probably step over and terrorize Talen and Eleyna a bit. He'll feel put-out if I don't have something cheeky to say to him.", and then he's moving in that direction, a little step to the left, around a few people, and sliding between two more with a certain smoothness.

Shaking the liquid off her hand, Bliss lingers near the fountain to watch Elgana's turn, stepping near the Redrain princess to whisper something in her ear.

Sabella has joined the garden benches.

Iseulet yelps and yanks her hand out of the water - OH GODS ITS A SNAKE - No. Really. It was a snake and she drops it /immediately/, standing up and taking a few steps away from the pool. Now it's off to find somewhere to wipe her arm off with a wrinkle of her nose.

Cadenza keeps her hand in that pool digging around as she then looks to Isabetta. A brow raised and she waves her non wet hand over to her.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Joscelin beams at Morrighan, scooting closer to the fountain. She flashes a smile at Orelia, welcoming the newcomer, before reaching into the pool. She pauses, her hand submerged to the knuckles, holding Morrighan because Morrighan isn't brave, and as she does so, she stops, staring. At Mirari. And then-

"Morrighan. Did you make the outfits for Mirari and Prince Luca?" asks Joscelin, glancing at the ginger. "Look at them. Is it this puddle of inky stuff and I'm hallucinating or -are- they -matching-?" What's an indoor voice? Not here, that's what. She also hears the Archduchess say her name, looking up and peering about.

Reese quietly arrives at the carnival.

"Your idea of terrorizing people is vastly different than mine." Mirari answers Luca, but she follows him as he moves towards Eleyna and Talen. She sees Cadenza reaching into the black water, and makes a face, shaking her head. "That doesn't look very safe."

Theron approaches that pool, curiously, and reaches in. Because he has nothing to fear from tentacled beasts.

Someone wearing the Spider of Setarco's stygian mirrormask arrives on her own, nothing to mark who she is or where she comes from, only the exquisite umbra wrapping her figure. She moves towards Eleyna and Talen, dipping into a deep curtsy before the pair then rising up to softly offer her greetings. "Archduchess, Archduke, it is simply delicious to see you both again. I am honored to attend tonight's festivities and the grounds look extravagantly decadent." Her voice somewhat muffled by the full mask, she nevertheless gives the impression of smiling before moving along to let others have their turn.

Cadenza turns those blue eyes over to Mirari and grins. "Really? Look who you're taking to...."

There is a pause in Elgana as she reaches the pool, glances at it and grins. She watches the others who are going just to see what happens, but she smiles bright when she notes Bliss, moving closer as she leans in to listen to the whispered words, blinks and then whispers back to the other woman.

Amari fishes around in the water, maybe being entirely too cautious about it at first. If there's anything in there, she's not finding it. She reaches further, leaning out over the edge with a look of total concentration. "I don't think there's-" She begins before yanking her arm out of the mystery pool like she's been electrocuted. It's not a snake, instead, she won a black crab with its pincher snapped tight around her pinky finger and hanging from it. It comes out with her hand, so she holds it out at arm's length at Enyo and Theron. "Help me."

Glancing about, Kia finally finds someone she knows. Heading on over towards Luca and Mirari, she beams and curtsies in front of the pair. "Thank you so much for your generosity, your highness. This is a rather interesting event. I do not think we would have ever done something like this on my home islands."

Orland arrives, following Duarte.

2 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

Lucita is standing near Juliana as the two await a turn at the pool. While waiting she says to the woman standing nearby. Champion Bliss, it is good to see you back in the city again. Has been a while since last we had a bit of fun with a bit of song and dance. I hope all has been well for you."

Eirene has left the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Cadenza checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Zoey continues to fish around in the pool of water.

Theron has a hand half-sticking into the water, and the other hand free enough that he's trying to reach for Amari's pincered friend. "I uh, is there a healer here? They might be better qualified to get your finger out of its pincer, I think. How are you two?"

Talen is stood with his wife as people dip their hands into the inky black pool, his eyes switched to the stygian mirrormask, his inclination of his head. As people seem to be chancing the fountain he only seems amused, bright eyed, as much as those grey eyes lighten. "Again, masked one? Well, how do you?" he extends, voice dry, even as he extends a hand to the others present-- his wife ever the more sociable. "I do love these games."

There's a subtle shake of her head in response, though Morrighan does glance off in the direction of the two aforementioned, Mirari and Luca. "No, nae my work," she informs, peering close at Joscelin. "I would imagine a lot o' people are matchin'. Y'know, th'whole black dress code.." It's a teasing quip, if anything

"Mirari!" Enyo calls in greeting when the pair get closer, "Your Highness." That is tossed towards Luca in greeting before she moves to press a kiss against Mirari's cheek, "You should totally stick your hand in the water. Trust me." Which, probably not very safe if crabs are pinching. She grins, moving to help out, "You don't need a healer. Just got to whack it in the head really hard..hold still."

With Zoey and Eirene gone, Ian settles in with his bottle and focuses on his drinking. That attentive gaze takes in Zoey at the pool of water, always keeping at least a little bit of attention on her, but also takes note of Luca and Mirari. He takes another drink.

Pasquale has mostly successfully huddled on a bench away from the press of the party but, finally, he can't resist. With a little shrug and chuckle to Mydas and Lianne, he ventures out, and toward the fountain. He steels himself and, with a little shrug, plunges his hand into the inky blackness.

Pasquale checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Eirene makes her way over to where the receiving line is for Eleyna, smirking with hands planted on her hips. "I ruined my ooooh spooky mysterious woman act for you. Actually, no, I ruined it for someone else so they'd stop freaking out but hey - I'm having fun." Mostly watching people fish about in the dark pool and leering at the acrobats maneuvering through it. She looks over to Amari. "What did I just fucking say about not helping people who stick their hands in the water," she says, glaring over at Theron.

Theron waves thatfree hand of his over to Morrighan. "Nice threads, Dame Morrighan!"

Juliana stands at Lucita's side, patiently waiting as those before them take their chances at the pool, watching with quiet amusement.

Merek actually manages to compose himself and places his reward up, while he stands and moves to the maze next. Nothing like mazes to keep someone occupied. He still has his hood up as it's adjusted to him.

Pulling away from her whispering to Elgana with an impish grin and a devious light in her eyes, looking to be thriving in the danger of the pool, Bliss turns to Lucita and gives her a bright smile. "Baroness Saik!" she says. "I'm afraid it has been, I've been locked in the Whisper House for far too long. Things have been /exquisite/ for me, and yourself?"

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Eleyna just grins as Eirene reveals herself and calls out in return, "No worries. Even if someone has the audacious rudeness to expire at my party, I won't ask you to work, my lady." She bows her head slightly, still grinning as she salutes her before directing her attention to the masked woman that addresses her. The Archduchess bows her head again, "You are welcome here. Please enjoy yourself." Eleyna's pale blue eyes fall on Theron as he approaches and then Luca and Mirari as they do the same from another direction. To Luca, she smirks and murmurs, "Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in," a subtle glance to Mirari before she continues, "and even clothed like a big boy for once!"

Reese very quietly finds a place to sit.

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Having dried her arm off, Iseulet retreats to the outskirts of the party to watch those at the fountain, to see what other things might come out of the onyx pool, weaving in and out of people as they mill about, finding a quiet place to lean.

Lianne watches with utter delight as Pasquale peels away from their relative safety to move toward the inky pool and boldly take hold of who knows what. She turns her head slightly toward Mydas and Sabella, murmuring cheerfully at them, but her eyes remain on her brother-by-oath.

Theron flashes Eleyna a grin, bowing to her. "Pleasure to see you again, Your Grace. I made sure to come according to dress code." He sweeps a hand in demonstration to his silk. "Didn't have enough time to procure umbra but I did bring the best piece of jewelry for a Lycene event." The collar, he means. Eirene's remark prompts a laugh from him. "True, true."

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"I'm sure Denzy's reached into worse things than that. I'm.. almost absolutely sure of it.", Luca teases, standing near. He lifts the cup in his hand to take a drink from it again, when Kia approaches him, he offers her a grin, "I didn't imagine black made up the better half of your wardrobe. But, the Shadow Carnival doesn't come around often, so it should be enjoyed while it's here. There's a whole lot of trouble to get in around here, if you go poking for it. The more you drink, the better it all gets, too..", he mentions, before Enyo's there, telling Mirari to stick her hand in the water. He seems to agree, "You should probably stick your hand in the water, it's true. Why miss the chance to maybe lose it to a snake or something?" When Eleyna's speaking to him, he flashes her a smile that's all trouble, and tilts his head just a little. "I thought I was the cat. El, you're looking.. elegant, tonight."

Zoey finally just sits down on the edge of the fountain, idly tracing her hand through the black liquid. Theron is spotted and receives a smile. "I received your messenger, Lord Theron. Thank you."

Perking at the sound of her name, Morrighan half turns, her gaze scanning the crowd with a pensive look, eventually spying Theron and that waving hand of his. The mentioning of threads has her glancing down to her attire, one hand swishing about the layered chiffon skirt. Mighty inconvenient, these things. Regardless, she lifts a hand in greeting, returning the wave.

Duarte strolls on in! There are a lot of people here. Might take a moment to get a sense of things.

Merek is walking back and it seems he's not sure where to move towards. He does notice a Lianne out of the people there, Pravus if he remembers, inclining as he moves by her, then ext he has found Mirari who he waves to, then he's on to finding more people.

Elgana is a touch colored now in the cheeks as Bliss departs from their shared whisperings, but now Elgana is staring at the pool with a touch more caution than curiosity, but she does not shy away from it either as she remains on the edge of her choice: to plunge her hand within its darkness or not.

"I'll take the blame for that, but keeping him in them will be challenge. I hope there aren't any bedsheets nearby that he can make a toga out of." Mirari says, flashing a grin at Eleyna. "Archduchess, the grounds look absolutely amazing. This is going to turn out to be an excellent party, I can tell." She grins over at Luca and nudges him gently. "I'll stick my hand in there when you do. Maybe, but probably not."

Deito Igniseri arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

Lucita gives Bliss another smile and gestures toward her gravid belly with a very discrete flick of the fingers. "Well enough considering. Have you met Lady Juliana Pravus yet?"

Merek almost runs right into Zoey, but manages not to and expclaims, "Excuse me! So crowded, my apologies m'Lady."

Coraline checked luck at difficulty 16, rolling 1 lower.

Juliana blinks to the sound of her name, turning her attention to Bliss with a smile and nod of her head. "Good evening.. it's a pleasure."

Amari isn't going to freak out, and there's no blood spraying out of her finger, but there's a crab and it's attached to her hand and she's not sure how to feel about that. Theron is mildly glared at, for his lack of help, but she does answer his question, "I'm doing well, thank you, Lord Theron." Fake smile. Luckily Enyo seems to have a better idea of what to do, so she turns towards the Baroness. "Hit it? What part is its head?" She asks, having not really looked to closely at the leg and pincer waving monstrosity dangling off her finger.

Pasquale reaches down, to his wrist...and then rolls up the sleeve of his nice silks and reaches down furher and further, until he's leaning down into the fountain up to his elbow. It looks more than a little awkward, truth be told, but he's on a quest now. His nose wrinkles at something-or-other he feels down there, but he keeps on. And then, his face breaks into an almost boyish grin, and he withdraws his hand. Palming a coin. It's flipped and caught, with another laugh, before he returns to his nice bench.

Cadenza freezes as she feels something in her hand. Pulling it up she would pull out a.... "Oh gross....." A tar-like sea slug. "...just....gross....." Laughing she just looks to Sofia who for some reason has a towel. Never know if you need one at a Lenosian party. Wiping her hands off she look to Elgana while mouthing 'good luck' then looks back to Talen and Eleyna. "Thanks. This is so much fun..." She had greeted them prior but steps out of the way and back to where she was sitting, giving Mirari and Luca a wave as she passes them.

Waldemai is checking out the sword swallower in the sideshow, although he seems more interested in the sword than the swallow.

Someone wearing the Spider of Setarco's stygian mirrormask moves along, duty done for the time being. She moves through the gathered masses, picking up a glass of Lenosian wine along the way. Not that she can drink it, of course. But it helps to be holding a drink. Finding herself towards the rear of the party, she chooses then to inflict herself upon the hapless folk at the benches. Sitting down near to Mydas, Lianne, and Sabella, she inclines her head towards the trio and greets them. "Good evening."

Someone wearing the Spider of Setarco's stygian mirrormask has joined the garden benches.

Barric is late, or is he so fashionably late he is on time? No he is just late. Wearing simple black silks and leathers combined he doesn't stand out compared to so many of the other outfits, even though he told the tailor Lycene Fashion and the shirt is almost more a wrap of silk that is draped loosely about him instead of being a normal shirt. He could try and cover up but, what would be the point? He arrives alone though, no princess or lady on his arm tonight.

Micaela has joined the garden benches.

Pulling her hand out holding a wriggling slime smeared something, Cora sees a very angry eel staring back at her and quickly tries not to get bit, cursing in her surprise.

Micaela makes her way into the Lyceum just as Eleyna talks about people dying at her party and she blinks lazily at the comment and surveys the room. Seafoam green eyes settle on Lianne and she sidles her way over to the Malespero Marquessa. "Lianne, you look fantastic." Following the woman in the mask she also finds a seat at the benches.

Eirene facepalms as she reads her message. She crumples it up and goes to find another drink, a dark servant conveniently appearing nearby for her to grab a fresh flute. She then lifts a hand to Mirari and lifts her chin in greeting. She's not sure who else to harass so she stays by the fountains to smirk at the people fishing through the darkness.

Eirene has joined the benches by the fountain.

Zoey blinks as she's almost knocked into the pool by Merek. But, she's still dry, so no foul. "Think nothing of it," she replies with a small smile. "It's... I'm sorry. I don't think we've met."

"Show that bear spirit!" Bliss calls to Elgana, giving a small whoop as the Princess dips her arm in, then turns her head to Lucita again. "If I have, it's been some time. Or I lost the name among so many. A pleasure indeed, my lady," she says with a dip of her head to Juliana. "Perhaps I should have asked you to design mine. What do you think of it?" she wonders as she turns back and forth in her dress. "I'm afraid I commissioned it rather in a hurry."

Theron checked luck at difficulty 1, rolling 9 higher.

"That thing, right there." Enyo points to the head before she pulls out the broken piece of mirror she got from the pool, "Hold still." She sing-songs cheerfully before she takes a hard stab at the crab with the mirror. Things let go when they die, right? It's as good a plan as any she might have, and she gives it a quick hit, then a second one for good measure.

Theron checked luck at difficulty 16, rolling 6 lower.

Catriona has left the Maze of Mirrors.

3 Thrax Guards, Olenna leave, following Catriona.

"You're welcome," Talen says far too cheerily at Cadenza as she skips off to have her fun, before he leans over and shoves Luca, a friendly kind of attack. "Luca, you made it, how? Did you get dragged along by my protege?"

Merek adjusts all the umbra on his cloak so that it covers him, while he looks at Zoey, "Sir Merek Black," he offers politely, with a small nod to the woman. The Knight allows for an incline in respect, as he stands up.

Alessandro checked luck at difficulty 16, rolling 16 higher.

Juliana is standing talking to Bliss and Lucita as they wait in line.. seeing Barric come in, the Pravus raises her hand to wave towards the Prince with a smile before looking back to the Whisper and nodding softly "You look lovely, in a hurry or not."

Barric has joined the pathway benches.

Derovai murmurs, "Excuse me," to the crowd at the Maze of Mirrors, before he steps out into the rest of the carnival. He smiles quckly at Reese as he passes, but it seems he's making his way to the fountain as well.

to the pool, rather

Zoey gives Merek a gentle smile. "Ah. Congratulations on your knighting... It wasn't long ago, yes?" She glances back at the pool, trying to feel for something. Anything. "I am Lady Zoey Kennex."

Felicia's late to the party, and wearing her 'off-duty' black leather, so in theme, but hardly any kind of anonymous as she prowls into the place unhurriedly.

"You're quite welcome, Lady Zoey. Congratulations again, on your nuptials." Theron smiles at the Kennex-nee-Bisland. When he reaches to grab whatever it is that's under the water, he comes up with... fish. It's flopping in a mostly docile way in his hand, trying to escape. "Well, that's not a crab at least," he quips, cheekily, to Amari. Unceremoniously, he lets it drop. "Swim free, little friend. As much as you can in the dark water, though."

Lethe checked luck at difficulty 17, rolling 5 lower.

Perhaps it was Bliss' encouraging cry that finally spurs Elgana into action, but finally the princess just sighs and smiles as she gets closer and finally leans down to reach into the dark waters. "Bear spirit," she chuckles softly. "No one has ever heard of a flowery bear before I'm certain." But she seeks about in the water regardless of any trepidation she may have.

Derovai has left the Maze of Mirrors.

Mirari shifts her gaze to Talen and she smiles, showing her dimples. "He dragged me here, I'll have you know." She rolls her eyes and lets out a sigh. "Depending on how much drink he gets in him, I may have to drag him home. I'm sure you'll help him along with that, won't you?"

"It is a pleasure to meet you, and correct it was recent," Merek offers to the woman. He nods then to Zoey as he looks to the others, then he adds, "Ah right... You got married so congratulations," he inclines, then he smiles a bit, "Planning to try the water?"

Barric waves towards Cadenza, Elgana, Lucita, and Juliana, along with those who are near them by virtue of proximity. His smile is, not it's normal lustrous thing as he moves to sit down beside Reese and then he looks... surprised. Frowning deeply as he starts to speak back to Reese.

Luca manages not to spill his drink when Talen shoves him, and just to be safe, he tips it back and finishes what's left inside, before leaning in to shove the man back, all good nature and easiness in his demeanor, "I assure you, I only showed up under coercion. What sort of trouble could I possibly be interested in during a night like this?" he asks, playfully, before looking around at all the festivities going on among the grounds. Just for good measure, he gives the Archduke Consort a second small shove, and leans in as he does so to murmur something.

"I'll help. Drunk Luca is an unpredictable, volatile and dangerous beast." Theron mentions to Mirari, before trying to whack at the crab's hand for Amari's sake. Before her finger turns blue or something.

Theron checked strength + brawl at difficulty 10, rolling 20 higher.

Zoey glances from the water, where her hand is currently submerged, and back at Merek, amusement sparkling in her eyes. "I rather thought I was, Sir Black," she drawls quietly.

Iseulet begins to wander out, pulling her hair over her shoulder, wrapping a lock around her finger nervously, smiling silently as she slips right out.

"Don't kill it!" Amari cries, but the crab seems to weather the blows from the broken piece of mirror well enough and Theron's whack. It does let go, so mission accomplished. But it flies back at her like it's going to end up in her skirt and she's really not into that whole idea. There's an awkward, slightly frantic fluttering of her hands and she just barely manages to deflect the flailing crab aside and back into the pool of dark water with a loud bloop-splash. She rubs the blood back into her finger, blushing.

Lucita checked luck at difficulty 17, rolling 11 higher.

Alessandro sticks his hand in the pool without much ceremony, leaning over to feel around inside. He lets out a little laugh that sounds more surprised than amused, but he keeps his hand in for a few moments more, before he pulls his hand out, and with it comes some silver. "Acceptable," he says, before he starts back to the mirrored maze with it.

Alsandair, Crom, Jaerith leave, following Iseulet.

Alessandro has joined the Maze of Mirrors.

Merek looks then to the hand, while he nods to Zoey with a smile. He then takes a drink of that which is served here, and takes his time to offer, "It was nice to meet you, but I should go try being anti-social now," he admits.

"You are very lovely to say so," Bliss says with a smile to Juliana, still holding a bag that is pretty much sopping with black liquid as she watches arms go into the fountain with amusement in her eyes. "I think so far I've probably come out the best," she notes. "As it should be," she adds with self-aggrandizing humor.

Felicia can't help but hone in on the game being played in the ink-black liquid. Finding herself a drink and pausing to watch curiously.

Merek is overheard praising Talen for: Excellent event.

Eirene asks Theron, "When is Luca -not- drunk." She winks over at the man in question. "Wearing pants today I see. And look, I wore lipstick even, aren't I fancy too."

Zoey inclines her head graciously to Merek. "Be well, Sir Black," she says quietly. Then she sighs at the pool. "I wonder if it's run out of things," she remarks with amusement to Theron.

"You don't want them as a pet." Enyo assures Amari, weathering the flailing without a bat of her eyes, the broken mirror tucked back into her dress before she moves in to whisper something to Amari. She reaches into a hidden pocket, pulling something out that she then presses into the woman's hand, winking at her before she leans over to whisper something to Mirari as well.

Merek is overheard praising Zoey for: On the wedding.

Juliana checked luck at difficulty 18, rolling 2 lower.

"Well, that makes a change, normally he's the one that has to be taken places," Talen says to Mirari, before he considers Luca, smirking at his words. A nod, then he adds, "But I have to play host, you see." Then, with that, he looks around and considers the people he's probably ignroed in favour of staring at people's misery. "Ah, delicious. So many brave souls from our Compact, however!"

Cadenza looks over to Barric and waves. "Hey there!" Smiling brightly she then looks back Iggy sitting next to her.

Grazia drifts closer to the pool of water, watching those who stick their hands in come up with new and interesting things. She tucks her hands behind her back, which is quite bared by her slinky black dress.

Ian mostly, although not entirely, watches the crowd that swirls around the dark pool. The tension in his face eases a little bit as the alcohol he's already consumed starts to take effect.

Zoey checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Derovai shoots the others at the pool a quick, probably unfelt smile, waiting his turn. He peels off a silk glove, revealing the perfectly normal hand beneath and tucking the glove away into a pocket of that not-quite-all-black coat. "If I fall in, someone's fishing me out," he tells the others.

Mirari turns her head towards Enyo, nodding at her as she winks. She pats Luca on the arm and points towards Eirene. "I'll be back, I want to go see Eirene and fuss at her for a few minutes." She strolls towards the Malvici woman and leans in to look her over. "Look at you. That mask fooled me for all of two minutes."

Lethe sticks her hand in the water. She looks with curiousity as she takes her hand out of the water and sees sees an emerald like piece of glass. "At least it's my favorite color." She watches Lucita with curiousity. "This has been a fun party."

Lucita dips her hand into the pool very cautiously, sliding it deeper and deeper. Her nose wrinkles and a faint frown shows a moment as the liquid ..stuff reaches to her elbow. When she grasps something she withdraws her arm but cautiously so not to drip any of the black liquid on her garment. A quick glance locates a towel and she dries off her arm and the object carefully, giving a smile when she locates the coinage when wiped it is wiped clean. "Thank you, how nice, a pleasant surprise!"

Relic arrives, following Harlan.

"I wouldn't say I'm volatile..", Luca tells, offering Theron a laugh. "Drinkless? Maybe that's what you meant. I'm newly without a drink. That's going to be a problem soon. Then I'll be dangerous and unpredictable..". Eirene's mentioning him, and he shifts just enough to see her, "Who i--..", he begins, playfully, before grinning at her, "Oh! Eirene! I almost didn't recognize you. You're so lovely tonight, and not even roughly handling an injured person. Or maybe it's that lipstick, you're right. That's a good shade for you. Very fancy..", he compliments. Then he's on his own, as Mirari separates herself, and he moves over to Eleyna to murmur to her, "I'm so glad Talen didn't dress to match you. A little disappointed, too, but mostly glad..".

Felicia gives a wry smile for Derovai's words, electing to remove her own gloves and tuck them in her belt as she enquires,"What's it for, anyways?" with a nod at the pool,"I'll haul you out if you fall in. Possibly by a foot." added with a flash of a grin aferwards.

Relic have been dismissed.

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Theron checked luck at difficulty 19, rolling 4 lower.

Harlan enters into the darkness, becoming one more blot of darkness into the ... other darkness. He's wearing an outfit of full umbra, although his boots appear to be leather of some exotic type. He pauses, looking around faintly, giving his eyes time to adjust.

Eirene does a little spin-turn for Mirari. The glass bodice provides the appearance of segmented armor while providing no protection, framing the lovely umbra details to her bodice underneath. "I shouldn't of opened my big ass mouth. I could have continued freaking people out; I mean, this is the perfect disguise for me. I look like a damn proper Lycene noblewoman for a change," she says with a wink. "I thought the sword would have given it away first."

Morrighan checked luck at difficulty 18, rolling 7 lower.

Zoey pulls her hand out with a little bit of a laugh. She shakes her hand off, little droplets of black water flying. She smiles at the red stone in her hand, and then rises. A curtsey of gratitude is given to Talen and Elenya before she's all but flying back to the shadows of the garden and Ian's side.

"No, no. When you're drunk, you give literally no cares to anything in the world." Theron points out to Luca, wiggling his finger at his friend before he uses that same hand to reach into the pool. Hey, he didn't get hurt the first time.

Eleyna slants a glance at Luca and returns the murmur as she supervises the 'fishing' in the pool, "He was trying to prevent me from slipping a little something into someone's drink if they stared too long."

Isabetta has left the shadowy corner of the gardens.

There's a hearty and impish giggle at Luca. Kia shakes her head, "Alas, black was not something we wore much on the islands. It gets a bit hot." she replies before she hrmms for a few moments. "I'm going to wander about though. I hope you two enjoy the rest of the carnival." And with that, the island girl wanders off to do whatever.

Merek looks around a bit and inclines with respect as he adjusts his cloak, and makes his way on for the time being. He seems content and satisfied with coming to the event.

"Your foul mouth did." Mirari responds, rolling her eyes at Eirene as she laughs softly. She moves to lean against the wall near the Malvici woman, speaking quietly to her. Her voice is pitched low as not to be overheard.

Derovai checked luck at difficulty 18, rolling 12 lower.

Juliana waits for Lucita, watching as she pulls out her prize. Then steps up to drop a curtsy to Eleyna and Talen, the smokey darkness of her transparent dress rippling around her and playing peek-a-boo with the steel and blue roses that are painted to her skin. Gathering the gossamer skirts in a hand, that just pulls them a little tighter around her, the girl eyes the water for a moment before reaching into the blackness to feel around. Even with the ick of the inky water the Pravus a small smile before jumping, her hand pulling back fast as with a crab hanging for just a monent then dropping back as if she had been the one to assault him! Juliana, however narrows her eyes. "Well there goes dinner."

Duarte rolls up a sleeve and approaches the fishing pool fixin' to see what he might be able to reach in and grab.

Amari clasps her hands together at her waist, the one with the blueish pinky finger on top, stricken finger stuck out and wiggling in an absent attempt to get the blood flowing all the way to the tip again. There's a solemn nod of acknowledgement for whatever Enyo leans in to tell her, and despite being told crabs make terrible pets, she still glances back into the pool where she last saw the thing. "Sir Pinchalot, though, Enyo. I could have named him that." She could have, but she doesn't look eager to try and fish him out again. "Shall we go look around?"

Eirene smirks at Luca even as she marvels at her own transformation. "By the way, I took your advice from the other day, and it helped immensely." She says this seriously but then starts to grin wickedly. "So you can now say you're possessing a sage wisdom and other such solemn bullshit."

Duarte checked luck at difficulty 18, rolling 3 lower.

Ian takes note of the stone Zoey shows him before putting it away.

Duarte falls in the pool.

Tabitha checked luck at difficulty 18, rolling 10 lower.

"If you fall in, Dero, I dunnae think anyone could find you since you'd blend in so well," comes a teasing quip from Morrighan as she follows suit - hauled off more liked - towards the fountain, preparing for hand dippage. When the time comes it's their turn - she and Joscelin, that is, the redhead inhales deep and takes the plunge. For but a moment there's a subtle grimace, and the dame peers questioningly at the black surface, eventually lifting her hand back out..with a silver coin. It's one more silver than she had.

Eirene glances around the party when Mirari says something, blue eyes taking in various guests. She shakes her head briskly and makes a hushed reply. And splash, there goes Duarte. Her eyes roll a little.

"You can get another pet or distraction, trust me. One that is better." Enyo assures Amari with a laugh, tucking her arm around hers before she nods, "Right, since we're at a Velenosan party, let's go meet Her Grace's brother, then we'll go into the maze." She starts to move towards the garden benches, pausing long enough to grab Theron and drag him along as well.

Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka leave, following Merek.

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Derovai checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

"Well, I better start getting drunk then. I can feel the cares climbing up to rest upon my shoulders even now." Luca promises Theron, and then his attention dances over to where Eirene is at. He lifts a dark brow for a moment, looks thoughtful, then tells her, "I don't even remember what that advice was. Do me a favor and surprise me with it when I'm in need of it again. We'll pass the sage wisdom back and forth, just like the time before there were books." Still there next to Eleyna, he leans in again to tell her, "I don't know. It strikes me as a perfect sort of night for mystery drinks. Where's the fun stuff? I'll be as the wind, blowing along and delivering it into all the drinks I can find."

Elgana checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Duarte scrambles out of the pool. For a moment there is an eel wriggling in his hand which he releases back into the water with a little backwards jump. He drips his way over to a refreshment table.

Having decided she has had enough in the background, Jaenelle steps forward to peek more at the pool then she had given previous attention towards. A nod is offered towards the man charged with the pool's smooth running as if to state she'd like to also take a try, though her attention shifts towards Eleyna and Talen as she waits her turn. "You both look beautiful." Because Talen can be beautiful!

"I'm actually wearing colors today, thank you very much," Derovai replies to Morrighan, and it's more than a little pointed. Rolling up his sleeve, he plunges his hand deep down into the bottom of the pool, swishing around for the moment before he emerges with... another eel. This one's angry, flicking about, and a second or two away from wrapping itself around the man's hand. He doesn't flinch, though, not for a second, simply dropping the eel back down into the pool with a rather cool demeanor. "I could have at least gotten a coin," he remarks casually to Morrighan, shrugging.

Monique checked luck at difficulty 18, rolling 8 lower.

The Guildmaster squeals at least once, hand almost jerking from the water at the founatin but ah! It's Morrighan, not -eels- or anything, that brushed her, standing at the Redrain's side as she sinks her hand up to the wrist. When at last she finds something to wrap her fingers around, she gasps. Her closed hand emerges from the water to turn and open, revealing a flawless sapphire as blue as the summer sky. The jeweler laughs, then sits on the bench at the fountains again, in awe staring. "Oh, Morrighan, look-!" It is a fine prize. -Very- fine.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Niccolo.

Joscelin claims that last.

Theron gestures for Garibaldi to approach Eleyna with a carefully wrapped envelope, a nod given to his patron, and a lingering look. But then he pulls his hand up and... it's stained in black. Tar. He wipes most of it at the edge of the pool, but his fingernails and fingertips are going to be stained black for a much longer time. And then Enyo starts to drag him along so he doesn't even have a time to process all that. "Wait--" Off he goes.

Felicia checked luck at difficulty 18, rolling 10 lower.

Harlan heads over towards the group of people at the fountain, shifting to see what's going on. He's tall, so this is less diffult than others, perhaps.

Jaenelle checked luck at difficulty 18, rolling 7 lower.

Ian nods to something Zoey asks him. He takes a last drink from his bottle of rum like he's steeling himself, then puts it back in his beat up leather bag, and settles the long strap across his chest. Only then does he start trying to get up. Even braced against his cane, it takes two tries before he manages it.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent have been dismissed.

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Bliss whistles softly as she sees the sapphire coming out, quietly waiting as she watches everything going on, a huge grin on her face.

Harlan checked luck at difficulty 18, rolling 3 higher.

At least the lean has given Elgana a view of others and she waves when she spies Barric--finally--as she continues to fish about in the pool. And then there is a Duarte! She gives the Count a smile. "How good to see you dearest Count Duarte," she says she continues that lean and then the Count falls into the pool and she just blinks. "Are you okay?" she offers but... she's still sort of busy with her arm in the water. She blinks and her nose crinkles and then she is pulling her hand out. "Huh," she says as she stares at a small lump of silver she holds in her hand. "Pretty." And then she glances back to Duarte, an apologetic smile on her lips as he wanders off and she makes to follow after him but she is still curious as to the silvery nugget she's holding. "I'm so sorry dearest Count," she calls after him and then instead makes her way back to the alcove and the group she had been with.

Zoey rises with Ian and waits until he's ready to go. Then, she waves generally towards the crowd and starts for the exit.

Tabitha widens her eyes as a little snake coils around her fingers, emerald scales kissed with a hint of gold. Its tiny tongue kisses the air. Long moments pass as she leaves her hand in the water, clearly confused as to what to do next.

Lethe notices Harlan and heads toward him. "Hello cousin. It's been a while since I've seen you."

Grazia checked luck at difficulty 19, rolling 11 lower.

Away from the black pool goes Amari, arm in arm with Enyo. She stutter steps once when she hears a big splash and absolutely has to glance over her shoulder to see what's happened. Duarte and eel are grinned over, but she doesn't go back that way. He'll get a wave if he looks, but she's soon turned back to Enyo and Theron. "The brother of?" She prompts, curious.

"Aye, tha' you are! Jus' a lil' bit, touch here an' there. Nice ensemble you've got there," comes a mirthful response to Derovai, her smile broad and teasing, hand shaking away remnants of the black water while pulling out a scrap of cloth from her bag. Morrighan curiously observes Derovai's own attempt at fishing something from the fountain, and which he does. Though not something she expected. "Well..suppose you could cook an' eat tha'. Want my coin?"

Jaerith enters the ground, unidled, no longer following behind a certain Lady Iseulet, and unfortunately very alone. His eyes take in the area, eyebrows raising. His face breaks into a smirk that transforms into a grin. His face says 'now this is my kind of party'. Luckily, he doesn't start scream it outloud. At least not yet. He moves to begin mingling, and in particular, trying to find some booze.

Eventually, curiousity gets the better of Grazia, and she, too, moves to stick her hand in the water. Her expression is rather serious as she does so, but it's part of the charm of the game, right?

Mirari grins at Eirene and then wiggles her fingers at the woman as she moves away. She makes her way over to a darker corner of the gardens, she takes a seat on the bench there, pulling her flask from her purse. She watches people take their turns dipping their hands in the fountain, as she quietly drinks.

Mirari has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Eleyna eyes the envelope as it is passed to her and lifts a brow in Theron's direction. There is literally no place for the Archduchess to tuck it away, so she passes it off safely into Sybilla's hands to be read later. She grins affectionately at Jaenelle as she approaches and says in a low voice, "This old thing?" She looks her Voice over and says with an approving nods, "You look like a moving shadow, my dear. Gorgeous."

Ian walks slowly, all of his attention on his own footsteps. Working his way through this crowd isn't a fast process, but he also didn't go very far into the gardens before sitting down, in the first place.

Ian has left the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Harlan smiles towards Lethe, a flash of white amid the blackness, "It has been a while. I visited Tyde just recently, actually, talking to your brother. I'm having some new construction done at Ashford -- I'd like you both to come see it once it's done. I'm going to hold an event for it, I think." He remains near the fountain, figuring out what's going on, and is ready to reach in.

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Eirene goes back to watching the elegant dancers move and twist in the inky blackness. Far more interesting than the prizes. She grabs a bacon wrapped scallop as a tray drifts by and eats, gloved fingers holding it gingerly.

Octavian, a silken spaniel leaves, following Zoey.

Zoey leaves, following Ian.

"The Archduchess." Enyo replies, dragging her vict...companions along with her as she heads towards Mydas. When she's close she calls out to him, "Your Highness! We're making the rounds, and Lady Amari is wanting to meet all the people. So Theron and I are introducing her around."

Luca checked luck at difficulty 19, rolling 4 lower.

One never passes up an opportunity to visit an inky black abyss and watch demon shadow-dancers. Niccolo appears from the main entrance to the large estate on the grounds, enormously but also perfectly late. The former archduke navigates his way toward a table of refreshments as he surveys the general scene, a light smile on his face, apparently pleased with either the crowd or the decor, or some combination of the two.

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2 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

One never passes up an opportunity to visit an inky black abyss and watch demon shadow-dancers. Niccolo appears from the main entrance to the large estate on the grounds, enormously but also perfectly late. The former archduke navigates his way toward a table of refreshments as he surveys the general scene, a light smile on his face, apparently pleased with either the crowd or the decor, or some combination of the two.

Lethe smiles as she speaks to Harlan. "That's great. We just had a garden added. Perhaps you saw it. I look forward to seeing what you have done to the house and coming for your event."

Felicia elects to reach into the pool with a grimace, leaning in, elbow deep and eyes half closed in concentration. There's the furrow of her brows as she withdraws her hand with a piece of silver, giving a furrow of her brows with a glance towards Talen and then at the little piece of mirror with a tight kind of smile, then shakes her head slightly, electing to try again in a fit of some kind of madness, perhaps.

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After a while of watching, Bliss turns and begins to talk to someone she apparently recognizes, slipping into conversation there and getting lost in the crowd.

Monique is ready to try her hand at the inky black fountain. The redhead is a good deal more drunk than she was when she first arrived, but she's headed determinedly towards the pitch waters, the spidery silk of her gown floating behind her like a ghost over the ground.

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Orland nonchalantly passes by Duarte and tosses him a little tiny hand towel, then disappears into the crowd. Duarte sighs at it but uses it nonetheless to pat himself dry with some futility, making his own way to the gardens all the while.

"I wonder how it happened," Derovai remarks to Morrighan, joking right back. He shakes his hand free of the black ichor that had surrounded that eel, and shakes his head. "No. I want my own coin," he remarks, adding, "But thanks, anwyay. I wonder if the Archduke actually stocked this thing with more than one gemstone." He makes sure his voice carries over to Talen, a little snap to the words.

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Talen inclines his head politely to Felicia, the shadow paint upon his flesh, the black attire,... it only lends to the atmosphere. As he reaches out for a cup of red wine, he sips it then he places it down as the line continues. "Who knew people enjoyed fear so much."

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Jaerith eyes the area and sees folks working their way through the inky black fountain. This seems an intersting place to start, so he heads over that way. He leans around the side, trying to figure out what is going on.

Monique has left the Maze of Mirrors.

Jaenelle might be distracted, or perhaps she is just really unlucky. Maybe both at the same time, and that doesn't really bode well with sticking your hand in unknown substances. Yet here she is, and there her hand goes, disappearing from view as it sinks past the point of vision. Her brows furrow as her fingers wiggle and pull out an eel. The poor animal assumed it was getting fed as the food appearing fingers keep dipping into the fountan. As the animal wiggles in her hand, Jaenelle cups it with her other and gives the eel a kiss before placing it where the rest of the eels have been deposited. "I had a burst of inspiration" she tells Eleyna, clearly not put off at the whole slimy fish thing...Thraxians man.

Jaerith has joined the line.

Enyo's arrival is met with a nod from Mydas. "Baroness. Lady Amari, I am Prince Ettore Velenosa, and it is a pleasure to meet you." he says. "You've got quite a few people yet to go, it would seem." he remarks on the subject of introducing the Keaton to... well everyone.

Harlan moves to head towards the fountain, moving to a spot that others haven't quite fished clean. He leans down, and reaches in -- and in -- and in. He looks a bit surprised as his arm goes all the way down to the elbow. He makes a faint face and says, "Nasty stuff, this." He then blinks in a bit of surprise, before he stands back up, holding a quantity of coins, "Well -- that's not a bad thing at all!" He goes to get himself a glass, before coming back. You need alcohol for this thing, definitely."

Tabitha is on the horns of a dilemma here. She's not particularly afraid of the snake in and of itself (quite cute, actually) and yet if she lifts it, it may bite her. Then again, what if she leaves it where it is? Maybe it'll get eaten. Then again, if she doesn't move her hand, maybe something else will go for the snake, and therefore her tender skin. Maybe an eel. Looking absolutely horrified, brow creased and eyes wide, she finally makes the decision to lift the little thing out of the water, holding it just above the surface. Her face seems to say, 'please don't bite, please don't bite, for the lvoe of the gods, please don't bite!!'.

Turn in line: Felicia

Mirari takes another drink from her flask, letting out a sigh. "If you get any of that water on me.." She warns, scowling in Duarte's direction as her eyes narrow. "Damp clothes will be the least of your problem."

Luca steps up to the pool of black water, pulling one glove off, and then the other, both of which he tucks into a pocket. "Well, let's see here. I'm sure there's something terrible in here that I can use to terrorize someone else. It's almost a shame someone got the snake and the crab already. Imagine the trouble I could have gotten myself into with those..", and then with little hesitation he plunges his hand into the pool and feels around until he finds something. The black waters swirl and eddy around his hand as he fishes around his arm until he grabs the first thing to brush his fingertips. When he pulls his hand back, there's a soaking wet.. piece of wood? "Sweet Gods, it's horrifying to behold!" he cries, playfully, "A piece of fucking wood. Now I definitely need a drink if I'm going to find a way to terrorize someone with this thing."

Felicia checked luck at difficulty 19, rolling 13 lower.

Malrico drifts in, an exceedingly ordinary, forgettable man all in black, easily mistaken for a servant or another face in the crowd. His eyes stray to different Lycene nobles as he silently makes his way towards Belladonna.

Grazia rather quickly retracts her hand, perhaps faster than she intended. Something flashes in her whiskey-hued eyes, but it's difficult to say, and she looks at her fingers and then at the black water. "Mmmm, Harlan," she says softly to the gentleman nearest her. "Let's go get something to drink. This pool requires alcohol."

Tabitha checked dexterity + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Eirene shrugs at Talen. "Who knew people were so desperate for shiny things they'd risk shoving their hands into the darkness," the Malvici replies with a snort of amusement. She smiles with her dark lips and pops another scallop into her mouth. Eyes drift to Tabitha and she dryly comments, "Cute snake. Still not going to help if you get bit."

Eirene then comments to Luca, "Stop waving your big black wood around at people."

Barric leans over to Reese where they sit on their bench and he wraps an arm around her shoulders gently and gives her a hug, well half a hug, sitting on a bench makes it difficult to give a full hug without some contortions going on!

"Prince Ettore," Theron inclines his head to the Voice of Velenosa, respectfully. "Good to see you, Your Highness." Something more quiet is murmured to the man, with a briefly amused smile.

Turn in line: Lethe

Niccolo checked perception at difficulty 19, rolling 16 lower.

Lethe checked luck at difficulty 19, rolling 11 lower.

Lucita nods to Juliana and glances toward Barric. "Go ahead, will walk over with you."

Silvio checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Talen bunches up his shoulders and clears his throat, eyes hardening, deepening in their dark grey. "Hello," he murmurs, before he looks up, to the next person in line. The greeting might be for them, even.

Turn in line: Derovai

Derovai checked luck at difficulty 19, rolling 8 lower.

Tabitha apparently Eirene's comment works Tabitha up a bit, because her hand shakes, her eyes widen even further, and she drops the snake back into the water with a gentle plop -- hopefully without getting a nasty bite!

"Not so much fear as... hmm. Not sure." Felicia offers with a wry smile back at Talen, electing to put her hand back in the mess even as her eyes catch on, and her head dips towards Monique with a small smile. The noise she gives is one of distaste when she pulls out her arm, whatever she touched down there having stained the skin of her pale hand interesting shades of black right now.

The snake doesn't bite. She only wanted to be friends!

Harlan holds up his glass towards Grazia, and says, "I've got mine! I rather want to try this again. I's strange, and pretty nasty, but I'm not letting that stop me. Fairing well, Duchess?"

Mydas nods to Theron at his greeting. "Lord Theron, a pleasure to see you again." he greets. As to the murmured words, there's a flash of amusement seen in the man's wolf eyes, and words said, too quiet to be heard by most.

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Juliana has joined the pathway benches.

This time it isn't the pool and the privacy of the inky black liquid that gets Derovai, it's Talen smacking him on the back of the head, then pushing him off with his hand covered in sludge from the bottom of the water. "We stock it well enough, Master Voss. Now get!"

Sabella has left the garden benches.

Amari bows her head politely to Mydas, forgoing a proper Oathlands style curtsey, since she's attached to Enyo at the arm. "Your Highness. It's very nice to meet you, and yes, quite a few, I think." She's well over the crab attack now, smiling warmly. "Are these carnivals always so well attended, and amazing?"

Turn in line: Grazia

Lethe looks over the single coin she pulls out. "I'll be sure to treasure it. She stays to watch some of the others take a turn."

Turn in line: Cadenza

Cadenza leaves her group again. She's no quitter! Moving to the pool of water she stretches her arms then nods as she grins. "Let's see...." And in her hand goes!

Niccolo continues to play the wallflower for the time being, whiskey now safely in hand, watching the visitors gathered, with a particular focus on the people bobbing for -- well, whatever it is one finds in an inky black pool. He does not appear game to partake, for now. Given the crowd, he does not catch sight of Belladonna or anyone else. When he finally leaves the refreshments, it is toward the mirror maze.

"Talen, you can't just smack people around." Eleyna says in a voice that is surprisingly calm for all that she is scolding him.

Tabitha has joined the line.

Talen says, "Watch me."

Eirene starts to wander, admiring the various things to be seen in the shadows; or not seen. Her blue eyes take in the various shades of black and the clumping together of people. Another servant drifts by with wine and she plucks another glass off.

Sabella stands from the benches, giving Theron a smile, "Lord Theron. That collar is gorgeous! Had I known we could wear white and purple I wouldn't have needed to buy a new dress."

Malrico has joined the garden benches.

Grazia checked luck at difficulty 19, rolling 5 lower.

"So many people, but I don't think we'll manage to get to everyone." Enyo admits with a shake of her head, eyes scanning the grounds before she shrugs her shoulders at Amari, "I certainly have no idea...but I fucking hope so." She glances back towards Theron and Mydas, "I was just going to take Lady Amari into the maze, would you like to come?"

Lianne bows her head graciously as Theron draws nearer to the little gathering near Ettore--or Mydas, depending on your point of view--offering a respectful, "Lord Theron." She turns her attention to Micaela for a moment, murmuring, "I wouldn't be so certain." But then Sabella's on her feet, and she's following. In an uncharacteristic rush to down the rest of her wine, she drinks deeply then hands off the glass to a servant. She offers up her crooked arm, all draped in loose, flowy black lace, for the princess to claim should she care to. "I could imagine several terrible things. Let's consider, instead, the best we might find, mm?"

Derovai smiles blithely at Talen, his gaze drifting through the crowd for a second or two -- before he's unceremoniously smacked on the back of the head. He turns, shoulders squaring for just an instant, before he takes a step or two back from the pool. "Don't tell me you don't appreciate my presence, Your Lordship. We still have to finish our lessons. Six synonyms for 'leave'." He folds his arms, head tilting.

Arm linked in Lucita's Juliana and the Baroness slip away from the conversations around them to cross towards Reese and Barric, the two ladies aprouching slowly enough to not just show up in their conversation without the Graysons knowning they are drawing near.

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Monique offers a smile aside to Felicia, and murmurs something low, her own hand coming up with a flick, and empty.

Coraline has left the Maze of Mirrors.

3 Thrax Guards leaves, following Coraline.

Cadenza checked luck at difficulty 19, rolling 6 higher.

Lianne has left the garden benches.

There's a somewhat bright grin to Mydas after their murmured exchange, and Theron winks at the Voice of Velenosa, the expression lopsided before he glances at the party at large. He pauses at Sabella's statement, chuckling. "This, Your Highness? It's a military decoration. The Order of the White Lily," he explains to Sabella, before inclining his head respectfully to Lianne. "Marquessa, a pleasure to see you again."

Tabitha frowns a bit, then suddenly decides that snake was super cute and probably that Eirene's a big meany. She goes back for another try to see if she can scoop it up again.

Eirene is the biggest of meanies. Ask most anyone.

Luca wags the stick in Eirene's direction, "That joke makes itself. I'm going to resist the urge to walk around all evening, drinking and offering people this wood. I'm just very mature. Too mature for that sort of thing..", he assures, though there is trouble writ across his features. He places the wet piece of wood down near the pool it came out of, and turns to weave his way back through to the refreshment table. That last cup wasn't much of a foe, so this time the Lycene just picks up a bottle to bring along with him. In case circumstances grow dire. Or even just in case time continues moving forward. He's off again, after, slipping through people. Somewhere along the way he manages to snatch a black ribbon from a performer, which he waves through the air a couple of times before draping across the back of his neck to hang there like an adornment.

Margret's gaze drifts towards the fountain. She wrinkles her nose before she murmurs something to Simone and Alessandro.

Luca has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Turn in line: Harlan

Harlan checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

"I think it bit me," Grazia replies to Harlan a bit dryly, retracting her hands and stepping away from the pool. "But you keep fishing, by all means. Come find me when you're done."

Saoirse suddenly shivers and glances around. She looks this way, that way, and then steps back further into the hall of mirrors.

"Yes. And it seems you've had a taste of the usual Lycene pranks. I believe last time was... viper? Mm... Or was it caltrops? No matter." Mydas waves it off as he answers Amari. "I do hope you enjoy your stay." he adds before shifting his attention to Enyo. "Perhaps in a bit, when I've finished this glass of wine. Do go on ahead. And try not to get lost before I get there." he smirks.

Sabella laughs and gives Lianne a brilliant smile, "I think we should find ourselves, then. Many of us! And we should have nothing to fear from ourselves, right? For who knows us best?" And then to Theron, "Well, it's lovely and looks great on you." She tells him with another winning smile before heading over towards the mirror maze. "...we are sure there is a way in and a way out, right?" She asks Lianne, "Or is the big trick that you have to come out the same way you come in?"

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Eirene goes to lurk outside the crimson tent, sipping her drink and being her usual contrary self. Content to let her kohl rimmed eyes just watch the celebration move around her.

Jaenelle slips away from Talen and Eleyna for the moment as Talen appears violent, moving to get a drink herself from the wide selection of offered beverages. There doesnt seem as if she is choosing something specific as she wiggles a blind finger towards a random bottle and that is what she gets in a glass. Taking it with her, she makes her way over towards Barric, pausing just slightly to say something to the man in hushed tones.

Nibbling her lower lips she pulls up....a coin. A tilt of her head and she smiles. "Oooh....." Better than the slug. With that she nods to her cousins with a curtsey then moves back over to the alcove. Cadenza reaches for that towel again form Sofia as she does so.

Talen tilts his head, look around, as if he's searching the crowd. Then, after a moment, he says to Harlan, "Go on, my lord. Enjoy yourself," he says with a sick humour. As he reaches in, he rises his brows, seemingly surprise anything is left when it's drawn. "Congratulations. Now, I think we'll leave the remainder of the pool to our guests, and greet our guests. Thank you for playing." The Archduke seems to allow people their fun, though nothing more seems to come form the pool, at least other than crabs, slugs, sludge, eels and snakes.

During his time standing near the pool, Jaerith has been checking out his surroundings. His eye catches someone finally that he recognizes and he breaks off from the fountain and begins to meander his way over towards Amari a slight smirk on his face as he goes.

The line has been dismissed by Talen.

Saoirse rounds a corner -- nope, a mirror. Rounds another. And another. Until she finally finds her way out. As she moves, she brushes by Simone and, one cautious glance over her shoulder, smiles thinly. "About Stumphrey? Princess Caith would say she did. I think anyone who hates animal messengers would know I did."

Saoirse has left the Maze of Mirrors.

The servants circulate with towels, handing them off to those in need without so much as a breath of warning. It would be fair if some found it spooky...

Amari was super focused on Mydas, but after the introductions, she takes in more of the surroundings, and the people in it. Again, more respectful dips of her head to some of the faces she recognizes, like Sabella's, and those she doesn't like Lianne's. "Those are pranks? I hope my cousins never attend one of these and take notes." And speak of the devil, there's a cousin meandering over with a smirk, but she hasn't spotted him yet. "I hope you'll join us, your Highness." She adds, smiling as she looks to Enyo and Theron. "Lead on."

"Certainty is not our friend this evening, your highness," Lianne laments as brightly as a lamentation can be. "We must risk without knowing the end." And, with that, she's dipping into the maze with Sabella, into the smoke and mirrors to go find themselves.

Theron bows his head in a quiet greeting over to Niccolo, whom he recognizes from the Setarco campaign, but otherwise looks between Amari and Enyo. Waiting for them to lead the way to the maze, apparently. The other people at the benches are also given a courteous bob of his head in greeting, the stranger that settles down given somewhat of a longer, appraising look before he's turning to the Keaton and Gilden ladies, "Well then. To the maze."

Lightly placing a hand on Joscelin's shoulder, Morrighan leans in to murmur softly for the woman before stepping off away from the fountain. The dame meanders through the crowd, arms loosely folded over her chest, her gaze searching faces, eventually again finding Ettore. She makes her approach towards the Prince, though awaits for a moment he doesn't appear too busy before plopping down nearby. "Evenin' friend," comes a warm greeting, however her smile is a little cheeky. "Wanted tae greet you proper an' come see you. How is everythin'? Doin' well over here?"

"Of course! I'm sure that we'll get gloriously lost, then unlost, then maybe lost again. But isn't that part of the fun?" Enyo wonders, flashing a grin at Mydas before she nods, "To the maze." She agrees before heading off towards the maze, "We'll find a nice quiet spot to stare at the mirrors for a while."

Joscelin jumps as ... a servant, just there. With a towel. The jeweler clears her throat and accepts the towel and cleans both her hand and the gem. There.

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Tabitha smiles happily as she scoops up her little snake pal, smiling at the little thing with warmth in her eyes as the little thing wriggles around in her hand. Then she drops it back in, reluctant, with a very careful twist of her hand. Someone might as well have cut her hand off, the way her face falls. Goodbye, snek baby.

Seeing Amari about to move towards the maze, Jaerith steps it out just a little bit to catch up with her. Siddling near her, he gives a call, "Cousin." Smirk still planted firmly on his face.

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Felicia turns a squint towards the servant that appears with towels, taking one for herself and handing another off to Monique with a tight kind of smile. Of course, she might be scrubbing at that arm for a while, seems like the inky sludge doesn't exactly want to let go.

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Harlan chuckles towards Grazia, and waits his turn before leaning down to reach in again, "I view it as a test of one's bravery. Can you reach in without qualm, to see if you find a treasure -- or something else?" He fishes briefly, then pulls his hand up, and lets out a long, low whistle -- holding an iridescite ring in his hand. "Treasure, indeed."

Joscelin has left the benches by the fountain.

Now that the black pool is filled with nothing but darkness (and snakes) Eleyna wraps her arm around Talen's and gently drags him away, now that there is no one left to watch potentially lose a finger. As the Archduchess and Archduke find a spot to sit, servants approach with alcohol and plates of appetisers, all of them well-loved Lenosian favorites.

Saoirse has joined the garden benches.

Margret reaches down to snag Alessandro's hand to walk away from the mirrors. Before she does she looks to Simone to say, "We'll be over there." She motions somewhere vaguely in the direction of the benches before she starts out just as the crowd of people comes in.

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Eirene seems to be enjoying her solitude. There's the occasional passing food or refill of her drink that keeps her content, listening to the music and watching darkness move about. But a messenger finds her, to her annoyance. "Should have stayed masked," she mutters.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

"Unfortunately, I was not so lucky as you. Only what I assume to have been a crab, as it bit me, and I did not care to pull it from the inky depths," Grazia replies to Harlan, moving to hook an arm into his and examine his prize. "Very nice," she says softly. "Very nice."

Joscelin moves from the benches by the fountain, doing a double take at Morrighan when she leaves, brow furrowed, but then her smile is back and she's moving to the Shadowy Corner. Oooh. "Mirari!" she greets her old friend with a laugh. She looks at Luca and Duarte there with her, pausing politely. "Might I join you?"

Morrighan is greeted with a small smile when she approaches, Mydas turning his attention away from hsi companions to focus on the northern red Dame. "Quite well, yes. Simply enjoying the conversation, and this glass of wine, before a brief adventure in the maze of mirrors. And yourself? I hope you're having a good time in this dress of yours. Of your own making, I trust? You'll forgive my eye, less sharp for tailoring as it is for numbers."

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Harlan slips the ring into a pouch, then wanders with his glass, moving to find Grazia, his arms taking hers lightly, "It is. I'm sure I'll find a use for it. I heard congratulations were in order, Duchess?" He doesn't seem to be going anywhere in particular, letting Grazia choose destinations.

Vladimir arrives, following Hana.

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Mirari gestures for Joscelin to sit beside her, reaching out to yank at her. "C'mere you. It's been a bit, hasn't it?" She asks, giving the Guildmaster a kiss on the cheek.

Eirene isn't alone for very long. It seems the Eleyna is inflicting Talen upon her.

Derovai seems content to wait for Talen's requested list of synonyms, leaning against the fountain as he folds his arms, glancing to see how the guests have rearranged themselves. "Luckier with this than you are with women," he drawls to the other man before he glances back to the conversations at hand.

Joscelin has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Derovai seems content to wait for Talen's requested list of synonyms, leaning against the fountain as he folds his arms, glancing to see how the guests have rearranged themselves. "Luckier with this than you are with women," he drawls to Harlan before he glances back to the conversations at hand.

Alessandro stands up when Margret pulls him, gesturing for Simone to follow. Well, gesturing as well as he can with the glass of wine in his hand, without spilling it.

There's a squeal from Josie as she's yanked, laughing as she joins Mirari and the others.

Talen moves alongside Eleyna, far more attentive now, at least now the game at the fountain is finished as it can be. When Derovai seems to linger, he gets a glance, before he smirks. "Linguistics have come remarkably less interesting of late, can you fathom? Perhaps we'll pick another subject soon, Master Voss." Then, depositing himself alongside Eirene, he pats her on the shoulder. "Hi." A glass of something is taken, deep and red, as well as a slice of bread with salmon and lemon. Mmm.

Monique smiles wistfully towards Felicia, scrubbing at her arms with the towel while talking low. Then she turns, fetching two drinks and passing one off the striking King's Own.

Tabitha is overheard praising Eleyna.

Barric has a conversation with Lucita, Juliana, and Reese, alternating between smiles and laughs over at their bench now, but he does turn his attention to Jaenelle when she comes over and he has a quiet conversation with her as well. Ahh the many headed conversation octopus has been born, or rekindled, or found again.

Felicia lays the towel over her shoulder once she gives up trying to get the stain off her fingers, accepting the glass from Monique with a grateful dip of her head and offering her arm in exchange as they converse quietly.

Tabitha is overheard praising Talen.

"It's good tae see you, been a while," Morrighan states aside to the nobleman with a smile, her gaze briefly flitting back to Joscelin whenever she makes her retreat from the fountain. "I'll nae bother you verra long-" she begins to say, once more glancing up at the sound of squealing. An amused look flits across her face before she returns her focus to Ettore once more. "Bit o' a change for me, but figured it could'nae hurt an' venture out tae somethin' new. Only had one black item so..had tae make somethin'. I ain't trippin' over it yet."

Eirene lifts her glass in toast to host and hostess as they join her. "Hi yourself," she quips back with a smirk. She lowers her voice to chat in amusement with the pair.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

Simone watches her cousin and Alessandro get up and reluctantly gives up her spot on the bench to follow them, scanning around and nodding greetings here and there to people she knows as she tries to keep up with them in the crowd.

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Derovai adds to Talen, "I'm afraid the price will be raised. A whole new subject, new lesson plans. You've ladled on me a whole new serving of preparations. I'll want to be rewarded quite handsomely for having to respond so speedily to the change in plans. You understand, of course." From the sound of his voice, Talen isn't being given very much room for disagreement, theoretically.

Margret has joined the The Sideshow.

This has been a very emotional night for Tabitha, for reasons unknown. And so she retreats from the grounds in her usual quiet fashion, shrouded by shadows.

In hurries Hana, with the general air of someone who's been lost in her work and utterly forgotten about an event she meant to intend. She makes her way into the Velenosa estate's outer grounds, and then comes to a dead halt at the sheer size of the crowd. The smith's eyes widen as she tries to figure out precisely where it is she should turn. She defaults to 'the refreshments', gathering herself a glass of something alcoholic before she returns to the crowd.

Tabitha has left the benches by the fountain.

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"We should've brought a bottle or two in with us. Had some to share with those we come across. And our many selves," Sabella extends an arm in a languid movement that's reflected on both sides of her. She turns back to look at Lianne, the actual Lianne and not a reflection Lianne, "And always better!" She replies cheerfully with a laugh. "I should apologize to you, Marquessa, for sleeping through your conversation with Lord Kennex the other night at the Redrain garden. I found the subject matter very interesting, but also I suppose inspiring for dreams of my own? That's a poetic way for saying I was just damn tired."

"You know I could just find another tutor, right?" Talen calls to Derovai, "You need to work on your ability to make it tempting, and you're awfully bad at that, Master Voss," drawls the Archduke Consort. Then, spying someone ahead, he calls out to Hana. "Mistress Hana Grayhope, I see you're stalking around in the grounds unattended. Come join us, if it please you. You missed your chance to play," he says, indicating the fountain, and its inky black liquid that fills it. "Some would say you missed much, others would say you are better off without taking your turn."

Grazia leads Harlan over to a table where drinks are being served, as it was agreed that alcohol was in order. "Yes. Prince Aiden and I are to wed, after a period of courtship," she replies, nodding to him.

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A shadowy figure approaches Eleyna and Talen - Mirrorguards are nothing if not suited to an event such as this, and Romina is no exception. She is surrounded by an air of mystery at all times. The woman leans in closely to the pair, conspiratorily: "Prince Niccolo sends his admiration. I believe he is lost in the maze. I found myself out easily enough, so I suppose I could help him as well. In any event, he said to tell you he will come by soon." Lingering only long enough for a return message, she then slinks back off into the crowd.

Monique joins her arm to Felicia's, gesturing away from the inky fountain and towards the pathways, words still quiet, expression still bright from lantern light.

Hana has joined the Donato's Inferno Room.

"I doubt you could manage to bother me even were you to try, Morrighan." Mydas notes to the Dame. "But you're welcome to try, I suppose." He glances at her dress, before giving a nod. "It suits you. Perhaps you'll even rob some poor nobleman of his heart. Or twenty. It depends on how inspiring you might find the lycene setting." he remarks, amused.

Jaenelle pulls away from Barric as whatever the conversation was has ended with a simple grin from the woman and gentle pat to his shoulder, leaving him to those around. She has has a busy few weeks, and seems more then content to settle on a bench with her glass of whatever the hell it is.

Harlan hears the comment, and actually -- smirks faintly. He's walking with Grazia, after all, and says mildly, apparently towards Grazia, "Jealousy is such a base and ugly emotion, don't you think, Duchess?" He nods and says, "I'm glad for the two of you. Everyone deserves happiness, I think. Although I will offer slight condolences since I believe you mentioned something else, last we met." He pauses at something, then looks amused, "Quite."

"Agent Romina, how do you do. Is my father quite alright or is he going to die alone in there? You should bring him refreshment and help him along," Talen urges, nodding his head, "and tell him we should meet tonight, after all is said and done here, within the Vulpine Study. Can you work your way back in as well as you did working your way out?"

Hana offers Talen a bright smile in greeting as she makes her way over. "Prince Talen," she offers, making a respectful bow to her patron. "It's good to see you again; I feel like I've buried myself in my forge so deeply that we really only speak in messengers these days."

Eleyna eyes Romina as she approaches and gives her a nod in greeting, almost laughing as the Mirrorguard agent explains Niccolo's predicament. "Yes, take him some wine and a few snacks. We can't let the old man perish. Far too much for him to do yet."

Romina collects some wine - whether for herself or Niccolo, difficult to say. "Message received." She bows her head and heads back toward the maze.

Grazia licks her lips and nods to the Duke. "Indeed. But jealousy can fuel passions, which can lead to beautiful things. It's ugliest in its basest form, hmm?" she suggests to Harlan. "But no plans are ever set in stone. Everything is fluid. The future is always a little murky, and you might come up with nothing more than a handful of ooze."

Eirene laughs at Romina. 'Tell him he's getting old and that I said it. I'm probably the second eldest person here," she jokes.

There's an impish quality to the redhead's countenance at that remark, her head ticking to one side, brow arched high. "Sounds like a bit o' a challenge if'n you ask me, but anyone with any notable intelligence would know it's nae smart tae bother you," she lightly quips with a bit of praise, however it's a mirthful expression that's quick to sour, evident by the crinkling of her nose. "I highly doubt tha'. I think I'm overdressed for a Lycene setting an' dunnae have enough hangin' out." Joking, of course.

Jaenelle might be the only person to actually look worried at Niccolo being lost in the maze!

Harlan nods in response towards Grazia, drinking from his glass, "Many things can fuel passions, however." He shrugs, and gets a second drink, "You are right, however -- the future is often dark and murky, with an equal chance of feast or famine, as it well." He says, "Other than that, what have you been up to since the Pravus gala?"

Moving gracefully, Simone deftly snags another drink from a tray, while weaving her way through the crowd to where Margret is sitting near the sideshow and finds a bench to sit on near her cousin. She quietly watches some of the performers, arching a brow slightly at some of the more daring acts, yet mostly seeming to be lost in her own thoughts.

Derovai smiles vaguely at Harlan's response, but he doesn't move for another seat, staying beside the pool. "Can't be helped," he calls over to Talen. "I'd have to care first." But it's more joking than truly harsh, and he glances back towards the reshuffled crowd at the garden benches. "Your Highness," he calls over to Mydas, "if you really want me to come bother you, you need only to ask."

Joscelin checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

"Oh, just a little bit of work with the Inquisition," Grazia replies to Harlan as the two linger together to chat. "Let me tell you, I am very sick of rabbits at this point. Very sick of them. Horrid little creatures. They're quite lucky they've been pardoned by His Majesty."

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Lorenzo.

Harlan nods and says, in no hurry, "Ah, did not know you were a member. I've been on a hunt or two for the rabbits -- there was something we wanted to investigate, but didn't find anything -- and indeed, the pardon was timely." He looks a bit amused.

Renault, a floofy persian cat arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Reese smiles gently to those at the bench with her. She rises to her slippered feet and starts off.

Reese has left the pathway benches.

Mydas arches a brow at Morrighan. "Overdressed?" And then he motions to himself. "Then you keep the right company, it seems, oh Crimson Dame." As to bothering him. "A terrible tragedy that not more have your sense and intelligence. But then, perhaps it is better this way. Easier to deal with sheep than with wolves." he remarks.

Lorenzo makes his way onto the grounds, dressed in black and white and shades of gray like so many here. He moves through the people gathered and the strange carnival displays, perhaps looking for a familiar face.

Theron departs from his little party at the mazes, a lopsided smile across his lips as he heads ... into another room.

Theron has left the Maze of Mirrors.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer leaves, following Theron.

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Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent have been dismissed.

2 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

Niccolo has joined the Maze of Mirrors.

Felicia's dressed in her 'off-duty' black leather armor, currently strolling about with her arm linked in Monique's and a drink in her free hand, conversely softly with her head dipped towards the shorter redhead.

While Harlan is called away, Grazia drifts to circle on her own, to enjoy the dark carnival. She makes her way to socialize with someone else.

That arched brow draws a smirkish smile to the redhead's face, unable to keep from loosing a snickered laugh. "Well, typically, you're an' exception tae th'stereotype," Morrighan notes, head tipping forward into a nod of agreement. "I always thought I kept pretty good company." It's when Derovai makes his approach that her grin grows broader, and she purses her lips, wondering, "How was th'rum, Dero? Was it truly nae as bad as Foolsbane?" A sidelong look back aside to Ettore. "Wolves ain't so bad, so long as you're nae th'one they're rippin' apart, o' course."

Derovai strolls over to Morrighan's side, with a why-not shrug. "Haven't tried the rum," he remarks. "Thanks to my encounter with that eel just now, I may have to, just to get back at its slithery brethren. But no, Foolsbane is worse, like I told you. At least the tentacles won't kill you. But of course, we have here the very man to tell us all about the variable risks, don't we?" His gaze drifts over the bench, taking it all in.

Eirene salutes Eleyna and Talen with her glass. "Of course. Hosts gotta host," she says with a grin. "May neither find us, tonight, she

Eirene salutes Eleyna and Talen with her glass. "Of course. Hosts gotta host," she says with a grin. "May neither find us, tonight," she concludes as they leave.

Lorenzo spots Felicia in his stroll and detours to intercept. "Dame Felicia," he says, "You're looking lovely this evening. I don't recall the last time I saw you looking so fetching in armor. Wait, scratch that. I do believe that's all the time." He gives her a charming smile. "I hope you're enjoying yourself?"

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Word has it that three heads on spikes have turned up in the Velenosan ward. Whoever they were in life is lost to history and the annals of the Queen of endings now. They have been mangled beyond recognition, roughly removed and absolutely covered in gore, chopped and smashed and generally with bits of the head open to the air that shouldn't be. It's not a pleasant sight. Around the neck of each is a board with a short, concise inscription on it, of either:

"I crossed Audric De Lire", "I crossed Kima Saik", or "I crossed Hadrian Malvici"

Eleyna has left the Donato's Inferno Room.

Rising from the area with Hana and Eirene, Talen and Eleyna depart, moving across the grounds. Talen secures himself a shot of something and necks it back, before he waves it in Eleyna's face, as if to say 'that was good'. "Try one of these. I'm not even sure what it is, but it's good," before he drives forward, spurring them to their next location.

"I thank you for the offer, Master Derovai, but another has chosen to be the sacrifice. I shall keep you in mind should she tire, however." Mydas assures Derovai. "As to the risks, I believe you've tasted the drink so many times you're more familiar than most with them." he remarks before shifting his attention to Morrighan. "Public nudity does not appeal, I admit." he shrugs. "Mm. Apparently they've recently become wilder. Do be careful should you head out into the nearby forests." he remarks casually to Morrighan.

Eleyna takes the offered shot from Talen's hand and knocks it back neatly, barely wincing as she passed the empty glass off to the nearest servant. "Not too bad. I still prefer my wine, though."

Cadenza can be heard laughing before she stifles it. Nudging Ignacio she then looks to Elgana to continue their conversation.

Malrico stands from the garden benches and offers a hand to the Spider as he moves to dance, "And now the ambience is perfect. Never goes out of style, tch."

Felicia had been murmuring intently to Monique, but at Lorenzo's words stops short and looks up, turning at least three shades of crimson with a laugh,"Says one of the few men who can say he's seen me in a dress. Prince Lorenzo Velenosa, Lady Monique Greenmarch. You missed me sticking my hand into a pool of black ink, but I'd say I found a prize nonetheless." she offers with a dip of her head towards Monique.

Malrico has left the garden benches.

Alessandro has been looking around without saying much to his companions for the moment, but when he sees Lorenzo come in, he lifts a hand, waving to his brother.

Silvio has left the Maze of Mirrors.

Someone wearing the Spider of Setarco's stygian mirrormask has left the garden benches.

Saoirse rises suddenly and disappears into the Velenosan estate.

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Someone wearing the Spider of Setarco's stygian mirrormask takes Malrico's hand and joins him in the dance, moving about with a tilt of her head. "Which part?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jaenelle before departing.

Enyo drags Amari back out of the maze, then heads further into the estate.

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2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen leaves, following Amari.

Amari leaves, following Enyo.

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When the Archduchess and her Consort arrive at the benches along the path to the homestead, Talen's eyes roams over individuals and politely inquires, with a gesture of his head, "May we join you, perhaps?" It is a demonstration of manners, at least. They sit within the moment, either way.

Mirari wraps both of her arms around one of Luca's as she rests her head on his shoulder. They talk quietly with the others sitting with them as they pass an unlabeled bottle around.

Derovai smiles broadly at Mydas' words. "But I beat it as far as is possible to still keep life and limb together," he remarks, before looking between Mydas and Morrighan for a second or two. "I am recommending it to as many people as I can, though, in case you had a worry that the drink had lost its appeal." He turns to study the dancers for a moment or two. "So am I supposed to guess wh they are, Your Highness? One's a woman, but a well-disguised one, and I'm afraid I don't know the man."

Monique pauses as Felicia does, though her arm remains in the beautiful knight's, probably out of enjoyment and necessity both. "Prince Velenosa," she greets with a bow of her crimson head to the man. "I'd say my find shines just a bit brighter. Though she's not near drunk enough yet," the Minx teases lightly, snagging Felicia another glass.

Alessandro has joined the The Sideshow.

Lorenzo spots his brother Alessandro and gives him a wave back before smiling to Felicia. "What can I say? I'm charmed every time I see you." He gives a small bow to the Lady Monique, greeting her. "Delighted," he says, claiming a drink from a passing waitstaff, before turning back to the two ladies. "So, have you seen anything particularly interesting here tonight? I'm only late enough to be fashionable."

Grazia has joined the Donato's Inferno Room.

Jaenelle feels she might have been equal parts social and equal parts mysterious. She pauses the get a missive, though does not quite respond to it, simply holding it in the air in the direction of the person who sent it as a 'yes, I have it' before she moves back into the estate proper.

"Considering the drink's purpose remains industrial, and sees great success in that form, I wasn't worried. The only reason why I put it in a bottle was to see how many would actually go for it. It was... an eye-opening experience." Mydas remarks to Derovai. "The Spider of Setarco, Procella Pravus. Or that is her mask, at least. As to guessing... Why, is that not what you enjoy? I would not rob you of your favourite activity, Master Derovai. Besides, the answer, I am sure, you'll find highly interesting." he assures the man.

6 House Velenosa Guards leaves, following Jaenelle.

Felicia accepts a fresh glass, leaning briefly to whisper in Monique's ear before she chuckles at Ren,"And you still have a smile that could charm an elf, Ren." she murmurs with a flash of a smile, drinking half the glass in a gulp,"I was late, also, so still catching up myself. And decidedly unfashionable... though at least clad in black?"

Felicia has joined the benches by the fountain.

"Why jus' one? Why nae several?" Morrighan wonders of Mydas on the matter of sacrifices, at least in regards to bothering him, anyway. "I think he'd be verra good at it," she praises, casting a good-natured, teasing smile off at Derovai, then begins an explanation. "There was this quest I sent this good Lady on, for th'fun o' it, because she had been put under th'impression it took a grand one tae get me tae take a commission. So I gave her a riddle, an' I received this bottle o' rum. Jus' as inky as th'fountain over there," she says, ticking her chin over in its direction. "I think it even had a squid in it, could see suction cups and tentacles in th'bottle if'n you turned it enough. Figured it was a worthy opponent tae Foolsbane. See if'n it could match." On the matter of wilder wolves, she just answers with an amused smile. "Noted."

Derovai checked composure at difficulty 7, rolling 25 higher.

Lorenzo has joined the benches by the fountain.

Eirene is brought news by one of the Malvici servants. Grim news. Severed head style news. "Ah fuck." She facepalms and motions for a shadowy servant to bring another drink. It's something stronger than wine and that suits her just fine. She as a chair brought and she sits, annoyed by the tidings.

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Jordan wanders into the party clad into black linen clothes. Apparently, he hasn't had time to get himself nicer garments. Then again, maybe a knight can be forgiven. His gaze roams the partygoers for a moment, as though he's looking for someone. Joining alongside his liege, then. "My Lord."

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Monique has joined the benches by the fountain.

Alessandro and Margret rise from where they are seated and start toward the exit, though as they pass Lorenzo, Monique, and Felicia, Alessandro gives a wave to the group, gesturing to make it clear that they are going. Just in case it wasn't clear from the fact that they are, in fact, going.

Felicia pauses as she spots Alessandro and Margret, offering a wave to the pair of them in passing.

Monique joins Felicia and Lorenzo at the benches by the fountain, raising a hand to wave to her family as they depart.

Lorenzo gives a wave to Alessandro and Margret, watching them go. "I'll catch up with you soon, brother. Stay out of trouble!"

Derovai smiles quite breezily at Mydas as he turns back to respond to the man, not a chink in the armor to be noted. "Ah, for that play that I missed. Of course. Well, if it's a Pravus, then that /does/ narrow it down. There are only four Pravus women of which I'm aware, and I have only met three of them. We already saw Juliana in her own form. There's the Duchess, of course, then another about her height, the newly returned Vanora. Split the difference for me?" He shrugs carelessly, untroubled by not being able to narrow it down further -- though he /does/ turn back to stare at the dancers again. He smiles back at Morrighan. "I'm /excellent/ at it. Not just very good. But I'll definitely report back on the black rum."

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"Goodnight!" Margret says as she passes Monique, Lorenzo, and Felicia with Alessandro on her way out. As they head towards the gates she says to Alessandro, "Did someone just say something about a head?"

"Always," Alessandro replies with a laugh as he and Margret depart.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Margret leave, following Alessandro.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Barric before departing.

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Barric checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Niccolo checked luck + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Jordan has joined the benches by the fountain.

Pasquale slips away from the bench he was tucked away on, saying a few final goodnights, and then strolling out of the party.

Jordan seems to turn sharply after that greeting, leaving the Duke to his own devices and instead joining the people at the benches by the fountain.

Eirene is drinking heavily, it's like old times. She looks as if she's torn between leaving and just staying lazily put.

For a time the flame-tressed dame is quiet, watching people filter out, having all the fun they could stand for one evening, while others meander in. There's a curious glance to the mirrormasked woman and Derovai, her gaze shifting between them - but it's brief. It's the boasting that comes after that draws out laughter, and she leans back on her hands, fingers lightly drumming on the back of her seat. "Ah, such modesty! Dunnae be tae humble, now. I did send you somethin' tha' might make tha' shite a lil' more palatable. Maybe. Will likely be awful even if'n you mix it."

Derovai checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

:smiles indulgently at Talen and pats his cheek gently, "Oh, you poor dear. You'd be utterly entranced until your jaw began to ache. I don't see it as a threat, but perhaps as a learning experience, hm?" The Archduchess glides smoothly along with the conversation as it transitions from raciness into something like business. She listens with curiosity as she glances at Lucita.

Mydas, after receiving word from a messenger, offers his apologies for the quick exit, and leaves the scene.

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Micaela stands and looks around with sleepy eyes at the party. But instead of glancing at the door, it's a new place to sit that she chooses, and she slides down among new people. "I do hope I'm not interrupting anything sensitive," she says. She doesn't sound like she means it.

Micaela has joined the pathway benches.

"Humility's one of my most appealing traits," Derovai drawls to Morrighan. "That and my likeabiity and my absolute command of etiquette." He grins brightly at her. "Whatever it is, you'd best be careful someone doesn't grab it out of the messenger's hands at the Murder, hm? What was it?" He looks towards the dancers for another long moment, tilting his head at them, studying them more intently.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Talen before departing.

Barric stands and offers a bow to those at the Pathway Benches before he starts to leave and roam for a moment before he begins to meander outwards.

2 Armed Confessors arrives, following Ennettia.

2 Armed Confessors have been dismissed.

One's navigational abilities are innate - you either have it, or you don't. Luckily for the trio that emerges from the maze of mirrors, Niccolo has it. Or at least one may assume he does, notwithstanding the fact that he was gone for, well, quite a while. In any event, Niccolo, Lianne, and Sabella emerge from the maze, the archduke holding out an arm for each, who are walking to either side of him. "Princess, as I am sure you know, my niece is brilliant. If there is a layer left, she will peel it." Smiling to himself, he pauses as they arrive back into the main grounds. "Here we are then."

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There is a sharp ring of laughter from Elgana before it is her turn this time to stifle it with a hand before she looks back to Cadenza and she returns to converstion at a much lower tone.

"Is it, now?" It's a rhetorical query at best, her laughter soft, kohl lined eyes alight with amusement. "Oh, aye, a verra shinin' example o' proper etiquette. I think if'n one were tae look in a guide book they'd find an image in your likeness there," Morrighan teases. Rising from the bench to give her limbs a languorous stretch, she draws near Derovai just enough to murmur softly for him to hear.

Derovai stares at whatever Morrighan whispers, shuffle-stepping backwards. "/No/. Really? How many, since you used the plural form?" It's probably mock shock. Most likely. There is some genuine surprise amidst it, though.

Eirene's party mood is souring. The alcohol is likely the only thing keeping her here.

"I'm not sure what I expected of this carnival, but I am certainly glad to have spent most of it in your company, Marquessa," Sabella tells Lianne warmly, "I think we must be kindred spirits, for you sound like I do about the theater when you talk about knowledge in general. Such passion is a wonderful thing to have! And to have your family be supportive of it is no small thing!" A smile and a nod to Niccolo, "And look! We have survived the maze, no thanks at all to me. It looks like no one is sticking their hands in that fountain anymore. That's probably a good thing. I would've let my curiosity get the better of me and come away with too few fingers!"

You know who simply runs on her own, chaotic internal time? Who always wanders with a sleepy sort of amused curiosity, drifting in and out of things as if it was all just a whim? One Ennettia Igniseri, who does indeed show up late - though maybe she was here, napping in some dark corner. I mean, the darkness certainly makes everything ever so cozy, along with the Demons of the Abyss - whom she plucks a glass of wine from, before she steps deeper into the darkness, looking for new, intriguing things.

The smile that curves her mouth is sly as she half turns, clasping her hands behind her back, leaning over to one side with a thoughtful press to her lips. Morrighan doesn't respond right away - no - she leaves the question lingering, unanswered as she steps off a small distance away to go look about. Might as well, since she's here. "Aye, /really/." comes an eventual response, pausing to similarly take in the sight of the dancers and contortionists. "If'n you did'nae know, they might have been found an' devoured already. Could be none left."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

Mirari crosses the grounds, and when she comes to the benches that she was called to, she takes a seat. She leans in to catch up, glancing around at the others seated there as well.

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Harlan checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 6 lower.

Lianne gives Niccolo's arm a grateful squeeze when they emerge from the dizzying swirl of endless reflections... into the dizzying activity of the carnival proper. "Our hero," she declares her uncle affectionately. Softly, she tells him, "I'm glad you found me." It sounds like there's more to that thought, a desire to catch up or something of its ilk, but she doesn't bother with 'should,' a mental note made instead that she might take action later. Slipping free, she claims a glass of wine and turns her attention to Sabella. "I have been blessed with a very fine family who understands and appreciates my peculiar passions. How much stranger and more wonderful might the world be if we were all so fortunate." Speaking of, she flicks a wary look toward the fountain, then to Sabella's fingers, then up to meet her gaze again. "In this, then, our shared bravery served us well, no fingers lost while we, ourselves, were lost instead." With a lift of her glass, she inclines her head and says, "And it has been a genuine pleasure being lost with both of you. All of you. So many of us."

Eirene is delivered a love letter or something akin to it, because she goes Awwww and rolls her eyes. The messenger is sent back with a bemused reply. This seems to improve her darkening mood. Then something is said at the tent and she cackles with amusement.

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Eleyna moves out of Talen's lap at the pathway benches and waves her way through the crowd, making a beeline for Ennettia. She casually ends her pilgrimage next to the Igniseri lady and murmurs in a low voice, "You should try the scallops, if there are any left. Braised in chile butter."

Luca wanders over to the other benches, switching a seat for a seat, but he stops just before, near Eirene, and leans in to murmur something to her, before he carries himself over, bottle of whiskey in hand.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

Lianne is overheard praising Talen for: Too few fingers bitten off, perhaps, but a magnificent event all the same.

Lianne is overheard praising Eleyna for: Such a weird and wonderful experience, dizzying and delightful.

Sabella looks like she's about to comment again when one of her ladies comes up to deliver a message, "Ah, Lord Niklas passed his test with the Society of Explorers! I should go celebrate with him. Thank you, Marquessa, for your delightful companionship this evening and you, Prince Niccolo for saving us from ourselves!" And then she's heading off!

Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting leaves, following Sabella.

Ennettia pauses briefly, hearing a familiar voice in the darkened distance, and she heads in that direction, the wine still in hand. But then, someone has found her in the dark! The murmured voice takes a moment or two to process, before, "Archduchess, how marvelous! You've found me." She says, glancing in the direction Eleyna came from. "Scallops sound positively delectable...and that butter would add a bit of spice to the evening. Pity I plucked a glass of red. Have I missed much?"

Derovai looks over at Sabella's comment about Niklas, grinning briefly. "Don't ask him to swing any swords around anyone, though. He didn't do so well at that part. I know; I tested him." Whatever Morrighan said to him, it at least isn't /too/ stunning to render him speechless.

Harlan checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 11 lower.

Niccolo offers Lianne a warm smile, of the variety he reserves for those who know him well. Lowering both his arms, he gives a bow of his head to both Lianne and Sabella: "Thank you for the escort. I am afraid I would have been lost in my own reflection. For now, I am off to find a whiskey. I am happy to retrieve some wine, if you'd like it." He then turns to do just that. Luckily for him, Eleyna and Ennettia. "I for one never trust party scallops." He remarks, overhearing their conversation. As a servant hands him a glass of whiskey, he raises it. "Lovely party, your grace."

Luckily for him, Eleyna and Ennettia are also getting refreshments. Let's finish that sentence.

Eleyna companionably links her arm with the one Ennettia currently does not have occupied with a wine glass as she says with a laugh, "Well, somehow my husband enticed nearly the entire party with promises of treasure to stick their hands in a pool full of snakes, eels, crabs, and muck. I seriously don't know how he does it. And they call -me- the charming one. No duels have been issued. Yet. But I think someone might have left in tears." At the sound of Niccolo's voice, Eleyna turns her head in that direction, "Thank you, Uncle. Congratulations on finding your way out of the maze of mirrors. I thought I might have to send in a rescue team. Have you had the pleasure of meeting my uncle Niccolo?" She looks from Ennettia to Niccolo, "Uncle, this is the charming Lady Ennettia Igniseri. We met a little while ago at a children's party. I suspect our offspring will be plotting together someday soon."

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Lianne politely declines Niccolo's offer as she watches Sabella make her leave. This is one of her favorite moments of every party, that lull when experiences have been shared and company has parted, when she finds herself alone in the crowd. Those paying any sort of attention might notice a slight shift in her posture. It's not simply relief. It is genuine contentment, a moment of peace as she watches the others, as nothing pulls at her attention for the moment, as she can just drink it all in and breathe.

Derovai calls over to Eleyna, "I didn't give a Gods' damn about the treasure, Archduchess. I only did it for the experience." And somehow, coming from him, that might even be believable. His hand /has/ stayed ungloved all this time. Just now, it seems, he realizes, and starts to tug his glove back on. "Then wht would I do? I'd be... I'd be out of luck. That /would/ be terrible. Time enough for that rival of yours to step in."

Malrico finishes his dance with the Spider and steps away with a bow, turning to go. As he makes his way out, he pauses by Eleyna to comment as he departs, "A worthy gathering, your grace. You have always exceeded expectations. We'll need to speak soon. Good night."

As Malrico addresses her on his way out, Eleyna pauses in her introductions to say with a grin, "Exceeding expectations runs in the family. I'm glad you had a good time."

Someone wearing the Spider of Setarco's stygian mirrormask drops to a deep curtsy when the dance ends, then rises up to watch Malrico go before turning towards the rest of the gathering. Since the mask prevents her from drinking, she instead starts to make another circuit of the guests, this time simply pausing here and there to share a word with people rather than joining any group in particular.

Ennettia laughs lightly, "How utterly disappointing. Not a single duel? And tears! All we need is one undying declaration of tortured love or someone revealing a delicious bit of gossip and it shall be perfect." Ennettia says, letting Eleyna lead her about quite willingly, though she does smile when Niccolo appears, a lazy smile, "Ahh! I have met him, you know-- your dear Uncle, as he helped Lord Wash Kennex after some drinking match or another. A rather potent bottle of some liquor was left behind. I do hope you've been well, and preemptively warn you that the little truffle will undoubtedly land everyone in trouble."

Cadenza stands up from her seat at the alcove and smiles. "Well..." Pushing a stray hair out of her face she chuckles a bit. "Shall say our farewells then he'd on out?" Looking to the pair she straightens that dress a bit.

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"Are you sure?" Morrighan wonders as she sidles up beside Derovai, questioning his giving a damn about treasure while lightly flipping her newly acquired silver coin. "Yearned tae get wrist deep in inky water for th'eels, mn? Sure you dunnae want th'coin? Dunnae want you feelin' all hurt about it. Did look rather envious, now tha' I think about it." Fairly relentless this evening, it would seem. "You would be most out o' luck, an' you're th'one tha' named a rival. I ain't in competition. I send things when I feel like it an' come upon them. Glutton."

Eleyna catches Derovai's response and offers in return, "Mm-hmm. So, you are saying that you are a glutton for punishment rather than a greedy treasure hunter? Is that much better?" She tips her chin at the man, smiling good-humoredly at him.

Lucita rises and curtsies as the others leave. She turns toward Juliana and leans over to murmur something to her.

"A children's party. Imagine that." Niccolo does not seem convinced, based on his tone. Pausing to take a drink of his whiskey, he arches an eyebrow. "You know, I was wondering where that bottle of mead went to. I assumed that the Prince of Maelstrom had taken it." He pauses mid-beat as Malrico passes by and exchanges pleasantries with Eleyna. For his part, the former archduke eyes the merchant silently when he speaks to Eleyna, and if there is a silent exchange between him and Niccolo, it is likely too subtle for the rest gathered to note. Never one to be caught off-guard, the Velenosa continues with a smile for Ennettia: "I am sure something scandalous can be arranged."

Elgana has left the alcove by the archway.

Elgana smooths down the front of that black gown of hers with her free hand as she stands and nods to Cadenza. "Of course. After you both." She gestures for the couple and follows suit after them once they are in motion.

Derovai raises his newly gloved hand at Ennettia. "I got hit in the head," he points out, jerking his chin casually towards Talen in indication. "And I'm quite sure, Morrighan," he adds, before looking back towards her, brows raising. "Only envious of your luck, not of your money. And not a glutton, for punishment or otherwise, just a man keen on acquisition." He looks over towards Eleyna, spreading his hands. "Much better, oddly enough. I'd let you take a free shot too, but you'd have to get that gold stepladder to reach." It's a relatively good-natured shot back, although brisk as ever.

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"You could help, Uncle. Can you declare tortured love for someone here at the party to make it a truly smashing success?" Despite the smile, when Eleyna's eyes meet Niccolo's after Malrico passes by, there is -something- there, but she seems determined to remain in a good mood for the moment. She eyes Derovai and quips back, "What can I say, Master Voss? I have short arms, but a long reach."

Cadenza nods and then moves over near Eleyna, waiting momentarily for her to finish speaking and waiting her turn before curtseying. "Thanks for the fun, your grace..." A smile as she eyes that pool of ickyness and motions to it to Sofia. She already knew what to go looking for. "It was glorious."

Talen roams the grounds for a while, drinking and eating, and then leans against an archway before accepting the supply of a servant for a cigarette and light. Blissful silence from the Archduke Consort for a while reigns supreme.

Eirene calls out, "Niccolo, I've always loved you. All these many many many many years." She wiggles her eyebrows as she starts to leave the tent, readying to go.

Luca's back out into the brunt of the Shadow Carnival again with Mirari on his arm, wandering, as if on the prowl for a bit of trouble. As he passes Derovai, he claps the man on the shoulder and leans in to mention to him, "She really does have a long reach. Don't let the size of her arms or her hands fool you.", and then his voice is lowered, something else is said while his dark gaze cuts over to Eleyna. A smirk? Yes, a smirk, and then he's moving along again, over to another table, to pick at what's left of the food.

Someone wearing the Spider of Setarco's stygian mirrormask moving towards where Eleyna, Lianne, Niccolo, and Ennettia have gathered, she pauses to offer a curtsy to Eleyna. Upon rising, she murmurs, "I must concur with my dance partner. This was most enjoyable, thank you for hosting." Nodding to Niccolo, she offers a nod, "Prince Niccolo." And then to Ennettia, "Lady Igniseri." And finally to Lianne, "Marquessa Malespero." Glancing over them all, she gives a final, "Good evening," and moves to depart.

Lucita says, "Auntie Eirene, I wrote a song for Prince Niccolo, you want a copy to sing to him?""

Morrighan exhales a thoughtful sound, leaning to one side, lightly tapping the coin against her chin before extending it in offering to Derovai. "Well, maybe what fortuitousness I had will come in handy. Care for a lucky coin? Though your luck is likely far better than mine," she remarks with a wry smile. The redhead, does, however, mutter something under her breath, soon after casting a bright smile to the man.

Mirari says something quietly to Luca, aiming a dimpled smile at Derovai as they pass him. She picks up some wine, while Luca grabs some food before she jerks her chin towards the Manor. "After you?"

"Oh, could you?" Ennettia asks on the heels of Eleyna's comment, her owng grin growing. "How perfect. I do so love watching amusements.". Then there is a Derovai! Ennettia looks towards his head, "I do seem to have missed all manner of entertainment. Sometimes I nearly regret my little afternoon naps. Nearly." And then Eirene is chiming in, and a burst of laughter escapes the Lady. The masked person gets only a smile, before Ennettia's attention is back on her little gathering, "And whas it-- Joscelin's friend? Dame-- oh I can't remember, I nearly didn't recognize you without you sounding like yourself, but enough of that awful Northern drink blurs everything."

Lucita has left the pathway benches.

Eleyna blows a kiss to Eirene, laughing, before the masked woman offers a few words. Eleyna tips her chin and says, "Thank you for coming. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself." Then, Luca gets a scowl as she calls out to him, "Come say that to my face, Luca. I'll show you how short my arms are."

Juliana has left the pathway benches.

Derovai gazes at Eleyna for a long moment, before drawing in a breath at whatever Luca says, nodding briefly. Morrighan's words make him laugh, and he waves off the coin. "I don't believe in luck," he remarks easily. "Chance, yes. Not luck so much. We make our own luck." He steeples gloved hands to his chin, watching the goings-on, offering Mirari a bright, if cool, smile. "Haven't seen you around. I will have to stop by again."

Lucita gets 'The Black Fox', after Setarco-for Prince Niccolo from twilight lioness pouch.

"Talen, if you want to smack something..." Eleyna gestures at Luca expectantly.

After Sofia fishes out...a snake....yes...a sneaky snek....she then moves away after a bow. Saying farewell and goodbye to whomever might be aware, Cadenza makes her way out with her little group in tow.

Lianne, loiterer, lurker, several steps removed from anything interesting, bows her head low to the Spider as she's addressed, her smile warm, genuine. There are no words as she watches the woman go, but she does drift in that general direction herself, on slow, contented steps.

2 Redrain novice guards, Chantilly, the demure companion leave, following Elgana.

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3 Fidante House Guards, Sir Fernando of the Knights of Roses leave, following Ignacio.

3 Fidante House Guards, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Sofia, a saucy sailor's aide, Elgana, Ignacio leave, following Cadenza.

"Declare tortured love? Only undying loyalty to you, niece." Niccolo raises his glass again, pausing as first Cadenza greets Eleyna, and then the masked woman. To the latter, he inclines his chin in farewell, perhaps with a careful once-over, before he smiles again as Lucita and Eirene call out from across the grounds, the Malvici receiving a wink. When he speaks up, it is to Lucita: "Baroness Saik, it is a lovely song, but you are going to make me blush." He insists.

"I'm usually at my shop." Mirari responds, shrugging in Derovai's direction. "Do stop by and see me sometime soon, we've a lot to catch up on." She takes a step to the side and glances at Luca. "If you're getting slapped I'm just going to quickly get out of the way, you understand, of course?"

Eirene curtsies to Eleyna- that's what you do in skirt after all. She grins and winks back at Niccolo before she leaves.

Eirene has left the Donato's Inferno Room.

"Nah," Talen opts, a long drag on his cigarette, before he blows it skyward. "I've given him enough love for the evening," he opts to say obliquely. With a long stretch, he wanders over to the fountain, then sits upon its edge. Reaching a hand in, he digs around a moment, then pulls out one of the slithering water snakes and watches it spasm and twist angrily in absent fascination.

Leaving the benches with Lucita, Juliana takes a round about way before heading for the door. Stopping first by Prince Niccolo, not to interupt, just pressing a kiss to his cheek as is her habit before waiting to see if Lucita is ready to go.

Lucita says to Niccolo with a little grin. "See, Auntie Eirene kindly spared you. If she had sung it to you, you might not think it was so lovely a song at all. Just don't tell her I said that, please."

Eleyna rolls her eyes and detaches herself from Ennettia and passes her off to Niccolo, "If you two will excuse me, I have a husband to scold."

Having eavesdropped to her heart's content and finished another glass of wine, Lianne quietly makes her escape, still smiling, as if it's been an unexpectedly lovely night.

Fajra leaves, following Lianne.

Luca shifts, to look at Eleyna more directly, "Say it to your face? Who can keep their attention on your f--..", he begins, but he artfully cuts himself short, before flashing her a grin. Sometimes less is more. Then to Talen, he adds, "I'll be around for the rest of my loving soon, no worries. You just keep those hands warm.", before he's turning back to the table of food again. A murmur then, to Mirari, "What, you won't protect me from the Grand Duchess and her Archduke-Consort? I can't say I blame you, I suppose. They're so vicious. It's a wonder I'm still alive, at this point."

Jordan points to Luca as he speaks to Lorenzo. But apparently he remembers his manners and lowers his hand shortly thereafter, somewhat embarrassedly.

Lucita gives Ennettia a little smile, and a curtsy to Talen, Eleyna and Niccolo. "It was a wonderful evening. Thank you." She then starts to make her way out with Juliana.

Ennettia makes a little grimace at the sudden water snakes in hand, shaking her head as she's handed off and looking towards Lucita curiously, though her attention soon goes between Talen and Luca. And then goes somewhat thoughtful. And then grinning, before she chuckles to herself. We were all momentarily imagining it, don't pretend. Mirari's appearance causes her to brighten, "Dearest Mirari! Do you like how it appears on me?" She says, giving a small spin.

"Well honestly, if she asked me to slap you - I'd have to." Mirari responds, patting Luca gently on the back. "Don't take too much food, we're not gluttons, and the cats will get sick." She grins at Luca and reaches to take a plate from him. When Ennettia approaches the dark haired woman turns to gaze at her. "Well you look adorable, and I'm sure you know it. That dress suits you." She leans in and speaks in a quieter voice. "Send me a missive soon, we've got to do another rooftop talk."

Felicia rises from the benches by the fountain with a steadying arm about Monique, the two ladies heading off into the night.

The serpent doesn't stop its coiling, hissing, and eventual snapping at Talen. There's an angle of his arm, keeping out of range for the bite, before he tosses it back in as Eleyna makes herself known to him once again. "Hello, your grace. A pleasure to see you this evening. You look remarkable. Dressed for summer, I'd say," he intones in attempt of humour. Then, wiping off his hands, he drops his cigarette and twists it out underneath his boot. "Father," he calls to Niccolo, "do you have more time this evening, or are we all tuckered out?" As people politely excuse themselves, there are nods and waves, simple and easy. Casual goodbyes, not overdoing it at all.

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1 Saik Guard, Micana, Juliana leave, following Lucita.

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Niccolo exchanges a look with Eleyna, the much used "Talen is border-line torturing an animal, but he is your problem" look. Finding himself with Ennettia, Lucita, and now Juliana nearby, he seems content enough. "Your secret is safe with me." He assures Lucita, before his attention is back on Ennettia: "You'll come for another visit soon, I hope? A drink would be nice." Offering Juliana a brief kiss on the cheek, he steps back to excuse himself. "For now though, I must be going. Lovely to see you again." Coincidentally, Talen calls out a moment later. "I am always tuckered out, but perhaps we can take a walk." He nods toward the estate.

"That was the entire point, dear cousin," Eleyna replices archly as Luc makes an oblique comment on her outfit. She steps before Talen and gives him a look before she murmurs, "Splendid party and you managed to conduct business as well. Bravo. She opens her mouth to say something, but then shuts it when Talen calls out to Niccolo instead, her expression shifting somewhat. "A walk sounds lovely."

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"Ah, suit yourself," Morrighan eventually decides, slipping the coin into her satchel bag, giving it no other thought after. She lifts her hands to the comb neatly tucked into her chignon, though shifts a few strands of her hair about before wedging the comb back in. Her eyes slant aside, watching numbers trickle out, and she can't help but to muse aside to Derovai. "Well, it appears I survived, just barely. I dunnae know how people do these sorts o' gatherin's on th'regular, an' another dress added tha' I probably will'nae ever wear again."

Ennettia raises her brows, before she nods and grins, "I would rather enjoy that, Messere Mirari." Ennettia assures, before nodding towards Niccolo, "Of course dearest Duke, I do the occasional touch of," She shudders, "Work there. Brief little chats, you know." Ennettia explains, sighing deeply. Poor, tortured Minister of Finance.

Talen slides his hand that wasn't so recently covered in inky black fluids onto Eleyna's back, pressing against it, to help guide her the direction he's chosen for the trio. The space on her other side is of course left for Niccolo to take, as they move up the path, heading into the family estate. "Let's."

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