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Guildmaster Joscelin Arterius

Inspiration is its own gift.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: An Artist
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Arterius
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 36
Birthday: 2/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Jeweler
Height: short
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark gold
Skintone: golden-brown

Titles: Crafters Guildmaster Emeritus

Description: Joscelin is a creature of shapes and colors, round and dark, giving lasting impressions of a warm, soft woman. A round face with dark gold eyes, her honey-toned skin is accented only by the darker spray of freckles across her cheeks as well as the bridge of her nose, and a delicate scar that traces a pale line from her right ear to the edge of her chin. Her hair is short, a halo of curls around her head, needing little in the way of pinning or tying back as they defy gravity with the spring in those tresses. Laughlines crease around her eyes, the woman often smiling, cussing, glowering, cackling, in varied order. Shorter than many, it's often her voice that is noticed first, a perverse dichotomy of melodious tones when wrapped around vile descriptions and angry declarations.

Personality: In most aspects of the woman's life, Joscelin is loud. She can project those swear words like arrows, and no one is immune. Efficient, proud of her work, she will tolerate no silly business when it comes to being professional. At least, initially. She'll make her own judgement calls if the need arises, but her world is mostly confined to her life and her trade. Stubborn, compassionate to a fault, she often bites off more than she can handle but is the last person to admit it. Flying off the handle, she's often one to act first and think later. While this usually serves her well, either by luck or design, it doesn't work all the time, and sometimes even gets her into trouble.

Background: While most adolescents were busy planning for their trades (or their plans to escape the family trade by joining up with a military unit or eloping), Joscelin was obsessing over headier things like composition, and line, color, shape, weight. A critical eye for how things 'should be', her obsession gave her the unique ability to create beautiful wearable pieces of art. River-stones, random bits of this or that, set together and arranged into something aesthetically pleasing -- be it brooch or bracelet or pendant, and then tossed aside as the next inspiration took her. Eventually, her mother had to admit Joscelin's talent and aptitude, and it was she who took her to smiths until she found one that would teach the girl how to safely work metal and glass. The complexity of her creations simply took off.

A striking, delicate brooch clasped to the high neck of her mother's dress caught the eye one day of the young Duchess Iona Bisland, and she became Joscelin's first noble patron. A formal apprenticeship wasn't far behind and soon enough, Joscelin was making a name for herself as a promising tradeswoman. In the past, after making master-class jeweler she worked with the Bisland's liege, the voice of Grayson, Lady Dawn. Excelling in the jeweler trade, Joscelin found satisfaction in her work and her creations, and the generous clientele that ranged from commoner to noble.

These days, she toils with joy as the Crafters Guild guildmaster, elected into the position just after the beginning King's Rest crisis, an unexpected path that has been far more rewarding that she could ever have dreamed. She splits her time between Guildmaster, caring for -that- extended family, and caring for her own family in the wake of her husband's death.

Stubborn, she likes things her way, whether it's a design or her life, her atelier, her home, or her family. Acceptance that she can't always have this has led her to vent her frustrations in the world by swearing. A lot. So while she might bend to the whims of fate, it's with much fussin' and cussin'.

Relationship Summary

  • Fortunato - My near-brother and the only of such that counts.
  • Mae - a peach, complete with the hard pit in the center.
  • Magpie - Wishes he was the leader. Mostly, he's eye-candy for Mae. Sometimes he says cute things. Also helps me yell at Aureth.
  • Aureth - The first time I realized loving someone can drive you to heights of unseemly anger. Alternately fucking endearing and fucking annoying. Probably can't live without him. Asshole.
  • Mayir - Skamp with good taste in-
  • Thena - Brave cousin, warm and courageous.
  • Hana - Niece, beloved, precious, and my favorite.
  • Aleksei - I mean he's a cousin. And he's... loud. Energetic. Hard to define, really, and I think he prefers it that way.
  • Morrighan - There are no words. Impossibly dear to me, my red-haired partner-in-crime and laughter.
  • Evaristo - My dashing, ridiculous cousin. Seeing his face is like having the best parts of my childhood revist me. Also he's a cad.

  • Rival:
  • Ida - Practically a Platonic Wife at this point.

  • Client:
  • Eleyna - A woman carved of ice so cold it burns the flesh. Keen as a razor, eloquent, and quite generous.
  • Niccolo - His Grace, the Duke of Manners
  • Larissa - A lovely client with a fondness for unicorns, bunnies, and the color pink.

  • Deceased:
  • Oliver - He fit into my life, around me, with me, like a blanket made of shade, as supple as leather and harder than any kind of tempered iron. Sometimes he chafed. Sometimes I had to adapt. He is with me in my heart, always.
  • Ianthe - Spirit-sister for ten thousand years. Safe with me in my memory, forever.
  • Myrinda - Crazy beautiful near-mother.
  • Kima - A bright star, gone.
  • Gareth - First love, first true heartbreak. I am sorry, my friend.

  • Spouse:
  • Acacia - A strong woman who makes me smile.
  • Salazar - Still not going to drink with you, Sally. Nope.
  • Viktarkim - My very dear friend.
  • Silas - Still too young to be so intent and talented.
  • Percephon - Inquisitive, perceptive. Lord.
  • Saedrus - Beautiful man with a kind heart. Patience of moss-covered stone, but much prettier.
  • Cassandra - Handsome, beautiful woman, with insights and wisdom that staggers and guides alike.
  • Donella - Gracious, funny, brilliant as a morning star.
  • Yasmine - Have you ever seen a blade made so fine and beautiful, it seems to be a mere ornament? Speckled in jewels, filigree, masterful, almost jewelry rather than a weapon. This is Yasmine, except she is sharp, and keen, finely honed. This is not a woman you make your enemy, ever, this is a woman you worship, that you keep in her good graces because not only is she loyal, she is dangerous. She -enhances- the lives she touches. You do not fuck with Yasmine Rovashani. Not if you value your everything.
  • Mirari - Breaker of benches, makes me laugh, smile, and not take my life so seriously. Mostly a blessing.
  • Agatha - An old companion, brilliantly honest. I miss her.

  • Protege:
  • Carmen - A brilliant woman, tall, dashing, menacing, and painfully, horribly professional.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana This guildmaster is absolutely adorable! I am quite excited to work with her at the casino, I think her smile is quite infectious in the most wonderful way.
    Aethan Generous Guildmaster. Don't attempt to marry her.
    Agnarr Smaller than I thought, for a guild head. Thought they'd be huge and fat. Never seen her, though I've bought her work - all excellent - heard about her too from Felix's journals. Mead's a bonus.
    Aiden This woman is absolutely amazing. Best jewelry in all of Arx! Maybe all of Arvum!
    Ajax A fair lady with childe, seems beloved by the community. Hope she stays alright.
    Alaric Confident and comfortable, with traits like these it's no wonder she is one of Arx's most accomplished cat herders. She rather does seem like an interesting person to talk to, and she definitely doesn't suffer from a case of 'clam up around the King' as some become afflicted with.
    Alarie The Guildmistress, purveyor of fine jewelry. Calmer of temperments and all around keeper of the sanity. Blushes like a son of a bitch when you catch her with a ripped dress and have to repair it. Pry's a little too much but backs off when told to.
    Alarissa She is, Alarissa's gog to for all things jewlery. A lovely woman with an infectious smile and a charm about her. Her hands are skilled, an ingenious mind and quick to offer suggestions. She is, no doubt, one of the foremost jewelers in the city and forever has Alarissa's business.
    Alayne She's a terrifying woman. There's a certain thing to her outward friendliness- a fount of knowledge and experience that dares spill out in every tackled argument I could breach her with on the inside. It is awe-inducing.
    Aleksei I don't think I've seen anyone make the kind of jewelry she can make. I mean, not that I know much about jewelry, but _still_.
    Alexio Guildmaster of the Crafters Guild. She is a smart woman, and certainly seems to care for her guild members. I am looking forward to seeing where these business dealings lead us both.
    Alexis Guildmistress Joscelin Arterius. A very generous and kind woman who appears in your life with good tidings and silver!
    Amari I wouldn't say oozing with imagination and creativity, because oozing sounds rather gross, but she's obviously very talented, and patient. I hope to get to know her better.
    Amund Generous, jovial, pretty eyes, the right kind of voice. Earthly, in a good way.
    Andry Arx premier cat herder
    Apollis What is there to say about Joscelin? She's lively and her laugh is infectious. I very much enjoy her company. The wonderful Princess Valencia introduced us. Now, that Valencia is something else. Wow. What were we talking about? Oh, right, Joscelin. She's so sweet.
    Aureth Holy shit I've known her forever. I don't even know. What do you say? I love her to bits. Best tits in the city, no lie.
    Aurora I like to think out of all the Crafters, I give the Guildmaster the least amount of headaches. While I have never needed anything from her, I know if I did she would give without hesitation.
    Austen I stand by what I said, she can certainly handle my sister. Though, perhaps not in the way I originally believed. Regardless, she is caring, and she loves my sister. Therefore, she is important to me too. I hope I will see more of her, though perhaps -not- at the same time as Ida. They would destroy me.
    Bastien Seems to be under the impression that everything I say /isn't/ important.
    Carmen On the one hand, the woman doesn't have the sense to stay away from long, uncomfortable meetings when bursting at the seams with child. On the other, she's a tough lady to do so and carries a wicked sense of humor, too.
    Caspian A lovely woman with a cute blush and great ideas. I was very fortunate to run into her at the bank, and I hope we have more encounters.
    Daemon A jeweler and a leader of a guild no less! She's clearly a lady blessed with her hands and to have such kindness as well speaks volumes. I hope to enjoy her work soon and her company even more so.
    Darrow The Master of the Craftsman's Guild who has extended an offer of aid to the Thrax Ward in the wake of the ships' destruction.
    Delilah The brilliant fire of the gmes she creates has nothing on the inspiration that moves her, the force of creation a palpable effect in every piece. Much as I am beguiled by the beauty of her works, I know her heart is the rarest gem of all.
    Duarte It has been a while since I've met someone who truly surprised me. She is genuine and there is an easiness about her, yet I believe there is a cunning unrevealed. She is shrewd, prudent, and yet neither of those linger on the surface. A woman of true depth. I don't think I even scratched the surface.
    Echo A terribly sweet Guildmaster who is quick to surprise -- I just wish that I had met her sooner.
    Eleyna I've been trying to make Joscelin Arterius my protege since the very first time I asked her to make a piece of jewelry for me. Her work is exquisite, but it's more than that. It's as if she can takes the words I say and makes them reality. If that's not a sort of magic, I don't know what is.
    Emmelline A very well=spoken lady. It was an interesting discussion.
    Evaristo My darling cousin. The lighthouse in my life, that guides me back home.
    Fiora A jeweler. She does fine work. She is related to my protege so I'm sure there are a number of other good qualities. I will find them when she's not as drunk, I'm sure.
    Gareth How wide is the chasm between us. Could it be bridged? Should it be?
    Gilroy Thank the gods she didn't have the baby during the big meeting. I just bought these shoes.
    Giulio A sturdy craftswoman and dear friend to my brother. And she speaks a bevy of tongues, in a bevy of intriguing ways. I do look forward to getting to know her better.
    Grazia A brilliant woman with an eye for beautiful things. I believe that she and I could get along very well. She understands what it means to appreciate rocks, and I adore that in a person.
    Hana I met my 'aunt' Joscelin in the tavern, at the same time I met my father, my uncle, and my grandmother. She seemed very amused when dad sprayed cider everywhere on finding out he had a daughter. She's not actually family by blood, but she acts like it in every other way that counts.
    Harper Josie seems like a real warm and caring person all in all. I'd have helped stop that robbery at her shop no matter whose shop it was, but I'm glad I was able to help her in particular. I really hope to get to spend some time getting to know her better.
    Ida The years that have passed between Joscelin and I are numerous and full of both great joys and sorrows. Sometimes it's like we've known each other our whole lives! Truly, I love her like a sister and would probably maim anyone who caused her any sort of distress. She is light and joy, yet one of the most savvy and serious business persons I have ever know. Few, if any, know me like this woman and I am so honored I get to call her my friend.
    Jeffeth She keeps calling me the Honey Knight. So. That's not great. Otherwise she seems very nice and makes very pretty things.
    Jev She made us drink awful bile-tasting liquid and then fell on her ass and laughed about. So much peer pressure.
    Jordan Very good singer. She wears her heart on her sleeve, if I had to guess, which is both good and a bad thing. On one hand, that implies honesty. On the other, that implies people can see the weakest points of the armor.
    Josephine If ever there is one as skilled as I, it is she. One of the cornerstones of the city, the crafters guild and a giving heart. If ever I have questions as well, this is one I can turn to. Or to sit and have a discussion about the fickleness of iridescite.
    Jyri The Guildmaster - she has my deepest respect and I look forward to working with her.
    Kaldur I have no idea how ... she really accepted the ...
    Kenna She kept her cool when there was some serious bad mojo in her going on about her. Cool under pressure!
    Khanne I feel like I knew her so well before I even met her. She has been one of the kindest people to me, and surprises me with gifts for little to no reason. Truly talented... I think we have a lot in common, based on our recent conversation. Quite different, quite the same.
    Luca This one, this one. She's strange weather, to be sure. For better or for worse, she's sincere in her words. Potent with them, too. But she's also warmth and invitation, laughter, a touch of vivacity as well. With her hands, she's as skilled at oiling up Lycene men as she is crafting heartachingly beautiful jewelry. There are women in Arvum twice as beautiful as Joscelin Arterius, who won't stick in your mind like she does for even half so long.
    Lumen Humble for somebody who has decorated everybody and anybody worth knowing here in Arx. It's very endearing. Then again, there's always another side of the coin when it comes to artists!
    Magpie Magpie has never known Joscelin very well, but she's been around the Grayhope family for a long time. One of the pleasures he's enjoyed while Voice of the family is making other people family too! Maybe it's because he's adopted, he just loves adopting others. Joscelin was an easy decision, of course, but convincing her took some finesse.
    Malcolm She's more than JUST a jeweler and a Guildmaster. She's an artist, a leader, a protector in her own right -- of her family, friends, and her guild. I picked it up during that first conversation, and that reminded me that I can stand to learn how to be a noble from someone like her. By example, by earning the trust and loyalty of my people. Yeah, from her. Also --I'm pretty sure she's got a wicked sense of humor too.
    Melody The Guildmaster has been so generous and kind to me; a cheerful beacon of love and energy that I had no idea I deserved. I still don't think I do. She helped me off my feet and I'm so fortunate to have gotten the time out of her day to help me into the Guild.
    Mercedes She seems to fuss over the people who are important to her. This is an admirable quality. I approve of this.
    Merek %bMerek first met Joscelin when he took his first loan from her. She seems to be nice, odd sense of humour, he really likes her though, and thinks she is a wonderful person, with great hair.
    Mikani The woman. The Myth. And much greater than her reputation. I was glad to finally meet her.
    Modi Well. There are certainly easier ways to make an introduction than what we had to do. But if nothing else, it was incredibly memorable. I will be fond of the imprints she's left when next I see her, I'm sure of it. Provided I've nothing broken.
    Monique This woman is a miracle worker. She's got a temper. But she's a damned genius when it comes to jewels. And I do love jewels.
    Morrighan This lady, I swear. Immediate friends the first day I met her. There was a bond struck that's never faltered, even at times when I didn't keep in touch. She's trustworthy, like family, and the best jeweler in all the land.
    Mydas The Guildmaster is as her reputation depicted, mistress of gems and coins. Her ideas were ingenious, and I look forward to working with her again.
    Nico You know, it's not every day you get invited to be taught by the Grandmaster of a large organization. I get nervous talking to a peasant man on the street, let alone these guildmasters and princesses I run into. Well, my worries have been baseless as usual. She's my kind of woman, strong and won't blow over from a breeze; of course, that made her, even more, intimidating the first time I stepped in the room. She put me through the works, but in the end, she increased my ability more in a short time than I ever could have in weeks or more by myself. I hope I get to spend more time with her in the future.
    Orrin How lucky are we to have such an esteemed protege at our call, and more, speaking kindly of our house?
    Perronne She is very, very pregnant! And super talented! She seems very nice, and as on top of things as a Guildmaster should be - she could even answer questions in her sleep!
    Petal The Mistress Joscelin is a fine crafts woman. I am wearing the brooch that she made. She seems quiet fiesty too and has the crafters backs.
    Quenia I had the fortune of attending her wedding reception with Lord Fecundo. It was good to finally put a face to a name, rather than speaking to her through a random messenger. She was very delightful, and like any blushing bride, was simply radiant at her wedding. It was clear to see the guild is very much flourishing under her guidance.
    Reese I have seen her about a bit, never really got to know her that well. She does fine work and is very generous in her donations.
    River She reminds me so much of my mother, such kindness and warmth and a person you know is equally comforting as commanding. A truly interesting woman.
    Rook Rook has had an active working relationship with the Guildmistress for some time and much of their business tends to be mutually beneficial.
    Saedrus I think the first time I met Joscelin was following the Archery Contest when I had only just arrived to Arx proper. It feels so long ago and she is as charming and exuberant now as she was then. I think we both have grown so much, for the better of course, yet for all the busy world around us not grown apart too far for friendship.
    Samael My good friend. She's like my little sister. It is good to see her again after so long and it is good to see her doing so well. Plus her jewelry is so beautiful!
    Sameera One of the very few people sameera likes. She accepts Samera for who she is and adjusts according.
    Saya So motherly. Such a foul mouth.
    Selene The calibre of her creations is surely a test for every young Whisper released into the world with a full coin purse. A visionary with gems and metals. I cannot help but sigh in awe and pleasure at her creativity.
    Sheena She is very sweet and kind. I feel safe with her. Perhaps we will get to know each other more.
    Silas The Guildmistress of the beloved Crafters Guild, Joscelin has been a good friend of his for years. She was once his brother's work wife, which in turn makes her his former work-sister-in-law! She is a busy bee and Silas can't imagine a better person to be at the head of the guild. He trusts her, and will look after her... and the feeling is probably mutual.
    Snow Energetic and open and enthusiastic, is a nice one to have around. HOpe to work for her soon!
    Sorrel She's so shiny and colorful! And she makes such beautifully colored things! All of her jewelry is amazing, and she's kindly agreed to make pretty things for Sorrel, which excites Sorrel to no end. She hopes that she can maintain a healthy business relationship with this crafter for a long time.
    Stygia The most goddamn ruthless woman I've ever met that owns more curves than anyone should really have the right to. (Otherwise fabulous and I don't think I've laughed this hard in at least a decade).
    Talen The Guildmistress of the Crafter's Guild. A mother hen. Talen's not exactly the right kind of person to talk to her about much, but when it comes to fell powers and her ability to tap into her inner... whatevers... that's always interesting conversation.
    Thea I think she gets me. She reminds me of my brothers actually, but in a good female way.
    Thena Intimidatingly knowledgeable about her craft but direct and excited and delightful. I wish I had more answers to give her, but it's a surprising relief to have her agree to join me in the search for knowledge. I think her help will be invaluable.
    Thesarin The woman's got iron in her. A dreamer, maybe, but not so much that she can't see the world she's in.
    Torian She's really just about the best thing you could ask for in a mistress... of the Guild. Probably plenty of Guild Masters and Mistresses weren't half as right for the task as she is.
    Valarian Generous with booze, a great sense of humor, and the joy of throwing things at people! Why didn't I meet the Guildmistress before? Clearly someone I need to get drunk with and cause trouble. Like throwing things, laughing, and generally giving people a headache while we cackle. Cackle!
    Valenzo I'd heard of the Guildmaster from her cousin, but damned if I'm not charmed right out of my boots for the way she's treated Kevin! Ol' crusty bastard is in love, I think.
    Valery The Guildmaster is always nice and so willing to help. But Valery has seen her angry, and she can be terribly scary!!
    Vayne One of the finest first kisses I've ever received. And in public, no less. I wonder if the second kiss will live up to the first...
    Victus I would like to make a recount of my dealings with this woman, in full reverence of what I've seen and done. "Oops" describes it best. "Fuckin' whoops" is another. There's a long winding list of horrible things I've done that I will need to make up for in full and I'm glad this isn't one that's been forever broken. Maybe one day, I'll even pet her dog.
    Violet I've had the pleasure to meet the Guildmistress a few time. She is very passionate and it translates into her crafts obviously.
    Wash A dab hand at socializing, but I think she may be more political than it appears. At the least she knows all the names of all the players.
    Wylla Willing to help me! I don't know why she's so shy around me; I don't inspire that sort of nervousness, I think and hope. But she seems good at her job and willing to overlook my social gaffes, so that counts for a lot in someone I can work with in future.
    Zoey My goodness, is there a better jeweler in Arvum? I doubt it. Not only that, but she's a powerhouse social butterfly. I'll never understand how she does it.