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Keaton Summer Celebration

Summertime is well under way and the Keatons want to celebrate! Celebrate what? So many things! Their son and heir is turning one, they have a host of new Keatons recently arrived in Arx, there are good friends, great food and excellent weather. This is going to be an all day affair, focusing on fun and games for the little ones during the early afternoon (offscreen) and evolving in the late afternoon and evening towards a focus on fun for the adults.

The food will be overseen by that culinary diva, Marie of Keaton Hall, and there will be games! Reigna Keaton has been working out the details for months and she's *pretty* sure it is going to work. Pretty sure. Either way it will be a fun time.


May 5, 2018, 9 p.m.

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Signe Tesha Dismas Lumen Jaerith Cadern Valerio(RIP) Mia Alaric Genevieve Simone Venturo Cullen Gareth(RIP) Monique Iseulet Natalia Aviana Dominique Kael Vano Vanora Oswyn Marius Daemon(RIP) Margerie Aric Norwood Luca(RIP) Sabella Paige(RIP) Philippe Lethe Katarina Veronica Felicia Vitalis Denica Thesarin Jordan(RIP) Adriana Coraline Corban



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Keaton Hall - Grounds

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While I've never spent much time wondering what sorts of things nobles got up to at their gatherings, I'd never have imagined 'putting on cloaks covered in vegetables and trying to lure kid goats through a race' was one of them.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name, Kit, the grey fox, 1 Greenmarch Guard arrive, following Monique.

Paige gets Limited edition Keaton goat kid stuffy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Pulling some bottles out from his satchel and setting it on the refreshment table, Jaerith grabs one bottle for his own, pulls the cork out with his teeth, spits it aside, indicating that it will not be used, then swings straight from the bottle before heading to a bench and sitting down, pulling his lute off of his back and beginning to strum quietly.

Felicia gets Limited edition Keaton goat kid stuffy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

The children's portion of the party is winding down. The herds of little ones are all tuckered out. Their faces painted with bright colors, sticky hands holding onto treats and toys as they are led off by various nurses, attendants and the odd parent or two. The grounds are cleared, the servers and musicians switch out and a small herd of goats are ushered in.

An area of the grounds has been turned into a little obstacle course, starting with a dirt path with a banner hung over it that reads 'STARTING LINE' beside which hang a collection of the oddest cloaks imaginable, covered in vegetable and fruit peels, lettuce and other green food scraps. The track itself consists of a few wooden ramps, a plank bridge over a pool of water, a few twists and turns in the path. This segment is well away from the main party area, and there is a ribbon stretched across a set of sunken posts with a banner that reads 'FINISH LINE'.

The main area of the celebration has an area for musicians to play, background music during the games, and then upbeat, dancing music after, a free level area for dancing, a buffet of ridiculous size and quality, with Marie, Keaton chef extraordinaire overseeing the whole thing. Servers pass out beverages, supplied by none other than Venturo Thayne, primarily ales and cider. There is also a display case holding the prizes for the raffle, for people to take a look at.

Norwood gets Limited edition Keaton goat kid stuffy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrive, following Katarina.

Adriana makes her way into the grounds, accompanied by Coraline. The barmaid from the nearby Sleepless Knights has fancied up for the occasion with a lovely blue silk gown in modest styling and a bit of silver trimming to brighten it up. She takes herself a little goat and squeals in delight at how CUTE it is, hugging it close like a child.

Zoraida, an Apprentice Whisper arrives, following Lumen.

Katarina has joined the the buffet tables.

Venturo is arriving stag to the gathering, the man's pale green gaze flickering about the grounds with a wide eyed amazement of delight. His pace is slow to soak it all in, and it doesn't take long for his gaze to lower back down to the crowds, a broad smile curling to his mouth. It doesn't take long for his hand to find one of the passing servers, knowing what he wishes immediately given it is his wares, a nice, lovely apple cider plucked up.

Aviana gets Limited edition Keaton goat kid stuffy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Marius comes into the grounds with Simone on his arm, leaned into his wife while idly talking to her. He stops at the outskirts, taking in the amassed throng of people and then leans in to Simone yet again, "Perhaps somewhere to sit, hmm?" as he takes her on over towards one of the benches.

Marius has joined the a long garden bench.

Simone has joined the a long garden bench.

Cora and Adriana arrive together, looking around she grabs one of the stuffed goats and grins. " adorable." Cora declares before looking for a place to get out of the way. Chuckling she meanders to the drinks area to see what selection is like.

Valerio gets Limited edition Keaton goat kid stuffy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Daemon is quick to be one of the first through the door for such an esteemed gathering. Summer, goats, children. What wasn't to love? The tall man in his polished and silvered armor is taking looks around all those he sees. There's a deep bow to their hosts, Reigna and Kael, as well as a salute for Coraline when he spots her. Next his eyes fall upon the wooden pony, whimsical and daring. There is a certain gleam in Daemon's eyes. A gleam of... ambition. A Knight does as Knights do, he hops atop the wooden horse and begins riding the inanimate steed to his heart's content. Perhaps a small 'wheee' or two thrown in there.

Marchande arrives, following Briar.

Venturo gets Limited edition Keaton goat kid stuffy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Natalia has purchased her tickets and offered her initial greetings, and she has already collected a stuffed goat to hold on her lap (giving her something to fidget with). Right at the moment she's found somewhere to sit and watch as people arrive, a quick smile sent down the bench towards Simone and Marius as they sit nearby.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Oswyn arrive, following Sabella.

Aviana comes walking onto the grounds looking around hands at her side, her hazle eyes darting back and forth as she looks about a soft smile on her face. Her brown wavy hair is down with the sides pulled back into a braid that falls down the middle of her hair. Her steps are slow as she takes everything in.

Katarina arrives into the party, suitably harried after a day spent with royal tots. As stuffed plushies are collected by arriving guests, she too chances a glance into the wooden pen to collect one for herself. "I've been looking forward to this for weeks," she gushes toward her Keaton hosts, the plushie tucked under her arm to allow her a fond side-arm hug from Reigna before she's disappearing off to refreshments. Auntie needs a stiff drink.

Monique arrives with Aric, a smile on her lips for his quip. "I've never known the Keatons for anything but the best hospitality. I think we're safe. This all looks incredible, Lord Aric!"

Norwood joins the gathering after the children are ushered off, wiping a bit of honey from his hand. Totally spoiling any children who will let the older knight do so! He comes upon Daemon and that pony and... yeah, a smile is totally being covered up. When he comes back it's with a very proper, "You are the master of horsemanship Sir Daemon."

Alaric rolls in with the usual energetic stride and excessive retinue along for the ride. "I'm looking forward to quite the entertaining little gathering tonight," he notes to Felicia and Corban who seem to be today's guard captain #1 and #1a. Much smiling and waving to the kiddies ensues as he makes his way to the hosts. "Countess Reigna, Count Kael, lovely to be back here at Keaton Hall once again," he declares regally. "Your hospitality is always a real treat, I'm sure tonight will be up to your impeccable standards."

Simone arrives on Marius' arm, casually, until she sees the large crowd. As he leans down to whisper to her a warm smile crosses her face and she nods to him. "Yes that might be a good idea."

Marchande leaves, following Briar.

The Shaman of Riva, such as he known as, Vano thought to make some kind of appearance on behalf of the Rivenshari contingent, the tinny and jingling bells on his belt announcing him before he actually appears. Every time he comes to events like this, he always has to take a moment to watch, take in what he's really seeing before moving more further inward. More kids than he expected, and with kids, they're always underfoot, so to his credit, he stays out of the way and moves to a bench to partake in his usual hobby of 'people-watching'.

Warhorse, a white Oathlands Vanner arrives, following Philippe.

Signe Nightgold arrived to the festivities bore all the excitement as a child while exploring the grounds. Pausing here and there to make introductions, acquire a drink then start on a hunt for the person painting faces like the children had. Atila, her ever presence animal companion stays close on her heels.

Vano has joined the a long garden bench.

Having attended the earlier portion of the day with her children, Mia is currently kneeling in front of a small boy who currently has his face painted up like one of the Keaton's infamous puppies, dabbing a bit of something sticky off of his hands before sending him on his way with his siblings and their governess. The eldest of the trio of Riven children, a girl teetering just on the brink of her teens, has recently had her protests about how she ought to stay for the rest of the evening denied, and appears to be scowling at her younger siblings as a result. Clearly, it's their fault for being 'little kids' still.

Norwood has joined the a whimsical wooden pony.

Signe gets Limited edition Keaton goat kid stuffy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Every party needs a bouncer, right? If not an official one, there needs to be a self-appointed one. In this case, Veronica self-appoints herself to a spot most often occupied by bouncers: near the entrance to the Keaton grounds but a bit out of the way, observing the proceedings with her arms crossed over her chest. It's not that she doesn't know anyone; in fact she recognizes quite a few of the arriving guests, but for now she is going to keep watch for anyone who needs to be tossed out! Hahaha.

Coraline has joined the a long garden bench.

Aviana has joined the among the chickens.

Felicia's one of the extra knights in Alaric's retinue for this evening, recognizable largely because she's chosen to forgo the standard barbute in favor of a black leather headband, non-standard with the array of gleaming rubicund armor topped by the King's Own tabard in which she's clad. She's a sucker for stuffy's, though, to judge from the length of time it takes her to snag one from the goat pen and tuck it in her sword belt as if it were the most normal, nay, dignified, of knightly accessories,"I doubt it's going to be 'little' given the seventeen or so of us to start out with." she offers wryly to Alaric, scanning the gathering curiously.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, The Second arrive, following Margerie.

Arriving from a walk over from the Redrain ward is one of the most unlikely pairings ever. Paige Fieldstone enters the grounds of Keaton Hall with none other than Inquisitor Gareth Grayson at her side. She doesn't do anything so gauche as actually take his arm, keeping her hands clasped loosely behind her back. But she walks at his side at an easy pace, chatting quietly with the man as they enter. She looks up to see the changes in the grounds and smiles, "They do know how to throw a party, don't they?" She glances to the stuffed goats in the pen and plucks one up as they pass by it, holding it out to Gareth, "Would you like one, Your Highness? Or shoud we skip the party favors and go straight for the drinks?"

Denica has joined the a long garden bench.

Simone gets Limited edition Keaton goat kid stuffy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Adriana starts to giggle at Daemon's vailiant steed but then she spies the King and drops into a very polite curtsey until he passes towards to the host and hostess, showing proper reverence. She goes towards the chickens section to leave the fancy places for the nobility. Seeing her sister, she raises a hand and wriggles her fingers at Paige. "Sis," she calls out, "Look at how CUTE the goats are!"

Want to see a Count and Countess Keaton that have some tell-tale signs of exertion upon them? That would be Kael and Reigna, the pair of them showing slight signs of wear due to the fact that they are on the heels of the children's party and heading into the adult one. The Heir, Lord Aeryn Squall Keaton and their Ward, Kata Keaton are shuffled off and perhaps some relief is evident in this from both parents. Rare, but let's face it, even with nurses in attendances, they need to make sure that the one year old and toddler are behaving. Kael is seeking to greet all appropriately, inclining his head politely, bowing, or clasping hands as it is. Of course there is the King as well, and he gets a deep and respectful bow that is held, just so. "An honor to have you join us, your Majesty." Beat. "Please do not think too poorly of us for the goat races." Do his eyes sparkle? Yes.

Philippe rides into the party on his horse, straddling off it before handing it off to the help for safekeeping. Wearing but simple black leathers, the count looks around with bluish grey stare as he ventures farther in to pay his respects to the count and countess of Keaton.

Quietly striding into the gathering on soft steps with his arm threaded through that of Lady Tesha's, Cullen's grey eyes survey the scene with a rapid scanning of faces, most unfamiliar to him. A polite nod given to any encountered, the knight spots relatives over on the bench and slowly starts to move in that direction after tilting his head to whisper into Tesha's ear, a look of relief on his face.

A newcomer arrives to the party, sauntering along with an easy sort of prowl. Vitalis Mazetti steps into the grounds, an easy smile on his face and his long black hair swept back behind his shoulders. Grey eyes shift around the grounds quickly, surveying who is present and who he might know before he begins to drift further in, looking at the raffle board.

Corban just got the job, so he appears to be shadowing Felicia on one of his first days with the King at a social event. He keeps close to her (and to the King, of course), his eyes sweeping this way and that. "Marie is really the hidden alarcite of Arx, Your Majesty, so I would save plenty of room for the cake." Don't want to fill up, after all. He dips his head to Kael and Reigna when he draws close, but allows Alaric to do the chatting.

Denica arrives at the party with a curious tilt of her head as she looks around. She smiles a bit in delight at the passing children, that wistful look in her eye as one does before she looks around once more for her companions. She seems to catch a climps of Coraline in the crowd and waves wildly before prancing on over to join her.

Lethe takes a long look around once she arrives. She looks around to see if there is anyone she might know and then looks around for a good spot to enjoy herself.

"I am glad you've noticed!" Daemon exclaims in kind to Norwood, rocking too and fro atop his mighty wooden stallion. Children beware. "I shall teach any and all who would wish to ride a wooden horse as good as me. Alas, I am afraid few could surpass the master of galloping nowhere such as I."

Cadern strolls his way into the event looking a little less ruffled than usual apparently cleaning up for the event. His amusement is evident watching the hordes of children and their attendenats led off and away. Amusement clearly evident on his features as he considers the conversion of the area. He lets out a low whistle to himself at the spread, "This city really does have the best spreads." HE says brightly. He pauses near the raffle purchasing area but eventually seems to leave it be as he searches the area for a place to settle in considering the various attendees and hosts, distinctly moving himself along and away from the 'bouncer' crowd which are no doubt his natural opposites.

Jaerith checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Sabella comes strolling in behind the King's parade, arm in arm with scholar Oswyn, chattering cheerfully at him, "So then I said, that's not a name! And he said, as you wish, and I said, that's right, I'm the Princess! But I heard him introduce himself to you and he's still using it so I don't think he really meant it. Are there archives somewhere of births in the whole of the world? I might need you to look through some records to see if he's telling me the truth. And if he is, what were his parents' names? Jim? Kim?" She shakes her head at the ridiculousness of it!

Cora salutes Daemon back and then sees a fw others she knows, she waves to everyone she recognizes and bows to Alaric, cause King and all. Seeing Denica she grins and waves back.

Passing on by his way, it is when Venturo breezes by Veronica that his pale green eyes go wide, and his tongue sticks out in a playful, ever so mature gesture to the bouncer. A second later and his cup is lifted up in silent salute to the Keaton, and onwards he goes. Onwards the brewer goes, though the familiar voice of Sabella has his head jerking to the side, casting a warm smile towards her way before his focus turns to finding a spot to sit and enjoy the festivities.

While music has been breaking out all throughout the party, a lute begins to strum near the refreshment table where Jaerith sits, an open bottle of rum next to him. The lord is plucking away like a mad man, a flowery tune of spring time love.

Aviana spots Adriana and heads right for her to join her by sitting down next to her giving her a smiles, "Hi." she looks around, "So many are here."

"Yes, Lady Monique. We never do anything halfway." Aric smiles and he sidesteps people on his way over to the buffet table. "I'm starving and we better grab some food before the masses get to it? I need something to soak up all the whiskey I intend to consume. Aric parts people gently and carefully, moving around others as he heads towards the delicious smells of Marie's cooking.

The entire party in all its magnificent and adorable splendor is met by a wide eyed Gareth dancing around pointing and exclaiming delightedly at how cute everything is, throwing his cane to the side to run and grab a stuffy.

Just kidding.

Impassive and blank, Gareth glances around the entire celebration without any affectation on his wasteland of a face. His teeth are bared slightly. "I should think not." Is his response to Paige's question. The Inquisitor leans heavily on his cane as he plods forward, sharp gaze immediately settling down on the long garden bench on one woman in particular. His gaze rests there for a moment before he is waving a dismissive hand. "I will go take a seat." Gareth states dryly to Paige. "You're welcome to join me, of course. All that walking..." Ugh. Gareth plods forward slowly to take a seat, but definitely not at that long garden bench.

Wearing a playfully Oathlands-inspired ensemble, Lumen's migration around the party without any particular sense of urgency. Soft, subdued smiles come easily to the whisper and she has one locked and loaded for anybody she passes by. ...and while she does not claim a stuffed animal for herself, a keen observer might have been spotted her retrieving one for a child as the participant of earlier parts of the summer celebration came to a close.

Gareth has joined the the buffet tables.

"I just hope that the horse does not get the better of YOU." Norwood calls back to Daemon, still attempting to keep that smile in place. "I believe I might hear it creaking a little bit under your weight."

Oswyn walks awkwardly with Sabella, because having a Princess on his arm is kind of terrifying. Telling one you don't really want to go to a party is also out of the question, so here he is. "I think perhaps some villages and cities might keep a census or at least have some midwife that remembers everything with uncanny detail," Oswyn ventures, head bobbing at Sabella. He's looking around, squinting.

Tesha doesn't usually arrive to places with someone, so this is a new thing. The Telmar is dressed in her usual crimson, but it's a simpler gown this evening. There's a smile to Cullen when he starts towards those on the bench and there's a nod at the whisper as she returns it in kind. There didn't seem to be any hurry to rush in anywhere. She was going with the flow. As it seemed that everyone was here this evening. She gives her escort a gentle part on the arm as they walk.

Felicia glances toward Corban at the notation of 'goat races' from Kael. Restricting herself to a sly kind of smirk briefly rather than an outright grin as she opts for,"I'm certain his majesty can find at least one champion to participate... even if it takes a little arm twisting." she offers mildly.

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Dismas isn't too far behind the rest of the arrivals, heading on in at his own lazy pace. Spying Veronica near the entrance, he offers an easy smile, a hand lifted to clip a sloppy salute. "Lady Veronica." He doesn't get too much farther before drawing to a stop to assess the crowd, get his bearings. Maybe figure out where the ale's at.

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Bowing to Gareth, Paige can't help but chuckle and shake her head, "Thank you Your Highness, perhaps in a bit. For now I think I'll check in with my lieges and find myself something to drink. Thank you for accompanying me, however." She leaves the Inquisitor to the buffet and moves towards Reigna and Kael, offering a deep bow to the pair before straightening with a grin, "Well, this is one excellent turn out already! I can't wait to start the festivities." Leaning in, she murmurs to the pair and pulls back with a grin and wink before heading off to join the other Keatons at the refreshments table.

Monique casts her family a warm little wave but she follows along with Aric. "I don't think we're going to need to worry. Look at this spread! What do you recommend? And then we should greet the Count and Countess, no?"

Natalia is seemingly oblivious to inquisitors that do not come and sit at her bench. Certainly her eyes pass over where he is, but her attention doesn't linger. Something said nearby brings her attention back there, her smile friendly.

"Don't worry, Count Kael. Every House in the Compact ought to take pride in their specialties and showcase them, whether they be animal husbandry or what-have-you. I don't know that I've ever seen a racing goat before, so that sounds like it might be a spectacle of some interest," Alaric replies confidently. "Unless you mean by goat races that we, in fact, would need to race against a goat ourselves. I might have to politely decline that opportunity. Or generously volunteer Dame Felicia to do it for me," he concludes with a jesting smile before clapping Kael on the shoulder chummily. "Don't work yourself too hard hosting, now! Remember to enjoy your own party a little sometime tonight as well. My thanks to the both of you once again for your generosity to the Compact." With that, he's moving along to go get his festival on. "My dessert of choice is more along the lines of a good wine. But a little bit of cake couldn't hurt," he notes to Corban before regarding Felicia. "Should I hold your goat while you stretch out? Have you named it yet? I can think of a good one if you like." Because him naming things of Felicia's never goes awry, of course.

Sabella gives Venturo a wave and then directs/pulls Oswyn towards the group by the wooden pony, "Ah, a horse! And I haven't even had anything to drink yet. Well, I wouldn't want to take up too much of your time on nonsense. And it is nonsense." She casts a quick glare to one of her guards. Total nonsense! And then she's back to bright smiles as she greets those assembled.

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Adriana glances up at the Count and Countess. She seems hesitant to go over to join the receiving line seeing the King and Various Important People going to greet them. She does wave at Paige again before she turns backto Aviana.

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Reigna flashes a grin to the King, curtseying as much as she is able. "Well your majesty, in fact, the race requires one to put on a cloat of Goat Allure..." Reigna points to the vegetable peel bedazzled cloaks, "And lead your goat through the race faster than everyone else."

Veronica arches her brows at Venturo's oh-so-mature face-making, and for his troubles she points two fingers at her own eyes, then turns them at the brewer. Fortunately, she actually does wear a sharp grin on her face when she does that. This is interrupted when Dismas arrives next and his greeting takes her attention. "Master Dismas. I haven't seen you in a while." She nods to the man. "How have your fortunes been in Arx?"

Signe had managed to chase down the one responsible for painting the children's faces. After having a friendly version of a wolf artifully painted upon her face, she takes to seating on the wooden horses and gets to rockin!

With her little ones finally sent on their way, Mia rises and surveys the grounds. If there were a facial expression which said, 'Oh. Oh, my!', she's most likely wearing it at the moment, as both of her brows have arched at the sight of an influx of so many people, and all at once. Scanning the sea of faces, hope dawns at the prospect of catching a few familiar ones.

Metzger, a great grey shrike arrives, following Dominique.

"Was that someone I know? Should I have waved?" Oswyn asks Sabella as she tugs him along. "Oh! Lady Nightgold! Congratulations on joining the Physician's Guild! I joined only recently myself," he tells Signe as he sits.

"Cloak of goat allure?" Corban asks, looking rather confused by the suggestion, and then when he looks over -- well, that seems just as confusing. He shakes his head slightly, but then there is a King on the move, and Corban moves after him, raising an eyebrow when Alaric offers to name when plushie.

So many people! With a summer celebration going on, of course Dominique is going to arrive, and so she does, glancing around for any familiar faces.

Rarely if ever, can what Valerio's pace be called less than stalking rapidly. As always, fully armored though sans helmet, it's clearly just habit. The little goat pen does however, make him skid to a halt. His one eye looks over the little stuffed kid. "Huh." he actually snags one, and then promptly turns about face and shoves it at his adjutant's hands. "No, Acilius, not for you. For the Nibling." There's a brief chuckle shared and fingers flick at the man to send him to mingle. "Vita-" Valerio stops short of walking into someone in the midst of calling towards his son. "-Lis!" A roll of the eye and he too is looking to the raffle board. His only child gets a rough affectionate slap between the shoulders. "My Son, good to see you back from exploration again. I cannot recall if I, or Lady Cambria got a chance to introduce you to the Keatons yet? Outstanding couple. Join me in line?" Valerio gestures with his left hand, yet cracks a rare grin. "Unless you're too embaressed to be standing next to the old warhorse of a father you have?"

Kael flashes a grin toward Felicia, and that sparkle of his hazel eyes does not diminish in the very least. "Your Majesty," he rumbles forth, smooth as can be, "I do believe that it might be an event for Dame Felicia to take part in." He tips his head toward the woman and looks out toward the assembled gathering. There are a few more people that he nods towards, flashes smiles when he sees them. When Paige is approaching them, the huntswoman is met with a clasp of the arm and a soft chuckle to her words before he inclines his head.

Pauses in her trek to the refreshments to bow to Alaric with a good-natured grin, "Your Majesty! This is the third time this week! Are you following me, should I be concerned I've offended you somehow?" Chuckling, she waves and heads off to the refreshments, stopped only by the sight of her sisters. Adriana gets a broad smile and wave from her older sister before she finally reaches her destination.

Paige claims that ^

Standing Cora looks around and sighs that she had another engagement, moving over to thank the hosts for the lovely party and her new goat friend, "This truly is lovely. Thank you so much for the invitiaton." That said she smiles at Denica and using her chin indicates where she is heading.

Serena, a charming lady-in-waiting arrives, following Vanora.

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Adriana looks horrified at something Aviana says. "But that's the King," she echoes, looking towards the Royal party with the Count and Countess. And is that her sister making JOKES to the king? Her blue eyes go huge and wide in surprise. "We can go greet them when it's not... important people!"

"Sounds more like I'm going to terrorize the poor thing with the sound of my plate." Felicia opines with amusement,"But if you want to hold my goat, I could hardly refuse." she chuckles as she dips her head back towards Kael,"What were you thinking of naming it, though, that is the question..?" she laughs lowly,"Granted, I'm fortunate to have Sir Corban here to make sure that you don't get eaten by goats while I'm luring one with potato peels?"

Philippe stands awkwardly by himself with a cup in his hand and if it wasn't for the occasional drinking, he could be confused for a statue. His stern expression is fixed on his face as judgemental eyes look around for something to judge. He cranes his head toward Dominique, at her arrival, and from afar gives her a look over, as if inspecting her uniform before turning back to his people judging.

Dismas gives a wobble of his hand toward Veronica. "More interesting in some ways, less in others. Figure I'm not getting out enough to get the good sorta interesting, yeah?" That same hand gestures out toward the crowd, signally that this may well be his attempt at fixing that. "Not sure I picked the right day to change." Angling a smile her way again, he asks, "How 'bout you? Why you keeping to the edges here?"

Signe smiles a bright wolfish smile for Oswyn, "Thank you Master Oswyn!" She greats while swaying back and forth, looking to him and unable to stop herself from glancing around the celebrations volume. "And a belated congratulations to you. And good day Princess Sabella, plan on rockin the night away?" Signe then laughs to Norwood, "It's not too late to embrace that inner child." Then her amusement thoroughly continues during Daemon's unfortunate unseating by the wooden pony.

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Spying the olderman, Dominique offers a salute and a bow of her head before she heads towards Philippe. "Not going to join in on the festivities?" she asks curiously, glancing around as well, content to people watch.

Aric points to the roasted game hens and then at the beef and then at some party covered meat. "Well, my lady. It's all incredible. I'm starting with the meat pies because they are my favorites, but yes, we should go greet our hosts now that the King and his retinue have finished?" Aric half-leads his friend over to the Count and Countess, waiting for his turn in the moving line of guests and giving a deep bow to Alaric as he and the others pass by. "My Lord and Lady, cousins, I'm glad to see the turn out is even greater than expected!" He reaches into his satchel and pulls out two bottles of expensive whiskey and sets them over beside Kael. "For later? I believe you both know my friend, Lady Monique Greenmarch?"

"Yes, and yes, Mistress Paige," Alaric replies blithely to Paige. "Not just concerned but extremely concerned, I should think!" He beckons his guard entourage over to the drinks table. Priorities, after all. "We can discuss all of our various goat-related racing and naming strategies once we've got some drinks in hand," he declares enterprisingly.

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Margerie smiles at young Cora as she takes her leave. The once and forever former Countess is just emerging from the house, freshly scrubbed and hair bound up in a far more casual knot than it was at the start of the day. This is the price of spending a goodly amount of time with sticky handed children and the like. There's a look around and she picks out Philippe for a long overdue infliction of warm, friendly socialization. "Count Blanchard, I am so very sorry. How have I neglected calling on you thus far during my time in the city? Oh, how I have missed your bright, shining laughter at Councils since handing things over to my nephew." Well. At least she still has a dazzling smile, even if her words are brghtly studded with teasing sarcasm before a more serious. "I hope the day finds you well."

Aviana smiles, "And we are not allow to say hello?" she looks to Adriana a bit confussed tilting her head to the side at her friend she sits with.

Corban has joined the the refreshment tables.

Clearing his throat, Kael is looking sidelong as his wife handles the raffle. There's a slight grin flashed her way -- why no, no, he does not actually move to assist her. This young man is likely best keeping away from economics. "Thank you all for joining us this evening! Thank you all that joined us earlier in celebration of the birthdays of our heir, Lord Aeryn Squall Keaton and our ward, Kata Oakwood. Thank you for joining us for some light hearted fun within the Compact. I believe that my wife shall perform the first raffle soon, for the person wishing to select the first prize, and then thereafter we shall proceed with the GOAT RACES!" Kael entirely uses tournament voice at this point. "This is where you select one of these fine pygmy goats, don a suit of... edibles, and seek to get your goat to the finish line. You might want to eye your goats now before we begin and consider your selection if you wish to participate!" When Aric is offering him whiskey? Well, there's a look of absolute gratitude flashed his way.

Lady Vanora Pravus slips into the gathering, a stunning gown the color of twilight enveloping subtle curves. She skims the room with pale green eyes, seeking out the familiar and the unfamiliar, and settles upon Katarina. The Valardin Princess is approached and given an airy kiss on each cheek in greeting. "We go ages without seeing one another and now have twice in a matter of days. I confess I know very few people here, but if you are of a mind to make introductions I'd love to change that." The words are spoken quietly, since Kael has begun to address the crowd, and once she finishes murmuring at Katarina she turns towards him to listen.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Vanora before departing.

The barmaid shakes her head to the young tailor, Adriana still looking socially paranoid. "We can say hello, just... the proper nobility should be able to go and give their regards first." She's still shocked that her sister is making jokes with Alaric. She turns back to Aviana and asks, "Well, if they're moving onto the participations and all, perhaps now is a good time?" She's, well, terrified. Perhaps it's the crowds. Perhaps it's being outside. Hard to say what is really is.

Philippe shifts his gaze back to Dominique, bowing his head respectfully. "My liege." He says, looking back towards the festivities. Philippe opens his mouth as if to say something but pauses, thinking for a moment. He turns to Margerie, nodding to her with a respectful dip of his head, but his expression still frozen to that sterness he was renown for. "It is fine. I am well, coming here was a good idea." He responds to Margerie, glancing over to Dominique, "Are you acquainted with my liege? Marquessa of Wyrmguard, Lady Dominique?"

Veronica doesn't bother to uncross her arms, but does lift a hand and gestures at the big crowd gathered on the grounds. "I am not much for big crowds." She tells Dismas. "I usually leave all the socializing to my cousins, who are much better at it than I am. I think they have special armor crafted for their brains for this sort of thing; mine has little protection and tends to melt in crowds." She explains dryly, but does glance around a bit. "That said I suppose I should do my part and see if anyone feels left out..."

Cadern putters around the edges of the event but as the place fills up the Northlander surveys the various groupings and then slips off a bit away apparently getting out of the mayhem after swiping something to drink.

Monique properly greets the Keatons but then tugs Aric back to the food. Apparently she missed something! "It's so busy! Ah, Your Majesty!" She turns at the table to greet Alaric more personally.

Jordan slips in just in time to watch goat races, apparently. He cants his head at this, but he approaches Reigna, bowing towards her before asking, quietly, "How does one join the raffle, my Lady?"

One corner of Mia's mouth shifts upwards. It's not a smile. It's too wry for that, and she rarely issues them, besides. But, there it is all the same, and she shook her head at Sir Corban before leaving the man to his Very Serious and Important Work. Looking towards other faces, she blinks at one and is soon gathering the hems of her long skirts up an inch or so and striding across the grass rather purposefully, with that brisk, brusque stride of hers. Towards Oswyn.

"Ain't much my thing either," Dismas tells Veronica, though that gets another shallow teetering of his hand, like there might be exceptions. "Secret's to find a good ale, a nice perch and see what stumbles your way." When it sounds like she might go try to navigate that sea of people, he nods and leaves her to it, not yet taking up his own advice.

Reigna slips away from those she's been standing near and goes up to the GIANT BIN OF RAFFLENESS! In her Keaton Voice (tm) she calls out, "AND now we have the first drawing for our raffle! This lucky winner will get THEIR PICK of our fabulous prizes! And the winner is..." She sticks her arm in the bin and ruffles around, picking a number....

Momentarily distracted by a missive slipped into her grasp, Katarina affords a wry smile toward Gareth before gracefully passing him a glass of Lenosian white, her beverage still chilled. And then, Vanora is drawing into her line of sight and earning a delighted reception from the Valardin. "My lady, I hear congratulations are in order for your engagement to Duke Grimhall's son, Lord Valdemar? The one you introduced me to the other evening, wasn't it?" She falls quiet when Kael begins his opening speech, giving him the full of her attention with a sidelong glance flung to the Inquistor beside her suddenly.

Someone is coming toward him. Or probably Sabella or someone else by the horse, but Oswyn squints just enough to maybe think he recognizes the incoming form. So he raises his hand awkwardly to wave to Mia, though he doesn't look completely certain.

Reigna has rolled 1 443-sided dice: 346

"NUMBER 346! Who has number 346?" Reigna looks around for the winner.

Oh look! There's a Margerie! Dominique curtsies as she bows her head and lets out a soft chuckle of amusement. "Of course I'm familiar with the Auntie Superior." she tells Philippe with a bow of her head. "Oh, and I didn't tell you. The Graysons and I have finished the contract negotiations. Now it's time to just plan the wedding, you'll be there of course, right?" She asks to the both of them.

"SO CLOSE!" Signe shouted from her pony, still rockin with a drink in hand.

Paige is deep into introductions at the refreshments table, so it takes a moment for her to realize... she waves a hand at Reigna and calls out, "That's me! I... I have 346!"

Margerie holds her hand out to Dominique in greeting, easy delight showing at the use of her nickname. "Marquessa, it is always a pleasure. So glad you could be here to support your cousin," she says smoothly. It seems she is at least familiar with Philippe's liege. The man gets one sidelong glance, lips twitching, but her focus settles in on the Wyrmguard woman. "It must be a challenge not being distracted by Count Blanchard's wit and bubbly personality. And I shall do my utmost to be there. You look so very pleased. Dare we to think smitten?"

Adriana stands about uneasily. "I should have volunteered to work the refreshments," she says to Aviana. "I feel so odd just... being here. Doing nothing." Then Paige calls out her number and she squeals hapily, "SISTER! Congratulations!!" She jumps up and down in a shared excitement.

Philippe didn't want to admit that his attention had been elsewhere for the pass couple days. Mainly to Chevelle. The count had not been keeping up with the day to day of Arx. He raises a brow to Dominique and asks her, "Grayson?" Before flashing a gaze back to Margerie and hiding behind the drink in his cup.

Turning as Paige announces that she has the winning number, Vitalis brings his hands together in polite applause for Paige, watching as she calls out to Reigna. "Congratulations!" he calls out to her over the hubbub of voices before turning his attention back around to the others at the buffet table.

It was, indeed, Mia -- a fact confirmed as she greeted him with a surprisingly light, "Master Spencer." And then, switching to one of the Northern dialects, she asks, "How is practice going, mmm? Well, I hope?" The question was accompanied by a curtsy for those he was accompanying, though her focus was largely on him.

Waving Paige forward, Reigna gestures to the table holding the various prizes! "What will you pick, Goodwoman Fieldstone? Congratulations!! We have a voucher for a rubicund weapon from Dame Idea, a voucher for a design of your choice by me, a bottle of Kiss of Luck from Venturo Thayne, an array of perfumes by Goodwoman Giselle, and of course, a Keaton Hound!"

Veronica may have sounded like she's going to go entertain guests, but... she doesn't. Her timing is so perfect because Reigna takes that moment to announce the results of the first draw. Which means Veronica can safely remain in her bouncer spot. She grins lopsidedly as Paige waves her ticket, but turns back to Dismas. "Did you get a ticket?"

Genevieve breaks her silence to join in a round of applause for Paige. She's still got the same blank face, but she's smiling on the inside, honest. Then she goes back to the business of minding her own business, picking her mug of cider back up from its resting place on the bench.

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"Countess Riven!" Sabella greets brightly, what with being right next to Oswyn. "How are you? I keep trying to track down your husband for some breakfast or tea, but so far he is elusive."

Serena, a charming lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

Paige accepts the congratulations with a grin and smile of thanks to those that offer them, then dashes quickly to the prize table to nod at Reigna. She glances through them all and bites her bottom lip, "As much as I would -love- to have one of the Keaton hounds... I think perhaps this would better serve me in serving you." She plucks up the voucher for a rubicund weapon from Ida and smile to Reigna. "Thank you, my lady!"

Natalia offers a warm smile and a few words to those she was sitting near to before she turns, looking over the rather enormous crowd before beginning to meander in the direction of the host and hostess, aiming to step up beside Kael so she can offer a few quiet words to the man. The smile that follows thoses words is angelic.

A smile for both Sabella and Oswyn deferring from riding the pony. "I think that you are all more than wise in that regard." Something catches Norwood's attention from away from the the pony. "If you will excuse me," this to all of them at the Pony before Norwood takes himself away.

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Oswyn sits up a little straighter, smiling up at Mia. It's a bit of a shy smile, but it's a smile. He replies in the same Northern dialect, "I am going well!" he tells Mia. "Some practice is happening. Has the Marquis of Greenmarch been wording you?" Oswyn does not speak the best Northlands shav. He glances between Sabella and Mia, attentively.

Giuseppe, a kindly old man arrives, following Luca.

Dismas pats his pocket at Veronica's question, an assurance that somehow, miraculously, he's got some tickets. "Mine all start with four. But I ain't really got much luck for this sort of thing. Ain't really got much luck at all, really. More a make your own sort, and ain't much opportunity for that here." He pauses, tips his head to the side, grins a little. "Least, not that wouldn't kinda work against the whole spirit of this kinda thing."

The pale Pravus lady cannot help the smile which plays at her lips. "Thank you, Highness. He is indeed the one I introduced you to the other evening. I'm very pleased by the match." Sabella is there somewhere too, so after exchanging pleasantries with Katarina, Vanora aims in that direction. "Highness. It is wonderful to see you as well. I heard earlier today that there's been a good deal of progress regarding your own match. I'm so very pleased to hear it, for both of you deserve every possible happiness."

Norwood has found the drinks and makes his way through the crowd till he is standing by Margerie's side. "My Lady," a nice glass of ale is being offered to Margerie by the knight. "Talking is dry work, and I am sure even more so for the Auntie of the Oathlands," Norwood deadpans.

"Ahhh, Princess," Mia murmurs at Sabella's greeting. Did she... look a bit amused at the prospect of the woman taking tea with the Prodigal she married? A matter of interpretation surely. "My husband can be a rather difficult man to track down, when he chooses to be. But I assure you, I can speak for our House just as well." Her lips purse at her own comment, before she shakes her head and looks to Oswyn. "Writing," she offers up, in one of the Northern dialects. And then continues, but in Arvani. "And no, I'm afraid he's not been. Though now that I know he has reason to, I do think he's here...."

Adriana waves to Aviana and heads over to the table to congratulate Paige. "Oh my gods, Jayus be praised, you WON," she says excitedly as she moves over, dropping a curtsey for all the nobles -and the king- over there.depart

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There's a bashful blush on her cheeks as she pffts and nosewrinkles just a bit. "I am very fond of Prince Calarian." Dominique admits ruefully, running her fingers through her dark locks. "But a knight like myself can't be smitten. No." she says with a shake of her head, before nodding at Philippe. "Yes. And he could be of help to you as well. Calarian is a polyglot. Speaks all the languages of Arvum." she says with a sage nod.

Aric stands around the refreshment tables, speaking to those most attracted to food and drink. He speaks to the King for a few moments of introduction with friends and family surrounding him on all sides.

"Congratulations Goodwoman Fieldstone," Kael calls forth, applauding to Paige and offering her a grand smile to go along with it. When the Whisper is coming up next to him, Kael takes a step back so that he can speak a few words in turn to Natalia. His grin just happens to grow and, to that liquor that Aric had previously delivered, he is snaring the bottle from where it was set and offering it in turn to her.

Sabella smiles brightly at Vanora and reaches out for the other woman's hands, "There has! Though I think we're all tied up in paperwork now. Not unexpected. I am happy to hear that you are happy though! In both cases, mine and yours." To Mia she then offers, "I'll track him down, sure enough! I am relentless as the Lady Pravus here can tell you, although you are welcome to come as well." Oswyn gets a bit of a surprised look when he starts speaking another language. "Why, scholar Oswyn! You're full of surprises! What's next? Nox'alfar?"

Philippe looks over to Norwood, recognizing the man by description. He knew a little about the Sword of Artshall. The count regarded the knight briefly as his attention was back to Dominique. He nods to her, approvingly before taking another gulp from his cup.

"Thank you, my liege!" Pagie calls back from the sea of people at the refreshment table, waving to Kael with a grin.

Margerie accepts the drink from Norwood with the flash of a grin. "Why my good Sir, are you suggesting that I talk to much? You and Count Blanchard might become fast friends in that case. Count Philippe Blanchard, might I present Sir Norwood Clement, Sword of Artshall? And Marquessa, of course." She turns a gentle, fond look on Dominique shen she blushes. "It is strange how little emotion seems to care what our job titles might be."

After Paige collects the voucher for a rubicund weapon, Reigna moves over towards the starting line for the Goat race and starts handing out cloaks. Yes! Cloaks! These cloaks are COVERED in vegetable matter, from potato peels, apple peels, carrot tops, lettuce and other such kitchen detritus. The goats in the pen are eyeing these like the delicacy that they are. "Wear your cloaks and prepare to charm your goats through the course!"

Oswyn winces, but amiably. "Ah. I don't think writing was the word I wanted. It makes sense, though. I wanted speaking." He considers this, and then tries again in the Northlander tongue, "Speaking?" Back to Arvani. "If the Marquis is here, you might want to speak to him about the project he's asked me to help with, yes." He reaches up to scratch the back of his head and tells Sabella, "I picked up a little when I was up in the Northlands for the Great Archival project. The Countess has been very generous in helping me practice."

"Don't tell anyone." Veronica lowers her voice conspiratorily to Dismas. "I don't believe in anything that is based on chance, so I didn't buy any tickets even though this is a Keaton celebration." Right? Looking back towards the nearest tree, she takes a couple of steps back so she can lean against it to continue watching.

Jordan applauds Paige as she receives her prize, choosing to stand aside from the goat race, though. There's a bow offered towards the King before he approaches Dominique. "Marquessa," he greets, with another bow. "Glad to see you here."

Clapping for Paige's lottery win, Cullen gives the King a sitting bow, following it with a wave to Monique who is apparently lost in the crowd somewhere. But he probably finds her eventually. A quick nod of greeting and thanks to the Count and Countess who are hosting the party, and a bright grin to Signe's obvious enjoyment with the rocking horse. Then he sits back down on the bench, stretching out his legs.

Norwood bows to both Philippe and Dominique both introduced. "Not at all, instead merely that at this occasion I believe that your duty calls for you to speak." Norwood pauses as the call goes out to gather about the goats. "Would any of you care to watch? I intend to try my hand." Working with animals is TOTALLY dignified okay people?!

Coughing a little into her hand, Dominique nods slowly. "That is true. He shall be a boon to Blancbier of course with his many talents." she says, as this is what practically gushing is for her. Statements of fact. Then at Norwood, she curtsies once more, "A pleasure, Sir Norwood."

Venturo stands from the refreshment table, offering a warm smile to all gathered there, "If you'll forgive me... I have a goat to charm... or get eaten by. I smell of ale, fruits and more. This may be a bad mixture, all in all." Mischief glimmers hi his features before he turns, starting to head over to put on these vegetable goat cloaks.

Philippe looks back to Margerie, greeting Norwood with a nod, "A pleasure to meet you, Sir Norwood." He says, his voice croaking from the long periods of silence he puts himself through. The count looks over toward the party.

Luca arrives to the Keaton gathering in just the same fashion he'd prefer to arrive to his death: alone, a little drunk, and with a touch of confusion on his face about where he's at and what he's doing there. He stops, far outside the brunt of the gathering, his dark gaze attempting to pick out familiar faces, but there are so many of them to choose from. He hesitates, lingering ther for several moments, before pulling a flask out from where it's tucked into the back of his belt, and he cracks it open for a quick drink of whatever's inside, before plunging into the gathering with a smile on his face and a renewed sense of enthusiasm. He passes several people he knows. Jordan, who he claps on the shoulder, "Twice in one day? I'm not stalking you, I promise..", and then crosses paths with Dominique as he's headed elsewhere. To her he grins, "They're letting just anyone into these things aren't they?", referencing himself, before finally reaching the person he came to visit - the refreshments table.

Natalia laughs for Kael's quiet words, chatting with him softly for a few moments. There is only a _little_ mischief in her expression. The bottle is taken from him with relief and it's lifted in salute before she turns to walk away with it.

Adriana blushes as she is complimented by Jaerith. "Thank you, m'lord. It's about to get a bit dirty, I fear. I plan on racing a goat. I'm quite good with animals," she says. Speaking of, she goes alongside Venturo to grab one of the goat-cloaks. Gloaks. "I went to your brewery the other night, it's quite lovely. I may have to take your offer to work with you sometime, master Venturo."

And oh look! There's more people. Dominique beams at Jordan as she gives him a salute. "Likewise, Sir Ober. I hope you've been doing well."

Margerie lets her gaze trail from Norwood to the vegetation cloaks and back. That is one mildly alarmed gaze she gives him, but she nods. "I wish you the best of luck in your venture. Do your family and liege proud," she tells him with a smile. With him on his way, she clucks her tongue. "Well then, Marquessa, Count - it looks like this shall be quite the event to watch. Luca breezes by and she blinks at the young Prince. "You may not be too late to take part in the race," she suggests to him. Deadpan.

"Your Highness," Jordan grins at Luca by way of greeting, "No worries, I can handle myself, were you to stalk me. Doubtful, though. Good to see you, nevertheless." He does nod to Dominique after her statement. "I am. I've been almost finished with my training alongside the Ashford Rangers in the city. Hopefully I'll be a master tracker soon."

Signe's rushing barefooted to join the starting line for the kid race. Dawning the cloak of vegetation after claiming Bubbles, the gassy goat kid, she looks to Dismas, Adriana, then Ventury, eyes narrowing in a playful challenge. The kid-friendly wolf facepaint doing absolutely nothing to instill fear. "So... here we meet."

Waggling her brows as Luca passes on by, Dominique chuckles softly. "Well they did let an awkward social urtle like me in afterall."

"...I feel like I should have been paying better attention to the rules," Sabella comments as she's handed a very strange cloak that she at first holds out at arm's length and then shrugs and puts on. "How do I look? Never mind, it's probably going to get worse. I have a goat to go charm! An actual goat, Niklas had other engagements tonight!" And with that she's turning to flounce her way over to the starting line as regal as one can be in a cloak made of vegetable matter.

"A very generous invitation, Your Highness," comes Mia's reply, with a faint arch to her brow. "I will be sure to let him know you desire his company, in the meantime." A pause, and in that silence, she brushes a few strays strands of black hair back towards her braid. "I'd be very interested in hearing about it, Master Spencer, and have a few proposals of my own to put to you, too, for research and for library recommendations. If, in the meantime, you'd care to practice Nox'alfar as well, I'd be happy to continue our lessons, but I do recommend learning only one language at a time. And have been informed by Prince Tyr'val that my accent is amusingly horrid, though not nearly as bad as my Eurusi. I do think I made poor Prince Mason cringe the last we spoke."

"Well, the offer still stands, Mistress Adriana," Venturo flashes the woman a warm smile as he tosses on his goat cloak, peering it over, "Assuming, of course, I'm not trampled in a horrible accident here and now." A hand lifts to give a waggle of fingers towards Paige, "We've met once before."

Princess' Sabella's attention cannot be hogged forever either, and so Vanora looks about only to notice her uncle. Surprise makes itself known in green eyes and she gravitates towards Phillipe, greeting him not with a Lycene cheek kiss but a warm and genuine hug. "Uncle Phillipe! It seems like its been ages. How /are/ you? Still planning to remain in the city?" She queries more softly.

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Adriana has... a morbid goat. But it's named Butterfly, so...

Dismas snorts a laugh at Veronica's confession then draws his fingers up to his lips to suggest buttoning them. He won't tell a soul. "How about hunger?" He tips a nod toward the goat races about to begin, angles a look back toward the self-appointed bouncer, then heads on his way to... to put on a cloak made of vegetable refuse. He did say he wasn't getting the right sort of interesting, didn't he.

"I will do what I can my Lady." Norwood complains about floppy hats, but a cloak made of vegetables? That hearkens to his ROOTS man. He picks the most serene of the animals and gives it a good stroke on the head before putting on his cloak of veggies.

"W-Wait for Daemon!" Daemon is calling out ahead of Signe as he follows in her footsteps. For the time being, his wooden pony has gone abandoned. But rest assured, it would not be forever. The knight's noisy armor is the orchestra to his frenzied steps before he's at the starting line as well. "Phew... Now, where is this Jeremy? He sounds like an upstanding, noble goat!"

Aviana moves with Adriana and finds herself a goat she smiles waiting to find out what to do.

Philippe takes another sip of his cup and speaks more, now that he was alone with his liege, lowering his voice to speak to her.

Dismas trusts in Maude to do all the intimidating eyeing for him. Look at that stink-eye! She's not messing around. He's got nothing but a friendly nod for Signe and his fellow veggie-cloak wearers. Nevermind the determined set of his shoulders. Surely, he's not taking this too seriously.

Margerie has joined the a large purple pansy carpet.

Aric jogs over to the start of the course and grabs a cloak of many veggies and proudly swings it around his back and fastens it like it was the finest of cloths. "Little Scarlet. You need to run your little legs off, you hear me? Don't let me down!"

Lethe chooses a goat named Parker and puts on a cloak.

Luca cocks his head to the side just a little at Margerie, clearly able to both rob the refreshments table of liquor, while also holding a conversation, "Race? Oh, I'm not here to race. What are people racing for? That sounds like an awful lot of work..", and he finds what he's looking for, moving past the gathering again with a bottle of something strong in-hand, in time to respond to Dominique, "Oh, you're not an awkward social turtle. You're just a deep thinker, is all. Someone has to be.", and he lifts the bottle in a toast to her, before tipping it back for a swallow. He does a full spin after, looking at everyone, "There's a lot of fucking people here. I don't see the Best Keaton, though.", he muses, aloud, with something like trouble in his tone.

"Okay racers! Gather up at the starting line! Put on your cloak of Goat Allure while one of our handlers will gather up your chosen goat and place them behind you. On your mark..." Reigna looks to Kael for him to set the race off.

Adriana dons her goat-coat and fastens it around her pretty blue simple silk. She curtsies for her fellow competitors. "Petrichor be with us as we... goat wrangle..." she says primly.

Signe checked composure + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

"My goodness, one at a time," Oswyn agrees, nodding to Mia. "Learning the Nox'alfar tongue would be quite interesting. Please do tell me about the projects and ideas you have! We should meet again soon. I've been running around quite a lot lately but things are beginning to settle now that the shop is open." He waves to Sabella as she departs.

There is a rush from Vitalis as he charges away from the buffet table, stuffing a piece of vegetable in his mouth as he runs to the goat race to enter before it starts. He pulls on the cloak and then moves into position, eyeing the other competitors with a friendly expression.

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Margerie gestures towards the starting line when Luca asks about the race. "There's a free cloak and everything. But if you are not so inclined, well, it's understandable." She lingers near Dominique and her underlings near the flowers as the race nears its chaotic beginning

Aric takes his place at the starting line, leaning over to get a good start to his run. He sways back and forth, stretching his hamstrings because he skipped Leg Day this week. Cloak not at all billowing in a cool fashion, but hanging heavily and smelling not exactly lovely.

Aviana looks to Adriana with a grin as she puts on her cloak, "Good luck." she winks and gets ready.

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Glancing between Demi, the half-pint kid goat and her own cloak, Katarina dons the latter and gets down upon her knees with an exasperated breath. "At least we have something in common; don't we, Demi?" she converses back at the kid goat with a faintly amused smile, gently wiggling an end of her cloak at Demi to draw its attention.

Veronica eyes the beginning of the goat race. "I hope you are not thinking about eating the contestants." She notes wryly at Dismas. "But if you are hungry... care for the refreshments table? I can escort you if you are too shy."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Vanora before departing.

There's a few muttered words in Jaerith's direction before Dominique mutters a few things back to Philippe. As the Auntie Superior heads closer, she beams. "I've been getting lots of recommendations for event and or wedding planners. With your experience in seeing so many weddings, would you have any recommendations, auntie superior?"

Signe attempts to be an intimidating force in the kid race. She turns a gaze over her shoulder upong hearing Daemon behind her. A smile breaks the illusion, not that her short stature was all that intimidating. "Do you have your cloak? You'll need to put on the vegetables Sir Daemon."

Norwood can't help but tip an ALMOST smile towards Vitalis as they wait for the race to officially start. "You might have done better to offer that morsel of yours to your goat." He's speaking of the vegetable that the man was just munching on.

A messenger comes and hands a parchment off to Vanora, who uncurls it, skims the writing, and frowns. "My deepest apologies, I'm a terrible party guest, but I'm summoned elsewhere and it cannot wait. Be well everyone." With that the Pravus lady is slipping out as suddenly and quietly as she slipped in.

Flashing a grin toward Natalia, Kael is thereafter turning back to watch the proceedings. When Reigna flashes a look his way, he is taking the few steps necessary to come back to her side before taking a deep, deep breath. This would be Kael Keaton tournament voice once more. "Get set, GO!" {OOC: Please roll Dexterity + athletics at 15, Charm or Command + Animal Ken at 15, and Luck at 15. The total is your score. Top 3 are winners.)

Hobbling to the race, Gareth stands in front of his goat Frank with his silly cloak on and is just glowering at the goat kid. But more so at the other racers. The Inquisitor then looks down to the goat kid, a long hard look. "Don't disappoint me." The Inquisitor states firmly to Frank.

Norwood checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Sabella checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Norwood checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Signe checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

"Cloak...?" Daemon's brow raises a fraction "Ah yes, the cloak of veggies! Jeremy, do you enjoy carrots?" Jeremy does not respond, Jeremy is a goat. "Excellent, let us be off!"

Norwood checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

Sabella checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Daemon checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Aric checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Sabella checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Lethe checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Venturo has rolled a critical success!
Venturo checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Katarina checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Katarina checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Katarina checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Aric checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Aviana checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Daemon checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Lethe checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Vitalis checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Aric checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Adriana checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Venturo checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Vitalis checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Adriana checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Lethe checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Dismas checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Dismas checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Daemon checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Dismas checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Vitalis checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

As Jaerith approaches, Dominique curtsies to Philippe and Margerie, "If you'll please excuse me for a few moments?" It's then that she heads to the Keaton commander and nods, "That sounds like a good plan, good sir. I trust that you and your men have enjoyed the Dragon's Fire whiskey?"

Signe checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Signe checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

Gareth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Seeming to find what he's searching for, Luca arrives next to Dismas in that fashion he has, where he just walks up into things and makes himself a part of them. "No worries, the refreshment table has made it over here.", he mentions, slinging an arm around Dismas' shoulder and offering the man the open bottle of liquor he'd snagged, "If it isn't my favorite up-and-coming Champion. It's good to see you're getting our and around, my friend." before he dark eyes shift over to Veronica, "Do you know how brave this man is? I couldn't speak more highly of him. Good head on his shoulders, this one. He's going to be the Grandmaster one day. When Master Caspian falls drunkenly off a cliff that he chased me over the side of."

Aviana checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 63 higher.

Adriana checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Felicia checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Felicia has rolled a critical success!
Felicia checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Gareth checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

"The shop? Well, it seems I'm a fair bit late, then, as I'd been hoping to discuss the prospect of one with you -- among other things," Mia says with a faint sigh. "How unfortunate! For me, at least. A boon and a blessing to you. I take it you've found a patron, then? I will have to find my way to it, and find other -- and likely simpler -- ways to support your work."

Aviana checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Gareth checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Philippe nods his head to Dominique, turning to look over at the competition.

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Quiet, a Valardin champion have been dismissed.

Aioni, a regal snowy white owl have been dismissed.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice have been dismissed.

Neither ale nor cider tends to be served in tumblers, and so the empty mugs that Natalia collects are just that: mugs. Once the very important collection has been taken care of, she turns to head back towards the host, and stops abruptly when she sees Gareth is one of the people with a vegetable goat and a pygmy goat. She cannot help but gawk for a moment before a bright peel of laughter escapes without any sort of filter possible. She cracks _up_. It's a brief thing though, choked off with a squeak. Thankfully, there is a whole lot of ambient noise. There's a glance around -- nobody's looking at her, right -- before she strolls back in Kael's direction once the race has been called to begin.

Oswyn tilts his head to the left, peering up at Mia. "What was your idea for a shop, if I might ask? At the moment, Spencer's Books and Scribing Supplies sells... well... books and scribing supplies. I don't think I could run a shop selling five kinds of things, but perhaps your idea would work with it?"

Adriana's a farmer's daughter. So of -course- she knows how to lure a goat. "Heya. Heya Butterfly. Come-come..." She wriggles the edge of the alluring cloak of fruit and veg. "Here's a girl. Come-come," she beckons again.

Jaerith picks up a bottle of whiskey he has on the ground, unopened, and readjusts the lute strapped across his back. He makes motion towards the obstacle course, stating, "Incredibly so. I have been trying to make time to see you, but duty often gets in the way. I almost did not share the whiskey with my men and women, tis so good, but I would be remiss if I did so." With Auntie Margerie so close, he goes and gives her a typical greeting -- a kiss on the cheek and a murmured hello to his aunt.

They start well enough, Norwood and his new little friend Firefly, the serene goat kid. Norwood shakes his cloak in encouragement for the kid who bounds happily after him for one, two, ah, but what's the //rush//. What. Is. The. Rush?! Seriously, why can't they just sit and have a nibble right here? PLEASE NORWOOD. Just a nibble? Racing just... isn't Firefly's kind of thing.

Gareth is... Not very fast. Relying heavily on his cane, the crippled prince moves at a very slow pace through the race track. And no one has ever looked so dignified and stern in a vegetable cloak. Every ew cane-assisted steps, the Inquisitor barks an order at Frank behind him. Fall in line! Pay Attention! Focus, goat! He may not be very athletic, but he has good command of the goat, at least.

It doesn't start out well for Sabella. First of all, she's really not wearing the right shoes for this. She probably doesn't even own the right shoes for this! But slippers are, well, slippery! And definitely not for running. Also, this cloak is weirdly balanced, so when she starts to run she's off balanced and the cloak wraps around her legs causing her to trip and turn in a small circle before falling on her ass. "Augh!" She shouts eloquently. And just as she pushes her hair out of her eyes, there's her goat. Prissy number 9! Who is very intent on eating that cloak. "Oh, no, no, you're just supposed to follow meeeeee!" She starts to say, holding both hands up to ward off the goat who does not at all care one bit about anything she says and instead starts chomping on her silk dress instead. "Ahhhhhhh!" She scrambles back and is luckily able to get to her feet and start backing away from it. Not towards the finish line, of course, "Nice goat! Good goat! IS THERE A FARMER HERE? I NEED A KEATON!"

Veronica is just about to lead Dismas towards the refreshment table, evidently, but for Luca's arrival. "Prince Luca! I have been a woefully terrible bouncer! I didn't see you come in." She gives the prince duelist a sharp grin. Hey, that can be taken in different ways! "I know Master Dismas is a brave me. After all, of all the guests and Keatons here, he chose to speak to ME." Beat. "Where is Mistress Mirari? Did she come with you?"

The problem with Venturo's approach -- if it can even be called that -- is that he strolls. It's an ambivalent thing, with the brewer plucking off a vegetable here and there to give to have rather than try to bait Ferric along, and even the man himself pauses to inspect part of the cloak, as if considering it's worth as a potential part of a brew.

"Duty tends to get in the way of lots of things." Dominique replies, letting out a soft chuckle, glancing between Margerie and Jaerith for a few moments with a smile. "Well, if you ever want some more, all you need do is ask. We have plenty back at the estate." she says, before looking out to see what else is going on. Oh look! The goats! The crazyness!

Evidently Aviana did not pay attention to her parents when they were trying to teach her the ways of being a farmer she wiggles and tries to get her goat to follow her along.

Aric runs but seems to lose Scarlet to some random bit of grass that is highly more interesting that his cloak. "Come on, Scarlet! Come this way!" No skill with animals at all, but Aric does try to get the goat moving. It seems mostly a lost cause, but she finally perks up and begins to follow him at a decent pace through the course.

Felicia is almost completely relying on her ability to play matador with her goat. Here... goat goat goat, calls are obviously useless, a goat whisperer she is not. But taunt the happy-fun goat by whipping her most excellent cloak of peels out of the way after a brief, aggravating nibble? That she can do. Toro, toro!

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Dismas barely stiffens at the arm suddenly draped over his shoulder, just a little bit of tension for the unexpected friendliness from Luca. He side-eyes the man, grinning, chin lifted in challenge. Or maybe pride. Who's to tell. Looking to Veronica, he notes dryly, "Helps that he's got such a keen sense for finding the liquor." Even as he's taking up that offered bottle to enjoy a swig. There's a snort of laughter for Veronica's comment, luckily after he's already swallowed. "Yeah," he asides to Luca. "Picking the pretty one. Brave of me."

Signe tucks Bubbles, Sir Gassy, under an arm and also protected by the vegetation cloak. "The hard part is going through it unscathed! How fortunate you're in armor Sir Daemon as the goats are known to try to nibble //everywhere//!"

"A shop selling books, frankly," Mia answers with a wry chuckle. "I would like to see more of them in Arx and, after the recent work at the Twainfort collecting the stories of our Prodigal tribes from their elders, I'd like to see them bound and preserved. In some cases, shared throughout Arx, before they're lost among a heap of history, like so much else has been."

"Come Jeremy! WE RIDE!" Daemon calls across the field of goatly racing, dashing from the start point with veggie-cloak blowing in the wind like a true hero. He's not exactly the most... animal friendly person, nor he is very lucky. But by god could he run, and run he did in that full suit of plate with the disturbed goat behind him. "DO NOT FALTER JEREMY, WE CLOSE THE DISTANCE!" Twists and turns down the track are no match for this powerhouse of a team. But alas, they would not clench victory, falling a few leagues behind as the dash went on. Signe's words perk his ears. "Nibbling? What do you mean nibb- JEREMY NO."

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Oswyn's head bobs; his smile widens, which makes him look downright boyish. Probably around twelve years old. "Yes, of course," he tells Mia, "So long as the storytellers consented, I would be pleased to transcribe. I really ought to hire an assistant. I never thought I would need one, but I've been quite busy of late."

"No, Scarlet! There's no time for pooping right now!! Are you serious?" Aric turns and pleads to the kid, wringing his hands as if he could make Nature change its ways just by begging hard enough. he sighs deeply and grabs a hunk of cabbage from the end of the cloak and waves in Scarlet's face. "Finish upo and let's go!!!"

Jaerith whispers quietly to his aunt before looking back to Dominique, "I should like to develop further on our trade, and I am glad to finally have met you in person. As I've told you in writing, the Countess is amongst one of my favorite people, so family of hers would no doubt be good friend to me. With the economic shake up as of late, its been difficult to further develop trade." Then, the goats are off and people are running around and making complete fools of themselves and its great. He cheers as they go, uncorking the bottle of good stuff and swigs directly from it, offering it in turn to Dominique, "A gift from my cousin who I call brother."

Luca flashes Veronica a grin in return, sharp enough to be as two blades clashing, "Don't fret, blondest Keaton. There's still time to throw me out, and on a long enough timeline I'm sure to give you a reason.", he promises, before letting his grin meld into a pointed smile, like a cat that's just noticed the canary. He turns his attention to the side, at Dismas, briefly, and mentions, "You've got good taste at least. Hey, I'm going to really piss someone off soon. You better keep training. I'll need a Champion.", and there's the light of mischief in his gaze for a moment, before he's looking back to Veronica, "Mistress Mirari is out on business, I believe. So here I am. Who had the smart idea of leaving me to my own machinations? Someone should fire them, immediately..".

Moniquee cheers loudly for all the contestants. "Go Lord Aric! Go Dame Felicia! Go goats!"

As the race begins, Vitalis takes off scurrying along as best as he can. He tries not to outdistance his goat, least he lost the tempting allure of the vegetable cloak that bounces at his backside. He is decently quick, and not so bad with handling the goat, given that every few feet he slows enough to do a little wiggle to make his vegetable clad cloak sway around enticingly for lucky goat number fifteen. His luck just isn't with him, given that it is immediately following one of these wiggle wiggles that he takes off to run once again and trips over a stone and face plants. Lucky fifteen is fast then, nibbling at the end of his cloak and causing Vitalis to call out, "What! Not yet! We have to cross the finish line!" Trying to crawl quickly enough to keep in the running.

Adriana clucks her tongue again. "Come come, Butterfly!" She's not the fastest of the lot but she's good enough with the goat to where the morbid little thing follows the barmaid along the course at a good clip. "There's a carrot with your name just waiting on the other side of the line," says the girl.

There's a slow nod as she ahhhs. "Reigna has always been a very generous and hospitable cousin." Dominique admits as she motions to the celebration, "As you can see since she put all this together." she quips with a wry grin. At the proferred bottle, she oooohs, taking a swig before feeling that burn down her throat, nosewrinkling just a bit. "Well, if there is anything else we can do to help, please let me know. My estate is always open."

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Serenity, thy name is Firefly! Norwood's little goat decides that the cloak that Vitalis is now crawling about in is MUCH easier to get at (and then steal from, because that's cool) that the cloak that Norwood is keeping from him. Without an OUNCE of shame the little goat is going to try to see if Vitalis will let him do some goat yoga by attempting to jump upon the man's back. Norwood is left alone with his cloak and MIGHT reach Vitalis before Firefly can pounce upon his back.

Signe takes off at a run from the starting point, however the problem with choosing to run barefoot is the lack of traction... among a field of nibbling goats who leave pebbled shaped poo everywhere! She calls to Bubbles, the goat spirited to follow his sheppard, breaking wind as he trots. Signe only manages to make it a few feet into the obstical course before slipping on a small mountain of goat poo pellets and stumbles to the ground. Often. She's the main course for that foul smelling creature. "Ah! No, not me! That way! Gooooo!"

"Ah! It's eyes aren't right! Has anyone ever looked at a goat before?!" Sabella asks, no longer trying to get to the finish line and just trying to get away from the goat, fumbling with the knot she tied to keep the cloak on. "Get away from me! Luca! Come get eaten by this goat for me!" She shouts, darting between other contestants and their goats and otherwise probably making it harder for a lot of people. "NO, NO! I'M WEARING THESE SHOES, GOAT! AUGH IT THAT DROOL!?"

The thought of a finish line finally dawns upon Venturo's mind, and he lifts his chin to look up and out, realizing, well, he and Ferris haven't gotten very far. "Do you know what is really ironic, my dear friend? It's a song about irony that doesn't actually have anything ironic in it at all." Clearly on the losing end of this whole ordeal. He unlaces his cloak and drapes it out to give the kid a nice picnic to munch on, all without having to bother with that pesky racing bit of things.

white-tailed eagle, 2 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Thesarin.

Felicia picked Warrior, probably unsurprisingly, maybe that's why the attempts at cajoling fail so epicly, but... well, the cloak is flopped, and wriggled along like a snake, which seems to work well enough... but then one of the /other/ goats gets interested, and the knight has to shift to try and stop the wrong goat from nibbling at her starchy cloak of goatly goodness without startling Warrior into deciding the best direction to go is back. Of course, being clad in her plate mail probably is not helping in the slightest in terms of making the skittish goat be less skittish,"C'mere you fuzzy monster... no, no, not that way, over here... thaattt's right. Good goat. Nice goat."

Aric growls at the goat, "Scarlet, you are now known as Future Stew! So, come on, Future Stew! You can do this! See all those other goats way ahead of us? That's your fault. Not mine!" Aric walks backwards, waving the goat forward with each agonizing step. "Come on, Future Stew! We can still win this! Move those little legs like you mean it!"

Oswyn squints in the direction of the race. "Er... is Princess Sabella having a difficult time?" He can see blurs, but everyone is in the same cloak. Mostly he's going by the yelling.

Aviana looks to the goat and smiles, "Come on Rath, come on!" she whistles and claps her hands gently, "Come on! little buddy!" she tries to get the goat to move about, "No, no Rath now is not the time to try and head but the others, no, no don't Rath!"

Pretty one? That gets a brow-quirk from Veronica. "Thank you for your vote of confidence, Master Dismas. But speaking of pretty... I am not sure where Amari is." The blondest Keaton grins at the Oakhaven native, before glancing around the crowd. "Odd. She was looking forward to all the dancing that's bound to happen." Turning towards Luca, she shakes her head at the prince. "Are you looking to cause trouble? Because if you are, you may have to wait your turn. Care to meet the local Keaton troublemakers?"

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Once, Daemon and Jeremy were a team for the ages. Now, Jeremy has betrayed Daemon in a way most foul. At some point he'd fallen onto the track, the cloak on his back being torn away by the unyielding teeth. Jeremy had a cold, unforgiving stare as he ripped the garment asunder. Vegetables and fabric littering every which way. Daemon did not seem to have the willpower to resist. When one is betrayed by goat, what is even the next step for them in this life?

Kael is applauding and hollering encouragement as the goats take off. "Go Firefly! Go Scarlet, go Bubbles! No, no, do NOT go Scarlet!" There is a flash of an apologetic look cast toward his cousin before Kael is just laughing and sending an amiable grin toward the incoming Natalia. She, after all, happens to have liquor in hand. Catching sight of Sabella yonder, he is raising his voice and calling forth, "Someone aid her highness!" After all, there is a dress in distress. When the goats begin to cross the finish line, he is calling, "Three cheers to Princess Katarina Valardin! To Dame Felicia Harrow! To Goodwoman Adriana Fieldstone!"

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Vitalis is still valiantly trying to crawl away, tugging his little goat along behind him as the beast digs in it's hooves and tries to resist. It is like some titanic form of strong man contest as Vitalis grips whatever ground he can dig his fingers into in an effort to gain enough of a vantage to pull himself and his goat along. And then tragedy strikes. Firefly, the goat of Norwood, charges Vitalis and pounces like a dark angel sent to claim the life of the poor struggling fellow. Driven to his belly on the ground with two goats on him, Vitalis calls out, "Help! I am betrayed!"

"WOO! Go Adriana!! Congratulations!!!" Paige calls out from the refreshments table with a grin for her sister. And drink!

Norwood checked dexterity + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Dismas counters Veronica's eyebrow arch with one of his own, smirking. "Only one?" he challenges Luca on the number of people he'll be pissing off. "Sounds like a slow night." Wasn't he supposed to be coaxing a goat across a finish line? Looks like Maude's chasing someone else today, trying to bite at a veggie cloak meant for another goat. Bad Maude! Lonely Maude. With a glance back toward the goats as Luca's name is called, he nudges an elbow into the man's ribs and says of Sabella, "Looks like someone's in need of a Champion now." Without moving himself. He's got booze and conversation. What more could a man want? Besides, looks like the race is already called.

"Or maybe their idea was to give you the impression that you're left to your own machinations, Your Highness." Jordan remarks over to Luca, looking back to Dominique and flashing her a smile. "Sir Jordan Ober," he introduces himself to Dismas, slapping the back of the Prince's shoulder. "If he's your Grandmaster, you're being steered in the right direction. No better fighter." Glancing over to Veronica, he grins, bowing. "My Lady."

Adriana squeals happily as she manages to bring Butterfly, her morbid little friend, beyond the line ahead of others. She jumps up and down in excitement, much as she had for her sister's victory. She throws her arms around the goat's neck and gets a slobbery smooch as it lunges past her for a tasty turnip on her cloak.

Reigna has rolled 1 443-sided dice: 144

Giggling as the race is run, Reigna is cheering as the first three cross the finish line. "Congratulations! Now, onto the second raffle winner!" She hurries back to the bin and sticks her hand in, drawing out another number. "The next winner is... Number 144! Who has 144?"

Thesarin makes his way into the hall, looking as ever like a shav nomad who's been forcibly scrubbed down and forced into a fancy suit. He walks at his usual slow, measured pace, into... what appears to be a goat race. He... blinks, a few times, at the commotion, looking over the guests and giving a few nods of greeting.

"We were quite fortunate; the recent tribes that joined Riven in the last year were quite open with the Scholars which we sent, and shared a fair bit of their histories with us. I was quite pleased by it, especially considering the Prodigals who joined us from the Isles, and how near we came to losing their tales. I can have a few copies sent to the shop, if you're interested in reading them." Mia's head cants to one side. "Or I can wave them at you as a shameless bribe to bring you to Heron Hall again. I was hoping to get a Scholar's opinion on our collection, and recommendations for building a proper library."

Aric picks up Scarlet and stares into her eyes. "You have betrayed me, Future Stew. A pox upon your family and I will greatly enjoy eating you soon!" He shakes his head, grinning and sets the little monster down onto the ground again. He looks over to Lady Monique. "Blame her, not me, my lady! She's too much the prima donna to give her best!"

"I don't know that I've ever seen anything quite like this," Natalia observes for Kael as she steps back up beside him, offering him one of the empty mugs. It's filled with a few fingers, then hers is filled with a few fingers plus two, and then the bottle is put back where it was collected from. When winners are announced she does lift her voice to cheer, though her hands are too full for clapping. There is mug lifting, instead. "Is this typical, for Keaton parties?" She's still watching her brother, though it's likely she doesn't quite realize she's doing it yet.

"I'm usually left to my own devices." Dominique replies with a somber nod as she glances at Jordan with a silly smile. A messenger then comes and she hrmms for a few moments. There's a low curtsy to Jaerith, Jordan, and Luca. "I should be headed back to tend to a few things. Please feel free to stop by for a drink or even some chocolate at the estate if you're so inclined." She offers as an invitation before heading out.

Taking the whiskey bottle back, Jaerith chuckles and nods, taking another draught from it, "I hope to end up taking you up on your invitation, Marquessa. Again, a pleasure to meet you, and to finally have laid eyes on you."

"I thought I'd already met the biggest troublemaker. You mean there are more?" Luca asks, grinning at Veronica, until a woman starts screaming his name. It's not even his fault, and that's probably what grabs his attention the most. He holds up a finger, "I'll be back. A hero's work is never done, it would seem. Don't go too far, you two. I'll swing back around to get that bottle and probably cause a fuss..", and there's Jordan, and he smirks at the night, assuring him, "Oh no, I couldn't have turned down Grandmaster more quickly. There's so much paperwork in that. Who has the time?", and then he's off, darting across the grounds, hopping one goat, dodging around another, and generally just making his way over to where Sabella is.. clearly struggling. "What in the world are you screaming for, 'Bella? You're drunk, aren't you? It's just a goat." and he does attempt to interpose himself between the woman and her attacker, as all heroes must in a time of need."

Aviana smiles clapping for Adriana, "Congratz my friend." she smiles giving her cloak back and heading back to sit down her hands move to rest in her lap watching everyone.

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Metzger, a great grey shrike leaves, following Dominique.

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Felicia, triumphant! Seems like Alaric's retinue is getting a +1 of the four-legged variety for the evening. Of course, once across the finish line she lets the skittish little thing have the cloak with a whoop that makes it bleat at her in offense. So of course she reaches out to try and soothe it, and just winds up making it skitter further. There's a grimace as finally she elects to call over to one of the other knights,"Congratulations! You have... uh... goat duty. For the rest of the night. Make sure it doesn't chew on anything important."

Oswyn's head bobs quite enthusiastically at Mia's words. "You'll need a classification or filing system, certainly. Subject is the usual one, though sometimes you might want to organize by geography. Just please don't organize by the colour of the covers they're bound in. That is a horrifying way to organize books. I can't imagine you doing that, but..." But Oswyn hates it. He hates it so much. "I'd be happy to visit Heron Hall again. Shall we meet next week?"

Monique doesn't curse Aric but she shakes a mock angry fist. "You cost me the Crown, I'll have you know!"

Norwood is not at ALL quick enough to get that goat - or to even finish the race. He is, however, quick enough to call out, "Firefly! Friend! Not Food!" Firefly is about to dart away when Norwood manages to sweep him up into his arms and holds the squalling creature there. "My Lord, my apologies," he says to Vitalis and then ushers Vitalis' goat off him also. He ALMOST misses the number being called out, "Oh! 144 is me, Excuse me?" Hopefully Vitalis has got his own goat because Norwood needs to go and claim his prize. Tonight has gone WELL. "Might I take the pup home with me Countess, Count?" It'll be The Second's new BFF.

Alaric is overheard praising Felicia for: Winning me a bet!

Daemon eventually picks himself up from the track, shooing away the goat. "Away with you Jeremy, you have tarnished our brief friendship beyond repair. Return to your goat family and think on what you have done." He yanks the remnants of his tatter vegetable cloak off as well. "I shall return to my wooden pony, for it has remained more faith than you." He throws his head up and promptly struts away, re-mounting one of the wooden horses.

Monique is overheard praising Felicia for: Siiiiigh. Losing me a bet.

Reigna beams as Norwood approaches with the winning ticket. "Of course, congratulations to Sir Norwood Clement!" She gestures for the kennel attendant to bring out the handsome hound. Bay's ears are especially long and as the puppy gambols, he steps on his own ears, yips, somersaults and lays, splayed. Then he pops up and barks, hopping over to Norwood.

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"By the color of the....," Mia trails off, and for one brief moment, the expression on her face can only be described as 'incredulous'. It's not so much that she's disbelieving, so much as that the very idea of such a thing appears to offend. On the books' behalf, of course. "Why in the name of all the gods and spirits would someone organize a library by the color of the books? Are they illiterate or have they simply never bothered to actually read one?"

Sabella finally gets the cloak free in time to throw it over Luca's head! Only she is also terrible at throwing things, so it kind of just drapes on his shoulder half a second before falling to the ground. She makes sure to keep Luca between her and Parasol, the prissy goat, though. "It took a bite out of my dress!" She tells Luca, sounding like it might as well have eaten her arm or stabbed her in the stomach! "It's a vicious monster with no fashion sense or decency! Bad goa--ahh!" She starts to scold said goat, which looks up from chomping on the cloak and fixes the princess with a cold goat stare. Sabella ducks behind Luca and looks away. "I wish I were drunk, I probably would've done better!"

Signe's tumble with the goat-course is wholly unsucessful, she manages to keep the four legged creature moving however most of the vegatation on her cloak is gone, she's covered in stains which could be either goat poo or mud. Only a healthy sniff could discern the difference. Making it at last across the finish line, the wolf face paint was smeared however Bubbles appeared content, or sleepy, hard to tell from how he just stood there. "So close Bubbles! So very close!" The victors received applause from the Nightgold woman who joyously laughs at the finish line, she leaned down, offering a pat along Bubble's back. He continues doing what he does best.

"Dismas Scratch," is offered to Jordan to reciprocate the introduction even as he watches Luca running off to go rescue Sabella. He breathes a quiet laugh at that not particularly heroic exchange before taking another pull from the gifted bottle. Which he's been told won't stay his forever. Best to get his drinking done now. To the knight, he explains, "Caspian took up the title." Looking to Veronica, he holds out the bottle in offer, since they never made it over to those tables on their own.

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Tesha has joined the the refreshment tables.

Vitalis is quick to spring up to his feet as soon as Norwood relieves him of the burden on his back. He quickly removes the vegetable cloak, letting it drop to the ground so that his goat can have it uninterrupted. "Whew," he comments to anyone standing near enough. "That was more difficult than I thought it would be," he says with a sigh.

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Once Norwood has selected the puppy, Reigna is reaching in for the next number. She draws out, "Number 311! Who has 311?"

Thesarin makes his way toward Mia and Oswyn, giving a low nod toward the pair as he approaches. "Talking of books, Countess?" He gives Oswyn a short nod, looking the man over with a rather flat expression.

"Ah," Jordan nods to Dismas, scratching his head in confusion to that, but shrugging at the end. "Good on him, I suppose! What happened to the last one?" He asks of the Champion while watching Luca basically run the Goatlet. "Pleasure to meet you, by the way, Master Scratch."

Marius gets up from the bench, glancing at the ticket in his hand and then reaches up in the air to wave it around. "Think that's me!" He calls back over to Reigna. "What's left?" Follows shortly behind from a Marquis that hasn't been paying attention at all.

With Dominique heading out, Jaerith heads away for a moment, taking his gift bottle of whiskey from Aric and recorking it, storing it into his satchel. He heads towards the refreshment table once more, snagging up a mug of cider and takes a sip from it. The Keaton lord grabs a second mug of cider. He gives glance towards Aric, smirking and makes a comment before glancing around for a moment, hrming and heading over towards Sabella once she has returned from yelling at goats.

Simone laughs softly as she watches Marius try to make his way through the crowd to Reigna. "That's what you get for complaining about not having any luck."

Luca whips the cloak from off his shoulder, where Sabella has so kindly draped it, and then he snaps it out with a flourish, letting it fall over the creature entirely, to enshroud it. "There. Goat disposed of. Now it's a blind danger to everyone, which really doubles your chances of surviving this encounter. Mostly." The woman's attacker - Parasol? - begins to stumble around in newfound darkness, and the Fox-Prince grabs Sabella's hand and pulls her out of the path, "I'm pretty sure that's how you handle a goat. I don't know. I've never been on a real farm..", and then he's pushing Sabella over toward the refreshment table, "Go over there and let the liquor assault you for a while. It won't chew on your dress, and I'll be even happier to rescue you from that when you start shrieking again."

"There is still three different bottles of perfume, one for women, one for men, and a unisex fragrance. There is the bottle of Master Venturo Thayne's Kiss of Luck, an exclusive bottle of alcohol and a voucher for a design crafted by... well, me."

"People who care more about the colour scheme of decor than about the written word," Oswyn tells Mia, disdain for those monsters in his tone. Then Thesarin's there, and Oswyn immediately half-rises from his seat to bow at the waist to Thesarin. "Count Riven," he greets. "Um."

With farewells given to the table and a playful look cast towards Paige, Venturo stands and starts to stroll his way on over towards the exit, taking him right on by Dismas, Veronica, and the others gathered about. "Scratch! I see you've captured fine company for the night. May a bit of luck come to you this fine evening," A glimmer of mischief is there as he places his tickets into the man's hands. Onward he goes, his head tipping with triumph towards Veronica, "Escaped from your grasps once again, jailer!"

Marius glances back at Simone with a wrinkle of his brows before going up to claim his prize. "I'll take the voucher for a design if you don't mind. I'm certain Simone could find something for you to help her with."

Reigna drops a delicate crystal bottle tied with a violet ribbon.

Reigna drops a copper-capped, square bottle of cologne.

Reigna drops a rounded clear glass bottle of honey-hued cologne.

Sabella gets dragged and pushed along by Luca the Champion, giving the cloak covered goat one last glare over her shoulder, "You truly are a hero, Luca. If only to me right in this very moment. I will make sure there's a brandy or two you have to rescue me from later. But really, thank you." She shudders and heads towards the drink table, "I am definitely not a goat person."

Reigna drops Exclusive Bottle of Raconteur's Kiss of Luck.

Sabella has joined the the refreshment tables.

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"You've met?," Mia asks, looking between the two with evident surprise. "If not, allow me to present Master Oswyn Spencer -- a Scholar recently returned from the North, who I've been giving language lessons so that his shav'arvani doesn't rust and fade while he's here with us in Arx. I'd been hoping to bring him on as something of a resident scribe for Riven, but it seems he's already been poached." A beat passes, and then, "My husband, Count Thesarin Riven, of the Greenwood clan."

"And the next winner iiiiiiiis: Number 335!" Calls Reigna from her perch by the raffle bin. "Number 335, come up and claim your prize!"

Marius gives a little bow of his head at Reigna as he accepts the voucher and then heads on right back to the bench from whence he came to take his seat next to his wife once more.

Norwood is still in that veggie cloak which Firefly has finally noticed. Never mind that Norwood is getting to know his new puppy, the goat wants what is on Norwood's back. Scrabbling around he WILL HAVE IT, even if it leaves him awkwardly perched on the knight's shoulder for a moment. VICTORY as Firefly gets his teeth into a veggie... and then tumbles back to the ground. The puppy-that-needs-a-name sees said goat falling and even though he's well trained well... there's a GOAT FALLING. Puppy is going to nudge the goat with his nose... and then there is frolicking from both the animals. Norwood is just trying to get some calm happening.

Evidently, a trek to the refreshment table is an adventure of itself, and Veronica FAILS. Shrugging, she accepts the offer of the bottle by Dismas. Even before she can drink from it, there's her quarry Venturo escaping! "There is no escaping me, Master Thayne! Soon!" She promises to the fleeing brewer.

"Promoted," Dismas says to Jordan of the previous Grandmaster. If there's any more explanation to be had, it's preempted by Venturo's presence, the brewer earning a broad smile. He accepts the handful of tickets with a snort of laughter and an assurance of, "Not gonna happen." He's got the good grace to dip his head in thanks, though. With a new number called, he looks through the new assortment as well. But then they're shoved into his pocket with the rest as he considers that exchange between Veronica and Venturo curiously.

Ooo! Sabella is making her way over towards him anyways... Jaerith catches sight of her and then speaks to her at the refreshment table.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Daemon before departing.

"If we have, can't say I recall." Thesarin gives a slow shrug of his shoulders, up and down, speaking in a low rumble. "So I'd apologize." A nod, just as slow, and a low noise from the back of his throat. He pauses a moment, looking over at the scene with Norwood, the goat, and the puppy... and then he gives another nod, and looks back toward Oswyn. "What took you up north?"

Luca grins at Sabella, "It's been a fair bit since I've had to rescue someone from brandy. Make sure it's good brandy. Just scream when you need me..", and then he's off again, seeming content to leave the misunderstood goat stumbling around beneath the cloak. It will probably figure out how to save itself, eventually. He does give the blinded creature one last look, just in time to see if spinning around in circles, before he's crossing the distance back over to where he'd left off, somewhere near Dismas and Veronica and Jordan and whoever else has joined them. "Well, that was something else. I'll sleep easily enough tonight, knowing another maiden is safe from a monster such as that. I have to say, we really should bring a goat or two to every gathering. As far as decor goes, they really liven the place up..", and then he's looking between them all, "Okay, who has my bottle? I beat the refreshment table fair and square for that thing. I'm owed a swallow."

Zane, a tall and silent servant leaves, following Venturo.

Oswyn shakes his head quickly. "Oh, we haven't, Countess. Count. There's nothing to apologize for. You're simply... distinctive, and I know who you are." He swallows. "I was up north for Archlector Bianca's Great Archival Project, collecting stories. I learned a little of the language and the Countess has been exceedingly kind in helping me practice."

The Countess was so engrossed in her conversation, it seems she's lost track of a fair number of the goings-on at the party. As Reigna calls the next number, she stands with her little cluster for a moment longer, an expectant expression on her face. And then... "Oh!" A soft cry, almost of alarm. "That's me! Would you both please excuse me for a moment? I ought to find Countess Keaton with...." Another pause. "Honestly, I'm not quite sure."

Reigna makes a face and bites her lower lip, "I was so hoping you'd be able to claim the pup. But we do have a good litter if you are still interested. Ah, for our remaining prizes, we have some perfume, cologne, and an exclusive bottle of something that smells amazing and is called the Kiss of Luck."

Jordan shrugs at Dismas. "Sounds like fun. As for who has your bottle, Your Highness," he nods to the Prince, "I think you addressed him last about that. Not sure, but we can fetch you some ale otherwise. Maybe." There's a grin to Luca at that.

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"Congratulations Sir Clement!" calls forth Kael, inclining his head humbly when the dog is selected as the prize. He lowers his voice and asides to the other man, "He is a good one, a very good one. May he serve you well, and you him." Now that being said, the liquor is taken from Natalia with an amiable inclination of his head, grateful. "It is," he answers her to her question, perhaps somewhat belatedly. "The goat wrangling was so popular we had to do similar for this event. Then of course there was the bear races..." He shakes his head, leaning in before peering through the crowd. "Lord Valerio Mazetti's heel prints were in my side for over a week there." Why yes, he is looking for said Mazetti. Only to cheer when his wife calls the next number and applaud mightily toward Reigna before turning and catching sight of Mia. Countess Riven is applauded for as well, a smile cast her way. He, as an aside to the Whisper, "Have you met Countess and Count Riven? There is interest in our endeavor."

To Kael the knight calls out a very distracted, "My thanks!" But Norwood is TRYING and FAILING to not cause a scene but with goat and puppy so happy it's a little hard to. Finally he strips off the cloak and spreads it out for Firefly to get at, and catches the puppy before he goes to pounce the goat again. Everything settled? YES, everything is settled. Finally. Goat will go back in his pen with a pat, and Norwood and the puppy will take themselves off to go and get better acquainted.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Daemon before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Mia rests her hands on Thesarin's elbow for a moment before she slips away, gathering up her skirts and making her way through the crowd towards Reigna. Brushing her hair back out of her eyes, she shakes her head to their hostess and says, "Honestly, I'd only heard something about the dogs, and hadn't paid much mind to what else was on offer. Fortunately enough, I have quite the perfume collection and would be delighted to add to it." Biting down on her lip, she gestures towards the honey-colored bottle. "That one looks lovely. And another puppy, another evening, my lady. My lord."

Reigna picks up a rounded clear glass bottle of honey-hued cologne.

"Distinctive, eh?" Thesarin's face furrows into a deep scowl. "And how's that, now?" He glowers at Oswyn just a moment, and then the scowl breaks, and there's just a second with a smile and a nod. Was... that a joke? "Well met, Master Oswyn." He looks back to Mia with another short nod as his wife goes over toward Reigna to claim the prize.

"I am not certain that I want to hear the explanation of that," Natalia observes, after she's lifted her glass for the raffle winners. "My imagination has supplied me with quite the picture. I have not met them, but I think I will wait for another night for introductions. I am going to need to excuse myself." She offers an apologetic smile up towards Kael, dawdling long enough for him to say his farewells before she makes to head away. Polishing off what's in the mug as she goes, of course.

Reigna has rolled 1 443-sided dice: 414

Reigna has rolled 1 443-sided dice: 352

Reigna has rolled 1 443-sided dice: 178

"Excellent choice, my lady. And I promise we will get you that pup. You'll see. Please enjoy the party, Countess Mia. Count Thesarin! Nice to see you." She nods over to the the departing couple and moves to draw the last few winners. "We have number 414! Who is 414? Next we have 352! 352! And last but certainly not least, 178! Come on up and claim your prizes!"

"Of course, go ahead," Oswyn stammers at Mia as she departs. Thesarin glowers at him, and Oswyn holds quite still for a few moments. At least until Thesarin lets up, at which point, Oswyn's shoulders relax again. "Ah, there. It's just as though I never left the Northlands." His lips quirk in a crooked sort of smile. "I missed it, a little. I suppose that might mean I'm a masochist."

There is some un-Marshal like snickering, and it's source would be Valerio. The trials and tribulations of his son apparently are something of a memory that won't be dying over at Mazetti Manor any time soon. During this time he was manuevering to press upon Kael's time a bit so is lucky enough to catch the story (slander!) and his name mentioned by Kael. "I could have sworn my bear was more ah, sturdy. Alas, only it appeared to be a hardy breed then." Valerio manages a brief deadpan before a rare smile splits his features and he bows a greeting. "Count Keaton, my plasure to be able to attend one of your legendary gatherings once more." A gesture out towards the goat-popular Vitalis who is brushing himself off at the moment.. "I cannot recall if you've had a chance to meet my lad, yet. He did well enough, not as legendary as my bear mount who... ah. I -was- armored that day too, wasn't I?"

Dismas passed the bottle over to Veronica, but he's not calling her out. If Luca can't spot it, he hasn't really earned that swig, has he? "Glad to know the lady's safe," he tells the prince as if it were Serious Business. His attention turns when a number starting with a four is called, looking over to Reigna. He fishes into his pockets and... yep, there's 414. "Well shit. Look at that. Making a godsdamned liar out of me." With a nod toward those gathered, he makes his way on over to claim his prize.

Dismas picks up Exclusive Bottle of Raconteur's Kiss of Luck.

Reigna has rolled 1 443-sided dice: 196

Reigna has rolled 1 443-sided dice: 130

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Reigna has rolled 1 443-sided dice: 423

"Countess Reigna." Thesarin gives a low nod toward Reigna, and another toward Kael, now that he's been pointed out. He gives another low grunt toward Oswyn, and shakes his head. "Only made to the north once, and can't say I were sorry to go. But won't say a man's wrong in his tastes."

Reigna has rolled 1 443-sided dice: 111

Kael inclines his head toward Natalia, then turns back to his wife and continues to applaud the winners of the raffle. He'll be content on the sidelines, nursing his mug. Then of course there is the incoming Marshall of Ostria and Kael is focusing in on him. Targeting him with such slanderous words! Kael is grinning and reaching forward to clasp Valerio's upper arm with a sharp strike that is perhaps a bit too hard and absolutely is meant to play. "It is an honor to have you here, friend." His eyes brighten further when there is mention of the man's son and he shakes his head. "I have not, no, but I have been waiting a long time for the honor." So of course, he inclines his head toward the Mazetti. "Well met, my lord."

Oswyn begins to rise from his seat and adjusts the hang of the leather satchel over his shoulder. "It is good to have finally met you, Count. Heron Hall has been very kind to me, and I appreciate it."

As the final numbers are called Reigna calls Adriana and Daemon's numbers, allowing Adriana first choice of the remaining prizes and Daemon gets the last prize. "Thank you all for participating! Dinner will be served in about the next... hour or so. Fresh goat! There is music, dancing, the night is yours! Keaton welcomes you and wishes you all a magnificent evening!"

Adriana is about to reply to the nice people at the refreshment table but she hears her number. "Oh my! I won! I won!" And she bounces again, jumping excitedly as she clutches her ticket to her chest. She sets the wine aside and goes to the countess, holding up her ticket as she curstsies.

Daemon hears his number called from atop his wooden steed. "WHAT?" He calls out, half in joy and half in shock! Though something from Reigna's explanation does catch his attention, briefly stalling him. "Dinner with fresh goats... in an hour?" The knight looks around the track, at all of those fine racing goats. The abject horror on his face is dire.

Mia returns to Thesarin and to Oswyn, slipping her hand into the crook of her husband's elbow. "We did not, unfortunately, win the pup to bring home to Kelleth," she advises him, tilting her head up to consider the man. "But the Countess tells me they've an entire litter, so we may soon have a dog about the house, regardless."

Simone is overheard praising Reigna.

Reigna winks to Daemon and shakes her head, "It is a joke, Sir Daemon. I promise."

Adriana picks up a copper-capped, square bottle of cologne.

Marius raises from his seat, wife on his arm all over again, and leads Simone on out with a wave to everybody gathered.

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Simone leaves, following Marius.

Adriana has a bottle of perfume. She curtsies for the Keatons and lifts the stopper to take a sniff. She seems overwhelmed by it, starting to giggle. "This is my luckiest night ever," she explaims happily. She wanders back towards the refreshments to show (smell?) off her new prize.

Daemon picks up a delicate crystal bottle tied with a violet ribbon.

Sabella gets Limited edition Keaton goat kid stuffy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Aviana gets up from her seat looking around she moves in the direction of Reigina, she curties to the woman, "Countess Keaton, this was very lovely and I thank you for allowing me to come to your celebration." she smiles and speaks softly to the woman.

Accepting the strike with another grin, Valerio looks all too pleased to be here. "It -is- good to be here. I wasn't sure my schedule would allow. Imagine my surprise to find Vitalis back in the city as well. VITALIS!" Valerio, being Valerio waves an arm trying to get his son's attention and get him closer. "Over here, my boy, come meet the Count!" A quick look back to Kael. "The lottery was a nice touch, everyone alays needs agood quality weapon, though. I think I may have gone for the dog this time. Still. Getting nobility into such cloaks, well played My Lord. I see your wife is her usual joyous self, how is your formidable Aunt?"

"But you ain't come empty-handed," Thesarin says with a nod toward Mia as she makes her way back over. He nods to her, looks back over at Oswyn, and holds out a tattooed arm toward the man. "Well met, Scholar. Riven stands by its friends."

Luca levels a smirk at Jordan, "Ale? I'd be just as well off drinking tea, in that case. Ale and I never quite saw eye to eye. I need to be more drunk before I start making that sort of mistake..", he assures, while people are winning things all over the place, up to and including Dismas. He gives the man a clap on the shoulder as he goes off to claim his prize, before letting his dark gaze linger on the bottle in Veronica's hand for a moment, "Well, I may go elbow through to the refreshment table again and see what I can find. If I don't come back, know that I've lost the battle with it. Remember me well. Say something appropriate at my funeral, but say something inappropriate, also. A little of one, a little of the other..", and then he's going to do just that.

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Looks like everyone's behaving, so there's no more need for a bouncer. With Dismas' bottle in hand, Veronica leaves her guard post. lifting it up in a silent toast towards Luca before heading towards the main building of Keaton Hall.

Having reliquished the last of her hosting duties, Reigna retreats and heads over to find her husband. She takes her time, saying hello to various guests before she slips her hand through Kael's arm.

Oswyn bows forward at the waist to both the Rivens and says, "Congratulations on your prize, Countess. I'm afraid I must be leaving. Have a good evening, both of you." He turns in the direction he suspects Sabella is and waves. It is not the right direction.

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Daemon claims the perfumed prize, a smile on his face. He turns to Reigna to give her a final bow. "Countess Reigna, Count Kael, this is one of the finest outings I've had the pleasure of experiencing. My thanks for hosting and your hospitality." He gives a side-eye to Jeremy, wherever that traitorous goat was. "Until next time." Then with one more flourishing smile, he's off!

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Aviana moves over to where Adriana is after speaking to Reigna, "Adriana, I am heading back to the shop I will come visit soon I have something for you its almost done." she winks and hives the womans shoulders a squeez then turns to head off .

Jaerith looks up from his drink reverie as Paige comes over and speaks softly to him. Eyebrows shoot up and he states, "Are you sure? That could actually.... be quite a bit of fun." He says with a large grin planted firmly on his face.

Adriana widens her eyes in surprise and whispers back at Aviana before giving a smile. "Travel safe, my friend! I look forward to seeing it."

Monique is overheard praising Reigna.

No, my lord, I most certainly did not. Another one for the chest, I think; I should make gifts of a few that I'm less fond of," Mia murmurs, curling her fingers around the bottle. "Master Spencer was just telling me that we ought to speak to Marius Greenmarch; something about a initiative involving the Prodigal clans of the Oathlands, but little detail as to what."

Tesha gives Cullen a shake of her head, "I'm fine, Lord Greenmarch, please stay and have fun with your family." she tells him with a smile.

Tesha gets Limited edition Keaton goat kid stuffy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Dismas comes away with a bottle for his rather accidental luck, the one incidentally pilfered from Luca having wandered off with Veronica. Catching his fellow Champion moving to take on the refreshment table again, he lifts his prize toward Luca in a sloppy salute. But it doesn't look like he's sticking around for dinner, filtering out with a few of the others taking their leave.

Paige returns the grin with a nod, "I wouldn't have suggested it if I wasn't sure, my lord." She waggles the bottle at him and tilts her head away from the party with lifted brows and a smile.

"See you," Jordan tells Dismas with a nod, bowing to the hosts of the party and then making his way out. "Mistresses Fieldstone, hope you're both doing well," he greets them, on his way out.

Jaerith stands up and offers his arm out to Paige, "Shall we? I don't believe my brother is here so the Teak Suite will be perfect..."

"The pups from Echo and Oaken have been exceptional. I regret every one that has to leave us," murmurs Kael with a smile toward Valerio, inclining his head just so. When the other man is pointing out that the cloaks were well played, he flashed the other man a grin and remarks, "Well, we must have some fun, mm? It is good to laugh from time to time. Other things -- well, they are far too serious." Ah, and there is his wife. Kael is sliding an arm around her and pressing a kiss to her brow before nodding to this person or that when they depart. Sir Daemon receives a bow, in fact. Aviana's commentary, though directed toward Reigna, have the Count speaking up. "Of course, it is an honor to have you here. I do not believe that we have been introduced, I am Count Kael Keaton."

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Paige takes his arm with a bright smile, "I believe we shall. Quick, before anyone tries to make us 'come to our senses'."

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Mia is overheard praising Reigna.

Mia is overheard praising Kael.

Jaerith pays some very quick farewells and then quick steps it off towards Keaton Hall with Paige linked in arm, big ol' grin of glee plastered firmly on his face.

As Valerio calls out to him, Vitalis looks around and then makes his way over toward his father. He looks toward Kael as he approaches, offering the man a dip of his head before he says, "Hello, Count. This is quite the party that you've thrown here." The compliment is honest, even as the man is brushing dirt from the goat race off of his front.

"Be a fine thing to talk on." Thesarin nods toward Mia, keeping his arm crooked out toward her just so to make it easier to stand with him. "Heard tell they were talking on it... and think you're rekoned an expert. And rightly." He nods, lifting his chin toward Luca as the man goes about his celebrating.

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Regal, the majestic pygmy goat, Orin, a Felhound Sergeant, Paige leave, following Jaerith.

Aviana stops looking to Kael, "Count Kael, it is a peasure to meet you." she gives him a courtsy, "I am Aviana Bertram." she smiles, "Only arrived to Arx rescently and getting to know everyone in the ward slowly." she grins, "There is a lot to learn."

Reigna leans in against Kael as she looks over to Aviana, "Hello, and I am Countess Reigna Keaton. A pleasure to meet you, Goodwoman Bertram." She shifts her attention to the Mazetti nearby. "Lord Valerio! I haven't seen your dear face in so long, my friend! It is so very good to see you."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cullen before departing.

"You believe I'm renowned as an expert on the subject of Prodigals?," Mia retorts, shooting Thesarin a skeptical look. "Or the Greenmarches do? Frankly, I'd suggest that anyone who says such a thing may be better off simply speaking to a few themselves -- and that assertion would apply to either one of you.

"There is indeed. Welcome to Keaton Hall, and as you explore Valardin ward, do feel free to rest your feel from time to time within Keaton Hall." Kael flashes a smile toward Aviana before focusing in on Vitalis. "I have my wife to thank for this one, though perhaps my humor may have been partially involved." He's grinning, a bit. "I have heard a great deal of you, my lord, and am grateful to meet you. Do you share your father's martial interests?" His voice lowers a notch as he casts a look to Valerio, "And you, my lord, have you met Count and Countess Riven?"

"No no no. I'm always far too serious you mean." Valerio rumbles in amusement, however his head ducks down once to concede the Count's point. "Business must be booming for you now then I imagine. Though, I can see where giving up such good parentage would be a burden. You've certainly expanded since I have gotten to know you." A brief appreciative chuckle at Valerio's words. "They find the most interesting games, Vitalis. No shame in the loss. Wear your bruises well. Ah! Countess! I know, I keep promising to not be a stranger, but. Alas. I am subject to the requirements of service. Of course the Marquis and Marquessa send along their best regards." His eye and eyepatch shift to look towards Kael, a brief concentration of memory. "I.. do not believe I have had the pleasure, no."

Alaric gives Luca a now-look-what-you-did look at Monique's obvious hopefulness. "I already used ba-a-a-a-d!" he protests and turns back to Felicia. "I'll let Tristan know to expect you. You don't mind if I take Warrior for a walk now and then, do you?" He squints. "Do you even walk goats? Is that necessary?" he asks the area in general a bit blankly. Something Adriana says has him turning back to her then. "Begging you pardon, Mistress Adriana, but where do I go to order a Sabella Special again?" He seems interested.

Glancing up at Mia for a moment, Cullen returns his gaze to a letter delivered to him, eyebrows furrowing slightly. After finishing his whiskey and getting a refill, the 'marcher lord moves over to an empty spot to pen a reply before handing it off with some silver, giving Sabella a distracted half-smile for a moment and snorting at Monique.

"Martial interests," Vitalis repeats with a wry grin as he cuts his eyes aside toward his father. "No, I have to admit that I am not near as good with a blade as my father. But, I do feel that I can hold my own for the most part. My interests have always been in exploring and studying, I'm afraid. One that most would find greatly interesting, and the other terribly boring," he says with a chuckle and shrug of his shoulders. He shakes his head as well, at the question of having met the Marquis and Marquessa, even if it were not he that was being asked. "I am still rather new to the city. I have not met many people."

"On Prodigals, might not be." Thesarin gives Mia a slow shrug, with another faint hint of a grin on his face. "Reckon that's a hard thing to be. But on talking 'em into the Compact, not many folk can say they've got more practice at it." There's a pause, then, before he adds, "my experience there's at the other end."

"You are a busy man, Lord Valerio, I can accept that. But that does not mean we do not miss your laughter. I was surprised that you did not compete in the race this year to defend your title! Was it just that you did not have the opportunity to ride Kael around the track?" Reigna beams up at Valerio, though the tease in her voice is also aimed up at her husband. She leans up to kiss his cheek, whispering something to him before looking back around.

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Kael tilts his head to the side and when the man continues with his own interests, Kael is smiling toward Vitalis. "I believe it depends on the topic and one's own interests, my lord, concerning what one considers boring. Then again, well, my wife happens to be a scholar so I might be somewhat biased toward being amiable toward those with such interests." To the compliments paid him by Valerio, Kael is once more inclining his head in a humble manner. "Shall we go and interrupt them?" he murmurs, indicating the pair yonder and the group. "I must say my more official hellos." Now Reigna, when she whispers to him, he snorts and murmurs a few words back in turn to her. Or perhaps the snort was due to her tease.

"Wear a dress and smile prettily." Mia's retort was a swift one; she'd hardly allowed time for a heartbeat to pass. "I certainly worked on you. Though, really, I think you might have a harder time of it than I did. Something about the beard doesn't sit quite right," she quips, gesturing with one slender finger to Thesarin's chin. Perhaps that was why Cullen was looking at her? She's certainly assumed so, and cocks a brow at the man as he says nothing and buries his attention back in the contents of his page.

Making his way to the Kael and Reigna, Cullen gives them a swift bow. "Count, Countess. Thank you for the invitation and hosting the gathering. I am sure I shall be seeing you around more. Lord Cullen Greenmarch," he remembers to tack on, unsure if he had introduced himself in the past. So many people, so little time. "Anyways, quite lovely to meet you all, and I hope to do so again soon." Looking back over at Mia, "Apologies. I heard something about the Greenmarches, but not anything else."

Thesarin lifts his chin in Cullen's direction, and glances over at the King's outburst, letting his gaze linger on His August Majesty in a way that might not be entirely proper. When Mia points at him, there's another brief hint of his smile, and another slow shake of his head. "Reckon you have a prettier smile, at that." He looks back at Cullen, and gives another low grunt. "Lord Greenmarch. Hope all's well with you."

"It's true, the boy is smarter than I. Took after his mother there, thankfully. Quite harrowing as a baby, really. He'd manage to get into spacess we thought impossible for him to either find or get into.. a few times up and onto." Valerio mimes patting his chest mimicing a panicked heartbeat. He considers Reigna for a moment with a soft smile. "Ah, My Countess. It's a young mans game out there, besides. We both know your husband would be most upset if I rode anyone else but him hard and fast into victory." Delivery complete he looks to Kael almost innocently. "Yes by all means, please let us do so." With Cullens appearance, Valerio takes the time to incline his head. "Lord Cullen, I would be Lord Valerio Mazetti. A pleasure."

"Lord Greenmarch!" Reigna beams as Cullen approaches, "Kael, this is Lord Cullen Greenmarch! Word is that he may well be the next Sword of Greenhaven. Lord Cullen, this is my husband, Count Kael Keaton." She grins as the introductions are made and then she smiles to Vitalis, "It is good to finally meet you, Lord Vitalis. Your father is one of my favorite people in all of Arx."

"And I, Lord Vitalis Mazetti," Vitalis says toward Cullen, falling into line with his own introduction shortly after his father's. He snorts then, shaking his head at what Valerio had said regarding the race and snorts out, "I don't even know what to think about that. I will instead block it out and pretend that nothing was said." Looking toward Reigna he offers her a grin and says, "He is certainly a good man. Though perhaps in short order you will think as fondly of the son as you do the father. With any luck, that is. If you are a Scholar, then perhaps we will have occasion to see each other more often. I recently joined with their ranks last night."

Felicia deadpans,"I'd venture it's the pirates you should be more concerned with." for Alaric's words,"And well, it is apparently not anatomically correct, so I imagine... whichever you feel more appropriate?" with a wry kind of smile.

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"Thank you for joining us in the celebration, Lord Greenmarch," murmurs Kael, bowing his head deeply toward the other man. "May we meet another time so that we might speak with one another at length, yes? Come by Keaton Hall any time." The open invitation seems to be just that: open. Also? Quite sincere. Turning back to Valerio, Kael is grinning. "So I know what I might look forward to, when Aeryn grows, given who his mother is." He offers a sidelong look to his wife, grinning a bit more. Nonetheless he starts to guide his wife, with an inclination of his head just so for the Mazettis over toward the Rivens.

Lord Greenmarch? Ahh! That explains it. "My apologies, then, for the confusion. We'd been discussing a project being conducted by the Marquis, that a Scholar made mention of to me. I thought it a bit odd to suggest I might be considered a well-known expert on the subject of Prodigals and Prodigal Houses, given, well, the sponsor." Whatever else she was about to add, however, Mia cut short so as not to interrupt Cullen's introduction to other guests. In fact, she goes so far as to take a step back and return to shaking her head at her husband. "I expect that's only because it looks a bit less like baring my teeth, when I do it."

Reigna follows where Kael leads, waving to those they are leaving and sending a bright smile to the the Riven Countess and Count. "Hello Rivens! Are you enjoying the party? I hope so. And I promise, dinner has no connection to the losing contestants, despite what some of the signage might imply!"

Better late than never right? Far exceeding the 'fashionably late' rule, Iseulet arrives with little fanfare at Keaton Hall, her hands placed delicately behind her back, looking around the grounds for something - or someone!

Watching his cousin take off, Cullen turns back to Reigna and Kael with a bright smile. "Indeed. I am the Sword of Greenhaven. Or so says this thing hanging off of my hip, perhaps Marius snuck it on me when I was asleep." Chuckling, his hand slaps the hilt with a smile at Vitalis and Valerio. "Lords Mazetti, a pleasure to meet you both. I have heard much of Ostria, but never had the chance to visit. I will have to remedy this someday." Nodding at the Count in a friendly manner, "Absolutely. I would be happy to do so. I will drop by so that we can speak, I've been spending my time getting to know people I ought to, and you and the Countess are surely on that list." Turning back to Mia, "No, I would like to hear more about that given...well. Obviously the mutual concern." When Iseulet enters, she gets a nod of the head.

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Adriana is getting ready to head back to the inn, having had a lovely chat with people far beyond her social standing. She curtsies to Reigna and Kael, calling out, "My count and countess, thank you for a joyful evening! Gods bless you both."

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Sabella also stops by Reigna and Kael, waiting politely for other people to say their goodbyes, "It was a great party, even the part where the goat decided my dress was not so much in fashion as it should be in its stomach."

"Smart Lad." Valerio speaks as an aside to his son on the matter of blocking out things that are mentioned. "Lady Reigna does have a sharp mind, and she manages her husband quite well in the process. "Lord Cullen, I'll have to assist you in this venture. Some night perhaps I will bribe you with some Ostrian Brandy to seal the idea. If you would excuse me however." Valerio moves to follow the busy Kael. There is a quick bark of laughter for Kael at the mention of what is in store. "You never know. All I can say is encourage and let them explore knowledge, and they'll find that path when you least expect." He of course, keeps pace following Kael for the Rivens.

Felicia chuckles,"Mercifully, neither have I." she advises Alaric,"Very well then, female. And I have quite the collection of toys and trinkets in my barracks room. One does need the appropriate armament for chasing people off, after all." she offers mildly,"I mean... I could just name it Alaricus?"

Vitalis offers a nod of his head for Cullen as he dutifully follows along in his father, Kael, and Reigna's wake.

Iseulet smiles softly to those gazes she has caught and nods, not finding what she is looking for she tilts her head to the side and bows her head - a hunch.

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"Well," Thesarin murmurs toward Mia, "that's a fine first step..." He turns and nods toward Reigna, Kael, and the Mazettis as they approach. "A fine evening, Countess Reigna. My thanks for hosting." He isnt smiling, but he sounds sincere enough, giving a series of low nods toward the group. "And a success, I'd say sure."

Not only a Greenmarch, but the Sword of Greenmarch, no less? Mia offers a curtsy to Cullen then -- and a far deeper one than their respective stations truly warrant. "Mia Riven, of the Twainfort. We owe your predecessor a great debt, Lord Greenmarch, and it is one we mean to pay. If there's concern about the Abandoned tribes around Greenhaven, then simply ask; my husband and I would be happy to lend whatever help we can. My time in the Oathlands was too short, and I should like to see them, and the lans of the Rivenshari, on better terms than before." Shifting the bottle she'd one from one hand to another, and then her own weight with it, she looked past Cullen's shoulder to the Keatons and offered Reigna... well, an honestly abashed expression. "It's been a lovely evening, Countess. Though I confess, I'm absolutely terrible at parties."

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"It was an honor to have you join us, your highness," murmurs Kael to Sabella, humbly inclining his head. "My apologies for the behavior to the goat. It is a risk, in part, to such an event." Another flash of his smile to Cullen, a nod of his head, before he nod to Adriana on her way out as well. "Countess Mia Riven and Count Thesarin Riven, may I introduce Lord Valerio Mazetti and his son, Lord Vitalis Mazetti. Lord Valerio's soldiers and mine have run an extended amount of military exercises, and the Ostrian army, it is very impressive. I thought it might be prudent to introduce you all since Lord Valerio, he too is interested in the college venture that we discussed."

Felicia is de-goated, by the king, which merits a noise of protest, and a few attempted pokes back as he examines the stuffed goat. Which means, of course, when it's tossed back she gets a facefull of plush goat butt and winds up spluttering as the poor thing flumps on the floor between them. Hrf. Rather than reach for it immediately she gives Alaric the hairy eye and huffs,"Exploder it is, then." with all kinds of fake wounded dignity before bending to collect it again.

A broad grin given to the Mazettis, Cullen replies with a hand over heart, "You can always ply me with Ostrian brandy. It's simply the finest. And I happen to enjoy a glass of it every now and then." Turning to Mia and Thesarin again, his bow is deep and respectful. "I am pleased to meet you, Count and Countess Riven. My predecessor...was very close and dear to me, so I thank you for those words. And I will remember that offer, as it is always a concern. And the lands of the Rivenshari are truly beautiful, ones I enjoy myself. Almost as much as the Greenwood. Almost. But should I be able to help you, please, it would be an honor."

"I am so sorry for the goat, yes. Is your dress alright? I can fix it if necessary?" Reigna is all solicitous to the Grayson princess. "You had excellent form out there, I must say. I really appreciate you coming! Do not forget to take home a souvenir plushie with you, Highness."

"My lords," Thesarin gives a pair of low nods toward Vitalis and Valerio. He looks less like a Count of the Compact, and exactly like one of the shav raiders from the Gray Forest has been dressed up in a fancy tunic and possibly granted a title. "I'd be interested, in the work of the college... the days ahead, the Compacts armies need stand together. The last war, least we proved we can." He gives a very serious nod, even moreso contrasted against plushies and goat races. Another low nod toward Culler. "Taken well, Lord Cullen.

Executing a deep armored bow is Valerio. "Count and Countess Riven. A pleasure to meet you both. Though I believe I may have met the Countess before quite a long time ago. My memory is a bit hazy." His head inclines to each in turn before raising up again. "Indeed, we skirmish as well as train together. Keep severyone sharp in their roles. Eases the rebuilding process as well. Nothing beats good old fashioned get together skirmishing really."

Vitalis drops into a bow that is strikingly similar to that of his father, though his own leather armor makes the movement easier than if he had been wearing something heavier. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Count.. Countess," he says in an even tone, grey eyes looking over each with a faint smile.

Giving the remaining attendees a dip of the head, "I had a lovely time, and look forward to speaking with you all in the future. But, I should head back and take care of a few things before the Marquis and Marquessa turn in for the night. Count Kael, Countess Reigna, I will be by again soon, thank you for the open invitation. But I ought to get going."

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Reigna looks up to Cullen with a deep smile, "It was so wonderful having you here. I look forward to seeing you again, my lord. You are always welcome at Keaton Hall. Do give my best to the Marquis and Marquessa Greenmarch for us. Thank you for coming!"

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Mia's curtsy comes swiftly, a quick dip of her slender frame a spreading of her skirt with one hand, entirely unencumbered by armor as she was. Still, she doesn't release hold of Thesarin's elbow, keeping the other hand tucked well into the crook of it. "A delight to meet you both -- or meet you again, as it were. I've been to the Lycene ward more and more recently, and have found its luxuries to be quite lovely."

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Lord Greenmarch," says Kael with a friendly smile to the other man. "Until we meet again." He dips his head just so and then is focusing in on the conversation at hand. "Indeed." His expression is sobering, much like Thesarin's, though perhaps he does not manage such a grim expression as the other man. "Then, if you all noticed the woman that I was speaking to earlier, that was Natalia Whisper. There is a great likelihood that she shall be spearheading the diplomatic front." It is just idle commentary on his part, however, and for whatever reason he is interjecting a press of his lips to his wife's temple by way of affection.

Alaric and Felicia eventually sort out all their goat-related plotting and make their way to leave, stopping by the Keatons on the wayout. "Count and Countess Keaton, thank you so much for hosting, we had a fine time tonight." He smiles to Mia and Thesarin. "Count and Countess Riven, how nice to see you here! Terribly sorry we didn't have the chance to speak, but I'm sure you and House Keaton will have much to speak of without a King getting in the way," he notes with a charming grin.

Felicia doesn't elect to add to the verbal, for all the grin and respectful dip of her head offered towards Keaton's and Riven's both. A glance directed briefly towards the current goat wrangler as she prepares to follow the King out.

Thesarin nods toward the Mazettis again. "Well met, my lords; if we are talking on the subject, reckon I've got more experience at it than a body should have." At Alaric's approach, Thesarin turns to make room for the king to address the group. "Always honored, Your Majesty." Thesarin clasps a fist to his chest and dips his head low toward Alaric. "And to see you, Dame Harrow." The Prodigal Count offers her another short nod.

Felicia finds words to offer,"Likewise, Count Riven." she murmurs respectfully, marching off in Alaric's wake.

Reigna seems to be slowly winding down, the weight of her hosting duties making her quite tired. Still, she has smiles for those around her. She does, however, cover her mouth to hide a yawn, leaning a bit heavily against Kael.

"Thank you for attending, Your Majesty. You honor us with your presence." Kael Keaton has perfected one thing and that is moving into a courtly bow that is passable while also being supportive for his pregnant wife. One arm around her and a dip, just so, that is held for a series of beats before he rises once more. "Dame Harrow." She in turn is the recipient of a humble nod of his head.

"Your Majesty." Another curtsy already? For the King, of course. "Your presence is never an interruption. Dame Harrow, good to see you well, as always."

"Until next time, then," Alaric declares sociably as he bows politely one last time and his whole entourage makes its way out.

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen, Felicia leave, following Alaric.

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