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Genevieve Fieldstone

When you're unhappy with your life, either lower your expectations or do something about it.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Aloof Archer
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Waldenwyn
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Ash Brown
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Skintone: Pale Olive

Description: Though trim of form and small in height, Genevieve's's slim-waisted body is athletically toned and is always held upright in a calm military posture. In similar fashion her face is young, delicately structured and feminine, but her resting expression is somewhat chilly. Relatively dusky against a canvas of healthy skin, her grey almond-shaped eyes observe the world with cool scrutiny. For the most part she opts for practicality by wearing her ash-brown hair secured in buns, braids or ponytails at the back of her head, but when she wears it loose it falls an inch or two past her shoulderblades in glassy-straight sheets.

Personality: If there's one thing that can be said about Genevieve's personality, it's that she's a closed book. Quiet and aloof by nature, she prefers not to reveal her feelings unless she has a compelling reason to do so. She's not one to smile, nor to flatter others or joke around lightly, and she's not really concerned if people are put off by that. If she must choose between being liked or being true to herself, she'd almost always pick the latter unless practicality demands otherwise.

Background: Born in an unremarkable farming village to an unremarkable family, Genevieve always wanted more from life. Although she could appreciate the wholesome routines of her rural community for what they were, she nonetheless found them tedious and uninspiring -- a never-ending cycle of ploughing fields, harvesting crops and foraging for food, occasionally broken up by a rustic festival or a wagon ride to the market in the nearest town. The only activity that really gave her some pleasure and made her feel alive was training in the village militia, but even then she found herself wanting for more discipline and more advanced tutelage than the local watchmen could provide. At the age of 18, Genevieve left her home village and set out on her own path. She would see sights beyond the fields and pastures with a sword on her belt and a bow slung across her back, seeking adventure and coin.

Name Summary
Agatha She seems like a sweet girl, a bit on the innocent side, but trying SO HARD to hold her own with the hard drinking, hard charging fighty types!
Ainsley She seems quite nice and polite, and rather dedicated to that chicken.
Alessandro Takes battle seriously, even mock battle. An admirable trait.
Astraea The newest addition to Redrain. A strong woman with an easy going manner, she seems very very sweet and deadly. A likeable combination of things.
Cullen Calm, cool, and collected Oathlands sellsword. Doesn't seem to let the conflicts of the past color the present, which is wise. Stormwall and Setarco seem to have been a turning point for many in that regard. Knows that we face a far more grave threat, and showed respect for Eirlys, something which always makes me grateful.
Delilah She can hold her drink pretty good -- Well, up until the point where she cant, smacking her forehead on the table and all. The poor thing! I'm slightly concerned for her well being but she's a 'Blades and I bet this is normal for her. Hopefully.
Emily The Lady is quiet and quick and quite helpful when given a task. I felt comfortable with her at my side when we were tasked with scouting. I wonder what she might say over a mug of cider.
Gareth A straightforward soldier, not much beyond that as far as the surface goes. Managed to beat me in Stones, which will not have me secretly hating her for the rest of my existence. Surely not.
Harlex She's strong, and I don't just mean that handshake. That quietness about her is familiar. We will get along, I think.
Jeffeth A quiet private under Violet's command, she seems a good sort.
Jordan Certainly seems to cheer loudly for her people. There's something to be said in favor of that.
Marian She's got a solid marriage and generous heart. I enjoyed keeping her company while her husband won his match. Although, I am a bit embarrassed I got my wires crossed on who was getting married. She was kind to forgive me.
Norwood She fought at Stormwall and is spoken of well by Lady Veronica. She seems composed and in good humor.
Reese She is a warrior and a well spoken one. I wish her every happiness.
Reigna This young woman is an inspiration. Full of passion and drive, dedication and spirit. She wants to help others, to defend and protect them. That is so admirable.
Rinel She's nice. And quiet. That's nice. She's nice. Everybody is nice. This whiskey is very nice. I've had too much. Oh dear.
Sabella I have only met her a few times, but considering she has joined the Fieldstone family I know she must be a wonderful woman as every member of that family is just delightful! I should like to get to know her more--although that seems like it might be a hard thing what with a baby on the way!
Sasha Quiet but quite talented. I am sure that once all settles she will blossom like the budding flower I know that she is.
Shae Patient. The patience of a mother of at least quintuplets.
Valarian A fellow Blade who says little, but takes in a lot. Those grey eyes are always watching and observing. I've no doubt to her ability, and serving with her is an honor. I do get a bit nervous around her as I come off as loud and obnoxious in comparison, but I suppose that is because I kind of am. Still, highly competent and deserving of her rank.
Veronica An Oathlander warrior who fought at Stormwall, and I met in Southport. Is it her professionalism? Or her bravery? Something about her makes me really like her. It is almost as if we have been friends for years!
Violet Determined and on the ball. Serious but takes pleasure in her accomplishments. There is a fire behind the cool mask. The best kind.