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Golden Hart Fundraising Gala

A fundraiser to help with Avrum's recovery in the north and south. Details to come.


April 21, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Valencia Brogan


Victus Felicia Juliana Niklas Niccolo Titania(RIP) Sabella Jordan(RIP) Merek Aethan Vayne Shae Porter Jan Kaine Terese Rickard Isabeau Reese Waldemai Calarian Wash Vercyn Lisebet Sorrel Islin Graham Derovai Dominique Ian Zoey Amari Tabitha Belladonna



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Hidden Courtyard

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Comments and Log

Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka leave, following Merek.

Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka arrive, following Merek.

Waldemai comes in quietly, simple cap in his hand, and slides into a chair by the fire. For some reason the smith likes to keep warm.

Victus has joined the charming garden swing.

Calarian comes to see the fundraiser and perhaps contribute what he can to a worthy cause. Around his arm is Dominique Wyrmguard, accompanying him this evening to see the lovely environs and hopefully mingle with some interesting company. He leans in to her and murmurs something into her ear before he leads her deeper into the courtyard.

Kaine has joined the table by the fountain.

For the evening, she's supposed to be eyecandy! Dominique hrmms for a few moments, glancing about, as she looks for a few familiar faces around the room, muttering something softly back to him.

Merek gets Alchemy Perfume from a backpack made of black leather.

Merek puts Alchemy Perfume in a backpack made of black leather.

Merek had not quite heard if there was to be any dress code. As such he comes with his coat and adjusted cape that is attached to it, with the sigil of the House Fidante upon it and his own as well upon it. His full beard looks nice, and it seems like he has on some cologne as well. He makes to sign in to show he is here, and moves then to find a place to settle into.

Not often seen at places with the word 'Gala, Ball, Dance' or other such flowery expressions of a party is a Thraxian in a big coat. Yet, here is Victus, arriving on the heels of a cadre of guards who follow him in and then immediately break away to enjoy the festivities. Lounging on one of his shoulder's is none other than the controversial Claw of Arx herself, Lilybelle. The High Lord takes a quick look around at the gathered crowd and finds himself some place quiet. The swing would do. And so, he swung.

Derovai's already there, leaning against a tree, glancing around the courtyard. He hasn't come to dance, but he's curious to see who else is coming to the gala, arms folded, lean casual.

Lisebet arrives quietly, glancing around. Her eyes light up briefly as she takes a long look around. "And to think," she murmurs, "I never knew this was here."

Belladonna arrives stag, not unusual for the Duchess, really. She seems to almost prefer to attend these sorts of events on her own. In that distinctive fireweave of hers, she strolls through the garden, offering nods to those she recognizes, not quite ready to settle into a single space yet.

Felicia looks like she came for the arena, given her array of black leather, but with all signs pointing to the crowds headed this way, the redheaded knight elects to prowl into the garden to check out what's going on.

Islin swaggers into the gardens with a look that is both confident and relaxed. The Harthall lord peers this way and that as he wanders in pausing to take in the sights properly. He tilts his head to one side regarding the crowds curiously before beginning to wander again, in serahc of somewhere to sit.

Dressed simply yet pristinely in a soft fitted linen blouses and a pair of leather riding slacks, Terese moves with a quiet ease into the garden. Her azure gaze lifts at the hanging lanterns before slipping about the garden and those gathered. A gloved hand rises to tuck a stray wisp of dark hair behind one ear from the curled upswept pin of her tresses. She weaves through the guests and small clusters of those gathered about as a hand sweeps out to give the barest of graze to one of the many beautiful flowers before moving on. Her head tilts towards a passing keep with a few quiet words given before filtering further in to find a place to tuck herself upon.

Titania comes into the hidden Garden & Courtyard blinking she had been told she might be able to find Valencia up here and was not expecting a crowd. She is dressed in steel and leather armor with her sword at her hip and a bow strapped to her back. Her ocean blue eyes looking over everyone who is present.

Lisebet catches sight of Islin, and inclines her head to the Harthall lord, a smile crossing her face briefly. She glances at all the comings and goings and pauses near the pool, enjoying the ambiance and the atmosphere.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Niccolo.

Calarian continues to make his way around with Dominique, smiling at those who they may pass. Enjoying the evening air and the event. He murmurs once more to his companion.

Valencia moves through the crowds with a bright and happy smile for one and all as she sees to the last of the arrangements. A nod to her Master Barkeep Maggnus and to Lizette, a pretty little buxom barmaid sees that all is ready and she moves to greet everyone properly. A beautiful smile finds her face as she sees Titania. "Welcome Countess, I'm so glad you are here," she says offering the lovely armor clad woman a gently hug and kiss upon the cheek. "You look lovely."

Terese has joined the charming garden swing.

Nodding at something Calarian says, Dominique starts meandering towards a charming garden swing with which to people watch, seemingly being social awkward turtle for now.

Dominique has joined the charming garden swing.

Islin spots Lisebet and sends a dazzling smile to her in return before starting over that way with smooth graeful strides. "Hello my Lady! I hope your day is turning out to be a pleasant one so far?" He tilts his head and studies her with a warm and friendly expression, those sea blue eyes sparkling softly.

Calarian has joined the charming garden swing.

Felicia elects to slip her way back out of the gathering.

Victus is not being a subtle swinger when Dominique approaches, he's already on the way back from his third or fourth go-around when a couple of folks come by to sit with him. Despite his energy for testing out just how far back and forward this swing goes before it breaks, he is a gentlemen, and kindly brings it to a halt so the others may sit unimpeded. The added weight is just more challenge to get swing-swunging.

Kaine leans back in his seat at a table by the fountain, folding one leg over the other. His satchel rests at the side of his seat, and he takes the time to conduct some people-watching while people filter in to join the event.

"You mean now that I am not waddling all over arx." she grins moveing to hug Valencia and kiss her cheek, "It has been to long your highness, we should have tea soon and talk." she looks around, "Everything looks very nice."

Lisebet chuckles. "M'Lord Islin, good day," she says. "I have had a very pleasant day so far, thank you. I trust you have as well?" She gestures at the garden they are in, quite bemused. "Is this not absolutely breath taking? Princess Valencia has outdone herself, at least so far in my limited experience here in Arx."

The swing is ever enticing considering the number of seating arrangements as Terese moves past the crackle of the bonfire in the warm summer's air. With a few others settling in, the woman gives a soft bow, "Greetings, do you mind if I join you all?" A couple of familiar faces in passing though not yet met.

"You look glorious, my dear. I will not hear another such word. You are so very lucky," Valencia smiles to Titania, her eyes sparkling with delight. "And I should like that very much," she nods, turning to offer a warm not do Waldemai as he settles at table and Lizette rushes to bring him a drink. Kaine recieves another warm incline of head. "How do you do? Please be welcome to my Hart. Do you have a drink yet," she inquires, quietly catching Lisebet's kind comment. A gracious, and very appreciatative smile is offered her way, "I thank you so very much for this and even more so for coming, Lady Lisebet."

Beautiful evenings like this are meant for being outside with a whiskey in hand. That is a maxim for living. Niccolo Velenosa arrives, leaving his small entourage back in the main room, but apparently having found a glass of whiskey at the same time. For the moment the former archduke seems content to walk around the perimeter, nodding politely to those he passes by.

Waldemai hoists the ale he receives in thanks. Then he drinks. "Ahhh....That's the good stuff." Working with fire all the time leaves a body dehydrated.

Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 4 Thrax Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Juliana arrives, following Aethan.

When she spots her uncle entering the garden, Belladonna's expression turns from polite interest to actual enjoyment. She makes her way over to his side, falling into step with him immediately and slipping her arm through his as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "Why Uncle, if I'd know you were going to be here, I would have held my own entrance. You simply -must- let me act as your escort for the evening."

Octavian, a silken spaniel, 3 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Zoey.

Zoey arrives, following Ian.

Kaine offers a gentle dip of his head toward Valencia. "Hello there. I do not yet. I was just thinking of what to order, Princess. But thank you for the warm welcome! It's a lovely establishment." After a couple more moments of thought, Kaine decides to flag down a serving person to order a refreshing juice.

As the crowds begin to gather, Derovai doesn't move from his spot by the tree, gazing through the crowds. He hasn't chosen to dislodge himself yet from where he stands, seeming content with his tree thus far. He may in fact be starting to grow proverbial roots of his own from how unmoving he is, standing there.

Considering she's already taken a seat and began chatting softly with the highlord, Dominique looks towards Terese and motions for an empty spot. "I do not mind if the others don't. I think I've seen you many times before, but we've never had the pleasure of actually meeting. Dominique Wyrmguard." she offers as introduction. "And with me, is high highness, Prince Calarian Grayson, then of course, here is Highlord Victus."

Titania smiles, "Good then I will send a message soon." she smiles looking over as she spots a couple of people she like to greet she heads in the direction of Calarian and other. Her blue eyes look between those on the garden swing, "Good evening."

Merek writes one of his letters to hand to Meeka so she can deliver it. He notices someone in fireweave and blinks a bit, but then moves to take a seat as he scouts about with his gaze to find people from curiosity.

Ian comes into the garden with Zoey, mostly watching his feet as he walks, but not entirely. He's wearing all black, as per usual, but this is FANCY black. A little bit fancy black. Compared to the beat up leather coat, anything would look fancy. Either way, he cleans up reasonably nice.

A fond, little smile kisses Valencia's lips as the smith raises his glass. It would seem Waldemai is a favourite guest of the Hart with the way he is fussed over, but that is not to say that any guests are neglected. In usual Hart style the drink begins to flow and the guests are well supplied with drink as they arrive.

The little vixen smiles at Kaine and nods again, "If you should need anything, please ask, yes?" she invites turning to offer a warm smile to Belladonna and then Ian and Zoe as they arrive, "My darlings," she beams, "I'm so glad you are here. Please sit and enjoy yourselves. I'm so happy to see you!"

Jordal, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

Jan arrives not quite on Ian and Zoey's heels, but still part of the Kennex pack. Her dress uniform will just have to do.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent have been dismissed.

2 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

Lisebet inclines her head to Valencia, with a smile. "You are most welcome, and thank you. I am glad I was able to attend," she replies to the hostess.

Porter makes his way to the hidden garden and courtyard, already looking around this way and that. He's also dressed in black, head to toe, but he wears it with the kind of comfort that says he's quite used to the tight, severely cut garments. "Look at all the candles and lanterns," he says quietly.

Zoey is, in stark contrast to Ian's FANCY black, wearing vibrant crimson red in a sleek silk gown. She strolls along beside Ian as they head first towads Valencia, who gets a warm hug from Zoey. "We wouldn't have missed it, Princess," she says with a little laugh. She reaches behind her and snags Jan's elbow to draw her around. "Have you met Lady Jan Kennex? She is the sister of Lady Catalana."

"It's a pleasure," Calarian offers as Dominique makes introductions. Then when Titania speaks to those at the swings, he offers her a pleasant smile, "Good evening to you as well."

Enter Aethan and Juliana a little bit after Porter, Juliana on Aethan's arm. Aethan is not, in fact, wearing black, but is looking just a little bit uncomfortable in a very nice silk shirt that is probably //not// uncomfortable at all. So ungrateful. However, he's not complaining about it, which is nice. Instead, he just looks around with interest, even though he isn't saying very much.

It's hard to tell whether the flash of gratitude that comes over Ian's expression is due to Zoey stepping in and doing the social graces stuff that he's so terrible at, or the fact that Porter just turned up. Either way, it's there and gone, and then he nods a greeting to Valencia.

Jan is snagged by Zoey and drawn around to Valencia. This is somewhat surprising to her. Jan is not often moved by others. "Good evening," she greets Valencia. "This is..." She trails off, brow furrowing. "Nice."

Merek seems to have his fill, and stands up, inclining in respect, before he makes his way on for the time being. Always busy that man.

"Ah, Belladonna, what a nice surprise." Niccolo produces one of his rare smile, not breaking stride as he continues to stroll with the duchess. "A night escorted by a beautiful Southern duchess? How could I refuse." He lowers his head to murmur a few words to her quietly.

Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka leave, following Merek.

Lisebet giggles at Porter's comment, not too far away. "You sound like me," she says, good naturedly. "I think I said about exactly the same thing when I first arrived."

Valencia hugs Zoe back happily and beams at the rather impressive showing of the Kennex clan, looking fashionable in their blacks, her smile growing larger as Porter arrives. "I am so pleased to meet you again, Lady Jan. It's been some time. And oh my goodness, my dearest Lord Porter! How lovely to see you, too, sir! It is wonderful to have you in my Hart again," the little fox beams brightly offering him a delicate hand as she suddenly remembers her manners. Another smile is offered to Aethan and to Juliana as they arrive, and she blinks as the trend is complete. An inquiring look is leveled to Ian and Zoey a moment before she welcomes them in turn, "My Lord Aethan, my Lady Juliana. Please be welcome and thank you so much for coming," she nods to both, offering Aethan a delicate hand in greeting as well.

Sorrel arrives with a pack of Kennexes, because obviously they travel in packs, but she offers a cheerful smile to her company and wanders off to say hello to her cousin. "Marquessa Dominique!" she greets brightly. "Your Grace! Your Highness!" There are a lot of titles right in that vicinity, it seems. "Hello! How is the gala?"

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy arrive, following Sabella.

As is the usual state of things, Princess Isabeau arrives at the to-do accompanied only by her single bodyguard. She is not the most familiar face in this place, but surely she finds the time when there's charity to benefit!

Belladonna has a warm smile at the ready for Valencia, inclining her head and responding, "Thank you for hosting, Your Highness. I do look forward to the evening's festivities." Looking back to her uncle, she chuckles softly and murmurs, "Well -someone- has to keep the renowned Silver Fox safe from all the ladies clamoring for his attention, you know. Lucky you, I volunteered for the position." She leans in to catch his words, offering a soft response in kind before pressing a quick kiss to his cheek and smiling.

Jan's head bobs in Valencia's direction. It's not really the friendliest, but that's what happens when you run around as a sellsword for years. You lose the manners. That, and... Kennex. Jan takes in her surroundings. "Fuck, Ian, we should sit down."

Zoey smiles brightly as Jan and Valencia and Porter and Aethan and Juliana all are talking. And she takes that moment to motion to the bower as she murmurs to Ian.

Porter turns to Lisebet, angling his attention downward as he must given the terrible burden of his height. "You don't see this ashore," he says, some of the awe and quietness washing out of his voice now that he has someone to talk to. "On the sea, it's stars from horizon to horizon, as if you're in the midst of them instead of below." And then Valencia is upon him, and he takes her hand and bows over it. "I'm grateful to be back in the warmth of your Hart as well. Thank you for having me."

Wash trails the other Kennexes and Sorrel having waited long enough to get a pair of pitchers to carry in with him, because social events are a camouflage for overindulging in alcohol.

Islin smiles broadly and nods to Lisebet. "I have yes. I wonder if you might allow me to pester you with my company this evening? I find events are more fun when you have someone to chat with." He glances around and draws in a slow breath admiration showing as he nods. "It is lovely yes. It makes me wish I could have a garden this nice to lounge around in. Though then it would be even harder to make me do productive things." He jests and chuckles softly.

Raising her brows at the familiar voice, Dominique beams and waves her pregger cousin on over. "I'd stand for a hug, but..." she's swinging, or being swung with the group of others. "We just got here not too long ago, but everything seems to be going well?" There's a bow of her head at Titania as she too comes on over, making the same excuse for not standing. It's then that she glances towards Terese as she makes her quiet introduction at the swing. "Ahhh, if it's true, then it's a tad bit scandalous, no?"

Derovai's also wearing black. But that shouldn't be surprising. He rocks back on his heels, before he decides to venture forth and claim a drink from a passing servant, squinting a bit skeptically at the wine he receives, before shrugging and tossing it back. "Princess Valencia!" he calls out. "Any Setarco Fire, or are we sticking with the Gold tonight?"

Victus lifts a hand to give a little two-fingered salute in greeting to Sorrel. "Evenin' Princess. Just got here, so I'm none too sure. This swing though, this is a nice swing. I'm gonna get one of these soon."

Jan gets Cartugan - Kennex Brand Rosewater Vodka from Canvas Rucksack.

Sorrel has joined the charming garden swing.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, I hope you have been well," Calarian offers to Sorrel when she makes her way over with a pleased smile. He then leans in to Dominique to whisper something to her with a grin.

"We do need a charming garden swing," Sorrel declares as she wedges herself in next to Victus with a cheerful smile. "This is delightful! And probably safer than getting in the hot springs at the moment."

Lisebet lets Porter greet the hostess, as he takes that chance. She inclines her head to Islin. "By all means, m'lord. I should be glad for your company. Perhaps we might settle over there by that shady tree?" She pauses though, looking over at Porter, once he's done with official type greetings. "I don't think we have met, m'Lord. I am Lady Lisebet Farshaw. I won't keep you, but it is lovely to make your acquaintance.

Juliana, the lone Lycene in a pack of Kennex, of which her arm is linked with Aethan. Bowing her head to to Valencia. "Your Highness, you are beautiful as ever and have done an amazing job." nodding to the gardens. "Thank you for having us." not keeping the Princess as she makes her rounds but turning her gaze to take in who ever else is in attendence, which includes a nod and smile to Belladonna and their Uncle Niccolo before turning back to see where the party is planning to settle down. "Lord Wash, good to see you did not get lost."

"Your Highness," Aethan says when Valencia greets them, and he shakes her hand after Porter has finished his greeting. His expression is a little sober, perhaps, for the occasion, but he's certainly polite. "Thank you for having us. You've outdone yourself." He murmurs something to Juliana, before a little almost-smile settles onto his face as his eyes scan the room for...something. Likely a drink, let's be honest.

Porter, always trying to keep up with the rapid pace of socialization, tries to make a good first impression. "I am charmed, Lady Farshaw. Porter Kennex, Captain of the Damsel's Heart," he says by way of formal introduction. So much for his lordly title. He must love his ship.

Ian nods to Jan's suggestion, and then Zoey when she mirrors it. He looks around. Sorrel is... Oh, she left already. And Porter... well that didn't take long. Finally, he makes the executive decision to take them to the table by the fountain.

Dressed in fresh green embroidered silks, Tabitha walks with gentle steps into the gardens, small hands twined across her stomach. The glint of gold and aquamarine earrings sparkle from beneath her strawberry blonde hair as she turns her cobalt gaze around, looking for familiar facs. Seeing none, her expression turns a little apprehensive, eyes wide. She looks a bit like a rabbit ready to dart away, or a skittish kitten appraising her surroundings.

Niccolo's smile turns into a faint grin. "Right, well I am certain that few women in Arx would be bold enough to challenge you, so I am safe." Pausing to take a drink from his whiskey and nodding to her whisper, the pair exchange a few more quiet words before he raises an eyebrow: "So what are we doing? Ideas?" Nieces in all directions as Juliana receives a warm smile before he also greets Valencia: "Lovely party."

Ian has joined the table by the fountain.

Zoey has joined the table by the fountain.

Jan tips her chin over in Dominique's direction, which could be construed as a sort of greeting, and goes to follow Ian and Zoey over by the fountain.

Juliana has joined the table by the fountain.

Wash has joined the table by the fire.

"With the greatest of pleasures, truly. And thank you so much. I'm just so happy to see everyone," Valencia returns. "If you will pardon me, I should welcome my uncle as well as Prince Victus, Prince Calarian, Princess Sorrel and Princess Terese as well," she smiles sweet. "Please see that you get drinks. It will not stand to have anyone without drinks tonight," she smiles and nods as again as she slips off. Moving through the courtyard a warm nod is offered to Lord Islin and moments later has slipped down the stairs to the garden to greet Sorrel and Victus on the swing, "Your highnesses! Welcome, I'm so glad you are here. Thank you for coming to our event. Please let my staff know should you need anything," she nods warmly, offering Victus a small slender hand in warm greeting.

Jan has joined the table by the fountain.

Aethan has joined the table by the fountain.

Wash deposits one pitcher of drinks at the table and corrals the other one for himself. He lifts a hand to greet Calarian with a wave. "Evening cousin."

Kaine manages to snag a cup of hard cider from a serving person as one passes by his table, offering a thankful nod before settling back in his chair again. He turns his attention toward Valencia as the Princess speaks, then smiles as he begins to enjoy his first drink of the event.

Sabella does not come in with the Kennexes, but she follows somewhat closely behind talking with her ladies, "I was joking! Perhaps that's why no one takes me seriously...Lady Tabitha!" she calls out, skipping a few steps to catch up with the other woman, "Walk around with me so I don't look completely friendless and alone in the world. You will be doing me a great favor!"

Glancing up and spying Jan in the corner of her eyes, Dominique offers a friendly wave and a bright smile as she continues to swing with the group. She looks towards Valencia and just sheepishly goes quiet, letting herself fade into the background for now.

Juliana tips head in as Aethan whispers, a small frown of concentration as she listens before a smile blooms with a chuckle, eyes lifting. "On my word, my Lord." added with a slightly wicked smile before tugging towards the table near the fountain where the rest of his family seem to have settled.

Zoey looks up as she settles into a seat beside Ian. "Probably about four bottles of the Farhaven single malt," she requests of a passing server, "and several glasses."

Jan tips her chin Wash's way and holds up a bottle of rose vodka. "Think I can get any takers for this?"

Calarian waves back to Wash, gesturing him to come towards the swings. "Cousin, please. Come speak with us here. My betrothed has her cousin. I surely need one here too," he says with a grin.

Tabitha looks to one side, looks to the other side as she hears her name being called. Then the skipping blonde form of Sabella comes bouncing towards her, and Tabitha smiles with warm relief. She dips into a curtsy, "Of course, your highness," she says, following the princess. "It's so good to see you!"

"Oh, I'm sure there are plenty that would, they just don't know how vicious I can be in protecting family," she smiles up at him sweetly, her fingers squeezing his forearm gently before she looks back to the quickly filling garden. "My, this -is- a popular place, isn't it?" Catching his aside, she nods and offers a few last words before looking up with a smile of greeting for Juliana and her... Kennex entourage? She sends her cousin a quizzical look, then glances up at Niccolo with a lifted brow.

Lisebet catches sight of Tabitha, but Sabella has scooped her up, which brings a smile to Lisebet's face. "I think I am going to settle into a seat, have a drink, and relax. Do feel free to join me, Lord Islin. Oh - have you met Lord Porter?" There, now she's sort of done introductions of the Harthall and Kennex lords.

Isabeau has joined the shady tree.

Lisebet has joined the shady tree.

Turning she smiles to Derovai, "Of course? It would not be a proper party without it, yes?" Valencia grins and laughs softly, turning to nod to her staff and with in moments Derovai is well supplied with good drink. Turning back she gives an apologetic smile, "And Marquessa Dominique, I am so glad to see you as well. If you will pardon me. I am a terrible hostess. I hope you will find me later when I have more mind so I my ply you with the best of my cellars," she nods with sweet grace and apology, not intending to be rude, but simply overwhelmed with so many wonderful faces to greet. If you will pardon me. I should get our formal greeting over with. I do hope we may talk later," she nods. "I hope you both have a wonderful time."

Moving gracefully back up the stairs, Valencia moves to the center of the courtyard again, offering warm greetings to Prince Calarian, "Your Highness, please be welcome."

A fundraiser? Jordan's here to watch how it's done, at least. The knight is in his good silk shirt and trousers, arms crossed as he makes his way to the garden swing.

Terese lets her azure gaze rise from her newly found companions upon the swing as Valencia draws over. A warm smile lights upon her features, "Does tea count?" she quips before offering, "The garden is beautiful Princess Valencia, I only wish I'd found it sooner and thank you for the welcome."

Victus takes Valencia's offered hand with a large one of his own, and gives it a tight squeeze in his calloused fingers. "Do you stock whiskey here? Shockingly, I ain't in the mood for rum. Feeling like something smoother. Stonemountain brand?"

Derovai shifts a little uncomfortably as people start to filter his way. And there's Valencia talking to him! He smiles towards her, picking up the glass of Setarco Fire -- spicy! -- that arrives in due time, toasting her with it before he takes a sip and motioning his new tree-shaded companions to the remaining glasses of the rather piquant drink. "Good luck," he remarks dryly, although he /does/ watch to see how they deal with the booze.

If he is confused or surprised by Juliana's Kennex companions, Niccolo does not show it. Belladonna is much better at showing surprise. Tone dry, "Are you sure they do not know you are vicious?" Eyes twinkling despite his composed expression, he turns away for a moment as he overhears Victus and lifts his own almost empty glass: "I was looking for the same, your grace."

Perking up a little as she hears her name, Dominique bows her head and lets out a soft chuckle, giving the apology a dismissive wave. "No need to apologize, your highness. There are many people here, and I know I can be rather inconspicuous when surrounded by such beauty." she offers. "But I will not turn down an offer of the best from your cellars, and thank you. It's a lovely gala."

"A friendly face such as yours is a welcome sight considering the evening I have had," Sabella says to Tabitha with a smile, "Honestly, there are some people in this world that are so devoid of cheer that sometimes I find myself on the edge of saying something unkind, but then I just try to imagine seeing the world as they do and the hardships they must have endured to become that way and I just redouble my efforts to be the ray of sunshine that pierces through that overcast viewpoint. It...doesn't always work as well as one would hope. But come, I will introduce you to our hostess if you have not yet met her!"

Juliana settles down at the table with the pack of Kennex, settling beside Aethan as the banter goes back and forth between the brothers. Something Ian says getting the Pravus to roll her eyes in exasperation.

As she settles under the shady tree, Lisebet gives the person already there a smile. "Master Voss, I hope it is okay if I join you?" she asks, and then at his gesture to the alcohol and the glasses, she takes one. Of course, she's not so well versed at drinking as many. She doesn't spit out the alcohol, but it's a close call and her eyes water from the effort not to.

"Of course, your highness. Your wish is my command in my Hart as always," Valencia smiles to Victus. "Ladies, you will ask if you need anything," she nods wamrly to both as suddenly, as though by magic, a slender, doe-eyed blonde serving girl arrives with a bottle and glasses of a fine northern whiskey just for Victus and his party. What the Prince of Thrax wishes, he apparently gets here at the Hart. "Uncle," the little vixen smiles with repectful regard to her Uncle Niccolo, a polite curtsy offerend as well as a delciate hand. "Thank you for coming, my Uncle. If you need anything, my Hart is yours. Please ask, yes? I'm glad to see you," she nods politely. Another little smile of gratitude is offered Derovai's way as he raises his glass and she offers a grateful incline of head to him as she moves to welcome Sabella, "Princess Sabella, how wonderful to see you," she says with a smile and the offer of a warm little hug and kiss upon the cheek. "And welcome to you as well, Lady Isabetta. Please both be welcome," she nods again.

Wash fills a glass, puts his feet up and nods to his companions. He's here to drink and spend money, and he's got plenty of both.

While there are many familiar faces, it seems as though Isabeau can find neither opening nor opportunity to do more than smile or wave to those that she might know... Dominique, Terese, Juliana... and, so it is, she drifts toward the shadiest tree and lingers there a while on her own to watch and wait while the goings on unfold.

Tabitha doesn't really know the correct reply to Sabella's charming flow of chatter, so she just gives a wrinkle-nosed smile of amusement instead. "I think that's a nice way of looking at it, your highness, even if your efforts don't always have the required effect. It's good that you make them, nonetheless." Looking around when the princess mentions another princess, the young artist looks around for the face of Valancia Velenosa. Aside to Sabella, she says, "I have met her before, and found her highness very pleasant. But I do wish to speak to her when she has the time. I delivered a portrait to her, a work in progress, to see what she might make of it." Tabitha bites her lower lip, "I hope she finds it tolerable, at the very least."

A waitress turns up at the table full of Kennexes with two bottles of whiskey and a bunch of glasses expertly balanced on her tray. And then right behind her, another waitress with two more bottles of whiskey.

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Vercyn has been at the Golden Hart a couple of times since returning to Arx, but was unable to achieve whatever goal he has here. Tonight, with a Gala announced, he returns once more. Stepping through the entrance, he pauses at the threshold to scan the crowd for several moments. It's not like he is shy, gods forbid, or that he doesn't recognize anyone present, but the Duke does seem like he is scanning for a specific face.

Clad in light southern silks that embraces enticing curves, Valencia gracefully moves into the center of the courtyard and offers a smile and a warm incline of her head to the one and all. "My lords and ladies, misseres and madames, Sirs, Dams, Highnesses, dearest friends... welcome to my Hart and thank you for being here."

"Tonight we come together to enjoy excellent company, a strong drink or two, and to raise funds to help our realm rebuild after the recent devastation in three of our regions," the little vixen explains looking about the lush space with a gentle nod, her sweet voice carrying into the vast garden

"I understand there is still much to do, but, as always, when we work together so much can be achieved," the little southern princess continues her expression sweet and determined. "The Golden Hart has always and will always seek to help those in need. And as such, all of this evening's donations, no matter whether they be silver, writs or support, will be used to aid in the recovery effort. We hope that you will join us in this."

"Your ongoing support and generosity truly makes a difference to those in need. With all my heart I wish I could thank you enough for all that you have done and will do," says the little raven-haired fox, her expression heartfelt as she looks from face to face. "And thank you so much for being here and brightening our Hart with your strong spirit and good will. We would not be so strong without each and every one of you."

"May you always have much light, luck and love. May you always find your way to our Hart," she nods sincerely and smiles again. "And now, if you please, the bar is open for your pleasure and our chefs have prepared a beautiful feast for you to enjoy. Please enjoy the evening."

The little vixen raises her glass to the crowd and once again the music begins. Falling back to let the festivities continue, she slips off into the crowd to meet and welcome everyone.

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2 Harthall house guards have been dismissed.

After totally hugging and greeting Valencia before she made that speech, Sabella says to Tabitha, "I've seen your work and I know that you're amazing so I think you should have nothing to worry about! Now, where would you like to sit? I normally bother the Kennexes, they'll have a steady stream of alcohol going, but if there is someone you would like to be introduced to let me know."

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Tabitha gives Sabella a courteous nod and a bright, sweet smile, then says, "I'd be very pleased to sit with you wherever you like, your highness, thank you. And thank you for the compliment too! That means a lot to me."

The little princess takes a little breath and then smiles again she scans the room. "It is so lovely to see you again, Mistress Tabitha. Thank you for your note. Perhaps we might have tea and we may speak on it? I would be so happy to have you visit again," Valencia nods warmly. Another look around the courtyard is taken and the little vixen's dark eyes widen as Vercyn's arrival is noted and another beautiful smile finds her lips. "My dearest Duke Vercyn!" she chimes moving lightly through the crowd to greet the man with a warm nod and the offer of a small, dainty hand. "I am so very happy to see you once more, my dearest sir. It has been fair too long. Please, come in and be welcome," she invites with the wave of a hand.

Victus seems all too pleased at the rate of service, taking the bottle of fresh whiskey and pouring out a glass. The remainder he passes down the chain to Sorrel first for others to take their fill. His eyes sweep back over the proceedings where he points out Niccolo. "And extra for my friend, the old Velenosian!" The Thrax snickers as he finishes calling that out. His gaze begins to wander, settling on those who pass by and the rest of the proceedings. Swinging away.

A bell chimes and the first of the courses of the spring's best foods and wines begin to appear on beautiful platters and laden on long banquet tables for those who prefer to serve themselves. Goat cheese-stuffed strawberries drizzled in sweet wine reduction, smoked ham wrapped asparagus, colourful stuffed olives, an assortment of meats, cheese and colourful fruit start to arrive along with a blush-pink alcoholic punch laden with rum soaked fruit and all manner of drinks and libations to be indulged in.

Sorrel pours herself a tiny amount of whiskey to nurse, just to have a taste of the delicious warming liquid. "Too much and the baby makes me miserable," she explains, then holds up the flask in Niccolo's direction invitingly.

Tabitha dips her head in a sweet and respectful little nod to Valencia. Though the young artist seems a little uncertain, she tries to damp down on the expression, which is helped by the mention of tea. Then Vercyn is given the princess' attention, so Tabitha turns back to Sabella, still smiling.

"Oh! I need to show Master Kaine something, so let us raid the Kennex table for now and then we will make the rounds." Sabella says to Tabitha, heading over to the table by the fountain.

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Across the crowd and through the garden, Terese spies Isabeau and lifts a gloved hand in greetings along with returning the woman's smile. For the moments she's tucked against the motion of the swing in conversation with one leg tucked beneath her. It's a delicate balance as one of the servers draws close to try and pass a mug into her hands as the swing moves, a dance of sorts before it's passed off that leaves Terese with a chuckle upon her lips even as Victus passes along a bottle of whiskey. She peers down at her mug and lifts a shoulder before adding a slight dash and passing it along.

Belladonna chuckles softly and lifts a shrug towards Niccolo, "Does it truly matter, uncle? My reputation would have me as so many things, even contradictory things, that I believe it no longer really matters at all." She glances towards the High Lord when her uncle does, but merely smiles and sips at her wine. "Oh? Did I tell you? We've just received the first batch of a new Setarcan line. You should try it sometime."

Waldemai confines himself to olives, avoiding all frou-frou food

Vercyn stops searching when Valencia steps into the center and addresses the crowd. He makes no further move to take a seat or find a table, instead seemingly content to remain standing towards the back, with arms crossed over his chest. Because for a tall, imposing northman Duke, he would be more visible that way. Sure enough, there is Valencia, approaching on cue. The warm welcome brings a wolfish grin to Vercyn's lips, who then uncrosses his arms, reaching out to take the Princess' offered hand in his, then lifting it to his lips for a kiss on the knuckles. "It's been too long, Princess, and I am very pleased to see you again. We surely must catch up soon, but please, this is your Gala tonight. Mingle and greet your guests; I will find my own entertainment."

Wash's eyes trail Sabella as she and her companion turn in the direction of his table. He doesn't rise though, he's comfortably splayed onto a chair and disinclined to shift positions. "Evening Sunshine."

Jan is mostly occupying herself talking to the others by the fountain, on which she is perched on the edge of.

Porter has lifted a bottle from somewhere but neglected a glass. Welllllll then.

Wash greets Tabitha. "I'm familiar with the Mercier family." He says. "A pleasure to make your company." An experienced drinker, he mixes his drinking with nibbling on food so he can sustain the buzz.

Zoey is drinking whiskey from a cut crystal glass, a little faster than usual.

A flush of colour seems to come to her cheeks at Vercyn's welcome and she inclines her head graciously, "I should like that so very much, my Duke. I cannot wait for the pleasure of your company again," she nods up at the striking Northern Duke. "Send missive and I am yours," she nods again, her smile sweet and bright. "If you will pardon me, my lord," she offers with a little incline of her head and the little vixen leaves the wolfish Duke for the moment, disappearing into the crowd with a rustle of silk skirts.

Glancing in the direction of Isabeau, Dominique pokes Calarian for a few moments. "Are you familiar with Princess Isabeau? She's another of many many cousins." she mutters. "It's been a while since I've caught up with her anyway."

Niccolo is careful to nab a bottle of the whiskey before they are all distributed. The Velenosa smirks at Victus: "Never miss an opportunity to point that out." He takes the jibe in good humor and then looks back to Belladonna, "Whiskey? And as for the new wine, please send me some. Juliana sent me the barrels I won at the auction - I am not normally a port drinker, but it is good." He glances around, "Should we join somewhere?"

Asheryn, a Gyrfalcon arrives, following Rickard.

Calarian has his attention drawn by Dominique towards Isabeau, "I believe I know her by name, but I have never had the pleasure to meet her," he informs her. "Introduce me?"

Graham is fashionably late though dressed down not in his armor but in more well made clothes his sword still at his side though. He looks about a moment to try and find someone it seems

Juliana glances back at the sound of her name, catching sight of Niccolo as he and Victus talk. "I think they turned out very well. I might have to buy a couple bottles back off you for gift, Uncle." called back but is already looking back to the tabl trying to follow the lively conversation going on.

Lisebet glances up after a bit of conversation at her table with her companions, and smiles over towards Terese, almost as though someone pointed her out.

Shaking her head slightly, Belladonna smiles up at Niccolo and lifts her wine glass, "I never partake of heavier liquor when in public. There is nothing that I say or do that I do not mean to, and for that sort of control, I would rather keep -all- my wits about me." She gives a nod and murmurs, "I'll be sure to send you one, then." Glancing around at the various places, she lifts a shrug and murmurs, "I leave that to your discretion, dear Uncle."

Easing on up from the swing, Dominique mmhmms and nods, waiting for the prince's hand before she starts heading towards Isabeau and Lisebet. "Cousin!" she beams brightly. "It's a shame we've mostly been corresponding only by messenger as of late. Princess Isabeau, this is Prince Calarian Grayson." she offers as introduction when the pair arrives.

Vercyn nods to Valencia, letting the Velenosa princess play hostess, and moves to find a place to sit and drink, most likely.

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Derovai laughs a little at Dominique's introductions. "It's a pleasure to meet you too," he remarks, a bit pointedly.

Graham has joined the table by the fountain.

Isabeau, too, looks up from her little plate as Calarian and Dominique find their way over to where she's settled in beneath the shady tree along with a pair of other Oathlanders. Like looks to like, it seems.

Again the bell chimes and yet more platters are brought to the crowd by pretty serving girls to all those who wish partakeĀ… platters of small salmon cakes with salty capers and dilled lemon cream, basil wrapped cherry tomatoes drizzled in balsamic and olive oil, tasty morsels of seasoned braised beef and sherry infused pearl onions, juicy spiced shrimp in a rich hot sauce with soft crusty bread, and a flavourful red Lycene out of Setarco now arrive.

And of course, there's a curtsy as her cheeks redden perhaps from embarassment. "I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the others. Dominique Wyrmguard." she offers as introduction. "I do think I've seen you here before fighting at one of the sip and spars."

Calarian takes Dominique's hand as he rises up and makes his way towards the other group. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Princess Isabeau. An unfortunate misfortune that we haven't been able to meet before." His attention turns to Derovai and he offers the man a grin, "I believe I actually owe you personal thanks. You won a bet for me the other night I had with the Lady Wyrmguard."

Lisebet smiles, though she doesn't add to the embarrassment, at this point. "I'm Lisebet Farshaw," she says, introducing herself.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Niccolo.

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Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Niccolo.

Waldemai looks over the platters and says, "Oy. Shrimp me."

"The answer to that is just to drink more whiskey. Then you will keep your wits about you longer. But do not worry, I will not let you leave your guard down." Niccolo smiles faintly to Belladonna, "Come on then." Leading her by the arm, he wanders not to a large group but back further into the garden near some fruit trees.

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Rickard makes his way into the Hart, and settles into a spot near the fire, divesting himself of the outer layers of clothing to account for the increase in temperature. He glances around the room, looking for familiar faces.

Rickard has joined the table by the fire.

Terese inclines her head to Dominique and Calarian as they rise. "Nothing to worry over and the pleasure is mine. Enjoy the evening," she offers with ease. The turn of Lisebet catches her attention a moment after and a smile of greetings is given along with a lift of her mug before taking a sip as the liquid within slowly cools.

"My dearest Lord Graham! Thank you for coming," Valencia smiles gratefully as her dear friend arrives, offing him a delicate hand. "So many wonderful faces, yes? You are well I hope?" she asks with a little lift of brows, that bright and happy smile finding her lips as she notes Waldemai's positive approval of the shrimp dish. "I hope we raise a goodly sum to help out our people's. Thank you again for being here," says with a little smile. Looking out again, she gives Kennex clan another little look at their rather stylish black ensembles and Zoey's lovely red down, "If you do not mind me saying, I must admit that ebony is a very striking and dashing colour, my lords. And you, my Lady, a rose among the most handsome of ravens. Is this the new fashion in Thrax?" she asks as she turns to welcome Rickard as he arrives, "Missere Rickard, how lovely to see you. Do you know the Master Waldemai, Lord Graham, the Lords of Kennex and very lovely Lady Zoe? If not, please may I introduce you?"

Valencia pauses and politely excuses herself to receive a missive, offing the messenger her thanks by word and coin.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

Graham chuckles "Ah my joke didnt work." he comments. He smiles nodding in greeting to the others abd turning back to Tabitha he smiles brightly "Hello."

Zoey looks up as Valencia speaks to the table, her eyes twinkling. "Thank you very much, Princess," she says smoothly. "I think this is what happens when you convince the Kennexes to dress up." She makes no comment concerning her own dress.

Wash unfortunately, has not dressed up. He's here for the food and drink instead.

Wash gives Jan a jaunty salute, because he's a jaunty sailor. But he doesn't stand up to see her go, because he's a lazy sailor too at the moment.

Rickard shakes his head to Valencia, and offers a smile. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure." A beat passes, and he offers nods of acknowledgement. "A pleasure to make your acquaintances." He continues to smile.

A fork on a plate makes a horrible sound from a table near the fountain.

Zoey's smile grows just a little strained at the fork scratching.

Ian nods to Jan when she gets up to go and takes a drink. Awful scratching fork noises? What awful scratching fork noises?

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Vercyn wanders over to one shady tree, where some familiar faces have taken seat. Approaching, he nods to those there. "Lady Farshaw. Lady Wyrmguard." The others there unfamiliar to him, Isabeau and Calarian, are nonethless nodded at. "My Lady. Lord. I am in need of a seat that doesn't make me look like a social pariah. May I join?"

"Oh, then please allow me, Missere Rickard, please meet the very kind and very talented Master Waldemai, and my dearest friend Lord Graham. This here is wonderful Lord Ian and his sweetest lady, the lovely Lady Zoey. And this is dashing Lord Porter and the charming Lord Aethan," she nods to the brothers with warm regard. "The beautiful lady is the Lady Jan of Kennex. And of course, the very kind and charming Lord Wash. My Lords, Ladies, this is Miserre Rickard."

Isabeau has left the shady tree.

Ian looks up when he hears someone say his name. His first instinct is to nod to Rickard. His second instinct is to motion towards one of the bottles of whiskey in a wordless offer for a drink.

Looking up as she's addressed, Dominique smiles brightly at the Duke as he heads on over. "Of course, my lord. Please feel free." she says, motioning towards an empty spot near the tree. "Are you familiar with Prince Calarian and Master Derovai?" she asks, curtsying towards Vercyn before taking her spot once more. Then, there's a little frown as Isabeau eases on up, she offers her cousin a hug as she departs. "We'll catch up soon, okay?"

Derovai looks a bit askance as Isabeau slips away, offering her a quick smile, one which turns flat again when Vercyn approaches, greeting all but him. He raises his brows. He looks at Vercyn. He turns to look at the tree. He looks down at himself, dark-clad, and holding a wineglass. "Well, I don't think I'm invisible -- ah, and I'm not. Master Voss," he corrects Dominique swiftly.

Wash leans forward to greet Rickard. He knows Waldemai and Lord Stonewood. "Otherwise known as the Brothers Kennex, and the wart they can't get rid of. That's me, not either of these fine ladies, obviously."

Waldemai is already having a chinwag with the new fella.

Isabeau stands up from her seat beneath the shady tree and offers her goodbyes to the various other Oathlanders (and soon-to-be-Oathlander) otherwise assembled there, before looking to make her way out of the gathering.

Juliana, with her head resting to the side on Aethan's shoulder, sits watching the conversation around the table, occasionally pilfering sweets when others are not looking.

Zoey smiles politely as she's named and inclines her head to Rickard. "Good evening," she greets.

Aethan looks up, too, finding the one who he's being introduced to, and he nods to Rickard, lifting his glass. "Miserre Rickard," he says, "a pleasure to meet you. Please join us, if you don't mind hearing stories about the good old days that we won't be deterred from telling several times over."

Once more the bell sounds and the course changes to things more sweet and palate cleansing fare. Large platters of sweets of all kinds, almond cakes kissed with raspberry icing, an glorious tower of sweet cream-filled pastries piled high and drizzled with caramel, small sour huckleberry tarts, sweet early berries, fresh honeycomb and flaky buttery biscuits, plump succulent raspberries, freshly minted green iced tea, an assortment of cheeses and honeyed spring figs are seen along with a delicious ice wine and a full-bodied, smooth Northern whiskey to wash it all down.

Jordal, a bodyguard leaves, following Isabeau.

"Duke Vercyn, by all means," Lisebet promptly offers up more of Derovai's space. "You are most welcome to join us." Of course Isabeau is just departing, but Lisebet anyway says, "The lovely blonde just leaving is Princess Isabeau Valardin." She too watches as Isabeau departs, briefly. The others are already all introduced, so she doesn't repeat.

Vercyn has joined the shady tree.

Waldemai signals the waiter. "Yo! Whiskey boy! Over here!"

What does it say about Ian that he automatically starts to look Waldemai's way when he hears someone yelling for 'whiskey boy'? He slips his arm around Zoey's waist when she leans her head on his shoulder. And takes a drink of whiskey. If the shoe fits, right?

Sabella laughs at something Wash said then smiles at Rickard, "Hello! Feel free to sit with us. We--ohh l

Sabella laughs at something Wash said then smiles at Rickard, "Hello! Feel free to sit with us. We--ohh those look divine!"

Rickard offers polite nods of acknowledgement as each person is named. "A pleasure, one and all." A beat passes. "I was once a weaponsmith, but decided to hang up my hammer and tongs in favor of a more mental, less physical calling. I've found myself drawn to the path of the Explorer." He says this with a bit of pride, though hopefully not too much. "If I can be of service to any of you, please don't hesitate to call on me." He settles in and joins the table proper.

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"My lord, it's a pleasure," Calarian offers to Vercyn as he sees the man and offers him a polite nod in greeting. "I think it's been some time since we've seen each other. I hope you have been well since then."

Valencia has joined the table by the fire.

Soren, a Silent Reflection in grey hooded robes arrive, following Vayne.

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The party is in full swing. Many guests slip off to enjoy the garden and it's many little secrets and alcoves to chat and enjoy more of the Hart's finest drink and food, while others fill the courtyard with warm laughter and happy chatter as the Hart's staff move to and fro ensuring cups and glasses are never empty and plates full of food to keep everyone's spirits and energy high.

Derovai nods at Lisebet. "Find me later, if you'd like," he remarks, starting from the group by the tree, setting his wineglass on a server's tray as he strolls towards the Hart's main hall.

Vayne steps into the hall, pausing for a moment as he takes a look at the mass of humanity before moving toward a nearby server to snatch up a glass of red wine. The Archlector smiles in greeting whenever he catches someone's gaze, but doesn't seem to be making his way toward anyone in particular.

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Valencia coughs gently at being reminded, her cheeks flushing as she stands up again. "If you will pardon me, I apparently forgot to mention that any donations may be given to me and we shall add them to our recovery fund. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your help in this. It is for truly a good cause. And thank you to Master Waldemai for not only reminding me gently and so sweetly, but for also making our first donation of the evening... 2,000 in silver and support to help us rebuild! Thank you so much, my dearest Master Waldemai!" she says with a sweet smile, nearly hugging the man in gratitude.

Turning, Valencia lifts her glass, "Ladies and gentlemen, highnesses, a toast to a true leader and most generous man. To light, luck and love. To you, Master Waldemai..."

Waldemai gets up when the princess does, as a matter of sheer politeness, but then starts to turn red as she announces his donation. He clutches his glass a little more tightly and mutters, "Just won a couple bets is all."

Deliverance, an albino falcon, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Rascal, a hyper terrier, 1 Grayson Guardsmen, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound arrive, following Reese.

Lisebet offers a polite cheer and claps at the information of the generous Waldemai.

Soren, a Silent Reflection in grey hooded robes leave, following Vayne.

Isabelle, who hates you arrives, following Niklas.

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Tabitha quietly stands during a point when all eyes are directed elsewhere, giving curtsies to anyone who might see her. Then she's off and away, probably in the direction that Graham went.

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2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrives, following Amari.

Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd puppy, Amari arrive, following Shae.

Tabitha has joined the table by the fountain.

Reese quietly arrives in the Hart while wearing her all pink and toting along her many weapons. She glances over the Hart, trying to get a feel for things.

Sabella gives Reese a

Shae is pushing Amari before her, her face almost stern, talking very loudly about 'getting back on the horse' and 'having fun' and 'not thinking about anything but having a good time' and 'please drink with me'. She's dressed in greens and dark leathers, her long, thick hair loose about her shoulders, thick figured wrapped in a low, hip-hugging belt. She looks like she could walking a summer's forest and just ... disappear. "I'm buying, cousin. Let's find drinks."

Tabitha takes her place again at the table by the fountain, delicately brushing a few crumbs from the side of her lips as she daintily sits down in her seat again.

Sabella gives Reese a wave from where she's sitting by the fountain. "Reesey! There's a lot of alcohol here!"

Ian catches enough of what Sabella says to Reese to obligingly lift one of the bottles of whiskey on the table in illustration.

Calarian takes Dominique's hand after he murmurs some words to the others around them before he leads her out of the event.

Wash busies himself with writing a note, and sends the note and a bundle of papers to Valencia with one of the wait staff.

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Metzger, a great grey shrike leaves, following Dominique.

3 Grayson Guardsmen, Philip, an overworked assistant, Crown Observer Barcus, Dominique leave, following Calarian.

Zoey presses a last kiss to Ian's cheek after rising. And with a wave, she turns for the Hart's main hall.

Amari is pushed along, without a great deal of struggle. She looks like if she tried to disappear into a forest like Shae probably could, they'd find her just off the path in tears a few hours later, calling for help. "Let's do." She agrees, eyes a bit wide as she looks from face to face, and tries to plot out a route to wherever the drinks are being served.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

Zoey has left the table by the fountain.

Graham returns to the room holding a pouch he moves over to the owner of the Hart. "I am not feeling the best but wanted to vice my donation. He offers the pouch over and smiles before bowing he will move toward the exit in passing Tabitha he will peck her on the cheek if she allows or simply moce to the door

Shae is not usually the one who takes initiative, but Amari is the young cub in need of some care and guidance, so of course Shae has no trouble dragging her about. First to procure drinks, either by server or by thievery, and she hands one to Amari, squinting at her. "Drink it. All of it. Right now." And she taps her foot. Waiting.

As he makes to leave, Kaine approaches Valencia and says, "A fine gala, Princess. I'd like to make an offering from the proceeds from my new business..." He withdraws a prepared pouch from his satchel to give to her. "The distraught and displaced people will recover with people like you helping draw attention to their needs."

Tabitha gives Graham a concerned look as he speaks of feeling unwell. She lets him kiss her on the cheek, then tugs his sleeve so she can whisper into his ear.

The little southern princess smiles up at Graham and nods shyly as he presents his gift. As she takes the pouch she blinks, "My lord?" she asks, looking in the pouch. A small quiet exchange takes place and she takes a deep breath and raises her glass, "My ladies, gentlemen, highnesses, I am so very happy to announce that Lord Graham has kindly donated his support to our task and the sum of 15,000 silver to help our realm. Thank you, my Lord. Please may we offer a toast of much light, luck and love to Lord Graham! Thank you so much, my dearest lord," she says looking rather moved.

Kaine is overheard praising Valencia for: For raising money for those negatively affected by war.

Wash is overheard praising Graham for: Generosity incarnate.

Aethan is overheard praising Valencia.

Tabitha gasps and presses a hand over her mouth, eyes wide. She looks up at Graham then, astonished but not at all displeased!

Valencia is overheard praising Waldemai for: Waldemai, generous, kind and a true leader. Thank you for leading the path with a very generous donation.

Rickard has left the table by the fountain.

Asheryn, a Gyrfalcon have been dismissed.

Valencia is overheard praising Graham for: Graham is truly a sweet and generous man. His care and kindness to the Hart is truly something to be praised. Thank you so much for supporting our cause and for all your hard work for the Hart.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

Waldemai raises his glass to Lord Graham.

Sabella is overheard praising Graham for: Amazingly generous!

Sabella is overheard praising Valencia for: Incredible hostess!

Tabitha lifts her glass of red wine to Graham, looking so proud and pleased that it's as though her heart might burst out of her chest.

Lisebet is overheard praising Valencia for: Great event!

Valencia is overheard praising Kaine for: A generous and kind donation to a good cause. Thank you so much for helping our Hart make a difference.

Tabitha:also belatedly raises her glass to all others who donated, a warm smile on her face.

When Amari is presented a drink, and instructed to put it away there's some trepidation and a near balk. The tapping of Shae's foot decides it, seemingly, and she lifts the cup in a silent toast before doing as told. She tries to be discreet about it, and also tries to get a handle on where Shae's brought her and what's going on. That might be helpful to know, after all. When she's finally done, she closes her eyes and bites her lip shut for a second. "Shae. Whew... wuh." Is all she manages to say after.

Valencia is overheard praising Wash for: Wash may be gruff but I have always found him so very charming and always so willing to help those in need. Thank you, Wash.

Reese looks over to Sabella, giving her a gentle smile that touches her blue yes. sh ehten waves over to Ian as well. She continues further into the hart, looking for a place to sit.

Shae take Amari's hand again and looks for a place to sit, to either join a table or find one of their own. She leans in to whisper something to her cousin.

Niccolo and Belladonna continue their quiet conversation back amidst the trees in one corner of the garden under a shady arbor.

Wash shifts aside and gestures for Reese to take Sabella's place. "Sabella is leaving. I've drunk her under the table, or at least she thinks I intend to. Come and share some sweets with us Cousin Reese. We're a couple drinks in, so you should catch up."

Reese has joined the table by the fountain.

Reese heads toward the fountain, taking a seat there and trying to find one close to Wash. "Oh, that can happen." She murmurs softly. She doesn't seem al that interested in drinking though and orders herself a mug of warm cider.

Sabella is in fact standing up to leave! "Reese! Ian is getting married! Talk to him about ribbons! He'll love it!" she says with a huge smile as she goes.

Lisebet takes a moment from her conversation with Duke Vercyn to pass a small pouch to one of the waitstaff, who brings it over to Valencia.

Ian eyes the departing Sabella and her parting shot of revenge. He finishes off his drink and goes to refill.

Vercyn is overheard praising Valencia for: Always the gracious hostess. Always charming.

Reese is overheard praising Valencia for: Always a gracious host

Sabella has left the table by the fountain.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy leave, following Sabella.

Reese is overheard praising Ian for: He is getting married, woot!

Tabitha stands again quietly, giving curtsies to all present once again, then quietly departs with a deeper dip of her heels to Valencia. "Thank you, your highness. A wonderful gala."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Tabitha has left the table by the fountain.

Reese looks over to Ian, giving him a gentle smile. "Oh, I did hear that. Congrats Lord Ian." She says in his direction.

The donations begin to roll in and the little vixen looks so touched she nearly bursts with joy and deep gratitude. "Thank you, my dear Missere Kaine! And you, my Lord Wash! Thank you so very much. These writs will be so helpful. Goodness, Princess Terese, Lady Lisbet, thank you so very much" Valencia says graciously. "You humble me." Turning the little fox looks fit to burst with gratitude. "My friends, a moment. I would like to thank Missere Kaine, PrincessTerese, Lady Lisbet, Princess Sabella and Lord Wash for their very generous donations. Thank you so much. Truly. I am... I am so grateful and so very honoured. We will help so many people with this thanks to you. "

Kaine dips his head in a gentle nod toward Valencia and offers her a smile before departing.

Kaine has left the table by the fountain.

Belladonna has left the secret arbor.

Terese glances up and over towards Valencia as her name is called out though she simply gives a dip of her head that sets the upswept pin of her dark hair aquiver whiles she squirrels away upon the bench of the swing. She looks otherwise content to stay out of the hub bub for the time with a bit of a innocent look beyond the curve of a smile as she turns back to it.

The Duchess of Setarco rises up from the arbor she'd been seated at with her uncle, her posture as regal as ever. She turns her head and offers a few parting words to her uncle before moving away from the sitting place to seek out the hostess. Smiling warmly, she presses a pouch into Valencia's hands and murmurs, "For everything. Thank you for hosting, Your Highness, it was a lovely evening." And with that, Belladonna departs from the garden to return to the manor.

Lisebet procures another drink and raises it in a toeast to Valencia with a brief smile and a nod.

Vercyn lifts a glass towards Shae and Amari, should they look his way. And if they do, he will also gesture an invitation towards the pair.

Shae brightens and points. "Look, Amari!" And. Drags her over. Welp.

Shae has joined the shady tree.

Amari has joined the shady tree.

Ian nods to Aethan and Juliana when they rise to go.

Wash looks affronted at something Aethan says to him but with a shrug he admits the man is probably right.

Aethan has left the table by the fountain.

Juliana has left the table by the fountain.

Juliana leaves, following Aethan.

Valencia smiles and nods warmly to Belladonna as she departs, taking the very heavy pouch from her. There is a blink and a then a big smile as she turns to thank the Duchess but she has already slipped away. Turning, Valencia lifts her glass, "Ladies and gentlemen, highnesses, a toast the very generous Duchess Belladonna who just most graciously and in the most stylish way possible donated 30,000 silver to our cause! And to Princess Sabella and Princess Terese for also providing very generous donations. Thank you so much, your grace. If you please a toast... To light, luck and love. To you, ladies and to you all..."

Rees rises to hers slippered feet, even as she starts from the Hart. She waves on her way out.

Ian nods a goodbye to Reese when she looks like she's headed out.

Reese is overheard praising Wash for: He is an awesome cousin to have.

Terese seems to skip easily off the swing even as Valencia offers a toast again. She raises one hand, albeit devoid of a glass or mug as hers was already swept away before approaching the hostess. "Thank you for setting this up, your highness, it is for a good cause and may the Gods be with you." She bows to the woman then before moving to turn off.

Terese has left the charming garden swing.

Reese has left the table by the fountain.

Valencia is overheard praising Belladonna for: Not only stylish and charming, but knows how to rise to an occasion with a very generous donation for a very good cause. Thank you, Duchess!

Niccolo emerges from the arbor a short while after Belladonna. His expression is schooled, as always, but when Valencia toasts the Pravus Duchess he raises his glass as well and offers a brief smile. Looking over his glass at the party as he takes a drink, a few moments later he approaches Valencia, offering her an arm and leaning in conspiratorily.

Valencia is overheard praising Terese for: Lovely, charming and so very generous in her support of the Hart's cause. Thank you!

Terese is overheard praising Valencia for: A most gracious and kind hostess

The little dark-haired vixen's cheeks burn with delight and such gracious gratitude, her cheeks becoming even more pink at Terese's toast. "No, no. It is I who should be thanking you, hinghess," she smiles sweetly, briefly taking the Princess' hands in her own before she departs. "Thank you so very much. It is good work we do and more so, thanks to your kindness. Please come to my Hart again. You are so very welcome here." Stepping back she nods to the princess as she departs and turns to look up at her Uncle as he arrives. Gently, she takes his arm and smiles sweetly and leaning in to listen. Whatever the man says has the little princess blushing again. "Thank you, my Uncle. And thank you so much for being in my Hart once more. I hope we will see you more often, yes?"

Waldemai has been there since the start and that was a great deal of whiskey. He calls out, "Three cheers for the princess! Rah! Rah! Rah!" and then takes his cap and staggers back toward his shop/hime.

Waldemai has left the table by the fire.

Valencia takes a deep breath as the guests begin to take their leave, "We have almost raised 60,000 silver for the cause. I'm so very grateful," she says quietly, the silver being taken to be locked away for the time being. A fresh glass of wine is brought for the little vixen and a more whiskey for Niccolo as Valencia and she quietly speak.

Wash lifts his glass to toast Niklas. "To the dilatory remnant of our ambition."

Ian just shakes his head.

Niklas lifts his glass in response. "Expectations are for other people."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Vercyn before departing.

Niccolo takes his whiskey with a grateful nod to the hostess. They continue their quiet chat for a few more moments, but then the Velenosa leans in to offer her a polite kiss on the cheek. "Well enough. We will speak again soon, Valencia. I must bid farewell. Congratulations again on a successful evening."

Valencia smiles up at her uncle politely, turning her cheek to him as he gently offers his kiss and then returns it in kind, "I hope so, my uncle. Thank you so much for the kind words and for gracing my Hart with your presences. I hope we will see you again soon," she smiles again gracefully inclining her head as Niccolo readies to take his leave. Another smile is offered as she steps back to check on her other guests. Vercyn, Lisebet, Shae and Amari seem happily engaged in discussion. Victus and Sorrel as well. Turning, she offers a curious little look at the interesting toasts being had at Lord Wash, Lord Niklas and Lord Ian's table.

Niccolo has left the secret arbor.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Niccolo.

Valencia has left the table by the fire.

Valencia has joined the table by the fountain.

Wash passes a smile in Valencia's direction. "We're celebrating a lack of responsibility." He shifts slightly so she can join them.

"-They're- celebrating a lack of responsibility," Ian clarifies.

Lisebet raises her glass in a toast, murmuring to her companions, and then gets to her feet, plainly preparing to leave.

Turning back, Valencia smiles to Lisebet. "Thank you again, my Lady. It is so kind of you to attend. I hope you will find yourself in my Hart more often, yes?" she invites warmly, dark eyes dancing happily.

Shae salutes Lisebet with her own glass, giving a gracious bow to the woman.

Victus has left the charming garden swing.

Lisebet has left the shady tree.

Lisebet smiles, offering a curtsey to Valencia. "Your Highness, I will be back again, and often, yes. Thank you. The event was superb. Enjoy the rest of the party."

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard leaves, following Lisebet.

Ian braces himself on the table and pushes himself to his feet. He takes up his cane. "Speaking of the wedding, I think I'm going to take off. Have a good night, everyone."

Ian has left the table by the fountain.

Sorrel has left the charming garden swing.

Valencia nods and smile warmly. "Sweet dreams, Lord Ian. Thank you again, my lord." A small happy sigh is taken and a large sip of wine is enjoyed. The smile simmers a little as she scans the courtyard and down into the garden. "I'm so very grateful to this city. The amazing things we can do together. It's humbling. Thank you so much," she sighs and raises her glass again. "To life, luck and love."

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