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Archlector Vayne

"There is no creation that does not contain a contradiction. Duality is intrinsic to existence itself."

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Divine Duality
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Godsworn
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Godsworn
Age: 39
Birthday: 3/13
Religion: Pantheon; Tehom
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: golden

Titles: Archlector of the Thirteenth

Description: Slightly taller than average, the weighty, unflinching gaze from dark almond eyes and the soft sweep of his long, loose inky black hair are the usually the first features to be recognized. He has strong eyebrows and a long nose sloping down to a neatly trimmed mustache and beard. His face is thin and angular, his build is lanky and lean nearly to the point of outright asceticism. He typically radiates profound self-assurance with a faintly bemused demeanor that makes him seem privy to some unspoken private jest.

Personality: Vayne is a man who fully embodies what it is to embrace and master your darkest impulses. He is not especially demonstrative in his normal aspect, but when he is moved to emotion, he holds nothing back and feels it wholeheartedly. If he rages, his fury bellows from the depths of his soul. If he lusts, he does so with wanton abandon. If he is envious, his jealousy practically seethes from him, and so it is with all his other vices and faults until he takes a shuddering breath and his absolute self-control reasserts itself in an instant. He does not repress his passions, but they do not set his course. He may or may not react immediately but does not deny his urges, he channels their energy into the purposes of his choosing. His is the quiet joy of living his life truly honestly, to be at peace with his flaws and imperfections just as easily as his strengths and talents.

He believes completely in Tehom's deserved place in the Faith, and that to be Godsworn and truly committed to serving the needs of humanity, there can be no aspect of the human experience left uncovered under the Pantheon. He enjoys a diversity of individuals and experiences, and in his limited spare time patronizes the arts and even writes his own musical compositions. There is no taboo too unthinkable to halt his deliberate consideration, nor any soul too dark to gain his empathy. He will accept anyone as they are and seek to lead them to a better harmony between their inner self, their outer reflection, and the external world they live in. He knows without a doubt what it is like to have your whole world turned against you, and how you can rise from it to find your true calling in the end.

Background: Born to a certain Valardin noble family, Vayne was nothing less than a child prodigy. His early blooming and ravenous appetite for new knowledge saw him sent to Sanctum to study with the Faith before even ten summers had passed. When he arrived there, he won over the skeptics with his precocious insight, his unflinching courage in his convictions, and his continual drive to challenge and refine his ideas in ethical debate. Thrilled at reports coming home about their rising star, his family gave him the sobriquet of "the Incorruptible" to the annoyance of his siblings and cousins, forced to compete with an absentee golden child. Vayne's eighteenth birthday was to be the capstone and a triumphant occasion for his family, where he would leave them to take his Godsworn vows but surely begin a meteoric rise up the ranks the Faith, perhaps even to become the Dominus. Instead, it was the beginning of the end.

Always a believer that true dogmatic beliefs will stand up to any amount of scrutiny, Vayne began to focus on the concepts of Tehom worship as a Godsworn, calling the 'split' in the Pantheon the fundamental theological issue of the Arvian religion. The leadership was uncomfortable with Vayne's study of an issue they felt was /very/ settled, but confident that he would draw the proper conclusions. Instead, his determination shook Sanctum like a thunderbolt: the traditional Oathlands proscriptions against venerating the Thirteenth were in fact prejudicial and incorrect, he said. In disbelief that one of their brightest hopes was suddenly on the verge of heresy, the Sanctum leadership even requested help from his former House in turning Vayne away from his course. But the very qualities for which he had always been praised now stood as implacable opposition. Even if a whole fealty stood against him in disapproval, Vayne would not relent to family or social or political pressure, only rigorous theological argument. None could craft such a one strong enough to dissuade him. Before things came to a final head, however, one day Vayne was simply... gone. In his quarters he left a note.

"The gods do not have dominion over only parts of the world lovely to behold. To turn away from hard truths is to surrender control to them, to let them dictate how we do or do not act. A light necessarily casts a shadow, an assertion must have a negation. If we are to make the best world that we can, we must first accept the truth of the world as it is in all its aspects. Our Dark Reflections are created with us, as part of who we are. To deny Tehom is to remain willfully blind to our true natures. But if I am to truly help others find their way, then I must first understand myself, in all of my facets. May the wisdom of all the Pantheon bless us all."

For the next fifteen years, Vayne was a cautionary tale. He ceased to go by his given name, and fell into obscurity. Occasionally some rumors or fanciful tales would surface of individuals resembling Vayne, or resembling what people thought Vayne would look like at the time, no one could say for certain. Some were that he had found a niche with a fringe cult, others claimed he had let himself go to dissolute or even outright criminal behavior. His House practically declared him dead and moved on. The story was over, until many years later the man in the mirrored mask arrived in Arx.

He seemed generally uninterested in his past apart from reclaiming his given name, merely referencing a long and challenging journey of self-discovery and that he was ready to resume his duties. Despite his clear fealty to Tehom there was little question that Vayne was a true priest of the whole Pantheon conversant in its ritual and dogma, and he gained a grudging if uncertain respect among the clergy of Arx. Ironically, upon establishing himself in Arx he began the quick rise up the ranks of the Faith that had so long ago seemed to be all but a preordained thing. The last step came when Vayne presented incontrovertible evidence of the previous Archlector's financial corruption and violation of his oaths; crushing his largest block of internal political opposition in the process.

Ascendant to the Archlectorship of Tehom, Vayne felt the delightful rush of triumph, the sweet vindication, the tickling satisfaction of looking down at every close-minded person who had called him heretic, sneered at him while blind to their own arrogance, slighted or betrayed him while he sought to understand his own self and his own darkness, worked to undermine his ambitions to drag the discipleship of the Thirteenth into ending its exile and realizing its full potential kicking and screaming if necessary... he savored it all, he exulted in it all, he felt it all to the very depth of his bones. And then he banished it to memory, and got to work.

The Faith of the Pantheon exists to bring the will of the gods into the world, and the most devoted of Tehom will not settle for anything less than his flock's rightful place among them.

Relationship Summary

  • Driskell - Oh my friend... what did you do?

  • Friend:
  • Rinel - A challenge, but a welcome one.
  • Valencia - She is a very good friend indeed, and one whose counsel has been invaluable.

  • Ally:
  • Sina - I'm proud of her growth from maid to Archscholar, and glad to have had a hand in it.
  • Giada - I have learned a great deal from her, about things I didn't expect to care about.
  • Name Summary
    Agostino The Archlector's reputation for wisdom could not be more accurate, though he appears to be even busier than I would have imagined. Tehom's Archlector is truly devoted to his work, if what I saw is any indication.
    Alaric Composed, eloquent, thought-provoking. I rather do enjoy our philosophical discussions when I stop by the Shrine of the Thirteenth.
    Alarissa He is a man in an impossible place. Blessed Vayne, Archlector to the thirteenth. Our meetings are either filled with clashing heads calm words. There seems to be no in between. And yet, he never seems to ruffle. He is one to be commended, listened to at least and respected.
    Aleksei I'm glad that he's back in the city. It's nice to have more out of place Oathlanders.
    Alessia A genuinely welcoming man. I look forward to interacting with the Archlector more in the future now that I've joined the discipleship.
    Anisha Blessed Vayne is everything you expect the Archlector of Tehom to be - outwardly intimidating, exactingly controlled, and of course, an able listener capable of grasping nuance and returning detailed advice. He serves the Faith, the Shrine, and Tehom well.
    Bastien Unwelcome.
    Berenice He did me a great honor in taking the time to speak with me. It's not something I'll soon forget.
    Bianca Patient. Kind. Faithful. The Archlector of the Thirteenth faces contention gracefully and without fear. I appreciate him more than I think he may know.
    Calandra A wise man, indeed. I cannot think of a more fitting Archlector for Tehom. I look to him for spiritual guidance at a time when it is most needed, I think.
    Celeste The one thing that means as much to me as my sisters, in Arx, is the collection of the Mirrormasks. Meeting Blessed Vayne was an experience I am sad took so long to arrange, and glad that we were finally able to discuss such important things together.
    Dianna Intense, in everything he does and is - whether in silence, peaceful repose, listening, comforting or observing; the Archlector is the very definition of intensity.
    Domonico A well informed and confident Archlector it seems. Focused on the task and planning at hand and non unnecessary pontification. I approve.
    Echo Of all the Archlectors, I would've expected Vayne to be the most mysterious. That's not at all true, and in fact he was happy to sit with me and explain how I may have erred in thought. Every difficult question I asked at him was met with an equally difficult question directed my way, and though I may be nervous under the Thirteenth's presence, our meet had me feeling a lot more comfortable about where the Thirteenth stands.
    Edain I will never understand what brings someone to worship at the Altar of the Thirteenth, but Archlector Vayne is patient and polite and respectful. While I still believe that worship of the Thirteenth is folly, I think if anyone can keep Mirrormasks focused in a constructive direction, perhaps it is Vayne.
    Estil Unique and intriguing, and with a depth of thought and character that leaves me feeling like every encounter ends with some weighty life lesson. I cherish and look forward to all of our conversations.
    Ezra One of the religious folks about town. I believe he was an archlector. I suppose he's probably one who tries to get people into religion through different means because it's hard to sit through most sermons. My assumption is he gets more people to talk about religious things this way and that's why he is like he is. Either that or perhaps you remember the faith less interesting than it actually is. Perhaps a third option I haven't thought of as well.
    Fairen Someone who offers thoughts and ideas that are contrary to popular opinion, as he very well should I appreciate this a great deal, and would very much like to pry into his mind some more.
    Faruq He is, not what I expected. Then again... maybe I should have expected it given his position.
    Giada Comfortable. Deeply, pleasantly comfortable. I think maybe I expected someone more mysterious and pretentious, but he's not that way.
    Giulio An intriguing fellow, with a certain set of interests. I wonder where this will lead, or what I might find in return. It will be an intriguing affair, regardless.
    Grazia The Archlector of Tehom is a friendly and intelligent man with a great appeciation for perception and wit. He seems quite charming.
    Harlex In the brier I saw a moving darkness. It hushed me and for a moment I stood among the thorns, unharmed.
    Helena Not sure what I would have expected from the Archlector of the Thirteenth, but it wasn't such a warm and amiable conversation and a cup of lovely lemon tea. He is quite friendly and charming, and I look forward to working with him on future research projects, should the opportunity arise.
    Ian Seems like a needlessly complicated way for saying something that should probably be self-evident, so I'm probably missing something.
    Ignacio The man seems to have wisdom to his words and I respect him more for wishing to reflect on finding an answer instead of just creating one. I will go to his man for advice once more.
    Iseulet A man that is far more approachable than what I had originally thought.
    Itzal The Archlector of Tehom is a man with interesting ideas. Will I start worshipping mirrors? Probably not. But he offers interesting points to consider, and opens new perceptions.
    Jeffeth The Archlector of the Thirteenth. I don't know much about either. Honestly. But every time I see him, he seems quite kind.
    Joscelin An unexpected pleasure, and a lovely kisser. I'm ... just going to leave it at that.
    Kaede Another Faith holy man. Speaks well, has great hair, and seems patient and open to questions. Can't say I'm inspired to delve into the faith, but he's definitely more welcoming than most.
    Katarina The Archlector of the Thirteenth is of the Oathlands. Because of this, I'm inclined to believe that makes him all the more uniquely tailored for his undoubtedly challenging position. I eagerly await what I can learn from him.
    Leola Archlector of the Thirteenth. About akin to most of the followers of his I've known, but less so; if that makes sense? More - hah - reflective on the subject, than outspoken.
    Lianne Gentle in a way I had not expected. He listened. And he asked the right questions to get where we needed to go. He has my gratitude and my respect.
    Lisebet Thoughtful and interesting to speak too, even if he does have too many mirrors
    Lucita A knowledgeable Archlector with a pleasant personality, commonsense. He gives sound, helpful, and appreciated advice.
    Luis Meeting in strange circumstances allows for one to truly see how a person's nature is at the core. He is studious, curious, and needful in the desires by which he shows to those things that he may not know fully. Inquisitive, yet accomodating, bears further review for a more complete analysis.
    Magpie Magpie was expecting someone pious and stuffy and entirely irritating. Turns out Vayne was rather easy to chat with and not easily offended. (So far) Maybe he's sincere in what he wants to do? Time will tell.
    Malika I met him at the Hart, the only person in the city to have warned me of the lowers. His concern seemed quite genuine and warm.
    Margerie One doesn't really expect to encounter the Archlector of the 13th in an Oathlander tea house, but nonetheless, there he was. And a rather gracious man, if perhaps quick with an emotional response. Still. I rather imagine we will cross paths again.
    Marian Archlector Vayne is wise beyond his years. I find his teachings to seek balance something to strive for. While I know many may not hold Tehom to their heart, I have found much wisdom in looking into my reflection. He is a spiritual guide that is helping me along my journey.
    Mirella Someone to watch carefully. Someone from whom I can learn much. It helps that he's welcoming and patient, and I don't fear his judgement.
    Mydas The Archlector takes an active part in spreading understanding regarding Tehom and His teachings. Time spent with him is time well spent, as he offers insightful and enlightening conversation.
    Orathy He be always smilin 'n I ain't sure I like it so much, but aye, looks like he be findin a peace 'n purpose that I ain't got. Somethin to be admired bout that.
    Oriana A kind and charming man, I look forward to working more closely with him in the future. I feel confident in his hands.
    Pasquale Not the sort of man that I think many would presume would be called to the Thirteenth, and we're all better for it. He strikes Pasquale as one of great wisdom and intellect, and one who he'd like to learn more of the conviction of Faith from.
    Prisila Compassionate and very insightful. His patience and wisdom are palpable and I can appreciate the lessons he has to offer.
    Ras He's much cooler than the other Archlectors I've met. I like him.
    Raymesin This one knows what he's on about. Definitely a man to listen to.
    Reigna I was not sure what to expect from the Archlector of Tehom, but I definitely liked the side shown to me. Eloquent and earnest and sensitive to the beliefs of those around him. I am not surprised that he hails from Sanctum, for his is a light that adds to the strength of us all.
    Renata I'm glad that I decided to meet with Blessed Vayne. Patient and knowledgeable, he might be just the person to help me with the questions that burn in me.
    Rinel A heretic who by his own words has rejected the faith to worship a monster. Twelve grant me strength to resist such evil.
    River He's almost startlingly intellectual, and's unsettling as much as it is comforting.
    Selene The night dipped and whispered my name. I heard the chord I sought, and when he stepped back, the Archlector left me wiser than I was before. What respect he commands is well-earned, and I am honoured by the grace he granted me.
    Skye He is a very kind man. I'm a bit surprised. I've heard whispers of the Mirrormasks that worship the Thirteenth. And it seemed so mysterious and scary. But he's not like that at all. Very approachable. And seems to have a good head on his shoulders.
    Sorrel I wasn't sure that I could find any comfort from the Archlector of the Thirteenth, but he has a gentle manner and a comforting bearing, and I might have to spend more time in the Shrine to better benefit from his detatched perspective and wisdom.
    Sparte The Archlector for the Thirteenth. Very much open to discussion, and quite helpful. Not a rarity amongst Archlectors, but that doesn't diminish his value in the slightest. I hope to learn more from him in the future.
    Terese A patient, polite, and at times infuriating, but necessary man. He will remind you of the darker side of things, that we shall never be perfect. And that may well be necessary. Nonetheless he is interesting and I value being able to discuss things with him.
    Tescelina The Archlector of the Thirteenth is not what I imagined. Though I cannot say I really knew what I imagined. A curiosity in regard to tea, the sharing of wise words. It was a blessed encounter.
    Thea Quiet but we met in the most unusual of circumstances so..I'm sure time will tell.
    Theron An outspoken and outgoing Archlector, who certainly seems happy to help. As a Lycene, it would behoove me well to learn what he has to teach me of Tehom, and learn how well I can aid the world in bringing Balance to it. That besides, it's always good to talk to someone so charismatic.
    Venturo While discussions with Archlectors seem to frequently make my brain turn into mush, the man's easy going nature of acceptance and caluculated questions leaves one with plenty to reflect upon -- and that, after all, is his job, isn't it? A man I look forward to conversing with further.
    Willow The velvet whisper. The secret knowledgable one. The most interesting figure in the Faith I have met thus far, I really wish to get to know him better.
    Zebulon A good man and ready with lessons for those willing to listen. I hope i have not completely ruined his first impression of me!
    Zoey He was kind enough to bless the mirrored rings I had made.