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Warrior Woading Ceremony

The Compact is hereby invited to the Warrior's Woading Ceremony.

Please join Houses Redrain and Crovane to celebrate the lives of those that may not be returning with us. All guests will be treated to a bottle of Limited Edition Whiskey to take home, and prizes are offered for the following events:

*Game of Stones: A lot like chess or checkers. This will be handled with an Int+War roll.
*Axe Throwing: Line up and throw the axe at the target and not your toe. This will be handled with a Dex+Med Wpn check.
*Mud Wrasslin: A free for all in the famous Redrain tradition! Dex or Str + Brawl. /No/ armor. We Redrains typically do this thing naked, but it'll be optional for the softer southern folk. But still no armor.
*Drinking: Join us for rounds of increasingly stronger and stronger alcohol. Using straight stamina checks for this. Winner gets to keep their liver?

And lastly, we will be having a woading ceremony, where each participant will have their faces painted and the spirits will be asked for a blessing

This ceremony has no mechanical benefit (that I know of), it's just for fun, but if you don't bathe and don't take off the paint, maybe the smell will have an effect on those awful Marinites and they'll crawl back into the depths from whence they came? Anyway. Come drink with us.


March 13, 2018, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Gwenna Ann Asger


Ignacio Cassima Jeffeth Marcas Mirari Thena Duarte Morrighan Amari Eilonwy Isidora Khanne Donella Dante Romulius Marian Felicia Mailys Darren Theron Lucita Cadenza Elgana Lorenzo Alaric Agatha Giulio



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon, Ursa, Marcas arrive, following Marian.

Isla, a small silver fox, 1 Velenosa House Guards, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Ignacio arrive, following Cadenza.

Following her big sister around, Elgana seems to be in high spirits, a bright smile playing on her lips. The princess is dressed decidedly 'down' for once today as well and her hair has been tugged back from her face and braided, the tail of which rests over her shoulder as she moves. "I'm so excited," she talks as she follows Agatha and her considerable amounts of alcohol. "Princess Cadenza said she would be here and perhaps take part in the wrestling. That I would love to see. She's rather fun and I have only barely gotten to know her." She finally comes to a stop, letting Agatha take care of the booze, and simply looks to see who else has gathered, her hands unable to rest still until finally she just threads them together tightly.

Alaric and retinue make their typically unsubtle entrance. Apparently the lure of unpracticed axe throwing was too much for the King to resist. Or maybe he's just here to experience some good old fashioned Northern culture. Either way, the whole group stakes out a spot near the oak trees as they wait for the thing to get underway.

Alaric has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Cadenza gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Cadenza puts Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey in a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Romulius has joined the shaded garden grotto.

Marian gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Cadenza gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Ignacio gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Ann takes her place on the little platform to announce, "Welcome to the woading ceremony and games night! Between games, or if there's not a game you're participating in, feel free to pop over to Khanne, who I thank whole-heartedly for being our ceremonial woader for the night. Thank you, Khanne." She dips her head respectfully with a little knowing smile toward Khanne, set up under the trees, "I do hope you'll participate in a game or two, though. At least."

Then, she pauses to address everyone, "Now. Tonight is a bit of a strange night for us all. Firstly, I wanted to open with an announcement. An announcement that I thought that I would never, ever make. Neither on behalf of myself, or the other party involved but -- I am very pleased to semi-formally announce the betrothal of Duke Asger Crovane to myself, Ann Redrain. Yes, we used the woading ceremony as a little cover to get you to come celebrate with us. If you want the juicy details, look for the proclamation that a better woman than myself is likely to write, Princess Gwenna Redrain, who has proven herself invaluable during this whole process of straightening out the legalities and contracts and keeping my head from exploding." Ann lifts her drinking horn in toast to Gwenna, with a great big smile and takes a sip in her honor.

"The second reason why we are here: We stand upon a precipice of history," Ann gives a little gesture around to her fellows and sobers a little. "We have come together tonight in preparation to face an enemy that is awe invoking and ravenous -- inhuman, infernal creatures of darkness and terror made manifest and given physical form to assault us."

"We find we must steel our reserves and remain unmoved by these threats that would strike to the depths of the soul and hearts of lesser men and women. Firm hearted and brave, whether noble born or not, I have no doubts that you will all prove to be Lords of War in the coming conflict. Our foe might be able to claim the title of an ancient evil, but we will prove to be superior still. But no matter how victorious we may be - there are those among us - sons, brothers, fathers - daughters, sisters, mothers - that won't be making the journey home with us. That is why we are here." She pauses here momentarily to steel her own reserves, "Thankfully, I do not have the dishonor of sending you off tonight to your death with heavy hearts or flowery words. Instead, I offer you some whiskey. Some game. And some light:

Our enemy is not invincible.

Our enemy is not impervious to wounds.

These creatures can bleed, and we will dye the fields, beaches, and sea in what passes for their blood - and we will not go easy into the night, giving in to the abyss."

"When these dark creatures lie bleeding beneath your blades and trampled into the earth from whence we spring, shout to the heavens and remind them of what foes they face.

Velenosa, Let None Go Unpunished.

Thrax, Make them weep in your wake.

Grayson, let none be greater than you.

To those sworn to the Sovereign King, the Crownsworn - stand more firmly than you ever have before.

Faithful, with grace of the gods - be their will.

Redrain, we go to the fuckin' last!

Now let's let the games begin -- and let us celebrate like it's the last party we will ever see again - for it may be! Wassail!"

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He's likely not here for axe throwing, but he /did/ receive a trophy for that. Theron approaches Agatha, though, inclining his head to the Princess and slapping her shoulder companionably. "Fearsome Redrain, hello!" That is, he'll do that if she's not lugging bottles and barrels.

Marian has joined the line.

4 Thrax Guards, Bastian, the Reformed Rogue arrive, following Cassima.

Gwenna likely would never miss out on the opportunity to try to snag another axe throwing trophy, even though people may get rather nervous that she might even attempt a weapon again. As well, it's an important Ceremony being hosted by her dearest friends, which surely means more than another trophy. Exiting the villa, she smiles brightly as she takes in those already gathered, and then cheers the couple once Ann makes her announcement. "Her Highness, Princess Ann, gives me far too much credit," she calls out, though quickly fetches herself a glass of wine to raise in return. "To Princess Ann! To Duke Asger! To the Compact! To the last!"

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Agatha is almost required by law to be a contrast to her sister. So Elgana's hair is braided? Agatha's hair is loose in it glorious crimson frizz ((at least until Elgana Does Something About That, -really- Agatha...). She's in a comfortable dress for once instead of being dressed down, albeit a simple white one. "Princess Cadenza? Definitely. She's spirited. I like her," she tells her sister as she puts the last load down for someone else to stock. Heavy lifting? Yes. Delicate putting things away? Not so much. Hey, then the shoulder thumping. "Hello, Lord Mazetti! Remind me, do you know my sist... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait." She whipss her head around towards Ann, narrowing her gaze. "I HEARD THAT, WHAT NOW GETTING MARRIED?" Big letters in voice and in journals apparently.

Marian arrives at the event, giving greeting to the men and women at the event to shake their hand and thank them for the fight that they be joining her in the North. She is quiet as Ann gets up to start the proceedings. She listens to those words with a hand over her heart. When Ann admits she's marrying Asger, there is a look of surprise but then she raises her fist to salute them and let's out a war cry at the end of Ann's speech to celebrate the sacrifices some will be making in the coming battle. Then she gets in line for the first contest, ready to play and spend time with her family.

What's the difference between being late and being fashionably late? One assumes that Princess of Thrax would do anything fashionably, and in her ice silk dress and tiarra of ebon Kennex sea drops, Cassima Thrax is certainly fashionable. She seems at ease today as she looks around the purely Northern event, making her way toward the whiskey to start. Upon hearing Gwenna's voice across the room, her smile grows considerably.

Thena gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Cassima gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Cadenza made her way to this even, changed out her rather dainty attire and back into her leathers. That long black hair was now in that long braid that falls out from under that hood. Her hand resting on her swords hilt, she pulls that hood off then to let her blue eyes peer unshaded. Just in time for that announcement, she raises her fist in the air. "Congrats!!!"Laughing she looks to the man at her side with a wink then as she nods. "....are you ready for all of this rowdiness?" Smirking she looks around for a seat now.

Nevermore, the albino raven arrives, delivering a message to Donella before departing.

Khanne is kneeling under an oak tree, though there are benches around her. She has ritualistic items set into the growing grass in front of her, wisps of smoke rising from one. She is dressed like spring, though clearly still a shaman, with a number of feathers, leather, and shells decorating her from head to toe. Murmuring softly to herself, her fingers in a small stone bowl, mixing a red powder with water to create the paint for the woadings to come. She nods her head with a smile to Ann, though continues to focus on her task at hand. Drysi stands behind her, gently beating a small hand drum in a slow rhythm. Her eyes glance about as people begin to file in. She closes her eyes and quietly murmurs words to herself, taking three stained fingers and dragging them down the left side of her face.

Ann laughs and lifts her drinking horn in thanks to Gwenna and Agatha, giving them both a knowing grin, "Sorry to surprise you all like this." She didn't look sorry one bit.

Marian is overheard praising Ann for: For an uplifting speech!

Cassima has joined the shaded garden grotto.

"To Princess Ann!" Elgana gives a shout at the announcement. "May the couple find such great happiness!" She gives a light little clap of her hands before she turns back to regard Agatha and Theron, giving a little chuckle. "I believe we have met yet," she says to Agatha before she gives Theron a polite nod and says to him, "It is a pleasure to meet you again. I pray you have been well since our last meeting. Have you come for all of the fun?"

Sir Jeffeth Bayweather arrives without wearing any armor. None at all! Just a red cloak going over his clothes. The large knight moves around quietly, eyes roaming around all those gathered, many friendly faces though the man does not move to approach any just yet. But then Cassima is moving in just behind him. The large knight bows to Cassima as she approaches. "Your Highness." And the man is quickly on her heels, "It's good to see you." He murmurs with a smile

Agatha lifts a considerably sized fist to shake at Cousin Ann, and salute her. "Sneaky bookworm! You have some falls in the mud coming your way!"

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Marian is overheard praising Asger for: For finally getting a woman of worth to look his way.

"Always in our wake, never at our wake!" Romulius rumbles in agreement, "Aye." He grins toothily then and looks over towards the people who are beginning to form into lines for the various events. His attention keeps going to the whiskey cabinet when Cassima walks over with whiskey. He smiles at her and bows his shaggy head, striking up quiet conversation.

Ignacio arrives with Cadenza, his gaze slowly drifting over the crowd without anything really being said from the dark haired knight. Something about the large crowd of northerners has the southern man a little off guard, but it doesn't cause the smile on his face to fade, but he more looks on with curiosity.

Asger is grinning broadly from ear to ear at the commotion caused by the surprise betrothal announcement and takes Ann's hand in his own saying soon after she does "I'm not sorry one bit, it's worth it to see the look of shock on all your faces." with a deep hearty chuckle he says "You all said it couldn't be done, that there wasn't a lass who was daft enough to come be my woman, but I found one." lacing his fingers with Ann's he looks aside to her and says "Not that you're daft, you're actually the smartest woman I know, but you get what I'm saying." and with that he continues his laughter and takes a big ol' drink from the bottle of whiskey he has in his hand.

Coming out to join in the madness, Eilonwy is keeping to the fringes. She grins a bit at the announcement of her liege's betrothal and finds a place to lean up, well out of the way.

"We have met, I do believe," Theron smiles over to Elgana, nodding to her question. "Indeed. Well, actually, your sister," he points to Agatha, "invited me. I'm not sure what all of this is about, to be quite honest, so I'm here to watch. Although I might not be here too long, sad to say. I have yet to get on with today's training routines."

Thena doesn't make her way to this part of the city much but she seems to know where she's going, slipping quietly in among the rest of the crowd. She snags a glass of something and pauses to raise it at the announcement, expressionless, and then finds an out of the way spot where she sips from her drink and looks on silently.

Isidora lingers within the crowd, having arrived for the opening speech, and she quietly moves toward the benches and trees where Khanne is preparing the ceremony. Her head is lowered with the words spoke from the Shaman woman.

Wandering in, Marcas doesn't miss the opportunity to seize a bottle of whiskey, then slaps Agatha on a shoulder. "Princess Agatha! I'm glad you're here, I don't think it could be properly held without you." Turning to Elgana, "And Princess Elgana, always a pleasure. I hope all is well." Listening to Ann's speech and announcement, the bottle of whiskey is raised in salute, then he wanders into the line with stern look on his visage once more, flexing long fingers.

Donella has just made her way out of a smaller pocket of people, and says loudly as she rests a hand on her swollen middle, "Make sure he keeps talking like that, Ann, to make sure he at least maintains the semblance of being a man of good sense!" She applies a brief wink, as she turns toward Romulius and the sound of her family's words.

"Ah, of course," Elgana replies to Theron with another little bob of her dark head. "Must keep the arm in practice and the blade at the ready. I do hope you enjoy yourself while here and take part in some of the fun and games. And the booze." With a little wink Elgana is off then, leaving her sister and Theron as she goes to mingle amongst the other gathered guests. Spying Sir Jeffeth she starts to head his way.

Gwenna gazes at the game of stones, but doesn't just yet make a move in that direction. Espying one of her dearest friends, the princess gives a cheerful wave. "Princess Cassima," is also called, because cheerful! And, from the looks, just genuinely happy to see ther other princess. Moving in that direction, her gaze does flick back to the game and her lips wrinkle. "Ah, seems we might need another play to make things even. Can't say I'm fond of my chances, but..."

Agatha nods to Theron, though she looks a little guilty as she leans in to murmur something to him. At least she's grinning when she straightens up. She slaps him on the shoulder just as Marcas slaps her on the shoulder, a strange little chain of events.

Spotting Elgana, she waves wildly as she tugs poor Ignacio along. Cadenza smiles as she waits to greet as she seems to be swarmed. There's a wave to Agatha too as she looks over to Ignacio. "So what are you going to partake in, Iggy?"

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Alaric affably applauds the opening announcements at their conclusion, nodding in approval before making a quiet remark to Khanne and decisively setting off towards the game boards with a grin. "Well then, I won't let a small thing like total unfamiliarity with the rules stand in the way of a little organized competition," he says by way of apparently declaring his entry into the game of stones.

Hearing Gwenna call to her, Cassima kisses her hand and lifts it in the Princess' direction, blowing her a little kiss!

Agatha adds, "Well, lots of training to be had here this evening. Just not the usual kind!" See unusual kind. Agatha in dress. She turns her head to Marcas and grins. Doesn't seem bothered to have the heavy handslap, even unarmored. Tough as mountain! "Going to throw heavy things?"

When Asger says she wasn't dumb, Ann manages to facepalm, "Forgot Valardin - I had meant to say between the Velenosa and Thrax - Valardin, hold fast til the end! Okay /now/ the games can start!" She smiles and shakes her head at herself. "We need an even number - who will challenge our dear King?" She gestures to the King, who has no partner yet.

The bronze skinned man doesn't protest as he is tugged along as Cadenza is on a mission apparently. "Huh? Play stones? I think I will just watch this one." Ignacio says as he glances over towards where people are gathering for the game.

"There are rules?" Donella looks astonished, as though it never occurred to her before. "Oh! Well, that explains some things. Probably."

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Marian steps out of the line and makes her way over to the happy couple, making sure to clap Asger hard on the shoulder, "I didn't think you had it in you my friend." She then makes her way over to also give Ann, her dear friend, a hug. She looks at her and tells her, "It's a damn good thing you didn't tell me or I might have tried to talk you out of it." She is laughing and then moves on to let them get well wishes from others. She then steps back in line for the axe throwing.

"Your Majesty." This is offered by Gwenna to Alaric as they both seem of the same sort of 'why not?' mind when it comes to the game of stones. Hearing Ann, she turns and says, "If no one else will join, I will step out so as to make things even."

Siggi, a small lynx cub arrives, delivering a message to Donella before departing.

Siggi, a small lynx cub arrives, delivering a message to Donella before departing.

Khanne nods her head to Alaric with a smile, and a wink of her left eye. The paint slowly begins to dry upon her drink. "Good luck, Your Majesty." She looks then to Isidora and gives her a smile in greeting. "I have asked the Spirits for their blessings for us all in the upcoming battles. If you wish to receive a woading, please, come join me at the oak."

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Cadenza blinks then looks round and sighs. "Okay....I'll join in! But I may be horrible..." She glances to Iggy with a smile but pats him on the back. "Go be social...I know it's killing you..." With that she would look to Ann. "I'll join so no one has to leave."

Ann laughs and bows her head to Cadenza, "Thank you. May the odds be ever in your favor." She shows her to her seat, and... the games begin!

Asger casts a wry grin at Marian "See this is why we had to keep it secret lest people with more common sense start getting involved and try to break things up." Despite the wry twitch of his lips his tone comes across as wholey amused and mostly joking

Gwenna checked intellect + war at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

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Gwenna takes her seat across from Marcas and offers him a dip of her head in greeting. "Please do not trounce me too terribly. It has been an age since I've played and I was never very good back when I actually did. I'm better at keeping the pieces in place, playing nice, than sending them off to fight," is admitted with a bit of a chuckle.

Alaric stands ready for a challenger! Somehow he can pull off the act of standing in place with enough presence to merit an exclamanation point, apparently. But an even number of people seem to get sorted out and he's shown to a table with Cadenza. His assistant murmurs something to him. "Princess Cadenza, a pleasure to make your acquaintance," he declares sociably. "Best of luck marshalling your rocks to victory!" He glances briefly at Zelda. "That is what we do here, yes? Move the rocks around the board, not juggle them or what-have-you." The King is still new to this game.

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2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrives, following Amari.

Marian gives a grin to Jeffeth as she takes her seat across from him and there is a predatory look that shows Marian is going to show no mercy to the man, "May the best strategy win." She cracks her knuckles and then starts to put her stones into place. There is a keen intellect behind the Warchief's eyes as she sets up her side.

Private Erin arrives, following Violet.

Before she sits she smiles but bows deeply. "Your's an honor...." Sitting down she looks at the board and chuckles. "Thank you for I think I need it. I am sure you will do well in this game. I was busy sailing instead of taking to this sort of game..." Cadenza would look around the as she looks to the game, her brows furrowing in thought.

Keen intellect indeed! Marian is victorious! As is Gwenna and our King, Alaric!

"You overstate my abilities, Princess Gwenna. But thank you for that bit of encouragement," Marcas replies to Gwenna with a slight grin pulling at the corner of his lips. "See! You did the trouncing, not me. Congratulations!" Tipping his bottle at Marian and the King as well, "I cannot wait to see how this turns out." At that, he wanders off towards Khanne.

Marian gets a smile on her face when she's announced the winner of the first round, she makes a point of shaking Jeffeth's hand, "Thank you for a good game." And then she turns that predatory smile to the two remaining players that might be facing her soon. She gives a bow to both of them and then waits to see who's moving to the final round. There's a bit of confidence there, perhaps a little arrogance. Does the Warchief deserve it?

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Going to sit across from Marian, Jeffeth smiles happily to her. While Marian gives that predatory look, Jeffeth looks down dumbly at the board. "How do you play this game again?" The big man rumbles. Once he plays with Marian, she will more than likely easily dispatch him. Who will go back to his little grotto with a bright smile to Marian. "Well played Your Highness."

Evidently juggling is not necessary to meet the victory conditions; Alaric's rock-moving instincts seem to carry him through. "Good game, your Highness," he declares politely to Cadenza in victory. He gets moved over to a new table and eyes Marian on his approach with a slightly flared eyebrow. "Maybe -now- it's time for the juggling strategy," he observes wryly.

Laughing softly she bows her head to Alaric. "Congratulations, your majesty. I need to study a bit more I'm sure at this game..." Cadenza chuckles as she stands up and smiles then with a bow. "I wish you luck in the next round!" With that she moves out of the way before making her way to....somewhere. Seems her partner in crime had wandered off.

Gwenna is shocked. It is painted all over her expression and she tilts her head a touch to review her pieces. Glancing up to Marcas, she notes, "I suspect I have managed that thing they call beginner's luck." She lifts her wine glass in reply to Marcas's words. "More like a tiptoe than trounce, but thank you!" That offered, she turns to the others. "Congratulations, Your Majesty, Princess Marian. This is fun!" Winning is always fun. But that look from Marian? Gwenna doesn't seem quite as excited as a moment ago. "Strategy? Oh dear."

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For now...she makes her way back to that little nook between he garden trellises. Cadenza's lips hold back a smile as she notices that Ignacio did indeed go do what he was saying.

Private Erin have been dismissed.

Agatha mutters, "I want ... honor the ... ... ... brave in battle. And -good-. I want to know what ... ... thing ... do to ... ... ... people ... I am ... ... good ... being smart, and I can be too stubborn. ... just ... ... if the spirits and ancestors have ... little wisdom to make ... I take good care ... the people I ... with and ... they might help me ... ... inspiration."

Princess Marian and our King Alaric are victorious and go on to the last and final round to decide the first and second place!

Donella slithers along through the crowd, as best one can when one has grown fat as she has, and gravitates toward the Shaman and her place with the woading supplies.

Amari arrives on the grounds, alone but for two guards in Keaton green and black who hang back out of the way. She takes a moment to drink it all in, or at least get a lay of the land. There's an unfocused smile from her after a few moments of standing there, unabashedly looking around like a tourist. Then, she's pulled towards the tables of food to investigate those and take a survey of nearby faces.

Alaric checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Gwenna snaps her fingers. "Ah! I could have only lasted so long," she notes while standing. She gives a dip of her head to Marian and Alaric and then moves along to probably refill her wine glass or make a few final touches to the official announcement she'll make in a bit.

Marian gives a bow to Gwenna, to show her she respects her for getting this far, "You gave it a good try." Then she turns to the King, "I guess it's just the two of us." This time she is not as confident going in, but it's clear the Warchief is going not give His Majesty any leeway. If he wins, it will be on the merit of his strategy.

"Oh screw it..." Standing up, Cadenza decides to make her way over to where the blessings were being held. For now though she'd make a pit stop. Looking to Elgana, the Velenosa gives her a wave then. "Your highness....I'm glad I made it! I even brought my friend along."

Watching Agatha murmur out the inspirational blessing she wishes from the shaman, Marcas' grey eyes turn to observe the crowd, as if looking for someone before returning his attention to Marian and the King, watching with intense interest.

Marian checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

At Cadenza's approach, Elgana's smile broadens as she turns to give the other princess an affectionate little squeeze to her hand. "Princess! I am so glad you decided to come. Are you still going to partake of the wrestling? If so, I do look forward to cheering you on. I'm glad you brought your friend along, too."

Alaric squares off with Marian. Apparently it's time to break out the juggling strategy. "I saw a mummer do something like this once," he declares confidently, and picking up a few of his lost pieces in the middle of the game starts to juggle them. Evidently they're different weights or the balance is strange (or the King just doesn't have much time to practice juggling) because what he actually accomplishes in short order is throwing two of the three pieces up in the air and out of reach behind him. "Well, I suppose they probably weren't going to make it back onto the board either way," he observes unflappably, turning to grin confidently at Marian. It's diversionary warfare!

Cassima checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 lower.

To spite the King's best attempts (and most charming smile) at diversionary warfare tactics, there is no winning against the unstoppable brick warfare force that is Princess Marian Redrain.

Ann gets a venerable dragon's head, mounted on a wall plaque from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

"I sure am! I think it's going to be a blast!" Smiling she returns that squeeze then nods. "And sorry I was so out of it earlier. That gift was...unexepcted and caught me off guard" Blushing slightly Cadenza clears her throat then. "And of course. I figured he'd have some fun at this....explore some new things, you know?" A wink is given to Elgana then.

Agatha kneels before Khanne, head ducked low to make it easier to get her painted. There may be a few streaks in the hair that stubbornly tries to fall in her face. When the shaman finishes, Agatha gets back to her feet and gives her an incredibly /careful/, don't squeeze the shaman hug. Her eyes are a little damp. Must be the smoke, or maybe something in the woad! She steps back, left cheek marked under her eye. "Thank you. I will carry the blessing in to battle and seek to be worthy of it."

Ann gets a marvelous baby griffon, mounted on a wooden base from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

Ann announces with a hearty laugh at Alaric's antics, "Lucky you aren't trying to /cheat/ Your Majesty - we throw foreigners who cheat into the mud pit naked." She winks and presents Marian with her trophy: A mounted dragon's head. Alaric, funnily enough, a little baby griffon!

Asger is overheard praising Alaric for: The King has balls of steel to try a maneuver like that before anyone is even drunk

Felicia gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

The line has been dismissed by Ann.

Ann claps her hands together, laughing, "Now - for those wanting to try their luck at the Axe-Throwing competition, lets get the throwing of axes out of the way before anyone gets too drunk and we land with them in our skulls or toes!"

Felicia is late, slipping into the crowd and working her way around to join the line of those waiting to be annointed by the shaman, too late, it seems.

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"I'll have you know I only cheat at the Lycene woading ceremonies where it's entirely appropriate to do so," Alaric cracks dryly to Ann as he takes his second place prize and holds it up appreciatively with a grin. "Well played, Princess Marian," he says to the winner. "I'll have to find you for a rematch once I've worked on my juggling a little more." Because that was clearly the reason he came up a little short.

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Asger sighs and shakes his head at Ann's announcement "Lass you're gonna have to learn that the Crovane way is we don't start throwing our weapons till we're good and drunk. It provides both good stories, bonding and the chance to unintentionally become blood brothers with another."

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Marian gives out a deep laugh at Alaric's tactice to try to draw her attention away. Her keen eyes never leave the board and she makes her way to victory. She gives a deep bow to her King and tells him respectfully, "Thank you for the good game. I will of course now have to make sure that we continue this competition into the next contest." She then moves to get in line.

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Finally, something he can do. Theron does quip at Alaric, though, "Why, yes, our woading ceremonies do allow you to cheat -- if you don't get caught, Your Majesty." With a wink to the King, he joins the line for axe throwing.

Slapping his calloused hands together for Alaric and Marian, Marcas quickly gets into line for axe hurling, something he's more familiar with.

Gwenna holds up a hand and seems happy to go find herself a seat. "Much as I enjoyed throwing axes at Dame Morrighan's birthday bonfire, I think the competition this time may be far steeper than my meager talents can match," is remarked, her tone still cheerful if just a touch wry. "Good luck to all!"

Axe throwing, woading. Felicia heads over to Agatha to offer in a murmur,"Save me a place for the axe-throwing, I wanted to go... get woaded by the shamans, first. Please, Bear?" she asks Big Red before slipping off towards Khanne and the others to wait for an opportunity to take her place kneeling.

Alaric gets in line behind Felicia for the axe throwing and instead of saying hello like a regular person hold his new baby griffon prize up to her head and wiggles it around like it's trying to eat her hair. "What do you think a baby griffon sounds like?" he asks Marian in a stage whisper, since she's folllowed him over. This might be why Felicia wants somebody else to take her place in line and he puts the bird trophy down when she wanders off. "What color is your woading, again?" he replies to Theron, playing along. "It's been so long since I've went to a Lycene woading I've quite forgotten."

Agatha gets in line, well, somewhere near Felicia and Theron, looking somewhat blissed out in her woad. And FELICIA, she's in a dress. A white dress. Now a little stained with the woad. And sure to get very stained with mud. She slings an arm around Little Red, looking blissed out. "I will be bad at this. Too small for me. But it will be fun!"

Romulius ends up running over to get in line for the axe throwing, "Do we get woaded first or after?" He asks curiously of anyone near in his deep gravelly voice.

"Depends on which city in the Lyceum you are," Theron grins at Alaric, "we've never come together and come to a consensus, Your Majesty. It can get confusing! I heard Southport's is like disgusting puke green, though, but don't let anybody know who told you." He seems to be in pretty good spirits as he talks to the King, waiting for his turn at throwing axes. "I think they call that sort of tone 'ichor'? I wouldn't know to be honest."

With the festivities in swing and the masses growing upon the grounds, a sleek little diminutive figure slips along through the crowd in a delicate sweep of seasilk that swirls in her wake. Mailys lets her gaze slide over the on-going events and various little gathered groups as she moves. A smile is given to those in passing as she eels her way circuitously about the grounds.

Marian walks over to look over the axes available, favoring a medium axe as she shakes her head at Alaric's teasing and smiles, "I have no idea Your Majesty but I imagine it's loud enough to shake the foundation if they are anything like regular babies." She gives a wink to the others in line with her.

Felicia aughs, throwing line, okay, it's all a little frenetic for the redhead, and she doesn't even notice until she heads back to Agatha that the larger redhead is wearing a dress of all things,"What the..." she mumbles.

Amari quietly observes the goings on, the tail end of the first game and the lining up for the axe throw, once she's tried a little of the food from the impressive buffet. She starts to head towards the latest contest, but it's the woad being applied that ultimately grabs the most of her interest. She floats that way, toward Khanne and sits on a bench where she's close enough to watch without being hugely intrusive.

Looking over the choices of axes, Marcas picks up a short-hafted battle axe and gives it a test toss in the air, snatching it out quickly and tossing it at the target in a fluid motion before turning back to see what kind of monster Agatha will hurl, careful not to slap her on the shoulder during this, then giving Marian an appraising look.

Cadenza's attentions turn to the axe throwing. A smile tugs at her lips as she looks back to Elgana with a smile. "I don't know about this axe throwing...I'd accidentally hurt someone...." Those blue eyes cut backer though.

Khanne remains kneeling under the oak, whispering words of blessing to Thena as she paints three crimson red lines down the woman's cheek. Drysi, the shaman apprentice, keeps a steady, slow beat on a hand drum, her attention wavering between the Redrain woadings taking place, and the games.

Making his way towards the line where the axes are, Romulius grabs one of the biggest ones he can find. His large hand grabs it up and he checks it's balance. Tossing it up in the air to flip around a few times before he catches it again. "Will do." He rumbles in his deep voice before he makes his way over towards his spot in line. As he moves past Agatha he rumbles something quietly to her, and then gets ready to wing that huge axe when it comes time to throw.

Theron takes a more oversized axe, hefting it effortlessly. He looks over to Agatha. "I suppose you've never seen me wield a greatsword, have you?" With a wink to the Redrain Princess, he reverses his grip on it, as if waiting for the 'go'.

Duarte walks in and goes to grab some food - literally. Because no utensils. He doesn't seem to mind.

Competition here is /stiff/. Everyone does /phenominally/ well... Except for our dear King, who, well -- lets see what he does...

Marcas gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

"I have confidence in your abilities, dear lady." Elgana offers a supportive smile to Cadenza. "But only do what you feel most confident in yourself doing. Either way, I shall cheer the loudest for you."

Asger walks over to the axe line with a cheerful whistle, the jaunty tune echoing through the air as he selects a hatchet. Walking over towards the throwing line he tosses the blade lightly into the air, letting it rotate once before snatching it and chucking it towards the target with a deadly precision.

Alaric picks up an axe with little regard to balance, heft, or pretty much anything but the first available cool-looking weapon he finds. With regal confidence he steps up to take his throw and absolutely sails the axe at least ten feet over the target. For safety's sake, the axe target is backed up by the wall of one of the Redrain stables; the handaxe lands on the roof of the stable with a clunk. Apparently it's stuck up there as it doesn't end up sliding downward. "How many points is that worth?" he asks Ann casually after a short awkward pause.

Donella has a seat in the soft grass, leant on her hip to observe the throws with other spectators, clapping for their willingness to make a spectacle. "His Majesty is laying down cover."

Flinging his axe, Jeffeth takes a step back folding his large arms over his chest. Looking from the right and then to the left he gives a light smile to Marcas, giving a nod to the man before giving a little wave. "Best of luck, Marcas."

Agatha grins at Felicia as she picks up the biggest darn axe like object she can find. "Well ... it will show all the celebration of the night! The woad, the mud, the wear and tear. So I will be able to remember this evening better, even if I get horribly drunk after the throwing sharp objects part!" Something has to explain the fact that she's, you know, not dressed like a schlub. She grins at Theron. "You're always great with your sword!" She glances at Romulius as he approaches, tensing up for a moment before she nods. "Okay. But you better move before I throw this." Yeah, a little tension in her tone before she makes sure she's clear on all sides and lets go to send the thing hurtling towards its target, landing tiwh a satisfying thwack!

3 Armed Confessors, Marius arrive, following Giulio.

3 Armed Confessors, Marius leave, following Giulio.

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3 Armed Confessors, Marius arrive, following Giulio.

Lobbing the oversized axe effortlessly, Theron hisses in satisfaction as it hits squarely, grinning brightly. "Good to know I haven't lost my touch with this little game, to be honest!"

Ann laughs heartily at Alaric's 'throw', "Your Majesty, if we were hunting barns, you would be the master and there would be none other to rival you in your prowess." She bows her head to him respectfully.

Marian gives a hardy clap to Alaric's showing, "Good show! I have to commend your creativity." She then steps p and takes her own aim, landing a solid blow into the target as if axe throwing is something she might do on the weekends. Maybe she does. She certainly has excellent form when she takes her shot.

Felicia is definitely among the 'bigger is better' crowd, snagging one of the larger axes and testing it with a shrug decides to take a chance at it,"You know, Bear, that makes sense. If I'd thought about it, I'd have done the same thing."

Donella says, "I never did like barns."

Trailed by his Confessors, along with his secretary (apparently the overarching ghost), Lord Giulio Mazetti makes his way into Redrain Grounds. There is, perhaps, a small smile on his lips as he considers the envrions. A tilt of his head is made towards those present and he offers Alaric a deferential bow. Ann receives a warm smile, his head tilting her way, before he makes his way towards his brother, observing the scene about him.

"You as well, Sir Jeffeth," Marcas replies with a nod before catching sight of the King's throw, grey eyes blinking as the weapon makes an aggressive aerial attack at the barn - and remains there out of spite. "Thank you for showing that barn who is the King, Your Majesty," the grizzled soldier comments gruffly. Taking a long swig of whiskey before picking up another axe and hurling it, less gracefully this time, a grimace pulls down his scarred face.

"You say that like someone who's never had to fend off a rabid barn," Alaric quips to Ann, evidently taking his dismissal in stride. With a sunny disposition fimly in place he departs the vicinity of the barn before any awkward interactions with a Redrain stablemaster ensue. Next on the royal schedule: regal smiling and waving on his way to get some of that complimentary alcohol on offer.

Romulius gets out of the way of Agatha's swing to throw her axe of course, in fact he doesn't bother the princess further after that quick bit of conversation. He goes to retrieve his axe after the first through and then goes to return to the line where apparently, he didn't do half bad as he gets to throw again. He rolls his shoulder, rubbing it lightly with the other hand as he prepares again. Looking over at Jeffeth he asks, "Throwing giant axes a common past time here?" He rumbles curiously with a chuckle. "Ahh Majesty, I am sure a throw like that will be well remembered." He smiles, "Unless enough whiskey is put up between now and remembering."

Asger hums to himself as he goes about retrieving his axe and then walks back to the chukin' line. Sizing up the target to make sure it hasn't suddenly changed properties, he closes one eyes and squints before chucking the axe at the target once more, sinking the blade in with a good amount of precision.

Marian takes her ax back and then takes her second shot. If her first shot was good, the second one is even better as the axe bites deeply into the wood. She gives a deep smile of satisfaction, humming under her breath. It's a popular Northern tune sung at the local bars. It's clear the Warchief is enjoying herself at the party.

If there is one thing Mailys can't resist is a delightful party with free drinks as she manages to snag one before wandering over towards the axe throwing contest. She eyes the various axes lined up before her gaze slips over those participating. A grin slides plays silently over her lips even as she threads her way along. Not wishing to disrupt those within the contest, she does turn as Duarte enters and lifts a jeweled hand in a passing wave of greeting before he slips off again from the free food. Her gaze slides from the retreating figure to settle in as she watches.

Going to throw the second Jeffeth grins over at Marcas before his attention is snagged by Romulius. "I try to throw lots of things." The large knight rumbles, looking over at him. "But this doesn't happen all the time... I don't think." The large knight is then looking back at the axes, going to take up the next one.

With everyone hitting their targets at a rather even space, competition is fierce - but sadly, our Red Bear, Agatha, drops from this round with a /fraction/ of an inch!

"There is a great amount of very talented warriors in our company," Gwenna says after watching a few rounds.

Alaric gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

"Nicely done, Bear." offers Felicia, with a vague kind of nod towards Romulius. She hefts her chosen weapon for a second go. It takes a moment to register when Agatha's tapped as out. No hiding the disappointment on her face as she offers the taller redhead a tight hug before going to retrieve her blade again.

Orland arrives, following Duarte.

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Clapping his hands at the well made throws, Giulio smiles at those participants -- then, seeing Agatha and Elgana, he reaches into his satchel and raises a heavy earthenware jug, offering a wink for the two. Then, he look back towards the fight that is ensuing.

This time, after that second great axe throw, Theron shakes his head and takes up a lighter one. He balances it against his hand before chucking it forward with a fury, listening in for that satisfying 'thunk' of something hitting its target. He grins, as he murmurs something to his brother on his approach.

Agatha's next shot lands, but without nearly the satisfying tree shaking THUMP of the last round. When she is called out, there's a muttered curse and a snap of the fingers, but then she steps back. "CLAN, I have brought you shame. I apologize! But everyone else, do better for me!" And yeah, she leans into the hug from Felicia a bit. Oh, the woe! The shame!

Duarte returns from what was surely a departure to the little count's room. He decides to enjoy the festivities as a spectator from the nook.

"Thank you, your highness." Cadenza grins before looking to the blessing line. "I think I"ll wait..." Winking to Elgana she smiles before moving back to her spot to find....Duarte. Blinking she stares for a moment then grins as she sits back down. "....well hello..."

With this round, the axes start to cluster even tighter round the center of the targets - however, this time, Marcas is dropped from the competition!

Marian gives a salute to Agatha so that she's not discouraged, "It was a good shot my friend, nothing to be ashamed of." She then steps up and takes her third shot with the axe. It's not as good as the second one, but still has a lot of bite to it as the axe sinks deeply into the target. She gives a salute to Marcas as he's dropped from the round and moves on to the next target with determination.

From her place seated with Princess Cassima, Elgana gives a way to Giulio when she sees him, a bright smile tugging at the corners of her lips as she calls out to him, "It is good to see you made it!" And then a little wave as she goes back to speaking with Cassima for a moment, but of course Cadenza gets another look from the princess as she nods. "Of course, princess. Come sit with me if you have the chance later!"

Thena steps out from the shelter of the oaks with woad streaking her cheek. She watches the games for a few moments, then slips out of the grounds.

Private Erin leaves, following Violet.

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"Was not sure about that last throw there." Romulius rumbles with a chuckle as he goes to retrieve his axe again, instead of getting a new one. Seems he has come to favor the heavier weapons. Returning to the line he groans at Agatha's throw, "Bad luck." He rumbles and then readies for another throw, and another, winging that huge axe at the board with heavy thunks as it sinks into the wood each time. "Arm may be sore tomorrow, that is sure."

Another close round, but sadly Duke Crovane is eliminated with this series of throws!

"Shame." Jeffeth grunts over to Marcas leaning over to clap his hand on Marcas' shoulder. The big man then goes to throw his next axe, looking over to Romulius. "You and me now." He grins. Going to pick up his next axe and holds it at his side.

Alaric meanders over to Donella after getting some Crovane whiskey and dealing with a little bit of messenger traffic. "Princess Donella, you're looking well," he declares sociably. "I hope you didn't donate that handaxe to the contest, because you might not be seeing it again for a while."

Marian makes her next throw and winces as it's not as solid as the rest of them. She looks around and thank goodness the Duke does worse than she does. She salutes him, "Good show..." She mumbles to herself to do better as she lines up for the next shot.

Another round, another axe, and the Sword of Ostria continues with the lighter wood axes that he's throwing. It seems to result in more precise hits, anyway.

"Not if you apply the right amount of whiskey, my lord." Felicia opines, throwing her axes and then returning to loiter near Agatha, even if she does rub her own shoulder,"It's definitely easier to stab someone with a big sword than throw a big axe."

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Picking up another axe and hurling it, something seems off. Perhaps it's the whiskey, or the looming barn, or the stiff competition - likely the last. But it slips from his fingers a fraction too early, and hits shamefully off target. Sighing at Jeffeth, "It is indeed. Best of luck in the rest of the contest." Looking over at Marian, "Perhaps you can win this one for us as well, Warchief. I certainly am not."

Gwenna has joined the shaded garden grotto.

With a nod towards Theron as he begins to throw, he moves along, walking towards Elgana, the jug at one hand. His confessors and secretary move to a discreet distance. He claps again at the sturdy showing, setting thejug down for a moment, before he walks towards the cluster near the shaded garden.

Khanne grows a little more solemn with Ignacio knelt before her. Their quiet conversation taken seriously as she prepares to ask the Spirits for a blessing for the man and paint the red upon his cheek.

Asger chuckles as his rivals score more precise hits and explains over to whoever is nearest to him "I'm blaming Ann for this one, she's too distracting." the Duke shaking his head sadly as he walks over to stand near to his wife-to-be "It's all your fault Ann." his tone undoubtedly affectionate as he tells her this.

Agatha extends her arms to the side as Marcas is the next to drop. "The War Chief will avenge us, my friend!" The comment is accompanied by a bow of the head towards Marian. It is definitely time to grab the nearest alcohol, which just happens to be Giulio's. "Your kinsman is doing very well at throwing a big axe!" S

It seems Romulius doesn't know his own strength and his axe is sent flying with the accuracy and strength of a trebuchet and /shatters/ the target - and unfortunately, in this round both Felicia and Marian tie, and are given a tie breaking roll, resulting in the elimination of... Felicia!

Theron checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Donella raises her cup to toast Alaric, with a faint laugh. "As a woman in the throws of pregnancy, I would hazard a guess that if I had donated it, Darren would probably thank you for sending it into exile. I can't imagine why, with all the moodswings and volatility of the condition he might not wish me to have one..."

Agatha shares a spare drink with Felicia, perhaps the lure of it being what overcomes Little Red with distraction. "Join me in the walk of shame."

Romulius blinks as he absolutely destroys his target and he groans, "Noooo. That was my lucky target..." And then he goes jogging to retrieve his axe so he can find a new target to chuck steel and wood at.

Funnily enough - another tie! Between Marian and Theron, resulting in the elimination of Marian!

Felicia ah wells,"I gave it my best shot." she offers with a slight shrug, only too happy to have the chance to accept the spare drink from Agatha,"Now... /now/ I'm going to go get woaded." pause,"Is that the right word, woaded?" either way, seems that she's content to head over towards Khanne properly now.

The big man gives a broad grin as he looks over to Romulius. "Don't destroy the whole course now. You mind?" Jeffeth lets out a chuckle going to clap Romulius' shoulder. "Or do. Be my guest!" The behemeoth calls out as he goes to throw another axe.

Giulio chuckles towards Agatha. "Theron is the better of us," he offers, with a little bit of a laugh. "I fear in most contests I would be... well, at something of a loss. Perhaps competative scribing -- or discussion of de jure rules. Matters of that ilk." He doesn't seem too discomfitted by the thought. There's a second glance towards Agatha, as he takes note of her dress. "It is rare I see you without your armor, your Highness. It does you great justice." And then, he glances back towards those people near him.

Philomel, the Nightingale, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Marian puts her hands on her hips and groans at this last throw. She grinds her teeth because she's sure it's going to eliminate her. Then she ends up tying with Felicia and that stubborness kicks in as she sends a solid throw to follow up her weaker one. It's enough to keep her in the game. She salutes Felicia for her good effort, "Good showing." And Romulius just gets a shrill war cry at his awesome shot. She gives a round of claps, "Damn fine throwing." Of course her luck can't keep up because in the next round, her and Theron end up in the bottom. Finally the Warchief is removed from the competition when Theron pulls through. She gives a bow to Theron for besting her in the tie and then makes her way over to Khanne for her blessing.

Marian has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Romulius laughs at Jeffeth's comment, shaking his head he goes, "I be done fer now." His old accent slipping through again as he forgets to control his words so precisely. He winks over at Marian, "Warchief." He salutes with an upraised fist and then chuckles, "I really think we should have drank more before this..." His deep rumble amused.

Theron grins at Marian, nodding repectfully to her before he's back in the game, assuredly to throw an axe better this time.

Tipping his bottle at Agatha, Marcas wanders over to give her a safe clap on the shoulder now that neither of them are hucking huge bladed weapons around, a smile of greeting at Felicia before he also heads in the direction of Khanne again to get his woading.

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Mailys whistles quietly beneath the shattering of a target as her green eyes turn thoughtfully on Romulius even as he trots off to gather another ax. She looks to settle on the grass somewhere before glancing down at her dress and thinking better of it. It does bring her gaze down to her glass a moment which is promptly emptied before finding another fill for it.

To spite Romulius' /impressive/ shattering of the target, it appears he is eliminated in this round. And now - we are faced with THE FINALS:

Theron vs. Jeffeth!

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven, 2 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Veteran Confessors arrive, following Morrighan.

Ann announces, "And the First Place winner of tonight's Axe Throwing Competition is...." (drumrolll please)

Mailys has joined the courtyard benches.

The large man goes to clap Romulius' shoulder once more. "You put in a very good fight my Lord." Jeffeth smiles brightly as he goes to pick up another axe. Smiling toothily over to Theron he gives a bow to the Mazetti Lord. "My Lord." Before throwing his axe

Ann gets a majestic hippocamp, mounted on a wooden base from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

Romulius aughs, "Ye'see? I destroyed m'lucky target." But he laughs and claps Jeffeth on the shoulder before he turns and heads away from the throwing, "Good throws!" He calls to the remaining two throwers before he goes to get his face painted up with a woad, and his chest, because woads should know no borders. Only once that's done does he return to where he was conversing with others as he makes his way through the crowd back to Cassima, Elgana and the others who have taken up space there now.

Ann gets a snarling wolpertinger, mounted on a wooden base from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

Agatha nudges Felicia towards Khanne and grins. "You're going to ask a blessing. The Shaman will guide you." There's a hint of pride in her features as the other woman goes to take part in the ceremony. Then she's clasping poor Giulio's shoulder, a grip that tightens maybe just a little painfully when Marian is eliminated. And again in a shoulder clasping train. Marcas' timing is excellent! "No! But well done, War Chief! It would probably be bad luck to win all the contests." That said, she turns to Giulio and says, seemingly all seriousness, "Now now, you're both pretty. You would DEFINITELY beat me at scribing."

Ann shouts, "SIR JEFFETH!" And she presents Jeffeth with his trophy, and Theron with his, her grin broad from ear to ear.

"Sir Jeffeth," Theron has stolen a bottle of whiskey from some reveler in preparation for this last throw. He's not satisfied with the result, although it was a hit. Swigging from his bottle, he nods to the Knight of Solace for his win before joining his brother, Elgana and Agatha.

Theron also receives his trophy.

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Duarte claps for Jeffeth, then moves two fingers between his lips for an ear-piercing and exuberant whistle.

Cadenza claps loudly as she cheers. "Good job!!!!!"

Felicia glances towards Agatha before settling her focus on Khanne and clearing her throat politely,"I'd like to... ah, get woaded? If that's okay? Sorry... I admittedly don't know much about this sort of thing. I... ah, is there something I need to do?"

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Marian is waiting for her woading, so she doesn't burst out in clapping but Jeffeth is given a deep bow from where she is to show her respect for his talents with the axe. She gives a wink to Agatha when she mentions that the Warchief can't win every contest and it's clear that Marian agrees. She has no issues being eliminated by such worthy warriors.

Helm tucked under one arm, Marcas waits in line for Khanne's blessing behind Marian, his head bowed respectfully to all who will be woaded. Giving Isidora a nod in greeting, his eyes turn to Morrighan and her arrival. "There you are...I was worried you were passed out under the bar and I'd have to go looking for you. I was expecting Brahm to show up looking for treats soon."

There's a bright smile on the face of Jeffeth Bayweather as he receives his prize. Bowing deeply to Ann as he does so. "Thank you so much, Your Highness." The big man rumbles, holding up his prize for all to see. Turning he goes to give Theron another bow. "My Lord. Well fought and well played." The big man rumbles, another smile is given to Ann before the large knight is heading back to the grove with Elgana, Cassima, and it seems a few others now.

Gwenna cheers for all the winners, standing up from where she'd taken a seat. "Princess Ann, you are a hostess to envy! These games are wonderful. Perhaps you might allow yourself a moment for a drink, thus allowing me to make the official announcement now that we are all well into the spirit of things?"

Amari splits her attention between the axe throwing and the work of the shaman. She's polite enough to not straight up goggle at Khanne or anyone she applies woad too, nor lean over to hear everything that's said, but she does observe. The cup she brought with her is finally sipped at, and it illicits a blink and tiny shake of her head, followed by a soft exhale. Too strong? Maybe not, since she has another sip, and after rises from the bench to backtrack to where she orginally found it.

Better late than never, out from the villa comes Morrighan, decked in her leathers, as usual, followed by her parade of guards. There's a hesitancy to the dame's movements when she notes just how large the crowd is, lingering from the majority as her hands settle upon her hips. Exhaling a soft "Hmm..", sea-blue eyes drifting about, her booted feet take her off towards the nearest whiskey dispensary, aka cabinet, and reaches over to pull out a bottle for herself. To hoard. Several faces pop out at her, some familiar, some not, but to those she recognizes, the redhead lifts her free hand high, waving it about. It's Marcas' greeting that draws her focus, so off she goes in the soldier's direction, amused smile playing over her face. "Nae exactly, I kind o'..overslept. Ain't goin' tae find me passed out under th'bar, lil' more stout than tha', I'll have you know."

Isidora nods in kind to Marcas as she offers a tentative smile and then steps away from the area with a polite dip of her head to Khanne and the others lined up for blessings.

Ann is still giggling to herself when she clears her throat, clapping Jeffeth on the back "Well deserved, Sir Bayweather." She says with a nod, moving on after allowing the two their moment in the spotlight... "Alright - now. For my favorite event of the night. We will be... wrestling. No weapons, no armor." And Ann gestures wide to the mud pit, with a big, big grin. "Who's going to join us? I'll give you all a moment to drum up some courage, liquid if need be."

The line has been dismissed by Ann.

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Lucita quietly walks into the gathering, her gaze cast over the gathered crowd. the cheers catch her attention and she watches a few moments then looks around again seeing what seating is available.

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"Will you be wrestling as well, your highness?" Duarte shouts to ask Ann.

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Theron looks at his armor, and his clothes, then looks over at the mud pit. "I'll pass." Turning to Giulio, he bumps his shoulder to his brother's. "Guess who's in town."

Ann cackles over at Duarte, "Have I been /challenged/ Count Amadeo?" And with that, she begins to unlace her boots. This was going to be a short wrestle, she's sure of it.

Agatha looks at the line as it forms and then moves over to sit next to her sister rather than join it. Yeah, there's a little frown. "Maybe I'll wait to wrestle less formally," she says. And cocks an eyebrow at Theron. "You can leave your clothing here with us if you're worried it will get messed up."

Donella hollers, "I'll pull the lot of you apart with my BEAR HANDS! Have at you! Just let me find me feet, and you'll see! Grrrr!" The Princess-Consort of Farhaven wobbles like a weevil on the grass for effect.

Agatha has joined the benches under the oak trees.

While not her usual demure way of doing things, perhaps, Gwenna stands on a bench on the courtyard and lifts a hand to gather a bit of attention. Good thing she skipped the dress, perhaps! "I am quite delighted to have the honor of officially announcing the betrothal of Princess Ann Redrain to Duke Asger Crovane. Upon the exchange of their vows, Princess Ann will join House Crovane and be known thenceforth as Duchess-Consort Ann Crovane. While all of us in House Redrain will deeply miss her constant presence, we are happy that she will never be too far from our hearth or hearts. There are few who will care for her as fiercely or as deeply as Duke Asger." She raises a glass to toast the couple once more. "To Princess Ann and Duke Asger!" Once the toast is echoed, she'll stand down and let the festivities resume!

"Not by me - surely. For I want to live!" Duarte replies to Ann.

Ignacio makes his way from the oak trees to observe the wrestling match that is about to happen, however the man himself doesn't appear to be going to take part in it.

Ann takes a break from her unlacing to raise her horn in toast to Gwenna, giving her a broad grin, "Wassail!" And also reaches over to Asger, wrapping an arm round his neck to squeeze, "You're going in there with me in case I get stuck.

Ignacio has left the benches under the oak trees.

"I had heard -- it will be good to see her again. It's almost like having my right hand back. I suppose, however, in a way, it is," Giulio remarks, with a smile for Theron. Before looking towards Agatha, his smile warm enough. At Gwenna's announcement, Giulio sets his jug down, clapping. "Well-a-day. It is clear that the Duchy of Stormwall is gaining the best of us!" He laughs, his head tilting their way.

Morrighan has joined the benches under the oak trees.

"About time!!!" Cadenza stands up as she starts to peel off all that leather armor. "This is what I cam for!" Laughing she starts to drop all that black and purple leathers. No shame it seems as she strips down to just her purple tunic. Petal is going to kill her for getting it filthy. After that, she hears the announcement by Gwenna and smiles brightly. "Hear hear!"

Donella is overheard praising Ann for: Don't go too far!

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Donella is overheard praising Gwenna for: Nicely put.

Cassima is overheard praising Jeffeth for: Hip Hip Hurray for the axe champion!

Cassima is overheard praising Ann for: A wonderful event, I feel almost as though I am in the North!

Morrighan gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Khanne looks up from her work where she is beckoning to Marian at the announcement. She smiles, and gives a raucous "Huzzah!" of congratulations before returning to her more solemn work.

Stepping out from where he'd gone to get a drink from his flask currently being held by Princess Elgana, so he can toast the announcement, "Aye well done!" He calls out in his deep voice then is about to hand his flask back to Elgana when he catches sight of Mailys and he smiles, "Mistress Corsetina!" He says hopefully loud enough for her to hear him. "It is a pleasure to see you here." He speaks slow enough to not get his accent out of hand again. "If you would like, I will be heading over there." And he points at the grove, "When done with this muddy wrestling." He grins and then goes to get dirty.

Felicia has to step away from the line for waoding again for the mud wrestling, heading over to Agatha and Elgana in order to strip out of her leathers, down to a light chemise and her smalls. Someone was totally not expecting to participate in mud wrestling, but is game to get into it.

"No, no, Princess Agatha. Really, it's a long way to dash from here to the Ward of the Lyceum for a bath, and I am fairly sure the Grotto makes you pay extra if you come in all muddy," Theron explains his reasoning just fine to Agatha, before smirking over to Giulio. "I told her you're being all dramatic with your messengers again. She told me to tell you to drink a whole bottle and put up with it." He grins at his brother. "Thanks for calling her here, really. I missed my best friend. And best rival. Even if I think I can beat her any day now." With a shrug, he heads on over to Khanne. "Hello, Lady Halfshav."

Marian is overheard praising Ann for: Such a fun event!

Lucita gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Cadenza is overheard praising Ann for: What a wonderful event! Let's wrestle!

Gwenna is overheard praising Ann for: For running an amazing surprise betrothal event! Congrats!

Asger raises his bottle in a toast to Gwenna before getting dragged in by the neck by Ann, a broad grin pulling at his lips once more "Aye, I wouldn't dream of letting you get stuck anywhere I wasn't." Glancing over to his ever present retainer Asger calls to her "Gwen, I think the little princess would like a bit of time with aunty Gwenna." And like that Gwddfgwyn is heading over to hand off the otter in her arms to the Redrain princess. With a roguish smile, Asger swoops down to sweep Ann off her feet to carry her down to the mud pit "Shall we go judge the festivities, my heart?"

Duarte is overheard praising Ann for: You know it's a real party when the hostess mud wrestles!

Agatha pauses and walks over to whisper something to Ann with another little surreptitious look at the line. Silly sheepish bear!

Marcas is overheard praising Ann for: An extremely enjoyable, truly Northern party!

It's not that Gwenna doesn't /want/ to squee aloud at being handed Teiddwen, the cutest otter ever to exist, but that she's trying to look composed and such. "The little princess is welcome to come stay with Aunty Gwenny anytime!"

Agatha has left the benches under the oak trees.

As he casts off his shirt, the meatwall of Jeffeth Bayweather frowns over at Agatha. But he bows first, placing his fist against his chest. "Your Highness! You're not going to wrestle? Come on!" He flings one huge arm in a beckoning gesture to her.

Agatha has joined the line.

Mailys has settled quietly upon one of the benches, watching the flow of the party even as she brings her own flask out. A quiet smile and tip of her head is given to some people nearby as they catch her attention. The sound of her name brings her attention about towards Romulius and her features brighten. "Lord Blackstone! Here I thought you had that axe throwing contest there, smashing job none the less!" she quips in return. Her hand lifts to point in the same direction as his own before get gaze slides towards the grove. A wry smile and shake of her head is given, raven locks tumbling behind her as she unfurls from her seat and begins to slowly wind her way in that direction. Granted a sly grin slips over her lips at the mention of the next event to come.

Donella jokes, "Hey, you can't just carry her off! You haven't paid for her yet!" She sips relaxedly from her cup, watching them all queue for the mud.

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Orland leaves, following Duarte.

Ann checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

Ann checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Marian takes her blessing from Khanne, listening to the words the shaman speaks as she recieves three faint red stripes upon her cheek, and then Khanne paints darker, crimson lines just off-kilter from the faint ones, as if the faint represent a shadow. She murmurs her thanks and then gets up to arrive just in time for round 1 of the mud wrestling.

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Asger checked strength + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Agatha doesn't change out of the dress as she wades into the mud. She wanted it to mark her adventure this evening, mark it she shall! She sticks a tongue out at Jeffeth. "I was just makin' SURE of something," she says before launching into a good slog through the mud, knocking into people and generally making a mess. It may involve a little throwing...

Amari lifts her cup at the announcement, toasting the betrothed and though she considers the line forming for wrestling, she obviously chickens out. Seeing the competition, she at least has the brains to know a twig like her would be eating a lot of mud if she tried. One of the green cloaked guards approaches her then anyway and says something to her in low tones. She wrinkles her nose at him, displeased, and grudgingly finishes her cup and departs.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen leaves, following Amari.

Mirari slips in to the busy area and she glances around, noting the mud and giving it a wide berth. She makes her way towards her cousin, nudging her gently with her elbow as she leans in to say something quiet.

Theron has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Phantom, the Great Grey Owl arrives, delivering a message to Donella before departing.

It takes a moment for Mailys to tear her gaze away from the mud pit as it begins, the weave of her path intercepted by her cousin. A grin flickers over her crimson lips for the quiet words. She slips a hand over the curve of one hip to set the sea silks about her form shimmering before quipping, "That all depends." Dark brows lift even as she lifts her flask in toast before taking a long draught after the nudge to her side.

Mud wrestling? In her chemise? Felicia's game. She does at least hastily braid up her hair and secure it as best she can before wading into the mud-pit, but there's not the slightest sign that she, at least, is concerned about her state of dress or the likelihood of having to bodycheck people in nothing but thin linen. The redheaded knight more interested in trying to throw down than trying to look elegant doing so.

Cadenza had pretty much dove into that pit. In just her tunic and some unseen bottoms, she laugh as she seems to get a feel for the area of mud. Those blue eyes twinkled with mischief as she started to eye up a poor victim.

Hair is a factor, and Romulius pulls a cord out of his pocket to tie his hair back into a thick ponytail. He strips out of leathers and the rest to be just in his smallclothes as well, massive body decorated by hundreds of scars, some have been ashed to be permanently black, the rest pale white on his skin. None more than a few years old. He wades into the mud with a grin and then prepares to throw down, or throw people out of the pit. Whichever advances him the furthest and muddiest.

Isidora had been standing aimlessly near the outskirts of the ceremonial gathering. Her slippered feet are a whisper upon the grass while she moves to stand beside Ignacio with a sidelong stare toward the pit of squishy mud. With flushed cheeks, she wonders to the man, "Will you be joining the pit, Ignacio?"

"Well I'm gonna make sure I pull that thing out you stick it out again." Jeffeth bellows at Agatha, regarding her stuck out tongue. He wears a broad grin on his features as he eyes her pointing at her with one finger as he approaches the mud. The wall of muscle steps into the mud, using his size as much he can to throw others around or out.

Mailys has joined the shaded garden grotto.

Ignacio pulls his gaze from the wrestlers that are in the pit and he shakes his head, "It is too late to join now. But I decided to sit this one out anyway. There is always the drinking contest next. Someone has to drink all the liquor here so other people do not get sick. I will do my duty to protect all these good folks from that." He says with a grin crossing his face as his attention shifts back out to the match going on.

In a hilarious turn of events, everyone stomps Ann in her underoos right into the mud. Asger trips over her. They are both eliminated.

Alaric has evidently ended up in quiet conversation with Donella instead of wading into the mud pit. "For the record, I declined to enter the wrestling contest in order to spare one or more of you the trouble of having to figure out how you'd get down from the stable roof," he proclaims helpfully.

Asger seems just okay being in the mud on top of Ann and lingers for longer then is probably appropriate, taking a moment to steal a kiss from his fiance, perhaps it can be both a mud pit and a debauchery pit?

"That is not a very good idea to do in a wrestling match," Agatha scolds Jeffeth. "The healers are busy enough getting ready for war!" And then she's moving on to the next round of flinging!

Giulio gets Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Marian dives into the mud and just moves into the fray, uncaring that she's getting mud in places where the sun doesn't shine. She laughs as Ann and Asger tumble down. She doesn't lose her steam and keeps on going.

Donella retorts, "None of them are even remotely axe shaped, Majesty. But if you toss someone, maybe they can recover the lost implement? Who doesn't want to say they've been thrown by their sovereign?"

Cadenza has lasted round one and now to round two!! Laughing, that long braid was already covered in mud. That once purple tunic clinging to her body as she looks to Asger and Ann, a laugh as she gives them a clap. "You guys did that on purpose!" Winking she moves on into round two!

"Lord Fidante, I should say," Isidora corrects herself with a flustered blush tinting her cheek. "It doesn't look too late to join," she goads Ignacio lightly. "I suppose anyone could jump into the pit of nakedness if they truly wished to." There is a hint of mischief in her golden eyes, even while shielding her gaze from those who actually strip down. "Is this a common game in these parts?"

Giving Agatha a broad grin, the huge man plants his feet in the mud. Mostly not moving, Jeffeth allows the others to come to him. And when they do, they get a good shovin'! Though eventually the huge man starts wading through the mud, trying to give Agatha a hip check as he goes by her.

Ann laughs and tries to get the mud off of her, but to spite this, Asger gets a muddy kiss in return as they claw their way out.

At least Romulius did not get thrown out of the pit immediately, there is that. Mud goes flying and splattering on bodies as people get tangled and try to win the day, in the mud. There's a lot of falling. And small clothes end up sticking like second skins at times. Ahh mud. He looks over towards the others still in the pit, looking to see if Jeffeth is around, "Jeffeth!" He calls out in his deep voice and grins, wading over towards the other big man. "If anyone's gonna beat me, better be you or the Highnesses over there will never let us hear the end of it." He grins amusedly.

Competition is FIERCE in the mudpit! It's all elbows and mud! It's too late now to wonder what the stable does with its waste! And in this round, Romulius and Felicia are eliminated, pushed out of the wrasslin circle!

2 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Eleanor.

2 King's Own Guardsmen leaves, following Eleanor.

Felicia doesn't often feel /short/ but some of those in the mud pit certainly make her feel so. The Burrough's born King's Own makes a decent effort of it, but well, in the land of muddy giants, the redhead is a bouncable target and flailingly manages to fall out of the pit onto the grass. Laying there for a few long moments to catch her breath for a few moments and take stock of all the really unpleasant places mud has no doubt seeped to.

Looking over his shoulder there's a light smile playing on his lips as Romulius calls him out. As Romulius comes marching at him, Jeffeth grins a little broader. "As you say, my Lord!" And with that the large man is flinging his huge body at the other large man, sticking one foot he goes to throw both arms around the other and heave Romulius out of the mud with a loud grunt.

Marian is holding her own in the pit, moving and pushing in the writhing bodies as everyone fights for their position. She manages to stay in the game. She doesn't have a chance to salute Felicia and Romulius to get eliminate because she's just trying to stay in the game.

Cadenza's trying to just stay in the pit long enough. Seems her seem is running out already but she was going to last as long as she could.

"In Arx?" Ignacio asks as he glances over to Isidora with a smirk crossing his face, "Oh yes Princess. Many cultures have traditions that involve being naked or nearly naked and roll all over each other." He says playfully, clearly teasing, "Just it is called something different depending where you go."

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It's all knees and shins - in the pit, it seems that Jeffeth and Cadenza are eliminated this round which MEANS... THIS IS THE LAST ROUND!

Marian v Marcas v Agatha

The crowd goes wild seeing as how it's all Redrains! This round we will eliminate ONE person - and then, we see who can claim VICTORY over the MOST COVETED mud wrasslin CHAMPIONSHIIIIPPP!

Jeffeth has joined the wrestling pit.

Jeffeth has left the wrestling pit.

Cadenza has left the wrestling pit.

Felicia finally shakes mud from her hands and scoops it from her face before she rolls up onto her feet, wringing out her chemise and electing to head back over to Khanne and the shamans finally with her cheeks flushed and considerably less dignified than her first attempt(s).

Marcas Stripped down to just his trousers, his muscular and scarred torso on display, Marcas takes his woading and wallows into the mud, wrestling down one comer after another, roaring like a berserk bear.

Felicia has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Romulius lands with a splat on his back as mud goes spraying all over anyone close enough to be trying to get a good view and he laughs, looking upside down at Jeffeth, "I tell you Sir Jeffeth, one day these positions will be reversed." And then he sits up, starting to wipe mud off his body before he moves away, offering Felicia a smile, "You did well enough." He says and then he looks over as Jeffeth gets thrown out as well, "Ha!" He calls out with a grin and a shake of his head before he grabs his gear up and returns to the grove and his companions.

Agatha looks at Jeffeth balefully. She wears the woad of her people. Her hair is tangled with mud and bedraggled. And he JUST TRIED TO HIP CHECK HER! Agatha charges him with a mighty bear roar and guys, Agatha PICKS UP MOTHERF*ING JEFFETH BAYWEATHER and physically throws him out of the pit!

Donella raises her cup toward Alaric, in the midst of their conversation. "I have never felt so well-defended. A pity things aren't going to be settled in the mudpit." She peers, "Is that one of Leona's?" she asks, and indicates Felicia with her head canting to one side.

Well she must have been distracted by something and she was knocked out of the pit. Laughing she just stood up as she wiped mud from her face. "OH COME ON!!!! NOT FAIR!!!" Okay so it was fair but she just huffed as she attempted to catch her breath. "AVENGE ME AGATHA!" With that she made her way from that pit, wringing out that long braid. And where is she heading....straight to Ignacio.

In the STRANGEST turn of events -- MARIAN is eliminated! Marcas, suddenly rising to be a crowd favorite as he suddenly gets his second wind!

Marcas Thumping his fists against his mud slick chest as he tosses another contestant out, Marcas slaps a filthy hand against Agatha and Marian's shoulder as they prepare for the wrasslin' title, another mighty bear-like roar rumbling from his throat!

Jeffeth doesn't get picked up often. Or ever. And as his feet leave the ground. His eyes go to Agatha's, eyes widened, brows raised. The back of his hand goes over his forehead as his head goes back. Just kidding, but really he looks at Agatha with a mix of emotions, but there is definitely a smile before she throws him out of the pit. Oof.

"GO AGATHA!" Elgana practically roars as she leaps up from her seat to cheer her big sister on, that braid flying.

Marian lets out a roar as Marcas defeats her in the pits, taking her out as Agatha throws her out opponent out of the pit. She laughs as she wades her way out to see the last epic battle between Agatha and Marcas.

In a battle of titans, Marcas grabs the Warchief and, with the aid of the Red Bear, hurls her out of the pit. Then, snarling with a feral expression, he slaps his hands upon his knees, facing Agatha.

"Yes, in Arx..." Isidora responds with the blush on her cheeks burning brighter. "They are all enjoying themselves, at least," her hands are folded behind her back as she chances a glance to the last remaining wrestling partners. "I suppose it is a chance for physiques to be displayed openly and shown off. Some are quite, muscular," she mentions with a clearing of her throat as she quickly focuses her gaze upon Ignacio. She stands awkwardly on her tiptoes, attempting to reach his height, yet falling short of doing so.

The dark haired knight looks from Isidora as the muddy Princess Cadenza heads in his direction. He offers a smile to her as his emerald gaze falls upon her and he offers, "Good try your highness, I thought you had a good chance for a while there."

Alaric squints to try and mentally remove the mud to make a positive identification where Donella gestures. "Ah, yes, that's Dame Felicia," he replies. If he's troubled at all by it, it sure doesn't sound like it. "She wasn't able to outwrestle the Redrains, it would seem. Although you can't really blame her, or anyone else, for that."

The muddled Jeffeth looks over to the garden grotto, finding it a bit to crowded to allow his mud covered form, the huge man slowly slap-slap-slaps his way to the benches, flinging mud as he goes.

Mirari leans in, saying something quietly to Mailys before she reaches out to touch her cousin's hand. That done, she moves away, heading back out the way she came.

Jeffeth has joined the courtyard benches.

Cassima bows her head to Mistress Corsetina as well. "A pleasure. Oh! There's Jeffeth." She moves to rise, keeping the hippocampus in her hands, safe and clean. "Don't come over here, Jeffeth! You're filthy, you'll get mud over everything. Go over there and try to clean up!" She bustles along, shouting orders for water and towels.

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Cassima has joined the courtyard benches.

Mud covered, dress probably weighing a ridiculous amount now (even if she has tucked it up between her legs at some point), Agatha is still standing. Sure, there's mud stinging her eyes. Sure she's reeling from some of the hits and tussles she's had. But Marcas snarls and shaps his knees. She roars and lifts her arms over her head making clawed gestures. AND SO ... it begins! THey ... well, they don't really charge at one another. They more slog towards each other until they are in grunting and shoving range...

Donella says, "No matter who is victorious, it's always the mud that wins, I'm afraid. It's like sand. They'll be finding it in the damndest places, for weeks." She watches the shoving with mild interest. "Its sortof like watching a buffet, back home..."

Thump. Thump. Thump. Giant, calloused fists pound on his broad, scarred chest like a war drum. Mud is flinging everywhere as his powerful legs piston through the wet dirt, head thrown back and his russet hair flying around him like a mane. Then a bellow erupts from his powerful lungs, incoherent and animalistic as his muscles ripple across back, arms, and shoulders. Stomping at Agatha, a glint of humor shows in his grey eyes, preparing to smack down...or be smacked down.

"GO BEAR!" Felicia roars from where she waits in line for woading, including an entirely Agatha-like raise of her fist to whoop 'Big Red' on.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

Khanne is smiling on occasion now as she continues to ask the Spirits for blessings for those she paints with the Redrain markings. She speaks quietly, currently to Morrighan who now is set before her.

With that tunic clinging to her, she laughs a bit then nods a bit. "My lord...." Her blue gaze would seem to fall to something on him but she clears her thraot a bit. "I tried my damnedest..." Huffing she looks over to Isidora, bowing slightly as she smiles. "Going to introduce me to your friend, Iggy..." Giving the woman a wink, Cadenza looks back to Ignacio. "I may have to go get out of these wet clothes...I refuse to put my leathers back on over this mess."

The two that are left fight bravely, but Agatha edges Marcas out of the pit /by a hair!/ THE RED BEAR REIGNS SUPREME MUD WRASSLIN CHAMPION!

Agatha drops her head at the last moment, but maybe it's a bit of the spirits showing her mercy and wisdom. She does NOT run head first into Marcas' mighty frame. No. She's going in for a shoulder tackle to push him back. Not far enough, though! At least not yet. "You are almost as bad as I am at falling down!" She grunts the words as she braces herself, looking for more purchase.

"Sounds unpleasant," Alaric replies dryly to Donella. "The sand and the mud, that is, not the buffet," he amends after a short delay to clarify. Another short pause ensues. "Are you implying that you can 'win' a buffet in the Mourning Isles, then?"

Ann gets a stalwart elwetritsch, mounted on a wooden base from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

Ann gets a proud cockatrice, mounted on a wooden base from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

Theron is speaking quietly to Morrighan and Khanne as the shamaness beseeches the spirits for blessings upon Morrighan.

A loud smack of muddy flesh on flesh as the two giants clash, but that clever shoulder tackle from Agatha sends Marcus sliding backwards, and backwards, and backwards...until finally, the Red Bear shoves him out of the pit and onto his back, filthy limbs flailing about in defeat, a large, booming laugh being sent from the usually dour warrior's chest.

Ann laughs and happily presents Agatha with a mounted stalwart elwetritsch, and Marcas a proud cock... atrice.

Standing up Jeffeth claps loudly for Agatha, mud flinging from his hands as he does.

Felicia's lingering in the line of people waiting to get woaded, still wringing out her chemise from all the mud soaked into it, whistling sharply for Agatha's win with a bright grin.

Arriving late to the event, Lorenzo wasn't sure of exactly what he's walking into - but he had always shown in interest in the other cultures that surround Arx. Though he wasn't expecting it to be so bright and well, exciting. Apparently, it does remind him a little of home, though not quite so muddy.

Marian lets out a war cry with all her might as Agatha pushes Marcas out of the ring to claim her victory in the mud pits. She's covered in the stuff. It's everywhere but the Warchief's eyes are shining and she's laughing at the sight of Agatha taking her victory. Sadly the woading markings are all covered in mud, but the blessing, the warmth of family is still with this proud Redrain.

Agatha will get around to accepting the prize. But with Marcas laughing and Redrain pride salvaged, she has to put on a little show. She slurps her bare feet up out of the mud until she is standing beside Marcas. She puts a muddy foot down on the poor guy's chest and strikes a triumphant pose, arms raised over her head and biceps flexing. Well. Okay, I mean they're flexing under the poor weighed down dress. The Red Bear lets out a mighty roar, followed by the exclamation, "Okay, that would have sounded WAY BETTER if I was wearing my leather bear helm, and I'd go get it and put it on, except then it would get all muddy inside! So everyone just pretend!"

"On the whole... I think I'd rather the sand or mud," Donella says upon a brief reflection. "Oh, you can absolutely win a buffet. Absolutely. And it is imperative that you do. It's a fortunate thing that we are born without tear-ducts. The chafing dishes only reflect your shame."

"Ah, you do not know Princess Isidora?" Ignacio asks as he gestures over to Isidora before looking back to Cadenza, "Well, then I should introduce you two. Princess Cadenza Velenosa meet Princess Isidora Valardin." He says as he introduces the Princesses, though it feels like somewhat a mouthful giving House names and titles.

Setting his drink down, Giulio raises his hands, offering a loud clap. "Most excellently done, your Highness," he calls out loudly. He even whoops -- letting his usual decorum fade somewhat. For a moment. And then, the mask settles back into his place, as he slips back into the conversation at hand.

Philomel, the Nightingale, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Lucita.

Isidora provides plenty of room for Ignacio and the muddied Cadenza with her hands now folded before her. She dips her head politely to the woman and offers a friendly smile, "From what little I saw of the wrestling, you did quite well! I am Princess Isidora of Valardin. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Princess Cadenza!"

Donella is overheard praising Agatha for: Big Red, the next time I need to get the the front of a line, you are coming with me.

Ann announces then, "And now, what we have all been waiting for. THE DRINKING! We will start out with rounds that will get progressively stronger and stronger! Here we test the /real/ mettle!"

The line has been dismissed by Ann.

Marian is overheard praising Agatha for: For giving one hell of a wrestling match. I bow to your greater skills.

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Felicia applauds Agatha, unconsciously backing up a few paces where she waits for marking's and definitely not paying attention to who might behind her. And gods they're announcing the drinking, but this time, she's staying put where she is to get her woading first before she'll dive into the drinking.

Donella is overheard praising Marcas for: Is it supposed to make that sound when you spank your pecs?

Asger's ears perk up when he hears mention of drinking "Now this is a contest we all win even if we lose." the duke letting a deep hearty chortle as he walks over to where the drinks are being served, humming a drinking song loudly and a bit off key

Marian shakes her head as the drinking contest starts, and the Warchief wisely starts to slip out of the party so she can go get cleaned up. She salutes her fellow Redrains and allies as she makes her way to get hosed down before heading into the villa where a warm bath and soap are waiting for her.

As Jeffeth runs back into the line, mud and all, Cassima pets the hippocamp on her lap. "I'll do no such thing!" she tells Jeffeth. "You're far too muddy to carry me home and I'll not be making my own way after such a competition!"

"Spanking pecs? I'm at the right party." Dante states loudly as he joins his fellow Fidante, Ignacio in line and asks idly, "OOoh, this is the line for drinks? Most excellent, sir."

Being posed on by the triumphant Red Bear, Marcas laughs hysterically as he is used as a prop. Once the mighty Redrain releases him, the warrior stands back up and holds his mounted cockatrice aloft, the muddied warrior and gives Agatha a hearty slap upon the back and exclaims, "I couldn't be happier to be bested by one of our best," then beams a rare smile at Marian before he jumps into line for the drinking! Then looking over at Jeffeth, "Let us carry the wrestling champion into line to drink!" He shoves a muddy shoulder beneath one of hers, waiting for the knight.

Marcas has joined the line.

Alaric sips his drink thoughtfully. "I have to confess, I don't think I can properly conceptualize what qualities separate a 'winning' buffet from the field," he observes to Donella. "If I could prevail upon you to call me over when you see a winner in that regard, I'd be most appreciative. Does anything happen to one that doesn't win?"

Marian has left the wrestling pit.

Marcas has left the wrestling pit.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon, Ursa, Marcas leave, following Marian.

"A pleasure to meet you. Only Valardin I knew well was Prince Jericho...." A wink she then looks to Ignacio. "Thanks for that introduction. Now go get messed up!" Caddie raises her hand as if to pat him but spared his clothing. Turning back to Isidora she smiles. "So you are good friends with, Lord Ignacio?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Agatha before departing.

Ignacio clears his throat as Dante goes off with his statements before shooting his cousin a smirk, "Yes, of course Lord Dante. Have you met Princess Isidora? I am sure she would like to join the drinking contest with you." He says as he grins over to Isidora before his attention falls back on Cadenza, "So, are you going to take part in the contest? I mean, the drinking will warm you right up and you will forget that you are covered in mud."

Ann checked command + teaching at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Marcas has joined the line.

Clapping Theron on the back, Giulio says to the man. "When I die, pour some Southern Thunder over my grave. There's a brief chance it will resuscitate me."

Lorenzo checked luck + dodge at difficulty 20, rolling 12 higher.

Ann gives some fightin and drinkin and wrasslin (on how to not get bullied) in the pit tips to Gwen while she's at this.

"I have /not/ met Princess Isidora..." Dante replies to Ignacio after offering a dashing smile to Isidora and Caddie before he bows low, offering his hand to Isidora, palm up, to accept her fingers. "Would you be my partner in this rugged game of imbibation?"

Laughing loudly at Giulio's joke, Theron quips back, "If I do that when you pour brandy on mine, make damn sure I die."

Romulius is still covered in mud when he speaks to the people over at the grotto briefly then heads back towards the drinking stations. "Now... this should be something. I wonder if we are going to end with Foolsbane." He rumbles amusedly.

Elgana has joined the line.

Wanting to get a better look at the woading that Khanne is doing upon others, Lorenzo approaches the line not to get into it, but to observe. Which would have gone well if it weren't for the lightly dressed redhead femme in front of him stepping back at the same time. Felicia collides solidly with Lorenzo, and somehow he doesn't go tumbling into the mud, though now he has a scandalous mudprint of Felicia's backside on his nice trousers. "Oh! Pardon me!"

"I have met him twice now," Isidora nods to Cadenza with a laugh. "I hope to become good friends with many people of this city." Ignacio steals her attention with an introduction to Dante, "Greetings, your name rhymes in a silly way!" Her hand is placed in his palm and she smiles. "I will not be joining the game of drinks. I would surely lose and make a fool of myself."

Morrighan has left the benches under the oak trees.

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven, 2 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Veteran Confessors leave, following Morrighan.

Khanne has left the benches under the oak trees.

Khanne has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 46 higher.

Theron checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

"Well... they did name an entire Duchy after me. Dante /Fi/Dante, after all." Dante assures Isidora with a growing smile. He goes to lift her hand if she allows, and kiss her knuckles gently. "My Princess, it is an utter honor."

Gwenna has left the shaded garden grotto.

It's whiskey. Simple Redrain whiskey, and it's like water to Theron, however... Elgana finds it's not to her liking and (I'll let you pose those results) thereby eliminating her!

Cadenza moves out of Dante's way as he is introduced then looks to Ignacio. "Is that an invitation? I was going to stay out of it so you can have a chance at winning, Iggy..." A wink then as she looks to Dante. "I fear that our introduction will have to wait....Iggy is so rude."

"This is going to be fun, tomorrow morning, when the Cathedral bells ring," Donella says, with a snarky brand of cheer. To Alaric, she says, simply, "Yep." And she just lets that hang, without any explanation. "I am told that you can learn a lot about a fealty by examining how they approach the buffet. For example, the Valardin seem to put gravy on everything, and the Setarcans ask a lot of questions while making their selections..."

"I apologize, Lady Cadenza, isn't it?" Dante states to Cadenza with a faint blush in his cheeks for some reason. He nudges Ignacio, "I just got into town and you're only just now introducing..." He slips whiskey right down his throat, unphased. " to the finest nobility has to offer?? For shame, sir. For shame."

Departing the quiet benches she'd taken to occupying, Gwenna makes her way off toward the villa. Perhaps she's going to get Teiddwen some fresh fish from the kitchen or even let the otter take a dip in the pools.

Theron chugs down the whiskey and chucks the glass aside, containing himself from burping. The glass might shatter somewhere, though. Oops.

Felicia definitely wasn't expecting someone behind her, one step, two, and there's someone behind her! At least she's sober enough that she doesn't take them both down, but it still makes her twist about in wide-eyed surprise, unable to help the look at that muddy print, and then at Lorenzo's face as her cheeks go all kinds of crimson,"Ah, ah!" she blurts, unable to help the laugh that accompanies it,"Oh gods, I'm sorry... I... uh..." hmm, she looks at her muddy hands and then Lorenzo's pants, biting her bottom lip,"I'm so sorry."

"Charmed," Isidora states with a sudden rigid composure as she withdraws her hand from the tickling mustached kiss upon her knuckles. "Let us see how much longer the Fidante cousins stand this evening," she suggests with a faint grin touching the corners of her mouth.

As he downs his first tankard, Jeffeth looks over all the drinks that they are about to ingest and his eyes widen slightly. They're all going to get wasted he realizes. Perhaps a little too late. His eyes go to Cassima. "Your Highness, if it is alright, I ask you make sure I return to my apartment if I am.. Indisposed." He gives a sheekish smile before looking back to the next tankard.

It should be like water to a Redrain princess, but Elgana simply isn't one for it. So as she downs the whiskey she makes a horrible face, giving a laugh and a shake of her head. "I can't--" she starts and the laughs again as she passes the glass off to someone to deal with as she squints those dark eyes closed. Romulius' arm gets another squeeze, mud further soiling that white shirt of hers but she doesn't seem to care about that. "Rum later, yes?" she asks of the big man as she blinks a few times. "Agatha should have no trouble with this!" And she bows out of the drinking game, but stays near Romulius and Mailys.

Bear, an giant dog, Phantom, the Great Grey Owl arrive, following Darren.

Agatha gets a ride over to the drinking station, chuckling at her 'chariot' and encouraging them on. She lines up next to Jeffeth and Marcas after the ride, raising a glass in salute to her friends. She downs the whiskey easily enough and blinks when she sees Elgana going down first. "Nooooo. Oh, Elgana. What would our parents think?"

What's pacing? Who knows, Asger doesn't! Because as soon as the Duke sits down he is drinking like he hadn't touched the stuff in a month, this on top of the bottle he'd already emptied over the course of the evening...And horn of ale, plus a swig of whatever it was in his belt flask, point is Asger is drinking, like a fish in a punch bowl.

Pounding down his whiskey with a satisfied look, Marcas wipes his mouth with the back of a muddy hand, grinning the whole time while raising the whiskey in a salute to Jeffeth, Agatha, and Elgana.

Romulius settles in with Elgana and Mailys, one on each muddy arm. He grins at the pair of them before he goes to make sure everyone gets a drink. Simple whiskey is tossed back and he winces, "Bah, hope there's rum in here somewhere." He rumbles good naturedly. Then he blinks at Elgana in surprise, "Rum later, for sure." He then looks at Mailys to see how she is doing even still.

Dante overhears *Jeffeth* and turns to *Isidora*, "Your highness! If I become too inebriated, please ensure I find my way to your quarters." He finishes the second drink, just moving right along with them, smiling coyly, "I would be very grateful."

At that, Cassima's eyes go wide. "Jeffeth! What, in the name of all that is holy, am /I/ supposed to do to see /your/ drunken self home? Oh," she looks to her guard, Bastian, who frowns. Deeply.

Drink. Drink. Drink a drink. And there it is, with Lord Giulio Mazetti. He swallows it, with a long, draining gulip, before setting his glass down. There's a sneer made in the direction of the glass, but, he doesn't seem to concern himself too much with it, before he looks back towards Theron. "Oh... this was a terrible idea. If I didn't want to at least compete in /something/ I would likely duck out." THere's a sigh from the man, but, he tilts his head.

Khanne sits back for a moment, watching the things that go on around her for now, waiting for things to settle once more, if people wish woadings after.

Both Asger and Ignacio are eliminated this round as their stomachs rebel against them!

Cadenza smirks at Dante there. "Cadenza Velenosa yes....a pleasure to meet you, Lord Dante...." A wink as she looks to Ignacio but says nothing as she just watches the festivities. Looking to Isidora she laughs a bit. "....these Fidante men......"

The big man frowns a little at Dante. "That's not how it's supposed to work." Jeffeth is muttering but his mutters get lost into the next tankard.

"Dignity, brother," Theron cautions Giulio as he takes another shot. "Dignity."

Theron checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 12 higher.

When Felicia twists and grabs a hold of Lorenzo to keep from falling, it seems that the Velenosian Prince is going to end up with yet more Redrain mud upon him. The young man blinks a few times, brown eyes wide with surprise as he coughs and finds his hands at Felicia's waist to keep her from falling. More mud. "Ah, I was clumsy!" he admits. "And far too curious for my own good to pay attention." He remembers to remove his hands from her waist quickly enough and tries to shake some of the mud off of his hands, before ending up just wiping at himself. "Well, I had hoped that this outfit would last me a bit longer before I had to replace it."

Agatha reaches over to slap Jeffeth on the back. "I'm sure we can find room for you at the Villa or the Spirits. Or just a nice spot by the fire with some blankets." She smiles at Cassima reassuringly, not seeming terribly impacted by the booze yet. "He'll be safe."

Isidora's mouth suddenly gapes at Dante's suggestion, "You should be thanking the gods that I do not have a weapon on me." She looks to Cadenza with an increasingly wide gaze. "Is this normal speech from them?" She sidles up to the muddy woman as a blush ignites her features.

Darren hears (smells?) a drinking contest going on in his front yard and appears from the Villa, looking to be of good spirits. "I thought I smelled that unique mixture of whiskey and vomit only a Redrain celebration can provide." Darren says to nobody in particular, his blue eyes flickering over the crowd.

Mailys smiles at Elgana and promptly takes the drink she is trying to hand off. She isn't in the competition itself and seems perfectly content to drink on her own terms as others trying taking theirs at the offerings provided. "Cheers!" she offers to to the woman before drinking the last of it. "And thank you for a free drink." She starts after a moment and places the glass down before glancing up at Romulius.

After having walked away to join the drinking for a short moment, shaking his head and wobbling a little as he works his way back to his friends, holding his stomach. He complains a little bit swaying, "Those are a bit.... rough on the stomach." He has as an excuse perhaps to Cadenza as he looks between Dante and Isidora, with a smirk crossing his face.

Another drink thrown back, and then another, alcohol fumes expelled from his mouth and nose after both. Giving Agatha a smack on the back, then Jeffeth, then Felicia, all in a row. Rolling his shoulders and grunting afterwards, "Now this is a proper ending to some mud wrestling."

"I'm pretty sure that's PRECISELY how it works, my good man!" Dante states to *Jeffeth*, lifting his next drink to cheers the man, "To princesses and drink and war and chivalry!" He winks back to *Cadenza* and raises his brows with mild excitement at *Isidora's* words, he jostles the rubicund blade on one of his hips and sort of offers it to her with a growing smile as h e's left speechless, for once, from drinking heavily.

That SOUTHERN THUNDER gets the best of Giulio! He's been eliminated this round!

Elgana laughs as she looks to Agatha. "You must swear not to breathe a word to them, dear sister. I will practice--someday!" She grins at the big red bear before looking back to Romulius and Mailys, giving them both nods. "Very well done my lord. And you as well. But we must partake of something far better later."

"As long as you carry me, Your Highness." The large knight rumbles over to Agatha with a broad grin. Jeffeth goes to slam back the next drink, wincing just a little. He frowns over to Dante.

Agatha gives Felicia and Lorenzo a bemused look, even when the smack on her back from someone sees her pushed foward. OOPS if some mud gets in some drinks. It's gonna happen and she doesn't seem to notice. She throws up her toast. "To princesses and drink and ... and the other stuff!"

It seems like the elder Mazetti is more used to drinking contests. He knocks his back and tosses the glass over his shoulder.

"That was not... the wisest of my... life choices," Giulio remarks, with a shake of his head. Looking to Theron, he claps the man on the back. "Ave...nge me." And with that, he moves to collect his guards, preparing to depart.

Alaric eyes Donella sidelong. "What, something so terrible you won't even put words to it? I had no idea buffets faced such a stark struggle for survival in the Mourning Isles," he observes. He sees Darren enter over yonder and grins. "Better make sure that axe is hidden," he reports cheerfully before having another sip of his whiskey. "Setarceans ask a lot of questions because their cuisine involves about three dozen different sauces, I think," he adds.

Giulio has left the shaded garden grotto.

So far the various alcohol's seem to not be having to much affect on Romulius though he chuckles at Mailys drinking of Elgana's whiskey, and then leans over to murmur something into Mailys ear. The next drink comes and then he tosses that one back as well, and just as smoothly leans over to murmur something to Elgana as he gestures for another drink. "Finally sommat I may be doin' well." He rumbles with a chuckle, slipping into old speech patterns again.

"Do not tempt me!" Isidora says while stepping back from the drinking arrangement. She struggles with a dignified composure while keeping her chin aloft and a darkly disapproving gaze sent scathingly toward Dante.

Blowing Dante a kiss she then looks to Ignacio. "Oh....done already?" Cadenza just smirks as she watches him before looking back to the festivities. "..pity." Looking to Isidora she laughs a bit. "Don't let them ruffle your feathers, your highness....I'm sure they're harmless. Lord Ignacio is...."

Cassima gives Darren a little wave at his arrival, then turns back to watching Jeffeth with some concern on her face. Her guard, Bastian, starts to linger closer. In case the large knight should topple over or something.

"Replac..." Felicia splutters, only realizing where Lorenzo's hands were after he removed them, hey, look, there is a few extra shades of flaming red to be wrung out of her pale skin, snatching back her hand,"My fault, I was too busy cheering. Look, I.. ah, well. You're at a Redrain event, you're going to get covered in mud." she elects to go with. Here. Let her help. It's her excuse, perhaps, as she summons all the dignity she can muster to apply muddy hands to his cheeks like her own benediction,"But... well, if they're salvageable, afterwards, I can have them cleaned for you, at least? By way of apology?" oh drinks, and drinking competitions! It's almost a mercy to be able to summon over a server for a shot, or three, lingering near Lorenzo awkwardly. It takes a couple of shots of liquid courage before she can muster,"I'm Felicia Harrow," even if the addition of,"of the King's Own." is perhaps offered a little more quietly than normal.

Dante lifts his empty glass towards Agatha, and catches a bit of mud, "Exactly!" The Lord of Roses is quite rosy cheeked indeed at the moment and he carries on with *Jeffeth*, perhaps missing some signals, "I jest, my good sir. Chivalry above all! Especially poetry. Chivalrous poetry, above all... wait..." He looks to *Agatha* again, "Family, Compact, Chivalrous Poetry, Roses, Chiv-" He clears his throat, picking up another drink as it's handed to him, wiping some mud off the rim, "Chivalrous poetry, and chivalry." He smiles again at *Cadenza* and *Isidora*, the two ladies keeping company with himself and *Ignacio*.

Chuffing fiercely after another drink, his eyes briefly turn to Isidora, brows furrowing a bit as Marcas turns to Agatha and Elgana afterwards, bellowing, "To our Redrain Princesses!"

To spite the strength of this round, being something akin to paint thinners - no one is eliminated. In fact, Romulius, Dante, and Jeffeth knock it back like it was water.

Agatha sidesteps towards Giulio when she sees that look, preparing to catch him if he faints. But he's upright! And gone! Safe, she then lifts her latest glass towards Elgana. "Sisther. I will honor our fam'ly!" Look, it's a lot of booze at once! Even the mighty will get a little slushy headed. She gets a little confused looking when Dante's toast continues. "TO ALL THAT STUFF! It sounds good!" *Back it goes!*

Lorenzo checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

The princess leans close to Romulius as he murmurs into her ear, more of that mud just ending up on her shirt now and part of that vest she was wearing, but that mud was of no bother to Elgana. A little laugh then escapes her as she grins up at the big man, her elbow lightly digging into his side, but there was amusement there before she gave a little impish look to Mailys and then waited for the next round of drinks to be served and knocked back. After a moment, she gets his attention, murmuring back before she settles back down.

Felicia gets clapped on the back just as she's about to take another shot, because, well, yes. And is shoved straight back into Lorenzo. Well now, maybe she can just drown herself in the mud pit.

"Yes, I am done already.." Ignacio groans a little with a slight frown, "I don't think they mix very well." His attention moving from Cadenza glancing over to his cousin once more, "I think he is a bit drunk right now too." He says, not exactly sounding the soberest person himself, "He is usually a bit more... charming that that." He says, his gaze drifting Isidora to as he stands perhaps a little too close to Cadenza, but addressing the former Princess, "But Princess Cadenza is right, he is mostly harmless when it comes to things like that."

Donella is leaned on her hip in the grass, watching the carryings-on as she converses with Alaric. The appearance of her husband prompts her to say, "It's early yet, my darling. They haven't even started challenging each other to guess what they've just put in their mouthes." A smile, "I'd get up, but I think I might have to send someone for a handcart. Agatha pushed Marcas out of the mud, and His Majesty is going to hunt barns. You missed it." To the king, she says, "Sauces... and a lot of bread. Is it true that the Greens stick mostly too leafy greens? And clearly, Victus has never invited you to eat the cephalopod."

Once again, and Theron's setting this glass aside for his next round instead of shattering it. Some assistant caught on to his strategy and he just stares back at them, breathing out alcohol. Pure whiskey.

As another shot goes back, Jeffeth looks over to Romulius and grins. Though then his eyes finally go down to Mailys. There's a blink, before Jeffeth is slowly grinning down at the woman. A little wave is sent over the table at her before he goes to pick up his next glass.

Lorenzo checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 7 lower.

Isidora holds a gentle smile on her rosy lips as she nods to Cadenza. "Feathers have been ruffled! At least, Lord Ignacio is a gentleman with his flirting," she smiles toward the drunken man and glances back toward those who continue to drink. "How much more can they handle?"

It seems the previous round of paint thinners takes a minute to catch up and Felicia, Romulius, and Dante are all outdone by the drink before them. Jeffeth, however - it's like water... LIVER OF STEEL. He shall be forever known as STEEL LIVER. If he makes it to the end of the night with all these critical successes, he may be known as DIAMONDPLATE LIVER....

Darren smiles and heads towards Alaric and Donella, "Your Majesty," Darren bows his head, a grin on his lips. He smiles to Donella, "Don't get up.. and you are right, 'guess what's in my mouth' is when you know the party has gone really sideways." Darren moves to settle by the pair, his blue eyes watching in amusement. "Who's winning?" he asks, knowing full well nobody actually /wins/ a drinking contest. People just survive it.

"I should have assumed such. Though admittedly this is the first Redrain event I have been to. Are they all thus festive?" Lorenzo asks as he notices Agatha looking between him and Felicia, and the young man gives just the slightest blush to his dark cheeks as he accepts one of the drinks to consider it. Staring at the dark liquid for a moment, he turns and lifts the glass to down it in one swift gulp. It doesn't kill him, thank the Gods. "...I am Lorenzo Velnooooo!" The rest is cut off as the next few seconds will record.

That the muddy redhead knight just might as he gets smacked into by Felicia again and as he starts to fall over, his hands grip anything available on Felicia to hold onto on the woman before he falls back into the mud - perhaps taking her with him unless she can somehow hold him up.

"Day-colored wine... night-colored wine... wine with purple feet... or wine with topaz /blood/." Dante Fidante starts reciting poetry as this next drink seems to have taken command over the flowery, fiery Sword. "Wine!" He cheers, "Starry child of earth, wine, smooth as a golden sword, soft as lascivious velvet, wine, spiral-seashelled and full of wonder, amorous, marine; never has one goblet contained you, one song, one man, you are choral, gregarious, at the least, you must be shared." He now has eyes for only *Isidora* the drinking game quite forgot, as he's quite clearly lost. He goes to a knee before her, still poeticizing, "Your glorious spring dress is different, blood rises through the shoots, wind incites the day, nothing is left of your immutable soul... be my rose, most magnificent princess of the eve. Be my wine. I may be inebriated on the drink, but I am drunk on your eyes."

"Not the groundskeepers," Donella reports soberly to her husband.

Khanne reaches for her flask of whiskey, for once not taking part in a wild drinking contest. She licks her lips as she unscrews the cap, then lifts it, tilting it back as it touches her lips. The amber liquid inside flows past her lips as she takes a swig, or three. Replacing the cap she lets the flask rest at her hip again. Reaching up, she pushes back some of her wine-red hair that fluttered in the breeze, sticking it to the now dry paint upon her cheek.

Marcas has seen his last drink for the night - or at least, for the competition. Jeffeth at least feels this one, but it looks like he's still coming out on top.

Finally the mixed alcohols, along with the mud from the mud wrestling, get their better of Romulius and he turns green underneath the mud, "Ok... Ok... I don't know what 'at be... but no... I yield..." He coughs, vapors alone almost getting to him then and he shakes his head, "Mus' b'weakened 'r sommat." He rumbles and then coughs again, breathing in slow but out quick, straight up in the air to not have to get anymore taste of the alcohol than he must. "That be a horrible combinatin'..." Breathe, "O' spirits."

Felicia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Knocked out by drink, Theron wakes up a moment later and just departs the premises, after a quick word with Khanne.

Asger checked stamina + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 23 lower.

Dante says, "Theron! You're the best other sword ever! Much love, my friend. Be safe this night."

Agatha starts to reach out to Felicia, trying to put an arm around her. This business with Lorenzo! It has to stop! "Little Red! *hiccough* You gotta stop. You two are gonna end up all over each other!" Presumably the mud. But then, well, he's starting to fall, Felicia's having to deal with that, she's out of the drinking contest... Agatha's a bit too blitzed to follow it all, so she steps back before she ends up back in the mud with an, "OOPS!" and knocks back the next drink. Subconsciously swaying from side to side in time with Dante's diatribe about, well, it's about something. She's not sure what. He sounds so confident about all of it though. "Did he just propose?" That question is to Isidora. "I mean, that's a lot of pretty talk for someone if they're not proposing. But tonight is Asger and Ann's propothal." Time to try for ONE MORE

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassima before departing.

Elgana grins at Marcas' cheer about princesses and then Agatha gets a look and a laugh from Elgana as the princess flushes brightly. "I'm going to have to drag you up from the bottom of the well again, aren't I?" she laughs to her sister.

"This is ridiculous!" Isidora exclaims as Dante bends to his knees and she scuffles back with a slight lift of her skirt to avoid tripping. She circles about on tiptoes with a delicate smirk.

Theron is indeed, outdone by this drink. Jeffeth comes out on top and Agatha is BARELY HANGING IN THERE. We are in to the FINAL ROUND!

"Your Grace, excellent to see you tonight," Alaric replies affably to Darren before eyeing the contest in progress. "We are winning," he replies to the question, leaving the explanation 'because we are not muddy and still possess some modicum of balance' left unsaid. "Your barn will not threaten anybody this day," he tells Darren proudly, and that statement doesn't get an explanation either. It may be for the best. "I don't know what they eat in the Saikland Greens, to be honest. I'll have to ask the Legate someday," he notes to Donella. "And Victus wouldn't eat something if it wasn't tasty, frankly. He has enough aggravation in his life without putting terrible food in his mouth."

And that's it, the grizzled warrior apparently having hit his limit, falling backwards onto the ground and lies there just staring upwards for awhile. "Well. Maybe I'll stay here for a bit," he slurs to Agatha, giving the Red Bear a bright, drunken grin before flashing the same expression at Elgana, his cheeks flaring crimson. "Hello Elgana, you and your sister look very different upside down."

Theron salutes Dante on his way out.

Theron has left the benches under the oak trees.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer leaves, following Theron.

Leaning to the side, the huge man goes to press his shoulder against Agatha. As he takes another drink, Jeffeth throws his arm around Agatha's shoulders as they continue to drink everything down.

Dante is back on his feet, not entirely balanced but handling the spinning of the room quite well as he bows to Isidora, "Forgive me, thorned rose. You prick me, but it seems I am enticed by such slights though minor they may be. Allow me to merely sit with you, perhaps? Share a drink? Know and be known."

Mailys seems distracted for a long moment as her gaze drifts away. She catches Jeffeth's wave and lifts her hand in return before turning back to Romuius and Elgana with a smile. "It was a good effort Princess Redrain and impressive Lord Blackshore."

Cadenza's cheeks flush as she clears her throat. Looking to Isidora then laughs at Dante. "Oh goodness...." Glancing to Ignacio, her cheeks flush before looking back to Dante. "You sir....are rather...drunk." That Velenosa princess just shakes her head as she looks to Ignacio but raising her brow. "I am almost jealous of's comical."

Asger looks over from where he is at, at the table bleary eyed from the alcohol and calls over towards Dante "For the love of the fuckin' spirits if ya want to fuck her just say so. Ya *hic* don't gotta spend thirty minutes just tellin' a lass she is pretty." the Duke wiping some spilt booze from his chin with the back of his hand as he shares this sage advice.

It looks like Jeffeth's liver has gotten the better of him and the RED BEAR - HAH! - is once again VICTORIOUS!

Ann gets a magnificent unicorn bust, mounted on a wall plaque from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

Ann gets an exultant bat, mounted on a wooden base from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

"I'm not drank." Dante replies to *Cadenza* with a faux scowl, then he corrects himself, "Dranked." He clears his throat and sniffs a bit, "I'm merely /more/ romantic at the moment. Fidante blood /is/ rose wine, I thought all knew this. It is known. Normal whiskey... angry vinegar... wine?" He looks over his empty cups with confusion and then shrugs and states to Cadenza, "You're beautiful. Are you related to Isidora? I'm in love with her."

Felicia's grabbed as Lorenzo goes down, and possibly because of the whiskey, maybe because of startlement, who knows? For once, the redheaded knight's dexterity fails her. Or maybe that in a choice of trying to resist and winding up losing her chemise the more dignified choice is certainly to fall over, even if she manages not to elbow the poor guy in the face. Agatha definitely called that one, granted, there's probably no hope for Lorenzo's outfit now, and all she can do is stare at him appalled, trying to get her feet under her so she can pull herself back up again.

Ann is busy in a gigglefit, clapping and applauding and presents to Agatha a beautiful unicorn trophy, and to Jeffeth, a "bat" trophy.

"Not as good an effort as I would have liked," Elgana admits to Mailys with a little wink. "But well done to you both. I cannot hold my whiskey, I fear. It is something I fear I should practice or I will bring such shame of my family." At that, Elgana actually looks about to make sure no one heard her say that. But oops, there's Marcas! She grins down at the man. "Hello, down there. Do we? I can imagine Agatha looks fierce no matter which way you look at her. And I? I am but a silly girl. Do you need help up?"

Blinking drunkenly at Dante, the fallen soldier slurts out with a squint, "That's some pretty fucking words, but the Duke has the right of it. No need to be serenading away over there." A half-arsed gesture is made at Isidora, then watches as Jeffeth too is overcome - and the Red Bear triumphs once more, eliciting a roar from Marcas. At least until it looks he might be sick if he doesn't quit it. So he does.

"Its a family in-joke, sire. His Grace of Maelstrom doesn't eat it. He presents it like a delicacy, all live and grasping, and then insists as the guest of honor, you have it, he couldn't possibly deprive you. It's like in the palace, when you tell someone new to court they have to get their keys to the balcony pools, and they think you're having them on, but no, there really are hot springs on the balcony." She says to Darren, "Any moment now, they are going to break into song. The heir is dancing on my vittles in anticipation."

Ann gets a stalwart peryton bust, mounted on a wall plaque from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

Ann gets a whimsical cabbit, mounted on a wooden base from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

Agatha lists towards Jeffeth all on her own without needing help. They're the only two left at the moment. And she really did only BARELY make it past the last one. She stares down at the glass. Her enemy. Her foe. There are three of them. Maybe? She picks up the one. NO she picks up the ONE! No. She picks up the ... one? Her hand isn't sure and she ends up carefully cupping both hands around the final drink to lift it. Down it goes! And then Ann says some stuff, and she hands out some stuff, and she huhs. Blinks a lot. Puts both hands on Jeffeth's shoulders. "Is there a horse in front of me or am I seeing things? It has somethin' funny. I ... um... "

Ignacio looks between Cadenza, Dante, Isidora, and Asger with a half drunken, half amused grin on his face during Asger's outburst before his eyes finally fall back on Cadenza, "Are you saying that you want Dante to recite poetry for you?" He asks, nudging her a little playfully, likely knocking of some drying mud in the process.

Ann gets a beneficent hippogriff, mounted on a wall plaque from ivory hip satchel strapped to the thigh.

"What's worth of life but to serenade! What's worth love but to hope in that which you've not yet tasted? To know what you do not, to hope for what is not, to strive for the impossible and watch as the moon reels itself into your arms from the night sky only to know your embrace for all is folly and for it, none is reason, my friend. All is folly and hope is lost lest we allow remorse to rule our woes instead of romance." Dante states in mildly slurred speech to... well, it's hard to tell at this point. Someone that was probably talking to him.

Isidora prepares a soft, mature, reply to Dante, but Asger's outburst draws a sharp gasp of embarrassment from the woman. "Now I am grateful that Lord Dante serenades with poetry and not crass words!" She glances to the ground as she becomes deeply flustered by the ongoings and she twirls her fingers about the ribbons at her waist.

"The last time I competed in one of these," Darren tells Alaric, "Edain woke me up the next morning to compete in some stupid obstacle course he had built and I almost vomited repeatedly throughout the whole exercise. I think he really enjoyed that." Darren notes, before turning his eyes to Donella, half a smile coming to his features. "Kid knows how to party like a Redrain. Good, was worried he was going to take after your side of the family in that department."

"And what is wrong with her side of the family, Prince Darren?" Cassima pipes up from her seat with the Hippocamp on her lap.

Lorenzo has rolled a critical success!
Lorenzo checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 60 higher.

"She gave me a unihorn." Jeffeth drolls, standing straight he bumps heavily into Agatha. With her hands on his shoulders, the big knight throws one arm around her shoulders in return. "I'm not a horse. You're a horse." He blinks. "Highness. Highness Horse." He turns to let out a burp.

There's a few blinks from the man trapped beneath the knight before Felicia is backing away, and Lorenzo sits up in the mud, blinking owlishly with big brown cow eyes at the knight. "So, Dame Harrow, is this how you make a first impression with everyone you meet?" he asks with a little playful smile on his face. "Or am I the first to be greeted with such a rather.. affectionate greeting? I do hope it's not because I'm a Velenosian and more that you just couldn't resist." He winks at her.

Alaric calls across the way towards Felicia and Lorenzo. "Dame Felicia! I order you to get mud all over that man's clothing!" he proclaims authoritatively. "Excellent job at rapidly carrying out your orders, Dame Felicia! Well done!" Yes, there was no pause between those two statements. That bit of business handled, he gives Donella a bit of a shush! look when she talks about the pool and nods knowingly at Darren. "Excessive enthusiasm in direct proportion to the strength of one's hangover does sound very much like the High Lord," he observes.

Asger snorts over at Isidora and says with amusement "People who talk that much more often then not just like the sound of their own fuckin' voice, lass." and then he is back to drinking and probably taking a year off the expected lifespan of his liver.

Cadenza looks Dante over then laughs. "Oh you think I am beautiful? About time I get a drunken compliment. But no....I am not related to her. I am a princess of Velenosa and she is a Valardin princess. However thanks for the compliment...I think.." Looking around she just looks to Ignacio, stepping out of the way of that nudge. "I think I find your....cousin? Charming." A grin as she looks to Isidora. "Escape while you can...."

Ann clears her throat and stands up to the podium with her drink in hand, "And that... concludes the games for the night." She is grinning ear to ear, "But there is one last thing. Well there are three things, I wanted to say - but, I will save them and concentrate on the one, last thing. First of all, thank you all for coming out to celebrate... And to thank Lady Khanne Halfshav, for woading the entire time, and for being a great friend. And very patient. And very kind. And very wise, a gift." And she hands off a thank you gift to Khanne - a hippogriff. Yes, strange gifts. But. This is REDRAIN what were you expecting tonight?

Donella is overheard praising Khanne for: Very colorful! Very wise!

Romulius lets his head come down after a few moments and then takes another breath, but slower, and not so deep so as to not get to much alcohol vapors in again before he shakes his head violently. Lucky he already wrung most of the mud out before doing that and it's had a chance to dry. "Alright, y'win." He says, unable to try another drink, and not even realizing that there's already been several rounds past the one he is recovering from still. He blinks when Agatha is named the winner and then gives a whoop! After a moment he leans back a bit, looking at Mailys curiously for a moment then he lifts a shoulder in a slight shrug, "There b'anymore contests t'night?" He calls out curiously, all pretense of not having an accent and being all high and noble of speech gone with the alcohol.

Ann is overheard praising Khanne for: Last minute Shaman services done awesomely!

Asger is overheard praising Khanne for: Brought spiritual depth to the woading

Ann is overheard praising Alaric for: On barn hunting.

Ann is overheard praising Asger for: On fighting a battle, and losing a battle with his betrothed.

"I LOVE the sound of my own voice!" Dante Fidante loudly agrees, almost singing it out in an Operatic fashion, with *Asger* to whom he then bows with entirely too much grace. He leans in towards *Ignacio* after his agreement with Asger, and whispers... pretty loudly... "Did you hear that, cousin? I'm quite charming. Nailed. It." He then stands up rather straight and fixes his fine garments. He states to Cadenza and Isidora both, "Perhaps the four of us could escape together. Someplace more private where we can all enjoy my voice and someplace perhaps chaste?" He offers, with a brow raised with a look directed at Isidora as if testing the waters with her on the term 'chaste'.

Mailys tips her head to the Elgana as long musses raven tresses slide over one shoulder. "It is easy enough to acquire if one just keeps drinking though it perhaps only speaks that I drink too much. I figure I'll leave the games to others for now.." A soft curling pat of fingertips touches against Romuius other arm in turn, unmindful of the golden bands become slick and eventually riddled with mud. Her other hand lifts to rake beneath the nape of her long dark tresses to sweep them over her opposite shoulder and keep at least those at bay from the worst of it though a flick of silken mane tickles against his side briefly. As Romulius glances down at her curiously she smiles.

Asger is overheard praising Ann for: Not only is she an amazing hostess and master of ceremonies, but she also has the shapeliest legs in the compact

"Me too," Donella rejoinders. "But lets be honest. When are you woken up in the morning by His Grace of Sanctum, and not moved to maple-flavored projectile vomiting? There's almost always an entertaining story in it."

Khanne blinks as she takes the mounted hippogriff. She looks at it, then to Ann and Asger, smiling bright, some of the thick red paint upon her cheek cracking slightly. "Well, thank you. You didn't have to at all," she says, rising up from her knees. "It was an honor to be able to carry on the tradition.... Thank you." She lowers her head.

Agatha turns away from the burp. Jeffeth gets a pat on the arm to let her go. She is super dignified. She is looking around her to make sure there is a path that doesn't involve stepping on the fallen (Hello down there, Marcas!) or in someone else's vomit. She waves Elgana over. "Can you steer me to the nearest privet... to puke in a very noble way?"

The intoxicated man grits his teeth as he brings his hand, running it along his jawline slowly. His fists clench his fists as he addresses Dante in almost a growling tone, "Dante, you are drunk, so stop running your mouth." He says, trying to restrain his voice, but not very successful.

Donella shouts over, "South through the gate, east through the gate, and northeast up the stairs. That's the best place for it!" She has just given directions to the Maw...

"Nothing at all!" Darren tells Cassima, "I mean, people from a place called the /Mourning/ Isles are known for their light-hearted and boisterous parties right? I think they are only beat by the people from Totally-depressing-everything-tastes-salty-and-rusts Isles." Darren notes, before turning his attention back to Donella and Alaric. "Ah, but this is why we love our Othlands neighbors, isn't it?" Darren inquires, "And the contest seems to be over. We'll need to get some servants to throw buckets of water all over the front gardens."

Grinning drunkenly at Elgana, "Yes, she still looks quite too very fierce and intimdiating. That is there the Red Bear!" A long finger extends at Agatha, something else murmured incomprehensibly about the glory of Redrain princesses, Marcas turning to the side a bit so as not to be tromped upon.

And now Lorenzo will have to spend the rest of his days wondering what slight he caused his Majesty to have a half-nude muddied redhead knight tackle him to the ground. Which causes him to only blink more owlishly in the direction of the King.

Of course. Granted, Felicia can't help but cringe just a little, both for Alaric's words, and Lorenzo's. A two fingered salute towards Alaric with a mortified kind of acknowledgment, duties carried out, yep, ahem, never mind one could probably guide ships off coastlines with the color of her cheeks, but Lorenzo's talking and she turns his way and finds an entirely new depth of color,"I... ah. No. Not normally. No, my lord... sorry. But... ah... his Majesty's orders?" she thumbs in the direction of Alaric hopefully and then worries at her bottom lip with her teeth, apparently content to manage to settle on her rear for the moment and offer Lorenzo a shy kind of smile of her own,"I really am sorry. Someone pushed me... the seco... okay, that just makes it worse." she offers out a hand,"I think I owe you a drink, in the least."

"Oh... I am?" Dante states to Ignacio and then clears his throat, "I'll speak less, then." He states in a serious tone to the other Fidante before he turns to the princesses once more, bowing faintly and stating, "Princesses, Lords, dessert, cafe?"

Donella says, "Maybe it will rain?"

As Agatha starts to flail and dance her way over, Elgana gives Romulius a little apologetic look as she unthreads her arm from his. "Sisterly duty calls. Don't go running off on me now." She chuckles as she glances to Mailys and says to the other woman, "Excuse me, I have to go tend to my sister." And then off Elgana goes, gently gathering Agatha up the best she can. It is Agatha after all and Elgana uses soft words. "This way, sister." And leads her off to take care of the roughest part of all that drinking.

Almost not sure how to react to Dante's words, Ignacio starts to calm down, taking slow, deep breaths in a calming manner, quickly apologizing to his cousin, but it a quiet tone, "....Alright... Sorry..."

Ann is overheard praising Gwenna for: helping with the woading and the betrothal legals expertly!

"Tea would be nice," Isidora claims dully with a gentle nod to Dante, Ignacio, and Cadenza. She appears out of sorts with the ongoings of the crowd and remains close to the trio while brushing her hands over her scantily clad arms. "This has been an interesting event, a stone game, axe throwing, mud wrestling, and drinking. I am not certain anyone was entirely nude, thankfully the mud hid anything from sight."

Dante briskly hugs Ignacio about the shoulders, rubbing the man's back a moment and saying something more quietly.

"I would think a little more than a drink, hmm?" Lorenzo asks with an amused smile touching his features. He's taking up her offer it seems, and now that he has a bit of a footing to start to push himself up. "Though if you wish to dismiss it as His Majesty's orders, I certainetly would not fault you." Pushing to his feet, he offers Felicia his hand. "Prince Lorenzo Velenosa, at your service, Dame Harrow." he offers with a crooked little smile. "And you do look quite lovely in just your night clothes, I would not mind seeing you perhaps a more formal dinner in a proper dress?" Oh, he's brave.

With two more prizes in tow, Sir Jeffeth Bayweather makes his way slowly over to Cassima. A unicorn and a mounted bat are put on the bench before Jeffeth, rather than sitting on the bench, just sits on the ground in front of Cassima. Placing his large arms on top of his knees, he looks blearily up at Cassima with a broad smile.

Romulius chuckles as Elgana is lead away by Agatha and he shakes his head again, blinks, and then stands up leaving behind a very muddy seat. "Well, it definitely b'worth comin'." The woaded and painted and muddy giant of a man rumbles and then looks over at Mailys, offering her a muddy arm, "Care t'join me? Think I be needin' a bath, at the very leas'."

Romulius has left the shaded garden grotto.

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