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Caspian vs. Joslyn - Rite to Gloria

Caspian Wild and Lady Joslyn Stonewood will be fighting each other in a Rite to Gloria. This will be a small affair with a short speech by Dame Emilia De Lys, followed by the match, followed by a collection of any offerings to be given to The Shrine of Gloria, given to the winner to donate. You are encouraged but not required to bring an offering.


Jan. 3, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Alarissa Emilia Mae Victus Aerandir Nisaa Waldemai Esoka Joslyn Sorrel Delilah Reese Lou Malesh Sabitha Jacque(RIP) Titania(RIP) Jericho Agnarr Ectorion Eleanor Monique Lethe Samael



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log

"Yes, I am ready, please, join me in the field, Lady Joslyn should be here any moment," Caspian calls back to Emilia as he sees the woman approaching, giving her a wide grin. "Once she is here, we can begin the business of honoring Gloria."

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Reese arrives in the Tournament grounds while adorned in pink and totting her weapons. She looks to be in a somber mood, but Reese always is lately.

Titania comes walking into the ground looking around, she spots everyone up in the high booth but then she decides to move to the quiet booth to watch the spar. She is in a dress with a hooded cloak on thats down at the moment showing her face.

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3 Bisland pride guards arrives, following Sabitha.

3 Bisland pride guards, Deputy Clerk Anya, Sabitha arrive, following Samael.

Malesh arrives without any of his normal attendents, and is likewise somber. It is his normal personality some would say, but perhaps it is merely a side effect of his great height. He walks with a quick step, looking for a place to spectate the Lady Joslyn Stonewood as she represents his house before the eyes of Gloria.

Lethe arrives to the event with an eager look around. She finds an available seat for herself.

Wearing a smile and wiggling her fingers to /somebody/ in the crowd, Joslyn turns to face Caspian, dipping her head towards him. "I'm here," she says, beaming a little. She smooths her silks, not quite looking dressed for battle, but she holds herself steady with a grin. "I've been looking foward to this."

Mae checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

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Delilah checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Malesh before departing.

Up in the Judges Booth, looking oh so official, is a small woman clad in a dark cloak. In her hands, a sketch book and pencil. How'd Mae get there? Who knows! There certainly wasn't jingling. But there she sits, now, with that book in her lap, and already she's drawing out the various people in the stands. Somewhere, down below, an assistant innkeeper with a little rat-dog is looking annoyed.

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Emilia nods to Caspian and accepts his invitation- her reply is in the form of motion. She moves towards the fields, finally, albeit only slightly, relaxing her very ceremonious posture. Once there, she clasps her hands behind her back, and prepares to begin.

Seeing that Joslyn has graced them with their presence, Caspian turns to the crowd, calling to them. "Good morning! For those who do not know me, I am Caspian Wild, professional Champion," he calls to the group, bowing much like a stage preformer here. "And I am the one who orginized this Rite to Gloria, with of course the much appreciated aid of Lady Joslyn," He waves to Joslyn, "And Dame Emilia. The later of which will be offering a few wise words before we begin." He turns to Emilia, smiling her way. "If you would?"

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Finding a seat with his fellow plebs, Agnarr sits around the back rows, likely annoying whoever has the misfortune of sitting behind him.

Waldemai applauds Caspian's speech.

Samael is wearing blue and white silks on his body and his hands are bound in silky white gauze. Surprisingly he has a woman on his arm, Sabitha Bisland making her public debut. They walk into the tournament grounds as Samael says toward Sabitha, "Did you want a drink or find seats?"

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Victus raises his hand in a slow wave to Eleanor when he spots her and another toward Titania. The High Lord seeming to have a grin on his face, at last having some good old fashioned fun now that there was some godly beatings to be handed out. "Fuck 'em up!" He calls to the field to no one in particular.

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Delilah is sneaky, but definitely not sneaky enough to make it someplace she wouldn't be allowed! She lets out an overexaggerated sigh and settles in the quiet booth instead.

Taking a place at the high booth with a number of other individuals, Jacque flashes a smile to them, before uttering a few quick words.

Eleanor, having done a circuit and said her hellos, finds her wait to a seat.

Titania looks to Victus waving a gloved hand to the Highlord in a greeting a small smile coming to her face as he calls out to the field it brings a smile to her face then her eyes look back to the firled as she waits for it to start.

Sabitha accompanying Samael is a rare thing indeed, but if on the late side, at least it's a fashionable lateness. "Seats," she says. "They're starting. I'll wish for the drink later, no doubt." She's not quite looking at her husband on her arm; too busy taking in all the faces and their places.

Nisaa slips into the tournament grounds almost like a shadow, dressed in umbra. Verdigirs eyes cast about the crowd, smiling when they set upon Caspian giving his speech. She then tries to find a place to sit, to enjoy what she is about to experience.

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Arriving fairly fashionably late, Prince Jericho Valardin moves to take his seat. Emerald green eyes watching the specticle that was about to begin...but he did have a rather big smile on his face. He liked watching bouts such as these. Tests of pure skill, as it were. "I wonder who will come out the victor in this particular duel? Should be entertaining nonetheless." he smiles then, leaning forward in his seat.

Alarissa has settled in a booth with Victus and the others who are watching from a far.

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Samael nods to Sabitha as his hand shake a little. Drinks later, yes. He leads them over toward some stands. "I don't think this fight will last very long. I've seen Joslyn duel," he says as he gets to some seats. He dusts them off for Sabitha with his gauze bound hands even though they looked completely acceptably clean.

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Up in the judges' booth, Mae sits, and her eyes narrow, and she stares down at those in the field, doing her best to look judgemental. Then she looks back to sketch book and does a few more strokes of her pencil before flipping the page.

Joslyn inclines her head towards Emilia as she joins them in the field, Joslyn stands steady, her hands clasped before herself, standing as she awaits the rest of the ceremony, giving nods to the familiar faces in the crowd, smiling broadly.

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Malesh was looking for a place to sit and he finds it in the general seating. As he moves through the area to actually take a seat, he lingers near the Bislands for a hello...

After Delilah had settled into her seat, she leaned over to share a few whispers to those around her. Her gaze wandered the seating areas around her, and she momentarily squinted at Mae up above.

Nisaa sits in the General Seating area, her hands folded on her lap. She holds the posture of one excited, anticipating the event about to happen, her smile stretching wide across her face.

"Her eye sees all!" Emilia calls out, voice like a crack of thunder compared to her usual volume. It carries far. "And Her arm strikes true!" She looks over the crowd, giving a meaningful pause to her words. "Evil shall find no sanctuary here. For evil is unjust. Unrighteous. Dishonorable. When I throw my warlike shield before me, scatter and be destroyed! For my path has been set ablaze and is guided by the tenets of chivalry, my strength is tempered by honor, and my resolve is reinforced." It was a battleprayer, of all things- how befitting of a Templar. "None of us are born strong or powerful into this world." She shakes her head, as finally, her voice no longer seems so booming. "But even so, she beckons the broken and the weak to her side-- Devote yourself to her! Learn from her! Be inspired! To be strong is a choice- and to turn that strength to the defense of the weak and the innocent is what she demands! Protect your brother! Protect your companion! Protect he who cannot do so himself! You need not love the sword, but if the sword loves you, then this is the path of chivalry. This is the path of Devotion! It is in honor. In your conduct, not the outcome." She gestures to Caspian and Joslyn. "They have come here to show us the essence of honor- to show us their honorable conduct-- not the result. Today we honor the Goddess of Honor. Today, we honor Gloria."

Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Jericho smiles softly to the conversations around him before his attention is ultimately on the precedings as they seem to begin. He sits back in his chair, and watches onward. "May the best fighter win."

Once Emilia has finished her speech Caspian claps his hands and steps away from Joslyn, drawing not one, but three daggers from his belt and begings juggling them. "Thank you Dame Emilia! We will honor Gloria indeed. Now, this fight is a simple first blood match." Once a little bit of distance he turns back towards Joslyn and throws the fanciest dagger of them all, Nature's Fury, high into the air, and then throws the other two so that the stick in the dirt. Once Nature's Fury comes within graps he catches it in the air. "Are you ready, Lady Joslyn?"

Caspian drops a white painted knife.

Caspian drops a black painted dagger with a curved cross-guard.

Caspian wields Nature's Fury.

Joslyn nods her head towards Caspian, smiling towards him with a nod of her head. "Of course. It's my pleasure," she says, smoothing the silks of her skirts as he thows his daggers in his own display. She dips her head to Emilia and smiles. "For Gloria, and in representation of House Stonewood and as a Knight of Pridehall, I am ready to perform this rite to Gloria," as she speaks she reaches behind her head, tugging the pin holding the hair firmly back so that the carefully pinned bun comes undone, hair dropping around her shoulders in cascading brunette waves. With another hand she casually ties the locks back into a quick but efficient ponytail, digging her heel into the dirt as she turns to face Caspian, nodding her head. "I'm ready," she says. "May Gloria favor us both."

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Waldemai cheers for both the fighters. "To the glory of Gloria!"

holds his knife up in a ready position, the blade pointed towards Joslyn, giving her a wide, wild grin, twirling the knife once in his hand. "Then let us begin!"

Caspian holds his knife up in a ready position, the blade pointed towards Joslyn, giving her a wide, wild grin, twirling the knife once in his hand. "Then let us begin!"

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Mae's eyes go wide, wide, wideter yet as Emilia launches into her battle cry. She blinks a few times, then starts to scribble down words onto her page. She's only looking back up when 'begin!' is called.

Joslyn wields the Rose of Stonewood.

Caspian takes serious damage.

Kit, the grey fox, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrive, following Monique.

Sorrel settles in quietly to watch the fight, watching with interest as the combatants prepare themselves. She looks almost serene, folding her hands in her lap as she observes, a small smile on her lips.

Joslyn takes minor damage.

Emilia nods to Caspian, and then smiles to Joslyn and inclines her head respectfully to her. "Fight well, and with honor." Finally, she unclasps her right hand, and within it seems to be a figurine made of paper. From a distance, it's probably hard to tell what it is. Perhaps characteristic of Emilia, it is a flower where the petals are shaped like swords. She launches it into the air, and the strong breeze carries it away- probably never to be found again. Emilia's lips move, as she steps back. "Yours the Glory."

Justice, an elegant hunting falcon arrives, delivering a message to Agnarr before departing.

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Willen arrives, following Lou.

Monique arrives late, lookng harried and like she might have overslept a nap. Her hair is still perfect.

The fight is off and as Joslyn steadily holds her ground, her jade eyes squinting as he moves towards her, she quickly charges in for the first strike, parrying his own dagger out of the way, she retaliates quickly, the rose-shaped pin making contact with her opponent, but no blood yet.

Lou slips into the tournament grounds, closely followed by Willen. She walks further into the grounds, then pauses to look for a seat.

Caspian is quite surpised by the solid hit that Joslyn lands upon him, but he laughs it off, attempting to trade a few blows with Joslyn and score a hit back, but their attacks fail to connect with each other. He takes a step back, squats down, and grabs the blade painted dagger he had throw down earlier and lunges forward for Joslyn, thrusting both blades towards her.

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As the fight continues, Joslyn manages to dodge away from his lunging thrust (the 'love thrust' if you will), and she sidesteps lunging then for him, the Rose of Stonewood just barely missing as the two warriors remain locked in their dance of blades and pins. Her skirts flare out dramatically as she spins around to face him once more, sliding dangerously to continue to dodge and retalitate.

a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Lou before departing.

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Astraea is overheard praising Emilia for: When the Gods call you to service, only hope you can do it half as good as Emilia.

Moving to join the general seating, Monique tries to find a place near Sabitha amd Samael, pausing to murmur something to Agnarr as she passes.

Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

"Go Lady Dame Joslyn!" shouts Mae, from the judges booth! Geez, talk about biased judges...

Lou squinty eyes at the lizard that comes up to her and gives her a message. She takes it from the little guy, and reads it over, then pockets it. Then, she goes over to the general seating and settles down, nodding to those she happens to know.

Caspian uses his black dagger to block the hairpins, which in it's self is a feat. But that isn't the only thing he does, the black dagger is abandoned once more, this time he throws it inbetween the woman's feet, grinning a moment and winking to her before he steps forward for another attack, Nature's Fury coming out for a quick slash.

And Joslyn manages another strike! This one glances harmlessly off of Caspian's armor, and she grunts a moment, grinning as she continues her rapid dance away from his dancing blades. "Watch the dress!" Joslyn warns as he tosses the dagger between her feet, grinning as the skirts flare out once more with another spin of hers.

Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

And then Capsian pulls off something tricky. After dodging that next attack Caspian kicks at the white painted knife, knocking it out of the ground and into the air, catching it and making a swiping motion towards Joslyn, his eyes wid and disbelieving, like he himself did not thing he could pull that off!

Nisaa begins to bite on her nails as she watches, her knees shaking up and down as her feet bounce in place. After a moment, she shouts out, though muffled behind her hand, "Go Caspian!" in a heavily accented voice. She looks around as if surprised by her own exclamation, and perhaps embarrassed as well.

Alarissa checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

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Emilia watches quietly, still like a statue. Every now and then, the wind tosses her long braid slightly about, like a cat playing with a ball of yarn. She voices no favorite, and most likely does not have one. Her keen eyes are set on the two combatants, and it's as if she misses nothing. Her arm idly rests on the pommel of that thin sword on her side, with the complicated hill design.

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Willen leaves, following Lou.

Joslyn keeps on pressing in, growing steadily more persistent as the fight continues, stepping back and away from that low swipe she laughs. "Well now, that's quite a show," she says, grinning towards him with a squint, pressing in for another attack, the pins never quite able to penetrate the armor, or find any weak points.

Jericho cheers once he sees hits struck and lucky dodges and actions landed. "Hah! what a bout!" he smiles then, lifting his drink to his lips as he watches with intent...though his expression seems to sour, though he was in a good mood. Now taking a more analytically critical stance on the sight of the bout...perhaps analyzing their forms?

Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Caspian pauses a moment after making a counter attack to the attack that strikes his armor, letting out a low whistle. "It's like trying to hit a fly with a catapult." He chuckles at that, and tosses the white knife into the air, moving to swipe at Joslyn with Nature's Fury and then catch the knife for a follow up attack after that.

Caspian takes minor damage.

Caspian takes serious damage.

And so the fight continues, as Caspian begins to wear down Joslyn picks up the pace, growing more aggressive with each passing moment. "The trick," Joslyn says between her attempts. "Is to never stop moving," Joslyn strikes forward then, dancing around his strikes, she finally moves in and with a steady thrust of her pin, finds a point of bared skin, burying that tip into flesh and pulling back, ending her strikes the moment she sees the blood on the tip of her pin.

Joslyn got Caspian good. All the flair in the world doesn't stop Joslyn's deadly hairpins. He lets out one more strike, but then looks down to himself and notices that he is leaking blood from a new hole. "Well, shit," Caspian sighs, sheathing his knife. With the adrenaline already fading he winces at the pain, she got him in an extra bleedy part, but he still smiles wide. "You win. You deserve all the praise of your fighting skills that I've heard over the past days." He turns to the crowd, "Give it up for Joslyn, the winner!"

Waldemai cheers for both the fighters. "Well fought! Well fought! All glory to Gloria!"

Nisaa hops up from her seat to applaud both Caspian and Joslyn with dainty hands.

Aerandir rises from his seat and claps his gauntleted hands together in a thunderous, metallic applause that resembles a mobile kitchen more than anything else, though some hoarse words of his do follow suit: "Adequately fought!"

"Glory and honor to Gloria!" cheers Sorrel, clapping her hands as the fight concludes.

Reese is overheard praising Joslyn for: A true champion and the victor!

Samael can't clap with his hands bound with silky gauze but he stands from his seat either way and mock claps his hands, never letting them actually touch. He looks down to Sabitha and nods. "Caspian found well, but the Silken Knight of Pridehall is the winner clearly," he says. "The judges are right to stop it. Gloria has spoken."

Reese is overheard praising Caspian for: He has spirit and is performer.

Mae pops up to her feet, holding her sketchbook to her chest. "Yay Lady Dame Joslyn! Congratulations!" she calls out. She even stomps her feet, to make an obnoxious jingle-jangle come from the judge's booth. Because, yes, Mae jingles.

Monique applauds wildly for the Champions. "What a match! Well fought!"

Delilah brought her hands together in applause, "Well fought, the both of you!"


Reese cheers for both of the champions. "Praise Gloria! Well fought!

Samael is overheard praising Joslyn for: The Silken Knight of Pridehall proving you don't need armor.

Agnarr claps, but he doesn't get up from his seat.

Bowing her head towards Caspian, Joslyn offers a hand to Caspian. "Well fought," she says, drawing a deep breath. "I was honestly worried for a moment I wasn't going to do much more beyond my first attempt. You're a good fighter, this easily could have gone the other way. I hope we've both done honor to Gloria today," Joslyn than blinks, looking up to the judges stand, and waving then to the jingly support before she dips her head to the rest of the crowd.

Ectorion stands and applauds as well, "Praise to Gloria, and honor to the combatants.." he remarks before returning to his seat.

Nisaa is overheard praising Caspian for: He did well against the famed Joslyn, at first. Well fought!

Nisaa is overheard praising Joslyn for: As talented with hairpins as I have been hearing.

Reese puts Destiny, a high quality mace in a backpack adorned with delicate roses.

Caspian "If you have offerings to Gloria, Lady Joslyn, she will be giving them to The Shrine of Gloria, so feel free to pass them along to her before she leaves." Caspian calls as the cheering dies down a bit, then turns to Joslyn, taking her hand to shake it. "You are an amazing fighter. I've never seen such fluid moves. I can only hope that one day I surpass your skill."

Esoka stands in her booth as the fight concludes. She offers a deep bow to both fighters, then pounds a gauntlet-clad fist upon her chest. "Praise be to Gloria! A fine exhibition."

Victus stands and pumps his fist into the air with small babe in his other hand. "GOOD SHIT!" He calls down to the pits, the grin on his face stretching beyond every little scar that dotted it. Even the baby seems pleased, she doesn't even make a sound when her father shouts right next to her. Or, maybe she's just used to it.

Jericho can't help but clawp then. "Well done! well fought, the both of you!" he smiles then with a warmness, more than happy to give the credit where it's due.

"Well fought!" Emilia says to the two combatants. She looks proud, moved even, by the performance of the two. "Gloria was honored today, fairly, and with bravery. Today, our battles end with no sacrifices. Blood was spilled, and yet no graves shall be filled." She smiles, though, it is not as brilliant as before. "That will not always be the case. Even now, we face a threat far too real-- it stands on our doorstep, sharpening it's claws." She looks towards Victus then. "Allow me to mark the end of this battle with a prayer, and to remind you who helped us get this far-- and to give you some of their courage:" She licks her lips, and takes a deep breath. "Seek no shelter in another, and gather not on the illuminated roads. Don not the raiment of hate, or jealousy, or cowardice. Be as the black rocks that breaks the waves, or the roots of the oak! Never yield!" She calls out. "Never falter. And forget not the shining walls that shield you, for within them the righteous fallen eternally sleep. From their sacrifice, this Fortress was built." With her job, and prayer done, she gives one final nod to Joslyn and Caspian, and begins walking off the field, in the same manner she walked onto it.

Titania claps her gloved hands together as Joslyn wins she has a grin on her face when Victus shouts and her eyes look up to him and his daughter and Alarissa. She shakes her head looking to Eleanor and Delilah, "It was good too see you both." she smiles putting a gloved hand on Delilahs shoulder and moves to leave.

Reese rises to her booted feet. She has a last smile for those gathered here and then starts to slip out.

Mae is overheard praising Emilia for: Ours is the victory, Hers is the glory!

Reese is overheard praising Emilia for: Great Prayer

Nisaa is overheard praising Emilia for: Inspiring giver of prayer!

Eleanor, having added her applause to the crowd, is still grinning broadly from the fun of the fight as she turns toward Titania. "You too, a pleasure to meet you."

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Victus up and yelling has Alarissa cringing and moving to take the quiet infant from him, so he can pump fists properly and screaming while protecting her from the yelling and eagerness in the Thra High Lord with the faintest of eyerolls from her.

"We'll hold another Champions event," Agnarr ponders, half to himself - but his gaze does flick over to Monique a moment. "One of these days. If we don't die." Then, he gazes back on the two duelists. He starts to depart from the seating, no rush to his pace.

Applauding loudly, Jacque nods his approval towards the combatants, a smile across his lips. He pays attention to Emilia's speech, however, looking at her for a long time as she delivers those words. "Glory to Gloria!"

Mae quiets, when Emilia speaks. Once the prayer is had she gives another shout, then she quickly grabs up her things and climbs down out of the judges booth and over towards the field. "Mister Caspian, Lady Joslyn, do either of you need a healer?" she calls thataway.

"My offering is my blood and a display of skill," Joslyn nods to Caspian and once again to Emilia as she does her prayer. "I hope we do this again in the future. You're a skilled and rather unique fighter. I daresay eventually you'll surpass even my own skill. I've only been a true fighter for two years, truly." To Mae, she shakes her head. "I'll be okay, but somebody should..." she glances to Caspian. "That was deeper than I'd planned on."

Jacque is overheard praising Joslyn for: An excellent performance, both from the victor and from the challenger.

Jacque is overheard praising Caspian for: Excellent performance!

"I could use one," Caspian calls back to Mae, waving his hand towards the woman, then to the stab wound, which has been leaking blood.

Sabitha claps through a slightly pained expression, one that might be sympathy for Caspian's pains or the very proper lady's response to certain enthusiastic shouts.

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Sabitha is overheard praising Joslyn for: Her reknown as a combatant is certainly well-earned.

Monique rises, waving to her friends. "Best get back! I'm so glad I caught this fight!"

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Kit, the grey fox, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name leave, following Monique.

Sabitha is overheard praising Caspian for: The champion has great heart.

Samael is overheard praising Caspian for: Gloria bless you.

Delilah dips her head politely towards Titania and offers her a small curl to her lips. "Thank you, Lady Titania. I look forward to seeing you again." A small grin was shot towards Eleanor, accompanied with a whisper, before she returned her attention to the three in the field.

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Victus settles back down as his excitement drawls, baby-less this time. Instead he takes the time to listen as Emilia gives her final speech, his grin turning to a frown quickly. Not because of those words, but because of the thoughts that drift to their enemies. "We won't give an inch." He affirms, nodding down to her and looking back to those at the booth as well. "I should probably get back home too, gotten a lot of fresh air. Seen lots of battle. It's been a good day."

"Trust me, my lady," Mae says to Joslyn, with a sweet smile. She steps right over to Caspian and then dips into her cloak, where a bag hangs at her waist. "He probably deserved it. Probably likes it..." she muses. And then Mae will proceed to work on Caspian, getting him patched up as she can. "Might need to still go see the Mercies... or Physicians. I'm not exactly a, uh, stab wound kind of... healer..." she murmurs out. And then with that, Mae will give a smile and a wave!

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Jericho would rise to his feet. "Heh, good show, good show." and the white-mained Valardin Prince would turn on his heel and leave the scene! Though the smile on his face never left, presuming he had a great time.

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Cheryl the Assistant Innkeeper, Scourge, a sweater wearing rat-dog leave, following Mae.

Now that Victus isn't jumping around and yelling, he'll no longer be baby-less, Astrid passed back. "Take her with you. I've a few places to go still and people to see." Now that the display is done, she has things to do.

Esoka takes her leave of the grounds, with a final "Gloria bless" all around.

With that, Agnarr takes his leave.

"Thank you for coming," Joslyn says to everybody and especially to those that depart. "This was a great fight. I hope to do some more in the future," she offers a smile towards Caspian, and back to the rest of the room, moving to take a spot beside Delilah, hugging the woman tight. "Did you enjoy the show?"

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