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Prince Ectorion Valardin

Wear your tragedies as armor, not shackles, that they may never truly break you but give you strength.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Vengeful Crusader
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 24
Birthday: 10/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: pale blonde
Eye Color: deep blue
Skintone: fair

Description: Slender and muscular, this young man stands just over six feet in height. He has the look and bearing of a nobleman and a warrior, with sharp eyes of a deep blue shade that seem to constantly be observing the world around him. His hair is very fine, a pale blonde in color and straight, worn a bit longer in the front but more trimmed on the sides and back. His expression tends to be stern and focused, and he moves with a sense of purpose in all he does.

Personality: Ectorion is serious, sober and sincere, and strives to epitomize the knightly virtue to which he was raised. He has sometimes been accused of brooding, but in truth, he is a man who does not feel the need to fill each passing moment with random conversation and chatter. As content to sit in silence as to converse, it does not hinder his ability to maintain conversation when engaged. His study of engineering has given him a penchant for looking at things in an often quite different fashion, and he is known to make strange observations from time to time in a verbal shorthand that often leaves people unclear as to what he means.

Background: The fifth child of a Valardin branch family, to say that Ectorion was far down in the line of succession would be a fairly extreme understatement. His mother Lyllindyl Valardin was of a scholarly disposition though, and in addition to the traditional Knightly training, he received a strong education, particularly in the subjects of mathematics and engineering, for which he showed a strong affinity. His life seemed destined for the scholarly pursuits, and his contribution to his family likely to be in that field.

But, like so many people, war changed the course of his life forever. In his twentieth year, the coming of the Bringers of Silence called him from his designs and calculations, and to the battle lines of the growing conflict. His skill turned out to be formidable, and he distinguished himself on the battlefield. Tragedy was to strike though, for while he was away from Valardin lands, he lost his childhood friend and betrothed, Allissa. The death of his beloved had a deep and profound impact on the young Knight, and many claim that it is what made him the quietly brooding man he is today.

When Prince Edain called for volunteers to reinforce the greatly reduced ranks of the King's Own, Ectorion stepped forth and went into the service of the King more directly, where he served during the events of the Siege. He was among those who stood upon the bridge with Dame Leona, when the Master of Questions made a bid to grab power, fearlessly fighting at her side. It was after that battle that his 'loan' service with the King's Own became formal, as Edain released him from his oath and he took the oath of the King's Own.

Relationship Summary

  • Astraea - An acquaintance from youth resurfaces as, I hope, a friend in this new chapter of life.

  • Ally:
  • Leona - A Lord Commander whom I'm honored to serve.
  • Eleanor - Though it is hard to trust those who like mornings, this particular one seems alright.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha He seems to keep an eye on my cousin, Astraea. If he has her back, then he's alright in my view!
    Aiden I've seen the devotion this man has and while he may no longer be serving the Kings Own, he brings that loyalty with him, where it is strongly needed. I'd would trust him to have my back in conflict or otherwise.
    Aleksei Oh no. He's one of those ones that thinks of me as a paladin first. I never quite know what to do with that.
    Alexis Sir Ectorion of the King's Own. Clearly reminiscent of his Valardin heritage, and a good man to have at one's side.
    Amarantha The subject of many, many of my sister's diary pages. I'll kill him if he wrongs her.
    Apollis If this guy thinks I'm protective of Astraea, I think he's delusional. He's cute, though, so I forgive him.
    Caspian He is a good fighter who provided me a great challenge and a bench mark to strive towards
    Costas A Valardin familiar with ships and a military mind. Pleasant enough chap and polite as I've come to expect from his countrymen.
    Courage What a kind and surely valorous knight! And honorable. Surely! All knights are valorous and honorable.
    Cristoph I remember him from the tournament. A fine example of his family as well as the King's Own.
    Daemon Another Valardin Knight! Another who's also gone a path to assist the rest of the Compact as a whole! Perhaps a kindred spirits of sorts, and an honorable man I hope to be seeing more of.
    Edain I was sad to see him go when he followed his heart to the King's Own, but I could not have been prouder of. The King's Own have gained a great knight in Ectorion. He may have had to renounce his title, but he will always be one of the Dragon's of the West.
    Eleanor A bit on the stuffy side. I wonder if he ever lets his hair down. ...Can I call a superior officer 'stuffy'?
    Emilia A skilled warrior, truly deserving to be one of the King's Own!
    Jacque My cousin, a Sir Knight. We have many similarities, though the paths we chose diverge. I do hope we can catch up and exchange stories, and that I am able to witness his grandiose Knightly and pious acts in the future. It would befit me, a Valardin, to write about another.
    Jordan Knightly bearing and regal manners. Valardin Prince, no doubt. Holding true to the positive aspects of the archetype, which is good. Everyone prays for dragons.
    Katarina He's ever dutiful and well-spoken as one would expect of someone who served the King's Own.
    Margerie A valiant fighter on the fields of red versus blue
    Marian He's taking pretty well to the medium blade. Just needs to work on his athletics. That armor will kill him against a fighter that has skills in dodge and can keep him going till he collapses.
    Norwood He is a quiet man who seems quite serious about matters settled before him.
    Orazio What Orazio would expect from a Valardin knight, particularly one honored with a position on the Hundred. A pleasure to talk to, and someone who can be trusted in the future, Orazio feels.
    Reese He must be good if he a knight of the Kings Own. Seems quite taken with Astraea, but I can't blame him for that.
    Sasha One of my favorite cousins and a noble knight. Ever so wonderful and brilliant
    Skye He knows about boats and engineering. And a Valardin knight. How exciting. I do hope that I'll see him more often when I visit my cousin, Kael. Definitely good company.
    Sparte Right and proper King's Own. I can't get a good feel for who he is past that yet. I mean being a King's Own isn't bad, you know? It is just, you know, a lot of duty this duty that. He seems a good sort though! Really!
    Theron Lucky, cheery man. He and I should spar at the training center sometime, for sure.
    Thesarin Didn't trade many words. Seems he doesn't waste many. He has skill with the blade and a fine woman adores him, have to call that a lucky man.