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Duel: Lady Catalana vs Lord Porter

The date has been set! The location chosen! Come witness Princess Sorrel Thrax champion Lady Catalana Kennex in her duel against Lord Porter Kennex, championed by Aleksei Morgan (and his great beard)!


June 3, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Porter Aleksei Catalana Sorrel


Rorik Wash Brigid Valerian Carita Rosalind Bhandn Nurie Sirius Victus Azova Bedivere Bree Cahal Lucita Gideon Kastelon Haakon Piccola Rosalie Zoey Wagner Aureth Aviana



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Crimson Square

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"Or like INFILTRATORS!" Rorik declares of sitting at those other benches, gasping aloud when Azova sits at the /neutral/ benches. "Lady Azova! Are you not going to cheer for beards and all that they stand for?" he puts his hands to his heart as though it may surely break, before he utters a big and bold laugh. Bree's tugging on his fake beard earns her a pop of his eyebrows before he's laughing all over again, flopping down on one of the benches. "As though I could ever remove mine. I'm going to grow it out, I'll have a beard even more magnificent than Porter's."

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Wash strides forward and standin in front of his wife's bench. "That's right, everyone stare at the freak that can't grow a real beard to save his life." He deposits himself on the lowest step of the bench and covers his face dramatically.

Not really recognizing anyone, Brigid takes a seat in the neutral section - mostly curious as to what the fuss over a beard is all about and why someone would want to have a duel over it.

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Valerian frets over which cheering section to join upon arrival. He rocks from one foot to the other, fiddling his fingers nervously, before ultimately choosing a side. His expression is as if to say, 'Oh, gosh! Hopefully it's the right one.'

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Carita arrives with her usual entourage, guards, assistant, but tonight she's got a small person with her. Nerissa, the Countess's eight-year-old, has a disapproving eye for the spectacle as she walks with her mother, pausing to pay respect to those she remembers, and as Carita ponders, which bench to take, Nerissa spies her aunt Azova and tugs her mother towards the neutral benches.

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Brianna gets a most magnificent and luxurious faux beard.

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Rosalind hurries in as fast she can, hearing about beards,"Everyone knows that northern men wear beards best!"grinning ear to ear as she makes her way to cheer for...NO ONE! She looks over and sees Cahal, waving to him,"Hey hi! Nice to see you again!"

Rosalind takes a most magnificent and luxurious faux beard.

Catalana arrives from the Kay in a bright flashy jeweled gown. Clearly someone in Kennex needs to be fashionable. She smiles and waves to those sitting on the bench supporting her before depositing herself before Sorrel. "Thank you for representing me your highness." She beams fondly at Sorrel before backing up so she doesn't get in the way of the warm ups.

The answer that Bhandn has for Bree's callout is simple: a pocket knife, a whetstone, and an entirely unnecessary but careful sliding motion across his own cheek, as though checking for stubble. "What are you going to do if the beards lose?" he calls out to her afterward. "I'd say wear that for a week in shame would be a good wager, no?"

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Nurie laughs at Aleksei's question, her expression gleeful and warm, the laughter echoed in her eyes as he approaches the Porter-fan benches. "You, Messere Morgan?" She askss him in return, teasingly. "/I/ have full confidence!" she assures him. "But a little extra luck never hurts!" She is, however, eyeing these luxurious fake beards she's seeing, with appreciation and no little mirth.

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Sirius surveys all surrounding scraggly beard-wearers with the angriest of scowls. Feigned, yes, but there's something morbid and horrible about this twisted, sinewy look he's got in his swung-up face. "Look at them," he tells Gideon, yet he speaks without actually looking at the Prince- he's simply monologuing to himself, with the Thraxian scion just happening to be the closest in ear-shot within Catalana's benches. "Beardlings without a chance for victory today. Would that I had the wherewithal to summon a troupe of barbers I'd end the bearded upstarts this instant," he adds, long and scolding in his vowels, yet in the end, there- a small, betraying twinkle of an amused smile.

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"Holy shit." Victus exclaims the moment he steps into the Crimson Square. Near black eyes looking over the gathered crowd. Luckily there's a guard nearby to assure him that no, this is not an invasion, this is just your ordinary inter-family warfare shenanigans. With a nod of thanks, the Prince heads over to the benches. Sitting with the crowd gathered for Catalana, in an act of clear treacherous favoritism.

"A healer always remains neutral." Azova quips back, brows raised at Rorik as he he should just KNOW that shouldn't he? When she spots Carita though, the Countess is waved over with a tight smile, which of course immediately softens when she sees Nerissa. "Neri! My favorite Darkwater. Come drag your mom right over here to sit beside me. Is this your first time watching a duel?" Both hands are held out, making a gimme motion for a hug.

Apparently, it is a Knights-of-Solace kinda knight -- Lord Bedivere Whitehawk -- on this Knights-of-Solace kinda night. He waves his only/left hand upon arriving to those who are in his Order. Cabbit the cat is perched upon his right shoulder, too. He moves onto the Kennex longship, doing so catfully.

Bree laughs loudly at the budding competition between cousins. "What if he keeps growing his? He's already a step ahead! I fear you may never catch up. Best to just keep getting fake beards, and layering them one on top of the other," she covers both hands over her own fake beard to show what this might look like. She turns to that familiar voice of Bhandn, a gasp at his challenge. "Come now, Bhandn! There is no shame in wearing this beard. I would wear it, win or lose." Back with the Kennex beside her, she lifts her brows when he calls to Azova, who responds in kind, and then she murmurs a few words quietly to Rorik.

Cahal grins at Rosalind's wave and ambles down in her direction. "Suits you." he says about the beard. "Where do you think 'didnt shave' fits in this fight?"

"Of course, Lady Catalana! It is my honor to represent those who cannot grow real beards even if some beards are truly magnificent, and damn is my husband's mustache sexy," Sorrel replies with a laugh and a sweeping bow to Catalana, before turning to wink at Aleksei in a playful sort of way. "He's getting his luck together," she explains with amusement.

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Rosalind grins at Cahal, nodding in agreement,"I'm northern. Of COURSE I look with a beard!" She wiggles excitedly, making a point to smooth the--"What is this made out of?"

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Lucita walks quietly into the area, so many people around, any sound she would have made disappears amid the conversations and movement of others. Guard dogs are left near the entry with a guard watching over them. A casual glance is cast around the area and she raises one hand to wave a little before that intriguing longship catches her attention and she heads over to it, other places either full or nearly full it would seem. "Mind if I sit here? Bear in mind that does not mean I volunteer to row, row, row."

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Gideon turns his eye slowly to the side to look at Sirius. "I don't get the beards." The prince answers back, he had a beard of his own, but still seemed confused by the fake beards. "I just know there was supposed to be a duel here... Is this really about beard growing?" He asks then, his hollow voice lowering in disappointment.

Nurie takes a most magnificent and luxurious faux beard.

As Kastelon enters the square, he catches a fake beard and puts it on over his real beard while taking a place in the benches. The cheering benches for Porter. Obviously he thinks that beards are great.

When it looks like enough people have arrived, and more specifically, that the people involved in this challenge are all here, Porter steps up onto something that makes him slightly taller than he already is. "HELLO. I think we're ready to begin, if Princess Sorrel and Master Aleksei are! Should the matter be settled in Lady Catalana's favor, I will apologize to Lord Wash for discussing his facial hair in a negative light. Should it be decided in my favor, Lady Catalan will stop demanding that I shave! The duel is to first blood, I'll let the champions take it from here."

"FOR THE BEARDS!" Bree calls out, cupping a hand to her mouth, which is framed by the glorious beard she was gifted.

The smaller version of Carita is far less amused and serious as she watches those participating with a judging eye. There are moments, of course, when Nerissa sees a familiar face and a burst of sunny brightness lights her face, she tugs her mother towards the neutral benches and down the pair sit. Carita's leans to aside to Azova, "I came in second place in a beard contest once."

Wash's hangdog look becomes even more pronounced as he stares at the ground.

"Who could get the beards?" Sirius asks, his voice risen in a melodramatic lilt that then falters and droops and sinks in suspenseful crescendo for Gideon. He's rather obviously teasing, kidding, to some degree; "They're just these heinous things that grow on one's face, against our will. They're itchy, yes- they're home to filth, correct. They, too, house little vermin and food-excess if one's the kind to eat plenty. And I imagine all of these knights and gruffly-made fellows have quite the appetite."

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Rorik leans to murmur something quietly to Bree before he leans away with a chuckle. When he straightens back up, he cups his own hand to his mouth and shouts out in agreement with Bree: "FOR THE BEAAAARDSSSS!!!"

Haakon settles into a seat near the one Gideon claims, placing himself on.. someone's side. Canting his head to a curious angle as he takes in the jovial air of the square and duelists, he asks of the Tyde champion, "Are all duels here so..." he pauses, trying to choose the most delicate way to ask, "...stupid?"

"Can never have too much," Aleksei figures with a crooked, boyish grin, before leaning in to steal a kiss from Nurie. It's not /too/ lingering before he realizes that Porter is now announcing the start of the duel he's supposed to be fighting, and then he startles up, wheeling for a moment as he almost unbalances, and then strides back down the bench to the square. "Hello! Yes, I am here, with my very nice beard that I grew myself!"

Azova reaches over to brush a bit of Nerissa's hair behind her ears, ever the doting aunt it would seem. "I could not possibly have heard you right, Carita. You got second place in a what contest now?" She can't help her incredulous amusement, obviously biting back a laugh.

Gideon shakes his head, but whether it's to Haakon or Sirius there's no telling. "My beard is kept just fine, and certainly not filthy, save for occasional blood. As for your very, very reasonable question." He continues, looking to Haakon. "The crimson square isn't for this kind of thing, but let them have their fun I suppose. As long as blood spills, the square won't be dishonored."

Kastelon puts his hands together for Aleksei's beard. He doesn't smile, but Haakon's commentary on the other benches gets a sidelong look and a crinkle around his eyes.

Despite the smile on his face, Valerian lets out a hum of surprise at the rowdiness. He doesn't have pearls to clutch, but he does have a necklace, which he clutches clutchilly! "Go! Not beards!" No doubt the sad attempt at cheering gets drowned out but at least he can say he tried.

Catalana settles near the people supporting her and Sorrel. She explains to Haakon and Gideon quietly, "Lord Porter had long held his beard growing abilities over me. Often stating my failure at beauty and has now turned his taunts on my poor husband and stated that nearly all women are seduced by beards. It's time to shut him up Permantly." She droops her shoulders in disappointment, "He would not agree to shaving the thing off though."

The Dragoon flickers her gaze towards Gideon and then Haakon, trying to look down into her lap but the corners of Brigid's mouth could be seen in a slight smile.

A kiss for luck is cheerfully given, and of course it can't be helped that a luck boosting beard scritch is given too, before the champion is off to catch up and take his place. Nurie laughs again, waving, and then decides to put on her own beard in solidarity, adjusting it just so, and stroking it. "My stars and garters, one wonders how you /stop/ stroking your face if you've got a beard!" she decides, out loud.

Sirius leans his torso back on the bench, happening to be the unlucky 'someone' that's by Haakon's /other/ side, opposite to Gideon's way, leaving him between the pair. "This is the first time I see a duel," he additions after Gideon's answer, opining by leaning forward and side-lining a quick look for the pair. "Would that we could have all duels be banal, generalizing nonsense. Something tells me this is just a passing thing, however."

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"Right?" Bree laughs as Nurie discovers the joys of beard stroking, reaching up to do the same to her own again.

"It's fun isn't it,"Rosa agrees with Nurie, laughing. She herself has been stroking hers since she attatched it. "I think I'll go and sneak up at Blackwood looking like this later." Oh yes she is!

Victus wanders his way up alongside Gideon. The Prince giving his cousin a quick clap on the shoulder. "Hey." He jabbed his thumb toward the gathered crowd. "What are they fighting about?"

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Gideon looks to Victus as he comes over to the benches, then the warming up fighters. "Something about beards, and insulting them. Beards Versus Not-Beards. I have no fuckin' idea." He answers simply, shaking his head. "Better suited for the training center than the square I think, but it is some kind of dispute."

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Haakon raises a brown brow at Catalana's answer. "Permanently," he echoes with a slow nod. "Well, the cause may be fucking daft, but fair respect for folk being willing to die for it." As Victus pokes Gideon from the other side, the Eswynd adds, "Lady wants to shut her husband up, permanent."

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As the veritable mountain of a Highlord shudders the overlapping bleachers where he's there seated, Sirius' heard to whisper a briefly shocked 'Shit' of unlikely Valardin behavior before his alerted gaze flits left, then right, upon Victus. His nose crinkles tight with lines, but it's not in disgust- he's struggling to define the recognition that's turning as wheels in his head. "My understanding is that one side, Porter's side, believes that all women irregardless of background have a predisposition for beards, no exception," he comments after Gideon.

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Zoey gets a most magnificent and luxurious faux beard.

Piccola seems to pop out of the crowd somewhere near Nurie, and puts a hand on her shoulder to get her attention. "Hey." Like a freakin' ghost, it seems. She takes a seat behind the woman. "What are you doing here? Didn't think you'd be the blood-thirsty type."

Rosalie is seating quietly at the benches for Porter's cheering section. Smiling brightly and looking towards Porter as he maked the introduction, clapping as he turns things over to the Champions. There's a brief grin for the 'Beard Benches' people hooting and hollering their support, though she remains largely quiet.

Hearing all the whooping and cheering for the duel, Zoey exits Kennex Kay to watch from the doorstep with a spyglass. Her other hand is occupied with a glass of wine.

"Oh, I had a beard made for the beards and brews night. It's in the trophy case in the tower room." Carita's cheeky smile curls as she shrugs. "Soon after, almost everyone had one like it." She motions Zoey's way, "See? She was there." Nerissa's smile for her auntie Azova melts as she turns her attention back on the fight. "But... /why/ are they having a duel?"

"Oh, is that why they're fighting?" Valerian chimes in, "I thought it was over the predisposition of one of the parties for manufacturing silly made-up words. I guess I should listen better at dinner."

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Catalana laughs at Haakon, "While I wouldn't mind shutting my husband up permantly, he is the one who can't grow a beard." She gestures to the hangdogged Wash sitting nearby. "Porter is my LOUD and OBNOXIOUS cousin." She shouts those last words, in an equally impressive amount of volume at Porter.

Gideon only raises his brow at Sirius adding on to the explanation. "Who fuckin' cares if they do or don't? People like whatever they want, this duel won't change anything, it'll shut one person up, not everyone on the opposite bench."

The touch on her arm does draw a little gasp from Nurie, though when she sees the Tesserine Pocket Knight beside her as the source of that touch, she beams at Piccola through the luxurious curls of her faux beard. "My lady!" she exclaims excitedly. "Oh, but it's a duel of /champions/!" She immediately starts looking about for the source of more beards, because of course Piccola should have one too! "I know that Messere Morgan and Princess Sorrel will fight their utmost, but without hurting each other really."

Rorik looks up as Catalana shouts her words. "WHAT DOES THAT MAKE ME?" He shouts over to her. "Your LOUD but NOT OBNOXIOUS cousin?!"

"Oh, so she's trying to kill him." Victus remarks out loud. "Alright. It is called 'Crimson' Square for a reason." His gaze moves from Gideon and Haakon to Sirius. "Well that's stupid. I used to think all women liked scars but that sure as shit didn't hold water."

"No, you're still obnoxious," Bree says cheerfully as Rorik shouts beside her, a finger coming up to rub at her ear.

Wagner appears in the benches boasting no true side, the towering form of the man settling in at the fringe. He wipes his nose before nodding once, albeit silently, to those near.

While Porter waits for Aleksei and Sorrel to get situated, he drops onto the benches. He chooses a spot next to Rosalie, sliding his hand over hers before he leans forward to Rorik. "Did you know that the Crimson Square has been used for all sorts of duels? Great and small?" he wonders to his cousin, while stroking his beard. He stretches up, looking for Catalana and spotting her across the way. He gives his much prettier and definitely beardless cousin a wave. "Good luck!" he calls out.

Lucita Is in a softly spoken conversaton with the people near whom she sits, head bobbing in a little nod or hand lifting in a gesture, a slow grin on her lips.

"Look, I'm just here to dance with Aleksei about beards," Sorrel points out dryly, shaking her head slightly. "Also, it'd be a crime to shave such a handsome beard, even if not all women are into beards." She motions to Aleksei as she strides into the area set up for the fight. "Shall we, sir?"

"Okay." Piccola looks critically at what adorns Nurie's face. "What's this duel about what is it about that beard that makes you fondle it so?" She hunches over to talk with Nurie in a lower tone, arms resting on her knees.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY I CAN'T HEAR YOU?!" Rorik shouts while leaning into Bree. Then he beams a grin at her and looks behind him to Porter. "Oh! Sister Rosalie, I didn't even know you were here. Is that true?" he asks the question to Porter, stroking his own beard. "Then this is the perfect place for a duel! I"

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Something sane and courteous in Sirius breaks when the word 'fucking' supplants pause in Gideon's response, yet beside a blinking twitch of his right eye little betrays the Valardin's gentlemanly ways being bludgeoned. "Well," he says, "Duels always tend to be over petty and insignificant things, even if the measure of spitefulness varies, that in itself never changes- petty and insignificant, banal, if you would." Looking at Victus, his brows press on consideration, and in answer, he respites, "Some other women would murder you if you let yourself be scarred. They differ, our sweet ladies, they all differ."

Wash evidences the fact with a four day growth of beard that wouldn't do justice to a fifteen year old. He doesn't reply to the accusations though, stoically watching the seen from under his eyebrows.

Aleksei checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

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Aleksei thump-thump-thumps back to the square proper, now fully lucked up and looking particularly cheerful about it. He glances over at Porter, giving him a gallant bow of a salute, and then turns back to Sorrel. "Well, then!" he says. "We certainly shall." He unsheathes his sword with a flourish -- it's plain steel compared to his usual weapon for the field, but it certain gleams and twirls just as nicely. "All right, then."

Haakon ahs, at Catalana's correction. "My mistake," he relays the new version of his misunderstanding to Gideon and Victus, "Aye, Lady's trying to kill her cousin. Not her husband. Finally, looks like the fighting's about to start." Sirius gets a dry look and a flat snort.

Aleksei wields an unadorned steel longsword with a leather-wrapped hilt.

"Ahh!" Bree shoves Rorik away as he shouts at her, although she is laughing at his playful yelling. The distraction of Porter and a new face has her turning away from him to smile, pick up the name, and introduce herself. "Sister Rosalie? Dame Bree Harthall. A pleasure!" Her gaze drops to the way Porter's hand rests on hers, both brows lifting in curiosity, but she says nothing because the duel is about to start. "Shhh, shhh!" she shushes Rorik next to her, even if he has stopped shouting already. "We're going to see this settled."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"Try it and see!" Nurie advises Piccola sagely. "You know, I'm not sure, really. I really have enjoyed stroking other people's beards that I never thought about how much fun it would be to stroke one of my own!" she confides. "But eventually people must get used to it!" There's a sad sigh at that. But then she tilts her head just so to listen to Piccola's more quiet commentary, and respond in kind.

Sorrel wields sorrel leaf-bladed oathlands steelsword.

Squeezing Porter's hand, she smiles up at him and murmurs, "Well, this is certainly quite the turn-out." Rosalie blinks, then giggles at ROrik and gives a nod, "I move quietly when I have a mind to, my lord. I did not want to interrupt anyone's conversations." Turning a warm smile towards Bree, she dips her head, "Hello, Dame Harthall, its a pleasure to finally meet you. I have been getting regaled with stories of your friendship, and I look forward to getting to know you better."

Sirius grows frigid and quiet, both of his hands reaching up to grasp at various sections of his ligamented neck as he spectates the duel's beginning anxiously.

Catalana shouts back to Rorik "You're my favorite loud and less obnoxious cousin." She grins and mouths good luck to Porter, though she's soon shouting and cheering for Sorrel.

Rorik gets shoved and falls dramatically out of his bench, spilling out onto the ground with an oof! "You don't even know you're own strength!" he whines from the floor, picking himself up again and brushing off the dirt. Then he PLOPS right back down into the bench and nudges into Bree with his shoulder. "Dame Bree is a very good friend indeed," he declares to Rosalie with a beaming smile.

Zoey leans against a support column in front of Kennex Kay while sipping her wine and watching the beginning of the fight through her spyglass.

Nudging Cahal, Rosalind laughs,"Do you have a thought of this beard thing?"twirling her own. But she gasps at Carita, turning toward her...

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Aureth was a little late getting to this duel but there can be no true surprises about where his beard partisanship lies. He claims his space on the totally partial benches with an airy wave and a "Huzzah!"

It's a dance between dancers who have swords, fluid and graceful and almost intimate in its own way. Sorrel focuses on Aleksei and his magnificent beard, and they engage, clash, and move apart. They circle around. Another clash! She watches him closely, studying his every move, and she grins at him.

Gideon finally joins in the cheering. Kind of. "If you have a problems with beards, take it off. Don't concern yourself with how much head goes with it, it's what the square is for!" He encourages loudly.

Sirius rises up from his bench as soon as the fighting commences, and thorough the back-and-forth rhizome of violence, Sirius cheers and clamors encouragingly for Sorrel, whose name he adds in between each ballyhoo.

Aviana moves into the square her eyes looking about, she is a bit late but better then never right? Scanning around she spots the person she was looking for and heads in the direction of Gideon.

Catalana may be the lady of Kennex, but she's still a Kennex and she gets louder as she gets more excited. She claps and cheers loudly and even more so with Gideon's comment. "Chop that beard off!"

Haakon adds for emphasis, "Cut it off!" The Prodigal is nonspecific as to what 'it' means

Aleksei is a light-footed duelist, quick on his feet in his leathers. He matches Sorrel's grace with a focused, dextrous athleticism, everything about his motions seeming born to the task. Steel clashes between those moments of slipping out of the way of each other's swords, and Aleksei has a moment of satisfaction when he gets the first real blow on Sorrel, even if it doesn't draw blood. His grin draws to something wide and wolfish and with a bright-eyed vigor and enjoyment of the challenge. And then he miscalculates, and Sorrel's blade slips through his defenses to slice clean across his ribs under one arm; he almost startles, as if in shock, and then wheels back a bit in clear yield as his hand moves to his side. It's a bit deeper than one would want for a such a duel, but still not enough to set him on his knees. "Ow!" he says, just a bit accusingly, forcing a smile through the clear pain.

"Shit!" the princess cries out, realizing how hard she may have hit Aleksei, and she drops her guard to run for her opponent, careless of getting his blood on her white armor. "Oh, Aleksei, I'm sorry. Medic! Is there a medic?"

Azova stands as soon as there is an 'ow', and starts down the benches to head towards where the Champions have been fighting. "Here, Your Highness. Champion. Allow me to help?"

"You're supposed to let some soak into the ground of the square." Gideon says with a small frown forming on his brow. "That was rather quick and anticlimactic but," He shrugs, looking to Catalana. "You won your beard thing I guess."

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Bree is overheard praising Sorrel.

Standing up from the benches, Porter navigates his way through to the fighting circle. "Well fought, Princess Sorrel! My cousin chose a very fine contender as a champion." She's offered a quick bow before he heads over to Aleksei and Azova. "Can I help you with anything? I even promise not to eat the jars of medicine from your bag." Uh, what?

Cahal gets a most magnificent and luxurious faux beard.

Nurie falls silent as she watches the combat, on the edge of her seat. She's almost about to applaud at the signal of yielding, but Aleksei's expression of pain turns her smile instantly into concern, her hands lacing together tightly. When the physician appears at the ready though, she relaxes, some of the worry ebbing.

Rosalind is overheard praising Sorrel.

Catalana cheers for both the champions "Well fought. Thank you to both of you." She doesn't question Porter eating the medicine though. "Anyway I can help?"

Catalana is overheard praising Sorrel.

Catalana is overheard praising Aleksei.

Nurie is overheard praising Sorrel.

Nurie is overheard praising Aleksei.

Bree stands from the bench where she chose the losing side, and offers her cheers for both champions. "Well fought!" the knight calls out, always enjoying a good match (even if the beard she wears might be a little more ridiculous now).

Porter is overheard praising Catalana.

Porter is overheard praising Sorrel.

Porter is overheard praising Aleksei.

Gideon is overheard praising Sorrel: Good swing, but next time follow through.

Porter is overheard praising Aureth.

Porter is overheard praising Azova.

Rosalind is overheard praising Aleksei.

Azova smirks over at Porter, and his promise not to eat the medicines. "I've my satchel with me, of course. But we might need more cloth bandages." she decides, trying to urge Aleksei to sit at one of the benches nearest so that she can more easily tend to things. "I won't be using anything that smells as nice as Rosemary this time, so I doubt you'll be tempted to eat it anyway." she adds.

Carita is overheard praising Sorrel: The fightiest champion!

Zara is overheard praising Sorrel.

Zara is overheard praising Aleksei.

Carita is overheard praising Aleksei: The fightiest champion!

After the spectacle, noting the skill of both champions with an appreciative nod regardless of the reason they were dueling, Brigid rises and makes to depart the square.

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"I'm fine!" Aleksei immediately starts insisting as Sorrel rushes over. "I mean. Yeah, someone should probably look at it. But don't worry!" He offers a crooked, apologetic smile to Porter as he makes his way over to join. "I have failed beards everywhere," he says solemnly. And then, to Azova, his smile is distinctly grateful. "I'd appreciate it, my lady." He's a bit difficult to wrangle, but eventually he seems to realize she's trying to get him over to the benches. "Well fought, Princess!" he declares boldly of Sorrel.

Carita is overheard praising Azova.

Aleksei side-eyes the crowd as he maybe hears someone suggesting Sorrel follow through with stabbing him harder, though.

Sorrel stands back to let Azova do her work with Aleksei, and she moves to stand triumphant for the crowd. "Champion Aleksei fought boldly, but in the end, those who admit that not all people like their men bearded have prevailed!" she shouts with a laugh, amused. "And those of us who cannot grow our own beards, for whatever reason, are victorious! But so are those with really nice beards, because personally, I think beards are sexy, but you don't have to, I don't know, but it's okay either way."

Sirius is witness to Sorrel's victory in breathless silence, and in his attempt to cheer the duel's culmination, he only but releases a hoarse gasp of air. Then he breathes in, coughs, clear what's there clogging his throat and starts cheering for the Princess once again. "Well fought, well fought!" He adds along the way.

Zoey barely had time to take more than one sip of her wine and the fight was over. She cringes at the blow Aleksei takes from Sorrel. But there are healers around. He will make a full recovery. She hands the spyglass to her aide and goes back inside the house.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, an aid in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs leave, following Zoey.

"I can't wait to tell the Grandmaster that you're going to wear that for a month," Bhandn's deep voice suddenly calls out towards Bree. He's getting to his feet, shaking one leg then the next, before sitting back down. First blood might have been drawn, but he lingers all the same, half-watching the Champions, half-watching Bree.

Aureth says a little too loudly, "I'm sure no one here was crass and honorless enough to suggest a Champion murder her fellow Champion in an honor duel."

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Greguin, an organized priest have been dismissed.

3 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

Binky, an asshole crow have been dismissed.

Now that the champions are both taken care of, Catalana moves over to the other benches. A slow, almost feline slink to Porter. The biggest cat has the cream smile. "Lord Porter. I believe you have an apology to make."

Aureth has joined the cheering benches for Porter.

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Azova is completely ignoring anyone calling for more bloodshed. Or, may be trying to, as her lips press together thinly and she gives a slightly disdainful sniff. "Indeed, I'm sure you Champions have faced numerous injuries. But anyone who knows me, knows I can't leave well enough alone and just have to tend to them." she offers almost apologetically towards Aleksei. "You both fought very well." is added, with a glance towards Sorrel as she patches the first up. "Princess, might I see to your injuries now too? I'm already here."

Sorrel is overheard praising Aleksei: Well fought for the sake of beards!

Kastelon has left the cheering benches for Porter.

Aleksei is overheard praising Sorrel: Well fought even though she's PREJUDICED against BEARDS!

"Oh, that's okay. You still have a very magnificent beard. I'm sorry for the bleeding. Perhaps I can buy you a drink sometime to make up for dragging you into my interpersonal beard conflicts!" Porter laughs and looks over to Azova before nodding a few times in quick amusement. "Of course, I'll send for someone to get more clean bandages for." When hears people mentioning to follow through on bleeding Aleksei, he looks up and his expression hardens. He touches Catalan's shoulder briefly, "One moment, cousin. If anyone TRULY feels Princess Sorrel should have followed through on her strike against her fellow champion and killed him during a duel to FIRST BLOOD, speak up now. Then we can have a proper duel about /that/. Anyone?" he'll wait.

Azova is overheard praising Aleksei.

Azova is overheard praising Sorrel.

Bedivere is overheard praising Aleksei: No pun in 10 did.

The booming voice of the Kennex directs Rosalind's attention elsewhere. She looks around, confused because she obviously missed something. There's a frown on her face, because--huh? Rosa lowers her voice, asking,"Someone WANTED that?"

Bedivere is overheard praising Sorrel: An ap for you, too!

Sirius strategically repositions himself various benches away from the Thraxian cluster once near him. In strategy, this is called a retreat- in this moment, it's called cowardice. Pale-faced and drizzled in cold sweat, he staggers off to the neutral benches and drops the burden of his being beside Zara in search of camouflage.

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Catalana looks absolutely confused at Porter, clearly she missed something. "Wait. What? Who?" Her suddenly buoyant mood drops as she looks at Porter.

"Wouldn't be the first time I've felt like people wanted to stab me in the Thrax Ward," Aleksei says with wry humor and his distinctly negative reputation among the traditionalist contingent hereabouts. But he seems well-assured of his current safety, at least, his longcoat shed to allow Azova to clean and bandage him up before she finishes up and moves on to Sorrel.

"I bet he'll like it," Bree retorts to Bhandn at his threat, a grin at her lips beneath the beard. "Maybe..." And then she's standing, nudging Rorik's foot with the toe of her boot. "Shall we retire to an alehouse or some other such adventure?"

At Porter's words, some of Nurie's color drains, and her eyes widen, as she listens to see what the reply might be, talking to Piccola quietly.

Lucita gives a soft laugh at some of the banter being overheard then turns to those with whom she is seated. "I best be getting along back home. It was quite enjoyable conversing with you while watching all this.

Lucita gets a most magnificent and luxurious faux beard.

Bedivere gets a most magnificent and luxurious faux beard.

Sorrel gets a most magnificent and luxurious faux beard.

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"To kill him? No, not exactly." Gideon says as he reaches for the flask at his hip, lifting it up to his lips for a long drink. "I always drill my men to follow through though, stopping halfway is poor form. If you don't want to kill someone, don't hit them in a lethal location with a sharp blade. You can get first blood with a cut to the leg, the crimson square is here is here for blood." He finishes, settling the flask back down onto his belt.

"Wait, did someone say that?" Sorrel wonders in confusion as she sheathes her sword and glances around, now satisfied that her opponent is not in any pressing danger. She gets one of the beards from the crowd and puts it on, then struts a bit.

Waiting a few moments, Porter scans the crowd. When it's met with silence he says simply, "Nice." Turning back to Catalana, he makes a little bit of a face over something and speaks to her quietly. Then he puts his hands to his mouth and announces, "With Princess Sorrel the victor, I hereby officially extend an apology to Lord Wash Kennex. While bantering with my cousin about the state of beards, I made numerous ridiculous and silly claims. I'm well aware that not /all/ women or even the /majority/ of women prefer beards, naturally. But my biggest crime was poking fun at at my cousin-in-law. Lord Wash, I fully apologize for my quips. You're my brother in arms as well as through marriage and I meant no disrespect. Princess Sorrel and Master Aleksei, again, thank you."

"If anyone tries to stab you in the Thrax Ward, Champion. You can feel free to ask for me to come heal you. At any time. I'm Lady Azova Darkwater, in case you were too out of it last time to remember. I bring guards with me." she adds cheerfully, as she sits back down and waits for things to play out as they will.

"Yes," Aureth says mildly, standing from the bench in a swirl of words. "It appears that Prince Gideon Thrax names himself a man without honor here before these witnesses, because you didn't stab Aleksei Morgan through hard enough."

Zara is overheard praising Porter: Gracious in defeat, and swift to stand for an honorable duel.

Bree is overheard praising Porter.

Rorik looks at Gideon, takes a deep breath, and then just sighs. He shakes his head as he looks back to Porter to listen for the apology, nodding firmly at the words that his cousin speaks. And then, he gets to his feet. "Good job doing your healering thing, Lady Azova!" he calls to her with a broad grin, wagging his brows with the made up word. Then, to Bree: "Yes. Let's go get a drink."

At Porter's apology, Nurie applauds approvingly, especially as the bonds of family are mentioned. Though some of it is guarded, at the words from the Thrax prince.

Aviana looks to Aureth as he speaks and a small frown comes to her lips, she is quiet though b ut not happy about the words she is hearing.

Wash stands and gracefully accepts Porter's apology. "It's nice to hear you admit that I look better without a beard than you." Wash quips to Porter. "Good show though. Hope it took people's minds off of the ..." He waves a hand helplessly in the direction of the harbor. "Sorry. I'm useless today."

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"He'll probably want one," Bhandn replies to Bree, still using both hands to cup to his mouth. With Porter's public apology made, that's apparently the trigger for the aging Knight of Solace to make preparations to depart. He gets to his feet, taking the time to put on both blades.

Catalana beams at Porter. "Thank you Lord Porter for your gracious apology." She too smiles at the champions. "And thank you both for your honorable duel and for representing both Lord Porter and I in the matter. We are both very thankful to you."

"Prince Gideon, Crimson Square has been here to settle duels of /all/ sizes for many years. From small to large, from first blood to the death." Porter points out, his arms slowly crossing over his chest. "That Princess Sorrel got in a decisive blow and pulled back rather than following through on strike that could have been lethal, is a testament to her honor and skill as Champion."

Rosalind applauds everyone. She sees Wash and tells him,"Cadern can't grow a beard I don't think. And he's northern. So I mean, I think it's ok if you can't." That was totally a nice thing!

"Oh!" Aleksei's expression softens a touch at Azova's introduction, his memory pricking. "Right. You were--" He quiets then, not saying much else about it, and just offers her a smaller smile. "My thanks, Lady Azova." He seems to leave the argument about how hard he should be stabbed -- alone for the time being.

Haakon sits back on the bench, eyes narrowing as he lazily watches the volley of words. "Never understand some Arvani. Treat a duel like a joke, and a jape like a death." A dry chuckle stirs in his throat, shaking his head and looking aside to the others nearby. "Too civilized for me, clearly."

That said, Rosalind runs out, kinda-limp in there. "Bye! That was amazing!" her beard flying somewhat behind her.

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"Prince Gideon Thrax, if you are criticizing my technique in a nonlethal duel by suggesting I should have made it more lethal, then consider yourself challenged," Sorrel replies, putting her hands on her hips and narrowing her eyes. "You have no honor in accusing me of such nonsense. You're an asshole. Aleksei Morgan is my friend and a Champion, and I have no intention to kill him now or ever. Good luck finding yourself a Champion for that. You might as well apologize now." Her evergreen eyes flash, and as she shifts her head her perfect hair ribbon can more easily be seen.

Gideon raises his hand dismissively at Aviana's frown. "Don't worry about it, it's a city thing. Their duels and sense of honor are a lot different, I'm more than used to it." He states before glancing to Porter. "Her skill isn't in question, clearly. I don't understand the honor duels, simple as that." He says in agreement with Haakon.

Azova looks to mouth something back at Rorik rather than yelling, and gives the people nearest her one last polite nod before she gathers up all the healing accessories and starts stuffing them back in her satchel. "I'm glad I was there, Champion. Then and now. Take it easy for the evening, okay?" she counsels, looking up and over her shoulder towards Carita and Nerissa then with a nod towards the Darkwater Manse. That's apparently where she's headed.

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"Then in addition to being honorless, you are a fool, to claim simple ignorance of a history and tradition that has been performed in this very square and throughout the Compact for bloody centuries," Aureth says, rounding out the trifecta of insults by repeating this one and adding a third. He tucks his hands into the pockets of the robe. "I suggest you take yourself to the Whispers and learn basic etiquette before you embarrass your House in public again."

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Aviana is quiet she says nothing just standing near Gideon, a slight frown still crossing her lips as she listens.

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