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The Many Aspects of Lagoma

Sister Juniper and Master Fortunato will be holding a sermon on the various aspects of Lagoma, both the visible and familiar, and those less well known. Open to the laity, members of the Faith, and those of different beliefs entirely, it will be a time for discussion and reflection-- with, perhaps, a dash of history made new and pertinent again, to spice things up.


Aug. 3, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Juniper Fortunato


Felix Miranda Estelle Reigna Evander Isidora Bhandn Thea Mirella Etienne Arcadia Ouida Thena Bree Fecundo Willow Haptenna Monique Sanya Cadern Kerr Ras



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Lagoma

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The hour's come and the shrine is packed! Not just with people, but this year's planting too, making the chosen design of growing beds a wealth of verdancy. The air is perfumed with green scents in addition to that hint of incense and melted wax, from the lanterns set about the space to provide stronger light than the stars and moon are capable of. Near the Eternal Flame, Juniper stands already, hair loose and vying for the fire's own shades, her robes white as winter. Flecks of yellow and orange dance in black eyes as she raises her hand, or moves her chin, to greet and acknowledge those who filter in.

Trust that an ex-Whisper has an instinct for judging a crowd's readiness. When there's a natural lull in the buzz of conversation, she lifts her voice-- courtier-trained, clear and strong-- to call, "Welcome, friends! Welcome in the light and warmth of Lagoma's Flame, and please be comfortable. Once everyone is settled, we'll begin!"

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Felix enters quietly, bringing with himself the smell of burning coal and hot steel of the forge, wafting inward as he steps in and looks around. The glaive he bears is held in one hand, the blade covered with leather and tied off. As his shop isn't too far away, it's easy to consider he came straight from there to the shrine. A smile and a little bow of the head is offered to those who meet his gaze, making sure to include Juniper, before he moves to claim a seat for himself. Settling in and relaxing with the polearm across his lap as he waits.

Fortunato seems to be acting as Junipeer's shadow, all in umbra save for faint glitters of duskstone and gold. He stands in her lee, adjacent to the flame, his hands clasped behind his back as he watches the flow of the crowd.

Entering the shrine is a mahogany haired lady with her two guards and aide in attendance with her. Miranda seems to also be trailed by a cat she can't shake. Jewel rubs various legs of people when they're standing still... unsuspecting nudges designed to get pets, no doubt. The guards position themselves at the back, eyeing those in attendance but doing nothing more than becoming statues there. Brenlin murmurs to Miranda and she nods lightly to whatever he says as she enters, looking about the shrine curiously. Brenlin takes a few steps back and then finds himself near the guards to help hold up... a wall. After a few moments, she spots her brother and wife and heads over to join them by the pond.

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Estelle stands inside the Shrine with a warm smile for all, and an especially grateful grin for Juniper and Fortunato. She stands tall towards the back of the gathering, clad in the white of a Mercy with hands clasped in front of her as she readies herself to listen with keen interest.

Reigna enters with her children in tow, a cadre of nannies on hand lest any of the tired-looking darlings begin to misbehave. She is holding hands with her eldest, the ward Kata, who appears to be around five years old. Reigna moves towards the front to offer a warm smile to Juniper and Fortunato before moving back and claiming a seat next to Felix.

Evander's arrival is rather unobtrusive, the thin Kennex Lord stepping into the shrine and moving out of the way to pause for a moment and catch his breath while surveying the gathering crowd. He steps, quickly, towards the pond's edge as he hears Juniper begin to speak, settling in with a nod towards those nearby.

Isidora nods to Miranda as she spots the woman enter the shrine. Isidora had been spending more and more time at the shrine as a Mercy. She holds Fecundo's hand softly. Other than that she looks like her usual stoic self. "Good to see you back Miranda. The boys have missed their favorite aunt."

Bhandn isn't too far behind Felix as far as arriving is concerned. What's more, he's brought something with him: writing utensils and a small wooden plank to serve as a level surface. He won't make a move to a specific seat, not with the swords on his back being too large to allow for even a bench slot. Instead, this Knight of Solace will take up the place reserved for wallflowers, keeping his attention focused on the ex-Whisper who begins to speak.

Thea steps quietly in, Finn close at her side. So many people here! She bows her head, a polite smile here and there as she greets people. Spying Miranda, Thea makes her way over to the pond and gets herself comfy.

Mirella slinks into the shrine without any fuss, hands folded tidily in front of her waist as she heads over to a bench. Here she might watch quietly. Before she gets there, however, a cat rubs around her legs, and so she stoops to deliver an absent-minded tickle behind the feline's ear. Then it's the rest of the rest to her destination, where she takes a seat with a smoothing of skirts. The black velvet-covered book on the chain around her waist is lifted to be placed flat on her lap, and on top of that she folds her pale hands. Polite nods and faint quirks of smiles go to the others who have taken a seat nearby.

Etienne glides in, dressed in elegant but dark sigil adorned fabrics of the faith, familiar with the layout of the shrine he moves confidently and with purpose. Escorting his companion the stunning Lady Monique toward a comfortable place on which to observe the sermon. He greets the familiar and the unfamiliar alike as he moves between the people.

Arcadia is not normally one for scholarly activities. She's pretty sure there some looks of astoundment as the Leary turned Stahlben arrives. She murmurs to Sir Jesmond who gives her an exasperated look before he pulls a small snack pack from his pouch and lets her settle near the trees with her snacks.

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Ouida enters the shrine with her tall and gangly prodigal squire at her side. The Harthall knight has her usual quiet and calm demeanor, her expression mild and pleasant. Some of the tension in her shoulders eases a little the further she comes into the shrine. Though she has eschewed armor for this occasion, her peacebound weapons remain at her side and back, and she settles quietly into a seat after murmuring something softly to her squire before straightening again.

Thena has been lingering in the shrine prior, amid the summer flower beds surrounding the shrine, pulling weeds with some semblance of confidence that they are in fact weeds. But when people begin to arrive she picks her way towards the main area of the shrine, depositing a handful of weeds in a basket before dusting her hands off and taking a seat.

Quick footsteps prelude Bree's arrival, the reason for the rapidity of her armored feet a deep seated fear of being late! But as she slows to maneuver the crowd, she's really not that late at all. An audible sigh of relief as she straightens, tugging the breastplate of her armor down and then moving to find a spot to stand in the back.

Arriving with Isidora, Fecundo is mostly quiet, but alert. When he sees Miranda, he smiles and waves, then accepts a kiss to the cheek from her, hugging her firmly, but briefly wit his free arm. Once Isidora and Miranda settle, he does the same.

Not long after Ouida, Willow arrives, offering the appropriate greetings to various people and sidling off to go stand near Arcadia.

Lurking on the edges of the rather large crowd that is present for this event is Haptenna. For someone as tall as she is, she's doing an excellent job of just managing to fade back into the crowd for the moment. In fact, from time to time, the sheer crush of people has her looking deeply unsettled. That's probably why she is at the edge. And moving outwards as it swells.

Monique arrives alongside Etienne, shining ostentatiously as ever in garb and adornment, but careful to allow the Archlector his provenance here, greeting people with uncharacteristically subdued smiles and general quiet as they find a spot not far from Reigna and Felix, with Monique accidentally placing Etienne between herself and the children.

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Flame and shadow, finery and simplicity, Juniper and Fortunato. The redhead tilts a smile at the man beside her and then lets her gaze swing back towards those assembled. "In Lagoma's name we gather tonight to discuss change, for she is Our Lady of Change, mistress of seasons and cycles, she who oversees growth, purification and change for the better, our goddess of healing," she says, a prayer made of the goddess' titles. "Change comes in many forms. Healing is change, and always for the better. The gentle touch of fire is change, for it gives us our food and our forges, our tools and our fields ready for planting. Self-reflection is change, for it helps us grow as people. Purification is change, to chase away the dark, to carve it out of hearts and homes, leaving the healthy behind. In the time before the Dance of Skulls, Lagoma was beloved among the Grace of the Thirteen for what she represents... but in the years since, we lost many of those early elements of her worship. What remains to us now are the Mercies, who enact change by tending the wounds and illnesses inflicted on our people, and blessed are they, for seeing us through." On that note, she extends her hand, open palm sweeping to the white-robed in the audience-- marking them out for the eyes and admiration of the crowd.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bhandn before departing.

Fortunato speaks in low echo, "Healing the body keeps us alive. With the deep wounds fastened together, we are able to pursue our lives in pursuit of our greater self."

Sanya Grimhall arrives in the shrine, a little late, giving the speaker an apologetic smile if noticed. Making as little sound as possible, she takes a seat beside Brother Felix, offering the man a kindly smile in greeting as she settles.

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When the slightly taller mercy appears beside Haptenna, followed by the looks from the speaker in their direction on account of her white robes, Haptenna offers up a wan smile and then neatly folds her hands together behind her back and rocks back onto her heels. A murmured greeting is offered. Like or not, she seems to appreciate her presence, even if she's unsettled.

Though she is not a mercy, Reigna smiles at the mention of her fellow healers in Juniper's sermon, though her attention briefly snaps back as the Keaton Heir Aeryn Squall appears to be deviling Lady Monique. The tyke has a broad grin on his face as he digs into a pocket and presents whatever was inside it to Lady Monique with a flourish. Whatever is revealed has Reigna reaching for the child and hissing an apology to the Greenmarcher.

Estelle dips her head in response to Juniper's and Fortunato's words graciously, Noting Haptenna's reaction, the slightly taller woman smiles and gives her shoulder a brief, light squeeze before once again standing with her hands in her sleeves. She murmurs gently, "Healing is but one of the many ways we can help to share Our Lady's teachings and aid."

"In the time of Caer'alfar, the Mercies were not alone in their upholding of Lagoma's many aspects. There were also Warmths, who focused on the beneficial and peaceful application of flame-- for flame is a tool in Lagoma's hands, not only a weapon. There were Beginnings who, with guided self-reflection helped an individual change and improve. Their Endings were those who understood the role purification plays in encouraging growth. These aspects were lost to us through the ages, their formal role in Lagoma's worship, but we see echoes of them today," says Juniper as she lets her hand fall to her side again. "Echoes. But it's easy to forget what isn't named. When I came to Arx, I didn't think I was a healer for my work was with the minds and hearts of survivors of war, or with great houses seeking to mend rifts between their members. I was neither Mercy nor physician... but still I came to understand that my work too gave honour to Lagoma. A smith apprentice, plying hammer and metal to improve his craft, seeks his inspiration from Jayus... but it is Lagoma who smiles at how he hones his skill. Cascade Falls, built in the north, its shrine honours Mangata... and its community, supporting each other, building something greater than what existed there before, carries Lagoma's light as well."

Cadern scoots his way in perhaps a little late. He absently checks a few pockets in his cloak as he surveys the group. He meanders his way to join some of the other Redrain sorts and heads towards Willow and Cady as he finds some piece of wall to help support up.

Evander appears to be taking careful notes over by the pond, his gaze mostly on Juniper, but flicking downwards to make his notations throughout her speech, focused and attentive to her words.

"Mmmhmm," is what Haptenna manages over at Estelle. There is a nod. She understands the message being sent. But, you know, boots are interesting. They are brown and leather and oh wow that is a serious scuff mark.

Other than waving Cadern over where she stands near Arcadia to help create a little knot of northerners among the crowd, Willow's hands stay folded together and her attention on Juniper to listen with rapt attentiveness.

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Fortunato smiles his small smile. "A thousand ways to scrabble. Scramble. Lagoma teaches us how to rise productively."

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"That she does... and like a flame, it need never look the same. A soldier, a healer, a crafter, a scholar, they can each do her honour in their own ways. Change minds, heal bodies, mend ties, grow, improve, build. But always for the better. Perfection is, in many ways, stagnation. You cannot mend what isn't broken. You cannot improve what is already at a pinnacle. Change requires challenge too... our greatest changes often come from our lowest points." On that note, Juniper lets out a small, soft breath. The sparkle and animation of a courtier in full swing suffers as a dip, as she casts a glance at Fortunato. But then her smile returns as her focus shifts back to the crowd. "I came here tonight without /truly/ knowing what I meant to say. I've had changes of my own, laying their touch on my life lately, and it led me to throw away all of my notes. So that's what my heart has to offer. Does anyone have any questions?"

Miranda raises her hand.

Though Kerr seems to have no questions, at least at present, he can be seen mouthing the words 'you cannot mend what isn't broken' a moment after Juniper says it, a frown on his brow, and then nodding.

Haptenna's listening to Estelle, who was apparently explaining something to her for some time. Then her attention is back on her boots. And Juniper sometimes too but boots are super important.

Monique looks at whatever young Aeryn Keaton has presented to her from his pocket, and doesn't immediately recoil in horror. Instead, she leans in to whisper something to him, followed by a privately devious smile before his mother pulls him back and she goes on to listen to the sermon and the subsequent questions.

Bhandn himself has started to scribble down brief words on his own as well. His attention is momentarily diverted with the reception of a message, however, and the contents of it causes him to frown momentarily, yet by the time he tucks it away, satisfaction has replaced that moment of concentration. His focus returns almost immediately, however, in how his eyes divert back to the lecture that begins. He starts to frown again almost immediately, but not in a disapproving or disagreeable way, simply a frown accompanied by his brows drawing towards each other, and one directed at his sudden rapid motion of charcoal. Sharp ears might catch the occasional grumbling as he makes mistakes and has to scribble out something to quickly start again.

Fortunato bows to Juniper and bows deep. "From our lowest points, from uncertainty, from /striving/, we find ourselves in miracles. It is good to speak from the heart. Especially when we are Beginning."

Standing so she can be seen and heard, Miranda takes a moment to smooth her hands down her sides a moment. A nervous gesture? Perhaps. She clasps her hands in front of her, looking curious, "Sister," she begins. "We all know Lagoma is about change in its various forms, but I wonder, how do we know what changes to make?"

Estelle gives Haptenna an amused look before turning her attention back to the two speakers, giving them nods of agreement at the words passed on to the crowd.

Mirella lifts her hands from the velvet book laid flat on her lap, pulling a a few pieces ofloose parchment from it as well as a small quill that has a metal cap on the end on it. The paper is laid flat on the book, providing something to rest it on, then the quill is pulled from the cap. She begins to scribe some notes down in a beautiful neat hand, and then recaps the nib of the feather so as to raise one hand to signal a question she has.

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Miranda is overheard praising Fortunato: A wonderful event for questioning and answering all things Lagoma

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Juniper folds hand over heart and returns Fortunato's bow. There's a deeper acknowledgement there than words can capture. Upon rising, she looks to Miranda and attends to the question with solemn attention. "It isn't always so clear as simply choosing, my lady. In my work with veterans, often for them it feels there's no clear path to change. Nothing they can see, or act on, to carry them away from the dark. Sometimes, it takes time, discussion and experimentation. Lagoma encourages self-reflection, not to discover one's weaknesses, but to find one's strengths and apply them in different ways. If you find yourself unsure of what change to make, you can seek counsel from the Godsworn, or with those friends and family you trust to help you. To offer insight."

Miranda tilts her head to Juniper in acknowledgement, then retakes her seat.

Ras comes into sight near the shrine, but keeps his distance from the crowd, lurking on the periphery of the garden - just eavesdropping.

Ouida continues to listen quietly to the questions, and their answers, though another and sadder smile touches her lips at the mention of the veterans, though she is distracted momentarily by a whispered question from her squire. She nods to him once, murmuring something back to hims quietly, before they both straighten back into their attention towards those who are speaking aloud their questions.

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Fortunato shadows, "We are creatures of Skald, and given to choose. There is seldom one /right/ change to make among every option. But there are upward changes and downward, and Lagoma is the goddess of the upward." He clears his throat. "For example, it would likely change your life to steal eggs from your neighbor, but it is not the kind of upward, purposeful change we are speaking of."

Thena flickers a faint wry grin into the middle distance at her cousin's words.

"Egg-stealing is a no," Juniper solemnly intones, though the twinkle in black eyes makes a tease of that agreement. It helps the woman find her smile again and she turns out a hand, open palm inviting Mirella to speak.

When given permission to speak, Mirella places her hand back down on her lap and offers a nod both polite and respectful. Then the Mirrormask raises her voice, Lycene-accented and yet still with a soft quality for all its audibility. "Thank you, Sister. My apologies if this question is a rather open-ended one, though perhaps also one that has an obvious answer." Then continuing she asks, "An aspect of Lagoma's worship is self-reflection, as you say, in order to find one's strengths rather than their weaknesses. The worship of the Thirteenth also can also be to encourage self-reflection in order to find weaknesses in one's self, in the hope of gaining mastery over them. My question is this: do you believe that both approaches complement each other, and in a broader sense, what are the commonalities and differences between Lagoma and the Thirteenth in such matters?"

Cadern seems content to listen furrowing his brow and blinking at the discussion of egg stealing. He seems to be having a quiet conversation with Willow and Arcadia as he listens with furrowed brows to the information about Lagoma.

Intrigued by Mirella's question, Sanya leans forth, glancing to Juniper and Fortunato for their take.

Arcadia tilts her head and listens a little more before turning to murmur to Cadern.

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Mirella's question and listens closer.

"I believe Lagoma lends her light to the others in the Pantheon, that she might be found complementing each of them, and the Thirteenth is no exception. To gain mastery over a weakness requires effort and change over time. We proceed in fits and starts, we fall and begin again. If the goal is to improve, to rise, as Master Fortunato has said, why would they not walk hand in hand towards that?" Juniper tilts her head, pose shading towards the thoughtful. "They seem natural complements in that regard, don't they? But you must forgive me, my lady, for I was born in the North and though I've said my vows, I'm not as familiar with the Thirteenth as others might be." Which leads her to look at Fortunato. /Because/. Tag, he's it.

Fortunato chuckles. He studies Mirella and folds his arms. "The Thirteenth is complex, is he not? A worship with many facets. Doubt and defense, exposure and mastery. I have always seen the knowledge gained from studying one's weaknesses to be a prelude to pursuing growth. Or purification. Thirteenth helps us see our darknesses, and the darknesses around us, and knowledge of such darkness and doubt of one's path, can lead us toward change and reform. I see a potential partnership here, hm?"

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Felix listens with a small smile, to both Fortunato, before pushing gently to his feet. The glaive in hand rotated and planted as he stands, to plant it to keep it from falling over. "If I might offer my own small insight?" with a bow of his head towards the pair; "Where as self-reflection to find strengths, and to bring change - to address weakness, I have taken the sermon this evening to mean that it is to bring changes in myself, to make myself stronger, to be the better /me/ that I can be."

"And while I am not a dedicated student of the Thirteenth, my own reflections to Him have been to channel what could be called a weakness into my work, into my life. Accepting it as part of me, and making it work from me, rather than seeking to change it. I can, however, agree that the two can work with one another." with acknowledgement to Fortunato. "With the Thirteenth helping to reveal our darkness, either in ourselves or in our lives - and Lagoma's flames helping to illuminate, consume, and change it into something positive."

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With Juniper and Fortunato's answers, a small quirk of a smile crosses Mirella's face -- it's not a grin, by any means, just a twitch at the corners of her lip, but it's sincere enough. A respectful nod is given to them both. She looks approving. "Thank you for answering our questions to provide illumination, and for providing us with new thoughts and viewpoints to consider." She nods to Felix then, the smile renewing. "Indeed. The overlap between the Gods and their aspects and how they work in accord is very fascinating to me." Then with a dip of her head, she allows the next questioner to ask their question or receive their answer.

Again Juniper sets a palm to her heart and inclines towards those who've spoken, first Fortunato and then to Felix. Her smile has a firm claim to her lips now. "Where darkness lingers, a cancer that threatens to consume, perhaps it can be burned away with the tool that is her fire," she says-- though quietly now, and with the tone of one repeating a thing heard instead of something which comes directly from the heart. "It's a field worthy of study," is less hushed. "All of those points of connection. Are there other questions?"

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Cadern pushes himself off the wall of his point and starts heading out as things seem to quiet. His head tilting to catch any questions remaining.

Arcadia stands herself, a brief murmur and she is stepping away with Cadern. Hopefully not drawing attention to them.

Felix is overheard praising Juniper: For the sermon on Lagoma, and the many Aspects that She presents.

Felix is overheard praising Fortunato: For the sermon on Lagoma, and the many Aspects that She presents.

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When no questions arise, Juniper dips her head to the assembly. Her smile shades almost shy in that moment. "I thank you all for coming. Gods bless and keep you... and my thanks to you as well," she says, a touch formal, "for coming to what's been my first sermon since making my vows to the Faith." No fancy gestures, no elaborate ritual here. Just another small dip of her head, to punctuate those quiet thanks.

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Estelle is overheard praising Fortunato.

Fortunato echoes Juniper's bow, still playing the shadow. "Thank you for coming. Thank all of you. While we explore Our Lady of Change's aspects."

Felix rises once more, and offers a little bow to the pair. "Thank you, Sister Juniper, Master Grayhope. I look forward to any others on the topic of Lagoma." straightening, Felix makes his own slow exit, helping along those who might need it on his way out.

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Miranda rises from her spot at the pond, giving Thea, Fecundo, and Isidora each a hug. She speaks to them a moment, clearly ready to go herself.

"Thank you for the lovely discussion," Estelle tells Juniper and Fortunato warmly. "It is always a delight to learn more of Our Lady and the views of her."

Thena gets to her feet and offers a warm smile to her cousin and Juniper, then, in her typical fashion, drifts out unobtrusively with the rest of the crowd.

With the sermon winding to a close, Mirella scribes some last notes onto her sheet of paper, replaces the capped quill inside the book somewhere, then does the same with ther notes. The clasps of the tome are snapped shut and its tucked under her arm before she stands gracefully. Smooth linen skirts get shaken out with her free hand to neaten the way they fall, and then the Lycene woman dips into an efficient curtsy. Murmured words of thanks and goodbye, and then she's off as quietly as she arrived.

Ras studies the speakers and the crowd from his still-silent position, then slinks away.

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"...mhmmhhm..." Haptenna has finally looked up from her boots. She was listening, but she seems relieved as the crowd begins to disperse, at least.

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With the sermon winding down and everyone leaving, Thea bows her head and silently steps out.

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Bhandn, too, finishes swear-writing (the swearing is under his breath every time he makes a significant mistake), before regarding the somewhat hastily written pages he brought with him with a frown suggestive of the fact that he takes issue with their contents. He makes a noise from his throat, but for himself, he'll be carefully folding those pages, not pressing too firmly to ruin the writing, before directing his attention to both Fortunato and Juniper, offering a deep inclination of his head and a slight bow, before turning himself to head away.

Ouida rises as Juniper gives her bow, and offers a low one of her own in return to the Sister, though when she rises her lips are curved into a warm smile. "Well done, and most illuminating, Sister Juniper," Ouida offers to the flame-haired Godsworn. "Thank you. A first amongst many, I hope." Niall offers his bow as well, though his gaze is shyly averted. That done, though, the Oathlands knight and squire seem to be taking their leave.

With a brief clearing of throat, Evander nods to those nearby, and takes his leave.

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"Thank you, Whisper Juniper." Sanya offers the woman with a kind smile. "And you, Master Fortunato. This has been educational." She says with sincerity.

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