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Seliki Wedding Reception

A wedding reception for Count Orrin Seliki and Countess-Consort Scythia Seliki. A banquet will be served with a springtime dance in the gardens.


June 10, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Orrin Scythia


Ian Maru Brianna Mikani Peri Ronja Athaur Kaldur Alessia Thea Reese Isabetta Joslyn Fianna Michael Vanora Sanya Valdemar Bhandn Marisol Rysen Rukhnis Arcadia



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Seliki Manor - Pearl Gardens

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Comments and Log

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Orrin and Scythia exit the hall hand in hand, laughing as Miriam shoos them out the door - whatever /that/ is about. When Orrin sees that guests have already in fact begun to congregate, he smiles widely and lifts Scythia's hand aloft with his own. Marriage may be a deeply political affair and all that jazz, but make no mistake: this is a /very happy man/. He meets Brianna's overture with a bow. "I believe Miriam had set up - ah yes, that bench just there, do you see?" The indicated bench is covered like the table, with sun-bleached cloth. "Thank you for coming, my lady."

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Ian turns up a little bit early for the reception, walking carefully, and with a bottle in his free hand, because of course there is. He's even dressed up! Sortof! The beat up old coat isn't in evidence, at the very least.

Maru strides into the gardens from the gatehouse and grins when Peri practically tackles him. "Hello, little one," he says with a grin, wrapping his arms around the not exactly little Admiral. "You know the Expanse is _not_ that far away."

Brianna smiles at the very happy count. "I think it will be clear which gift belongs to who." She curtseys again and sashays over to annoy Michael. "Hello, Lord Michael," she says in a way that demands his attention, whether he likes it or not.

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1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Joslyn, Isabetta arrive, following Reese.

Mikani enters with a bag in her hands. She is actually in a dress, and her body moves gracefully as she walks in. Mika smiles seeing Scythia. Glad that she is happy. She moves and puts her gift on the gift table before getting something to drink.

Peri arrives from the hall carrying a wooden chest. Sounds of clinking can be heard from its shifting contents.

For whatever reason, Princess Marisol Valardin and Lord Michael Bisland brought with them a third, and then promptly lost her in the crowd. Ronja Sandreef looks like any other redhead reception guest -- hair done up, fine yellow sundress, emerald slippers, sword on her back -- but for the fact that south of her neck, all of her visible skin has tattoos. Not the finely-rendered art kind: the kind that sailors give each other out of boredom. Most strikingly, on her left arm she appears to have a tattoo of her own bad self as some kind of mermaid. She moves through the crowds, looking slightly ill at ease as she tries to find the people she came with.

Mack, a sable Northern Shepherd, Bruno, an energetic Wolfhound, 4 House Crovane Guards arrive, following Fianna.

Fianna arrives, following Kaldur.

Athaur follows after Maru, jingling along the way. He manage to dance briefly out of the way to not be struck as collateral damage from Peri assaulting his brother in law. He makes his way over towards the couple and offers them a bow. "Count Orin, Countess Scythia. Congratulations.

Kaldur's armor is polished to a high-sheen, he cuts a crisp and bright knightly figure, speaking quietly with the Duchess Crovane who enters with him. It is a happy occasion, this day. Long awaited. Standing tall he scans those gathered for for his liege and new liege lady.

A smile is cast vaguely toward Miriam as the couple are indeed cast away from the hall and out toward the festivities. The fact that there is already a large group in attendance does indeed have her have to pause for a moment, though her lips curve up at the very edges soon enough. Polite smiles from the Redreef Lady, though when Brianna is asking about wedding gifts her eyes widen. "Thank you very much, my lady. So very kind, though I promise not necessary. I do so hope that you will have a good time." A curtsy is offered in kind toward the woman before she casts a glance toward her husband.

Alessia Mazetti enters the gardens, approaching the couple with a relaxed gait. "My lord and lady. Congratulations on your special day." She offers to them, with a warm smile.

Ian leaves the bottle he was carrying on the appointed present location and withdraws from the center of the crowd. He might have dressed up, but that doesn't make him any more social.

Thea steps silently into the gardens, bowing her politely as she walks. She smooths her gown a bit, still a bit thinner than usual.

Reese arrives while in the company of both Isabetta and Joslyn. She is adorned in a pink tunic and ivory leggings, the girl seemingly not wearing dresses every for parties. She peeks over the area, trying to get a feel for things here. She smiles over to Thea and then waves to Ian. She then looks to Scythia. "Congrats, Countess Scythia."

Maru pats Peri on the shoulder once more, and then steps aside so she can go about carrying chests and such, and then moves on to approach the newlyweds. "Orrin, Scythia," he says with a wide smile. "Congratulations. I'm so glad the day is finally here." He extends his hand to his nephew in greeting.

Mikani smiles as she goes to greet Scythia, with a hug and a kiss on both her cheeks if Scythia allows it. "Cousin, you look amazing. Congratulations! I brought something so you will always remember your home fondly." she whispers to Scythia before slipping back into the crowd.

Isabetta comes along with Reese, she looks around and gives some nods, but mostly stays quiet. She is in a sort of fancy dress, or carries herself like she thinks she is in a sort of fancy dress.

Ian nods to Reese before taking a seat on a bench near some bushes. It's not hiding in a potted plant, but it'll do.

Ian has joined the a pine bench near the bushes.

Catching sight of Mikani, Scythia is lifting her head a bit more and making a point of catching sight of her former Redreef Lady, giving her a distinct - and so very pleased - smile. Athaur's greeting has the young lady dip down into a picturesque and poised curtsy. "Thank you very much, Count Rivenshari." When she is spying Reese there comes forth another one of those altogether too pleased looks, "Princess Reese! What an honor, thank you for attending." And of course she allows the hug from Mikani, returning it tightly.

Reese then smiles over to Maru. "Hi, Lord Maru." She says warmly. She waves over to Peri too. "And Lady Peri." She adds, giving her a dimple framed mile. She then smiles to Mikani as well.

Joslyn is on the opposite side of Reese, smiling a moment and dipping her head towards Scythia as Reese addresses her. "Congratulations," she adds. "Countess Rivenshari," she intoduces herself with a sly wink offered over to Athaur. "Good to see you also, darling," She smiles to Athaur.

"I wonder if Miriam will discover that I've had a taste of the icing on that cake in there," Orrin stage-whispers to Scythia, easy and conversational, with perhaps the mild overtone of someone who knows he will be in trouble trying to get someone else in an equal amount of it. As people mill about, he offers many appropriate greetings - the bows and murmured my-lords, my-ladys - but most of all, many, many thank-yous. "Goodness," he says, laughing amidst everyone. "I've not hosted a proper event in the city before. What a lovely gathering of people. Thank you all for coming! Please, do have a bite; we've got the good rum out, and nearly every other sort of liquor in Arvum, and wine besides." He gives his uncle a good clap on the shoulder as he passes with the new Countess-Consort.

Mikani gets a glass of rum and watches everyone mill about.

Fianna Crovane walks alongside Lord Kaldur as they arrive together, her arm around his all the while. The Duchess of Stormwall has on a Northland style dress, dark emerald in color while her long, mahogany brown hair is in a half up, half down style. She leans close to murmur something to Kaldur as she spots a few other members of the Seliki family.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Reese smiles over to Athaur as she hears Joslyn greating him. "Hi, Cat Count of bells." She say towar dhim. She then smiles over to Orrin. "Congraulations Count Orrin, I think you are very blessed." She says, before smiling to Kaldur and Fianna.

Maru says a few words quietly to Scythia as they pass by, and then moves off to make the rounds himself. "Your Highness!" He smiles, as he approaches Reese, offering her a warm smile. Just a beat later, he dips his head toward Joslyn and Isabetta in turn. "Countess. My Lady. It's good to see you all."

"My Darling!" Athaur beams, kissing Joslyn's cheek. "Always a pleasure to see you of course." He offers another bow to the happy couple. He turns towards Reese and smiles at her. "Knight of Ribbons, so good to see you. It has been a while." He offers a bow to the Princess as well before slipping out of the receiving line to go and sample the drink. Though he does stop as he walks past Ian. "Lord Ian, it is good to see you."

Someone, somewhere, gives Ian a glass of rum. The logic behind the gesture is probably 'He's from the Isles. He's not currently drinking. He probably wants rum'. And Ian shamelessly confirms stereotypes by receiving the glass with thanks and taking a sip. He nods to Athaur as the Rivenshari Count jingles past.

With the introduction of Joslyn, Scythia is curtsying toward the other lady and flashing a perfect, poised sort of smile. "Well met, and I believe that if I am not mistaken recent congratulations are in order for you as well?" This query is punctuated with a slight lift of her brows. Maru is of course smiled toward and a few words are offered in turn, her hand reaching out to brush his arm in passing though she faithfully steps along with her husband. Kaldur's arrival has Scythia smiling, the young woman dipping her head to him and lightly indicating him for Orrin.

Ronja receives a glass of rum. "Oh, cheers, all right," she says, and then continues looking for Marisol and/or Michael. "Excuse me," she asks a servant, "could I--" The servant hands her another glass of rum, assuming that she's trying to get a second. "...right, okay, cheers." Ronja approaches another servant. Before long, Ronja is somehow walking around with five cups of rum -- two in one hand, one in another, two held to her body with a forearm. She looks like she's not quite sure how this happened, herself.

Thea roams her eyes around, considering the best corner to go and watch from. Spotting a glass of wine, she grasps that quickly.

Joslyn kisses her husband's cheek in return, smiling. "We see each other every day, but I'm glad it's still a pleasure," she grins, before her attention moves back to Sythia, bowing towards her once again. "Yes, indeed! It has been an adventure, and I'm so blessed to have found myself where I am now, but today is your day," she grins. To Athaur she adds. "I thought I'd keep Princess Reese company, I hadn't seen her much since the wedding and I thought it was high time I ammended that."

Kaldur cracks open the lid of the chest full of rum, grinning at those gather. "Here's the good stuff, as referenced. Bottled just for this occasion. Help yourselves."

Michael is handy and quick enough to dip fingers two of Ronja's glasses and snake them for himself as she passes. Then one more to hand off to Brianna, "Hello. Brianna." He murmurs at her. Michael has dressed in very nice seatouched wool. Because he is a huge fine of the blended fabric and is definitely going to show it off. "I think the best part is I didn't get to see the ceremony. Nobody needs to see a grown man cry."

Isabetta gives Maru a silent little wave and dips her head, but mostly keeps quiet.

Mikani takes bottle 1 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

Maru takes bottle 2 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

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Ian gets bottle 3 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

Athaur takes bottle 6 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

"You highness, thank you for coming," Orrin says, dipping in a bow to Reese. "I do feel blessed, yes." There's something that catches his eye, and when Scythia indicates Kaldur, he turns toward his son and murmurs a few words. The bottles of rum are looked over with some pleasure, and he nods, there.

Brianna gets bottle 4 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

Peri dashes around her great uncle and heads back into Whitereef Hall no doubt to check if there is unguarded icing in there. There's a "No!" and "Not that either!" and then she's back in the garden steering a tray of sweets all tiled, with one missing. She threads through Reese, "Princess!" and Mikani, "Mika!" who both get a hello and then the tray has found its proper place. She has a neutral freindly look on her face, a look of no guile, but there's also a sugar smear in the corner of her mouth. She looks at the Pearl Chest and nods with satisfaction that people are taking the special bottles.

Mikani smiles at Peri, "Hey Peri!" She calls out at the younger Seliki.

Michael gets bottle 5 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

Ronja has three of her cups taken by Michael. "Oh, cheers, there you are," she says to the Lord Bisland before others come up to her to take the remaining two. She blinks, realizing she's just been mugged at a wedding reception, and turns to try to find Michael again but is already separated from him once again. "Hell," she grouses, before moving to try to snag a bottle while the getting is good. She's awfully distracted by the bride and groom socializing along the way, though. What a dress!

Joslyn gets bottle 7 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

Ronja takes bottle 13 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

"Good. I'm glad you got some time with her." Athaur smiles at Joslyn before returning his attention to Ian. "Is everything going well for you Lord Ian? Enjoying the party?"

Brianna reaches out to feel Michael's new wool. "Oh, that is /lovely/," she murmurs. "I'll have to get myself some of this," she says to the proud lion. She leans in to murmur something to him.

Reese gets bottle 8 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

Maru meanders on through the crowd, until he finds himself standing next to Mikani. "Countess Byrne," he says with a smile. "It's so good to see you."

"A lot better now that spring is here," Ian says to Athaur with a dry twist of humor. He motions with his glass to the bench he's sitting on, a silent invitation. "I was getting blasted tired of the ice."

Reese nods in response to Joslyn's words. "I am very blessed to have the Coutness' company today." She says and tries to kiss Joslyn's cheek. She then smiles over to Ronja. "Greetings Ronja."

Mikani smiles up at Maru, "Lord Rivenshari ... been a long time." She teases the older man warmly before moving to give him a hug and kiss both his cheeks in greeting.

Kaldur leans in to listen to Orrin and tracks where the man indicates, brow furrowing, "Seems Lord Michael has done the job ably." He grins at his father and Scythia, "I said it before, but congratulations. You two look stunning." He shakes his head, stepping back with Fianna to admire the happy couple.

Scythia takes bottle 26 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

"Have you been well today? I know you have much going on," Joslyn adds to Athaur. "Well, we both do, really," she grins and presses her cheek into the kiss. "You can have my company whenever you like," she says to Reese. "I need to get out of the house a bit more after all."

Vanora gets bottle 10 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

Orrin takes bottle 9 of 26 of Golden Crest rum from Pearl Chest.

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Ronja breaks into a grin at the greeting from Reese. "Your Highness! Hello!" She gestues down at her yellow sundress. "Lord Michael was listening to you yesterday, apparently." Sure, the dress means a lot of exposed tattoos of skulls and nautical compasses and so on, but what's a wedding without skull tattoos?

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Michael and Brianna are bantering quietly, after Michael having absolutely waylaid Ronja. "You SHOULD get some seatouched wool. Its warm and comfortable enough to get me wearing /flannel/." He will glance now though, towards Orrin and Scythia and breathes deep. "I am going in. Watch my back. If I shout my rallying cry, you know to come get me out again."

He is crossing the room, bypassing through small circles before absolutely shoving himself into conversation. "Whatever have I done? I heard my name."

Fianna lifts a hand to tuck stray wisps of mahogany brown hair behind an ear before nodding to a few familiar faces, such as Countess Mikani and Lady Peri. A smile is shared with Kaldur before she gives a respectful curtsy to Orrin and Scythia. "Congratulations to both of you. House Crovane sends our very best wishes for a long, happy marriage."

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Reese looks over to Ronja, studying the dress and then giving her a smile. "It is very lovely. Apparently he was!" She says before smiling over to Michael. "You have great taste Lord Michael. I should get some seatouched wool myself."

2 Grimhall House Guards, Ivan arrive, following Sanya.

Mikani smiles at Fianna and bows her head to the Duchess.

The Duke and Duchess of Grimhall arrive arm in arm, the couple murmuring back and forth to one another as they enter the Pearl Gardens. Whatever Valdemar says last leaves Vanora smiling almost shyly, but as soon as they are approaching the happy couple she is all poise and courtly manners. "Lady...rather Countess Scythia, congratulations to you from House Grimhall. We plan on giving a special gift to House Seliki to celebrate your union but admittedly don't have it prepared quite yet." She turns then to the gentleman, "Count Orrin, congratulations to you as well, you have won yourself a prize indeed."

Athaur has joined the a pine bench near the bushes.

Athaur takes the offered seat next to Ian. "Oh of course. The winter was just miserable. I thought it would never stop snowing." He turns towards Joslyn and smiles at her. "Just wonderful dear. Life is busy but it is what I signed up for. He takes a drink from his rum, looking around curiously.

Maru laughs and returns Mikani's hug. "Yes. Far too long," he says with a chuckle, and then meanders off to find himself some booze. How does he not have a drink already?

Reese is here and close to Joslyn and Isabetta still. She seems to be in a cheerful sort of mood. The girl smiles over to Vanora when she seeves. "Hi, Duchess, nice to see you." She softly says.

"Countess Scythia is doing all the heavy lifting there, don't you think?" Orrin says and grins, stepping back from her a moment to regard her. "Thank you, Duchess Fianna," he says then. "And thank you for coming. We are truly blessed to count you close." That smile is not going anywhere, not for a long time. "Lord Michael!" it is, next. "Apparently you rescued the drowning woman over there." He indicates Ronja, whose rum situation was not missed. "Thank you for coming to celebrate with us - the city seems to me quite bright today." When Valdemar and Vanora approach, he offers a bow there as well. "My lord, my lady - right you are, I have. It is so gratifying to have you here. Think nothing of gifts - only celebrate with us."

When Scythia is passing by Rylan, her assistant, she is murmuring a few words toward the scholar. He nods and moves to acquire a single bottle of that Golden Crest rum to be tucked aside for lady. One must have their mementos, yes? Scythia's focus however is on Kaldur when he is offering forth that compliment and she dips low toward her fellow Seliki. "Thank you a great deal, Lord Kaldur. It means a tremendous amount." Turning her attention to Fianna, she dips low as well. "Thank you, my lady." The words might be swift, but the smile that goes with it is grand. The approaching Grimhall pair however has her attention soon enough. "My lord and my lady Grimhall!" Oh yes, that is most definitely pleasure from this Mourning Islander. She curtsies low to the pair and holds it a moment before rising. "The attendance of you both is gift enough."

Ronja gives Reese one more grin. "It's more comfortable than I thought, certainly. I won't keep you, Your Highness -- enjoy yourself! I'm off to find those who I came with..." And then Ronja walks off in the wrong direction, missing Michael entirely. Again.

"I always lose track of people during the winter," Ian remarks with less of a note of apology that really should be called for with that statement. "What have you been up to?" He nods to Joslyn, since she seems to be nearby.

Mikani laughs and drinks some of her rum. Her eyes continue to move over the crowd as she smiles at the event, happy for her cousin Scythia.

Joslyn perks up and waves to Vanora when she spots her. "Duchess Vanora, I did get your message some time ago. I don't know if you were still interested in your offer, but I'd love to talk to you about it soon," she smiles over to her, dipping her head. "Good to see you at any rate," her attention shifts to Ian and she gives a little shrug. "Got married and I've been settling into my new role as a countess. Been a bit of a ride, how have you been?"

"I have rescued that drowning woman too many times as it is." Michael is quick to respond to Orrin now. "I dragged her here myself, I thought she might have fun boat talk with Peri, Lady Peri. Countess Scythia!" Scythia isn't whispering off to any retainers at the moment. "Congratulatiosn to you both, I wish you many happy days ahead, and as little time apart demanded by your fealty....I say, apologizing before I do it almost immediately."

Kaldur smiles for Orrin's demural of the complement, "Gems sparkle more in the right setting, aye?" He beams at his father, eyes crinkling, "Guildmaste-errrh. Ehm. Joscelin would say as much, I think." He bows to the couple before turning loose of Fianna, though staying near. "Countess Byrne, how goes the Vale? We have our own now, did you hear?"

Catching up to her cousins as they greet the hosts, Sanya Grimhall offers Scythia a kindly smile, resting a hand on the Vanora's arm to signal her arrival. "Congratulations, my lady. Your dress is stunning." She says to the bride.

Vanora smiles at Scythia warmly. "Perhaps we've come to charm your new husband and House into allowing you to continue to work with us. Such selfish people we are no?" But likely the Duchess is teasing, or at least partly teasing. "Countess Mikani, it is a pleasure to see you as well. The ladies of Redreef do seem to make good marriages, I'll have to ask the Baroness how she manages it." When Reese greets her there is a warm smile and a deep, proper curtsy for the Grayson Princess. "Highness, it has been too long. And look at the company you are keeping." She beams at Joslyn, offering the woman an airy Lycene not-quite-kiss to each of her cheeks. "I'm still interested I expect, and it is very good to see you. So many newlyweds it seems. How beautiful."

"Congratulations, Countess Scythia," Valdemar replies to the new Countess as he stands beside Vanora, smiling briefly as he inclines his head to her, then turns to Orrin and goes on, "And to you as well, Count Seliki. I am glad to see the Isles on better terms with our nearest neighbors in the Compact. You are a fortunate man."

Mikani looks at Vanora and just bows her head. "Baroness Ember has always trusted those that can make things work." Mika says to the Duchess. "Good to see you as well." She smiles warmly before sipping more of her rum.

Brianna slips next to Mikani, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "My dear Mika, radiant as ever."

"Not as busy as I'd like to be," Ian admits to Joslyn. "I'm looking forward to getting out of Arx for a while." He repeats the silent inviting gesture with his glass.

Mikani grins at Brianna. "Why thank you ... you are a vision as always Bri." Mika kisses Bri's cheek back. "I'm very glad to see you." Her dark eyes move over to Kaldur, "The Vale is good. Though you have me curious as to what you mean about having your own ...."

Peri looks around to see if there is anything amis that she can help with, but of course the hosue staff has everything handled. She takes a deep breath and breathes it out slowly. Whew.

Peri finally walks up to her father and his bride. She looks at them both and wipes the corner of one eye because it got some pollen in it our something. "I am so happy for you both and for our family." She leans in to give her father a hug and extends a welcoming hand to Scythia.

Is it strange that the younger Seliki aren't bellowing? This seems an occasion for bellowing. Perhaps they've a measure of decorum afterall.

Joslyn mirrors the not-quite-kiss to Vanora's cheeks and beams happily towards her, dipping her head graciously towards her. "Excellent. We'll speak more soon, a wedding is likely not the place for business talk, after all," she says. She's still standing with Reese as she eyes Ian, seemingly comfortable with her current company, but she maintains a pleasant smile towards him. "You're going to be leaving Arx? Anywhere interesting I wonder?"

"Her new husband might be easier to charm than you might expect," Orrin says, glancing toward Scythia with a bit of a smile. "It would be nigh criminal to keep such talent and acumen locked away, don't you think?" He returns eyes to the rulers of Grimhall, and nods. "Never have I felt my fortune so clearly." A smile, and then he's getting a hug from his daughter, which he returns with a laugh.

He is /most/ pleased there's no bellowing.

Its okay. The Bisland will bellow. "KALDUR! PERI!" Michael snags Peri by the elbow and drags her in to fight through hair to kiss her cheek. Then she is released easily enough, Mikey's glass is set down so he can grab Kaldur's elbow with both hands and drag him in to give him the same treatment.

"Thank you very much, Lady Grimhall," says Scythia to Sanya, dipping to her as well. To Vanora, she flashes a smile toward her and, with a twist of something impish, she remarks in turn to that tease, "I assure you that I might do all the charming of my husband for such a thing," and she even goes so far as to punctuate these words with a swift kiss to Orrin's shoulder, since cheek would be a stretch. Then, more seriously she adds, "It is in everyone's best interest to see to the stability and betterment of our lands." She looks as though she might say more, but no, she will not drift to business. Instead she flashes a smile and turns toward Michael before dipping, "My lord Bisland, I would be a poor bride if I did not understand about duty. Do give us a little while before you take him temporarily from me though, yes?" She slips in to Peri, returning hug.

Ian shakes his head. "Not too interesting, I hope. We're going to do a little exploring past Kennex's borders, see if we can't give ourselves a buffer zone between our settlements and trouble." The bellowing makes him look up, but only for a moment. He takes a sip of rum.

Hearing Michael bellow is enough to alert Ronja to his position. "No, Lord BISLAND, he's about this high and he looks kind of like--" Ronja is in the middle of pleading her case to some poor servant when she hears the call. "Ah. That's him, no doubt in trouble." She hustles over, the look on her face very 'what have you done now?' towards the Bisland noble.

Vanora beams at Orrin with the full force of her charm. "I'm delighted we are in agreement. You will not begrudge her continuing to hold her post among House Grimhall's Ministers then? At least for a while perhaps? Losing her would absolutely break my heart." Still her words are nothing matched with Scythia's own, and the kiss she offers her new groom. "You already seem to have a deep affection for one another, there is no greater blessing in a marriage." She shamelessly talks business at least a little bit, but then pulls back from it and smiles to Orrin and Scythia both once more.

Peri takes a little golden bell from a simple velvet bag.

"Wai..." Peri says as Michael grabs her and her brother. "Kaldur!" Peri makes significant looks over to the newly weds. She mutters something to him. and then rummages through her pockets. "She kissed him!" Peri raises a bell and rings it.

Thea lifts her eyebrow at the bellowing from Lord Michael. She twitches a bit, thinking she escaped the loudness but nope--Lord Michael might as well be Seliki at this moment. She takes a big swallow of her whiskey.

Athaur jumps slightly at the sudden bellowing, shaking himself. He sips from his rum and nods to Ian. "That seems like a worthwhile goal to find for yourself. I wish you luck my Lord." But then there is a bell ringing. He frowns slightly, looking around curiously for a potential clanmate.

Kaldur laughs, a bright bellow from diver's lungs at Lord Michael's bellowing and the subsequent rough-housed dimple-kiss and hug. Muffled from answering Mikani's question. He returns the embrace heartily, stopping shy of wrestling. His head whips around at Peri's call and the ringing and he shoves Michael away, fumbling out a bell of his own and ringing it for all he's worth. "For the happy couple!" He grins and heads to Orrin chiming as he goes.

Kaldur takes a little golden bell from a simple velvet bag.

Mikani raises her glass in celebration for the couple.

"I didn't get a bell." Lord Bisland is distraught, sure Ronja is coming, but he is distracted! Hands grasped at Kaldur's wrist and yank it back and forth even harder to keep the bell ringing obnoxiously long.

"We're trying to keep our people protected, what with all --" And then there's a bell. And another one. Ian looks up from his conversation with Athaur and Joslyn and scans the crowd, as though trying to work out if there's something he's supposed to be paying attention to.

Ronja walks up to Michael's position to be greeted by a bunch of bells ringing in earnest. "Wh--"

"Well, it's a smart thing to do," Joslyn nods to Ian. "I'm trying to work out exactly how I'm going to factor into our own efforts, but I'm still learning the land and the ways," Joslyn smiles to Athaur as she says the last, her head whipping around curiously as she hears the bells, her own bells ringing in her hair as she shifts, unintentionally joining in the cacophony.

With a glass of rum in hand, Maru quietly wanders around the garden, taking it in. He's got a curious look in his eye as he moves from patch to patch, finally stopping next to the wooden scarecrow. He looks up at the figure there and raises his glass in a silent toast. "So, how's business?" Then he looks around the garden. No crows, must be good.

Kaldur drags Michael along with him, arm thrust up by Michael's continued ringing - it's like Kaldur has been named champion of some obscure hand bell competition. He wrests his hand away and smiles at Orrin, glancing between him and Scythia, voice lowered to speak with the two of them. And Peri. Who if she wasn't is dragged along in chain. Kaldur, trailing a Peri, and a ringing Michael,and a querulous Ronja.

Maru has joined the a wooden scarecrow.

Fianna sips her drink as bells chime and she nods at Kaldur as he begins to make his way toward Orrin. The Duchess stays put at the moment, her free hand lifting to smooth the sleeve of her Northland dress while her tawny gaze sweeps out at those gathered. It's then that she turns and makes her way to find a seat.

Shouting? Bells? Brianna looks around, confused, until she realizes this is a Seliki wedding. Now it tracks.

"What's the significance of the bell?" Sanya asks, somewhat amused by the commotion, taking a bottle of whiskey from her retainer.

And now more bells. Have his people crashed the wedding? Athaur stands up, looking around until he spies the Seliki's as the source of the racket. "Hey? Is this theft?"

Peri hop-steps lightly back to her father and Scythia on a chain af wellwishers. When she reaches Scythia she whispers and hands her the bell.

Ian looks between Joslyn and Athaur. "You weren't hit too bad by the great road mess, were you? I've lost track of who's fighting who, at this point." More bells. He looks up again, quirks an eyebrow at the sight of two Selikis and Michael fighting over bells. What he does not look, it should be noted, is surprised. At all.

Mikani moves to sit next to Fianna. "Duchess. Having a good eve? Any horses foul today?" Mika asks curiously.

The Duchess Grimhall is close enough to Joslyn to hear Ian as well, and merely states, "House Grimhall is always here to call on, should our vassals need assistance keeping their holding safe. We all have struggles presently, and being of aid to one another is so important." Oh is she off the usual topics fit for weddings again? Ooops. She finishes with a blithe smile and turns back to her husband. "Lets let the happy couple greet more of their guests, or socialize. We can mingle a bit and then return to work."

"Mm, yes," Orrin says thoughtfully to that observation from Vanora. Then: "Good gods, what are they doing?" Orrin says, when the bells start. He catches just enough to to understand what that's all about, and then he laughs. "Don't let Miriam catch you encouraging her," he says. "Though I suppose if there are bells ringing about it, it had better be a proper kiss, shouldn't it?" And so saying, he scoops Scythia about the waist and gives her quite a thorough kiss, because it's his damn wedding day. Affection indeed.

"I'll be honest I've been having trouble keeping track of which threats are the ones I should eb worried about myself... but I'm still transitioning from one army to another, different priorities, the soldiers are all different. I have a lot of work ahead of me," Joslyn states, eyeing Vanora curiously. "When did you get married anyway? Duchess suits you, I should say."

Ian bows his head respectfully to Vanora. "We knew you had a lot on your plate, Duchess. Aethan's pretty good at his job, so he's probably got it well in hand. Once this is done, we'll be able to commit our military to where we're needed elsewhere in the Isles."

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"It does." Sanya interjects to Joslyn's comment with a fond smile for her cousin-in-law. "Although my dear uncle still lived when she joined our family."

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Athaur sits back down in his chair with a huff before looking towards Ian. "Riva avoided much of the trouble directly. Quite a few refugees came seeking protection in our lands though."

Kaldur rings his bell a bit more of his own volition and turns since folk have had a question, "It's... ehm." His ears color, "Senimental. We're a pragmatic lot, folk of the Pearlspire, this is a tradition of the common folk, but it has it's charms for marriages not founded on sentiment." He cuts a beaming grin at Scythia and Orrin, "Which is clearly the case, here." He laughs, holding the bell out on a planed hand. "A new-married couple are given bells. And a ring of one or the other, is a summons. Not as for a servant, but for-" he grins, "-a kiss." He turns and presents the bell and bag to his father. "For you, father. Be very careful." He grins and bows, taking his leave again.

Thea watches, not sure what she was thinking. Bells, shouts--no, she still doesn't feel well enough for this. She gazes around and spots the bride and groom. Hard to miss since you know--thorough kissing,"Congratulations on your wedding..I do wish you both well." Finishing her drink she bows her head and gives her goodbyes.

Scythia's answering Sanya with a shake of her head and a mystified, "I do not know," to Sanya. "Duchess Grimhall? Do let me know if I might be of assistance - I have time." However, Peri is coming forward and she seems to slip a bell to her, offering a few words. Whatever was whispered there? It has the young lady absolutely delighted. "Oh, that is wonderful, I--" And she squeals. Typically the courtier is known for her poise, but here, in this unexpected moment, it is lost. At least it is a short lived thing, with her hand moving up to press a hand, that bell now in it and jingling, up against Orrin's cheek affectionately.

Bhandn arrives just in time to catch Orrin Seliki engaged in thorough lip-locking, and as much as it amuses the knight (who stops dead and folds his arms during it), there is a faintly wistful expression that passes before he recovers and continues his approach into the gardens. Bhandn's cleaned up a bit, but he's also breathing a little heavy from hurrying over from doing so. He's got eyes for the bride and groom, and wastes no further time in approaching.

Nodding when his wife suggests that they mingle, Valdemar follows her away from the newlyweds to allow them to receive more of their quests. He gives the bells a curious look, though, as he turns to walk alongside Vanora. Upon hearing Joslyn's remark about her, he inclines his head in her direction and says, "It does suit her well, though I am not sure we have been introduced before, my Lady?"

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Vanora laughs at Joslyn's question. "Darling I know we've been out of touch but really. I was the scandal of the year, for several years in a row at least. I think we're all over it by now, but it took a long time." Her attention returns to Ian and she smiles warmly. "It is good to know you have things well in hand. Would that the other Marches we are supposed to be leading were the same. Alas, one cannot have everything all at once. At least that is what I hear these days. No one says that kind of nonsense in the Lyceum." Then her green eyes widen and she states to Valdemar, "Oh goodness, I'm so rude. This is Joslyn, an old friend, and a new Countess herself, of the Rivenshari."

Marisol had stepped outside, dealing with messengers again. Sometimes it is TOUGH WORK being a Princess. As soon as she appears though, Michael had vamooshed from where he stood to reach out and pull her along. Back towards Scythia and Orrin and a clamoring of people with bells. "Watch out, everyone is ringing bells when they kiss and awful people are shouting......RONJA! THERE YOU ARE!"

"Oh I knew about the scandal. I thought it was all rather overblown but I'm glad things were finally settled. I've been out of touch with SO much of late, spent a year out of the city on some personal business, you see," she smiles though towards Valdemar. "A pleasure! Yes we haven't been properly introduced, but I'm sure I'll see you more now that I'm back in touch with Duchess Vanora and more active once again back in Arx."

Finn the youthful northern puppy leaves, following Thea.

"Your Highness!" Ronja turns, to welcome Marisol with an offering of her hands. It might be mistaken for a low-angled attempt at a hug, but really it's just trying to take Marisol in towards the group that's formed around the bride and groom and then prevent losing her again. "I apologize, I lost track of you and Lord Michael -- too many people here," Ronja says, sounding like she's about to start complaining about the crowd right within earshot of the happy couple, and then suddenly switches gears, forcing a more positive inflection in the least natural way possible, "here... here celebrating this union blessed by the gods..."

"That must make for some tricky logistics." Ian says to Athaur in a level voice. Most of his attention is on the person he's talking to, but every time a new bell gets rung, it distracts his gaze for a moment.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Fianna smiles at Mikani and remains standing for the moment. "It's good to get away from the stables every so often. I've been so very busy lately." One last sip of her drink is taken before her empty glass is set down on a passing tray. "And speaking of animals, I need to see if my hounds are behaving with my guardsmen. If you'll excuse me, I won't be long." She'll return after a while to check on Lord Kaldur and all that bell ringing.

"Yes, it is always a pleasure to meet another of her friends, Countess. I do hope we will be seeing more of you," Valdemar responds to Joslyn with a slight smile in her direction. He then glances over at his wife comments, "Wait, you mentioned getting back to work. I suppose that means that there is a surprise waiting for me at the longhouse?" He does not sound terribly excited by the prospect of this surprise.

Mack, a sable Northern Shepherd, Bruno, an energetic Wolfhound, 4 House Crovane Guards leave, following Fianna.

Vanora laughs. "It was something else. Easy to chuckle about now, a source of many tears then. But suffering makes us who we are, yes?" Hmm. "Glad that you are back either way darling. And speaking of scandals, I am about to cause another with my rudeness, because my husband needs to escort me home. We have a lot on our plates currently, as Lord Ian said, and unfortunately they are too full for wedding cake." She bids polite and proper goodbyes to everyone she's spoken with, and then nods to Valdemar, letting him lead her back towards home.

Athaur nods his head to Ian. "It is tricky, yes. But fortunately much of our land is still undeveloped. So, while we build it makes it easier to find homes for people and give work to those who wish to stay.

Peri fades back into the crowd, giving space for others to mingle with her father. She sees Sir Bhandn and walks over to inspect him. "Sir Bhandn! How are you?"

Rukhnis arrives, following Rysen.

Mikani nods as Fianna leaves. She gets another drink as she sits by herself watching the crowd.

5 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor leave, following Valdemar.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards leave, following Vanora.

Tradition accomplished, Kaldur goes off to find Fianna only to find her missing. His brow furrowed, he looks at Mikani, "Ehm. Where did the Duchess go?" He's failed at being escort. He lost the Duchess!

2 Grimhall House Guards, Ivan leave, following Sanya.

"I think that's more a question for your father today, isn't it, Little Lady?" Slightly amused, that question, but Sir Bhandn does offer a nod and a small bow to her all the same. "Has he started telling his stories about pearl diving yet, or does someone have to get more drink in him first?"

Reese is overheard praising Scythia: A lovely bride, the Count is lucky. A very graceful and intelligent woman too!

Mikani laughs and smiles at Kaldur, "She went to check on her hounds." Mika says warmly to the man. "She did state she would be back."

Reese is overheard praising Orrin: Congrats, yay House Seliki! a great Count

Missives. Marisol has been sending missives and so when she walks back in she pauses a moment. She stares at the chaos of people that is around her. Her lips part, close and then the Princess merely stands where she is as her hand lifts to pass over her curls. She lifts onto her toes so she can get a look around for those she knows. She catches faces on occasion but there are too many to truly note. Lost. She feels lost in a sea of people.

Mikani is overheard praising Scythia: The Gem of Redreef now a gem among pearls.

Brianna is overheard praising Orrin.

Brianna is overheard praising Scythia.

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Ian takes a sip of his drink. "That could end up being a net positive," he agrees with Athaur. "Might help you expand some." He might not be totally clear about how domain works on land where there's not just endless water between everything. Like the part where you can't necessarily just expand wherever you want. He also might not be totally clear about this being a wedding and not a bar or something.

Maru is overheard praising Orrin.

Rysen comes in with Rukhnis at his side. He makes his way through the gardens slowly, gazing at the beautiful decorations, and picking up a glass of whiskey as he searches for Orrin and Scythia.

Athaur nods his head as he takes his drink. "Exactly right. We are looking to expand as well so that will be very helpful over all."

Brianna catches sight of poor, lost Marisol. She walks over and says softly, "Follow me, he's this way." If she follows, the Halfshav will lead her to Michael.

Athaur is overheard praising Orrin.

Orrin takes his bell, but keeps it still; he's had his kiss, there, and is plenty pleased by it. More can wait until there are fewer guests. "Shall we have some dancing, my darling?" he asks, perhaps thinking the moment ripe for it; he seems too wound up to eat anything at all.

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Orrin is overheard praising Vanora.

Ronja does lean in to Michael, to whisper to the Bisland: "You got a rum bottle, right?" Like that was the point of coming to the thing.

Ian nods once to Athaur. "Good luck." He takes another sip of his drink and seems just fine with letting the conversation peter off there.

Michael has joined the a roastiing spit and a cauldron.

Oh how very charmed Scythia looks at her bell, but she takes care in keeping it quite still. She nods in turn toward the Count Seliki and dips to a curtsy. "I believe that it is time to do precisely that, my lord." She smiles to those gathered nearby, but does set her hand lightly upon Orrin's arm so that she can be properly escorted. Dancing is a must of course.

Maru stands by the scarecrow quietly sipping his rum and watching the party, and the people. He gets this smirk on his face and just shakes his head. He tosses back his drink, and then wanders off to deposit the glass for staff to collect.

Rukhnis trails Rysen in at her usual place just behind and to one side of him. The skirts of her gown swish softly as she follows along at just as slow a pace as the Crovane lord is setting, though this seems at least as much a reflection of how tired she looks as it is attentiveness to Rysen's gait. She also looks rather less alert than usual as her eyes pass slowly across the large crowd gathered there.

Ronja and Michael have come together, and stepped /away/ from the wedding couple. Too much crazy over there. They are sitting around the roasting spit and its cauldron. "Yes. I have snagged at least one bottle of rum for myself, if Princess Marisol doesn't make it in soon I will grab another for her."

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Orrin makes to escort Scythia toward the area of the lawn cleared for dancing, whispering a few words to Peri on the way there.

Mikani smiles as she sees Rukhnis and Rysen. She waves slightly to them both as she lets them greet the couple.

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Kaldur nods at Mikani, "Thank you." He recognizes Rysen to see him, though they are not acquainted and makes his way over, "Lord Rysen, welcome. Welcome!" He nods at Rukhnis, and turns attention back to Rysen, "Have you seen Duchess Crovane?" He tips up on his toes, searching over the crowd. "She went looking after her hounds." Rysen has just arrived, surely he'll know everyone's whereabouts.

Peri nods at Orrin and then walks over to talk to a lady who is holding a lyre and laughing with friends. Peri speaks softly and then, "Ok?" The three start a song on lyre, flute, and hand-drum that is pleasing to the ears and for the feet.

Brianna the savior of all. "Oh uh..thank you so much." Marisol remarks and sticks close to the Halfshav lady, looking overly grateful as she hurries after her. Getting lost a second time will not do. Not at all. "This is quite..busy, really. Rather busy indeed." She admits and then ducks her head, "I was invited along and I fear I know very few of these people." She admits and then smiles at Brianna again. "You are a blessing."

Kaldur is overheard praising Scythia: The newest Seliki! Welcome!

Kaldur is overheard praising Orrin: My father! I'm proud for him today.

Brianna leans in to say something softly to Marisol, before delivering her safely to Michael's care.

Reese years the music starting and she tries to reach for Issy with one hand and Joslyn with her others. She tries to guide them to standing.

Rysen beams when he sees Mikani, and makes his way over to her. He bows, and says warmly, "You look wonderful, Countess. I'm sorry to arrive so late." He smiles to Kaldur and says, "Thank you, My Lord. I saw her earlier and got some excellent news, but I haven't seen her since, unfortunately - but I cannot say I'm surprised to hear she's off to take care of Mack and Bruno." He smiles and says to Kaldur, "Lord Kaldur, this is my head retainer, Rukhnis Al-Katibi," he says gesturing to Rukhnis. Turning back to Mikani, Rysen says, "Are the Count and Countess of Pearlspire dancing?"

Isabetta looks at Reese with a measure of doubt, but doesn't resist, she lets herself get pulled up to a standing position.

Brianna spots Rysen and sashays over. "Lord Rysen! Did I hear you say something about dancing?" she asks with a grin.

Joslyn takes Reese's hand as the music starts, biting her lip as she moves with the pair. "Well, if you insist," she chuckles, letting Reese lead the way.

When they arrive to the lawn, Scythia is turning to face Orrin. She takes a moment, just a moment, to smile up at him. This smile is an incredibly pleased thing, mind you, with a slight wrinkle of her nose and her eyes crinkling at the corners. "I believe we are managing this," she mock whispers toward him before taking a deep breath and moving so that he might easily lead. This is a formal dance, yes?

Peri is overheard praising Scythia: You are a very welcome addition to my family

Peri is overheard praising Orrin: Look what the sea brought home

Mikani is about to say 'You're Welcome' to Kaldur before he meanders off. Mikani smiles at Rysen and curtsies. "Thank you my Lord. Dance with me and I'll forgive your tardiness." She teases Rysen warmly before Rysen mentions the good news. A slight blush crosses her cheeks. "Yes they are dancing ... They both seem beside themselves with happiness. It makes me very glad for them."

Maru walks up beside Kaldur and claps him on the shoulder. "Kaldur, lad, it's good to see you. I missed your coming in," he says. But, of course, he didn't miss the bells. He was too busy with the scarecrow, then, though. He squeezes the youngest Seliki's shoulder, and then leans in to say a few words quietly.

Very well then. The sun is dipping past the tree-tops, dimming the sky, the music has started, and Orrin brings Scythia to where they can have a proper dance with each other. The delight he seems to take in that - it is no small thing. It's totally a formal dance, of the variety where most of the skill comes from the flourish she adds, while he merely conveys her about the lawn in a steady-handed manner - even if he's having a great time doing it.

Reese has a warm smile both Isabetta and Joslyn. Her cheeks are pink and her blue eyes are bright. The girl heads to the middle of the courtyard and spins around in a circle. She seems to be trying to dance with both Joslyn and Isabetta.

Reese checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Orrin checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Athaur rises to his feet, offering a nod to Lord Ian. He looks towards the newlywed and offers a smile before slipping out

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Scythia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

It's a strange expression that creeps over Kaldur's face when he looks over to see his father and Scythia dancing. His search for the missing Duchess pauses as he seeks out Peri, smiling at her.

Joslyn checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Rukhnis bows to Mikani and Kaldur alike, murmuring a quiet, "My Lady, My Lord," to each in turn. With that, she folds her hands in front of her and simply looks on in attentive silence, though a faintly melancholy expression shadows her eyes.

Peri touches Sir Bhandn lightly on the elbow and and guides him aruond the dancer and over to the pine bench. "This is a comfortable place, Sir Bhand. Rest here a while."

Bhandn merely nods to what Peri has to say softly to him, and he'll fall in line with the Seliki heir. No words from the Solace knight, just compliance.

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Ducking her head down to Brianna she laughs a little, "Well.." she whispers the rest but who can really here with what all is going on. She spots Bhandn, giving him a waves as she is guided further. Marisol smiles and lifts her head then to glance at chaos around her.

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Ian may have reached peak social, because when Athaur leaves, Ian just... stays where he is and drinks. Doesn't drink. He's actually not making a lot of progress on that glass of rum. He nods to Peri when she joins him.

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Michael poops up upon Marisol's approach and beams a big smile towards her. "As I live and breathe, have you managed to escape your messengers?" A hand reaches for her, to guide her down to sit near the roastiing pit.

Isabetta seems to accept this notion of dancing with the pair of them. She's maybe a little, or okay, a lot not as good of a dancer, but by golly she'll try. A little twirl, swaying? She can handle that right?

Joslyn apparently has two left feet and stumbles all over the other pair, she has an embarassed look as she stumbles a bit, as if to say 'I am usually way better than this!'.

There are indeed little moments of flourish, a spin, a particularly fancy set of steps here and there in the dance between the newly weds, but in the end Scythia mostly just seems to be interested in looking up to her new husband. She's studying features, you see.

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Reese looks to Isabetta. "I don't know, I think you are fun to dance with, always, Issy." She says and then turns to Joslyn, looking as she stumbles. "And you as well Joslyn." She attempts to reach for Issy's hand to lead her into a spin in front of Joslyn. When the spin ends, she tries to gently hip bump Joslyn.

Kaldur nods at the greeting, "Well met and welcome, Rukhnis. I was-" Kaldur's attention is captured then by Maru patting his shoulder. He beams at him, "Gumaru!" And gives his gruzzled uncle a hearty hug - no shoulder pats for him. "Aye, I will." For whatever was murmured, "We owe you a set of bells, don't we? Though, ehm, you've rather married into a lot of them, haven't you?" He gives a broad grin and finally returns to Rysen and Rukhnis. "I didn't see where they went, maybe off after a hare." He glances off to where meadow begins in on the grounds.

Rysen laughs warmly at Brianna's welcome. "They are indeed dancing, My Lady, but not your usual favorite the involves axes and blood. You also look lovely tonight Lady Brianna. Where did you get your arm ring? From some amazing feats of arms, no doubt," he says with a wink. He nods to Kaldur with a glance to the dancing area, and, turning to Mikani with a smile, Rysen says, "As you wish, My Lady." He hands his whiskey to Rukhnis, and holds out his hand to Mikani, inviting her to dance.

Joslyn wraps her arms around Reese, though that seems more to do with keeping her balance than it has anything to do with being close, but she laughs and bumps her hip back into Reese's, straightening herself up. "I have fun dancing with you too, Reese," Joslyn smiles. "Thanks for dragging me outside."

Mikani takes Rysen's hand with a smile. "Lead the way." Mika says warmly as she and Rysen move to the dance floor. Mika smiles at Rukhnis as she walks off and speaks to the woman in Eurusi.

One song of dancing, just one! It seems almost as if it is a reprieve for Count Seliki - a moment to breathe amidst so many well-wishes. For the length of a song, Orrin can study Scythia's features in equal measure, and through sheer luck doesn't step on her feet at all. When their spin about the lawn has ended, the song changing over to something quicker, Orrin leads Scythia by hand back off the lawn. He happens to spy Ian hiding there. "Lord Ian," he says. "Do you need another dash of rum?" His eyes are twinkling; like he guesses not, but asks anyway.

Mikani says in Eurusi, "I promise I will come back and talk."

Reese is overheard praising Joslyn: Wonder to dance with!

Reese is overheard praising Isabetta: Wodnerful to dance!

Rysen checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

As Michael greets Marisol in his own special way, Ronja is there to... assist, or provide moral support, or something. She takes a seat to one side of the pair and crosses her legs in as best a ladylike fashion as she can muster. "I think this is going well! I mean, I don't go to a lot of noble weddings, so maybe it's going horribly, but I wouldn't know the difference, it seems fun to me."

Mikani checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Reese smiles over to Rysen and Rukhnis. She keeps dancing with Isabetta and Joslyn, seeming to have a fun time. She tries to spin Joslyn in a circle next.

Ian lifts his mostly full glass in Orrin's direction when he hears his name spoken in an 'I'm good, thanks' sort of gesture and then turns his attention to the people who have joined him at his not-potted-plant.

Bhandn does offer a courtesy bow to Ian, over by the pine bench, but his eyes focus still on Peri when she provides the introduction. "Lady Peri thinks you may have some insi--" He cuts off and turns to regard Orrin coming over. "You still aren't drunk yet?" The question has Bhandn's mouth turned up at the Count Seliki.

Maru laughs and returns Kaldur's hug. "Yes, you do, and yes, I have," he says, as he spies Athaur leaving through the gatehouse, jingling as he goes. "It's a beautiful sound to be around, all the time. Makes there rest of the city seem boring by comparison." He glances toward the gatehouse again, and then back to Kaldur. "Speaking of which. I'm going to get back to check on Eshra." Then he leans in to murmur something else to Kaldur before slipping out.

"Thank you," Marisol says to Brianna as Michael 'pops' up to greet her. Moving over to take up a seat with him, the Princess glances to Ronja and can not help but smile. "I have to admit its barely contained. I know so few personally but I am glad to be here. Its just...I may be who I am but it does not mean I function well in large groups. I will leave that to Lord Michael." She remarks and glances over at the Bisland Lord at her side. "You should have introduced me to a few..." she intones her gaze sweeping over the others as they hug and greet. Celebrate and dance.

Rukhnis accepts Rysen's glass with a small bow to both him and Mikani as the two head off to dance. Being left alone, or alone as may be possible in the midst of a large gathering, her gaze unfixes itself from the crowd and takes on a distant expression as she stands in perfect stillness, managing to seem somehow far apart from everyone all around her.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brianna before departing.

Kaldur makes his way to the knot of Marisol and Michael and Ronja et al, scanning the gathering, "Ehm, did you see a woman and two dogs go this way? Or two dogs and a woman? She might have been following them." Kaldur's ears are pink. At the murmur from Maru he stops dead in his tracks, head slewing around to Maru, "GUMARU!" His flabber? Totally gasted. He takes the man's shoulders in his hands, holding him at arm's length, beaming bright, "Congratulations!" Nothing subtle in Kaldur's game tonight.

Though it was just a single dance, this is nonetheless a satisfactory thing for Scythia. She's easily moving to Orrin's side once more, her hand placed on his arm as she travels with him onward. Onward to Lord Ian, in fact. "Lord Kennex," she greets the man with a curtsy. She nods when the man is indicating that he has his rum and glances curiously to a few other faces.

Mikani and Rysen sweep into a dance, their movements flowing in time with music. Rysen seems for a moment to be lost to anything but the dance and his partner, though the clear blue eyes and unmistakable smile of the Knight of Ribbons catches his attention. He and Mikani dance close to Reese, Isabetta and Joslyn, and the smile that won't leave the Crovane lord's face shows him to be having a great time, as he and Mikani continue to flow with the music.

Ian had just the BAREST moment of slightly-widened-eye staring at Badhn for a moment, but it's gone almost as soon as it came, and he's nodding to Scythia when she joins Orrin. "Countess."

Joslyn spins in Reese's grip and beams happily, letting her skirts flare out, stepping with a grace not unlike a duelist, smiling up at her, and then a glance given to Isabetta to see how she managed.

No slipping out just yet, it would seem. Maru grins and then pulls Kaldur in for another hug. "Thanks, Kaldur," he says with a grin. "Now, let me get out of here. I'm too old for this much party, this late." Says the notorious carouser.

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"Look at her, Marisol. With her legs crossed, and she even remembered to pull the end over her knees just so." Michael marvels at Ronja abilities to not look like a bilgewater rat. "Hmm? Yes. In these types of parties. I just greet the bridge and groom....thats music." Michael poops back up again and grasps at both of Marisol's hands. "Come along, we have to dance. RONJA! Get up, lets find you...KALDUR! Take This woman to be your dancing partner." Ronja is grasped now, by the elbow to be forced to look up into the face of the most handsomest man of Bisland(and perhaps drunkest right now). "No, talk to your uncle later!!!" Marisol and Michael abandon Ronja to go and dance.

Orrin laughs a little, and makes a sort of swiping gesture with his hand - the sort that indicates he was kidding in the first place. He glances at Bhandn, there, too, and gives him a little nod before turning to Scythia. "What now then, darling? Shall have a bite while everyone is distracted by the music?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brianna before departing.

"I suppose I should dance," Peri says. She looks around. "RUKHNIS!" Does she get her attention? "Shall we dance?" She says much more softly.

Mikani smiles and laughs as she moves with Rysen across the dance floor. Her dark eyes hold his gaze as they move fluidly with the music. Mikani always seemed to move like water when she fought dancing was just a different type of the fluid movements. She leans in to murmur to Rysen before they spin around the dance floor more.

Brianna makes a last round saying her farewells. "Duty calls, alas."

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"Hey!" Ronja yelps as she's grabbed up from her seat, her own hands going to her dress to try and keep it from doing anything untoward. She's much more of a trousers woman, and it shows. "Hell," Ronja blurts, as Michael and Marisol abandon her, and she gives Kaldur a once-over, up and down. "Yeah, you're handsome enough for the job," Ronja says, then remembering to add a: "My Lord. ...shall we?"

Reese continues dancing with Joslyn and Issy. Her cheeks stay pinkly flushed. She bumps her hip gently to Issy and then to Joslyn. The girl speaks softly with them both.

She just navigated the sea of the unknown! Now Michael is pulling her to her feet unceremoniously and then dragging Ronja up as well. "Oh goodness you are demanding, aren't you?" Marisol lets out a laugh, glancing at Ronja as she sizes up the Seliki lord as her hand finds Michael's firmly and is led outwards towards where there is room to dance. She flushes a bit with color as she shakes back her dark curls from her face. "Lord could have offered to get me something to drink first," she points out with a smile that reaches her honey colored eyes. Slowly she lifts her other hand to his shoulder. And thus the Valardin Princess lets the Bisland Lord lead her. MAYBE. Depending on how good he is.

Marisol checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Michael checked command + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Rukhnis blinks and actually startles a little at being on the receiving end of the classic Seliki Bellow. "Er," she says articulately at Peri's question, glancing briefly behind her as if the prospective dance partner must be lurking back over her shoulder. But finding no one else there, she looks to Peri with furrowed brow and says with a touch of bemusement, "You are asking me?" One has to be sure, after all.

Bhandn checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

Kaldur relents, "My best to Lady Eshra!" he calls after. "Peri!" Kaldur weaves through the throng, his seatouched wool cloak trailing out behind him as he goes, "Peri!" And he finds himself with an armful of Ronja. "Hallo!" He smiles at her, stumbling a half-step so as not to trample the woman. He gives a weak chuckle, "Well, I seem to have well and truly lost the Duchess. I'd be honored, ehm. Lord Kaldur Seliki." He assumes a dancing posture, inclining his head by way of introduction, faintly apologetic.

When Orrin is posing that question to her, Scythia is hesitating just a moment before she begins, "Yes, a bite of food would be splendid. Just a bite, mind you, because afterward I think you should introduce me to someone that I do not know." Is there a hint of challenge to Scythia's voice? Why yes, yes there very well might be. It goes well with that pinch of her lips that betrays her tease.

Ronja checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Kaldur checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Bhandn does offer a courtesy bow to Orrin and Scythia in response to Orrin's nod, but aside from his smarmy question about the Count not being drunk, Sir Bhandn is largely keeping his attention on that of Lord Ian. He looks rather suddenly taken aback, mouth opening partly in silence and gaping for the span of a few seconds.

Something about Bhandn's reaction gets a quick, sharp smile out of Ian, a twitch of the corners of his mouth, and a flash in his electric blue eyes.

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"Indeed so," Peri says. "Would you like to dance? I have learned how, over the winter, to dance as though I were at a ball and not in a brawl." She offers a hand in invitation.

"Ronja Sandreef, at your service, my Lord," Ronja says, as she takes Kaldur's considerably broader hand to lead him towards the dance floor. "Oh, just so you're aware -- I've only ever danced among drunken sailors, AS a drunken sailor. So I apologize in advance for my poor showing." And then, in typical Ronja Sandreef fashion, she finds the groove -- as much as the music has one, given the instrumentation -- and begins moving as she sees others move. It comes rather naturally, but really just makes it seem like she was trying to hustle Kaldur with her proclamation about never having properly danced before.

"I am sure I can find you a drink shortly." Michael does glance back ot make sure that Kaldur has found the bundle known as Ronja. "Good!" Then Michael waits, waits, waits for it...before hopping onto the dancefloor and pulling Marisol along with the rest of them upon the dancefloor. He had to make sure they got in and on the right steps. "Why are you so much better at this than I am?" A hand upon her waist, another holding her hand to his chest. Thats nice.

"Oh," says Rukhnis, forehead still creased. She looks at Peri's hand for a moment before extending her own to take it, bowing slightly to the other woman as she does so. "I am sure that I would be honoured," she replies finally, very seriously.

Rysen laughs, and spins Mikani aways from him, her violet gown twirling about her, before pulling her back into his arms. The two continue to dance in time with the music, until Rysen manages to spot Orrin and Scythia, moving to get food. He says softly to Mikani, "Though they're probably tired of hearing it, I'd like to wish them well." He smiles at Mikani as the song comes to an end, and begins to make his way over to the newlyweds deftly grabing his whiskey from Rukhnis as she and Peri make their way towards the dancing area.

Reese looks over to Orrin and Scythia. "Thank you so much for having us and I am very happy for you both. We are going to get going, but it is very encouraging to see such a wonderful couple." She says, before peeking over to Joslyn and Isabetta with another smile.

Peri checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Rukhnis checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Turning her head at the sound of Ronja's name she can not help but grin as Kaldur accepts the Mistresses bid to dance. "She is so lovely," she remarks thoughtfully and then ducks her head to listen to something said to her. She can not help but smile at the Bisland Lord and for whatever he said? It earns him a kiss to his cheek near the corner of his mouth. Pale skin flushes with color as her dark eyes study the Lord Heir before she mmms, "Probably because I have had far more practice than you. We can break you into it slowly," she teases him. Her gaze does not stray from him in those moments following - is that a challenge or is she just truly staring? She dips her head finally, causing the flowers to shift in her dark curls. "Winter.." she says for some odd reason as her head finally draws back up.

Orrin chuckles. "Very well," he says, and leads Scythia over so that they can have a bite. He passes over much of the aforementioned fare for a finger sandwich, since he's been challenged and it can be eaten while they wander. "Goodness," he says, and thinks a moment, tucking that little nothing of a sandwich in. "I think Lord Michael danced with you the once, didn't he? So him you don't know." A beat, then he leans toward her, dropping his voice low. "It may be that /I/ don't know everyone here properly," he confides. But there's Rysen coming along, and he straightens to bow. "Lord Rysen."

Mikani smiles as they finish the dance. Mika stays next to Rysen as she greets Orrin again. She moves to hug the man if he will allow it. After all Orrin is sort of her cousin now. "Congrats again ...."

"Lord Michael and I actually had quite a good conversation during that dance, my lord," responds Scythia with another grin cast up Orrin's way. "What were *you* doing with your dancing partner at this time?" Maybe there is a little arch in her voice, expertly cased, but her eyes are sparkling with no little mirth. She takes a single bite of her finger sandwich before Lord Rysen is greeted with a curtsy. "Lord Rysen," she mumurs in greeting before looking toward Mikani and taking a step toward her. "You and I?" she says, her voice pitched low, "Really must catch up soon." Just that comment though and she's slipping back to Orrin's side.

Peri checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

How did it go? Peri taps her chin with her off hand, as she looks off into a distant memory of some long ago lesson. Ah hah! She bows in return and sets a hand gentle on Rukhnis to guide her steps. There are no smashed toes. The happy toes gives Peri inspiration and she holds up Rukhnis's hand to spin her 'round in a n under dip.

Rukhnis checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Kaldur is strong and agile, yes. A swimmer and diver and swordsman of skill, but taking a spin on the dancefloor takes all of his concentration, all of it, lips pursed as Ronja proves the much more competent of the two despite her demural. He laughs, weak, his concentration allowing only a slight break and it's a near thing, "You were having me on." His lips press flat, dimples driving deep.

Rysen bows to Orrin and Scythia. "Count, Countess, let me also offer my congratulations and wish you both the best. I'm only sorry we couldn't have celebrated your new life together out here in the garden before it got so bloody hot," he says with a chuckle. "The gardens look wonderful, and I'm truly honored I could come to celebrate with you."

Rukhnis looks a little shamefaced as Rysen plucks his whiskey away from her as the two of them pass coming, respectively, on and off the dance floor, her expression suggesting that she's now been reminded of the terrible breach of etiquette she was about to commit by going off and dancing with his glass in hand while she was supposed to be just standing there holding it. But as Peri takes the lead and begins to move the two of them around the floor, she eases gracefully into the movement, and even accomplishes being on the receiving end of the spin with as much aplomb as if she'd done this many times before.

The pair of Michael and Marisol manage not to get run over by Peri and accompaniment, his attention is diverted since Orrin and Scythia are mentioning him somewhere on this dance floor. But it doesn't stay gone long. The man's hand squeezes at her waist and hand at her words. Winter. "Rosy cheeks and much winter blossoms, your highness." And of course he has to send her through a spin suddenly, dangling her at the end of his arm before pulling her to come spinning once and into his grasp again. "Winter."

Sure, sure, Mikani can have a hug; it seems almost automatic to return it, for Orrin, but then Peri crashes into him for them with some regularity. Then he's lifting his brows at Scythia. "Hmm," he says, thoughtfully. "Dancing, I suppose," though he does not seem all that certain that that's correct. But there's Rysen, offering his congratulations, and he laughs. "Is Pearlspire so much more temperate?" he muses. "Nevermind; we are glad you could come celebrate with us. Do have a dance or something to eat, and there's a rum to have home with you in that chest over there."

Arcadia slips in through the door and catches Rysen as he makes his way over to congratulate the newly weds. Sensing an almost missed opportunity, she heads to his side and offers her congratulations too.

"Having you on, my Lord? Why bother, unless we'd put a wager on it?" Ronja grins as she continues leading the dance. She spies Marisol giving Michael that little kiss to the cheek and it makes her smile all the brighter. "No," Ronja says, focusing back on Kaldur, "it's just that this is bloody EASY, isn't it? You just hold the arms like so, when the measure is such you move your foot this way, then the other, dah-dah-dah, dih-dih-dih-dih, you see--?"

The flare of the spin has Marisol's dress fanning out in its green silks only to be brought back in to him. She meets him again after a few steps ass she regards him. Her eyes stray about. She watches the crash happen and she tries desperately not to laugh. She turns back to look up at Michael, her smile betraying her a little bit as the Princess has to lead for a few moments to keep them from meeting another couple he can not see behind him. "You need to get better at this...for Winter. Sleigh rides and mulled wine." She says back to him. Eyes briefly glance to Ronja as she is busy trying to teach Kaldur how to dance. "Maybe we should rescue her. I can dance with Lord Kaldur and you can give the Mistress a whirl around the floor?"

"Thank you very much, my lord," responds Scythia to Rysen, after she's had just a little word or two more with Mikani. "Though come now, if I must suffer the chill of winter it is only fitting that a bit of moderate temperature be endured." A smile is cast toward the man though, absolutely friendly and betraying a sliver of a tease in her voice.

Kaldur checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Isabetta stares at Ronja for a long long moment and then says, to her friends, "I so desperately want to challenge her to something."

Mikani smiles and murmurs back and forth with Scythia giving the woman another hug. "I for one am glad winter is gone ... Redreef never got this cold and I'm worried I will never get used to it. Mountains are colder I'm even told."

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1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Joslyn, Isabetta leave, following Reese.

Arcadia slants her gaze to Rysen, "This is hot? However did you survive the summer?"

Rysen laughs warmly at Scythia's words and grins when Orrin mentions rum. "There really is no end to the largesse of House Seliki. I'll be drinking to your health long into the night, My Lord, My Lady," says Rysen to Orrin and Scythia. He chuckles a little as Arcadia prowls up and mutters something into the air, of which the only audible word is "contagious." He then theatrically withdraws behind Mikani, and from over her shoulder says, "In extreme misery," he replies to her question.

"Sleigh rides? You know I'm allergic to reindeer." Michael Bisland has not had an opportunity to find out whether or not he is allergic to reindeer. "I am not wearing my rubicund boots to dance with Ronja..And Kaldur is too handsome for you to dance with....KALDUR!" Michael says one thing, and does anything. Because as soon as the pair is close enough, Michael is reaching out to grasp Ronja's hand and cut in. Kaldur is smart enough to step in with Marisol, isn't he? Maybe? Or does all that hair product soak into his brain?

Kaldur is making an effort - let it not be said the Seliki lord isn't trying. For the second spin around, he gets out of his head and lets Ronja's direction and the music carry them. "I see-" He is no less brow-furrowed, and sweating a flop sweat, though he's worn plate mail in the heart of summer for years on end. But it's better! Progress. "-somewhat." He blinks as Ronja is peeled off by a deft cut and he is now faced with Marisol. "Oh no." He licks his lips and smiles, dimpling. "I- ehm. Apologies in advance." And off they go!

Their dance ended, Peri bows to Rukhnis. "Thank you for the pleasure of a dance." Have you tried these sweets? We have rum..."

Mikani laughs and looks over her shoulder at Rysen. "Oh poor Lord Rysen. Misery ... how could you bear it?" She teases Rysen warmly before murmuring something to him.

Bhandn and Ian continue to have a lively discussion, over where they're talking. Ian is sitting, Bhandn is standing in front of the lord with his back facing everyone as much as one can, anyway. While his head does look around at the sound of a crash, all Sir Bhandn does look around with a deep frown on his lips, but turn his attention back to his conversation companion.

"You are not alone in that fear, my lady," answers Scythia toward Mikani with a little wry smile. "I have had my fill of the cold, though I thank the gods that it was not green this year. Winter has not been particularly kind to me. Spring though?" She casts a glance - along with a smile - back toward Orrin. Said smile remains when she faces Rysen, though it has another quality entirely to it. "Once more, thank you for your well wishes my lord."

Oh Kaldur is completely lucky because Michael says something that utterly shakes Marisol for a moment. Her hands absently take Kaldur's and one rests at his shoulder as she stares at the Bisland lord a moment more. Her smile flickers across her lips and then her had turns with a thoughtful hmmmm? up at the Seliki. "OH...oh you shall do just fine. I am quite sure." The Princess grins up at him as she tries to find her pace with him, her steps a little off for the moment - thanks to whatever distraction Michael gave.

Marisol checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 33 higher.

Ian doesn't really do lively, but he's talking in complete sentences rather than grunting out a couple of words at a time, so that's kindof the same thing for him. Whatever they're talking about must have caught his interest.

Orrin looks like he very much doesn't know what all of that is about, but the momentary flicker of whadidImiss disappears from his face after a moment, and then he's offering Arcadia a bow. "Thank you for coming to celebrate with us, my lady. I'm sure you heard, but - do feel free to have a bottle of rum, and a bite to eat, and a dance; it is a celebration, after all." Then he's glancing at Mikani, then at Scythia, like he's checking if they're still chatting; finding her quite unoccupied, there's just a soft smile.

Arcadia rolls her eyes at Rysen and shakes her head at his contagious comment. "You're incorrigible." She then openly schemes against him, "Perhaps we should go exploring the south during the summer. I heard rumor of some reefs where the water is so clear you can see them as you swim over." Peeking at Mikani, "Do you know if it's true?"

Ronja checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Rukhnis drifts to a gentle halt with Peri, bowing solemnly to her partner as the other woman brings their dance to a close. "I am sure the pleasure is all mine, Lady Peri," she says. A quiet breath of a sigh escapes her as she smooths down her skirts with one hand, and she adds, "I thank you, but I am well enough without sweets or rum."

Michael checked command + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Mikani laughs softly and nods, "Yes ... there are waters like that in Redreef. And they are so blue you can't tell the sky from the ocean." Mika smiles softly as she remembers Redreef. "The red of the reef a stark contrast."

"Hey, watch your hand, you--" Ronja blurts before actually looking and realizing it's Michael cutting in. "Ah! My Lord!" She gets pulled into a fresh dance, and has to struggle not to lose her rhythm for a few measures, but she ably recovers. She leans in to Michael and murmurs something to him, which might affect his dancing ability in turn.

Michael probably should be looking at his ACTUAL dance partner. Not watching for that look back from her that was indubitably coming. Ronja suffers for it, big heavy oafish feet do their best to crunch upon sailor toes. "Oh, a thousand pardons. What was that?" He takes a few moments to right their steps, to get dancing the way they are supposed to dance.

"Gods and spirits, you two would have me roast - though I would suffer the heat of the south, blazing like Lagoma's fire though it may be, to see those beautiful reefs, and Countess Mikani's homeland," replies Rysen to Arcadia and Mikani. Noticing Rukhnis stepping away from her dance with Peri, Rysen says, "Excuse me a moment," and he throws back the rest of his whiskey and sets it down near by on his way to his retainer's side.

Ian says one last thing to his new bench buddy, and then bracing himself with his cane, gets to his feet, primarily through upper body strength, by the looks of it.

Arcadia gives a warm smile to Orrin, "Thank you Count. I am just sorry I didn't get here sooner." She curiously turns her attention back to Mikani, "That sounds beautiful. I've never truly seen the ocean. Not long enough to enjoy it, or when it's warm enough to swim. I'm wanting to try it some day soon."

Scythia's echoing Mikani's words with a simple, "Yes," that seems all at once fond and maybe a little wistful, a little sad. Undoubtedly that is a case of homesick and she is remedying it with a glance to Orrin and another fond smile.

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Ronja checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Watching his own feet more than the unfolding party that he's been doing a stellar job of ignoring, Ian goes with Bhandn back into the house.

Bhandn leaves, following Ian.

Rukhnis pulls herself back up to perfect attention as Rysen comes towards her, giving him a watchful look as she says in a querying tone, "Lord Rysen?"

"OW! My FOOT, bloody FU--" Ronja catches her tongue at the last moment, biting back a reception-ruining outburst and almost visibly swallowing it. "No wonder she wanted to dance with someone else," Ronja says, giving Michael the stink-eye at point blank range.

Kaldur checked willpower + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Bhandn arrives, following Ian.

Bhandn leaves, following Ian.

Peri chuckles at some comment then Rysen approaches. "Lord Rysen, hello!"

Michael checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Kaldur can't seem to manage not thinking to hard. He tries, oh he tries and it's not pretty. He means to spin left, and is trying to lead Marisol, but is thinking what she'll do and spins right and body checks the princess, probably into the turf, unless he manages to catch her. "Ooof!"

Kaldur checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 130 higher. Kaldur rolled a critical!

"Rukhnis," Rysen replies. When Peri greets him, he smiles and says, "Lady Peri!" He bows to Peri and says "The last time I was here was when we were having tea, I believe. I haven't seen you lately, and there's much I would like to talk to you about, staring with the emissary, but I suppose that's for another time, I'm sure." Turning to Rukhnis, he pauses a moment, and then says in a solemn and serious tone, "May I have a dance?"

Orrin smiles easily at Arcadia, then dips his head - then, out of the corner of his eye, he catches a departure. A moment of consideration, then he turns a quiet smile on Scythia. "My lady," he says, "would you like to have another dance? Or would you retire with me in quiet, and leave our guests to dance as they will?"

"Oh, calm down. You probably hurt someone else." Ronja's hand is taken firmly to whip her through a spin, leaving her dangling at arms length before yanking her back towards him. She is caught and lofted into the air in a breezy slow spin...that means he definitely catches what damnable nonsense Kaldur is pulling over there with Princess Marisol.

Ronja checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

The flowers in her hair get a good shake from the impact and several tumble free to the ground as Marisol stumbles back. She steps on her dress and begins to fall in an motion to land on her ass when Kaldur manages to snag her and make it look like it was all on purpose. SOMEHOW. She blinks a few times, scrambling to grab at him even as she hears the soft sound of tearing fabric due to her own foot. Flushing with color her head bobs, flowers fall and her dark curls settle across her face - half blinking as she is dipped slightly, staring up at her partner before she is lifted up and whirled out of harms way with a swirl of skirts. One upon her feet she brushes dark curls from her face while one hand remains firmly locked upon his bicep. She is quiet, utterly flustered for a moment. "Thank you." She lets out a little laugh, perhaps a bit broken as she catches her breath.

Ronja squeals when she's spun and is swift enough with her free hand to keep her sundress from spinning out around her hips. "My Lord!" she yelps, and gives Michael a very flushed, very meaningful look while keeping that dress held down tightly.

Rysen is overheard praising Orrin.

Rysen is overheard praising Scythia.

Peri is overheard praising Kaldur: He makes dancing look like so much fuN!

Mikani sips her rum quietly as she watches the dancing.

Evidently enough time has passed that Scythia has forgotten her challenge to Orrin, for she hesitates a moment - just a moment - and thereafter is offering, "I believe it might be time to retire, my lord, and enjoy a moment of quiet. It has been - well, it has been quite a day." There is a quiet hush to her voice, one that speaks of no small amount of understatement.

From the sudden blink she gives Rysen, Rukhnis finds his request for a dance at least as unexpected as Peri's had been. A brief anxious look passes across her face, but she only bows deeply to to him and replies in a tone to surpass his in solemnity, "As you wish, Lord Rysen." Rising from her bow, she holds out her hand, eyes fixed on the ends of her own fingers.

Kaldur can't dance. It is manifest. But he is definitely who you want at your side when he knocks you over and makes it all look like death-defyingly on purpose by the grace of strength, athleticism and blessings of the gods. He pants one long moment, face a hair's breadth from Marisol's eyes flung wide. Definitely not on purpose. Blink. He straightens, adrenline pulse ebbing and pants out another breath. Oh. He can probably turn loose of Marisol now. "Ehm." He does. His ears turn pink. He returns the thank you with a fumbling, "Thank you for the, ehm, dance, Highness." Let go.

The slightest smile passes Rysen's lips, and he shakes his head. "Only if you wish, Rukhnis." His eyes remain on the dark haired woman as he holds out his hand for her to take or excuse. "The music does sound rather nice though," he says just before giving a slight chuckle as he can't help but notice Marisol and Kaldur.

Peri stops. she watches her father and Sycthia slip out of the garden. She is overtaken by a wistful sadness.

Orrin gives Scythia a very brief slow dip of his head there. "Hasn't it," he says, and then the quietest smile follows. Then he takes a deep breath, and turns to those yet around, dancing or eating or having conversation. Lifting his voice above the music he says: "Good lords and ladies and fine folk, thank you for coming to celebrate this occasion with us! Do please enjoy yourself for as long as you wish." He lifts his hand, and then turns to offer Scythia his arm to escort her inside.

Ronja is let go easily enough now, to settle upon her feet and he'll grin down at her. "You did fine. Very well, but I owe the Princess Marisol a drink. Should I pick your next dancing partner?" Michael glances around very significantly for someone to thrust Ronja upon. And catches more of the end of that PARTICULAR manuever by Kaldur. And narrowy eyes glowers across the room.

Another wayward flower tumbles from that beautiful wreath woven into her hair as Marisol stands there watching Kaldur's ears turn pink. She clears her throat and actually laughs a little while watching him. "You did well..I appreciate not breaking anything in that fall. We can say we did it on purpose and save us both the pain." She keeps her voice low as her nose wrinkles up with her humor. Her hand give his shoulder. squeeze as she dips her had to him, dark curls tumbling forward before she straightens to her full height. "Thank you again. Lord Kaldur." She smiles a bit more and then gracefully disengages from her partner. Her head turns then to catch the glower from Michael as a dark brow slowly raises over one eye.

"Go get the Princess a drink," Ronja says to Michael. "I'll inspect her for damages." Just a little bit snide, as Ronja moves over towards Marisol, offering her hands. "Perhaps a slower dance for a moment, while Lord Michael fetches whatever he's fetching? The least I can offer for all of your help in recent days." Ronja's smile seems to be an earnest one, at least. So there are probably no tricks here. Then again, this a woman who has a tattoo of herself as a topless mermaid, and decided to wear that tattoo to a wedding.

Rukhnis exhales in a quiet puff of breath, a hint of exasperation flickering through her eyes, and reaches her hand out far enough to actually take Rysen's own. Tilting her chin up, she raises her eyebrows at him as if asking him what in the world he's waiting for?

Mikani moves next to Peri and places a comforting hand on the woman's shoulder.

Intrigue, a sleek, diminutive raven with blue-black plumage arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

While Orrin speaks to the gathering as a whole, Scythia is dipping low into a graceful curtsy. The pose is held for an extended amount, the gratitude unmistakable, before she smoothly rises up to her full height. The offered arm is accepted, her fingers lightly brushing across Orrin's forearm in a light manner before settling just in time for that first step that he takes.

Ronja checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Peri checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

Rysen checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Kaldur dips to collect a flower fallen from the flower crown and makes an aborted attempt at tucking it back into the crown before simply giving the flower back to Marisol with a grateful look, "Your lips to the gods' ears it was on purpose." He looks up right straight past Michael's glower to the retreating backs of his father and the new Countess on to Peri's stricken look. "Excuse me," he presses the flower more firmly into Marisol's hand without looking and leaves her, skimming past Michael, eyes on his sister.

Rukhnis checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

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