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Lord Maru Rivenshari

Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Grimsical Uncle
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Rivenshari
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 63
Birthday: 09/12
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: light brown
Skintone: medium brown

Description: Maru's impressiveness is not in height, but in breadth. He is heavy, hard, and dense. Decades have taken the spring from his step, but he still moves with an implacable surety, like the relentless waves of his home and the cliffs they crash against through the years. Dark hair is frothed with silver-gray, dark shocks yet glimpsed beneath, swirling white. His hair alternates from kempt to unkempt and a variety of styles depending on who charmed him into sitting still long enough for its maintenance. His expression is grim and imposing, fearsome. And slightly more fearsome when he smiles.

Personality: Maru doesn't have time for nonsense. For frippery and frothery. He's unsuited to Court, not because he is crass or rude on purpose, but because he has cultivated other strengths along the path of a life that has branched like a bolt of lightning. A man of unpredictable temper, like the ocean itself and just as deep and inscrutable, he is as likely to be thrashing a recruit in the practice yard with no weapon in hand as he is to be brooding over some mystery with a hound at his feet and pipe smoke curling around his head.

Background: Lord Maru Seliki was once a handsome laughing man. Once. He tried the whole laughing thing and didn't care for it. Raised in a House that was only a generation away from Thralldom, whose elevation to the peerage was in the form of a directive from House Deepwood to 'make something of the Pearlspire,' Maru and his siblings and cousins have rivalry graven in their bones. Maru's chief rival was his eldest brother: Hyar. They competed in everything and Maru was always, always, just a little bit behind. Behind in footrace. Behind in their studies. Behind in courting the Lady Oona. Behind... behind... behind... and he cursed that luck all his days until one last roll of the dice. The two charged to meet a crew of abandoned harrying trade caravans. By the length of one stride, Hyar fell and Maru lived as arrows rained down on the ranks of their patrol. Some say Maru hesitated. Some say he stumbled. Some say he waited.

He never cursed his luck again, but neither did he revel in surviving his brother, friend, rival, and Lord. He doesn't talk about it, but everyone noticed a change in him. He has not touched a weapon since. And studies the oddest, unsettling things.

In the wake, he courted the widowed Countess, but his heart wasn't in it and she refused his advances regardless. Maru couldn't blame her, her husband had died with Maru right beside him. His young nephew, the Heir, and neices didn't want for familial care, the Seliki clan is a sprawling one, and Maru fell naturally into the role of telling the children frightening stories and teaching them how not to break their necks. By practice, of course! Needless to say, he was not called upon for caretaking duties with any frequency.

Restless in his dotage, and never married, the evergreen bachelor was drawn to Arx, certain that his future awaited him there. Upon arriving in the capitol he quickly established himself as a carouser of note, building a social network that would prove useful as time moved on. He joined the Academy of Vellichor to further his study of the odd and unsettling, practically moving into the Archive as he delved deep into the knowledge contained within its walls. What came next, though, surprised everybody.

Relationship Summary

  • Eshra - The very best trap I ever laid for myself. I never thought this would be my life.

  • Family:
  • Orrin - My brother's son in so many ways.
  • Peri - My little one, all grown up now, off on adventures of her own.
  • Kaldur - It's tough being second.
  • Name Summary
    Amari How curious! He said he's hung up his sword to instead delve into books as if he's seeking a quieter life as well as knowledge, yet will still volunteer to model on the beach. He's come to Arx at just the right time, I suspect. There's need of keen and flexible minds able to unravel all the mysteries swirling around.
    Athaur An interesting Lord, who shares my love of the water
    Carmen Good man, good drinker, good taste in family. Looking forward to talking with him more on things good or difficult.
    Delilah He wears wisdom with a solemn regard, years of experience a mantle on those shoulders. We're headed into a storm and his steady nature may be needed to keep us all stable.
    Domonico How true it is that there seems a Princess around every turn in Arx. His comments regarding Reese however are true. I trust he says such things honestly.
    Jasher He reminds me of myself, if I were fortunate enough to live that long.
    Kaldur I've always found him unsettling, but strangely reassuring. He sees all together too much sometimes.
    Liara Picking one word to describe the fellow, it would probably be 'solid'. He took a joke very well, too.
    Mikani I think I shocked the man a bit. Yet still an interesting enough man to want to get to know.
    Orrin One wonders how he never married.
    Petal He seems like a nice man who is very interested in and curious about the lodge!
    Reese He seems like an interesting and thoughtful man who is interested in others and really listens to people.
    Thesarin One of a few nobles I've met here seen more winters than I have. Seems the sort that gets worn keener by passing years.
    Venturo A lord who goes right for the pointed questions, apparently! The first of the Seliki House I've had a chance to meet, but given the high praise of their ilk from Joscelin? They'll be on my list for future discussions.
    Vercyn A distinguished lord who thinks carefully before he speaks.
    Zeriax 'Survivor' scribed along a man's measure is never a shame, nor would it be for he who walks upon the bones of those before him. The embers of the past that forged a weapon for the future still simmer hot, and so should they.