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Duel Night! Sabine vs Berenice

Sabine has challenged Berenice for some /messy/ behavior. Orelia and Fecundo will duel to first blood to decide who the victor is!


Dec. 8, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Berenice Fecundo Orelia Sabine


Jeta Scipio Riagnon Harlex Isidora Carmen Nurie Caspian Jeffeth Ophelia Sorrel Calarian Elysio Solange Luca Appolonia Sapphira Macda Karadoc Talwyn Adora Corban Lore Waldemai Carita



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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2 House Velenosa Guards, Robyn, an artful archeress arrive, following Ophelia.

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Orelia finishes adjusting the armor she's wearing, some of the straps are a bit over long. So probably not her armor, but it fits, and fits well so someone who's build isn't far off from her own lean one. The armor is also distinctively in a Greyson grey. She looks over as Caspian calls her name. "Thanks! I'm going to need it." She calls back to the grandmaster of the Champions. "Have you seen the size of him?" She asks, gesturing towards Fecundo as he walks out to the field as well. She waves at a few others before she retakes her seat on the bench to the side of the field, waiting for things to get started. She's more than a little nervous looking, checking her blade and her armor constantly. First duel jitters.

Tamorin, a bubbly Whisper apprentice arrives, following Solange.

Berenice, a sleek black queen of a cat arrives, following Sabine.

Jeta may not be wearing the finest clothes, but the bright colors make her stand out from the small crowd of commoners that she enters with. The Ravashari woman quickly separates herself from them, climbing to a seat far up in the stands where she can see the action over the crowd.

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Skiftfeather - an Elegant Snowy Owl, Morigan Bradshaw - Nurse and Doctor in Training, Fayre Wyrmfang - Excitable Champion, 1 Valardin House Guards, Jaibrian - The Lovable Blue Roan Mare arrive, following Isidora.

Late to her own honour duel! The scandal! But when Sabine arrives, she strides in as if time were indeed waiting upon her exactly as it should. She trails a smile over the little crowd assembled while winding her way towards her opponent. "Ah, darling," is her murmured greeting for Berenice, a hand offered for the taking. "I have so been looking forward to this. Doesn't he look fine?" She must mean Fecundo, surely-- it's the Champions her gaze seek out while she positions herself facing the field.

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Dressed today for the cold weather in practical wool, very little about Scipio stands out as he makes his way towards the general seating. Clearly, the cold's bothering him, holding his jacket closed against the chill winds as he settles in, tucking his elbows neatly in and resting bare hands on his knees.

Wearing a crispy tailored black and pink brocade gown, Riagnon arrives with flirty little twist of his hips. While most might assume he's here to root for his cousin, the Countess... the paper oleander tucked behind the young lord's ear suggests an association with Team Berenice. Unapologetically heavy-footed, he finds seating without worry or sense of urgency.

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There's still a bit of time to go before the duel is meant to start, but Berenice has managed -- somehow, it's not exactly characteristic of her -- to arrives early. She's looking perfectly coiffed as ever, swathed in umbra, adorned with iridescite and stygian -- and, for her prize piece, star iron and dragonweep. In short: she's dressed for the event, looking fashionable and delighted just to be here. "Lady Orelia!" she cries, striding over towards her Champion. "You've done me /such/ an honor to fight in my name. I do hope you'll make a /show/ of it." And then Sabine is arriving, and she turns with every hint of warmth in her manner, reaching to take that hand in a clasp. "I've been just /dying/ with anticipation."

Harlex arrives to the tournament grounds. Jacket clasped up, sword carried by the grip on the scabbard. He's not here to fight though! But he is, as he stops amid the gathering crowd, searching for someone.

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Isidora enters and walks down to the edge of the ring watching Fecundo.

Rushing to get to the grounds on time, Carmen shadows Harlex and gives him a friendly punch on the upper arm as she looks for somewhere, anywhere to sit.

Nurie is her lady's shadow for the moment, a discreet few steps away. Still, it's hard to deny that there's excitement in her eyes, as she notes the champions readying themselves on the field. When Sabine offers her hand to Berenice, Nurie curtsies deeply, though she seems to take her role of attendant quite seriously, and does not speak just yet.

"Good luck both of you!" Caspian calls out to both the duelists as they both have arrived, grinning wide and happy to them. "Put on a good show! And may Gloria smile upon the victor!" He calls, then pops some more popcorn in his mouth.

Settling down on the benches languidly, Jeffeth leans back, pulling his massive arms up to look over the fight. There's a warm smile and slow nod given to Fecundo then Orelia.

Ophelia arrives and finds a spot to sit down and watch. Probably a spot with a view. She wraps her cloak a little tighter around her frame as she sidles her way over to a seat with as little fanfare as possible. Yay for not tripping up any stairs! She does manage to wave to her dearest cousin Berenice, too.

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Dressed in white with the hues of the dawn breaking up the severity of the aeterna, Sorrel has come out to watch her fellow champions face off. She moves to take a seat where she can watch, though she looks uncertain about sitting on a bench with all the snow that's fallen.

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Fecundo lifts his axes from their straps at his waist, warming up a bit with them. When Sabine arrives, he salutes the Countess and then his opponent. He moves about, keeping himself limber and then moves to wave to Isidora as she arrives before returning to the center of the ring.

Riagnon gets an all-purpose snack pouch from a simple yet fashionable black leather belt.

Riagnon gets Apricot Freeform Tart from an all-purpose snack pouch.

Orelia has stood up as more people pour into the stands, her eyes widening slightly. "I guess everyone wants a show." She calls out with a laugh. A slight nervous laugh, but her attention is pulled around to Berenice when she speaks. Orelia sweeps into a smooth bow. "It is you that does me the honor Princess. I just hope I give a good showing and don't embarass you overly much." There's a playful wink from the lean blonde before she turns to regard the crowd, a hand lifted to wave at Jeffeth, and then further at Luca, Appolonia, Delilah and any other faces she knows in the crowd. When Fecundo salutes her she bows in his direction, a deep bow, showing her opponent respect before she starts towards the center of the ring, hands checking the helm she's wearing one last time.

Isidora looks over at Carmen and nods to her quietly and motions that there is a seat next to her. Isidora sees the wave and looks at Fecundo. She waves back and knows that he would understand her lack of public affection.

"I'll pray you don't. It would be so much less satisfying were you to expire before my well-deserved victory," Sabine asides to her nearest and dearest friend. Her smile, lush and full, indicates only the wish for wonderful things for Berenice-- things such as having the gods themselves render judgment upon her case. And speaking of gods, she gathers herself tall at the princess' side and lifts her chin to call to Fecundo, "By Gloria's own grace, may you fight with honour, and bring the Sentinel's justice to the field, your highness." That benediction granted, she disengages her hand from Berenice's in order to reach for Nurie's, drawing her maid with her to a seat.

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Starting to settle onto a bench, Carmen meets Isidora's glance and pushes back to her feet to sit closer. "Evening, your Highness. Your husband is one of the fighters, right?" Settling back onto a sesat, she folds her arms on her knees and leans forward to watch.

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Isidora looks at Carmen and nods. "Aye. Prince Fecundo Valardin." The words are still new to her but she says them with pride. "May Lagoma guide him and Gloria guide this duel to the true outcome. It is for honor is it not?" Her honeyed eyes look at Carmen questioning.

"Thank you all for coming!" Berenice says to the gathering crowd, twirling about with a beaming smile as she admires them. "Gods, look at how many there are of you! Lady Orelia, Prince Fecundo -- may you be as /stylish/ as you are honorable!" Her smile widens with a glint of mischief, and then she clearly looks through the crowd to find Harlex there. She wiggles her fingers at him, lip catching between her teeth at the moment, and gestures for him to join her at the High Booth with Sabine.

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From his perch, Riagnon points directly at Sabine whilst emphatically saying something to his new friend. Probably not about her!

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Nurie's smile towards the Velenosa princess is bright, and its warmth reaches her eyes, despite the chill of the snow day. But then her hand is taken, and she moves with Sabine towards the seats so chosen. She looks out over the crowd as well, her cheeks a little pink from the contrast of cold hair and the cozy warmth of her woollen coat. She makes sure that Sabine is seated comfortably before taking her own.

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Berenice catches Riagnon's clearly /Berenice-styled accessory/ on her way up to her booth and laughs delightedly. "Thank you, Lord Riagnon!" she calls over, hand extending straight up to wiggle her fingers in a wave to him over the crowd.

Forging his way over to the benches, Calarian shakes snow from his coat along the way and promptly settles down, flanked by the pair of guards accompanying him. He bangs the heel of one boot against the other, then reverses the gesture, finally leaning in to regard the pair upon the field with keen interest.

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Harlex makes a 'gah' as Carmen punches him, for he was clearly staring at something. But he gives a nod and a small grin before making his way to the seats where Berenice has indicated. That grin becoming a small smile.

Only slightly late it would seem, Elysio drifts into the tournament grounds with an easy step and casts his eye about the place as considers those assembled. A nod of his head is given as he arrives to catch the end of Sabine's little speech, following which he makes his way in the direction of the seating.

"Honestly?" Carmen looks from Isidora and back down to Berenice. "No idea. Just here for the show." A hint of humor warms her tone. "But most fights are for face and honor in some way, shape, or form."

"How fickle," Sabine might be heard sighing as she arranges herself in her seat. She's not looking at anyone in particular as this is said. The guilty parties know themselves. Elysio's arrival does see her gesturing to the young man to come up, however.

Solange Whisper appears at the Tournament Grounds looking only slightly flushed, slightly lost. Her warm gaze drags over the seating, looking for a familiar face, perhaps. She smiles to Berenice and Harlex, lifting her fingers in a slight wave, before moving to take a seat in the quiet booth, a perfect place for Whispers, perhaps.

It's hard to say where Prince Luca is at any given time these days, or if he's just drifted off into the Dream like the best napper's do when they go to their ends [Source: Book of Righteous Naps, Chapter 2], but he does seem to have made it, kicked back in some booth or another with something like a glass of wine in one hand, joined in his languid repose by Appolonia Seraceni, who is probably also drinking because she's a lush. When Orelia waves at him, he calls out, "Blow someone a kiss! But don't tell anyone who! That always gets the crowd worked up!", because today he's doing his patronly duties. He looks hard at work, that's for sure.

Isidora nods and looks back at the fighting ring.

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Nurie is overheard praising Fecundo: Cheers to our Champions!

Nurie is overheard praising Orelia: Cheers to our Champions!

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Jeta seems to be eagerly chomping down on Riagnon's offered snacks, cheering at the appropriate moments, despite her own general cluelessness.

Fecundo finishes his warming up and then turns to Sabine and Berenice and offers a bow, "When you are ready for the contest to begin." He bows to the crowd and then bows to his opponent, Orelia, readying himself.

As is her right, there is a glass held in Appolonia's hand, something deep red like heart's blood but that does little to chase away the chill as the Seraceni does shiver from time to time and draw her fur wrap tighter. Like the Fox she's seated near she catches Orelia's wave and she gives one back, just a little one, a fleeting ghost of a smile on her lips as she calls, "Fight well, Orelia!" And then she is sipping her wine and murmuring something to the Grayson prince.

Fecundo wields a matching pair of steel axes.

Orelia wields Crescendo, a beautiful steel longsword.

Orelia laughs at Luca's suggestion. "I'm quite sure I'm not a Prince. I don't think it would have the same effect your highness." She does offer him a lazy sort of salute before she turns back to face her opponent, a hand on the pommel of her blade. She slips it free of it's sheath with a spinning flourish and sweeps into a wide bow in the direction of the crowd. Then again to Berenice and Sabine before finally her opponent one more time. Then she settles into a loose stance as she waits for the call for the duel to begin.

Riagnon pauses in stuffing his mouth full of pastry to pretend-blow Berenice a kiss from afar. He contents himself with eating a large amount of food all at once in between offering Jeta informative speeches.

"Ah, yes." Sabine sheds her lap robe and rises to full height, after a glance at Berenice. "Shall we, dearest? Together?" A hand is offered for the raising, so that both may drop together to signal the start.

Berenice rises from her seat in a graceful hush of silk, laughing just a touch. "Oh! Yes, of course." She reaches for Sabine's hand, their clasp rising in a graceful sweep. Berenice makes sure to hold it there for a ~dramatic moment~ -- before their hands sweep back down for the fight to begin.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"No one lose any fingers please!" Calls Caspian to the pair as they fight, eyes following the fight with rapt interest.

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Sapphira.

Riagnon doesn't /mean/ to say, "JUST JEALOUS," so loud.

When the arms of Berenice and Sabine are dropped, Fecundo, trained as he is, lashes out quickly for a hit against Orelia with one of his axes before shifting back for another angle. While he makes picking strikes after, none of the next few land home or pierce the lady's armor.

Riagnon gets a perfect cinnamon roll from an all-purpose snack pouch.

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Sapphira arrives, coming out to see more activities around the area, and slips into the edge og the general seating.

Orelia advances towards Fecundo, feet moving smoothly across the ground underfoot as she does so. She doesn't get a proper measure of her opponent though, because in the first exchange one of those axes strikes out scoring a hit. She dances backwards, coming in a little more warily after that. She moves with precision and grace, not going for power, but playing defensive. Dancing back when Fecundo comes in hard, slipping forwards to try and go for opportune strikes when she has the chance, but none of her blows land, all being turned away or missing entirely, as do his own further strikes. She smiles as they circle, her eyes staying on her opponent as they circle eachother.

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The interplay of flashing weapons and careful footwork leads Sabine to give a small, satisfied sigh as she observes. The way she leans forward is subtle but undeniable, attending closely to the exchange between the Champions. "Like two serpents," she murmurs, making the natural-- for a Tessere-- comparison.

Coral, a cross and over-critical clerk arrives, following Karadoc.

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Fecundo may have gotten that first dramatic blow, but the duel isn't over, and Berenice claps in enthusiastic support as Orelia manages to sidestep further hits immediately following. She watches the match with rapt, delighted interest, all open delight next to Sabine's satisfied reserve.

Dusting snow and scone crumbs from her hands, Macda enters hoping there is still blood to be spilled. Her feet lift from the group as she hops about, trying to look over the previously gathered crowd for a chance to see the current standings. She turns to Talwyn, trying not to be loud but it's hard to regulate her voice when she's anxiously trying to get a look. "I didn't mean- to make you mad, but- they asked- for a show- and you know- how I get..." her voice trails then looking at Orelia's condition.

On the next set of exchanges, Fecundo watches a little of how Orelia moves. Maybe it is his use of two smaller weapons as opposed to a single larger axe this time that makes the difference. Leading with the same axe the got him the other hit, Fecundo uses it as a feint to let the other strike Orelia's side as she lifts her sword, leaving a bit of crimson on the shine of the blade and the white of the snow on the combat field. As soon as he notes it, the man steps back, holding up his axes crossed so she can see and also to show the fight is done.

Karadoc's there -- see him, arriving like he is personally invested and everything, although he's sipping from a flask as he strolls up and toward the high booth with the group of mostly familiar. "Have we settled it yet, hm?"

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

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Nurie rises as Karadoc arrives, fluidly stepping back so that he can take a seat next to his Countess. She bites her lower lip, just a little, at the line of red on blade and snow, her breath held inward.

Orelia shows her inexperience in the unfortunately short duel. After the initial set of exchanges there is just one more. Fecundo swings and Orelia steps in trying to score a hit on the man, but misjudges the arc of his axe. She steps back, then dances back a couple more wide strides, putting fingers to BLANK where his axe scored a hit. Her fingers come away bloody, and she lifts them into the air to show her defeat. She winces as she bends forwards in a not as smooth bow to her opponent. Her blade is given a stlish flourish as it's slid home into it's sheath. She turns to regard the Princess who's behest she was here at. "I'm sorry Princess that I was not able to put on a better show. Prince Fecundo's skill and experience turned out to be more than a match for me." She bows again to her, then straightens up and turns to face Fecundo. "I honestly thought I would last longer than that your highness. I feel as if I've cheated the crowd out of their show." There's a rueful but good natured smile on Orelia's lips.

"Oh yes," is a murmur better left to bedchambers. Sabine, pleased. The smile she offers Karadoc is lambent but her greeting, brief. The match is done and so she rises again, awaiting Berenice rising to stand beside her.

Sabine is overheard praising Fecundo: A Champion worthy of the laurels.

When Orelia concedes, Nurie, still standing, offers a deep curtsy to the defeated champion, the fingers of one hand brushing over her heart. And then another one for the victor, before rising and applauding.

Sabine is overheard praising Orelia: She fought with honour and will hopefully emerge with a fetching scar.

Solange rises from where she sits at the quiet booth, clapping firmly for the duel with only a slide of a look expectantly towards the high booth.

Isidora looks at Carmen before she stands and hurries down the stands with her medical bag in tow. When it was over she was going to make sure that Orelia was well taken care of.

Ophelia is sitting down and huddled within her cloak pulled tight around her frame. She even has her hood up for this! Brrr. But, she /is/ looking interested in what's unfolding and then cheers for the victor. "Good show!" Now she's rising from her seat and making her way out of the grounds, but not before waving to Luca on her way through.

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Fecundo bows deeply to Orelia, but rights himself, slides this axes into belt loops and waves to the stands towards Isidora, "If you would be so kind, love.....Lady Orelia could use some of your skill at healing." He then bows to the crowd and also to Sabine and Berenice.

There has been a little back and forth between Seraceni and Grayson, but the former has kept her eyes on the bout as well, mainly trailing Orelia. When that streak of crimson is seen Appolonia makes a little face and sits up straighter. "She did well," she says to Luca before she draws the fur tighter against the cold and snow but she rises and gives her own applause, careful of her wine.

Talwyn squeezes Macda's shoulder with a sighing sort of laugh. "Never mad, princess, that was pleasant. I only meant to deepen your performance, a scowl is somewhat expected when a beautiful face is so violently assaulted by a jam treat." he replies, equaling her tone as a matter of course.

:glances sidelong at Riagnon as he says that, "I'm sure all your commoners are relieved to be cared for by nobles that look after them so carefully." There's a slight hint of sarcasm there, but any further comments are cut off as the prodigal woman climbs to her feet, clapping with all the rest of the crowd. "That's it? Seems short. My cousins coulda put on a better show."

Very belatedly, Carmen claps a few times, absent-minded and watching Isidora, Fecundo and Orelia.

Without ever taking a seat, Karadoc offers his gratitude to Nurie with a respectful dip of his head -- and a deeper bow of his head for his Countess, Sabine. He switches the flask from one hand to the other, offering his freed arm out as an offering. Perhaps also as an apology.

Isidora calls back, "Lt. Carmen this is a good learning experience. You should come and I can show you the practical application of that stich I have had you practicing. You can see how it negates scars and allows freedom of movement during healing." Isidora steps into the ring without hesitation and purposefully toward Orelia. "Armor off .... now."

With a nod towards the Champions, Scipio is quick to add to the applause in praise of the two combatants.

Sapphira claps for the combatents! "Wow. Good show!" She has not seen anything like this for some time, and enjoys what she has seen.

Prince Luca doesn't look too worked up over Orelia's wound, still in repose, but he lifts a hand to her, "Look at that! Now that you've had a taste you're going to want more! I can see it in your eyes!", and as an aside he mentions to Lady Appolonia, "..or maybe that's pain. It might be pain in her eyes.", but he assures Orelia more loudly, "You looked stunning!", and shouts to Fecundo too, "Well fought!".

Ah! And there it is. Berenice rises gracefully to her feet once more, applauding both Champions with bright verve. "Lady Orelia! Don't you dare apologize for defending my honor so beautifully. I was /blessed/ to have such a brilliant Champion stand for me. It is just always the case that someone must win, and someone must lose." She looks to Sabine next to her, her smile so /emphatically/ warm. "Countess Sabine, you were right, of course: whatever quarrel I had with the then-Lord Karadoc, I should not have expressed it in such a setting, putting the work and materials of your dear sister at risk with such a display. I hope you'll accept my humble apology, as I've also offered to Messere Nurie. And to offer further demonstration of my goodwill, and recognition of your impeccable manners and delightfully sharp mind, I would also like to offer you my patronage. If it might please you to have the sponsorship and recognition of a Princess of Lenosia."

Sorrel claps politely for the victor and the less victorious. It's been awhile since there was a good champions fight, and she's probably relieved that she's not the one bleeding in the snow. "Good show! Good show!"

Berenice is overheard praising Orelia: A brilliant Champion who defended my honor so very beautifully!

Turning her head, Macda nods to Talwyn, seemingly relieved that he thinks so as she drops her shoulders. Or perhaps because she missed all but the last bit of the fight. "Good, good," she offers the Prince before hearing Luca's assessment and snickering.

Riagnon rises to his feet, clapping cheerfully and bellowing out things about how humble Berenice is.

The tall woman pushes fluidly to her feet, trotting down to the ring to join Isidora. Carmen makes a few quick nods to anyone nearby who seems more important than her (almost everyone) and digs out a small bag with a tiny Lagoma patch. "Here, Princess." She smiles a bit to Orelia, reassuringly. "You dance pretty with that sword, my Lady. We'll help you with this."

Calarian takes to his feet as the weather grows more inclement yet, joining in the applause and letting his attention slide back to the booth Sabine and Berenice occupy.

Princa Luca tips back his head in a yawn and lazily lifts one slippered foot.

Sabine's fingers rest lightly on the wrist offered by Karadoc. Apology apparently accepted-- or gone unnoticed entirely, for there is a /far more satisfying/ apology to now accept. Gracious in victory, she first touches fingers to her full lips, sending a blessed kiss down to the Champions whose sweat and blood sanctified the bout. And then. Then she turns to Berenice. "I knew you would be as graceful and lovely in defeat as you are when defiant. I would have you never change, your highness, for the pleasure you bring Arx... and me. I accept this gesture of goodwill and would be proud to act as protege to a Princess of Lenosia." To be sealed with a kiss, apparently, for she dips forward to threaten Berenice's cheek with such.

Sabine is overheard praising Berenice: As graceful and lovely in defeat as she is in defiance.

Berenice is overheard praising Fecundo: A remarkable show of prowess and honor!

"Well that was boring," Adora stands up, brushing some snow off her pants as she shouts, "If you're cold, my shop isn't far! Come in and buy a bookcase. Don't come in just to get warm. Warm yourself spending silver or don't bother." Then she starts making her way out.

Is there side eye going on at Karadoc's late arrival? There may be side-eye. Perhaps even just a little bit of protective brow furrow. But it doesn't last too long, as this is a public event, and Nuries brightens back up once she regards Sabine. There's another curtsy given to Berenice as she is named. But then at the offer from Berenice to Sabine, Nurie's eyes widen just a bit, and she looks towards her sister quite curiously.

Sapphira is overheard praising Fecundo: Good show and what skill!

There is a hint of a head tilt from Solange for a moment, before she claps enthusiastically for the exchange between challenger and challengee.

Berenice is overheard praising Sabine: So very gracious in victory!

Orelia looks up as Isidora comes onto the field and demands she strip. Eyebrows lift upwards. "My lady. Have you no decency? In front of your husband?" She winks at the woman, smiling wide but she nods her head and starts towards somewhere she can sit down and remove the leather breastplate. "Well of course I want more. A defeat only makes me want to train harder and get better that much more." She calls back to Luca at his comment. She finds a bench to take a seat on, and begins unbuckling the armor. When it comes away it reveals rather a good bite from Fecundo's axes. Nothing life threatening, but a good wound. "A scar well earned I'd say." She comments as she lifts her now bloody shirt to expose the wound and let the lady and her assistant do their work. In the snow and the cold.

"Good fight you two!" Caspian calls out to the two with a wide smile given their way, standing up and claps. "And no one died! Another good fight," he says with a bright smile given their way. Though he turns his attention to Adora as he hears her, calling out to her, "There just is no pleasing you, is there? You're more sour then a million lemons!"

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Isidora looks at Orelia curiously, "He's seen naked women. I assure you. But you do not need to strip that far. It's too cold for that." Isidora looks back at Carmen as if she didn't pick up on something. Why was Orelia going on about naked women? Did she want Isidora to stitch her clothing into her wound?

"Probably pain," Appolonia agrees to the aside from Luca, amusement flicking to life in her eyes as she watches Orelia still. She shivers at the order for Orelia to remove her armor. "It's far too cold to think about having to remove any layers."

A murmur of excitement goes through the crowd as a duelist from the Champions Guild enters the Tournament Grounds.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a pudgy pup arrive, following Sorrel.

Carmen checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 1 higher.

Macda leans over to Terese and whispers something that ends with her cackling laughter.

Scipio looks well pleased that the proper acknowledgements and apologies are given subsequent to the duel. "Well done to all," the Whisper murmurs approvingly.

Karadoc turns aside, muffling the smallest yawn behind his flask-holding hand. Duels? Eh. He blinks sleep-soft eyes and allows his eyelids to droop, the edge of his lips flatten out and thin. He looks serious, for now, but dreadfully bored. SO BORED. The most bored. Although, he politely offers Berenice a polite bow of his head, and redundancies are redundant.

Scipio is overheard praising Sabine: Congratulations!

Scipio is overheard praising Berenice: Gracious in defeat.

Scipio is overheard praising Orelia: Well fought!

Scipio is overheard praising Fecundo: Well fought!

Exhaling through her nose, Carmen keeps a level, smiling tone when she answers Isidora's unspoken question. "Just a joke. It can help with the pain, your Highness. That's a nasty cut." She looks down to Orelia with a still-even glance.

Harlex had been watching the fight with interest and scrutiny. Though his features were rather set, only moving his eyes a bit. When it ends and Berenice makes her apology and offer and Sabine accepts--thats when he breaks. A small tch at the corner of his mouth and a shake of his head.

Sapphira is overheard praising Orelia: Good fight, and best of luck!

Isidora looks over at Carmen, "Get a pack of snow. We will need it." Isidora turns her head over to Orelia. "Cold helps slow blood. But if you really want it looks at I need to see it."

Orelia is overheard praising Fecundo: A great and honorable opponent.

Berenice leans forward to press her lips -- or, in truth, moreso her cheek -- to Sabine's cheek, sealing that agreement between them. "Marvelous!" she says with a bright laugh. "Chin up, Count Karadoc! I'm sure there's some coffee about if you're so sleepy." She looks back out to the field, noting Isidora and Carmen attending to Orelia with approval. "My thanks, Princess Isidora, Lieutenant Carmen! Wonderful to see my Champion in good hands."

"Right. Good show of it," Calarian decides once the fight has wound down and the victory has been formalized, reaching up to clasp the shoulder of the dour-faced guard to his side. "They might do healing out here, but I've no inclination to freeze while watching." With a fluid rise to his feet and a cordial nod to whoever might be nearby, he descends from the benches and forges off into the snow.

Sapphira is overheard praising Berenice: Gracious even in defeat!

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Sapphira is overheard praising Sabine: Congratulations tonight!

Orelia blinks slowly at Isidora's comment. Her lips part, then close, then open again to speak. "I was being... cheeky highness." She comments softly to the other woman. "For the sake of the crowd and the event." There's a smile for the Princess. So many Princes and Princesses out here today. "It's not so bad. I've hard worse. Prince Fecundo showed great restraint. Bit only deep enough as he needed to draw blood and claim victory." Orelia had already lifted her shirt to expose the wound, so she simply continues to hold her shirt up for the Princess and Carmen.

"Nope!" Adora calls out to Caspian as she goes, giving him a one fingered wave.

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The red-headed Whisper's concession to the cold is that, rather than waiting to see both duellists leave the arena, Scipio's already up and moving down through the seating, fingers holding his jacket closed as brisk steps carry him away to somewhere warmer.

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A glance is spared her Consort but Sabine makes no comment on his yawning and disinterested state-- perhaps it is enough that Berenice has gently taken him to task. For her, she collects the hem of her skirt to carefully navigate the stairs in the snow. There's a Champion to congratulate, after all, her hand to be offered to Fecundo and a grateful smile to be granted the healers swarming Orelia. "That was simply lovely. You've my gratitude, your highness, and a promise of aid in the future should you have need of it."

At the acceptance and cheek kiss exchange, truth be told Nurie looks more than a little relieved that everything is settled, the slight tension in her shoulders eased. Though after so long sitting still, even she starts to look a little cold even bundled up in silks and wool. Discretely, she slips her hands into her pockets to draw on some wool gloves also, carefully. "What did you think, my lord?" she inquires gently of Elysio.

Northerners may like to talk big, but succumbing to the chill isn't actually pleasant for anybody. Riagnon handles his pleasantries from afar, waving appropriately etc on his way out.

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Rubbing her hands to warm them and strongly regretting not having gloves, Carmen moves away from the ring to find fresh snow for some snowbal- uh, snowpacks. The sound of her name has her spotting out Berenice, her smile reflexive and saluting her with a small snowball before returning to Isidora and Orelia. She stands silently behind Isidora, a quiet and snowflake-spotted giant.

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When Riagnon takes his snacks and goes, Jeta has every reason in the world to follow him out, but she doesn't. Instead the Ravashari woman climbs up on the rail in front of the stands she's been sitting at and continues to watch the crowd, an eyebrow peaked and curious.

"Yeah, you better run!" Caspian calls out that classic line of 80s jocks at the fleeing carpenter. He huffs, looking over to Lore as he shrugs his shoulders, saying to her, "What a sour woman." He says, folding his arms across his chest. "Though watching this fight makes me want to fight now."

"Hm? Oh, no, not needed Princess Berenice. I simply -- forgot what I was due to come and attend this evening. Overslept. Happens." Karadoc leans to offer a quiet apology to Sabine, adding, "Dreadfully sorry, my lady."

Corban seems to have arrived after all the fun parts have ended. But there is still the social aspect of the duel, by which he means he sees some friends here. Whisper Solange receives a waggle of fingers as does Princess Sorrel.

Letting out a laugh, Lore gives a nod towards Caspian and glances in Adora's direction, "She is, but damned if I don't end up smiling every time I talk to her." PUshing up to her feet, she grins at him, "Want to head to the training center and you can knock me around a bit?"

Solange offers a bright smile to Corban, lifting her own fingers in a wave as she rises from the booth. She waits for a moment as others depart, rather than joining the rush, before she slips from the tournament grounds quietly.

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Jeta must overhear Caspian, because she's wrapping her legs around the rail in such a way to hold her steady so that she can lift both hands to her lips and shout out in his general direction. "Do it! Give us a show!"

Sapphira finds it time to head out and offers a wave to anyone that might know her, and heads on home.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

Fecundo stays out of Isidora's way as she treats Orelia and then looks to Sabine and nods, "My honor and pleasure, COuntress. I will probably need your help soon."

Isidora nods as she sees that it is shallow. "Good." Looking back at Carmen she takes the snowball in her own barehands and goes back to Orelia and presses it to the wound. "You will need two stitches and then I have some sap that will hold the rest of it closed until healed." Isidora looks up at Orelia. The Princess kneeling in the snow not even paying attention to the water as it melts and starts to soak her dress. "No scar." Isidora then speaks back to Carmen. "Remember no scars left. It makes harder work for the next physician and that is the difference between life and death. We cannot assist those that wish to kill us."

"I mean more of a duel!" CAspian calls out to both Jeta and Lore, laughing their way, "Someone offend someone so they can higher me!" He calls out, looking over to the nobles. "Tell someone your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!"

Macda seems to think that might be her cue, perhaps, to head back out into the storm.

a small twilit kingsnake, Talwyn, Terese leave, following Macda.

"Then my help shall be yours," Sabine pledges, with a gracious dip of her head. She brushes fingertips over her heart to seal it. "It was a great pleasure. Thank you all." This for Champions and healers alike before she withdraws to leave them to the painful aftermath. Karadoc is surveyed but now that the glow of victory has worn off her regard is rather a cooler thing. "I think I'll take my leave. Princess Berenice, wonderful as always. Nurie dearest, Sir Elysio, Captain." Her eyes linger a touch on fingers moving through hair before the Countess sets off in dignified solitude, honour satisfied.

Waldemai calls out, "But my father did smell of elderberries...well, elderberry wine."

"Well I can't challenge anyone! I don't have a title," Lore sticks her tongue out at Caspian, giving him a playful nudge with her shoulder before making her way towards the edge of the general seating. Casting a glance towards Luca, she calls out, "Prince Luca! Challenge someone to a duel so Cas can fight someone!"

"No scar?" Orelia asks with a few blinks. "Huh." She sounds confused, but also a bit interested in how that's achieved, and makes a note of watching Isidora and Carmen work. The snow earns a squeak where the axe did not. It's COLD. But it works for a good numbing agent. "Sorry Prince Luca! I'm afraid I've damaged your armor. I'll get it fixed. And cleaned before I return it to you." This called aloud to the Fox Prince in the stands. "Thank you everyone for coming!"

"No, ma'am," the Lieutenant answers Isidora quietly, even as she frowns down at the snow and her dress. She starts to reach for the clasp of her crimson cloak but, presumably realizing there is no point, lowers her hand again. Instead she looks to Sabine, green eyes alert, as she bows her head in thanks.

Karadoc only drops into a seat, content to continue taking pulls from his flask once Sabine exits the tournament grounds alone. Taking her victory along with her. The Count-Consort's hanging around in her wake, watching her leave through the haze of lowered eyelashes, and he toasts to Sabine's departure. Only then does he chuckle lightly. "What did I agree to?"

"Come on! You insult someone!" Jeta doesn't appear to be giving up easily, and she latches on to what Lore says, calling out from her perch. "Yeah, Prince. Challenge someone! Give us a show!"

Prince Luca raises a fuss, "It's armor! That's what it's for!", and what a wine-brandishing wrath it is, rained down from his booth in Orelia's direction.

Nurie gives a curtsy again to Berenice, Karadoc, and Elysio, and a fond last smile and bow of the head in respect to the Colonel. But then she is hurrying off to catch up with Sabine, once more her shadow.

Nurie has left the High Booth.

"Well, okay..", Luca mumbles, seeming to have talked himself into anything. So he stands up, and he shouts over to Caspian, "Hey pretty boy, are you still going on about those dumb daggers?", with a cheeky sort of grin. "Dinnerware!".

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Isidora nods, "No scar." After Isidora is certain that the wound is numbed enough. Using her fingers she pulls out a needle and thread and moves enough to the side to show Carmen. "This is the stitch. See how the spacing is small and the needle is small. This allows for quicker healing and no scaring." Isidora teaches as she makes the two stitches. After clipping the thread she puts it away. The needle in a jar of alcohol. She pulls out a jar of sap and smears it on the wound. "I made this to clean out the impurities of the tree. I can show you how when we get to aromatics. But it makes for a good sealer when you may not have time for stitches but need to close a wound." Isidora picks up more snow and makes a pack before wrapping around Orelia a bandage to hold it in. "The cold will keep the swelling down. Take a day to relax and the stitches can be removed in a week." Isidora informs the woman as she stands up brushing her hands of the remaining snow.

Jeffeth looks up, over to Luca, blinking. "I'll fight for you Luca." The big man offers quietly, leaning back into the benches.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

"I believe they call it marriage, darling," Berenice says down to Karadoc with a wry crook of a smile, her humor blanding out a bit as she reaches to pat his cheek fondly. She looks down at the crowd encouraging Luca to cause a challenge -- or a duel, or /something/. "Luca, you can't challenge a /commoner/," she chides her cousin with a laugh.

"You cheeky bastard!" Caspian laughs over to Luca as he makes fun of his daggers. "Come on! We already had a duel about that! Besides, I already saw diamondplate fork and knife, literal dinnerware as weaponry!" He calls back up to Luca.

Orelia is overheard praising Isidora: A marvelous and gracious healer.

Resisting the urge to find out why are clamoring about cutlery, Carmen watches Isidora's treatment of Orelia attentively, only occasionally looking up to check on the patient with a warm (mostly, it's cold out) smile. Reaching into her bag, Carmen digs out a small flask and offers it to Orelia. "Would you like? Nothing fancy but helps with the pain and the cold."

A little look is cast toward Luca as he starts shouting at Caspian, shaking her head and hiding a smile behind the rim of her still held aloft wine glass. "The princess has a point," Appolonia says to Luca, nodding at Berenice's words. But Caspian's retort gets her to pause and then snort. "Diamondplate dinnerware."

"Well, with my lady gone, I suppose that I can continue that I can continue being married back at the Black Fox," Karadoc's lips purse and tug out into a humorless line as Berenice's blandly pats his cheek. He rolls his sleepy blue eyes, drags himself to his feet, and starts a slow saunter toward places not here. "Good evening, Princess Berenice. Captain Harlex." A pause, "Also to you, Sir Elysio."

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Jeta roars with approval when it appears that a challenge is going to be given. She tosses one leg back over the rail, apparently, she'll sit in actual seats if there's a fight going on, but she pauses half-way, her previous eagerness filled with dismay once again picking up her catcalling from her seats. "Why not? Commoners can fight! Let 'em fight!"

Orelia lets her bloody shirt drop down once the bandage is wrapped around her middle to keep everything in place. "Thank you Princess. And thank you..." She looks to Carmen, waiting for a name from the woman so she can thank her properly. "I appreciate the healing." She shifts to stand, the hand on the other side of her from the cut grabbing the breastplate. She blinks as there's another fight being picked? Well she wouldn't mind watching a duel herself. Relax in the stands, watch someone else get opened up. "Oh come now. Lady Appolonia surely Luca has consumed enough of your rum at some point or another to cause offense." She winks at the lady, and smirks at Luca as she moves from the field towards the stands, though she doesn't climb into them, just stands below for the moment, carrying the damaged chest piece.

"I'm challenging daggers, cousin! Grandmaster Caspian's just the only man who thinks they're worth enough to stand up for!", but he doesn't look like he's trying that hard to be convincing, "Honestly, I don't really know anything about being a Champion.", and after, "Someone just fight already. It's cold.". Still lounged, he shouts over to Caspian, "I saw that diamondplate fork somewhere! Gildroy's fork!.

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"Know what, lets just make this simple, I'm gonna go grab my armor, I'll take on any challenger!" Caspian calls out to the crowd, waving as he heads for the exit. "I'll be back!"

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Carita rises and stretches, leaning to speak quietly with Jeffeth, "A pleasure to see you as always, Sir Jeffeth." Then there's a moment before her amusement is turns on Luca and those haggling him, dips a curtsy, "Prince Luca," before she makes her way out.

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Isidora nods to Orelia. "You are welcome. Princess Isidora Valardin, Master Physician. This is my very skilled apprentice Lt. Carmen Harol." Isidora's honey'ed eyes stay on Orelia. "I am just glad it wasn't worse. I've treated worse here." Looks back to where Caspian had been sitting.

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Appolonia's lips purse at Orelia's teasing but then she says, with a gesture of her wine glass toward Luca, "I can't really fault the man for drinking my rum. It's better than some of what I've had during visits to the Grayson mansion for talks on the book we are writing." Her tone manages teasing, but she shivers as she makes her way away from Luca's said, saying to the prince first, "It's far too cold, I'm freezing. We can discuss the book later, in a warmer place." And then over to Orelia she goes. "You did wonderfully. You and I shall get together soon, we still have much to talk about."

Fecundo laughs, "I have gotten worse here."

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Sorrel heads over to where Luca lounges, crossing her arms across her chest under her cloak, probably for warmth. "You're going to have to fight Caspian yourself, I think. I'd stand as champion for you, but I'm too pregnant for live blades," she points out with a grin, amused.

"A pleasure!" Carmen calls after Orelia before offering Isidora a hand and taking advantage of her flask while she's at it. "Thanks for that," she adds to Isidora. "Might have to ask her if I can see it in a few weeks. In, uh, warmer conditions." Briefly, her attention drifts to Fecundo. "Are you going to stay for the second round of fights?"

Orelia bows to Isidora and Carmen. "Thank you both for your aid. A pleasure to meet you Lt. Harol. And yes, I'm quite glad it wasn't worse as well. Your husband really did show restraint Princess. He could have wounded me far worse with that blow but he didn't." With that she smiles at them both, then turns and starts up into the stands, moving to take a seat with Luca and Appolonia. "Tell me truthfully you two. Was I terrible? Or did I at least put up a good fight?"

Well, it looks like a fight is happening. Jeta finishes climbing off from the rail and since the stands are clearing out, she moves closer to the field. She actually finds a spot right in the front, next to the field, leaning up against a pole somewhere and giving an occasional cheer - just to keep the energy going.

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Caspian is back in a jiffy dressed in his armor, looking ready for a match, heading out into the field as he awaits for whoever decided to take up his challenge. After a moment, he calls out, Anyone take up my offer? Luca? Jeffeth? Harlex?" He looks to the three, tilting his head their way.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice have been dismissed.

Isidora looks at Carmen, "I don't say things that aren't true. I would hope you would have learned that by now." Looks over at Fecundo the only time her face softens. "Aye he is good at this craft of his. My Raven." Her face goes placid again as she looks at Orelia. "I did not think you fought terribly. Your form could be improved upon. I'm sure practice with all other things will make perfect."

Lore moves to the edge of the stands, climbing up onto the wooden rail and perching there with a grin. "I'd offer myself, but I don't have a full set of armor yet!" she calls out to Caspian with a laugh, rocking back a bit and looking towards Jeffeth, Luca, and Harlex. Hoping to see someone take up the gauntlet!

Harlex seems very distracted by something. He looks up, hearing his name. There's a pensive look on his grim face. A long pause. "What?"

Prince Luca's attention drifts over to Orelia as she comes to have a seat, "You don't have it in you to be terrible, Lady Stonewood. Not at swordplay..", and he sounds sincere enough at that. "That's just the nature of a duel to first blood. It keeps them exciting, doesn't it? You never quite know who is going to walk away with it.", and he leans over to pat his protege's hand.

"Harlex! Go fight Caspian!" Lore calls out with a a laugh and a grin.

Carmen answers Isidora, a deferential tilt to her shoulders despite the significant difference in height, "I like seeing true things." Then another, questioning look to Caspian and Luca. "Seems that I might want to stay around a bit in case there's more stitching up to do for folk without the sense to scrap indoors in the winter." Still: snow does help.

"I'm not the swordsman Luca is, nor do I plan on ever trying to be," Appolonia says as she casts another glance toward the Fox before she returns those grays to Orelia, "but I think you did well. There is always room for improvement and I think that this is but the start of your journey. Practice makes proficient, after all." She nods at Luca's words. "See? As I said, you did well. I look forward to seeing more of you on the sands."

Jeta twists her head around to the stand where Harlex is sitting and like earlier, she's all to eager to push things closer. "It's a challenge! Go fight!"

Fecundo smiles to Carmen, "I may actualy take a break and get out of this armor." He looks to Isidora, "UNles you would like to stay."

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Isidora looks at Fecundo and shakes her head, "I don't need to stay." She suddenly notices that her dress is soaked. "I got some snow on my dress it seems." Isidora muses to herself. "Lt. Harol did you need me to stick around?"

"Fear not, Lady Orelia. I've lost as many duels as I've won, easily," Sorrel pipes up from where she stands near the lounging Luca, cheerful and friendly.

Grinning a bit, Carmen shakes her head to Isidora. "Need? No. Want? Always, of course." Then, smile even a little brighter. "Did you hear I got to deliver Guildmaster Joscelin's baby?" Brow lifting with amusement, she continues, backing toward the stands, "After that, some cuts and bruises would be a pleasure."

Isidora smiles at Carmen. "I did hear. I am proud of you. I can take you over some items that will help the Guildmaster now that she has had her child. Items that will help her heal and recouperate. As well as other things."

Carmen murmurs, under her breath, before dipping her chin cordially to Fecundo, "Think Legate Aureth needs help more than her, truth told. Woman has an arm when her temper's up." A second smile to Isidora. "But that would be appreciated, I know. She's headstrong in the best and worst ways."

Fecundo smiles and nods in return to Carmen, just listening for the moment.

"/Apparently/ you are being called to duel with Grandmaster Caspian," Berenice tells Harlex with a hint of dry humor. "Although I'm not certain what the duel is meant to be /about/."

Orelia laughs, but looks slightly mollified when Luca compliments her. She dips her head, then turns to look over at Appolonia. "Thank you. And I appreciate it. And I very much appreciate the both of you for coming out to see the duel. It was good to have friends here." She leans back a bit once she's settled in, though she leans sideways. "Is someone going to fight Caspian? or is he just going to prance around in the ring fully armored?" Her leaned aside isn't all that quiet, in fact it's most assuredly loud enough for the swordsman in the ring to hear her taunting him. It's good natured though. After all he would kick her ass in that ring even faster than she already got it kicked today.

Harlex rises from his seat, shouldering his scabbard. He looks toward Berenice with a slight smirk then those below. "I really ain't a Champion. What's the scrape over?"

"Alright, no one wants to fight, whatever, maybe another time," says Caspian back to the group with a shrug of his shoulders, heading over Lore to lean in and plant a kiss on her lips. "It was worth a try. Do you want to get out of here?"

Isidora nods, "The best women are, Apprentice." Isidora states quietly before looking back at Fecundo. "Did you want to stay or go? I did have that present to show you."

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Lore returns the kiss and lifts a shrug with a sheepish smile, "Sorry love, I did try. Did you want to go get a drink somewhere? Or maybe we could go soak in the Grotto for a bit?"

"Why don't you go beat him up? He just has those daggers. How hard can it be?", Luca tempts of Orelia as he rises up, a sly smile on his dusky lips for a moment there. He offers a hand out to Lady Appolonia, in case she might want the help. "You better go out tonight and celebrate no longer being a prospect. Tomorrow, the training continues. And boy do I ever have a fun few blades I'm bringing along." He gives her a wink, one of those slow ones, and adds, "But for now, back to the good fight and all that.".

Realizing that things are sensibly quieting after all, Carmen jumps up into the stands to grab her helmet. She glances to Harlex and taps two fingers to her temple cheerfully before taking long strides toward the entrance (and promise of warmth).

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"I have no idea," says Caspian back to Lore with a shrug of his shoulders. "No preference here. You decide," he asks her with a smile given her way.

The offered hand gets looked at for but a fraction of a moment before she accepts it, putting her wine glass aside as if it were unimportant. "Getting out of the cold is something I think is a must," she says to Luca but then she adds to Orelia, "You and me, soon. Much to discuss. I'll write you soon." She shivers and tugs that fur closer. "Gods, this cold is never going to be something I get used to." And before her hands vanish inside the wrap, she gives Orelia's arm a little squeeze. "You did great." And then off she wanders, shivers and all.

Jeta finally gives up the ghost as it seems the crowd is finally breaking up for certain. She pushes up off the pole she's lounging against, wandering out of the tournament grounds.

"Ah, well," Berenice says, watching the crowd starting to disperse. She steps in closer to Harlex. "I suppose you won't be fighting today. Shall we?"

Orelia is left alone in the stands as Luca and Apple depart. She sighs softly, then rises to her own feet, moving down closer to the field, but not entering it, peering over at Caspian and his opponent. "I'm going to go rest and get warm. You all have fun." She bows in the direction of well... pretty much everyone before she starts to head off the field, nursing her side as she goes.

Hopping down from the stands, Lore tucks her arm through his and smiles up at him, "Well... we could always go home and," the rest of it goes into a murmured suggestion meant for Caspian's ears only. A smile curls her lips at the end and she lifts a brow at him.

Fecundo smiles and offers Isidora his hand, "Shall we, then?"

Harlex doesn't look like he has any more of a clue to the situation but then he's looking at Berenice again, offering his arm. "Another day I guess. You look very beautiful, darlin. If you didn't already know." He says, teasingly. Distracted.

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