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Rite of Gloria: Grand Melee

A grand melee to be held after prayer so that Gloria may watch over her warriors in the defense of the Lodge.

A prize of a Exceptional Star Iron Ring will be given to the victor.


No Armor Higher than HQ Steel or Leather Allowed
No Weapon Higher than HQ Steel Allowed
Once you have reached SERIOUS damage, you must yield
Combatants that yield must 'Surrender'


Oct. 12, 2018, 7 p.m.

Hosted By



Coraline Fecundo Alarissa Oswyn Felicia Caspian Aleksei Reese Roran Emilia Lore Isidora Ophelia Lisebet Bianca Jordan(RIP) Lucita Rinel Edain Domonico Ouida Tesha Klaus Tovell


Faith of the Pantheon


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Cora makes her way to the proving grounds, no fighting for her today. Limp limp limp, she makes her way to the stands.

Coraline has joined the Noble Seating.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

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Fecundo arrives in his leather armor, axes at his sides.

Heading across, careful of the others milling about, Alarissa heads for the nobles seating, sussing out familiar faces.

2 Harthall house guards, Eloise, a consummate professional arrive, following Sunniva.

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1 Grayson House Guards, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle have been dismissed.

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Oswyn makes his way to the edge of the field, stopping there and unbuckling his satchel. He squints, his expression vaguely resigned. "Where's the Legate?" he inquires of someone nearby. "I'm a Physician."

Felicia's present in off-duty... steel? The redheaded knight clad not in her usual black leather but instead in darkened steel comes to join the melee. Without Persuasion sheathed by herself, but instead one of the older, high-quality steel greatswords from the armory. And Wheelspinner, though the binding on the latter suggests it's not the weapon she plans on using today.

In a mix of steel and leather comes Caspian, who strolls into the proving grounds with an easy going smile, noting to himself, "I haven't participated in a Rite to Gloria in a while!" He says, smiling to the crowd that has gathered, looking around himself for those who are dressed up to fight; his competition for the afternoon!

Aleksei is both more and less armored than usual. His finer burnished gold leathers have been replaced by black ones -- well-made, but of a slightly less refined material -- but he's wearing a much fuller complement of it: not just his usual longcoat, breeches, and boots, but also pauldrons, cuirass, gloves -- the works. All leather, though, rather than opting for any steel today. He is accessorizing with a redheaded toddler on his shoulders, though, as he steps onto the field with a wide smile at hand.

Reese arrives at the proving grounds while wearing silvery steel and toting her steel mace. She peeks over the area, trying to get a feel for things here.

Roran has been for a little while, but really hasn't been doing much of anything. Making idle chit chat with people as they begin to file in. The Archlector of Lagoma is obviously not going to be a participant in this endeavor, just merely a spectator.

For once wearing her armor, Emilia makes her way through the crowd accompanied by a soft rustle of steel and silk. She inclines her head to a few people she recognizes as she passes by.

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"Blessed Roran! How are?" Alarissa calls out to the archlector of Lagoma.

Cora, seeing Alarissa arrive, waves from her seat in the nobles seating area, "Rissa, come join me if you like." Reese also gets a wave from Cora who assumes Reese will be fighting.

Skiftfeather - an Elegant Snowy Owl, Lystra Voss - The Quiet Assistant, Morigan Bradshaw - Nurse and Doctor in Training, Fayre Wyrmfang - Excitable Champion, 1 Valardin House Guards, Jaibrian - The Lovable Blue Roan Mare arrive, following Isidora.

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1 Templar Initiates, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

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Reese wields Destiny, a high quality mace.

Fecundo wields a matching pair of steel axes.

Jordan wields a polished steel longsword.

Sir Alren, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Bianca.

Lore breezes into the proving grounds with a cheshire's grin, waving to one and all as she hurries to go find a place to sit. Newly returned to the city and looking eager for a good show!

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Roran looks towards the voice that hailed him a smile forming on his lips, "Ah, Princess Consort!" he calls giving a wave back and making his way in that direction. "It is so good to see you again." he says once closer.

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard, Bigsby arrive, following Lisebet.

Isidora joins the stands and sits next to Coraline.

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Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, 1 Saik Guard, Micana arrive, following Lucita.

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Ophelia arrives and (surprisingly) doesn't trip into the stands! She is, however, aware of her dress and lifts it up a teensie bit so she doesn't have any chance of stepping on it. Now she takes a seat where she can see folks and perhaps wave to a few familiar faces.

"It is good to see you as well. I keep forgetting towrite and set a date. Would you care to join Princess Coraline and myself Blessed?"

A curious Lisebet makes her way to the proving ground, taking a look around and seeing who is here and what is going on.

Bianca stepped into the fields, per usual her guards in tow. She seemed to be a woman on a mission today, quickly finding her way through the parting crowds of onlookers and revelers. She was a bit late after all. Ah, there was the target. The Legate soon took a place beside the Sword of the Faith, quiet though smiling as her gaze scanned the crowds.

Jordan arrives a little late, but here he is, head to toe in steel armor. He lifts his visor to glance over at the noble benches and bow to the royalty assembled there. With a brief grin to Ophelia as he adjusts his vambraces.

"Aleksei!" Caspian calls over to Aleksei as he approaches him, giving the man a wide grin, "We haven't fought in forever. Last time we did, you kicked my ass. I wonder if you're going to this time? Or will I have a bit more luck?"

Reese blows Coraline a kiss even a she makes her way to the melee grounds, her steps heavy from the steel. She then waves to Lucit as well and to Alarissa.

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Lucita makes her way into the area, a quick glance around and smiles. A curtsy is given as she spots some familiar royals once she is close enough for that to be appropriate. It does not take her long to make her way to some seating where there is a good view of the contestants.

Oswyn has made his way over toward some other Physicians Guild types or Mercies that have surely come to tend to serious injuries. He sets out some pots with ointments, bandages, and other paraphrenalia, blowing on his hands to keep them warm in the autumn chill.

Roran gives a nod of his head as he makes his way into the stands, "It will be my pleasure. And don't worry about it, things have been busy I am sure. On your part as well as mine."

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe arrives, following Rinel.

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe leaves, following Rinel.

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe arrives, following Rinel.

There has been a place set aside for the physicians to sit, and a few guards are checking to make sure participants are properly kitted out, turning those away that are not properly prepared. As for the Legate, she's running slightly behind, but Cassandra eventually makes her entrance, a small jewelry box carried with her, obstinately holding the prize for the victor of the event.

Hearing Oswyn's question, the woman bows her head in greetings. "Thank you for coming, Physician, please, make yourself comfortable and prepare what you need to treat those that may need your assistance." comes the offer. "Mother Bianca will be joining us as well." With that, she's making her way to the stands and heads for the Judge's booth, after offering Alarissa a bow.

"Thank you all for coming!" Cassandra announces to the crowd as she settles at the judges booth. "I hope that you will find your blessings and Gloria looking down upon you this evening. If you are wearing anything outside of your armor that helps protect you, please make sure to remove it, and that your armor is properly checked as well as your weapons."

Noticing Emilia's sword, Cassandra takes a moment, reaching around in one of her bags of gear and finds a sword. "This was recently given to me by Dame Ferron. I already have a blade, so please, you can use this for as long as you need." she says, offering the weapon to the young knight, a smile gracing her lips.

And then she bows her head to prompt for the beginning of prayer.

"Gloria, I ask for courage.

Courage to face and conquer my own fears,

Courage to take me where others will not go.

Gloria, I ask for strength,

Strength of body to protect others,

Strength of spirit to lead others.

Gloria, I ask for dedication,

Dedication to my duty, to do it well,

Dedication to my home, to keep it safe.

Give me Gloria, concern…

For those who trust me and compassion for those who need me.

And please Gloria,

Through it all be at our sides, embrace our compassion, and give us the honor and valor."

Rinel stumps her way to where the physicians are waiting and sits down, eyeing the combatants warily.

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Isidora prays quietly with Cassandra wanting Gloria's blessing.

Bianca has joined the Judges Desk.

Aleksei laughs aloud at Caspian's greeting. "No one's luckier than I am, man," he says with a wide, cheeky grin. "But that just means if you beat me you do it on skill. One sec." He strides over to the table where Bianca has settled with Cassandra, dropping off Fitz with her to look after for the length of the melee, and then he darts back out onto the field. He settles back in and then stills, ducking his head and going quiet as Cassandra begins the prayer.

Reese peeks over to Caspian, having a smile for the champion. She then turns her focus to Cassandra, listening to the prayer.

Felicia dips her head, repeating Cassandra's prayer with her eyes half-lidded and respectful and ending with a faint kind of smile as she shifts to limber up. The raise of her gauntleted hand offered in general greetings to the stands as she waits the opportunity to take her place.

Lisebet bows her head as the prayer goes on, quiet and respectful. And maybe feeling the prayer a bit more than she has before. Maybe. She then starts making her way towards the noble stands.

Fecundo's axes are lowered and head bowed for the time of the prayer, but he has been primarily quiet, though the repetition of that prayer might be heard murmured from the Lycene.

Ophelia bows her head during the prayer and takes a moment for silent commune. Once finished, she lifts her gaze toward the proving grounds and observes those dressed in leather and steel.

Lisebet has joined the Noble Seating.

Roran bows his head in respect when Cassandra starts her prayers. Hands clasping reverantly before him. It remains bowed for a few moments after Cassandra's prayer, his words quiet and only audible to those near him.

Emilia had been looking for the Sword of the Faith, but it seems she was noticed first. Blushing, Emilia gratefully accepts the loan and lowers her head, listening to the prayer. When it is done, she smiles to Cassandra, "I apologize for my blunder, Mother Cassandra," she says, "And I am truly grateful."

Bianca was all over that! She made sure Fitz was settled and from her bag an array of munchies and a flask of water was set before the little guy. An extra broad rim hat was also set aside just in case. She'd come prepared! Bianca spoke softly after the prayer ended to the toddler getting comfy beside her. "You let me know if you need anything Fitz."

Isidora looks at Coraline, "I think that's why I was invited. Fecundo is hoping I will patch him up when this is done."

Jordan touches the visor of his helmet for the prayer, head bowed while he tries to follow the prayer in murmur. Once it is done, he draws his steel sword, lowering the visor and unslinging his shield from his back, wearing it upon his arm. He approaches Emilia, then, bumping his shoulder to the knight's in greeting as he passes by. "Dame Knight. Gloria bless."

gives a smile back over to Reese, waving her way before turning to Cassandra and her prayer, staying respectfully quiet until it's over. Once it is he begins to stretch, putting one leg out and kneels with the other, getting down nice and low with a grin of exictment

Lore puts two fingers to her lips and lets out a piercing whistle, calling out, "WOO! GO MASTER ALEKSEI! KICK ASS!"

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Emilia had just placed the new sword on her side, and was maybe about to tell something to Cassandra, when she got bumped. She looks to Jordan and smiles, "Sir Knight," she replies, "Gloria watch over you, too." A mirthful twinkle glimmers in her eyes before she inclines her head politely to Cassandra, and makes her way towards the melee grounds.

Emilia has joined the Melee Grounds.

"Aleskei! You got a fan!" Caspian calls out, pointing Aleksei over to Lore, a playful grin given his way.

2 Harthall house guards arrives, following Ouida.

2 Harthall house guards have been dismissed.

Her prayer completed, Cassandra returns to her seat. "When you are ready, I only ask that you try to keep your attacks seperate from mobbing upon one person until the first person has yielded and surrendered the field." she offers, with that, she raises her hand to wave a handkerchief to mark the start of combat.

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Felicia wields a high quality steel greatsword with the emblem of the King's Own.

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Aleksei flashes a grin over towards Lore, drawing his sword -- plain steel rather than any of his fancier gear, as fits the event -- and offering her a flourish of a salute. "I've got lots of fans," he calls over to Caspian with a wide grin.

Aleksei wields an unadorned steel longsword with a leather-wrapped hilt.

The Prince of Sanctum is totally not sulking that he missed hunting boar. Not at all! But he does seem to make it in time to observe the grand melee. He tries to quietly slip into the crowd, offering a quiet prayer to Gloria before finding a nice place to settle and watch.

Emilia bows to the crowd as the final signal is given, and then draws her sword with a rasp of leather and steel, holding it to the side, as she turns around, facing a neutral direction, as if she is waiting for someone to challenge her.

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Emilia wields brilliant orange blossoms on the river horse shield cutlass.

Domonico arrives late it seems. The Malvici Lord strides in, doing his helm in the process. Reese and Fecundo both get nods of the head.

Domonico wields Wavecutter, a high quality steel Xiphos.

Cassandra has joined the Judges Desk.

Reese draws down the visor of her helmet, she has to protect her princess face after all! She waves a steel covered hand to Domonico. "Lord Domonico, hi!" She says, before waving to Edain as well.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Cassandra has rolled 1 8-sided dice: 2

Cassandra has rolled 1 8-sided dice: 1

Cassandra has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 1

Cassandra has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 3

Atramentous, The Highhill War Puppy, Cora, the optimistic telmarine arrive, following Tesha.

Lisebet settles in, offering a smile, wave and nod to everyone else in the noble seating. She tilts her head to Edain, who is also settling, and chuckles. "Good day, Your Grace. Gods' blessings to you as well."

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A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Ouida waves a hand gallantly to the crowd, before placing her helm on her head and readying her sword. Not before there's a flash of her rakish grin, still lighting her blue eyes as she prepares her stance, and surveys the field before her, light on her feet.

Caspian wields First Blood, curved knife in a vague S shape.

Tesha was running a bit late for this evenings festivites. Probably because the Telmar wasn't ever really done with things around the Tower. She heads into the proving grounds with her guard Cora at her right side and Atramentous at her left. She stops just on the edges to see who is fighting and then heads up to take a seat in the noble seating. She gives a nod of greeting to those already seated.

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Balian, a Templar squire, Guy, a hunting kestrel, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Preston.

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Cassandra is already motioning physicians to assist Ouida from the field of battle so that they may treat her injuries before they start to pile up.

While the Harthall knight lands a solid touch on Dame Emilia, Ouida's overreach in her zeal leaves her open for a truly devastating blow. Perhaps a lesser skilled opponent, or one not ready might have merely bruised her or knocked her back, but Ouida goes arse over teakettle, steel armor in all, with a loud crunch and a hard landing flat on her back. One hit knockout!

"Aleksei, you're going down!" Says Caspian as he squares up with Aleksei, the man wielding his curved knife against Aleksei's larger sword. So far nether man has landed a serious blow upon each other, each of Caspian's slashes with his knife strike air and the few hits Aleksei lands bounce upon his armor. "Quit moving so much though!"

Late as seems to be the norm with Klaus, he arrives and joins the others observing, the man dressed in simple if finely tailored leathers and not kitted out to participate in the event.

Reese seems to be focusing her attention on Domonico. She seems very intent on sparing with the Southern Lord!

Jordan squares off with Lord Fecundo Rubino, nodding to the man as they exchange blows. A lot of misses, a lot of steel clashing with steel before they each start landing blows. Focused on his opponent, he tries to make use of his shield to defend where he's able, in addition to attempting to strike first.

Felicia gives the godsworn dame a brief salute and a wry smirk as her blade makes it through her defenses, waiting for an opportunity with a broad kind of grin and relative nonchalance for not wearing a helm onto this particular field.

Domonico is trying not to die as he clashes with Reese again and again.

Seemingly paying little attention to defense, Emilia steps forward, heading towards Ouida. It is not that she is underestimating her opponent, but more like she is interested in getting the glory by being daring and brave. A hit to her side is turned swiftly around with a riposte that sends her opponent sprawling to the ground. Emilia smiles apologetically, and nods to Ouida, "Well fought."

Oswyn waits for Ouida by the edge of the field, squinting at her and waving. "Over here," he calls. "I'm available."

Lisebet watches, wincing slightly as Ouida goes down. "Ouch," she murmurs briefly, and then she calls out, "Well fought, Dame Ouida!"

Felicia can't help but wince for Emilia, but when she goes down, the redheaded King's Own offers another small salute of respect and seems content to stand over her opponent to insure she has a safe barrier to get off the field rather than look for another target right away.

"There we go!" Caspian says as he lands a few grazing with his knife into Aleksei's skin, drawing a little blood from the man. "You are so damn hard to hit!" He laughs, flashing his teeth to the man. "This is going much better then the last time we fought!"

Edain is overheard praising Ouida: You fought with Honor!

"Sir Ober! Looks like you need a new partner!" Felicia calls in Jordan's direction as Fecundo goes down, stepping back into the fray to take up his spot.

Edain is overheard praising Fecundo: You fought with Honor!

"Looks like it," Jordan states to Felicia with some mirth as he turns to face her, lifting his shield as he is awfully cognizant of that sword of hers.

An awkward clash sends Emilia to the ground. There's a nasty wound on her side which she covers up with a gauntlet. Using her sword to help her get up, Emilia smiles to Felicia, "Well fought, Dame," she says and then heads off the melee grounds making herself appear as dignified as she can, despite the pain-induced limp.

Aleksei laughs aloud, bright and fierce, at Caspian's words. "I'd hope so!" he says to the man's complaint. He's all swift movements and light feet in his leather armor, his sword flashing as he dances with the similarly light-footed Caspian.

Fecundo holds up his axes crossed as Jordan gets in that last hit, picked apart more than hit hard, "Well ought again, Sir Ober." He backs out of the fighting ring.

Bianca rose, scooching Fitz's chair closer to Cassandra to keep watch over the boy so she too could slip down to the field and aid in healing. Her hand lifted to hail Fecundo in indication she was there as a ready mender.

Rinel moves quickly to her feet and joins Oswyn at the edge of the field, her jaw clenched in obvious discomfort. "I think you may need some assistance in treatment, Master Spencer," she murmurs.

"As always, my Lord." Jordan offers in turn to Fecundo, nodding to the man briefly as he faces the King's Own.

Ouida raises a mailed fist in salute to Emilia and the crowd, her eyes aglow with respect and frankly more than a little pain, as she is hustled off the field, still catching her breath. At Oswyn's call, she is moved his direction, though by the time she reaches him she's regained enough breath again that she can remove her helm, to speak with him quietly as he tends her wounds.

Isidora waves to Fecundo so he knows where she is sitting.

Fecundo has left the Melee Grounds.

Oswyn nods gratefully to Rinel. "Thank you, yes," he tells her. He speaks quietly with Ouida, conferring with Rinel.

Ouida has left the Melee Grounds.

/heal Rinel

Fecundo nods to Bianca on his way off the field and smiles, gestureing to Isidora, moaking his way toward where she is sitting as he takes off his helmet.

Fecundo is overheard praising Jordan: Always great competition.

Tovell has joined the Commoner Stands.

Jordan is hit badly by Felicia no sooner their fight began, so he lowers his sword when he notices he's bleeding. "Yield. Well struck, Dame Harrow. See you next tourney." With a grin to the King's Own, he removes his helmet and steps out of the melee ground.

Very very late, and not atired for battle, Sir Tovell seems content to let the other King's Own fight for Gloria today. He instead peers into the nobles' ranks to see who's present, then clomps his way across to the stands to take a high seat and watch the combat. You never know. He might learn something.

Bianca nodded in return to Fecundo, instead moving toward Jordan's end of the field as he seemed to be the next that might be stumbling her way. A small smile was tossed over her shoulder toward Oswyn, Rinel and Ouida as something was murmured between them. A bow of her head to Ouida.

The Prince of Sanctum is enjoying the Grand Melee in honor of Gloria, but then a pensive looking Herald Steve comes into the area and weaves through crowd and murmurs something to the Edain. The High Lord dips his head in a nod and says, "Alright, I'll be along shortly. Thank you." Herald Steve runs off, and Edain rises and bows to those he's been chatting with and and says, "Thank you for letting me enjoy your company, but I am afraid duty calls. Gods blessings on you all."

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Caspian uses his steel clad shoulders and hands to brush aside Aleksei's sword as he slashes in retaliation at Aleksei, doing a lot of damage to the air around Aleksei while struggling to hit the man in actual. Though Caspian seems to enjoy that. When Aleksei hits his armor again, he chuckles as he claims, "Come on! Don't disappoint your only fan!" he teases."

Reese is fighting on! She still seems focused on Domonico. She gives Domonico a grin when he hits her and continues on.

It's no doubt an odd sign of respect for Jordan's skill that Felicia didn't hold back on that first pass. Certainly that she got through his defenses causes her a brief pause and a grimace at the blood before she salutes him respectfully,"And no doubt shall kick my ass." she offers with a grin of her own.

Tesha has left the Noble Seating.

Ophelia gets up from her seat and makes her way toward the physicians when she sees that Jordan has sustained injury. She stays well out of their way, but wants to make sure he's doing alright.

"Hey, my kid is there and he's totally my fan, too!" Aleksei says with a bright, eager laugh, keeping out of the way of most of Caspian's attacks, or letting his armor take the blow once or twice, but /not/ quite able to land something solid on Caspian in return.

"Hello, Legate," Jordan offers in greeting to Bianca, stopping to remove his cuirass and hauberk to give her better access to the gauge that Felicia left across his left shoulder and on to his chest. It's not too deep, since he's obviously still standing, but it's bleeding. "Doubt it, Dame Harrow! Now do me the honors and beat everyone else on the field so I can say the champion took me out, will you!"

Bianca chuckled softly, put salve in bag

Fecundo moves his armor out of the way to let Isidora tend him as he speaks with her softly, wincing a bit, but smiling the whole time.

Bianca puts Bottle of Blancbier Healing Salve in Messenger Bag.

"Two fans! Oh my, maybe they'll start a club!" Caspian laughs

Bianca gets Bottle of Blancbier Healing Salve from Messenger Bag.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving arrives, following Juliana.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving leaves, following Juliana.

Emilia makes her way over towards Bianca, while smiling to Ouida in a sort of 'what goes around, comes around' way, if that can even be properly relayed. Not soon after she leaves the field, she sees Jordan also making his way over and chuckles to him, with a painful grimace. "Fighting can be as predictable as the weather, Sir," she says and then stops before Bianca, "Mother Bianca," she greets with a smile.

Tesha has joined the Commoner Stands.

Tesha catches sight of a famiiar face and that red hair that goes along with it. The Telmar woman leaves the noble seating and gives a smile to those as she does, quietly apologizing as she makes her way over the commoner stands and marches up to the high seats where her cousin is. She takes a seat beside him and leans over to speak with him.

Rinel has settled down on the grass next to Bianca and Oswyn and now removes several not-too-terrifying medical implements from her belt pouches. Her eyes look piercingly at the wounds in question as she wields needle, thread, and salves of varying pungency.

"Sir Jordan." Bianca smiled, drawing a bottle of salve from her bag. "Well fought. Brace yourself, this will sting at first." And she went about her work, wrapping the wound after the salve was carefully administered. On Emilia's approach she bowed her head. "Sister Emilia, well fought as well. Let me just finish up with Sir Jordan and I'll see to your wounds next." AND she did just that!

Ouida offers a hand to Emilia as she comes over, a sister-warrior's grasp if the godsworn knight takes it. "Well fought, and well done." Her eyes are drawn to the battle remaining, however, how could they not? "I do not believe I have met you, though I swear to you now I shall always remember it! I am Ouida Harthall."

Lucita loses track of the various conversations at the seating while she is caught up in the various strikes and blocks, the hits and misses amid the combatants.

"If we do, you're getting the first jacket!" Lore calls back to Caspian, joining in the light heckling with good cheer.

Domonico clashes with Reese again and again, Wavecutter and Destiny striking together.

Emilia nods to Bianca, "Thank you," she says and then smiles to Ouida, taking the offered hand, "I just got lucky," she assures Ouida, "I am Emilia of the Templars."

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"Ah, it can," Jordan laughs in good nature to Emilia, flashing the Dame a bright smile. "But fighting with friends, even if it's a fight with sharp weapons, is quite the thrill, so long as it's for the love of combat and nothing regrettable or gratuitous. Tournaments are worth giving one's all, though." With another smile to the Legate, he winces a little when salve is rubbed and likely some gauze to clean up, but he looks over to Ophelia and his lips curve into a spontaneous, sunny smile.

Felicia is so not in a rush, content to wait until a new opponent opens up, though there may some trepidation in the wobble of that grin before she steps up to meet his blade,"Every time this ends badly for me... good luck, Master Wild. But not too much luck... that is a nice ring."

Bit by bit, Caspian chips away at Aleksei's defenses, and eventually there comes a slice across his ribs serious enough to have Aleksei stumbling back. "Fuck--" He holds up a hand in a clear indication to yield, smile a bit tighter now, and he steps back to slip off of the fighting grounds to drag himself over towards the medics.

Bianca rose to her feet once she'd finished wrapping up Emilia, leaning to murmur something to the Templar so as not to directly disrupt her conversation with Ouida.

Reese is overheard praising Domonico: Well fought!

Oswyn stands at the ready at the sidelines, medical kit in hand and awaiting his next patient.

Domonico takes a strike to the side and staggers before he steps back, "Well fought!" he says raising a hand in surrender.

Rinel is ready and waiting as Aleksei moves towards the healers. "Well fought, Master Morgan. Master Oswyn or I can treat you. I believe Mother Bianca is currently with one of your erstwhile competitors."

Reese charges at Domonico, taking out the Southern Lord with a powerful swing.

Caspian is overheard praising Aleksei: He is one hard guy to hit! Good fight! Glad to have you back in the Champions

"Damn it Reese!" Laughs Caspian as he dodges Felicia's big as sword as her mace clangs against his armor. "See if I give you any gifts again!" He says, sticking his tongue out at her!

Ophelia will clap for Aleksei, too! She watches as he makes his way toward the medics and then returns her attention to Jordan as he gets treatment. She's close, but still out of the way so folks can work.

Lisebet cheers for each competitor as they are called off the field, true to her comment earlier that she has no favourite.

Aleksei works his armor of slowly and carefully to give Oswyn and Rinel room and space to patch him up. Soon enough his wounds are cleaned and bandaged, and the tightness of his smile is relaxing. "Thanks," he says, half his attention still on the fight to see how it will turn out.

Reese seems torn as she listens to Caspian's words. "You did get me such pretty pink gifts...." She says, looking all conflicted!

Emilia smiles to Bianca and nods, "It would be an honor," she says while trying to suppress her smile. She touches the bandages and winces, but seems satisfied nonetheless. Bianca's really good at patching up wounds!

"I was just kidding!" Caspian calls as the woman passes up a chance to attack him. "Be in it to win it! Else I'll be sad!"

Domonico steps out of the combat, pulling off his helm and clutching at his side from Reese's blows, amazed he went as long as he did with her, "Healer?'

Domonico steps out of the combat, pulling off his helm and clutching at his side from Reese's blows, amazed he went as long as he did with her, "Healer?'

Reese peeks over to Domonico, seemingly a bit concerned for the Lord. She then turns back to Caspian and charges at him!

Bianca was in the process of cleaning blood from her palms by this point, nodding to Emilia. "Excellent. I will send you the details in the following days so you have a better idea of what is expected. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, Sister!" She smiled, but turned to hurry over to Domonico since Oswyn and Rinel already had Aleksei taken care of.

Felicia can't help but pause a moment to eye the other two, she might have been patient and waity, but it's more a 'who's on first' kind of expression as she offers dryly for the pair,"I mean... if you two want to fight it out and I'll take whoever's left standing... that works for me..." she redhead grins.

"Settle yourself on the grass, Lord Domonico, and let me take a look at your ribs, hm?" Seems Bianca picked up the man's name from the hunt earlier, soft smile present on her lips as she knelt to pull some sturdier binding gauze.

Caspian holds up his hands after he receives a bad cut from Felicia across the chest and is bashed in the leg, stumbling back as he says, "Okay, okay, you two fight it out!" He says with a grin, stepping away.

Domonico calls from the sideline as the final two meet. "Fight well Princess! I don't want to have lost to anyone bar the Champion!"

Domonico doesn't sit for Bianca but does raise his arm to akk

Jordan nods to Bianca once she's done healing him, moving over to Ophelia and offering his arm to the Princess, leaning in to murmur something, his lips quirking into a brief smile.

Domonico doesn't sit for Bianca but does raise his arm to allow her to tend to his ribs before he woops at Reese's victory, "Well fought!!"

Reese focused rather intensely upon Caspian, but after Felicia delivered her powerful blow the champion, she switched targets. Reese now charges at the King's Own knight, attacking her instead.

Cassandra is overheard praising Reese: Excellent Victort!

Reese is overheard praising Caspian: well fought!

Reese is overheard praising Felicia: Well fought!

Reese is overheard praising Cassandra: Woots, Gloria!

Emilia smiles to Bianca, no longer trying to conceal the excited smile, and says, "It is merely my wish to be of use. Thank you for the opportunity," she says, bowing despite the ache. Though, with that final exertion she begins making her way to the stands, and out of the way, to watch the final exchanges by those who remain in the field.

Caspian steps away from the melee as he heads over to the crowd, looking around as he calls, "Here I thought being ganged up on by two pretty ladies would have been fun! Who's patching me up?" He wonders to the crowd.

Fecundo shakes his head as Isidora tends him, "Only if you like them." He winks to her and hen applauds the winner of the contest.

Ouida is back on her feet having been patched up, and with another murmured thanks to the two that tended her, and a wink to the Dame that put her there in the first place, she is once more watching the melee with bright eyes. When Reese vanquishes the fine two, her voice rises with the others in attendance, cheering in a loud battlefield bellow.

Between Bianca, Rinel, Oswyn, and other healers, people are getting tended to fairly efficiently. Oswyn looks up, squinting at the field. "How many left?"

Ophelia steps closer to Sir Jordan and accepts his offered arm, slipping hers around his. Her gaze casts downward and she grins when he murmurs something to her, which she finds herself pivoting and quietly responding soon afterward.

Bianca gave Domonico's ribs a hefty wrap once his arm was lifted. "Solid bruising, but you should be fit and fine soon. Please, give my warmest regards to your Duchess if you happen to see her?" And amidst the chaos of stitches, salves and gauze Bianca withdrew looking about to see if anyone else needed help... aaaaah, Caspian. She chuckled to Emilia as she moved toward the shining Grandmaster of the Champions. "Of course, Sister!"

Felicia is fought down easily by Reese, that big blade of hers just not fast enough to catch her opponent, and finally she has to raise a hand,"Yield!" she calls, stepping back, and then a few steps more, just to make sure that she doesn't end up taking another blow in that same already blackening spot.

Fecundo is overheard praising Reese: Deserving champion.

Felicia is overheard praising Reese: The pink princess should never be underestimated!

Rinel says, "I believe just Dame Harrow, at this point."

Tesha is overheard praising Cassandra: For running the melee!

Lucita applauds the winner and watches the healers for a while, starting to listen once more to some of the conversations now that the melee is over.

Caspian is overheard praising Reese: She always wins these! Her secret is she's too likeable for people to aim to knock her out first!

Felicia is overheard praising Cassandra: A glorious evening for Gloria!

Aleksei is overheard praising Caspian: Can't hit that sucker!

Aleksei is overheard praising Cassandra.

Domonico is overheard praising Reese: Of course she won. Only the best can defeat a Malvici.

Reese is quick to stop attacking Felicia when the redheaded knight yields. She keeps her over as if trying to make sure the woman is alright. "Well fought, very well fought and honorably fought." She says in her direction. "To Gloria! And to the coming fight for the Lodge! Gloria is with us!" She calls out.

Now that there is a victor, Cassandra comes down from the Judges booth to approach the Pink Princess. "You fought well.. and with honor." the Legate offers, before she offers a polite bow. "The prize is yours." she offers, presenting the small jewelry box to Reese.

Alarissa is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon: For Gloria

Lisebet cheers for the last combatants and then for the winner, Princess Reese. She glances over at the conversation that is ongoing between all those watching, and inclines her head politely, before she gets to her feet. "I look forward to seeing you all again soon," she says. Then she calls out, "Well fought, everyone." Before she starts making her way out.

Lisebet is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon.

Reese takes the offered box from Cassandra. "Thank you, Legate, I am honored." She murmurs. She removes her helmet and her cheeks are rather pink.

Lisebet is overheard praising Cassandra.

Reese is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon: yay, Gloria

Lisebet is overheard praising Felicia: Well fought

Lisebet is overheard praising Domonico: Nicely done

Aleksei is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon.

Lisebet is overheard praising Aleksei.

Caspian checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Lisebet is overheard praising Caspian.

Lisebet is overheard praising Ouida.

Lisebet is overheard praising Emilia.

Bianca frowned a bit, looking up from her work with Caspian. "Oswyn or Rinel, could either of you please give me a hand?" It seemed her skill was not enough to properly tend the man's wounds though she remained near to ensure he was remaining conscious and all that.

Domonico is overheard praising Cassandra.

Domonico is overheard praising Bianca.

Lisebet is overheard praising Fecundo.

Rinel immediately is at the woman's side, looking at Caspian with a keen gaze. Gauze is in her hand, pressed against the most serious of wounds.

Oswyn wipes some blood off his hands - not his, don't worry - and trots over to Caspian and Bianca, glancing at Rinel as well.

Fecundo is overheard praising Cassandra.

Caspian looks over to Bianca as she patches him up, giving her a happy smile as she does his best on the man who got beaten pretty badly. Though now he's starting to groan, sitting himself down, "Damn, that was the worst time with two women I've ever had." He gives a smile over to Bianca, saying, "Is this the end for me? Should I say goodbye to everyone now?"

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