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Grimhall-Pravus Wedding Feast

House Grimhall and House Pravus invite family and friends
to come together for a wedding feast and celebration of
the union of these two houses through the marriage of
Vanora Pravus and Valdemar Grimhall. It promises to be
an evening of fine food and drink, along with potential
games and other entertainments for those interested
in continuing the festivities long into the night.


June 19, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Harald(RIP) Valdemar Vanora


Mirari Fairen Luca Ingrid Turo Duarte Elloise Derovai Katarina Titania(RIP) Sparte Ingvar Cassima Carita Edward



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Grimhall Longhouse - The Great Grim Hall

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Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Duarte arrives, following Mirari.

The Great Grim Hall has been decorated for the wedding feast with bursts of fabric in the steel blue of Pravus, the deep green of Grimhall, and the silver used in both house's heraldry. The effect evokes the sea, fitting for both families.

Torches have been set into the walls and candles put out on the tables in order to set the mood as warm and relaxed. A fire blazes in the hearth to chase away the bite of winter. Along the large table a set of silver plate with Grimhall crosses and goblets of imported Lycene glass set many a seat, inviting guests to partake of the meal and conversation.

Cassima Thrax is here rather early in the proceedings. And why should she not be? She's generally considered a friend to both parties engaging in this particular nuptuil. Why, she's even gone so far as to shed her usual pallate of black, gray, and more black for a silvery color that kind of looks purple in the right light. Such progress! She must be celebrating the Lycene side of things with that sort of foppery. She's already found a glass of wine, and she has a constant smile as she moves and chatters and talks easily with those around her. Indeed, she has to contain her smile in such a fashion that it seems to make her cheeks even fuller. Splendid day, this!

Arriving early, Edward takes the time to talk to and catch up with some of the reavers that guard the longhouse. Talking to friends and companions until things start to indicate they are coming together. Only then does he step into the hall proper, an eye towards the decorations, before his attention focuses on the gathering of people...or soon to be gathering. In the meantime he seeks out one of the Grimhall staples...rum or mead.

The wedding may have been months ago, but the feast to celebrate the union of Valdemar Grimhall and Vanora Pravus is tonight. The House is out in full force, with the bride and groom already seated at the table, across from one another and next to the largest chair at the Great Grim Table, which belongs to the Grim Duke himself of course. Plates are still empty, but thralls and servants walk through the room and guide guests to take seats, wineglasses already filled...and some clay cups of mead filled as well, for the hosting House. All but the bride, who already sips at red wine. She's resplendent in a seasilk gown dyed dark, stormy colors and cut in a very Lycene fashion. As low as traditional Thrax necklines are high. Her reddish-gold hair is worn pinned up in a complicated chignon held in place with pearl and silver combs.

Mirari arrives, towing a Lycene Count with her. The man moves to find a seat out of the way, seeming to be quite busy conversing with his assistant. She moves to find some wine, and gazes around at the Hall, a curious look on her face. She takes a deep drink from her glass and begins to circulate, swishing around in pale seasilk.

Orre, 5 Grimhall House Guards, an Isles sheepdog arrive, following Harald.

Valdemar sips at his own cup of mead perhaps a little more slowly than usual, but he seems in good cheer nonetheless. For a Grimhall, anyway. Occasionally, he can be seen smiling at his bride from across the table, when he is not watching the various guests arriving. He is dressed in seasilk himself, a rarity for him, and it shows in the way he tugs at the collar of the tunic from time to time.

Though she is not one for such large gatherings, Ingrid makes certain that she does not miss this particular feast. Dressed in her usual modestly cut attire, her long golden blonde hair done up into a fashionable enough bun, the scholarly Grimhall lady offers a polite smile and often a curtsey to the guests as they fill into the Grim Hall. "Welcome," She'll say to those who pass the threshhold, before they are escorted by servants and the like to venture further into the longhouse to partake in the refreshments offered.

It doesn't take Cassima long to find the bride. "Hello, my dear," she purrs fondly the Lycene woman, leaning down to give Vanora a kiss on the cheek from behind. In doing so, she'll get a glance at the ample low cut of the gown, and she manages a blink and a soft 'oh dear' before she rises again, no matter if the kiss is allowed or not. She turns her mossy green eyes to Valdemar then, bobbing herself in a low gesture of respect. "My Lord," she tells him, that smile growing at the sight of the both of them. "I have a gift for you, but I think it shall be better given and enjoyed during a less busy time. I'll drop by within the next week, if you might be able to receive me and be willing to do so."

There is a brief, and polite exchange with one of the reavers before Sparte slips into the gathering. He is attempting to be a low key observer of the event, quickly making his way towards a seat where he can sit and watch and possibly be overlooked by the more important people present.

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2 House Velenosa Guards, Renault, the mustachioed Lycene arrive, following Theo.

3 Rough and tumble sailors leaves, following Ingvar.

3 Rough and tumble sailors arrives, following Ingvar.

Ingvar is there of course, as well, living in the hall as he does, and he moves to settle at his seat at the table, grunting a bit and nodding faintly towards Vanora and Valdemar.

"Hello love" Vanora greets Cassima in turn. "Come, sit with us." She invites the Thrax princess. Amusement alights her features and she murmurs, "Oh dear indeed. A scandalous wedding deserves a scandalous dress. I have to do my part." The kiss is allowed of course. It's the Lycene greeting after all, and the former Pravus returns it, airy kisses to each of Cassima's cheeks. "I'm so glad you could come. The gift already sounds intriguing."

With drink in hand Edward will make his greeting following Cassima, "Lord Valdemar, Lady Vanora." he says to each lifting the glass in turn, "Thank you for the invitation. I am glad to be here" he smiles a little more before he drifts back then and lets the others move in to make their own greetings, not getting in anyone's way of course. He smiles once more to the pair and then moves to find a seat about mid table.

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Titania comes walking into the grim hall a Cloak pulled around her even after spending some much time in Arx she hates when it gets cold in the city, her ocean blue eyes look over the hall smiling then look to see who has come to the gathering. It seems Titania is alone for the event but it does not seem to bother her much either. Slipping her cloak off she is wearing a striking red dress that seems to flow around her, her blond hair down, she looks about heading a bit deeper into the hall.

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Inclining his head to Cassima when she addresses him, Valdemar gives her a slightly curious look before responding to her, "Your Highness, I am honored that you could make it. I am sure that we can receive you sometime this week, and would be happy to do so." Lips curve briefly as Vanora invites her to sit with her, before he looks toward his brother and nods in his direction. "We are glad you could make it as well, Baron Stormbreak. Please, make yourself comfortable," he adds, replying to Edward and gesturing to empty chairs at the table.

Cassima mutters something softly to the bridal pair, and chuckles as she settles into her seat nearby. She lifts her glass to her lips for a long sip, her head and eyes turning to follow Edward's voice. "Mmmm, Baron. Perhaps we might have a quiet word, before you leave this evening. Assuming you do not mind side-stepping yourself from the revelrey for a few breaths of droll converasation." She says the last as a light, amused tease.

Mirari approaches Vanora, reaching out to take her hands. "You've a lovely home, and you look amazing. How are you?" She asks quietly, glancing around at the others attending. "I've something for you as well, but I haven't finished making it yet, so I'm going to make you wait a tiny bit."

"Welcome and please have a seat. Though before you do so, feel free to partake in any of our refreshments. The feast will be served shortly." Ingrid continues to do her job at greeting the guests as they enter, before making her way towards the large table as well to finally take her seat. There are some familiar faces to be seen, but many who are strangers. A small smile is given to Titania when one of the thralls moves to take her cloak, "It's lovely to see you again, Countess. Please, have a seat."

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Duke Grimhall stands for a time next to the large chair at one end of the table, silently letting the newlyweds handle the brunt of the hospitality. Once the bulk of the guests have settled a bit, he takes a seat, using the moment to indulge a bit in the mug set near to him. While he remains silent, he doesn't wear an unpleasant expression, which in and of itself hints at a pleasant mood, comparatively.

Edward nods to Titania when she reveals herself, even lifting his glass in greeting to her. Then he glances to Cassima and he nods, "Of course. If in the mingle later you shift down to a seat near me we can talk here or elsewhere...," he notes and then he shifts to get comfortable in his seat for a moment.

2 Armed Confessors arrives, following Elloise.

Vanora greets Mirari the same way, a kiss on each cheek that barely brushes skin. "Beautiful one, I'm so glad that you could make it. Thank you. I've been slowly, slowly, adding touches to the decor that are more Setarco, less Grim. But only a bit." She holds her fingers out just a hint apart, to indicate how much 'a bit' is, and it's not lots. "Come, join us. Sit, there's Lenosian red and Setarco Gold, along with whatever non-grape based beverages my husband's family is serving. Join us."

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mirari before departing.

Mirari returns the kisses to Vanora's cheeks and her cheeks go pink. "I couldn't miss this, you're one of my most favorite people." She moves to take a seat at the table, crossing her legs primly. A servant moves to pour her a glass of red wine which she plucks and raises towards the newlyweds. "The place looks splended, Vanora, and you both looks happy. Congrats."

Elloise -- is blatantly crashing this party -- and she has stopped in place in order to look up (way up) to study the skeleton that's hanging from the wall with the other war trophies. She's all wide-eyed, mouth pursed. Lace-gloved hands tucked primly behind her back. "It's just really interesting." She murmurs (to herself) no one at all in particular right now. That's before she regards the room: a sea of unfamiliar faces. No, wait. She's seen Cassima, and she's kinda a cousin. She waves brightly, jumping up and down in place until she's only slightly out of breath. "Oh, yes. Sorry."

Valdemar nods a bit in understanding at Cassima's murmured words, before remarking at something Vanora says to Mirari, "It wouldn't do for Grimhall to lose all of its grimness, after all." Looking down the table to where Ingrid has brought Titania, he goes on to greet her as well, "Lady Titania, welcome. It is always good to have you here." He then looks at his father a moment when he sits, but then continues to watch their guests when the Grim Duke remains quiet.

Titania spots Harald her eyes fall on him for a long moment looking him over, its been a long time since she has seen the Duke, then when she hears her name she looks over, "Lady ngrid, Baron Edward and Lord Valdemar thank you for your invitation." she smiles moving to sit some what close to ingrid and Edward some what in that area.

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"The unofficial theme of the wedding feast of course was going to be serious competition to establish which was better, the Mourning Isles or the Lyceum. However I'm noticing that my side of the guest list is severely under-represented, and thus we're going to have to change course. I don't like losing things." The bride declares to the gathering guests, smiling warmly to greet each one. She even catches Sparte's eye and gestures to the table...there's no need for wallflowers surely. "So glad to see you Lady Titania, Lord Edward, others whom I do not yet know but soon shall."

As she's finished speaking a group of thralls bring out the first course. The soup served in silver bowls is cream-based with chunks of crabmeat, a Lycene-style dish with Lycene-style kick.

"My Lord," Cassima says respectfully in Harald's direction as the man sits. She accompanies it with a low bow of her head to the man. "We have corresponded in the past regarding matters of finance, but I believe this is the first time we are in the same room, together. I am Princess Cassima Thrax, at your service." She seems about to say more, but there's a bouncing out the corner of her eye. Elloise! It takes Cassima half a second to place the woman before her smile grows into a grin and she gestures the woman over. "I beg your pardon, but may I introduce you all to the Lady Elloise Leary? She is a cousin to my sister."

Sparte is a bit embarassed when Vanora invites him to the main table, getting up and moving over to the main table. He gives her a nervous and apologetic smile, nodding his head respectfully as he settles in.

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Mirari laughs softly and shakes her head, sipping from her wine before she speaks up. "Having just accompanied Alarissa on a tour of the Isles, I'm going to say that the seafood is better out east." She leans back in her chair and eyes the dishes being served with amusement. "Oh this will be interesting." She leans in to taste the soup, a pleased look on her face. "Spicy."

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassima before departing.

Grandt, House Leary man-at-arms, Abalene, the Northern Hawk Owl, 2 Leary House Guards arrive, following Fairen.

Fairen arrives, following Derovai.

Every so often, Ingrid's azure eyes will go to her father, Harald, and observe him for a few quiet moments. He looks to be high spirits, from what she can discern. Returning her attention to the guests, it's difficult to know where to begin when it comes to conservation. With at least one introduction made, she graces both Cassima and now Elloise with a smile of politeness when she states, "Thank you all for joining us this evening, Your Highness, Lady Elloise." She does add, "I am Ingrid Grimhall and this is my brother, Lord Ingvar." She gestures to her often grunting siblings. "We haven't been in the city long, but it's always a pleasure to meet with new faces."

"It's lovely to meet you, Lady Elloise. Please, come and join us for dinner. We are celebrating love, marriage, and ironclad unions between great naval powers." Vanora speaks up. The soup is served and she takes a bite only when all of the guests have been served, enjoying the spice. "How can you say that? Traitor. I'm going to tell Archduchess Eleyna. You'll be put to the block for this." She responds to Mirari.

"It's ever a pleasure to be attending a party - wedding reception, yes, congratulations - when I know precisely two people in the room. Thank you for the invitation, your Highness. Princess Cassima. I only wanted to see what the inside of the Grimhall longhouse was like and it's very grand and very traditional looking. I am seeking to better understand cultures different from the ones at home and this seemed like a grand place to start," and Elloise finally breathes, dimpled cheeks pink from the exuberance of talking too much. She takes a seat at the table, settles, and starts on the soup course.

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Harald bows his head slightly, respectfully, in Cassima's direction. "Duke Harald Grimhall," he says, despite his identity obviously already being known. "I do recall the letters. It's nice to put a person to the words." Attention tends to shift back and forth quickly in such a gathering, and when it shifts away from him, he sits contentedly and has a bit more of his mead.

"It was kind of them to hold off having the feast until we got here." Ingvar says with a nod of his head as Ingrid introduces him to some of the guests, his attention shifting over Harald's direction briefly before back to the conversation Ingrid is having.

Correcting herself over the soup, "I meant introduction, sorry." Elloise offers a smile to others at the table, utterly oblivious.

Entering the Hall with a trio of guards following him, a Northern-Hawk Owl perched on his shoulder, and Derovai Voss accompanying him, Marquis Fairen Leary arrives dressed in forest shaded silks. "Have you ever imagined a day when you were escorted to a social gathering by Leary guards?" He asks towards the other man with an amused grin on his lips. Stepping further into the Hall, he pauses to look around, spotting Ellise and offering her a deep smile. "Lady Elloise!"

"You will find no better example of what it is to be a true Islander than House Grimhall," Cassima says, strangely with what might sound like a touch of pride in her voice. Not that she can claim any pride for House Grimhall -- no, rather it's pride IN House Grimhall. Her attention then shifts to Ingrid and Ingvar, and she looks brightly upon them. "Oh! You are siblings of our dear Valdemar, then? If I have my family heritage right, which I may well not. If so, I am proud to tell you that your brother has been a wonderful boon to Grimhall in Arx."

Mirari winks at Vanora and offers a slight shrug of her shoulders. "She'll forgive me, I'm certain." She murmurs, slowly spooning more soup into her mouth.

"Master Fatchforthe, welcome. I don't know if we've ever been properly introduced, but I have seen you at sparring matches in the past," Valdemar looks over to where Sparte sits as he greets the man, before taking a few bites from the spicy crab dish. Clearly, he enjoys the food, though he pauses in that to reply to Elloise, "Lady Leary, it is a pleasure to meet you and to have you here tonight. I am sure there are plenty here who would be happy to answer any questions you might have about Islander culture." He then nods when Cassima asks about his brother and sister. "Yes, your Highness, they are my siblings. They just got to Arx a month or two ago," he explains, before taking a few more bites of his food.

"Cousin, Marquis Fairen, hi-hello there and it's nice to see you and your guest too, Mister Whateveryourname. I came here for cultural appreciation. House Grimhall's architecture and decor are very traditional. The soup is crab-based in a cream-based broth and it's spicy. Which is Lycean." Elloise glances aside, toward Valdemar, and she offers him a bob of her head. "Thank you, my lord. It's an honor."

"I'm going to wait until she's in a terrible mood." Vanora teases Mirari in response. "It probably is better." The admission comes right after. "I like the shellfish better in Setarco though, and I love shellfish." A nod towards the soup indicates that she may have selected this course. "Don't you mean 'your brother and his lovely bride' have been a wonderful boon to Grimhall in Arx?" She inquires of Cassima playfully. "I'm sure you left the last part out by accident. I've adored having siblings through marriage, truly. Ingrid and Ingvar are both absolutely wonderful. I grew up with brothers, but they were much older than me." She smiles at Elloise, amused by her assessment. "If you find the decor traditional now you should have seen it before I got here."

"Voss," Derovai replies to Elloise, before he looks over at Fairen and shrugs. "Don't get ahead of yourself. I invited you."

"I'm afraid that I've surrounded myself with books that I have neglected to go out and meet the people of this fine city." Ingrid says in a light tone and she very well be itching for a book to read at this moment. Still, she sits there all prim and polite among her family. With the first course being served, she slowly savors the flavor of the soup with a glass of wine set just to the side of her bowl. "It truly is quite an honor to be able to meet with those who have supported my family throughout the years. Thank you all."

Striding towards Elloise, Fairen grins at her and nods his head. "It's nice to see you as well. This is Master Derovai Voss." He says, gesturing towards the man next to him as he moves to position himself next to the lady. Then he glances over at Derovai and wrinkles his nose up at the man. "Perhaps, but I have a certain degree of loyalty to family. That is my cousin, Lady Elloise Leary."

Elloise says, "Mister Voss." Elloise replies, pausing as it seems that she is remembering suddenly very important. She shovels down the rest of her soup in a panic, wipes her mouth, and in a burst of energy she's out of her seat and headed toward the doors. The feathers on her umbra gown shimmering, curls boinging. "I'm going to miss the meeting! I'm so sorry, I forgot!" And out she goes ~"

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2 Armed Confessors leaves, following Elloise.

"There's nothing wrong with traditional," Cassima points out in that stiff, Thraxian way. She sips her beverage, and then looks over at Vanora again. "Though is it true that you are a boon? I had not seen this naval contract you speak of, so I wasn't sure. Congratulations on your worth in trade goods and mizzen masts," she responds, teasing Vanora good-naturedly right back. Then she looks to Ingrid. "I've personally found that books are often better company, although mine are usually ledgers and receipts. Which, I think, makes me something of an oddity out among the people." She takes some small pride in that fact. Very small, but some.

As guests finish up the soup, thralls circulate to clear bowls away and prepare for the next course.

Great platters of salmon cooked on planks of wood over flame are brought out to guests who indicate interest, garnished with fresh herbs and drizzled in oil. No hint of a pepper is involved, it is simple Islander fare of the highest quality.

The Baron is more observer than participant for the moment it seems. Drinking the rum he's claimed slowly, and enjoying the food as it is brought out by the thralls. He smiles and watches the flow of conversation while he himself maintains his vigil, soaking in the good company and the sense of camraderie.

Derovai raises a brow at Fairen. "That /was/ your cousin. Sit and eat. that way you won't have to talk," he points out dryly.

Upon hearing Derovai's voice, Valdemar looks up from his food and smiles slightly. "Derovai, welcome. Please, have a seat and enjoy yourself, you and your guest...whom I don't believe I've met before," he says, giving Fairen a glance as he sits back just a bit, allowing the first course to be taken away and replaced with the salmon. He then chuckles briefly at the banter between his wife and Cassima, before cutting into the dish in front of him.

"Of course there is not. I'm very traditional myself, Highness. It's just a different tradition." Vanora gestures to the bodice of her wedding gown in playful reminder. "Actually it's somewhat true. I was certainly more expensive this time around than the other one." She is cheerful enough to be self-deprecating, and also the first to hint at the reason this party is so delayed.

Mirari eats daintily, staying quiet as she listens to the flow of conversation around her. She seems to enjoy this course, taking several bites of the salmon before she gently pushes her plate away. She spots Derovai and makes a face, shaking her head slowly.

"Wines appreciate in value as they age. Should women not also? Well, no one believes that from my mouth. It was up until a month ago that I feared I would die a spinster," Cassima admits, chuckling at her own silliness as she reaches forward to claim another glass of wine from a thrall.

With Elloise bounding out of the party, Fairen watches her for a moment, then turns back towards Derovai and nods his head at the man. "An astute observation." He replies, moving to take a seat at the table. With Valdemar greeting him, he looks back at the man and inclines his head at him. "I am Marquis Fairen Leary. It is a pleasure to meet you, and congratulations on your wedding."

Sparte gives Valdemar a nervous lift of his hand and a matching smile. "Ah, Lord... Valdemar, right? I've seen you around as well. Nice to meet you finally." Sparte picks a bit at the food which comes his way, eating small bites here and there without making a meaningful dent in what he is served.

Derovai taps his knife in indication at Mirari, but it's visibly not a threat. "Lord Grimhall, glad to be here." He waves a hand towards Fairen, specifying, "An acquaintance."

"I would agree, Your Highness." Ingrid responds to Cassima on books, "but for a time, growing up, the books that I were reading were.." And here she stops, being told of ledgers and the like, "Right. I've had very similar experiences. Not that I can complain. I do enjoy the learning aspect of reading more than anything." As the next course is set before them, her attention turns to the other faces, "It's nice to see you again, Master Voss. The last time we met, it was very brief." Then to Fairen, "And welcome to you as well, Marquis Fairen," She says to the man, hearing his introduction. "I hope that you all will enjoy yourselves this evening with fine food and company to match. Or I should hope.." There's so many people to greet, it seems. She does notice Edward being as quiet as Ingvar tends to be at times, "Baron Stormbreak, correct? How are you enjoying the fare? Though, these delicacies, so far, are things that you're more than likely used to."

"An entirely rational fear, what with you being such an old woman." Vanora responds to Cassima, flippant and teasing. She glances over to Sparte with polite interest, nodding her head in quiet greeting as the man speaks with her husband. "Master Derovai. I'm delighted that you could make it. You as well, Marquis Leary, what a pleasure to have you here." She appears to mean it quite genuinely, charming guests with comfort that likely comes quite naturally. "I like books too." She inserts to Ingrid and Cassima. "I'm somewhat obsessed with expanding the collection here in the Longhouse actually. Few things please me more than a new book. New jewelry that Mistress Corsetina makes me and charges my husband for, so he gets credit for giving a gift. That and books."

There is a polite smile turned to Ingrid from Edward, "My Lady Grimhall, yes." he nods to her and then he motions to the food, "I have, yes." he admits with a polite smile and a brief glance up the table and then back to Ingrid, "But it is good to find familiarity here." he smiles a little more and then adds, "Additionally, let me apologize for not coming to meet you and your brother sooner. I am glad to meet you now."

Then there is the greeting he gets from Ingrid, and Fairen casts his smile towards her, inclining his head at her politely. "Thank you, my Lady." He greets in response, then looks towards Vanora with a soft smile. "Thank you, my Lady. Congratulations on your marriage." At her comments about books though, he arches his brow at her. "Ah, you are a collector? We should perhaps come together at some point then and consider how we might exchange our collections. Personally, I owe thanks for most of my books towards Princess-Consort Alarissa."

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"Welcome, Marquis Leary, and thank you. It is an honor to have you here. I hope you enjoy the food and the company," Valdemar responds to Fairen, before nodding somewhat toward Derovai at the man's explanation. He then returns to his enjoyment of the traditional Islander preparation of salmon, taking a few bites before looking toward Sparte and answering him, "Yes, that is correct Master Fatchforthe, I am Lord Valdemar, and the beauty sitting across from me is my wife, Lady Vanora." Speaking of her, he chuckles again when she mentions the work of her favorite jeweler. "It is wonderful to put a face to the name on those letters, by the way. I believe this is the first time we've had a chance to meet?" he remarks to Mirari.

Cassima is overheard praising Valdemar.

Cassima is overheard praising Harald.

Duarte finalizes whatever discussion he was having and seeks his way back to Mirari. En route he pause near Vanora and bows. "Congratulations, my lady. Don't be a stranger around the manor, now. And only kind words about me to Princess Alarissa if you please."

Mirari smiles towards Valdemar, nodding in his direction. "We've spoken a few times through our messengers, but I don't believe I've had the pleasure to meet you in person until this evening." She says, sitting back in her chair. "This party has been lovely, I'm glad that I was able to attend." She glances at Duarte, smirking as she pats the chair next to her. "Have a seat, Amadeo."

Sparte's eyes flicker between Valdemar and Vanora, nodding a bit late in recognition to what Valdemar says. "It is a pleasure to meet Lady Vanora as well. I, uh..." Sparte glances to Harald for a split second before looking back to Valdemar. "I brought something to gift to the Grimhall family. I don't want to interrupt everything though. I'll just... leave it here later."

"Oh, do not worry yourself about that, My Lord." Ingrid says to Edward, "I do not go out of my way to make myself purposefully unavailable, but I do tend to spend much of my time in studies and research." As she carefully slices into her salmon, her attention looks across the table to others who have joined them. From where she is seated, she graces the pair of Mirari and Duarte with one of her faint smiles, before her gaze flickers to Sparte when he speaks. During all of this, not so strangely, the exchange of books captures her attention and she has to add, "It would be wonderful to grow our collection, most certainly, Sister." She says to Vanora, "And I am always excited to see what topics others are interested in by their books alone."

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"Oh, my apologies! I forgot you hadn't met and prattled away all this time without introducing you. Yes, this is Mirari Corsetina, designer of our wedding rings and about sixty-thousand silver worth of perfume that I've bought on whim." There is no better time to confess one's sins to one's husband than at the wedding feast, right? Vanora hopes so. "This is count Duarte Amadeo by the way, whose rise in influence is both fascinating and inspiring. Though why he is worried about his reputation with the Princess-Consort, and how I might affect it, is beyond me. Join us, count. It's Grimhall so I don't even have to open the wine in front of you and allow you to watch it poured. Islanders frown on poisoning." She feigns a sigh.

There is fashionably late, and then there's just /late./ Lady Darkwater is most assuredly the latter, but in her own mind it's likely the former. Carita is a vision in inky black, her apperance is likely best described as ethereal, a dreamy sight as she floats in. She makes her way to Vanora and Vald to deliver quiet greetings and congratulations, warmly, before she slips from them to find a seat to settle in quietly. Her purpose, for once, not to make a scene.

Vanora beams at Carita, gesturing for her to join the table. She adds more words directed to Valdemar. "See? You keep talking to me about traditions, but what of mine? Do you know what it does to a Lycene's reputation to host a dinner where all the guests survive? There's no coming back from that kind of misstep."

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"I hear laxatives are a preferred form of poisoning, my Lady." Fairen says towards Vanora with a slight grin on his lips, amusement filling his tone. Though he does glances over at Ingrid, smiling at her softly. "I have to be honest, my most prized series of books in my collection are the Elven Histories, and the Accounts on Metals." He offers, smiling contently. "Have you read either collections?"

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"My Lady if you had asked, I have some rum that has poison in it. You could have served it instead of the wine." Edward looks up the table to her with a warm smile then he looks back to Ingrid, "Thank you. I hope to make a point then in the coming week to stop in and maybe find you free to talk. Your brother too when he is available." he then finishes his current glass of rum and then motions for a thrall to bring him another.

After a bow and proper introductions are made, Duarte moves aside to sit in the seat beside Mirari. "You are too kind, Lady Vanora." Duarte leans over to place a kiss to Mirari's cheek and whisper something aside.

Mirari dips her head as she's introduced and she waves away Vanora's apology. "None of that, Vanora. You might be interested to learn that I've recently restocked. You should go take a peek." She pours some wine and sets it in front of Duarte, smiling in his direction. "Here you are, you missed the soup course and it is quite a shame, it was delicious." His quiet words make her laugh and she gives him a playful shove.

"We are glad you could make it as well, Mistress Corsetina. I look forward to seeing the designs you have in mind for the last request I sent in," Valdemar tells Mirari, smiling slightly as he glances between her and Vanora a moment, then looks to Duarte and adds, "Count Amadeo, I believe I saw you briefly in the Archives before. It is good to meet you properly." A few more bites of food then, before his attention is drawn back to Sparte, "Thank you, Master Fatchforthe. That was unnecessary, but certainly appreciated." He then nods in greeting to Carita, before catching his wife's remarks about Lycene tradition. "Well, if you insist, maybe we could find someone willing to duel to the death for us," the Grimhall heir suggests to her, his tone dry enough that it might be difficult to tell whether he is joking or not.

"You do?" Vanora responds to Edward with surprise. "There. Baron Stormbreak keeps poisoned beverages on hand and /he/ is an Islander traditionalist. If he can, I don't see why I can't." A pout is offered in Valdemar's direction, playful. Mirari's words have her smiling. "I will have to do just that. Do you have more of the one I'm wearing tonight. Smells sort of like the ocean and storms? I'm almost out, it's this one's favorite. Even more than the custom one you made just for me." A gesture is made towards Valdemar at 'this one' just in case it isn't clear.

"Actually," Ingrid says, eyes turning to Fairen when she speaks, "I have read both of those. If not those exact books, then very similar topics." She then adds in, "I do spend far too much time in the archives and libraries of the city..." Here, she takes a drink from her glass, before enjoying the flavor of this fine fine." With all of this talk of murder and poison being casually thrown about, the young Grimhall scholar simply continues to nibble on her meal. Though at yet another new arrival, she does put down her utensils to greet Carita. "Lady Carita, thank you for joining us. There's still many fine delicacies to be had, even if there are threats of violence mentioned here and there. Nothing to be alarmed about, I'm sure!"

"Ah yes!" Duarte recalls, addressing Valdemar. "The night of the scholars." He smiles faintly. "Pleased to be properly introduced under much happier circumstances."

"I'll refill it for you, just send me the bottle." Mirari murmurs, smiling at Vanora. "There is actually another sea scent there, possibly two. I was inspired during the recent trip to the Isles." She settles back in her chair and grins towards Valdemar. "I've been working on that today, actually. I think you'll like what I have in mind." She takes another sip of her wine and sets the glass on the table.

"Well my Lady," Edward tells Vanora, "It is because I am a collector of fine and rare vintages of alcohol. In fact, I helped Master Sparte," he motions to the fellow named, "do his first compiliation regarding where all of the local vintages came from and some of the more rarer kinds available. I think I have the whole collection. Unfortunately, there was no update to his guide this past summer."

In comes a man wearing the colors of the Iron Guard, dressed as a messenger. Wilhelm for those who recognize him. He surveys the gathering, finding Sparte and whispering a few words into the man's ear. Sparte's expression shifts to one of brief surprise before he gently backs up from the table, giving a bow of his head respectfully to the gathering as he excuses himself. "Thank you for your hospitality, and congratulations on the union. I'm sure it will make Grimhall only stronger." Seems other business has called him away. He gives an apologetic shrug to Edward, not having time to follow up on the talk of vintages as he hurries out.

Fairen looks back towards Ingrid, a soft smile seeming to permanently etch itself onto his lips. "Really? I have studied quite extensively those subjects as well. Well, as extensively as most other Scholars. Lately, I have been considering focusing my studies on Elven Histories as a whole, and perhaps specializing in the research of the Nox'alfar and so forth. I suspect there is quite a lot we have yet to learn about our Elven allies."

Sparte is overheard praising Valdemar: A lovely new couple and good hosts.

Sparte is overheard praising Vanora: A lovely new couple and good hosts.

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Derovai has been watching the goings-on, having fallen quiet. But he'd nodded back at Valdemar, as if in confirmation of something, and smiled at Vanora, a perfectly polite expression -- and nothing further. Now, though, he moves from where he's been standing to murmur something quietly to Vanora.

The sunlight vanishes from Vanora's expression briefly and she murmurs something back to Derovai, shaking her head.

Smoothing a lock of pale blonde from her eyes and tucking it behind her ear, Carita's attention shifts towards Ingrid. "Lady Ingrid," she says warmly, "How absolutely lovely to see you, and.. are there? Any that I should most assuredly try?" Her cerulean gaze floats about the table in curiosity, "Which is your favorite?"

Valdemar finishes with his plate of salmon, then washes it down with a healthy swig of mead. "Thank you for being here, Master Fatchforthe," he tells Sparte, before noticing Vanora pouting at him. Raising a brow at her, he then looks toward Edward and asks, "Did you have to encourage her, Lord Edward?" A slight shake of his head is given then, before he looks across the table at Mirari again. "Wonderful, I have no doubt at least one of them will suit," he tells the jewler, then gives Derovai a curious look as he notices the way that his wife's expression changes.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice arrives, delivering a message to Fairen before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mirari before departing.

Derovai draws in a breath at whatever Vanora whispers. His expression is blatantly skeptical, but he murmurs something back to her, shrugging at Valdemar. See? Nothing's wrong here! At least, he doesn't seem to be threatening her at her wedding. Small miracles, perhaps. But the conversation is quite serious all of a sudden.

Giuseppe, a kindly old man arrives, following Luca.

Finishing up her first glass of wine, Ingrid considers Fairen's words, before nodding, "Oh yes, I am very sure of that, My Lord. I've always been curious about the Nox'Alfar and while that was not part of my primary curriculum, I've always found them to be fascinating reads." Looking at the variety of seafood that was presented as of late, Ingrid says in a warm tone to Carita, "Often, it's what you would expect from the Isles, but very well done. The next course should be coming. There's also various drinks to be hand and what looks to be interesting conversation." Overhearing some of the discussion on jewelry, the Grimhall lady looks to Mirari, "I believe that I purchased a few items from your shop recently. Very lovely work."

Thralls come circulate and clear away the salmon course, bringing new silver plates for the main course. A large roast boar is brought out whole, apple in his mouth and everything. Grimhall tradition. They carve away at the roast meat to prepare it to serve, the scent fiery and enticing.

He's not threatening her but whatever Derovai says has Vanora's expression flashing pissy all of the sudden. It's a quick flash and then schooled away, but still...

Duarte tosses a roll lightly at Derovai. "Stop upsetting the bride."

Mirari aims a polite smile toward Ingrid. "Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad that you found something you liked." She glances toward Derovai and Vanora, eyebrow raised as a curious expression settles on her face.

There are a handful of missives sent and received from Fairen, breaking his attention from the present conversation only briefly, just enough so as to avoid being impolite. Then he turns back towards Ingrid and nods his head at her. "To be fair, any sort of study of the Elves interests me greatly. Though I am only recently deciding to focus my studies more firmly in that direction. Perhaps when I have learned enough, I may decide to host a regular class with a focus towards the Nox'alfar." The hushed conversation between Derovai and Vanora draws his attention though, and he observes the pair carefully.

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Derovai reaches out to catch the roll Duarte lobbed, without even looking his way. "/I'm/ not, I assure you of that," he drawls to the other man, taking a bite of the roll quite casually as he raises his brows at Vanora. Whatever she says is somewhat at length, and he nods slowly at her words, responding briefly, "My wits," shrugging after that and moving to disengage. "I'll keep you posted."

It's difficult to ignore the sudden and odd tension in the room. Especially when a flying roll makes an appearance. A quick look is given Vanora, Ingrid watching her sister-in-law in silence and despite the arrival of the next dish, she refrains from partaking in any of it just yet.

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Somewhere just before Luca's shown into the room, the faint lyrics of the old, southern song 'Adio Lenosia, Adio', can be heard. If there is, perhaps, a reason for the Lycene to be serenading himself upon arrival, that reason's found in the half-finished bottle in his hand. Despite the fact that he was likely lead Grimmest Hall in all the lands and not just allowed to barge him, he feigns surprise, "What in Arvum? This isn't my bedroom.", though his theatrics aren't maintained for long, before a grin spreads across his lips. To mostly everyone, he calls out by way of self-introduction, "I heard there was a wedding to feast on here!"

Carita has gone silent as well, leaning to murmur softly to a nearby guest, her eyes captired by the quiet stir near Vanora.

Mirari shakes her head, gesturing to where Derovai was briefly standing. "That is pretty much the thing that happens everytime Mister Voss is in a room." She states, rolling her eyes before she picks up her glass of wine to sip from it. "After a while, you ignore it." When Luca arrives she aims a look in his direction before she pats a chair on one side of her. "I'm glad you made it."

Valdemar observes what is taking place between his wife and Derovai, and looks like he might be about to say something when their conversation comes to an end. Then Luca makes his entrance, and the Grimhall heir lets out a low, brief laugh. "Yes, your Highness, there is. And you're just in time for the main course. By all means, come and have a seat," he invites him, as he accepts a plate full of roast boar from one of the thralls.

"You /know/ I would do anything for him. I /still/ hear him speaking in my ear. All the time. Do you know what he is telling me right now? "Think Vanora. Stop feeling and start thinking. Go. Slowly." Vanora responds to Derovai, silvery fire flashing in those green eyes. It lasts only a second before she collects herself with a sip of wine, Luca's timing is perfect for grabbing her attention and making her smile. "Oh lovely, you came! A little more Lyceum to add to this dour affair." Her voice is once more playful, snapping right back into charming as if nothing ever happened. She gives Mirari a soft smile, and pushes the meat on her plate around without taking a bite yet.

Edward narrows his eyes having watched the exchange and then he relaxes as Luca arrives. He gives the Prince a smile and a raise of his glass, "Prince Grayson." he says with warm familiarity and then he pauses as he glances to the table. He shifts in his seat and then he eyes the boar as it comes out, "Oh this...this looks delicious."

Titania had to leave for a bit to handle something but now, well she is back and moveing to find a seat again she blinks spotting new people and oh look Luca she shakes her head a bit but she sits back down, "I do apologize all is handled." she smiles to see what is being served! She spots Carita and smiles, "Lady Carita, it has been a while so good to see you." she smiles.

Duarte raises his glass to Luca as well. "Prince Velenosa." He smiles.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice arrives, delivering a message to Vanora before departing.

Derovai continues chewing on the roll, giving Vanora a quick, vaguely tense look, but not responding to her words -- before he moves to find the rest of the food, muttering, "Sorry, all done," to Valdemar as he strides past, moving to take a plate of the boar when it's handed to him. If Luca is being theatrical, then so will he be, and he pulls an aggrieved sigh at the Prince's entrance. "Were you invited?" he calls over to the duelist, not serious for a second.

Listening to Vanora speak, Ingrid watches as her sister-in-law go from tense to her charming self all in a matter of seconds. She doesn't need to look at the other guests to gauge their reaction. Whatever it is seems to be over and the main course has just arrived. With the appearance of yet another new face, Ingrid turns her gaze to Luca, already knowing the man's station by the reaction he gets alone. "Welcome, Your Highness. You've come just in time too." What with this delicious pork being presented to them now.

"Yes. I felt a great tension in the air. I knew at once that Master Voss must be present in a near room, and that I would be needed.", Luca says, with a laugh. He grins at Vanora, before his dark gaze is cast over to Valdemar, "Just in time is earlier than I usually like to arrive, but who could resist the smell of this food? Not I. I think I /will/ have a seat.", and he winks to the man before he's slipping around the table to find the very seat that Mirari had patted next to herself. "Come here often?", he asks, a little more quietly, a smile fixing on his face for a moment. But then his title and his last name are being made to hold hands, so he glances over to Edward, "Baron Stormbreak! Imagine my surprise. How are you?". One can't forget about Titania however, so easy to notice. The Fox-Prince leans forward a little bit to blow her a kiss, wordless, wearing his cheekiest expression for it. He looks almost.. almost.. ready to see to this food, when Duarte greets him. There must be a glass somewhere. He takes Mirari's, lifting it in Duarte's direction, "I do like the old titles." He brings the glass to his lips, and it just almost makes it there.. almost /again/, and now he looks a little nervous that he might not at all get to eat or drink, when Derovai speaks to him. "Oh no, I just wandered in." He laughs, then he cuts his gaze to Ingrid, and quickly finishes off Mistress Corsetina's wine before he can get drawn into another greeting.

With the conversation he was sharing fading due to the tension, Fairen falls mostly silent, listening to everyone speaks and looking around the room with interest. Which seems to be how he remains, silently watching and eating the meal he has been presented with. Then he glances towards Luca, inclining his head politely at the man.

"Countess Titania," Carita says, her warmth fairly radiating out of the woman as she glances up from the table's quiet conversation. "Do come sit with me, won't you? Tell me how you've been?" She smooths her skirts out and makes room, should that be necessary, but then stills, "Unless you're already seated elsewhere?"

All smiles again, Vanora laughs at Luca. "This is why you are a hero. Saving the lovely and defenseless." Her smile is almost flirtatious, but humorously so. "Do have a seat and do enjoy, we're alternating Lycene and Islander dishes, but I cleverly arranged it so that dessert would be from our people. It's next." Green eyes brighten, and she leans over to murmur something in her husband's ear.

Titania looks to Luca shaking her head, "Prince Luca as always good oto see you." she smiles then moves to sit with Carita, "Nothing that can not be fixed my dear friend." she smiles to the other woman, "I am well, you should come to the Manor some time and meet my son."

Mirari is about to speak up about her glass being taken, but before she can manage it, the glass is filled again and so is Luca's. She picks at her dish, sampling a few bites of it before she pushes the plate away.

Valdemar nods his head in Derovai's direction when the man speaks to him, then finally cuts into the roast boar on his plate. "Yes, your Highness, the cooks have done a wonderful job tonight," he remarks in response to Luca between bites, before he leans toward Vanora so that he can listen to what she has to say. His own response is brief, followed a by a kiss pressed to her cheek before he relaxes in his chair again and resumes eating.

Not forgetting the conversation which she had with Fairen and now that things have settled down, Ingrid looks to the Marquis Leary, "I would love to be in attendance if you ever do hold such lessons, My Lord. While I do a lot of reading myself, sometimes listening to people open up about their own experiences helps with spreading the knowledge around." The guests all seem to be in better spirits, for the most part.

Ingvar has largely been focused on eating the food before him, an occasional grunt offered as he listens to the conversations at hand, head shifting from noble to noble as they converse, gossip, and otherwise.

Derovai notes to Luca, "Would you believe I did too? I mean, technically speaking." Having gotten himself a plate of boar, he settles to eat, gesturing with his fork to Mirari's plate, in a way that isn't the classiest out there. "You don't like boar? You have one next to you. Slightly different spelling. But I'm not sure if it's b-o-o-r or b-o-r-e." He grins readily at Mirari and Luca. "By the way, I got a second dagger of yours, Mistress Corsetina. All thanks to the Archlector of Gild."

Well the Prince gets a nod and a smile, "Surprise? You should never be surprised to see me attending something involving House Grimhall." he smiles widely, "But I am doing well thank you. It is good to see you as well." he lifts his glass to the man and then he shifts his attention as the Prince does as well, looking around the table before digging back into the food.

The conversation with Ingrid begins anew, and Fairen casts a soft smile towards her, inclining his head in agreement. "I would love for your attendance, my Lady. I think the most exciting part about hosting such lectures would be the gathering of minds interested in such the Nox'alfar and Elven Histories." Then he pauses for a moment. "Besides, what better way to put my expertise as an educator to use?"

Mirari smiles politely at Derovai, leaning in to speak quietly to him. "I do like it, but there is an awful lot of food being served and I'm not a heavy eater." She pauses and then adds. "Thank you so much for your concern Mister Voss." She glances towards Luca and then leans in, kissing him gently on the cheek. "Don't listen to him Luca, he's just jealous." She picks something off of Luca's plate before she shifts her eyes towards Derovai. "Oh, I didn't know that the Archlector of Gild frequented my shop, that's good to hear. I imagine they have plenty of silver to spend."

"Oh that reminds me Mirari, you know what I think I would like to commission next after...all my other commissions? One of those sets of hairpins that can stab people. I've never been instructed in weapons, but the essentials seem simple. Aim the sharp part for an artery, right?" Vanora's green eyes drift towards Derovai, but her mood actually seems bright again.

"A hero? Perhaps. A hungry hero, assuredly. All of that seeing to the fate of the human race and such. I could eat a whole boar.", Luca assures Vanora, with a quiet laugh, before gesturing to the roast beast, "And you knew just what I wanted! I could expect no less from Grimhall.", but the prospect of dessert does seem to light a certain sort of fire in the Lycene, especially a native dessert, and his look alone is enough to betray his feelings on the matter. He finds a fork. He finds some boar. He does what hungry men do best, but after a swallowed bite, he looks to Valdemar, "You are right. Better than wonderful.", before he's searching out the next person talking to him. That's Derovai, "She loves the boar. She is just used to getting the whole pig.", he responds with, a smirk pressing thin the fullness of his lips for a moment. He leans into Mirari and presses a kiss to her cheek as well, but he lingers long enough to murmur something also.

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Thralls circulate once more, clearing the roast boar away and bringing out small dessert plates made from beautifully fused seaglass. Upon each one is a slice of Lycene lemon cake, light and frothy with whipped cream and citrus.

Derovai shakes his head. "It was that gift exchange," he replies easily. "I got the dagger from it. And all that for donating some of Dame Thena's 'Hangover Helper,' or so it was called. I don't think it was a particularly fair exchange. In fact, I even had a flash of guilt. Can you imagine me being capable of that?" He makes a mock shocked face, and then looks up towards Vanora. "I think stabbing people at your wedding is probably a breach of protocol. Be it with hairpins or with pork swords." His gaze flicks back to Luca for the briefest moment, before he turns back to the meal at hand.

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"Oh, is it? Thank you for educating me on etiquette, Master Voss. I'd have made such a fool of myself otherwise!" Vanora's hand goes to her highly-exposed throat in feigned drama. "Mistress Corsetina is talented but she rarely completes a brand new commission during the dessert course. One has to ask her after the soup, otherwise there's just not enough time."

Mirari shits her gaze towards Vanora, and a playful smile curves her lips. "I can certainly make you a pretty pair of hairpins and I can teach you how to use them too." She winks at the bride and then glances towards Derovai again. "In the Lyceum, sometimes we poison people at weddings, just to send a message. Perhaps you should be careful." She says, gesturing to his plate. Whatever Luca leans in to say makes her laugh softly, and she turns to respond before she gestures towards the Prince's glass.

"I do agree." Ingrid speaks somewhat vividly to Fairen now that this educational conversation has gotten back on track. "Perhaps I had missed it in all of this conversation, but you are an educator then? As someone who is always learning, I'm always seeking out new teachers and instuctors for a variety of things." A flicker of her azure eyes catch some of the light banter going on around her, but then things seem to get lighter with the arrival of dessert. Gracefully slicing at it with her fork, she comments to Vanora once she has had a taste of the treat, "This really is lovely, Sister. We should have this served more often at our family functions."

Derovai smiles at Mirari. "A Mazetti already tried to send that same message, but I'm afraid it sailed wide and clear of my ken," he responds easily, before polishing off the rest of that boar. "Ah, and here's dessert." He looks up towards the servers, before another polite smile is sent Vanora's way. "As I told -- where is he now? There he is -- Marquis Leary a long time ago, may the words 'Derovai Voss taught you a lesson in etiquette' never be spoken again. I think you may be tempting fate."

"You must have missed the earlier talk of finding people to duel to the death for us. There were complaints from some of the Lycenes about not having any casualties at a wedding feast," Valdemar remarks in response to Derovai's talk of etiquette as dessert is delivered to the table. He nods in agreement with Luca, though, concerning the job that their cooks have done, just before taking his first taste of the lemon cake.

"Mind the pork sword reference, 'Vai. You may very well summon Galen Thrax. You know he cannot resist that joke.", Luca points out to Derovai, with the most vague thickening of his Lenosian accent. When the lemon cake is placed down on the table, the southerner turns all business, and that business is conquering cake. Which he does, first with a few bites, before pausing to clarify, "Oh, we very rarely ever poison anyone, anymore. The threat of being poisoned is bad enough. Better to let them writhe under the possibility and look nervous. Actual poisoning is.. less thrilling than most think. Easier to clean up, however." and he clears his throat before finishing his cake, while saying in-between bites, "I am going to have to get another piece of this!"

"That's true." Vanora cuts a bit of cake with the side of her fork and takes a tiny bite. After following it with a generous sip of wine she adds, "House Grimhall specifically forbade me from poisoning the wine at this event for reasons of honor and Islander tradition that still don't really make sense to me. However they did not give any such instructions about the cake. It's possible it was considered implied." She glances briefly at Duke Harald. "Except in the Lyceum one really has to be very specific about that kind of thing, and that /is/ where I'm from."

Dessert arrives, and Fairen accepts it thankfully, inclining his head towards the servant that delivers it. Lifting his fork, he takes a few delicate nibbles of the cake, carefully eating the meal. "Mm, yes." He says, looking back towards Ingrid with a nod of his head. "I am an expert in education, investigation, superstition and theology. Soon I hope to become an expert in language arts as well." Then Derovai is speaking about him and he looks back at the man, wrinkling his nose up at him. "I'm quite certain pork swords fall more along the lines of a lesson in dueling."

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Derovai shoots back to Fairen, "Maybe your type of dueling, but not mine, I assure you, Marquis. Thank you for the offer, though. I'm flattered, if unwilling. And Your Highness," he ads to Luca, "so long as it's him and not that wife of his, he's perfectly welcome." A cool smile follows that. He picks up his cake, sliding away from the table where he's seated himself, moving to lean against the wall instead. "I'm an expert in absolutely nothing," he volunteers. "Except perhaps souring people's moods. It's a good thing this cake is lemon, then."

"What are you doing tomorrow evening, Vanora?" Mirari asks, smiling towards her in between bites of cake. "If you're not doing anything you should bring your husband to tea." She is distracted and aims a narrow-eyed gaze at Luca at something he says, laughing softly.

"It's not poisoned." Vanora glances up at Derovai, amused. "I didn't know ahead of time that you'd infuriate me at my wedding and so am unprepared. That and the Grimhalls don't even keep poison in the house." She states with distaste so obvious it might be feigned. "Oh, we are. I'd already planned on it." Then to Valdemar she states. "We're going to tea with the Velenosa tomorrow afternoon. The Archduchess insists. And apologizes for not being here tonight. Something about Prince Talen and a vase?" Her shoulder lifts in a shrug.

The idea of poisoned cake doesn't stop Ingrid from taking another taste of hers. Or this disucssion on poison in general. As she politely stabs at a piece of lemony goodness, she considers Fairen's words, "All of those very interesting topics. If you do have an opening for new students, please let me know. Though I am at a point where I am deciding what I should further educate myself on next. It does feel as if there are far too many things that I wish to absorb." She then looks to the rest of the guests, not being an overly sociable creature, she does hope that everyone is having a wonderful enough time within the Grim Hall this evening.

"Believe me, Master Voss, that most certainly wasn't an invitation. Typically my dueling partner possesses a different sort of weapon." Fairen observes easily back towards the man, only slightly red-faced with his gaze locked down on the lemon cake. Thankfully Ingrid saves him, and he smiles towards her. "I won't have an opening for a little while, but I can put you into my books, if you would like. Do you have a subject you wish to have me list you for? Compensation is covered by the Scholars, so the only thing I would really ask is that you spread word of your experience learning from me."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edward before departing.

Like a typical intruder, Edward's shadow comes over to hand him a letter. The Baron looks at her and then takes a moment to read it before he nods and he shifts, moving to stand up, "Well." more said to himself. He finishes his rum and then he looks to the head of the table, "Lady Vanora, Lord Valdemar - the feast was wonderful thank you." he rises from his seat then and steps from the table.

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Valdemar's piece of cake does not last long at all, and so by the time Mirari and his wife are speaking of tea, he is taking another drink of mead. "We are? I've never been to tea before. Probably because I don't drink tea. Is that all they serve?" he asks in response when his wife informs him of "their" plans the following day. He does not seem concerned, though, leaning back in his seat just a little as he looks around at their guests. When Edward approaches, the Grimhall heir inclines his head and replies, "Lord Edward, thank you for making it. It was good to have you here again."

Derovai smiles a bit sharply at Fairen, before he sets back to work on his cake. His gaze finds someone in the crowd, and his brows raise, but he says nothing to whomever it is. "I didn't mean to infuriate you, Lady Grimhall." It's surprisingly serious, not a trace of sarcasm about it. "Please accept my apologies."

"So is this a traditional Grimhall wedding celebration? I confess, I have never been to one. This is my first. I am sure I missed a few things, though. Unless these festivities start with a meal.", Luca asks, speaking up from his cake. His second piece of cake. But he didn't get a second piece of cake, which must mean.. Mirari's.. is disappearing..! "Farewell, Edward!", he calls over to the departing man.

Mirari watches Luca try to sneak her cake away, shaking her head as she reaches down beneath the table to grab a bottle of rum, which she takes a drink from. "What is the last wedding you attended, Luca?" She asks, grinning in his direction. "You're going to have to get me some cake to take home now, you realize that right?"

Ingrid nods quickly to Fairen's words, though when asked of which subject she had in mind, there is only a brief hesitation, before she states, "I have yet to think on that, but I will be certain to let you know. And I would appreciate if you penciled me in for some time in the future. There is no rush, from what I've experienced, finding a good teacher can be difficult in Arx. So many people wishing for more knowledge. It's very refreshing... even if it does make things a tad difficult." Seeing Edward rise, the young lady graces the young man with a smile, "Thank you for sharing this evening with us, My Lord. I'm certain that we'll see more of each other soon at some point. I truly should become more acquainted new faces, especially those from the Isles."

"I believe I will be taking my leave as well." Duarte says. He dabs his mouth with a napkin which he then rests near his plate. "Thank you for a marvelous dinner, and congratulations again on your nuptials." Duarte raises his glass to the newly weds and is sure to finish the contentst.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, a Valardin champion arrive, following Katarina.

Edward smiles to Ingrid as he nods to her, "Of course my Lady, I will see you soon." and to Valdemar, "And you as well my Lord. Good evening." said to everyone and then he finally moves to slip out.

Edward has left the Grimhall's heirloom feasting table with sophisticated engravings in sturdy wood.

Sombra, 1 Navegant Marines leave, following Edward.

"Thank you so much for joining us, Baron Stormbreak. Your company is a pleasure as always." Vanora responds to Edward warmly. "We must visit again soon in less of a crowd." She beams at her husband. "No. Tea is typically served with finger foods, mostly sweet but sometimes savory. Very rarely spicy, even in the Lyceum. No one is ever poisoned at tea, its considered incredibly gauche." Her tone suggests lying. "No it isn't Highness, not quite. It's sort of a merging of Lycene and Isles traditions. Grimhall and Pravus traditions, specifically. It's also a little bit quieter than most for...various reasons. Also Duchess Belladonna was feeling unwell, and so we're not quite as balanced as we might have been. Still, it is the finest wedding feast I have ever been to, because I am very happily wed." Her eyes flicker to Derovai and she dips her head in acknowledgement. "I would. You know that." She smiles at Duarte as well, "Thank you for coming, Count Amadeo, and thank you for your friendship and good wishes. "Thank you everyone, truly. It's been a delightful evening, everything I could have hoped for."

Carita's eyes go halflidded with pleasure at the sight of the lemon cake, if there is /anything/ else going on it would take a good deal to pull her away from it now. The first bite fully closes her eyes, thick lashes shadowing her cheeks as she chews, a smile slowly curling. A deep inhale is let out as her eyes reopen and she takes in her surroundings again, a little more slyly. She clears her throat and smooths her skirts out before turning to speak quietly with Edward.

Turo has been here the whole time and don't let anyone say otherwise. He's just been... around. And though he's lacking cake, he has a glass of wine in his hand. Loitering near the periphery of the party, Turo finally makes his way over to the happy couple and offers his polite - even warm - smile, rumbling, "Congratulations, my lord and lady. To you both." But he's not going to monopolise the couple, and moves out of the way so others can get their facetime in.

Wrinkling his nose up at Derovai, Fairen grins and then looks back over at Ingrid, listening as she provides him with her request. "Well, then I will be sure to write you down with a blank subject line, and put you on my next available slot." He comments, nodding his head towards her. Then Edward is leaving and he gives the Baron a soft, farewell wave. "I look forward to meeting with you, my Lady." He says, looking back at Ingrid.

Katarina has not, sadly, been here the whole time. She slips in with little fanfare, dressed effortlessly in dark leathers. Golden eyes take ther time in taking stock of the crowd at large, casually taking note of many familiar faces that still remain. Swiping a glass and bottle of wine from a nearby table, the Valardin is quiet in her approach of the Lady & Lord of the hour to deliver a hushed salutations.

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