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Claw of Arx Enfeoffment Ceremony

Wherein Victus finally cashes in his Grand Tournament royal boon, and we possibly mark the starting point of Alarissa facepalming forever.


April 12, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Alaric Victus


Ian Jaenelle Madeleine Jasher Zoey Katarina Lisebet Lucita Sorrel Signe Agatha Barric(RIP) Felicia Jordan(RIP) Terese Aethan Sparte Alarissa Elgana



Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Palace - Throne Room

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Comments and Log


So, we are granting status to pets now? Untrained and violent ones as well. That is quite interesting, and I am sure rather despiriting to those souls who spent years of toil and training to attain that status, rather than survive a shipwreck out of necessity, being too violent and stubborn to be saved.

Also of note is the fact that in order to be able to lodge complaint or differing opinion, one must be able to best a High Lord in personal combat, during a tournament with some of the fiercest warriors in the Compact. Sorry to all of those whose skills lie elsewhere. Apparently because we cannot wield a weapon our voices do not matter.

Alaric has joined the a magnificent high back chair adorned with the hand-carved sigil of House Grayson.

Lisebet comes in, hopefully on time, and she offers a general and polite curtsey. Then she takes a look around to see who is where, and what is going on.

"No one? Intriguing," Elgana comments with a chuckle but then her gaze shifts to where Agatha's gaze has gone. Elgana simply stares at the cat for a moment, maybe trying to work out catlike features or just to gaze in awe at the cat she has heard some whispers about. "So it would seem," she finally agrees with that same bright smile in play. There of course are curtsies given where appropriate, but Elgana stays in orbit around Agatha for the most part.

Terese arrives, following Barric.

1 Saik Guard, Micana arrive, following Lucita.

6 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Jaenelle.

3 Armed Confessors, Confessor Dunn, 1 Grayson Guardsmen, Confessor Wick arrive, following Gareth.

Felicia gives a slight shrug of her shoulders to Elgana and Agatha with that wry smile, voice low as she enquires of the pair,"So what are you guys taking bets on, anyways?"

Madeleine is a shoeless Archlector. This means she is happy. The pleasantly plump woman has no idea what's going on but looks joyful to witness it.

Agatha does remember how to box and such, but she's still sort of wildly bemused by the whole thing. "Well, I mean, the outcome of the boon. And how many people will have cat injuries... I think the Princess-Consort was saying she'd place bets on if the, um, fine guest of honor was going to get the King."

Katarina aims a friendly smile at Ian before she moves to stand closer to Alarissa. She glances in Felicia's direction and the Dame's words make her laugh softly. So many people to greet, she simply starts to smile in various directions, nodding to those that she is familiar with.

Barric arrives on slightly late, or perhaps just on time, depending on how one views arriving to public events. Terese on one arm and the pair are chatting quietly with Jaenelle until they arrive at which point Barric nods his head politely to Jaenelle with a smile and then murmurs something softly to Terese as he moves to find a good place to watch the coming ceremony. A smile and a nod is given to Alarissa on the way before he offers a bow to the throne, and the King of course, in respectful fashion before he finds a good place for the pair to linger.

Heralds step up into place as Palace stewards escort Victus to the front of the large empty area in front of the throne. A short, precise fanfare from some of the heralds with horns cuts down the general hubbub of the throne room, and into the resulting silence a formal list of Victus's titles and accomplishments is read aloud. Once it is done, the King leans forward in his seat high up on the Elfbone Throne and raises his hand in a beckoning gesture. "The Crown recognizes High Lord Victus Thrax, victor at the 1007 Tournament of Roses," Alaric proclaimes in a loud, clear voice. "Approach the dais and state your petition, your Grace."

Alarissa's moving away from Victus and Lilybelle when Alaric's taking his seat so that she can take her own seat, rolling her eyes a little. "Yes, I know. You'll just have to win again." She agree's. "Hang them both in the library." Alarissa dips her head to Barric before taking up her seat.

Jaenelle and her baby army of guards arrive as promised, right beside Barric and Terese. She moves off towards a chair to watch the going ons as Alaric has already begun to speak when they've entered just on time. They are good.

Lisebet inclines her head politely to those she recognizes, if she should catch their eyes, but for now she is very circumspect and quiet, not meaning to interrupt the ongoing - court. So, a quiet out of the way spot from which to observe and the Farshaw Lady, though raven haired, is golden.

Madeleine wiggles her fingers over at the Princess-Consort and a few familiar faces. Happily padding her way across the cool tiles, she moved to a seat near the fore as befits an Archlector- even one such as Madeleine.

Terese moves gracefully at Barric's side as the trio slips in just in time for things to begin. The soft chatter quiets as her gaze shifts from him, a smile given to Jaenelle along with a dip of her head towards the woman before she offers her own dip in turn with Barric before they slip off to the side.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, 3 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Zoey.

Jordan makes a quiet entrance, subdued, but polite. He bows towards the throne, then strides on over to the side.

Felicia ahhs softly at Agatha, bobbing her head briefly,"I'm sure if it comes to it, one of the guard will loan his Majesty a suitable gauntlet for cat handling." she opines in that low tone, her attention remaining on the dais with an amused grin.

Sparte watches on from well out of the way, clearly curious about the proceedings. Judging from how careful he is to keep his hands tucked to his belt and his mouth shut it is clearly he is just happy to be here to observe, and trying hard to not accidentally lose that privledge.

Victus straightens up the collar of his armored top and leers down to pluck Lilybelle up, his large mitts wrapping around her side as he does so. Lilybelle gives the usual reaction to this, which was to sink her claws deep into the High Lord's hands. Luckily, today he remembered to wear gloves, so her claws could only dig grooves into the material. He walks to the center of the room, center stage if you would.

"Your majesty. People of the Compact. Look at this fuckin' cat." He hoists the patchy furred, ratty looking feline up above his head for all to see. Lilybelle hisses at the gathered crowd. "Cats are honored creatures across the Mourning Isles. Often protecting food stores from rats and driving away the pesky 'gulls that would a rodent's poison upon sailors. This is Lilybelle, a cat who has not only taken on this duty as her race's charge, but has performed so with such impunity that her deeds have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Never has the Thrax ward in this city been safer from infestation and dare I say, all of Arx's evil scampering scampers that would do the same to all of us." He lowers the cat now, holding it close to his chest. "During the great battle as Setarco, this same cat refused to abandon her charge as it literally EXPLODED around her. You can all plainly see the scars she carried. But not only did she live to tell the tell, she remains in good enough health to return to active duty as a culler of disease. Brutal, yet efficient. I would petition His Majesty to honor her service to all Arvum with a title that befits such accomplishments."

Zoey enters quietly, velvet brown eyes scanning the room until she finds Ian. She makes her way to his side and touches the man's elbow.

Lucita steps into the area and gives a curtsy then finds a place to be out of the way and listen.

Agatha gets /mostly/ quiet as the formalities begin. There may be a couple of little whispers with Elgana. And a glance at one of the many princes in the room as terms on their persona wager our set. She sticks her hand out to her sister to shake. The speech begins and slowly, but surely, a big old 'uh-oh- face begins to dawn across her features.

Alarissa looks to Madeleine with a smile and then winds her arm through that of the Archlector to murmur to the woman while watching Victus.

The King listens to the petition with possibly remarkable gravitas considering the subject. "According to our tradition, Prince Victus has earned a royal boon for his valiant performance at the last Grand Tournament of Roses," Alaric proclaims. "He has elected to use it to request a special recognition for his cat, Lilybelle. After some consultation with legal scholars, I am pleased to announce that the Crown shall be investing Lilybelle the cat with the title of Claw of Arx, complete with a royal charter authorizing the use of force against wild rodents and a small stipend for living expenses."

The King pauses as a lightly amused smile plays across his lips. "Now, some might claim that so recognizing this cat is a mockery of our traditions. On the contrary, I consider it a celebration of them," Alaric declares confidently. "A knight is the standard of loyalty by which all others are measured, an example to which all can look up to, and an achievement equally in the reach of the lowest to the highest born. It is action and commitment to an oath that defines a knight and nothing else. Can a pet not exhibit loyalty, bravery, and tenacity worthy of respect as well? Should we overlook someone who bears the scars of battle and soldiers on just because they are a cat?" he asks with a gesture towards the cat in question. "In surviving the wreck of the Red Serpent and returning to Arx, Lilybelle has shown a refusal to succumb in the face of enemy aggression that anyone can appreciate. All creatures are the children of the gods of the Pantheon, and in their own way can embody the Pantheonic virtues. The inspiration that drives the best of our actions can come from unexpected sources. We should not be so close-minded to never challenge our perceptions." Did he get a Mirrormask to help him write this?

"But to any of you who are still not convinced, all I have left to say is that in the spirit of honoring action and commitment perhaps -you- ought to work harder to defeat Prince Victus in the tournament melee next time, and then you can select what is to be done with the royal boon in a manner more in accordance with your sensibilities," Alaric concludes, leaning forward in his seat and threading his fingers together serenely.

"Prince Victus, your petition is heard and approved. By the noble traditions of the royal boon, the Crown agree we shall invest Lilybelle the cat as the Claw of Arx, with all the proscripted benefits and responsibilities therein. May she serve with distinction, just as you have fought in the Grand Melee with distinction. So let it be." With that, the King smiles and by royal decree, apparently that is that. Courtiers start applauding politely, if a little skeptically in some quarters. Meanwhile, a steward gives Victus a nice little badge with the Crown's symbol on it, apparently to attach to his cat's ribbon.

Ian nods to Zoey when she finds where he's standing off to the side with Aethan and Sorrel, and nods to her. There's a hint of dark amusement playing around his mouth.

Sorrel looks upon the cat with a certain amount of fondness, folding her hands neatly against her body. She stands with the Kennex boys, observing with interest, and she winks at Zoey when the young woman appears.

Aethan nods to Zoey when she comes close to Ian on his other side, murmuring a greeting before he turns back to the proceedings. He's still stoic when Victus starts to speak, listening very attentively, though as it goes on, his eyebrows raise. However, he actually looks...amused, and a little huff of laughter escapes him as he nods after the King makes his reply to the petition. He is, apparently, not skeptical of it at all.

Madeleine covers her mouth with her hand as Victus hoists his cat up and proclaims her bravery. She's trying not to giggle. Solemn Archlector face. She's terrible at it. She starts to applaud as the cat is given her title.

Elgana gives nods at Agatha's words to Felicia as a grin breaks out on her features, but then she quiets down as the talk begins. And as it goes on that smile of Elgana's just gets brighter and brighter as she gives a little look to her big sister. Elgana doesn't look smug so much as well, delighted about something, clapping politely.

Katarina tries not to laugh, but she can't help it, a small giggle escapes. She claps along with the courtiers, clearly pleased with the interplay between the King and Victus. She lets out a soft sigh and settles in her chair more, and as her applause ends, she rests her hands on her lap.

Lisebet also regards the heroic cat with some amusement, and listens to the words spoken with perhaps a bit more. She tilts her head slightly, a gentle smile showing on her face, warmth in her light blue eyes. Though she doesn't laugh out loud, it is not for lack of amusement, but rather through proper decorum given the location. A glance to those nearby to see if they are also amused is followed by a nod of her head. She might even be right by where Lucita has ended up, both in the same out of the way location.

Zoey joins in the polite applause, amusement lurking in her eyes. She winks back at Sorrel and shakes her head.

Barric is one of the many who is unable to contain their amusement at Victus' request and he smiles wryly but mostly at Alarissa. Then when the pronouncement is made he claps along with the courtiers, murmuring something to Terese while clapping with the rest of the court, or at least those who also applaud.

Alarissa's not laughing. There's just a soft sigh and then clapping politely. Glof claps.

Deliverance, an albino falcon, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound arrive, following Reese.

Jaenelle looks at the cat with a tilt of her head. "Does she get a monocle?" All the cool animals have them, and clearly this animal is the coolest.

Felicia doesn't even pretend not to snort with amusement, not that it stops her from clapping along with the rest, shaking her head to herself with open amusement.

"I can't help but be inspired towards wanting a kitten now," Sorrel quietly remarks to those standing around her, applauding lightly.

Victus appears full of pride as the King gives his statement, his eyes closed and nodding along. Utter satisfaction. Total conviction in what has transpired today. Truly, he is a proud man, proud of his charge and his pet. As the badge is brought forth, Victus takes it and lowers it to pin against the cat's ribbon. Just as he does so, Lilybelle's maw opens wide and bites down on his wrist, finding that special space between his armor that lets her teeth sink in. The Thrax cringes in pain. "You little shit, you're ruining your own moment!" He barks at the disobedient cat, waving his arm up and down to try and shake her grip loose. No good. Eventually he's forced to drop the badge himself and only then does the cat relent, dropping to her paws. She picks up the badge in her jaws now freshly stained with some High Lord blood and begins to march proudly back through the Palace, leaving Victus all by his lonesome in the center of the room.

Lucita manages to restrain her amusement to a discrete grin, her gaze resting on the feline for a long moment. She glances over to Lisebet beside her and gives a little wink but stays respectfully quiet, listening.

Agatha claps a whole couple of times, but oh, the bear is forlorn. SO forlorn. Don't mind her. She's turning her head and burying it against her sister's shoulder. After a whole body sigh, she grumps. "At least she's feisty as all get out. There's that."

"That was very nearly loyal of her, Victus," Alaric offers helpfully from up on the throne after a beat.

Madeleine pats Alarissa's hand in a motherly way as she consoles the Princess Consort. She's not laughing now, but her eyes still twinkle with amusement.

"I have seen Victus eat a plate of small song birds before" Jaenelle tells the person beside her. "I can see where poor Lillybelle gets her table manners from. Her father."

Katarina glances at Alarissa, watching the slow claps with some amusement. Turning back towards the High Lord of Thrax she watches the cat maul him. Laughing, she leans her elbow against the arm of her chair, covering her eyes with a hand. If they can't see you laughing, then maybe you're not.

Alaric is a great guy, rushing into fill potentially awkward silences like that.

Elgana gives Agatha a little pat as she chuckles, the amusement still so high. "It is but a day, sister. Though, I will need some time to tame your hair the day before, so there is that. Think of it as sisterly bonding."

"At least we know if she can defeat the Tournament champion so easily, then the vermin of the city has no hope at all." Barric says to Terese with amusement sparkling in his eyes and unable to hide all of his smile at the display. He watches the cat take her badge and go, shaking his head again but still smiling.

Terese lets her gaze shift from Victus to Lilybelle and back again as she notes the gloves and the hiss that heralds the cat's vicious might towards the crowd at large. A smile tugs at the corners of her lips for the request and the granting of it with a soft clear of her throat lost beneath the din as she both absorbs the decree and reasoning behind it that might almost be a lilting chuckle. Her head tilts to the side for the quiet words of Barric even as she hands rise in a quiet applause that stilts as the it becomes a struggle between Victus and the Claw of Arx to the death.. over a patch. "None what so ever, I almost feel a little bad for the little vermin of the city for the end they shall meet.. almost." Her gaze flicks back to Barric then.

Felicia wisely elects to step out of the way of the departing Claw of Arx, mostly to insure she doesn't become a casualty of the clawening on the way out, even more entertained. There's a look towards Elgana and Agatha with an enquiring loft of her brow, though,"What did she lose?" she asks of Elgana with a grin.

Jasher chuckles in the background and applauds for the -- clawification of the cat, before departing.

Sparte looks a little worried for some reason. Shifting a hand on his belt he checks a pouch as though worried something might be there, then gives a furtive glance around at the foot of the peope nearby.

Victus does not seem wholly keen to comment on... song bird devouring. He's holding his wrist now with the two puncture wounds clearly visible. One more scar to add to the pile and all that. Lilybelle for once seemed content, strutting about with her prize and leaving her caretaker in the dust. He does come alongside Alaric though to nudge the man. "... Thank you, your majesty." It looks as if he may even smile for a moment. But it's clearly just a trick of the light. He moves to join his wife's side as Lilybelle does her celebration.

"Agatha bet on something less fun happening than that," Elgana says to Felicia with that bright smile still in play. "And since she lost, she gets to wear a dress for a full day and have her hair styled to match. I think she'll look lovely as the dawn when I am done." A glance to Agatha. "I'm certain she's going to be dreading the dawn that day, though."

Agatha crosses her arms across her chest and glowers at Elgana. "One day does NOT include the day before. You work with the time you have and that's it. I will give Felicia my bearhelm to keep safe so I will not be tempted to put it on and hide from all of you." Agatha sucks in a breath and then says, "I have to wear a fancy dress for a day. And have my hair done. Like, properly." Oh, that darn cat! She casts a baleful look at glorious Claw. See? What Elgana aaid.

Lisebet glances over towards Lucita, catching sight of the wink. "I believe," she says softly, "I have never seen anything quite like this. Arx is truly a wonderful city." There's good nature and good humour in her voice.

Madeleine bows her head to the High Lord as he joins them. She pouts as she glances at the bloody wound, motherly instinct kicking in again. "I wish I had a bandage or something to offer. She bit you good, the little... champion."

Signe arrived a bit late to the ceremony. She weaved through the gathered bodies to take a peak at what's was occuring.

Alaric smiles regally upon descending from the throne. "You're quite welcome, your grace. Congratulations once again on your tournament performance," he replies affably to Victus. He casually gestures a steward to bring Victus some bandaging if he wants it, and to the others the signal to go around with trays of wine goblets is given as is de rigeur for these sorts of little ceremonies. Yay free drinks. With that, the ceremony seems to be over! Palace efficiency at its finest.

Lucita gives an amicable nod. "It is quite a city, always something going on, always something interesting to discover."

Ian watches the cat's exit with the muted interest of someone who doesn't see the point of pets, and then turns his intense gaze to the swirl of people finding friends, talking. He's offered, and takes, a glass of wine.

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