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Lady Silvana Fidante

Striving to constantly help another before yourself only leads to pain.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Self-serving Noble
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Fidante
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 23
Birthday: 7/28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Skintone: Dusky

Titles: Disciple of the Thirteenth

Description: Silvana cuts a figure of warm, dusky skin tone, with a alert dark eyes centered in her strong-boned face. Its planes and angles are subtly sharp, leaving her an angular beauty with elegant bone structure, though not classic. More classic is the hourglass of her figure, the line and curve of her body womanly, while slim limbs in proportion lend an impression of height to her stature to which she is clearly not entitled. Her hair falls to her back, a lighter brown that contrasts its hue to the deeper dark of her eyes.

Personality: Silvana is a kind person, until it puts her at risk. To her, no one is more important than herself. She believes all should look out for number 1: theirself. This doesn’t mean she is cold hearted or cruel. It just means she backs away from things she believes she will suffer worse consequences for helping someone than if she didn’t. She can actually be very sweet and affectionate with people. Those that interest her she is very flirty with and isn’t shy about indicating what she wants from them. Being tactful or subtle is more or less based on her whim and whether she believes the situation calls for it. Those who use rumors and listen to rumors as a way to ‘know’ people earn Silvana despise. She is not afraid to express her disdain for those who give truth to rumors without confirming the facts. This can make her seem pretty harsh and brash.

Background: Silvana is the youngest child of Vicente and Sandra Fidante, having been born not very long before her mother died by the light of her oil lamp. She doesn’t remember her mother, outside stories told to her by Fidantes, her father, and her older sister. Though she doesn’t remember Sandra it has caused Silvana to be a little more inward focused, due to her not wanting to die by a freak accident like that. Nor did she want to live like her father, cut off from most people. She might adore Vicente but she, really, does not want to end up so very serious like him. He is the, currently, most important man in her life, after all.

Growing up Silvana had a pretty typical life of a Fidante noblewoman. She was given the proper education and tutoring in her interest in alchemy. She, more or less, gained the skills needed for a noble of the Fidantes. Outside her education she socialized with other nobles and got to know them. She made friends with some and argued with some. There were those that didn’t believe she should be putting herself before pretty much everyone, especially as a noble. It was from those that didn’t like her that Silvana learned of the rumors and stories of her father as the ‘Rose of Cinders’. Some even mocked her about the rumors that her father might have killed her mother. Silvana was having one of these petty jabs at her via stories of her family. Rather than let it get her down it inspired her to shoot for the stars and work at making her family even more powerful than it already was.

Being of the Lyceum it was likely unsurprising that Silvana sought out the advice of the Mirrormasks. Initially it was to speak about ways to help her father and to stop the rumors of her family. It gradually grew into her understanding that being who she is, both sides of herself, important. It didn’t matter, regardless of those that thought ill of her, if people disapproved of some of her decisions and prioritizing herself. The more time she spent with Mirrormasks the more she was interested in getting involved with them.

Although she didn’t join the Mirrormasks until she arrived in Arx she spent time with the ones in the Lyceum. She decided to come to Arx after rumors of some issues some of her family members were having, including her father. Helping her family was one of the things that Silvana was interested in doing, at least as long as it didn’t hurt her goals and dreams. It was during her stay in Arx that Silvana got to know people. At one point she was considering returning to Tor but after getting to know more people she decided that staying around Arx and continuing to explore and get to know people was a lot more interesting. He desire to stay and enjoy Arx also made her decide to officially join the Mirrormasks over just being involved with everything she could with them.

Relationship Summary

  • Esme - The most favorite of coursins.
  • Calista - One of the few people I would consider putting before myself.

  • Parent:
  • Vicente - The most adored parent.
  • Sandra Malgentilega - The mother. I only have stories of her told to me by family and people who knew her.

  • Lyceum:
  • Alejandro - He is entertaining to talk too and works to develope the family.
  • Domonico - Someone entertaining to tease.
  • Gaspar - The intructor of manipulation and performance. Things get interesting during those lessons.
  • Martino - He's fun and good company. It is fun to push his buttons to see what he can take.

  • Northlands:
  • Emeric - A possible love interest. He's a party boy and one of the most fun people.

  • Enemy:
  • Saoirse - The princess is interest. Friends, we are not.

  • Sibling:
  • Florencia Fidante - My beloved sister. She's older than me. I adore her, for sure.

  • Ally:
  • Vayne - I sought him out on advice on how to help my PApa enjoy the company of people more. We got to talking about many things.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Mayir - He is a man from the lowers. We chat from time to time.
  • Name Summary
    Anisha Lady Silvana Fidante is the newest breath of air to join the Fidante in Arx. Vibrant and friendly, I look forward to delving deeper and study the unique configuration of petals that this rose holds.
    Apollo No shame whatsoever, and also the patience or restraint to wear deeply impractical things - whatever you think of fashion, the patience is definitely admirable.
    Caith A delicate wisp of a girl! Lovely and tiny, she seems to get on well with Prince Emeric. She's a Fidante! I told her that she should name her future daughter 'Fifi'. Fifi Fidante. I hope she takes me up on my suggestion!
    Calista A touch vain, but she is allowed to be for her beauty rivals any of the roses in Tor. She has tremendous potential to be a forced to be reckoned with and if there is something Calista knows how to do, it is hone that skill into something extraordinary. There is sweetness in her and she does care for her family. A true Fidante.
    Domonico She certainly does not lack in forwardness nor confidence.
    Esme I grew up with her and she is most lovely. She is like a sister from youth that I didn't have. Because I only had a brother who put frogs in my bed. I am excited for her to be in Arx. We shall sip tea and catch up.
    Mabelle A sweet young Fidante interested in fashion. Seems right up my alley.
    Madeleine The Lycene talk about clothing might have left me behind, but she was certainly able to show she knows more than a little something about tactics.
    Martino Oh a completely curious one, draws you across to sit beside and then smiles coy. Terrible, terrible influence! Distracted by the bar and, well in this here city, who could blame them?
    Vicente She's your youngest daughter, you adore her. While you try to remain serious around her and even emotionless, it's very challenging to do so.