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Vulpiano Rossetti

There's always a deal to be made. One should make sure, however, that the details prove advantageous.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Dealmaking Steward
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Rossetti
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 52
Birthday: 8/8
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: tall
Hair Color: white-blond
Eye Color: gray
Skintone: fair

Description: There are those deemed ageless, standing between youth and elder as fully mature individuals yet untouched by the ravages of time. Vulpiano is one such, the passing of time having done little to change the man's appearance save to ensure that there remain on his face nothing of the boy he once was, and only the man he's since become. Though of fair skin, his long hair is fairer yet, a lustrous white-blond all the more striking when caught by sunlight. Charismatic and commanding, with grey eyes wise and discerning, his experience of life speaks with every gesture, in his very bearing as he walks with his head held high, gaze ahead to face whatever may come.

Personality: Who Vulpiano is depends on who's asked, for not all have the same experience with the man. Most who encounter him in his capacity as a steward will describe a man courteous and professional, diligent in the pursuit of his duties. Some may complain, describing instead a man never satisfied or even of a heartless, cruel man who will not be moved when a course is set.

All would agree, however, that the word of Vulpiano can be trusted entirely. A rarity in the Lyceum who prides itself in casual deceptions. Yet Vulpiano will respect every deal made without fail, just as he will ensure the other end of the deal is respected, or unleash his wrath.

Yet dealmaker and steward do not suffice to describe Vulpiano. After all, he's become something of a common fixture in the House he's served for so many years and which has seen many upheavals in recent memory. They know him as a survivour doing what was required to ensure not only his own life might be preserved, but also the ones he's watched grow as so many roses.

Rarer still, however, are those that may catch glimpses of the man, his most secret thoughts and desires, the joys and sorrows the years have brought him, and the harsh lessons they've taught and that he remembers, even to this day. In the end, he is all of the things they see, and the many more that they don't.

Background: The Rossetti family has long served the Fidante and Vulpiano is no different. Exhibiting the qualities desired by the then Duchess Giancinta Fidante for her personal steward, he joined her service early on and remained by her side through the twists and turns of her reign, advising her, organizing the servants and the various projects she left in his care, as well as serving as her cupbearer. They were many duties, yet he saw to them with the same efficiency and attention to detail that would make his reputation and ensure a place of honour among the House servants. Yet darker days lied ahead, heralded by the death of the Duchess' first husband and the decision to remarry.

What then followed were some of the darkest days of Vulpiano's life, as the Duchess was killed and her new husband took over claiming the regency for himself. Vulpiano did not leave to join Leo in the Oathlands, though he never once believed the lies used to try and discredit Giancinta's trueborn son. He could not leave because to do so would mean leaving not only Giancinta's young daughter to the mercies of Lucien, but also waste an opportunity to fight Lucien from within his own household.

Thus he did, subtlety sabotaging Lucien's war efforts, though never at the cost of his own perceived efficiency. He knew the only reason why he yet lived and hadn't been set aside was due to his own skill and the belief that his grief for his duchess had blinded him to the truth. Yet it would not fool Lucien forever. As the war went on, information leaked and Vulpiano was arrested and thrown in the dungeons to await execution. That the war wasn't going well, as well as the influence of Vulpiano and his own family's influence among other commoners and their families, were the only reasons why he wasn't slain on the spot. It would prove to be life-saving, for Leo would eventually triumph over his stepfather and by the time they opened the dungeons, Vulpiano yet lived.

The experience had changed the man, however. Hardened him as it had hardened the other survivours of the war and its numerous tragedies. He would continue to serve Fidante under the rule of first Leo and then Calista, remaining in Tor while one after the other moved to Arx where they would rise and fall. He might have remained there till the day he died, were it not for the creation of House DiFidante from the ashes of House Volkov. Finding the new House may benefit more from his services than one already prosperous and established, he offered such to the Marquis and Marquessa and, upon their acceptance, finally made his way to Arx.

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