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Lady Rodica Corvini

They say you only live once, but the truth is that most people never really live at all.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Prodigal Privateer
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Corvini
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 7/9
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Privateer
Height: average height
Hair Color: deepest brown
Eye Color: jade green
Skintone: sun-kissed tan

Description: When someone says the phrase 'Lycene ladies', it normally conjures up images of lushly seductive women in scandalously cut silk gowns. Not so, for Rodica. No, she's all lean muscle from years spent climbing the rigging of ships and sun-kissed skin that probably burned far more times than she'd have liked before it finally learned to tan. Though her dark hair is most often bound back for practical purposes, she has a tendency to develop wispy strands that frame her heart-shaped face, probably as a result of her general inability to hold still for very long. As for the gowns? Well, they're not much good on deck, but they're a tolerable trade for her well-worn leathers when the occasion calls for it.

Personality: Adventure lies just over the horizon, for those who are willing to chase that ever-distant point. And Rodica is more than willing. A longing to live life to its fullest courses through her veins, propelling her perpetually forward. She's a woman rarely satisfied for long and well-intentioned warnings or talk of "being sensible" is unlikely to sway her once her heart is set on a chosen course. Fortunately, she's just clever enough to have kept herself out of too much trouble before. (Whose definition of "too much", however, may be a matter of some debate.)

Background: Rodica was born in the seaside city of Iasu where, even for those of the leading family, life was often hard and luxuries were far too few. That doesn't mean that it was without its pleasures, though. When she could find them, she chased them with abandon. And when she couldn't find them, well, she made them.

The truest and dearest of those pleasures has been, and always will be, the sea. Like most of the Corvini children, she learned to swim from an early age. In fact, her mother often swears she learned to swim before she learned to walk. A fanciful exaggeration, but it's one she's fond of all the same, and close enough to the truth of it. It was soon followed by fishing, diving, sailing. And if she spent more time sneaking out of the study and down to the docks than she did with her tutors, well, her family indulged her. After all, times were lean and no one ever expected that she would lead the life of a noble lady newly restored to the Compact. Better to see to the here and now, and there and then the House was in more need of supplies than of silver-tongued courtiers.

So at sixteen, she took fully to life on the water. And she was good at it. Quite good at it. She worked the deck, earning her way slowly up the chain of command. She steered ships through deadly storms and sailed goods into ports all along a treacherous and rocky coast. She defended their harbor when it was called and, quite frankly, sometimes even when it wasn't -- and was simply an excuse to, ahhh, commandeer the cargo of another vessel that posed a threat. (After all, someone had to provide for the city.) And if she made a few connections along the way with Compact captains looking for a place to off-load their wares or a friendly dockmaster who'd look the other when it came to the colors flying from the mast or the details of their ship's manifest, well, what of it?

But now the Corvini *have* returned to the Compact. It puts their small fleet in a very different position now, and -- being of the leading family -- she's suddenly found herself with the title of 'Admiral', and all the expectations of respectability that come with it. It's going to be a very different life, and it's not one she's entirely sure she's prepared for.

Name Summary
Brigida A little glib and disrespectful but nothing that cannot be corrected with the necessary encouragement.
Domonico An Admiral of Corvini. She doesn't seem to hold herself as a naval commander. Perhaps there is more to her though.
Donella She is off to re-dress the North. Not an unworthy goal to have. I find her quick to give a compliment, but I do believe the compliment is shrouded in the attempts to cause discomfort. This is not malicious, I do not believe, but more a game to see how far she can push the comments. Curious to be around and watch her handle a room. Also, she seems to prefer watching one leave than watching them come forward.
Dycard Not a fan of snow, sure, but aside from that I imagine we have quite a bit in common - she's an admiral, if I heard correctly. And she has a certain pragmatic nature that one doesn't typically see in women from her part of the world.
Esme I think this one might have a prankster at heart. I /adore/ that. I'm going to see if she wants to get into mischief. Or you know share a glass of wine and talk about life. I'm good with either with her. We shall be good friends surely.
Hamish Admiral of the Iasu fleet. She's an absolute fucking delight.
Ian She needs training, but she'll be dangerous once she gets it.
Korka Sharp, hilarious, and not afraid to speak her mind. We'll either get along famously or this is the start of a beautiful relationship.
Liara Alternating a little shy and then rather bolder and then back again. I dare say that 'bold' may be the norm, really, just the city's a lot to take in at once. One assumes that Lady Rodica is a seafarer, though I hope it's only one of her voyages that ended in the wrong place! Quite pleasant, all in all.
Lora Sharp as a razor under all of her bluff and bluster. Woe to those who underestimate her, who only see the flash of lightning and forget about the crash of thunder.
Mabelle Beautiful, funny and charming. I have no doubt she will manage to get half a dozen husbands and all the wives she can handle. And something for that headache.
Nanette Loud, boisterous. Aside from her obvious hatred of snow, I think Lady Rosalind is right - she would fit right in among the Northlanders.
Narcissa A woman comfortable in her own skin, with the steel of spine and grace to make it seem effortless.
Nina My, she really hates the cold! She seems like the type that would be happier at sea, so perhaps we can sail in the summer!
Orchid She is very bold. But kind.. I think? Well, she doesn't seem a bad person she just says things more bluntly than I do and than most people I know well enough.
Orelia Never change, wild woman of the sea. And don't suffer those who would change you.
Pasquale I find myself wondering how deep the carefree rogue persona actually goes and what is underneath.
Poppy She has a lovely thorax. The king even said so!
Ras More like a sailor than a silk, for sure. Says some really funny things.
Rukhnis She is not overburdened with reverence towards her family, whatever else she may be. But she seems a reasonably friendly sort.
Samael Well, she was drunk on wine, and her first gambit was innuendo about my daughter. Perhaps we can salvage things somehow.
Tarik A very fun and interesting Lyceum. I met her at the pub. She really got everyone talking. I am not sure if she has a serious side, but if your fun side is so entertaining does it matter?
Thea An Admiral. With no filter who takes her beatings well. She'll be a force when she learns how to swing that axe. I think she'll be quick.
Torian Was part of a big crowd at the Black Fox, but weathered the storm until there was just a few of us. A sailor, or leader of them rather, which I suppose I start to notice more and more. Likely because the whirlpool problem.
Zoey An odd one, whose mind I am still trying to understand. Who in their right mind would want a dozen spouses?