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Thrax vs Grayson

This event is a duel between High Lord Victus Thrax and Princess Reese Grayson. This duel well be held in honor of Gloria and will follow the laws of honorable combat. It also is held in response to tensions between the two houses. Rather than from a formal challenge, this duel rose out of a conversation. The terms of the duel are still being worked out between High Lord Victus and Princess Reese. All in Compact who wish to attend are invited. Food and drink will be available.


July 16, 2017, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Victus Reese


Ferrando Ian Aiden Octavia Artorius Abbas(RIP) Margot Melinda Mikani Barric(RIP) Tristan Skapti Luca(RIP) Shae Titania(RIP) Darren Cesare Sameera(RIP) Edward Valencia Donella Sophie Lou Regla Fergus(RIP) Marian Silas



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Comments and Log

The Warlord of Thrax arrives and makes his way towards the noble seating area. Abbas is clad in his austere steel armor. His axe hangs from his belt. Dreads spill over his shoulders and he carries his helm in the crook of his arm. The expression on his face manifests in a bearded scowl. Pitch eyes settle and wait for the duel to occur. He does not seem to be in a very social mood; so he sits alone. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah, with nobody else. He does bring a flask though. Abbas unscrews the top (undoubtedly rum) and takes a swig. Bloodshot eyes and the scent of some bubonic kelp linger about his person.

"I don't think you'll mind-- it means I have to purchase shorter skirts," Donella says. The enormous fluffbutt simply wags wags wags and lolls his slobbery pink tongue. "Does it?" she asks of Octavia, with a mild smirk. "I suppose I just prefer a sure thing"

Patches, a three-legged mutt, Flame, a chestnut stallion arrive, following Tristan.

Mikani arrives and makes her way through the crowd with her assistant Damien and her Redreef Guard following. She finds a spot for the three with a decent veiw.

Melinda comes in to view the duel her eyes on the thraxian warlord, a breath taken as she lets her eyes linger on him for a moment. She was there to support her High Lord as she finds a place to sit in the stands.

Luca's relaxed ease continues when his cousin and cousin-in-law approach, a hug and kiss for Val and a quick murmur for her, then a lopsided, lazy sort of grin for Barric and a wink. "Aye, Vic's a beast in the ring, but she'll do well. It'll bea wonderful duel, even _if_ no Champions are called on _again_!" Oh the bitterness. But it is delivered in a joking way that seems bent more on an old in-joke with Reese the way he winks aside to her with it where they've taken up near the ring.

Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka arrive, following Merek.

Reese is wearing a full set of silvery steel plate. She makes her way toward the dueling ring. The Grayson princess removes her helm, allowing her face to be fully viewed. A smile is given to those gathering to watch. She lifts her voice to carry. "Thank you for coming to watch the match between High Lord Victus and myself. I am honored to be fighting him. May Gloria be praised. Please help yourself to the drinks and food." She then looks over to the Thrax High Lord, having a smile for that him that is almost impish. She notices Luca a moment later and he gets a little wave with her metal covered hand.

Aneka, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Meeka leave, following Merek.

Valencia seems pleased that Cesare has decided to keep company with them offers a smile his way. "You are so lovely to join us. Thank you, sir," she offers. Another smile is sent Luca and Reese's way as her cousin jests. "I have not seen him spar in some time. I've missed it. I hope he hasn't forgotten too much," the little vixen offers, clearly joking about Victus' prowess.

Tristan arrives a touch late, but at least he doesn't miss the beginning of the duel. He eschews the commoner stands for lingering near the entrance, letting his stallion pick at the grass as he drops his stirrups and reins in the manner of someone either really careless or who really trusts his horse and takes a swig from a flask as he watches the ring, blue gaze narrowed.

    "Ah. Yes! I know Princess Reese. And, by virtue of my knowing you, you have my vote. Bet. I somehow doubt this will be quite so democratic." CEsare says with a quiet bow of his head towards Reese as they're reintroduced. "And you, my Lord." he offers to Luca, before he finds himself a seat not far from Valencia. He lifts his glass of wine,"Ah. Very glad to see that being prepared wasn't required whatsoever."

"Alas," Darren breathes a dramatic sigh to Donella, "I mean that's just the way it has to be, eh? Imagine, I might one day get to see your ankles," he teases her, tugging her closer to him as he settles in comfortably. There is a glance over to Valencia as she joins the benches, and he offers her a warm nod and a smile, before his attention points towards Victus and Reese. He murmurs something to Donella.

Edward smiles once Titania is seated and he nods to Ian. He takes a moment to depart so he can get himself some drinks from where they are being offered at. Taking the time to study the growing crowd while he waits his turn to get some rum.

Ebony eyes sweep across the gathered crowd as Victus finally takes the time to stand up proper and straight. His bottle is placed to the wayside as his hand moves to grip the hilt of his behemoth of a weapon and drag it from its place. There is a ghost of a grin on his face for Sophie's remark before he turns his head to regard his opponent, a hard look at the ribbon-y princess of Grayson. "Aye. The Princess and I find ourselves better with beatin' the shit out of things than we do with pretty words. My apologies that this ain't gonna be pretty, by the way." His voice raises high enough to address the the crowd as he steps up to the center of the ring, his heel digging into the dirt ring below. "Gonna get your win back today, your highness?"

Victus wields Victus' Skullsplitter Axe.

Valencia has joined the Noble Seating.

Reese wields a single-edged sword with a long, graceful curve and a circular guard of twining metal serpents.

Aiden wears a faint smile when he is urged ahead to go pick their seats. He does actually pick one of the more busy seats, particularly by Donella and those she arrived with. He settles his in his silks and looks toward the arena, "This will be interesting. I hope they don't seriously hurt eachother." A hand moves to rest on Silas' arm, while they watch.

Ian settles in with his drink and prepares to watch the duel. He's clearly not here just for the social occasion, or to show support for his High Lord; the way that he leans forward, the intensity in his blue eyes -- he's here to watch, and appreciate, two skilled warriors in combat. And maybe to live just a little bit vicariously.

Octavia smirks a bit more and notes, "The point of a bet is that it isn't a sure thing. There's risk, and that's why there is reward." After a moment, the judge calls, "Final offer, five thousand silver on High Lord Victus."

Valencia turns to catch sight of Darren's nod and welcome, which she returns with equal affection and grace, offering greetings to Donella as well before turning her attention back to her the conversation at hand.

Sophie's smile is bright and good-natured as she notes to the Highlord of Thrax, "The House of Solace will happily and readily accept any apology in the form of silver for any services rendered in the hallowed names of blessed Lagoma and Gild." The Mercies of Lagoma get funded somehow, after all. With a dip of her head, she bids to Victus and Reese, "May Gloria guide your arms in proper measure." Then, she assumes her position on the sidelines to make sure no one dies.

Ulf arrives, following Fergus.

Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon, Ursa, Fergus arrive, following Marian.

Melinda looks to Octavia "I would like to be in on the bet." she calls to Octavia, "are we splitting the winnings?"

"They'll both be fine, I think. They're both notoriously tough," Silas replies to Aiden, the confidence in his tone obvious. His own arm moves to take Aiden's hand into his own, even if it was covered in a steel gauntlet. A kiss is planted to the young prince's cheek. "Want anything to drink?"

Luca parts from Valencia, moves then close to Reese for some more encouraging words, followed up by a kiss that could melt alaricity, appropriate for public consumption or not, and then he's casting her a wink and watching her go out bearing the unusual non-Arvani sabre blade others have seen him use before. A rubicund of the finest make and most beautiful design from far off land. The Winged Fox of a prince can't help but call out as he starts towards the stands. "Rum's on me after your loss, Vic! Fight well!" After which he's climbing the stairs to the noble stands, taking up seat saved for him in the front where he can best witness it all.

Octavia asides to Melinda, "We would, if someone would match us. Darren bet on Gloria, which is essentially no bet."

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Marian says, "@spectate_combat"

Donella says, "Your highness," to Aiden as he settles in, and offers a milady, to Valencia. "True. But, then, I prefer to lose money, or give it, like His Grace prefers his drinks: straight. At least then there is less thinking about the mathematical spread How many wins and losses have they, each?"

Regla arrives, following Skapti.

Edward walks back with a drink in hand to the seating and then settles in. He gives one to Titania and then he sips his own while he gets comfortable and considers the betting options. Looking at Octavia and Melinda.

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"Prince Aiden," Darren booms his friendly greeting as the Prince comes to sit beside him, and he offers a nod to Silas as well. "And Baron Silas. Good to see you both. How is the Menagerie doing?" he asks this of Aiden, before he looks back to Donella and grins. "Sometimes I like my drinks on ice. Is that still straight? I mean it does water down the whiskey sometimes.." he trails off, pondering his life choices when it comes to drink.

Reese smiles over to Aiden even as she draws her weapon. "I will be fine, Prince Aiden." She murmurs, but her voice is gentle and she possibly is flattered by his concern. Silas gets a smile as well. She isn't lining up attack yet, but probably will wait for the official start. "Oh, my helmet." She says and quickly puts that on. "Wouldn't want to fight High Victus without that."

Melinda shrugs "I am willing to put 5 thousand in for our High Lord." she says to Donella

Donella is overheard praising Melinda for: She has the spirit of the thing.

Another pair of Redrains arrive to watch the fight. This time it's Fergus and Marian Redrain, the larger of the pair escorting the other on the arm. Fergus, as is his wont looks grumpy as ever, as if he was drug out of his room by his wife. "They're just gonna beat the piss out of each other. Not even sure it'll be much of a fucking fight." he grunts at the redhead. Grumpy large bear is grumpy. But he's here anyways, mostly because she asked him to. And he can't hide in his room all the time.

Victus digs his heels into the ring as he sinks down low into a martial stance, axe held low at his waist as the crimson blade caught the sun. "Ready when you are, Princess Ribbons." He calls across the way to the Grayson, furrowing his brow as all else was drowned out. "Either way, we're gettin' drunk as fuck after this 'till we can't remember who won."

"Fine, fine. I'll put in five thousand for Princess Reese, I suppose. Not because I expect Victus to lose, but because I want to bet against her," Darren points to Melinda with a laugh. "Good natured and all of that. Where is our money going, anyway?"

"Hold onto it for now, Ashe is keeping track," Octavia notes, gesturing to her assistant. "Still another five thousand up for grabs."

"Don't underestimate Princess Reese," Marian tells Fergus as they make their way into the stands, "I know that High Lord Victus of a formidable opponent but remember how many thought I would fall?" She gives a wink to her husband, "We know how that turned out." She looks happy, smiling as they find their seats near their High Lord Darren, "Plus, we can't stay in the room all the time."

Aiden looks over toward Donella and Darren with a growing smile, "Princess Donella, Prince Darren, hello!" He smiles to them both, "How're you doing?" He asks and then answers on top of himself being asked the same, "Oh the Menagerie is doing well enough. I'm glad I moved it to a point where I don't have to oversee it so much on a daily basis, I can breathe." He grins, "Thank you for your contributions once again, Prince Darren." He glances to Silas, "Sure, I'd love a drink. Whatever you're having." A wave to Reese as she overhears him, "Be safe Princess!"

Skapti arrives on the grounds, thumbs tucked into his sword belt, eyes glancing from the commoner stands, to the noble's seating, then the ring itself. "Just in time, it seems..." he mutters.

Valencia glances up at Barric and finds her way up the stairs to select a seat leaving the combatants room to get sorted. She gives a little smile at the wagering going on, pausing to offer a little smile to Shae and Mikani as she passes by. One she knows from brief passing introductions, the other a new and beautiful face not yet known to her. Gracefully, she takes a seat beside the Prince Barric of Grayson. "I must admit, there is something to be said for such events. But what is the duel about?" she queries. "I have been so busy I have not heard."

Reese peeks over to Victus and then to Sophie. "Oh, now this is not going to be pretty. Thank you for coming, Princess Sophie." She murmurs. Before she put on the helm, she returned Luca's kiss. She then turns her attention to the High Lord. "Oh, I am very ready. May Gloria be with us both. And I will need to drink after." She says. Reese now gets into a fighting stance.

Melinda says, "to the winners, Highness.." she smiles a little as she nods her head to Luca, "please do.""

Titania nods to Edward, "Thank you Master Edward." she looks around spotting Prince Aiden she smiles nodding to him then looking over to Abbas nodding her head to him as well and Octavia.

Sameera starts looking mighty uncomfortable with so many people around. So, upwards she stands and inches towards the exit. Hey, she tried but too many people are difficult for her.

Silas lifts his gaze to Darren and smiles back in reply. "Ah, good evening, Your Grace. Who is your choice to win?" Silas inquires curiously, before quickly helping himself to the bar selection. He gets Aiden a bottle of mead, and himself the peach wine. Who needs glasses!? He plops back into his seat and offers the bottle to Aiden after opening it.

Barric considers, walking beside Valencia and finding a seat, he looks to the grounds as Reese and Victus prepare, "To be truthful I do not know. Then Reese often doesn't need much of a reason for such. She will duel someone at the drop of a glove. It doesn't even need to smack her face."

Regla trails along with Skapti, glancing around before she nods, "Yeah, looks like. Where do you want to sit for this?" Important information.

Darren looks at Fergus and Marian as they come to sit down, and he overexaggerates a few blinks in their direction. "Could it truly be? My cousin and his wife?" he sucks in a breath, as though he were shocked. "I was growing worried that your doorknob no longer worked and the two of you were trapped in there. I was going to send in a rescue crew, soon enough. Honest. I just haven't gotten around to it.." he waves a hand dismissively. "Good to see you two are safe, and /can/ actually leave the room." Then, he flashes them a wide grin. Luca's sharp grin is returned with an overtly warm one, before he looks to Silas and shrugs. "Honestly, I'm not sure. But I'll put my money on Princess Reese. I've seen her fight. She's good."

While the youngest Keaton was possibly a bit late. Sun-kissed blonde hair pulled up into a high but messy top knot, she made her way into the proving grounds. Pausing as she looks around at the stands, and at spying Reese, she waves widely to the Princess. "Good Luck Princess Reese!!" She calls out cheerfully, with a bright sunny smile. And then with another glance around she smiles and waves to Aiden, Silas, Barric, and Marian; having meet all of them previously. Doing as as she made her way to sit down, her gait a bit off as she limps.

"Likely not," Sophie amiably concurs with Reese with all the aplomb of someone who is used to physical states that are not pretty. "I suspect you both will look formidable making each other feel awful." At the thanks, the Mother Mercy inclined her head, happy to be of service, as healers are wont to do.

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Henrik leaves, following Sameera.

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The Warlord of Thrax stands up from his seat and he bangs his metal clad fist against his chest. Three times, *CLANG CLANG CLANG* "High Lord! Tears in your wake, my brother!" Abbas drinks his rum and sets his helm down in the chair next to him.

"I admire her ability. I should love to be so accomplished in the martial arts," Valenica replies, gently smoothing the scarlet skirts of her gown and looking on. "Perhaps you might teach me how to spar? My sweet cousin Luca has been showing me the way of things, I have much to learn, apparently, but what I lack in skills I make up in enthusiasm," the little fox grins playfully.

"Ain't like I'm some bloody noble," with a shrug from Skapti to Regla. A nod to the commoner stands. It was his only option, really. And so he starts for them.

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Reese seems quite focused on Victus as the fight begins. She charges at the high lord, but he is able to evade her blow. She parries his attack. The fight has only just began. Reese looks over to the others here, but only briefly, she seems to be trying to keep her attention on Victus. She probably heard Darren though, because he gets a brief smile.

"Sit with the nobles," offers Tristan randomly toward Skapti and Regla. He's appointed himself peanut gallery today, it seems. "Make them uncomfortable. I would, but Flame doesn't fit."

"Five hundred on Victus, if you're so confident in Reese." Fergus grunts to his wife, before tossing Darren a mildly flat look. "Fuck off, cousin." he grunts, nudging Marian. "You want someone to blame? Blame this one. I'm sore and she stopped taking no for an answer days ago." Not that he's *complaining* or anything, but a man has his limits. "Yes, the doorknob still fucking works. I'm just shocked that anyone was willing to go down that hallway for awhile."

"My bet would be on the princess, too," Silas answers with a firm nod. Lady Keaton is given a nod when she looks his way, but he lets her cheer uninterrupted! "But I think it'll be close. The best duels are always close."

Margot smiles faintly to Abbas' hollaring though Margot is quiet and still, her blue eyes turned towards the High Prince and Princess.

Donella says, "The spirit is willing. The flesh, spongy, bruised..."

There's a bit of a snort at that, and although Regla waves towards the faces in the fancy noble section that she recognizes, she ends up following Skapti towards the less fancy commoner section instead. When she hears Tristan's suggestion she laughs, "I like you. Great suggestion."

Ian has by all appearances completely tuned out everything that's going on around him. All of it drops away in favor of why he's here.

Darren points a thumb to Donella. "I was going to send her. Like some sort of weird initiation rite."

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Aiden is looking between the conversations and trying to acknowledge those that are nodding his way and waving, doing much the same, before he leans into Silas and lightly speaks with the Baron. There's a glance to the bottle of mead and takes it with a laugh, "I guess this will do."

Fergus snorts. "Shit, already deal with Ulf walking in on us enough as it is. He's looking for excuses at this point. Surprised Marian hasn't kicked the shit out of him yet for it."

Barric hears that and nods to Silas first, "As ours have always been, the times weave sparred..." He leaves it at that and turns once more to Valencia, "I could do that. It would be simple enough to show you some things. More it is the anticipation, reading your opponent so you know where they may jump and were they may try to strike."

"If you're doing five hundred on Victus then I'm doing 500 on Reese," Marian tells her husband, resisting the urge to stick her tongue out at Fergus. She gives Darren a wnk,

Reese continues to chase Victus around and he comes after her in return. They are both quite quick on their feet and managed to either dodge or parry every blow. Reese still is filled with energy, but Victus is too. This fight so far looks very close.

"If you're doing five hundred on Victus then I'm doing 500 on Reese," Marian tells her husband, resisting the urge to stick her tongue out at Fergus. She gives Darren a wink, "He's lucky he's fond of the man. Or I'd relieve him of his member."

Tristan raises his flask toward Regla. "I believe in trying to keep the nobility in touch with the real world whenever possible. That's why I live in the palace," he says, face poker straight. No, Tristan. You live in the palace because you're royal stablemaster.

Silas chuckles to Barric and nods. "Indeed. We should do it again sometime, soon. Can't be getting rusty." The knight proceeds to help himself to a long sip of wine.

Skapti chuffs a laugh on hearing Tristan's suggestion, as he settles in. "Well, I suppose someone has to, aye?" Shying away from the horse just the same. Damn beasts made him uncomfortable. "Anyone know how deep the pot is so far?" he asks, then.

Luca kicks back in his seating at front of the noble stands and brings two fingers to lips for an ear-splitting shear sort of whistle out over the stands, followed by a bellow worthy of sea captain rather than a lazy Champion. "WOOO RIBBONS, KICK HIS ASS!!! THERE'S MONEY ON IT NOW!"

"To Gloria..." Victus murmurs back to Reese as she presses him. The High Lord does not seem phased having already drowned out much of the world around him, the only people in this room remaining being himself and the Princess of Grayson. As she swings he lashes out with a wide arc of his own, the two just barely missing one another as they both ducked and weaved out of the way of their blows. The giant of a man is shockingly quick on his feet as he narrowly avoids the strikes from Reese and returns back with another blow of his own. So far it is a dance as neither have so much as scrapped the other.

Reese takes minor damage.

Elegance arrives, following Alarissa.

Elegance leaves, following Alarissa.

Octavia gestures at Aiden and whispers something to Ashe, who begins scribbling calculations

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Ian follows every pass, every shift of weight and clash of weapons, with that fast-moving, electric gaze. Once or twice, he nods in silent approval or whispers something to himself under his breath. This is about as emotionally invested in anything as he gets.

Valencia gives a little smile Luca's way and laughs softly with a shake of her head. "Ah, my dearest Luca," she grins. "Perhaps I might ask both you and Barric to take up cause for seeing me fighting it. I dare say I could not ask for two better teachers in all of Arx," she decides. The little dark haired fox smiles to Shae and nods and thenturnsn dark gleaming eyes to the fight below.

Aiden looks over toward Silas after he makes a bet on his cousin, adding in his voice, "Come on Reese!"

Lou strides into the proving grounds, a bit late to the event. She pauses only a moment to see what's going on, her eyes lighting upon her sister, before she makes her way over to the noble stands to take a seat.

"Yeah? I'd just live there for the free drinks and food myself." Regi replies to Tristan, grinning at him before she glances towards the duel for a moment, studying it for a moment before she looks back at Tristan, "So how do you remind the nobility about the real world, other than just being?"

The fight continues onwards and it remains close. Reese is quite quick and nimble despite all that heavy steel she wears. The Grayson Princess still seems to have all this energy and she still seems very focused on the High Lord. He is able to dodge or parry all her blows. Reese gets hit once, but it doesn't appear serious enough to stop her or slow her down that much. The High Lord seems to have gained the edge in this duel.

Octavia cups her gloved hands around her mouth and yells out, "Tears in your wake, Your Grace!"

Titus, a young wolfhound arrives, following Gaston.

The shriek of steel on steel echoes out through the dueling ring as their weapons connect, too early for either to be winded as they strike out with full intent to harm. Victus is set and focused as the next series of blows sail and power through him. In one quick opening he drives the pommel of his axe forward and manages to catch Reese with a chink in her armor, sure enough to leave a bruise as they lock up again.

Titus, a young wolfhound leaves, following Gaston.

The shriek of steel on steel echoes out through the dueling ring as their weapons connect, too early for either to be winded as they strike out with full intent to harm. Victus is set and focused as the next series of blows sail and power through him. In one quick opening he drives the pommel of his axe forward and manages to catch Reese with a chink in her armor, sure enough to leave a bruise as they lock up again.

Valencia does in fact rolls her eyes and playfully elbows the Lazy Prince. "Tschk! Or I shall have you host a tourney in my Arena for charity next Sunday," she playfully threatens Luca, dark eyes turning to smile at her companions and then back to the fight.

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Reese continues to dart after Victus, the Grayson Princess trying very hard to hit him. The High Lord is quite nimble. She looks frustrated as he dodges blow after blow. Reese is also able to evade all this attacks in this series of exchanges. It remains a very close fight. She seems to ignoring all others but Victus right now, trying to predict what his next action will be.

Lou manages to nod to those whom she settles next to before turning her attention back to the fight. Her eyes sharpen slightly as she notices Victus manages to get the first hit on her sister. She speaks amongst those seated within the noble seats.

Victus weaves between slashes and stabs with more agility than a man of his size should ever be possessed of, rolling his axe across his shoulders as he lands cutting blows through the air - but none close enough to inflict any real harm upon Reese. He does't seem to mind, his expression is utterly stonewalled save for the pale ghost of a grin that appears as the cheers of the crowd reach his ears.

Melinda watches deeply as she claps a little she watches as she leans in to watch, she giggles a little at something Luca says and she shoots him a smile.

"Free drinks and food? Suppose that's a good enough reason, but I'd think you'd tire of it soon enough, myself," Skapti remarks back to Regla, as he watches the duel still.

Reese takes moderate damage.

"Maybe...although free drinks is a hard one to pass up." Regi replies, letting her attention turn back towards the duel, leaning forward to rest her elbows on her knees, chin propped in her hands.

Margotwinces just slightly as she quietly watches the exchange, her hands settling together in her lap.

As the tension of the crowd increases, Tristan's stallion fidgets, head coming up with a swish of flaxen mane, nostrils flared. Tristan sits the fidget with careless ease, slipping his flask back in his pocket, and murmuring to the horse in wordless syllables, the noise soft and reassuring. He's ignoring the duel for the moment, his attention on his horse.

Now sitting down next to Valenica and those around her, she leans a little forward on the bench. "COME ON PRINCESS REESE!" She calls out loudly, seeming more commoner then noble in that moment. Her hands cupped around her mouth to make her voice carry even further, as she cheers on Reese. A big bright smile, that is then turned to Valencia. "Oh, you have met all of my family then! Well, except my mother, but she is still back home at Oakhaven. Just over a week now, your highness. It is... different."

Barric laughs softly as he hears the price of the bed and Luca's retort to it.

Reese yelps as she gets hit rather hard by Victus. She likely has some broken ribs or something now. Her breath hitches, but Reese continues onwards. She is still unable to touch the High Lord, but she remains quite focused.

Victus spots his opening and the Thrax wastes no time in lunging upon it. Briefly the sharp edge of his axe dug into the side of Reese's plates, biting just deep enough to ensure she would be feeling that one. The first strike that wasn't a glancing blow as the Princess' own weapon scrapped across his leathers. It wasn't for lacking of trying though, Victus was already on the verge of breaking a sweat, those darting movements no doubt starting to take their toll on the man's stamina.

Ian's only reaction to blood finally being spilled is another slight nod of his head and a very brief ghost of a smile. He remembers that he's holding a drink, and takes a sip.

Reese takes moderate damage.

    Cesare watches so very closely. "Oh my.." he stomps his foot. A slow beat starting in time to the chaos of combat. He hears the world as music- even this chaos. Thump. Thump. Thump.

"He's slowing down, baby! Don't give up! Keep your guard!!!" Luca's calling out above the crowd, not exactly unworried, but neither does he seem frantic or anything. More like a coach calling encouragement with an expert eye.

Melinda cheers as Victus lands a nice strike onto Reese's plates, "nicely struck!" she calls out as she watches intently

Barric nods to Shae, "It is lovely to see you again Lady Keaton." And he is trying to watch the duel, but also converse, "Yes, the night before with more of her family at the Hart. Arrived after you had to leave."

This combat has gone on for many rounds, but Reese is hit once again. A pained sound escapes, but she continues. Even with her plate, it is easy to tell that she is injured. She hears Luca's words and presses onwards.

This combat has gone on for many rounds, but Reese is hit once again. A pained sound escapes, but she continues. Even with her plate, it is easy to tell that she is injured. She hears Luca's words and presses onwards.

Lou glances askance with some amusement at something Fergus says, and chortles to herself before turning her attention back to the fight at hand. She scowls at Victus when his blows land harder than she thinks she should.

Victus was taking his breath hoarsely now, but it didn't stop the adrenaline from flowing long enough for him to press the attack all the more. If anything, the fact that the two of them are finally moving onto the stage of the battle where they're outright scrapping with each other is only driving him more. As evident as another well-placed swing of his axe hits home, sending another crackling of steel beneath the weight of his axe reverberating through the proving grounds.

Victus takes minor damage.

Victus takes minor damage.

Reese takes minor damage.

Ian shakes his head very slightly at the axe blow that Victus lands on Reese, despite its success. He whispers something to himself, and nods when she successfully takes advantage of whatever tiny fatigue-fueled mistake that he caught.

Victus takes serious damage.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

Shae winces, a soft hiss through her teeth as Reese takes the hard hit from Victus. And then she is leaning forward even more, almost standing up event. "It's alright, Princess Reese! You have this! I know you do!" She calls out supportively to Reese, cheering her on. And then gives a slightly little worried look to Valencia. But it is gone as she smiles back to the vixen. And nods at Barric's reply to her. "Yes, it is a very pretty place. I hope to go back again, I sadly did not have a chance to really look around at it, like I would have liked. I immediately got distracted by family once I got there." And the she glances towards Fergus at the mention of holes in bed sheets, blinking, a shake of her head and she looks back to the combat. "I prefer to sleep outdoors, on the ground." She murmurs softly, under her breath. Wincing a bit more as Reese takes another solid hit from Victus.

Aiden cheers out, hailing an arm upward, "Go Reese!"

Ferrando has joined the Commoner Stands.

Edward continues to watch the combat action seemingly fully engrossed in it to the detriment of conversations around him. He stands up some when Victus seems to be pressing the attack and then he sits as the fight pendulums back the other way. He leans forward and is cheering to himself, "Go go. Yes!" and then, "Come on come on." though at times it might become difficult to tell who he is cheering for.

Marian lets out a shout when Reese lands a hit.

Lord Flitzwilliam, a Red-Tailed Hawk arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

Luca has given up all pretense to the Lazy Prince sprawl in his seat and is now sitting forward on the edge of it, giving some sort of low-voiced commentary to the nobles box as he watches. And just before he sees Reese's blade going true, even before it's landed, he's erupting to his feet in a roaring cheer and pointing out to the field. "THERE! THERE IS THE WOMAN I MARRIED! SKEWER THAT FLOUNDERING LEVIATHAN! SKEWER HIM RIGHT AND PROPER, RIBBONS!!!"

Artorius enters the grounds a bit late to the fight, guess he had to finish up some thing! A wide smile graces his features as he spots Prince Victus and princess Reese. He offers cheers to both as he sees them exchange their blows!

From the sidelines, Sophie keenly watches, assessing each combatant, and searching for any signs of something deserving to cause alarm.

Reese was sure getting frustrated with being unable to touch the High Lord of Thrax. She finally gets a solid blow, slamming her sword against the High Lord's side and causing a rather serious injury. She is also hit in this series of blows and the Grayson Princess is looking quite injured. She breathes heavily and seems to be getting exhausted. The fight continues.

Abbas turns his head to look at Luca. A smirk breaks his lips and he leans back and seems to be in good Thraxian spirits. His scowl is half twisted in amuesment.

The princess struck back with a vengeance, perhaps more so than Victus was expecting as his speed fails him from the next series of blows Reese inflicts. The first leaving barely a scratch while the next sends him reeling back as the bite of her blade sinks deep. The High Lord of Thrax steeled his gaze straight back at her in the pause between. His grin is wide and each tooth is stained with blood from top to bottom as the wounds rear their ugly head.

"Easy," murmurs Tristan to his anxious horse and looks up to see Reese land a solid hit. "Oh, well done, princess," he calls out. 'Princess' is rarely a positive word in his vocabulary, but there are apparently exceptions. He strokes Flame's necks and adds, dryly, toward the noble benches, "You could be louder, Luca. I'm not sure she heard you."

Valencia looks up at Luca as he rises to his feet and bellow, an amused and affectionate smile finding her lips as she shakes her head. Dark eyes return to the battle below.

Reese takes minor damage.

Victus takes serious damage.

"I APPARENTLY NEED TO BE LOUDER ACCORDING TO TRIS! GOOOOO RIBBBBONSSS!!!!!!" The Velenosian-accented bellowing of the standing Champion-prince is frankly probably painful to those nearest him, but hey, blame it on Tristan!. "THAT'S IT! KEEP AT HIM!!!"

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 29 higher.

Reese remains capable of fighting.

Victus takes moderate damage.

Marian lets out a shout as Reese takes the lead adding to the loud folks cheering Reese on, "YOU GOT HIM!!! GO REESE!"

Lou winces a bit at Luca's shouting, though looks amused all the same. She decides to join her voice to the others cheering her sister on. "You can do it Reese! You've got this!"

"Wooo! Go Reese!! You got this!!!!" Shae calls out cheerfully. Smiling widely as she watches the duel, a glance towards Luca and then to Marina before her gaze returns to the duel.

Flame raises his head and whinnies. "Better," observes Tristan. "You're almost succeeding in aiding in my chief goal of getting Flame accustomed to crowds and noise."

Valencia is much quiter in her observing the match, watching the fight in earnest now as the combatants have at each other. She spars a little glance at those sitting about her, their faces and reactions seeming to be of equal interest to the little vixen. A smile kisses her lips as the cheering continues.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

Melinda watches closely wincing as reese comes back with a vengeance, and she gasps a bit as Victus is struck. she breathes a little deeply and holds in her breath as she leans forward slightly.

Ian's eyes get big about half a second before this next series of blows lands. He's totally forgotten about his drink again, and leans forward.

Artorius leans forward as the battle intensifies, cheering for both competitors as the duel reaches breaking point! He's been here a short time, but looks like he's enjoying himself

Lou glances up and frowns when a messenger taps her on the shoulder. They whisper to her, she frowns even more then rises to leave. "There's something I need to see to." She then departs, with one last look over her shoulder at her sister and Victus before she leaves.

Lou has left the Noble Seating.

From the stands, Shae's attention is slightly pulled towards Tristan and Flame, her head tilting a little as she curious looks over the warhorse, a little smile on her lips. It was not all that difficult for the youngest Keaton to be distracted by animals, but the sounds of the combat pull her attention back to it. Watching it intensely now.

Reese takes another powerful blow from Victus even as her own blade is raised to attack. This blow strikes hard against her side, sending her sprawling, but not before she slices into Victus on the way down. The High Lord is quite injured, but Reese is even more seriously injured. She falls to the ground even as the grip on her fancy blade weakens. Reese struggles like she is trying to get back up and finish the fight, but it quickly becomes clear that she is not going to be getting up with out some serious help. She moans and tries to stay conscious.

"Aw, shit," Darren breathes out a dramatic sigh as it becomes clear that Reese has lost. "That's what I get for going against my instincts. Should've stuck with Gloria," he snaps his fingers.

Ian watches Reese fight to stand up, and this, too, provokes a slight nod. He sits back with a slow exhalation of breath and, remembering his drink, takes a good sized swallow.

Marian frowns as Reese falls despite her having a momentary lead. She look to Luca and gives him a nod to let him know that she feels for the girl and then turns to Fergus and pays him for winning the bet.

Valencia offers bright smiles and kind applause to both combatants, impressed with the showing.

Barric nods and know it would be close, and knew Victus was an opponent to be watched. He almost stands, wanting to go see himself if Reese's alright, but it wasn't his place. He ahd seen her take worse than that though. Even as his cousin gives all she can to the fight and would give more if able.

Silas looks vaguely disappointed when Reese appears to yield. Or at least can get up any more, so she presumably yields. After a long moment of simply observing the aftermath, Silas raises his hands to applaud the performance of both capable duelists. "Great duel, the both of you! Way to keep it exciting until the end." He stands and offers Aiden his arm, still nursing his wine with the other. "Let us go get all the junk out of the manor."

Shae jumps to her feet with a light gasp as Reese goes down. Her sudden action causing her to wobble some due to her lame leg. Eyes a little wide, full of concern for the princess. And then she is sitting back down next to Valencia. Nodding to her as she leans in to speak to her.

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Dog, an oversized puppy have been dismissed.

tt :nods to Octavia, waving off the offer. "I'll give it to her while she's tending. Going down there myself. Was one Abyss of a combat though. Ferocious and beautifully fought on both sides." With that, Luca, not looking worried enough to indicate he thinks Reese is severely hurt, but enough he clearly wants to be at her side by the speed he's moving, is slipping out of the noble box and heading down towards the field.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd leaves, following Artorius.

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Aiden has left the Noble Seating.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Severa, the Guard Shepherd leave, following Aiden.

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen, Aiden leave, following Silas.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

Luca has left the Noble Seating.

Victus remained standing only for as long as he needed to, to ensure he was the victor until the last moment. However as soon as Reese fell, the Thrax dropped down to one knee. His army was bloodied and his face was bruised, but he was still conscious. Bloody and battered, but still all there. "Good... shit. " He grumbled down to his opponent as he nursed his side.

Ian settles back into his usual calm as he watches the aftermath of the fight play out. After a moment's thought, he pushes himself to his feet and threads his way with careful, unhurried steps, out of the seating area.

Ian has left the Noble Seating.

Just about the time the fight finishes Abbas swallows the last of his fask. He stands and makes his way out from the noble seating. He grins a bit and seems to be in a slightly less crap mood. His expression is at half-scowl.

Abbas has left the Noble Seating.

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6 Thrax Guards arrives, following Abbas.

Moving out of the noble seating with a speed of a man who wants to be with his wife, but not one who thinks she's near death or anything, Luca comes quickly down to side of the dueling ring, holding place outside of it until the officiants have called it, but eventually moving to take up place near to Reese though out of way of any healers taking their parts on the pair of duelists. He'll have words for them that seem amicable, despite the loss, even going so far as to slap Victus on the back jovially with one of the phrasings.

Octavia moves over towards Valencia and whispers something to her, then briefly greets those around her before she departs.

Melinda looks over to Darren "I believe you owe me your wager High Lord." she smiles to the man.

Cesare sits back. Watching quietly. He looks at his wine- the stomping has stopped. "I have..." he mumbles to himself, "There's a song in this.

The Grayson goes down and that's enough for Sophie to be prepared to speak up. Gods be thanked, Victus seems content to claim this as a victory and Reese really is in no position to protest, so no words need be said, save those in a soothing tone to Princess Ribbons. "Ferociously fought, Your Highness. Now, if you'll permit me to see to it that you may again fight sooner than later..." It really isn't a request.

Cesare has left the Noble Seating.

"Ah, right. Well then, I'll send it to you," Darren says to Melinda with a light grin.

Edward has left the Noble Seating.

Valencia smiles at Cersare. "There is a song in everything, my dearest Miserre."

Reese looks up toward Victus as he goes down one one knee. She sucks in a soft breath and tries to speak, but speaking seems a bit difficult at the moment. They sure are a bloody mess. "Good fight. Gloria be praised. High Lord Victus bested me with his skill and by Gloria's will." She says, but her words are very breathy sounding. That is probably more from the injuries than anything else. She tries to smile to Luca as he draws near. "Oh..please do..thank you, Princess of Mercy." She says to Sophie.

Ian leaves his drink on the table he got it from on his way to the ring itself. He picks up Victus' bottle of rum, and this is a fairly precarious maneuver for him, bending down to snag it without collapsing or falling over. He's careful to stay out of the Mercy's way, but will set the bottle down next to the High Lord. "Well fought," he remarks with about as much feeling as he usually says anything (ie -- not much).

Valencia whispers back and smiles at Octavia as she stops to speak.

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Reese is overheard praising Victus for: The High Lord of Thrax is a great warrior. Honorable and combat and a champion on the dueling field.

With a kind smile, and swift and skillful hands, Sophie tends to what can be tended. Alas, even the most accomplished healers can only do so much, and Reese will be recovering and hurting for a while, even with the painkillers.

Fergus is overheard praising Victus for: Thanks for winning. I'm 500 silver richer.

Luca is overheard praising Victus for: A beast of a man in combat and a fine, fine win, even if it was close

Octavia is overheard praising Victus for: For giving the Graysons the whatfor

Octavia is overheard praising Reese for: Well fought, Ribbons

Abbas is overheard praising Victus for: High Lord, Grayson wig-splitter for friendsies.

Luca is overheard praising Reese for: Beautifully fought as ever I've seen and Gloria made the choice but it could have gone either way

Skapti is overheard praising Victus for: Not a man to cross it seems, even in play.

Sophie is overheard praising Reese for: Compliant patients are the best patients.

"Well fought," is Tristan's simple verdict. He strokes Flame's neck and murmurs, "Well done, boy. Nothing to worry about. You're bigger than all of them."

Octavia has left the Noble Seating.

Ashe, the studious Stormward paralegal, 2 Kennex corsairs leave, following Octavia.

    Quietly, Cesare stands up- leaving the bottle of wine. Leaving the glass- only taking his mandolin as he walks out towards the battlefield "You have the right of it, My Lady." he says over to Valencia as he walks- almost as if he were possessed in that moment. He needed to be down where the action happened. His eyes are focused on the ground where the battle happened. "Here.. Yes.." he makes a quiet movement to the side. "And then here.."

Luca is overheard praising Sophie for: A wonderful healer is always a happy sight after a good bout

Darren is overheard praising Victus for: Well fought

Darren is overheard praising Reese for: Well fought!

6 Thrax Guards leaves, following Abbas.

Artorius is overheard praising Reese for: good fight!

Shae leans in a little and whispers to Valencia before she she takes a moment to look around, watching Sophie tend to Reese. Her hand lightly playing at the hem of her hunting tunic, fidgetting a little it would seem.

Artorius is overheard praising Victus for: a good victory High Lord!

Sophie is overheard praising Victus for: Well fought and suitably ended.

Valencia smiles as she watches Cesare move to the battle ground and turns to Barric and Shae. "I think drinks are in order. Maelstrom rum I tihnk. Care to join me at the HArt?" she invites playfully.

Shae is overheard praising Reese for: For putting up a good fight! Well Done!

Sophie is overheard praising Luca for: A most gracious loser of a bet. The House of Solace thanks him for his generosity.

Skapti has left the Commoner Stands.

Regla has left the Commoner Stands.

Reese is overheard praising Sophie for: For healing us after our duels. I would be hurting so much more without her.

Victus sat back onto his rear, holding his axe close against his shoulder as a counterweight. The man was utterly exhausted beyond all shadow of a doubt. But there isn't dismay on his face, it's pure respect for the Princess. Luca's approach however does make him grimace and groan, but he does his best to put on a tough face. "Thanks..."

Victus is overheard praising Reese for: A worthy opponent through and through!

The duel over, Skapti exits the stands, on his way out of the grounds. "I think I owe you a lesson on a ship now, don't I?" he asks of Regla. And with that, he'd head out!

Victus is overheard praising Sophie for: We'd be dead without her.

Barric stands and nods, Reese had enough looking after her and he would speak with her later, in due time, he calls out one time before agreeing to meet Valencia at the Hart for a drink.

1 Grimhall House Guards arrives, following Melinda.

1 Grimhall House Guards leaves, following Melinda.

Barric is overheard praising Reese for: A fight well fought you do Grayson honor.

Shae's head tilts back as she glances up at the sky, as if reading it or trying to deduce the time. Eyes widening a little. "Oh Goodness, I am missing family dinner! If you'll excuse me, your highnesses! I am so sorry, raincheck? I would love to talk more and get know you both."

Ian is overheard praising Reese for: Well and hard fought. She displayed impressive skill.

Mikani raises from her seat, a smirk across her face as she is proud of the High Lords victory. She leaves without much interaction.

Barric is overheard praising Victus for: Fought well and done. Praise to Gloria for your win.

Mikani has left the Noble Seating.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Guard leave, following Mikani.

Shae is overheard praising Victus for: Well earned victory!

To something Luca quietly asides to her, Sophie peers over and beatifically smiles, grateful and delighted. "Thank you, kindly." Then, "Your wife's pride will be what hurts the most soon enough, provided to make sure she doesn't strain herself." With Reese tended to, the Mother Mercy turns her attention to Victus. "Apologies for disturbing your afterglow, but if you'd be so kind as to comply..." Again, not really a request despite the amiable tone.

Valencia nods to Shea and smiles with a little laugh. "Of course. Until then, my lady," she replies, slipping a delicate hand back onto Barric's arm so they can depart.

Ian is overheard praising Victus for: Triumphant, and a well-won victory.

Cesare checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Reese is tended to by Sophie. She gives the mercy a gentle smile. "Thank you, Princess Sophie." Reese murmurs. She pulls herself to sitting and removes her helm. Reese's cheeks are flushed, her eyes are bright and her face has this sheen. She seems to be still in some pain, but she smiles and seems to be in a good mood despite the lose. "My pride is a little injured, I have to admit." she murmurs. "But..then again, losing to High Lord Victus, is almost an honor."

Barric has left the Noble Seating.

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Synder The Wolfhound, Valencia leave, following Barric.

Ian leaves the rum with Victus, and backs off when Sophie comes to tend to him. He nods to Luca and Reese (well, mostly Luca, since Reese probably isn't in a position to pay attention to greetings) on his way out.

    Cesare really can't help himself as he moves quietly through the motions. He lifts his mandolin and begins to idly play, strum a tune as it comes to mind. "Yes.. And then there was the strike of steel." A shift on his mandolin- a most unusual sound, but not unmelodic. He moves again, another pull on the strings. He's lost in the music- lost in the moment.

Shae has left the Noble Seating.

Marian sees that Sophie is tending to Reese and then relaxes, knowing she's in good hands. She gives salutes to both fighters, Reese and Victus, and then looks to her husband, "Come love...let's give them space." She gives a smile to her high lord and then drags her husband off to reward him for his victory.

Marian has left the Noble Seating.

Fergus has left the Noble Seating.

With a bright smile Shae nods to Valencia and Barric, a wave of her hand to them both as they head off. And then she hobbles her way down out of the stands, towards the those on the field. "I just wanted to offer my congratulations to both your highnesses on a well fought duel. I wish you both a speedy recover." She says warmly, with a cheerful smile. And then backs away to head off, her slight limp slowing her gait down a little.

"You're in good company, love. He's one of the few to beat me in the ring too." Luca offers down to Reese lovingly as he continues to hover, casting a grin over to Victus at the momery of the duel that seems more fond than irritated at the loss. "Though any time you want to have another go, just let me know. I always love a good challenge, eh?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

Victus takes the rum left by Ian and turns his gaze back upon Sophie. "You got soft hands, Mother Mercy. Thank ya'." Then his eyes turn back to Reese as he slowly drags himself back to his feet, his grin out in full force. "I'm sure that ain't the last time we've met in a ring, Princess. I'm looking forward to our next spar as well."

Darren lifts himself off his bench to walk over to Victus, giving the man a nod and a warm smile. "Good showing out there, Prince Victus," he says in a friendly sort of manner, before he flashes a kind smile to Reese. "You fought hard, your Highness."

Reese is injured, but it seems like she will live. Victus stopped hitting once she went down to the ground and Sophie was quick to tend to her wounds, so she probably will be okay given some time. She gives Luca a gentle smile and seems even encouraged by his words, when Luca reveals that Victus beat him as well. "Oh, wow.." She says, looking over to Thrax High Lord. "Oh, not the last time. I do look forward to fighting you again, High Lord." She gives Darren a smile as well. "Thank you, Your Grace."

Ian picks his careful way, watching his feet as he moves, back to where he left his drink so he can retrieve it. Then he lingers where he is while he finishes it, something he's not in a huge hurry to do.

"i'll see she's well rested, after the drinking and distractions and rewards for her fine showing of course." Luca promises to Sophie once she's settled, passing a bag of coins over to the mercy before he's going down to one knee beside Reese, kissing her again with that inappropriate-for-public alaricite-melting heat before whispering something for her, then settling to help her up or stay by her side as her preference. Eventually, he'll slip off with her to whatever these rewards he had in mind are. Why do Lycene always manage to make everything sound dirty, no matter how innocent?

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Sophie knows the power of a good moisturizer, which does wonders for her lightly callused hands. (Medicines don't make or apply themselves, after all.) "I try to be tender touched," she replies to Victus and she sets him right. Somehow. Some types of injuries are more easily treated than others. In this, the Highlord of Thrax also seems blessed. The tending still hurts, though, even with a tender touch. "Thank you for not fighting me off." There's humor there, but one might get the sense that it's rooted in True Stories of unruly patients.

    "There is a great song here." Cesare says to himself, "But.. the words... What of the words.." he mumbles to himself as he continues play the mandolin- a lovely, if bracing sound coming from it as he moves quietly. "Its time.. Yes.." he mumbles to himself as he heads for the door. "Oh.. Yes." he pauses near the door, "No.. OR maybe.." He's lost in his muse, he's lost in music.

Tristan turns his feet inward to pick up his stirrups again, leaving his reins knotted on Flame's withers. "Well done," he tells the stallion in a soft murmur. "Now, let's go somewhere quieter," and he signals the stallion into a slow walk with the faintest shift of his weight, his happy little mutt trotting behind them.

Patches, a three-legged mutt, Flame, a chestnut stallion leave, following Tristan.

Ferrando seems to linger a bit to take in the spectacle of it all, but in the end stands up and makes his way along.

Artorius smiles that alls well that ends better. He would clap once more for the victors, before moving closer to make sure everyone's alright. "Well done, the both of you." he says with a kind smile, turning heel to walk away with a kind smile. "What a spectacle."

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Cesare wanders out quietly.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sophie before departing.

Reese has left the Dueling Ring.

With all her patients tended to and the spectators departing, it is then that Sophie finds herself on the receiving end of a messenger. After reading the missive, she politely bids, "If you'll all pardon me, my services are needed elsewhere. Gods bless." And, then, she is gone.

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Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

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Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

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Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands arrives, following Sophie.

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Reese picks up a stylish mahogany-framed bar buffet.

Reese picks up Ashwood Liquor Cabinet.

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