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Southport Bowl: A Grand Melee of Lycene Tastes (Senior Level)

In aid for charitable causes across the Compact at this time of need. The Lord Martino Malvici and Marquessa Dominique Wyrmguard have arranged two melees to take place in Arx for prowess, the fine art of the blade and for the daring tastes of the city.

These contests will be fought in the barest of clothing for men and women to truly show off excellence in the ring. Think braies and cloth vest rather than full plate metal. Crafted from leathers found typically in the city. (OOC: High Quality Pelt Maximum. Top & Pants only.) The weapons used are to be wooden swords or blunted weapons made from common materials. (OOC: High Quality Steel Maximum. Hairpin, Small, Medium or a Huge Wpn can be used).

The Senior Melee and the Legendary Melee will be arranged to cater for different caliber of fighters. Please inform the servant displaying this notice of your ranking:

Entrance Fee: 50 Writs
Spectate Fee: 25 Writs

Please send your writs to either Marquessa Dominique or Lord Martino for collection.

Sponsored by House Malvici and House Wrymguard. Questions and queries to be directed to Lord Martino Malvici.


March 27, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Martino Dominique


Sunaia Domonico Thea Fecundo Miranda Sydney Eirene Felicia Lucrezia Kritr Ornella Colette Kaia Asher Iroh Strozza Clara Kastelon Orelia Jaenelle Merek Waldemai Lierre Silvio


Malvici Wyrmguard


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Southport Training Center - Training Ring

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Rowenova gets a supple pair of knee boots with fur-trimmed tops from Messenger Bag.

If a woman could possibly be made of winter, it would be the one who just stepped into the arena, dressed in a red, hooded Inquisitor's coat and accompanied by an assortment of animals - human, canine and feline. (Or, at least, that's what some might consider the Confessors....)

Lady Sunaia Ashford's stride is, as usual, direct and long; she pauses at the entrance to proffer a quick curtsy to the crowd-at-large, then scans the benches while looking for any she knows. Kritr's presence brings a small smile to her lips, but it is Kaia who brightens Sunaia's face entirely - so much that the marble-white woman seems /almost/ human.

Murmuring aside to the dark-clad Confessors, the white Ashford, her dogs and the small, fuzzy cat which flank her make their way directly to Kaia. "Kaia," Sunaia smiles for a long moment as she presents herself to her best friend. "I've returned." The pale woman curtsies to Miranda, but it is truly Kaia who consumes the Ashford's attention.

Metzger, a great grey shrike, Jok, the muscley muscle knight, Maximus, the drooly Highhill Mastiff arrive, following Dominique.

Domonico chuckles at Fecundo before shaking his head, "I will be competing in the one tomorrow. I have been told I am too good for this event. Gives you a chance however.' He looks around before he cra

Thea steps inside, wiping the snow from her mantle. It's-freezing-! She steps over to the benches, here to support her brother of course and to stitch up whomever may need stitching. Because well--you know. Seeing her family, she gives them a slight smile and a wave.

Thea has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Ooooh. Perhaps setting up such an event during the middle of winter was slightly a bad idea, but whatever the case, it's all done. Wrapped up in a warm blue fur cloak, Dominique finally arrives as she glances about, looking around for any familiar faces.

Domonico chuckles at Fecundo before shaking his head, "I will be competing in the one tomorrow. I have been told I am too good for this event. Gives you a chance however.' He looks around before he cranes his neck to look for others he knows before murmuring to Martino, "I assume you are collecting the entrance fee from everyone?"

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider arrive, following Jaenelle.

Rowenova has joined the a row of benches on the right side of the ring.

Sunaia has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Fecundo mms softly to Domonico, "I suspect nepotism." Again, no venom to his words. He nods and salutes with on e axe before making his way to the ring to keep warming up.

Fecundo has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Miranda smiles up at Sunaia and speaks softly at the benches. She definitely looks ready to pop at a moment's notice.. hopefully it won't be TOO exciting here today!

Sydney conspiratorially whispers back to Colette, and then eases back to lean her elbow against her knee, planting her chin down against the palm of her hand. "...We shall see, though. Dynamics change, based on the rules, and I'm eager to see how things shake out with everyone rattled and chattering their teeth in far less armor than they're used to."

She yawns, and shrugs her shoulders, regarding the ring with a touch of amusement, eager to see how this plays out.

Asher has joined the a high pitched tent for warriors.

Clara has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Clara has left the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Clara has joined the a high pitched tent for warriors.

Eirene's here. Not as a Malvici spectator, but as an entry. She has a sleeveless leather doublet on embroidered with crimson firebirds that's left half-buttoned. It shows off her chest underneath, as well as the pendant with a crimson stone nestled above her breasts. Her hair is tied up in the three colored braids and held in place with a jeweled comb. And even though she'd never wear them to a real fight, there are jeweled earrings in place as well.

And leather pants almost too tight to fight in but in Lycene fashion. She's looking the part for the concest.

Felicia prowls into the training grounds... clearly prepared for a good bout of spectating to judge from the generous jug of whiskey dangling from a gloved finger. A pause taken to assess her surrounds before she elects to saunter unhurriedly towards the stands.

Lucrezia grins like a mad shark as she enters the center and circles about to find herself a bench near the front. Stretching out her legs before her, she lounges with comfortable grace, wanting an unobstructed view.

Felicia has joined the a row of benches on the right side of the ring.

Kritr arrived early dressed in furs, but removed those furs and oiled his tattooed body in lard. He keeps the boots and belt on, enough for modesty.

Fecundo wields a matching pair of steel axes.

Clara wields Tanzanite's Glare.

Eirene wields longsword with flame grip.

Ornella doesn't like this 'snow.' She's holding up an arm to shield her eyes as she pushes through the doors into the training center and then stomps her feet a couple of times. She immediately starts to rubbing her hands together like a madwoman. Once at an acceptable temperature, she turns to head further into the training center towards the ring. Inside, she finds the organizer and waves at Martino. "Lord Martino. You've certainly picked a cold enough day for the event."

Iroh wields Single-Edged Steel Blade.

Oh goodness. All the nakedness. This is totally the Malvici and Wyrmguard version of the polar bear plunge... or something like that. Dominique finally sees Martino and nheads towards the Malvici lord with a curtsy. "The turnout is a lot better than I expected!" she chirps cheerily, glancing about as she looks over and curtsies to each of the lords and ladies. "If the entrants for the senior division will please head towards the ring and the spectators please take their seats, please!" she calls out.

Standing with a faint shiver to him, the Lord Martino Malvici was now stood within the sparring tent having previously stepped in with his wife Lady Kaia Malvici. There was his breath pursing out from his lips as the cold air washed upon him, that thought of 'this will be a great idea in the sun' clearly lost. Arx isn't Southport. But, still, he slicked his right hand through his hair as he leaned to murmur to Lady Eirene, "Who we going for first, Lady-Aunt?" A laugh followed to Ornella as she stepped to him and, hopefully, did not quite catch the plan, "Ah. Lady Ornella. From the shadows. Might they favour us."

Martino has left the a high pitched tent for warriors.

Martino has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Martino wields a blunted steel rapier.

Kritr has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

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Clara has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Ornella has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Colette whispers back to Sydney once more and winks grinning huge. She does turn back to face the ring, "But is depending on rules always no?"

Ornella wields Sickly Green Steel Hairpins.

Domonico has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

"Oh, I do hope you are right Miranda." she would say, with some worry present in her face as she looked torwards the tents in search of her husband. But, alas, her attention was pulled away. The sight of Sunaia Ashford as well as her voice making her way over to to greet her would have Kaia, pretty much, letting out a very loud squeal of excitement. "Sunaia!!!" Now on her feet, she would wrap both arms around her childhood friend. "I'm so glad you've returned!" a small pat given to her back. "How dare you leave without saying goodbye!" she would tell her with a frown; but, it wouldn't last long. "No matter, I'm glad you've returned! Here, seat with us, comfort me while I watch my husband be beaten to a pulp, yes?"

Nina has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Graham has joined the a row of benches on the right side of the ring.

Rowenova gets a booze bottle with apricot brandy inside from Messenger Bag.

Sunny, an Ostrian Kitten arrives, following Orelia.

Kuhlai D'Mahn an aide, Orelia arrive, following Strozza.

It's nothing too fancy, because of course not, but Asher is preparing for a bout, it seems. He needs to be able to move, but, to be protected as well; he's keeping the chestpiece on, as well as the cuisses. Then, he makes a decision - to use his sword, or his dagger? The dagger, yes. That would likely be better. Quite a bit of focus! So much focus.

Ornella smiles at Martino. "Sounds like our call." She'll follow him out and reach up to undo the usual bun she ties her hair in. Two hairpins come out, hair falls to her her back, and she pulls at it a bit to get it out of her eyes as best she can. She'll pull a cloth out of her pouch and wipe them down before finding a place for her boots and pouch near the ring. "Well, now I like snow even less." A complaint as she has to put bare feet to a snow covered training ring.

Fecundo is staying mostly by himself, bouncing a little in the cold with his head bowed. Now and again, there is a twirl of axe in hand, but for the most part, they stay near his sides. His breath is coming in short, controlled clouds as he seems to concentrate on the pending task.

Eirene just wriggles her eyebrows at Martino as he steps in the tent. "This should be fun," she says with a sharp grin. "I haven't worn this doublet in years, I'm glad it still fit. How do I look, eh? Proper fucking Lycene for a change?"

Sydney cringes as the weather begins to worsen as the wind howls around her. She puts the hood of her cloak up and gathers it close. "...Gods be praised to a winter spent in warm leathers, a coat, and a cloak. My very first one in several years, and I sure as shards don't take it for granted on days like this." Without her signature hair visible, she almost looks a different person altogether.

Laughing amused as he stepped forth along with Ornella, Martino's head dipped low to her as he glanced across to Kritr and the oil-glisten he had put upon himself, "Well, Princess Ornella... after this. Perhaps dinner with the darling wife and I in Southport?" Martino reached to pull his rapier from the scabbard before discarding the old leather wrap and pointing the blunted end into the crowd to wave to Thea and Kaia.

Glancing in the direction of the warriors, Dominique curtsies. Sure, she's checking some people out, certainly appreciating some aesthetics of the thing afterall. She's only human, right? "Thank you my lords and ladies for your participation. There will be plenty of Wyrmguard whiskey to partake in once you're tapped out to soothe your bruises and to warm your bodies afterwards. On behalf of House Wyrmguard, I humbly thank you for your participation."

Thea looks up to voice of Sunaia and nods her head in greeting,"Lady Sunaia, hello. It's been awhile. How are you?" She looks over to Miranda, checking her over habitually,"How are you feeling?"

Iroh draws his sword finally, testing its weight as he twirls his weapon about and gets a familiarity with it. He does ponder for a moment though as he looks around and examines his possible opponents. Either way, he actually kneels down in the snow like a form of meditation, his blade resting across his lap as he waits.

Iroh has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Eirene has left the a high pitched tent for warriors.

Eirene has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Kritr flexes his arms, bouncing on his toes. The more activity he engages in, the warmer he feels.

Once out of the tent, Asher's moving to the ring, but only to get some of the dirt there; he spreads it on his hands, rubbing them together a bit and nodding. Learning, perhaps, just what he's fighting -on-, considering he'll be barefoot. To the crowd gathered to watch he looks, eyeing the people to see who is here. Then, to the competitors. Who does he recognize...?

Asher has left the a high pitched tent for warriors.

Asher has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Strozza and Orelia arrive within the training center, arm in arm with the champion, smiling himself and not giving a whit to what may already be occuring - simply looking for a place to sit - and choosing to settle in whee he can see at east one member of his family. "Well, this shall be chaos, no?"

Sydney looks abashed at Colette, and rather audibly murmurs, "...I... had not even considered that."

Clara has already stretched out and got herself ready physically. Right now she is kneeling off to the side with her eyes closed, meditating. The Shaman opens her white eyes every once in a while and scans the crowd. She might look a little nervous and a little excited at the same time. She looks over the others, eyes pausing on Ktitr and Asher whom she nods her head. Her steel axe is at her side, but in hand, while her body is clad only in quality leather pants and a leather tunic. Her looong hair is pulled back by a single leather cord and tied securely behind her.

Stepping from Eirene for a moment, Martino murmured to her, "Just a moment." He jogged slightly across to Kaia to lean down to her side and touched his cheek to hers as he murmured, "A favour from you, good wife?" Martino's hilt of his rapier to her for the showmanship.

Kaia would offer smiles to her friend Sunaia, Miranda and Thea by the banches. Her eyes moving away in search of Martino who seemed to be waving their way. She would lift a hand with her favor in hand and wave it at him. A gesture for him to approach when he could.

Kaia says, "Here you go.~"

Colette grins a bit at Sydney, "ai 'ad to attend many as a child. You learn strategies."

Strozza has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Domonico hmmms as he acknowledges Miranda with a nod before sitting near her, his eyes focused on those in the ring. "If Martino fails to put in a good showing then I am dragging him out for training every morning. Same goes for Eirene."

"Lord Martino, you're... //fighting//??" Sunaia asks with open skepticism. "Did you train him while I was away?" the Ashford asks Kaia, then turns to look at Thea inclusively.

Eirene levels her sword at Domonico. "I heard that," she says with a mock scowl. "I'll put up one hell of a fight, I assure you."

Sydney shifts forward as though paying decidedly /more/ attention now, murmuring, "...Different, in the pits. Almost always one at a time. When it wasn't, it was often an outcome that was... rather different."

Ornella looks down at her feet as they start to mix between different shades of color. She frowns at them. "Lord Martino, I will agree to anything that is warm after this. Does your dinner include heat?" Turning her attention to the coming battle, Martino runs off and she nods.

Kaia would hand Martino a small favor of crimson and ash with a golden hawk embroidered into it. "Neither by chance nor by fate." she would tell him with a smile, watching him depart. A chuckle let out at Sunaia's query. "I did not. I think he's gone a bit crazy, frankly." she admits to her friend.

Miranda smiles at Thea, grinning as she pats her oversized belly. "I'm fine. I'm here to watch and cheer my brother on. I've warned him not to get hurt or I might go into labor." She grins wickedly. "Shall we see if he's ready to be an uncle tonight?"

Sydney has joined the a row of benches on the left side of the ring.

Thea clears her throat at Sunaia as she answers her,"Well-hes only fighting because he can show off his half naked self. How much we were able to teach him,"she pauses before a moment before continuing,"Is yet to be seen." She jests-somewhat.

Laughing slightly to the bench where, almost, all the women are sat. Martino's sharp green eyes creased to his wife and then to Sunaia as he nodded, "Why certainly now... I should fight this." He turned and made his way back into the combat ring to shift his feet slightly apart. A glance to the others as he asked, "Shall we?" Fingertips wrapping around the blade while the favour around his wrist.

Colette has joined the a row of benches on the left side of the ring.

Orelia puts a blackened lower-face mask with a silver-washed grin in a low-slung leather swordbelt with gleaming brassy-gold buckles and whimsical knotwork.

Domonico calls out to his family in the ring, "Remember! Watch your footwork."

Orelia puts a serpentine band of worked stygian, an upper-arm dagger sheath with a small pouch, and a silver-buckled black leather dueling jacket in a low-slung leather swordbelt with gleaming brassy-gold buckles and whimsical knotwork.

Miranda laughs at DOmonico and calls out to Fecundo, "Aim for the Family Jewels, Brother!!!" Helpful hints from the peanut gallery.

Orelia wields Crescendo, a beautiful steel longsword.

Waiting until everyone is in the ring, Dominique glances about. With a warm smile, she turns and spins to the spectators, "Thank you all for coming to the event. This is simply the first part of two evenings of a mixture of Oathlander and Lycene revelry!" It's fighting but sexy afterall! "Don't forget your spectator fees which can be given to me or Lord Martino after the match, but please enjoy."

With that, she looks towards the group of gathered combatants and glances towards them. "The rules are simple. You can tap out if you feel you are unable to continue. And with that said..." And then she fistpumps, "FIGHT!"

Looking around the ring, Fecundo seems to be sizing up the competition as he keeps bouncing on the balls of his feet. He lifts and axe in salute to Miranda at the side and even Domonico before looking back to keep asessing.

"Hm," Sunaia appraises Kaia's and Thea's answers mildly, the smallest quirk of her lips briefly lifting. "Good luck, anyway, Lord Martino." She nods aside to Thea reaches down to pet the large, sable dog whose snout moves immediately to rest upon her knees.

Eirene makes a sharp Southport salute, her hand and blade over her heart. "For Malvici," she says in her rough raspy voice.

Orelia has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

2 Keaton Huntsmen have been dismissed.

2 House Crovane Guards have been dismissed.

Kastelon strolls along curiously behind the spectator benches, and finds the nearest place to sit and observe as the melee begins.

Kastelon has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Orelia finishes removing her extra armor and goes to join the ring, grinning.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Asher wields a plain dagger of excellent make.

Sydney offers a low whistle of appreciation and heckles from the stands, "Quit yer starin' and start slashing!"

Martino is overheard praising Kritr: He has some... courage in going for oil and skin for a tournament

Orelia puts a fingerless pair of leather duelist's gloves and a set of sleek leather boots with gleaming brassy-gold buckles in a low-slung leather swordbelt with gleaming brassy-gold buckles and whimsical knotwork.

The elder Malvici, old enough for grey-white braids in her hair, starts with an attack against Orelia. She aims too high and the longsword whistles through the air. Her stance is still neat and clean, and she clearly has experience in the martial forms habitual in Southport. But seeing a heavier attack land on Kritir, she turns and breaks off her target to go for the wounded prey. The Vulture of Southport strikes but he's able to deflect her longsword away, doing no damage.

Apparently, Iroh is the target that Fecundo has picked, moving quickly to the Keaton lord and fellow Valardin. On first pass he feints and catches Iroh a glancing blow, avoiding the man's sword. Trying it again, he misses, but also manages to avoid getting struck, himself, dancing back to prepare for more.

While it might not be the usual place to find the Grand Duchess of the Lyceum, here Jaenelle is, moving towards one of the benches surrounding the ring where the competitors have gathered and the fight begins. She glances from person to person, not choosing any one to cheer on, though Ornella receives a grin upon seeing the Velenosa Princess fighting.

Jaenelle has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Iroh notices Fecundo coming to battle him, and he prepares accordingly. He battles the Valardin to a seeming standstill, though he had taken a minor wound from the exchange. He gives a nod to Fecundo, before he charges into the fray to attack.

Miranda calls out cheers and encouragements to her brother. Fecundo may not even hear it, but she calls out to him, "Don't play with him, Brother!! Stay alert!"

Kritr squares off against Clara, fists against axe. He never pretended that this was an equal match. He takes the blunted blow so that he can close with the his opponent and land effective punches. She gets the better of him, especially when he's flanked by Asher. He grunts at the blunted blows, but squares off against both of them instead.

Some people hold a sword like it is a weapon, some like a paint brush. Others look, to a point, utterly out of their depth and with his rapier that is what you get with the Lord Martino Malvici. Martino's first side-slash towards Eirene whistles through the air before he is caught flatfooted with both Ornella and Orelia on his side. Attempting to swipe back across in reaction, Martino manages for a mere moment to ring his blade across Ornella, the blunted edge catching her but leaving him utterly open for the two women to catchin him again. Breathing deep, he grinned slightly, "Ah... two women on me. It has been a good few years since." Fortunately Kaia was by the benches.

Kaia winces at the sight of the fight breaking. Particularly when some of those succesful hits land on her beloved husband. "Oof!" A glance directed torwards Thea, Sunaia and Miranda. "Wasn't I right to worry?! That's what he gets for messing around with the see?" she says at the end with a roll of the eyes.

Domonico ahakes his head in despair as he watches his brother take hit, "For the sake of the Gods Martino! Keep your bloody guard up!!"

Though Asher isn't exactly a combatant usually, he's slipping his stance to something more bold; less careless than he might be prepared for regularly, but what about...? The match begins, and the first thing he does is launch himself towards Kritr, barreling over and slamming him towards Kritr from the side. The unexpected attack! But then he backs off, kipping off the man's back, so that he can land for a swing at Eirene. A veritable whirlwind! Or maybe he's indecisive. Effective, though.

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Sir Floppington, the soulful hound leaves, following Rowenova.

Miranda laughs heartily at the... chaos in the ring. It's a good show, no matter who you are! She grimaces slightly, hands on her stomach. "Oh boy. Don't make me laugh so hard. I'll pee right here!" She sighs, "This would be truly ideal with a glass of hot buttered rum... " She sighs dramatically.

Thea twitches her lips, watching Martino,"Not our fault he practiced with the wrong sword,"looking up at Kaia.

Clara stands up when the melee is about to begin and immediately moves to square off with the lard covered Kritr. She has a smile on her face as she starts to dance around the man and she is a graceful little thing, dancing quite well. She notes that Asher also is squaring off with Kritr but notes that today, he too is her enemy... so her white eyes watch them both closely. Her eyes are full of curiosity seeing that Kritr isn't using an axe. She gives him one gentle thwap with her axe followed by another solid thump with her axe.

Miranda is overheard praising Martino: For a truly entertaining Southport Bowl Night 1!!!

Miranda is overheard praising Dominique: For a truly entertaining Southport Bowl Night 1!!!

Her expression even and mild, Sunaia //tries// to keep her platinum gaze on Martino - but the white woman just keeps shaking her head in disbelief. She leans over to Kaia and murmurs.

Miranda laughs at Kastelon, "no no.. Today's event would go well with the hot buttered rum. It's hot and buttery and delicious." She eyes him, "Have you never had such a drink?"

Orelia paces the outer edge of the ring, grinning and circling before choosing her target. She spies Martino and keeps her guard up as she moves in for two lightning-quick strikes.

After Thea's comment and Sunaia's murmur, Kaia lets out a very loud laugh. A glance shot at her in law, Domonico "You've got your work cut out for you Dom! He needs more tarining!" she tells him with a chuckle. All the while cheering and clapping for those fighting in the ring.

Strozza sits quietly, hands folded in his lap while watching the match ensuing, focusing on one or two people specifically, but more inclined to watch as if at the theater...

Interestingly, the dark Admiral Mazetti and white Lady Ashford's demeanor resemble one another nearly entirely - with the strange exception that Sunaia's lips are almost-permanently quirked in a very-tiny and amused smirk as her silver-moon eyes dance across the action. She flits her eyes down to Kastelon briefly, then back to the action, nodding very briefly at something Kaia whispers.

Ornella was always going to go for Martino, they had already decided that. When the battle starts, she takes her time to walk towards him. "Ok Lord Martino, let's get our duel out of the way." Twirling her hairpins in her palms, she watches as Martino starts off targeting Eirene only for Orelia to appear from his flank. She takes the chance and closes in, aiming a strike at his neckline, deflected by hectic movement. It's only on the return sword from Martino that she punches the hairpin down into his hand. A hit for a hit.

Domonico sighs and he gestures helplessly, "I swear that I will ignore my brother's rank of Voice when it comes to training now."

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12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider leave, following Jaenelle.

Sydney stretches her arms above her head and lets the hood of her cloak tumble down, one arm hooking back behind her neck in order to tug her hair out as she keeps her focus on the battle at hand, tracking the multiple skirmishes that are happening rather all at once. That fiery auburn hair gathers snowflakes as she watches, casting a grin aside to Colette, "There is perhaps a flaw in your logic. And my own."

Martino checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Martino remains capable of fighting.

Kaia mutters, "I have ... ... I ... ... him ... before."

Miranda sighs softly after a few moments and leans over to whisper to Thea.

Kaia mutters, "... yes, ... ... ... ... ... How disagreeable."

Miranda has left the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Not wanting to change targets just yet, Orelia takes two more swipes at the Malvici lord. After the second one, noticing he is still standing, she grins. "At least you can take a hit! Maybe try returning the favor?"

Miranda manages to pull herself up from her seat after a quiet 'excuse me' to those others who are sitting around her. She draws in a breath and then works her way out of the training ring steadily.

Brenlin, an overworked aide, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, Juana, a harried Lady's Maid, 3 House Mazetti Guardians leave, following Miranda.

Eirene gives Kritr the equivalent of a love-tap with the blunted longsword. Bing. Enough to leave a tiny bruise. His return strike are her is dodged. She sees Asher take yet another empty swing at her and rounds on him. Her sword strikes but it slides off in reply. "You got a few free shots in," she says to the non-descript fellow.

Thea nods to Miranda as she leaves, quiet. Her eyes swinging back on the ring.

Sydney offers a shout from the stands as Martino looks to waver on his feet after a particularly vicious strike. "Oy! Two-women man! Don't you know it's all for naught if you don't stay up!?"

Kaia would be whispering with Sunaia on something going on near their benches. Her attention, however, kept mainly on the fight taking place by the snowy ring. More winces taking over her face as she watched her husband practically be butchered in the hands of clearly more capable fighters. Women, nontheless! A sigh would be let out and she would shake her head. A small curve taking form in the corners of her lips.

Ornella decides quickly that Martino is no longer the right opponent. Courching down, she pushes forward to dash towards Orelia and go after her side, but the woman sweeps to the side and Ornella has to jump back. Then there's Asher, a new opponent. She turns to face Asher and as they engage, slips around his side to get his side with one of the hairpins.

Lucrezia laughs at Sydney's heckling Martino.

Kritr backpedals away from Clara's dogged pursuit. He grins through the battering, leading her toward other combatants. His strategy appears to be outlast his opponents, taking a cue from Asher and choosing targets of opportunity rather than duel Clara one on one in a melee. He even goes so far as to position other combatants between him and her. It isn't enough to prevent her from landing the occasional blow with the axe.

Asher is surrounded! "Aye, didn't manage to strike though, you've got a good guard." Kritr, Eirene, and Ornella are all swinging at him after a second attempt at attacking Eirene, and with the way he tumbles around the battlefield, only Ornella's attack connects. Luckily, it's quite light. Still, the entire movement allows him to refocus and choose his next target - but he'll have to be careful!

Having managed his longest ever fight, the Lord Martino Malvici was starting to breath much harder now. His chest sucking in the cold air against the leather jerkin as he brushed his wounded left hand upon it from Ornella's hairpins. Attempting to thrust the point upon her, he caught the air and instead met the quick swipes from Orelia's blade. He dragged his left foot back, still utterly terrible at footwork and almost at a point to annoy Domonico now, he grinned across to Orelia as he breathlessly attempted to shift his rapier towards her anew, "Oh you'd know that Lycene men don't fall down so easy, now."

Iroh just cannot seem to land a solid blow on Fecundo! But thankfully, neither can Fecundo land a solid blow on him. Iroh dodges rather gloriously actually, backbending and spinning out of the way of Fecundo's attacks. Iroh though focuses on Fecundo, narrowing his eyes as he rushes back in to attack him!

Hushed conversation continues privately between Sunaia and Kaia (yes, their names rhyme - which is likely how they became childhood friends. Or not), the ladies' gazes flitting back to sands to appraise the situation.

As Fecundo maintains his fight with Iroh, the two exchange slashes. On the both passes, he fails to land a hit on the Keaton Lord. He seems to be testing the waters and does glance to his sister in the stands at her comment, however briefly, without taking his eyes from his opponent in time to dodge the man's own attempts on him. He returns to watching Iroh and the other competitors quickly and prepares for another go.

Clara doesn't give up on Kritr and as it is her stance is certainly more on the defensive side. She manages to land one more hit on him before Kritr is on Asher and she's near Eirene and Ornella as well. She makes a 'tsk tsk' noise at Kritr when he turns from her to attack others. Otherwise, she focuses on the fight at hand, white eyes watching the area around her.

Lucrezia cups her mouth with her hands and yells towards the ring, "Less armor, more hitting!" Lycene priorities and all.

2 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Lark.

Merek makes a way into the place, mostly to observe!

Lark has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Well, it -was- going good for Iroh...that is, until Fecundo manages to get lucky with a solid strike. Iroh though doesn't back down that easily, twirling his blade and getting back into the fight.

"I've never had a problem getting one on his back before," Orelia laughs to Martino before three different attacks come at practically the same time. She manages to avoid both Kritr and Martino's attacks as she dances and whirls, swinging on Martino again, but Ornella's strike skips off her leathers and that gets her attention. A second strike at Martino while she dances and dodges away from Asher and Martino's attempt to strike back, then she calls to Ornella, "I've got my eye on you next!"

Kritr is successful in getting one of the other combatants to attack Clara! "Ack!" She yells as Asher sweeps her leg and catches her in the thigh. She grits her teeth and hisses through a good amount of pain as he strikes her quite hard. "Me own damn protege!? Scandalous! Ya brat!" She is laughing though and just in time manages to move out of a blow from Kritr and she uses this momentum to strike at Asher, landing a solid jab with the top of her axe to Asher's stomach, not using the blunted blades to strike him.

After being triple-teamed - as you do in the Lyceum, apparently - Asher is still reeling, doing his best to find a target. Clara has no opponent facing her, and as he goes for her, Eirene catches him on the side. The armor, thankfully, takes the brunt of it. Clara, therefore, gets a strike on her thigh, though clearly he was aiming to sweep her leg and drop her to the ground. Being thrown off-balance, it doesn't take fully. What it does do, is make Clara focus more on him, giving him a blow to the middle. He does manage to dodge the next attack from Eirene, but it doesn't leave him on the best footing. Time to backpedal defensively! "Aye, you didn't have an opponent, the big guy was focused on me instead! Good blow, fair play to you."

From the look on Fecundo's face at his next pass with Iroh, he seems a little annoyed as his axe passes Iroh's slippery form. A quick reverse of the initial strike barely catches the man, but is a bit of a sensitive point where the armor doesn't quite cover, while also managing to shift away from his opponent's blade. It's enough to ease the lines on Fecundo's face and he offers a small salute to Iroh, bouncing and ready to circle again.

Kritr does eventually escape Clara's notice, at least for a short time. He frees himself up to punch someone in the short ribs. "JAST!" He shouts, enjoying this fight in the way a stereotypical Northerner would arms wide and flexing demonstratively. His celebration is cut short as the fight continues. "VONT!" He finishes and lunges after another opponent.

Sydney shouts from the stands, "HIT 'EM LIKE YOU MEAN IT, KRIT!" She's up on her feet now, hair full of snowflakes and seeming to care very little about it, even as the snow begins to make visibility poor. "You're all still standing! Ain't this the Ward of the Lyceum? Shouldn't half of you be on your backs by now?" It's not a slight. Merely a suggestive stereotype.

Ornella has taken to fitting into the cracks in the grand melee. Once everyone repositions, she slips into the corners and is back out near Orelia, a hairpin just sliding across her leathers. Ornella smiles at Orelia, "Well, then, take him down already and come over here." Now she readjusts and heads for the next opening. Martino once again faces the wrath of hair but he manages to avoid it.

Eirene's able to bring the blunted flame-etched longsword down on Asher's midsection as Clara strikes at his stomach. Distractions in a battle are good hen you can take advantage of them. He dodges her second attempt as he moves away but she stays on him. Her blue eyes glance quickly about the field to see who is left and who is going after whom. She calls back to Sydney, "Nah, we save the orgies for less crowded venues."

Martino checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 53, rolling 6 lower.

Martino checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 23, rolling 19 higher.

Martino remains alive, but close to death.

Martino is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Having spent the best part of the fight so far being hit by either Orelia or Ornella, the Lord Martino Malvici idly laughed at the crowd and in particular Sydney's fine cheering for him. "Why, yes. Standing... up... useful. Holding... down... better." He jabbed forward once more and he simply caught the air this time, as he had the many other times. But, perhaps Domonico's shouting was helping, Martino shifted back and avoided the two blows. Grinning slightly at Orelia's voice, Martino turned to make his move upon the Princess.

Sydney quips back, "The more the shardin' merrier! At least put someone on their /knees/!" And then down goes Martino, which gets a sharp whistle and she shouts, "YEAH!" She's not especially rooting against Martino. More rooting for carnage.

From the stands, a dog's howl can be heard just after Krit's evocation. It's almost as if the dog was singing a mournful song with the northern man.

Waldemai cheers for Lord Martino. "Stayed on his feet for a long time!"

Ornella checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 15 lower.

Ornella checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 12, rolling 59 higher.

Ornella remains alive, but close to death.

Ornella is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Kritr checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 12, rolling 63 higher.

Kritr remains capable of fighting.

Eirene is overheard praising Martino: He lasted a good long while against two opponents and managed to hit someone.

Domonico is overheard praising Martino: He didn't do as bad as he could have done

Sydney is overheard praising Martino: Two swords at the same time.

Kaia is overheard praising Martino: A most entertaining event! He did try his best! Darling, suits you better than carnage at the ring.

Sunaia is overheard praising Martino: You've made several happy, I'm sure.

Two swings, two drops. Orelia brings her longsword down on Martino first, then without stopping swings for Ornella's legs to take them out from under her and drop her down beside him.
Then there was Asher.
After feeling the strike of his blade, she looks at Asher and grins. "Ooh, hello number three!"

Eirene had turned her steely blue gaze on Ornella but Orelia got there first. She offers a quick salute in appreciation for the knockout blow. So instead, she stays on Asher and lands another quick tap on him with the flame-etched longsword. She's fast on her feet and showing a measure of good footwork, which is appropriate because she has a good ten years experience on most of her competitors. "Martino. Aww. Good show kid," she says as he is out of the fight.

Clara may have returned the strike to Asher that he'd delivered to her but her main focus is the other Northerner. She takes a breath and throws a blow out on Kritr, aiming for his shoulder. She lands the hit and then brings her axe around to land a really nice thumpy sort of hit with the side of her axe to his thigh. "Later just you an' I an' our axes, aye?" The tiny woman says with a hopeful smile.

Sunaia leans over to Kaia and murmurs again.

Kritr doesn't dance, he stomps, lunges, but he can still spin, which occasionally surprises one or two of the people in the crowd. He taunts Clara as he retreats from her, smiling at her constant pursuit. "I didn't know you liked me THIS MUCH!" He says. "Crovane versus ClearLAKE? Or just a little one on one?" He asks. Then a stiff blow catches him by surprise. "Oof. Maybe not for a couple days."

Breathless before the third round, getting through this far was almost a shock for Lord Martino Malvici and as Orelia's longsword catches down upon his shoulder, he exhaled harder. Unable to continue his show, he collapsed down onto his knees before exhaling to roll back. The snow landing upon his face as he allowed himself to catch his breath before skooting slowly to the edge of the ring. Dazed.

Ever the opportunist, Asher goes after Kritr again; but, the big man is wily! And oily. Oily-wily. Nothing doing there, so with a tumble he literally rolls into the dirt, giving a blunt 'stab' to Orelia's back. It's not hard, merely a grazing strike. Similarly, Eirene gets him as he rolls. He's not too worried about it, perhaps. "Number three? You've got it all wrong, lass, the aim here is to be number -one-! You're free to take third place if you like, though!"

Domonico is silent now as he watches.

Ornella tries the same one-two approach she's been employing so far. Once more on Orelia and Martino. This time, much to her chagrin, while Martino would get pushed out and she would turn her attention on Orelia, the only thing that would get her is a dirt nap (Snow nap?). Now covered in snow and colder than before, she almost shot over to the edge of the ring to grab her way up to stand. She looks over at Martino. "So, this means I won, right?"

Fecundo will take a battle of inches. He seems to be getting more focused as the match goes on. This time he lands a grazing strike with one axe and a more solid with the second as he slides under Iroh's higher strikes by using a bit of the snow to his advantage. He comes up ready for the next pass, his eyes dancing when they catch the light.

Iroh gets another hit...then another. Iroh rolls backwards for a moment, narrowing his eyes as he straightens himself back up. He gives Fecundo a nod. "Good strike." Iroh takes a deep breath then, but he keeps his attention fully on his enemy, before he waits to be attacked this time around.

Kaia is overheard praising Malvici: A most entertaining event! Surely the next Grand Melee will not dissapoint either!

Kaia is overheard praising Wyrmguard: A most entertaining event! Surely the next Grand Melee will not dissapoint either!

Graham has left the a row of benches on the right side of the ring.

Landroval, the Eagle have been dismissed.

Kaia is overheard praising Dominique: A most wonderful hostess!

Kritr checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 48 higher.

Kritr remains capable of fighting.

Sydney calls over the howling winds, "Kick snow in their eyes!" The devilishly long-haired woman's mane is tangled and whipping in the wind, looking more white than auburn any longer, growing heavier with the melt of the snow that's already dampened it. Sydney's spirits, however, are anything but. Her blood is up, her teeth are flashed in a wide grin, and she strikes out with a fist into thin air, "Slap 'em on the thighs, it hurts!"

Kaia is overheard praising Clara: Go Clara! Well fought!

Kritr checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 22 higher.

Kritr remains capable of fighting.

Kritr checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 73, rolling 3 lower.

Kritr checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 38, rolling 24 higher.

Kritr remains alive, but close to death.

Kritr is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Kaia is overheard praising Eirene: Go Eirene! Well fought! You make Malvici proud!

Waldemai cheers for Lady Eirene! "Huzzah! Malvici forever!"

Kastelon is quiet and somber, watching the melee. Essentially the opposite of Sydney.

"Aye, I'm madly in love with yer oily chest." Clara laughs and if rolling her eyes was wise she might have done so but instead she just teases him back. "Focus fire, I say. Like yer doin' ta poor Asher." She smiles at him. "Let's talk the details when yer not on yer ass..." She doesn't let him process that as she takes a sweep at his legs. Once Kritr is struck again she turns to the next person, Iroh. She opens up her stance quite a bit to throw a hard blow at him but while she hits him she doesn't manage to harm him in the least. Damn. She falls back into a more defensive stance and starts circling to see what is happening now. Who's still up, who's out, ...damn she's hurting right now.

Exhaling as he shifted up onto his elbows, Martino laughed with a breathless tone to Ornella as she spoke to him. "Looks is, good Princess." Martino's sharp green eyes creased slightly before he pulled himself slowly to feet and ached up to settle himself down on the snow bank around the ring to keep things moving. "What shall your prize be then in besting me?"

Kaia has left the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Portia, a tittering bashful handmaiden have been dismissed.

Renato, an overconfident courier have been dismissed.

Strozza continues to watch all of this chaos with the same casual intensity, hands on his knees, focused on Orelia for a moment and then the others, with attention drifting back to the gold maned woman.

Asher has a plan of attack - though to be fair, it's merely a line of people, in a row, as he moves through the field. Fecundo is slashed at, but with a miss. Orelia is next, and though he does slam into her powerfully, she is able to get him right back. Afterwards, he shrugs it off, and next up is his Patron, Clara. She's busy talking to Kritr, so she's a fair target - but not too hard now, or she'll not let him hear the end of it! As he does, Orelia gets a bit of revenge. Everything's starting to hurt at this point...

Well, it was going good. Iroh had managed to strike Fecundo across the chest, though he dodges his next attack, the attack from Eirene causes Iroh to multi-task, something that he is not good at in a fight. He manages to fight her off for the moment and dodge Fecundo's next attack. He exhales softly, but he notices a new challenger in Clara coming to attack him. He lifts his blade then, being prepared to defend himself against whoever is coming first.

Eirene demonstrates why Malvici is known as the house of war. She's been able to dodge and deflect the blows aimed at her, and has landed quite a few shots on the male competitors during the melee. She almost takes Kritir down. Almost. Her attack on Iroh, since she's switched targets, doesn't quite land. It is deflected.

Just as she promised, Orelia comes next for Asher. As though there were no others in the rings she dances to him, striking thrice without sacrificing her own defenses. Though the hit he got on her definitely hurt, as her brief grimace shows. "Not so easy juggling three partners, is it?"

In the process of dodging attacks from Kritr and Asher, Fecundo almost walks right into the strike from Iroh, wincing at that one before trading misses with the Keaton lord on the second pass. On the third, he returns the favor to his primary opponent for this melee so far and offers him a salute and smile before reassessing the field. and what condition the other fighters might be in.

Kritr goes down parrying the blows of Eirene and Clara simultaneously. He has been staggering from blow to blow for some time now, so his best defense is simply to raise hisforearms and step inside their reach to avoid the worst of their swings. Unfortunately, he can't close with both of them. He lands another ineffectual blow on Eirene and then a haft from her and a club to the back of the knees from Clara sends him to the ground. He's a good enough sport to know that he's beat. He stays there.

Lierre has joined the a row of benches on the left side of the ring.

Asher checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 46 higher.

Asher remains capable of fighting.

Asher checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 116, rolling 81 lower.

Asher checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 73, rolling 17 lower.

Asher is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Lark has left the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

2 Grayson House Guards leaves, following Lark.

Sydney slaps her hands to her snowy head and shouts, "No! Krit! What will House Tenacious think!?"'s probably an inside joke. It's certainly an inside joke.

Fecundo has left the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Fecundo has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Clara grits her teeth as Asher attacks her yet again. "...fair..." She seems to understand what she did wrong, talking in combat, and so now goes silent as she dares to square off with the Malvici Warrior. At first she swings and misses, the woman a little too quick for her but she rounds her axe back around and strikes at the woman's core next, landing a solid blow. She looks that mix between 'I hit the Malvici! And... Oh fuck... I hit the Malvici..' that blissful look that is quickly taken over by the 'Uh-oh, what have I done...' feeling.

1 inflicted and Sydney is unharmed.

18 inflicted and Fecundo is harmed for minor damage.

Eirene is trying, it seems, to get Iroh out of the fight by teaming up on him. Her strike goes a little short of the distance and fails to land. This leaves her exposed to Clara. She grunts at the wood of the axe connecting to her ribs and turns, glaring at Clara and engaging her. "Give me the shaft, will you," she jokes.

14 inflicted and Fecundo is harmed for minor damage.

Felicia has left the a row of benches on the right side of the ring.

Axelle, a personal valet have been dismissed.

Bonehilda, the prettiest-colored spider have been dismissed.

Brenlin, an overworked aide arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

14 inflicted and Fecundo is unharmed.

18 inflicted and Fecundo is unharmed.

18 inflicted and Fecundo is unharmed.

20 inflicted and Fecundo is harmed for minor damage.

Thea checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

20 inflicted and Fecundo is unharmed.

20 inflicted and Fecundo is harmed for minor damage.

Sydney is overheard praising Fecundo: I just get the feeling like the only one who can take him down is himself!

Thea blinks as Brenlin comes running,"Brenlin, there are other-,"but her words are cut off when he leans down to tell her something. "Oh shit! Miranda is in labor?! Yes Im coming...Yes, please escort me. Thank you." And with that, Thea is off to help well--deliver babies.

Turning from Iroh for a moment, Fecundo looks to the other combatants who joined their fray before. Seeing Kritr down, he shifts his attention to Asher, not seeing the hit coming before his own, swings for the walls and strikes the man hard, wincing, himself for the hit and offering a soft apology. As Iroh seems occupied, he turns his attention to Orelia, but seems to have the same missing issue with her as the Keaton lord at the start of the contest.

Thea has left the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes leaves, following Thea.

"Aye, not easy juggling three partners. I prefer just the one at a time, much easier when they aren't expect-" There he goes, talking as he should be swinging his weapon, trying to flirt on the battlefield. Asher gets a sudden bash to his sternum, sending him stumbling back from Orelia. At the same time? Fecundo slams a blow into Asher's shoulderblades, sending him tumbling forward, and knocking the wind from him. He takes a few seconds, trying to push himself up, but there's no going. He slumps back to the dirt, laughing and wheezing at the same time.

Orelia makes another swing at Asher, and when Fecundo drops him she gives a quick nod before turning to deal with Iroh, whose blade had just whistled past. While Iroh is distracted with attacking Eirene she takes two quick slashes, but as the second one falls short of the mark she hears the swish of Fecundo's blade. She turns and says to him, "You'll have to wait your turn!"

Kritr crawls to the edge of the ring so as not to interfere with anyone's ability to fight.

Sydney calls from the stands, "Why in the name of the gods won't anyone kick snow at anyone!?"

Multi-tasking is a bitch. But, Iroh is somehow surviving this onslaught. He's bobbing and weaving, rarely having to put his sword in front of him to bat away offense. He barely manages to dodge Eirene's intended blow, but He is attacked by Orelia for a barely-touching strike. He winces for a moment, before he dodges a host of other strikes in a glorious display of agility and field knowledge by all remaining combatants. Though when Asher goes down, he looks at the rest. "Then..there were four." He takes a deep breath before he enters his stance, ready for battle.

Silvio has joined the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

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Kastelon rises from the benches, preparing to take his leave.

Kastelon has left the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Kritr makes a snowball and tosses it over his shoulder in Sydney's direction.

Sydney checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 59 higher.

Clara checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Clara remains capable of fighting.

Sydney slaps the snowball aside when it comes her way with a bared fist, likely dousing those nearby her with ... additional snow. It's already a deluge of it, so that may not be the worst thing to ever happen.

Clara checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 5 lower.

Clara checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 5, rolling 43 higher.

Clara remains alive, but close to death.

Clara is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Kritr makes another snowball, this time to throw at Clara.

Lierre is watching the show quite intently, hands placed on the woolen skirts of her green dress in a very neat fashion. She retains this composure even when a flitter of snow splatters the side of her hair and face, courtesy of Sydney's excellent ball-punching skills. Instead of frowning, she just huffs out a soft laugh of amusement and notes, "Good reflexes."

Lucrezia glances at Sydney as parts of the snowball she deflects splatter against her. "I'll give you a snowball fight." That feral, cruel smile of her probably means *iceball* fight.

Sydney clicks her tongue at Lucrezia, "...I said they should kick it at /eachother/ not throw it at me. It's hardly /my/ fault you're incapable of lifting yourself off of your pampered ass long enough to do more than occasionally steer a ship, Princess." To Lierre, she offers a slight bow, "...And you look good in white."

Colette dusts the snow off her that splattered on her when Sydney blocked it. "Well...."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Clara before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Clara before departing.

Asher isn't exactly lying there, letting people trample him as they fight. He knows he's out of the fight, so he groans, catches some breath, and drags himself to the edge of the ring so that he can get out of the way. "That's going to bruise..." But he's smiling through gritted teeth. Clearly, he had a fun time.

Fecundo has left the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Fecundo has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 19, rolling 25 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 2, rolling 93 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Orelia remains capable of fighting.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 11, rolling 88 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Lucrezia pulls her eyes from her intense scrutiny of the fight long enough to glare at Sydney. "You do not know what I do or don't do." Was she sitting lazily? Sure, but she always sprawled like this.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 95, rolling 50 lower.

Orelia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 56, rolling 13 lower.

Orelia is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 76 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Sydney breezes cheerily, "I suppose that's true. Ain't seen nothin' out of you except bluster, lazing, and drinking. Not that any of those things are disagreeable, but it does mean I don't know what you /do/."

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 21, rolling 39 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 26, rolling 79 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 34, rolling 51 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Colette looks between the princess and Sydney. Shrugs once and watches the fight.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 32 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 36, rolling 47 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Eirene checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 21, rolling 69 higher.

Eirene remains capable of fighting.

Though Lierre is sitting on a bench, otherwise just observing quietly, she applauds heartily at Iroh's apparent inability to just fall down already. She turns to the others nearby and mentions (not without some pride): "That's my cousin, over there." She side-nods towards Iroh.

Eirene checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 43, rolling 0 higher.

Eirene remains capable of fighting.

Eirene checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 48, rolling 21 higher.

Eirene remains capable of fighting.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 37, rolling 20 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 25 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Eirene checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 62, rolling 11 lower.

Eirene checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 100 higher. Eirene rolled a critical!

Eirene remains alive, but close to death.

Eirene is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 59, rolling 8 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Fecundo has left the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Fecundo has joined the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Fecundo checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 14, rolling 49 higher.

Fecundo remains capable of fighting.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 68, rolling 24 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Fecundo checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 29, rolling 47 higher.

Fecundo remains capable of fighting.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 77, rolling 40 higher.

Iroh remains capable of fighting.

Fecundo checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 37, rolling 12 higher.

Fecundo remains capable of fighting.

Eirene is overheard praising Iroh: That bastard has stamina!

Lierre is overheard praising Iroh: That's my cousin!

Eirene is overheard praising Fecundo: What a match this has been! He's as stubborn as I am.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 90, rolling 10 lower.

Iroh checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 52, rolling 25 higher.

Iroh remains alive, but close to death.

Iroh is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Lierre is overheard praising Eirene: Excellent fighter!

Lierre is overheard praising Fecundo: A worthy victor indeed.

Dominique is overheard praising Martino: For helping organize the tournament!

Sunaia is overheard praising Fecundo: Simply incredible

Silvio is overheard praising Fecundo.

Dominique is overheard praising Fecundo: Congratulations on winning the tournament in the senior division!

Merek is overheard praising Fecundo.

Merek is overheard praising Eirene.

Fecundo is overheard praising Iroh: Hard as nails, till the end.

Merek is overheard praising Ornella.

Merek is overheard praising Clara.

Lierre is overheard praising Martino: I've never attended an event like that before. Surprisingly enjoyable.

Silvio claps for Fecundo, though there's a politeness to it, as his relations are all covered in snow.

Merek is overheard praising Iroh.

Fecundo is overheard praising Eirene: Right there till the end of the melee durable as they come.

Kritr applauds. "YEAH! Well fought!" He sounds enthusiastic, not angry over his loss.

Lucrezia stands up and claps loudly as it's come down to one fighter(at last!).

Sydney waves off Lucrezia's commentary as the fighting begins to get down to the wire. Her eyes flick wordlessly from combatant to combatant. Her jeering and suggestions have ceased now that it's so damnably close. Everyone's exhausted and it shows. Who's going to bring it home?

Strozza applauds at the conclusion of the fight, smiling to the lot of them in the pit, though he stands at one point with his gaze drifting to the golden champion once more, to see how she fairs.

Martino is overheard praising Wyrmguard: Truly organised jointly a fine spar

It's at this point that Lierre stands, clapping her hands together soundly and just about loudly enough to be within the bounds of dignified conduct. Her grin is bright as she flashes it over at Iroh, and she lifts a hand to wave at her cousin.

Asher may not have a lot of wind in him, still trying to recover - but getting there - yet he's still whistling and cheering for the fight. He roars with applause and cheering when Iroh is the last fighting Fecundo. It's a whirling dervish of a fight, and he's enjoying every moment.

Nina is overheard praising Martino: Great show!

Nina is overheard praising Dominique: Great show!

Lierre is overheard praising Dominique: An excellent show!

Merek is overheard praising Dominique.

Merek is overheard praising Martino.

Rohm the Blackguard, Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd arrive, following Caelis.

The end of the combat is coming, Clara is tired and it shows. She dances with Eirene, the two warrior women taking one another on exclusively for quite some time. A blow is landed here and there, some heavy some light, but the two women stay up and fighting one another for a good handful of seconds before Eirene provides her with a good final swat and she ends up landing in a small bank of snow. Which is probably great for all the aches she's going to have after this. She has a confused look on her face like she has no idea how she is looking up at the sky right now... but she has enough sense to stay where she is once she's there. Slowly she starts to wiggle fingers and toes to see what is still working.

The combat gets hard toward the end, as Fecundo trades blows with both Orelia and Iroh for a time. When Eirene enters the fray, Fecundo finally manages to sweep the feet from under Orelia and hit her with the flat of his axe to knock the wind from her to finish her time in the duel. He steps back and then starts going back and forth between Eirene and Iroh, hitting and missing at random, likely on adrenaline at this point. Then...Iroh fells Eirene..and Fecundo's melee comes back to the beginning. At this point, there is no style...there is no tactical move. It's simply a matter of two warriors with great hair, trading blows. As they land on him, Fecundo wavers and almost falls a few times, but gives back as good as he gets. In the end, it is Iroh who falls just before Fecundo drops to his own knees, but he is the last man standing. He movves over to offer the Keaton Lord and hand up, even though he is not much father above the ground, himself.

Rohm the Blackguard, Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd leave, following Caelis.

Ornella sits on the side of the training ring doing her best to keep herself warm. As the winner is revealed, she gives a sitting ovation. "There we go! What a bout."

One advantage of getting knocked out early, is that he gets his wind back earlier than some of the other fighters. He heaves himself to his feet and stomps over to his furs. "That was FUN!" He isn't an exhibitionist, he will put on his furst eventually.

With the battle royale finishing, at least for the senior division, Dominique grins as she looks towards the group of gathered combatants. "And we have a winner!" There's a hearty applause and a bit of chest puffing with pride as it's a fellow Oathlander and she grins in Fecundo's direction. "As such, the winner of the senior division will get to choose the charity to which half the entry fees will go to. Considering the number of worthy causes out there, I'm certain that he will make a wonderful choice." she says with a sage nod before looking at the participants.

"All the participants will get bottles of Wyrmguard whiskey as well as Blancbier chocolates (as soon as I can create them) sent to them via messenger. Once again, thank you to everyone for participating and don't forget that there will be the elite division tomorrow where we will have another battle royale!" she calls out, fistpumping.

Eirene has had an epic battle with Clara that she came out triumphant from. She keeps pressing her attacks on her competition, landing decent blows here and there, but it comes to the end with the three of them lashing out at one another. The snow in their eyes, their breath puffing in white clouds. She hits Iroh but the pretty young man won't fall down. Eventually he manages the final blow that exhausts her and she staggers a few steps before collapsing. "Shit, son," she says with admiration. "You got some lasting power." A compliment, an innuendo? Both?

Martino has left the a clear training ring marked out with snow.

Silvio has left the a row of benches on the south side of the ring.

Merek watches quietly, and gives his writs for viewing. Eventually, when it's all finished, a nice applause, then he looks to be about the way.

The battle becomes intense and difficult. Iroh doesn't show signs of tiredness or even fatigue in the earlier goings of this contest between the survivors of the conflict. Iroh twirls and twists, suffering hits and dealing them out in return. But it is not long before Fecundo fells Orelia, and Iroh fells Eirene. After giving a respectful salute to the Malvici warrior. "You fought well, and thank you, my lady.", Iroh turns his attention to Fecundo. This battle rages on like two demons charging at each other.

and it is a battle that is not quick. But what is perhaps more impressive is that each time Iroh falls, he gets back up, almost like his willpower allowed him to just plain ignore the pain. Iroh though slashes across Fecundo with a viscious strike on more than one occasion, making this so close to call, it might come into question that they just call it a draw before both die of exhaustion.

Alas...near the end, Iroh strikes Fecundo just as he strikes him, knocking Iroh down. He stays there for a moment before he puts his fists against the dirt, pushing himself up and letting out a warrior's cry. Pain held him down, but he powered through it. Pain is an old friend, an obstacle that must be conquered. He does not quit while he has strength in his body. If he was going down, he was going down swinging.

He attempts one last swing, deflecting Fecundo's attack, back-bending under another like it was the Matrix but when he turns to strike this man again, his blade just barely touched Fecundo's neck, while Fecundo's strike had wrung true, knocking Iroh back to the dirt. He rolls onto his stomach after a grunt of pain or five, before he's crawling towards his enemy, like he's trying to will himself back to his feet, but he drops back on his face. Panting heavily from exhaustion, his body gave out, despite all of his efforts.

Fecundo is the last man standing: the victor.

Waldemai applauds, even though the prince isn't Malvici

Ornella gets a rubicund and gold fox hairpin with purple diamond eyes from Fiery Cloth Pouch.

Ornella puts Sickly Green Steel Hairpins in Fiery Cloth Pouch.

Ornella gets Velenosian Silk Cloak from Fiery Cloth Pouch.

For his part, Asher heads over to the pile of belongings that he had tucked safely away in the tent, so that he can put the other pieces of armor, as well as jewelry, back on. Those little gold rat-earrings and even an iridescite ring. And of course, his sword, and his -other- dagger! Can't forget all the important bits. Once he's back, he's headed for some of the seats, the benches to the side, so he can sit, and continue to catch his breath. Sweating, and likely bruising at the same time.

Lucrezia stalks off through the snow, with the fight over it's time for causing trouble and scandal elsewhere. Probably.

Lucrezia has left the a row of benches on the left side of the ring.

Fecundo crawls his way to the side of the ring where his sister was sitting and -now- pulls on his boots. He looks to Dominique, "Thank you. I can decide at the end of tomorrow's event?" He looks completely wiped and liely not even able to name a charity at the oment.

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