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Southport Bowl: A Grand Melee of Lycene Tastes (Senior Level)

In aid for charitable causes across the Compact at this time of need. The Lord Martino Malvici and Marquessa Dominique Wyrmguard have arranged two melees to take place in Arx for prowess, the fine art of the blade and for the daring tastes of the city.

These contests will be fought in the barest of clothing for men and women to truly show off excellence in the ring. Think braies and cloth vest rather than full plate metal. Crafted from leathers found typically in the city. (OOC: High Quality Pelt Maximum. Top & Pants only.) The weapons used are to be wooden swords or blunted weapons made from common materials. (OOC: High Quality Steel Maximum. Hairpin, Small, Medium or a Huge Wpn can be used).

The Senior Melee and the Legendary Melee will be arranged to cater for different caliber of fighters. Please inform the servant displaying this notice of your ranking:

Entrance Fee: 50 Writs
Spectate Fee: 25 Writs

Please send your writs to either Marquessa Dominique or Lord Martino for collection.

Sponsored by House Malvici and House Wrymguard. Questions and queries to be directed to Lord Martino Malvici.


March 27, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Martino Dominique



Malvici Wyrmguard


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Southport Training Center - Training Ring

Largesse Level


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