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Lord Iroh Keaton

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Sage of War
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Keaton
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 25
Birthday: 8/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Bluish-Green
Skintone: Caucasian

Description: Iroh is a young man whose features are best described as fair and beautiful. His raven hair is long and smooth, descending to just below his shoulders and his eyes are an intriguing mixture of blue and green in just the right quantities, which look upon the world with an intellectual and clever eye. He has high cheekbones but a chiseled jawline. His nose is not large or small, but just right to fit his face. His eyebrows are not bushy, but instead are more slim to help give a more refined presence. He currently sports no facial hair, but his lips are slim and slender rather than full, which gives him quite the canvas to express his emotions in full.

Physically, Iroh is athletic and muscular, though he is not a large fellow by terms of this and possesses more of a slim-muscular build. He bears only a few scars from his many adventures and activities, but none of them appear to have been dangerous or threatening.

Personality: Iroh is an individual that can be best described as a philosopher, wise beyond his years. He possesses a generally humble and soft-spoken attitude paired with a sarcastic sense of humor to grant him a friendly and approachable demeanor. However, almost paradoxically, Iroh knows when it is time to be serious. He can be cruel and merciless, should the situation call for it. Overall though, Iroh is a kind fellow who cares and cares deeply. However, there is also no mystery too great, no strategy too complexing, and no battle too great.

Background: Lord Iroh Keaton was born as the second child to Lady Sallah Keaton nee Crovane and Lord Morden Keaton, one of Keaton's greatest legal minds. Unfortunately, his upbringing was riddled with perfectionism by his overbearing father, who saw him as a sort of the golden child compared to his younger sister Amari and older brother Aric. His mother passed when he was all of six years old, making Iroh grow distant for the next few years.

Much to Lord Morden's frustration, despite Iroh's gifted mind, Iroh did not even bother attempt to learn the finer points of the legal systems of the various lands. Instead, Iroh was fascinated by the art of war and the skill of command. In order to pursue this effort, Iroh also learned the art of combat, eventually departing his family's safety to learn amongst the huntsmen that Keaton is famous for. For years he learned the trails, how to shoot true with an arrow, how to identify an animal by their footprint. But he learned so much more: He learned strategy. The art of surprise, the mastercraft that is tactics.

For such a time until his twenty-fifth year of life, Iroh has taught the rangers, the huntsmen, of Keaton to train them for their task at Keaton Hall. He rooted out criminal or hostile Shav elements from the Oakheart Wood to the Shadowood. He has assisted in previous battles where needed, such as the threats of the Gyre and the Silent War.

But with the curse over the Keaton family being lifted and hearing of Keaton's plans and ambitions, Iroh has decided to return to his family to assist them in their goals. It was finally time for Iroh to truly write his story.

Relationship Summary

  • Amari - Dearest Sister
  • Aric - Older Brother
  • Reigna - Cousin-in-law. She dutifully helps our House aim for greatness, and I would follow her anywhere.
  • Kael - Duke Kael has led our house to newer heights than ever before. I still need to play him in chess.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Mabelle - Lady Mabelle Laurent. It seems almost everywhere I have been, I have met her most often. She is a friendly sort, though she takes to calling me 'Blond Keaton'.
  • Name Summary
    Asher By the Gods, he's made of IRON! The amount of hits he can take before dropping? I'd offer him free drinks but I'm afraid he'd emptythe larder!
    Bliss One of the less-reserved Keatons I have ever met, firm in his opinions. I'm curious to see what he's like in a battle. The taciturn often only show their true side in the sands.
    Charlotte What a charming man! He brought me wine after a terrible disasterous shoe interest and shares a love of tea. I am certain we'll be fast friends.
    Clara Although I didn' get ta speak with him long he seems like the nice sort. Perhaps I'll get ta speak with him more another time.
    Dianna Such class and dignity in such an elegant and clearly-kind man. I'm intrigued and shall seek what opportunities I may find to know him better.
    Drake He has a rather graceful sword technique, favoring skill over brawn. As a showman in the arena myself, I approve.
    Esme I forgive him for drinking tea instead of wine. I also quite enjoy conversation with him. We are to be the best of friends, I can tell it. There are few you just have fun with instantly and I feel he may be one of them.
    Fecundo We started the fight in each other's face ...and we ended it that way. One hell of a fighter.
    Iseulet Tiddles' hero! Alright... and mine as well. Definitely Keaton stock, this one. At least he had a sense of humor about the whole thing and we could laugh off this series of unfortunate events (and surprises).
    Liara In one moment, I might say that he is unmistakably an Oathlander, from the preference for tea to the frequent directness of speech, and at the very next, I might be wholly unsure, with his casual manner and seemingly easy-going outlook.
    Martino Well, well, well. I have rarely seen a man still stand on their feet after so long in a sword fight. If you need someone to keep you alive. This man. Hire him. Pay him well.
    Mikani If I learn nothing more of this man than that he orders the finest tea and the hardest liquor .. I would still be his friend.
    Ophelia A fellow hunter and outdoorsman. Someone that I seem to get along with without even trying! I will see if he has an interest in visiting the Lodge of Petrichor this spring. Perhaps I will ask when I see him again.
    Sabella A very personable Keaton Lord who is both clever and polite in conversation! I listened to him compliment and assure someone who had a very particular dream and was charmed to hear him tell her to pursue her dreams! Definitely someone to get to know better!
    Sabine Sudden soldiers... the man's wit and ability for phrasing rivals the speed of his arrows. Though he never did give me his proper name. A ranger trick, perhaps?
    Sydney Met him in the training center on a crisp autumn day - he may be a new face, but he seems the kindly sort. It means a great deal to treat others respectfully, especially when you know they don't necessarily have to, and that seems the sort of man that Iroh of House Keaton is, at first blush.
    Zebulon A kind, respectable man. He seems to hold everyone to the same level, conversing with each as if they were his equal, regardless of status. He seems to carry a certain wisdom to him, I'm sure there's a few things I could learn from him.
    Zoey Sociable and kind.