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Free drinks at the Queensrest! Courtesy of the generous Prince Gaspar Velenosa. Come do your worst! Make him poor!

Come drink booze! Make Gaspar poor!


Sept. 9, 2019, 11:10 p.m.

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Catalana Mirella Wash Kaia Bhandn Gaspar Carita Berto Arik Juniper



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Queensrest Inn - Main Room

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4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Luca II, the laziest of the feline lot, Midna, the twighlight Darkwater Assistant arrive, following Carita.

Catalana turns to Wash and one of her ling manicured fingers prods his belly, "Aren't you still drunk from last night?"

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Luca II, the laziest of the feline lot, Midna, the twighlight Darkwater Assistant leave, following Carita.

Mirella stands slowly, staring at the missive she holds in her hand. She pats a distracted hand on Gaspar's shoulder, then makes a brisk pace out of the inn, Ambra following behind her.

Zoey says, "s eyes narrow. "No, that's not acceptable. I'll have a talk with him." It is unclear how serious her tone really is, especially with the gathering crowd."

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Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Ambra, a plain-faced Lycene scribe leave, following Mirella.

Wash nods. "I am. I am still drunk from last night." He assures Catalana. "But that is fading. Shall we?" He salutes Catalana with the whiskey. "I'm considering antics though. Which have left me bruised from last night. I might balance the bruises on my left with brusies on my right."

Kaia nods to Zoey. "Of course, sister." she says, in response to whatever it was they were talking about before. "Now, shall we join Wash and Catalana by the bar?"

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"As fun as it would be to try and convince the proprietor to bill His Highness for the 'complimentary' steelsilk handkerchiefs for each person who requests a bottle of the same that His Highness is drinking, I will have to find a different time to do so." That is said while Sir Bhandn gets to his feet and puts his weaponry back on, but it's with a faint quirk of his mouth and a bow for Gaspar to (hopefully) make it clear that such a statement was not one to be taken seriously. The knight will give a small shake of his body as he makes his way to the door though, a small sound coming from his throat as he suddenly puts a hand to his stomach, but he isn't going to remain, it appears.

As Mirella left, Gaspar looked around as the inn began to fill. A faint smile crossed over his lips, but he looked back down at the letter that had been delivered to Mirella and subsequently handed to him. Still, he looked back up and grinned openly now, "Come on, this is scarcely but a few silver. Make it /hurt!"

Kaia says, "Barkeep! A glass of Lenosian red please; and keep it coming! Add it to Prince Gaspar's tab. Tonight, we drink until we can't no more!" she states with a grin. "Isn't that right your highness?!~""

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Luca II, the laziest of the feline lot, Midna, the twighlight Darkwater Assistant arrive, following Carita.

Catalana notices Gaspar all alone and goes to take a seat opposite him instead "It's a gown for Jan." She beams at Wash, "Jan is home." She then slides in next to Gaspar "Hello Your Highness. Thank you for the drink."

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"Wait, Jan is home?" Zoey calls after Catalana. "And she wants a _dress_?"

Catalana waves her hands "Wants... needs...guilted. Same thing, right?"

The prince smiled as he was joined and eyed that beauty quickly. "It's my distinct pleasure, Lady Catalana. That gown is stunning on you. What are you drinking tonight? Lenosian red? Following Lady Kaia's lead? Or something less tasty." He grinned and laughed at Kaia's announcement.

"Jan in a dress! That's exciting. Now I have to commission that retirement uniform. Needs to be snazzy too." Wash says. "I'm going to wear it when she puts on that dress." He sips a drink of expensive whiskey and nods to those arriving at the bar. "Jhondrian whiskey." He gestures to the bottle. "Eighty seven."

"Wait, you're _retiring_?"

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The shadows of evening have grown long and deep, stretching out from their usual daytime haunts with the falling of darkness. One such shadow takes shape in the form of one Countess of Darkwater, and then the metallic rustle of her guards as they follow her really takes all the mystique out of her quiet entry. Nonetheless, she's far to fair to be shadowed except for the dark Thraxian gown she's wearing and a love for the dramatic. Pausing, her blue-eyed gaze lingers on those here, a smile growing as she makes her way to the bar. "Now, who was it that was buying our drinks tonight?" She calls to Zoey, that warm smile shining the Kennex noble's way.

Catalana smiles over at the prince, "I think I'll have a drop of the Lenosian Red. I mean, it's only polite when I'm the area." She leans a touch closer to Gaspar, "Is there a blend you recommend?" She then runs her hand over her dress with and laughs her soft smoky laugh "This old dress? I haven't worn it in years. I am glad it still fits."

Berto sidles into the bar, a crooked grin on his face. The man has a big grin cutting across his face, and seems entirely immune to the hostility of the staff at the sight of this commoner--commoner than most, perhaps the commonerist--in the Queen's Rest. He makes his way to the bar in a sideways, sidling sort of motion, with a direct and obvious sort of intensity.

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Wash says, "You wore that dress for the first time at our Sailor's Ball." Wash says to Catalana. "I feel underdressed.""

"That would be His Highness, Prince Gaspar," Zoey answers, gesturing in his direction.

Gaspar laughed softly as he listened to the newly arrived countess, but made no move to signal himself the purse for the evening. He studied her for a quick minute, however and looked back to Catalana. "There are any number of blends, my lady, but it all depends on taste. I would hate to be the one to lead you down the wrong path. It's a journey best meant for solo exploration, but you honor me even with the trying." He took a sip of his wine and looked over the dress again before glancing to Wash. "Hardly undressed, my lord. This is exactly the right attire for the festivities this evening."

"Oh no. You'll not trick me so easily my Prince." Wash says to Gaspar. "I know better than to undress in the Queensrest. You only have to throw me out once for me to figure that out."

Catalana presses her fingers to Gaspar's bicep,just the briefest of touches. "Nonsense your highness. I am sure your taste is exceptional. May I taste a sip of yours?" Without waiting for a reply, she gathers Gaspar's glass and takes the smallest of sips before returning it to him and licking her lips clean. "Mmhm."

Arik arrives in the Queens rest and given he isn't the height of fashionable peerage nor particularly luxury dressed gets some of that polite ignoring from the staff as he makes his way for the bar.

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Carita's brows furrow, "I always forget which Duchy has the penchant for poisonous wine," but with that said, she smiles at the approaching server, leaning in to stage-whisper. "This isn't -poisonous- is it?" Her eyes tick towards Gaspar, who gets a smile, and as she receives her drink, she sips it with squinted eyes for the Prince.

Zoey glances first to Catalana, then to Wash. She writes something on a piece of paper she tears out of her notebook before slipping it into Octavian's message tube.

Gaspar settled that playful gaze on Wash and laughed softly, "A pity, my lord." He took a sip of his wine and those eyes danced for a moment. "I'm sure we would all enjoy the spectacle." At the touch from Catalan, the Velenosan smiled a bit more and let her take his glass and watched as she drank. "Well? It certainly doesn't have the bite most drinks, but it makes for the best sipping drink. And it was then that he watched as Carita drank her wine and he snapped quickly with eyes wide, "Yes! That's the pois--oh well, too late now..." Slowly he sat back down in his chair and grinned broadly. "Welcome, my lady. Enjoy your drinks for the night, hmm?"

Berto reaches the bar, pausing to give Gaspar a sort of bow on his approach--the man moves like a marionette with at least two strings cut, a jerky, awkward sort of step. He looks over the offerings, pursing his lips into a smack, and giving a nasal, warbling sort of noise as he thinks it over. "...have me a tall one of the sixty-eight Gemecitta, eh? Hear that was a damnable good year."

Carita's hand lifts quickly to her lips as Gaspar talks of poison, her laughter girlish, if muffled, thanks to that hand. She closes her eyes for a moment and visibly swallows before she laughs a little more. "I nearly choked on this delightful poisonous wine!" she tells Gaspar, faux disgruntled. "Here lies the Countess of Darkwater," she then says to Arik as he seats himself at the bar, "she had a sip of perfectly normal wine and died trying to laugh and drink at the same time." Her eyes then flit to Berto, "Why is sixty-eight especially good?"

"A new method of lycene mischief, no longer is it the possibility of poison but the cutting wit of humor which sees people choking." Arik quips in a rumble of a voice as hard grey eyes cast across the room to Gaspar and he dips his head to the Prince, "Prince Ettore would be proud of the evolution to the art."

Wash says, "Imbibe at the Prince's expense." Wash says, saluting Gaspar. "If you are looking for nudity, we can always give Prince Galen a message.""

"That's who I forgot to send a message to!" says Zoey. "Do you think saying his name three times is enough?"

Catalana agrees as she flicks that golden hair over her shoulder again "Oh yes. It's nice. Much smoother than other red wines." She glances over at Wash. "I think I saw enough of Galen last night."Her gaze lingering back on the prince. "I'm unsure that nudity is needed at the Queensrest."

Indeed, the Velenosan seemed to enjoy the repartee from the countess. "That would have been a disaster beyond reckoning, my lady." Those dark eyes turned to Arik and he laughed anew. "The invisible razorsharpness, my lord. The wit. Cuts deeper and leaves fewer wounds to the dull." A quick glance to Wash then. "If it comes to disrobing, I am usually the first, but the hour starts to draw last and I, for once, have some business that must surpass the import of this fine company and drink."

Spontaneous applause erupts in the Queensrest Inn for the wildly famous visitor.

Layne, the withered veteran arrives, following Juniper.

"I can't be the only person to be thrown out." Wash says. "Actually. I think Ian was there last time. But it's a little fuzzy."

Berto wedges himself at one of the seats at the bar, pushing himself up to settle in and raising his glass to the tender when he's given his snifter of brandy. He takes a moment to take the aroma, and then he takes a long, deep sip. There's more than a bit of a grin as he looks toward Carita. "Well, seventy-one the master keeled over at her works. Natural causes, so they said, but it ruined the batch even the same. Her apprentice took better part of ten years learning his ass from his elbow--ah, begging your pardon, Ladyship--and his works worth a damn need time to season right. But for sixty-eight, well... sometimes things turn out right, and might be that's all there is to say on that."

Catalana gives a small pout at the Prince's planned departure "If you're sure?" Again her hand rests on his bicep, "I hope you come to the leadership ball next week. Perhaps you can save a dance for me. It would be a great honor."

Mention 'free' and a commoner or three are /sure/ to appear. No exception here, with Juniper arriving trailed by a bent and withered old man who mutters to himself beneath the crowdnoise. The priestess is less concerned with commotion than with assisting Layne across the threshold. Only when she's certain of his steadiness upon his own two feet does she drift forward against. Her smile is warm, the tilt of her head respectful for the nobility gathered; those less so are snuck a grin, where she recognizes them.

Carita's attention flits from Wash at the mention of nudity, brows lifted, to Gaspar at the mention of leaving, to Catalana's displeasure, only to be snagged by Berto as he explains the vintage of a wine that he likes. She laughs softly as he begs to pardon his language, a glance to Arik momentarily before she leans to say something a little more quietly to Berto, tone conspiratorial. "Well, now I know to throw out the ones that have been gifted me from the vintages you mentioned, thank you." She offers a hand Berto's way, palm down. "Carita Darkwater, and you are?"

Arik seems distracted when the applause breaks out for Juniper's arrival but looks up to spy the Godsworn helping a patron into the Queensrest. Then his attention is back to those at the bar, particularly Berto and his vintage knowledge.

Zoey looks to Wash. "Well he isn't here this time, and getting thrown out isn't ladylike. Unless you want to make a new friend to get thrown out with you, I think you're on your own."

Gaspar canted his head to the right at the mention of a ball and his smile was one of pure serenity. "I'm afraid I haven't received word of a ball for next week. It sounds like it's to be a wonderful time, however, if you'll be in attendance." He reached over and gave that hand on his arm a gentle pat. "It's been a pleasure, as always, Lady Catalana." He pushed himself from his seat and nodded to Wash, then Berto. A glance and grin to Arik and Zoey. "It's a poor host that leaves before his guests--" he raised his voice a bit to be heard over the crowd. "--but this impromptu gathering has swelled beyond imagining and I will not let my duties grind this good time to a halt." He walked to the bar and unfastened a thick purse from his belt and handed it over. "Keep drinking and enjoying each other's company." He bowed to them all and turned to Juniper. "Sister, a pity I cannot stay to meet you properly. Please, enjoy yourself this evening." And lastly, he turned to the countess. "My lady, enjoy the evening. May I have your name? I'm the spontaneous host, Prince Gaspar Velenosa."

"Berto Tiazza." The short man takes Carita's hand, and leans in to give it a kiss that might be... slightly longer than entirely appropriate. He leans back with a wide grin, and a sparkle in his dark eyes. "Chamberlain to House Corvini, for my sins. And humble brewmaster and co-owner of the famous Grenaldo and Tiazza's."

"Alas." Wash admits. "I will have to find modestly clothed antics. Who is this?" He asks of the new entry who is greeted with applause. He salutes Gaspar with his drink. "Next time your highness, I shall provide the liquor." He promises.

With the Prince exiting, Catalana comes back to the bar and to stand beside Wash again. "Why do all your antics involve nudity?"

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Juniper's course to the bar is interrupted with Gaspar's greeting. For that, she slides down into a courtier's curtsy, more Whisper than priestess for the span of that movement. "A pity easily remedied another time, your highness. Gods go with you, and may your night be a sweet one," she bids him, letting a hint of her grin show through. More appropriate to a commoner, perhaps, but he's moving on so what harm? "Sister Juniper of no known name, my lord." That, upon her rising and continuing to the bar. "A good evening to all of you as well. Pay me no mind, I'm here for the cider."

Arik watches the departing Prince with a chuckle and a big drink of wine, wiping his beard with the back of his sleeve whilst earning at least a sidelong look from some of the servers.

"He was still wear trunks when he dove off the roof at the party," Zoey reminds Catalana.

"Lord Brogan is somewhat more famous for revealing antics." Arik further suggests to Catalana as she returns to the bar.

Carita's laughter lifts at the prolonged kiss to the back of her hand from Berto, her hand wiggling in his grasp as her other hand looks like it might move to press against his forehead, but she's spared having to do that when he relents. "A pleasure, Master Tiazza, and your being a Brewmaster explains why you knew so much about vintages. I'll have to keep you in mind. Count Giulio's man, then? I adore the Count! He's a wise one, your Liege." She dips her head Berto's way before Gaspar makes his way over, her head tilted at the introduction, "Countess Carita Darkwater, your Highness, a pleasure to meet you." She slides from her seat to dip a curtsy his way. "I'll try to enjoy the evening without you. Especially if Lord Wash gets naked and everyone else follows."

"I loved those trousers." Wash mourns.

Catalana presses a kiss to Wash's cheek "I have already gotten the seamstresses making a new pair and repairing those other ones."

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"A brewmaster, and a deep lover of the craft, its process, and its results." Berto, having quickly finished a glass of forty-three-year-old brandy, motions for a second with that same satisfied grin. "And indeed, Countess, indubitably and unconditionally Count Giulio's man. Ever since he resolved some legal misunderstandings I'd found myself caught up in."

"Do you deal solely in wines or do you try your hand at ciders and the like too?" Arik wonders in a low rumble of a voice as his wine glass is replenished on the Prince's tab.

"You can do some very creative things with rum." Wash suggests. "Where was this brewmaster employed?"

Once the bar's achieved, Juniper helps Layne up onto a stool but opts to remain standing herself. With the old fellow steadied, she turns and lifts on tiptoes in order to fold her arms on the counter's edge, tilted slightly forward, a little over-- the classic posture of someone looking for the bartender but content to await their attendance. Easy enough to wait, given the nearby conversation, which she keeps her ear tuned to. Dark eyes spark with interest in their study of Berto, with Count Giulio's mention.

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"Oh, I've not so much been a vinter, myself. But plenty of works in fruits, nuts and sweeteners. Rum, now... that could be a project to take on, a day ahead." Berto grins wider, quite satisfied to have taken the center of attention. "I first set up my stakes, Lordship, on the docks in Ostria. But with the help of my partner Master Grenaldo, and of course Count Giulio Corvini--Lagoma give him health--I've set up my little shop here in Arx."

Wash recedes into the background while the brewmaster takes center stage, retreating with his drink toward the Queensrest wine cellar, where he may do something altogether untoward with the Velanosan Prince's generosity.

Carita shouts from nearby, "Don't forget to check for poison when you're nicking a bottle on the Prince, Lord Kennex!"

Catalana mutters, "... am ... his liver isn't pickled."

Catalana glances at Wash is he goes to cause antics. She sighs a long suffering sigh and turns her attention back to the others.

"Who said anything about a bottle." Comes the whisper from the cellar door. "Down here, I can swim in a hogshead."

Arik can't seem to help it, he just starts chuckling while looking towards the cellar door and getting ready to down another glass of wine.

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"A generous man, the Count," says Juniper, dipping her head to Berto in polite acknowledgement. "I've seen your little shop, in passing. A very popular one, even among the Lowers." That compliment given, conversation /invaded/, she offers up the apology of a grin and dimples. A glance is spared the direction of the cellar, her amusement hummed-- but then here's the barkeep, leading her to lean a little farther on the bar. "...the hospice's cider, please, in the half-cask."

Catalana curiously eyes Arik when he chuckles. "Hi. I don't think we've met. Lady Catalana Kennex." She extends her long manicured fingers towards Arik. "From the looks of you. You're a northerner?"

After a quiet conversation with Zoey, the pair leaning in to speak with the Countess' eyes sparkling with amusement, Carita lifts her glass to finish it. A droplet slides down from the corner of her mouth but caught before it can fall on her gown, a hand raised to wipe the excess wine. Rising, she sighs softly. "Normally, I'd have a drinking contest, I do love those, but tonight I have a slew of letters to write." She dips her head to Zoey first, "A pleasure as always, Lady Zoey," then to Arik, then Berto, with a smile for Catalana. "Do you think he's getting naked down there?" Her head tilts, but she waves off the notion with the wave of her hand. "Lady Catalana Kennex, allow me to introduce Lord Arik Halfshav. Sword of ...soemthing or other." There's a twinkle in her eyes as she glances Arik's way, laughter barely contained. "If you'll excuse me?" Is she avoiding getting a look from Arik? Possibly! Flee!

Arik accepts Catalan's hand in his own rough hewn palm, lifting it up but not kissing it instead bristling it with his formidable beard before straightening back up and remarking, "Lord Arik Halfshav, Sword of Whitehold so yes rather northern, I don't venture out of the Redrain ward often but free drinks at the Queensrest is hard to resist."

Arik follows up with the full introduction while casting Carita a squinty eyed look and a low *mrrrrm* sound of discontentment.

"Good health to you, Countess Carita Darkwater. And best of luck at your letter-writing." Berto lifts a glass to her--again mostly empty, the man seems to have a remarkable ability to put away his liquor. He mutters something to her as she starts off.

Carita is overheard praising Zoey: For a wonderful time on Prince Gaspar's silver.

Catalana perks immediately at the introduction "Oh. A sword? What an honorable job. You must be proud of your accomplishments. Say, are you married Lord Arik?"

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4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Luca II, the laziest of the feline lot, Midna, the twighlight Darkwater Assistant leave, following Carita.

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