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A Godsworn's Vows

The Faith of the Pantheon opens its arms to embrace its newest godsworn, who shall swear before the gods this day.


July 1, 2019, 10 p.m.

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Aureth Juniper


Aleksei Lucita Merek Delilah Fortunato Jeffeth Bliss Estelle Sophie Mirk Rowenova Hana Gianna Josephine Sparte Rinel Cassima Reigna



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands, Anouk Ardennes, Anais Ardennes, Triage, The white dove of Mercy, 3 Valardin Knights, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Sophie.

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper, Donatella, Sophie arrive, following Bliss.

Binky, an asshole crow, Greguin, an organized priest, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Aureth.

Aleksei steps into the cathedral with a somewhat wistful air, his smile wry and crooked. He shuffles down the aisle, finding a spot in the commoner pews near Fortunato to settle down.

From where she sits to the side, in an alcove with a good view of the upcoming proceedings, Lucita gives a little discrete wave to people she recognizes as they walk in, a warm smile on her lips. A quick admiring glance is given her surroundings.

Lance the white dove arrives, following Estelle.

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Merek makes his way into the place, while he has a longcoat which is adjusted about his frame. He then settles at a seat with some people he knows as well also.

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The duchess of Graypeak is here too, serving perhaps as some kind of official representative for the Vellichorians. Delilah wears a full wreath of starflowers and pale columbines hidden in her braids, looping through the copper plaits. A fleeting smile directed to several familiar faces she sends by way of greeting, but she maneuvers among the regular pews for those claimed for the nobility. So far.

Fortunato sits in the commoner pew with his umbra and his gold and his duskstone and . . . startling copper-belt, and he raises his hand to greet Aleksei and Hana in turn before they sit.

Clad in shining alaricite, polished to gleaming, the Bull of Solace strides down the center aisle of the cathedral. Chest broad and high the man walks with all the purpose in the world directly towards the front. His helm is still on, the bull's horns gleaming with their own shine. With his helm on he looks a gallant gleaming knight of the stories who is totally okay. Though a keen observer may hear the SNIFFFFs from behind that great Bull helm as Jeffeth Bayweather makes his way towards the front. Very composed.

Slipping in to the Cathedral alongside one of the Godsworn, Bliss takes a moment to look over the pews and the stage, then smiles to herself as she moves toward an alcove. She remains quiet, watching, but there is a warm, approving smile on her face.

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There is a flair to the dramatic in many of Aureth's entrances, so there is little surprise when he enters, flinging the doors open from the back of the Cathedral. He is trailed by templars, and the shimmering sweep of his aeterna cloak dusts the floor as its train sweeps behind him in a grandiose sheen.

The place is lit with hundreds of candles, with lanterns in numerous colors. A few priests walk near the back with tapers lit from the Eternal Flame, ensuring that everything is lit. Incense warms the air in a delicate scent. No expense has been spared, really, in ensuring that the Great Cathedral is bedecked in as joyous a finery as its priests, in candles and silks.

Aureth walks up the aisle towards the altar, his silver-shot hair and shining white train gleaming behind him.

Estelle steps inside the Cathedral with a wide smile, clearly in a happy mood to see such an event. She moves to join the other Godsworn present to observe the proceedings, smiling and squeezing the shoulders of a few familiar faces along the way.

Sophie enters quietly, and follows Bliss to the quite alcove, her hair loose and hanging to shroud her face somewhat. She's wearing a simple gown, the white robes of Mercy missing for tonight's festivities.

Mirk arrives, a little late, his pace perhaps a little slowed by his study of the murals on the walls and the ceiling, a distracted gawking that marks him out as a first time visitor to the Cathedral. Nonetheless, he quietly finds his seat once it becomes clear to him that ceremonies are already beginning, and seats himself on one of the noble's pews, watching the proceedings with interest.

The requirement of a ceremonial procession is, mainly, ceremony. Juniper, attired in plain white wool, the wild spray of her fiery curls captured in a simple braid, shatters the potential for a grand entrance by sneaking in a few minutes early, through a side entrance. She's supporting Layne on her arm, the old man huddled over his ball of twine, muttering. He's maneuvered towards the commoners bench to be tucked safely beside his more able peers. A grin is flashed those arrayed there once Layne is settled, and then she's hurrying (sneaking) behind the final pew to reach the center aisle.

And then, /then/ she proceeds forward, with as stately and elegant a step as could be hoped for one Whisper-trained. Chin up, black eyes dancing, she proceeds after Aureth, one hand curled about the pendant dangling from its chain about her neck. It isn't all dignity though. As she passes the other pews, those who've come, serene smile is tugged again and again into an acknowledging grin, bright head is tipped in happy greeting and finally-- when spying the altar just ahead, and Jeffeth nearby, perhaps a glint of relief appearing as she arranges herself before the Legate.

Arriving at the front Jeffeth stands near the altar, and clasps his hands in front of himself. That great Bulls helmed head then flicks over to the altar and the approaching Aureth. Though his expression cannot be seen, it is clear by the whipping around of that horned head that he is not sure where to stand. The knight starts to go thiiis way, stops. Looks the opposite direction. Starts to go that way.. Stops.

But then Juniper appears and Jeffeth just stops where he is. Probably standing in someones way. The bulls helm is slowly removed and tucked away under one massive arm. Of course, revealing bright red puffy eyes, threatening to well up all over again.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

3 Thrax Guards arrives, following Cassima.

There is a performer's flair to the way that Aureth commands the altar like a stage. He marches to on grand steps; he sweeps the long fall of his train behind him, flipping it back in a shining flick of white. "Faithful," he says, his voice projecting well to reach the far corners of the room. "Tonight, we are gathered here together to join in prayer and in joy, for a new sister will be joining our family. Tonight, we celebrate devotion, and new beginnings on new roads. And we celebrate change, transformative and elegant, in our hearts, and minds, and spirits." His hands spread wide, and he says, "Join with me now, Faithful, rise and pray with me in thanks to the Pantheon, as we prepare to welcome a new priest to the Church."

Sidling into the pews, Nova and Flop find a good spot to curiously view.

Estelle straightens up a bit further at Aureth's introduction, clasping her hands together. She beams a smile towards Juniper before closing her eyes and dipping her head to murmur softly.

Hana stands for the prayers, and now a bright smile spreads across her face. Whether it's for her father's showmanship, her friend's ceremony, or nothing more than the inner warmth and comfort she feels from a moment like this. A moment where the gods themselves might be looking down on their faithful.

Juniper's effort to stand taller may not see success, but the roll of her shoulders straightens her spine as she comes to a halt, and leaves her standing in what she must imagine is the posture of a Worthy New Sister. It's soft, the breath she draws in through her nose. Soft and steadying, before she clasps her hands and bows her head in time to Aureth's lift of hands.

Merek stands up, while he takes his longcoat to place it to the side, shifting about so he can bow with an incline as he listens and offers his supplications as needed.

Fortunato stands, a little more restrained than Hana, but smiling all the same. Deep breath. Prayer in your heart. All that.

During the quiet of the prayer there's another loud sniff as Jeffeth pulls out a hanky from.. his armor somewhere and blows his nose. He is smiling gently at Juniper's back, though it looks like his right eye may be starting to leak again.

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Gianna rises from her seat, chin held high as the listens to the prayer. She shoots a sidelong glance at Jeffeth, lips quirking slightly to the side in apparent amusement.

Delilah rises from the pew with a tumble of seasilk awash around her, measuring that movement. Her hand lifts to rest against the pendant at her throat, fingertips fanned wide. That serene state of affairs softens her expression turned to Juniper, watching her approach the altar. Aureth's words are a chord that holds her near singular focus.

Mirk rises respectfully for the prayers, his hands clasped in front of him. He listens with more curiosity than reverence, perhaps, but it can't be denied that he's attentive, at any rate.

"We give thanks," Aureth says, in his best and most rolling tones, "to all of the Pantheon on this momentous occasion, for they shall hear these words spoken, as do we, who bear witness. Yet our thanks are most for Lagoma, for it is to Her we sing our moments of embracing change: the transformation from one part of our lives to the next." Two fingers of his right hand wiggle in a slight gesture, and in answer, two of his templars troop forward. Their armor shines with polish for the occasion, and their helms are lifted, showing their bright eyes -- smiling, for once -- as each carries a taper lit from the Eternal Flame in Lagoma's Shrine.

"Juniper has petitioned to join the Faith," Aureth says. He takes one of the tapers in his hand, as one of the two templars offers the other to Juniper. "So as we offer these prayers of thanks to Lagoma and to all the gods, we light the incense upon this holy altar together, with fire taken from her Flame eternal."

Nova ends up somewhere near Mirk and also Delilah, and she remains standing, doing so with an attentive look to her cobalt-blue, khol-lined eyes, too.

Josephine rises, she has to lean on the cane to do it, but she rises none the less for this event.

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Lucita rises when the cue to do so is given and pays close attention to the proceedings.

For just a moment, Juniper's eyes widen with the weight of some deeper emotion as she accepts the taper. She handles it as a precious thing but also with the care of a person who very much does not want to set a foot wrong and disturb... the flame? But she proceeds forward, casting Aureth a glance which encompasses all the warmth her smile is capable of as she takes her place. If she holds her breath as she lowers the flickering snippet of fire to touch the incense, it can only be in service of avoiding any ill omens. Like blowing it out prematurely.

Sparte rises as well, a grin on his face as he watches the proceedings.

The smile that Hana offers Juniper is bright and full of warmth, as she listens to the prayers offered.

Having jostled his way through the crowd to get next to Hana, Jeffeth too is now beaming at Juniper. Albeit with a couple of tears rolling down his cheeks and his eyes still welling up.

Rinel stands and rests on her cane, smiling with all the others as the proceedings continue.

The flame set to the incense from two tapers at once blooms in a fresh coil of scented smoke, and then Aureth hands his casually back to the templar who bore it. "And so we give thanks," he says, and then turns back outward to face the congregation. "You may be seated," he tells them grandly. "For now it is for Juniper to stand before gods and folk, petitioner to the Faith. She has asked to join us as our sister and we welcome her with open arms, yet to do this is no small step. She will be absolved of the bonds of family and fealty, of her former oaths and duties. Do any stand as family to this woman, to release her to the Faith?"

Merek settles back on his seat as well.

A late arrival to the scared ceremony, Princess Cassima Thrax, arrives with her accompanying stonefaced guards. She silently nods them away as she joins her fellow nobles. Her thick curls are tamed by a single band to the back of her head as she listens intently. She is dressed in a flowing black gown and a silver pendant glitters at her neck. She scans her surroundings and the people before focusing her attention on the proceedings happening in front of her. Her expression is one of curiosity, she has been away from city for a while and was attracted by the crowds to the centre, on her way the Thrax manse. Now she watches on with keen interest and settles into her seat.

Juniper follows suit, turning at the waist to carefully return the spent taper to the templar. A small step carries her a little to the side, positioned to glance briefly over the assembly, betraying the way she plucks at her lower lip with her teeth. There's a beat of silence, rolling through the Cathedral. Then, unconventional Northerner, failed mining camp girl, retired Whisper and independent healer that she is, she clears her throat... and speaks, dissolving the proper form in the time it takes to draw a breath. "I would absolve myself, Father. My family knows of my decision and respects my choice, for it's mine to make, and I'm my own person to give away to a new path. I've walked away from every other claim on me and give myself freely, gladly, to these new bonds." Beat. "With true commitment." This time.

'That's my girl" Josephine says, perhaps a little too loudly.

"So shall it be, then." Aureth gives Juniper a nod of deep gravity, but the smile lifts his mouth at the corners after a beat. "Juniper, are you released to the Faith, acknowledging here before these witnesses that you owe no oath of fealty or family that may interfere with your service to the gods?"

"I am," says Juniper, chin inching higher. Give the young woman the barest hint of a smile-- and a murmur of support from the audience-- and her smile leaps into place, narrowing her eyes and sinking dimples deep. Relief, given shape. "I owe no oaths which would interfere with my service to the gods."

Estelle muffles a giggle herself as she glances over at Josephine, attention then turning back towards Aureth and Juniper. The tall woman has a smile of her own, broad and encouraging as she watches the exchange attentively.

Delilah murmurs something quietly to Mirk beside her, and then glances over to Rowenova. Her smile blossoms with a lotus-like quality all of its own, serene and incandescent in the light of the beautifully illuminated cathedral.

"Then kneel," Aureth booms, resting his hand upon her shoulder, and saying, "and swear these oaths, before the gods and witnesses gathered here. For Gild, do you, Juniper, swear to leave behind no wealth in your passing save to your brothers and sisters in the Faith? To support none as a wife or daughter might, but only through works of charity? For Limerance, do you swear to devote yourself freely to the gods and put these oaths you take tonight before all others? For the Sentinel, do you swear to seek truth in the grace of the gods?"

Juniper is cued by the weight of Aureth's hand. She sinks, a knee set down in support and the other remaining raised, a place to rest folded hands. The issue with ceremonies of this type is so often what to do with one's hands. She solves that. "In Gild's generous name I shall leave behind no wealth save to Faith and and no family but for that built through my good works in this life. For Limerance, I give myself freely, unconstrained of oaths to any other, the words I speak tonight to guide my path for the rest of my life. And in the Sentinel's sight, I will continue to uphold the truth through speech and action as I have always sought to do."

Aureth's smile warms his lips, his eyes, as he looks down at Juniper, kneeling before him. "And for Gloria," he says, "do you swear to act with honor in all your dealings as a priest of the Faith? Do you swear, for Jayus, to seek the inspiration," he pauses for an unscheduled hiccup, and then resets himself with a clear of his throat, "the inspiration of the gods, and allow them to color your life? In Vellichor's name, will you take up the burden of safekeeping knowledge, and tend to the Great Archive and its contents?"

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"For Gloria, I swear to always act with honour and pray she'll grant me the bravery I need to act as a priest of the Faith," says Juniper, not without a twist of self-aware humour as she gazes up at Aureth. It's an amusement which deepens, with the blip that follows. The words come easily, a confident-- even joyous-- declaration. "In Jayus' name I embrace the inspiration they've given me and will always seek more. For Vellichor, I will safeguard all knowledge and serve as I'm called to tend to His works."

Reigna ducks into the Cathedral, late and with her hood up, lingering at the back of the room as Juniper takes her vows.

Aureth's smile pulls a little wider with the clarity and joy in Juniper's voice, and then it fades back to its performance of solemnity as his voice carries with firmness and strength: "As Petrichor grants dominion, do you swear to uphold his ideals and enforce the tradition of Sanctuary to those granted it, no matter who they may be? For Mangata, do you pledge yourself to the waters, your ministry knowing no boundaries of the land? And to Lagoma, do you promise always to be open to change?"

The Legate must affect solemnity. Juniper operates under no such restriction-- and here, for these gods, there is such a surge of feeling that her trained performer's voice fairly rings through the immense space. "I shall protect Petrichor's dominion and ideals against any who would challenge them, with all I have. For love of Mangata, I will follow my responsibilities wherever they may take me and in her name I will never shirk, no matter what moon I stand under, what winds face me, or what shores I walk." Here, the redhead collects herself with a breath. Her chin rises. She looks not at Aureth but at the ceiling above them-- speaking to the sky beyond, the heavens themselves.

"I am Lagoma's, her healing fire, ever changing. I accept the path you've shown me. I accept the call you made for me to answer."

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"So may it be," Aureth answers this steady strength, with gravity and sureness. He lifts his gaze in a brief flicker, following Juniper's, and then returns its level weight to his kneeling petitioner. "As the First Choice fought for our ability to choose," he says, "do you choose of your own free will to serve the Pantheon now, and to make that choice again, each day, until the time you return to the Wheel? As the Queen of Endings shelters our souls in the realms beyond, do you swear to shelter souls in the lands of the Compact, from their birth until death? And in the name of the Dreamer, will you swear to serve the creations of Aion, and preserve the Dream Eternal?"

Swinging a massive arm around Hana, Jeffeth sits with the brightest of smiles trained on Juniper's back. He has stopped crying. For now.

Hana is smiling, too, as she watches Juniper take her vows. As she waits for her friend to come to the end of her vows, her own eyes have begun to well up.

"I swear to the First Choice I do this of my own free will, and shall continue to do so until my last breath," returns Juniper to a less exultant level. Calm now, still certain, but without the charged energy of her previous vows. "I will continue to shelter the Queen's souls, as best I can, from birth to death. And in Aion's name, I shall serve their creations and preserve the Dream with joy, never taking for granted the world we've been given, and made a part of."

And now, the thirteenth oath: the last chance for someone to speak or forever hold their peace, so to speak. Aureth says: "And the Thirteenth, Tehom the Reflection, requires a final vow: that you channel your passions, and be not ruled by them. Do you so swear?"

Reigna is smiling so wide, so brightly, biting her lower lip, eyes gleaming with joy as she watches Juniper speak.

Naming the Thirteenth introduces a certain weight. Juniper bows her head and lets her shoulders sink just a little. Her voice is a little softer now, self-consciousness betrayed when she says before an audience, "Through reflection, I've seen my ambition, and jealousy, my resentments and pettiness. I will never stop looking for my faults, the better to keep them controlled. I swear it." Though she won't say the name she's swearing under.

Aureth proclaims, as he proffers her the strength of his arm in aid in case she needs it, which she probably doesn't: "Then rise and be welcome, Sister Juniper, into the family of the Faith."

Estelle lets out a loud whooping shout along with her claps of affirmation, broad grin stretched across her face as she cheers for Juniper. "Welcome, welcome Sister!"

Joephine's cane taps agaisnt the floor loudly when Juniper is officially godsworn.

Merek smiles, while he offers a polite clap of hands also.

The hand up is gladly accepted, and used to launch Juniper right up to her feet-- and right /at/ Aureth, for the rather undignified spectacle of a priestly hug. "Thank you!" she says, and her laughter's finally unleashed, carrying her voice high. When she does let him go, she lifts her hand to those applauding the finale. As if she could capture their shared pleasure, and keep it.

Reigna places her thumb and forefinger in her mouth and lets out a piercing whistle. She lingers there at the back, but is happily cheering for Juniper.

Sophie doesn't make a spectacle of herself, but she does stand and clap from the quiet alcove where she's been nestled for the duration of the ceremony, smiling broadly as she does.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 43 higher.

Jeffeth does make a spectacle of himself. After some desperate shimmying down the pew, Jeffeth simply quickly leaps over the pew in front of him. (Where no one is) and quickly makes his way towards Juniper and Aureth.

Aureth is overheard praising Juniper: Welcome to our newest Sister. I have great confidence in her service.

Estelle is overheard praising Juniper.

Rinel is of course crying happily by this point, rapping her cane loudly against the floor in applause as tears stream down her cheeks.

Mirk claps quietly, at the finale of the ceremonies, the motions subdued but filled with a genuine pleasure and enthusiasm.

Aureth steals the first of many hugs that Juniper will no doubt be subjected to, and then releases her to the rest of her new family and her friends. "The service has been concluded," he says, "and now the congratulations are in order. Please no one trample anybody in your enthusiasm."

Applause falls from Delilah's hands, added by the silvery clamour of her jewelry. Acting as the particular translator for a few people among the noble pews, she beams with absolute delight.

Merek is overheard praising Juniper.

Merek is overheard praising Juniper.

Sir Floppington lets out a mournful bay to help celebrate Juniper's day while his human charge, Scout Nova, claps along, too. "Aww, good boy!"

Mirk is overheard praising Juniper.

With a quick whistle from the back, Bliss claps her hands in applause and appreciation for Juniper, before slipping out of the Cathedral.

"No trampling, I'm fragile," Juniper claims. She has a finger ready for leveling at Jeffeth-- him, she means him. But after that, she grins and spreads her arm, ready for the rather larger hug to follow. "So many people came! Don't forget to let go, I want to hug /everyone/."

Sophie slips out as quietly as she slipped in, following Bliss, a smile upon her lips as she goes.

Despite her tears, Hana has the most brilliant smile as she watches the new-minted godsworn rise... and then embrace her father. The smith can't help but laugh at the sight. Still, she doesn't yet leap forward as Jeffeth does; she knows there's plenty who will rush the new godsworn Sister, and she'll have time enough to give Juniper congratulations once the crowd thins.

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Estelle makes her way out of the Cathedral after waiting her turn to hug the newest Sister tightly. "So happy to have you with us!"

Lance the white dove leaves, following Estelle.

Huge arms swing around Juniper as he definitely does not trample her. Jeffeth lifts the newest Godsworn in the air and to his chest with the brightest of smiles, a few more tears running down his cheeks. He cranes his head forward to press a kiss against Juniper's lips. Before as she requested, setting her down so she can hug /everyone/. Which is a lot of hugging. As he steps to the side he murmurs softly to her, but then stands dutifully at her side.

Laughing, Juniper is spun up, and laughing she's set down again. There's no erasing her grin as she turns to step into the (less energetic) embraces which follow. Estelle is hugged, and then she's moving on, opening her arms to the next. "I thought I'd /feel/ different but do you know, there isn't even a tickle of that. But no more Just Juniper now," might be phrased for melancholy, but it's carried on the wave of her warm amusement.

Fortunato is overheard praising Juniper.

Fortunato stands. His congratulations are only, "You were never 'just Juniper', hm?"

Reigna is overheard praising Juniper: Never Just Juniper, more like... Sister Juniper, the bes.

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Lucita gives those at the seating with her a warm smile and then rises from her seat. It has been nice sharing this time with you, but I need to head back home.

Sparte's expression shifts from mirth to realization at that exchange between Fortunato and Juniper, like he had been reminded of something. He turns his gaze to the tapestry with a quiet thoughtful murmur and a brief shake of his head.

"No matter how hard I tried," is Juniper relenting. She sighs, but it's a merry thing, even in final defeat.

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Fortunato says, "Juniper in spring, Juniper in high summer, Juniper in cooling autumn, and Juniper through the long winter. You have made your choice, and it is a good one. I look forward to the change you work." He bows.

Once the crowd has thinned slightly, Hana makes her way up to the front. "Look at you, Sister Juniper!" she says, with a touch of laughter to her words. "I'm so proud! And a little bit envious."

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"Juniper Eternal sounds a little too grand, just yet. Maybe if Lagoma's plans hold true, later," says the newly minted Sister. She reaches out to skim a touch against Fortunato's sleeve, accompanying the gesture-- grateful and warm-- with a grin. Then she turns to open her arms and take a step away from Jeffeth. Only a single step, sweeping Hana into an embrace. "Envious! I sweat right through the armpits of this dress, don't be /envious/."

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Sparte rises up, giving a few parting words to those sitting with him before quietly taking his leave.

Reigna moves away from the back wall and heads towards Juniper. She offers a bright smile, "Juniper the Eternal sounds good to me." Reigna says, offering a hug to Juniper. She sees Fortunato and beams at the short artist. "Fortunato! Good to see you. And Father Aureth! I hope you are well!"

"Ahaha! Juniper Eternal." Fortunato brushes his fingers light across himself to meet Juniper's touch. That he then turns a faint scowl on Hana, brief as it is, is /manifestly/ unfair. He's about to brisk off, but he stops to incline a bow at Reigna (and behave himself). "My lady! It has been far too long, far too long."

"I'm delighted," Aureth assures Reigna with the flicker of a wink, his weight balanced backwards on his heels. He has backed a few paces to give more people access to the newest godsworn.

Josephine rises from that side alcove, a nod for whatever Sparte says and grin for Rowenova, reaching over to chuck a forefinger under the scout's chin in greeting before she starts to head toward Juniper but not approaching quite yet.

The large man steps off to the side, smiling brightly but waiting patiently like a very good boy. Jeffeth clasps his hands together and dips his head.

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Forefinger flipped under her snowy-white chin, Nova lets out a little laugh, which brightens up her somber mood from before. She follows along after the Crafter Guildmistress, queueing up behind her.

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"My lady! I'm so glad you came!" Juniper releases half of the hug she's ensnared Hana with, and reaches with one hand to take Reigna's, reeling her right into the hug on offer. "You look well," she murmurs, a note of gladness therein. The release comes with a backwards step, so she can beam at everyone within her line of sight-- Josephine included, as she steps towards the group. "And you, Guildmistress! You came too! I'm so glad to see you. Welcome, and thank you."

Hana returns the embrace enthusiastically. "Yes, but now it's /done/," she points out to Juniper, her tone light. "Whereas /I'm/ still going to have to stand in front of everyone and do mine! Of course, I have to finish the whole 'visit each shrine and journal about what particular member of the Pantheon means to me' business." The smile falters slightly as she takes in her uncle's scowl -- and his departure shortly thereafter.

"I should not be out long. But I could not miss this. I am so happy for you, so proud of you." The hug is fierce and tight. "I will see you soon. I must away. But I... I am so happy for you." Reigna keeps her hood up and then offers a bow to Fortunato, Aureth and Juniper. "Good evening to all of you."

"As if I would not come. When Goodwoman Hana takes her, I will be here too." Josephine smiles with approval and no small amount of affection for Juniper after Reigna has finished hugging and speaking. "There is a gift for you, waiting. Just tell me where to send it. What you do with it, well, it will be interesting to see what. But it my gift for your new path." A gesture to someone holding some bolts protectively covered in silk. "I shall leave you though, dear girl, to enjoy your first night as Godsworn with others far younger than I who can keep up with you."

"Don't tell your father," Juniper says, in a whisper appropriate only for the stage, "but I might not have done /all/ the journals. I was half-expecting the torches to flare up over it too, thank goodness they didn't. Luckily I've spent so much time in all of the shrines, it must have made up for it." Reigna's departure sees her looking after the noblewoman, a touch puzzled, but she makes no inquiry. Not right now. Instead, she turns to include Josephine in her renewed smile-- and a hint of curiousity when the bundles are gestured to. She steps up, ready and willing to take those-- or at least pass them to Jeffeth for carrying, strongman that he is. "You're good to me, Mistress Josephine, and really, /too generous/ with all the gifts you've given. Thank you so much. I really am fortunate." That last comes as she looks at those assembled, her smile shading softer. More tender.

Merek has left the Side Alcove.

Jeffeth quickly steps forward towards Juniper and Josephine ever at the ready to carry heavy things. He smiles brightly and sticks his arms out. Here they are.

Merek makes his way from the place also!

Hana blinks over at Reigna's remark about 'not being out long', frowning with momentary concern. She doesn't really know the woman, nor does she pry, but statements like that imply danger of some sort. But then Josephine is saying she'll attend when Hana swears her own vows, and she offers the guildmaster a smile of thanks. Juniper's comment about skipping a few of the journals earns a laugh. "I don't think I could get away with that. I'm pretty sure dad will be watching me like a hawk!"

Nova steps up to shake hands, at least to begin with, maybe even give Juniper a wolfy hug should she like one. There is Sir Floppington the soulful hound to simultaneously greet the new Godsworn, too, doing so with soulful eyes which actually appear to admiringly gaze at Juniper.

Greguin, an organized priest have been dismissed.

3 Templar Knight guards have been dismissed.

Binky, an asshole crow have been dismissed.

"Some things, have a purpose and a reason for their being." Josephine reaches out to touch the pendant Juniper wears. "They do not stop singing and the song is strong. This is a day to be proud of." Jeffeth stands at the ready and there's a glance from the person carrying them to Josephine as if asking permission and a nod is given to hand them over. Two bolts of steelsilk if someone peeks, carefully protected. "If you find you need more, let me know. I'll see to it sent." There's a nod to Hana. "I'd have witnessed Goodman Felix's if it had been public. I'll be there for yours if permitted. Any in the guild." She straightens though. "For now, I'll take my leave. Good day to all of you."

Rinel steps forward toward Juniper and bows politely. "Sister Juniper. Congratulations. It was a beautiful ceremony. Your devotion to the Lady Lagoma is inspiring."

All hugs are welcome and, grinning, Juniper turns to attend to Rowenova's presence with exactly that. After, she takes a knee again in order to provide the same for Sir Floppington, whose ears prove irresistible and earn a good rubbing before she straightens up. When Josephine touches the pendant, she tucks chin towards chest and does the same. "I suppose it /was/ time to stop sulking, and do what was needful. What won't a person do, to save a life," she murmurs before looking up again. Her smile, softer, grows a little stronger with a visible effort. "Thank you, Mistress Josephine. Get home safely, please. I hope /everyone/ does, the shadows these days... thank you, Mistress Rinel! It's... well, I had a choice. Devote or ignore. But some things shouldn't be ignored."

Nova quietly congratulates Juniper during that wolfy hug with back pats afore they part ways and Flop also hugs Juniper, too. Chin to Shoulder, of course! Then, Nova waves goodbye before beckoning along Flop as they head outside.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound leaves, following Rowenova.

Hana steps away from Juniper, though adds, "If you're free later, Sister Juniper, I'd love to talk to you about some things. But I imagine a lot of people want to celebrate with you, tonight."

Rinel has left the Side Alcove.

Demetria Arcuri leaves, following Josephine.

"I think some quiet celebration is in order. The sort which allows talking to happen," Juniper claims. She spends a last moment looking about the Cathedral, eyes lingering on the murals bright with flames. "Come on," she decides. "I should get Layne back to the hospice, and I left some stew simmering," such a practical thing she is, "we can have that, and some cider."

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