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Thrax Honours: Darrow Darkwater

The installation of Darrow Darkwater's statue within the Hall of Heroes is complete and a respectful dedication and rememberance of the life of hte Knight of Sorrows -and- of Joy is behind held within the hall. Attendee's are invited to share in stories of the man, the myth, the frown.


April 28, 2019, 2 p.m.

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Lucita Ian Valencia Sorrel Sina Aethan Jasher Vega Dycard Evonleigh Carita Ajax Mikani Quintin




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Hall of Heroes - Thrax Hall

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Comments and Log

Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid arrives, following Valencia.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Sina.

Lucita comes into the Hall of Heroes, dogs left outside as is usual with a guard to watch over them. She is bundled up in the cold weather, a few melting snowflakes clinging to some of her hair curls and her cloak. She glances around those gathered for this recognition and gives them a warm smile though stays silent.

Ian has been here for a while, from the looks of it. He stands more or less alone in the Hall of Heroes, his pensive attention currently fixed on on the statue of Donris Ashcrest.

The Hall of Heroes, in particular the wing that houses the Thrax contingent of individual of note is bustling. Not that the other halls aren't bustling too. In the past two weeks, the statue of Koraj Marin was removed and in it's stead a new statue devoted to Lord Darrow Darkwater had been put in place. The dour Knight of Sorrows standing watch over the rest of the hall with the others who have so similarly been honoured with a place.

There are no streamers or dangling globes of lit oil. There's tables, small and round, of rum and wine set out as this is a toasting, an honouring, of the man and his indoctrination into the Hall. Members of the fealty move about and those who are not of the fealty as well. There'sa musician, playing his violin to give some background noise to the room that is more than the talk by others present.

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Ajax.

Valencia arrives, drifting into the hall as silent as the snow that falls outside. A small smile is offered to those she knows as she moves through the crowd and finds her place among those here to offer their respect.

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Ajax.

All in white aeterna, Sorrel looks tall and radiant and lovely. She is completely silent, and there is curiously a bit of slate tucked under one arm that seems to have seen use as a chalk board. She looks over the newest statue with interest.

Sina makes her way into the Thrax hall within the Hall of Heroes, her expression both solemn and reserved. She's wearing the aeterna robes of the Archscholar over plain leathers and a blouse, her long black hair woven into a braid down her back. She circles around to one side, alongside a wall, and tucks her hands into the long sleeves of her robes as she watches with solemn, silvery eyes.

Aethan enters the hall with Evonleigh, and he's talking to her in low tones as he looks around the hall. He spots his brother, saying something else to Evonleigh as he starts them that way, nodding to those he knows on the way -- Sorrel and Lucita, mostly. "Ian," he says as he gets to his brother.

Jasher walks in alongside Vega, flanked by his retinue. The man's in his leathers, looking more the stern bodyguard than an attending scion, complete with the occasional roving gaze unruffled by the festivities.

Entering at her brother's side, Vega Thrax glances around the Hall of Heroes curiously but works to keep her expression appropriately somber. She murmurs something to Jasher before looking back towards the growing group of people gathering for the event.

Dycard is present, quiet but present, as he lurks in the background. Clad in linens and wools as he is - though in an unmistakeably Thraxian fashion - he might even get mistaken for the help, though the sword hung cutlass-fashion at his back might give the lie to that impression.

Ian turns towards Aethan, and nods to him. His expression is a different kind of hard to read than is usual for him. There's something a lot more pointed about the looks of neutrality that he wears. 'Guarded' would be a good word to describe it.

The Whitehawk lady glances back over her shoulder at the main hall, a little wistful smile gracing her features, before she nods and says something to Aethan, then turns her attention to the Thrax hall. She dips a curtsy to those of high rank, a graceful and artful gesture from the actress, her lashes fanning her cheeks. Her steel-blue eyes settle on the new statue for a moment, before she turns to look at Ian, offering him a smile and a questioning look. "Lord Ian," she says. "Are you well, my lord?"

Jasher murmurs something Vega's way in reply before straightening to look around once more. He's unsmiling, and his blue eyes are cool.

Carita is wrapped in Thraxian black, remains mostly poised by the circular tables of rum her eyes lit on the bottles set out there with a lingering smile. "Darrow would have been pleased, I'm told, that the bottles have been put in order by color", she remarks idly to Ajax, who has been standing beside her. Blue eyes lift to the hulking mercenary, her smile curling a little higher. "Is there anyone here you'd like to meet?" She gives a little wave to a few people as she waits quietly.

Lucita edges her way through the crowd, giving a curtsy as she passes by some with royal titles, and stops adjacent to Valencia. "A goodly sized crowd has gathered. I came by earlier and read the story over. It is a good one, isn't it?

Giving a subtle nod to her brother, Vega turns her attention back to the people, letting her gaze drift from one to another. She offers subtle and discreet nods towards those she recognizes but largely stays quiet and near to Jasher.

Aethan's eyebrows raise just slightly at his brother's countenance, though it's only a slight change of expression, and it's gone quickly. He does lean in to say something a little bit lower, though it's short. A second or two later he straightens up, one hand sliding into the pocket of his coat as he looks around the hall again, waiting for the proceedings to begin.

Trudging not too far from Carita, the armored mercenary looks over at her. Giving a dip of his head towards Valencia before he addresses the Countness he came in with, "Mm, I never had the pleasure of meeting him. Though, I suppose with this turn out he would be, Countess." he purses his lips thoughtfully looking around the group proper, "I..think I have met everyone ere'" his broad shoulders rolling in a small shrug.

Ian nods to Evonleigh. A greeting? An indication that he's well? Both? Neither? It's hard to say. He says something under his breath to Aethan, his tone absolutely flat.

Sorrel heads over in Sina's direction with a warm smile, and she lingers nearby the Archscholar in a friendly sort of manner. She touches her throat briefly, then snags a bit of chalk from her pocket to write on her slate, 'Thank you for coming. It is good to see you.'

The little vixen turns aside to her friend and offers a gentle smile. "Yes, indeed. But I would expect so. He was a man many respected," Valencia replies with a small nods as she turns to look over the crowd and back. A gentle not is offered to Ajax in response to his greeting and she turns back to the Baroness. "I miss him actually," she smile again, a kiss of sorrow gently touching her eyes. "He was always kind to me. I appreciated that."

The Archscholar is decidedly quiet today, her silvery eyes studying those present, watching as people pay their respects to Darrow Darkwater, who put house before self. She occasionally gives a dip of the head to those she knows, particularly Princess Alarissa, who receives a brief smile. When Sorrel approaches her, Sina gives the other woman a soft smile, and she murmurs something to the other woman, even while watching the chalk with interest.

Alarissa in that scaled dress of mica, white gold and iridescite, the blush day jacket adding to the train of the gown, sweeps her way in from teh exit to the rest of the hall and comes to stand at the front and the left of the statue in question that they're there for, a hairpin tapping at the side of a glass when the musician ends his song and to garner the attention of those in attendance. She has to pitch her voice to be heard by it can be, the walls aiding her in this matter, a dip of her head to Sina in greeting to the Archscholar.

The bottles have indeed been arranged on the small tables by color. Then by name.

"House. Before. Self." Alarissa smiles to those paying attention.

"When I married in to Thrax, took my place at the side of his Grace, one of the first to welcome me though in his own way, was Lord Darrow Darkwater. He was, many would agree, an ice cold bucket of water. It took some getting used to with regards to how to work with him. He took you at your word literally, and when was asked to do something, even in jest, he would do it in all seriousness. One had to swiftly learn how to interact with him."

She looks to the statue behind her. "His history is one filled with stories that are told in hushed whispers in inn's and to children around the fire. To scare or to make a point. Of a young man lashed to the rocks as the tide was coming in. Who survived against all odds. Who strove to uphold Sentinel, Gloria and the gods in esteem and spent countless hours tutoring me on some of the finer points of the Mourning Isles while we stood arranging and re-arranging his Grace's alcohol collection when I managed to find a new bottle to add to it."

Alarissa smiles wider. "Or I would deliberately put them out of order, so he would have something to do when he had nothing else. He seemed to abhor relaxation and idleness." Back to the crowd. "And we would speak of the concept of putting the needs and desires of the House, before that of the self." There's a shake of her head. "So it was little surprise to me when he strode into the library, and bowed and stated succinctly that while the rest of the isles would sail to Setarco as the King commanded, he would sail for Darkwater. To evacuate the innocents, to remove things from the Keep that would be best served not in the hands of the enemy and to keep watch. To hold off the enemy until help could arrive. He knew the odds of such were slim, but he had to try. House. Before self."

Alarissa lifts a glass, even as others are circling to ensure that everyone has a glass of something hard from the Darkwater region. "So as we forge forth into a newer era, a time of great change for our people, our home, our lands, we should look to Lord Darrow, the Knight of Sorrows and of Joy. And remember the words he spoke to me as I gave him my cobalt dagger and bid him farewell. Place the house, before the self. This, is the way of the Isles."

And she's taking a swallow of that rum then, other encouraged to do the same.

Whatever Ian says to him has Aethan's expression smoothing out again a little but, and he murmurs something back with a nod, before he quiets, looking over to Evonleigh as Alarissa starts to speak. His eyes turn toward the speaker then, his face settled into a stoic expression while he listens.

Sorrel pockets her chalk so that she can lift a glass of rum in honor of Darrow Darkwater, then take a sip. She can write or she can drink, and right now, she is drinking to the honoree.

Evonleigh lifts a brow at Ian, eyes sliding to Aethan, before she nods to the tables to indicate she's getting a drink, stepping away for a moment to get a glass, leaving the men to talk quietly in the time it takes her to get there and back. At that point, Alarissa is speaking, and she turns her gray eyes on the Thrax Princess, smiling a little at the description of Darrow's personality, and arching a brow over at both Ian and Aethan. "Something in the water, there, maybe," she teases gently, fondly, really, the Kennex men clearly placed in the category of Friend. She lifts her glass in the toast, then takes a sip.

While Alarissa speaks, Jasher drifts over towards the tables, pausing to take some rum (and for Vega to take her rum or wine). As the speech draws to a close, he lifts his glass briefly, taking a sip himself.

Dycard makes sure he has a glass - and then at the appropriate time he lifts it in salute to Darrow Darkwater. "House before self," he murmurs, before emptying the glass down his throat.

Ian lifts his glass of rum, and then knocks back all of it.

Vega collects a glass of the Darkwater rum, as that seems to be the drink of the day, nodding to Jasher briefly. Turning her attention towards the High Princess, she listens to the story of aman she'd met only in passing and only briefly. Lifting the glass at the end of the story, Vega sips from the rum.

The raven-haired southern princess listens to Alarissa speak, pausing only to nod her thank the man who brings them rum. Valencia lowers her eyes to the glass and her face falls but a moment and then he sips.

"It is funny how some leave strange holes in the fabric of life. You do not realize it at first and then you see, but by then it is too late," Valencia muses softly a she turns her eyes to the statue. "And yet others who you though would leave dire gashes end up being so much less."

"I'm glad he was so well respected and beloved. I hope he realized this. Somehow," the little vixen shakes her head and smiles apologetically to Lucita, "Your pardon, sweet Baroness. I do go on of late," Valencia smiles warmly and raises her glass to her.

Carita listens to Alarissa, her chin dipping as she takes it all in. There's a hint of pride when the speech is over that makes her head lift, her smile curl, and after a moment she says something quietly to Ajax.

Then the rum in her glass is donw and Alarissa holds the rim of it with the tips of her fingers. "So we gather to honour him, to give thanks for his life. His story remains here now, in the halls. It remains in the bodies of all those who visist Darkwater to take the healing waters. The stories told around the fire will now include the last stand of Darrow and that all should hope to some day give of themselves, for their house. I encourage those of you present to share what moments you may have had with him. Be it seemingly benign, or having been beside him in battle. Of a time you caught him smiling, anything. We clebrate his life, we drink a drink in his name and we thank Darkwater for it's sacrifice and mourn it's loss." And Alarissa's done, stepping away from the statue with a last glance before going to mingle.

Lucita acquires some of the rum and lifts it symbolically before sipping it. "Indeed. we do need people we can look up to and emulate. I must admit to curiosity avout the water mentioned though.

Aethan looks over at Evonleigh when she says this, and he doesn't laugh -- doesn't really even almost laugh -- but there is the hint of some humor at the comment there, somewhere. Perhaps. However, he doesn't say anything about it, but just stays quiet for now, listening to the others talk about what they knew of the man.

Sina whispers something to Sorrel briefly, and then she takes up a glass as well, filled with rum. She drinks to Darrow Darkwater along with all the rest, her features shining at the story that Alarissa tells. "May his memory live long, and his story never fade," she murmurs softly, before downing her own drink.

Lucita takes another drink of the wine then sets the glass aside, a messenger frantically waving at her through the entry. She excuses herself and slips out to see what is requiring her attention.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, 1 Saik Guard leave, following Lucita.

Ajax's brows furrow as he offers something in reply towards Carita, his brown eyes shifting around the area with an idle curiosity, he does move to help himself towards some of the rum before returning.

Jasher watches Lucita hurry off before turning his gaze to the room. Even with the altered ambience, the statues still stand, and he heads for them to look at once more.

Ian takes the time to make a slow scan of the room. Then he looks back at the statue of Donris Ashcrest.

With Jasher moving for the statues, Vega takes her glass towards Alarissa as she steps down to mingle. Offering a faint but warm smile towards her, she dips a brief curtsy and murmurs, "That made me wish I had known Lord Darkwater better, Your Grace. Very eloquently put." Her gaze turns towards the statue of Darrow, her head canting slightly. "I remember meeting him once, briefly. He was very proper, never missed a beat even if he was not a sociable sort."

Carita's laughter lifts, a little more muted than usual, at whatever Ajax has said that /nearly/ made her choke on the rum she was sipping. She glances up at the statue of Darrow, her head tilting thoughtfully as she continues to talk with Ajax. Occasionally someone will catch her eye, her glass lifted in cheers, before she sips and returns to the quiet conversation.

Sorrel lingers with the Archscholar, a pretty pair together both in aeterna. She downs her rum and gives her glass to a server so that she can quietly write something to Sina on her chalkboard.

A warm smile is offered Baroness Lucita as she is called away and the little vixen drifts through crowd. Valencia offers a gentle nod to Alarissa as she passes, whispering a polite, "That was beautiful" before drifting off to allow the Princess to continue her hosting duties. Finally, she finds herself standing before Darrow's statue.

Watching Ian go to the other statue, Evonleigh tips her head to say something quietly to Aethan, before taking a sip of her wine. Her gray gaze drifts throughout the crowd, alighting here and there briefly.

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Ajax.

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Ajax.

Whatever Evonleigh says to him has Aethan nodding, and he murmurs something back, before turning to survey the others there again, His eyes move amongst the other people there, before he turns to look at the statue that has his brother's attention as well. Briefly, but he looks.

Ajax slowly brings his glass to his lips, taking a small drawl from it properly as he eyes the statue of Darrow for a few moments, offering a dip towards it in solemn respect yet he does offer something towards the quieter conversation.

"I wish more had had the chance to know him." Alarissa talks quietly with Vega as she pauses to answer the Thraxian Princess - there's a few here. 'No doubt if he had lived, we'd have asked him to stand for Eleyna as salt parent. But that falls to Prince Jasher and I have no doubt he will do the job just as well as Lord Darrow would have. Did you know he had a kitten?"

Sina continues to occasionally whisper something in response to things that Sorrel writes on her chalkboard, while sipping her rum now and again. Not a heavy drinker, the Archscholar takes the strong liquid slowly. Her demeanor is serene, filled with solemnity for the occasion, occasionally glancing about calmly with those silvery pale eyes of hers as others converse. For now, however, most of her attention appears to be on the quiet interaction with Sorrel; the princess writes, and the young Archscholar whispers a patient and thoughtful reply, and so forth.

Mikani was there watching the ceremony and after it was done she went to go and get a glass of rum. She smiled to those she knew and walked towards Carita and Ajax with her glass of rum. "Good day." She says with her usual warm and calm voice.

Strangely quiet today, Valencia quietly studies the statue and speaks a few quiet words. Turning, a hint of gentle contemplation touches her dark eyes as she drifts back into the crowd once more. With a soft rustle of scarlet silk, she then slips towards the doors leading towards the main hall.

Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid leaves, following Valencia.

There's a nod in response to Aethan's murmur, and a soft smile of sympathy from Evonleigh, for those who knew the man being honored. "I think I would have liked him, from what I've heard," she says to Aethan, a little louder than their quiet murmurs. She does seem to have a penchant for getting along with all sorts, it seems. She tips her head again toward Aethan's, another soft murmur for the Kennex Admiral.

Eyes drifting briefly towards her brother, Vega gives a small nod, "Jasher will do very well for her." Her gaze shifts suddenly back to Alarissa, brows jumping up in surprise, "No, I had no idea. What happened to it?" She seems genuinely curious about the kitten's whereabouts.

Ian exchanges a few words with Aethan, his attention still on the Ashcrest statue.

The celebration may as well never have been here at all. Jasher is now at the newly erected statue of Darrow, hands in the pockets of his leather coat as he regards the man's far stonier visage.

Catching bits of the dedication from the main hall, Lord Quintin Ashford eases into the room to stand at the back and watch. There's a book tucked under his arm - looks like some kind of journal.

Aethan shakes his head at what Evonleigh says, before he leans in to hear his brother's words and murmurs something back, his own eyes on the statue of Donris Ashcrest for the moment as well. For the most part, however, he's quiet.

Sorrel is being a bit of a wallflower, though she does have lovely company for it in the form of the Archscholar. She listens closely to what the woman has to say and makes little private notes on her slate so that the two can carry on a quiet conversation.

Sina smiles softly to Sorrel and inclines her head, giving her an encouraging smile. She offers a few more soft words to the princess, in reply to something written, and sips her rum once more. The quiet Archscholar seems content, for now, to be a wallflower too.

Dycard too is being a bit of a wallflower; in this gathering of fashion and expense, he's wearing clothing rather more mundane in linen and wool, albeit Thraxian in cut. He'd look entirely appropriate carrying a tray, if he weren't wearing a sword slung cutlass-style at his back.

"Lady Mikani", Carita's reply is a warm one, her smile lifting a little before her she takes another pull of rum. "Thank you for coming, I'm glad you could make it." The rest of what she says is pitched lower for the Redreef woman. She notices Dycard and lifts her glass in his direction, as if in greeting, a hand beckoning him closer.

Quintin eases over toward the closest people, Sina and Sorrel. He murmurs something quietly.

Evonleigh's watchful eyes fall on the arrival of Quintin, and she gives the man a small smile and nod to encourage him to enter the room, albeit late. It's a public place, after all, and there is free rum and wine to be had.

Jasher finally steps away from Darrow's statue. He looks up at the man's graven face, then offers a slow, solemn salute before turning to head for the Hall of Heroes' main chamber.

Dycard peels himself away from his wall at Carita's gesture, heading over towards her and offering her and Mikani a graceful bow. "My lady, my lady," he greets them with a smile. "At your service."

"Lady Redreef." Ajax offers towards Mikani, as he finishes off his glass of rum. Brown eyes shifting towards the new arrival giving him a dip in his head too. Though, not with an expression of recognition, "My Lord."

Quintin smiles back at Evonleigh, and lingers with Sorrel and Sina in quiet conversation.

Mikani smiles at Ajax. "Hello Ajax. Countess Carita." Mika greeted them and sipped more of her rum before she bowed her head to Dycard. "Hello My Lord." She murmurs something lowly to Carita.

Dycard offers Ajax an embarrassed smile. "My apologies, good sir, I'm afraid I didn't see you there." How he managed to not spot the looming sellsword is debateable - that must have been some good rum.

Carita's smile curls at Dycard's arrival, her head dipping as he gracefully bows. "Lord Blackshore, have you had the pleasure of meeting Ajax?" she tilts her head as she glances between the pair, her laughter lifting. "He does like to blend, but I imagine that's some sort of mercenary trick, no?" She asks of Ajax.

Sorrel is overheard praising Alarissa: Darrow's statue is a huge success!

Sina is overheard praising Alarissa: 4

Sina is overheard praising Alarissa.

"Right." Ajax offers in Carita's direction with a firm nod, "I am not one who usually likes gathering attention, so I will just go with it." he rumbles with a laugh, "A pleasure, none the less, my lord." he offers with a dip of his head, "It is always good to meet new people." he offers with an easy going smile.

"Dycard Blackshore," says the man himself, with another of those elegant bows. "I'm delighted to meet you, my lady, good sir - and of course it's always a pleasure to see you, my lady Countess. I believe I still owe you a dinner, do I not? Blame my sister, she's been keeping me busy with House business."

Sorrel nods politely to Sina after something she murmurs and leans in to kiss the Archscholar's cheek in a fond sort of way that serves as an appropriate goodbye. She then lingers where she is, smiling politely at Quintin in slightly eerie silence.

Quintin murmurs, "Safe travels, Archscholar," to Sina and smiles back at Sorrel. A few heartbeats pass, and then it maybe gets a little awkward until Quintin outs with, "It seems I came in on the very tail end of this and didn't hear more than a few snatches of the speech. I'm going to go read the plaque, I think."

Carita's brows lift in surprise, "Oh goodness, I'd completely forgotten. Yes, I think you might? There's really no need for it, I was happy to bid on you, Lord Dycard, and the money was going to a good cause as well." There's a bit of soft laughter before she adds, "Not that I would turn you down, of course." She lifts her glass in his direction, as if to cheers him, before taking another sip.

Mikani listens to the conversations quietly before Damien comes up and whispers something to her. "Well I must be off. I hope you all have a good day."

Sina dips her head to Quintin and Sorrel, briefly returning a kiss to Sorrel's cheek in parting. Then she quietly makes her way out, slender hands tucked into the sleeves of her gleaming white robes.

Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 3 Templar Knight guards leave, following Sina.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards, 1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Vagari - Cinder Kitten leave, following Mikani.

"Ajax, a simple sellsword." Ajax rumbles in greetings, now eyeing his empty glass, but he does give Dycard a polite seeming smile as he shifts in on his feet, before he offers something quieter towards Carita.

Quintin meanders over toward the newly installed statue, nodding to those he passes on the way - Carita, Dycard, Ajax, Aethan, Ian, Vega, Alarissa... it's a lot of nodding and polite smiling. Once he's arrived, he leans over to inspect the plaque.

Aethan is looking at //a// statue, though not //the// statue of Darrow, but instead the one of Donris Ashcrest. He catches Quintin's nod, though, and returns it politely in greeting as well, before he turns back to whatever he was looking at with his brother.

It's hard to tell why Ian is still here. He's still standing around, his expression guarded and unreadable. He's not talking to anyone -- not even his brother. But he's still here.

Dycard inclines his head politely to Quintin in turn as the man passes past, but most of his focus is on Carita and Ajax, and on inclining his head to the departing Mikani. "Master Ajax," he nods to the sellsword, before offering Carita a smile. "Then let's try to arrange something before the Baroness decides there's something else desperately urgent and in need of my attention," he says.

Once he's given the plaque and the statue a good once over, Quentin turns about and heads for the exit, with more small smiles and such.

With the venue draining a bit of people, Ajax just seems to roll his eyes at something within the conversation, he shifts his gaze over towards Ian next, "Lord Ian!" he offers warmly, giving a dip in his direction.

Ian looks towards the sound of someone saying his name, and then nods to Ajax. "Captain."

"Thank you for coming, Lord Ian." Carita calls out to him, her glass of rum lifted in his direction as she smiles, the same warm smile she turns back on Dycard as she returns to the conversation. "It's a deal, you let me know where and when and I'll be there."

"It's good to see you, Lord Kennex." Ajax rumbles with a dip of his head, shifting in his stance slightly, he doesn't offer much towards Carita's conversation with Dycard, his fingers moving to rub his chin thoughtfully.

Dycard inclines his head to Carita. "I will, my lady Countess," he agrees, then pauses to offer a polite inclination of his head to Ian before looking to Carita again. "Hmm. I know what I wanted to ask next I saw you. I fear it's slipped my mind - does Darkwater still hold Thralls, my lady?"

Sorrel has fallen silent for a long moment, lost in her own thoughts, but she startles a little and moves away from the wall against which she was lingering in order to go mingle with those who are left. Not that she can be not-silent, but she can at least try to be social. She takes a deep breath and lets it out eerily silently, gliding up near Carita with a nod to her and Dycard.

Ian nods towards Dycard and Carita, and then returns his attention to Ajax. "I'm told you had a lot to do with why that dam didn't give way while I was on top of it. Thanks for that."

Carita's smile lessens at Dycard's question, her answer a low one as she glances Ian's way, then smiles as Sorrel arrives. "Your Highness, do you know Lord Dycard?" Her attention shifts back to Dycard as if in question as well.

Dycard offers Sorrel a polite bow as she arrives, and a murmur of, "Your Highness." He nods to something Carita says, then offers the woman a smile. "Thank you, my lady Countess."

Sorrel nods politely to Dycard with a pleasant smile. 'I think squire?' she writes on her piece of slate, focusing her attention on the young man with interest. She says nothing, though, just writes with chalk, and does not even make noise when she sighs.

"Of course, Lord Kennex. I'm getting older an' uglier. But me back is still strong, so good for something." Ajax offers with his smiling lingering, dipping his head towards Sorrel's arrival, "And, always good to see you, Princess. It looked like you were having fun in the crowd earlier."

Carita's brows furrow a little out of curiosity, "Of course, Lord Dycard, might I ask why you're asking?" Her attention goes to Sorrel's slate, then murmurs something low to Dycard, Sorrel, and Ajax.

Carita says, "vbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb"

Dycard inclines his head to Sorrel after reading the slate. "Not a Squire, but I'm a part of the Order all the same," he says, then nods to something Carita says. There's a blink at her words, then he shrugs. "Curiosity, mostly, my lady Countess."

Aethan says something lower to Ian, before he turns away, nodding to those still here -- it's his turn to look a little bit bobbleheaded as he gets one in for each person there before starting toward another room of the Hall.

Ian shakes his head to whatever his brother says something, and says something else in response. Whatever it was, Aethan apparently has nothing to say in return and just goes.

"Mm, to the first bit." Ajax offers in Carita's direction, but he does look at Ian after a moment, "Did the matters with that Dam settle? I had to take care of a few things that evening, so, I didn't stay for much longer after it was secure in place."

Ian nods to Ajax. "Took us a while, but we got the rest of it cleared up. I'm still finding mud in strange places, though."

'Dam is gone,' Sorrel writes on her slate for Ajax, nodding a bit. 'Made a huge mess. Ian very very wet.'

Carita's assistant appears and quietly waves a missive in her face. She excuses herself to read it off to the side, and then comes back to her small group to tell them, "It was a pleasure seeing all of you again." Then she points in Dycard's direction, "I'll be expecting a letter, Lord Dycard!" she smiles Sorrel's way, curtsies for she, Vega, and Alarissa before she departs in a swirl of dark skirts.

5 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, Francis leave, following Carita.

"Mm, sounds like a good time." Ajax offers, his large form rumbling with a chuckle, he looks between Sorrel's slate and Ian with a furrowing of thick brows.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid have been dismissed.

Pellinor have been dismissed.

4 Thrax Guards have been dismissed.

Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat have been dismissed.

Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound have been dismissed.

'I wasn't much help,' Sorrel admits on her chalkboard with a little shrug to Ajax, smiling pleasantly. 'Too much mess. Not that I'm dainty.'

"Mm, I am off to get something to eat. Walk safely, everyone." Ajax dips his head as he trudges towards the door properly.

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Ajax.

"I had an idea of what needed to be done," Ian remarks, finally looking away from the statue of Donris Ashcrest to regard Sorrel's slate. He's a slow reader, which is going to make for some REALLY long pauses in the conversation. "My brothers and I did something similar once. Only it was at night, and there were beavers there. They weren't happy with us."

'I have to go to an appointment. Good-bye!' Sorrel writes, and she offers Ian a smile and a little wave, and then heads for the exit herself.

Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Sorrel.

Ian quirks an eyebrow and looks up at the ceiling for a moment.

"Oh, you mean the mess at the Waves got cleaned up? Excellent," says Dycard. "I was hoping to help, but I couldn't make it in time."

"They're probably still scrubbing the place, but the worst of it has been dealt with," Ian confirms.

Dycard looks relieved at that. "Thank you, my lord," he says - and then someone's appeared at his elbow with an urgent message. "Oh, damn. Pray excuse me, my sister's messenger has caught up." And with that he's heading out, back towards reality and the duties of a loyal Lord.

As the howl of the wind finally eases, Ian starts out to find his brother and take advantage in the turn of the weather to get home.

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