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Tea and Biscuits at the Bisland's

Yes, you heard right, tea and biscuits at the Bisland's!
There will be music, soothing drinks and tasty treats!

It is that time of the week in which the Duchy opens the doors of its house for all in Arx to come, sit down at the lush chaise lounge couches of that fancy tea garden, and enjoy some tea, biscuits and conversation with the lions!

Don't know many yet? Come for the treats!
Who knows, perhaps you wll even make some new friends!


OOC: This event was created with the intention of furthering Bisland's social connections; and also, to provide Arxians with more lovely RP opportunnities! All are welcome!

Ps. Yes, as usual, there will be Mementos (same as last time's tea party though).


April 11, 2019, 3:30 p.m.

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Merek Martino Donella Azolla(RIP) Thea Lisebet Sabella Radhilde Erik Niklas Marisol Peri Liara Zoey Rayne


Bisland Kennex Laurent Malvici Ashford Grayson Redrain


Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Bisland Manor - West Tea Gardens

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Comments and Log


I always have a wonderful time at Kaia's gatherings and I enjoy the mingling and interactions with others who I am beginning to see quite regularly. It's nice not to be so unknown anymore.

Once inside, the sound of water dripping in the background unites with the soothing sound of Mrs. Pachbel playing the harp.

All in perfect harmony to the lovely scents of flowers and freshly baked sweets emanating from the room.

The servants are moving around, carrying golden and silver trays full of treats: cherry tarts, pie slices of various flavors, cookies, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake slices, even //more// pie slices, and Kaia's famous butter biscuits!

Tables by the pavilion have been set with various tea blends to fit everyone's tastes: white, green, black, herbal, yellow, and Kaia's signature blend of jasmine and honey.

Most of the crowd seems to be gathered by the comfortable chaise lounge couches and tea tables.

Merek has made his way into the tea time to relax a bit, although he waves to others a bit as he makes his way into the place also!

3 Last Watch Sentries, 3 Redrain Guards arrive, following Donella.

The hostess, would be seated by one of the lounge chaise couches, pouring some tea into a fancy porcelain cup. Her eyes lifting up to meet her guests as they made their way into the pavilion, "Ah, welcome.~ Would you care for a cup, my lord?" she would ask to Merek as he approached.

Merril, an Assistant Page, 3 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Lailah.

Donella has joined the a lovely set of stained oak wood and ivory brocade chaise lounge couches.

Kaia, the guard, Krissa, the golden, long-haired cat arrive, following Radhilde.

Merek nods a bit, "I would like a bit of some tea, yes," he says, with a smile.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 4 Ashford House Guard arrive, following Lisebet.

Martino steps in, his fingertips ensuring his robe is straight across his shoulders before tucking his right arm beneath his torso to bow low to Kaia, "Ah, my sweet Lady Kaia. Good morning to you." After he bows his head to both Azolla and Merek before making his way further into the room, "One does hope you are all well."

Donella Redrain knits her fingers before herself neatly, and cranes her neck to look about the setting, with its soothing music. "Thank you so much for having us, today."

2 Grayson House Guards, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Sabella gets a porcelain platter of buttery vanilla biscuits from a lovely walnut tea cart.

Sabella gets a fancy cup of tea with a saucer and teaspoon from a lovely walnut tea cart.

Azolla enters the tea garden at a slow, steady pace offering a polite greeting to everyone present

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Donella before departing.

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Roland, the worst bard in Arvum arrive, following Niklas.

The gathering has begun, and guests are making their way into the garden and it's fancy pavilion. Kaia is currently seated by the couches, preparing a cup of tea for Merek, "Very well, my lord. Here you go.~" she says, passing a fresh cup of tea to the man. Her eyes then shifting to her boleved who had just arrived. "Ah, my darling Martino, I'm so glad you could make it. Would you like me to prepare you a cup?" she queries.

Thea steps into the garden, her body straight and proud. Even if she wasn't wearing her armour--which she misses. A lot. She bows her head politely to, greeting everyone in passing.

Martino crosses the floor over to the couch where Kaia is sat upon, "Oh, my sweet and beautiful Kaia... truly, how kind of you to." He leans to Kaia

Lisebet walks up the way from Ashford House, coming in and offering a smile and a nod to those already present. "Good day everyone. So very kind to invite us all to tea," she offers with a smile.

Azolla has joined the a lovely set of stained oak wood and ivory brocade chaise lounge couches.

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Martino leans to Kaia to murmur low to her ear, "Mistress Froic is - very - keen to meet and measure you for the once-worn gown of a wedding. She did that excited hand clapping that you do." After Martino straightens to bow his head as others step in, smiling to those he has and has not met.

The ladies eyes eventually shift towards the other guests arriving, and she offers a welcoming smile. "I would like to thank you all for coming, your highnesses; my lords and ladies. Bisland and I welcome you to our home, and hope you enjoy yourselves." she announces, as more guest continue to arrive, and gestures to the seats, "Do make yourselves at home and enjoy.~"

It's hard to say where Sabella was, but it's certain that now she has taken up roost nearby to the cart with the cookies, daintily nibbling on the vanilla treats with that cheery smile on her features and lazy satisfaction in her clear gaze. She is dressed in her autumnal attire, thus stands out like a sore thumb against the garden, but she isn't saying much. Though when she spies Kaia she lifts a biscuit filled hand in waving, but she doesn't approach the woman, given she's clearly engaged in socialising.

"I am not a noble, thank you though!" Merek says also as he takes a sip of his tea!

Martino has joined the a pair of pale wrought iron tea table sets with plush seating.

Radhilde makes her way into the garden with a bright smile for Kaia when she nears, "Lady Kaia, how beautiful. Thank you for inviting me." She dips her head graciously to her and continues further along to where most has gathered.

Erik huffs upon reaching the garden, seems like he made there just in time. His first reaction is to approach the host and offer Kaia a bright smile, lowering his head in greeting to the Bisland lady, "Thank you for arranging such event, my lady." He says, his eyes turning and scanning for someone around the room.

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Erik has joined the a half-sunk domed ice-house hidden by a pretty garden.

Ektor arrives, following Marisol.

Niklas is, as can most likely be expected, sitting near Sabella. While he isn't engaging her in conversation, he simply sits with his face turned up towards the sky - eyes shut as he does his utmost to simply enjoy the weather and the company. At the shuffling of people moving and talking, he seems to rouse himself a bit and raises a hand towards Kaia, tipping it gently before letting it lower.

Azolla is inspecting the half-sunk dome ice-house hidden in the pretty garden, she seems caught up in that and does not really notice much else after offering polite greeting to anyone who spots her

Thea has joined the a pair of pale wrought iron tea table sets with plush seating.

Donella examines the chaises longues for a time while the hostess greets her guest. But shortly she seems to realize she is hovering, and walks along to collect a cup to DIP her tea biscuits into. Thoughtfully she draws her coat about her in the brisk air, and cups a hand around the steaming demitasse.

Martino gathers the tea to Kaia before murmuring to her ear anew, "I shall let you socialise with your wonderful guests... Grayson Ball on Saturday. We attending together?" He asks, before he hears the answer and pivots to make his way across the room. He tucks himself in to one of the iron tea tables, tucking his robe underneath his rear as he settles down with the tea. Lifting his chin, his sharp green eyes perhaps encourage others to sit and join.

Radhilde has joined the a lovely set of stained oak wood and ivory brocade chaise lounge couches.

Given the crush of people, Lisebet makes her way to get some tea, and a small snack, and then to a table, settling in easily. She's relaxed and does incline her head to Sabella and Niklas, recognizing both of them, from previous discussions and conversations.

Thea takes a fancy cup of tea with a saucer and teaspoon from a lovely walnut tea cart.

Martino takes a fancy cup of tea with a saucer and teaspoon from a lovely walnut tea cart.

Radhilde gets a cup of Ancient Forest Tea.

Radhilde drops a cup of Ancient Forest Tea.

Merril, an Assistant Page, 3 Bisland pride guards leave, following Lailah.

Azolla gets a fancy cup of tea with a saucer and teaspoon from a lovely walnut tea cart.

Radhilde gets a fancy cup of tea with a saucer and teaspoon from a lovely walnut tea cart.

Radhilde gets a porcelain platter of buttery vanilla biscuits from a lovely walnut tea cart.

Eina, the Pearl's Own, Soot, a frenetic ferret arrive, following Peri.

Shown to the Western gardens by a kind Bisland servant, Princess Marisol Valardin affords the gathering at large a soft smile though her dark eyes seem to roam for the hostess. Seeing as she is entrenched in greeting her guests she glances up to not Radhilde, lifting her hand in quiet greeting before a smile is given to Azolla as well. She begins her cursory approach s her gaze slips over the others she is unfamiliar with.

Tea sounds promising and that is where the Princess first directs herself.

Sabella smiles brightly to Lisebet as she nears, her attentions only occasionally shifting toward Niklas in his lounging before returning to the party at large. To the nearby Lisebet she allows, "So nice to see people come together for these events, isn't it? People might think these unimportant, but they are a fine way for people to come together and celebrate the small victories even in the face of turmoil." She muses aloud, blue eyes sifting over those that have gathered, letting out a contented sigh. "Speaking of turmoil," Her head turns to fully address the lady. "Have you heard of Lady Evonleigh's upcoming play?"

So it begins.

It is very likely anybody that gets too close to Sabella is about to hear all about it.

Kaia had just finished issuing a general greeting of welcome to the guests when Martino's announcemnt had her blushing, "Oh, meassurements for my wedding dress?" she replies wide eyed and with a smile, "But we haven't even announced the official courtship yet!~" she says with a chuckle. "Nonetheless! I'm glad to hear she's eager to do such. I'll be sure to find her sometime soon."

Her eyes shift back to Merek with surprise, "Oh, my apologies, I simply assumed you were. Which just made me realize, I don't know your name." she admits to Merek, "I'm Kaia Bisland." she says.

Her eyes drift to Donella and Radhilde at their greeting and she nods and smiles, "Thank you both for coming!~"

Then back to Martino, "Of course, dear. I wouldn't wish to go with none else." she says regarding the upcoming Grayson Ball. A smile and a classy wave given in return to both Niklas and Sabella, from afar.

Martino lifts his cup to his lips, taking a sip before following it with more of a mouthful. A far he curls his lips at the arrival of Duchess Lisebet, rising to his feet to bow his head low to her, "Oh good morning to you, Duchess Lisebet. It is good to see you anew." Further he spots his sister Thea, a wiggle of his fingertips to her in an embarrasing brotherly fashion comes soon after. With a crease of his eyes he chuckles to Kaia, "Well... I suspect things may move faster than the typical process."

Thea stirs her tea with her spoon, secretly wishing there was a touch of booze in it. She shrugs her shoulders, sipping it anyway. Still good. Spotting Martino, she nods her head nicely,"Brother." She smiles at Kaia, finally spotting her,"Long time no see."

Marisol takes a fancy cup of tea with a saucer and teaspoon from a lovely walnut tea cart.

Lisebet smiles to Martino, inclining her head. "Lord Martino, good to see you again," she says simply. Her attention is promptly on Princess Sabella, as she listens to her words. "It is very nice to see people come together for such events," she agrees. "And I have heard of Lady Evonleigh's upcoming play indeed, though I am not all that familiar with the details. I hope to be able to attend, and learn by watching it."

If Donella were a rabbit (she is not) her ears would have just swiveled toward Sabella and her dramatic introduction to the latest talk. As it is, her eyebrow spikes up, "Because artists are normally such staid and unemotional sorts? Do tell, your highness?"

Peri blunders into the party, running, "I'm sorry! I forgot the time! I wanted to praise you for all you've been doing. And," puff, puff. Potting soil is all over her knees and ground into the lacing on her armor and gloves, "And, I was... and." Peri stops for a moment and sees the very refined aprty and also that she is talking to thin air because she has not greeted her friend yet, "Kaia! What a lovely party!" She does not shout because she is tired and also ran all the way here. "Um... I never got you anything for the celebration, do you want some of these pumpkins? I planted some beets in the Pearl Garden, and you and Lord Michael? Pumpkin pie?"

Radhilde's eyes find Marisol when she is shown in and she smiles brightly, hand lifting before she stands proper from the lounge, "Princess Marisol, wonderful to see you here. Lady Kaia's parties are so delightful."

Peri is overheard praising Kaia: Whew, I am out of breath. ok. what can I say? She is the best person at throwing parties. Can I have some tea now?

Peri takes a fancy cup of tea with a saucer and teaspoon from a lovely walnut tea cart.

Peri takes a porcelain platter of buttery vanilla biscuits from a lovely walnut tea cart.

Martino curls his lips to his sister, beckoning Thea to his left side, "Oh do join me sister..." He steps around the table, deciding to abandon it to socialise instead. He inclines his head to Peri as she blunders on in, "Ah Lady Peri. Such a pleasure to see you again... and you Lady Radhilde." Martino crosses the gardens, making his way further into the garden.

Gathering up a cup of tea for herself as she speaks softly to her lone guard in Valardin color she smiles. He steps back and turns to see Radhilde standing to address her. Easily Marisol offers a nod and wave before heading in the ladies direction. "Lady Radhilde, I did not know you knew Lady Kaia. How fortunate. It is good to see you here ..and I must admit this is the first event I have attended hosted by Lady Kaia. I am sure it will prove to be marvelous. You do mind if I join you?"

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"Clearly," Sabella retorts to Donella, "Stoic paragons all!" She seems in high spirits.

"But, no, hers is a tale of love and despair and... oh, it should be just lovely." Her brows raise, "In the most sterile and collected ways, of course. You should certainly come," She allows, "I, of course, shall be playing a part -- not the lead, no, of course, I do love to let others shine... and that should in no way affect your decision to join us when the evening comes." She leans forward, her smile brighter yet, "But you absolutely should."

She then turns to regard Lisebet anew, "Splendid, so glad you've planned to come along for the ride. She's someone to watch, certainly, our Evonleigh." She offers idle praises. "I shant spoil anything for you."

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Kaia smiles at Radhilde's remark on her parties to the approaching princess Marisol, "Ah, Princess Marisol.~ How lovely to see you, I'm glad you could make it!~" she chimes with a smile.

"Lord Martino, good to see you also!" comes Radhilde's response with a smile before her gaze once more falls on Marisol and her bright smile carries still, "Oh yes, please do and you will enjoy this gathering, no doubt." The lounge couches are spacious enough for both women no doubt and Radhilde smiles, watching the Princess near and sit.

"A tragic love story?" Donella notes, and says, "Not too thick in melodrama, I hope? I'm not familiar with the playwrights other work, so I expect I shall be dazzled. There are no small parts... only small costumes."

Thea squints at Martino, but steps over to her brother's side,"Mmmm-I haven't seen you in awhile, so very well.."Weaving her way through the people, she bows her head,"Hello--Good day-"

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"Thank you, Lady Kaia. The gardens are lovely even at this time of the year and I have to admit the tea smells quite lovely. Always room for a day out to visit with everyone," Marisol remarks and glances up to Ektor who has quietly stolen a small cake for himself and the only evidence left at presence is a bit of powdered sugar caught in his beard. Quickly he dusts if off and wipe his hands, attempting to look like nothing has gone missing.

"Lady Radhilde, I met with your lady cousin the other evening. I look forward to working with you all." She makes a motion with her hand as she stir her tea. Sipping at the drink she smiles and glance across at the Archeron. "I thought, if you might like we could discuss your very own event. I thought to have a ball for those of us that are yet unwed so that we might mingle together."

Niklas seems to be off in his own blissful world of imagination for a moment, before he's roused by the sounds of conversation. He opens his eyes a little, lips pursing briefly. "Oh. You absolutely should come to the play." He agrees with Sabella wholeheartedly, placing a hand on his heart. "I've looked it over, and I honestly can't wait for the event myself."

The hand moves away for a moment, before offering a welcoming gesture towards Lisebet. He beams at her for a moment before he plucks up his tea. It's given a gentle stir, before he raises it for a small sip, and lowers it. "What a refreshing day."

Peri wanders around the party until she finds some staff member who makes her think, yes, this is a gardner. "Here goodwoodman," She thrusts forth the pumpkin seedlings, "No, really, it's no problem at all. They are for the pumpkin pie. The kitchen staff and garden staff must treat with each other to know when," She narrows her eyes at, "Let me take that, you can't be expected to to hold that and pumpkins at the same time." Peri passes off a tray to Eina who does not look at all impressed and hands it quickly... Oh, Peri heard about weddings. goodbye.

Lisebet inclines her head to Sabella gracefully. "I wouldn't miss it, if I am at all able to attend." She sips her tea, smiles over to Marisol in greeting, and then turns to Niklas, as he beams her way. "It's a lovely day, indeed. I'm pleased to be able to be here and share it with everyone."

"I'm not doing it justice, certainly, but how can I when it must be seen to be believed?" Sabella offers to Donella, smile still playing on petal pink lips. "It is her first production, actually... she's no others to know her by. A grand debut awaits, and I trust it shall come with great success." She lifts her biscuit to take another luxuriating nibble before moving to seat herself next to Niklas, suspiciously silent as he's been.

What a dreamer. What an artiste.

"You should reach out to her if you're interested in knowing more. After all, this is not my tale to tell." The blonde haired Grayson mentions, She glances toward Marisol at the mention of a ball for the unwed, her lower lip protruding slightly in mock pouting. "We miss all the good parties now that we've a proper family." She asides to Niklas in jested complaint.

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Kaia smiles at Marisol and nods. "Thank you.~ I always make sure the servants take good care of it. It's my pride and joy." she notes with a giggle, "--and yes, surely, it's always lovely to meet our peers." she agrees. Her eyes following Marisol's up to Ektor an noticing the whole thing, before another chuckle escaped her. Just then she lifts from the couches, "Now, do please, excuse me your highness, and my lady, I'll be moving around to greet the others. Once again, thank you for coming.~" she says, before beginning to roam around the pavilion likely in the direction of Niklas, Sabella, and the others she had yet to officially meet. "Your highnesses; Duchess Lisebet, I'm so thrilled you could make it.~ How are the tea and biscuits?" she queries casually, offering the others an amicable smile.

Seeing Lisebet's smile in quiet greeting Marisol lifts her tea to the Duchess. Her smile then sweeps to Sabella and laughs a little bit, "I think it might be interesting if those of us who are not yet courting could very well met the eligible of the realm." She points out and then nods to Kaia as she rises, "You must of course play the good hostess. I will speak with you later," she promises and sips at her tea before ducking her head speaking to Radhilde.

Peri walks up to Kaia, "I've given one of your garden staff some plants," she points over to someone who is figuring out what to do with the pops they've been handed. "This is a very nice party, uh, I'm going to go stand off a ways to enjoy it." She wanders off to stand behind some shrubbery to enjoy her tea in quiet.

Lisebet grins at Sabella and Niklas, turning her attention over to Kaia, as the hostess arrives. "Lady Kaia, good to see you. I am glad I could stop by on Ashford's behalf. It gives me an excuse to eat some delicious cookies and drink some aromatic tea. Thank you for hosting such a lovely event." She sips her tea just to prove how wonderful it is, and enjoys the flavourful drink.

Radhilde grins a bit as she looks over to Sabella and giggles softly, "Well Princess Sabella, it is lovely to have family. You are still fun!" She chuckles softly, her eyes shifting to Marisol as she speaks further.

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"I -guess- you guys can have some fun, too." Sabella grants lightheartedly to Marisol, a quick and playful wink, a slight wrinkling of the skin above her nose as she makes her attempts at resisting the smile that makes it back onto her face anyway. "Should you need any assistance in planning, please let me know! I'm always available to aid in the spirit of good times."

Her attentions are then shifted to Kaia at her approach, "Spectacularly buttery and vanilla-laden, cut just so by this exquisite tea, my dear, you have outdone yourself." She quips, and then turns toward Radhilde at the address.

"You're such a dear. I feel like an old maid sometimes, you know? I could have hosted an event into the early hours not so long ago, and now I'm lucky if I can make it to midnight before I feel like I've never seen a bed." She laughs, "Still fun! Still fun," She repeats with a nod, "Little bits at a time."

"Thank goodness or the married couples might just have cornered the market on fun," Marisol remarks back, perhaps a bit less confident but she does attempt at a measure of humor with the other Grayson Princess, her tea cup lifted as she muses with a soft laugh. Her gaze flits back to her companion and she nods to Radhilde exchanging quiet words where they seated. Ektor, the Valardin guard coughs a bit - missing the fact a bit of powdered sugar remains caught at his lips. This brings Marisol's pointer finger to the corner of her mouth in an attempt to direct her guard to clean himself through motions alone.

Kaia chuckles at Lisebet's reply, "You are most welcome, my lady. I am glad to know you are enjoying yourself. May I ask, how is Livie? I haven't seen her for a while." she notes, before glancing toward Sabella with a beaming smile. "Thank you your highness.~" she says, her eyes momentarily drifting towards the icehouse by the pretty garden, where her lover Martino, her friend Thea, and more of the guest were at, and offering a smile from afar.

Peri finished her tea and slips away.

Kaia's attention is then shifted towards Peri and her announcement, "Oh thank you so much, Peri.~ I'm sure they will make for an amzing pumpkin pie." she agrees with a smile.

Peri grins happily at Kaia's acceptance and hte prospect of future pies. Then she really legs it out of there.

Eina, the Pearl's Own, Soot, a frenetic ferret leave, following Peri.

Martino is heard laughing from the ice-house. He rests his left hand on his sister's shoulders as he says, "Oh I am having a dress made for you to wear to the Grayson Ball in a few days time. You shall be attending." The older brother giving his sister no choice in the matter before he bows his head to both Azolla and Erik, "It was a pleasure to meet you both. Lord Erik you shall = have - to come to the Malvici Household soon and speak of your matters. Truly. I need someone there who doesn't want to thrash a sword or spear into me." With that he turns and makes his way from the Bisland garden. In passing he pecks Kaia's cheek as he murmurs to her, "We aught to coordinate our outfits for the Ball so, once again, we are - the best - presented couple." With that, Martino leaves, before he causes a riot with tea with that last comment.

Sabella quietly makes it her personal goal to be better presented than Martino.

"Olivia is - well, she's herself. she's taken no lasting harm from her foray into the grand melee, so far as I can tell." rs

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"Olivia is - well, she's herself. she's taken no lasting harm from her foray into the grand melee, so far as I can tell." She sips her tea and then she says, "I am afraid I can't stay too long - I unfortunately have other commitments, but I wanted to stop by personally."

As Radhilde receives a messenger, Marisol looks up at her companion and smiles, "Of course, my lady. We will do just that." She promises. "Do take care for now," she bids the Archeron lady and smiles all the more. "Soon we will get together with your cousin." Her tea remains fixed upon her lap and Ektor her guard is given a glance as he is wiping still at his mouth. The Princess confirms with a nod to him that he looks to be well enough.

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Radhilde leaves the couches and dips her head gently to Marisol before sighing, "Soon, Princess. Be well and continue to enjoy the gathering." She smiles soon after, stepping away and then looking to the others to give her farewells as she moves through the room, "Enjoy enjoy everyone!" Her head dipping graciously this way and that as her guard seems to usher her along.

Radhilde is overheard praising Kaia: Another lovely gathering!

Thea straightens,"I do not always want to stab him. Only when he is a dolt." Thea says this nicely before adding,"I look great in gowns."

Kaia nods to Lisebet, "I see. That's good to hear." then she shakes her head in a do not worry manner, "Ah, that's quite alright, Duchess. Once again, thank you for coming.~ It was truly good to see you." she says, before Martino's sudden departure and comment prompt her to giggle a little.

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Thea nod her head, excusing herself

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Some come, some go, but the gathering is still present. Kaia waves from afar to the departing peers, before proceeding to make her way over towards Erik and Azolla. "Lord Grimhall; Lady Nightgold; so lovely to see you both again.~ I do hope the tea and biscuits have been to your enjoyment?" she both greets and queries quite casually.

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Erik and Azolla are standing by the ice-house, they have one arm wrapped around eachother while the pair holds hands, seeming comfortable in eachother's company as Kaia approches them. Azolla smile warmly at Kaia. "Lady Kaia, what a lovely event you put together. I have been so caught up I have yet to try any of the biscuits or tea yet," she admits

Marisol rises now that her tea has finished and moves to set the cup down and peruse the biscuits and stand near her guard. There is a quiet exchange between them and a soft laugh from the Princess that causes Ektor to shift his weight on his feet. He frowns down at her and then wipes a hand over his beard to clean it. She pluck up a sugarless biscuit and extends it towards him and the Valardin man at arms gazes down at it and takes it from her. She looks bemused and takes up her small plate with some baked goods and turns to look over those that remain, offering smiles as she snacks a moment.

A messenger comes to Lisebet who reads the message, frowns briefly and then sighs. "Apologies, it appears I have to head out. Thank you for the wonderful tea party. I look forward to the next." She then takes her leave, making her way out and heading off, message in hand.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 4 Ashford House Guard leave, following Lisebet.

"Really? So maybe I should wear that mask again." Erik comments to something he's been speaking with Azolla at their corner of the room, his hand rests in hers and they're fairly close to each other as well. The Grimhall offers a smile to Kaia as she approaches, "Same goes for me, though I have warned Az here that if she gives me some lavender I might as well end up sleeping in your garden."

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Roland, the worst bard in Arvum leave, following Niklas.

Kaia smiles at both of them, noting their closeness, and hoping not to intrude she tries to be brief, "Ah, is that so? Shall I have the servants bring you both a servant so you can enjoy some while you speak?" she offers. A glance over to princess Marisol back at the pavilion, meets her gaze, and she offers a smile in return.

"I would enjoy that, just no Lavender tea for Erik or I will be dragging his sleeping body home," Azolla teases

Catching a look from Kaia, Marisol lifts her hand and then continues to munch on what is on her plate. Ektor is quick to finish his own, dusting his beard with extra care to be certain all crumbs are gone.The Princes finishes the last little biscuit on her plate and offers the empty plate to the passing servant.

Kaia chuckles at that, "Fear not, we do have some delicious jasmine and honey tea you should definitely taste. Hopefully jasmine doesn't have the same effect." she offers amicably. "Enjoy your time, my lovelies.~" she says, "I shall be by the pavilion with princess Marisol, should you need anything." she adds, and then makes her way over towards the Valardin.

Kaia has left the a half-sunk domed ice-house hidden by a pretty garden.

Kaia has joined the a lovely set of stained oak wood and ivory brocade chaise lounge couches.

Another cup of tea and she moves to sit down once more, smoothing her hands to her skirts as she looks at up Kaia when she rejoins her. "Lady Kaia, how good of you to join me. I wonder, how often do you hold such gatherings?" She asks of her and settles in with a sip o her tea.

"I might be a little too heavy, though, so I suggest a cart." Erik says and turns to nod at something Azolla suggests him, stepping forward to move in the direction of the pavilion, "And I might also have greatly exaggerated their effects as well."

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1 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

"Oh, this is actually the second time I host one of these. So, I suppose not too often; although, I am trying to make them a more regular thing. Perhaps, once every two weeks or so." she explains to Marisol. Then a chuckle follows after some more private conversation is done.

Azolla gets a gooey cinnamon roll from a useful pantry shelf.

Azolla puts a gooey cinnamon roll in a useful pantry shelf.

Showing up to the garden, Liara spots people over on the couches and heads that way, giving a little flutter of a wave by way of greeting.

Erik and Azolla approach where Kaia and Marisol talking together and Azolla says, "Hello Princess Marisol and again Lady Kaia." She moves the arm wrapped around Erik's waist gets herself a cup of tea. Azolla sips the tea slowly seeming to enjoy it

Marisol glances up as Erik and Azolla move to join them. Her eyes flit to their familiar grip upon each other before she dips her chin, "Lord Erik, lady Azolla, please. We would be glad for you to join us," she motions to the lounges.

Kaia's eyes lift up to greet Liara, "Ah, Princess Liara!~ I'm glad you could make it!~" she chimes, "Please, do, join us.~" she says, a smile given in return to both Azolla and Erik once more as they now join them by the couches.

"Now that I see it, I see quite why you held the garden here in quite such esteem, my lady," Liara remarks to Kaia, with a flash of a smile. The Grayson goes to find herself a seat. "It must have taken quite something to get it all built. Congratulations."

Liara has joined the a lovely set of stained oak wood and ivory brocade chaise lounge couches.

Azolla smiles warmly and seems content now to stay wherever Erik is, still holding his hand as long as he does not end up too distracted by grabbing biscuits and tea for himself. She uses her free hand to sip at her tea. "Thank you," she says softly

At Liara's words, a beaming smile spreads across her face, "Thank you, your highness! I'm glad you appreciate it as much as I." she notes, clearly pleased by the Grayson's remark on her favorite place in the whole house. Then her attention shifts back to Marisol and the more private conversation they seemed to be having.

Azolla gets a porcelain platter of buttery vanilla biscuits from a lovely walnut tea cart.

"Entirely less fanciful than I had suggested, too," Liara remarks to Kaia, with a wink. "Care to introduce me to a guest or two?" she wonders.

Kaia chuckles at Liara's words, and nods, "Ah, yes, of course! Princess Liara, this is Princess Marisol Valardin; Lady Azolla Nightgold; and, Lord Erik Grimhall." she says, providing proper introductions to all, before proceeding to comment on the more private matter.

"Pleasure to meet you," Azolla says while still remaining comfortably close to Eric, holding his hand in one of hers and a tea cup in the other. Azolla takes a sip of her tea and smiles gently

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Erik dips his head politely in the direction of Liara, "A pleasure to meet you, Your Highness." He says, producing an easy smile, "I'm here to try the effects of Lady Kaia's tea and see what they can do to me." He adds, taking a cup from a servant and watching the liquid before sipping from it.

"Hopefully, not send you into a slumber, my lord." says Kaia, followed by a brief chuckle.

"Yes hopefully not I think I would need help getting his sleeping body into a cart of sorts to see him back home," Azolla says teasingly

Erik uses the cup to cover his mouth, pondering on what both Kaia and Azolla are saying, "What kind of effect are you two hoping for, then?"

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Serissa, the ever-present nanny arrive, following Zoey.

Sipping at her tea as the introductions carry on, Marisol smiles at each and then regards Kaia as her cup lowers to her leg once more. She clears her throat at what Azolla says and then attempts to not look amused when Erik remarks on it. She quickly lifts her cup again to hide her smile behind it and then sips deeply from it. Her gaze flips from one to the other before she has little in the cup to aid her with her disguise.

"I would tell you but than I am afraid I may not be able to let you live after and that would not do. How else am I to collect my ransom for kidnapping you," Azolla says, teasing Erik playfully before taking more sips of tea. She keeps one hand entwined with his as long as he makes no move to change that

Perhaps late, but Zoey Kennex arrives from the great hall with her everpresent dog and a woman carrying something on her shoulder with a thick fur over it. Eyes scan those gathered until they spot a teeny tiny woman, and she smiles heading over to embrace her. "Kaia, it looks lovely; I'm proud of you. I've also brought you a present."

Zoey has joined the a lovely set of stained oak wood and ivory brocade chaise lounge couches.

"Quench your thirst and make you think what a splendid cup of tea that was, I hope," Liara suggests mildly to Erik. Then she glances up to offer a light smile over towards Zoey.

Erik halts his sipping upon listening to Azolla's plan, ponders on it for a few seconds more and then turns the cup down his throat, finishing it in a gulp, "Alright then, I hope my ransom is very expensive to reflect my true value." He says, turning to nod at Liara, "That was truly good, I have to admit."

Kaia's eyes lift from the small gathered group to meet her sister's arrival, "Zoey!~" she chimes, lifting from her seat to meet the other in the embrace. "Thank you! I'm glad you like it!" she says, clearly thrilled and then her eyes widen with interest, "Oh, a present?~" she muses, looking around curiously.

smirks at Erik mischievously but than asks Kaia, "I know you already have music Lady Kaia but would you like me to sing a song for you?"

Glad to observe those that speak, Marisol sets her empty cup down and looks up at the newest arrival. The Valardin Princess considers Zoey and then offers her a warm smile. "Good day," she offers to the other woman before Kaia is offered a gift - yet to be seen. Carefully Marisol turns to deposit her empty cup and allow her hands to smooth at her skirts to finally come to clasp atop her lap.

Kaia's attention from her sister and the beforemention present come to a halt and she's now glancing back to Azolla, with a bit of surprise, "Oh? Um..." she glances back at her sister with a bit of a conflicted expression, and she chuckles nervously. Finally she glances back to Azolla with a smile, "I would love that very much Lady Nightgold; but, perhaps another time when I can fully appreciate it?" she gestures towards her sister, "Your highnesses, princess Liara and Marisol; Lord Erik Grimhall; Lady Azolla Nightgold; this is my dear sister, the Lady Zoey Kennex, Lord Ian's wife." she introduces.

"Yes of course," Azolla says to Kaia before glancing at Zoey and saying, "Oh, I think I have met Lord Ian a couple times."

Erik smiles at the mention of a song, moving his now free hand to pick up some biscuits, maybe they'll do the trick that will get him to sleep. "Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Zoey." He says, smiling to the woman, "I've met your husband when he had just returned from a trip, he was very friendly to me and the same can be said about his brother, Lord Aethan."

"Lovely to see you again, my lady," Liara offers with an easy smile for Zoey. Then, attention moving to Marisol, the Grayson goes on to wonder, "Have you been in Arx for long, your highness?"

Glancing up at Zoey, Marisol offers her a nod of her head, "Lady Zoey, a pleasure to meet you." So many new faces to remember. Her gaze sweeps over the others as it to reaffirm knowing their names before she glances to Liara. "I have not, about a week since I arrived if I am to be honest. So many faces," she expresses and then plucks at something on her skirts. "It is quite a amazing how many have made their home here, especially those of landed power who are not home to see to their lands. That fascinates me the most."

Zoey smiles at Kaia and pulls a flask from her satchel, handing it over to the shorter woman. "Try a sip of that, by the way. It's newest Kennex vodka." She sinks into a seat beside her sister, casually motioning her attendant over with a graceful flick of her wrist, and the woman approaches, handing the bundle on her shoulder to the Kennex lady. Swaddled in muslin and silks of Kennex colours and wrapped further in warm, soft furs is an older infant, still a baby, but maybe nearing a year in age. He has warm brown skin and silky black curls, but his eyes are a piercing electric blue. Anyone who knows Ian would recognise those eyes immediately. "I've brought your nephew," she says to Kaia with a smile. "Would you like to hold Uriel?"

The offer made, Zoey turns her eyes to the other, giving them all a warm and gracious smile. "A pleasure," she responds, "to meet you all. Thank you for coming; I know that my sister has been hard at work preparing." There's a certain assumptive comfort about the woman here in the Bisland Manor.

Having done the proper introductions, and allowing the space for her guests and sister to exchange a few words, she proceeds to give Zoey another curious glance, "So, sister dear, this present you were mentioning--?" she presses, glancing over to Zoey's followers, her eyes setting over the covered bundle.

Zoey's smile grows a little then when she looks to Azolla and Erik. "I'm glad you've met him. He's a fine man."

"It is how it is," Liara replies to Marisol, with a little lift of her shoulders, and then adds on, "I make my way back to Bastion every few months to attend to such matters as correspondence alone feels inadequate for. In any case, I hope that you find the city accommodating and thoroughly engaging."

"He seems a knowledgeable warrior," Azolla agrees not sure what else to comment as the conversation flows around her

Kaia glances at the bottle and takes it, she does the proper and takes a sip. She blinks a couple of times and finally lets out a laugh, "It's good!~" she notes, and then hands the flask back. Her attention now on the little one in her sister's arms, "Oh!! Of course!!~" she chimes, reaching out for the baby, "Hello, there precious one.~" she coos to her nephew lovingly while making some of those funny expressions people often do at babies.

Zoey gets Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka from a brushed silver flask with small built-in cup.

Zoey drops Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka.

Erik nods in agreement to something Marisol has said, "I share the same fascination, Your Highness." He says, "But I suppose the city offers some possibilities for alliances and connections that we wouldn't have if we stayed to our islands and holdings." He adds, leaning over to whisper something at Azolla and producing a smirk in return to what's being said.

"Arx does offer a great many advantages, you are correct Lord Erik, but for some the travel is long and difficult. Some must come by sea and the others, especially those to the west and north must make their way over ground that can take a month or more. Simple back and forth is not always so easy," she points out. "But an advantage for those who can and should do such if they are able." She admits and taps her finger to her chin, glancing over at Uriel when he is displayed. Her expression softens further and the Valardin princess sighs softly. "He is lovely, Lady Zoey." Her attention shifts back to Princess Liara. "I think it shall prove to eye opening at the very least. I have come to study law."

Azolla smirk back at Erik when he whispers something in her ear but her eyes spy the little one in Kaia's arms and she offers a warm smile at the sight. "I must admit I find Arx a rather welcome change from being locked away at home," Azolla admits

Zoey nods simply at Azolla. "He is. One of the better swordsmen and military minds in the city; he's trained more people than I can recall at the moment." Kaia's response to the vodka and then the baby, however, turn the woman's polite and mild smile into something much warmer and affectionate. "You may not keep him," she teases, handing the child over. "Per the contract, he has to stay with Stormward."

Arms free, she looks around for one of the servants. The group of them seem pleased to see her. "Why, Mistress Caleigh," the former Bisland says to one of them with a bright, happy laugh, motioning the woman forward and standing to embrace her. "How I've missed your cooking! How is your daughter? She is well, I hope." A few quiet words are exchanged before the noblewoman sits again. Smiling, the servant reaches forward and pours Zoey's tea for her.

"I hope that you find your studies most fulfilling, then, your highness," Liara replies to Marisol, with a flash of a smile. "No doubt you have already been directed to some people who might help in that regard?"

Glancing up at Liara, Marisol gives a shake of her head, "I fear I have not, your highness. Perhaps you know of whom I should speak to? I must admit that I was attempting to settle myself in further and get to know the city but I am anxious to begin." She intones with a tap of her palm against her silk covered leg. "I would be most grateful for any introductions you could possibly provide."

"What about the Sanctum, Your Highness? What is it like over there?" Erik questions of Marisol, seeming rather interested on what she might have to say about what are distant lands to him, "I imagine there might be many interesting religious landmarks there." He says, turning back at Azolla, "And you, have you seen everything there's to see in the city already? I think you might know it better than me, by now."

Zoey takes up her tea, looking over at Marisol. "May I ask what you are studying, your Highness?" she asks curiously. "I know a great many of the instructors in Arx and could possibly make further introductions in addition to Princess Liara."

"There where a few places I wanted to explore with you," Azolla says, squeezing his hand affectionately as she finishes her cup of tea

"More by reputation than by way of personal experience, your highness," Liara remarks to Marisol, then suggests, "And since Lady Zoey mentions it, one imagines that she might be rather better placed to advise. I fancy that anyone affiliated with the Court could guide you, too."

"Sanctum is s beautiful as it is impressive, I may be partial," Marisol begins with a smile at Erik, "But the surrounding lands are beautiful and the bounty plentiful. If you ever have a chance I would recommend a visit," she implores him. "I could go into further detail but I could very well wax poetic." The princess turns her attention to Lady Zoey and considers, "Law, my lady. Amongst other things in good time." A nod is given to Princess Liara, "But knowing who they are is another thing. I suppose I could show my face at court and inquire as to who would be willing to take on a student."

Kaia pouts at Zoey's remark, and tsks her tongue, "Silly contract. I shall kidnap him and care for him proper, I promise!~" she says to Zoey, clearly jesting, before continuing to throw sweet words and making funny faces at the little Uriel Kennex. "Aww, he's so adorable!~" she chimes, her attention completely diverted from the actual conversation about studies and Sanctum and such.

Rayne arrives to his quote on quote first tea party seeing some familiar faces one of such was his cousin Kaia in wich he decides to walk up to her "Hello dear cousin" he smiles

Zoey raises her eyebrow at Kaia but says nothing. Kaia knows that Look. It lingers for a moment before she returns her attention to Marisol. "The Marquessa is one of the finest legal minds in Arvum and the Chief Magistrate of the Crown Court. If you wish, I'll speak to her; she is ideally placed to make any recommendations."

Erik waves to the newcomer, "Lord Erik Grimhall, nice to meet you, my lord." He introduces himself, smiling briefly to Rayne before he can focus on Marisol and her description of the Sanctum, "It's definitely a place I want to visit someday, I have read a little about the Valardin and experiencing their holding might give me a whole new perspective." He comments, squeezing Azolla's hand with a smile, "Then you should take me there, your creativity doesn't have limits."

"Oh you wish me to steal you away from the party," Azolla questions playfully

"Excuse me, please." Liara eases lightly to her feet. "I have another engagement to keep. Lovely gardens, Lady Kaia." She offers a quick smile, then a flutter of a wave as she heads off.

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"Which Marquessa would that be, Lady Zoey?" A brow arches as Marisol glances to her and then looks up at Liara as she slips away. "Good evening, Princess." But her attention shifts quickly to Azolla and Erik, a smile spreading across her lips at the two of them as her hands then clasp once more in her lap. "I am certain you could be welcomed there. Perhaps you could perform for the court there," she offers Azolla and then nods to her own guard. Slowly she pushes up from where she sits. "It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, all of you and thank you Lady Kaia for hosting." She offers Erik and Azolla a warm smile. "I am sure we can speak more of Sanctum another time. Have a good evening." The Valardin steps away from the group of lounge chairs as Ektor who had snuck some form of cookie look sheepishly towards her and straightens up, taking up a position behind her.

Zoey nods to Marisol. "Marquessa Octavia Kennex," she says. "Send me a messenger if you wish me to make the introduction."

Marisol has left the a lovely set of stained oak wood and ivory brocade chaise lounge couches.

Ektor leaves, following Marisol.

Erik shrugs at Azolla, "Well, I might be a bit too curious, but one thing I can say for sure. These tea and biscuits taste wonderful." He waits there to see what his companion will do.

"I would be honored to preform for you Princess Liara," Azolla say as she casts a mischvious smile to Erik. "It was lovely seeing and meeting all of you. I do hope we meet again soon." With that she playfully tugs at Erik's hand as if to spirit him off on some grand adventure

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