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Lord Rayne Bisland

Think before you act; but, never doubt yourself and your abilities.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Optimistic Knight
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Bisland
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 18
Birthday: 11/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel Green
Skintone: Warm Brown

Description: Rayne has that innate Bisland charm to him. One could say he is the youthful embodiment of masculinity. He is handsome, lean, dark skinned, with arresting hazel green eyes, full lips, a breathtaking smile, thick brows, charming curly hair, pronounced cheekbones and an impressive athletic body fit of a disciplined and hard-working knight. Always well-dressed and well-armed, he puts great effort into always being as clean and neat as the circumstances allow for. So, it's not odd to find him often wearing some sort of musk.

Personality: Rayne is clever, rational and pretty down-to-earth. Overall, a cheerful and nice lad, always looking up at the world with a bright optimism that seems to be almost unnatural. He's the sort of being that enters a room and lightens it up with just one of his beaming smiles and kindly approachable nature. Energetic and always on the move, he's never found without anything to do, if he's not socializing, he'll be training, if he's not training he'll be eating, or reading, or exploring, or even petting a cat! Anything really, he just likes to keep busy!

Background: Rayne is the charismatic and enthusiastic youngest son of Nathaniel and Esmerelda Bisland. Being the only boy -presently born to the lord- amongst all his female siblings: Lumen (Half-Sister), Gloriel, Sarielle and Lili, he grew up to have great respect for the feminine figure, and was, and is, often found being quite overprotective of them, specially his surviving ones. Naturally, when news of the tragic passing of his youngest sisters: Sarielle and Lili, reached him; it caused him in turn to develop great despise and resentment for shavs; and, sometimes, even great distrust for prodigals and the like. Is not that he can't maintain his composure and etiquette before them, he simply prefers not to be around them, as they bring unpleasant thoughts to mind that would likely get the worst out of him.

Like many of his kin, he grew up in Pridehall, under the great militaristic influence, sense of responsibility and fine education distinctive of their house. Since he was but a child, he has always looked up to his cousin, the honorable lord Michael Bisland - Sword of Pridehall, with great admiration. It was him, and many other renowned Bisland warriors and heroes that inspired the young lad, steering and encouraging him to train hard in order to become one of Bisland's youngest knights. This is why, although young, the lord has come to be known by his kin for his extensive knowledge and sagacity in the fine arts of combat, as well as his academic wisdom in war tactics and strategies -since, you know he has never actually been in an actual war just yet.

After coming of age, he chose to follow on his relatives' steps, and ventured into the capital city of Arvum, Arx - where he now hopes to be of better service to his family, and join his cousin at the Iron Guard to earn his place as one of Bisland's greatest warriors.

Name Summary
Delilah Sweet-tempered and gentle in spirit, a Bisland proud but not quite as fiercely blazing as his kin. Not a bad thing by any means.
Dustin Young iron guard who seemed to be having a rough day and needed a hard drink.
Kaia My youngest cousin; he's a dear! So eager to prove himself in the battlefield.
Liara A Bisland noble, though perhaps rather more reserved than many of the family.
Martino A seemingly quiet Lord from Bisland but he was instantly concerned for his cousin Kaia. I like that in people - being concerned of others, especially her.
Selene A reticent fellow who seems happiest in the company of his kin.
Zoey One of my youngest cousins, and still has a touch of childish humor under that armor.