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Great Gray Ball in the Great Gray Hall II

There's going to a ball in the Grayson Mansion. There is a promise of abundant food, drink, music and dancing, with splendid company and a fine opportunity for people to make new acquaintances. There is an open invitation to whoever fancies showing up. Despite the ball's name, colourful clothing is certainly encouraged.


April 13, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By



Arcadia Eilonwy Brady Peri Ilmia Thea Martino Kaia Iliana Fairen Rhiannon Raven Willow Rysen Rukhnis Merek Rymarr Roxana Jeffeth Maja




Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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Comments and Log

1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrives, following Eilonwy.

Descending the steps leading down into the hall from the upper sections of the mansion, Liara offers a sunny smile to the early arrivals, and crosses towards the front entrance to greet further guests.

Frost, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrives, following Lore.

Arcadia almost glides, almost like a lady. Except for the ever presence bounce in her step, which leads her walk over more of a hopping step. Her gown immediately flickers light everywhere. As she reaches the pair, she gives a nod to Rhiannon, "Lady Ashford. " Then a smile to Brady "Master Grayhope."

2 Bisland pride guards, Martino arrive, following Kaia.

Entering the Great Hall, Eilonwy enters on her lonesome. Looking about, she clasps her hands loosely before herself as she see's who is attending.

Brady bows gracefully to Arcadia, then offers her his hand, declaring, "Cady... Lady Arcadia, you're a stunning sight tonight. You'll captivate as many as the stars themselves have, most certainly."

Peri arrived early so that she could pick out a good spot from which to watch the pageantry should the book she is holding bore her. She occupies the end of a sofa. This tactic is part of a sofa battle doctrine which guards a person from being flanked on at least one side.

Having parked herself by the entrance, resplendent in some rather showy pink seasilk, Liara greets people as they enter they hall. There's a flash of a smile for Eilonwy, and she offers "You are very welcome." Then to Kaia and Martino when they enter, with a flash of a grin, "I hope you have plenty of energy to dance."

Ilmia enters without a guest and is dressed in a stunning brocade gown. There are jewels to match and a fine pair of Seliki pearl earrings dangling from the tall redheads ears. She looks to be in good spirits even with arriving on her own. She gives a smile to Liara who is at the door, "Good evening your Highness. You look radiant." she tells her. Then she moves so that the next person can greet the Princess.

Arcadia absolutely clueless what to do with Brady's hand, extends her own and gives him an awkward handshake "Thank you." She admits, "Lady Willow offered the design. It is her who I have to thank for this gown."

Thea steps into the room, not in stride but with a poise and grace in her step. No armour is found on her today. None. She's all lady this day. She bows her head politely, a small smile at her lips.

4 Leary House Guards arrives, following Fairen.

"Thank you, Lady Ilmia. Lovely to see you here," Liara replies, then she's on to offering an easy greeting to Thea. "How do you do, Lady Thea? I cannot quite recall if you have been to one of my balls - I hope you enjoy it."

Stepping smooth with the Lady Kaia upon his right arm, the Lord Martino Malvici enters the ball. In time they deliver a bow and curtesy in unison to Liara as Martino curls his lips to the Princess, "Oh good day Princess and our kind host... oh I have been preparing myself quite so." He glances to Kaia's face as he asks, "And you, my love."

Looking to Liara, Eilonwy nods. "Thank you. I am learning to enjoy these sorts of gatherings." The marquessa offers and moves off to secure a drink for herself.

Kaia politely makes the proper courtesy to Liara and then glancing back at Martino at his query she nods, "Well, of course, darling. I do have the best teacher.~ Do I not?" she says, with a bit of a smirk. Then she smiles back at Liara, "Thank you for hosting, your highness; everything looks wonderful!~"

Gunner, the Leary Military Adjutant, Emilie, a slender lady's assistant arrive, following Iliana.

Arcadia notices Ilmia without /her/ guards, so trying to be just as grown up as her cousin, quickly shoos her own. Giving a fair hiss to Jesmond who refuses to leave her elbow "Go home!"

"Do you enjoy dancing, my lady?" Liara queries mildly of Eilonwy. Then there's a flicker of a grin across the Grayson's features as she glances across the hall, "Although going by current attendance, male dancing partners may be in short supply."

Thea thanks Liara,"I have no doubt I will. It looks beautiful. Thank you for hosting this,"her words sincere, her tone clear. Noticing her brother Martino and Kaia, Thea offers a nod, a twinkle in her eye. Gods know what that means.

The Marquessa and Marquis of Leaholdt arrive together for the first time in actually quite a long time! Iliana is on Fairen's arm, and as they enter she smiles at the hostess. "Princess Liara, it's always good to see you." Her eyes flicker about the hall with a soldier's well-honed desire to keep everything in view. And she might be looking for family, too.

Brady grins at Arcadia's handshake, "You have to save me at least /one/ dance, hmm?" He winks and grabs up his cask of ale, before stepping off, "I have to greet our hostess, I'll be right back."

He approaches Liara, cask on one shoulder, "Princess Liara Grayson, it is a pleasure to finally meet you, your Highness. I am Brady Grayhope, a friend of Reese's." He pats the cask, "I was taught to bring my Hostess a gift, so I searched for something as rare as your hospitality, but couldn't noting matching. I hope you will accept these with my modest thanks." He looks around for a servant or guard to pass it off tom

"Never learned, but my former mentor and sometimes Lady Ysbail are on me about turning out to events to meet people." Eilonwy explains to Liara. "Northern parties are less dancing and more singing, drinking, and brawling really." She adds with a nod to the crowd. "I don't expect much of that in all this finery."

Brady stumbles over his words, because apparently he's just noticed Iliana.

Fairen wanders into the hall arm and arm with Iliana, blinking owlishly at the decorations and the arrangements made with the tables -- it's clear he wants nothing more than to walk straight to the food and then retreat into a corner, but when Iliana pauses before the Princess, he shoots his wife a small wry grin and gives Liara a bow as well. "Highness. Very nice, with the...hall," He finishes, gesturing vaguely.

Peri is enjoying her book but looks up from time to time to take in the atmosphere and the beautiful people and "KAIA!" she yells. Kaia is rather far away. "I'm over here! I'm reading! Have a nice dance!" She grins at Kaia and when she gets her attention points to Ilmia and then her hears. She mouths "so pretty!"

Peri shouts from nearby, "Kaia! I'm over here!"

Arcadia noticing the Leary couple, actually gives Jesmond a shove and a pleading look. He narrows his eyes at her, then glances at Brady before settling against the wall in a very obvious I'm not leaving fashion.

Frost, a Maelstrom Forest Cat leaves, following Lore.

Rhiannon is on the wall, too, standing more or less at attention. She's even in leather armor like one of the guards. Though her shining halo of golden hair is uncovered, making her stand out just a bit.

"My lady and lord Leary, you are most welcome," Liara greets the Marquessa and Marquis. "Help yourselfs to refreshments as you fancy - there is plenty going." There's a flash of a grin to Kaia and Martino, then: "We'll commence the dancing presently. No games to intrude on it this time, unless some whim overtakes me." She remarks to Eilonwy, "People have been known to sing - usually bards. Drink, too. Brawling, less so."

"Well, drinking at least can be common ground." Eilonwy smiles at Liara and looks to the Learys, offering a nod to the Marquis and Marquessa as well.

"Hear that, Fairen?" Iliana says with a wink at her husband, a gleam in her eye. "Dancing. And there's so few men here, you might have to make the rounds." She just /knows/ what that'll make him feel like. Bowing to Liara, she lets the hostess continue greeting. "Master Grayhope," she says as she passes Brady, having overheard his introduction to Liara. She looks him over very carefully as she nods her greeting.

As her eyes cast around, Iliana catches Rhiannon's and raises her hand in a salute. It's far too loud to yell across the hall, but she smiles at the other warrior. Finally, Arcadia gets a long. Long. Glare. She flicks her eyes between her and Jesmond and shakes her head a very firm, 'No.'

Thea, upon hearing the word dancing, quickly plucks a glass of wine from a nearby server and weaves her way though the people. Her gown flowing behind her, she finds a nice comfy couch for a moment.

Martino smiles distantly to his sister Thea as she arrives in. His fingertips on Kaia's wrist as they step further on in, "Oh that would be wonderful Princess Liara." With that, Martino and Kaia make their way further inside, he leans to murmur to Kaia's ear to ask, "Shall we start with a drink?"

Kaia offers a smile to Liara's response and then catching a glimpse of Thea, she gives a little wave. Her eyes immediately shifting towards her name being shouted at from somewhere by an all too familiar voice. Finally she spots Peri from afar, reading, and she smiles and offers a wave in return. Then her attention is back on Martino and his query. "Yes. That would be lovely." she replies in regard to that drink.

Then Liara turns her attention to Brady, and offers a light smile. "Thank you, Master Grayhope. Very generous. Master Venturo's seal, I see - very good. He has a splendid imagination for taste, for want of a better way to put it." A servant comes to take the things in question. "We might open that up later if there's some demand."

Thea has joined the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

With Raven dressed in those roguishly styling dark leathers, a duster that flows with every step and tight pants with those heeled boots, the hint of Aeterna peeking through the duster's collar. She arrives locked arm in arm with Willow, dressed in a gold silk gown, the skirt of shimmering rose petals, with those stygian and steelsilk wings that seem to make her larger than life, she smiles over to her companion, squeezing the arm that she holds, whispering something quietly.

Arcadia exhales, but quickly gets over it with the mention of drinks and hors d'oeuvres. She makes a bee line for the bar. Her dress bouncing and sparkling in her wake. Passing an attendant, she gathers herself a glass of wine.

Brows thunderously knit at the prospect of dancing, blanching a little even as Fairen chuckles in response to Iliana's observation. "'Fraid they'll have to make do without me, love, I have a peculiar allergy to dancing. Quite life-threatening, actually. I get rashes and swell up and and..." He sputters a little, and then simply shakes his head. "I do think I hear the refreshments calling, though." Another bow to Liara, and then he pauses with Iliana as she addresses Brady. He squints at the man. "...This the shady fellow?"

Martino meanders through the ball, across to Peri as he brings her bestie across to her, "Oh Lady Peri! Such a pleasure to see you..." He glances as two glasses of the wine are brought over by servants. Handing the first to Kaia before adding for Peri, "And hope you are well?"

Rukhnis arrives, following Rysen.

Brady bows deeply to Iliana and Fairen, "Marquis and Marquessa Leary, your presence graces us." He doesn't wait for a response, instead bowing now to Liara, "Thank you, your Highness." He waggles his broe as he rises, smiling lipsided, "I must go embarrass someone into dancing when it commences, excuse me." With that, he aims his stride across the floor towards Arcadia threateningly. He scoops up a glass of wine and joins her at the bar, glancing over the food, "The Grayson's always have the best food. I love seeing all the amazing outfits, too."

Thea bows her head to the newcomers, seeing Raven as well. She brings her wine to her lips, taking a large sip.

"Not even a dance with me?" Iliana asks with a little grin, glancing up at Fairen as the two of them make their way into the hall. "Look, Ilmia. Shall we get some food and join her?" She does glance again at Brady and Arcadia, then shakes her head. "I don't think they want us over there, do you?"

Ilmia has joined the a round table with inset amber and glass badgers.

Arcadia flashes her gaze at Brady amusedly "Was that a threat to dance?" She gives him a little shake of the head, "I fear you left it to late. Lord Rysen has already promised me at least one dance."

Stepping away from Liara as talk of dancing seems to increase, Eilonwy decides that having two hands she ought to hold two drinks and seeks out the perfect secondary beverage to brace herself with.

Turning her attention to more new arrivals, Liara first greets Raven and Willow, "You are very welcome. There is plenty of food and drink to go about, and if you are in for some dancing, we will commence that shortly." Then there's a flash of a smile for Rysen and Rukhnis. "My lord, Mistress Rukhnis, good to see you here."

Kaia takes her the glass of wine, and smiles at Peri "Lady Seliki. Good evening.~" she says her friend's surname in a respectful, but clearly playful manner, be it all for the classy purposes. Her eyes setting over her friend's book. "--and, what are you reading, my lady?" sho wonders.

This isn't the first time that Willow has worn either the gown with its thousands of shimmering rose petals shivering with every step. Or that she has been spotted in the stygian and silk wings with their sunset hues, but there is a certain harmony to the blend of dusk and dawn brilliance between the two. She twines her fingers lightly with Ravens and flashes a smile up the Blackheart of Pravus after some soft murmuring. She looks from the roguish young woman to the dancefloor and back, unspoken question in duskstone eyes.

Willow tells Liara, "Thank you for having us."

Ilmia had wandered inside already, but she feels just fine not charging in. The tall redhead stays to the fringes for the moment and then finds a table, she claims a seat at it by settling her cloak down. "This will be a good spot." she murmurs to herself. She gives a wave when she sees Iliana and Fairen. There is a wave and a smile to Arcadia as well as she takes a seat with her drink.

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Rysen bows reverently to Liara. "Thank you for hosting us, Your Highness," he says warmly. "I have continued to practice dancing, partly under the experienced eye of Lord Martino, so I hope to bring less disgrace to your hall this time," he says with a grin.

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Raven dips her head politely with a practiced bow of her head towards Liara, her dark hair shimmering as it moves in the light. "Thank you for having us," she echoes Willow's words. "I don't know that I've ever quite seen anything like this," she says, squeezing Willow's fingers as she smiles then in return to her companion. The unspoken question does not go unnoticed and Raven gives an easy grin, taking her fingers and leading her with a measure of eagerness to the dance floor.

Fairen seems distracted a little as Brady bows, but he returns it with a small bow of his own; his lips press a little thin and pensive, but Iliana's words ease the expression away. "...Perhaps one," He concedes, grinning boyishly as the pair makes their way towards the food and fringes of the party. At Ilmia's wave, he beams and waves in return.

Rukhnis follows Rysen in at a precisely respectful distance, the soft swish of skirts the only sound she makes. She makes a formal bow to Liara with a quietly murmured, "Your Highness."

Brady gasps at Arcadia with mock horror, then scopes out the crowd, finding Rysen. He nudges Cady with an elbow, "Rysen Crovane? Nicely done." He sips from his wine, then pouts a little, "I'd be disappointed not to have the honor of a dance, but I know you are in high demand." He leans in and whispers something before stepping towards Rukhnis.

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Polishing off her first drink, Eilonwy takes her time with the second. Noticing Willow and Rysen, the Marquessa tosses a smile their ways while finding a space for herself to linger well out of the way.

Peri raises a brow at Kaia's formal greeting. She holds up a book of aquatic field notes. "It is called, 'How to Decline Requests for Dancing'" She winks.

Martino lifts his chin at the sound of his name afar, a smile and a dip of his chin goes across to Rysen as he lifts his drink to him also. Martino turns back to converse anew with the guests around him.

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With some more greetings made, Liara brightens further as Willow and Raven make for the dance floor, taking that apparent interest as a cue to murmur to a servant, who heads round to the band. A moment later, it strikes up with a spirited piece of music, heavy on the strings with other elements of the band playing a more muted role, brisk and flowing.

Arcadia briefly smiles, with a flush coming across her cheeks. She then smiles to Rysen and Rhuknis . "Lord Crovane, mistress Rhuknis." She steps towards Rysen, "May I introduce you to someone my lord?"

Thea crosses her legs, sipping her wine. She watches the people surrounding her, listening. Goodness, there is so much!

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Peri waves at Martino. "I'm fine. Have fun dancing!"

Overhearing Brady and Peri, Rysen laughs. He begins to make his way towards Arcadia, and notices Eilonwy throw back a dirnk, with a second already in hand. "Gods and spirits, Marquessa Eilonwy, you make me feel like a lush, drinking like that." He grins, and as Arcadia approaches he bows, and nods to her. "Of course, My Lady," he says, and falls into step beside her.

Inquisitor Jonathen, 6 Veteran Confessors, Salvadore, a fire salamander arrive, following Laric.

Inquisitor Jonathen, 6 Veteran Confessors, Salvadore, a fire salamander leave, following Laric.

That does it, her formal performance falters and she lets out a chuckle, "Ah, you do not plan to dance I see?" she muses, at the mention of the book's name, and then queries, "Can we join you?" she wonders gesturing to the free seats next to Peri, before taking a sip from her glass of wine.

Looking at Rysen, Eilonwy shrugs. "I am an utter disaster at these things. Two more glasses and I might even brave talking to someone." She offers with a crooked smile before working on draining her second glass. She glances to Willow, lifting her glass briefly at the Nightgold.

Arcadia without asking grasps Rysen's forearm and guides him to where her family is congregated. She brings the young lord before them. "Lord Rysen, this is the Marquis and Marquessa of Leary. Fairen and Iliana. And my cousin, Lady Ilmia." She then defers Rysen to her family, "This is Lord Rysen Crovane." Leaning to him, she says in a stage whisper "They are all scholars."

Her voice carrying easily, even with the spirited music being played, Liara speaks up, "I shall issue a modest party favour to the person here who dances with the most strangers. Or possibly people, indeed, if there is eager up-take on it." Then she grins, clasping her gloved hands together as she looks about the hall. "Do please get the names of who you dance with, and then convey them to me later in the evening."

1 Templar Knight guards, Switch, a long ginger furred tabby with green eyes and a blue ribbon arrive, following Roran.

1 Templar Knight guards, Switch, a long ginger furred tabby with green eyes and a blue ribbon leave, following Roran.

Merek makes his way to the ball, in his black dress attire in addition to his waistchain and Eurusi scarf which he wears, making his way to mee the people attending the front with a bow to all.

Rukhnis gives Arcadia a very correct and courteous bow and a very quiet, "My Lady." She casts towards Brady a brief disinterested look, the expression in her eyes dull and tired, but inclines her head politely to him as well as she drops back a little further from Rysen, letting Arcadia to make the introduction to her family.

1 Templar Knight guards, Switch, a long ginger furred tabby with green eyes and a blue ribbon arrive, following Roran.

1 Templar Knight guards, Switch, a long ginger furred tabby with green eyes and a blue ribbon leave, following Roran.

1 Templar Knight guards, Switch, a long ginger furred tabby with green eyes and a blue ribbon arrive, following Roran.

1 Templar Knight guards, Switch, a long ginger furred tabby with green eyes and a blue ribbon leave, following Roran.

"Excuse me," Iliana says. "I wouldn't call myself a scholar." She gives ARcadia a slightly strained smile. "Lord Rysen, it's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard you perform and enjoyed it immensely."

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Ilmia gives a look up when Arcadia and Rysen arrive and there's a smile, "Arcadia." she states in greeting. Then to Rysen, she gives a welcoming smile, "It's nice to meet you, Lord Crovane." she tells him.

Peri laughs at something Lord Martino says and gestures at all the crowd.

Watching Rysen get towed away, Eilonwy looks about and quietly sets down her glasses to leave. The Marquessa slipping out of the Hall with out remark.

1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant leaves, following Eilonwy.

Rysen bows, and smiles when Arcadia mentions scholarship. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Marquis, Marquessa, My Lady," he says to the Learys. He blushes when Iliana mentions having heard a performance. "Thank you, Marquessa."

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Thea can noticeably be seen rolling her eyes at Martino. She shakes her taking a large sip of her drink.

Fairen blinks up owlishly at Arcadia and Rysen as they approach, looking somewhat confused -- but he covers for it quickly, bobbing a polite nod for Rysen and flashing Cady a small smile, though it's also a little strained. "A pleasure, Lord Rysen." At something Iliana says at the table, he grins and murmurs something back before making his way to the refreshment tables for himself and his wife.

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Martino gasps offended to Thea for a moment before tisking her, "That is not completely true..."

Patsy arrives, following Rymarr.

Brisk steps carry with it the rattling of armored kit. An armored hand rests atop the pommel of a blade worn high on Marquis Rymarr Deepwood's left side, though the blade itself has been bound by deep green silk to its scabbard. He does not venture far into the great hall. He lingers somewhere between the central dance floor and the main entrance, a helm tucked away beneath his arm. He watches the chamber for a time before he begins to navigate around the dance floor, expression reserved and stoic while his eyes remain alert and bearing their unblinking intensity.

Still parked over by the entrance, Liara takes a moment more to greet Rymarr with an easy smile. "You are most welcome, Marquis." Though after that, she detaches herself from her spot by the entrance to instead step lightly through the hall, gaze turning across those present in search of anyone less than fully occupied.

Ilmia gives a look over those that are arriving and there's a smile at a few of them. She then turns back to her conversation at the table full of Leary's.

Brady checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 50 higher.

Brady watches Arcadia and Rysen, nodding his subtle approval. Affecting a smile in contrast to Rukhnis' disinterest, he graciously leaves her be. Instead, he scans the crowd, and approaches Emilie, a slender lady's assistant. Offering her his hand with a half-bow, he asks, "If you are not too busy attending your Lady, might I have the honor of the first dance with you?" He smiles warmly, brow lifting in anticipation.

Princess Roxana Grayson is late, as to be expected, but certainly looks lovely, as if that might make up for it. She greets Liara with a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek. "Hello Highness. I'm so pleased I could make it to another of your parties, I hope you'll forgive my lateness, I couldn't decide what to wear." It sounds honest at least! "I do love a good party."

Merek smiles a bit to any greetings, then he makes his way in fully. He looks over to Rysen, Arcadia, and Rukhnis, who he bows to each in turn also.

Willow checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Rymarr halts in place at the welcome provided by Princess Liara. He shifts quickly on a heel to face her and offers a bow of his head toward the Grayson princess, "Princess Liara, one of the two people I was hoping to see here," he begins. He continues after only a brief beat, "I have a patrol that demands my attention soon, but I wished to make an appearance to thank yourself and your House for their invitation to such...", he then pauses a fleeting moment to consider the ballroom. "...a fine ball. It appears to have proven a success". Then Rymarr's attention returns to Liara and his typically grim features are soon interrupted by a tight smile.

For once, Emilie has no paperwork, nd is looking around at the various fine costumes with clear interest. To be approached by someone is quite something for her. She tries to play it cool, smiling idly, but her blush gives her away. "I'd love to dance," she tells Brady.

Martino laughs amused at the panicked expression upon Thea, "Well... perhaps it is much needed." He tilts his head at the description of Pearlspire before suggesting to Kaia and Thea, "Perhaps, you both aught to visit her there soon."

Rymarr is overheard praising Liara: Her balls are mighty and fine.

Raven checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Brady checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 15 higher.

Roxana is overheard praising Liara: It's true she throws the best parties!

Peri is seated at the end of a sofa talking animatedly with others near her. She is wooshing a hand around as though to represent a very fast animal.

Martino is overheard praising Liara: Wonderful party host!

Rukhnis turns slightly to bow soberly in return to Merek, her dark gaze resting him in acknowledgement before drifting back to the table around which Rysen and the Leary family are gathered.

Glancing over his shoulder at Liara, Rysen smiles and turns to Arcadia, asking "Would you honor me with a dance, My Lady?"

Liara gives a little laugh at Roxana's reason, and replies easily, "Good choice in the end, all the same. Good to see you." Then she flashes Rymarr a grin. "Thank you, my lord. Do you see the other person that you hoped to?"

Brady leads Emilie out onto the dance floor, smiling warmly as he tries to make smalltalk to put her more at ease. Joining the others, he beams at a chance to lose himself in dancing.

Following Raven's lead in response to a languid twirl, Willow is led out to dance, and just like that the ethereal song of tiny copper bells and the crystalline whisper of thousands of glass petals underscore the actual music, the seasilk and stygian wings stirring to life as she follows the Blackheart of Pravus' lead, smiling delightedly up at the snakeskin clad woman.

Thea is still a visual of panic. Trying to focus on Peri's words, she tries to describe what she wants while maybe agreeing to Martino.

Merek checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Arcadia immediately agrees with Rysen. A smile spreading across her lips, "I'd love to dance."

Merek smooths down his shirt which shows his midriff, and makes for the dance floor. He doesn't dance with anyone, content to do so alone as he moves about, keeping to him self. His waistchain makes a sound as he does so.

Brady tt takes the lead with Emilie, hand on her hip. He's all polite grace and charm on the dancefloor. He keeps it relatively simple, smiling as he catches sight of Willow and Raven enjoying themselves.

Emilie doesn't have the grace of some women, but she cheerfully engages Brady in conversation as the pair of them take the floor. Her apology when she steps on his foot (twice) is much more graceful than her movements, and she is obviously charmed by his politeness.

Maja arrives, following Jeffeth.

Martino checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 52 higher.

Peri glances from Thea to Martino and back. "We have sheep dogs too. Perhaps you would enjoy a sheepdog?" She asks Thea.

Liara's grin only seems to result in Rymarr's demeanor softening ever so slightly. He smiles readily and easily back before he glances back to the hall. His jaw works for a brief moment, but inevitably his attention rebounds in good order back toward Liara, "Unfortunately not, your highness. I had hoped that I would be able to speak with one of your kin personally, without the need for letters and bothering household servants with their delivery. Alas". Rymarr's chuckle is dreadfully short. Its wings clipped before any chance to fly. "Thank you, your highness," he remarks to Liara, "I will not be greedy with your time". With that the Marquis of Deepwood begins to step away, his helm still tucked beneath one arm and pinned in at his side, while the opposite rests atop the pommel of his bound blade.

Martino leans a moment closer to his sister Thea, to murmur hushed to her ear to add further to his suggestion for her before, "And if you come back from Pearlspire with one... well. It is too late for the pup to go back, wouldn't it?" He smirks to himself, devious for a moment when left alone.

Quiet words and soft moves are exchanged as Raven and Willow continue their dance, the blacks of her snakeskin jacket clashing with a wonderful synchronicity with Willow's brighter vibrant dress, the glass rose petals clacking with each of the steps, each twirl bringing it all to light. All the while, Raven smiles brightly to her dance partner, leading her through the dance all the way to the end of the song.

Rysen walks with Arcadia to the dance floor. When he sees Merek, he smiles warmly, and says something to him quietly. Then he steps onto the dance floor, and takes one of Aracia's hands in his, and begins to move with the music in the steps he's learned from Martino. Within a moment, his gaze is fixed on Arcadia, and he cannot stop smiling.

Iliana rises from her table to take Fairen's arm. "I told you I'm out of practice," she is saying. "Let's see how we fare." They head towards the dance floor, leaving their little gaggle for a while.

Thea actually smiles at Martino. A smile, a real one that reaches her eyes . She instantly agrees with Martino,"True."

Arcadia checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Rysen checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

"I can quite probably make myself available in the coming days, my lord," Liara offers mildly to Rymarr. "It might necessitate a note to arrange the timing, but I'm certainly happy to deal with the core of any business in person." She's still near the entrance, and notes the arrival of Jeffeth and Maja with a light smile.

Arcadia steps with Rysen, a swirl of tulle and gems. She murmurs appreciatively to him, "You're a wonderful dancer. Just please make sure I don't fall."

Fairen checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Iliana checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Smiling over to Brady briefly, something murmured in her ear by Raven pulls out a subtle flush of Willow's cheeks, leaving them a gilded pink not unlike the delicate hues of the rose petals decorating her skirts. She whispers something back, pulling close to wrap her arm up around the serpent clad charmer's shoulders. Her duskstone eyes sparkle and her fingertips brush lightly over the center of her back.

Ilmia gives a look to her suddenly empty table and then finishes off her drink as she watches her family go off and dance. There's a bit of a smile as she gets a refill for herself and then settles back to watch things.

Martino finishes his glass of wine off with the final sip, after the end has been swirled. Reaching to give it off to a passing servant, he checks upon Lady Kaia, "Shall we... also step up to the dancefloor, my sweet Kaia?" He glances to Thea and Peri as he suggests, "Perhaps you both could dance together! That would solve both your problems in one."

"...Ohhhhh love, if you think /you're/ out of practice..." Fairen mutters, and his foreshadowing proves fairly accurate. He is...not the worst, perhaps, but he does not seem to have much of a knack for it; at least he's grinning like a loon and leaning in to press his forehead against Iliana's to laugh when he accidentally steps on a toe. Or several.

Peri gazes imperiously at Martino. "I have no problem to fix."

Brady concludes the dance with Emilie, and leads her off the dance floor, giving her hand a kiss. With a charming smile, he tells her, "My first dance at a ball was with a Princess, and you've not left me wanting." He nods to her and finds a wineglass in hand, skillfully plucked from a passing servers tray.

A bit like a hawk, he circles Ilmia's table, approaching with a smile.

Rhiannon remains against the wall for some time, like she's guarding the gathering. But she pushes off after some time, walking toward the door. Time for Rhiannon to make her escape.

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Entering arm and arm, Jeffeth and Maja stroll in as they survey the Great Gray Ball. For his part Jeffeth is pursing his lips as he looks over those dancing and those sitting. The big man looks like he actually bathed and wore some nice-ish clothes for once. The massive form of Jeffeth moves in, leading Maja further in as his deep blues swim around the room before he looks down to Maja. "Should we dance?"

Merek eventually slows from the dance, and looks around a bit, then he looks to Rukhnis with thoughtfulness, as he considers, "I don't suppose your Lord will let us dance?" he asks, curiously.

Rysen laughs happily. "It was not always so," he says softly to Arcadia as the two flow through the dance floor to the music. "But I have had some excellent tutors." As the band plays on, Rysen seems to lose himself in the music and the movement, matching his pace and steps to his partner.

Rhiannon checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Arcadia moves with Rysen, a silent prayer to the gods she hasn't fallen over yet. She swirls and glides with him, easily making circles of her cousins.

Rukhnis's gaze slowly shifts towards Merek, as if her attention has to make its way there from a long distance away, and she looks at him a moment before saying, "I am sure he does not care one way or another."

A knight and general of many years, Iliana has had worse things than a few squashed toes in her time, and Fairen's laughter is infectious. She manages to keep them both on their feet, stepping through the moves of old dances she learned while she was a youngster in Laurent lands, and trades laughs and words with Fairen as they make their way around the floor. By the end of the dance she's a little flushed with laughter and seems to have shed a weight from her shoulders.

Well! Arcadia's /amazing/ fantasy gown may have attracted only mild attention from the hoi polloi on Grayson's behalf, but one Grayson seems to be extremely impressed by it. That would be Roxana. She steps over closer to Arcadia and murmurs, "My word, you look absolutely stunning, that gown is to die for! I absolutely adore the sparkle of the glass, it glimmers like stardust. So beautiful! Who designed that creation?" The princess bubbles like champagne, clearly she /has/ to know. "I'm Roxana, by the way. I don't recall if we've met. You're breathtaking."

Martino chuckles amused, aloof, to Peri as he creases the corner's of his eyes, "Mm... how about you and I, for the first, Lady Peri. Upon the dancefloor then? It would stop the sweet Kaia prodding you all night."

"Of course, your highness," Rymarr offers back to Liara with a bow of his head. He then excuses himself with a backward step-and-turn. A glance is cast across the great hall, lingers on a individual or three only briefly, and then continues onward. He moves around the dance floor, providing it a wide berth. As he ventures along his circuit, Rymarr's unblinking blue eyes settle on Merek for a time. For a moment Rymarr's expression becomes pointedly vacant and distanced, as though he were remembering some sort of deadly wagon collision once witnessed. A sharp shake of his head unsticks his eyes and soon enough Rymarr regains his pace as he begins to curve his way toward the great hall's entrance.

The butterflies are here, woop woop! Maja's ensemble looks like a butterfly migration decided to take a pit stop and hang out on her for a while and Jeffeth? Well, he isn't covered in butterflies but his hammer has a butterfly on it. It's a theme. It's a look.

The curly-haired commoner takes in the ball with wide eyes, her expression filled with awe and wonderment. She is -actually- here at a party thrown by a -princess-. Leaning closer to Jeffeth, she tells him:

"Pinch me so I know that this is real."

Her excitement pushes her onto her tip-toes and she watches the people already dancing. So when Jeffeth asks if she wants to take a turn, the young woman nods enthusiastically -- all her curls bouncing like mad.

Arcadia pauses her dancing at Roxanna's words. She pleasedly dips her head, "Thank you. Lady Willow designed it for me. She has a knack for fashion. Much more than me."

Merek nods a bit, "In that case, I would like to dance, if that's alright with you," he tells Rukhnis, while he offers a smile, and shifts a bit to adjust the shirt he is wearing while he does.

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Thea leans comfortably against the couch, her red gown floating around her. She plucks another wine glass from a server, a bit of panic cast at Kaia,"Flowers? Really?"

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Rysen smiles at Arcadia and Roxanna and steps off the dance floor, making his way towards Lady Peri with a mischievous grin on his lips.

"As you like," Rukhnis replies to Merek. She sounds so extremely solemn that he might as well be asking her if she wants to attend a funeral with him, but she offers him her hand nevertheless.

"Have a marvellous evening, my lord," Liara replies to Rymarr, with another flash of a smile. Then the Grayson goes on to greet Jeffeth and Maja sort of properly, "You are most welcome, Sir Jeffeth and Sir Jeffeth's companion with the butterfly ensemble." She doesn't make to detain them from getting to dancing, however, and instead goes to step on around the hall herself.

Fairen's feet don't seem to want to align themselves with the flowing Oathlands steps of Iliana's favored dances, but he makes up for it with sheer enthusiasm and a game attempt at poise -- elbows up and out, as if he's struggling somehow to look formal and imperious. When it's all said and done, he's as red as a beet and adjusting his spectacles awkwardly, but nearly breathless with laughter, and he squeezes Iliana's hand as the last notes fade.

Merek seems to think about it, and nods while he takes Rukhnis' hand, so that he can lead her onto the dance floor. He doesn't voice any words about her solemn mood, and instead takes the moment to lead, and she'd remember him from the dance classes, so it is hopefully a bit easier for him to do.

Merek checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Rukhnis checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

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Brady mutters, "... they look like ... really ... themselves."

Brady checked willpower + survival at difficulty 17, rolling 8 lower.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry for being distracting. You were dancing." Roxana states the obvious to Arcadia, swaying to the music just a bit herself so it doesn't look as awkward to have dashed over here to converse. "Lady Willow you say? I don't think I've met her, but I'll have to try to!"

Peri explains to Lord Martino, "I can't possibly dance right now, I want to know about the life cycle of this lobster."

Leading Maja over to the dancefloor, the large man gives her a luminous smile. "I think you'll get quite used to things like these, Darling." He assures her. "I imagine before long you'll be hosting your own." A beat. "The Darling Ball." He smiles even brighter at his invented name. As they approach the dancefloor, he splits from her only to stand in front of her and offer his hand. Glancing over to Liara, Jeffeth smiles brightly and quickly bows once more. Then it's to dancing. Though at the dancefloor the big man is rather distracted by something as they begin...

Arcadia defers Roxanna to Willow, "She is just over there Your Highness."

Roxana checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 37 higher.

Stepping off the dance floor, Iliana controls her laughter and squeezes Fairen's shoulder. "I think you only stepped on me twice," she says. "Consider that a good try! Shall we go back to our bottle? And our poor abandoned cousin?"

Martino slots his right hand into the presented one of Kaia, lifting to his feet. Not without a brief, barely noticable, jut of the tongue to his sister Thea. An inclination of his head, polite, for Peri, "Another time, it shall have to be." And with that, he strides side-by-side with Kaia to the dancefloor, "We picking up form the waltz anew? Three spin... and a dip?"

Rukhnis drifts out onto the floor with Merek, as somberly as the procession to that funeral that she might as well be attending. Her feet follow along in the Right-PAUSE-Left-Right pattern familiar to both her and her partner from Martino's dance class all that time before, her movements filled with just as much grace as they are with gloom.

Arcadia climbs to her feet, now reaching for Brady, "Master Grayhope. Wish a dance? "

The music takes a turn for the brisker - and louder - after Liara murmurs something to a passing servant to convey to the band.

Peri is overheard praising Liara.

Martino is overheard praising Rukhnis: She remembered the steps for the waltz - perfectly - that is impressive!

Thea smirks at Martino. Really? Did he do that? He did! Meanwhile, Thea is eyes Kaia, mentally thinking of ways to kill her with flowers. Right, her wine. Heavy drink. Sip here, sip there.

Brady offers his arm to Arcadia, "It's an honor and a privilege, Lady Cadydid." He chuckles as the music rises in tempo and practically pulls her out onto the dance floor.

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"Lady Peri," says Rysen loudly, trying hard not to laugh. "I have it on great authority that reading a book instead of taking an opportunity to dance with one of the great dancers of our generation is a sin against Jayus. The winter will provide a many opportunities to learn about lobsters, but how often do we find ourselves in the Great Grey Hall, at a party hosted by Princess Liara? Will you not dance - at least one song?" His grey eyes glimmer, and a full on smile spreads across his face as he teases Peri.

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The butterfly-bedecked woman on Jeffeth's arm detaches from his side when Liara approaches and sweeps into an elegant bow. "My name is Majandra Darling, your highness. Most call me Maja, some call me Darling. Whichever suits you, suits me. Thank you for the open invitation; this is such a lovely event." When the hostess moves off to attend to her other guests, Maja laughs as she's led to the dancefloor. "The princess said hello to me!" she is telling him excited as the big guy places a hand on her waist..

Kaia's face beams with excitement as she's led towards the dance floor, and she smiles at Martino, "Of course, although--" she listens to the music shift into a more lively tune, and she raises a brow at Martino, "--I'll follow your lead.~" she says with a grin.

Arcadia checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Maja checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Brady dances skillfully to the upbeat song, a bit uncouth and unorthodox, but full of energy and spontaneity.

Fairen lifts Iliana's hand to press a somewhat shy kiss to it, and he nods, still red-faced but grinning with the brief thrill of not literally causing injury or some other destruction. "Indeed. One for the history books, surely," He mutters wryly, and then leads her back towards the table.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Kaia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Martino checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

"Lord Rysen!" Peri gasps, hand to throat in mock outrage. Her other hand safely holds her place. "How could I possibly dance with you when I have already turned down Lady Thea's esteemed brother?" She looks at Thea. "Perhaps you would like to dance with Lady Thea instead, Hmm?"

As Fairen settles at the table, Iliana looks at the bottle thereon, considers and then says, "I think some more food is in order. My turn to fetch and carry." She scoots off towards the tables, with a brief smile for her family.

Peri whispers something to lady Thea

Arcadia quickly moves with Brady. Somehow remaining in her feet. She gives a similar warning to Brady, "If I fall, I will have your guts for garters."

Merek lifts up his brow almost askance, but doesn't speak, while he shifts his feet into that pattern. He tries his best to offer a smile, but if she is gloom, he is melancholy in the presentation of that smile. Really, it does go well with the festivities, one might say.

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Gunner, the Leary Military Adjutant, Emilie, a slender lady's assistant leave, following Iliana.

Thea assures Lady Peri, an amused expression on her dace,"Why lady Peri, my brother is just fine. I am--getting ready to go and speak to--"she hurriedly scans the room,"that love lady over there!." Thea eyes a corner of the room somewhere, tilting her glass just enough to aim.

Arcadia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

The music may be bright and gracious, but Rukhnis moves along with Merek in sweeping solemnity, as if dancing out the visual accompaniment to a dirge. Despite the heaviness that seems to accompany every movement of feet and arms, the dance is beautiful somehow, exquisitely elegiac, an ode in motion to sorrow.

Fairen is overheard praising Liara: Quite a party! Plenty of...corners, good is a great wine!

Ilmia is overheard praising Liara: For being a wonderful hostess.

Brady is overheard praising Liara: No one throws a better party for me to crash.

Martino collects his left hand onto Kaia's right as his right hand rests upon her side. With a respectful dip of his chin to Kaia first, he murmurs to her anew, "You do truly, my sweet Kaia, look beautiful today in that dress. Truly a beckon of Malvici-pride." And with that, as the music perks he skips merry across the floor with Kaia. A bob on his toes, a quick turn and a smooth sweep across the floor to start. His fingertips lift to Kaia's hair as he twists her away from his presence for a moment, a distant spin before returning her to him anew.

Kaia is overheard praising Liara: An amazing hostess!

Rysen shakes his head at Peri. "No, My Lady - and you can consider this your penance for that /grave/ mistake -" he breaks into a warm laugh, but, recovering, he says, "Indeed, My Lady, you are here, and there is perhaps the best dance floor in Arvum." Rysen gestures to the dance floors, alive with dancers enjoying themselves. "How many times in this life will these opportunities present themselves? Will you not allow yourself to be convinced for a single dance?" he asks with a wink.

Liara does get in a quick reply to Maja before she takes off across the hall, an easy, "A pleasure, Mistress Majandra." The Grayson's features brighten with apparent amusement as she looks over towards Peri, and she slips over that way, "Not greatly fond of dancing, Lady Peri? That's all right - not everyone is. It is my experience, all the same, that I have never seen somebody regret getting up to dance."

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Well, pointy stilettos and floaty ball gowns are not made for jumps and energetic kicks and she stumbles behind her dance partner. A deep flush crawls over her cheeks and skin. Seeing her discomfort and awkwardness, Jesmond the giant steps in and grasps the little Leary's shoulder, giving Brady -the look- and leads her back to Fairen. Arcadia gives an apologetic look to Brady and returns to her family.

Roxana is overheard praising Arcadia: She is really lovely, and so is her dress!

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Peri's eyebrows shoot straight up. When the hostess of the events, a Princess - no less, talks to Peri like that, Peri will dance. "Lord Rysen, the gods, the hostess, and my clumsy ways command me to dance with you. Shall we?"

Merek shifts a bit, while he moves his hands to a new position, to switch up the dance. Somehow, he manages to put skill into it, and he shifts a foot while he rolls the lead for a moment and moves so he can waltz, his movements fox like.

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Ilmia rises from where she was sitting and gives a dip of her head to the Leary's seated there. She gives her final goodbyes and then starts to head for the way that she entered. Her dress train trailing in her wake.

Brady is left on the dancefloor, looking a bit awkward, and he gives Arcadia a sheepish, apologetic look. He looks around slowly, then ba backs away, towards Merek and Rukhnes. Quite politely, and he asks the latter, "Do you mind if I cut in?" He looks to the former, with hope for a dance

Rysen smiles at Peri, and says, "I'm honored." He takes Peri's hand and leads her to the dance floor, flashing a quick grin to Liara. He leads his partner to the center of the dance floor, and begins to lead in time with the music.

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Thea relaxes subtly. Watching Peri, she wonders silently,"Lobsters.."

Martino checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Rukhnis adapts her rhythm to match the change in Merek's dancing, though she manages to make it look as sober as ever. If Merek is a fox, then Rukhnis is a heavier-footed wolf.. quite possibly one that's lost its entire pack to some terrible doom. As Brady cuts in she slants a look at him, which might be a frown, if she didn't already look that way.

Fairen is looking flushed and pleased at the table with his family; still, he's Fairen, and the anxiety doesn't take long to settle in again -- he's tapping a foot and drumming his fingers against the tabletop, until at last he sighs and gets to his feet, giving Arcadia a narrow Look and pointing two fingers at his eyes, then one at her. "It's time I be off." He shoots a glance at Jesmond. "Make sure she doesn't drink too much. That's a good man." Then he's off!

Kaia smiles to Martino and nods in return, a gentle blush running on her cheeks as the compliment on her dress is issued, "Thank you, my lord, you look most dashing yourself in that Crownlander fashion.~" she notes. And then it begins, and now she's skipping merrily across the dance floor following his lead. Every step, every spin and every movement in perfect synchronization with Martino's. The flowing red skirt of that gorgeous dress moving ethereally as they do.

Kaia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

With Peri and Rysen off towards the dance floor, Liara casts her gaze about the hall, the smile never quite leaving her features. Though, odds are, she's looking for someone else to happen to.

Arcadia checked charm at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

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4 Leary House Guards leaves, following Fairen.

Merek shifts a bit to slow his dance, then he looks to Brady, and back then to Rukhnis, "It is her call," he says, not presuming to speak for her, "But I take no offense," he adds then to the Grayhope as he does, politically.

Arcadia suddenly notices -all- her family is gone. With a slight grump, she sighs, "Scholars." Before picking up a new glass of wine.

Peri checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Rysen checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Roxana checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 32 higher.

Willow checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Rukhnis makes a quiet noise in the back of her throat and says, "Well, Sir Merek perhaps would prefer a more upbeat partner." She gives Merek a bow and says softly, "Thank you for the dance." With that, she slips off to one wall where she can be out of the way of the festivities.

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The brisk dancing blur of Kaia and Martino picks up anew as she is spun back into her Lord's presence. Martino brings his right hand anew to her hip as he stomps his feet in time with the music to drift across the dancefloor. Another twist of them both, his hands resting on Kaia's hips to hoist her from the floor as the two spin. A low chuckle, a curl from his mouth to her blue eyes as he holds her there before returning her slippers to the floor. His hand laces into Kaia's as he gallantly leads them over the wooden floor.

Brady checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Brady is overheard praising Martino: A skilled and elegant dancer.

Merek looks then to Rukhnis as she moves to be away from the festivities, not noticing it was him being asked to dance perhaps, he does offer a bow, "It's always nice to see you," he says. He then smiles to Brady.

Arcadia then steps over to Thea, and totally gives her a compliment "Lady Thea. You look like a girl. I love it." She sits down next to Thea, enveloping her in layers of tulle.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Peri follows Rysen to the dance floor. With grateful footwork, she dances with Rysen, hurting no one. "To be honest, I _have_ enjoyed dancing, only, it was in a tavern and people actually thought it was brawl," Peri admits.

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Willow appears moderately graceful, not missing a step or a beat as she continues to dance close with Raven. She nods at Roxana as she is asked, and says, "Yes, I believe so." A hand is lifted to return Maja's wave and she tells the aspiring Whisper, "Make him spin you while you're picked up!" One notch is not enough. Excellence is required. She grins playfullu.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 54 higher.

Peri shouts from nearby, "Lobsters are actually rather interesting!"

Peri replies to Thea from far away.

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Brady apparently follows as well as he leads, offering Merek a wry grin as he tells him, "Usually the Iron Guard are just positively -chasing- me for a chance to dance, but you seemed so graceful I had to ask." He chuckles softly, "You looked like you were enjoying yourself, and I git jealous." He subtly whispers something.

Thea watches people over her wine glass. Then she hears Peri. Seriously that woman has amazing hearing!

Rysen laughs happily. "You are a wonderful dancer, Lady Peri," he says sincerely. As music continues to fill the Great Grey Hall, Rysen and Peri move fluidly over the dance floor. Rysen glances towards Rukhnis and Merek as they part, and a faint shadow of concern passes over his features, but he turns his gaze back to Peri and finds himself smiling, and lost again in the dance.

A bright smile and a set of chuckles of her own are heard as she's spinned back toward Martino and the lifted and spinned twice before being set back down on the floor.

Merek checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

As Maja and Jeffeth dance it doesn't take long before Maja is hoisted up into the air and held above Jeffeth's head, both arms fully estended as he does a little spin.

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Maja checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Merek nods a bit in thought to whatever Brady says, not sure what to make of that, then he moves into the dance with him, "Well, I admit I am not the usual Guard, I am Officer of the Fleet," he says, which means Admiral, but his way sounds more interesting to him.

Kaia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Martino checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Peri checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Rysen checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

"Thank you, but I could do better." Peri is not impressed with her dance performance. "You dance rather well," she tells Lord Rysen. "Perhaps I should take a class." She looks over at the silk sofa. "Do you think I should have left the book with her? It only has the one chapter on lobsters." Peri stumbles a little at the end.

2 Bisland pride guards have been dismissed.

Brady admits, bluntly, "I don't know what that means! Except maybe that you're also a sailor, excellent in my book." After some skilled displays of technique from the both of them, the young Grayhope spots Willow, and says, "Thank you for the dance. I have to try to ring the belle of the ball into a dance. Thank you for the dance."

Arcadia sniggers aloud at Thea, "Oh. This is amazing. Lady Malvici. I wish I could immortalize this moment forever." Totally encouraging Thea, she hands her another glass of wine.

Brady is overheard praising Arcadia: Atta girl!

"You're welcome," Merek tells Brady, while he takes a moment to bow to him. He then makes his way to the side, while he offers a bow to Arcadia as he recognizs the woman.

No one puts Darling in a corner.

As she and Jeffeth take a turn, the big knight lifts her up! Up, over his head! And Maja, she holds herself rigid, points her toes and spreads her arms out as he twirls her. "I've had the time of my liiiiiife.." she trills merrily.

Yup. That just happened.

Brady is overheard praising Maja: Just Darling.

Raven is overheard praising Willow: Amazing dancer in an amazing dress

Thea peers at both her glasses, lifting her eyebrow. She shrugs her shoulders.

As Kaia's feet are returned to the floor, this time Martino leans forward to place a light kiss upon her forehead. Likely not part of the dance but he shall fib that it is later. With his right hand led behind Kaia's lower back, fingertips spread over the rich gown of hers, he sweeps anew across the floor. Longer strides than the start and middle, building as the long strides go around in a circular arrangement over the floor. Gradually their pace builds and the circle becomes smaller-and-smaller. Smaller-and-smaller. Before long they are pivoting on a single point and, there, at that moment, Kaia is swept down onto the floor. Her red skirt splayed across her knees and the floor as they finish. Pleased, Martino applauds Kaia (and himself) before presenting his hand to her, "Oh my sweet Kaia. How... how well that did go for us."

Willow lifts fingers to her lips and whistles enthusiastically for the display of athleticism from Jeffeth and Maja, beaming delightedly.

Arcadia smiles warmly at Merek, "Sir Merek! It's been a time since I last saw you. Are you having a nice night?"

Arcadia is truly in her element. Drinks, dancing and in a respectable place, Jesmond finally relaxes a smidgen.

His features softening, Brady approaches Willow silently. He sweeps into a deep bow, and rises to hold out an open palm towards her in unspoken question. His eyes take in the sight of her, and his lips split into a broad grin.

Rysen chuckles. "Thank you, My Lady," he says. "I certainly recommend taking a class, if you think you'd enjoy it - and, from one person who loves learning to another, I think you would." Inspired by Martino and Kaia, Rysen manages to sweep Peri's stumble into a spin. As the music pauses at the end of the song. Rysen bows to Peri. "Thank you for the dance, Lady Peri. I really appreciate it." He steps off the dance floor, and takes a cup of wine.

Brady is overheard praising Kaia: As skilled and elegant a dancer as her partner.

After purloining a glass of wine from a tray, Liara speaks up to the hall in general. "Give me a little wave if you are short a dance partner and would like for ome to be found." Then, with a flash of a grin, she calls over to Maja, voice carrying easily, "I am delighted to hear it, Mistress Majandra."

Rysen is overheard praising Liara: A grand ball from the reigning Princess of Parties.

Martino is overheard praising Peri: You did it, Lady Peri! You got up onto the dancefloor. I mean, it is a start!

Arcadia smiles as Peri and Rysen make their way back to the couches. "Lady Peri. You're a brilliant dancer. I never knew that about you." she grins then at Thea, "And yes. Drunk Lady Thea is amazing."

Merek nods a bit to Arcadia, "Ya, well enough, been quite busy, would you like a dance, if no one minds?" he asks thoughtfully, as he offers a smile. "I'm glad you are doing well, hope you're enjoying the rum."

Peri has some parting words for Rysen and heads back to the comfortable sofa and her edge spot.

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With a catching of his breath, Martino rests his fingertips upon his heart before bowing his head to the several other dances. "Ah... well danced Lady Willow... and all others." His elbow crooked anew for Kaia as he leads them both from the dancefloor to meander to the sofa for a moment to murmur to his sister, "Ah Lady Arcadia... good to see you. Thea. Kaia and I are going to get dinner and, then, rest. We shall see you in the morning, I am sure, for breakfast." After, as Peri joins, he bows his head in parting to her also and showers her in praise, "You were - wonderful - Lady Peri. Truly. Wonderful."

The large man smiles brightly with Maja completely vertical over his head. A few rotations before she is lowered back down against his chest, settling his hands back on the woman's waist as he continues in their dance at an easy pace. He leans in to laugh quietly and murmur softly to the woman as they dance.

"I completely agree," Rysen says in reply to Arcadia. Glancing at Rukhnis, Rysen pauses a moment and takes a sip of wine. He turns then and makes his way over to his retainer.

Arcadia lifts herself from the couches, and agrees to merek's request "I would love a dance." She does however smile at Rysen as she passes, "I plan to steal another dance with you Lord Crovane. Fair warning, alright?"

Rukhnis shifts her gaze to look at Rysen as he approaches, asking him quietly, "Is there anything you require, Lord Rysen?"

Thea nods to Martino,"Very well." She smiles a bit at him and Kaia both." Have a good night."

Duskstone eyes sparkling, Willow takes graceful steps toward Brady to offer her hand, biting her lip as she smiles up at him and lace her fingers with his. "I believe I owe you a dance," she says.

Brady checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

Willow checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 39 higher.

Walking toward Rukhnis, Rysen glances over his shoulder at Arcadia, and smiles, saying "I'm afraid I must be on my way soon, but consider it promised at the next opportunity." He makes his way to Rukhnis's side, and shakes his head. He says something to her quietly.

Merek checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

Merek nods a bit, as he bows to Arcadia, offering his hand so he can lead her into a dance. He smiles a bit as he moves with grace and skill also, "Thank you, it is nice to put these new dance lessons to a ball."

Rukhnis says something softly to back to Rysen, then moves off from the wall to assume her usual post a little ways behind him.

Martino pivots on his toes, stepping anew with Kaia upon the elbow, he makes his way across to the exit. In passing to Liara, he bows his head to their host in deference and respect, "Princess Liara. My thanks, our thanks even, for hosting such a lovely Ball. I am sure we will both be looking forward to the next one." He glances to Kaia's face, a brief and easy smile upon it before they both make they way off.

Arcadia smiles easily at Rysen and teases him a little "Scholars." She gives a little bow to them both, before following Merek onto the floor. "I am glad for the dance. Thank you."

"Delighted to see you both here," Liara replies to Martino and Kaia, with a flash of a smile. "Have an excellent evening, my lord, my lady."

Rysen and Rukhnis make their way over to Liara. Rysen bows respectfully. "Thank you again for hosting us, Your Highness. I have enjoyed myself very much." He waves to those at the seasilk couches, and smiles warmly at those on the dance floor. He and Rukhnis then make their way out of the hall.

Maja laughs and shares a few murmured words with Jeffeth. It culminates with a light kiss on the lips -- just something soft, sweet and friendly -- before she peels away from the big knight to go mingle with others.

Jeffeth checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 1 higher.

Rukhnis leaves, following Rysen.

Finally, Brady Grayhope has Willow in his arms, and his smile disappears. He leads her to the far edge of the dancefloor, gaze locked onto her dark eyes, uninterested in keeping up with appearances anymore. He waits for the sharp chord, and grabs her waist, shooting a look dramatically to each side. He slides a hand up her waist and arm to stretch her hand away, and he practically carries her, one the tips of his toes, across the dance floor.

He stops, meeting her gaze again, and gives her a workout to keep up with, demanding her to hit precise marks and find his timing lest they stumble and fall spectacularly.

Merek seems content with the dance, while he shifts around with each movement, "I'm glad you are doing well," he says, as he moves to do a waltz as he does, relaxing.

Arcadia checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Arcadia keeps up with Merek easily, stepping with his turns, knowing the steps of an easy waltz. She gives him a smile, and ask, "What have you been up to?" She gets distracted however by the flamboyant dancing of Brady and Willow.

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Peri finds Princess Liara to give her thanks. "Thank you for hosting the party. I enjoyed watching everyone and the sofas and furniture are lovely places for people to gather when they are not dancing. It was a pleasure to be here." She turns to leave.

Peri has left the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

After offering a little parting wave to Peri, along with a, "Good to see you, my lady," Liara fetches up a glass of wine to sip at, gaze turning to those still dancing.

With a level of grace and skill heretofore not seen from her all night, Willow follows Brady through his paces, duskstone eyes so intent on him it is as if the world around her has fallen away. At one point when she is lifted a foot or so facing away from him, the articulated springs holding on her sculptured wings even seem to conspire to add to the effect beating a single breathless beat like a butterfly in repose.

She curls back in on him so hard there is a thump when their chests meet, heaving gently with exertion. Every petal of her skirt shivers with little crystalline tinkles, and when the dance ends, she is dipped so deeply she is nearly in a backbend.

Merek seems to think about it, "Mostly work with the Fleet, scholar study, a lot of things like that," he says, while he nods a bit, and smiles to the woman, as he guides Arcadia.

Merek checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 30 higher.

Brady kisses Willow passionately at the end of the dip, then lifts her up and practically guffaws, "Gods I missed that!" Slightlt panting, he releases her to merely hold her hand, "How are you enjoying the party so far? Thirsty?" He glances towards the food available, betraying his own appetite

Arcadia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Arcadia is completely distracted by Willow and Brady. Especially the passionate kiss at the end. Turning red, she quickly blinks up at Merek's face "Pardon? What?"

Merek looks to the direction that Arcadia was, then blinks, then is back to his dance, "Ah, mostly scholar work and Officer work," he says.

Raven looks away as the dance between Willow and Brady concludes, the passionate kiss drawing a hint of color to her cheeks, she decides to bury her face in the wine.

Thea blinks at Brady and Willow. She lifts her eyebrow, disapproval in her eyes. She' resumes back to her wine, taking a sip.

Willow grins at Brady and nods after the heat of the kiss disappears in the near guffaw, eyes sparkling. "I know, it feels like we haven't danced together in months!" Giggling, with the heady rush of the moment, and the dance's perfect execution. "I'm having a /great/ time. You should come join Raven and I? I was thinking about pardoning myself outside for a smoke." Somehow getting stoned feels inappropriate here. She just smiles over at Thea. Shameless.

Leaning her hip in against the edge of a table, Liara calls lightly over towards the band, amusement clear in her features following the conclusion of Willow and Brady's dance. "I think a slower piece may be in order." The band wraps up the previous brisk bit of dance music, to instead go for something markedly slower, somewhat muted, quite reliant on strings.

There's a clap clap clap from Jeffeth on the couches at Brady and Willow's performance. He looks around when he notices no one else is clapping and quickly puts his hands down.

Arcadia slows her feet in time with the music, more swaying with Merek now, "My apologies for the distraction. Scholar work? How is that going?"

Upon hearing her name, Raven perks up a touch and grins a little bit and nods towards her, padding to cross the room and join the pair. "Lord Brady? That was amazing, I don't suppose you'd be willing to teach me a few steps sometime would you?" Raven wonders, her eyes casting back to Willow. "A smoke also sounds like a great idea."

Merek seems to be thoughtful a moment, and he looks to Arc, "I am... Working with some important research, mostly to learn things. Going well enough," he blinks then at Raven's words to Brady, but seems content to guide with the sway of the dance as it moves more to conversation.

Brady nods agreeably, grabbing a couple tiny finger foods before he leads Willow back towards Raven. The attention they've drawn causes him to release her hand. Meeting Raven halfway, the young man smiles at Raven, "Yeah, anytime. Honestly though, my secret is to just crash every single party, meeting, clandestine rendezvous et cetera and dance, even if it's entirely inappropriate." Returning to his senses a bit, he glances around the room, and wisely declares, "I should probably not. Also, I wanna earn that prize." dezvousous,t dezvs

Arcadia eventually parts from Merek, "Thank you for the dance. I should head home to my family, but perhaps we can have a drink next week? "

"Maybe, I will see about what I can do to make time," Merek says, while he offers a smile, "Thank you for the dance," he adds, while he bows. He then shifts a bit and relaxes. "I should be on my way home, eve is here, and I need to tend to my flowers."

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Arcadia gives a little curtsy, and then gives Liara a proper one. "Thank you for the party, Your Highness." She then steps off to the door, her skirts swishing and twinkling.

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Is Willow ducking heading out to smoke while Merek is heading home? Maybe. She flourishes a belated bow at Jeffeth and grins crookedly.

Jeffeth reaches up and claps a couple more times. Clap. Clapclap. Clap.

"Lovely to see you again, Lady Arcadia," Liara replies easily. Then as others start to head out into the cool evening air, "Thank you all for coming. Do we have a taker for having danced with the most strangers?"

Raven grins over at Brady and inclines her head. "Well, sometime we'll get together," Raven promises. "I'd love to see more of your moves first-hand next time, though I doubt I could keep up," Raven admits, eyeing him up and down with a grin, moving as she follows Willow out, giving a wave to the room at large, sipping her wine.

Willow gestures at Brady. "Brady, I think. I didn't dance with any strangers." She beams at Liara. "Thank you for having this party. It was /wonderful/."

Brady lifts a hand hesitantly, "I think it was me." He glances around to gauge possible contestants.

Puff, a dainty yellow-green canary arrives, delivering a message to Brady before departing.

"So you are, Master Brady," Liara decides after a look about. She procures a slip of parchment off a servant. "A desperately pragmatic party favour, I know, but unless I am handing out a great number, typically often preferable. You may find that to be of some use in the bank," she adds, proferring the note. Then she flashes Willow a grin. "I adore seeing such exuberance in dance, my lady. Thank you for coming."

Brady coughs as he looks at the slip or parchment.

"I think it would've gotten even more fun and showy if I'd had plans for how the night went," Willow tells Liara. And then putting one arm around Brady and one arm around Raven, she tries to walk out with both of them.

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Raven, Brady leave, following Willow.

With people mostly gone, so tidying up begins. For Liara's part, she steps over towards where Jeffeth and Maja are seated. "Delighted to see you at such a function, Sir Jeffeth. And it is good to make your acquaintance, Mistress Majandra. There is food and drink still to go if you both feel like dallying a while, although for my part, I shall be retiring upstairs presently."

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