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Party in the Great Gray Hall

Liara Grayson is throwing a party in the Grayson Mansion. Guests can expect the usual splendid opportunities to meet new people, and to enjoy excellent food, drink and music. There will be space to dance, too (because Liara could be holding a quiet soiree and still have dancing, somehow). There will also be party games for those who wish to participate. As usual, there is an open invitation.


March 17, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

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Waldemai Arcadia Perronne Pharamond Lisebet Samantha Brianna Tabitha Michael Corban Elise Niklas Gianna Sabella Tibault Iliana Ilmia Olivia Rysen Rukhnis




Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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Comments and Log

2 Leary House Guards arrives, following Arcadia.

Waldemai waves to one of the liveried servants. "Drinks...right here!" He points to himself.

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby cat, Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, 2 Whitehawk Guards arrive, following Tabitha.

Tabitha arrives, following Pharamond.

Descending the steps into the hall, Liara finishes chatting with a house servant, who bustles off to chase up something another about food. The princess continues towards the door herself, a warm smile given to greet those already present. "You are all most welcome. Do please help yourselves to food and drink as you like."

Arcadia steps in, trying to remain balanced on her high heels, with a quick flick of the wrist, she sends her guards away from her and grabs the first drink that passes her way.

Perronne enters, dressed for a ball in stark white and black, relieved only by colorful gems. Her hair has been tamed into a woven crown, with the occasional tendril snaking down by her ears. She curtsies to Liara, giving her a warm smile. "Thank you, your highness. Ah! I love your outfit, the pink is beautiful. A little piece of Spring remaining in the Autumn."

Pharamond makes his way in with Tabitha and bows at the door, the two in their courting period and as such, a public appearance is never a horrible idea, right? And so he has his arm out for Tabitha, a smile on his features. "I'm excited. The Princess should teach classes on how to host a proper event but this one will be extra fun as it's the first of the Grayson festivities I've attented with you," he teases the lovely young Whitehawk at his side. Of course, he's turning on the charm a little bit extra just because there will be people about and it is fun to have playful banter amongst other ears. "Have you seen this painting," he asks, leading Tabitha over to The Grace of Grayson.

Lisebet hasn't been seen too much since her wedding, perhaps with reason. And something about Great Road something, something. She is here tonight though, stepping in, dismissing her guards, though keeping Bigsby, and smiling. "Your Highness, you look lovely as always. And it is always good to have a party." She glances at Pharamond and Tabitha, smiling briefly, but does not interrupt their banter.

Arcadia remembering some form of her manners, also curtsies to Liara "Good evening Your Highness. The hall looks lovely, and that dress is stunning."

Liara, unusually, has her hair down, a concession to the fact that she couldn't reasonably get hairpins and a tiara in. She flashes Perronne a grin, admitting, "I considered something autumnal, and then I saw this fabric and was so wholly taken with it that I thought I would rather go against the season." She gives a familiar flutter of her gloved fingers to greet Tabitha and Pharamond, then replies easily to Lisebet and Arcadia. "Thank you. You are both most welcome. Do please help yourselves to food or drink as you like. I have a couple of little games planned for when people have largely arrived, too."

Samantha makes her way in, and while most of her guards start to disperse, one of them remains at hand. She plucks up the first hors d'ouvres that pass her way, and while she nibbles, sweeps up a glass of wine as well. She swerves to face the incoming crowd a moment, taking the time to assess her fellow arrivals.

"It is gorgeous, especially in that design. My praises to the tailor, and the lady clever enough to see the worth of it," Perronne says, with a playful grin, before moving away to allow others to speak to the host. She drifts back over towards the furniture - one /might/ start to suspect that the fancy party is only an excuse to get to ogle some of Grayson Manor's antiques. She does claim a tiny canape, though, nibbling it delicately as she studies paintings.

Arcadia flits her gaze to Michael as he walks in, an easy nod of her head to him "Lord Bisland. Twice in two days that I've seen you, it must be a record."

Perronne is overheard praising Liara: Excellent host and fashion leader!

Pharamond is overheard praising Tabitha: Excellent Fancy Event Date

Pharamond is overheard praising Liara: Best Fancy Event Hostess Ever

It is autumn, and Brianna Halfshav is not one to let a season that matches her favored color scheme go uncelebrated. She comes in, a swirl of fiery reds and golds in both her hair and her gown. It may have been the promise of dancing that drew her in. Oh, it definitely was. She takes a glass of wine from a passing tray and takes a look around the room.

Samantha is overheard praising Liara: What a lovely party!

With her hand wound around Pharamond's forearm, Tabitha looks to be in beaming good spirits. There's a blush on her cheeks, her cobalt eyes glitter as she looks up at her companion, and overall there's a little bounce in her step that sends the creamy silk of her skirts into a pleasant rustle around her legs. Anyone looking at her would be able to tell that there's fondness in her gaze, and the little laugh that comes upon being buttered up is a bright laugh indeed. Upon being guide over to the painting, though, her eyes widen. She nods, approving, "It's very lovely. It really captures Princess Sabella's sense of fun. So bright and whimsical. Such delightful brushwork too!" Still smiling when they move along, Tabitha dips into a little curtsey to Liara. The tone of her greeting is light and cheerful "Your highness, it's so good to see you, and this is all just so wonderful, as usual." The artist gazes around the hall with a smile.

Eventually coming to park herself by the door, for the moment, Liara continues to greet guests as they arrive, the smile never quite leaving her features. Following a flash of a grin to Perronne, she offers a cheery reply to Tabitha. "And you, my lady. Might I offer my earnest congratulations to you and Lord Pharamond?"

Brianna approaches the hostess, as is only polite, after all. "This is a lovely party, Your Highness. I was just remarking recently that more parties ought to have dancing," she says to Liara, with an earnest smile.

With Liara's greeting and offering up the refreshments, Lisebet finds a glass of a nice wine, and a small plate with some finger foods, and then she finds a seat at one of the tables. Once her refreshments are set down, skirts smoothed, she turns to give the room a very solid once over.

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Tabitha belatedly waves over to Lisebet with a small, sweet smile!

Pharamond would almost always dress in something more formal, but being the House Sword -and- with the new Duchess here, he sadly went with the more leather-clad attire of the House Sword. And so he's not going to be earning any style points, but he does bow at Liara's wave and warm words, "Princess, you're most kind. Though I am fairly certain I am receiving the far better end of this match." Which...looking at the pair of them, it's easy to simply agree is true! Fondly a wink over to Lisebet, seeing his new Duchess he leads Tabitha over. "I hope you'll come join us for a few when your hostessing duties allow," he says sincerely to Liara.

Arcadia already regretting her shoe choice, drifts towards the couch, hoping that if she sits now, her feet will be fine for the dancing later.

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Waldemai stays near the way, well out of range of the assembled nobility, enjoying some expensive whiskey someone else paid for.

"You're in luck, my lady," Liara replies to Brianna, with a quick grin. "We might get that started shortly. I am rather inclined to embroil everyone willing in a quick game, first, however." Then she offers a cheery reply to Pharamond. "I certainly shall, my lord." The then Grayson turns her gaze to contemplate the hall for a moment. It's the sort of look she gets when something /interesting/ might just happen to whoever catches her eye.

Michael joins the festivities....warily. He'll stop at the entryway and snag something bubbly to drink that he can nurse for the entire night. OH GOOD! Michael brightens up with a glance towards Pharamond and his armor-attired form. "Tabitha! Lord Pharamond! Thank you." He'll jaunt that way. Aren't you supposed to greet the host, Mikey? "Thank you. I thought I would be the only one to show up in comfortable armor."

A smile grazes across Samantha' face at te recent crop of arrivals, and starts to head toward Michael. But obligations first, and when she cosses paths with Liara, offers the princess a curtsy in thanks for her invitation. She doesn't seem inclined to loiter; Liara has a ton of people to greet, but remains for just a second or two in case her hostess wants to address her.

Having soaked in enough Grayson-themed history with her eyes for one moment, Perronne turns about, and starts wandering over to poor, poor Waldemai. She smiles at him and offers a quick curtsy. "Hello! I don't think we've met? I'm Perronne Amboise, merchant extraordinaire! Nice to meet you!"

2 Grayson House Guards, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Lisebet smiles and returns Tabitha's wave easily. She grins at Pharamond's cheeky wink, not the least bit bothered by it. And then there's a Michael, who gets a "Lord Bisland, do feel free to come sit with us?" She sips her drink, and then adds, "I regret I did not ask for a tray when I got this one. I hadn't realized you were here yet. Though I expect that can easily be rectified, should one of you fine tall gentlemen feel so inclined."

The 'dawwww' face Tabitha sends Pharamond is one of gentle, touched affection, then she pats him gently on his arm with her free hand. "You say such sweet things." To Liara she beams, "And thank you so much! I'm so very happy." When being guided over to Lisebet, Tabitha dips into a neat curtsy, "Duchess, so lovely to see you!" And then to Michael, a blink before she smiles again. "Lord Michael! Lovely to see you too!"

Waldemai ahs. Another commoner. He raises his (now half empty) glass of really expensive whiskey to Perronne. "Master Smith Waldemai Isenhu," he introduces himself. "I run Champion Chainmail down on Southport Square. Nice to meet you."

"Lovely to see you, Marquessa," Liara greets Samantha, light and easy. "You are most welcome."

Brianna notices the two men in armor and she sashays over. "Why in the world would anyone wear armor to a party with dancing? Not saying that the two of you don't look absolutely delicious, but /dancing/," she says to Michael and Pharamond, eyes dancing with mirth. The woman on Pharamond's arm gets a wink. "Now you are dressed most sensibly for dancing, and I hope you save one for me," she says to Tabitha.

Liara then speaks up to the hall in general. "I should like to invite those interested to engage in a simple game: each person shall make three statements, two of which are true, and one of which is false. Everyone else shall then guess which one's the false one. Simple enough? And would anyone like to volunteer to go first?"

"Oh! I believe I have heard quite good things about your creations from colleagues around the city. It's doubly a pleasure to meet you, Master Smith Waldemai." Perronne's grin grows wider, somewhat teasing as she leans in and says, "Especially if you happen to be looking for a new supplier of iron or smelting materials. I believe I can get you a better deal than whoever you're using now. I'm just saying." Then she leans back, and deftly plucks a glass of wine from a passing tray, sipping at it. "Are you enjoying the party?"

Lisebet smiles to Tabitha and Pharamond, inclining her head. "Do please join me?" she offers them as well, in case it wasn't obvious. And then she glances over at Liara, with a blink and a smile. "If you would like, I can try?"

"Thank you." Samantha replies, lifting her glass in toast to Liara, and seems content to rejoin the throng. That said, she makes her way over to the coterie forming around Michael. "Brother," she greets, and reaches to see if he'll let her have his arm. "I'm not sure if Rymarr will be coming tonight. Would you be my escort for the evening until, or has some other lovely lady managed your attention?" Which she doesn't mind at all. "Tabitha, it's so good to see you. You're very much missed. Lord Pharamond, good evening."

Waldemai is enjoying the party but steel is silver and silver is steel. "Under the market?" he asks Perronne. "Most of what I buy goes into equipment for the Malvici militia. Will that cause you political problems?"

"Did you hear that, Tabitha? I'm /food/." Michael retorts immediately at Brianna's arrival and appraisal of the pair of them. He'll immediately blanch at Liara's offer of a game and shake his head slowly. "Ohhhh...I'm sure I won't be participating in that at all. I'm Lord Michael Bisland." Because Brianna is unknown. Then his gaze slides over and Samantha is spotted. His hand lands upon his chest, right over his heart. "Please, save me from the mass of adoring women who are doubtlessly after me." Samantha's hand is yanked and pulled until its wrapped through Michael's elbow. "Did you bring any children? My pockets overfloweth with sweets."

Arcadia finishes her drink, her mind elsewhere, lifts herself from the sofa and apologetically dips her head to Liara before sneaking out.

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2 Leary House Guards leaves, following Arcadia.

Perronne shrugs, lightly. "As far as I know, there are no embargos to Malvici, so I can't imagine it will. I can send a factor over to discuss the matter with whoever handles your supplies, if you like! Later, of course. Party now!" She turns at the sound of Liara's voice and looks with interest at the description of the game. "Oh, this sounds interesting." She smiles towards Tabatha and quiets to listen.

"A Sword's work is never done," he says, grinning to Michael. Get it? Swordwork? Of course, the same is said for Brianna to notice as he gestures for Michael to follow with them towards the place where Lisebet is seated. "Come, let's get off our feet," he says playfully. "Besides, it comes off easily enough," he teases, giving a little wink as they settle down with the Ashford Duchess then. "Good evening Marquessa." He too is curious to see who will step up to the game.

"By all means, my lady. Go ahead." Liara flashes Lisebet a grin. "Lord Michael certainly seems to be contemplating the prospect, too." Having said that (mostly jokingly - mostly), the princess focuses her attention more fully on Lisebet.

Tabitha laughs with much cheer at Brianna's request. "Of course! I'm sure Lord Pharamond won't mind at all, will you?" She looks up at him with a sweet grin, the question entirely rhetorical. She knows he is no dance-dictating tyrant! To Lisebet she nods, making her way to where the other woman sits, but not without a curtsy to Samantha and a smile for her too. "I've missed everyone too! But now I'll be venturing out more often. And it's so nice to see you!" After that, she chuckles lightly at Michael's quip.

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Waldemai turns to watch the game.

"Lady Brianna Halfshav," she introduces herself to the little cluster of nobles. Then they're drifting away, and that's fine. She drifts over to watch the game.

Samantha laughs a little as she's dragged onto Michael's arm, starting to offer a greeting to Brianna but the woman is being tugged elsewhere. "I do hope to see you, yes. I'll be grateful for your company." She tells Tabitha. She considers the game for a few moments, but it seems for now, she'll pass on participating. She gently pats Michael's arm as he murmurs something to her. "I'll be very grateful for the support and friendship of all of those under Grayson's banner in the coming days."

"Are you kidding me, Sam? I've had to go down to the training yards every single day to tell them to remove the Grayreeve tabards from the training dummys. Save me from all the women I've disappointed tonight and I'll consider it even." Michael dips into his pocket and pulls forth a parchment wrapped bundle of sweet joy and unravels it into his mouth before tucking the wrapper away...somewhere in his armor.

Lisebet considers for a moment, a thoughtful look on her face. "Let me see now. "I have recently discovered that I am able to climb trees. I have never painted a mustache on some poor sleeping victim. I cannot shuck oysters which is a great disappointment." She pauses and then adds, "I know, I know, it's a bit boring, but it will at least get us started."

Following an easy laugh at one thing or another, Liara comments, "Having heard at least one of these tales recounted and perhaps witnessed another, I shall recuse myself from participating." Then there's a little arch of her eyebrows as she looks around. "Any guesses?"

Brianna pipes up. "You look like the sort who has always been able to climb a tree," she guesses.

Perronne pipes up, "I'll choose the first one. I believe the Duchess Consort has always been able to climb trees. I do not believe that sleeping faces are safe from her dangerous artistic talents. And oysters are evil." She grins.

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

With a gentle nod, Tabitha sagely offers her opinion. "I agree with Mistress Perronne."

Before Tabitha offers that, however, she offers a smile and a nod to Samantha, though her expression is more serious this time. With great sincerity in her voice she replies, "Of course, you can count on me to offer you whatever assistance you may need."

Pharamond looks over at Tabitha as she offers his dancing services and he smiles to Brianna, giving a little shrug. Who is he to turn down a person's dancing request? That is the oint of parties. And so he may find hismelf on the dance floor before too long. Still, as LIsebet speaks, he ponders, tapping his chin amusedly. "I am going to go with the oysters actually. I think there is just enough mischief in our Duchess that she can and would have drawn something on the unsuspecting."

Laughing a little at the sundry answers, Liara then goes on to wonder of Lisebet, "Who there has got the right answer, my lady?" And then, with a look about, "And who's ready to go next?"

Corban makes his way on into the Great Gray Hall, out of his clinky, clanky armor and in his more-comfortable tunic and trousers. He touches the pendant he wears on his neck lightly, and then strides in further, picking up a glass of wine with thanks from a passing butler. They DO tend to all needs here!

Samantha grins at Michael. "That's good to hear, and I'll do my best. But no promises, if Rymarr decides to make an apearance." Her expression turns grateful at Tabitha's reassurances, and her gaze flicks to Pharamond. Her gaze turns speculative, but...dancing and oysters, right? Who wants to talk politics when there's dancing and oysters?

"I am not too worried. I'll hear him clanking along long before he arrives, so I can make my exit easily enough." Michael is standing along with Samantha Bisland, arm in arm and happy enough. "I have been dancing far too much lately. And disappointing too many women. Peri almost broke my foot."

Elise slinks in quietly. Staying near the door at first. Looking over the room. Nodding politely as servants try to point her further in to the room but not moving yet.

Lisebet glances around and then she says, "I really did only just learn to climb a tree, and nearly got stuck halfway up. My artistic talents do not lend themselves to painting. And alas, I have won at least one oyster shucking competition." she doesn't actually pick the winner, though as it seems she may have confused folks.

As the party gets into full swing, Prince Niklas Grayson comes sweeping in with his wife, Princess Sabella Grayson, on his arm. "...which is why they called it Crapfall Tower from then on." Niklas heaves a sigh. "Father had to throw that cloak away. Cardian snakeskin stains for life." He stops short and looks around the room, then says to Sabella, "Is Liara hosting another party? There's a real downside to living in the place where everyone is constantly throwing balls." He pulls her over to some furniture that has griffins on it, as opposed to the furniture with gryphons on it, and is about to sit when a messenger shows up. His assistant Sam intercepts the messenger, copies the message and throws the original in a handy fire before bringing the copy to Niklas, who finally gets to read it, makes a face and tosses it to the side. "Well, that's a terrible choice."

"All the same, my lady, I gather that you rescued both a ladder and a lady," Liara remarks to Lisebet, with a wink. Then, noting Corban's entrance, she offers an easy greeting. "You are very welcome, Sir Corban." Her gaze turns on about the hall again, and she offers up, "I'll put my own three things in to see how it goes: I have been held upside-down by my ankles; I fell off a horse; I once spilled wine on a corset." The shift in her expression might give the sense that the last thing on her list is somehow the worst.

Liara's got the front hall all blocked up again. The Grayson Mansion really needs some sort of back door. She offers a cheery wave to Niklas and Sabella as she spots them over there.

Perronne lets out a soft groan of disappointment, but gives Pharamond a brief spate of applause at his lie-detecting abilities. She quiets for Liara to speak, then hums, thoughtfully. "I think we've all been held upside down by our ankles, if only once at our birth. But I don't think you've ever fell off a horse, Your Highness!"

Having just issued a proclamation, Gianna sweeps into the Great Gray Hall in black seasilk and stygian, an artful spray of black feathers adorning her hair. Her head held high, she looks about as proud as ever.

"Ah, thank you, Your Highness," says Corban to Liara, nodding his head to her. "And thank you for the kind welcome to the Manor." He takes a sip of his wine and then moves out of the way to allow others to join and so on.

"Hmm. Maybe you've never fallen off a horse? I'd be shocked to meet /anyone/ who hasn't spilled wine on a corset," Brianna offers.

Lisebet grins at Liara, amused at the take on it. "Must have been Lady Olivia sharing that story," she says, laughing softly. She takes a breath and then says, "I cannot imagine you have spilled wine on a corset - the horror." She may not be entirely serious, though, as she then turns to her table, and chit chats with those present there.

Waldemai, being a commoner, has to point out, "A princess never spills wine on anything. She simply annoints the object with the wine."

Liara breaks into a bright laugh at the suggestions from both Lisebet and Waldemai, and steps aside to gather herself a glass of wine from a nearby table, contemplating that momentarily following the suggestion about anointing things, eyebrows arched.

Pharamond chuckles quietly, "I would have to agree with the earlier guess that it is the horse. I have a feeling that the Princess can regale us with an amused tale about never being held upside down, and of course, her many abundant blessings do offer the fact that at some point, there may have been a tragic food or drink incident involving wine where that which fell was caught before hitting the ground. So that leaves the horse..." he says, agreeing with what has been offered so far before speaking to those standing closer.

"So," Samantha gently prods Michael. "Are there any ladies here you want to introduce me to? Or any I need to defend you from?" She lifts up on tiptoe to murmur softly to him.

Sabella seems just as surprised as Niklas when they walk into a party, "Oh, gods, what day is it? This isn't a Taste of Arx is it?! Did I forget about my own party?! Gareth's just been keeping me up..." She trails off as Elizabetta leans in to clear it all up and then the princess relaxed as she has a seat, "Right, of course! Liara throws the best parties," she lifts a hand to wave to her cousin with a smile, then looks curiously over at Nik, "What choice?"

"Mistress Perronne, Lady Brianna and Lord Pharamond have the right answer," Liara offers by way of answer to the guesses. "As to being held by my ankles, it was by thoroughly delightful older sister, Macda, when I was little, and we were at a river." She gives a light swirl of her wine in the glass, and adds, "The less said about the incident with the wine, the better. Who would like to go next?"

Elise finally strolls in to the party proper. Looking between all the distinguished guests. Giving each a polite curtsey.

Lisebet simply laughs, shrugging delicately, at her wrong guess.

Perronne doesn't actually cheer out loud, but she rises up on her slippered toes and makes a pleased sound as getting it right. Then she raises a hand. "I'll go next! It'll be fun!" She looks around. "I'm Perronne Amboise! ...that's not a statement, just my name. I mean, it IS a statement, but it's not one of THE statements. Um." A pause. "Right. I have two siblings, I can sing the entire Canticle of Limerance backwards, and I have an extra toe!"

"There's no way an extra toe could fit into /those/ shoes," Brianna guesses. She grabs another drink.

"I....don't think I've propositioned Lady Brianna yet. So I should be safe from her. Every other woman should be considered dangerous....and if I met them while carousing with Aiden....Well. Be on guard." Michael responds back to Samantha and her questioning. "Oh. Sabella won't hurt me. We're friends."

Wine? Don't mind if Gianna does. She inclines her head to Liara at the table. "Good evening, Princess Liara." Raising the wine glass to her lips, she has a sip, regarding the gathering. Spying Niklas and Sabella, she turns to walk in their direction. It is not a stalk. Just a walk. A very intense walk.

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Elise raises an eyebrow as she watches the game being played, trying to figure it out.

After chuckling at Brianna, Liara guesses at Perronne, "Two siblings. I bet you have three and some sort of live-in not-quite-a-sibling cousin." Then she offers Gianna a cheery greeting, wholly at odds with the intense walk the Nightingale goes on to engage in: "Good evening, Mistress Gianna. Lovely to see you."

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LIsebet overhears Michael, and cannot help but laugh. "You're perfectly safe from me," she calls out. Then again, she is a married woman and he has never propositioned her. She gives a nod to the next to play, curiously. "I think it's the canticle. Surely nobody can sing that backwards. I think there should be proof of such a claim."

Samantha snorts at Michael. "Lady Brianna wouldn't have you." she mock-chides. "Clearly I'm going to have to keep you on point." She dips a respectful curtsy to Sabella and Niklas once she's in their line of sight, but remains at her brother's side. "I won't make you dance though, so there's that."

Corban makes his way over to Samantha and Michael, bowing his head to them both. "Marquessa Samantha. I am sorry to hear of the reports from the Crownlands. If there is any way I can help." He does not mean to intrude on the game, but the First Captain wanted to stop by and pay his regards.

Brianna hears her name coming from Samantha's direction and her head turns, and she walks over. "Did you call me?" she asks, curious.

Perronne beams at Brianna, and peers down at her slippers. Then she chuckles. "I never said it was /my/ toe, you know! Or attached!" Her wide brown eyes are guileless, her tone earnest and helpful. But as Lisebet chimes in, she shakes her head. "Hey now!" She places her hand on her chest. "I feel that I must claim the truth in order to defend my honor! I /can/ sing the entire Canticle backwards. But I do usually require more alcohol." She takes a sip of wine. "Lady Brianna has the truth of it. These slippers never had room for an extra toe, and I do not have a secret toe collection." A curtsy towards Brianna.

Waldemai applauds politely. "Three cheers for ten toes. That's a bit rarer in my libe of work than yours."

"That would certainly be cause for some alarm," opines Liara, otherwise evidently amused by Perronne's answer. The princess gives a little clap of her gloved hands, straying towards the dance floor then. "I am wholly open to hearing further entries, but it would be remiss of me not to initiate a little dancing before we proceed too much further." She gives a little flutter of her fingers over at the assembled band to get them ready to start playing, then.

Brianna returns Perronne's curtsey with one in kind. "I do so love being right," she says with a winning smile.

Niklas gives Gianna a quick nod as she approaches. "I heard. Embarrassing." He gestures to all the seating and says to both Gianna and Sabella. "Where shall we sit, then? I'll bring everyone something to eat and then we can quietly hope that Liara has planned some contest for us to win."

"Captain Corban. It's good to see you." Samantha offers, inclining her head. "Your best service is your continued devotion to His Majesty's safety; but your support means a great deal to me." She means it sincerely, and when Brianna calls out to her, she grins. "Apologies, Lady Brianna. You're on a short list of ladies Michael hasn't flirted with, and I was telling him that he'd be wasting his time and that you have elegant taste."

"Did anyone else hear Lord Michael say he wanted to dance?" Sabella asks overly loudly, giving Michael a smile before turning to Gianna, "We've only just heard. Are you terribly disappointed? Do you want to dance with Michael to forget about it?"

"Should I be offended that he hasn't flirted with me? After all, I look /phenomenal/ tonight," Brianna says to Samantha with a playful grin. "But I trust your impeccable taste. If he's not up to my standards..." she looks him over. "One mark against him is that he wore armor to a dance."

"Clearly so. I'm an inelegant man. Tasteless, crass. Classless. Very likely to perturb any woman who comes my way of their own free will. Hence my remaining unmarried." Michael adds to Samantha's statement to Brianna. "Sabella, I hosted a dancing ball just the other night. I have been dancing almost nonstop for a week now."

Perronne finishes off her wine, and places the empty glass on a passing tray. She grins warmly at Brianna, then pauses as one of the servants makes their way to whisper in her ear. She makes a low hum, then turns to Waldemai. "It was lovely to meet you, Master Smith. And at a lovely party, as well! But now, I fear, I must away." There's a pause to offer Liara another curtsy, before she slips away.

Waldemai lifts his glass to Perronne. "It was noce to meet you, and may you ever have ten toes."

Gianna shoots Niklas a look for 'embarrassing'. "Hardly." She adds, for Sabella, "I'm relieved. I like my office at the College far too much to enjoy the Radiant's. The chair is not nearly as comfortable. As for dancing? Perhaps, if someone asks." That said, she gestures toward the silver seasilk sofa and sweeps thataway.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lisebet before departing.

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Following a cheery wave in parting to Perronne, Liara laughs lightly at Waldemai's parting. "I do hope that doesn't catch on as a toast!" Then her gaze turns over towards the people by one of the couches and she remarks, "Lord Michael did actually throw a party - and danced!"

Samantha hmmms. "Well, he's not entirely -terible-." Her gaze slides back and forth between Brianna and Michael. "You might find his utter boarishness refreshing, who knows?" There's a chuckle Sabella's way. "Spare him, I beg you, Your Highness." Only not really, because torturing one's brother is a sister's perogative.

Lisebet grins at Perronne. "I should love to hear that," is her comment. "And count myself well served if the occasion arises."

Elise hmms, "I am feeling the game is to make two true statements and a false one?" She tilts her head. "Then the others try to guess the false statement?"

"It is indeed, Mistress Elise," Liara offers in easy reply.

"That is exactly it, m'lady," Lisebet says easily. "Well guessed. You shall be a champion at this game."

Reedy, a King's Own aide leaves, following Corban.

Elise nods, "I shall try. It will be easy." She says in her flat monotone voice. "This is my Natural hair color. I love to dance. I have a small dog I am rather fond of." Her face is blank and without emotion.

"The small dog - I bet you have a really colossal dog that has a propensity for licking people," Liara decides in reply. Then, oh, an opportunity for mischief! "Speaking of dancing, Mistress Elise, have you met Lord Michael Bisland? He has been dancing for a week straight and now is hardly the time to run out of energy." She extends her hand to lightly indicate Michael as she speaks.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Lisebet chuckles softly. "Oh, I shall guess the dancing, though how terrible for Lord Michael if so." She rises from her seat, her drink gone, and moves to stand closer by Liara, curiously.

Sabella grins at Samantha, "I was just wondering if he's had the pleasure of meeting The Nightingale here," she gestures to Gianna, who never looks less than fabulous. She laughs at Michael's comment about dancing, "You seem to be standing too still right now, but perhaps that's just the latest rage from Valardin ward when it comes to dancing."

On the subject of dancing, Liara queries lightly of Waldemai (regardless of the likely answer - hope springs eternal), "Do you dance, Master Waldemai?" Then she turns her gaze aside to Lisebet and comments mildly, "The thought had occurred to me."

Waldemai looks around sheepishly, and then admits, "I do, actually, just a tiny bit." He looks at his glass, sips from it, eyes it again and holds it up. "About that much. Mostly sailor dances from Southport."

Gianna speaks quietly with Sabella and Niklas over at the silver seasilk sofa, sipping wine and looking, for a moment at least, amused.

Elise turns to Michael and curtseys gracefully. "Pricess Liara has the right of it, well half way. I do not have a small dog. I have a baby owl I am rather fond of." She looks back to Michael, "Perhaps Lord Michael would do a whisper the honor of a dance?"

Samantha seems faintly bemused as she stands there, her hand on Michael's arm. She starts to say something when a young page in Deepwood colors approaches. She bends to listen to his murmur, and then straightens, offering Elise a mild smile before whispering to Michael.

"I am quite forlorn to be proven wrong again," Lisebet says, though she looks no such thing. "And relieved that Lord Michael's toes may remain unscathed." She grins at Liara though, amusement dancing in her own eyes.

"Should I be dancing? I wasn't aware Grayson parties even had dancing." Michael glances towards people who seem to want his attention. "I could dance....Who is a whisper? Gianna? Oh...Hello. Owls are nice creatures." Michael finishes his glass and settles it down on some passing tray without a notice for who is carrying it. "Am I to start first?"

Samantha cocks her head back to look at Michael and grin. "Is that a yes or a no, then?"

Michael mutters, "... ... disappointed so many women at the ... time before."

"I might also ask if you have met Lord Michael Bisland," Liara comments to Waldemai, with a wink. "Though it appears that I shan't, perhaps, be able to fully follow through on the joke." She turns to flash a grin towards Michael, then back to Waldemai and Lisebet, closer by. "What form do sailors' dances take?"

"It does sound very important." Michael turns towards Samantha and lifts a hand to her elbow to receive such a whisper.

Samantha's mouth curves at that and she turns toward Liara. "Your Highness, thank you for your hospitality. I am called to urgent March business, regretfully." Her hand slides off Michael's arm as she curtseys.

"Lovely to see you, my lady. I wish you all the best with ongoing matters." Liara offers a quick smile to Samantha then.

Waldemai checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Elise smiles sweetly, though it is extremely brief. "No worries Lord Michael. I do not wish to jump in line." She curtseys again and walks past Michael.

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Waldemai does the notorious Southport Hornpipe for Princess Liara, showing being easier than explaining. This involves a lot of jumping up and down on one leg, with arms twisting from side to side in rhythm.

Liara is overheard praising Waldemai: What a curious form of dancing!

Gianna tilts her chin up in Michael's direction. "Yes, Lord Michael? I am a Whisper. As is Elise." She inclines her head toward the very pale woman.

"I shall leave you to the ladies' tender mercies, brother." Samantha says with an amused tone, and from there, retreats from the party once her guard has been collected.

With a delighted little clap of her gloved hands, Liara exclaims to Waldemai, "How splendid! Very energetic. A most curious form of dance."

5 House Deepwood Guards leaves, following Samantha.

Lisebet inclines her head politely to the departing Samantha. She watches Waldemai with some bemusement. "Very energetic indeed. Most lively and I suspect a lot of fun."

Waldemai needs a little whiskey to help him catch his wind. "Thank you, your highness," he says once properly medicated. "The sailor practice more than me, so I may not have done it justice."

Niklas offers Gianna and Sabella a deep bow and heads over to get food for his dates. He's put together a plate of finger foods and is halfway back to his seat when a messenger arrives. Sam, as usual, goes to intercept. He's ready to copy the note over, but once he's read it he looks from it to Niklas and back, uncertainly. After a minute he brings it over to Niklas and steps back. It gets to wait until Nik has returned to his seats, then he pulls it out and reads it. Stares at it. His face goes ashen, expression dull. He passes it to Sabella and says, sounding a little lost, "I need to go. Apologize to Liara for me."

"Nonsense. I've had ample opportunity to disappoint most of the ladies already here with my dancing and banter. You're first." Michael waves to Samantha as he steps off towards the dance floor, a hand offered to Elise.

Michael s

Elise takes Michael's hand and makes her way to the dance floor. "Ah excellent. You lead?"

Arriving late to the party (not quite fashionably so) comes Tibault Laveer, the Count of Brighthold. The man steps into the Great Hall of the Grayson Mansion with a measured stride and then pauses just inside, his hands drifting and finding one another before him where fingers lace to complete his somewhat socially awkward stature. He offers a polite smile and nod of his head to those party goers that drift by him as his eyes slip across the party-scape until they find the table with refreshments, which inevitably he will drift toward to get himself a drink.

Gianna leans over to take a morsel from the plate Niklas has brought over; his expression makes her tilt her head to the side, brow furrowing for a moment. "Of course," she tells him and Sabella.

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Sabella leaves, following Niklas.

"Quite striking, all the same," Liara assures Waldemai. Then she remarks aside to Lisebet, "I dare say it takes some practice to get right." With Tibault's entrance (indicated quietly to the princess by an attentive servant), Liara looks over to offer a flash of a smile. "You are most welcome, Count Tibault."

Diane, a bright-eyed peregrine falcon arrives, following Orrin.

Elise gets led around the dance floor by Michael. Her posture is perfect. Her face without expression.

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As his name is spoken, Tibault looks up from the refreshment table where he had just picked up a glass of wine and lifted it to his mouth. Swallowing quickly, he offers a smile toward Liara and stoops into a stiff bow. "Thank you, Highness. It is good to have the time to enjoy a bit of leisure festivities every now and then," he says.

Gianna pops another morsel into her mouth and chews thoughtfully; she inclines her head to the newly-arrived Tibault, and watches Elise for a few moments. After a sip of wine, she rises from her seat and makes her way toward Liara. "Princess Liara, Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella regretfully had to leave and asked me to apologize on their behalf. It seemed... serious."

"And in a slightly quieter setting than my usual," Liara remarks to Tibault, with a contemplative glance across the hall. "It can be to the liking of some." Then Gianna gets her attention, and she gives a little nod. "Nothing direly so, one hopes. Thank you for letting me know."

"Count Tibault, a pleasure to see you once more," Lisebet says easily. She glances over to Liara and inclines her head. "I suspect you are quite right, your highness. Which suggests that Master Waldemai has indeed been practicing assiduously."

Waldemai hoists his glass. "Or that I've only had one whiskey. Most sailors do it with a full mug of grog aboard, or more."

Tibault turns his head to cast his eyes around the party in a similar fashion to Liara before he shrugs his shoulders and offers a smile and says, "Well, parties have never really been my specialty. So I will say that event seems to be quite the happening place in my opinion. I might get lost in one of your usual settings if they are that much different!" Shifting his attention toward Lisebet, he smiles and says, "Ahhh, Duchess Lisebet. It is nice to see you again as well." As Gianna comes over, Tibault offers her a nod and says, "Count Tibault Laveer."

Gunner, the Leary Military Adjutant, Emilie, a slender lady's assistant arrive, following Iliana.

"There is plenty available, Master Waldemai," Liara notes by way of mild reassurance, as if any were needed. Then she flashes Tibault a grin. "I would be delighted to see you try a ball out all the same, my lord."

Gianna nods slightly to Liara before turning her attention to Tibault. "Count Tibault, well met. Gianna, Softest Whisper and Nightingale of the Bard's College." She tilts her head to the left and remarks, "I do like your scarf. Where was it made?"

Looking a little windblown and attempting to surreptitiously make sure her braids are done correctly as she comes in, Iliana Leary looks like she might have jogged here and then slowed down for a second in the antechamber to catch ehr breath. Now she wanders across the great hall towards what seems to be the main gathering, offering a smile and a bow to the host. "Princess Liara, hello! I hope you're well?"

Greeting Iliana with a dainty flutter of her gloved fingers and an easy smile, Liara replies. "I most certainly am. How about you, my lady? Lovely to see you here."

Waldemai puts his glass on a tray and bows politely. "Thank you, your highness, but more whiskey might make the walk back to Southport Square a little too difficult to navigate. Thank you for your hospitality." He sails off under his own power.

Tibault glances down at himself, a hand coming up to lift the end of the scarf worn about his shoulders before he chuckles and shakes his head. "To tell the truth, this has become such a part of my every day attire that I had forgotten I was wearing it. I actually am not sure of where it was made. It was a gift from a friend," he admits toward Gianna with no hint of shame, just the open acceptance of a man that realizes that he has absolutely no touch at all with style. His eyes cut toward Liara then and he laughs before saying, "I am sure it would be a complete flop, but perhaps we can host something in Brighthold Tower soon enough. It would be good to have more guests around." As Iliana enters and calls out toward Liara, Tibault lifts a hand in greeting.

Lisebet smiles as Waldemai leaves, and gives Iliana a nod of her head as ell. "Marquessa Leary," she greets easily. She's standing near Liara, as the two have been chatting a bit, though Lisebet does get a messenger, and she frowns very briefly.

"I wish more people gave me gifts like that," Gianna tells Tibault with a little quirk of her lips at the corners that doesn't quite reach her eyes. "Duchess. I hope you're settling in well." A polite nod to Ilmia and Iliana as well.

Iliana fetches herself a little food and a glass of wine, and joins the gathering with a smile. "Thank you," she says. "It's been a long time since I made it up here for one of your gatherings. My daughter almost saw to it that I didn't make this one." Her eyes skate across the rest of the hall, spotting people she knows. She returns Tibault's greeting with a wave o her hand and smiles at Gianna. "Duchess Lisebet, how are you?"

Ilmia is indeed late! But better late than never! The tall redhead is dressed in the dress that was gifted to her and her hair is plaited back into an artful braid and then falling over her shoulder. She gives a smile to those that she passes and finds many familiar faces in the crowd. "Marquessa, Duchess, Count." she dips her head to those that she greets with a smile as she approaches.

"That sounds a splendid idea, my lord. I look forwards to seeing what you come up with." Liara offers Tibault a grin. Then the princess turns with a rustle of not very substantial pink seasilk to greet Ilmia. "Good to see you, Lady Ilmia."

Lisebet smiles at the question, nodding her head. "I am settling in well, I believe, though it may take a bit of time still. And I am doing well, thank you." A glance to Ilmia as well, before she adds to Iliana, "How are you faring? And your daughter? All is well I trust?" She glances to Gianna, inclining her head politely in acknowledgement as well. She gives the late arriving Ilmia a smile. "M'Lady, good to see you again."

"I'd also be interested in events held at the tower," Iliana puts in, nodding towards Tibault. "I'm not much at planning parties, but if you need any help with it, I'll do what I can." She smiles at Lisebet. "Everyone is quite well, thank you. Valitina is just getting to that age where she would rather I don't leave her and she doesn't much care what the reason is. She wasn't very pleased with me when I left tonight."

While many would expect the Mourning Isles to be a tinderbox about to ignite because of Victus' decision with thralldom, the Oathlands seem to be seeing the largest increase in conflicts. House Bellerive's castle of Last Bridge is sieged by House Threerivers, until the arrival of House Blackram's forces, which combined with a sally from House Bellerive's defenders and an arriving host of House Decalmbre's bannermen. The Threerivers' force is enveloped and is destroyed, with ugly rumors that a great majority of the Northlands soldiers were massacred after they had surrendered and asked for quarter. Count Trevor Threerivers was among the killed, which hardly ends the conflict. His daughter, the new countess, swears revenge. Meanwhile, House Fireside launches a seaborn raid upon House Decalmbre's lands, using fireships that crash into Decalmbre's docks and set their port ablaze- which destroys two visiting merchant vessels from House Farshaw.

Olivia wanders in, holding her medical satchel close. She sees Lisebet and makes a bee line to her.

Rukhnis arrives, following Rysen.

Tibault turns his smirk toward Iliana before he chuckles and shrugs his shoulders. "I will have to see what I can work up. I may have to ask for help from someone who actually knows a thing or two about balls. I have been to many, but those that I have stayed at rather than find a reason to leave early I can likely count on one hand," Tibault says with a grin. Looking back toward Gianna, Tibault dips his head and says, "I have to admit that it was a good gift. Especially given the wind that comes off of the sea at Brighthold."

Gianna has a sip of wine and tells Iliana and Tibault, "Whisper House is, of course, available to help plan parties and celebrations. Should you so desire."

Ilmia gives a smile to Liara and curtseys to her, "Your Highness, it's good to see you." she tells her with a smile. "I apologize for arriving so late, time got away from me while doing some errands." she states as she straightens. Then there's a smile to Lisebet, "Duchess it is good to see you again as well. I trust that you are well?" she asks her. Then there's a grin to Iliana and she dips her head to her, "If you would ever like her watched for an evening I would gladly do so." she admits. Then there's a look to Tibault and a smile given to the Count along with a light wave. There is a nod of greeting and a smile to Gianna as well.

Looking a little weary, but with a slight smile on his face, Rysen arrives in the hall with Rukhnis. He makes is way to Liara, and bows respectfully. "I'm sorry we're late, Your Highness. Just got back into town, but I was hoping I could enjoy your legendary hospitality before the end of the evening."

Iliana waves a hand as she sees Olivia come in. "Hello Olivia, it's good to see you again as well!" She smiles over at Gianna. "Given the pair of us, we'll more than likely be taking Whisper House up on that. I know that you and yours plan absolutely wonderful parties and my hands and brain just aren't made for that sort of thing. Ilmia, I would be more than grateful for that. I think she would be, too. She seemed to like you last time you and she were together!"

Rukhnis follows in behind Rysen at the usual discreet distance, with her chin tilted slightly upward and her shoulders squared, and a graceful swish of black silk skirts. She looks as if she's trying not to look too hard at anything or anyone in particular, even as her gaze flicks here and there about the room.

Olivia has joined the a round table with inset amber and glass badgers.

Liara offers a cheery greeting to the new arrivals. "You are all most welcome. There is still ample food and drink for those who want it." She queries lightly of Rysen, "Long journey, my lord?"

Olivia smiles and waves to Iliana, "Wonderful to see you too!" She takes a seat with Lisebet.

Lisebet smiles at Olivia. She's standing near the table she was previously sitting at, also near to Liara. "I am well, Lady Ilmia, thank you. And you? Hopefully also well."

"Lord Rysen," Gianna greets the newly arrived young man. She inclines her head to Rukhnis, too, before saying, "I'm afraid I ought to take my leave. Do have a wonderful evening, everyone."

Gianna has left the silver seasilk sofa of superb repose.

Ilmia gives a look about and then smiles to Lisebet, "I'm doing alright, Duchess." she tells her with a dip of her head. Then she gives a smile to Olivia and a wave as well, "My Lady it is good to see you again as well." she tells her. She then smoothes a hand over the skirt of her dress and gives a look to the others. Just trying to see how the conversation is flowing.

"Indeed, Your Highness," replies Rysen to Liara, as he grabs a glass of wine from a passing servant. "But very, very happy to be back," his grey eyes flick to Olivia for a moment, and he smiles to Gianna, and immediately frowns as she turns and walks away. "It seems your party is a successful as ever," he says to Liara, as he takes in Grayson Hall. "One day, perhaps, these great rooms will cease to astound me - but not tonight."

The wave of anti-prodigal hatred sweeping through the Oathlands is increasingly being tied to traditionalists of the Mourning Isles, who argue that neo-nobles undermine the institution of the peerage, and that prodigals undermine the Compact's stability itself. Atrocities against prodigals are increasing in the Oathlands, particularly among the most fervent of the Oathlands Orthodox, and some houses are taking a stand against that- with House Greenmarch's Greenhaven and House Laurent's Artshall in particular accepting mass waves of refugees. House Greenmarch's patrols quite nearly come to blows with knights attempting to pursue prodigals, and peers such as Count Gael Fournier suggesting that quite loudly that it was a mistake for House Valardin to allow for houses such as Greenmarch to bend the knee, and they have no place at all in the Compact, and the Oathlands would be better without them.

On Keaton lands near Oakhaven, a camp of unarmed prodigals that came seeking refugee are attacked by a group of a dozen knights who were visiting from Greenwither, House Beaucage's lands. They are driven off by House Keaton troops, but not before several prodigals are killed- including one who had fled into a shrine maintained by the Seraph of Oakhaven, and had been granted sanctuary there. The Seraph of Oakhaven is calling for the excommunication of House Beaucage.

Olivia waves to Rysen and Rukhnis with a very odd looking smile. She turns back leaning over to Lisebet.

Iliana turns towards Rysen and Rukhnis as the new arrivals. "I don't think we've met," she says. "Marquessa Iliana Leary." She glances around the hall and adds, "This is certainly one of the grandest. I am always pleased to be up here and admire it again."

Rukhnis watches Gianna go, noting Rysen's frown as she does, and observes everyone else briefly in turn. Her gaze rests on Olivia for longer than anyone else, and she seems to be giving the other woman deep consideration for a while before Olivia waves, and she bows slightly back in response.

Tibault takes the time while the others are talking to drain the rest of his wine before placing the empty glass on a passing tray and claiming another for himself. When Rysen and Rukhnis come near, the Count dips his head in greeting to the two before his gaze shifts back toward the conversation at hand amongst those standing near. When Iliana introduces herself to Rysen and Rukhnis, Tibault speaks up and offers, "And I am Count Tibault Laveer, of Brighthold."

"I have contemplated having a dedicated venue for parties built in the Ward of the Compact, my lord, so that may mean that the astoundment can be spread around a little." Liara grins at Rysen. Then the Grayson offers a little flutter of her pink silk-gloved fingers in a wave to Rukhnis.

Lisebet settles back at the table with Olivia, at least for a bit. "It's been a wonderful party, your highness. And a dedicated party venue sounds like it would be wonderful." She tucks back to lean closer to Olivia once that is said, though even as she speaks more quietly with her sister-by-marriage, she listens to the general conversation.

Rysen bows respectfully to Iliana and Tibault. "It is very good to meet you both. I am Rysen Crovane" Turning to Iliana, Rysen asks, "Oh, were you gone long from the city?" To Liara, Rysen laughs warmly. "I'm looking forward to it, Your Highness - but I think it's your taste in food, music and guests that make your parties the envy of every age - though your choice of venues certainly doesn't hurt." Gesturing to Rukhnis, Rysen says to Iliana and Tibault, "Please allow me to introduce Rukhnis Al-Katibi, a retainer in my service."

Ilmia's green eyes flick over things for the moment and there's a dip of her head to Rukhnis and Rysen, "I'm Lady Ilmia Leary. Reently arrived." the tall woman greets them with a smile. She then turns to find herself a glass of wine and sip from it while others converse. Observing for now.

Rukhnis bows respectfully to Iliana, Tibault, and Liara in turn, murmuring, "My lady, my lord, Your Highness," and adds another bow and "my lady" to Ilmia at the end. Greetings done with, she folds her hands behind her and holds herself in perfect stillness just behind and to one side of Rysen, awaiting whatever the need of the moment might be. If no needs present themselves and she has to simply stand stock-still for the whole rest of the night, her serene posture seems to suggest that that's all right too.

"Lisebet Ashford," comes from the petite black haired woman, as she glances over. In case there are those who do not know who she is. Of course, she does miss the title, but hopefully that's not necessary. Her gaze does go to Rysen and Rukhnis, thoughtfully, and then briefly to Olivia. "A pleasure to meet folks again, or for the first time."

"I come and go," Iliana tells Rysen, "as and when I'm needed on my lands. I've been here in Arx for some time, but I don't get up to the Grayson mansion as much as I would like." She inclines her head to Rukhnis, seeming intrigued by the young woman. "It's a pleasure to meet you both. What is it that you do, My Lord?"

"A pleasure, I'm sure," Liara offers over to Rukhnis. Then she opines to Rysen, "A dedicated site would enable me to add all manner of slightly unusual things on, I'd hazard."

Rysen bows to Lisebet. "I don't believe we've met, My Lady, though it is a sincere pleasure." Rysen nods to Iliana, and chuckles at her question. "What is it I do?" he muses, and takes a sip of wine, smiling. "I suppose I am something of a poet, and a knight of the Compact - though I cannot claim great renown in either. Though I have had the honor of training with Princess Reese, and my swordsmanship seems to be improving with each passing day - but then again, I am an optimist."

Tibault finishes his second glass of wine, then clears his throat before offering, "I am afraid that I must get back to Brighthold Tower. There are a few matters of business that I must attend to before I retire for the evening. Princess Liara, thank you for hosting this event. I hope to see you all again in the near future." With that, Tibault offers a smile to those around him before turning to head for the exit.

"Good to see you, my lord. I look forward to anything you might host there!" Liara smiles at Tibault and offers a little wave by way of parting.

Iliana nods to Tibault. "Good night," she says. "I hope to get to Brighthold Tower myself soon." She turns back towards Rysen and adds, "If Reese is training you, I have no doubt you'll be sharp as a knife if you aren't already. I've seen her fight. She's quite something."

Ilmia gives a smile to Rysen, "No, we've not. But that's alright." she states. Then there's a look to the others and a dip of her head, "I have a meeting that I have early so I am going to take my leave. Thank you for letting me stop in even for a little bit." she smiles to that. "Be safe." she adds as she heads out in Tibaults wake.

Rysen checked charm + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Lisebet smiles to Olivia. "Actually, I'm about to take my leave and look for Harlan. He'd sent me a messenger earlier, and I feel I should reply to his question in person. Shall I leave you a guard to make sure you are safely escorted back home?" She gets up again and curtseys to Liara. "Thank you for the party, your Highness. I do alas need to depart."

Rysen nods in agreement with Iliana. "I've never met her equal," says Rysen softly. He drinks the rest of his glass, and walks over to the table where Olivia is seated. Bowing with a simple but eloquent flourish before Olivia, Rysen rises and winks at her. "My Lady Olivia," he says, "sincere apologies for your skirts earlier. Would..." a slight flush of color rises to his cheeks, "would you care for a dance?"

After offering a parting wave to Ilmia, Liara turns her attention to Lisebet. "Good to see you here, my lady. Have an excellent evening!"

"Be well, Lady Lisebet," Iliana adds for her part. Smiling as she watches the bard/knight turn red, though she doesn't know what for, she leans back in her seat and watches, sipping her wine.

Olivia shakes her head at Lisebet. "No I think I shall be fine. Bethany isn't far. Just pinch him for me." She turns a little red at the way Rysen worded that. "Yes plenty of fabrics. The legs are still there so hard to be too upset! Since I have legs. We can dance. But it is not anything to behold. Except in the sense of staying out of the way of it."

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Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 3 Farshaw novice guards, 1 Farshaw trained guards, 4 Ashford House Guard leave, following Lisebet.

Rysen laughs and holds out his hand to Olivia, moving toward the center of the Hall.

Olivia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Rysen checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Olivia makes it to the dance floor and smiles. "Hope you can lead my Lord." She looks around rather quickly. And a nod. Another smile. She looks like her brain is going a thousand miles an hour.

Rysen, who has clearly been practicing since the last time Liara saw him dance, moves with Olivia to the rhythm of the music. He smiles as they dance, and seems to lose himself in the music for a time.

The faintest hint of melancholy seems to hover around Rukhnis as she watches the start of the dancing, though the expressionlessness of her face doesn't change any and her gaze has the same dark distance in its observation that it's had since she got here. She simply goes on standing at perfect rest, self-contained to the point of being hardly anything more than a dark silken shadow. Whatever she might be thinking, if anything at all, is impossible to say.

Straying over nearer to where Iliana sits, Liara remarks, "I fancy I might, after this dance, wrap things up. A little more sedate than some of my parties, though I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it all the same - I always do."

From the tables, Iliana watches, sipping her wine and smiling lightly. "Well," she says. "Whatever happened before, it looks quite practiced now." She finishes off the glass and nods to Liara. "I will be going in any case," she says. "I do have some of my own work to get done before the morning. I enjoyed myself and I thank you for hosting, Princess. I hope to make it to one of your larger parties in future, too. Maybe when things calm down. If they ever do." She chuckles.

Olivia nods once as she follows the lead decently. No smashed feet this time.

"And even if they do not, my lady, I feel that we simply must carry on with all those things that people enjoy, else we merely survive," Liara opines to Iliana. "Lovely to see you, my lady. Have an excellent evening."

Rysen leads Olivia to the edge of the dance floor, and smiles at her. "Thank you for the dance, My Lady," he says warmly, and as she whispers to him, his grey eyes remain fixed on her, and he nods solemnly.

"Very wise," Iliana says with a smile to Liara. "Thank you, Your Highness. Have a good evening yourself."

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