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Perronne Amboise

Civilization and profit go hand in hand.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Merchant Adventurer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Amboise
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 29
Birthday: 6/16
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Merchant
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel Green
Skintone: Tanned Olive

Description: Perronne stands a bit tall for a woman, a fact emphasized by her lean, almost skinny, build. She's a creature of browns - dark brown hair, olive skin turned more towards brown from years under the sun, nearly black freckles that live in abundance on her forehead and cheeks, and even her eyes are a muddy mix of brown and green. Her features are well-sculpted, with a thin, prominent nose and high cheekbones, and her ready smile forms dimples in her cheeks when it appears. There are numerous small nicks and scars on her hands and arms, but it's also clear that she takes care of her hair and nails, keeping them fashionably styled when inside city walls. Her voice is lively and well-trained to lift over a shouting crowd without loss of diction, and her manner of speaking betrays a higher class education than many in a hundred small ways.

Personality: Perronne has chosen to be an optimist. It isn't that she doesn't see the obstacles in her path, nor that she doesn't sometimes feel bitter or resentful of the accidents of birth that can see one person 'trueborn' and another 'bastard', but she's chosen to focus, instead, on the opportunities that she can see. Her focus on opportunity and her expectation of profit can sometimes appear grasping or ruthless, particularly for those who have never had to bargain for their suppers, but she tries not to outright exploit people who can't afford it. She's a bit of a thrill-seeker, loving the feel of exploring the unknown and gambling on whether what she finds will be profitable or not. She also prides herself on being able to suit her behavior to the venue, whether it's boisterous boasting with the lads and lasses in a trader's tavern, or a formal tea with a head of house to negotiate a trade or passage agreement. And, above all, she takes a deep pride in her personal honor and word, knowing that her reputation is the greatest asset she has.

Background: Perronne was a mistake. Her mother was a noble, of a proud but not particularly remarkable Oathlands house, and her father a common guard. The lady and the guard had the sort of passionate affair common to the young, and during a few days of besotted excess, decided on the deliciously dangerous method to 'prove their love' by foregoing their Liberte during several trysts. They broke up several weeks later as the passion cooled, and it wasn't until a few months later that the lady realized that she was expecting. Being a woman of honor, if not necessarily of wisdom, she confessed to her family. Marrying the guardsman was out of the question (and, in truth, she had no desire to do so), but her house would never accept the shame of failing to do their duty. Thus, the father, Master Amboise, was contacted, told of his impending fatherhood, and offered a simple bargain: He would take primary care of the child, and the House would provide generously for its raising, education, and upbringing, but it was his duty to ensure the child never received ambitions out of line with its station and never to ask for more than he was given.

Several months later, Perronne arrived. She was raised with more leisure and luxury than most commoners - the House was good on their word of support, and her mother often requested her presence for visits and inspections, necessitating that she have lessons in etiquette and comportment so that she might not embarrass her noble relatives. She and her parents had affectionate relationships, but never without the spectre hanging over them that she had been an unexpected arrival, and no matter how hard she tried, she would always be something of an embarrassment to them both - a reminder of young foolishness and a romance never meant to be more than a fling. The rest of her noble relations treated her politely, but never with warmth that might encourage her to expect more than the support already provided. As well-meaning as this all was, Perronne chafed beneath it, and when she was eighteen, she went to her noble relations with a proposition: If they would offer her a modest stake so that she might make her own way in the world, she would sever her fealty to serve the Crown, and never presume upon her connection or relations in any way, allowing the whole sorry business to hopefully be forgotten. After some thought, the family agreed - even her mother, who had married a suitable match, and had two more trueborn children to think about. With her stake in hand, Perronne set out.

In the near decade since, Perronne has been a peddler, a trading clerk, a guide, and most recently, a freelance relic hunter of sorts. She gathers small expeditions to travel out to lands no longer patrolled by the Compact and investigate old ruins for trinkets, objects of art, and antiques, which she then sells at the nearest cities - often to the far-flung relations of those who once lived there. She's done quite well for herself through this work, enough that she finally feels ready to come to Arx, and set up something more permanent so that her business can grow.

Relationship Summary

  • Giulio - Ambitious and Creative Count
  • Venturo - Fellow merchant and creator of carnivals!
  • Mirk - Liaison for first external trading house!

  • Patron:
  • Thena - Grandmaster of the Best Order

  • Friend:
  • Mayir - Best Partner Ever!
  • Fortunato - Dusk - somehow best friend.
  • Isabetta - Noble friend of wit and charm!
  • Faye - Inquisitor, but somehow not terrifying!

  • Acquaintance:
  • Victus - Kind of terrifying!
  • Beatrice - Clever and sharp!
  • Laric - Intimidating but kind!
  • Rhea - No one has successfully punned my name until now.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn She's a merchant extraordinaire, she says. Must find out where all the extraordinaire bits come in. Got a sound sense of humour too.
    Aethan Fought valiantly -- it may have been a kite battle, but all the same.
    Agostino An observant woman with similar interests to my own. It was wonderful to meet her. Perhaps we might work together sometime in the future.
    Ajax A shrewd seeming merchant. Kinda reminds me of mom from an earlier life before I took up the name Ajax. I'm sure i'll see her again.
    Alexio Another merchant! The competition, as it were. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and will likely do well here. I will be looking for her, either on the field of trade battle or as an ally.
    Andry I knew she liked poetry from the first moment I saw her. I'll have to find her again and actually /read/ that poem she shared with me.
    Arthen Sometimes you are standin' there and somethin' comes along that is just set on knockin' you over. That's Perronne, for you. Or, for me, I guess. That's a fine woman, with her head in the right place so far as her interests go, from what I can tell. I bet we'd get along at a longer lenth. I might try and find out.
    Beatrice Profit-oriented, opportunistic, shameless, and sweetly candid. It must be my birthday.
    Berenice Clever and resourceful, and quick to make a deal. I look forward to seeing her flourish in the city!
    Bliss Messere Perronne Amboise is a figure whom I certainly keep hearing about, but it seems that there is something about her and I that just does not mesh. Some miscommunication or misunderstanding - likely my fault, I seem to always leave things half-spoken when it comes to her. Still, I am rather impressed at both what she manages to find and how cheaply she manages to be able to sell them. An excellent merchant with a good head on her shoulders.
    Brady What kind of person gives gifts away at their own birthday? A kind and generous person who wants to see others happy.
    Brigida Kids these days blush so readily.
    Carmen No one can be so smart and also so bubbly sweet and naive-seeming. I hope I didn't interrupt her chance to clean the two Grayhopes out.
    Caspian A light hearted and funny treasure hunter? Now that is someone I could become fast friends with!
    Coraline A bit of a mystery to me but she seems nice and certainly I cannot fault an understanding of business. I have no doubt with her intellect she will go far, I look forward to knowing her better.
    Cullen Quite the interesting merchant of antiques from dangerous and uncivilized lands, one has to admire that kind of bravery and grit. Also a fine sense of humor and excellent manners, although her off guard. Not an unusual reaction, though.
    Denica Apparently friends with Isabetta, she goes off on adventures and brings back neat relics of the past! If Isabetta goes on an adventure with her, I hope she has the foresight to sneak me along.
    Donato I like merchants, and I like this merchant a lot! She likes adventure AND making silver hand over fist. She's going on my list of people I am going to be good friends with, because the only people you can really trust? This kind!
    Evaristo I admire her work very much, though I admit I haven't really followed the work itself, as the story about DOING the work. An adventurer at heart who takes on other adventurers stories and brings it all together... Maybe one day something I have to tell will end up in that almanac!
    Faye A merchant who seems in love with travel, adventure, and opportunity. Not that I blame her one bit. Enjoyable to talk to. I look forward to hearing of her continued exploits.
    Fiora First drink of being in Arx. She was able to get me to soften slightly. Good for her. I wouldn't be opposed to her company in the future.
    Gianna A clever woman who knows the importance of making contacts everywhere she goes.
    Imane She seems like an adventuring woman, who brokers sales of antiques and materials. She seems so confident and able, and I'm a little jealous of her presence. I hope I can come across as fun and intense as she is.
    Jasher Energetic treasure hunter and collector of oddities. I could get to know her well.
    Jeffeth Oh she was so very helpful! I hope I wasn't too much of a time waster for her. Perhaps she'll find more fancy things for me.
    Jordan Amusing merchant with intriguing wares that apparently shift into horrible renditions of death and disaster. Intriguing, and charming. Might be good to do business with.
    Joscelin Cheerful, a bright personality in an otherwise sober room. She was pleasant to meet.
    Jyri The mind of a wolf.
    Kaldur A woman of distinct vision, perhaps aligned with mine. I think she will make a mark on the City.
    Lilith She's an honest merchant, someone who values honor, quality, and reliability. Those are the types of things House Melaeris values, too. I think she'll do well, if she can avoid being taken advantage of.
    Lumen A quickwitted "merchant" extraordinaire from the Oathlands, and the Lyceum, and Thrax territories. Very personable.
    Magpie Magpie has heard many great things about Perronne and now that he's finally met her he's charmed. She's well-spoken, funny, and understands discretion. And really, meeting someone for the first time in the bathhouse? Even though he ambushed her, she took it in stride.
    Marcas Seemed pretty upset I beat her in buying goods. Money talks, though.
    Melody Impromptu dancing with a new friend who is also new to the city! Turns out it was Perronne's birthday, so not only did I get to meet the energetic merchant with a dance, but we got to enjoy all sorts of good fingerfood.
    Mikani Another treasure seeker! Huzzah!
    Mirella Shrewd merchant with a keen mind, thought-provoking opinions. She has much of interest to say. Someone to talk to again, soon I hope.
    Niklas If she were a character in a play I was writing she would be an agent of Tehom in disguise, trading people their secret wants to open up the darkest parts of their souls. As it is, she just seems like a nice lady with a collection of old, weird stuff.
    Peri She is a good listener. She talked calmly to me while I was storming around bellowing at fate. She posed thoughtful questions to me, and I grew calmer by answering. I only wish it I hadn't had so much rum before meeting her.
    Reese She seems cheerful, creative, welcoming and mysterious. She also is clearly talented at getting deals and the like.
    Sabella A very entrepreneurial merchant who has a vivid imagination and seems to like exploring! She might drive Lou crazy, but I think we could be good friends and I will be happy to frequent her shop once it is set up!
    Saoirse Oh my word, would she and Caith get along. She seems enthusiastic, bright enough to work for the Crown, and Saoirse was impressed enough. If she has a corgi though, this might sour.
    Selene She lives life in a faster channel than many of us. Perronne is so intelligent and clear-eyed! She faces down a plan with a balanced view of the good and the bad, but that excitement never lets her mood stay down for long. What an informative conversation we had, and I look forward to more in the future.
    Tomwell She's got a clever mind to go along with her charm. A delightful combination. And with excellent taste in theater, too.
    Valenzo A fellow adventurer, with the humble goal of fantastical wealth! Quite a brain on her, too, that rushes forward like a galloping horse. Hope we can swap tales and ideas more often!
    Venturo A collector of antiques, a merchant extraordinaire, and an intriguing conversationalist. Let luck guide her finds, and bring her to the Raconteur to share new - and old! - stories.
    Verity While I enjoyed the trader's company and negotiation, and found it to be even less painful than many of my courtier engagements, I do wonder what it'd be like to travel with her away from the rigors of strict society. There's so much energy just brimming under the surface...
    Zeriax Creative thinking, a bubbly personality, and a pragmatic attitude is a mix not often seen in the world at large. How sad that in a garden of vibrant colours, the crystalline flower blooms almost unseen.