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A Taste of Arx - Valardin

Come one, come all to a Taste of Arx held in the ward of House Valardin. Enjoy fine Oathlands cuisine, boggle at the sheer amount of metal they incorporate into their clothing and witness some really awesome jousting while you're there!


March 22, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Eddard Sorrel Mabelle Ian Reese Anabelle Amari Galen Gianna Khanne Sabella Waldemai Brianna Felicia Kanean Isidora Ouida Merek Donella Fecundo Liara Monique Acantha Pharamond Selene Beatrice Mia Tabitha Apollo Miranda Rysen Kael




Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Grounds

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Comments and Log

Beekeeper Chest is now unlocked.

Eddard has a small table and a chest upon it. He reaches around to unlatch and flip it open. To lay out a few folded shirts upon said table. He had heard of the give-aways of other events and figured Clement should have something around. Shirts. And glass jars fill of honey.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Sorrel settles comfortably at the cherrywood picnic table with the Princess Consort of Redrain, two Halfshavs, her husband, and Ian. She seems to be in a very good mood though, but she is from the Oathlands. She watches the people as they file in for the extravaganza.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: A Taste of Arx in the Valardin Ward brings with it several stations for visitors to try out a few staple meals and treats of the Oathlands!

Hot Soup Station: Containing a few different flavorful varieties, but most importantly: a rustic caramelized onion soup with beef base, completed with crusts of toasted bread and melted cheese and hearty stew, with big chunks of steak, carrots, potato and other vegetables.

Chocolate Souffle Station: Haggard servants are frantically handing out chocolate souffles in ramekins. They have a lot of ramekins. MANY. A lot.

Roast Duck and Chicken Station: Rotisseries are set up away from the main seating, so that no one person is particularly affected by the heat. The smell wafts throughout the grounds however, the aroma of the roasts intermingling with a variety of tantalizing herbs.

Hearty Drinks that Surely Won't Get You Drunk: Nothing to see here. Just some honeyed mead and milk and maybe a whiskey and also all that wine and is that brandy? You only get drunk if you drink too much!

Benny The Beaver arrives, following Acantha.

Mabelle wanders into the familiar grounds with a shy smile on her face, she offers a curtsy upon entering and greeting those present. Ambeling toward Cristoph, her feet halt beside him, "Duke Cristoph, Cousin, how lovely to finally run into you".

Ian comes in with Galen and Sorrel. He looks tired, with circles carving themselves under his eyes, and is happy to sink down at the picnic table that Sorrel leads them towards.

Monique gets Flannel Shirt, Emerald and Yellow from Beekeeper Chest.

Reese arrives at the gathering while adorned in her pink tunic and ivory leggings. She has a gentle smile for those gathered here and goes to find a seat.

Lystra Voss - The Quiet Assistant, Obsidian - a black Warlander arrive, following Fecundo.

1 Valardin Knights, Skiftfeather - an Elegant Snowy Owl, Morigan Bradshaw - Nurse and Doctor in Training, Fayre Wyrmfang - Excitable Champion, Jaibrian - The Lovable Blue Roan Mare, Fecundo arrive, following Isidora.

Reese gets Flannel Shirt, Emerald and Yellow from Beekeeper Chest.

Dressed uncharacteristically in a mostly dark gown, Anabelle arrives to the event alone, her smile ever present though never quite reaching her eyes, and natural ivory skin paler than usual. An attempt has been made to correct her palor with some makeup and it helps, to a point. Unlike the usually bubbly girl, Anabelle quietly takes in the scene and then, without talking to anyone, seeks out that chocolate souflee station, an indulgence of something sweet just the ticket to lift her mood surely.

Amari must be here to represent Keaton. It would explain the sheer amount of black and green silk she's wearing, and the giant pawprint sigil on the back of her cloak. She looks excited enough when she strolls in, despite being an Oathlander and undoubtedly accustomed to the type of fare on offer. In her case, familiarity doesn't seem to breed contempt. She heads straight for the hearty drinks.

Anabelle has joined the Chocolate Souffle Station.

Galen walks alongside Sorrel with his arm wrapped around her waist. He joins her at the table she picks out and waits for the event to start, politely greeting people on his way

Kanean gets Flannel Shirt, Emerald and Yellow from Beekeeper Chest.

Amari has joined the Hearty Drinks that Surely Won't Get You Drunk.

Isidora takes Flannel Shirt, Emerald and Yellow from Beekeeper Chest.

Amari gets Flannel Shirt, Emerald and Yellow from Beekeeper Chest.

Gianna sweeps in with a swish of silk, bearing a cloak adorned with the white fur of some animal likely found up around the Everwinter. Her right arm sports a rubicund spaulder and gauntlet the colour of rose gold, perhaps as a nod to the Valardin tendency to add metal to anything they can.

Galen gets Flannel Shirt, Emerald and Yellow from Beekeeper Chest.

Mabelle has joined the Chocolate Souffle Station.

Gianna has joined the Hearty Drinks that Surely Won't Get You Drunk.

Cristoph starts off at one station and then moves to another and another until he's completed a circuit around the grounds, dressed down in his usual dark silks and leathers. He spots his cousin approaching him and lifts a hand to her, "Mabelle! My apologies for not finding you sooner. I'm glad that you were able to make it out tonight." He watches as the guests begin to arrive and then inclines his head toward the jousting grounds, "I need to get that started, will you walk with me?"

Khanne had skipped all the 'normal' and 'good for you' food and went straight for the chocolate souffle table. She also snagged a whiskey before settling with friends and relatives at the cherrywood picnic table, though she keeps glancing up from time to time to greet people she knows, like, Amari. "Hi Amari! Long time no see!"

Felicia has joined the line.

Reese has joined the line.

Sorrel has joined the line.

Sabella is somehow already here and at the chocolate souffle station, of course! "Duke Cristoph, this is fantastic!" She enthuses and may or may not have some chocolate on her nose already, "You're going to give the Whispers and their chocolate fountain a run for their silver with this!"

Donella has joined the line.

Sabella has joined the Chocolate Souffle Station.

Sorrel gets palamino toy stick horse from a deep garnet backpack.

Waldemai shouts, "Hooraw!" Nothing like a good joust!

Brianna's whole world is chocolate souffle and roast duck. That's all. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just delicious.

Felicia has left the a medium sized oakwood picnic table with two decks of cards and several pairs of dice atop it.

Felicia prowls over to check things out, beelining for the 'hearty drinks' join #8

Mabelle has joined the line.

Fecundo has joined the line.

Mabelle gets Flannel Shirt, Emerald and Yellow from Beekeeper Chest.

Kanean walks to the grounds and finds a seat where there are drinks.

Sabella waves to Sorrel, Galen, and Ian when they come in, "Chocolate!" she calls out so they know where the important things are.

Felicia has joined the Hearty Drinks that Surely Won't Get You Drunk.

Isidora enters with Fecundo. She had not seen that many people on Valardin grounds every. Her calm face doesn't betray the awe felt as she looks around. "Well looks like you can have some fun." She comments to her husband before pushing him to some activity and then finding herself a place to sit.

Fecundo gets Flannel Shirt, Emerald and Yellow from Beekeeper Chest.

Ouida strolls in with a small party of Harthall guardsmen and her squire--though apparently here on the grounds they are not required be at their duty--the guards do not even appear to be armed. Instead, the Harthall knight waves them all off to disperse and enjoy the festivities, as she takes a more solitary looksee about the various food offerings, not even bothering to hide her delight in the scent of the roasting meats in particular.

Merek has on his vest with his black dress attire, and makes his way to the Valardin Ward to look around and find a place to settle in as he does so.

Felicia prowls over to check things out, beelining for the 'hearty drinks' table. She'd had her eyes on the gaming tables but, well, whiskey, and the company there, make her elect to dip her head respectfully to the gathered and drop into a seat.

Isidora has joined the Chocolate Souffle Station.

Amari settles on a glass of the brandy that won't get you drunk, unless you drink a lot. It's a small glass, so she should be fine. Hearing her name as she's having her first sip, she turns and her hazel eyes quickly find the familiar Halfshav. She laughs, "Lady Khanne? Is that you? Gods, it's been forever and a day. You look wonderful." Spying a well dressed Gianna approaching she smiles at her rather cheerfully. Someone's already in good spirits.

Mabelle smiles warmly to Cristoph, "Of course, cousin" and begins to shadow him as he walks about

Donella excuses herself from the party and the little table, because JOUSTING. And it's not a party until she's made a complete ass of herself at something. Principles. She steers very very clear of the drinks station, in favor of some lovely creamy cheese and breast crusts.

Fecundo laughs as he walks in with Isidora, kissing her on the cheek as she pushes him to the line, "I will do my best nto to get too hut, love." He does take her to the seat before getting in the jousting line.

Sorrel offers a wave and a smile to Sabella as the little Thrax contingent (with bonus Kennex) arrives and settles at the table with the Halfshavs and the Princess Donella. She seems to be in a grand mood. "Chocolate souffles and jousting. This is going to be so much fun!" she exclaims excitably.

Brianna has joined the line.

Showing up to the grounds, Liara's fairly quickly drawn to the chocolate souffle station, the sight of which causes her features to brighten with a grin. She parks herself at the table, giving a flutter of her fingers to greet those already at it.

Liara has joined the Chocolate Souffle Station.

Gianna collects herself a glass of the brandy, raising it in Amari's direction before heading thataway. She gestures to her head, presumably at the nightingale-adorned comb settled in her dark hair. "Lady Amari! And Vala Khanne, hello again."

Monique arrives, happily snagging a flannel shirt as she heads for the drinks. She tosses it on over her silks quite readily, offering waves to those she knows, ready to cheer on the jousters in this lively new flannel.

"You too, Amari! You haven't aged a single day since I last saw you... Blessed with beauty, you are!" She chuckles and then smiles to Gianna from where she sits at the table. Lifting her hand, she waves and says, "Gianna, good to see you again, too!"

"You too, Amari! You haven't aged a single day since I last saw you... Blessed with beauty, you are!" Khanne chuckles and then smiles to Gianna from where she sits at the table. Lifting her hand, she waves and says, "Gianna, good to see you again, too!"

Acantha had decided to come and see what was going to be going on at the Valardin portion of the Taste of Arx. She's carrying a pack on her back that something keeps peeking out of. Benny usually is with her, she just doesn't want him stepped on or otherwise jostled. There's a sprig of aspen given to the animal as she heads into the event.

Anabelle grabs a ramekin that is frantically handed to her by one of the servants, blinking a bit in surprise before smiling with a gentle, "Thanks." Moving off to the side, she watches as others seem attracted by the sweets first, her soft smile a little dreamy as she digs into the souflee with dainty bites, savoring each one as she lets cool blue-grey eyes quietly survey the gathering.

Reese is here getting ready to jost. "You look very lovely in flannel, Lady Monique." she says. Te girl then waves to Brianna and Sorrel. She seems to be in a cheerful mood.

Cristoph offers Mabelle his arm, "So lets kick off the jousting?" he asks and they begin their walk through the crowd. He seems amused to witness people wearing flannel shirts or just carrying them around. "Ah, the Clements. This must be Lord Eddard's doing," he murmurs to himself. He cups one hand to his mouth and announces, "Thank you all for coming! Would those of you with horses who plan to joust come down here! And we'll get the lists started!"

Seeing Reese wave to her cousin who sits beside her, Khanne smiles and waves to Reese. "Hello, Reese. Long time no see... for real."

Reese smiles over to Khanne. "It is very nice to see you, Lady Khanne." She says in her direction. She looks over Mabelle and Sorrel as they show off their gowns. "Wow, such lovely outfits here."

Monique rocks modest flannel the way others rock much richer fabrics, and she lifts a hand to Reese's compliment, grinning sharkishly. "You're welcome to look, as always, Sweet Princess. I look forward to watching you win this joust, beauty!"

Merek has joined the line.

Ian slips his flask out of an inner pocket of his coat and settles in with whatever is inside it, content to watch the jousting

Though she seems to not be equipped at all for jousting, Ouida heads towards an area where she'll be able to get a prime spot for viewing, a pleasant and relaxed smile upon her face as she watches the entrants prepare, and other strutting their stuff on the fashion front.

Reese looks to Monique. "Oh, does that mean I get wear your favor int he joust, Lady Monique." She then smiles to Merek as well.

Amari is thoroughly amused, raising her glass to Gianna and Khanne, who she toasts with a laugh, "A drink then to our incomparable, ageless beauty. May it never fade." She follows the gesture of the Nightingale's then, up to the hair comb which she seems to recognize almost immediately. "You always have the finest fashion sense, Gianna Whisper." And though she may have elaborated on that thought, Cristoph makes his announcement about the joust and she turns his way to listen. Listen and consider. "Next year I'll joust." She tells Gianna, as if it's a certain thing.

Mabelle wiggles her fingers afar at Reese, offering a curtsy, "Hello Princess!". Enjoying hanging off Cristoph's arm and being generally lovely.

Merek stands up and makes his way to where others are preparing for the joust. He considers for a moment, "Ah, I likely have some... Ah," he says, he has his horse brought to him if he's allowed, if not he will use one provided.

Felicia can't help but perk at the sound of jousting, the whiskey she'd selected downed in order for her to rise again to go and collect Wrecking Ball and lead him over to the lists.

Felicia has left the Hearty Drinks that Surely Won't Get You Drunk.

Fecundo looks at the others in line for the joust and smiles a bit.

Acantha has joined the a large maplewood picnic table with decks of cards evenly placed.

Donella bends her head to whisper something tart to Monique, even as she makes for poor old Horse, who looks fed up with her already. Where the carrots at?

Brianna reluctantly leaves her plate at the sound of jousting. It sound like a terrible idea. She can't wait.

Acantha finds her way towards where they are setting up for the jousting and takes a seat to where she can see the jousters and their horses. She settles the pack that holds Benny and settles it down besides her, flipping it open so the animal can see better.

Pharamond is sadly late for the start of the event but glad to arrive. He looks about, smiling to some he knows well such as Gianna and Reese, and even Princess Sabella, but also smiles to others that he knows not nearly as well. And so it is time to stroll and look at what the day's events are going to put everyone through and of course, find some alcohols because alcohols must always be had at events. He seems in good spirits though.

"I would be heartbroken if you didn't," Monique calls out to Reese, plucking a golden ribbon from her hair and looking highly offended at Donella's whisper. She whispers something back that sounds properly disbelieving. And then she glances quickly over her shoulder.

Renault, the fluffiest Velenosan cat, Athenais, a dreamy apprentice Whisper arrive, following Selene.

Gianna inclines her head to Pharamond; Sabella is given a tip of her chin as well. Then she leans over to murmur something more quietly to Amari.

Reese seems all happy with the golden ribbon that is now mixed with her pink ribbons. She then smiles over to Pharamond. "Hi, Lord Pharamond." The girl waves to Gianna as well.

Reese has a gentle smile for Amari. "Lady Amari, hi." She says in her direction. The girl is getting ready to join the joust and she is near her white war filly.

"Lady Surf, you leave me wondering whether I could make a seasilk jacket close enough to resemble a sheet of seawater to grace you," Selene enthuses to her companion. She is barely a step ahead of the Malespero noble, standing on her toes to see around the throngs of people. It's near to impossible. The only suggestion is offering her arm to Beatrice in hopes they might not be separated. "Do you smell that chocolate? I feel it's important we acquire a little bit of metal or ceramic in our defense so no one accuses us of missing out on the festivities. What do you think?"

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Cristoph says his hellos to a few people, pointing at some of the more higher ranking members of Arx nobility to Mabelle quietly. A list is being compiled and once that's done, he hands it off to the herald who announces the first pair of jousters. "Dame Felicia Harrow will joust against Princess Reese Grayson!"

Merek makes preperations with his horse, while he watches the others do jousting, he then cheers for Reese and Felicia, as the two are about to face each other.

Waldemai cheers for Princess Reese, on whom he has won plenty of silver betting. "Go to it, your highness!"

Pharamond arrived late and had a choice to make. Itis a touch choice, really, a choice that is about the quest for glory versus the sate one's belly. On the one hand, there was the joust. On the other, there is mead, and souffle. The Joust looking fairly full, it is time for drinks. As many as possible. If this is the Taste of Arx, then he will Taste for Arx...for all those that couldn't make it. Thus is his burden to bear.

Felicia checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 1 higher.

"I like leaving you wondering." The corner of Beatrice's smile curves, attention distracted by an un-drunk drink table, even as she links an arm with Selene to move toward the chocolate. Taller than the ethereal Whisper, she has a little more luck peering through the crowds, her gaze travelling the station and its occupants as they approach. "The cake, by the by, for Lady Juliana's wedding was a work of art." HEr mouth twitches briefly. "The mirrored one was quite pleasant too."

Reese checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 4 higher.

Ouida applauds the first pairing, grinning ear to ear.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 34, rolling 24 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 31, rolling 72 higher.

"The mirrored effect pleased me to no little end. Getting just the right touch to honor the couple, it turned out well." The Radiant Emeritus tucks her hand against Beatrice's arm as they venture close to the rows of souffles and royalty. Closing in range, Selene bend at the knee for a greeting.

Cristoph has joined the Chocolate Souffle Station.

Reese mounts her war filly and the girl rides the equine okay, but what is even more impressive is her skill with the lance. She goes charting at Felicia and gets in a good solid hit. The girl is struck in return, but she manages to stay on her mount.

Monique, whiskey in hand, boisterously cheers Reese on, using languge elegant and inelegant alike, promising the Princess things she shouldn't, if she wins.

Acantha has left the a large maplewood picnic table with decks of cards evenly placed.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Anabelle before departing.

1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, 3 House Riven Soldiers, white-tailed eagle, Lianna arrive, following Mia.

Felicia's big black stallion, Wrecking Ball, may have size on Reese's filly, and the redheaded former King's Own certainly hasn't lost the skill to ride him, but in the first tilt it's clear who is the victor. Felicia can't help but drop the lance after the pass when her fingers go numb from Reese's hit, and although she manages to keep her seat and, indeed, from the sound that wafts laughs about it before bowing from her saddle towards Reese, she knows she's been bested.

Fecundo keeps checking on Isidora, but keeps an eye on the jousting as well. He applauds both Reese and Felicia as they joust.

Mabelle is overheard praising Reese.

Mia arrives as she often does -- a brisk clip that kicks up the hems of her skirts. (Ahh, the joys of no longer being with child! She can once again drive her attendants mad in their attempts to keep up with her, rather than the reverse.) Pausing to tighten her cloak ever-so-slighty around her, she uses the moment to survey the grounds with curious eyes.

"Princess Reese Grayson wins against Dame Felicia Harrow! The next match up will be Prince Fecundo Valardin against Lady Brianna Halfshav!" The herald calls out, sounding a bugle to make the announcement.

Merek also cheers as Reese is victorious!

Selene warms to the company as she scoops up a small ramekin and spoon one-handed, having not fully surrendered her arm from Beatrice's. Extrication calls for something more impressive. She obliquely glances to Reese's victory and calls out a light cheer.

Waldemai needs a betting interest in every joust. "Hooray, Lady Brianna!"

Isidora looks at Niklas and thinks for a moment. Her hand moves over her rounded belly as she thinks. "Well I stay busy enough. I was given the added job of liason to the Templars. Which should be interesting." She takes a bite of her food. "Do you have any new plays out?"

Fecundo checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 7 lower.

Brianna checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 20 lower.

Khanne looks up after some time enjoying her chocolate souffle quietly and asking a server to bring her another. "Go Bri Bri!"

Fecundo checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 42, rolling 8 higher.

Felicia can't help but shake her head to herself as she goes to settle Wrecking Ball back in his place and rejoin those on the grounds themselves. There's a respectful dip of her head towards Mia with a sketch of a bow before she takes up rubbing her arm again to get the feeling back.

Isidora cheers on Fecundo. "Go Raven!" She calls out.

Brianna checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 3 lower.

Mabelle compliments Reese, "Well fought, Princess, though I had no doubt you shall come with the upper hand, no offense to the competition". She winks toward Felicia amiably only to return her attention to Reese, "Its a pleasure to see you. Chocolate?"

Monique cheers on the Oathlands Prince, as any good Oathlander does!

Amari is watching the jousting progress, offering applause to any and all brave enough to risk their arm bones. She's calling out a congratulations to Reese for her victorious tilt when she notices Mia striding smartly onto the scene. She lifts a hand to greet her, "Countess Mia! Hello!"

"No offense taken, my lady, princess Reese routinely reminds me to be humble." Felicia offers for Mabelle's comment wryly, attention going to the competitors with a sharp whistle of encouragement.

2 Harthall house guards, Niall RedTree, adorably awkward squire leave, following Ouida.

So this is what happens when you eat and drink /before/ the joust. Brianna damn well embarrasses herself, managing to get thrown from her horse at the first pass, then stumbles to her feet, axe in hand.

Dog the rat arrives, delivering a message to Selene before departing.

Dog the rat arrives, delivering a message to Gianna before departing.

Looks like it's been a while since Fecundo has done this as he doesn't quite get a proper seat on Obsidian before taking off. He rushes toward Brianna and lands a hit solidly with the lance, narrowly avoiding a return strike from her own. WHen she falls from her horse, he wheels his own around and stops to make sure she is alright, saluting her with his lance before movings his horse off the field.

A dip of a curtsy is executed in reply to Felicia, and.... Monique... and Eddard... and how many Graysons now? And.... ohh, my! It seems that for once, Mia actually is quite familiar with a fair number of faces at a celebration. How in the world did that happen?! Either way, her brows shoot up for a moment before she catches sight of Amari's wave, which apparently settles the question of where to mingle. Decidedly there, and she gathers up her long skirts to join her. "Lady Keaton," she offers lightly. "I see that promises of all of the Oathlands' fine flavors have drawn a crowd. I should've expected as much -- it managed to dislodge me from my seat in front of my own hearth."

Ian has settled into a comfortable slouch from which he can drink from his flask and watch the jousting, although without any particular interest.

"It's okay Bri Bri. No one looks better tumbling ass over head than you! You still win in my book!" Khanne is the ever supportive cousin.

Waldemai hides his eyes when Lady Brianna goes down. "Glad no one's taking bets."

Kanean hearing Mia's name follows Amari's eyes, and sees the lady. He looks at her, studying the woman.

"Well done, Lady Brianna! Prince Fecundo!" Cristoph calls from the souffle station, definitely eating more than one. Possibly two. So many. "My sister broke my leg the last time I jousted!" It's true. Well, he broke his own leg. But these things do happen. The herald looks over at the duke and rolls his eyes, shakes his head. "Prince Fecundo defeats Lady Brianna! The next match is Princess Sorrel Thrax against Princess Donella Redrain!"

Sorrel checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 17 lower.

Selene sets down her ramekin of souffle to applaud the latest competitors. Fecundo's victory over Brianna brings a gasp, then a smile from the petite Whisper when the woman regains her footing.

Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 52, rolling 4 lower.

Too many Graysons. But Eddard comes out from around a small table now completely devoid of goods. No shirts left, no honey left. But a single folded flannel shirt is within his hand and he steps to Mia to offer it towards her. "Countess Mia. I wasn't expecting you to come visiting the Valardin's Taste of Arx."

After returning his horse to handlers, Fecundo returns to his wife's side while awaiutng the next round. He sidles up next to Isidora and speak to her softly befre kissing her cheek.

Amari gestures to an empty seat next to her, inviting Mia to join her. "Oh well, please sit here with me and bask in the glory of all this fine jousting instead of a boring old hearth fire. We have drinks." Which she proves by raising a small glass of brandy she's been sipping at, "And conversation as well. Are you acquainted with everyone? Lady Monique, Gianna Whisper, Lord Pharamond Ashford and," Kanean, "I'm sorry, I'm not sure we've been introduced. I'm Lady Amari."

Donella checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 4 higher.

Gianna inclines her head to Mia, sipping her brandy. She leans toward Monique to say something more quietly. Gianna does not seem to be paying the strictest attention to the jousting, but she does call out to cheer Sorrel on.

Monique cheers extra wildly for Princess Donella, shouting things in Northlands shav that are /very/ complimentary.

Felicia elects to circle back to the drinks table to collect herself another whiskey and settle down to watch comfortably while nursing it.

Felicia has left the Valardin Combat Riding Course.

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Mia cants her head to one side at Eddard's approach and further still at his greeting. "It seemed a pleasant way to spend an evening, Lord Clement, and I thought it a fine thing to show my support of Valardin during these difficult days, particularly should His Grace choose to make an appearance. Would you care to join us?," she offers, even as she sinks down into the chair offered to her by Amari, smoothing her skirts as she settles. A sharp nod is offered to the others gathered there.

Mia has joined the Hearty Drinks that Surely Won't Get You Drunk.

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Donella checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 31, rolling 22 lower.

Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby cat, Laudine, a stern middle-aged maidservant, 2 Whitehawk Guards arrive, following Tabitha.

Fecundo chuckles softly when Isidora whispers back to him and hugs her gently, "I will do my best, my dragon....though I cannot say my competitors will be helpful in that regard. It's the nature of the contest."

Isidora looks at Fecundo. "They better."

And she's off! Donella is on horse down the straightaway. Clangety-clang. Lets face it here, folks, she's just not athletic. Oh, she can ride... but weaponry is just not her thing. Maybe if she didn't like Sorrel, she could abuse her with vicious mockery... but the outcome is, like Donella, written in the dirt. She's okay! A little limpy on her way back to the table, a little dirty, but fine!

Sorrel's small sorrel mare which has been brought from the Thrax stables for her does not seem terribly certain of this whole jousting business. Especially with her mistress in a dress. She shies, flails, and generally does not want to go forward. That Sorrel has any skill with a weapon is notable, though it's a fight to unhorse Donella. Still, at the end of the lane, she's falling off her horse, laughing. "Good show, Princess Donella!" she calls brightly.

Donella calls back, "I ate a bug!"

Sorrel replies brightly, "You're supposed to eat the honey, not the bees!"

Eddard says, "Don't eat my bees!"

Princess Sorrel Thrax comes out ahead of Princess Donella Redrain!" The herald calls out, getting through it quickly before Cristoph can call out anymore of his encouraging words that involve broken limbs. "Next we have Lord Pharamond Ashford against Sir Merek Black!"

Khanne chuckles at the exchange between Sorrel and Donella. "I hope it was at least nutritious!"

After finishing her second ramekin of delicious Chocolate Soufflee, Anabelle hands the empty dish to a nearby servant collecting such things and slowly moves away before she goes in for a third. Time to do a round of the party to work off all that sugar. She smiles gently in the direction of those still gathered there before swishing away gracefully.

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Pharamond looka to Countess Mia and inclines his head moreso, his smile widening. "She has been a revelation to quite a few things I never knew I was missing until I met her. I will make sure to pass along your kind words though." He's about to take a bite of his souffle from the ramekin and his mid-spoon to mouth, mouth open, when he hears his name called. "Did I sign....oh about that." Perhaps he did have too much to drink before he showed up but he walks over to his mount. "Alright then...Horse..." he says, having just grabbed one from the stables on the way over, not any special war horse. "He's a thought," he says, as he hops onto the back of the horse. "What say we put on a great show and pretend that we've done this before. That wouldn't be the worst idea ever, now would it?"

Pharamond has rolled a critical success!
Pharamond checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 35 higher.

Merek checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 31 lower.

Waldemai nearly falls over. "Horse whispering works? By all the gods and goddesses!"

Merek checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 66, rolling 18 lower.

Pharamond has rolled a critical success!
Pharamond checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 77 higher.

Selene is overheard praising Pharamond: Extraordinary talent for convincing his horse to be a grand champion.

Donella flips her hair, now decorated with bits of straw and a clod of grass. "Tell me I still look pretty, my vanquishing darling?" she teases Sorrel as she has a seat. "Next time, I am going to do a mud-seraph."

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Anabelle is overheard praising Pharamond: A spectacular showing at the Joust!

Sorrel reaches out to pick some grass out of Donella's hair. "You look fantastic, my dear. Utterly gorgeous. A little roughness is attractive," she assures her with a grin.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp, 2 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Miranda.

Fake it until you make it, right? He's just sitting on the horse, drawing one of the slightly smaller lances and he hops into the 'list' then as it were, and politely he rasies the lance towards Sir Merek, Pharamond nothing if not chivalrous when it comes to events like this. And so he turns his head at the last minute, looking towards Tabitha as he calls out, "Oh, HEY THE--" and then the 'horse' takes off. IT has apparently done this before. And so he tilts his lance, and indeed, hopefully no one hears the 'oh crap' that comes from his mouth before he points the lance towards Merek, having watched Reese and he politely goes for the hands/wrists rather than trying to unseat the rider and risk injury. Cause you know, disarm is a legit joust tactic, right?

Nomius arrives, following Apollo.

Anabelle is overheard praising Cristoph: Fantastic party! The Chocolate Souffle station was inspired!

Donella pokes a baked bean shell over one tooth, and runs her finger over her orbital bone until she looks like she's sporting a shiner. "Like, this rough?" she jokes. And then watches the field with amazement. "Man fall down, go boom," she says with a sympathetic wince. That is likely how she's going to recount it for the children. "Well tilted!"

"Superb, Lord Pharamond! Strike true for House Ashford!" The praise from the former Radiant of Whisper House carries clear and pure over the joust. Partly as Selene has immaculate control of her pitch for the moment. One delicate hand rises, fingers tipped dramatically to the impressive display. "There, the confessed romantic earns the favor from Gloria and Limerance. Someone best buy that horse for a lineage of very fine colts and fillies if they've not done so already."

Merek moves to settle onto his horse and takes a drink from the whiskey with him. He's still drunk so whatever, he nods then to Pharamond, "Alright, we'll give them a show, that's what it's all about," he says, then he charges forward. He then manages to lose his weapon and all that. Then he's taken from the steed. Oh well. He holds up his hands, "Woo!"

Gianna blinks a few times and, holding her brandy very carefully, applauds Pharamond. "I was not expecting that," she admits.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea for Tabitha to raise a hand in an exciting, smiling wave when she saw Pharamond up on that horse looking all jousty and gallant. But she did, so that's that. Anyway, the smile turns to a wide-eyed look of confusion when his steed goes legging it, and she places the tips of her fingers over her mouth.

Apollo has been here a bit, swear. He's wandering through, looking like he's rather afraid to choose something before he's actually seen everything. But look, that roast duck station - he can smell that from anywhere, so that's where he goes.

Looking for a drink, Anabelle is flagged down by a messenger, and after a quick look at the message, the Lyonesse girl quietly slips away from the party.

Arriving late, Miranda strolls into the grounds and glances about as she arrives. Booths. The wonderful smells of food! Her head lifts and her eyes close as she tries not to let her mouth water from the fantastic aromas in the air. She smiles, cloak about her, hood over her head, though a golden wreath is juuuuuuuuuuuust visible under her hood if one looks.

The herald gives out a triumphant bugle! "Well done Lord Pharamond! You are victorious! Thank you Sir Merek Black! The next match up will be Princess Reese Grayson against Prince Fecundo Valardin!"

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Eddard stands up in place, a hand launching into the air and waggling frantically in Miranda's direction. "Miranda! Lady Miranda! Hey! Miranda!" Its...not working. Probably because shes all the way across the thing. Then he tries once more.

Eddard shouts from nearby, "Lady Miranda! I'm over here!"

Vagari - Cinder Kitten arrives, delivering a message to Fecundo before departing.

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"Well done, Lord Pharamond!" Liara calls over towards the jousting lists from her seat at the table with all the chocolatey bits. "Ever rising!" The latter being House Ashford's words, and perhaps appropriate to that horse's performance, at the very least.

Pharamond looks...genuinely confused. He looks down to the horse..."You and I are going to have a talk..." he intones, and pats the horse on the side, before riding over. He would dismount and offer to help up Merek, especially to rescue the man's flask. A man and his flask should -never- be separated. "Good show, Sir Merek," he says sincerely, giving a wave to the cheers and walking back over, approaching Tabitha. "Hey...look at that. I can joust..." And yes, the horse seems to let out a breath at that if Pharamond had /anything/ to do with that.

Waldemai cheers Princess Reese. "You go, your highness!" There's plenty of rotisserie chicken left, by the way.

Isidora calls out to Reese, "Princess ... remember I am pregnant with your competitor's children." She tries to throw Reese off balance.

Fecundo speaks to his wife and goes back to the ring to mount his horse to face Princess Reese, lifting a hand in salute to her as he gets ready.

Mabelle watches her surroundings in excitement. However, not even the loud jousters and the sugar filled sweets manage to keep her awake so late. She murmurs goodbye to her station companions and apologizes quietly to Cristoph, "Forgive me for leaving early, Cousin, but we must have dinner soon".

Fecundo checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 17 lower.

Was that her name bellowed through the air? Mmmm? Miranda glances up and around a moment. She must not have heard right. She shrugs a bit and continues, spotting Isidora's lovely, if pregnant figure - must have known she'd be here and.. oh look! Fecundo! She hurries over that way because ISIDORA must have bellowed her name. Right? "Sister!" She smiles as Fecundo gets on his horse, "What is he doing?"

Reese checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 7 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 28, rolling 12 higher.

Fecundo checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 52, rolling 10 higher.

Isidora looks at Miranda. "He's jousting." Isidora shrugs. "It's a Valardin thing. We get on horses and point sticks at each other and then charge. I'm not sure why we do it. Some say it is fun." Isidora 'mansplains' jousting to Miranda.

Apollo fetches his bit of duck, and wanders back around, trying to pick his way through to watch the competitions. He probably bumps into seventy-four people, not doubling when he does it twice; trying to keep the duck fat from soiling his clothes, he's all elbows.

"Of course," Cristoph says to Mabelle and smiles at her encouragingly. "Thank you for finding the time to come out. Enjoy the rest of your evening."

"With Princess Reese," Liara adds to Isidora's explanation to Miranda. "How do you do, Lady Miranda? There's this splendid chocolate dessert here."

Where once they were held over her mouth, Tabitha's hands slide back down below her jawline and clap together gently in girlish applause. Then she lifts her skirt a couple of inches above the floor and goes happily trotting over to Pharamond, beaming in a sunshiney fashion to meet him and his mount. "You were both wonderful! I'm so proud!" The artist's eyes shine as she pecks a kiss upon the Ashford lord's cheek, and then she immediately turns her attenton to the horse, so as to give it a petting on the neck once it calms down. Horsey!

Tabitha checked charm + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Eddard traverses much of the grounds, dodging small children. Mostly. Only a few tumble until he manages to get himself towards Isidora, Miranda and that clump of fine folks. "/Miranda./"

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Definitely out of practice is Fecundo. Still having difficulty getting his seat. He finally does get settled and while he does manage to strike Reese, it is her shot and better seat that unhorses him. Interestingly enough, he goes down laughing, "I should not have expected less...well done, Princess Reese." He gets himself up and dusts off, saluting his opponent a second time before catching up with his horse to send it off to be tended.

Miranda stares at Isidora, "But he's not Valardin, he's Lycene..." She looks over at her brother as he faces off with Reese, "Against Ribbons? Oh my... Who to cheer for??" She calls out then, "Ribbons! Knock him on his back!" Then, "Don't worry Brother! You can beat her!" She laughs and pats Isidora's shoulder, then smiles at Liara, "Princess, it is great to see you." She eyes the chocolate dessert, "Oooh.." She takes the invitation for what it is and... doesn't sit. Instead, she is acosted by Eddard! She turns and ohs! "My Lord!" She reaches up to caress Eddard's cheek on one side while kissing his other cheek. "Were those your lovely baritones I heard bellowing my name minutes ago?"

"In a very close match, Princess Reese Grayson ousts Prince Fecundo Valardin! Congratulations! The next match will be Princess Sorrel Thrax and Lord Pharamond Ashford!" The herald announces.

Waldemai has learned his lesson. "Lord Pharamond, the horse whisperer!"

Sorrel checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 3 lower.

Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 38, rolling 35 higher.

Isidora looks at Miranda, "He's Prince Fecundo /Valardin/. He may have been born Lycene but he's Valardin now." Isidora states as she looks at Miranda. "Besides he's very sexy on a horse. Like he was somewhat born to it."

Pharamond checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 8 lower.

Pharamond checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 43, rolling 22 higher.

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Fecundo returns to Isidora and laughs, "I told you, love. Princess Reese always gets the better of me." He doesn't seem to mind, apparently. He looks to Miranda, "Hello, sistermine."

Galen is sitting with Sorrel watching the Joust intently

Felicia raises her glass Fecundo's way,"You and I both, your highness." she offers with a grin.

Sorrel still has trouble with her mare, but once they get going, she's got quite the skill with the lance. She grins at Pharamond, though, when it is their turn to tilt, and she handles him much more smoothly. "Good show, Lord Pharamond!" she calls cheerfully.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

Sabella stands up and cheers for Reese, saying to those nearby like they might not know, "That's my sister!"

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Pharamond laughs, and is having all the fun with Tabitha and the horse, chuckling at the first round and he blinks as he's called again. "That was fast," he says, looking to the Horse who is apparently quite unhappy that Pharamond gets praised but random house horse #3 is getting none of the love. So as they go to ride again, it takes a few to even get pointed straight as Pharamond once again raises his lance in salute to the Princess of Thrax. "Remember I'm!" He calls out to Sorrel across the line before they ride forwards once more. And while it's a good showing, it seems the final is destined to be a 'no boys allowed' affair as Pharamond is knocked nearly off his horse, though he's got enough reflex to stay on as the lance goes flying off to the side dengerously. His hand goes to his shoulder where he took the hit and he raises a hand in salute to Sorrel. "Good show Princess..." he intones, glad to ride back somewhere and sit down now. Lots of sitting and not moving that shoulder should be just fine.

"Well done, Princess Reese!" Liara calls over from near the chocolate bits. Then she queries of Sabella, "Hey. Who's your sister?"

Sabella grins at Liara, "I'll give you three guesses!"

Positively accosted! "Of course it was me, shouting. Disturbing people. Causing a ruckus. I did not expect to see you coming back to the Valardin Ward. Even for a party." Eddard's hand snaps away to look towards Sabella's call. "...Her sister is a horse?"

Merek stands up and makes his way to the healers, while he takes his armor off, and watches as the people joust. He brushes back his hair and takes another drink, as he watches on relaxedly.

"Congratulations Princess Sorrel Thrax on your victory! Thank you Lord Pharamond Ashford!" The herald calls out before blowing his bugle again. "This leaves us with Princess Sorrel Thrax vs Princess Reese Grayson for the final round! The winner will get several pieces of diamondplate while the runner up will receive rubicund!"

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Sorrel checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 13 lower.

Sorrel checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 48, rolling 10 higher.

Reese is pretty talented with her steel lace adorned with a pink and a golden ribbon. She manages to just /barely/ best Fecundo. The girl seems excited by her win and her cheeks are flushed with a pink warmth. There is another round and Reese mounts her horse again!

Liara just gives a bright laugh at Sabella's reply, and answers, "I shall have to seek advice before I follow through with these guesses, I fancy. Perhaps there is a defining colour scheme preferred by your sister?"

Entering extremely late, Rysen and Lygeia make their way to the roast chicken first, and then to the whiskey. With good food and drinks in hand, Rysen turns to watch the warrior princesses that seem to be competing in some sort of final showdown.

Reese checked strength + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 1 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 36, rolling 35 higher.

Monique is overheard praising Reese: Simply the best

While Beatrice converses with Selene and Liara, her attention is taken by Fecundo's arrival. "Princess Reese bested me as soundly and with even more bruises not even a day ago. Perhaps we could start a club or society." Bidding Selene Whisper farewell, she leans in to greet Miranda with an open hand and an apologetic smile to both her and Eddard. "I will apologize for one rudeness by committing another. Please pardon me. Lady Miranda, I was sorry not to speak more with you at the last Assembly. Perhaps I could make up for that another time? I would have enjoyed more opportunities to work with you during Lord Domonico's fleet exercises."

With a little round off applause for all the jousters, Tabitha looks towards the picnic table where her guards have already gathered a load of beverages and have placed them down on the surface. Then with a bit of fussing and 'ooohing' over Pharamond's shoulder, she leads him over there, poor wounded soldier that he is.

"I can give you a hint that she's rarely blue," Sabella laughs, getting herself more chocolate.

"Princess Reese Grayson wins the Taste of Arx Jousting Tournament! Congratulations! Our sincere thanks to Princess Sorrel for another spectacular showing! Proving her roots are truly in the Oathlands." That's Cristoph making the call this time and not the herald. He has to be untangle himself from the soufflee station and makes with traveling the rounds to hand out tht prizes.

Apollo slips back from his bump into someone, looking abashed and tucking in his elbows. "I should... find a place to sit before I /really/ make a mess," he says, clutching his roast duck prize close to avoid further mishaps.

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Drysi, a young shaman apprentice leaves, following Khanne.

Felicia sets down her glass to applaud the winners, offering a sharp whistle to add to the encouragement.

Monique cheers quite avidly for Reese as she wins the tournament, but doesn't look at all surprised. "None Greater, right?" she offers with a teasing smile to those around her. "As if it could have been otherwise. No doubt she will do something spectacular with her winnings, too. I have rarely seem someone so generous."

Pharamond cheers Princess Reese and Princess Sorrel form where he sits besides Tabitha, letting out a loud whistle and some clapping. "Well done Your Highnesses!"

Isidora's words to her make Miranda laugh. "Sexy on a horse. He's apt to break his neck!" But then, Fecundo has lost to Reese and Miranda offers, "Well done, Ribbons!" And to Fecundo? "Brother, you did well." Gracious and pleased, none the less.

Finally, Beatrice gets her attention and reaches over to take her hand. "Lady Beatrice, don't worry at all about it. The Assembly was quite... distracting and much was going on." She smiles warmly, "I would be delighted to have tea or get together somewhere and we can talk more. Those exercises of Dom's will be quite handy, no?"

"Well done!" Liara calls over towards Reese. And then, wholly predictably, coming from a Grayson to a Grayson: "None Greater!"

Mia, who had been engrossed in conversation at her table, pauses in the midst of a sentence to cheer heartily for Reese. After all, she's certainly seen the Princess in combat often enough to know just how skilled she is and *still* be impressed.

"Thank you, thank you," Sorrel offers, having made Reese work for her victory, and looking quite pleased just to have jousted. She heads back over to the table where Galen sits smiling at him. "Coming in second isn't bad," she points out brightly.

Isidora looks curious at Miranda, "Not sure what is funny about that. He is very sexy on a horse." She says softly.

Fecundo applauds Reese and Sorrel and then looks back to his wife and turns in a full circle, "Nothing hurt but my pride....fatal for a peacock, though." He smiles and bows to Miranda, "Thank you, sistermine." His attention turns to Beatrice and he smiles and laughs, "I used to be a regular victim of the princess' mace in her tower while I was learning how to duck."

Amari applauds for everyone brave enough to joust, win or lose, it doesn't seem to matter to her. She seems well happy with the contest and everyone's showing.

Sir Pupsalot, a polite, tri-color corgi, Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, 4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, Nightfall, an ebony Artshall destrier arrive, following Reigna.

Vern, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Reigna arrive, following Kael.

Reese once again rides in the tournament and the girl once again wins. Her cheeks are pink and her blue eyes are bright. "I am very honored to have won this, especially when up against the amazing Princess Sorrel." She say softly. The girl then goes to tend to her filly.

Beatrice offers Miranda's hand a warm squeeze. "That it was. Thank you for your understanding." Isidora's observation has her turning to /look/ at her, smile uncertain. "Only on a horse?" she teases at last, evidently unable or unwilling to help herself. Her laughter persists when she looks back to Fecundo. "I was victim of her clever tongue at the Velenosan contest during our own festival. Your bruises are visible, but mine are most poignant." Giving Miranda's hand another squeeze, Beatrice tilts respectfully in the direction of Liara, Isidora, and Fecundo. "I must make my farewells, our victor now decided. It is my pleasure to have joined you."

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"Have a splendid evening, my lady," Liara replies to Beatrice, with a quick and easy smile.

Making their way into the festivities comes one Kael and Reigna Keaton. The pair are moving as a couple, as they tend to do, with Reigna on Kael's arm. He is leaning over just a bit and offering a few words quietly underneath his breath to her before following it with a rueful sort of smile. Late, but they made it! That seems to suit them just fine.

Isidora looks at Beatrice and with a very calm voice and her placid face she replies. "He's sexy at all times. Yet that comment seems to make Miranda go on and on about things trying to make me blush."

"Has she ever lost a martial contest, My Lord?" asks Lygeia, with her dark eyes on Reese. "A mock battle - a game once at one of Princess Liara's parties, but I've never seen her lose in an actual contest of combat," replies Rysen with a grin, as he takes a sip of whiskey. "The other evening she claimed she had faults, but if she is an incarnation of Gloria, that's exactly what one might expect her to say," he adds, laugh softly, and clapping as heartily as one can for Reese and Sorel with whiskey and chicken in one's hands.

Amari is overheard praising Cristoph.

While the jousting is certainly over and the winners announced, the party isn't completely finished. There are still many people lingering and enjoying the various food stations as they do. There are still servants handing out ramekins of chocolate souffle, though they're looking a lot less haggard and hounded by now. Maybe it's because the guests have moved onto the Hearty Drinks section.

Eddard's admittance of shouting and disturbing people amuses Miranda who smiles at him. Right up until he suddenly.. SQUIRREL! Is distracted. Miranda looks highly amused, but offers to Eddard, "My brother, Fecundo, and his wife, Isidora, are here. Of course I'd return. Should I flee?" She leans towards Eddard and murmurs to him before chuckling. A glance to Isidora, "I am not trying to make you blush. You're pregnant. Clearly you find him sexy. I need not point out the evidence, Sister."

Gianna has made her way to the roast duck and chicken station and is having a plate loaded with the deliciously cooked fowl. It's entirely too large a plate for her to eat on her own, and the clutch of forks she also comes away with indicates it is, in fact, for sharing.

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