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SoE: Lodge Caves Info Share

This is a meeting for members of the Society of Explorers and Mirrorguard to report on and share their experiences within the caves during the Lodge of Petrichor Crisis. This is an information sharing meeting ONLY, to make sense of the information that has been discovered. Those parties who are also interested in obtaining additional information about the discoveries are also welcome to attend - but be prepared that it may lead to MORE questions than answers. All participants in the actions are encouraged to attend and share their own personal accounting.

Food and drink will be provided, as well as tables for private conversations during the meeting.


Nov. 20, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Rosalie Kalani Faye Oswyn Mikani Harlex Felicia Valdemar Shard Sparte Bliss Macda Gaius Miranda Theron Thesarin Gilroy


Mirrorguard Society of Explorers


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Rosalie offers a warm smile towards Lou, "Hello. I'm glad to see that you came through your own portion of the Lodge alright." Lifting a hand towards Harlex, she offers a warm smile, though now that she's sat down she isn't inclined to move. Instead, she rests her hands on her belly and waits for the meeting to start, watching those arriving with a growing smile.

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 4 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards arrive, following Mikani.

Dusting the snow off of her hair and then her cloak, Kalani gives her boots a determined stomping as well to kick the sludge off before she continues into the Charter Hall. The Seliki looks slowly around the expansive room, head tipping back for a moment to take in the massive glass skylight. A faint smile tugs at her lips before she focuses again, instead of looking up and around, on the people who are already in the hall. She shrugs out of her cloak and moves through the room to take a seat.

Faye makes her way into the hall, nodding to the few familiar faces she spots. Felicia ends up being the one she spots first, ands he heads over to her table. "Dame Felicia. It's good to see you." She draws a notebook out of her satchel. Apparently she's here for other than social reasons.

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Oswyn makes his way into the charter hall, tugging his warm gloves off and stuffing them into the pockets of his coat. That, he unbuttons. He squints at the others and tries to find a place to sit.

Mikani enters looking around. She smiles as she sees Macda, Harlex and Lou. Not sure what to do she just takes a seat at a table.

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Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper arrives, following Bliss.

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Harlex returns the kindly gesture from Rosalie and he nods his head, hints of a subdued smile at the corner of his mouth, but he retains his seat and his silence and the company of his whisky glass. Of course, Mikani gets a nod as well. Nods all around. But he keeps the sanctity of his table to himself. So roomy.

Felicia gives Faye a flash of a grin when she see's her,"Inquisitor Ruger." she offers in response,"Likewise." she rises for a moment to go collect one of the bottles from the table of resfreshments and bring it back to the table with a few glasses, enquiring of both Faye and Shard,"Whiskey, ladies?"

Making his way into the hall dressed all in black, Valdemar has a solemn expression on his face. After taking a look around, he makes his way over to one of the tables to take a seat, inclining his head in greeting to Sparte and the others who are already sitting there.

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"Whiskey," Shard repeats in the affirmative, with a slight uptilt of her chin in acknowledgement of Faye.

Lou smiles a bit at Rosalie. "Thank you. And, also, for the report you sent. I'll need to see if Giulio can write one for his part of it, just so we have something in writing. I may call on you to detail the things you witnessed," she forewarns, though she also sees Valdermar is there as well. She gives him a solemn look, and a nod of recognition. "Excuse me," she says to Rosalie and rises from her seat, now that there are more people there.

Sparte smiles at Valdemar as he sits, giving a brief salute of hand to chest in recognition. Faye is also flashed a grin for their arrival.

Is there anything quite so miserable as a Lycene in winter? Well, yes, many things, but you wouldn't be able to tell that by the frown Bliss Whisper has on her face when she walks in, her cloak huddled tightly around her, despite the fur-lined gown she wears. She takes a quick survey of the room, then decides on a seat, settling herself in.

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Faye catches Sparte's grin and gives him a friendly wave in response. They'll have to talk later.

As Mikani approaches the far table, Macda greets her with a smile, but is otherwise amid conversation. A bit in contrast, the Duke's arrival compells her to sit up and address him properly, "Duke Grimhall."

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Valdemar bows his head to Lou from his seat when he sees her after settling in his seat. He then turns to Sparte and Macda, but with the meeting getting started, he keeps his voice low so as not to disturb the proceedings.

The tables are arranged so that they are circling the room. Lou rises from her seat at the marin'alfar bench which is set against one of the walls and takes a place in front of the map room. She gives the map room a look, pressing her lips together a moment, then turns to address the crowd. "Thank you coming this evening. Many of you, I know, were personally involved in the defense of the Lodge, which had several parts to it. The Society of Explorers was responsible for working with the Mirrorguard to explore anything that might be happening in the caves. Tonight's meeting is largely to share the information that was discovered there, though if anyone from any of the other groups wishes to share what they found as well, it'd be very much appreciated." She pauses a moment so people can get settled.

Shard's attention shifts toward Lou as the meeting starts, and if anything she sits up a little straighter, a little more stiffly. She takes exactly one sip from the glass of whiskey in front of her, and then leaves it on the table, half cupped by one hand but seemingly forgotten.

Oswyn settles in with the kind of owlish attentiveness one might expect from a scholar. Also, he's squinting at Lou.

Felicia's content to linger over her whiskey, watching and listening to Lou with a curious expression.

Harlex continues to sip his whisky, occasionally making sure his associate is keeping notes.

"First and foremost, our job was to see if cultists were hiding in the caves, and if they were we were to disrupt what they were doing and kill them. My team consisted of Prince Talen, Mistress Meriah, Baroness Enyo, Lady Emily, and Lady Arcadia. We were met by Squire Ragnarr Ragamuffin, a stoat Knight of the Fluffybottoms, prior to entering into the cave systems." Yes, she did say Fluffybottoms and stoat! "It took some time, though he did manage to lead our team to the place where the cultists were hiding out in our particular branch of the caves system." She pauses, then clarifies, "The cave system is rather extensive, which is why several groups went." She looks like she might have more to say, but she's giving people time to digest what she's already said so far.

Once seated at one of the empty tables, Kalani drapes her cloak over the back of her chair before she settles in to focus on what Lou is saying. She starts to tuck her hands into her pockets but pauses to lift one hand to wave to Gaius once he arrives, inviting him over to the table with a tip of her head toward one of the empty chairs.

Sparte's eyes brighten at the mention of Squire Ragnarr's mention. He reaches down to gently pat the stoat with him on the back. It looks congratulatory.

Faye makes note of the names as she takes a few notes in her notebook. Does she glance up and give Lou a particular look when she mentions the FLuffybottoms? Surely not.

"We were able to take out the forward guard," Lou continues, taking a moment to gaze out at the crowd that's formed and take in any new faces that have arrived, "but not before they alerted the others to our presence. Prince Talen, Lady Emily, and Baroness Enyo made their way to one of the cavernous rooms where they were able to keep the cultists at bay while Meriah I helped Squire Ragnarr open an altar that we found within the room. Inside that altar were many maps, with various locations circled. We also overheard the cultists saying something about the Lyceum, though we could not make our their plans for that particular area. The maps continued locations to various cities and strongholds all throughout the Compact, each with a place circled. We're not certain, entirely, what the meaning of the maps, though we believe others brought back might be of importance to help decipher that information and their intent." She rocks back and forth on her feet a moment, then says. "It should be noted that when the cultists fought us, they seemed to do it in unison. It was all very uncanny. Creepy, would be the better word for it. They all talked at once. Before the final person died, he said - the spider will catch you all in the end." She then turns to Valdemar and Rosalie. "Since you are both here, would either of you like to detail what happened with your group?" she asks.

Shard's eyes narrow just a little more as she listens, particularly when Lou makes mention of maps and the Lyceum. Nothing else in her already intent expression changes, however. She's sitting very, very still, as if any type of movement might disrupt what she's hearing.

Gaius does listen as he steps inside. Following the conversations. Spotting Kalani as she waves him over. Moving to take up an empty seat nearby. "Thank you." If offered in a low voice to her before his attention goes back to what is going on.

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Felicia pauses with her whiskey halfway towards her mouth and pauses at 'maps', there's the raise of brows before she sets down her whiskey glass and leans back in her seat, folding her arms before her.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp arrives, following Miranda.

Valdemar glanes over at Rosalie for a moment after Lou addresses them, before he rises to his feet. "My team consisted of Lady Rosalie, Lord Luis Igniseri, Lord Salvatore Zaffria, Lady Vanora Grimhall, and Duke Harald Grimhall. We were met by one of the one of the...Knights of the Fluffybottoms, whose name I never got. When we got to the caves, we found cultists as well. Ten of them, trained warriors who were well-armed. Before we attacked them, they spoke of joining someone in the Mourning Isles, and after we defeated them, we found maps and notes of various places throughout the Isles. I've already notified my High Lord of this," he explains, raising his voice just a bit so it will carry throughout the room, then turns to Lady Redtyde to ask, "Did I miss anything?"

Arriving a little fashionably late, Miranda enters, scanning the crowd and, for the moment, moves out of the doorway to brush off snow that's gathered over her shoulders and head. She stands off to the side, for the moment, listening attentively. Her eyes scan those present, but then go to Valdemar who is speaking.

Miranda puts Lagoma's Uncommon Prayer Book in a simple velvet bag.

Lifting a brow at Valdemar, Rosalie only smiles faintly and shakes her head. "Of course not, my lord." Looking to Lou, she offers a small nod and murmurs, "If you'll excuse me, I believe I need to get home. The baby is wreaking havoc across my lower back tonight." Rising up slowly, Rosalie gives a last smile towards the group before making her way out of the hall.

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Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp leaves, following Miranda.

Brenlin, Aide-de-Camp arrives, following Miranda.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrive, following Theron.

Lou waits for Valdemar and Rosalie to give their reports, and then spies Miranda entering the room. What good fortune! "Lady Miranda, would you be willing to give our guests your report on what took place during your expedition into the caves?" she asks.

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The next to arrive fashionably late is Theron and the twin swords on his back. He is dressed against the cold, and in his leather armor as well. A gesture keeps his Guardian Aspirants and Garibaldi at bay, leaving him able to pick the back row of seating. Seemingly he chooses to sit gingerly, as if expecting the bench to collapse.

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Caught! Miranda straightens and glances about, perhaps looking for any member of her expedition to be present. "Of course, Pathfinder," she offers, clearly not immediately finding someone -else- to give the report. She moves away from the wall and steps forward a bit, a warm smile appearing in place of her surprise. "My group consisted of myself, Lord Vitalis, my brother Lord Fecundo, Princess NUala and Mother Mercy Sophie, and Mesere Faruq. In addition, Legate Bianca aided us, beforehand, with a blessing and a vial of holy water." She pauses a moment, putting her thoughts together, then pulls out a book to review. "We set out together through the Gray Forest and were met up by Captain Teemo of the Gray Forest Protectors. He led us to a cave and sniffed out a cavern with some forty cultists. We overheard them speaking. One said, 'We need to clear out.' Another said, 'We can't linger here much longer.' Then another voice, perhaps the first, 'Why? I thought this was our base until the Lodge fell?' And, finally, 'No, the God has another task for us. We'll be heading to Lenosia as soon as we clean up here. He wants no sign of our presence, and then we'll meet the vanguard there.' At this point, we realized that there were more cultists than we could handle, but we had to keep them from successfully clearing out. They were breaking camp and cleaning up to leave no trace of themselves." (more)

Lou takes the moment as Miranda speaks to slip over to the table with Sparte, Mikani and a few others. Once she's settled down, she gives the lady of Rubino her full attention.

"We had to try and change the odds in our favor, so we made a plan. Mesere Faruq stepped forward to distract some and create a bottleneck, but found twenty of their number had vanished down a hall. So, he threw his knives, creating a bit of chaos that served us well. Lord Vitalis, Mesere Faruq, and I fought them at the battleneck. Lord Vitalis took a good deal of damange. Mercy Sophie, Lord Fecundo, and Princess Nuala took him to safety where our Mercy could stabilize him. Mesere Faruq and I finished the remaining sixteen or so with Captain Teemo's help. I also was injured." A pause, "And then we discovered the maps. Many maps of each of the capitol cities of the various Duchies, all extremely detailed."

Says Miranda.

white-tailed eagle, 2 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Thesarin.

Mikani frowns softly at the mention of maps of major cities. That was curious.

Thesarin arrives late. Walking even more slowly than usual, more than a little stiffly, and just a few linen bandages showing on the right side of his neck--more, likely, inder his clothes. He gives a quick scan of the room, nodding toward Lou, and shuffles slowly toward one of the tables.

Miranda steps back from that with a light bow of her head to Lou. She is done, apparently.

"Thank you, Lady Miranda." Lou furrows her brow a bit when there's more mention of maps. "Perhaps we should, sometime soon, bring all the maps together and see if we can discover anything different, or perhaps the same - patterns - to see if we can ken what they are up to next." She looks toward the rest of the room from her newly seated position. "The final group consisted of my sister, Princess Reese, Lord Giulio, and Master Felix. I am still awaiting a report from them. Lord Vitalis, of Miranda's group, also shared with me that the cultists were very interested in the shav'arvani to the south, from Lenosia and Southport. They were particularly interested in those that bent the knee, and were discussing which ones were loyal. I'll share that information in a bit." The clue! She looks around the room and asks, "In the interests of keeping information flowing, and perhaps helping each other - since it seems this ordeal is going to conitnue to affect the whole Compact, if anyone should like to share their own experiences from the Lodge you are welcome and invited to do so."

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Shard has been murmuring something at her table, but when Lou speaks, she looks up sharply.

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Shard pushes up from her table, inhales once, and starts her recitation very matter-of-fact. "The Valorous Few took a group into the forest near the Lodge in order to protect a ritual to empower a knife against Gargantuans. Myself, Audric, Lys, a number of sellswords. We were attacked by cultists first. They didn't say anything, but they did ambush us from different directions with their archers before charging. Those weren't a problem. The /problem/ was the Gargantuan."

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Lou nods to Shard, offering her a grateful look as she rises from her seat. She doesn't seem surprised at the mention of Gargantuans. "What happened with the Gargantuan?" she asks, her tone curious. Though, likely, Shard is working on that!

"The approach was slow," Shard replies, her eyes looking a little distant. "We saw it easily once it got close enough, since it was so fucking tall. And it stank...I don't even know how to describe that smell. It smelled /wrong/. And I can describe how it looked, but frankly, if you see one you are /never/ going to mistake it for anything else." She crosses her arms over her chest. "The ritual was still ongoing, so our job was to hold the damn thing off. I said it approached slow? There was /nothing/ slow about it when it got to us. The thing had four enormous arms and it was swinging and stomping at everything all at once. It was nearly impossible to avoid; most of our people were crunched, or crushed, or smashed into trees, even with our attempts to stay out of its reach. Audric was nearly killed, Lys even closer. But we managed to hold until the ritual was finished, and once Luca managed to stab it with the dagger it...exploded. Everywhere."

Miranda furrows her brows at the mention of the Gargantuans, interested, clearly, but not speaking out. She glances about and finally makes her way over to take a seat at a table. She seems to pick one kind of randomly, but nods to Harlex and Bliss a moment, speaking softly to them.

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Miranda puts Expedition to Gray Forest Caves - 12/02/1009 (V. Mazetti) in a simple velvet bag.

Lou takes a moment to quietly take a message from Willen, then turns her attention back to Shard. She looks like she has questions. So many questions! But, she holds her tongue for the moment, and will perhaps reserve them for another time. "Thank you very much for your report, Shard. I knew for a time they were going to be a thing when I went to investigate the shav'arvani villages for Laric, and we'd found a large portion of them had been sacrificed. It's one thing knowing a thing is going to happen, and another hearing about the horrors of it later," she says solemnly. She then turns her attention to Felicia, who had been waiting to offer her own report as well.

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Shard's lips press together at Lou's mentioning of the empty villages, and then she gives a sharp nod and sits back down.

Felicia rises from her spot with a grim nod of respect for Shard, collecting the glass of whiskey from the table and downing it before she expels a breath,"I went on patrol with Marquis Deepwood, Prince Caius, the newly minted Baron Farwatch, Baron Norwood and a handful of others from different fields. We went in search of archers, to try and limit the potential for damage to our forces, and as the Vice Captain's people.. we found a gargantuan. The one we encountered had six arms... more than three hundred eyes... and when it screamed... it was with the voice of hundreds. Although we did not have the opportunity to count the souls which comprised it, in my estimation they numbered thirteen by thirteen. One hundred, and sixty nine lives." she offers to the gathering in a low tone.

"One hundred, sixty-nine," Shard repeats, as if confirming. She says nothing else, but her expression is hard.

Felicia gives a nod for Shard before turning her attention to the room itself again,"We were fortunate. And there are more tales like the Vice Captain's than mine that I'm aware of. Attacking a gargantuan without large numbers is under most circumstances a death sentence. But," her hand strays to the hilt of her sword briefly,"I carry Wheelspinner. A blade of names. And we lost only two of the dozen that were with us. It was not as the dagger described." that with the tip of her hand towards Shard,"but we hacked at it, until it rained bodies upon us, and then hacked some more until at last it fell, it's souls returned at last to the Wheel."

No words. No sounds. Just that stare of Theron's as each speaker takes their turn. Aside from the occasional eyebrow twitch, he is motionless. Sitting there on the bench that he is cautions about, arms folded across his chest. Theron is apparently content to be taking mental notes at this point.

Lou gives Felicia a grim look at those numbers. "My understanding, and this is second hand knowledge only, is that the rituals were designed to release as many of those souls back to the Wheel and the Queen of Ending's care as possible, otherwise they'd have been stuck serving the Slaver and would not have returned at all. I know that brings little comfort, but the work we did at the Lodge, it was very important." Her attention goes to Felicia's blade when she mentions it's a Blade of Names. Curiosity touches her eyes. "I'd like to talk to you about Wheelspinner sometime, when you have time. If that's possible. Another "blade of names" was used in protection of the Lodge. The stone shield, that Mason and I found in Morien's stronghold sometime late last year." After she says that, she gives a nod to Thesarin to speak.

Turn in line: Thesarin

Shard sits up again, sharply, at Lou's last words. She doesn't say anything, but there's clearly questions she's holding back.

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Faye listens, taking special note of the discussion of Wheelspinner. She glances over to Lou as well as she mentions the stone shield. She makes a few more notes.

Felicia settles back down in her spot and chooses her pour herself another whiskey with a nod for Lou's words, silent acceptance of the request, and a small curve of her lips in the ghost of a smile for her words about the souls being returned to the Wheel.

Gilroy files in late and carefully makes his way around the back of the crowd, silent as a mouse. About halfway around the room he pauses and whispers to someone nearby, "Are there- are there snacks? I was told there would be... you know what? Nevermind." He continues his way around until he slides into an empty spot at a table.

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Thesarin stands, somewhat carefully. Looking more than ever like a shav dressed up in silk, with his big wolfskin cloak over his shoulder. He looks toward Felicia and Shard, and gives a low noise that might be a laugh. "My work sounds less impressive. All I seen were a big-arse wolf demon coming to kill them at the Grove."

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Thesarin stands, somewhat carefully. Looking more than ever like a shav dressed up in silk, with his big wolfskin cloak over his shoulder. He looks toward Felicia and Shard, and gives a low noise that might be a laugh. "My work sounds less impressive. All I seen were a big-arse wolf demon coming to kill them at the Grove."

Lou turns her attention to Thesarin. "Wolf demon? Is that different from abyssal wolves?" she asks, raising a brow slightly as she does. "I've fought the latter, but never saw a demonic sized wolf in full before."

Shard doesn't look surprised at Thesarin's mention of an enormous wolf demon, but if anything she looks as though she's still dealing with whatever her reaction was previously.

"Ain't sure can say." Thesarin gives a slow shrug with his good right shoulder, big and slow. "It stood taller'n me at the shoulder. Spoke from every way, and then it seemed the shadows moved to make its shape. Fire in its pelt and in its eyes, teeth big as my head from crown to chin." Another big, slow shrug. "Boasted. Fought. Died hard."

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"That . . . is very different from abyssal wolves," Lou replies to Thesarin. "They're still just wolves that are tainted by the abyss, and don't talk. Large though, and hard to fight." She gives him a solemn look. "Thank you for sharing." She looks about the room, "Does anyone else have an experience from the Lodge to share?" she asks.

Bliss seems engaged in low, quiet conversation with those around her, but her grim expression certainly shows that, at least, she is taking this seriously, some surprise in her face at some of the descriptions but keen interest in her eyes.

Felicia gives Thesarin a small salute with her whiskey for his words and his fight before her attention shifts back to Lou once more.

Mikani listens to everyone speak with a slight frown.

Thesarin nods, and returns slowly to his seat, still moving stiffly as he settles.

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As it seems most people have shared what they are going to, Lou rises from her seat again. "I want to thank you all for coming to listen to the Explorer's experiences, and also to share your own experiences. I will be passing out the papers regarding the information in Lenosia and Southport tonight, since it ties into everything we've been talking about."

Lou is overheard praising Shard: Thank you sharing your experience at the Lodge.

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Harlex rises from the table, seemingly set to slip from the Hall without a fuss. His associate trailing behind him at a brisk pace, even if the Colonel's gait is no less unhurried.

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Finally moving in the form of sipping at a flask and tucking it away. His gaze shifts from person to person, in many cases at least, the backs of their heads. Theron, pirmarily is an attentive listener though. His neutral expressionc hanges slightly to one of more intense interest at the mention of the wolves, but the moment passes.

Sparte is overheard praising Society of explorers: Stood valiantly in defense of the compact in an hour of need. More than just a society for the curious, a society for the brave and true.

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Miranda motions to her aide and whispers to him a moment. He nods, then moves back to holding up the wall before taking out quill and parchment to write something.

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Shard goes stiff and still once she has a chance to read over the papers being passed around. There's a brief twitch of her lips, a tiny flash of the tips of her teeth. She doesn't look remotely thrilled, not at all.

Felicia mumbles under her breath as she goes over the papers, a furrow etching itself on her brow before she shakes her head just slightly to herself.

Lou starts passing around the papers, getting various people to help her out as she provides a stack. She watches the reactions of the others, her own expression solemn. "As I mentioned, it doesn't look to be over completely. But, it'll be some time before they can regroup, after they lost so many people. We'll have time to prepare for what comes next," she tries to be as reassuring as possible!

Miranda is also, currently, rising from her spot, her Aide having already departed the room ahead of her.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thesarin before departing.

Looks over the paperwork as well, having departed his bench. Theron now paces back and forth as he reads before glancing up to speak at last, offering. "Anyone else need to see this?"

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Lou glances over at Theron. "It does not seem so, but if they do, they can always seek me out. Thank you for offering." She glances about and says again, "Thank you for coming. If anyone needs help deciphering anything, the Society of Explorers will be more than happy to help you out."

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