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Flotilla Gala

In the battle against Brand's enslaved shav navy, Navegant's fleet faced Rivenshari boats in battle. Many died. In the end, Rivenshari bent the knee and joined the Compact. A chance encounter led to a growing friendship between the two houses - once former enemies - and now they find themselves marvelling at what it means for enemies to become friends, though a simple act of reaching out.

To that end, the two houses are hosting a gala, held on a lashed flotilla of Rivenshari and Navegant ships in the bay. And what a gala it promises to be. Each ship lavishly appointed, with raffle prizes for the winning, and food and drink aplenty! Plus, a special main event contest to be disclosed at the event itself.


Nov. 14, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Turo Eshra


Lucita Vanora Sabella Felix Sorrel Fatima Alarissa Edward Sanya Reese Eddard Regla Niklas Anabelle Gianna Veronica Ysabel Acacia Alrec Artorius Carita



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Arx - Rivenshari-Navegant Flotilla

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Comments and Log

Turo has joined the Leatherback, a Navegant longship.

Edward has joined the Hawsbill, a Navegant longship.

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The flotilla of two Navegant ships, the Hawksbill and Leatherback and the two Rivenshari, the Windrunner and Currentdancer have been set out in middle of the bay, from it filters music, laughter and lights.. plus that soft background noise that is the sound of bells.. so many bells, on the Rivenshari ships as well as their people. With gangplanks that span from one to the other and crew that nimbly jump across the spaces it makes for a unique experience for most. Shuttles of Thrax and Rivenshari go back and forth, bringing the nobles out and back as they wish.

Lady Eshra Rivenshari stands on the Windrunner, in her traditional Rivenshari garb, the sea-silk dress is blues and greens, with lace, crystals and small opal beads that shimmer as she moves. In her hair bells and on her lips something few ever see, a smile.. be it soft. At her side stands the tall Thrax Mastersmith, Felix.

Lucita comes into the gala area warmly dressed. Gala means fancy so fancy she has dressed, yet warmly. She studies the situation for a long moment seeing just how it is arranged to get from boat to boat and taking a cold wet dip into the water then makes her way over toward one of them, carefully, of course, but with a bit of flair. "Good thing I got used to being on ships with all the trips back and forth to Saikland I had to make." Her muber cloak almost hides some of the jewelry she has donned for the occasion.

Vanora Grimhall arrives on the arm of Baron Edward Stormbreak, the two of them already in conversation as they make their way to the collection of ships via one of the shuttles. "I've Gustav waiting back on shore for me, I can't linger as long as I might like to and when the time comes he'll make sure a shuttle fetches me and will escort me home himself, so you needn't miss a second of the festivities. For now, lead the way, I trust your judgment regarding the most festive of our choices." Her tone is almost playful, and only careful attention might catch how forced it is, the image of cheerful noble party guest.

Sabella is here, looking a little more pale and a little less cheerful than usual as she stands holding onto Niklas' arm with a death grip, "Boats," she says through somewhat gritted teeth, "Why did it have to be boats."

Severine has left the Hawsbill, a Navegant longship.

Turo has already found his place on the Leatherback, greeting those who happen by with a friendly smile. Not that he's standing particularly still. Nor is he dressed for cold, apparently trusting the Escuman blood to keep him warm enough. Well, that, and the braziers. "Welcome! Welcome!" he calls with that deep bass voice, letting it ring over the din of the flotilla. Then he turns to those who are gathering on the ship with him, and snatches up a glass of rum.

Felix has dressed in something verging on finery, though it's covered by the heavy leather and fur coat to help cut the autumn chill and the wind off of the water. Left open at the front, with his head uncovered, Felix grins a little to watch all the ferrying slips go back and forth. Watching those who arrive, and seeing who is moving to which ship - several people offered a lifted hand in waved greeting. Attention then turns back to the Lady at his side, offering a faint laugh before he responds.

Sorrel is having trouble with a bit of wind catching in her long skirts and cloak, which is pulled about her closely for warmth. She does not look uncomfortable, merely a bit windblown, her dark curls touseled by the breeze.

Fatima arrives upon whatever shuttle, dinghy or launch is provided, resting comfortably enough even in the smaller craft as she is ferried out. Though dressed in her typical sort of style, that is to say, in something with notes of her homeland and in this case, the moon-dark colors of umbra and amethyst-and-gold themed jewelry, she seems quite comfortable out among the ships. After all, she personally commands a lot of ships! When they arrive, she scurries up whatever gangplank and lands upon the deck. "Well, this is all wonderfully festive," she remarks of the unique setup, watching people scurry between vessels with some amusement. "Though I could foresee disaster once everyone's had a few drinks!"

Alarissa is already settled on the leatherback, having carefully made her way to the ship with a smile on her face and dressed for the weather. Warmth and layers, warmth and layers. That's what this is. There's a wave of her hand to familiar faces from afar, her muff dangling off one wrist and she sets about to finding something to drink on the leatherback.

Regla has left the Leatherback, a Navegant longship.

Wearing no fainery and just his casual clothes, the Baron leads the Lady Grimhall to the Hawksbill first, "Start with the familiar then. I was on the Hawksbill with Lady Regla when we went to recover the first of the cobalt weapon caches you know." he says with a smile and then he pauses to let one of the casual servants at the event go to let the Count Navegant know he is in attendance. Then to Vanora he says, "When you are ready to depart that is fine. I understand there is a lot going on in with a few new arrivals for the House."

Regla has joined the Leatherback, a Navegant longship.

Sanya, standing with her arms crossed, perhaps in an attempt to warm herself. She approaches Lucita slowly. "Baroness." She beams as she reaches her. "It's good to see you here."

Reese arrives while adorned in her normal pink tunic and ivory leggings. She goes to join one of the ships. The princess seems to be on the quiet side. She has a gentle smile for Edward. "Baron." She greets.

Lady Anabelle Lyonesse and Lord Eddard Clement of the oathlands arrive together, her arm slipped companionably about his elbow as they navigate the gangplanks and various platforms that connect the ships together. No lute accompanies the bard this evening, he plans to enjoy himself instead.

"Step carefully, my lady." They drift amongst crowds before joining the crowd upon the CurrentDancer.

Vanora's fur lined cloak drifts a little in the breeze, and she lifts a hand to wave to familiar faces on other ships that are too far away to greet properly without shouting. "Ah is that so? I did not know. So it has important memories and a function worthy of celebration. Perhaps this is the ship's party as well." The Navegants are among those she seeks to wave greetings to as hosts, as well as Eshra representing the Rivenshari. When Princess Reese joins them on the Hawksbill Vanora dips a curtsy in her direction. "Highness, lovely to see you. It's been a very long time." She comments lightly, party small talk.

Lucita has joined the Leatherback, a Navegant longship.

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Six months it's been since Arx has seen or heard from Regla Navegant, and yet, here she is. Drink in hand. Dress. Flanked by two female navegant marines. She stands with her back to the goings on, perfectly content and at home on the forecastle of the leatherback with her icy blues staring out at the stars, hair blowing in the wind. For now, she seems content to enjoy her drink with her guards. She'll let her brother make all the introductions for the time being.

Niklas gives his wife a light squeeze on her arm and a small smile. "At least we aren't going out in open waters, my dear." He looks around the flotilla, raising a hand now and again as he recognizes people. "Let's get you somewhere to sit and I'll try to find you a drink. Just look at the boat, not the water."

Eddard has joined the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Sanya has joined the Leatherback, a Navegant longship.

Regla wields Shellbreaker - Sword of Escuma.

Niklas has left the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Anabelle smiles gratefully for having an elbow to steady her as she follows Eddard between the boats. Wearing a dark red gown with gold and bronze threads running through the broacade, covered by a fur cloat to keep the worst of the chill out. Golden amber tresses are braided and curled into an elaborate updo, with tendrils hanging to frame her face. She clings to her escort until they are safely aboard the CurrentDancer, taking in the surroundings. "Ohhh...drinks!" she exclaims and, a little less enthusiastically, "Oh and food too! This is the kind of thing I came back to Arx for." Her grip tightens just a little to keep her over all giddiness to a low roar.

Gianna makes her way onto the flotilla from the docks, wrapped in a cloak adorned with magnificent white fur. It's cold in autumn, and it's cold on the water, and that means it's colder out than one probably wants sashaying about in wearing a silk gown. Hence: furs. Because Gianna is definitely wearing silks.

Fatima has joined the Leatherback, a Navegant longship.

Vanora calls out to a nearby boat that she can hopefully be heard upon, waving a hand to get Anabelle's attention. "That gown is absolutely stunning!" She offers her compliment with bright warmth. "I love the colors." That's as much screamed chatter to aim at one young woman surely.

Lord Clement has dressed himself well in seasilks tonight, in Clement colors of emerald and honey amber. Silver has been used to craft silver leaves to wrap behind his head and overtop of his ears. Its a bit extravagant, but isn't that part of the appeal?

A sudden tug of Anabelle towards drinks almost has the young man stumble before he rights himself and they move that way first. To gather up a glass of sparkling wine, then Eddard leans over to whisper something to her.

"Oh, no thank you," Sabella tells Sorrel with a shake of her head, "Niklas is getting me a drink and I don't dare eat anything. But you are kind to ask." When Solange introduces herself she says, "Princess Sabella Grayson. Do you know Princess Sorrel Thrax?" she gestures from the Whisper to the other Princess. "And that's certainly a creative way to fill out a wardrobe!"

Sabella says that on her boat. Really.

Veronica stands out in a crowd of beautiful people with her relative indifference to the finery she's surrounded by. Her hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail with a simple leather thong. Her leather armor is highly stylized in a subdued pattern, tempestuous fire that has seen service but is well loved and well cared for. Strapped to her back is the Sword of House Keaton, bearing the marks and history of that house on the scabbard. More practical working blades of equal worksmanship are strapped to her belt, looking equally used and well loved. She offers no fight to anyone as she walks through the crowd, merely observing the flotilla and perhaps keeping an eye out for anyone potentially threatening the peace.

Eshra gets a dark forest green sealskin cloak with white fox fur from a white wooden chest engraved with a seashell.

Jeeves, a sophisticated valet arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

Anabelle gratefully takes a glass of that sparkling wine, sipping daintily before she hears someone call out and looks around to see who they are adressing. Spying Vanora on a different boat, she points at herself in surprise, "Who me?" Before her smile brightens. "Why thank you! How sweet of you to say!" Pleasantries must be observed even when yelling. Preening at the first compliment of the evening, she leans in to Eddard's whisper, humming thoughtfully before replying in equally low tones.

Niklas has joined the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Gianna takes a dainty step onto the lashed-together flotilla. Her slippered foot meets the deck and she wrinkles her nose. Now she's on board. Ugh, boats. The Nightingale Whisper glances around in hopes of spying either a drink or a friendly face.

Gianna has joined the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Eshra having been talking to Felix and Alrec on the Windrunner, suddenly climbs to the prow of the sleek ship, As all four ships prows are lashed together it puts her almost dead center of the party. White fur boots braces, her dark bell ladden curls and sea silk dress whipping in the winds as those dark Rivenshari eyes sweep the party and her voice lifts in a deep dark tone of one that is used to making herself heard in such situations. "Nobles, Ladies and Lords.. thank you for joining us. For those I have not met, I am Lady Eshra Rivenshari and both Count Turo and myself appreciate you coming out!"

"First I would like to explain why we are here. It is because that only years ago, Navegant and Rivenshari faced each other across bloody seas and swords crossing, Thrax and Rivenshari all loosing their lives. Since then, my people joined the Compact and Turo and I crossed again.. this time though we gave ourselves a chance.. we opened our minds and we found friendship like neither of us have ever known before." at that time she gives the Navegant Count a smile before continueing. "This is a celebration and rememberance of that. That together we are stronger. So thank you for coming to help us celebrate." raising her glass of rum to them all.

"Now.. a few less flowery things." laughing "There are raffle items.. a few.. they are in the chest feel free to look and to let me know if you would care to enter. Writs or silver will buy tickets. One writ per two tickets, 150 silver per ticket. Also, we will be having a race. Unlike any you have seen before. This is a Rivenshari tradition as most of you do not know us I will explain. We are a ship people but unlike Thrax, we live on ours, our families our community is these flotillas. So this race is going to be simple. "A Rivenshari foot race, the runners will race around the flotilla, from ship to ship... there are only three rules. Do not sink my ship, do not throw bystanders into the water and no weapons. However there will be barrels of apples along the way which you can use and anyone of the bystanders can use to slow each other down.. though once you pick up an apple and throw it, even if you are not running, you are no longer a bystander!" smiles "We have warm towels and hot drinks waiting for the end. I will announce it's start in awhile. If you want to race, please let me know!" at which point the Rivenshari hops down from her lofted perch.

Sabella stands up, one hand on the rail then shouts, "Master Smith! I love it!" as she waves a knife at Felix like a crazy person.

Eshra drops a white wooden chest engraved with a seashell.

Reese oos at the talk of a race. "I would like to the join the race."

Felix was paying attention to Eshra's announcements, but the shouting of Sabella gets his attention, enough to make the smith laugh and lift a hand back in her direction. "Good!" lifting his voice to carry across the distance. "Hopefully it serves for any purpose you might need it for! Sausages or otherwise."

"Just as the entertainment begins full swing, it seems its time for me to make my departure." Vanora informs Edward and Reese and anyone else close enough to hear her before signalling to one of the shuttles that she needs to be taken back to shore. "Thank you for being my escort, however briefly, Baron. The conversation was as engaging as always. Good luck with the races."

Vanora is overheard praising Turo: A lovely event celebrating friendship.

Vanora is overheard praising Eshra: A lovely event celebrating friendship

Reese is overheard praising Eshra: Great event!

Reese is overheard praising Turo: Great event!

Vanora is overheard praising Anabelle: Beautiful outfit!

Vanora has left the Hawsbill, a Navegant longship.

Lucita hears familiar voices drifting over from another boat and lifts a hand to wave a greeting but does not go shouting out toward the others.

Demetria Arcuri arrives, delivering a message to Eshra before departing.

A young blonde Baroness wanders the flotilla looking... Well she looks lost. A book is held to her chest. Who brings a book to a gala. This girl does. And she is hugging it awfully tight as Ysabel looks around the gala with slightly wide eyes as she walks quietly among the ships.

Veronica passes through a point where the light hits everything just right, and is relatively indifferent to the way it sets her hair and armore afire in ruddy hues. In face, she makes a path towards the refreshment table. One hand remains loosely balanced on the hilt of her arming blade at her hip, making sure the scabbard doesn't smack people in the knees as she heads towards the scent of something cooking.

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There are an increasing number of ridiculous rumors circling the city about the Gray Forest. But of them, the most believable is the number of cultists that seem to be trying to infiltrate the city. To worship false gods. The faithful men and women of the Compact have no time for these folks - this is beyond the schism between the Oathlanders and the Faith. This is not hardliners versus more lenient folk, no. These are rumors of those who worship other people instead of the Pantheon.

And so when factions across Arx agree to go root out corruption and cultists, the people can get behind that. They go in groups. Miranda, Faruq, Nuala, Vitalis, Fecundo, and Sophie first, with prayers from Legate Bianca strengthening them. They return victorious, a little bloody, and thoughtful - but the Mother Mercy herself has gone with them and so they are well-tended when they arrive back in Arx.

Next the Mirrorguard and the Society of Explorers, and Talen, Enyo, Lou, Arcadia, Meriah, and Emily scout the next series of caves. They too return bloody, and thoughtful, and victorious. See, says the Compact. See how our scouts are superior. And we fight for the Faith. Against these false gods. We are strong as we walk in the Light of the Pantheon.

Now Reese, Theron, Giulio, Felix, and Jhond, with support from the Order of East Light's Dame Coraline, supplied well by Princess Alarissa. And again they try - and again they win, though not without pain. Still they return to report the caves have been cleared, and if they immediately send messages to some of the leaders of the Compact, that's probably after-action reports, right?

Valdemar, Vanora, Rosalie, Luis, Salvator, and Harald are the last to return. They return bloody but victorious, with tales of cultists deep within a cave - but thanks to their efforts, the cave is empty now. And yet those efforts are not without a price - the Grim Duke himself returns, carried on his shield, lost in the depths of the caves in the Gray Forest. Those now speak of his sacrifice, of his bravery. But still others remember him on the front lines in the Forest in another battle, of spitting in the eye of death and coming out on the other side. He died as he lived - grimly - but he will be remembered for his bravery.

And so the caves are clear.

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Lucita's eyes narrow slightly at Turo's comment and she plants her hands on her hips. "Maybe. Maybe." She glances toward Eshra. "You're being volunteered for something." There is a little smirk on her lips and she nods toward Turo as if indicating who spoke thusly.

Acacia has joined the Windrunner A Rivenshari Ship.

Acacia arrives dressed in form=fitting leathers and a dangerous smile. At ease with the seas, Captain Culler gives a grin and easily boards the Windrunner with a flash of a wink. A drinks secured, she settles herself on the starboard side and gives those present a little study.

Seeing no immediate emergencies, Veronica speaks quietly with a few other blades she knows and respects. Gestures of polite greeting are exchanged, and the lanky Sword heads towards the exit, presumably returning home to Keaton Hall.

Ysabel has left the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Eshra climbs back to her lofty perch on the prow of the Windrunner, smiling to the others. At the same time, Rivenshari crew members start rolling out barrels of winter apples two per ship on both the course and close enough for by standers to grab. "So we have 4 racers.. Lady Regla, Princess Reese, Princess Sorrel and Admiral Alrec! To remind you all these are the rules. They will be racing from the windrunner, to the Hawksbeak, to the Currentdancer then on to the Leatherback! The first one back to the Windrunner wins! There really are only 3 rules. Don't sink my ships!" that gets a grin. "No throwing bystanders overboard. And no weapons. Now, you will see that we have put out barrels of apples... the runners and you watching may use them to slow people down if you want.. however. If you throw an apple.. remember you are no longer a bystander and can no longer protected under the rules!"

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Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Regla checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Alrec checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Reese begins to run when the starting time comes. She darts off and is running fast enough to stay in the mix right now. She is likely outpaced by Alrec. "Wow...he is fast!" She murmurs, but quickly so as she is busy running.

Lucita checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Regla checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Gianna sips some wine, peering over toward the racers. "Bets on whether anyone falls in the water?" she inquires, almost absently.

Regla checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 10 lower.

Eshra has left the Windrunner A Rivenshari Ship.

Waving at the mention of his name, Alrec Magaldi, he walks on over to the starting line, bowing politely to the silks. When the alarm is sound, he lunges himself forward using his core to traverse across familiar grounds.

"Gods in..." mumbles Regla as she watches the good admiral bolt ahead like some sort of really fast two legged flightless bird creature that is always dodge a particular coyote. Might as well grab something and chuck it at him, ah, that apple will do. Chuck it she does, and misses rather soundly. /Grumble/.

Lucita carefully tucks her skirt up in the usual manner, stockings and boots showing but more freedom of movement is granted as she joins the cluster of people running from ship to ship after turo's urging her to join. She hangs close to Reese, just a bit behind her.

Sorrel starts running with the pack, behind, but not so far behind that she can't keep up. She runs like someone used to running for distance, not speed, as well.

Alrec checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Around the ships drums start beating, bells ringing as well as shouts from the Rivenshari.. the crew egging on the running nobles from their places of watchfulness... as they are stationed to fish people out of the water

Regla checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Alrec checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Lucita checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Lucita's boots tap against the deck boards and then she scrambles up and over the rail of one ship and on to the next, nodding to crew of both as she passes by them. She drops a little further behind the leaders but gamely puts effort into the race.

Reese continues on and seems to have a burst of speed now. She is zooming along.

Artorius checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Alrec has rolled a critical success!
Alrec checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Artorius has been a part of the races the whole time. YEP! but, once he gets going, he immediately tries to trip Alrec! However, his kick seems to miss. Sadness. But, gotta give credit to Alrec for dodging so gracefully!

Sorrel is far to the back of the pack now, but she's somewhat grateful for it, since it means no one is throwing apples at her or trying to trip her up. Handy that.

Fatima has left the Leatherback, a Navegant longship.

Reese continues to run! She is a bit behind Alrec though. She looks impressed when he dodges Artroius' kick. The princess continues on.

She told him she couldn't run in a dress, she doesn't even wear dresses, he should know this. Turo is going to get to such a talking to from Regla when this race is over, seeing as she's likely to finish dead last.

Acacia's eyebrows raise and she stares a little as Alrec dodges the apple assault effortlessly. The redhead blinks and shakes her head with amused surprise.

Regla checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Lucita checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Eddard before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eddard before departing.

It was one of those things that once it gets started it is very hard to put an end to it. Crates and barrels became lifts and ladders. The line for the sails took him higher than he anticipates at times but he moves with one continuous flow. When the feet appear, he flips over the Count, before continuing on.

Alrec checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Turo watches the racers with interest, drinking his rum. That Alrec avoided the apple so adroitly brings a smirk to his lips, but it's not one of much amusement or appreciation.

Lucita continues to run but catches her skirt on one of the rails moving from ship to ship and takes a moment to grasp the material and free it gently before trying to catch up with Reese, falling further and further behind but not giving up!

The redhead watches the race as Alrec runs like a gazelle. She shakes her head and laughs, but instead of apples Acacia hurls a cheerful, "Guess this is what comes of running away from so many Thraxians," she playfully teases with a big bold grin Alrec's way before cheering for the race participants some more.

Turo is overheard praising Acacia: A most delightful burn on a deserving victim

Carita arrives quietly, l

Sabella has left the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Niklas has left the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Reese continues to run! She can't seem to keep with Alrec but he does seem to be really trying. Her cheeks here pink and her breathing is elevated.

Regla continues to run, but yet again, she can't keep up. She's not run in a dress in her entire life, and it shows.

Gianna has reached into the barrel and pulled out an apple, which, after a quick look, she puts back. Another is taken out, and after a quick visual inspection, she takes a bite from it. Apples and wine: why not?

Regla checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

It wasn't always about being forceful all the time too. If you knew how to ask for permission, you could pretty much get anywhere on a boat. Alrec goes with excuses, using the crew for momentum. The motion has him passing through cabins and galleys, offices - affording him almost a purview of the Rivenshari and Navagent marine way. He makes through alive this time.

Alrec checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Lucita checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

It's strange - the more the talk of danger to the Lodge, the more people who generally don't stalk forth to protect the Compact physically seem to be leaving Arx on Important And Yet Thoroughly Undefined Business.

They leave in small groups - Mason, Fortunato, Margret, Nicia, Ariella, and Dafne leave together. Delilah, Fairen, Mia, Appolonia, and Alistair. Aleksei, Luca, Briseis, Donella, and Sina another group. Tikva, Lucita, Sorrel, Lisebet, Eleyna, and Macda. Khanne, Lianne, Thena, Percephon, Arik, Rowenova, and Mirk. Laric, Faye, Gareth, Mercedes, and Tomwell. So many in small groups of five and six. They come back bloody. They come back bleeding and near death. They come back bruised, but with triumph in their eyes. They come back in quiet contemplation. One comes back nameless, and already the artist formerly known as Fortunato has a new name he's using - and the price of the artwork signed by him before triples.

But of all of them one comes back carried by his fellows. Prince Gareth Grayson, stalwart, unsmiling Inquisitor, fierce in his pursuit of the truth - a complicated, intelligent, ill-tempered man has fallen.

And still the Lodge stands.

It's midnight, and all is quiet in the Grayson Ward.

It's two in the morning, and all is quiet in the Grayson Ward.

In fact, it stays very quiet all night, the guards undisturbed in their rounds. But when those who live in the Grayson Manor awaken in the morning, they find dismembered corpses in the courtyard, bloody and foul, from too many disparate bodies to easily count. From the gates, it just looks like a charnel house vomited on the grounds. But from the upstairs windows of the mansion a single word is clear:


Turo checked strength + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Alrec checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Turo picks up an apple and looks like he might take a bite. Instead, he whips it right at Alrec's stupid face. Strong throw, too.

Gianna has left the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Carita arrives quietly, skirting the runners carefully as she makes her way to the Navegant seating area to settle, smoothing her skirts out behind herself.

Carita has joined the Leatherback, a Navegant longship.

Lucita continues running though is tiring. She eyes one of the apples to throw but does not pause to grab one. "This... is not ...easy."

"How the hell does he run so fast with all those horseshoes up his...?" Acacia begins to lightly tease again with gleeful delight, clearly enjoying the race. Catching herself she grins a little more. "He's a quick one," she nods before cheering, "COME ON, LADIES! Don't give up!"

Artorius has rolled a critical success!
Artorius checked strength + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 73 higher.

Alrec checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

Regi had been drinking, a little, and she's actually starting to get winded at this point. Though, onwards she presses. Choosing not to pay attention to anything other than the race.

Artorius missed a leg sweep! Okay...Artorius reaches for an apple, cracking his neck, his eyes lock on to the moving target of Alrec.

Target acquired.

Thus does Artorius throw the fastball from Hell, aiming right for Alrec's face! though it's at this moment where Artorius hopes the impact doesn't hurt the guy too badly.

The apple comes as Alrec is coming out of a hatch. He ducks and winces, cursing as the apple smacks open against the sturdy wooden hull, spraying his face in juice. Running a hand across his face, he shakes it off when another one comes right at him, knocking him out for a few precious seconds.

Regla checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Lucita checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Alrec checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Reese is still running and running! She is holding steady and well it helps that nobody is throwing apples at her for sure. She seems to be taking the lead.

Sorrel has managed to pull up from nearly last to nearly first, what with Alrec taking an apple to the head. But since no one is trying to get Reese for her, and she can't catch her, she is content to come in second.

The man awakes surrounded by a bunch of old ladies fanning him. He waves them off and shouts to be left alone in a broken dialect that is half made up and half well, all made up. Pushing himself up, he leans with a grog over the rail overlooking the bay, "What was I doing?" He ponders, enjoying the view when Lucita passes by, "Oh hey, the race... The race!" And he begins running behind her.

Lucita gasps as Alrec topples and concern shows as she slows down long enough to make sure he is alright before resuming the pace, having to pick her way across slick apple pulp and get from ship to ship, slowed at first but really pushing for it to get to the rail and get from one ship to the next without falling in or letting Alrec get ahead of her... again.

Artorius is overheard praising Alrec: For taking a hit like a boss.

Eshra is standing at what was the start and now is the finish line, the Rivenshari trying very hard to keep a straight face as the runners come across the finish line. Hey no one went into the water, as far as she is concerned it is a good race! And the winner is Princess Reese Grayson!" calls out loudly and hands the princess a glass. "Someone get Lady Regla, The Baroness and Princess Sorrel a blanket to warm them and something to drink! And give the Admiral of bottle!" at which time she pulls out a green Sealskin clock line in white fox to wrap around what has to be a frozen Reese.

Turo is overheard praising Reese: A great race!

Eddard and Anabelle do their level best to try and escape through the crowds. The tail end of the racers put a halt to them. Then there are cheers! Much cheering! And the two slip off into the night.

Turo is overheard praising Regla: Representing Navegant well in an unorthodox race. Don't kick me.

Turo is overheard praising Lucita: Well run flotilla race

Artorius is overheard praising Lucita: Good job running the race!

Eddard has left the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Turo is overheard praising Artorius: An appropriately-aimed apple addled Alrec's adroit acceleration! Awesome

Reese seems a bit surprised when she wins. "That almost didn't seem fair." She says a bit sheepishly. "You are am amazing runner." She says to Alrec.

Anabelle has left the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Sorrel has left the CurrentDancer A Rivenshari Ship.

Reese is overheard praising Alrec: So fast!

Alrec arrives last, catching his breath. He raises a hand to dissuade Reese and says, "No, no. See. It is all part of it. What year is it?" Alrec asks, looking around for a moment, "I mean, part of it is knowing when not to expose yourself. I think but if you are curious, I am studying under Marquis Kael Keaton. He is an excellent instructor in fitness." The bottle is well received and Alrec takes a swig of it, using it give him a moment to cool himself and numb the pain.

Lucita looks toward the others, smiling as they finish the race and taking a moment to smooth her skirt back in place and check to make sure all the bling is there, none lost in the run. When she finally carches her breath enough to not pant when talking, she congratulates each of the runners, That was... well done. And she seems to come with Alrec right at her side.

Artorius cheers. "Wonderful race, all of you!" Though he comes down to Alrec, bowing his head. "Erm...I'm sorry about your face. I really didn't think it'd hit that hard..I'm Count Artorius Magnotta. But truthfully, you ran splendidly, as did all of the racers! Your dodging ability is impressive."

Reese looks over to Alrec, giving him a smile. "I will keep that in mind. I'm Princess Reese." She says in his direction. "It is very nice to meet you and I am very impressed with your speed." She then peeks over to Count, giving him a smile. She looks over to Lucita next. "Well ran, Countess."

Felix stands up and applauds the runners, and gives Alrec a grin when he returns to the ship. "Well run, though it looks like you had everyone against you. Well run, Your Highness, Baroness, Lady Regla." to each of them.

Acacia grins and applauds at Felix's side, her expression clearly amused. "Bravo!" Good run, Admiral," the curvy redhead salutes with the lift of her drink.

Lucita says, "All of you were impressive, just could not keep up with you but it was interesting trying. And I managed without falling in and got all the way around, for that am quite satisfied. And hello to everyone I did not get a chance ... or have breath enough... to speak to when passing them."

Alrec takes a seat, looking up to Artorius. Piercing through a glare he chuckles and nods, shaking his hand at the lord, "No worries, my lord. At least it was you." At the introductions, Alrec stands up and attempts to bow to Artorius, "Admiral Alrec Magaldi of House Pravus.", turning to Reese, he nods, "Yes your highness, of course, I know who you are, thank you." Alrec smiles at her, enjoying the compliments. His gaze shifts to Felix with a spent chuckle that forces him back down on his seat and taking another swig of the rum.

"A pleasure to meet you, Admiral. I'm glad there's no hard feelings." Artorius smiles wide, before glancing to Lucita and Reese, giving to both the warmest smiles. That was fun. He just wishes he was here sooner.

Reese holds the cloak prize in her hands. "This is very very nice." She says, moving her hands over the fabric. She looks to Alrec once again. "Oh, house Pravus' admiral." she adds. "I sail sometimes." She adds.

Eshra having slipped off to deal with some administration bits of the party, returns with her jingling self, stepping in beside Felix and slipping her arms around one of his as the lady leans in against the smiths side. "I would say that this was a success. Even Turo looks happy." chuckles.

Eshra picks up a white wooden chest engraved with a seashell.

Turo says in a loud, bass voice, "Thank you all for coming. And thank you to Lady Eshra, who made that race happen. I think we all have a better appreciation for the sort of culture that neither matches colours nor runs a normal race." That's said with a jesting smile. "But, more seriously, stay and enjoy the drinks and each other's company. And, thank you again for coming."

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