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Lady Eshra Rivenshari

The woman didn't need nobody but the open sea, a sextant compass and good swift breeze to bring her home.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Ravashari Navigator
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Rivenshari
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 06/01
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: average height
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: mocha
Skintone: dusky

Titles: Voice of Riva, Admiral of Telmar, Minister of Defense of the Rivenshari

Description: Eshra is a river ravashari with dusky skin from living outdoors. Her soulful mocha eyes are windows to her thoughts and feelings. Her long chestnut hair curls with a mind of its own. Her proud nose sits over full pink lips that hint at a smile when she is amused. Her voice is clear with command as Voice to her people. She walks in confident strides no matter what the situation demands.

Personality: Eshra is fiercely protective of her people, seeing it as her job to make sure the old ways are not forgotten now that they've joined the Compact. Voice to her people, she is conscious on how all eyes view the newest House under the Greenmarch mantle. She will not let others insult her prodigal heritage or discount the contributions that Rivenshari bring with their knowledge of the sailing and connection to the spirits.

Background: Born into a large family, Eshra had three older brothers, Gavier, Raqui, and Athaur, to watch out for her when she took her first steps. While she loved her father, Aegis, she was closest to her mother, Triega, and learned about the spirits and ways of navigating for their people. Instead of pulling ropes and setting sales, she was looking at maps, measuring distances and following the stars at night. For the rivers and sea were her home, and dry land was something she rarely touched.

Growing up among ravashari smugglers, Eshra remembers a time when House Valardin were the enemy and tried to bring them to heel. They would try to stop their efforts to move goods for the other Abandoned Tribes. She liked nothing better than outwitting the stuffy Valardin knights who tried to enforce their rules on the Free. Of course Freedom comes with a price and she remembers the day Brand's dark magic enslaved her people and forced them to fight a battle that was not theirs. She lost many friends and family when House Thrax's navy struck down her people on the day Brand tried to breech Arx's walls.

She mourns the loss of his father, former leader of the Rivenshari, his mother, former Voice, and two brothers. Their losses were devastating for the young woman. If not for Athaur and their younger brother, Mattheu, then she would have lost the will to live. When he to her and asked her help to rebuild Rivenshari, she accepted without second thought. Of course, she never realized her brother meant to take bended knee to House Greenmarch, so they would now serve their former enemy, House Valardin. At first she tried to fight it, but once it became clear that it was her only option, she put aside her differences and stood by her brother's side when he pledged to House Greenmarch.

Relationship Summary

  • Felix - My comfort.

  • Family:
  • Athaur - Elder Brother, reason I try so hard.
  • Mattheu - Younger Brother, reason I will turn gray.
  • Vano - Cousin, Trusted Advisor and the one that keeps me sane.
  • Lavinia - Cousin, Light, and reason I might go insane.
  • Petra - Aunt, Beautiful soul.
  • Name Summary