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Fashion Show & Auction

Master Rook Grayward, Mistress Yasmine Rovashani and Mistress Aurora Thornborn team up to put on a fashion show and auction amongst a night of entertainment. The Commons and Peers alike are invited to enjoy time spent entertained by music, dance and refreshments. Three outfits will be modelled and auctioned off. The outfit designs will be from the courtier (Rook), the sewing from the legendary seamstress (Aurora) and the modelling and entertainment by the Ravashari dancer (Yasmine).


June 4, 2018, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Aurora Rook Yasmine


Kenna Mirari Selene Melody Theo Alarissa Gianna Petal Mailys Sabella Tabitha Jeffeth Quenia Caspian Delia Briseis Jordan(RIP) Karadoc Grazia Signe



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Ambassador Salon

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Comments and Log

Jeffeth is all thumbsup in Kenna's direction as he makes his escape from the oncoming crowd. When she runs up to him to hug him he chuckles quietly, giving her a brief squeeze. "Of course, My Lady. I had to, once I discovered how adamantly I feel about the difference between tiaras and cocornets." And with that, he's out!

Sabella laughs, "I bet you didn't realize that the entire city was coming to you!" She has herself a seat on one of the couches she just dug through and looks around. "Sir Jeffeth, I should see you later, since I seem to see you everywhere!" She then gives smiles and waves to everyone she knows that's arriving. "Kenna! Come sit with me!"

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Gianna sails in in her red silks, chin held high. She pauses to glance about for a good seat where she can see everything. Everything.

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Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Clark, an exasperated guard leave, following Sabella.

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Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson Guardsmen, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

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Theo steps into the salon not far behind Kenna and Tabitha, stopping to stand near the door. Leaning back into the wall, he crosses his arms over his chest, looking over the crowded room. He clucks his tongue twice, his fingers drumming against his linen-clad bicep.

And Tabitha is quite happy to be steered along like a wee lamb, because Kenna's the one with all the plans. And so she follows her cousin! Easy peasy!

Signe's arrived to the fashion event and auction, her comfort was the bar. Closer to the drinks and a much higher seat to view the actvities.

Mirari pulls her flask from her pouch and passes it to Mailys. "Let's make an attempt not to buy everything Mailys, other people need to look pretty too." She murmurs, aiming an arch look towards her cousin.

Toward Sabella, Kenna, those far couches, goes Alarissa with nary a wait for an invitation to take a seat, but wanting to sit none the less. "Sabella." She greets, happily. "Lady Whitehawk!"

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Rook enters the establishment on the eve of the fashion show, once cancelled, but probably only to build anticipation! Maybe. With his compnaionship for the eve being the legendary seamstress Aurora Thornburn and the model and entertainer Yasmine Rovashani, Rook Grayward finds his champagne almost immediately, likely sent ahead for. After a brief little whisper, he encourages them to disperse, to settle and find refuge before the show. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming! It's my absolute pleasure to sponsor this evening. Now, one order of business before we all start, if you're terribly dressed tonight I insist you bid to help us all just a little bit. I won't name names or point my pointers but honestly, please, for all our sakes..." he laughs delightfully. "No, now, less seriously," didn't he mean more seriously? Nope, not Rook, "but still quite seriously, I want you all to have a great time whether or not you purchase anything. As a short matter of clarity, there are only three outfits for tonight, and they're all feminine by design. Each outfit takes some inspiration from our very own model, Yasmine Roavashani, and her people the Ravashari. All the skilled labour was completed in Costumer's Closet, by Aurora and her many apprentices, while the designs were done jointly by myself and Mistress Yasmine. Now, do we all have drinks, shall we begin with the first?"

"Sabella!" Kenna stands on tiptoes to wave back to the princess before stepping through the crowd towards the woman. "Have you met princess Sabella Tabitha?" Kenna lowers her voice as she joins the princesses table.

"Oh, if only I could buy everything!" Mailys exclaims at that as she accepts the flask and unstops it, taking a sip of it's contents before passing it back over to Mirari before she goes about unclasping her cloaak and draping it over the back of her seat.

Briseis has snuck in and gravitated towards an available seat, nodding towards Petal en route. She settles in to watch.

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Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

After a few murmured words from Rook, Yasmine offers the courtier a brilliant smile, a wink of one green eye, and slips away to get read for the event. As the crowd gets the drinks and Rook says his speech, the Ravashari dancer begins to change into the first outfit offered on auction in a makeshift 'backstage' area set up for the event.

Gianna makes her way toward the rear couches, undoing her black cloak and slinging it over the side of one of the couches. She sinks down into a seat at that end, smoothing her skirt.

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Petal has a gentle smile for Briseis that touches her brown eyes. She still still perched at the bar and still looking rather exhausted. She knows Yasmine so she waves in her direction, not seeming to have much in the way of elegant manners. Her wave was even all excited. "I think you should buy all the things." She offers to Mailys.

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Aurora does infact come in with Rook, standing to one side of the man as he speaks to the crowd. Her large python is wrapped around her body, head resting lazily on her shoulder as her tongue slips out to see if anyone here is dinner, though the snake is large enough to eat the woman she is coiled around. She offers a polite dip of her head towards those she faces, clearing her throat briefly in perhaps embarrassment, "thank you all for coming. I do hope you see something you enjoy, as each outfit has a story to tell and requires you to tell it."

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Sabella beams over at Aurora as she speaks and waves, doing her best 'I Know Her!' look.

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"The first outfit is a reminder that simple can be fine and less is more," Rook begins, "and with the music and motions I'll let Mistress Rovashani speak to you of her peoples and fashion choices. We start out with something that isn't going to appeal to all, for the material it's made from is not silk, but cloth. This fabric is the finest you'll have spun and feels as good as it looks. Costumer's Closet knows where to find the best habadasheries, I do say. So, with nothing more to add, Yasmine... take it away!"

Before she emerges, the slow beat of a drum is heard followed by the delicate twang of stringed instruments being plucked. In this cascade of sound comes Yasmine, twitching her hips in an rather simple, yet catchy dance. There is a smile on her face and warmth in her eyes as she dances her way forward, holds a pose for a moment and then continues to move, showing off the outfit to its fullest extent.

Yasmine checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Gianna is speaking quietly with the other women at the rear couches, though she's observing Yasmine as well. She tilts her head to the side thoughtfully.

Sabella watches as Yasmine emerges and has much the same reaction that she did to Aurora. "I know her," she asides to Kenna, pointing at Yasmine, "She taught me to dance!"

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Unable to hold back his quip, Caspian calls out to Sabella, "That poor woman's toes! I hope a mercy was on standby!"

Playfully - "Is there anyone you //don't// know Princess? I ought to just tie myself to your hip."

Rook sips his champagne, moves to seat himself on a tall stool by the stage, hands clasped around the flute a moment later. As he watches the beginning of the dance and walk, he glances over to Alarissa seen in the audience and wriggles his fingers, before he clears his throat. "Bidding tonight may not reflect what was actually spent on the garments themselves. I think we all consider it a service to provide good fashion in the City of Arx." Sliding fingers to his own woven linens, he murmurs, "Affordable clothing is easy to come by, and this is an embellishment on that, we admit." Describing the outfits in the academic, more than the display, Rook says, "Each outfit tonight is only four items. Each piece provides something to the ensemble. Less... is... more," he repeats with panache. "Sometimes." There's a mischievous glint to his green gaze and his broad smile holds. "So, the opening bid is 10,000 silver, and I promise it is worth ever silver."

Mirari and Mailys murmur quietly to each other at their table, gesturing to the dancer as she begins to dance.

"Not if I can help it," Sabella says to Kenna then laughs at Caspian, "She's walking fine now! Better than fine! Look at her!" She gestures up to Yasmine.

"Ten thousand silver." Mirari calls out, wiggling her fingers as she puts her hand in the air.

Delia Whisper is seated at one of the larger tables with a decent view of the catwalk, wine glass in hand poised for a sip. Clearly, she's a little focused on the dress to pay much attention to her drink. Atleast for the moment.

Signe claps her hands with the music with Yasmine's performance and broadly smiling. "I wish we could have a big gust of wind blowing towards her, to make all the silks dance!"

Kenna chirps, "Caspian could keep talking for that Lady Signe!"

Spying Delia, Gianna tilts her chin up and waits to catch the red-haired woman's eye. If she does, she inclines her head to her in greeting. They've surely run into each other before at the Whisper House.

"Oh that is lovely" Alarissa states as Yasmine's garments are gazed upon. Mirarixs bid has her smiling. "They will look lovely on you Mistress!"

Yasmine keeps shimmying to the music, grinning here and there at the comments she overhears. At one point, she incorporates a little wave in Sabella's direction as part of her dance, laughing a little as she turns and begins to move in the other direction. Shades of crimson and brass shimmer in the light of the Ambassador.

Signe is overheard praising Yasmine for: Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yam, shimmy yay!

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Renault, a floofy persian cat arrives, following Selene.

Jordan is late to this fashion show or he walked into the Ambassador Salon to grab himself a drink. Instead, he gets to watch Yasmine dance, and so he applauds the performance on his way to the bar.

Delia does, in fact, catch Gianna's glance and raises her glass in 'cheers'. The smile that follows is bright and then she's back to watching the catwalk.

"Perfect, thank you, Mistress Corestina," Rook calls out. "10,000 silver on the first outfit. 10,000 going once..." he says, easily enough, happy to continue the countdown on Yasmine's modeled attire in a steady fashion.

steady _fashion_. get it. ha!

Mailys mantains a bright smile as Mirari bids on the flashy outfit that Yasmine is dancing about in, she leans in to offer a few hushed words to her cousin.

Selene is fashionably late, because... well, if anyone gets to be fashionably late it's the Radiant. Right? Right. Either that or she forgot. But either way, she comes a sashay-ing in, casting a glance up to the stage before scoping out for a place to sit. Mmm. couches look good!

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Rook says in Nox'alfar, "Going twice... and sold! To Mistress Mirari Corsetina! Thank you very much!"

Rook says, "Going twice... and sold! To Mistress Mirari Corsetina! Thank you very much!"

As Rook slips by to sit, Aurora follows suit and finds her own place to perch. She watches Yasmine move down the runway with amusement, clapping for the model. And the outfit. Because both are great. She glances towards Mirari as she provides the opening bid, "good luck Mistress Corestina!"

Yasmine sketches a little bow after the winning bid is announced, grinning in Mirari's direction, before she slips off the stage to change into the next ensemble.

Mirari winks towards her cousin and raises a hand so that a server comes near with drinks. She hands a goblet to Mailys and leans in to say something quietly.

Signe waves a hand at Jordan, careful not to have it misconstrued as a bid. "Sir Swiftblade! Over here!" She calls out from the bar.

Delia Whisper takes a sip of her drink while rising from her seat at one of the tables. She then makes her way toward the bar to return the empty wine glass before slipping quietly outside.

Mailys lets out a big applause as Mirari beside her wins the bid for the flashy outfit, her applause stopping suddenly as the goblet is handed to her, and she takes a sip from it.

Gianna inclines her head to Jordan, should the knight happen to glance her way. She also accepts a glass of wine from some attendant or another.

"Our next outfit is more conventional for the nobility, and for some of the unlanded merchant princes and princesses, you'll find our model in silk next. We've gone with a brave combination of greens and golds, of the forests and riches of a civilisation we've built up within the cluthces of nature. If you like a little darker hue with the brighter, hopefully it has something in store for you," Rook says, buying time for Yasmine to sneak off and change, likely to have Mirari's winning outfit laundered suitably before being delivered. "My love of silk is certainly on par with any other and you'll want to get a good rich Southern spun bolt to get your money's worth - no doubt. I'm a fan of greens, certainly, but well," he indicates himself, "that is a surprise to no-one. What about you?" he asks rhetorically. "Mistress Yasmine, when you are ready, let your audience see what you can do once more."

Yasmine checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

By the time Rook is ready to introduce her, Yasmine is ready to come out. As she dances in this next outfit, yet another Ravashari dance, she moves faster, all in effort to hear the tiny coins adorning the outfit jingle against each other. The way she moves even manages to ensure that the jingle jangling works in tandem with the music.

Mirari is overheard praising Yasmine for: Shake them coins, woman!

Mailys is overheard praising Yasmine for: Excellent dancer, wonderful outfits!

Sabella applauds loudly when Yasmine comes out again, "Beautiful!" She calls out.

Gianna is overheard praising Rook for: Beautiful designs.

"It's that time of the evening where I have to thank the Ambassador's Salon for lending us their space, Costumer's Closet for their amazing and prompt work under Mistress Aurora Thornburn," clap clap, "and of course the model for this evening, and inspiration for so much of these outfits, Mistress Yasmine Rovashani. Should you like a new outfit not showcased tonight, do stop by the shop, just around from the Blackrose Theater! Mistress Thornburn will undoubtedly welcome you. If you'd like to see more of Mistress Yasmine Rovashani, keep an eye out on the billing at the theater, too! Not only does she sing and dance, but she acts and models-- oh and even tells stories!" Then, clasping his chest, he leans in and says, "But bidding time! We'll open at 15,000 for this outfit. At your leisure!"

Gianna is overheard praising Aurora for: Gorgeous craftsmanship.

Gianna is overheard praising Yasmine for: A wondeful model.

Aurora claps again for Yasmine as the second outfit is revealed, grinning as she watches the coins wiggle with the woman. "It is beautiful, perfect for those fun dinner parties where you wish to make an entrance and keep those around you talking well after the courses are finished."

"Lady Signe, Mistress Gianna," Jordan flashes a bright smile to both before heading over to the Nightgold, settling down beside her and nodding a greeting.

Tabitha is overheard praising Rook for: Wonderful fashions.

Mirari leans on the table and she murmurs something to Mailys. She props her elbow, chin cradled on her palm. She takes a drink of her wine, her eyes watching Yasmine when she dances.

Sabella is overheard praising Rook for: He certainly has an eye for talent and the flair to host!

Rook lifts his flute of champagne toward Connie the bartender, because why not, right. It was probably her he spoke to over the brass cup and string when he booked the reservation last minute.

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Gianna raises her glass of wine to her lips, watching the latest outfit. "She's an excellent dancer," she remarks, of Yasmine. "I don't know how to move like that."

"It is lovely. Not my colour, but so very lovely." Alarissa murmurs from her spot.

Rook says, "Well linger long enough to see the last dress, Princess Consort of House Thrax, it might just be!"

Briseis converses at the bar, though as Yasmine emerges in the next outfit, remarks, "That's -- am-azing. I mean, and she dances so well too," she agrees with the room in general.

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Quenia slips quietly into the ambassador and takes a moment to look around for a seat, if any are available.

Signe cones a pair of hands over her mouth, asking a question to the hosts, "Will this fit a man's shape?!" A very important question.

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Petal peeks over to Signe and then looks over to Caspian. "It would fit the right man, probably." She says speaking with the heavy accent of a Northern Shav. "I will bid, the 15,000." She then says. "I could never wear so much silk as that, but I know someone who would love it."

Selene speaks up after Alarissa voices an opinion on it - and Rook teases the next one. "Its wonderfully themed, for someone who spins... well, anything into gold, I imagine. Sadly, I'm no merchant, so I'd feel a bit off wearing it." Still, she frowns a bit. "Though it's dissapointing there aren't more bids!"

"Then I wait with baited breath." Alarissa calls out to Rook but watches the ongoing. Petal' bid has her smiling. "It will suit you well well Mistress Penrose. I am sure that you could. I could even throw a party or two for you so you'd have an excuse."

Melody steps into the Salon and quietly finds herself a spot at the bar beside Signe. "I have no idea what you're planning but I'm all ears." A leg drapes over the other as her gaze travels across the room, pausing to flash a smile at Mirari.

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Coral, a dour formal thrall arrives, following Karadoc.

Yasmine giggles as she keeps shaking and then speaks up, lifting her voice to add, "The coins on the outfit signify the Ravashari tradition of wearing their wealth on their body, both for adornment and for safety." Then, she's a bit too breathless to keep talking.

Mirari smiles towards Melody and waves before she tuns back to watch the dancing.

Rook says, "Mistress Petal Penrose, at 15,000 silver, for our hunter green outfit. A vision for Petrichor and Gild both. Going once..."

Selene is overheard praising Yasmine for: What a shake!

Tabitha is overheard praising Aurora for: How wonderful!

Kenna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

"That is the spirit, Mistress Petal!" Aurora calls over towards the other tailor. "I am sure, even if you do not wish to wear it, someone else would enjoy to. Though I do hope you change your mind and keep it for yourself, it will not hurt to have something to wear on certain occasions."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Signe before departing.

Petal peeks over to Alarissa, having a smile for the High Lady. "Oh, maybe then I would. I remember that Mistress Melody nees a very lovely dress." She says to her, giving her a wave. "Look, I am getting the green dress with coins if you want to wear it. I might need to wear it and spin around in circles in the market and pretend I have grace."

"Going twice... and sold, for 15,000 silver, to Mistress Petal Penrose!" Rook chirps with a sweet tone, before he looks aside, and indicates Yasmine may take a moment to catch her breath behind the screen. "Thank you very much. Now, our last outfit was so adored by its designers and creators we nearly kept it to ourselves," he confides openly, in not-much-of-a-secret, before continuing. "The sea is a place that holds many treasures, and in the Lyceum, they dye some quality silks in pools and eddies to receive Mangata's own blessing on their craft. As with everything tonight, it's a little over-embellished, but you'll see our muse here. Jayus smiles on us when we take liberties with our creativity, because it means we're trying something new," he expresses. "So, the last outfit for this evening, and our last show; Mistress Yasmine, if you please, the seafoam and seasilk wonder! A far softer touch, of pastels in perfection."

Karadoc's there, curious enough, fetching himself a drink before he flops into a chair in order to admire the stunning fashions currently on display.

"With alterations Mistress Petal? Hmm..." Signe begins tapping her chin, grinning broadly. "That gives me an idea."

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Tabitha gasps as Kenna falls off her chair. Standing quickly in a swish of silk, the artist tries to help her cousin from the ground in the most subtle way possible. "Oh my gosh, Kenna, let's get you back home." Then to the others she gives smiles and curtsies before helping kenna out of the salon.

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Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel, Tabitha leave, following Kenna.

Alarisa looks alarmed as Kenna topples as well, concerned for the whitehawk as they depart.

"You've already made plans for the dress and you haven't even won the auction!" Melody can't help but laugh at that, doubling down when Petal does in fact win the action. "Well well. Looks like I owe you something, because I'm most certainly taking advantage of that offer." A warm smile follows, and then the prodigal bumps Karadoc's shoulder with her own. "Fashionably late. One more dress to go, my Lord."

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

Yasmine checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 68 higher.

The music slows and so do Yasmine's movements when she re-emerges in this latest outfit. The colors are softer and more delicate than the other offers, adorned with bits of pearl and sea shell. The dancing is much slower, languid in form and tempo, as she shows off the seasilk ensemble for the crowd.

Selene claps her hands for Petal once the winner is announced, and then turns expectantly to await the next piece to come out. Although even the description of it has her sideglancing at Alarissa. "Oh, it sounds like it might be quite your kind of thing." A beat. "Then again, I can't wear the same thing I did the last time I attended a Thrax pool party, when next I do..." And then it comes out. "Oh, that's brilliant."

Gianna is seated over at the rear couches with several other women, a glass of wine in hand. Her red silk gown looks rather plain in comparison to the fashions on display. "Ah, seasilk," she says, her tone a little wistful.

Signe's brows raise, "Oh... that is very pretty." The last garment having some interest from the Northerner.

Mailys flashes a big grin over at Mirari as the seasilk ensemble comes out worn by Yasmine, of course, and she leans in to murmur softly at the woman while watching the performance, sipping at her own glass of wine lightly.

Sabella actually gasps when that dress comes out, "Oh, that is just perfect for anyone in Thrax. Or maybe someone that's marrying one?" She gives a sly smile to Alarissa, clasping her hands together while she considers.

"No, you couldn't waer the same thing you wore last time" But Alarissa regards that dress, eye going to the details of it, the bits of shell and pearl. "That would do well at a Kennex pool party." A gentle nudge to Sabella's elbow.

Caspian is overheard praising Yasmine for: A beautiful woman modeling equally beautiful dresses!

Petal looks between Sabella and Alariss and a soft giggle escapes. She then turns her attention to Melody. "Okay, the plan is..." She says before realizing she is at the bar and lowering her voice to a softer pitch.

Rook has rolled a critical success!
Rook checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

"Pastels, pastels, pastels~" Rook sings pitch perfect, gayish with glee, before he clasps his hands. "Seasilk isn't hard to get a hold of, but good seamstresses such as Aurora Thornburn, oh my. They butcher it, people! They hack it and saw it and the edges are never what I quite dream when I draw. So, here you go, dearest darlings of the Compact. Pastels! We'll open the bid at a terribly generous 20,000 silver in line with our steady increase but I promise you that anything you bid on this'll be worth it. You're already getting it at a steal! Do I hear 20,000 silver for an opening bid?"

Selene promptly lifts her hand after Rook speaks.

Rook says, "20,000 for our dearest Radiant of Whisper House, as an opening bid!"

Mirari raises her hand and chin, calling out. "Thirty thousand."

Grazia enters quietly but regally. She might be late, but she is interested in seeing the remainder of the show. She steps along the edge of the room, staring thoughtfully at the model and the clothing the model is wearing.

Rook says, "A purring thirty over there for Mistress Corsetina! Courtiers have the -best- fashion sense, you know."

Gianna's eyebrows arch; she sits up a little in her seat, peering at Rook. "Oh. I didn't realize he sang, too. Does he play any instruments?" She glances around at her seatmates.

Mailys offers a quick little clap as Mirari calls out the bid.

"Princess Tikva would kill me if I spent that much on yet another dress," Sabella laughs, watching Yasmine dance in it, "It's really, really lovely though and you're right, it would fit right in. They're all in love with the sea, those Kennexes. Except Niklas, actually. Ah, well, I have a lovely seahorse dress that Mistress Petal made me that I have been saving for such a thing."

Selene glances over at the Thrax, presumably to give them time to get in some bids! But not to be slow on the auctioneer... "Fifty?"

"Buy it!" Caspian calls out to Sabella! "Money doesn't do you any good if it's just sitting in your purse! Indugle with the dresses!"

Aurora's brows lift as Rook verbally destroys seasilk, looking almost wounded with his words. "Oh stop that" she calls out, having heard enough. "Let the poor seasilk live another day! Let the threats and colors and pools and ebbs speak for themselves without you scaring the fabric!" She is kidding?

With the slower movements, Yasmine is better able to speak, offering when comment is made about Rook's musical talent, "Oh, you should hear him when you really get him going. He's a perfect tenor with the right inspiration." She winks at the courtier, laughs again, and keeps dancing.

Mirari aims a playful frown at Selene, exhaling enough to send her bangs away from her face. "Sixty." She winks towards the Whisper before she takes another drink from her glass.

"Spoken like an unmarried man that's not planning a wedding!" Sabella calls back to Caspian with a grin.

As she is glanced at, Alarissa shakes her head to the Whisper, and then gestures to that very pregnant form of hers. There will be no bidding. "I could see you in it as well."

Caspian has left the Bar.

Rook chirps "I play piano, as a hobby! On a good day. If there's champagne nearby. Fifty thousand from the Radiant once more. Oh and Aurora, that's why you handle the fabric and I just-- Yasmine, you must behave, you're being professional right now-- aren't you? Oh, sixty thousand from Mistress Corsetina! Oh goodness." He hardly struggles to keep up but it is fast moving.

"Not that I don't love the things you make us, love, but variety is the spice of life," Selene calls over at Mirari with a mischievious smile. "Seventy." A beat. "Besides, its for *fashion*"

"Behaving is ~borrrrring~" Yasmine sings out as she moves into a back bend, spine bowed with her dark hair touching the stage before she slowly shimmies upright once more.

Mirari blows a kiss towards Selene and calls out, "I love some spice myself, so.." She turns towards Rook and holds up one finger. "Eighty."

Selene laughs at Yasmine's commentary (and athletics). "I really like her!" Then she pouts at Mirari. "Well, I'll go to a hundred to speed this along."

"Fashion, indeed," Rook agrees then. "Honestly, who could skimp on that?" While he lays his hands in his lap, while the champagne flute is fetched for a refill, he hums mildly. "Pastels," he says to himself. "Who knew." He did. In his heart of hearts. "seventy-- no-- eighty thousand! Mirari Corsetina holds the lead-- no she doesn't, I'm so sorry, a hundred thousand for the Radiant!"

"Radiant, you win this day. I'll get you next time." Mirari says, laughing softly as she dips her head towards the courtier. She sits back in her seat, wine glass in hand.

Rook says, "100,000 silver for the Radiant of Whisper House, going once..."

Sabella gives Selene an impressed look and applauds even before the verdict is announced, "Impressive bidding war!" She says with a smile for her and then Mirari. "A fashion show and some excitement, the perfect evening! Oh wait," she reaches over and picks up a glass of champagne, "Now it's perfect!"

Gianna nods when Rook declares he can play, too. She applauds carefully, as one does when holding a glass of wine.

Mirari is overheard praising Selene for: Charming even while she stomps me into the ground for seasilk.

Selene grins at Mirari. "Well, we'll both go home with something, at least. It's a good day." She does, however, glance over at the Thraxian delegation. "You're sure you're not interested in it, dears? It's rather lovely. And the model's right about behaving."

Rook says, "100k, going twice! To Radiant Selene Whisper."

Yasmine hears the bidding end as she rolls her hips and then moves through one last sinuous form with the music before she stops, offers the crowd a bow, and then moves backstage to slip out of the last of the offered outfits.

"Annnnd, sold! Congratulations, dearest Radiant, you are the prowd owner of our last outfit for the night. I encourage you all to enjoy the champagne until it runs dry, and to reach out to Mistress Aurora Thornburn at the Costumer's Closet for her talents. Don't forget to keep an eye out on the entertainment billings for Mistress Yasmine Rovashani." Then, there's clapping, "Thank you all for coming, it was great to share our creations, and if we hold another hopefully you'll be there!"

Petal is overheard praising Yasmine for: Lovely!

Karadoc manages a cheery applause one-handedly, still managing a hold on the glass in his other hand, "Well done on that impressive, Radiant Selene."

Karadoc is overheard praising Rook.

Karadoc is overheard praising Yasmine.

Karadoc is overheard praising Aurora.

"Oh no, please. It's love, very lovely, but not -quite- my style. The right fabric, but Ican't wait to see you in it dearest Whisper" Alarissa assures Selene.

Selene beams delightedly. "What a lovely show, lovely model, and lovely dresses. Really, it's all quite amazing." A beat. "I do hope you'll allow me a trip to the bank, as I tend not to carry my weight in silver around with me - just writs." Then she turns back to Alarissa. "Well, let me know when the next pool party is and I'll make every effort to show up in it. Though hopefully no roguish Princes or Dukes disrobe me, this time!" What.

Selene is overheard praising Rook for: For Fashion!

Selene is overheard praising Aurora for: Such lovely pieces.

Rook checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 50, rolling 11 higher.

Selene is overheard praising Yasmine for: Once more for the shake!

Mirari is overheard praising Aurora for: Lovely designs and work!

Mirari is overheard praising Rook for: I suppose you know how to talk up fashion and get people to drink.

A quiet word from Karadoc's aide, leaning in to whisper a message into his ear causes the Saik nobleman to sit up sudden and straight. He looks at her - she looks at him. He empties his glass and slides out of his seat, "Pardon. Business to tend to. Can't be idle today, it seems." And he's off at a saunter, heading toward the exit.

Karadoc has left the Bar.

Coral, a dour formal thrall leaves, following Karadoc.

What. "Oh no, hopefully not," Rook insists of the Radiant. "They'll rip it," he whispers to himself. "A crime on FASHION." Then, to his aides, he arranges the various trips to the launderers and so on, to pass on the outfits later. Bank trips? No problem. 1058 APR% interest loans? SURE. The taxman always gets what he wants. "Thank you again, all of you! Now, shall we listen to some more music, I'll even try the piano if I drink too much. Mistress Thornburn, your art is as always lovely to work with, and Mistress Rovashani-- spectacular, of course."

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