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Knights of Solace Orphanage Fundraiser Gala

Join the Knights of Solace for an evening of treats and games in celebration of childhood. Orphans from the Tragedy Orphanage, former home of Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, will be present at the event. Catering will be provided by the reknowned Lottie Perkins.

An auction will include:

A token for a Cardian Snakeskin cuirass from Master Kenemir of Kenemir Leathers

A token for a 5000 silver credit on a purchase from The Atelier from Guildmaster Joscelin Arterius

A custom rubicund weapon from Dame Ida Ferron of Ferron Arms and Armor

Vouchers for teaching, rare boozes and more!

What could possibly top that? How about some time with your favorite Knight of Solace! That's right, the Knights are putting themselves on the auction block for the orphans. Bid on Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Sir Daemon Dracone, Dame Thena, Prince Galen Thrax and others!

All proceeds and donations will go to supporting /all/ of the orphanages in Arvum. Don't miss this fantastic event!


April 14, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Daemon(RIP) Thena Jeffeth


Barric(RIP) Rinel Monique Artorius Arion Quenia Katarina Mia Kael Terese Caith Wynna Orazio Coraline Michael Reigna Itzal Duarte Waldemai Jaenelle Vercyn Niccolo Tabitha Agatha Ianna Signe Emilia Norwood Oona Cristoph Ven(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Auction House of Arx

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

GusGus, the fluffy Whitehold Mountain puppy arrives, delivering a message to Ven before departing.

Orland arrives, following Duarte.

Orazio enters, his guards dismissed to mingle and enjoy themselves along the way. The Legate stops briefly at the ledger, looking through the entries. With a chuckle, he adds a number beneath one, speaks momentarily to the attendant, and then moves on. One of the children comes up and pulls, quietly but insistently at his robes. He kneels so that she can speak into his ear, and commences on a very solemn conversation in whispers with the girl.

Waldemai comes in and looks around, and grins at the kiddies playing. "You want to apprentice as a smith in four-five years, I'll take you on," he promises one tot. He quickly grabs someone to read the ledger to him, then whispers a bid. When the other man writes it down, Waldemai makes his mark at the appropriate spot.

Wynna trails in behind Tabitha, looking slightly confused about the crowd for a moment - up on current events, she is not.

Thena has put away her armor for the evening to show up in a formal gown...a rather severe one, and in her favored non-colors of gray and silver, but formal nonetheless. Her long dark hair is caught up in a pair of rubicund hairpins. "Welcome to the Knights of Solace Gala and Auctions. As you may know from my obnoxious advertising efforts-" and there's a little flashy of toothy grin; unabashedly the hustler, "-the silent auction is currently in progress and will last through the Gala. The Knights of Solace plus a very special Guest Knight will be auctioned during the second part of the event. All proceeds from both auctions will go to the Silver Order's efforts to improve the lives of orphans throughout Arvum, of which, unfortunately, there are many more of late.

There's a brief pause for gravitas before she goes on. "I would like to thank Master Ven for letting us break in this lovely new auction hall which is very conveniently situated across from the bank and everyone who has donated to the cause already, including providing our auction items. Please settle yourselves, grab some food and drink, and mingle a bit while we get ready for our party games.

Kit, the grey fox, 1 Telmarine Armsmen, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name, Michael arrive, following Monique.

Duarte walks in. He supports the orphans. Look! He even has his orphan messenger following him. A real charitable guy, this one.

Itzal enters less than he does appear, clad in his trusty dark leather coat. He looks around to the various guests, taking in who's there and who's not, but otherwise merely wanders up and down the hall, idling about.

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe arrives, following Rinel.

Ven waves. "Welcome, everyone! I'm so pleased you could all come, and to see the Hall have it's inaugural use for a worthy cause. An orphan myself, it's an honor."

Agatha is currently supporting the orphans! Her right arm is out at shoulder level, lower arm curled back to make a bicep. And a small fry is dangling happily from the arm and giggling in glee. Her left arm is curled to hold another kid sitting on her broad shoulder in place. A third is also wrapped around her lower leg to try and slow her down as she lumbers across the dance floor. "Fe fi fo fum, I smell a bottle of fine Thraxian ... milk. Milk is what I smell."

Tabitha walks quietly into the auction house, hands folded delicately across her waist. She wears a simple but pretty dress of sky blue linen, and her hair is done up in a knot of curls at the back of her head. She looks around, her face warming at at the sight of the kids having fun amid the music-filled room, then turns back to Wynna with a friendly nose-wrinkly smile that reaches her cobalt eyes, "Hello. I'm Tabitha." Then she's off to wander the room, slow enough that Wynna won't get left behind if she wants follow.

Lord Michael Bisland and Lady Monique Telmar. They arrive together, with Monique looking oh so haughty with hands wrapped about Michael's elbow. She looks wondrous in a smoky combination of silk and glass sure to catch eyes. He is dressed in in a golden silk shirt and trousers. From door and announced to begin the process of /mingling/. Which Michael seems so happy about.

Rinel slips in and moves to Wynna's side. "Hello!" she chirps. "Who's your new friend, Wynna?"

Wynna tilts her head. "Oh- er. Wynna Blackwing, at your service, a pleasure." She blinks rapidly as Rinel is suddenly there, though to her credit she automatically slips an arm around her as if it'd been perfectly planned that way. "Tabitha, apparently."

Sir Jeffeth is moving through the Auction Hall being as gregarious as possible. Oh is your drink empty, oh would you like a snack? Here let me help. The large man is moving this way and that smiling brightly with bellowing greetings for many he comes across. He is just flitting from group to group, greeting people as they enter with a toothy smile.

"Tabitha." Jeffeth pipes happily, making his way past her, one meaty hand going to squeeze her shoulder. "So good to see you." He is then moving past giving a few high fives to some of his closest kids as he moves through. "Little Itzy, always good to see you." Another clap on the back, before the man is making his way over to the corner to station up.

Jeffeth has joined the a quiet corner.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

Who's that shiny knight matching his way up and down the auction house like he bloody well owns the place? Why, its Sir Daemon! Tonight the man has his best possible "sassy" expression on, strutting about with purpose as like a territorial goose. Nothing would be short of 'fabulous' for this knight tonight before he is to be auctioned. Purses lips and steely glances given to those in attendance.

Cristoph has had his armor shined up for the event and has made it to the auction house with the assistance of the archivist, Rupert. He lifts a hand to give a brief to some of the people he recognizes. While the duke has had the cast removed from his leg, it's clear to see that he hasn't earned back his full strength just yet. He quickly finds a seat off to the side, one that will allow him to watch but also not be in the way.

Orazio finishes the conversation with the girl from the orphanage, and ruffles her hair as he stands up. She makes a face at him that says that she is a /grown up/ and does not get /hair ruffles/. He apologizes wordlessly, with the offer of a sweet from his pocket, which she takes and runs with. The Legate makes his way over to Thena, eyebrows going up. "Grandmaster, this looks to be a lovely event, and thus a match for how you are looking tonight," he adds, with a little grin and bow.

Cora followed Jeffeth here, distinctly under dressed for this event. Her guards are waved away at the door and she goes to find a wall to flower. She is exceptional at this skill, having practiced for years and years, nearly her entire life!

4 Thrax Guards, Stumphrey, a toast-colored corgi with big ears and a floofy butt, Humphrey, a humorless brute with a ribbon in his hair, Carys, a slight woman with ink-stained fingers arrive, following Caith.

It's then that Itzal is attacked by a battering ram pretending to be a hand. The man, to his credit, doesn't fall flat on his face, but instead grins to Jeffeth. "Jeffeth, good to see you as well! Wait, are you on auction too? Frankly I've not kept up with what is and isn't." He might not have not listened to Thena a whole lot. Most shameful.

Tabitha raises her hand in a little greeting to Wynna and Rinel, then says, "Good to meet you both." Then at Jeffeth's greeting, she smiles brightly up at him and says, "And you, Jeffeth!" before he goes about his rounds.

Arion arrives with a gentle bounce to his step peering around curiously. His long crimson hair has been carefully styled for the occasion, half of it pinned up in an elaborate style while the rest of it cascades down the front of his shoulders. Holding it in place is a set of fancy looking hairpins. The young redheaded male smiles softly as he watches those gathered, orphans included. One of the little girls seems to surprise him by coming over and tugging on the leg of his breeches. The ginger haired tot lifts her tiny arms and demands in a surprisingly firm voice. "Up!" Arion blinks but complies bending down to gently lift the girl into his arms. "As you wish little one. Want to go get a snack?" The girl nods and reaches out to play with a strand of Arion's hair as he totes her with care towards the snack table.

Monique enters with Michael, /just barely/ managing to outshine the man. It's a very close thing. "I do hope you've bought a very heavy purse this evening," she's advising him with a bright-dark smirk. There's a wave to Wynna as the Telmar Lady spies her.

Agatha spies a Coraline along the wall and drags her charges that way. "Squire of the Bay Bear! Here!" She turns so that her right arm, and the dangling child, are in front of Cora. "I seem to have gotten a barnacle attached to me. Can you scrape it off?" There's a bright peal of laughter from said barnacle as the kid exclaims, "But I want to be tall too someday!" She lifts her leg up to give it a little shake. "I think there's a limpet down there too, but it's hard to see from up here!"

Thena sort of pinches the bridge of her nose as she sees Jeffeth working the caterer angle, but it's with a good dollop of amusement. Daemon seems to be being knightly enough for both. She turns and smiles as Orazio's new friend runs off and offers a curtsy that is perfectly passable. "Legate Orazio. Thank you, it seems to have come together pretty well. I see you are, as ever, being completely above mingling with children." She reaches to snag a very purple cocktail from a passing waiter. Notably, she is without an orphan familiar.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrive, following Katarina.

Dressed in her summer sea nymph outfit created by Mistress Petal, Marquessa Quenia Igniseri makes an entrance into the auction hall. She pauses a moment to look around, then starts to meander to look at all of the various items that are up for sale, her expression curious.

The little girl who ran away with her treat? She runs straight into the leg of the next arrival, and bounces back a couple of steps. The man she bounced off, who happens to be one Vercyn Halfshav, peers down at the girl with a questioning look. For a few moments, orphan girl and Duke engage in a staredown, the proverbial Riding Hood and the Hungry Wolf. Eventually the girl changes directions and runs off, leaving Vercyn to look from side to side, as if ensuring no one witnessed the encounter before he moves further into the auction house.

Wynna raises a hand to Monique, pleasantly. "And you, Mistress Tabitha. I admit I had no idea this was even happening."

Rinel says, "Mistress Tabitha... would that be Tabitha Mercier, by any chance?"

"Completely above it," Orazio deadpans back to Thena, although there's a twinkle in his eyes. He follows the orphan girl's flight out of the corner of his eyes, and pauses for a moment when she runs into Vercyn. He watches the stand off, and chuckles as the girl flees in another direction. "This should be quite interesting." He turns back to Thena, winks, and adds, "Keep up the good work, hmm?" Then, the Legate is off, moving towards Vercyn, himself. Presumably not to bounce off the man's leg. Maybe he'll offer him a sweet instead.

Monique's hand upon his elbow is the rudder to the galleon that is Michael. Towards Wynna, the hand turns the ship and he floats through the event towards Wynna and dips a bow of head down towards Wynna. And Tabitha. "Why hello Mistress Mercier. A pleasure to see you again, did you properly congraulate Graham on my defeat?"

A small army arrives in the form of Thrax guards, a grumpy brute, a sweater-wearing corgi and a bubbly princess. Caith glides in, all fluff and puff in her silk finery and looks about the crowd with twinkling green eyes alight with cheer. She sees a few familiar faces and wiggles fingers in greeting but, so far, does not commit herself to any one location, contenting herself instead to drifting through the space.

Orland has gone to mingle with his little "brothers and sisters" from The Tragedy. Meanwhile, Duarte is lingering around the ledger and taking sweet, careful time on what to possibly bid on, and for how much.

As Agatha appears, covered in children, it does well to break Cora from her wall flowering agenda. Laughing she lifts the one hanging from the arm, "A mighty task no doubt," whispering loudly to the child she adds, "I want to be tall too one day." The child is hardly any weight at all. "How about this, my shoulders aren't as high but higher than her arm." And promptly fits kid there giving Agatha a wink.' is not available.

Tempest, Atila arrive, following Signe.

Itzal appears by Thena's side about when Orazio takes his leave to move towards Vercyn. "So! On a scale from zero to Culler, how happy are you with your promotional efforts up to this point?" he asks Thena as way of introduction, and saying hello. "Heard a Cardian snakeskin cuirass was on the block?"

Arion secures a snack for the little ginger hair girl before setting her down gently on the ground. She pouts up at him as she nibbles on some rock sugar candy, clearly she didn't want to be released so soon. Arion smiles gently at her and goes off to get himself a cocktail. Making his rounds he places a bid of his own in the ledger before continues to wander, sipping his drink as he goes.

Tabitha is all smiles as she nods at Rinel, then says, "It's lovely, isn't it? The children seem to be having fun!" A group of smaller kids tear past her in a game of tag, which doesn't eem to dampen her mood at all. Then she looks back at Rinel with a more serious nod her of chin. "That's right, yes." When Michael makes his appearance, she raises an eyebrow at him, apparently unsure as to what to say. All innocence, though, she smiles at him, "Yes, I did."

Wynna has joined the dance floor.

Rinel has joined the dance floor.

Michael has joined the dance floor.

Katarina walks into the auction house, glancing around at the gathering as she moves to find a seat. She nods to a few people, and moves to stand near Agatha. She kneels down to smile at one of the children near her and digs a hand in her pocket before she hands the child a piece of candy.

Tabitha says something quietly and apologetically to Michael then.

Monique floats along on Michael's arm, towards Wynna and Tabitha. "Mistress Blackwing. You're looking lovely as always. Have you met Lord Michael Bisland? Lord Michael, the very talented author and Scholar, Mistress Wynna Blackwing. Mistress Mercier," she greets Tabitha with warm curiosity. "Lady Monique. I don't believe we've met?"

"I am!" Jeffeth bellows over to Itzal with a bright smile before moving through his rounds. Monique gets a deep bow from the big man, fist pressed to his chest. Arion gets a bright smile as well, "Master Harrow! So glad you could come!" The big knight is bouncing from guest to guest to arrive, a happy smile playing on his lips. "Mistress Rinel. Mistress Wynna. Good to see you." His hands go to cup their shoulders briefly before he's moving on.

Petal gets a deep bow from the man. "Mistress Petal, so good to see you, thank you so much for coming." Straightening up, he looks around for any others who may have arrived. As Caith bubblies in, a broad smile forms on his lips.

Moving over to her with a luminous smile Jeffeth goes into a deep bow, fist pressed to his chest. "Thank you so much for coming, Your Highness."

Tabitha has joined the dance floor.

Waldemai snags an ale from the ale table and starts to tear the ends off a gigantic soft pretzel. "That's the stuff," he says.

Cristoph has joined the Rows of Comfortable Chairs.

Monique has joined the dance floor.

Quenia hears a familiar voice, and a brilliant smile comes to her lips. She turns to address Monique in greeting, "Lady Monique! It's so good to see you again." She gives Michael a curious look, and nods her head, but looks back to Monique. "How is Lord Corban?" she asks.

Thena waves Orazio off with a grin, taking a sip from her purple drink and then looking sidelong at Itzal when he resolves next to her. "I was going to ask you if you were angling for some kind of marketing director position, like Mayir has. I dunno...I think we could have been more obnoxious. Maybe next time." She pauses to wave at a few people coming in watching everyone mingle. "A token for one, yeah. So far it's going for well below material prices, which is a STEAL." This seems to be directed more towards the crowd in general than towards the Culler at her side. But she slings a grin at him.

Arion smiles brightly to Jeffeth in return inclining his head politely. "Its a pleasure to be here Sir Jeffeth. Thank you for hosting this, its a most worthy cause." His smile is genuine and warm and he watches Jeffeth go about his rounds a moment before wandering along, looking for more familiar faces.

Agatha grins at Coraline before she crouches down to remove the limpet and put the child rhat was riding on her shoulder down. "Okay! Here's your assignment. I want you to try to find one fact - that's a true thing, something you can see - that's different from person to person here from the knee on down so you can recognize folks." There's a brief little look around to see who might best benefit from her next idea. "And whoever gets the most hugs from him," she says, pointing at Vercyn, aka hungry wolf, "Wins bear rides for a week!" And with that, the kiddos are off on their missions. Aggie straightens and shakes herself back into normal shape. "Okay. Now we start introducing you around, Princess squire. Oh! Hey there!" She grins at Katarina and then gestures between the two women. "Princess Katarina Valardin, this is Princess Coraline Thrax. She's Sir Jeffeth's squire and a darned promising warrior in her own right."

It will be interesting if the Legate does indeed offer Vercyn a sweet, won't it? There is time still. Until then, the Duke sees Orazio's approach, and stops to nod deeply at the man. "Legate. It appears the event has a rather good turnout." He notes, sparing a meaningful glance around the auction house and the crowd that is filling it.

Agatha has joined the a quiet corner.

Monique gives Jeffeth a /wide/ smile. "I'll be bidding on you later," she informs him with a salacious wink. But then Quenia is approaching and the Minx's smile grows wider still. "Ah! Marquessa! I'm so glad you're here! Corban is well, but otherwise occuppied, I'm afraid, and so I have conscripted /THE/ Lord Michael Bisland as my escort for the evening, and instructed him on a very interesting book he ought to buy for my cousin, the Lady Ianna, whose heart he hopes to charm."

Coraline has joined the a quiet corner.

"Alas, far, FAR, above my small means. BUT IT DOES SEEM RATHER CHEAP FOR TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND SILVER." Itzal replies to Thena, possibly loud enough to cover the entire room. "Why, if you so feel as to pay me for my good work, feel free! But frankly I'm doing this mostly out of amusement." he says on a more normal tone. "Besides, marketing director seems like too much responsability. I rather like being free of those things, and write whatever I wish in the whites." As to being obnoxious, he nods wisely. "We'll work on that. Maybe ask for Mae's insight, she's great at being obnoxious." says the kettle about the pot.

Quenia raises both brows when Monique mentions Michael and her cousin, and the book. "Ah, I had bid on the book a bit earlier to give as a gift to Princess Consort Alarissa, but then hours later, I was amused to see she bid on it herself. The had opened the bidding early," she explains. She looks to Michael and says, "Good luck on your bidding, and with the Lady." She adds a conspiratorial look when she says the latter.

As the child goes from shoulder to ground, Cora stands again and looks around, then Agatha mentions introducuing her places and she goes a bit pale. Oh dear, social stuff again. Sighing she follows along and tries to slap on an expression that doesn't look terrified.

6 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Jaenelle.

Annnd, children are stampeding where Vercyn and Orazio are standing, hug hungry. Orazio smiles warmly, offering a bow to the Duke while he no doubt tries to deal with all of those who want to claim hugs from him. Little tiny arms, raised insistently - and some of these kids were street beggars before coming to the orphanage, so they do know /how/ to sound entirely pathetic. Orazio grins. "Duke Vercyn, a pleasure. And yes, the Grandmaster has put together a marvelous event - I'm pleased to see it so well attended. And how are you?" He looks down at one child. "Dusty, you are not dying of the plague if you don't get a hug, so cease making that horrid noise."

A wider grin, if also a wince for Itzal yelling right in her ear. "If you're doing this out of amusement, that's good enough for me. I think we make a pretty good white journal team," Thena says, and laughs. "She is." She watches the wave o' orphans engulf Orazio and says, "Think it's game time."

Katarina smiles at Coraline. "It's a pleasure to meet you Princess Coraline. Oh.." She glances around and then leans in a bit. "You're a squire? That sounds like fun." She hands out a few more pieces of candy and laughs as she watches the children run around.

Arriving late was Signe and one of her animal companions Atila who sniffs eagerly at the air surrounding him. She's pointing at different faces, introducing the canine to both people and items. "That is... well I don't tknow their name. But Agatha is here! Go say hi." Atila charges towards the quiet corner where Agatha, Jeffeth and Coraline had occupied. The full grown huskey sniffs at their feet first before wagging his tail and moving in frantic circles to demand their attention and affection.

But Dusty had the secret stash of goop to look like puss ready to go and everything to make the plague EXTRA realistic looking, Father Orazio!

"Here, Humphrey, bend over a moment," Caith says to her grumpy brute, tapping him on the shoulder. The man sighs because he knows what is coming. He does what is asked and the Thrax uses his back as a writing desk, scribbling a quick note and then handing it off to a messenger. O, the indignity of it all! Humphrey sighs and adjusts the pink ribbon in his hair upon straightening.

When Jeffeth approaches, his bright grin is met by one of her own and she pats the large man on the chest. "I am happy to be here, Sir Jeffeth," she says warmly. "I am sure you are going to go for many, many silver. And allow me to say: congratulations on your recent promotion! It was very well deserved." Good on you, Jeffeth! Good on you.

Thena sticks her fingers in her mouth and whistles; shrill and unladylike. Useful for the battlefield though, and loud events. "Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to announce our first the horn on the unicorn!" She gestures to a simple canvas painting hung on the wall of a green scaly beast. Yes, that's the unicorn. "Test your luck and skill! The prize for this game is a bottle of Count Corso's Cupcake Craze, a unique liquor available only through Grayhope Enterprises. I hear it's as good coming up as going down." She can really sell it. "The bottle, which is...very...interesting, can be viewed in the auction display. All right, WHO IS PLAYING?"

Duarte raises a hand. "I would like to stick pins in a unicorn."

Monique leans aside from the other conversation to Quenia, murmuring something low.

Waldemai shakes his head. "What they say is true!" he calls out. "That's no prize I'd want!"

Orazio eyes the painting. "I am dubious about the unicorniosity of this endeavor, but I am willing to attempt to pin holes in it, regardless."

"Indeed we do! But, show time, I'll leave you to the stage." Itzal grins to Thena before disappearing into the crowd. However, he surfaces soon enough when he raises his hand. "I want to play!"

Tabitha folds her hands in front of her waist, her smile flickering just a touch into something that might seem vaguely uncertain. "I think I mentioned it to him. I haven't seem him here yet though." A few glanecs around the room are given, then she turns back to Michael with a brigther smile. "I'm sure he'll turn up at some point." Nodding her head in a conversational manner, she remarks, "It was a very good bout." Then when Monique speaks, she frowns gently and smiles in a sympathetic manner, giving her a kind and ecnouraging smile before the red-head engages others in conversation.

Cristoph lifts his hand from where he's situated himself, quietly but contentedly watching the proceedings. "I'll try my luck!" Cris doesn't look like a very agile fellow. This is going to go poorly.

Jaenelle shoos away her guards as to not frighten the children with the small army. Its never nice to scare children without actual purpose. It seems as if she has come alone, unescorted for the moment and willing to stand off to the side to watch with interest as the first game begins. There is no attempt from her to offer to play.

Tabitha folds her hands in front of her waist, her smile flickering just a touch into something that might seem vaguely uncertain. "I think I mentioned it to him. I haven't seem him here yet though." A few glanecs around the room are given, then she turns back to Michael with a brigther smile. "I'm sure he'll turn up at some point." Nodding her head in a conversational manner, she remarks, "It was a very good bout." Then when Monique speaks, she frowns gently and smiles in a sympathetic manner, giving her a kind and ecnouraging smile before the red-head engages others in conversation.

"Oh!" Monique tosses a hand up in the air. "I'll play! I'll absolutely play! That sounds like a smashing success already.

At the introduction Cora smiles to nods, "Oh yes I have been honored to be made squire to the Knight Lieutenant Sir Jeffeth Bayweather. I have learned a lot thus far. And Princess Agatha as well, we had a very educational experience yesterday in fact." She grins at the memorory before shaking it off. "It is a pleasure to meet you."

The Thrax princess is always game for a .. um .. game! Caith waves her hand about in the air. "I will give it a try," she laughs. Oh dear. Watch out people. WATCH OUT.

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Monique's response has a bit of color going into Jeffeth's cheeks. "Oh, very good to hear My Lady. All for a good cuase, of course!" Jeffeth says brightly. Even as the red settles into his cheeks, but then Quenia is approaching and the huge man is MOVING ON.

Over to Caith he goes, his grin is luminous. "Well that is the hope, Your Highness." The big man half turns to look back over to Agatha and Coraline. "Thank you, Your Highness. For your congratulations. It is greatly appreciated." A beat with a bright smile. "Your sister is here." But when she's signing up for the game, Jeffeth is falling back.

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Tabitha You don't need one or you didn't see it?

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Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

"That is a description of a unicorn from Baron Audric himself and I see no reason whatsoever to doubt him," Thena tells Orazio haughtily, going over to the painting and handing out weird mossy-green paper...horns to all who are interested.

Quenia seems a bit surprised at something mentioned to her by Monique, and looks somewhat thoughtful. She nods -- but doesn't comment on what might have been said. Then Thena is announcing a game, "I think I'm going to join," and she wanders off!

Orazio takes a mossy green horn. He looks down at the horn, over to the painting, back to Thena. One eyebrow arches. "Ah, I see. Baron Audric, yes. Always an impeccable vessel of unvarnished truth." It's so very, very solemn.

The line has been dismissed by Itzal.

"Fending off Abandoned tribes who seek to take advantage of our recent losses, and rebuilding those loss..." Vercyn begins to rumble a response to Orazio's question, but is unfortunately cut short by a group of halflings swarming around his massive self. His confusion is momentarily as he gazes down at the swarm, before his brows furrow in... well, let's just call it unhappiness. "Children. Children." He attempts to calm them down, but really, does anyone think they will listen? Then after another minute of this commotion, the old Hungry Wolf rolls his eyes and bellows. "HEY!" That should stun them into silence, at least for a moment. "Go form a line outside! I will get to you, one at a time! Go! And stand up straight while you are at it!"

Will the kids go? They do. Quietly. And Vercyn turns back to Orazio. "Ah. Shall we get to the main event, then?"

Michael IS FREE! MICHAEL HAS HIS ELBOW BACK! Michael turns and sidles sideways towards Tabitha and drags her hand through the hook of his arm. Words whispered to her as he glances about the room.

Never work with children or animals... Agatha god the kids herded away on secret missions and now she's beset by husky! There's an ACK! before she laughs, crouching down to ruffle Atila's ears. "Signe must be here." Then they're introducing the game and Aggie nods Katarina and Coraline towards it. "Go on! Looks like fun. I'm sure anything Grayhope Enterprises makes is good, right?"

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Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Niccolo.

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Duarte takes a horn. "It looks like a mildewed pine cone?"

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Arion blinks as the game of pinning small projectiles on a unicorn is annouced. He takes a sip of his drink and back away moving over towards where Jeffeth is, because Jeffeth is safe! Or at least big enough to hide behind. He smiles shyly up at the larger man. "I think that after my attempts at apple throwing the other day I had best sit this one out." He smiles bashfully.

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Orazio watches Vercyn childwrangle with a moment of unadulterated appreciation. "You, my good lord, are someone I wish to get to know better," he says, sounding impressed. "Have you considered teaching small children various skills? How to stand in line sounds like a good place to start, if nothing else."

Michael makes his way across the room a bit, before stepping up beside Agatha. Since Tabitha is getting in line for the silly game. A quick whisper to the redhead warrior from Michael.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Turn in line: Quenia

Quenia checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Orland sees blindfolded silks with pins. Danger alerts. He moves to the back wall, behind all of them.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Arlo, an impossibly fluffy dog with an impossibly grumpy face arrives, following Ianna.

Quenia is properly blindfolded and walks forward to "pin" the unicorn, but instead makes her way more than a bit to the left and pins the wall instead.

Rinel has joined the line.

Agatha didn't really catch Vercyn's interaction with the kids, but she sees a line of them going outside. "Hey, wait, no, stay in ... Gertrude, if you put worms in anyone's hair this time..." She snorta at whatever Michael said and then leans to the side to hug him with one arm. "COUSIN! You hide very well! Have you met Princesses Katarina Valardin and Coraline Thrax. They are feisty. Ladies, this is my cousin, Lord Michael Bisland. Who has one of the best moms in the universe. She's probably forgotten more about fighting than we'll learn."

Turn in line: Orazio

Orazio checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Quenia pulls off the blindfold, and then looks at where she pinned and laughs softly. "Better luck next time," she comments, then passes it off to the next person.

Cristoph Norwood's presence when the man comes into the room. He starts looking around and waves one of his arms as he notices the top of the man's head in the crowd. "Norwood!" He calls out and makes a big fuss so that the other fellow can see him. He's currently in line so that he can be blindfolded and pin the tail on a horrifying painting of a 'unicorn'.

Nodding to Michael, Cora smiles, "A pleasure to meet you." That is about all she knows is a socially acceptable method of meeting people, totes social butterfly here people.....not.

Signe is here! Crouched down in the line to speak on the children's level nearby. They're curiously fingering the cloth strands intertwined with her hair. Atila's apparently pleased with the attention then pads his way back to the shaman. "Oh hello there Miss Rinel. Have you played this before?"

Rinel beams at Signe. "Lady Nightgold! All the time, back in Pacton. I was terrible," she says proudly.

A little girl with dark curls sees the 'unicorn' for the first time and shrieks, bolting into the crowd.

"I am told the beard helps." Vercyn answers Orazio, lifting a hand to stroke at said beard. "I am still teaching small children everyday, Legate. They are just about twenty winter older than those." He tilts his head in the direction of the fleeing orphans. Speaking of which, he notices Agatha's attempt to stop the swarm from flowing out of the room, and scowls a bit at the trickery of the Redrain princess.

Arrives a little late, which is not unusual, wading through the throng of festive orphans and drunker adults. Scanning the room as he walks, it would be hard to miss the game beginning, but the Velenosa does not get in line for unicorn fun. Instead, he heads over toward the auction ledger to peruse the available items - it's for the kids!

Orazio breaks off his conversation with a bow to the Duke, before stepping up to take the blindfold Quenia offers. He's blindfolded! He's spun! And then the aging priest wobbles his way carefully across the floor, an intent frown on his features. Serious business! He stabs -- and actually manages to hit the 'unicorn' on one shoulder. It is now a villain unicorn with shoulder horns. He steps back, takes off the blindfold, and moves to hand it to the next.

Turn in line: Itzal

Itzal checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

Olenna arrives, delivering a message to Caith before departing.

Ianna spots Michael and weaves through the crowd. At least she doesn't see Monique here. Right? And... the dress isn't /that/ indecent... right? She slips up behind Michael and threads an arm through his. "I see you're making friends," she says with a grin.

Norwood eyes thr crowd then shakes his head as Cristoph makes a fuss. "Pardon me..." to children and people. More than a few times that gets said as he edges his way around the group to get to Cristoph's side. "Cristoph... what is //that//?" OF the unicorn because whhhaatttt?!

Michael Bisland has settled in with Coraline, and Agatha back in a bit of a corner. He is dodging little orphans until being pulled sideways into her. "Your Princessness. A pleasure to meet you." Upon release someone ELSE is clutching at his elbow. "Not tired of me yet, Lady Telmar?" Michael says without looking, but gaze does turn until he sees Ianna and a grin spreads wide his face. "My lovely lady. Have you met Agatha? Princess Agatha Redrain here is my cousin, from my mother."

3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, white-tailed eagle, Lianna arrive, following Mia.

"And once more, Father Orazio shows us the way!" Itzal remarks when Orazio succeeds. And now it's the bard's turn. "I apologize in advance to all orphans." he says before spinning, way too fast, and pins... something. "Oh hey, I think I got it!" And then he removes his blindfold to find himself face to face with Thena. A pinned Thena. "Oops. Well, on the bright side, Thena unicorn is a great nickname!" And with that, the bard gets out of the way of potential retaliation and back into the crowd.

Monique is in line, watching everyone else throw. She doesn't see Ianna being indecent. Yet.

"I firmly believe being terrible at these games is far more entertaining." Signe returns to Rinel on her rise to stand upright. Orazio's efforts are given a few claps from her hands, "So very close Legate!"

Jeffeth has scooped up a pair of orphans and has meandered to the back, talking to them softly as he watches the Pin the Tail on the Unicorn festivities.

Orazio continues to wobble a bit as he makes his way back to Vercyn and smooths down his ruffled hair. As if he didn't just stab a fake unicorn with a fake horn, he continues, "The beard does lend a great gravitas to your countenance, my lord. Perhaps I should consider it." He smiles warmly. "And I...suppose that is true." He grins, then turns back to Itzal. "...excuse me, young man, but please don't pin the knight. It's hard to replace one of those."

Tabitha turns around from looking at the game, and watches with a faintly concerned quirk as the little girl runs screaming out of the room. Trying to catch Jeffeth or Thena's attention with a wave, she points towards where the little girl ran.

"OW, Itsy, you /mother-f-/ oh right this is a big party and she's the hostess and everyone's right here and there are children. Thena hisses in a pained breath because Itzal apparently missed the part of her dress with the scales. She winces and plucks the 'tail' out of her shoulder, muttering someting darkly as the man, wisely, vanishes.

Turn in line: Agatha

Agatha checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Mia slips into the auction house as quietly as she can manage, considering the fact that, well.... she was horribly late. A few sort words were being quietly exchanged with the lady at her side, Lianna, and whatever quip it was that the Countess had made, the girl -- who was in her late teens, perhaps -- was giggling. And trying to hide it in her sleeve.

Quenia meanders over to the auction table now that her turn is over with the game. She once more starts to review the auction items. She sees something that catches her attention, then runs her finger down the list of bidders. Her bid is still safe. She grins a bit to herself, then looks around again.

When Norwood arrives by his side, Cristoph claps him on the shoulder. "It's a /unicorn/. At least according to Baron Audric. We're going to pin a tail on it, you should try your hand!" The duke has had his cast removed, but he's still a bit lame. In the movement department that is! "You could win a bottle of... soemthing."

Ianna has joined the a quiet corner.

Jaenelle moves towards Jeffeth, spotting him with two of the children off to the side. She dips her head in greeting to the larger man, smiling upwards at the trio, "Sir Jeffeth, it is a lovely thing here. All the children look so happy. Exactly that one." And she motions towards the little girl from before still being soothed because of the unicorn.

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GusGus, the fluffy Whitehold Mountain puppy arrives, delivering a message to Thena before departing.

Agatha hears Itzal trying to give Thena a nickname and snorts. "No, no! It's Dame GoTo," she says. Because Thena needs even more nicknames to spread! She's being happily distracted by a bit of everything. When Michael introduces Ianna, she grins. "Oh hey! We've met! I don't know where or when, but you're Marian's cousin! She's amazing." Yeah. Aggie must have some serious hero worship problems. "OH, It's my turn!" Time to rush this and get to the front and finally see the unicorn and ... "WHOOOOOA" By the time she's blindfolded, and spinning, she reels and ... Frankenstein walks into the herd of children stuck between Vercyn and the outside. Wait! Wrong Way! Turn around! Um... it may be a while before she pins ANYTHING as she tries to avoid voices. Go on without her

Holding the pair of children in his giant arms, Jeffeth glances down to Ario with a bright grin. "I'm sure you could still have a bit of fun. Who knows, you might have some fun. But if you want to hide back here with us, you're more than welcome to." Jeffeth rumbles gently, a soft smile down Arion. As Tabitha catches his attention Jeffeth nods his chin at one of the knights standing about NOT holding children to go after her. He gives a grateful smile to Tabitha.

Then looking to Jaenelle. "Your Highness." Jeffeth goes into a slow bow, careful to keep the children upright in his half-bow. He smiles brightly to her. "Thank you so much for coming, Your Highness."

Duarte watches the procession with some amusement.

Turn in line: Signe

Signe checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Norwood would never say out loud if Cristoph was lame. Nope. The poor unicorn gets looked at with absolute skeptical eyes. "It looks better without the tail...." Then Agatha is going everywhere but at the Unicorn. "But." Norwood will join the line. Because why not.

Norwood has joined the line.

Tabitha nods and smiles at Jeffeth, then goes back to watching with game with an intrigued quirk of her eyebrow.

Orazio attempts to reach out and gently try to catch Agatha and at least steer her away from pinning a Legate, a Duke, or any children. His success, considering her strength, is dubious.

Thena takes a big swig from her purple drink to kill the pain in her shoulder, then shakes her head as Agatha sort of reels off into the crowd.

"Have we met? Maybe ages ago, in The Grotto?" And Agatha dashes off to poke things with sharp things. Ianna settles down next to Michael. She spots Monique in the line. Her eyes go wide and her cheeks go red. She attempts to hide. Unsuccessfully.

Crouched down so she is at their level, Caith discusses strategy with some orphans. "Alright, so, I won't be able to see where I am going," she is saying, her eyes crinkled up as her words are accompanied with a smile. "Should I hop on one foot?" This is met with laughter from the children -- they think this is a silly idea. "Should I spin around and around?" Noooooo! The orphans giggle! "Princess," one of them says. "You will fall on your butt if you do that!" There is a small collection of gasps -- oh my goodness, Tim said 'BUTT' to a princess but Caith just laughs. "Yes, you are probably right." Pushing herself up onto her feet, she places her hands upon her hips and nods her head firmly. "I guess there is only one thing I can do then.."

The orphans look at her, blinking and waiting for it. "What? What are you going to do?"

She looks down at their little faces and gives them a wink. "I'm going to whinny like a unicorn and then charge forward, of course." She puts on her blindfold and gets ready because it's almost her turn!

Vercyn nods as Orazio moves off to take part in the 'ceremony', and watches it with interest until the priest returns. "Well done! Your accuracy is impressive. Have you considered teaching small children? Sometimes they require precise disciplining, after all." At that, the Duke actually allows a lopsided grin to quirk the corner of his mouth.

"Well, I'd say Thena is the true unicorn here, being the only Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace we do have." Itzal remarks to Orazio. Apparently the bard got just far enough to not get punched by Thena. "But I see your point. I shall try my hardest not to pin her in the future." he nods gravely to Orazio before shifting his attention to Agatha. "I think it's fair to say Thena has more nicknames than people she's met in her entire life." And then back to seeing if Thena survives the next few attempts to pin the unicorn.

Agatha's journey towards pinning something ends with ... Terese. At last! She has pinned the tail on the Oathlander princess that ISN'T Katarina. She pulls off her blindfold to see how she's done, and somehow managed to end up all the way at the entrance. "OH. Ooops. Um, hey! Welcome to the auction, at least there's alcohol and I'm sorry!"

Arion smiles softly to Jeffeth his expression soft and a bit bashful. His cheeks are starting to turn a soft pink as he inclines his head. "Thank you. I am not against fun but something tells me I'm safer here at the moment." He peers up at Jeffeth with a warm smile and then turns to watch the ongoing contest.

Kael arrives, following Reigna.

Cristoph leans away from any person that might accidentally pin him with something. "I hope no one gets injured." He says to Norwood with a faint bit of legitimate concern! It could happen!

Orazio chuckles to Vercyn, "Much like you, I feel that I already do, from ages of ten to about...thirty," he adds, with a laugh. He watches Agatha pin poor Terese, and winces. "Well. That will heal, your highness!"

Signe laughs as Agatha becomes lost in the crowd. Then it's her turn and she eagerly endures the ritual of being blindfolded then spun in circles. Unstead on her feet and with both arms outstretched before her the shaman grabs at the air no where close to the target. She can feel something though. Solid. Believing it to be the target Signe jabs her pin in it. It's definately not the unicorn.

Turn in line: Caith

Caith checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 12 higher.

"I would not miss it for the world. Remember, orphans have to stick together" Jaenelle tells Jeffeth with a soft smile. She might be a very lucky orphan, but an orphan none the less! "It seems as if you are going to be the bell of the ball, did I hear when I entered that someone was going to bid on you? See, worried for nothing."

Shouts "Got get em sis!"

Ianna sees Caith taking her turn and cheers!

Some almost too small little orphan girl is about to go rushing past but Michael grabs ahold. "You know where the wine is right? Perhaps you should bring me /two/ glasses." Two fingers in air. "Two glasses. Theres a scamp." And slips silver off to Orphan. Thats how you help orphans right? Employ them?

Waldemai applauds the extremely good pinning.

Cupping his hands around his mouth, because now they can't be next to each other because of the line Norwood replies, "Hopefully it's a pin and not a dagger on that thing." But just to be sure Norwood's going to carefully eye whatever thing gets handed to the next donkey-pinner. How dangerous IS the thing.

Reigna and Kael Keaton arrive a teensy bit after the start, but they totally have a valid pregnant lady excuse. Reigna is smiling up at her husband as she looks around, "Oh, this looks amazing! Oh, they are playing games! Do you want to join them? Oooh and there's an auction too!"

"So! Good news, you pinned something!" Itzal tells Signe. "Bad news, it's me." And indeed, he's got a pin in his coat. "Better news, I don't feel a thing! SEE THENA IT'S NOT SO BAD!" Uh oh.

Cristoph also cups his hands and begins to call over the crowd back to Norwood, raising his voice. Laurents, can't take them anywhere. "I agree! However some hair pins are quite dangerous!"

Terese seems to arrive in the room with the escort of a small girl that may have happened to run out and grab her hand to pull her in. A smile flickers upon Terese's features as the girl straightens herself at the doorway and puffs herself up to walk a little more formally, albeit hand in hand rather than hand in arm. In her distraction it seems she's been pinned! A yelp sounds out through the room as Agatha sticks it to her before laughing despite a fair wince. "That's what I get for being late," she muses towards Agatha with a grin. The little girl at her side stares up at Agatha however in wide-eyed wonder.

Dark eyes flitting around the gathering, taking the scene in. One black brow arched. Clearly, Mia had somehow managed to miss whatever it was they were doing that seemed to involve... were people sticking the Grandmaster with pins? Why yes, yes they were. Perhaps it was best not to ask questions, and instead to seek out familiar faces.

Vercyn, too, watches Agatha's attempt. And when she pins one of the guests. "Ahhh. Revenge is sweet, especially when one didn't need to have a hand in delivering it." He notes amusedly towards Orazio, before lifting his chin and hollaring towards Agatha. "At least pin her in the proper spot, Princess!"

There is someone over there yelling out about pins, that's a good sign. Yelling back to Cristoph, "That woman over there got pinned - looks like it isn't too bad! Just don't step on any children in the process!"

Alright. It's go time. Tugging her blindfold a bit tighter, Caith paws at the ground with one foot and then whinnies. Yes, she /whinnies/. It's the Call of the Unicorn. This cracks up her strategy team of orphans and they hoot and holler as she propels herself forward with her arm outstretched, that horn-pin wielded dangerously!


The pin finds its mark -- or /a/ mark, at least -- and it's not flesh! The princess pulls off her blindfold and then, seeing that she actually managed to pin the horn on the unicorn, starts to hop up and down! Yay! She gallops back to the orphans and gives them wee ones a bunch of triumphant high-fives. #teamunicorn

"When this is over you are [mumbled] dead, Itsy," Thena says through her teeth, and then clears her throat to speak a bit louder. "Duke Michael, the orphans are here to enjoy themselves. If you require a drink, one of the Solace squires will be happy to assist you."

Late, perhaps, but not actually skipping the gala come one Count and Countess Keaton. Kael inclines his head slightly to his wife, his own expression a more serious thing. His focus is not on the adults currently at play, but rather he is looking at the various children that are playing. Taking stock of the numbers, likely. "Whatever you prefer," murmurs Kael to Reigna, as simple as that.

A bright toothy smile is given to Jaenelle, he slowly goes to set the two kids in his arms on the ground straightening back to his full height he goes to fold his massive arms over his chest. "We'll see I suppose. I'm still nervous." Jeffeth murmurs quietly down to Jaenelle. Then over to Arion, one huge arm goes over, a meaty hand engulfing the smaller man's shoulder in a brief squeeze, pulling the smaller man into him for a brief side hug before going to fold his arms over his chest once more. "Looks like they're all having enough fun for all of us." Jeffeth murmurs with a grin.

Turn in line: Monique

Monique checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Agatha mouths a sorry to Terese again before crouching down in front of the girl and grinning. "Sometimes when we're playing games, even with our friends, we have an accident and someone gets hurt. Here's what I do." She stands up then and looks at Terese, all solemn like. "I am VERY sorry! Are you okay? We can find a healer for you if you are hurt." These are -teachable moments-, Vercyn! And Aggie ruins it by shouting, "I don't think there's a proper place for this on a people."

Orazio chuckles at Vercyn. "Yes, that is the best kind of revenge." He glances over towards the line, and sighs in exaggerated relief when people seem to be getting the horn in the proper place. "Ah, here we go. The people who have had less to drink are clearly stepping up."

How to follow that... HOW! Monique steps up to the plate with a flourish of a curtsey to the current champion. "That was /incredible/!" She sounds intimidated, but... determined. Blindfold goes on. And ... WOOOSH! It goes right down the middle of Caith's, splitting it cleanly.

Michael looks PROPERLY admonished. Slinking down in his seat a bit as some other squire shows up. "Just keeping them out of trouble..." The girl returns with two /more/ glasses of wine. A glance between the ones he has for himself and Ianna, then those two. One gets handed off to Coraline and Michael chugs the fourth.

There is no mistaking the joys frissoning from Reigna as she looks around with glee. She all but pulls Kael towards the line for the game going on, pausing when she sees Cristoph and Norwood, moving towards them, "Duke Laurent! Sir Clement, lovely to see you! Are others still allowed to join the game?"

Turn in line: Cristoph

Cristoph checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Tabitha lets a little grin curve cross her face as she watches Caith's spot-on unicorn impression, and the children's delighted reaction to it.

Waldemai applauds an even better pinning.

Signe tugs at the blindfold to regain sight with one of her eyes. Noticing she pinned Itzal's coat with the faux unicorn tail she laughs lightly, "Consider it a new honorific!" She praises before dashing away with her husky in tow to wander about.

Tempest, Atila leave, following Signe.

"Now, don't be sore Thena. Unless you are. Surely the pin wasn't that bad." Itzal smile charmingly at the Grandmaster before nope-ing out and into the crowds. Just in case. There's only so much pulling on the tiger's tail that can be done before it decides to snap back.

Niccolo continues to peruse the auction ledger and the potential items as the merriment unfolds behind him. Observes would see him put his name in for an item before turning away and toward the drink table. He finds one of the ales -- apparently he has simpler tastes -- and then for the first time focuses his attention to the unicorn game with a faint grin.

"Who got pinned?!" Cristoph calls back over to Norwood. He laughs as small children dart between him and the next person. The blindfold is handed over and he ties it around his eyes. He walks with that limp, almost gets near the painting almost... wanders completely off course and sticks the pin somewhere else entirely. It's not in a person thankfully but it's also not on the unicorn. Alas!

"Don't fall!" That's Norwood's sage advice to Cristoph as he mkes it to the front of the line and gets to put on that blindfold. So not helpful swording there going on. When Reigna and Kael approach a wry smile slits across Norwood's face. "I believe the prize is... something. For pinning a tail on that.... unicorn. thing." It's as close as the sober older knight can get. (seriously, 'look unicorn')

Turn in line: Coraline

Jeffeth has left the a quiet corner.

Jeffeth has joined the next to the tables.

Coraline checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

"TRY THE BACKSIDE!" Vercyn shouts back at Agatha. Take that! Grinning wolfishly, the Duke shakes his head and returns his attention to Orazio. "You see what I mean by children who are thirty winters old?" He snorts and continues, arms now crossing over his chest. "I must disagree. So far it seems more amusing if the drunkards play and miss."

Terese glances towards Orazio's call and returns his grin before chuckling at Agatha as she speaks to the girl at her side. She clears her throat, attempting to place a serious expression upon her face. "Quite fine, I assure you. It is my own fault as I was not paying attention. I am sure a healer is not needed though I might need help to get the little horn out." She winks at Agatha before kneeling down to the girl's level. "Do you think you could manage to get this out, perhaps a little bandage for it?" It takes the girl a moment to stop staring at Agatha before she looks at the little horn in Terese's shoulder with a wrinkle of her nose. "Or I could just.." she inhales then as the girl reaches up and pulls it out, looking rather proud of herself before scampering off as if on a mission!

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Now her turn, and well fortified with booze, Cora gets up and ohhh that friendly booze hits. Blindfold on, spin spin spin stop. Wobble wobble.

Wobble wobble

Wobble stab. Wait, that was a bit soft. Lifting the blindfold she realizes her target, not the unicorn painting she had intended, was in fact her own knight. Giving him a finger wave and a cheeky grin, she wobble scarpers back to her corner.

Turn in line: Tabitha

Rinel claps. "Pin it, Mistress Tabitha! On the unicorn. Not people!"

Tabitha checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 11 lower.

Itzal checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Orazio laughs out loud at the shout. His smile is sharp and brief in contrast to the wolfish grin, but no less amused. "So I see. And shouting works? Perhaps I should try it more often." He looks over towards Thena, skeptically. "I am not inclined to have my Grandmaster get filled with holes while she's trying to do good, Duke Vercyn. It sends the wrong sort of message, you know? Besides, this means that the next time, she's likely to argue that she requires full armor."

Reigna has joined the line.

"Duke Laurent," murmurs Kael in a sober manner toward Cristoph before the man is be-blinded and taking his place. While his wife might have rushed over, he makes certain to step a few places back to make certain no one thinks that they were attempting to cut. "Good evening, Sir Norwood." He flicks a glance toward the unicorn painting and shakes his head slowly. "Huh." Because, really, what is he to say? A soft kiss is placed on Reigna's temple before he remarks, "I am going to go look for something to drink, if the game is still open do enjoy."

Katarina watches the game with amusement, stepping back out of the way when people start getting pinned. Every so often one of the little orphans comes to her for candy, and she hands it out eagerly, smiling at the young children as they get in on the games.

The Thrax princess is still high- and low-fiving orphans when Monique obliterates her horn. "Pwincess Caif," says one of the kids, pointing at what just happened. "Wook!" Caith turns around just in time to see Monique walking away from the unicorn victorious. O noes! She is a moment surprised but then she realizes that .. well .. the Telmar lady will be the one with going home with the cupcake booze so /is/ that a victory? She grins radiantly at the woman and applauds her skill. "Well done!"

Spotting someone in the crowd, she kisses several orphans on the head before departing their company and working her way through the crowd. During the course of this, she also witnesses her sister Cora assault Jeffeth with a unicorn pin -- ooooouch -- but that just causes her to laugh. LAUGH! Anyhoo. Tiptoeing up alongside Niccolo, she bites on the corner of her lip. "Not going to give it a try?" Her grin twitches into an impish thing and she nods toward the dwindling line.

Once Cristoph has been unblindfolded, he returns to the line though he doesn't get back /in/ line. Instead, he steps next to Norwood and waits to see how his turn goes. It's then that he properly spots Kael and Reigna. "Hello Keatons!" He greets brightly. "Yes, I think the game is still joinable. No one has been gravely injured though I do think someone was poked before." As he looks over the crowd, he notices Mia and Katarina and lifts his hand to wave at them.

Agatha is still a few years short of thirty. TAKE THAT, Vercyn! "We don't poke holes in our FRIENDS, Duke! That's why we pad our weapons when we hit each other really hard!" She may not have this good example thing totally down. Also, she is sadly totally sober. Aggie grins proudly at the girl who pulls the pin out of the Terry and waves at the gamboling kidlet. "Come on. I can introduce you to Princess Coraline, and my cousin Michael, and the lady he seems to be sweet on. And the drink I owe you. I should introduce you to that."

Letting out a stifled yelp, Jeffeth slowly looks down to find his squire sticking a dart into him. With a deep scowl, the big man looks over to the unicorn. /Across the room/. "How... How did you get over here?!" The big man lets out though it doesn't last long, as soon as he is unstuck he lets out a hearty albeit pained laugh.

Moving around Jeffeth claps his hand powerfully onto Cora's shoulder. "A good try. Cora." Jeffeth rumbles giving her shoulder a squeeze that MIGHT be a little bit much of a squeeze. "That's a lie. That was a horrible, horrible try." He grins broadly down at her before looking back to speak softly to Jaenelle.

Monique is most definitely not somewhere teaching orphans to pickpocket. She would never do that.

"Count Kael," Norwood responds properly to the man before turning to give a real smile to Regina. "So far your healing hands are not needed Countess, I believe that is a blessing."

Tabitha moves towards her target with slow steps, wincing below the blindfold. She's shielding the pointy bit with her hand, because clearly she doesn't want to play a game of stab-an-orphan or take a kid's eye out or something. Therefore she tentatively moves forwards, then ever-so-carefully jabs the deadly weapon forwards in what amounts to a scared little motion of her arm. When the back of her hand comes into contact with someone, however, she loses her nerve and stops dead in her tracks until someone takes the burden of responsibility from her.

Turn in line: Rinel

Rinel checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 18 lower.

(OOC) Orland whistles innocently.

Itzal wisely, very wisely, watches the proceedings from far, far away.

Ok so Cora isn't entirely sober. So Jeffeth's response garners a chagrined grin and a shrug, "It seems to have been intended for you Sir." With a wink she lets him get back to his conversation and massages her shoulder a moment good thing alcohol helps there too. Waiter nother drink!

Rinel happily puts on the blindfold and begins spinning, spinning, spinning... spinning... THUMP. The scholar ends up in a pile on the floor, not even a step from where she was pirouetting. "Oof. Can someone stop the floor, please?" she asks weakly. "I'd like to get off."

One corner of Mia's mouth edged upward as she caught Cristoph's wave -- not quite a smile, but then again, it rarely ever was with the Countess. Gathering up the hems of her skirts, she traipsed her way over to where the Duke was and promptly plunked herself down in a chair, before she even had herself a drink. "Duke Laurent," she said lightly. "I haven't seen you in ages -- and your wife in even longer. Is she not here tonight?"

Turn in line: Duarte

Terese watches the child run off before working her arm, "You've got some strength there, a reminder anew not to get on your bad side," she remarks to Agatha even as she rises back up and moves with the woman. "That's why I'll always remember to wear my /steel/ armor next." Her grin is easy though

Duarte has rolled a critical success!
Duarte checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 47 higher.

Wynna goes to grab Rinel off the floor.

Vercyn chuckles deeply at Orazio; the old crusty folks need to stick together, no? "Shouting works. Give it a try, at least. I cannot say I have met the Grandmaster yet; I expect to correct it this evening, after the festivities are over..." Oh there is Agatha shouting back again, demanding the Duke's attention, and a return shout. "If they are still your friends AFTER you pinned them, Princess, then you know they are the genuine item!" The Duke loudly imparts his northern wisdom upon the younglings.

Katarina waves at Cristoph and smiles as she watches Rinel with her pin. When she falls to the floor she winces and covers her mouth with one of her hands.

"They do not trust Velenosa with games involving small weapons." Niccolo observes, still wearing a faint grin, as Caith arrives. He is clearly not the sort to be ruffling hair and hi-fiving orphans, but he is keeping a close watch on the auction - for the kids! Taking a drink from his ale, he arches a brow to Caith. "I thought you had it there for a moment, Princess." He is cut off as Count Duarte appears to single-handedly reinvent the game of pin-the-horn-on-the-unicorn, creating some mystical fusion of horn to beast that refracts a perfect ray of light skyward announcing his victory -- perhaps not, but clearly impressive. "That will be tough to beat."

Duarte ties on the blindfold and lifts his mossed over pinecone looking horn. He steps over Rinel. The backfoot catches! He falls. Sommersault rolls - somehow mystically springs to feet in ninja-like fashion and stumbles forward to press pin in a choice location on the unicorn.

Turn in line: Norwood

Orazio watches Rinel fall to the ground, and winces. "...assuming that someone hasn't been sent to the Mercies by the end of this game, I am certain she would be most pleased to make your acquaintance," he says, very dryly. "And if I shouted, I think someone would assume I was having a heart attack."

Reigna watches those in front of her go and while there is a wince for Rinel, a sympathetic look cast her way, Duarte's finesse has her cheering for the sheer prowess of the action. She looks around for Kael before stepping up to follow Norwood.

Norwood checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

It's hard to ruffle Thena, /really/ ruffle Thena, but when Duarte does a floor routine before bestowing the most hideous of unicorns with the most epic of horns? She looks...ruffled.

Terese has joined the a quiet corner.

Duarte peeks out with a gentle lift of blindfold. "Huh..." he seems as perplexed as the next guy. He then sprints the fuck out of the way because he doesn't feel like bleeding today.

He backs away from the line, so not as to be accused of trying to take a second turn and situates himself in a seat next to Mia. He's still close enough that he can continue to call to Norwood when he wishes. However the man's turn is coming soon! "It has been ages. I think since the last meeting of the Observers, which feels like a lifetime ago. And no, she's not here tonight. She's engaged with something for work." Cristoph smiles and lifts his shoulders, a busy schedule just can't be helped sometomes. "And your husband?" When Duarte lands that most impressive move, he claps slowly for him. "Well done!"

"WONDERFUUULLL!" Daemon calls from across the room as he spies Duarte's most excellent horn pinning. If one would look, they may see his plate arms waving up and down.

Agatha picks up a drink for Terese, who is apparently per Vercyn's standards a True Friend now and forevermore. Then to the quiet area of introductions they go!

Daemon has joined the next to the tables.

Tabitha having gone from smiling sympathetically at Rinel to watching Duarte's badass ninja unicorn pinning skillz, Tabitha places a hand over her heart. Wow!

Rinel blinks at Wynna. "Wasn't expecting the floor to be so slippery," she says. But she produces the pin in a fist that appears unharmed. "Safety first!" the irrepressible scholar chirps. "...someone should take this from me. No, not you, you little sneak," she says to the child making a grab for it. "Wait until you're older."

Kael is indeed in pursuit of beverages, though he forsakes the lovely selection of ale in favor of taking a simple glass of milk. He'll remain there at the refreshment table, sipping (no mustache, thanks), before catching Reigna's look. He acknowledges his wife with a lift of his glass and a smile to go along with it. Thereafter though he spies Katarina and travels to relatively comfortable conversation range. "Your Highness," he greets her, amiably. Make no mistake though, he's waiting for Reigna's turn so that he can cheer her on.

"... And the game is done I believe there, perhaps..." He starts to edge away but Woops, apparently it's his turn. Norwood lets the blindfold be put upon him, squishing down all that hair that is suppose to be a bit everwhere sigh. After being spun around Norwood looks left, right, "Very dark in here." Norwood starts forward with PURPOSE. DETERMINATION. THERE. RIGHT THERE. Walking in a straight line apparently doesn't happen because Norwood makes it to the food table without tripping and confidently sticks his tail into a caramel popcorn ball. Blindfold off and, "Well. It's more attractive than the unicorn." And a treat to boot. His prize, eating that ball.

Turn in line: Reigna

Reigna checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 7 lower.

Duarte lingers in the back - FAR AWAY FROM ANY PINS, ok?! Don't get any ideas!....and watches eagerly.

"That is probably wise," Caith replies to Niccolo with a laugh. "Your skill with small weapons would be unfa-.." And then Duarte -- from a house sworn fealty to Velenosa -- does a bang up job proving the former Archduke's point. It was a joke .. but was it? Because that ninja move was like whoa. Like. WHOA. The Thrax woman is left speechless for several seconds which, for her, is like a lifetime. Her mouth is even hanging open a little bit.

"Well," she says when she finally recovers. "My goodness!" And then laughter. Because his reward for that feat of physical prowess is .. cupcake booze. And the adoration of orphans far and wide.

Rinel has left the dance floor.

Rinel has joined the a quiet corner.

Mia looked up from her conversation, seeking out the -- ahh, yes. There it was. She applauded lightly for Duarte, and expression of wry amusement coming to her face. "The Count is well enough, or as well as I can ever determine from his monosyllabic grunting at me," she teased. "Which is to say he doesn't appear to be in any visible pain. Beyond that, I think I drove him half mad in the weeks I spent recovering after Stormwall. Usually, he's the one coming back from battle wrapped in bandages, and apparently I make an even more stubborn and rebellious patient than he does." A pause. "Were you injured as well? I thought I saw you limping while you were pinning a horn on that... unicorn." Clearly, she doubted Audric's description. *Clearly.*

When it is her turn, Reigna weighs the horn in her hand as if testing the balance of it. The blindfold is applied and she is spun around, calling out, "Everyone duck if you like your skins!" Is she serious? Possibly! There is a wobble and she rights herself, her hand outstretched annnnnnd she lets go, the horn nowhere near the Unicorn, but rather a spectacle all its own by its lonesome.

Thena gets Count Claudio's Cupcake Craze from a book display case.

"So, kids." Itzal is hanging out with his fellows, a bunch of orphans from the Lowers. "You see all the nice lords and ladies present? They're all here to spend a LOT of silver on various prizes. Now, we all know we shouldn't steal, especially at an event held by the Knights of Solace. But do feel free to hug them again, and let them know just how appreciated they are. Not Orazio though, he's onto you Dustin. Pick someone else. Everyone good? Excellent! Then I hope to see you achieve great things in your new lives! Now go forth and mingle again."

Thena gets a little pot filled with shimmering lip balm from a book display case.

Thena gets a little pot filled with shimmering lip balm from a book display case.

Vercyn sidelongs at Orazio's self-deprecating comment about a heart attack. "I have found it's not a bad thing to keep those around you on their toes." He continues to grin and comments. "A sword needs a whetstone to keep it sharp." He keeps one eye on the ongoing event though, and just as he stated, the Duke seems more interested in the dramatic screwups then Duarte's accurate display of accuracy.

Monique's jaw practically hits the floor at Duarte's shot. There's a long, low whistle of appreciation and her eyes track the man as he moves through the crowd, thoughtfully.

With that corn ball in his hand Norwood begins to wander back towards Cristoph, but pauses to listen to Itzal instead. A raised up eyebrow gets directed at the bard. "What an... inspirational talk there."

Thena still looks mildly shellshocked by the carnage and acrobatics, but when the game is over, she announces, "The clear winner is Count Duarte Amadeo. I'm very sorry." She hands the man his booze. "In second, Lady Monique Telmar, and in third, Princess Caith Thrax." Each is handed something small. "And with that, it's time to being our Knight Auction! Everyone make sure you have your silver and outside voices ready!"

Niccolo also seems a bit surprised by a silent Caith. He dryly comments, again: "You never know which Lycene can take a running roll at you from thirty feet with a dagger. Never forget." Taking another drink, he tilts his head back toward the auction display. "Did you put in a bid for anything?" A pause, "Also, was that your sister that I met the other night? Princess Coraline? Do not let me keep youu . . ."

"Just doing my part to let them know their world's not quite as upside down as they think. Some things never change, there's comfort to be found with the familiar things." Itzal grins brightly at Norwood. "Wouldn't you say, Sir knight?"

Mia's description of Thesarin prompts a bright round of laughter from Cristoph. "He's a stoic man, but seems to also be a resolute one?" He watches as Norwood wanders around the auction house and ends up at the buffet line. "Yes, well done, Sir Norwood!" This results in another round of laughter from him and he needs to take a minute to catchi his breath. "Ah, indeed. We were required to bring the cavalry to Setarco at the last minute. I rode out with Sir Norwood and well, I experienced more than just a broken leg. But nearly healed now. Ah, and Reigna as well! Good show!"

"Very true," Orazio murmurs, although his attention is also caught by Duarte's display of amazing grace. "Goodness, we do train people right in the Lyceum," he says, with a laugh. He gives Vercyn a sidelong look, as well. "We really should have a drink together sometime, you know. And are you planning to put a bid in for anything?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Orazio before departing.

Duarte holds the bottle with two hands at arms length. Either he is studying it and is hypermetropic, or it so offends his liquor sensibilities. "ThAnK YoU...." He walks it over to Orland like that and hands it over.

Jaenelle looks towards her father in law as he gives away all the Lyceum's secrets. "Normally Talen would throw sand first /then/ roll while holding his daggers. Man never fights clean." There is fondness to her voice though regarding Talen, regardless of his shady behaviour. She then turns back towards Jeffeth. She is afraid he might pass out.

Agatha lets out a very loud, "HELLO! THIS IS MY OUTSIDE VOICE!" Those that have been with her on occasions at the ring will recognize it as an Extra Loud outside voice. Which then goes on to call on the gathered children, Dustin and Gertrude included, "Why don't WE SHOW EVERYONE our BEST OUTSIDE VOICES to show them how it's done?" You're welcome room.

Towards the back, after Jeffeth had recovered from getting stuck by his squire. The big man could be seen going to one knee next to Jaenelle, bowing his head to her. He doesn't stay there too long, but he definitely is on bended knee for a moment. He is back on his feet, bowing once, then twice to Jaenelle, talking softly. His fist pressed to his chest.

Monique gets a lip gloss and immediately applies it, grinning broadly in thanks to Thena, sweeping a bow of her head to Caith and Duarte.

"If it still needs looking over at all, you only have to ask. I'd be happy to help, if it's needed," Mia replied, shaking her head and frowning -- briefly but darkly, at the mention of cavalry. Of course, the losses at the northern battle was even worse than those at Setarco, which likely had a fair amount to do with it. She was about to say more, but a wobbling Reigna caught her attention as Cristoph called out his cheer for her. "Countess Keaton!," she chimed in. "Come join us!"

Tabitha gives a beaming smile to Agatha, clearly delighted at the compliment about her hair. "Thank you so much! Although I don't really think there's much--" Tabitha's words come to a dead halt as she jolts at Agatha's sudden shout, placing her hand over her heart. A surprised but breathless giggle follows then as she awaits the children's reaction to the rallying cry.

Vercyn nods slowly to Orazio. "I agree, Archlector. I'd be pleased to share a drink with you some time." As for the question about bidding, he gestures with just one finger torwards Agatha without uncrossing his arms -- just as the Redrain princess yells at the entire room. "I came on the request of our most bombastic Princess. In case no one has the good taste to place a bit on her, I am supposed to put in one so that she won't be embarrassed." He stops and looks over at Agatha. "Although I do not see how she can embarrassed."

Broken and bleeding...okay, fairly composed and a bit dour...Thena corrals all the auction victims and steps into an open space in front of the block. "Everyone, tonight we have some of the finest knights of the Silver Order and associates, plus a very special guest, volunteering to put themselves on the auction block for this event. We have Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Sir Daemon Dracone, Solace Ally Cristoph Laurent, Princess Bear Agatha Redrain" Tada! "Rules are! You get at least an hour of time with the knight you win! You can negotiate how the time is spent but Knight gets final say! Either party can terminate the meeting at any time for any reason! And...let's get started! First on the block, the newly-minted Knight Lieutenant and everyone's favorite orphan from the Lowers, SIR! JEFFETH! BAYWEATHER!"

Reigna wobbles her way back towards Cristoph and Mia, just in time for Cristoph to be summoned, "Thank you, Duke Cristoph! Oooh, you're up. Countess Riven! It is so good to see you." Reigna scans the crowd again for Kael, looking over towards him.

Jaenelle watches Jeffeth kneel before her, and whatever is exchanged is softly spoken when he restands. As his name is called, she claps and shoos him to take his place so the crowd can get a good look at him.

Waldemai is willing to start the bidding. "5000."

Kael applauds for his wife, even if there is an element of wince that is involved in this little display from her. No injury however is something worthy of applause. His eyes flick to Mia when she calls toward Reigna, but then when Thena is making her announcement his focus shifts accordingly.

Monique is more than willing to up that bid! "6000. He looks like he could easily lift a book shelf or two!"

Norwood snorts when the newest action is called out and he shakes his head. Away from where he'd been Norwood heads to join the duke again. "Congratulations Cristoph, you are to go to the block?" Reigna and Mia get nods from the man, but the important thing is getting said.

Ezekiel the German Shepherd, 2 Sea Rover Bodyguards arrive, following Artorius.

Ack! Ahm. Jeffeth makes his way over to Thena's side as the auction starts. Preening under the attention though, even now, there is red forming in his cheeks. Getting to Thena's side he smiles broadly to everyone present. Giving a bow to Waldemai as he starts the bidding. The big man then glances over to Thena, sidelong. Then back to the audience. Shuffling sort of close to her, he murmurs quietly. "Do you think I should do a handstand? I think I should do a handstand." Jeffeth rumbles quietly, watching her sidelong, just a tad nervously.

"Countess Keaton," Mia said, gesturing with an open palm to an empty chair. She even rises to offer a hand, should Reigna need a bit of help tumbling down into it. "We never did have the chance to meet, even after all of our letters. I see you're well?" The question was accompanied by a nod towards her growing belly.

"Let me just remind everyone that the bank is juuust across the street. 5000. 6000! Yes, he can lift many books," Thena says, and then looks over at the man and gives him a little headshake.

And shelves. Many shelves.

Terese half turns as Thena steps into the open space and announces the next round of events. A quiet chuckle is heard at the auctioning of knights though she is distracted another moment as the little girl who escorted her in, plucked a horn from her arm has now half run and half walked back with a rather enormous roll of bandages. "Oh!" she exclaims, "I well.." and slips down onto one knee and holds out her arm. "Thank you kindly," she muses even as the bandage is unrolled and spills to the floor before her arm is slowly wrapped. Her gaze lifts in the process to watch as the bidding starts.

"So it seems that it's time. My wife made me promise not to buy anymore paintings, but she never said I couldn't auction myself off!" Granted, he probably just didn't mention that part. Bad husband! He gets to his feet and wanders over to where the bidding is going on, laughing as Monique calls out that Jeffeth can lift stuff around.

"20,000" Jaenelle calls out. Is it out of obligation or perhaps she just has a book case that needs to be shifted.

"He can also lift spirits if you are feeling glum!" Duarte commends, and reminds.

Hey! She got third! When she's handed the small item, Caith holds it up and shows it to her orphan strategy team; they whinny in reply! Team Unicorn! Hurrah! The princess laughs and turns back to Niccolo, reaching up to tuck a slip of blonde hair back behind her ear. "Yes, that was my sister. Coraline. Apparently she is a squire now to a Knight of Solace.." And then the auction has started! And Sir Jeffeth is up on the block! Caith's eyebrows go up and she nods to the large man. "To that one, actually. She is his squire." Her lips quirk into an amused smile and she reaches over to briefly rest her hand on Niccolo's arm. "But! I am taking up enough of your time, rattling on like this. I'm sure you have others to speak to.."

Orazio receives a message, and reads it over. And just like that, the Legate's good mood is gone, replaced with the kind of stern disapproval that people are most likely to recognize from him. He gives the Duke a bow. "I would like that, I think. But for now, I fear you must excuse me. Duty calls." He slips quietly through the crowd to the exit, and gathers his guards to disappear.

Agatha opens her mouth and then grins at Jaenelle's bid. "Sorry, pal, I'm saving up. But I think you should do some cartwheels too!" She waves at Jeffeth cheerfully.

Thena grins and points to Jaenelle. "20,000 silver is the number to beat1"

Artorius seems to arrive just in time to watch as people are apparently sold off? Oh my, at least this isn't considered slavery. He laughs a moment as he finds his seat, crossing his arms in front of his armored chest.

Tabitha gives Jeffeth a quiet little round of applause coupled with a sweet smile. She seems pleased at the positive reactions that he's both exhibiting and receiving.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 52 higher.

Ianna has left the a quiet corner.

Niccolo is keeping his attention on Caith, but is also conducting some significant whisper campaign with Romina, his mirrorguard. Perhaps there is a secret bidder!! He arches a brow as he looks at Jeffeth again: "Him, there? Should we bid on him then? How would that square with squire duties?"

"Was that a yes? Or a no?" Jeffeth glances over at Jaenelle and her shout of twenty thousand. His brows arch high. Yes definitely a hand stand. The large man immediately goes onto his hands easily, going to lift one hand off the ground, holding himself there for a moment on one arm before lowering his arm back down into a handstand. He then goes down onto his feet, smiling nervoulsy over at Thena. Giving an emphatic nod. That ought to help.

Oona cries out, "TWENTY-THREE THOUSAND!" Huh? Where did she come from?

Reigna nods to Mia, a hand resting on that noticeable swell, and she flashes a smile to Mia. "I am flourishing, yes. And yes, it is a wonderful thing to finally meet you in truth. My husband is around here somewhere, how have you been?"

Quick aside, "No cartwheels.." She's too late...okay, no, just the headstand. Thena sighs visibly as Jeffeth goes upside down. "And we have...23,000 from this person who just came in, welcome! "

"Twenty-three thousand and one." Duarte calls out.

Agatha glances over at Oona when she adds the bid and grins. "SEE? She has a good outside voice. Lady Oona! Did you bring any sweets?" Priorities.

"New rule! Bids must be at least 100 silver more than the previous ones!" Thena levels A Look at Duarte. "23,001 is the number to beat!"

"I brought cake. Here." Yaya Oona slips Agatha a piece, before shouting, "Don't be absurd. Twenty-three five." Clearly meaning 23,500.

Duarte says, "23,501"

Duarte says, "23,600 I mean"

"Conversations do generally tend to be more productive when they're not had in the midst of a military retreat," Mia retorted with a chuckle and a shake of her head. She pulled her long braid over her shoulder, curling it around her hand like a rope. "I've been well enough since then, aside from driving my husband and my physicians a bit mad with my stubborness. It seems that we healers really do make the very *worst* patients."

"I large man should bring a large price." The peanut gallery is called Norwood at the moment as he leans himself against a wall and literally popcorns though this show.

Thena rubs at her temple and starts to say something, then sighs as Duarte 'correct' himself. "26,000"

Niccolo says, "30,000!"

Duarte grins over at Niccolo.

Oona will not be deterred. "Thirty five!" 30,500!

Artorius sighs a moment. "Good heavens."

"Should I do a backflip? I think I can do a backflip." Jeffeth murmurs quietly to Thena at his side.

Cristoph moves away from Jeffeth, fearing that he'll start doing backflips.

Niccolo is engaged in a strategic whisper session with Caith, with occasional glances toward Jeffeth and also to Coraline, for some reason. "32,000!" He counters.

Thena shakes her head /again/ at Jeffeth. "You're doing fine without backflips." Louder, "32,000!"

Rinel peers at Oona. "Pardon me. Are those /Eurusi/ earrings? They're gorgeous."

Vercyn trades Orazio for Oona, whose arrival and subsequent upping of the ante attracts the Duke's attention. The bidding war it triggers is observed with interest, but uh, he may as well start wandering towards Agatha and Friends.

Terese glances up at Vercyn as he makes his way over towards Agatha before taking note of the over sized bandage now upon her arm as the girl tries to tie it. "Bunny ears," she offers to the girl which gets her a curious look. Her free hand lifts then to the end of the bandage and unloops it once before sliding her fingertips into the next wrap beneath, "Fold the end in half and slip it through to make a bunny ear on one side. The wrap with hold it in place then tuck the free end in on the other side. Hence bunny ears! Though that is about the extent of my knowledge for it." The little girl grins and completes her work proudly before Terese gives a crisp nod and smiles, "Now go on and enjoy," she muses before rising as she offers to Vercyn, "I don't believe I've made your acquaintance. Princess Terese Valardin."

Oona pats Rinel on the shoulder. "Yes, my dear. But don't distract me. This is serious business."

Tabitha turns with wide eyes at Oona, actually applauding a bit louder now. The small woman looks impressed at the bid. When Niccolo makes his own bid, however, she claps even louder, straight-up grinning.

"Going once, twice..." Thena has a gavel and she's ready to use it.

Duarte says, "50"

Rinel shuts up, blushing, but she quietly stares at Oona's jewelry, nevertheless.

Kael is on the move to snare another glass of milk from the refreshment table and pursues the perimeter of the room before settling in at Sir Norwood's side. Wordlessly he slides the other man his untouched glass of milk before settling in to popcorn. Except his version involves more people watching than auction watching. The bunny ears demonstration has him finally chuckling.

Rinel checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Thena pauses mid-gavel. "Is that 50-thousand silver? Or 50?"

Caith squeaks when Duarte says 50! With one hand she steadies herself by hanging onto Niccolo's arm, with the other hand? She clutches her heart! /50/!!

Niccolo shakes his head - he clearly had a plan, but Duarte has exceeded his own mental estimate of Jeffeth's worth (sorry Jeffeth). When Thena looks back to him, he only lifts his glass to Duarte, not his bid.

Giving a confused expression Duarte's direction Jeffeth looks just a little agape. Not to /fifty/! The big man stands there with a confused, shcoked expression, brows arched very high.

Duarte enjoys the silent suspense. The whole room waiting with antici......

...pation. "50,000"

Duarte says, "It's for the orphans, after all."

Daemon has died.

... of shock.

Vercyn uncrosses his arms by the time he gets to Agatha, but it is Terese whom his gaze falls on as the princess offers a greeting - just as the little girl helper flees. "Your Highness." He holds out a large hand, intent for the woman's. If she does allow it, he will take the hand and lift it to his lips for a knuckle-kiss. "Vercyn Halfshav, Duke of Whitehold. How is your... pin? Princess Agatha is rather well-known for stabbing people, mind you. I sincerely hope you don't fault her for it."

Tabitha gasps, her applause slowing down in shock. Eyes wide, she starts clapping furiously then in the most girly fashion possible. It's the loudest applause she's done yet, but for Tabitha that means it's still about as quiet as a mouse's fart.

Gasp! GASP! Caith's snaps from Duarte to Jeffeth to Niccolo to Jeffeth to Duarte to Oona. Oh. My. Goodness. What is going to happen? Why doesn't she have a drink? Someone get her a drink! And she says this: "I need a drink."

Vercyn has joined the a quiet corner.

Norwood takes up the milk as it's passed over to him. "Sir Jeffeth deserves all the money. Think he'll start lifting things soon?" The popcorn gallery asks of KAel, lifting the milk up. It needs some honey. Good thing Norwood always has some with him right there in his shirt pocket.

Rinel opens her mouth and plunges on, heedless of Oona's chastisement. "Begging my lady's pardon, but I think those are of /Arvani/ make. The metal i--Lady Gild," she breathes. "Fifty thousand? Well done, Lord Amadeo!" she calls out, clapping loudly.

Thena tilts her head at Duarte, then looks at Jeffeth and gives him a little tiny nod.

Agatha watches Terese training the girl in tieing the bunny ears and lets out a little, "Awwwww." She can't help grinning at the display. It almost distracts her from the bidding, but really, can anything fully do that. There's a pause before she clears her throts. "Hey, Lady Oona! Maybe you should join forces with the old Archduke and you could each get half an hour of time and outbid the Count," she suggests helpfully, nodding towards Niccolo. She's just grinning merrily at the suggestion. "For charity! Or all of you could go in together and get twenty minutes of his time each for 100,000?" Vercyn and Terese are taking care of the introductions.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

"75,000" Jaenelle then offers with a smile from the back of the room.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Jeffeth takes a step away from Thena nervously, and definitely does a backflip. Landing on his feet, he stumbles a bit forward after doing it, blinking up in the direction of Jaenelle's bid. At her bid, one hand raises up to his chest.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Tada! "Now that is worth 75,000," Thena says as she sidesteps a little to avoid the stumbling knight when he doesn't completely stick the landing. "Any other offers?"

Mia leaned towards Reigna, murmuring something with a low chuckle that followed.

Duarte grins and shakes his head. "Look at that. I just made the chairty 45,000 more than it was poised to get." He smiles to Thena, "75k is much too high. I would have to bankrupt my land holding."

Luckily for Caith, there are free drinks. Niccolo turns and procures two, one for each of them. When Jaenelle speaks up, the former arch duke (he prefers "former" to "old") raises his glass again: "Princess Jaenelle, well done!"

"Someone should suggest his lifting various nobles," remarks Kael, his voice a wry thing. Note, this is not suggested in any great volume. He takes a sip from his undoctored milk and then is eyeing Norwood as he adds honey to his. "Is that good?" he finally asks. A few words are more quietly offered as well.

"And Princess Jaenelle wins! Thank you for your generosity!" Thena calls with a flash of a smile, thumping Jeffeth on the shoulder and shooing him off the stage. "Next up, Sir Daemon Dracone, the Adjustant with the Mostju...uhm, my second in command and the tidiest man you'll ever meet! Come on up here, Sir Daemon."

"TIDY? I have an entire east garden for him to weed!" Michael shouts from a couch in the back.

There is a dip of her head given as Terese's azure gaze meets Vercyn along with a lift of her hand into his. The bunny ears of her over sized dramatic bandage seem to rise and fall with the movement. She glances over at her arm, "I think I shall survive.. this day and that is something I shall keep in mind. Not at all, I'm sure the tale shall be long lived Duke Halfshav and I am thankful she did not use her full strength. I hope you have managed to dodge such a plight yourself and are enjoying the event?"

Oh thank goodness. When Niccolo hands her a drink, Caith immediately takes a sip. And another sip. And a third. There. Better. Much better. That taken care of, she clinks her glass against the former archdukes and whistles at the price Jeffeth ends up going for. "My goodness gracious," she says, laying a hand over her chest. "I do not know if my poor heart can take it if all the bidding will go like this!" Despite saying this, her green eyes twinkle with excitement and her cheeks are flushed pink. Bring on the next item -- person -- up for sale!

When his name is called, Daemon puts his 'game face' on harder than it has ever been before. Pursed lips, a look of passion and the sassiest strut one can muster while in full plate armor. But he's not walking his way to the center stage, oh no. He's /sweeping/ his way there. He's got two orphans to help him do so as well, two apprentices of hygiene in the making they are with small broomsticks clearing a path. Once he's arrived, it is time for POSING! The first one he does is just a simple flex. Then, he breaks down into a powerful squat! Look at that firm butt! Finally, he finishes with a twirl and one hand pointed to the sky, while the other has his cloak slung around his shoulder like a trophy. "Do you possess curiosity on how much milk one should imbibe for bones of strength?" He asks the crowd before jabbing a thumb at his own head. "Look no further."

On his way off the stage the big man intercepts Daemon, throwing his arms around the man in a big, crushing, hug. He'll be fine. Probably. The large knight then makes his way down through the people towards Princess Jaenelle. Jeffeth grins broadly, and rather than bowing or any such proper thing he may normally do the huge man swings his arms around Jaenelle, lifting her up quickly up to his chest, Jeffeth sweeps Jaenelle off her feet, twirling her around in a circle before going to set her back down with a bright smile.

"I'll happily start the bidding at 20,000," Monique calls out, a smile on her face.

Norwood sips at his honey-milk and absolutely offers it over to Kael so that the other man can taste it. "I enjoy it." Eyes are cast sideways for the murmurered words and Norwood quirks a smile even higher before being answering back more quietly.

"I think the Grand Duchess of the Lyceum could always use an honorable Valardin knight around the Velenosa Estate." Niccolo's tone is again somewhat dry. "Let's start at 30,000! You won't find any milk there, Sir Daemon."

Thena looks very much like she might want to facepalm at this moment, but...she does not. At least Daemon didn't row up there on his butt. "A strong start at 20,000!"

Ohh, sweet gods above *and* below. Mia actually started to laugh at the sight of Daemon, his entourage, and their little show. It was a soft sound, muffled, as she tried to pinch her lips tightly together to keep it from escaping her at all.

"No, 30,000!"

A messenger hands something off to Katarina and when she reads the paper, her face falls. She pushes up from her chair and shoves the paper in her bag as she turns to walk from the auction house.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, a Valardin champion, Aioni, a regal snowy white owl leave, following Katarina.

Agatha lets out a low whistle for Jaenelle. "Treat him well, cousin!" And then there's a look over at the Kael person at another table and she lets out a, "HAH! How did you know what I was planning to do when I take a turn?" THen Daemon is up ther eand she lets out a merry snort at all the flexing. "I think Lady Oona left too soon!"

"For charity" Jaenelle tells Niccolo with a helpless shrug. "If I am able to assist, then I would like to. It does not hurt that I have bats that need to be hung from a ceiling." She doesn't feel the need to explain any further because its been her life for months now, and sometimes it just gives her a headache. As her cousin and father in law get drunk, she turns towards Thena and dips her head at the announcement of her winning bid, "I shall pay when I go to the bank, I did no..." and then her protege is holding her and she is swung in a circle. You cant have that happen without giggling, and she does when he sets her down, her own face turning crimson. "You are becoming an expensive investment."

When the glass is offered over, Kael accepts it with ease and takes a tentative sip. He considers it, then nods approval, before offering it back to the other man. His lips quirk a bit by way of amusement and he continues on with his quiet conversation. It's Agatha's commentary to him that have him lifting his chin vaguely in acknowledgement to her words.

Wynna has left the dance floor.

Thena takes a second to nod an acknowledge to Jaenelle's words to her before the woman is distracted by being spun around, then it's back to selling her second. "Bid to beat is 30,000. I personally can vouch to his dusting and sweeping abilities."

"Is this a matter of honor now? You can't start something I already started," Monique informs Niccolo with a blithe smile. "But you can certainly continue it. 40,000."

To the contrary, Niccolo Velenosa may always be drinking, but he never appears drunk. Never. Caith, on the other hand, time will tell. In any event, the Velenosa quirks a brow as the bidding stalls: "Does everyone condemn this knight to the Lyceum so easily?"

Daemon is dramatically STRUCK by every new bid that comes forward, clutching his chest with appropriate 'oohs' and 'aahs' whenever the number goes just a bit higher. "Grandmaster! Shall I be doing a handstand as well?" He asks to Thena.

"Do a handstand brother!" Jeffeth shouts out from the back

Duarte slips out.

Orland leaves, following Duarte.

Niccolo nods appreciatively to Monique: "50,000!"

Daemon checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

"Sir Daemon, that is entirely up to you," Thena tells him with great solemnity before shouting, "We have 50,000!"

A little voice pipes up above the crowd following my dainty applause, "Be careful Ser Daemon!"

Reigna whispers a few words to Mia and then departs, hunting for her husband. She eventually finds him, sneaking up behind him and slipping her arms around his waist.

Caith doesn't get drunk; she just gets more adorable. Right? Yes, that is the story we are going with. She sips on her drink -- sip, sip, sip -- and cheers for Niccolo every time he bids higher. And when she cheers, her Team Unicorn orphans cheer as well.

Daemon tosses his cloak into the air with some flair and proceeds to leap onto his hands! This was clearly not the brightest idea from just how much he's jittering from gravity being a pain. The cloak just sort of flutters back to the ground somewhere else before the knight is rolling upright again. On his knees, with arms outstretched, a true performer! He's not even a dancing king tonight!

"I'm afraid if I bid more than that," Monique replies to Niccolo with a low chuckle, "I'd hear about it from Duke Arn, and that's not something I'm willing to endure, no matter how incredible," she gives Daemon a quick grin, "the cause and prize."

Vercyn releases Terese's hand and spares a look at the next bidding begins. "I have indeed. Nothing quite like witnessing the charitable nobles from all over the Compact coming together for such a charitable event." He rumbles, his gaze returning thusly to Terese. "The theatrics are... interesting, though."

Norwood takes back his honey and carefully stirs it with a finger and goes back to sipping. When Reigna comes close Norwood nods towards her and offers HER the honey-milk too. Share the wealth. More quietly he'll shake his head to answer Kael.

After setting Jaenelle down the large man leans down to murmur softly to her before straightening up. Jeffeth stands there near the small Velenosan princess, folding his arms ofer his shoulders with a wide smile.

"50,000 once, twice, and sold! To Prince Niccolo Venelosa, thank you sir!" Thena bangs the gavel because she can. "Our next Knight is Duke Cristoph Laurent, Arx's very own Honeyduke! Come on up here, Duke Laurent...please don't feel like you need to do any flips."

Zelda, the royal messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jaenelle before departing.

When his wife comes up behind him, Kael is slightly startled. Still, a swift look aside to make sure it isn't a random someone has him relaxing somewhat. He maneuvers to slide his arm around her in turn, and pull her more forward so she's nestled at his side. A couple more quiet words are offered by way of conversation before he glances to the stage.

Daemon comes down from that high, a most pleased smile and a deep and polite bow had for Niccolo. "You have chosen... wisely."

"I think Duke Arn won't mind this one. 25,000," Monique starts with a higher bid for Cristoph.

Ducking around behind him, Reigna is clearly feeling playful, but she does eventually look up at him. "Hi, husband." She moves around him and presses a kiss to his cheek, "Should we hunt someone down to talk about our, ah... idea?" She looks over to Norwood and waves to him. "Hello there, Sir Clement." She looks up at the stage and she blinks, "OOooh! Should we bid on our liege?"

"I'd offer to do some but I think I've given Sir Norwood enough heart attacks to last a lifetime." Cristoph replies to Thena as he waves to Norwood out there drinking his milk and honey. "For some silver for a good cause I can bore any person in this room to death talking about bees. And if you think that I'm joking, you are quite wrong! I have lots and lots to say about bugs. And plants."

"No hard feelings. It is for the orphans." Niccolo notes to Monique with a polite smile. When he is announced as the winner, he lifts his glass of ale, and clarifies: "On behalf of Eleyna Velenosa!" As Daemon approaches, he exchanges a brief glance with Caith at his side, before inclining his chin: "Sir Daemon, I believe I have. As for the hour of your time, you should report to the Grand Duchess. I am sure she will have some appropriate task for you."

Jaenelle says something to Jeffeth, her features amused before her BFF Zelda approaches, handing her a missive and taking a quick written reply in return.

Barric has joined the a quiet corner.

Speaking softly to Jaenelle, Jeffeth is looking quite concerned, leaning down, down, down, so he can speak with her in hushed tones.

Barric walks in late, takes a look around, nods towards Jaenelle and Jeffeth then makes his way over towards a corner where there seems to be quite the gathering of individuals he knows.

Mia pushed herself up to her feet and, with a few nods to those around the room she knew -- Reigna, Cristoph, Monique, some of the knights up for bid -- she moved to slip out.

"Oh, yes. Please do bid on him." that to Reigna before Norwood raises up his honey-milk and raises it upwards in salute to Cristoph. "If you purchase him, do be gentle." Sage advice from the older man before he turns back to the conversation with the Keatons.

"This man is the hero of Setarco! He can't do any flips because he has war injuries!" Thena says, waving at Cristoph. "Is 25,000 the final bid?"

Cristoph looks mildly mortified when Thena calls him the hero of Setarco, he barely stops himself from facepalming.

3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, white-tailed eagle, Lianna leave, following Mia.

Olenna arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Jaenelle is not that short. Just short enough. A hand is lifted in greeting towards Barric as he gets her attention with a nod, much more a familiar greeting than a usual dip of her head towards the Prince.

Zelda, the royal messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jaenelle before departing.

"30,000", Caith calls out!

Reigna looks towards the stage and then looks away again before rejoining the conversation between Kael and Norwood. She seems a little quieter now and she looks.

Thena raises the gavel. "25,000 for the Duke of Laurent! Going, going, no wait...30,000!"

Daemon lets out an elaborate gasp, hands to cheeks. "The Grand Duchess herself? Your highness, an honor most high you bestow upon this soul." He bows before Niccolo once, twice, and thrice. "I will send away with a messenger as soon as I am able to be freed of my cleaning duties."

As the event continues on and Terese stands at ease in the corner with a little gathering of people while making a remark to Vercyn and Agatha her gaze slips back out towards the open floor where the bidding continues. Through the weave of the crowd, her gaze alights upon Barric with a smile and lift of her hand. One arm noticably over bandaged with a white strip of cloth that is tied off with appears to be little bunny ears towards her shoulder, "Prince Barric, come join the fun though I'm afraid I've been gravely wounded." She glances sideways to Agatha with a grin that only grows wider as Vercyn chips something in there.

Niccolo claps Daemon on the shoulder. "Just one bow will do fine, Sir." He grins briefly. "But yes, a messenger should work well. She will be expecting you."

Olenna arrives, delivering a message to Barric before departing.

"30,000 for the Honeyduke Hero of Setarco." Let's make this nickname stick. Thena waves the gavel. "Any more bids?"

Norwood chokes on his honey-milk at the new title for Cristoph. Don't mind the old knight choking to death as he attempts to not laugh and fails horribly.

Cristoph hisses between his teeth when Thena keeps going with this hero of Setarco thing and /adds/ Honeyduke to the beginning of it. But still, he manages to smile through what is clearly outright embarassment at this point. When Norwood starts to laugh and choke out in the crowd he looks at him pointedly.

Olenna arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

"Going, going, gone, to Princess Caith Thrax! Be careful with him." Thena looks at her lineup and gestures for Agatha to come forward. "Our next knight is a very special volunteer, Princess Agatha Redrain of the Bear Scouts. I have it on good authority that she is very good at lifting things.

Agatha heads on up to join Thena, gait full of swagger. Gaze full of hey, how you doin'? as she nods to this person and that. When she's reached her position on the stage she strikes a proud hands on hips pose and turns her head to look out over her left shoulder. It has the potential to be really smug and obnoxious. But this is still Aggie. She cuts her gaze back to look out over the room and slowly grins. "I am good at lifting things! Now, there are limits in what I would be willing to do with the hour of time you might win in bidding on me. But I thought I'd spin one little fantasy for you." From a lot of folks, it might sound honeyed and just so super annoying. And she's almost TRYING to make it that way. A little toss of the head and all that poofy ridiculous red hair. That's how the come hither thing works, right?

"For one hour. One. Whole. Hour. I will take ... the children of your household, nay, your whole neighborhood outside several blocks away, several OUT OF EARSHOT blocks away, and do intensive but very fun and safe drills with them, and bring them back so exhausted that they will fall over asleep like quite little miracles, peasceful and serene. Now I mean, maybe that's not for you, but! If it is..." She shrugs, all the bravado gone and ending in a sweet little smile as she pulls out her bear helm and just, you know, waves at everyone!

Olenna arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Jaenelle asks very politely, "when you say children...does this mean adults too? If I wished for you to take the entire Velenosa household out and away from the estate for an hour, would you?"

"Oh please, take the ones from the Valardin ward, they're SO loud! 25,000!" That would be Cristoph. Is it okay for him to bid on an auction that he's physically entered in himself?

Thena just stares at Agatha, astounded by her brilliance, then slow-turns and offers a grin to the crowd. "An hour of silence. Can you even put a price on that? I think we can." Meaningful looks. "We have 25,000!"

"Quiet? No no no no. I am exchanging messages with your sister." Michael retorts, after having sent yet another message off with someone. "She wants one of the copies of the book that I won. Since I won both copies." Michael shrugs towards Barric.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Olenna arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Oh! She won! Caith gives a little hop of excitement as she finished her drink -- promptly handing off her empty glass and clapping her hands. Yay! She just bought herself a duke! And not just any duke -- the Honeyduke Hero of Setarco! She twinkles a bright smile at Cristoph as he comes off the block and crinkles her nose at him. "I promise that I will make your hour with me easy to bear," she says, crossing her finger over her heart before snatching another glass of something.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

"That sounds like her. She does love her books." Barric says to Michael with a smile and then says, "Twenty five thousand for Princess Agatha Redrain? I won't have it. Thirty thousand. I would gladly pay twice that amount for an hour of silence in the Mansion." He smiles almost wickedly at Agatha, "Though, I think I'd pay that much just to see the attempt."

Niccolo leans in slightly toward Cristoph, "Just watch your hair." He nods his head in the direction of Caith's man, Humphrey, who wears a prominent bow. Leaning back again, he frowns thoughtfully at the crowd - surely someone can top the initial bid.

Zelda, the royal messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jaenelle before departing.

Cristoph waves to Caith from where he stands up on the staging area. "Hello! I promise that I will be exactly as boring as I promised!" He calls that out so brightly and so cheerfully, that he can't possibly really mean it. Or does he?! When it's suggested that he watch his hair, he pats it carefully and looks for this Humphrey fellow.

Agatha grins over at Jaenelle. "Well, some places it might. I don't know if I can picture your household deciding they wanted to go for a march with your rowdy cousin, though. It'd be pretty darn funny though. Do you think you could get Prince Niccolo to help boss them into it?"

Standing up tall next to the small(er) form of Jaenelle, Jeffeth looks over to Caith with a bright smile, before looking back to Jaenelle. Leaning down to murmur to her once more.

At Agatha's words Norwood nods slowly. "That isn't a bad deal."

Artorius simply remains silent, his arms crossed as he looks about all those who are present at the fundraiser. Turned out to be a strong showing. Good. Though he does seem surprised at how much people went for on sale, but alas!

A new arrival, very late too, to the auction seems to not be affected by the atmosphere of the Auction Hall. All that excitement and cheeriness sweeps off her features, as she maintains her grim, or even somber some might say, appearance. In hindsight, it makes sense, she is a Templar. A Godsworn Templar. Emilia. She wears a pristine white dress so well it may as well be a uniform, with not one but two swords on her side, fastened to a sword-ring sash. Imagine that. One Templar, one extra sword, free of charge. But surely she did not come to visually convey how the Templar arm of the Faith conducts business. Casually, she slips into the crowd, watching the proceedings with the same never-changing expression.

"We have 30,000 for Princess Bear and an hour of quiet! Anyone else?" Thena looks out over the crowd, especially to see if this whole 'take the entire estate out of my hair' thing gets brokered.

Agatha grins over at Thena. "I mean, I'll help folks move furniture and such too. The getting the kids out of the house and bringing 'em back tired is just one of my brilliant plans. I have whole twos or threes of those!" Hey, she may not be the brightest bulb, but she knows she isn't at least. "I mean, I'll pick Jeffeth up over my head again if it helps, but I think most folks have seen tricks like that before."

Thena laughs to Agatha, a quiet burble. "I'm fixated on the hour of quiet, I guess. I wouldn't mind seeing you pick up Sir Jeffeth if he doesn't mind."

"Pick us both up!" Daemon shouts. "WE ARE BUOYANT!"

"She's not allowed to pick me up without challenge." Jeffeth pipes up from the back with Jaenelle. "If Princess Agatha can earn it, she can!" The big man bellows, looking over to Agatha with a grin.

Artorius smiles softly at Agatha, Thena, and Daemon, grinning a moment as he just watches onward.

Norwood rises from his seat, "I have a pressing engagement, thank you for your time Count, Countess," that is said to the pair before Norwood waves once at Cristoph and pauses JUST LONG enough to see if Agatha does manage to lift them. After she tries he'll be out.

Thena sighs and raises a hand quellingly. "I don't want a fighting pit up here. Well, Master Ven doesn't. Probably. I have 30,000 for Princess Agatha Redrain, anyone else?"

"Thank you for the conversation and the taste," murmurs Kael politely, inclining his head toward the knight. With that he is settling back with his wife alone and looking back out over the crowd, people watching.

"I am not sure anyone has made the Warden of Lenosia" Jaenelle says looking towards Niccolo with a smile of affection, "do anything he did not wish to do in a long time, Agatha, I think my moments of peace are long gone."

"Going-going-gone for 30,000 to Prince Barric Grayson!" Thena looks around, sees no more knights for sale, and heaves a little sigh. "And finally, at the end of the evening, the final knight on the block is me." She does a somewhat wry little twirl. "If you like being glowered at, yelled at, possibly stabbed, let's start the bidding for the Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace at 1000 silver."

"Ten thousand!" Jeffeth shouts out.

Zelda, the royal messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jaenelle before departing.

Another round of drinks is brought to Niccolo as the auction continues. Apparently Romina, his ever-present shadow, was resourceful enough to find him a glass of whiskey. He seems to be in good spirits - as auctions for children tend to do to most people -- and is engaged in a quiet conversation with Caith as the pair watch the live auction. For the moment, his own bidding seems to be over.

"Twenty thousand!" Daemon fires back.

Barric smiles as it appears he's going to win, "Ha!" And he claps as he wins the auction. "So you know Princess Agatha, I am going to have that hour used for Princess Elgana to do your hair. No moving. No fidgeting." He nods.

"Hundred thousand." Comes a voice from the back. It takes a bit to find her in the crowd, but it's Emilia.

Tabitha dips into a little curtsy at Vercyn's greeting, with a simple, "My Lord."

Niccolo applauds again, this time for Emilia.

"Twenty five----" Dafuq. Jeffeth slowly turns back to look at Emilie with an arched brow. Glancing over to Daemon with wide eyes, and then a slow shrug.

Thena covers her face with one hand, then slowly drags it down her face until her dark gaze slides from She lifts her hand and gives her fellow Faith Militant knight a bewildered little wave.

Daemon takes a long look back to Emilia, his jaw a bit slack. He looks back slowly to Thena and shrugs... "One hundred fifty thousand."

Cristoph just stares at Emilia from across the room and starts to laugh quietly to himself.

Thena hisses to Daemon, though it's loud enough to be heard, "Good gods, man, what-" Hey, she's up here in front of a bunch of people. She ahems quietly. "150,000 for me. Uh. Anyone else?"

Agatha steps over to the side and starts gesturing kids to go out and do her bidding, clever little minions, and bring Jeffeth and Daemon up towards the front to play later. Meantime, she's cheerfully asking Thena, "So hey, you must be pretty good at organizing things, I'll bid ... I'll ... I'll bid sitting down and letting ... wow! GO KIDS GO! Okay. THena can pick Jeffeth and Daemon up." She grins and moves back to her seat. Where she can glare at Barric FOREVER about the hair thing.

Emilia's expression of perfect composure shows no cracks of weakness, even as Daemon fires back. She gives him a cool look, like a steely-eyed longbowman might give to his target. Then back to Thena, "Hundred and seventy thousand. Grandmasters don't go cheap these days, huh? I heard her yelling is legendary."

Psst psst psst! Caith has her head together with Niccolo, the two of them standing very close as they are having a whispered conversation. She pulls back every once in a while to take a sip of her drink -- the expression on her face is one of cheer and amusement if her smile is any judge. The princess leans in to say something else but then perks up and looks over when she hears someone bid ... 150,000 silver?! WHOA. No! 175,000!!

Jeffeth gives a little wave to Agatha. Not now! "Sorry Red Bear, new developments." The big man is busy standing just in awe of the proceedings. Leaning down to murmur softly to Jaenelle he is then straightenign back up to look between Daemon and Emilie. Before the big man is jogging over to Daemon to murmur something softly.

"175,000" Thena calls. "Apparently my yelling is legendary. Any further bids?"

Daemon opens his mouth again, though no words come as he's checking the purse on his back. "... Hm. I literally do not have enough money!" But then, his brother arrives...

"TWO, HUNDRED, THOUSAND!" Daemon cries.

Rinel makes a little squeaking sound.

Jeffeth is discreetly handing Daemon a little pouch. Nothing happening here.

Tabitha also makes a little squeaking sound.

Niccolo arches a brow in the direction of Daemon as he engages in the bidding. Little did he know that the knight had so much spare silver!

Artorius actually seems to choke on his drink a moment. "Too much money..." he says then with a small smile.

Agatha makes a big snorting, chortling sound. "Sir Daemon! What do you have planned? If you can think of something the public can watch or take part in, maybe everyone here could pledge what they can here and now to have a 'ticket' to go and watch on top of the 200,000."

Little did Thena know that the knight had so much spare silver, and she /pays/ him. "200,000 from Sir Daemon." Since this seems to be a Faith-off, her gaze slides over to Emilia.

"I don't know!" Daemon calls back to Agatha. Evidently from the look on his face, he's not even sure what he's doing still standing here.

"We could have so many fun ideas." Jeffeth seethes as he watches the proceedings with great tension, standing next to Daemon, eyes flicing over to Emilia.

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Kit, the grey fox, 1 Telmarine Armsmen, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name, Michael leave, following Monique.

Surely, Emilia can almost hear the victorious trumpets- the gavel hitting the thingamajig and Thena yelling 'Sold to Dame Emilia'. But instead, Daemon's shout echoes out. She is stunned. She runs a mental inventory check of her savings. Maybe if she throws in a smile, along with the preposterous amount of money it will surely secure the victory. No, no way. She runs a finger through her hair, brows creased in concentration. Finally, she sighs, and shakes her head to Thena. Though she still seems very composed, there is undoubtedly a tinge of disappointment there now as well.

Michael has joined the dance floor.

Michael has left the dance floor.

Michael has joined the a quiet corner.

Artorius sees the distress on Emilia's face, before he approaches her, putting a hand on her shoulder and whispering something to her.

Rinel moves towards Emilia with a soft smile and bows. "Dame Godsworn. You just gave countless children a fresh start on life. Lady Gild bless you."

Emilia's expression instantly turns to warmth and kindness when Artorius and Rinel approach her. A few motions between the two, that are hard to catch, put an excited twinkle in Emilia's eyes. Like shiny stars, her eyes blaze with determination as she first looks at Daemon and then Thena. She clears her voice, and then says: "Two hundred fourty thousand!" ... "And a smile!"

Jeffeth looks to Daemon, and shakes his head with a little frown.

Daemon's face has been shifting from equal parts horror and delighted in the interval, both from the fact that he might win and oh my god he's about to spend this much money on someone he sees literally everyday of his life. But then comes the counter offer. Like a great gust of wind, Daemon is swept off his feet and falls backwards into Jeffeth.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent arrives, delivering a message to Emilia before departing.

Cristoph watches Daemon and then leans over to say something to him quietly.

"You know, you guys could try what I was suggesting for folks earlier... why don't you combine both bids for four hundred thousand or so. The orphans win and no one really loses the bidding, and it just means sharing the time a little," Agatha suggests.

Rinel blinks in surprise. "That... oh. Well. I didn't mean... but thank you nonetheless."

Thena's eyebrows about crawl off into her hair as she appears to get tag teamed on another front. "240,000." Back to the Knights! Daemon has swooned! People are whispering! Agatha offers solid plans! She waits.

Swinging his arms up to catch Daemon, Jeffeth plants his feet. Supporting Daemon as long as he needs. Glancing down at him with a light frown. "Brother. I think we have been defeated. Are you awake?"

With a sudden fresh breath of air, Daemon raises from the dead and up onto his knees. "245,000!!!"

Artorius seems to turn away from Emilia then, offering her the warmest smile. But then the next bid is made! It seems this Daemon fellow is rather determined. "Oh about a bid war." he smiles softly to himself as he retakes his seat.

Thena looks like she's watching a tennis match. Final look at Emilia, eyebrows quirked questioningly.

Given the somewhat obvious traffic between Niccolo and one of the current factions by Niccolo's attendant, the Velenosa may be helping to fuel the fire. Although he continues his conversation with Caith, he watches the final bidding closely.

Emilia takes a step back, a bead of sweat appearing on her forehead. Her undeniably effective offensive is stalled by Daemon's guerilla warfare tactics. She started with a two pronged encirclement attack, and found herself stuck-in, running low on supplies. It was gonna be a long winter too. She looks around the room, right as a messenger delivers good news. She smiles. This was it. The final assault on the enemy headquarters. All or nothing. "Two hundred sixty five thousand!"

The larger knight is looking down at Daemon, over to Emilia. And leaning down over his Brother in arms, Jeffeth looks like he's trying to discreetly move his large hand over his Brother's mouth. Shhhhh. Quiet now. After Emilia's bid, he sure does. Put his hand over Daemon's mouth.

Rinel mops her brow with a handkerchief.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thena before departing.

Tabitha gives Rinel a nervous side-eye, as if to say, 'WTF?'

Artorius cannot help but only whistle at how high the bids are getting. "My oh my, now things are interesting." he smiles then. "All for good charity."

Rinel leans over and mops Tabitha's brow, too.

Daemon is already down on his knees. This battle exhausting, harder than it's ever been before. He reaches out and readies a battle-cry, but it is for naught as... He's taken down by one of his own! Muffled screams come from the man as he's held in place by his brother. Perhaps a mercy. War is hell.

"And I am SOLD, to Dame Emilia of the Templars and I suspect a few other folks!" Thena goes for it gamely, though it's clearly weirding her out a little to be auctioning herself off. "I...will be interested to see how this turns out." She gives a little nod of acknowledgement to Emilia, then clears her throat and goes on, "That ends tonight's planned events, though you are free to stay and chat as much as you like. Auction winners can get in contact with me for payment...I am.../delighted/ to announce that we have made very close to 900,000 silver tonight and all of that, every penny, will go towards efforts to support orphans across Arvum. Many of you have expressed an interest in sponsoring or adopting orphans in our city, and I encourage you to do that. Again, thank you, and Gild smiles on you all." She gives a little dip of a curtsy and moves out of the spotlight. Maybe to go hug her sad knights or something. For the children.

Rinel lets out a noisy cheer before realising that she's among a bunch of nobles. She clamps down on the excited shout and settles for loud applause.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent arrives, delivering a message to Thena before departing.

When the auction is declared over, Cristoph claps poor Daemon on the shoulder. "Perhaps next time, friend." But then he's limping on away from the stage and wandering off to go do some things. Duke things.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent arrives, delivering a message to Emilia before departing.

Ceasing his quiet conversation with his wife, Kael is applauding politely when the grand total is announced. Thereafter his arm is offered forth to Reigna and the pair of Keatons are slipping out quietly.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent arrives, delivering a message to Emilia before departing.

Cristoph has left the Rows of Comfortable Chairs.

Jeffeth releases Daemon, patting his shoulder. "Well fought, Brother. Well fought." The big man murmurs softly to Daemon still on his knees. Leaning over he goes to pluck that pouch he had handed over to his brother in arms right back. And then he's heading on over to continue his soft spoken conversation with Jaenelle.

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