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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar VIII

It's time for another night filled with sparring, spirits and superb company. Once again, the Golden Hart is inviting one and all to come relax and enjoy night of merry making and matches. All levels of fighters are welcome.

Bring your weapons and armor as you please or use the Hart's armor and weapons to truly test your skills. Or just come to enjoy the scene, drink deep, and/or lay playful bets on your favourite fighters.

This is a relaxed social event and all the drinks are on the house.

All are welcome!

(OOC: This is an impromptu event created just to cut loose and have some casual fun. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please join us. The Hart is open to everyone. We would be very happy to have you.)


Jan. 28, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

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Darrow(RIP) Joslyn Lethe Graham Leta Felicia Norwood Orathy Waldemai Delilah Wynna Titania(RIP) Paloma Derovai Abbas(RIP) Sabella Ian Caspian Valdemar Seymour Shard Wash Esoka Rinel Naomi Theron Cambria Reese Brogan Felix



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Now that they are in the arena proper Caspian once again heads for the bar, whistling as he moves to sit himself down in a stool, giving a nod to the bartender. "Ale, gotta drink light tonight, if things go my way I'm gonna be fighting a lot of people tonight."

Noticing Wash, Ian angles in his direction, signaling to the bar to bring him a glass of whiskey before going.

Sabella follows Princess Valencia into the arena and moves to take a seat at the ringside table, setting down her doctored tea. She gets comfortable and waits to see what kind of fights are on the boards for the evening.

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There's just a brief detour to the bar for Theron, who orders, "Third Wall," and receives a bottle of brandy. He'll take it with him to the ringside table, settling down beside the Grayson Princess, before placing a couple of glasses upon the table.

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Alas, there are no shadowy alcoves in the arena, like there were in the main area of the Golden Hart. Tonight's self-proclaimed bookkeeper, Derovai finds a seat right near the ring, though he pushes the chair back a little too far for propriety's sake. His voice is crisp and clear: "If anyone wants to make a bet, come to me. Tell me how much, privately if you'd like. Winner takes all, including their own bets back, in the interests of simplicity and the fact that I might still be slightly hungover." He's not, though he does look a little skeptically over at all the other faces. "Not a jot for private bets like this." And he moves to stand.

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Felicia's not as impatient as her fellow knight, for all that she elects to head down to the ringside table too, setting her helm on the surface with a slight nod of her head for the others gathered there,"I'll bet." she grins towards Devorai,"A hundred silver on my sister knight." with a nod in Paloma's direction.

Waldemai perks right up as Derovai calls up. "You're on, friend!" he calls down from the rafters. It seems that the ale is already flowing freely.

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It's been a bit since Norwood last made his rounds about here and slips quietly through the crowd when he does enter. A smile, a nod, but nothing too outlandish (hopefully). For now he'll settle for reacquainting himself with the surroundings and faces that jump out at him.

Once Caspian gets his ale he heads over to the great table where the hostess sits, sitting himself down as he takes a pull from his ale. "Long time no see, your highness, feels like forever since the last time we chatted."

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Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

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Valencia enters the room and sees that all is well. The bar well stocked, the Hart's mercies ready should there me an emergency, the ring ready for tonight's warriors and that one and all are welcomed and well cared for. Looking across the room she smiles and greets everyone, friends and new friends alike, with warm bright smiles, little hugs and offers of her delicate hand in greeting. The crowd hums and buzzes and she could not look more happy. Turning to Felix and his companion she smiles, "I would be so very happy for you to join my table tonight. Please, both, be so very welcome in my Hart."

2 Kennex corsairs, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Titania.

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As he makes his way into the Arena, Valdemar is already drinking from the glass of mead he got in the main hall. There is a curious expression on his face as he looks about the place, his pace slow at the moment as he passes between tables.

Lethe arrives ready to enjoy herself. She looks around with a smile and looks for a good place to sit and watch.

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

Paloma stands up and stretches, nodding to the folks at her table. She makes her way down to the arena, rolling her shoulders and bouncing a bit to warm up. "So who wants to fight?" she calls out, voice strong and clear.

Derovai relocates himself to the main table, picking a chair right on the end. He's ready to take bets, and even scrapes up a spare chair should anyone want to come and place their bets. Having heard Felicia's bet, he raises a hand towards the redhead, though he doesn't bother to turn around. "Noted. Pay me at her fight if she loses."

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Wash stands up. "I'll face the King's Own." He says brightly.

Sabella leans in, taking hold of the brandy at her table and pours some in her tea. She glances at Paloma when she makes her way to the ring, and then raises her tea in a toast to the Dame.

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Felix would nod, and let Eshra take in the view for a moment, before following Valencia to her table. Moving to slide into a seat there as well, going without a drink for now. Scooting his chair a little, so that it's more in line with Eshra, the better for conversation and pointing out individuals here and there. Derovai given a nod, but not much more than that.

Gracefully clad in sultry storm grey silks that embrace slender waist and enticing curves, Valencia glides into the center of the Ring of Valor. There is a gracious incline of her head as she offers radiant smile to the room. Pausing for a lull, she calls out to the crowd, her voice ringing out across the arena bright and clear.

"My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, dearest friends, again, welcome to my Hart. As always, tonight is a night to relax and enjoy excellent company and the remarkable skills presented in our Ring of Valor.”

"All here are welcome to participate and the bar is free for your pleasure,” the little southern princess invites the growing crowd with a sparkle in her eye. “Tonight, as always, we are collecting donations in support of the Hart’s charitable work. If you would like to consider supporting the good work we do, we thank you. If you would like to join us in this good work, we are so very grateful and welcome you. We can certainly not do this important work without you. The more we can do to help others, the stronger we will be as a realm.”

”These events have become a tradition in our city and I would like to thank you all for making this so. The Hart is a place for all of Arx and it beats so very strongly thanks to all of you. Thank you for blessing our Hart with your good will, fine company and generous spirit.”

And now, let us all come together and enjoy another evening of fine friends and excellent skill. We hope you enjoy the festivities! Much light, luck and love to you all! Warriors, if you will take to the sands!"

With a hand over the crook of Joslyn's elbow, Delilah steps inside, sharing quiet conversation with her partner. Cobalt irises sweep across the room and she finds a place for the both of them to sit and watch the show.

Ian is given a glass of whiskey and shifts his attention to the ring with a distant sort of interest.

Paloma salutes Wash and paces in an elliptical ring, loosening her knees up.

"That's my cue," Says Caspian with a clap of his hands, standing up quickly and makes his way over to the sands of the arena, grinning wide as he pulls from his backpack a steel helm that he places upon his head. "As I said, I will take on all challengers!"

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Esoka strides into the Hart's Arena. Armed and armored in leathers. She bellies up to the bar, firstly. "Ale, if you please!" she shouts merrily at the server on duty. Settling in to wait for her drink and watch the early competitors.

Theron nods over to Valdemar. "You and I next, my Lord."

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Wash is about to hop over the rail when Caspian beats him to it. He pauses and then shrugs. "Well, more time to get drunk before I start acquiring bruises."

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Ian says something to Theron, and then raises his eyebrows when Caspian's eagerness.

"Sounds good, Lord Theron," the Grimhall heir responds as he approaches the ringside table so that he can get a good look at the fight getting ready to start. Before he sits, though, he does incline his head in quiet greeting to Esoka.

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Caspian wields Freedom.

Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Once in the ring, Caspian draws his knife and spins it between his fingers, looking towards the entrance to see who it is that he will be fighting this evening, seeming quite eager to get a battle in.

Wash cranes his neck, looking around the room for someone before returning his attention to the ring.

Valencia returns to the large sturdy table and gracefully takes a seat, her dark glimmering eye seeking those who have not yet found a table to share and beckoning them to join her. A little smile is sent to Wash who stands to fight next and another to Lord Theron and Lord Valdemar as they discuss their match. Two bottles of whiskey, one of rum and three of rich red Lycene wine are brought to the table as the first match is set to begin. "Good luck," the little fox calls down to the ring as she settles in to watch the fight.

Seymour finds a seat from which to watch the fight. Another spectator here to see the best and the brightest brain one another.

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Paloma raises her sword to her helmet in a salute, stepping easily into a solid fighting stance. This is what she loves, and the passion and power is visible in her movements.

"I'm Caspian Wild," Caspian greets Paloma, taking a readied stance against the woman. "When ever you're ready to dance, my lady," he says with a wink given her way.

Wash wields Intricately forged ancient steel cutlass.

"Dame Paloma," she replies curtly. "Let's dance."

Derovai glances towards the fighters as they get ready, calling out from his spot at the end of the front table, "Master Wild and... her. Dame Whoever." Poor Paloma! "Any bets?"

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Ian loses all interest in what's going on at his table; all of his attention turns towards the ring. He watches the fight begin with a sharp, incisive gaze.

Waldemai looks around for Felicia, who was betting on the woman. "I will take your bet," he calls. "One hundred on Caspian Wild."

"The King's Own Dame Thornburn!" Wash shouts out good naturedly "And put at least half as much respect on it as the King does."

Felicia turns her attention up towards Waldemai with an acknowledging dip of her head and a small salute of her gauntleted finger in acknowledgment, then waits for the opportunity to signal for a whiskey as her attention turns back to the fight.

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 4 higher.

Valencia glances up to Waldemai as the fight begins and he calls down his bet from the rafters. As per usual, one of the Hart's pretty little barmaids is making short work of the ladder to the rafters a pitcher of ale in her hand as she makes her way to Waldemai to bring him a drink with a saucy wink and a smile. Valencia smiles at the spirit of the girl and at Waldemai himself, lifting her glass to the man before returning her eyes to the table to help with introductions if she can.

Leta, lightly armored, saunters into the arena, toying with the leather strap across her chest as she wanders through, tossing a look at the arena proper and another at the gathered crowd as she makes it to the bar, allowing herself to slump against it with a quiet little tune issuing from her lips.

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Graham is very mostly fashionably late, or just flat out late depending on how one looks at it. The young man does enter the area all the same looking around at the large gathering for the nights event. He cannot help but smile seeing how popular the weekly meeting has become moving further in and looking around trying to find someone perhaps.

Caspian begins the battle by preforming a forward roll, diving along the sands and rolling before popping up and swiping low at Paloma. Though many of his attacks land, they all strike at her armor, and end up not harming her. Meanwhile he moves with the same speed and quickness as always, ether dodging or parrying her sword, her swings rarely ever landing upon him, and only his leather armor.

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Valdemar smiles back at Valencia when he sees her look in his direction, bowing his head toward her respectfully. As the fight begins in the ring, though, most of his attention is focused in that direction, a keen look in his eyes while he studies the warriors.

It's rhino versus leopard, Paloma in her heavy armor with a big sword and nimble Caspian. Her armor soaks up most of his blows and he dodges most of hers. She huffs, unamused by the acrobatics and fancy moves.

Esoka receives her ale, taking a quick sip on it. "Dame Leta!" she shouts as the woman approaches the bar. "Just in time for the first match. My heart is with the King's Own, though I'd not put silver on it. Champion Caspian is a formidable sparring partner."

As the fight begins, Delilah settles into a seat, pulling Joslyn into the seat next to her. One leg is kicked over the other and a drink is promptly acquired from passing waitstaff as she watches Caspian and Paloma closely. "I've only ever seen Master Caspian go at it. Not sure about the other."

Paloma takes moderate damage.

Caspian takes minor damage.

Titania comes into the arena and has her guards go take a break as he moves in further looking around the Countess has a soft smile on her face as she looks around.

Deliverance, an albino falcon, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, Rinel arrive, following Reese.

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After the first few blows ended up doing nothing Capsian finally manages a solid hit upon Paloma, swinging his blade to cut into the woman, but it leaves him open, and though he tries to dodge, he gets nicked in return. After that it's another round of blows dodged and blocked by armor.

Valencia smiles up and waves to Titania, beckoning the Countess over to join the table. "Countess, you look so lovey this evening. Please come join us? So many lovely people to meet, yes?" she invites, offering her a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek should she accept.

That was a good hit, and it sends Paloma dancing backwards, before she swings at Caspian. Hard. And the little shit dances and parries it. Ohhhhh, she's getting /mad/. But the fun kind of mad.

Titania smiles moving to hugs Valencia and return the kiss, "Princess Valencia, its been a while." she smiles moving to sit down. "I am sorry I have not been around for a while things have been busy."

Paloma takes moderate damage.

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Paloma takes minor damage.

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The little raven-haired princess smiles and shakes her head, "Not at all, my dearest friend. You are recently married and so much is going on, I'm just very glad to meet you. Now sit, enjoy whiskey and I shall introduce you and we shall watch this very exceptional fight and catch up, yes?" she beams.

Cambria sweeps into the arena, stride bold and sure, cloak trailing. She picks out an unoccupied table, stakes her claim, and then her bright blue eyes begin to search the room for...

Reese arrives in the arena while adorned in her pink and toting along her weapons. She is close to Rinel's side and seems to be arriving with her. Upon noticing that a fight is taking place, she glances over to such with curious interest.

Graham makes his way over to the hostesses table and smiles warmly. "Your Highness, the event has seem to have grown quite nicely. I am glad to see it. I knew that it would be popular." He says looking about before back to the table though he considers a few moments not sure he'll fight tonight.

Theron lifts a hand to Cambria. The one holding his Third Wall brandy snifter. He's grinning at her.

Paloma is shorter then Caspian, so who's calling who a little shit! As if Caspian can read minds, he repays her with another solid swipe upwards that lands between her armor. He grins a fey grin, red blade blocking her sword and dusky skinned body moving away from her steel. He has no intention of making the same mistake of last time of getting off balance.

Esoka raises an arm to wave boisterously to Delilah and Joslyn, and then Reese, in turn, when she spots them. "Good eve!" she shouts. She sips more on the ale that she's acquired, though she's not goign through the thing too fast. To Leta, who she's seated near, she notes, "The face is familiar, though I've never seen her fight. Still, to protect the king, one must be skilled."

Cambria calls from across the way to Theron, "Make sure to order me a glass when you next need a refill, coz!"

Waldemai calls down, "Good fight! Keep it up! Watch your parries! Dee-fense dee-fense dee-fense!" Things are alwas more fun in the rafters.

Little shit is a state of mind, not a state of stature, Paloma would say. Except she wouldn't. Not right now. She was cocky, and she's paying for it. She grunts, eyeing him carefully.

Paloma takes serious damage.

Paloma checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 6, rolling 42 higher.

Paloma remains capable of fighting.

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"There's a whole bottle here, cousin," Theron sets the snifter down on the table before he drags the bottle with him, and lifts it so she can see. "Come on over, I'll pour you a round."

A sweet smile is offered to Cambria as she arrives, offering the woman a warm nod as she passes by. Her smile blossoms more so as Princess Reese is spotted, "My sweetest cousin," Valencia says brightly, also offering a little welcoming smile Rinel's way ."I am happy to see you. Please join us, yes? And you as well, mistress," she invites as she turns to welcome Graham with an offer of a delicate hand and another beautiful smile, "Lord Graham, you are always welcome in my Hart. Thank you to for returning. "Thanks to you we are so very successful. Would you care to join us?"

Reese looks over to Esoka, giving her a gentle smile of greeting that touches her somber blue eyes. "Dame Esoka." She says in her direction. "Have you met Mistress Rinel? I was just training her with the spear." She says. She then looks over to Valencia. "Oh, Princess Valencia, it is nice to see you." She says toward her.

Rinel leans in to murmur in Reese's ear.

Derovai gives Felix a quick look at something he says, but he's keeping his mouth shut, his attention on the fight, though more analytically than in any sense he actually knows, in a practical sense, what the fighters are really doing. It's an academic interest at best. As previously announced, especially given his surprising presence at a more prominent table, he's the bookkeeper for the night.

Titania smiles looking to Graham, "Lord Graham, it is good to see you." she says softly looking to Reese with a smiles, "Your highness."

Another devistating hit from Caspian lands upon Paloma as he ducks down and cuts at her legs, then blocks a few attacks and follows it up with him switching to a reverse grip and cutting once again. He seems to start getting a bit tired himself, sweat begins to form upon his brow, but that doesn't seem to stop him that much.

Cambria hems and haws, and looks so entirely put upon. Eventually, however, she gets up from her secluded table, and - feet dragging - joins Theron at the table he was at. As she passes by, she gives Valencia a warm smile and a polite nod of her head.

Spotting Esoka out of the corner of her eye, Delilah gave Joslyn a gentle nudge and canted her head towards the bar. The two lifted from their spots before dropping into seats by Esoka and Leta, and Delilah offered them both a small smile. "Hey you two. Enjoying the day thus far?"

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Those unexpected blows to the legs bring Paloma down to the ground, and she grunts, hauling herself back up onto her feet. She takes a few steps back and raises her guard, watchng. Waiting.

Paloma checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 36 higher.

Paloma remains capable of fighting.

The young soldier accepts the hand and places a kiss to the back of it with a bow of his body. Graham smiles warmly "I only showed up, and did my best to help you are the one who shines this night despite your best efforts to be invisable." He chuckles at his humor though will nod and move to join though he turns back at his name another smile. "Ah, m'lady it is wonderful to see you. I hope you are well?"

Felix looks up from the table at the flutter of unmistakable pink. A hand lifted across the distance to give a bit of a wave in her direction. Rinel being there, likewise, draws a grin from the smith. Then he turns his attentions back to the table, offering Titania a small, seated bow as she joins them.

Leta has obtained some wine for herself at the bar, and brings it up for a long sip, finished with a sigh. She glances to the arena, then nods to Esoka, "Maybe they ain't quite the same skills though. This sort of sparring's got more to do with dueling than anything else, I reckon." Then she bows her head in polite acknowledgment of Delilah and Joslyn, "M'Ladies. It's - it's just fine so far."

Esoka turns to Rinel, flashing the woman a toothy smile. "I've not! Dame Esoka Greenblood. Sworn knight of House Riven, and Sword of the Twainfort. Are you fighting tonight?" She seems to mean the question for Reese and Rinel both. "I intend to, though I'm enjoying watching as well. This place always brings spirited competition." That smile's turned to Delilah. "I'm enjoying myself well enough right now. Glad I didn't put money on this match, though." A wince and nod to Leta. "The man knows his dueling, if nothign else."

Both fighters are getting tired, and it shows, Caspian is less able to dodge Paloma's attacks and less able to score a hit upon the woman. She hits him, but his leather holds, and she doesn't pierce it. But his blade strikes her armor with loud clinks, unable to find the weak points in it to get those cuts in.

Joslyn looks around the room, hanging off of Delilah with a little chuckle and a sip of her wine. "Dame Leta, Dame Esoka. Planning on fighting tonight?" she wonders, tilting her head curiously towards them both. "I'm hoping to take on somebody, i could use a good fight," she says with an excitable grin. "I'll... need to get changed though, not a fair fight with how I'm dressed." she glances down to her dress.

Delilah has a small laugh at Leta's comment. "Only fine?" She lifts her glass somewhat and angles her head to the spar in progress. "I suppose it'll only get better if you manage to get some time in there?" She nods at Esoka and has a small lift to the corner of her lips. "Master Caspian is a very powerful warrior. I'm not the type to bet on people unless it's Joslyn anyways."

Still watching the fight, Valdemar stands up at the ringside table and begins to loosen up in preparation for his own bout with Lord Theron as he speaks quietly with others who remain seated around him.

Reese looks over to Esoka. "Oh, I don't know. I probably won't say no if someone challenges me and really wants to fight, but I wasn't planning on it." She says and seemingly stops herself from saying more. A smile is given to Deliliah and Valdemar as she notices them.

"And I told you the last time... if he didn't want his damn trousers taken off then he shouldn't WHINE LIKE A BABY!!" comes the booming voice that can be heard over the din of the crowd. The voice is quickly followed by the large frame of a Northman in the expected garb of his people. He's walking backwards through the door, obviously yelling at someone back in the Main Hall, "He can come get his trousers any time he's feeling like he wants to /try/ and go another round..."

As he turns back to the Arena, seeing the large gathering here, he rumbles "Damn busy night... guess I came on the right day." and Brogan begins moving his way through the packed room. His height makes it easy to see, thankfully, and he moves towards one of his favorite tables near the arena. That's when he spots a familiar face in the pit, "CASPIAN!!" roars the Northman, "YOU BETTER GET TO WORK IN THERE!!" quickly followed by a good natured laugh.

Felicia raises a gauntleted hand as Brogan enters with a sharp whistle from the ringside table, apparently intended as invitation.

Leta smiles brighter for Delilah and Joslyn, "Just fine, so far. Can't complain." She glances to the arena and wrinkles her nose, "I'm half dressed for it, but I'm not sure I'll be stepping out on the field this evening. Still got a bruise or two," she lets her smile fade slightly under raised eyebrows, then takes a long sip of wine.

Rinel curtsies deeply to Esoka. "Dame Greenblood," she murmurs. "An honor to make your acquaintance." She looks up, startled. "No, madam. I would be a larger threat to myself than to my opponent. The Princess Grayson has been more than charitable in agreeing to train me."

Ian looks up at the sound of that booming voice, but seems to lose interest after his gaze fixes on Brogan. He goes back to watching the fight.

Caspian takes serious damage.

Paloma checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 53 higher.

Paloma remains capable of fighting.

Paloma checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 58 higher.

Paloma remains capable of fighting.

The fight is riveting, the crowd raucous and merry, calls and cheers echoing throughout the vast arena as the combatants meet and reel about the ring. Valencia nods back to Reese and smiles to the guest at the ringside table, offering Sabella a little wink. And then there is the thunderous boom of Brogan's voice rumbling over the crowd and the little fox is turning in her seat beaming with utter delight to see the Northman arrives and as the lovely Felicia let's out a sharp earringing whistle to invite him to join her. "My dearest Lord Brogan," she smiles brightly, not wishing to interrupt his course.

Caspian takes minor damage.

Paloma checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 1 lower.

Paloma checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 28, rolling 22 higher.

Paloma remains alive, but close to death.

Paloma falls unconscious.

Wash leads a round of applause when Paloma lands a telling blow for the first time. "Defending a King and beating a champion are different skills entirely. She faired well though. Not at all badly."

Esoka gives Joslyn a look-over. "I'd be honored to cross blades with you tonight, my lady, if you're game. I feel like we always end up with different opponents whenever we take part in this." A nod, to Reese and Rinel. "Well, you'll find a good show in this, even if you aren't fighting." She gestures to the arena, case in point. There's a cheer, as the fight comes to a close, for both competitors.

Seymour claps happily when the fight concludes, smiling. "Very nice, very very nice." He looks around to see who is next.

Waldemai cheers loudly. "Well fought! Oh, I say, well fought!" He applauds both fighters, 'cuz, you know, a fight's a fight for all a' that!

Rising to his feet, Theron draws his longsword, heading over to the fighting pit. He'll allow it to receive all that nice leather-straps treatment to blunt the actual edge before weighing its balance against his hand. It'll do.

Derovai offers a laugh from the front table at Brogan's rather daunting entrance. "You're sober now?!" he calls out to the Northman jokingly. But as the fight ends, he raises a gloved hand. "Bettors, pay up. Winners, if the losing bettor doesn't play, tell me, and I'll send Lord Nightgold," Brogan, "after you."

The fight was intense and entertaining as to be expected and the crowd goes wild for both combatants, including Valencia who rises to her feet to cheer and applaud the first fight of the night.

Paloma may have been struggling to hit Caspian, but when Capsian gets too greedy to take her out and stops focusing on defending himself so much she lands a really powerful blow on him that causes him to stumble a bit. Though he recovers and continues to fight, landing blows upon Paloma, some bouncing off her armor, some getting through. Eventually though he lands the cut that ends the fight against his opponent, a double strike on ether side of her body.

Titania looks around, "Would any like to Spar tonight?" she asks looking around seeming to want to get some in it seems.

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Noticing Reese has filtered in at some point, Valdemar waves at her and bows his head to her from across the room before reaching back to unsheathe his sword. Glancing over at Theron, he also allows his blade to be wrapped in leather in order to prevent serious injuries while waiting for the previous combatants to exit the ring.

That last blow from Caspian lands Paloma flat on her back, and she's still for a long moment, the wind knocked out of her. She raises a hand and coughs, "I yield! Well fought." She climbs to her feet and pulls her helmet off. "I would be happy to train with you any time," she informs him.

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Felicia rises to her feet, fetching her silver from her belt and then stepping over to the ladder raised to deliver Waldemai's ale to him. Only enough rungs to reach out and pay up her bet without complaint.

Valdemar wields Grimhowl - the Great Sword of Grihem.

Theron wields Celebrant, a sleek cross-hilted diamondplate longsword.

Delilah's gaze shifts between Esoka and Joslyn and she enjoys a small sip of her drink before bumping shoulders with the Lycene woman. "I would love to see such a match, if time allows." She returns her attention to the ring before applauding the two. "Well fought!"

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Caspian gives Paloma a grin as he approaches the woman, patting her upon the back with a laugh given her way, "Very good fight! I loved it. I hope we get to fight again soon some day. Paloma you said your name was? That armor was such a pain to deal with!"

"I have a bet of fifty silver on the taller fighter in this next match! Which, apparently," Derovai waves a hand at Valdemar, "is that fellow. Any takers against?"

Theron inclines his head to Valdemar, drawing in a breath and exhaling it slowly as he approaches, his hand on the pommel of the blade, stance guarded. A smile on his lips.

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Waldemai takes the purse and shouts, "Winnings to the Golden Hart fund!" and sends it down to Valencia. "Is this a new fight? Five hundred on Lord Theron!"

Paloma grins at Caspian wolfishly. "That's the idea," she replies. "Caspian Wild, you said? Well met."

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Caspian has joined the bar.

Valdemar takes serious damage.

Joslyn eyes Esoka with a little grin of her own little grin, nodding towards her. "Well, I'll make it a point to make sure we wind up on opposide ends of that field," Joslyn promises. "Have we had a chance to properly test our mettle together? My memory is failing me at the moment. I think I would enjoy it," Joslyn smiles towards her, sipping her wine, looking to Leta. "Well if you change your mind, I will take all challengers on."

Theron takes moderate damage.

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Felix considers. "I'll put five hundred on Theron. I have to back the weapons I make somehow." matching Waldemai's bet, though on the same man. Settling back down in his chair after a moment to watch the exchanges.

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In the first exchange, Theron's lighter blade proves to give him an edge, slicing into Valdemar's torso as he steps forward to press his advantage. It seems as though the Sword of Grihem's Point reads his movements as the fight progresses, however, and the Ostrian takes a strike. Determined, he swings forward with the blade, only to be parried by the greatsword user.

Caspian turns his gaze to Joslyn as she mentions she's taking on all competitors as he heads back for the bar, "Well, I'll have to fight you then. I've been looking forward to getting a rematch."

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The loud whistle gazes Brogan's attention first, and it seems the King's Own is saving a spot at the table he was headed for anyways. He raises a large hand in her direction to let her know that he heard, and is now headed in that direction. At spotting Valencia and hearing her greeting he slightly changes directions.

His first stop is made at the Princess' table, bending down to whisper something into her ear before leaning back, "Greetings, Your Highness. It seems you've got quite the event going on tonight..." That said, he looks over to Felicia, and asks "Bet on the wrong one?" He seems a little surprised at that.

Looking to Derovai, he gives him a large smile, "Aye, just barely, but damn was that vodka a nasty bit of drink..." he looks the man over once, adding "and I'm glad to see you're in good working Order." Then a nod in agreement with helping collect, "Happily dumb the money out of any pockets you need, Derovai."

After a moment of looking around, Brogan shrugs a shoulder, and grabs a random chair to place between the sturdy table that Valencia is at as well as the ringside table that Felicia is at, "I need to find me some whiskey here."

Esoka cheers, loudest for Valdemar, as the next sparrers take to the arena. A thoughtful frown to Joslyn. "I don't think so. I've seen you fight many a time, but never had the pleasure myself." She hollers, "Has anyone called the ring next? Lady Joslyn and I wish to have a go before the night is through!"

Almost immediately, Valdemar takes a solid shot from his opponent, enough that he lets out a grunt. It is followed by a laugh, however, as he goes on to say, "Well, that will wake you up!" Though he manages to slip past his fellow Sword's defenses, he remains just a little more cautious as the fight goes on.

Graham returns the smile over to Titania and nods "I am well enough myself have been busy of late i'm afraid but i'm back into the swing of things. I'm glad that you are well I appologize for not being around more to get to know you better, though perhaps that can be fixed still given my brother and all." he chuckles.

"Betting on my sister knight is never the wrong thing, even if this time Caspian got the best of her." Felicia grins for Brogan, delivery made she returns to her table, offering the Northerner a clap on the shoulder,"So, we're fighting, right?"

Theron takes minor damage.

Delilah leans over and pecks Joslyn on the cheek. "I wonder if I should be betting on you." A quick glance around the room. "I wonder if anyone will be betting /against/ you?" She gives the woman a playful nudge and grins over at Esoka. "I've been wanting to see this - You're quite fun to watch in the ring."

Leta raises her goblet to Joslyn with an easy playful smile and a nod, "Of course, m'Lady. Maybe after I finish and some other folk've had the chance to tire you out a bit first." She glances again to the arena, then drinks a little more, a hand rubbing at her chest through her gambeson.

The little vixen smiles to Brogan and offers him a hand in greeting, her dark eyes dancing brightly. "I am so very happy to see you, my dearest lord. Thank you for returning to my Hart. Your presence has been so very missed. It makes my heart so happy to see you," she nods as he sets off find a seat, and one of the Hart's pretty little barmaids brings him his whiskey in short order. A little look is given to Titania and Graham as they speak, and another to Derovai as he works the bets like no one before him. A big smile is offered to Leta as she is seen in the crowd as well.

Titania smiles watching Graham she leans in to whisper something to him then leans back to watch his reaction.

Joslyn grins towards Caspian and nods her head. "If there is time tonight, I would be honored to cross blades with you once more, but first I would like the honor of sparring against Dame Esoka. I've known her for some time and yet we've yet to cross blades, despite the fact I swear we must have, but it must be one of those things that just... never quite came to fruition," Joslyn shakes her head in lamentation, leaning into Delilah with a little smile. "If you lose the bet I'll pay you back," Joslyn promises. "It's the least I can do, truly."

It seems as though Theron is facing problems trying to sneak an attack through Valdemar's armor, as he lands a hit, then takes another, which causes some recoil, and he's back to the counter-offensive, trying to aim for flanks and a number of other called shots in an attempt to find a weakness in the armor. So far, it hasn't been forthcoming. He nods once to the other Sword as he disengages, raising his sword in an overhead stance, the blade pointing downwards.

Valdemar moves his sword fast, but not quite as quickly as the Mazetti noble he is fighting. However, this is what armor is made for, and his does its job as Theron's longsword can be heard clashing against chain and plate as he becomes more aggressive again. He bows his head just a little in a sign of respect for his opponent in return, before pressing the attack again.

Valdemar takes minor damage.

Derovai offers Valencia an easy smile. Apparently he's in his element with the bets. When Brogan speaks, he looks over at the big man, smiling quite easily. "Reasonable working order. I wouldn't say good. If you check my Whites, I suffered dearly for my attempt at honor. Teaches an object lesson, I think." But he offers a little gloved salute to his erstwhile betting enforcer, ushering him on to further conversation.

Valdemar takes minor damage.

Valencia's eyebrow lift a moment, "I am sure that all will honour bets made here," she says gently looking up at Derovai and then to Brogan, her bottom lip catching lightly between her teeth as she looks between the two. a cheers goes up as Valdemar and Theron's battle continues and her attention for the moment is drawn away.

"Ahhh..." Brogan replies to Felicia as she lets him know who else was in the ring, "Fair enough. Sorry I missed the first part of it then." At the friendly greeting from Felicia, Brogan let's out a deep chuckle, and nods his head "Aye, I think it's huge damn swords this time? Feeling like I need to get trounced a bit in front of this crowd."

As the whiskey is brought his way, Brogan looks over to Valencia, and offers her a wink, "And my heart sings for seeing you, Your Highness. I'll not be a stranger for so long, and hoping I can share a drink with you tonight after Felicia kicks my arse around the pit." He chuckles at her comment about the bets, and adds in a good nature tone, "Especially now!"

Cambria, glass of brandy in one hand, her other arm thrown over the back of her chair, is twisted within her seat just so in order to watch the spar between Theron and Valdemar.

Graham looks back meeting Valencia's gaze a moment. "My brother, Gailin is well last I heard but i'm behind courting m'lady here." He motions to Titania, he does lean in to listen to her words his eyebrows arching not in anger but perhaps surprise though the face is alight, all the same. He will return words spoken softly.

On the other hand, Theron's stance is guarded and reactive against the taller opponent wielding the longer blade. He sneaks in and out of the other man's guard, which, as it turns out, starts having an effect. A blade sinks past Valdemar's guard just as Theron lifts his blade to parry his attack, swatting the counter by the Grimhall with a reflexive swing and trying to strike through armor again, only to have the blade knocked back in the slice. He tries a second time and manages to sink past the defenses, paying rapt attention to the fight, controlling his breathing. But he grows tired as his opponent does.

To Derovai, Brogan lifts his glass of whiskey, "Heres to learning our lesson, and knowing it won't be the last stupid thing we do for pride..." and takes a long drink as he turns to focus on the fight at hand.

That aggression on Valdemar's part seems to be a mistake on his part, as his fellow Sword manages to connect a few more times. In spite of that, the Grimhall heir is clearly enjoying himself, letting out the occasional laugh as he swings his sword at Theron. Enjoying himself, but still keenly focused on the Lycene, though he does not become any more cautious yet.

Rinel bows once more to Reese. "Your Highness." The scholar makes her way to a nearby table.

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Theron takes minor damage.

Valdemar takes minor damage.

Valdemar takes moderate damage.

Valdemar has rolled a critical success!
Valdemar checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 4, rolling 97 higher.

Valdemar remains capable of fighting.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Derovai before departing.

There's another nod to Valdemar as Theron is struck in a sacrifice play that has them both hit, and the Ostrian dances away with the sword - his style with the longsword is a functional abomination borne of many masters and styles, all of whom can be found in Arx, with a flair all his own. His sword is raised, upright, just in time to parry his opponent's attack and slice in more powerfully once, then twice, all the while he keeps himself well outside of Valdemar's striking range by staying -close-.

Valdemar checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 6 lower.

Valdemar checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 26 higher.

Valdemar remains alive, but close to death.

Valdemar falls unconscious.

Valdemar staggers a bit with the next few blows that Theron lands, but other than shaking his head and breathing heavier, he does not show any signs of falling yet. Though he has been pushed back, though, the Mourning Islander growls and continues to throw himself into the fight. Perhaps he knew that he didn't have much left, though, as that lunge leaves him open to an attack that knocks him on his back.

Waldemai cheers the fallen fighter, despite the unconsciousness. "Well done! Way to stand right in there! Well done, both of you!"

Cambria hops to her feet, arms shooting into the air as she cheers. It might just be the most effect she's even shown in public.

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Ian nods as Valdemar falls. He sits back, now, and some of the intensity leaves his gaze now that there's no longer a fight to dissect.

Theron raises a hand in the air, undoing the leather straps around his blade and sheathing it before using his sword arm to reach out to Valdemar, that he might help the man up. He nods once, sweat streaming down his face. "Good fight."

Esoka stands, as the match between Valdemar and Theron draws to a close. Decisively. "That one!" she says wry, pointing to the Grimhall lord, for Caspian. To smile's flashed at Joslyn, and she checks the sword at her hip. "Shall we?"

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Felix stands up to cheer Theron's victory, and then turns a smile to Eshra. "My lady, if I might? I should probably get back to work. Would you like an escort home?" a hand to help her to ehr feet if she does. A bow to Valencia. "Your Highness, another enjoyable evening at the Hart, and a pleasure to be here."

The arena goes wild with cheering as Valdemar succumbs to the powerful attack of Theron. Everyone is cheering and calling out their praise. Valenica rises with them cheering as loud as any, "Well done! Bravo!!! Well fought, gentlemen!"

As Joslyn settles at the bar, the fight seems to end and Esoka delares her intent once more, and Joslyn grins towards Delilah. "Wish me luck, love," she says, beaming towards her and dipping a head to Esoka then as she rises to her feet. "As always, it will be a pleasure, and I'm glad we're finally going to have our chance," Joslyn smiles, moving for a few moments to prepare herself for the fight.

Delilah quietly enjoys her drink as she watches Valdemar and Theron with the majority of her attention. When it's all over and done with, she brings her hands together in applause once more. She redirected her attention to Joslyn and said, "Well, I'll not bet on you, but I'll definitely be cheering for you. I'm always wishing you the best of luck." She grins at Esoka. "Any other person and I'd be cheering for you, of course."

Graham looks to Titania and nods "Well will do so, lucky there is nothing but time yes?" He looks back claping at the figh when well struck and the match itself before looking back to the hostess. "Speaking of helping your highness what can I do to help your Hart? It has been too long."

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At the conclusion of the fight, Derovai collects the bets from his table -- whoever made them there! -- and then tosses one small purse towards Waldemai, with a laconic, "Catch." The other purse stays at his table, passed along to Felix. "Next fight, Lady Joslyn Stonewood and Dame Esoka Greenblood. Place your bets!"

Yes, it was. Thank you," Valdemar replies to his opponent before accepting the offered hand. Standing up and removing his helmet after he sheathes his sword, there is a look of exuberance on his face even after being defeated. He then leaves before Theron, allowing the winner a moment longer to enjoy the cheers.

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Wash raps his knuckles on the table in success, then he applauds loudly. "House Mazetti! Sword of Ostria! Showing his colors! Well done."

"Not betting on me, love? Well at least I'll have my cheerleader in the stands waiting for me. Keep my favorite seat warm for me," Joslyn grins, patting at Delilah's lap before she moves to join Esoka.

"For Gloria and for good sport among friends!" Esoka shouts at Joslyn, that fierce smile cutting sharp and bright across her face. Her sword is drawn - a plain steel thing - and she offers her opponent a knight's salute. Her posture is defensive, despite the eagerness, and she braces to parry.

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Eshra leaves, following Felix.

Joslyn wields the Rose of Stonewood.

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Esoka wields a sturdy blade of blue-tinged steel.

Leaning back in her seat as Joslyn seperates, Delilah adds, "I'd happily bet on you. I just don't know who is betting /against/ you. Good luck." She winks before downing a bit more of her drink.

Titania claps for the spar that ended, "Well done Lord Valdemar!" she looks to to Graham, "Yes indeed. I would ask if you like to spar?"

Joslyn takes her own stance across from Esoka, a defensive position in plain silks that she'd changed into, an a pair of hairpins drawn into her fingers at the ready. Sword and hairpins, silk and leather. "For Gloria and good sport among friends," Joslyn agrees warmly before she steps forward, daring to make her move against the knight.

Waldemai calls down, "I'll take Dame Esoka for five hundred!"

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Theron bows towards Wash with a grin on his way back to the table, nodding again to Valdemar and giving the man a once-over to certify there are no grievous wounds to be treated before he reclaims his seat, reaching for his brandy.

Darrow paces into the Arena, his hard blue eyes taking a quick stock of those present. He marches along, moving over towards where Valdemar stands, nodding curtly to the other Lord. A dip of his head is given the host, Valencia, and Titania Kennex at her table.

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Joslyn takes minor damage.

"Esoka for five hundred!" Derovai repeats, having heard Waldemai's bet. "Any takers on Lady Joslyn Stonewood?" He glances along towards the bar, at Delilah, a little pointedly.

The ladies take to the ring of honour and Valencia nearly holds her breath with excitement. The appearance of Darrow does catch her eyes and she beams brightly to see him arrive, offering him a fond and respectful nod as he passes the table and moves to meet Valdemar. A glance up to the rafters at Waldemai is given and a little smile as the bets are on again, dark eyes move back to the battle on the sands.

"I'll put five hundred on Lady Joslyn!" Caspian calls out to Derovai as he raises his hand.

Cambria never retakes her seat, and instead approaches Theron in order to share a few quick words with him, her smile broad as she does so. Shortly after that, the Marquessa of House Mazetti departs.

Esoka takes minor damage.

Theron leans in to listen to his cousin, his expression going from peaceful to somewhat concerned before it's back to pleased when he listens to her. Nodding again, he murmurs a reply.

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Titania smiles looking to Darrow, "Lord Darrow, it has been a while it is good to see you." she speaks in a soft voice but there is some command there.

"Good to see you again," Valdemar says to Esoka as he passes her, him on his way out of the ring and her on her way back in. He then notices Darrow approaching him, and inclines his head a little as well before speaking, "Good evening, my Lord." Smiling at Titania in response to her praise, he then notices that someone else is approaching as well. Valencia receives a bow from him before he greets her, "Your Highness, a pleasure to meet you."

As Delilah heads along to whisper her bet to Derovai, he nods, turning back to the fight. His voice carries fairly easily from his central location. "That's a match of five hundred on Lady Joslyn Stonewood, from both Lady Whitehawk /and/ Master Wild apiece. Betting is closed!"

Esoka comes in quick at Joslyn. Perhaps surprisingly quick, given her stocky form and bullish approach to sparring, but she can be nimble when she needs to be. They exchange a few opening nicks and cuts as the dance begins. The Sword of the Twainfort doesn't play to the crowd much, eyes focused and intent upon the little fight she's found herself in.

The young soldier looks over to Titania at her question though he will answer. "I do like to spar indeed, it's good to keep in tip top shape.. but." Graham lets the question linger unasked in the air though looking to those at the table a moment before back to the silent question asked.

"And you, my lord," Valencia returns to Valdemar, her dark eyes glimmering up at him. "Lord Graham, as always, helping us to see that everyone is happy and well cared for would me something I would so appreciate," she nods warmly. "If you would concede to continue to do such good work for us?" she asks with a little sweet smile.

Joslyn is caught a little offguard by the ferocity of Esoka's opening gambit, and that first strike is only barely avoided to its full extent, leaving a small cut across her arm, the dance continues a little longer before Joslyn manages to finally punch through her leathers and deal a blow of her own, a bright grin of exhileration as the fight continues.

Reese is overheard praising Valencia for: A great hostest!

Esoka takes moderate damage.

Esoka joslyn=I think so. Tho we can keep going for another 5 if ya like, so this doesn't go too long

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Valdemar smiles down at the princess, blue eyes meeting dark. "This has been a great deal of fun, and sorely needed at that. I am glad I heard about this," he tells her, tucking his helmet under his arm. He turns then to Graham as well to greet him politely and introduce himself, "My Lord, thank you as well, for any work that you've done to make this possible. I am Lord Valdemar Grimhall, heir to Grihem's Point."

Joslyn takes serious damage.

"I got money riding on you, Joslyn!" Caspian calls out to Joslyn with a grin on his face, hands cupping over his mouth. "No pressure though!"

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Esoka winces, as Joslyn's hairpins penetrate her leathers. Finally they do more than prick each other, dealing out a few dents. The prodigal knight grimaces, taking a step back as she nurses that harder hit, then charges forward to deal some damage of her own.

The fight does draw on for some time, both women trading blows as they charge into each other, matching the other swing for swing, and truly at the moment the fight could go to either one of them, Joslyn cannot seem to help but grin as it all continues. "You're as good as I'd expected," she gasps out.

Titania smiles softly to Graham and a hand moves to touch his arm, "It would be okay, but if you donot I understand." she smiles.

Esoka takes minor damage.

Esoka takes minor damage.

Esoka takes minor damage.

Esoka takes moderate damage.

Joslyn takes serious damage.

Rinel is overheard praising Valencia for: Hosting a display of the Compact's martial skill

Esoka /charges/ forward, using her elbows as much as her sword, to strike at Joslyn. It's a move that leaves her open, but she seems to trust her leather - and body - to absorb the punishment.

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Joslyn doesn't seem to expect this bold move from Esoka, and so is barely able to brace herself for the impact, but managing to strike hard at Esoka with a grunt as the blade strikes herself.

Esoka takes minor damage.

Esoka takes moderate damage.

Esoka checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 55, rolling 19 higher.

Esoka remains capable of fighting.

Seymour is overheard praising Valencia for: Quite a nice place, the Golden Hart. Oh? She runs it? Good on her.

Esoka checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 79, rolling 15 higher.

Esoka remains capable of fighting.

Seymour rises up and slips out after a while, seeming to have enjoyed himself for the time he was there.

Graham looks to Titania and nods to her. "If you are sure I would be honored of course." He comments glad that she understood his meaning. He looks though as he's spoken to by Valencia first smiling warmly in her direction his demeanor quite warm when she is in his gaze. "I am glad for whatever small part I play, but all credit goes to you, I simply help when i'm able." the soldier turns as another approches. "Ah Graham Stonewood, good to meet you. I do what i'm able is all."

The aggressive tactics work for Esoka...for awhile. But once she's in close to Joslyn, those little blades start to do fiercer work, and she takes harsher hurts as the fight goes on. She stumbles, managing to keep her feet, but she doesn't stay on them. Instead, she takes a knee, holding up her blade. "I yield, Lady Joslyn! By Gloria, you're swift! /That/ was as good a fight as I figured it would be."

Waldemai cheers the fight, as always. "Well fought! Woo hoo! All the more Glory to Gloria!"

Waldemai also has bets to pay off.

Felicia applauds the fighters as she rises from her seat, snagging her helm with a nudge of Brogan. From the looks of things she's intending to claim the ring for the next bout.

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Derovai seems to think, yes, Waldemai does indeed have bets to pay off. He turns, glancing to the upper rafters, forefinger and thumb rubbing together in the universal gesture for 'money.' When Waldemai's ready, Derovai will leave the front table to climb up into the rafters partway to grab the silver.

Delilah winces as Joslyn gets that good hit off on Esoka. After sipping at her drink, she sets it to the side and rises to her feet, bringing her hands together in applause. "Wonderful as always - The two of you fought valiantly." After collecting her earnings, she returns to her seat.

Caspian stands up and begins clapping, cheer on the two ladies, "Good fight!" Whe Waldemai comes over to pay him he gives him a small smile, "Thanks for always cheering for me. I don't think I've ever gotten your name before."

Titania ohs and blushes as she has not introduced herself, "I am Countess Titania Fireviper, Disciple of Mangata." she smiles. "It is a pleasure to meet you all."

Joslyn herself gets more aggressive as the fight pays off, her little pins finding all those little crevices, striking with all of her might at her opponent. When Esoka stumbles and yields, Joslyn's fingers cease in their punishment and she grins broadly, dipping her head. "You hit hard, and your blade is one that is difficult to avoid," she says, drawing a breath. "If ever you are wanting a rematch, I'll as ever be ready," she promsies. "That was the best fight I've had in a while."

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Valencia rises to her feet to applaud the Joslyn and Esoka both! "Bravo, ladies! You bring such honour and prowess to my Hart. Thank you! Bravo!"

Sabella has a quiet word with a few people, and gets to her feet, waving as she moves leave with Lord Mazetti.

Esoka reaches over a big hand to clap Joslyn on the shoulder. "Fights between friends, done in good fellowship, are always more fun. Come! I'll buy you a drink, if you're ready for another." She calls out for a second ale, for her part, as she winds her way back to the bar.

Theron has apparently decided to kiss Sabella out of the blue. Or perhaps people might have seen them lean against each other and exchange murmurs. Either way, the Sword of Ostria stands to his feet, and offers his arm before departing following goodbyes at the table.

Theron has left the ringside table.

Brogan wields a not-so-short sword, or a very-long knife.

After the bets are paid, though Waldemai seems to opt to handle that himself, Derovai's strolling back to the central table. "Dame Someone," he introduces Felicia with a careless little shrug, "and Lord Nightgold. Place your bets once more, if you're betting!"

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Finally turning his attention to the fight again, just in time to catch the end of it, Valdemar cheers for the two women as well. As the next combatants head to the ring, he takes a moment to go to the bar so that he can get some more mead.

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a sleek white and brown spotted corgi leaves, following Sabella.

Sabella leaves, following Theron.

"Harrow." Felicia offers with a glance Devorai's direction, but it's Brogan she's waiting for once she enters the ring. There's a wolfish kind of grin for the Northener before she says,"Alright, big guy, show me those claws."

Joslyn returns the clap to Esoka's shoulder and nods eagerly to the offer. "A drink sounds amazing about now," she says. "Come fight me anytime, that was so good. If we weren't friends before, we certainly would be now," Joslyn promises with a grin, settling herself on Delilah's lap, absolutely shamelessly.

Gives a quick nod towards Devorai as he makes his way towards the pit. The weapon he draws is not fancy, a grin seen on his features as he nods to Felicia, "Well, at least one right now. Guess I should've brought the big honking piece of steel tonight, eh?"

Brogan takes serious damage.

Felicia takes minor damage.

Caspian has left the bar.

Brogan takes moderate damage.

Wash applauds first blood by Felicia. "Well struck well struck! That's how you fell a tree. Just keep chopping!"

Rinel pales slightly and quickly stands, curtsying. "My most sincere apologies, Your Highness. I was unaware of your rank and title. The Princess Grayson was kind enough to agree to train me in the spear--she brought me here after our session."

"Dame Harrow. Harrowing?" Derovai wonders, then winces as, indeed, Felicia is the first one to strike a blow. "Harrowing indeed," he decides, a little dryly. His gaze darts up to Rinel, and he scoffs. "Sit." His gaze flicks over at Valencia. "If she's offering free drinks to everyone, I don't think she'll be too put out by your mistake."

Titania smiles, "I am not the best but will be fun to see how I do yes." she grins, "Then you can tell Gailin we sparred."

Valencia blinks with surprise and waves her hand. "What? Why are you apologizing? I do not understand," she looks about the room and back. "I am... this is my Hart, there is no need to be s, please sit. Have drink," she smiles gently, motioning Rinel to join her again. "I am so very pleased to meet you. I'm glad you are training with Princess Reese. She is so very talented. Perhaps one day you were spar here, yes?"

Derovai waves a gloved hand at Valencia, a mute, 'There, see?' to Rinel.

"I did tell you a favor a big sword." Felicia grins at Brogan. She's courteous, she'll wait for him to be ready, largely because as soon as that nod of ascent presents itself the redhead shifts into the aggressive. Her weapon isn't made for finesse, not by any measure, but there's a familiarity with her blade in the way she moves. The comfort of a woman used to having to fight in plate and entirely comfortable in taking the fight to her opponent. There's no taunting from the knight, or reserve in the way she fights; it's not for something to prove, but rather inclined not to insult her opponent by holding back.

The young man will chuckle a little but only in good naturedness. "I am not sure my brother would be thrilled with that, but that could also be fun." Graham winks at his jest though perhaps the two are a bit competitive it's probably impossible not to be afterall. "I am sure you are quite skilled though."

Wash is fixated on the fights, even his ale has been neglected for the most part. He cheers with every telling blow and clearly roots for the smaller combatant out of sympathy for the underdog. Though Felicia may be proving that a misconception on his part. "Well struck!"

Like Wash, Ian is pretty well fixated on the fights, although his interest is silent and intense in nature; he follows the movements of the fighters with a sharp gaze.

Derovai checked command + teaching at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

The Northman happily stands across from the steel clad King's Own, twirling what could be a long knife in his large hand, and gives her a simple nod of respect. "Well then, Dame Harrow, time for me to take that beating..." and with that, he takes an aggressive stance since there's no point in playing the defensive with the King's Own.

He moves forward to meet her without pause, and the first of her looping attacks thunders into his side that causes a quick exhalation of air. He flicks the knife up more as a distraction than an attack, and instead leads an elbow to her steel encased shoulder. Despite the power behind it, the Northman is still circling, and while his knife skates across the fine armor the Knight wears he takes a less powerful strike to his shoulder in return.

Brogan takes moderate damage.

Brogan checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 54, rolling 27 higher.

Brogan remains capable of fighting.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

"Press him! Press him!" Wash says, rising up in his seat and allowing the excitement of the duel to carry him away.

Someone comes in and delivers a note to Ian. The messenger has to physically poke Ian to get his attention, and he initially looks irritable about the whole thing. Then he reads the message, and his eyebrows climb. He passes it over to Wash.

Valencia turn back to the sands as the battle rages one. She seems particularly riveted to the fight, her bottom lip held lightly in her teeth as it continues.

" 'Ostentatious.' Another vocabulary word. Means pretentious, though, so I guess I know a Scholar who needs to crack some books," Derovai speaks up. His voice is loud enough for the rest of the room to hear, and he stays sprawled at the end of the table, watching the fight, an easy grin plastered on his face. "Or perhaps she's being ostentatious herself."

Titania chuckles, "I have felt the lick of your brothers sword, it will be exciting to see how you fight." she smiles her eyes glance over to Ian and Wash then back to Graham.

Felicia doesn't need the encouragement to press Brogan. He has her in height, and reach, and although the weapons are different, it's not the first time they've fought. That blade might look unwieldy, but the redhead wields it as an extension of herself, alert to Brogan's blades but disinclined to shy from them as she endeavors to box him in. That she hasn't forgotten it's a bout between friends is clear in the small pauses, in the moment she gives. Openings to try and allow him the opportunity to tap out if he is prepared to, but in absence of it she continues, as much out of respect for her opponent as the desire to win.

On the last shove she doesn't immediately pursue him further, pausing for all the ferocious grin on her face when the blade tip is aimed his way,"Shall we keep going?" is asked with a huff of breath.

A nod is given to Titania about his brother. "We fight differently, he and I, neither is wrong but he fights with his strength as his weapon. I tend to fight by using swiftness and movement." Graham explains though he smiles still warmly. "If he has taught you though then I know you will be skilled for he is himself of course."

It is fairly obvious that the Northman, despite being quick for his size, is not near the King's Own in skill with the weapons. His leather tunic offers little protection from her exacting strikes with the two handed blade, and his long knife barely puts scratches into the finely crafted steel of her armor.

However, even with all of this, Brogan is almost inhuman in his abillity to absorb the punishment Felicia deals out. Several powerful blows land, the sound of the padded steel hitting flesh shows there is no pull from the Knight, and echoes across the pit. One more across his stomach, one hard slash down on his thigh, and the final takes him on his shoulders with a slight knock to his head.

He shakes his shaggy head, blinks a few times to focus back on Felicia, and offers her a feral grin in return. He coughs once to spit a bit of bloody phlem between his smiling lips, "No, Dame Harrow. I think you've made your point. Well fought, tonight. Looks like I'll need to get me several feet of steel to start practicin' with." with that said, he bows his head in respect to the winner.

Naomi stands in the back, most of her attention on the fights, occasionally glancing at the members of House Kennex, as if to reassure herself that all are safe. The scowl on her face disinvites all but the most oblivious from approaching, and she seems to relax the most when the room clears and she has a larger bubble of space.

"Forgive a student of words a small correction, Master Voss, but the word has meant a great many things in a great many times, and Scholar Wynna has spent a great deal of time these past weeks researching ancient tomes for the benefit of the Compact," Rinel speaks up, her voice raised and slightly tart. "It has the effect of leaving one rather adrift in vocabulary. You should be thankful that you do not come across such troubles in your line of work for the Compact... which I cannot recall you ever mentioning, sir," the woman says, her tone innocent.

Wash settles down into his seat. "I like it when the King's Own prove themselves." Wash says to anyone within earshot. He's not drunk, just energetic.

Waldemai has had his fill of ale. He climbs down from the rafters and staggers off in the direction of Southport Square.

Waldemai has left the upper rafters.

Ian folds the note that he got into very neat halves, and then quarters. Then he unbuttons his double breasted leather coat just enough to slip the note into an inner pocket.

Derovai lifts his hands, clapping just twice for Rinel's words. He says nothing though, watching the fight as it's the most fascinating bout ever put to steel. One hand raises to his lips to shush the chatter mutely.

Felicia reaches to clasp hands with Brogan,"When you get it, I'll help you with training. Besides... I owed you for the brawling." there's a chuckle from her, for all the concerned glance given the cough. He's too tall to sling an arm about his shoulder, but she still nods back towards the table,"Now we can get back to the drinking... or you want a Mercy?"

Brogan has left the ring of valor.

Wynna gives a small applause as well, perfectly polite in manner.

Rinel smiles archly, saying nothing.

Felicia has left the ring of valor.

The Northman waves away the look of concern on Felicia's face at the blood, "Be fine. Always am..." Then her comment about Mercy /does/ raise an eyebrow, "Oh no, if there's one thing I'll roll with any day it's a drinking challenge..." As Brogan makes his way out of the Pit, he tells her, "Let me stop by the Princess Valencia's table, and I'll find you for the next round since I owe you."

Wash stands up. "I think I'll have a go." He says brightly. "Is there anyone who isn't spitting their own blood that wants a run at the Admiral of Kennex?" He says jocularly. In order to get a view of possible responders he hops up onto the rail that separates the ring from the spectators.

Shard slips in quietly. She doesn't look like someone here for drinks and a good time. Her eyes are narrowed, her expression is well guarded, and once she's in the door, she steps off to the side, peering over the crowds with a careful, searching gaze.

Ian seems to have no intention whatsoever of taking Wash up on that. He doesn't even shift in his seat.

Brogan has joined the sturdy great table.

Titania smiles, "He has taught me some but my teachers have been his Grace Prince Victus and Prince Gideon Thrax." she smiles.

"Lord Nightgold, did you lose?" Derovai pulls a face at the Northman. "In that case, I suppose just about anyone stands a chance." It's a compliment sent towards the Redrain. He pushes himself up from the table, gloved hands splayed on the surface, eyeing Wash in a clear attempt to size him up. Just like at the Gauntlet, he may actually be serious. "What say you, Lord Ham?" A cool smile at the reference. "Care to win a fight in under a minute?"

As always the crowd cheers as does the little raven-haired princess. Valencia looks rather impressed by the last bout as she gracefully retakes her seat and takes a sip of her wine. "The fights this evening are rather remarkable," she nod with a little smile. "It is so very heartening to see." A little glance is given to her table as another kind of sparring seems to be taking place.

Naomi steps away from the wall, her expression changing to a wolfish grin. "The former Admiral of Kennex volunteers, my lord; it's been far too long since you've trounced me in a match."

Naomi wields Basket-Hilted Cutlass.

Rinel checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Naomi has joined the ring of valor.

"Sure thing." Felicia agree's, nodding for Brogan's words as her attention scans the room and a brow is lofted. The helm removed and set down on the ringside table so she can at least air out that wealth of red hair. She'd opened her mouth, but at the other offers being tendered closes it without speaking, dropping herself into a seat at the ringside table once more.

Felicia has joined the ringside table.

Wash hangs his weight from one of the support posts and swings around it, moving his feet so that he wraps one time all the way around the post. "Hah! I have my pick. You're generous Lord Purser." Wash says to Derovai, "But Captain Naomi does not know that I've been secretly practicing the sword since I came to Arx. He drops onto the sand.

Wash has left the ringside table.

Rinel takes a small sip of her wine, her attempt at an innocent face ruined by her abrupt giggling. "My apologies, Master Voss. You've simply seemed in want of a sparring partner in the realm of wits. I hope you haven't taken my little barbs too seriously."

Wash has joined the ring of valor.

Nodding his head towards Derovai, Brogan smiles back "I did, tonight. Reminds me that while I'm good for fists with most, that wielding a blade is a different animal, and I've got a lot to learn..." He nods in the direction of Felicia, "And that the King's Own is well respected for a reason..." With a grin, he adds "I'm just lucky I know how to take a good beating." and moves to take a seat next to Valencia at the table.

Naomi limbers up, her face becoming intent, focused, and waits for Wash's signal.

Derovai offers a little salute at Wash. "Maybe another time," he agrees. "The challenge still stands." And he's actually /serious/ about it too. "Lord Ham," since that's the name he has for Wash, "and -- ah -- 'Captain Naomi'." The quotation marks are audible. "Place your bets!" He looks over at Rinel, smiling. "I wouldn't offer if I were you." And he sits down, saying something more quietly to Brogan at the table.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Naomi wields Basket-Hilted Cutlass.

Naomi wields Basket-Hilted Cutlass.

"Bet on those you've drunk with... I'll take a hundred on the Admiral." Felicia offers laconically towards Devorai, snagging herself a fresh whiskey and electing to loosen the straps on her breastplate for some extra breathing room while she watches.

Shard continues studying the crowd even as the next fight begins. She eventually leans one shoulder against the wall and folds her arms over her chest, but that doesn't stop her scrutiny.

Naomi takes minor damage.

Ian leans forward, his hands loosely clasped together, and watches. He's intent on this match in a way that he wasn't before, and his gaze especially follows Naomi's technique.

Wash takes minor damage.

Orathy meanders into the golden hart... he's looking patched up and rested. He swaggers toward the arena with all the intentions of joining it, soon as it's cleared. For now he'll take an observant lean and watch.

Wash practices an unusual amount of control, for him. He pays attention to his footwork, he ripostes with precision. The only clue that he might not take this with dead seriousness is the smile on his faces.

Someone from the crowd calls out that they'll take 100 on Naomi. Derovai nods, noting the bet, jabbing at Felicia in indication. "A match from the stands, Dame Someone Very Harrowing." He leans back to watch. Spotting Orathy head in, he raises a gloved hand towards the older man, nodding him towards the front table if he'd like.

Orathy has joined the sturdy great table.

Naomi's gaze never leaves Wash's; there's no visible reaction to his strikes. She waits for an opening, strikes, waits.

Titania was watching the fight between Naomi and Wash till Orathy comes and sits down her ocean blue eyes fall onto him for a long moment as if studing him then her eyes break away and look to the ,aych again.

Wash takes minor damage.

Wash takes minor damage.

Delilah had been quietly chatting with her friends at the bar, though she does spot Shard for a moment and beckon the woman closer. "Hey Shard." Should the woman come closer, Delilah would lean in to whisper something.

Shard's eyes narrow a little further, but she does, indeed, move off of the wall and get closer.

Orathy spots the gloved wave toward him, Derovai getting a nod as the old ruffian comes to join the table. He sits down without much of a word, simply, studying those at the table, as if looking for a worthy opponent.

Wash's usual style is not enough to keep him unharmed. The pair seem evenly matched, neither overreaching themselves. Of the two, Wash is easily the more aggressive, but still probing for weaknesses in Naomi's defenses and armor. Wash himself wears only a bare minimum of such things. He likes being able to swim.

Shard's expression twitches briefly at whatever is whispered, and then she whispers back, looking incredulous.

Valencia smiles and offers a warm smile as Shard arrives and saunters to the ring. The little princess doesn't seem to expect a response, but us happy to greet Shard warmly all the same. Orathy gets a warm welcome as well, the little vixen smiling brightly as he arrives at the table and introductions are made.

Orathy glances around and spots Shard... "Nevermind..." He rises and points to Shard, "You."

Shard says, without looking around, "I'm busy."

Naomi takes minor damage.

Esoka looks up from her ale when Delilah greets Shard. She offers a nod of her head to the mercenary. "Mistress Shard. It's been a merry group of fights tonight. Considering trying the ring?"

Naomi's eyes narrow, looking for an opening. There's no doubt that Wash has improved since their last meeting.

"Aye. Let's see how you do without your fancy pant Silk to help you beat an old man..." Orathy grins.

The young man looks back at her words. "I believe I am being taken in by your skill, m'lady but I am still glad to cross blades even though I imagine I will wind up upon my backside." Graham says though he looks back to the matches and being polite as well making sure all are taken care of.

"No," Shard says, flat as she ever is. "I'm not fighting tonight." Esoka gets a brief uptilt of her chin, and then a shake of her head; both are very distracted.

Derovai's gaze drifts away from the match toward Shard and Delilah when Orathy picks out Shard. He tilts his head, eyes narrowing slightly, losing his focus on the match for a moment.

Orathy crows at Shard, "As I be suspecting. You ain't nothing without your Silk at your side. Hah. Ain't fucking surprised!" He then promptly sits down and looks back at the others at the table, looking unphased by their reactions.

Wash's balanced approach pays dividends as the fight wears on. As soon as Naomi begins to show signs of fatigue he adds an increased amount of movement to the fight, he feints more often, circles faster and is alert to her counter attacks.

Leta is drinking wine. This is the evening's main thing, drinking in between glances at the arena and words traded at the bar. As Shard nears the area, she raises her goblet, "Vice Cap'n!"

Felicia's quite comfortable settled where she is, half watching the bout between mouthfuls of whiskey and only half an ear for the discussion between Orathy and Shard. A merry smirk flirts about her lips as she watches the more lightly armed and armored pair go at it.

Naomi's breath is becoming more labored, but her focus remains intent.

Naomi takes serious damage.

Shard looks up toward the ceiling, and then pulls away from the bar, and those sitting there. "I'm a sellsword, Orathy," she says, flat, with the tips of her teeth showing. "You have a problem with who I fight with, maybe you should pay me next time, and then I'll happily fight against as many nobles as you like." She leans her head to the side. "But in the meantime? I like Ainsley more than I like you."

Naomi grunts, gritting her teeth as Wash scores a successful hit. It'll leave a bruise later, no doubt, but the edges of her mouth turn upward in a tight, hungry smile.

"Ahh shut your pie hole!" Orathy tosses over his shoulder, "Craven as you are. Squawk to someone who be caring."

It didn't take long of Wash watching Naomi catch her breath before he turned to the crowd to rile them up. Just as fast, he spins and recklessly charges at her, like a bull toward a matador, or a shark toward a lump of meat. He arrives on the other side, still showboating.

Wash takes serious damage.

Naomi takes serious damage.

Naomi checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 24, rolling 18 higher.

Naomi remains capable of fighting.

Wash takes minor damage.

Wash takes moderate damage.

Naomi checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 59, rolling 23 lower.

Naomi checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 27, rolling 14 higher.

Naomi remains alive, but close to death.

Naomi falls unconscious.

Esoka just grunts and nods to Shard in reply. A look is passed between her and Orathy, but it's not long before Esoka's eyes go back to the arena. She seems comfortably settled into her stool tonight, drinking away the rest of her ale and watching some friendly violence.

Wash continues this practice, careening around the ring like a rope attached him to Naomi, circling and swerving. There's no combat to his style, just a reckless abandonment of strategy as he adds his momentum to every strike as he lunges past and through Naomi's defenses.

Rinel gasps slightly at the brutality of Wash's charge, hand reaching out to grab Wynna by the arm. Her face pales slightly as she watches the display of brute strength.

A well-placed blow sends Naomi to her knees. It takes several moments for her to shake her head and rise unsteadily to her feet. "Well, fought, my lord," she says, grinning wolfishly. She sways a bit, then steadies.

The corners of Ian's mouth quirk up as Wash devolves into the style that he's used to seeing. He shakes his head slightly.

There's a defeated cry from the fellow in the stands who picked Naomi, but he sullenly gets up to pay Derovai, who tosses the sum over to Felicia readily.

Valencia gives a little look to the exchange between Shard and Orathy, but nothing more seems to come and the little vixen takes a sip of her wine, turning her eyes back to the match and leaning aside to speak to Lord brogan.

Naomi adds, wiping away a bit of a bloody nose, "I suppose you can keep the bloody Admiral title then," and grins at Wash in good humor.

"I don't fight when someone whines about me being scared, I fight when I want to, or when they /pay me/." Shard flashes her teeth for a moment. "And I don't want to tonight. Unless you became my Captain-General when I wasn't looking, either put up some coin to make it worth my time, or go find a noble who cares about fights being fair."

Naomi has left the ring of valor.

Wash is limping, he received his fair share of abuse from tht reckless strategy. He also offers Naomi his hand up off the floor and out of the arena. "Please. Take it. I'm not sure what possessed me when I accepted the responsibility in the first place."

Wash has left the ring of valor.

Felicia gives an approving clap with her gauntleted hands, whistling approval of the pair in the ring. It almost... almost makes her miss the coins headed her way, but she turns her shoulder into it and let's it drop into her lap with a nod in the direction of Devorai and her opponent in the betting, the coins tucked into her belt silently.

6 Thrax Guards arrives, following Abbas.

Titania breaths deeply and looks to Graham, "Shall we?"

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Naomi takes the hand, and laughs. "No givesy-backsies, my lord," and heads out of the ring.

Titania has joined the ring of valor.

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Graham has joined the ring of valor.

Wash gestures for Naomi to join him and Ian at the table, since it looks like Titania is entering the ring. "I'll put my money on Titania in this one." He calls over to Derovai. "Five hundred on Countess Fireviper!"

Titania wields Storm Breaker, a bejeweled rubicund short sword.

Graham wields Stone's Blade, a rubicund longsword.

Naomi has joined the ringside table.

Derovai says something at the front table, but he nods at Wash. "Five hundred on Countess Fireviper. Any bets for Countess Fireviper's... husband?" It's a guess, and still a careless one.

"Nicely done," Ian says to Wash when the other man returns to the table. He doesn't seem to have anything to say beyond that; his attention shifts to the fight once again. It's pretty clear what his priority is.

Felicia eyes Titania and Graham as they approach the ring,"I'll take that." she offers in the direction of Wash with a salute of her whiskey in his direction.

Graham nods to her words "Yes, lets I am sure it will be a great match." He will stand and move to the ring himself drawing his own sword and looking across.

The arrival of Prince Abbas Thrax comes with the accompanying reavers that surround him. The man arrives in his red armor and carries his squid helm in the crook of his right arm. His dreadlocks hang like the limbs of a weeping willow; thick tatters of glory as if they were torn shreds of some elaborate tapestry. His beard his thick and full. Despite being young grey permeates his hair. His armor covers his neck where the majority of his ink ends. The squid thematic armor is quite exotic and seems to be a cured hide of some creature or another. His axe hangs from his belt; barbed for tearing and shredding. The man enters and looks around to determine the circumstances of the occasion. The former Warlord of Thrax was not one to spar too much.

Wash has joined the ringside table.

Wash pours his ale again and gestures for a mug to be delivered for Naomi. "To Fireviper and Kennex!" He toasts.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

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3 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

3 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

2 Kennex corsairs have been dismissed.

Esoka is approached by a server and, after some whispered conversation, takes her leave of the bar. "I need to attend to some correspondence before the night is done. A fine evening as ever, Princess Valencia! Good little fights, all around." She exits, with that.

Valencia speaks with a bright smile and then turns to offer a nod of approval to Wash's toast. The arrival of Abbas has her lifting her brow with a little surprise, but it is not look before there is a bright and beautiful smile for the Prince of Thrax. "My Prince Abbas, it has been a very long time," she says with a little incline of head. "Would you care to join us?" she invites him to the table, gods help him.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Orathy turns his eyes on Abbas, weighing and measuring him! It's one of those challenging looks from the Culler.

Shard also looks toward Abbas. It's not a weighing look though. No measuring. It is, however, a very, very narrow one.

Ian takes note of Abbas out of the corner of his eye, just before the fight starts. He bows his head respectfully to him, then goes back to watching the ring.

Wash checked command + teaching at difficulty 24, rolling 16 higher.

Just like a lot of others, Derovai looks up towards Abbas when he enters, gloved hands resting lightly on the bets placed before him. His gaze is thoughtful. His words for the table are quiet. He draws in a little breath, thoughtful.

The ex-reavers with Abbas part to allow the host her access to the prince. There is a smile that breaks the butcher's mouth. Abbas receives Valencia with a warm expression. "It has, it is good to see that fortune has favored you. I have been away much of the last year. So do forgive my scarce nature as of late." The man looks around and inclines his head at the invite. "I would be honored to share your table, princess." He retorts to his conversational companion. Ian is given a nod in return. Narrow and challenging looks afforded him earn a smile. He does not bark nor bite back. Instead his attention goes to the match and to take a seat.

Abbas has joined the sturdy great table.

Shard says, "Hey, Orathy."

Titania moves into the ring she is not wearing much of any kind of armor except her leather pants, she pulls her sword out watching Graham. She moves to bring her sword up blocking his attack. she learned to continue to move don't stand still, she is quick on her feet it seems and graceful as well.

Rinel stands and curtsies deeply for the Prince. "Your Highness," she murmurs demurely, before retaking her seat.

Valencia seems satisfied at Orathy's acceptance of her invitation and even more so when Abbas is kind enough to join them as well. She glance back to the sands and smiles as Titania and Graham fight on, looking rather impressed with the fight. A little sip of fine is taken and she turns to offer introductions.

Graham steps into the ring, it's been a little since he'd fought during the weekly fights. He looks across over to the woman and will draw his blade from his hip, and will wait allowing her to strike first. It looks like they are well matched to dance with one another both dodging and blocking one another.

Titania takes moderate damage.

Shard waits a while, then sharply turns away. She leans in to mutter something to Delilah, before she starts heading for the door.

Titania continues to move about Graham for a bit blocking his blows, but then when she goes to block she leaves herself open and he is able to land a strike. She sucks in some air and smiles when he was able to strike her.

Naomi has left the ringside table.

It is a good match much like Graham had expected from the other. They trade more dancing around and blocking, the young soldier though finds a quick opening and strikes landing one blow. He looks to her as she breaths and looks perhaps a moment worried but the smile reassures him and he'll raise his blade waiting the next strike.

Wash turns his attention back to the fighting just in time to see Titania get struck. "Hey now!" He says. "See? Can't dodge everything."

Delilah leans over and nods at whatever was whispered in her ear before giving Joslyn a tight squeeze. "I'm gonna step out for a breather. Want to come with? It's uh..." She pauses for a moment and gives the Lycene a little nudge. "Actually, you should come with me." After taking in a deep breath, she wiggles her fingers to those around and slips on out.

Joslyn gives a little glance around the room before she nods to Delilah, rising from Delilah's lap and taking her hand. "Sure, lead the way. I could use some fresh air, myself."

Titania takes moderate damage.

Delilah has left the bar.

Joslyn has left the bar.

Conker, the Ornery Red Squirrel, Dame Barkley, a chocolate tri beagle leave, following Joslyn.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly, Joslyn leave, following Delilah.

Leta is now sitting at the bar, deeply concentrated on writing something. She finishes, folds the paper and tucks it away, then finishes her wine as well. Rosy-cheeked, she tosses some silver on the counter and stands, then begins to head outside.

Titania takes serious damage.

Leta has left the bar.

"Keep your guard up Tee! You're not wearing armor!" Wash shouts pointless obvious advice from the sidelines, as is tradition.

Titania takes moderate damage.

Titania checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 25 lower.

Titania checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Titania remains alive, but close to death.

Titania falls unconscious.

Derovai backs away from the money, signalling the bettors to pay. "Ready, Wrath? Let's have a go if you'll humor me. As I said, I can have an even more brilliant loss here, and give you a good laugh."

Wash slides the coins he won earlier in the evening in Felicia's direction. "I regret nothing."

The Young countess was doing good to start but then after the first hit she started to go down hill, she did her best blocking some swings and not others. But she made the mistake of leaving herself wide open for the soldier to hit her and hit he does. There is a gasp and she is knocked off balance and down to the ground she goes taking deep breaths as she is winded.

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Derovai has joined the ring of valor.

Orathy starts to make his way toward the arena, fixing up his gloves as he starts to whistle an eerie little jingle.

Orathy has joined the ring of valor.

Derovai gets

Silver Eagle Cuisses from Silver Armor Tournament Chest.

Derovai gets

Silver Eagle Helm from Silver Armor Tournament Chest.

The littl raven haired princess rises gracefully from her seat to applaud the combatants, offering a warm smile to both Countess Titania and Lord Graham, calling out, "Bravo! Well fought!" she nods with approval. Dark eyes turn to Derovai and Orathy as the move towards the sands and she give a little wince of worry. "I fear, this may be a rather short fight," she cringes a little.

Derovai gets

Silver Eagle Cuirass from Silver Armor Tournament Chest.

Graham strikes once again after more dodging and parrying. He moves forward quickly after sheathing his sword at his side and tilts to offer his hand over, "Are you okay m'lady?" He asks in more of soft tone though he is breathing heavy from the fight the look is one of concern more so than victory.

Derovai gets

Silver Eagle Gauntlets from Silver Armor Tournament Chest.

Derovai gets

Silver Eagle Arm Armor from Silver Armor Tournament Chest.

Derovai gets

Silver Eagle Sabatons from Silver Armor Tournament Chest.

Orathy looks back up toward the others sitting around the table, "OY, someone else come down here eh?! Bring on two on one! Which else one of you need to be ed-umahkated?"

Derovai leaves the betting table, rolling his shoulders and cracking his knuckles. He seems to know it's a foregone conclusion, though, and he doesn't seem to really be taking the matter too seriously. "If anyone wants to bet on Culler, let Her Highness Valencia know."

Felicia laughs at something said at the table before calling out in Devorai's direction,"Do you need help putting on your armor, oh bookkeeper?" she enquires aloud.

Derovai gets Golden Hart Arena Cutlass from Weapons Rack.

Orathy wields a light short sword with two wide quillons.

Derovai wields Golden Hart Arena Cutlass.

Titania takes his hand standing up moving to put her sword away, she breaths deeply, "Yes, I am fine just a bit winded." she smiles to him, "Come Lord Graham lets have a drink yes?" she says looking up as she spots Abbas she had not seen him enter a small smirk comes to her lips.

The proximity of Titania earns a smile from the former Thraxian Warlord. He leaves his drink at the table untouched as he goes to watch the man he just spoke with fight.

Derovai grins over at Felicia as he straps and buckles himself in. "Just say your prayers to the gods I can stand upright in all this." And he squares his shoulders, eyeing Orathy a little dubiously. He's not afraid, though, at least.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Valencia glances to the Hart's mercies and nods just in case.

Orathy checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Orathy scoffs at the Derovai, deciding to put away his fancy axes and take one of the swords from his back scabbards, pulling free a standard steel short sword. He regards the other fellow with a twist and twirl of his blade - someone is being fancy swordman tonight.

The young man nods to her words as he helps her to her feet releasing perhaps a held breath. Graham will nod to her words "Yes a drink would be welcomed, it's on me though." The young Stonewood says a friendly warm smile her way before moving though offering an arm in case steady is needed for the walk.

Titania takes the arm, "Thank you M'Lord." she looks to Abbas as she walks past, "It is nice to see you again Prince Abbas." she then moves with Graham back to the table to sit down. She does wave to her two cousins with a smile given to them both.

Derovai takes very serious damage.

Ian has left the ringside table.

Derovai checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 38, rolling 15 higher.

Derovai remains capable of fighting.

Titania has joined the sturdy great table.

Rinel checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Graham has left the ring of valor.

Graham has joined the sturdy great table.

Derovai checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 163, rolling 108 lower.

Derovai checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 110, rolling 44 lower.

Derovai is incapacitated.

Derovai falls unconscious.

Orathy was trying to go easy on Derovai. He knew the younger man's weaknesses, considering. He took out his standard steel short sword! What can one say. Everytime that Derovai tries to counter or attack, Orathy just isn't there and is in fact, in a position to hammer down on the other man, delivering repeated strikes that will leave a few welts behind.

As Brogan stands to leave he looks down into the pit to see the massacre that just happened. He grimaces as he looks over to Felicia at her table, and simply shakes his head. To Valencia, he asks "I'd happily pay for whatever Derovai wants to drink... when he wakes up..." That said, the Northman heads for the door waving to his friends as he walks out.

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Rinel smiles less tremulously to Wynna. "Pardon me. I think I shall retire." She gives the woman a gentle squeeze on the shoulder.

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Valencia nods back to Brogan and then looks out to the sands and winces with great empathy as a bevy of mercies rush to the man's side.

Wynna glances up. "Shall I get you back home?"

Rinel smiles. "That would be nice."

Derovai is just not built for this, clearly. Just as he performed at the Gauntlet, so too does he perform here. He needs a lot of practice, clearly, and he winds up just kind of toppling over. "/Fuck/." He's not given to cursing, but he's more than a little stunned. "I knew that would happen." He grimaces at the approach of the Mercies, dragging himself up. "Culler, if you ever need a sellsword," he begins, then deadpans, "look somewhere else."

Wynna nods and rises, bowing her head to Valencia. "Thank you again for your hospitality, my lady."

Wynna has left the sturdy great table.

Rinel has left the sturdy great table.

Rinel leaves, following Wynna.

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