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Kismet Carnival 1014

The Kismet Carnival is coming to Arx, with the legendary showman Venturo putting together a wide variety of games to partake in and acts to witness. Sponsored by the House Malespero, new editions of Raconteur brews are sure to be had, with enjoyments for all walks of life.


Jan. 4, 2021, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Venturo Lianne


Merek Caprice Pasquale Vashtalyn Sloane Thea Lustry Medeia Khanne Norah Haakon Ember Desiree Mayir Chiara Domonico Sunaia Mikani Svana Ophelia Sabella Niklas(RIP) Akamos Jeffeth Apollo




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Serendipity Square - Kismet Carnival Hall

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Comments and Log

Khanne gets Kismet Collectible Stein 1014 from Kismet Collectible Case.

2 Eswynd shieldbearers, Quilliam Forthwind, a stalwart valet arrive, following Norah.

The Kismet Hall is decked in a multitude of games, each nook and cranny of the expansive facility utilized for the festivities. Drinks are being served, both of the alcoholic variety and the non-alcoholic for the little ones brought in as part of the families who come to attend. Carnival workers chat with those intrigued by the games, talking each of them up while waiting for the show to start. The central ring is empty with only a wooden platform in the middle, though Venturo stands off to the side, looking splendid in the red velvet tailcoats the showman wears off this eve.

Vashtalyn gets Kismet Collectible Stein 1014 from Kismet Collectible Case.

Merek makes a way along into the Kismet Hall to look to the games, then nods a bit while he would find a little nice place to get drinking.

Caprice has arrived a little early, and unaccompanied, attempting a few moments to watch the carnival hall before it's overflowing with revelers. There's some faint traces of exhaustion marring her features but her smile is genuine when it shows itself, and as the people are welcomed in she's amongst the first wave, soaking in their enthusiasm as they all begin to explore, drink, socialize, possibly embarrass themselves in front of their beaus at the games. "Beautiful," she comments to no one in particular.

Venturo has joined the A booth with the carnival hosts.

Fajra, Louis, a Malespero Armsman arrive, following Lianne.

Lianne has joined the A booth with the carnival hosts.

Pasquale is here, amongst the crowds, eying the various games with a mild sense of trepidation.

Vashtalyn wanders into the carnival hall, bells and chimes jingling softly. Layers of skirts float about her, edged with lace and ruffles, as she tinkles her way around to stare at the various curiosities on display, a whimsical smile touching her lips. Just another commoner come to enjoy the big to-do, she doesn't particularly do anything to make herself stand out in the crowd for the moment, content to mill about with the gathering crowd and take in all the sights. She wanders along, looking at the different booths and gaming areas, her dark eyes showing a great deal of interest in the goings-on, sparkling with excitement.

Camped within the awning of a beautiful tent, Sloane Starling watches the festivities with a devious smile, chin propped on one hand. She sits at a table with two chairs opposite her. Its linen tablecloth is littered with flower petals and candles, while before her is a simple, worn stack of cards. Emeralds flash at her ears and her chest while her hair falls over her shoulders in that I-just-woke-up-but-not-really style of free spirits across the world.

Almost late, but not quite, Thea makes her way inside. A bit wet. Saying nothing about it though, she simply slips on inside, giving a slight wave to those she knows. There's a brief smile as she greets those she knows. "Good evening,"making her way to look at games, looking for a drink as she goes.

Thea takes Kismet Collectible Stein 1014 from Kismet Collectible Case.

Lustry gracefully makes her way into the carnival, her eyes sparkling with excitement as she slowly scans over the gazes with that two-tone gaze of hers. A warm smile given as she receives her requested drink from the server and begins to make her way closer towards them, as if trying to decide which to try first.

Medeia makes her way into the Kismet Carnival Hall with her hand tucked in the crook of Haakon's elbow, with Norah on her other side. The two Eswynd women are talking quietly, but excitedly, about what they might see at the carnival this evening. Medeia's purple and green honeysilk dress glimmers as she moves, seeking out Venturo to bid him well. As the three cross the space, she takes in all the games and the crowd, eyes sparkling in delight. Upon reaching Venturo, she reaches up on tiptoes to say something to him when she has his attention before making sure her husband has a good drink.

Khanne had arrived a bit early, hanging out just outside of the carnival grounds for awhile before she finally makes her entrance. Soon after, she finds something to occupy her hands with, a drink and a snack, most likely. She arrived alone, and seems comfortable walking around the grounds, taking in the sights and the options for fun that are available to be had. When she nears where Venturo stands, she offers him a smile and a nod of her head in greeting.

Lianne, at the moment, is at the host's side, a far more muted thing by comparison to his red velvet splendor. The brightest bit she wears is a golden lemon pendant dangling from a long chain against her sternum, well-suited to her low-cut dress. She keeps her eyes on the gathering crowd and peels away when Khanne draws close to join her friend, taking up the shaman's arm without warning and pressing a kiss to her cheek. "Lovely, isn't it?"

Attentive, Venturo watches those faces both familiar and not filter in, only to have his head cant towards Medeia at her whispered words. She earns a knowing smile from the man, and then his head dips to Khanne in a warm note of greeting. Fingers give a light waggle, but then? His focus is all forward.

With a spring to his step, Venturo ascends the tall, wooden platform in the center of the ring. Up his arms come, splaying in a wide gesture of welcome, "Men and women of Arx - and beyond -" A smile blossoms to life as he surveys the crowd, "I, and the fantastic Marquessa Lianne Malespero, welcome you to the Kismet Carnival of Arx. I see many familiar and new faces amongst you all... and, like you, note some who are not with us. For them? I feel it fitting to open us with a moment of silence, for those who could not be with us."

Venturo falls quiet, eyes drifting closed. A handful of seconds tick by before those eyes open again, and his hands come up in front of him to clasp together. "For those of you who do know me? Know my love of telling a good story. But the story I wish to tell you today? Is one that is unfolding even as we speak. I can't claim to know all of the details, for it has yet to be finished. But I know the end of it."

Norah takes everything in with almost childlike wonder. The normally cool and reserved marquessa has never seen anything like this, and she is fit to be tied, eyes sparkling with excitement.

Haakon wanders in at Medeia's side, a round shield carried across his back. Blue eyes are narrowed in curious scrutiny of the many and varied features of the chaotic carnival. "They don't want for distraction," he mutters, going silent and giving ear to Venturo when the host takes the stage.

"Oh!" Khanne lets out with a laugh as Lianne sneaks up and takes her arm. There is a smile upon her lips as the kiss is touched to her cheek though, clearly not an unwelcome abduction. "Your gown? To die for, darling, of course." She gives a wink then nods again, gaze looking around the carnival. "But yes, it is amazing. I expected nothing less, and yet, am in awe of it all."

Medeia is overheard praising Venturo.

A stein pressed into her hand, Caprice offers thanks and a few friendly words for the server as she resumes her casual strolling, a flash of summery pinks weaving in and out of the expanding crowd. She's still rolling the first sip of the brew around in her mouth, eyes studying the commemorative vessel with keen appreciation when a familiar figure in her peripheral vision draws her focus higher, and aside. "Lord Malespero," she directs a greeting across the middling expanse to Pasquale. "Which one is calling to you?" But then, Venturo is calling to everyone and the Disciple of Jayus is turning towards him, her smile tempered by the solemn moments of silence. She remains quiet notably longer than the shared time, gaze redirected into the contents of the stein.

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Norah has joined the a quaint fortune teller's tent.

"No, they don't... you should try a game or two," Medeia murmurs to Haakon, leading him to the drinks and ordering both a Measured Skill and Dangerous Liaisons for him to try. With drinks attained, she nods to a suggestion from Norah.

Pasquale gives a brief nod to Caprice when she directs a greeting his way before turning his attention fully up to the stage. He offers some polite applause at the point it feels most relevant and then looks back to Caprice. "I'm tempted to hear what the fortune teller comes up with." he nods over to the Cull the Herd Game. "But that could be entertaining. Even if I think I will enjoy the code breaker and waterfall games most. What has caught your eye?"

Obviously, a carnival calls for black and red and black and red. And so, Ember wears black and red. The Bloody Baroness of Redreef Shores walks through the carnival accompanied by a gaggle of red-clad ladies-in-waiting, who are all ooh-ing and ahh-ing and declaring how much fun this or that looks. Ember walks with her hands clasped behind her back and has an expression like she considers fun to be something other people do. Her small posse's wanderings put her before Lustry: "Your Highness," Ember says, dipping into a deep curtsy, with all of her maidens curtsying in time with her. It's a bit eerie, to think about how much they must have practiced.

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Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

As Venturo gets up to speak, Vashtalyn pauses in her wandering, turning to gaze at him in his resplendant red velvet, attention riveted by his words. She glances around a bit at the moment of silence, going still so that her various ornaments don't interrupt the moment. A smile touches her lips, once it is over, and Venturo begins speaking again. After a time, she begins moving again, drawn to the food and drink vendors. She obtains a drink for herself, and sips it as she continues to roam, pausing near the fortune-teller's tent and peering inside with interest. She moves on though, distracted by all the colors, people, and activities, and seeming unsure where to settle first.

"These past few weeks, I have found myself deep in depsair. We are threatened by those who would see us in chains. We have been betrayed by those who would toss away the teachings of the Faith to pursue their own power, rather than follow our rightly elected Dominus. Even my own carnival, in Redreef, attacked as if they were a sickness by those who would rather see the freed thralls put back into their place, by those who would see the world unchanged forever. But, allow me to let you in on a secret. Why I see today as a celebration," Venturo leans forward, a long and pregnant pause given as his left hand draws in towards his heart.

"And that is that I know that we? Have already won. Because we have chosen to use this adversity as a grindstone to sharpen our blades. The glue to unify us not as counties, wards, or families... but as the whole of Arvum. Mistake me not, my fellow men and women. The chaos of combat will claim too many of our lives. We will know loss. Suffering. But with the choices we have already made, the choices we will make to not give up, I am confident in the outcome."

"So, I say, tonight? Let us be greedy. Let us revel. Use it to steel your resolve, to remind yourselves of why we fight, why we are united. Why we? Are victorious." With that, Venturo offers a hand to the air, a salute to the crowd before he hops back down, and the carnival truly gets started.

"And /you/ look exquisite as always, darling," Lianne croons quietly to the redhead on her arm before observing that requested moment of silence and centering her focus on Venturo. Shouldn't she be up there with him? She's close enough, right there at the front, barely removed from the booth. When his speech rises to its conclusion, she slips her hand from Khanne's arm so that she might applaud enthusiastically, smiling brightly up at the showman. Leaning back in against her best friend, she murmurs, "What trouble shall we get up to first, mm?"

Lustry brightens as she sees Ember, "Baroness, it is lovely to see you. Your new choker is quite lovely." A brief pause before she inquires, "Did you have a game you want to try out? They all look like a bunch of fun." Her arm linking with Ember's and moving towards one of the games.

Pasquale has joined the Cull the Herd Game.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Desiree.

Vashtalyn pauses her wandering again, sipping her drink as she turns her gaze back to Venturo. She listens to him as he continues his story, dark eyes assessing the words curiously. She glances around once the showman has finished his speech, and then goes off to inspect the games a little more closely.

Caprice's lips part then close again, some cheeky response closed off behind her teeth. Venturo's further words cover what might have otherwise been an awkward silence, but once she's offered him another round of applause she answers Pasquale, "...I think it's a... good day for distraction. I intend to try a bit of everything. Shall I leave you to your adventure or would you tolerate company for a round or two?"

Pete, a Grayhope account manager arrives, following Mayir.

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Merek looks around a bit while he finds a game to settle into, to check on.

Venturo settles into the booth for the hosts, leaning against the tabletop as his pale green eyes roam the crowd. Fingers wrap about his stein, lifting it up as Vashtalyn passes by, a twinkle of mischief in his features, "May your evening be lucky." It's a momentary distraction, one of the carnival agents offers a few whispered words. The showman simply nods, with the worker soon heading off to get some of the acts ready.

Staying silent during the moment of remembrance, Khanne closes her eyes, bringing to mind those she has lost along the way. At Venturo's speech, specifically when he mentions the reasons they have already won, Khanne lifts her drink into the air with a loud, "here! Here!" She echoes it when he salutes, then she takes a drink in celebration. Licking her lips, she shakes her head to Lianne. "I am not sure. I have not chanced a look at them all yet. Your thoughts?"

"I would appreciate that Caprice." Pasquale says to the crafter. "Would you like to try the darts or one of these mind games first?"

Merek gets Kismet Collectible Stein 1014 from Kismet Collectible Case.

Ember links arms with Lustry easily, as though she's well accustomed to being on the arm of people more powerful than herself. Her handmaidens giggle and whisper among themselves -- their employer is walking arm and arm with a /Princess/! "I admit, Your Highness, the games I prefer tend to involve more... physicality than many of these." She eyes the Balance Beam game, and then looks to Lustry. "This one seems as good as any...?"

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Vashtalyn beams to Venturo as he greets her, and she raises her mug to him in return. "Thank you! Such a marvelous display you have here. I look forward to trying a few games." She takes a drink from the mug, and then wanders toward the Maze of Darkness, which seems to draw her the most.

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Q-bert an Albino Possum arrives, delivering a message to Haakon before departing.

Merek manages to do most of the tasks at the Wolf And Sheep, though he seems to be one of the few at the table. He smiles when successful, then he takes a moment to find a place to look at the Silver Rush Game, making his way that way, and looking about.

High overhead, petite male and female figures utilize the rafters for acrobatic acts. It's long drapes of fabric they hang from, curled around their leg or arm, with one furled up, only to start unwinding like a yo-yo. Down towards the ground he plummets, until the cloth snaps taunt with him just inches from the floor, gracefully posing for a few long moments before he starts to climb back up. [From Venturo]

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Desiree Wyrmguard saunters in, though the crowd quickly gets thick enough that it ceases to be a saunter and more winding and slipping through, gaze drawn to this exhibit and that, and then to the drinks available. She stops to order an ale, craning her neck meanwhile to peer up at the acrobats - and watch them come down, then waaay back up again.

"Be certain to try your hand at as many as you want... you never know what your luck holds! And some of the acts come from the farthest reaches of Arvum," Always the showman, Venturo is more than happy to put the focus upon the performers and games, his fingers giving a waggle towards Vashtalyn as she starts to head towards the maze.

"I've had the misfortune--" Lianne might raise her voice for that word, a tease for Venturo that might carry just far enough to reach him. "--to try each and every one in their development." The tragic look she adopts assures that she was not particular good at, oh, most of them. With a tip of her head toward the Codebreaker booth, she murmurs, "Perhaps we can start on a high note?"

Mayir Grayhope makes his way into the Carnival, looking around, quite pleased with the sights here. He stops to get an ale, looking over to Desiree who seems to be next to him with the same ideas. "Incredible, isn't it?" he asks the Wyrmguard, warmly, gestuirng at the acrobats. "Do not ask me to do that. I'd plummet to my certain doom!"

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Vashtalyn disappears into the maze, feeling her way along through the darkened corridors. She is in there for quite some time, doing who knows what. In time, however, she emerges from the maze's exit, perhaps not as fast as some. At least she doesn't look terrified by the time she steps back into the light. She glances around then, as if wondering to do next.

Chiara drifts in, then grins at the acrobats on the silks, giving their gymnastics - or perhaps the performers themselves - an appreciative look before making her way further through the room. The merchant sailor is dressed in shades of blue and brown, by way of her usual snug pants and looser, linen shirt. Catching Mayir's remark, she laughs. "Not even willing to try a little?" she asks him impishly.

At the Balance Beam game, Ember's handmaidens cheer on the Bloody Baroness as she and Lustry try their hand at remaining balanced atop the precarious perches. Ember gathers up her gown with her hands to avoid tripping on it, and the fact that she's in steep block heels makes her deft movements all the more impressive -- she even gets a few strangers watching and cheering her on. A few even whistle, which anyone who knows Ember knows she probably just /loves/. When the game is ended, she moves to offer her arm to Lustry once more. "What next, Your Highness?" she asks. "Your choice. I could see that my whim was bit too... wobbly, perhaps, for your liking."

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Looking aside, Desiree looks from Mayir to the acrobats again, then back with a breezy smile. "You really ought to try that. You look perfectly suited." She tries the ale, gives a satisfied nod, and provides a caveat for Mayir, "Best leave the drink behind in case it spills."

Thea checks composure at normal. Thea fails.

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Over at the fortunae teller's tent, Thea lifts an eyebrow. Faltering a little

Merek does a little bit of investment and work, but doesn't seem to be managing well in silver rush. He nods, then it's on to the next game. He takes time to find Maze of Darkness.

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A juggler snatches a hat right off a guest's head, the cap flying amid a flurry of fruit. Twice, the performer replaces the gentleman's chapeau with a piece of fruit, once an apple, once an orange. The second time, the hat is on his own head, and it seems he might walk off with it, but a last minute swap returns the cap, and the juggler walks off with a banana on his head.

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"Well, I don't know," says Mayir, looking hesitent as he glances between Desiree and Chiara. "I normally wouldn't. But for two such beautiful women, I find my resolve weakening." He takes a significant pull off of his ale. "But perhaps the three of us should try to find a game we might enjoy before I go break my neck."

Thea checked willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 31 higher.

Lustry laughs softly, she at least didn't fumble entirely upon the balance beam herself but she does gesture to the maze, "Why not we try that. I think it could be a lot of fun!" She laughs happily and makes her way towards the game.

"Well, if you don't believe in Lady Luck, she won't treat you well!" Yes, Venturo heard that singular word, and he can't help but quip back towards the Marquessa. A playful wink is cast towards her cohort in crime, the Duchess Khanne. "Don't let her lull you into a false sense of security!"

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Vashtalyn gives Merek a bright smile as he passes into the maze, just as she is leaving it, and a dip of her head. And then her attention is snared by the acrobat high above, and then the juggler snatches her attention. She watches him for quite some time, studying him with a critical eye. She gives a little nod and a smile at his little trick, chuckling softly, and then she moves on to find another game. Eventually, she stops at the Silver Rush game, and settles in to try her luck there.

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"That's the spirit!" enthuses Desiree, and she lifts her tankard in a toast to Mayir, catching a glimpse of the juggler after that. "Then after you have broken your neck, you ought to watch some juggling. Quite a talent." She then turns an easy smile on Chiara.

Chiara glances round the space, then grins brightly as she spies something. "Handcuffs?" she suggests to Mayir and Desiree, her grey-blue eyes twinkling. Shifting her attention to Desiree fully, she offers along with a smile, "I can't recall if we've met; I'm Chiara. You seem familiar, but I'll be honest that I'm terrible with names."

"High note for whom?" Khanne asks as she looks towards where Lianne is indicating. Still, she doesn't argue against it and starts to step in that direction before smiling to Venturo. "I know better than to feel secure in games. I do not have the luck of others." She gives him a wink then asks to Lianne, "shall we? Or can you not stray far from your post?" Her eyes glance up, momentarily watching the acrobats up high.

Merek walks along and into the Maze of Darkness, close to when Thea does, and manages to come from it the same time about. He nods to bit to Vashtalyn, while he smiles, then looks about the place.

Lianne smirks ever so slightly at Venturo, but there's no further quip turned the showman's way. Instead, to Khanne, she murmurs, "You know I'm not the lulling sort," in a flirtatious tease. A few fond smiles are turned across the crowd as she assures, "With you, I can stray anywhere. Let's." Off to mischief, then, they go.

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A woman wearing a tight fitting blouse and skirt in shades of charcoal greys, her face painted with smudges of ash and soot gracefully wields two poi balls on fire. From their chains they are swung round in arcs, the flickering fire seeming to come so close to her, but never does she get burnt in her hypnotic dance.

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Vashtalyn lingers at the Silver Rush table for quite some time, seeming to be enjoying herself there immensely. She seems to be winning more than she is losing, so there is that! The Andalashari merchant makes a decent showing, if not the greatest, but eventually she stands up, and leaves the gaming table. She pauses again, attention snared by the fire dancer. A soft smile touches her lips, as she pauses to observe the dancer for quite some time.

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"Oh! Yes! I do not think we have met!" declares Mayir to Desiree. He apparently knows Chiara well enough already. "I am Captain Mayir Grayhope, of the caravel Gray Hope. So very charmed to meet you." He doffs his imaginary hat and goes to join the handcuff game. "This looks like it's a sort of cooperation game that requires you to be smart. Hmmm." He is dubious. But willing to try!

Ember follows Lustry into the Maze of Darkness, and in the dark... and the pair are immediately separated. Lustry gets lost, but Ember? Ember calmly walks nearly the entire length of the maze, unfazed by the darkness -- and then, just as she's exiting, hears Lustry crying out for her and turns around to walk right back in. She emerges a few moments later with Lustry draped over her shoulder like some kind of Haakon-and-Medeia situation.

Venturo offers a playful wink to Chiara as the trio passes by, a look of mischief dancing in those features of the man in red and black. It isn't concern as much as curiosity as Ember emerges with Lustry over her shoulder, his stein lifted in a salute, "To always helping one another out! Well done, Baroness, Princess." Whatever is in his mug, the showman knows better than to drink much of it, turning his attention back across to the performers. Even he? Can be mesmerized by the dance of fire or the play of acrobats.

"Lady Desiree Wyrmguard," she introduces herself, laying a hand to her collarbone as if she needed to point herself out. "Pleasure, Chiara, and Mayir - oh, I have heard of the boat." She slips over to check out the game, peering at the traps. After a moment of inspection, she declares with the utmost confidence, "I have no idea how to do this." Still, she sets her ale aside and goes to give the game a try.

Chiara laughs at Mayir's remark about the handcuff game. "Well, if we fail to escape, it will just make drinking that much more of a challenge, yes?" Venturo's wink is returned saucily, the auburn-haired woman's gaze bright before she glances back to the other two. At Desiree's agreement, she grins. "All the more interesting, then."

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Domonico entere the Carnival, looking quietly apprehensive about the environment, taking his time to sweep his gaze around the area, looking for a familiar face... after all... one needs allies in such matters.

At the Code Breaker booth, Lianne and Khanne pit themselves against one another, testing code versus code. The marquessa solves the duchess' puzzle in fair time, a process possibly slowed by their quiet conversation and her frequent return to her drink. Which, really, is only an excuse. When it comes time for Khanne to guess Lianne's code? The duchess does so with astounding swiftness, earning a bright, delighted laugh from her friend. "You've always had a knack for reading my mind," she murmurs affectionately. "Scarcely fair that you should use it against me like this."

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Eventually, Vashtalyn's attention is dragged away by the sight of the balance beam. She wanders over to inspect it, watching for a time to see how it is done.

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"Mmm... you are good..." Khanne says as Lianne solves Khanne's puzzle. "I thought I had planned it pretty well too..." After a moment of study, focused (mostly), she then, in turn, swiftly solves Lianne's, laughing at Lianne's declaration. "What can I say? We understand one another too well sometimes."

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Ember continues to walk through the Carnival with Lustry draped over her shoulder, careful to hold the Princess in such a way that her modesty is preserved. Ember's ladies-in-waiting are /whispering/, basically overcharging themselves with the urge to gossip about this. "Ah. This seems more up your alley, Your Highness," Ember says, gently setting Lustry down in front of the Three Card Bluff booth.

\A tall, handsome sword-swallower of likely Lycene descent works the crowd, focusing mostly on people already paired up. At the moment, he's caught the attention of a rather flirtatious couple. The gentleman blushes profusely as he watches the blade slip past the performer's lips, but his companion can do nothing but grin, leaning in closer to whisper something undoubtedly suggestive for how that color only deepens.

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After playing the cull the herd game with Caprice, Pasquale turns his attention to weighing up the other destinations. His eyes first settle on the code breaker game but when Lianne and Khanne move on he turns to Caprice and says "Let us get drinks and then go visit the fortune teller."

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Domonico starts walking around the carnival slowly, frowning at each game in turn before his attention is drawn by two people he knows, one carrying the other over her shoulder and he intercepts them at three card bluff game.

Vashtalyn eventually gets in line for the balance beam, and when it is her turn, she gathers her skirts with one hand, and walks nimbly up to the center of the beam on its pivot. Spreading her arms like some kind of graceful bird, she finds the balance point with relative ease, her fingers splayed as if she were dancing, elegant and graceful. She balances there for a moment, and then, only wobbling a little, she lowers her leg back down, and then flits down the other side of the beam, back to solid ground.

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There may be a healthy sheep target cursing Caprice's name as she leaves the Cull the Herd Game with Pasquale, half-emptied stein in her hand. An amiable nod follows Pasquale's suggestion, and an amiable clothier follows the Malespero lord towards the fortune teller's tent.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant arrives, following Mikani.

"We do," Lianne croons fondly as she and Khanne abandon one game for another, moving on arm-in-arm, drinks in free hands. The marquessa lifts her stein toward Pasquale and Caprice, toasting to the both of them perhaps for how a swig follows. She murmurs quietly with her companion after as they make for a game of wolves and sheep.

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Lustry laughs a bit as she is sat into the three card bluff booth. "Perhaps it is indeed. Only time will tell I do suppose." Her freckled cheeks mildly flushed though she is thankful that her modesty was kept.

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The hosts eyes are squarely upon those who are enjoying the revelry, Venturo always quick to toast to an excellent showing... or one who falls dramatically short. A warm rumble of laughter comes from him for the sword swallower, before his attention lands squarely upon Vashtalyn as she gracefully steps from the balance beam. "It looks as if you've found your calling!"

Mikani takes Kismet Collectible Stein 1014 from Kismet Collectible Case.

In a reverse of what many would expect as the norm, a big, bulky man is strapped to a vertical turning circle, letting him do cartwheels in place as he goes around and around. A tall woman, dressed to fit the dangerous looking part, slings knife after knife at him. They thunk loudly each time into the wooden surface, always a hairs width away from her partners arms, legs, head, or even more sensitive parts, and all the while the big, strong fellow has a blaise, uncaring set to his features.

When Domonico approaches Ember and Lustry, the Bloody Baroness of Redreef gives the Count a curtsy in greeting. "Are you enjoying the games, Count Domonico?" she asks? Unfortunately, Ember is trying to talk AND keep her eye on the cards, and so when it comes time for her to pick a card -- oof, no, wrong, way wrong. A look of fury briefly crosses Ember's eyes, but she withholds comment.

Merek makes a way to the fortune telling tent.

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Thea is drinking and venturing away from game to game. So much so, her drink needs to be refilled. Oddly, she smiles as she makes checks out each booth.

Caprice's stein is raised in turn for Lianne and Khanne as the pair cross their path, Caprice spending another moment or two admiring attire before slipping into the tent.

Vashtalyn turns, skirts swishing about her as she hears Venturo calling to her, and she gives a little smile in his direction, and a knowing glance through her dark lashes. She manages to get her hands on another drink, and wanders away from the games, toward where the showman is standing. Mug in hand, she turns to watch the knife-throwing for a moment, her eyebrows lifting in surprise as she sees this. For a moment, she doesn't speak to Venturo, though she is standing near him, her hand flying to her throat as if her heart is in it, as she sees the daring display. "Oh my!" she says, after a moment. "I don't think I've ever seen anything quite so breathtaking!" She tucks her mug in the crook of her arm once it's over, and claps her hands excitedly.

Desiree is less than stellar at giving directions about extracting one's self from the tiny traps at the handcuff game. This manifests in a moment's frustration when she goes to reach for a drink, which briefly focuses the mind, and she's able to give slightly more concise directions, finishing with a more precise, "Yes, push - like that."

Khanne is starting to play the game with Lianne, but catches Caprice's raised stein. She returns the gesture with a smile and takes a sip. She's going to need a refill soon.

As another knife thuds right between his legs, so dangerously close, that big, burly man /giggles/, his voice an octave higher than any would anticipate. "It tickles!" This? Draws a warm bit of laughter from Venturo as Vashtalyn applauds the act, his head dipping into a warm nod of agreement with her assessment. "I have carnivals all over Arvum... and so am lucky enough to bring the best of the best here to Arx once a year. The result, as you can see, is mesmerizing. I'm Venturo Thayne, and I'm always delighted to find others whose hearts belong to the carnivals."

For some, Sunaia's tardy - for herself, she's right on time. Strolling into Kismet Hall without her usual loping canine escorts, the only thing that trails at her heels is the excess fabric of her gown, making it seem like a tame thundercloud of dark silk (or another fantastical, frivolous mental image) with enough pale skin exposed to be fashionable. She immediately seeks out a stein, and once she has good drink in hand - she's off to explore the Carnival.

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The comment and the /giggle/ from the big burly man draws a genuine laugh from Vashtalyn as she watches the display, amusement sparkling in her dark eyes. She turns to Venturo then as he speaks of carnivals all over Arvum, and she lifts her eyebrows. "Oh yes, I've heard of the famous Kismet Carnivals," she says with a beaming smile. "This is the first time I have been to one, though. I'm Vashtalyn, of the Andalashari," she introduces in turn, gathering her skirts, and dipping him a graceful curtsey. "I am so enjoying myself." A pause, and then she murmurs a question to him, in a lower voice.

Medeia exits the fortune teller's tent with a slight frown, and a healthy dose of skepticism, creasing her features. Her hand is tucked in the crook of Haakon's elbow again, looking up to him for an answer to a quietly asked question. Quickly, her eyes scan the space, taking in the surrounds.

Sunaia has joined the Left Low Risers.

Merek stands up to look at the line while he waits, then he takes some time to walk over and play cards. He almost loses his shirt and grunts, then he's maneuvering along to balance beam, he does well on that. Eventually he comes back to his spot, he will finish what he didn't after the fortune telling.

"They are a sight to behold," Venturo offers up dreamily towards Vashtalyn, his attentive gaze slipping only briefly to survey the ongoing performances before it lands squarely back upon the woman. "A pleasure to meet you, Vashtalyn of the Andalashari." His head dips in lower to listen to that question from the woman, before sharing back his answer.

Mikani enters looking around. She smiles at the business or the place. Waving to Venturo she moves to greet Ember. "Baroness good to see you!" She calls.

Ember has left the Three Card Bluff Game.

Haakon nods once to Medeia, casts an eye about and spots the 'Cull the Herd' game. "That will do." The reaver takes up a number of darts and promptly misunderstands the game, targeting the healthy animals. When it's explained that he is supposed to hit the sickly targets, he frowns and begins to argue that seizing the healthy animals is best. Mild comedy ensues before he grudgingly changed his aim, scoring decently well.

Lustry has left the Three Card Bluff Game.

Ember is standing with Domonico and Lustry. The Baroness has just lost at three card bluff, and is watching with some very faint annoyance as her companions absolutely /dominate/ it. "Lady Mikani," Ember says, with a dip of her head in greeting. "How does tonight find you?"

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Mikani checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 32 higher.

A lissome young woman in tight-fitting clothing twists her body into pleasing positions, shifting through a series of graceful movements which attract a small crowd. She bends beautifully, back arched and leg high, but when she sinks to the floor, she twists and contorts herself further until the edges of her bones pop at seemingly strange angles and her limbs are woven such that her composition seems entirely alien. At least two on-lookers teeter between concern and disgust before she unfolds herself splendidly and takes a sweeping bow.

Lustry has joined the Cull the Herd Game.

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Domonico frowns as he steps away from the card game... after somehow doing exceedingly well at it

Domonico has joined the Cull the Herd Game.

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So, that skepticism doesn't leave Medeia's face when Haakon chooses the game, but she does laugh. "Oh, this should go terribly." She watches him, first, then takes the darts and does... Okay. Each dart hits something, but some of those somethings are perfectly healthy. Ah well.

Mikani grins, "tonight finds me just fine. How are you?" She asks as she follows from one game to the next.

Norah seems to be cleaning up at three-card bluff. Daaaaaaang, girl.

Mikani checked perception + archery at difficulty 10, rolling 1 higher.

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Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Ophelia.

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Thea has joined the A booth with the carnival hosts.

Thea has left the A booth with the carnival hosts.

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Mikani checked wits + investigation at difficulty 10, rolling 34 higher.

Game complete, drinks drank (drunk?), and fortunes heard, Medeia and Haakon look at each other and seem to silently agree it is time to retreat. The lady catches the eyes of Venturo and Lianne, giving a polite wave, before heading out.

2 Prodigal reavers leaves, following Haakon.

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a pirate, Fluffy, the wary wildcat, 2 Eswynd shieldbearers, an Eswynd warrior named Erik or Alric, Haakon leave, following Medeia.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason arrive, following Svana.

Ember is still stinging from her three card bluff loss -- and her expression becomes a deep frown as she absolutely bungles the Cull the Herd game. Of all the darts thrown, the only one that hits anything is one that sails right into the innocent sheep, rather than any of the correct targets. "Damn it!" Ember hisses. "Absolutely /stupid/ animals, anyway." Yes, Ember -- blame the sheep.

Vashtalyn seems to finish her brief conversation with Venturo, ending with a curtsey and an enthusiastic, "Thank you! I shall not keep you longer." With that, she turns, giving a dip of her head, before turning to slip away, back into the crowd, to continue the revelry.

Mikani moves to the code breaker game. She answers the puzzle quickly after the flub up with the sheep.

Venturo's hand lifts, giving a salute with his stein to Mikani as he watches her move through, and then his attention shifts back as his current conversation partner gives her farewells. "You are most welcome. Until then, luck be with you."

A duo on stilts walks through the crowds, towering over ten feet in height. Suddenly, one of them leans down, plucking what seems to be a random woman from the crowd. She is swung by the arms between those stilted legs, and then flung up using that momentum. It soon becomes clear she is all part of the act, caught mid air by a man hanging from a trapeze bar.

Svana approaches curiously, looking a bit worn around the eyes. The source of her tiredness could be four little legs (assumedly attached to babies) hanging out of a leather carrier on her chest. She looks around for familiar faces, biting her lower lip.

Side by side, Lianne and Khanne take... well, not quite the /full/ tour of the of the games, but they do get to several of them. The marquessa tries to sell those big green eyes of hers as evidence of innocence in the sheep and wolf game, but the duchess is onto her, and Team Sheep prevails. From there, they move onto refills. And pie. The likelihood of the pair of them gobbling down pie at a competitive pace is slim, proven by their attempt to do so which leaves most of the pie on the table and the pair outclassed by a kid with no shame for how much blueberry goop is smeered across her face, but at least they had pie, and it was /delicious/. Especially when washed down with a nice, bright beer. The pair linger in the maze of darkness long enough that one might begin to wonder just what they're up to in there, especially when they emerge with Lianne clinging to Khanne's arm, murmuring quietly to the other woman, without a beer stein in hand. Where'd it go..?

Mikani checked willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 18 higher.

Watching from the lower risers, attempting to be an active watcher - if not an active participant, as that's just a little too much for Sunaia - her silvershot eyes flicker between the performers, marvelling at their grace.

Ember has left the Cull the Herd Game.

Thea hangs out with the wolves it seems. Taking her time, she takes a drink. A smile appears, finding a wolf.

Ember has joined the The Waterfall Game.

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Ophelia Velenosa arrives with a clackclackclack of her pointy heels and then draws to a halt near the entryway to accept a messenger. The note is read and she murmurs to her assistant, Robyn, to relay a verbal message rather than a written one. When the brunette leaves, Ophelia sweeps her gaze over the carnival with a bright smile and waves to a few familiar faces -- especially to the hosts, Venturo and Lianne. "Oh, what's on tap?" she muses before roaming in search of a drink.

Caprice has left the a quaint fortune teller's tent.

Pasquale leaves the fortune tellers booth and replaces his glove as he heads for the maze with a somewhat troubled look in his eyes. He considers Caprice for a moment as he moves towards the maze. "Was that fortune any good?"

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Somehow, someway, the princess in search of a drink? Is met by one tall and silent servant that is Zane. He has not just a mug, but a beer stein in hand, filled with a particular sort of alcoholic torment she knows well. When it arrives to Ophelia, Venturo's own stein is lifted in a salute towards the woman, a playful wink cast her way. "I believe there are some animals that need shooting at one of the games, princess."

Vashtalyn seems to be done with games for the moment, and now she wanders over to the fortune teller's tent, to peek inside once again. Seeing fewer people there now, she slips inside with a curious smile on her lips.

Vashtalyn has joined the a quaint fortune teller's tent.

Caprice is less troubled, though her emptied stein may have something to do with it. "I suppose anything that can be perceived as positive counts as 'good,' mm? But- yes, she's quite skilled," she answers Pasquale, a lower-voiced question posed him in return.

Pasquale contemplates the maze as the rules are explained to him and glances once to Caprice before giving a small shrug and stepping inside. Moments later he's back out on the other side with a slightly baffled expression on his face, glancing back to the maze area as if he thinks he missed some important detail until Caprice eventually emerges. "I dont understand. How did you get so lost?"

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Ophelia gasps with delight when Zane presents her with a beer stein full of her favorite drink. "Thank you!" she practically squeals. Her dark colored gaze immediately looks for that rakish host and when she spots him, she lifts her glass in 'cheers' to Venturo and takes a hearty swig. "Oh? Is there an archery game?" To Zane, that. Maybe he'll point.

Looking around once more, Svana sees nothing that she wants nor needs. She ducks her head, taking her leave back out.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason leave, following Svana.

Caprice might actually have become a permanent resident of the maze. There might actually have been a carnival worker sent in there to sweep up the lost lambs, Caprice included. She's wearing an odd look when she eventually breaks back into the light, Pasquale's question earning him a sharp glance. "Perseverance," she replies.

Dutifully Zane lifts a hand, giving a gesture towards the Cull the Herd game. It's a reassuring smile he offers up, before off the man goes back to tend to other steins that need filling.

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Roland, the worst bard in Arvum arrive, following Niklas.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 6 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard, Niklas arrive, following Sabella.

After a round or three of handcuffs, Mayir fetches Chiara a tankard and the two toast before Desiree starts to take her leave. The auburn-haired woman then winks at Mayir, expression impish, before she heads towards the fortune teller's tent, humming cheerfully.

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A boy of maybe eight years old approaches Venturo, looking up at the showman with bright blue eyes as he tugs on one of those red velvet coat-tails in a quiet bid for attention. "Mister Lucky, sir?"

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Sabella and Niklas, Arvum's best couple, arrive to the carnival late. Fashionably so, probably. They look fashionable, at any rate. They stroll in arm-in-arm, murmuring to one another. "Oh look, my darling, there's games! We should play one."

That tug garners Venturo's attention, looking over the head of the boy first, before down his chin tucks. That boy garners a warm smile from the showman, and down he crouches to be more on par with the young lad. "So many say. And what might I do for you?"

Chiara gets Kismet Collectible Stein 1014 from Kismet Collectible Case.

Moving along with Sabella when she points out the game Niklas is quick to nod leaning in to murmur softly in response to his wife, "Of course my moon, any game you want we will play. But we must not tell the children, think of the looks we will get." The words spoken with a glimmer of amusement and a shred of truth as he takes in the splendor of the carnival.

Akamos wanders in and takes a moment to absorb the large gathering. He rolls his shoulders a bit and then tromps over to stand near Domonico's shoulder, "Count, good to see you."

"Oh, um." Once the boy has Venturo's attention, he doesn't seem to know what to do with it, flustered as he at the man crouched before him. He glances back over his shoulder, then the other, but can't seem to find whatever he's looking for. Maybe he's lost? When he finally turns his attention back to the showman, he mutters, "There was a man. He gave me this." He holds up one of the sickly looking animals-on-a-stick from the Cull the Herd game, clearly stolen from the mechanisms. "And he said. He said to tell you, um. He'll, um, see you at Pretts?"

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With nothing more than a small smudge of blueberry on Khanne's upper lip (she is a dainty eater, thank you), Khanne continues the tour of games with Lianne. After they survive the Maze of Darkness (somehow), they head over to Rules of the Board Game, which Khanne stares at with clear confusion upon her face, her nose scrunched up a bit. She shakes her head, smiling when Lianne bests her fairly well, even though Lianne's own work was not spectacular... compared to Khanne's though... "That was some good pie, hmm?" She smiles, clearly focused on their prior fun and not letting a sound loss spoil her mood. From there, it is off to the Waterfall Game... a tricky one with handles and locks and water flowing.. how will the pair fare? About the same! Lianne gets the hang of the game at a decent level, far more so than Khanne who... seems to be chastising the water for misbehaving (???). Nevertheless, after another refill, they make their way to the Balance Beam. Is it really wise to try that after so much drink? SURE! Well, maybe Khanne has more experience being nimble footed while drinking fine alcohol... Lianne gets up first, making her way across slowly, very wobbly, the lemon worn around her neck swinging wildly as she tries to stay on the beam. After her dismount, taken carefully, Khanne gets up. Taking a centering breath, her dainty feet start to walk across nimbly, like a cat on a wire. And... because she apparently felt like showing off, she does a slow cartwheel with a handstand pause in the middle before bounding off and sticking the landing. Tada!

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Out Venturo's hand comes, carefully curling around the stick that holds up that sickly animal outline. It is brief, but there is an undoubtable frown that curls to the corners of his features. "He did, did he. Where?" Around those pale green eyes dart, trying to seek out /something/ or /someone/ in the midst of the crowd. It's a bit of misdirection, an easy little trick that produces a silver from between his fingers, and this is held up and out to the little boy. "Here. For your trouble, lad."

Khanne has left the Wolf With the Sheep.

Brother Chester, Fudgy, a chirpy crow arrive, following Jeffeth.

"You are absolutely ridiculous," Lianne declares of Khanne, smiling up at her friend once she's right side up again. The marquessa's cheeks are yet red for the effort of trying--and very nearly failing--to maintain her balance. Really, beer and long dresses don't making for good balancing. It's a wonder she didn't fall flat on her ass. She tips her cheek against the duchess' shoulder and eyes the fortune telling booth. "Shall we see what the future holds?"

Ophelia is /mad/ at some bad sheep and stamps a foot when a few get away from her at the Cull the Herd game. So she tries again!

Thea has left the Wolf With the Sheep.

The boy points back in toward the waterfall game when Venturo asks /where/, but nobody in that direction seems to be paying any mind to them, focused on the festivities. His eyes light up for the silver offered, and he hesitates before accepting, wrapping a grubby little hand around the coin before running off without so much as a thank you. The kid reunites with someone who might be an older sister who seems relieved to have him rejoin her, and the pair disappear into the maze.

Once Lianne returns to her hosting duties, Khanne lingers near that center ring, watching the performers that work to entertain the masses.

Ember has left the The Waterfall Game.

Khanne is overheard praising Venturo.

Caprice is overheard praising Venturo: The best showman, and he really fills out that tailcoat well! Fantastic Carnival!

Caprice is overheard praising Sloane: I was fortunate enough to have my fortune read by this one! Fantastic Carnival!

Norah is overheard praising Venturo.

Khanne is overheard praising Lianne.

Norah is overheard praising Sloane.

Khanne is overheard praising Sloane.

Khanne is overheard praising Malespero.

Sabella is overheard praising Venturo.

Niklas is overheard praising Venturo: A lovely Carnival! Wait is that a pie eating contest!? GOOD MAN

Mikani is overheard praising Sloane.

Sabella is overheard praising Sloane.

Mikani is overheard praising Venturo.

Sabella is overheard praising Lianne.

Niklas is overheard praising Sloane: A lovely carnival

Mayir is overheard praising Lianne.

Mayir is overheard praising Sloane.

Mayir is overheard praising Venturo.

Chiara is overheard praising Venturo: He certainly knows how to throw a party! Good drinks and good entertainment!

Caprice is overheard praising Lianne.

Venturo rises from the crouch, murmuring, 'Pretts' to himself, clearly trying to figure out just what the child meant. But then there is Zane, holding out a list for the showman. A grunt comes, a deep breath, but then the man is striding to that central ring once more, ascending the wooden platform that has managed to make its appearance once more.

"My fellow brothers and sisters of Arvum! It seems we have the results of those of you who have had a streak of skill - or luck - in our games. Let us see who we shall be celebrating tonight!" That list is looked over, one dark brow arching upwards as he looks it over. "In Wolf with the Sheep, we have Princess Lustry whose fangs were the sharpest! By mere moments in the Waterfall, Lord Pasquale edges out the competition. When it comes to culling the herd? The Lord Hakoon exceeds all of our expectations!"

Duarte is overheard praising Lianne.

Duarte is overheard praising Venturo.

Domonico is overheard praising Lustry.

Chiara is overheard praising Sloane: Proteges make the world go 'round - the final product is always influenced by those in the background!

Chiara is overheard praising Lianne.

Lustry smiles fondly to Domonico and begins to move towards him, softly whipsering into his ear for a moment.

Ophelia siiips from her beer stein and hopes no one saw that innocent sheep disappear. Now would be a good time to nonchalantly walk away from the booth, and so she does without lingering near any games. When the winners are announced, she lifts her drink in 'cheers' and swigs to their good fortune!

Her attention is drawn from one of the performers towards Venturo when his voice rises above the throng. Announcing some of the winners, Khanne applauds loudly, cheering each on for their mastery at the games!

Venturo continues on, because gosh, there are a lot of games! "Demonstrating a knowledge of the law that makes me slightly concerned for my dubious past, the Marquessa Lianne shows the Rules of the Board game. In Balancing? None could exceed the Duchess Halfshav, who, according to this note, the carnival agentw as concerned she had fallen into a coma for how still she was. In the Maze? We see a familiar face, the Lord Pasquale once more whom, apparently, must be able to see in the dark."

Vashtalyn is overheard praising Venturo: A marvelous show, and a vibrant showman. I hope to attend every Kismet Carnival!

Vashtalyn has left the a quaint fortune teller's tent.

With a nod, Sunaia smiles a little, although her restlessness has finally gotten the better of her. She sets her emptied stein on the empty bench, rises to applaud the victors, and then makes a quiet exit -- prowling back out of the Hall.

Sunaia has left the Left Low Risers.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound arrive, following Apollo.

Pasquale was midway through trying to answer what must have been a difficult question when he hears his name. He looks up, a touch surprised, before giving a small, rather embarassed looking, smile and dipping his head in thanks towards Venturo. "They were good games."

Vashtalyn is overheard praising Sloane: 4,Calm in the midst of chaos.

Stepping up next to Ophelia as she cheers is a very large man, a very large, very scarred man. The horriffically scarred form of Jeffeth Bayweather gives a small smile of the good side of his face down to the princess before he is raising his large hands and oining in on the clap-clap-clapping.

After playing a game of the Three Card Bluff and Wolf with the Sheep, Sabella seems content to simply mingle. She listens as Venturo announces winners, politely applauding.

Akamos smiles warmly at Lustry and bows, "Your Highness." Then he leans in slightly closer to Domonico, "I have no idea what I've wandered into here... It's quite the gathering, isn't it?"

Vashtalyn is overheard praising Sloane.

Apollo has joined the Handcuffed, the Game.

Sabella has left the Three Card Bluff Game.

Lustry offers a welcoming smile to Akamos as she greets, "Hello messere." She offers a nod to Domonico at the whispered back words.

Khanne grins wide and takes a small bow when she is announced the winner for tonight's balance beam games.

Lianne offers Venturo a look of wide-eyed innocence undermined by a sharp-cornered grin at the announcement of her success. The other names, best friend and brother among them, earn... well, not applause. She's found a new drink, and so they get a lift of her stein, a toast to the victors. Her attention, again, drifts toward the fortune telling booth to consider the line. Patience, patience. A little more beer in the meantime.

Flipping the list over, Venturo continues on, his voice warm and vibrant, loud enough to be heard clearly. "The ravisher of pies, no berry able to stand before him, Count Domonico takes the... well, pie! In one of the most contested of games, knowing just how to make an entrance, the Princess Sabella excels in the Three Card Bluff. And showing she knows just how to get the most out of haggling - and carnival agents! - Vashtalyn is the big winner in Silver Rush. And in a means that we shouldn't ask questions, it is the Lord Hakoon who best knows how to get out of Handcuffs. Finally, that leaves us with the most remarkable of times, practically her first guess off the bat in Code Breaker, with the Duchess Khanne as the winner."

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Apollo wanders up late. Because he works! BECAUSE HE WORKS. When he notices there's a handcuff game, well, that's too tempting not to try. It's a shame that he didn't pay attention; he might have realized it's about giving good directions. Whoooops. And now he's stuck.

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Domonico nods to Akamos as he applauds the winners, "Indeed it is Akamos. Even though..." he trails off as he announced winner and coughs, "Ah... well the pies were very tasty and I had missed breakfast this morn."

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Khanne looks over towards Count Domonico and raises her stein. "Good pie, wasn't it?" she yells over. She still has just the small smear of blueberry upon her lip.

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Domonico raises his Trophy Stein back to Khanne, "Indeed it was!"

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Venturo gets Kismet Trophy Stein 1014 from Kismet Trophy Bag.

Niklas has left the Three Card Bluff Game.

Leaving the fortune-teller's tent, Vashtalyn seems almost like she is about to head toward the exit, but then she hears the prize-winners being announced, and she pivots on a heel to listen. When she hears her name called for the Silver Rush game, the Andalashari merchant smiles. She claps for the other winners as well, looking around to try to figure out which name goes to which face. She takes her trophy stein in her hands when it is given, and hooks it on her belt next to the commemorative one.

Domonico has left the The Waterfall Game.

Lustry has left the The Waterfall Game.

3 Thrax Guards, Cian, the diligent assistant, Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, a mastiff pup leave, following Lustry.

Lustry leaves, following Domonico.

Ophelia is in mid swig of her drink when Jeffeth appears next to her out of /nowhere/. And so she casually pivots away from him to finish sipping. Maybe she's grumpy because of that innocent sheep that went missing. Maybe she's grumpy at something /else/. Right now, though, she watches Venturo dole out trophies (and tries not to sniffle).

"For the rest of the evening, however? Bragging rights are still on the table, as always... or to get your fortune told, or simply enjoying a beverage with company. May luck be with you all, and remember. Victory? Is ours." With that, Venturo descends, the last of the announcements for winners made as the showman makes his way back towards the booth for the hosts.

Lianne has left the A booth with the carnival hosts.

Niklas has joined the Pie Eating Contest.

Lianne has joined the Handcuffed, the Game.

With the blessings of his wife and a laugh from Sabella the playwright and Grayson Prince Niklas makes his way along through the people as his eyes become focused on the most treasured of games and contests. The sweet loving Niklas drawn like a moth to the flame to the pie eating contest.

Sabella continues to applaud politely as more winners are announced, her smile genuinely pleased for all of them. When the princess hears her name, her eyes widen in surprise and then her expression melts into one of glee. "I won? Oh, Niklas, I won!" A sweet laugh bubbles from her throat. "How very lovely."

3 Thrax Guards, Cian, the diligent assistant, Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, a mastiff pup arrive, following Lustry.

Lustry arrives, following Domonico.

Khanne lifts her trophies and smiles towards Lianne. "I can double fist the drinks now!"

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