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Mayir Grayhope

What do you need? Grayhopes can get anything.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Gray Market Fixer
Fealty: Crown
Family: Grayhope
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 2/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: brown

Description: Mayir has black, wild hair, that he never seems to comb. It sticks out at all angles from his head, a tangle that defies both the barber's shears and the wind alike. Youthful, he has an easy smile, brown skin, and dark chocolate eyes that shine with mirth and keen perception. Mayir is also slender, and wiry, with quick, graceful movements of someone who is used to being underfoot and getting out of the way. Yet there is just a bit of muscle there too, of one who has had to lift and tote on the regular.

Personality: Mayir puts the hustle in hustler. He has had more titles and businesses and ventures in his twenty-something years than some people have in a lifetime. Whether it is marketing the family business (Highway Robbery! Arx’s finest shop! No refunds!) or making a quick sailing trip up the coast with some crates of questionable origins (What is that officer? You deserve a break. Here, take some coin and take the husband out on the town!), Mayir has done it all. He always has some grandiose scheme which he will attack with zest until he gets bored with it or until another one comes along. And he knows everyone! Despite being some gutter rat from the Lowers, he will tell you how he has dated princesses and caroused with the Thraxian High Lord. How? Well, because Grayhopes can talk to anyone or get anything. It’s just how the family works.

Background: When you grow up in the Lower Boroughs, there isn't really much to one's childhood. Mayir's father was a sailor that chose the sea over home, his mother a tavern wench that barely kept food on the table. Mayir went to the lessons taught by the Scholars of Vellichor and learned his letters and his figures, though he had no real skill at it. Instead, he preferred to run and roughhouse and snatch and run some more.

As Mayir came to age, sailing was the only career he much knew about, and so he set about becoming a sailor. But Mayir's heart was not in it. The work was long and hard and backbreaking, and the sea had no romance to it. It paid coin. But Mayir came to realize something important about the merchant trade: Shrinkage. No consignor expects every bolt of silk or jug of whiskey to arrive at the destination. So sometimes things fall off ships. And sometimes those things end up fenced to suitable sources. And sometimes a sailing goes better for Mayir than he expects.

Along the way, Mayir found himself working the same crews of one Magpie Grayhope. Sail long enough and it happens. And as their relationship grew and Mayir's unique skills became helpful, Mayir now finds himself as part of the family, one among those adopted into the house.

Since joining the Grayhopes, Mayir has diversified his businesses. No longer (allegedly) a small-time dockyard thief, Mayir is a promoter of the family businesses, a captain of his own ship, and partner and co-founder of a dizzying number of businesses which appear not to exist until Mayir happens to think of them. Mayir has risen up the ranks, too, landing a gig as the family’s underboss and Magpie’s second-in-command. He may not be a Grayhope by blood, but he is one in every other way that counts.

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