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Saikland's Costa Lavica Whiskey Release

Join the Saiks for the release of their newest whiskey, lovingly crafted in Saikland Greens under the direction of Medeia and born from the inspiration of Neilda. Come early to get your FREE bottle! You won't want to miss this, one early taster called it a "miracle." Few things go better with a fine glass of whiskey than a fine story that doesn't seem quite believable. As such, guests are asked to consider coming ready to share their tall tales, fish stories, and other epic moments on the open stage.


Oct. 18, 2020, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Medeia Lucita Neilda


Calypso Drake Merek Macda Pasquale Quenia Haakon Valerius Thea Flora Poppy Grimgar Korka Patrizio Narcissa Valencia Liara Domonico Hamish Esme Dycard Kiera Caprice



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - The Black Fox

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

The Black Fox has been largely untouched to transform the tavern into an event space for the evening. The exceptions: A small 'stage' area has been cleared to allow the story tellers a space to call their own as they share their tall tales, tables and chairs have been arranged as best as possible to face that area, and Medeia's assistant Fortescue is posted by the door to collect the names of those who want to share a story (and to hand out bottles of whiskey to guests as they leave). Julius is posted at the bar, as usual, prepared to pour out measures of the whiskey to any who ask.
Medeia is standing near her assistant, ready to greet people as they come in.

Macda gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Thea takes Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Flora gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Drake gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

1 Malespero guard, Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman arrive, following Pasquale.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Neilda, ever the super hostess - is sitting at a table while Medeia does the heavy lifting. At least she's chatting with someone, actively engaged. She might have already started telling some tale, because she's gesturing with her hands in an animated fashion. Not entirely eloquent though - she is either describing something that can be drawn on a map, or a very large derriere.

Azzurra, a proper personal assistant arrives, following Valerius.

Valerius takes Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Calypso shoulders the door open and strides in, her toned body all but swallowed by her oversized, shaggy fur coat. She strides about halfway to the bar, her boots striking a hard but unhurried rhythm on the wood, and then comes up short, and looks around, blinking, at all of the decorations. "What the actual fuck...?"

Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Drake arrives at the event, arm in arm with Thea as he walks into the Fox. He's practically a regular here, but when he looks around at the place set up for a private event, he realizes that he hasn't actually been to the Fox in some time. Hopefully it will be a pleasant party, but... all parties go well with a bit of libation, so he goes right for the tasting, picking up a glass. But he does give a nod to Medeia, in proper greeting. "Hi there. Been a while, eh?" It has not; he just saw her at the Malvici dinner, but that's the joke.

Merek walks up into the place, dark attire on along with the belt while he pulls up the hood of his attire with the beltcape about the waist. He nods and finds a place to settle in.

Macda enters shortly after Calypso, she chuckles as her arm squeezes Valerius's arm and she smiles softly. "I am just here for the free fucken whisky." she says quietly to her date. Rolling her eyes when they enter, and she laughs overhearing the other brawler "Calypso!" she calls "I keep meaning to strap you down for conversation!" she calls loudly. "well.. it looks good at least."

Pasquale arrives mere moments before Calypso and takes a small step to one side to let her through. Amusement shines briefly in his eyes at her response. "What a pleasure to see you Duchess."

It took some doing, but Quenia finally pushed through all of her menial tasks at home in order to obtain some relief for the evening. She donned her warmest cloak, pulled on her warmest gloves, and braved the cold for an event that supports her cousin and protege's house, and now here she is walking through the door, making sure to quickly step out of the way so the others pouring in can find their own space. She immediately goes over to the table she sits at most and settles down, making note of who may have made it this evening.

Quenia has joined the A corner booth.

Quenia gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Lucita waits outside the tavern till the rush of people coming to the event subsides a little then makes her way into the area. A warm smile is given and discrete little waves to acquaintences and cousins and close friends are given a cheek kiss and a hug before she finds a seat, and a glass, and a bottle, and hopefully folks with whom to talk.

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Glancing over at Neilda's hand gestures with an amused quirk of an eyebrow, Medeia begins greeting everyone as they filter in. She doesn't get much of a chance to say hello to Calypso, but the Duchess's reaction earns a soft laugh as she urns to see Drake and Thea. "Lord Drake, truly, I'd started to forget what you look like." She gives Thea a hug before greeting Macda and Valerius. "Macda! We have free whiskey, you came to the right place."

As the door starts to fall closed behind Lucita, a calloused hand catches it and holds it open long enough for Haakon to follow, "The Saik," in with only a bit of the winter wind accompanying him before the door shuts with a thud. The ghost of a smile draws at the Prodigal's lip as he regards the others filling the bustling tavern.

Drake seees Macda with Valerius, and looks at the man, then gives him a light, playful slug on the shoulder. "You've got to be careful with that one. She punches a lot harder than I do," he says to him, smirking. Then he raises his glass as a gesture of 'cheers' to Macda, before taking a taste. "Hm. Bit smokier than our Wyvernheart stock. I like it."

Calypso stands in the middle of the Black Fox, looking confused, until Macda mentions whiskey. "OH. Oh, shit. Whiskey. That was today?" There is, against all reason, a note of doubt in her voice, like all these decorations and people might be here just for shits and giggles.

Valerius heads over to Medeia, "Lady Medeia, thank you for your help in the matter this morning. I see that you've been busy, as per usual. We look forward to what stories are up for tonight." He then turns to Drake with a sly smile.

Neilda's story, for the benefit of a young woman already sampling the whiskey, concludes with a gesture that indicates that yes, in fact, it was a... call it a rotunda? She was describing. She pops up from her seat with a laugh and a 'wait' gesture, and moves over to Medeia to murmur something in her ear, a hand on her arm.

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Thea steps in with Drake with a look of excitement. Free.Alcohol! When Medeia goes to hug her, she embraces her,"This is great. I ever mention how much I love you lately?" as she waves to Calypso and Macda. "Heeey,"going to take a seat. Neilda too gets a passing hug and kiss on the cheek. "Drake, you should go tell a tall tale,"grinning to him.

Macda smiles a little to Drake and she laughs deeply to Drakes words and she grins a little, "good to see you Lord Drake, but my hands do need a good blooding... perhaps The kind man will lend his nose." she says in a rueful joke, before she smiles then as well as she waves over to Thea "good to see you too girl!"

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Calypso gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Flora struts into the Fox, clad in armor a half-smile. She marches directly to the whiskey tasting, taking stock of the gathering crowd for the event, leaning forward on one arm against the bar. "Free drinks, huh? No complaints here!"

Medeia offers a hug to Pasquale and a nod to Merek, before turning brightly to Quenia and Lucita. "Marquessa Quenia! Luc! So glad you both are here!" She gives Lucita a kiss on the cheek as she sees Haakon slip in the door. "Haakon," she inclines her head before reaching up on tiptoe to whisper something to him.

"Should I tell you that one I told you?" Drake asks Thea, lifting his glass again. "... Hm, no, we were still ... workshopping that one." He snaps his fingers. "Oh, I've got it. But you'll have to forgive my bad storytelling. I really am still working on remembering how to tell stories in the order they happened in." Drake turns around a bit and sees Haakon is coming in as well, when Medeia mentions him. "Cheers," he says.

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"What day is it?" Calypso demands of Thea by way of greeting, her ice colored eyes narrowed in a doubting squint.

Pasquale pats Medeia's back when she hugs him, murmuring a few soft words, before moving off towards the table where Neilda is finishing up her story "Did your story involve voluptuous hills Neilda?"

Poppy practically bounces in. "I heard there was free drinks?" Spotting Valerius in the crowd , she makes a beeline towards him. "I should of guessed you were here if there's drinks." She flops into an empty seat and waves to those she knows.

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Neilda kisses Thea's cheek in return for the drive-by she got, and asks, "Should I tell your /favorite/, Thea?" She hooks an arm through Pasquale's, grinning. "A Lady never tells," she says. As if she's ever let it stop her.

Grimgar arrives fairly quietly, though the giant has a long way to go if he wants to be unseen. He spots Medeia and offers her a smile dipping his head to her politely as he drifts through the room. Letting someone know that he wishes to tell a story he then moves around the room looking for a chair.

Thea squints back at Calypso, lifting an eyebrow,"It's THAT day. You know---the one where you're supposed to yell at Martino." It's always yell at Martino day. Seeing Haakon, she waves to him too and Poppy as she slips into a booth. Thea chuckles at Drake, nodding,"Always do,"but gets sidetracked by Neilda. And is already nodding her head in agreement,"Absolutely! The one about the thing and that thing, doing all the stuff!"

"Every day is 'yell at Martino' day," Calypso confirms with a laugh. "He's not usually in the room when I do it, though." She plants her derriere on a bar stool, since the bar was where she was going, initially.

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Macda laughs and she shakes her head to Val "sometimes." she says before she looks over to Caly and she laughs deeply

Haakon gives a sharp sniff and short nod to the hostess when Medeia greets him. Drake also draws a short nod. "So long since you've seen her, and so long again before you'll see me, aye?" with dry amusement, the two having a notable appointment for the following day. "Fair met," he adds in more normal greeting.

Korka steps inside the crowded event and pulls her hood down, some snow falling down around her shoulders as she does so. Perhaps predictably she heads for the bar, slinging the cloak from her shoulders to toss on a stool beside her as she takes a seat with her back to the counter, eyes scanning the crowd to see who is here.

As the Black Fox fills up, it is a little harder for Medeia to ensure everyone gets a personal greeting, and well, it's time to start wrangling story tellers. She gives a wave to Grimgar and a few others as she makes her way to the stage area and Julius rings a bell for her. Once people have quieted a bit, she says, "Hello everyone! Welcome to the release party for Saiklansd's Costa Lavica whiskey! This whiskey was one of the first I came up with when I started to take on the responsibilities of overseeing the vintners and distillers back home. It's been aged just over five years, so, it will get better with age! If you are willing to share a story tonight, please see my assistant," she gestures to Fortescue at the door, "And he will put you on the list! Thank you and enjoy!"

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Pasquale just gives a 'what can you do' sort of shrug to Neilda when she responds to his whisper before telling Neilda. "Well it certainly wasn't about me. So I'm sure it was terribly lady like."

Lucita glances over toward Macda from where she sits by Quenia, the two talking softly. Her voice is projected a little so it carries toward the Private Booth. "Oh, she does have a punch to admire!" And her attention goes back to Quenia though her glance roves from person to person.

"Do you have a favorite tall tale?" Drake asks Thea, assuming that's what Neilda means. He gives a nod to the list-taking assistant, but then a longer one to Haakon. "Should be fun!" he says, good-naturedly. "Of course this is a battle which is up to Gloria to decide the righteous. But I'm told if I win the Harlequins will have a grudge against me."

Medeia clears her throat in Drake's general direction.

Macda smiles to Lucita "should get some glitter that pops out when I hit..." she says quietly "but I am sure Calyspo there is better!"

Quenia smiles warmly over at Medeia. "Lady Medeia. Good to see you again, as ever always," she remarks. She sees a few other people she recognizes and offers a wave in Thea and Drake's direction. She looks over to Lucita as her cousin settles down and says, "Your Saik cousins have outdone them selves, Lucita. Were they also responsible for the flavor of the whiskey this evening, or was that your doing?"

Thea totally doesn't hear Macda's glitter comment, pity she doesn't though. Seeing Quenia's wave however, she lifts her hand. "Countess, hello,"Thea greets with a slight smile. And since sitting at the same table, she able to fiiiind,"Baroness Lucita...this looks to be quite the turn out. Congratulations to all of you,"before Thea heads over to see her cousin. Quite ready to try out the new bottle. Thea murmurs to Drake, a smile appearing,"Neilda has one. But I can't tell you, because it will ruin it!"

Turn in line: Grimgar

"Battle?" Haakon echoes Drake with a curious look. "Surely not. Naught but sport of good sport of a bad jest. Ought be a fair way to pass the day, indeed." As for grudges, his shoulders stir in silent laughter. "I mean to win a goodly groan from the Laurent, win or lose. So we'll both have a grudge born out, most like. Each about as dread, I expect."

Julius rings the bell for attention again as Medeia looks over the list her assistant has given her. "Alright! Our first storyteller of the night is Prince Grimgar Redrain! Please make your way over here and begin when you are ready."

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3 Ivory Shields, Valencia arrive, following Patrizio.

Drake hears that throat clear. He looks at Medeia, and is about to make... some kind of joke, no doubt, but then the story contest starts up. At the announcement of a Redrain prince, Drake looks at him assessingly. Then he looks over at Macda for a moment, for some reason... before settling in at the bar.

Patrizio gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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Korka gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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Lucita says, "The credit goes to my Voice Neilda and Lady Medeia. They are doing wonderfully, am so proud of them? They organized the event and oversaw the whiskey start to finish and have been.... well, I'm taking up the story teller's time! I'll stop my praises of them and be quiet to listen!"

Valencia gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Nevermore, the sulking raven, 3 Fidante House Guards arrive, following Narcissa.

Pasquale joins the table with Lucita and Quenia. He nods as he settles but whatever he says to the two isnt meant to carry.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Drake looks at Haakon again, and does make some small remark on it, while the prince is setting up at the spot. "You know, I can't help but feel as if I'm playing the heel again in this match. I'm not that good at acting that part. I should take a lesson on it."

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The door opens once more from without, the better to admit Patrizio accompanied by Valencia, with his guard bringing up the rear and looking - as almost always - fairly miserable at where they're being dragged hither and yon about the city in such weather as it is. "I think that this is going to be something not to be missed, your highness," he's saying to his companion as they come in, with a broad smile as if he's quite pleased with himself indeed for the moment.

In the midst of what appears to be a lively gathering, Narcissa slips into the Black Fox with all the expression of a owl blinking warily at the morning sun. Caught off-guard, the Wallflower of Tor almost shrinks back into herself and then further back out the door before finding steel in her spine, enough pluck to make a beeline for the bar to procure a glass of whatever can be warmed or mulled.

Neilda slips along after Pasquale to sit with Lucita and Quenia - she'll tell her tale later.

Grimgar takes the stage, the blonde haired giant regarding the crowd solemnly but with shining green eyes. "Good evening. I am Grimgar Redrain andI believe I might have a story to share with you. I hope this one wiil suffice."

Grimgar paces the stage as he begins the tale. "I was having a bad day so I decided a bit of camping would be nice. I packed up and went to the woods with a barrel of mead. The mead was sweet and I enjoyed several cups after I set up camp. I might have been smarter and remembered that that particular part of the woods was home to might greatest nemisis to date. She-bears."

Grimgar pauses for dramatic effect then continues. "So there I was, in the middle of the woods, fire roaring, mead swiftly running low when I see her. She was bigger than me, likely ten feet tall and twice as heavyset. Into my camp she comes. I was sitting there with a half filled cup in hand watching as that bloody she-bear raided my barrel of mead! This will not stand I think so I did the best thing a drunken man beset by bears can do. I engaged it in a wrestling match. Around and around we went....I dodged the beasts claws only barely of those claws got my breeches. Now I don't know about you but there comes a time when all must do the sesible thing when faced with a demanding she-bear."

Grimgar chuckles and bows his head. I ran...however in my pursuit of retreat that evil bear ripped my breeches clean off. Thankfully nothing else was damaged and I returned home one barrel of mead and one pair of pants less but at least I got a decent story out of it I hope?"

Narcissa gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Macda looks to Drake, her eyes then drawn to the blonde haired giant, her eyes look him over as she listens to his story. She lifts a glass up to her lips and she blinks a little as She-bears are mentioned. She chuckles her eyes flicker to Haakon and she laughs and she laughs hardly "here here!"

Haakon raises a brown brow at Drake, the corner of a scarred lip tugged up a moment later. "The heel. You," he echoes, canting his head to a curious angle. "Between ye and me, if you think a flock of Mainlanders will hoot and hiss at *you*, I'd call you mad," he opines with dry amusement. He gives ear to Grimgar's story. "So you ended up bear assed," the Prodigal calls to the storyteller in a.. terrible pun.

Thea listens to Grimgar, meanwhile skimming him. "I thought most Redrain princes were redhead,"she remarks. But when he gets to the part regarding his britches and the important parts being--safe,"she laughs. There's a yell from Haakon. An awful pun and Thea just finds herself groaning. "Gods....I hate you sometimes."

Turn in line: Drake

Having settled off to the side while Grimgar shared his tale, Medeia's eyebrows rise at the mention of wrestling a bear. THen she laughs at the conclusion and gets up, applauding. "Thank you, Prince Grimgar," she says as she makes her way back to the center of the stage area. A look of appreciation sent in Haakon's direction for the pun. "Our next story teller will be... Lord Drake Wyvernheart4! Come on up!"

Drake chuckles at Haakon. "You're exactly right. I wouldn't be at ALL convincing. Still, I apparently am fighting on the side of ... anti-fun. I guess that doesn't make me a heel though." He takes a drink. "Just an Oathlander." He turns his eye to the stage, clapping a few times for the man and his story, but with the sort of attitude that seems to indicate he thinks he can beat the story. Then his name is called, and he gets up, leaving behind an empty glass in need of a refill.

Flora shrugs, taking a swig from her free booze when Haakon speaks up, raising her voice above the din. "Bear assed and defeated to boot! A shame, that."

Dressed in scarlet silks that embrace slender waist and enticing curves, Valencia arrives at the side of Patrizio. Delicate hand curled lightly into the crook of her arm, the little raven haired Lycene cannot seem to contain her delight to see faces familiar and new as the event begins in full force. Dark eyes dancing, Valencia offers a bright smile to Baroness Lucita, though she does not seem to wish to interrupt as she speaks highly of her family. The robust Redrain is offered a gentle incline of head as Drake moves to share his tale and she turns to smile to Patrizio. "What a beautiful event this is. Thank you again for convincing me to attend."

Neilda has one ear on the story, one ear on folks at her table - she might be in a very good mood because of the turnout. She turns to murmur something at her table.

" get myself a drink." Grimgar chuckles deeply then steps off the stage. He looks around for the nerest person serving drinks.

Arriving somewhat late, Liara lingers near the entrance long enough to hear out Grimgar's story, then, smiling as it comes to its conclusion, she goes to find herself a seat at the bar, with an easy greeting of "Good evening," for the people already there.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Liara before departing.

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Medeia is overheard praising Grimgar.

Macda stands from her table, after murmering to it - only to approach Grimgar, "so wrestling bears are really a thing?" she asks to the prince, her eyes twinkling before she looks over to Drake as it is his turn to tell.

"I have to be honest, I was goaded into it. I'm a terrible storyteller, and everyone knows it," Drake says. He gestures toward Thea and the rest of the bar, with a little smile. Though he claims otherwise there is a theatricality to his movements, though it's more in the physical than in his words. "So I suppose I could tell the story of the barfight I had recently..." Here he pulls his shirt aside, and shows what looks like a pretty deep scratch, of all things, a scar that's now mostly healed, but may leave a good mark. "But, eh, half of you have heard that one already, and the rest of you all already heard a bear fighting story tonight."

"So let me see." Drake looks at Neilda. "There's the one about the cursed ring," he says. Then he pauses. "But... also a boring story really. It's not a big curse, barely one I notice most of the time. The other curse on me is worse so they cancel each other out." Drake is not wearing a ring, however. So that might be crap.

He hops onto a stool and actually launches in to what might be the story. "So, I'll tell you that one time I had tea with the Queen." A pause. This is not that amazing, obviously. "Lovely woman. Called me into her draw room, brought in a service, just a little private conversation. We talked about travel, and the weather, and the day to day of things mundane." That's an incredibly boring story. Drake pauses, and snaps his fingers. "Oh, I forgot a detail again. I do that every time, bah. It was Queen Alarice, actually. I mean I know they're saying she's dead, but it turns out not. She didn't talk much about the old wars though, as Queens have their dignity, but as we parted ways she did insist we should do it again some time if she happened to be passing through."

Quenia chuckles with some amusement at Grimgar's tale, having caught it over the chatter at her table. When Drake is mentioned next, she turns her attention to the would-be blind assassin, giving him a polite amount of attention.

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Over at her table, Neilda makes a very evocative face that might mean 'Drake, what are you DOING, Drake, STAHHHHHP' - but he moves on, you know? He moves on. Her expression does, too, with a flare of a hand upward like - what? You can't just make up LIES, Drake. That kind look. That kind of PAIR of looks.

Narcissa settles in with a mug of mulled wine, a dram of that newly released whiskey, to listen to the tales. Polite nods are extended to those at the bar.

When Drake pills his shirt aside to show the scar, Haakon shouts helpfully, "You're losing the crowd! Take your shirt off."

Lucita says, "Ohhh, very good stories!""

"Hear, hear," Korka helpfully calls after Haakon, lifting up her glass.

"Haakon, I was unaware that it was that type of night!" Valerius quips

Poppy immediately whistles and cheers at Haakon's words. "Take it off!"

Turn in line: Calypso

There's flickering amusement on Medeia's face as Drake does and doesn't then does tell a story. Both eyebrows lift at the twist of his tale before she shoos him from the stage and steps back up to announce the next. "Thank you, Lord Drake. Next is Duchess Calypso Malvici! Perhaps keep your shirt on, though?"

Thea watches Drake and for a moment she thinks he's going to start stripping. But then he's--BLAMING HER! Thea gives the most NOT sincerest look ever and subtly shakes her head. NOPE, not her fault. Thea instead is lifting her glass too,"Yep, you heard the man--and women. Off it goes!"

Haakon calls back to Valerius, "Every night is one of those, if a body lives right!"

Calypso takes an exaggerated sip of her drink as it comes up to her turn, having successfully NOT snorted her drink at Haakon's remark. "Speaking of taking off shirts." She's not moving to stand on a stage or standing on the bar or anything, so people can damned well pay attention to her where she is. "This is an old one, back when we were getting ready to engage the Silence," she begins in a voice that rings with enough command to carry with ease, even in the crowded room. "I've never told it before now, because Harald didn't want people thinking he wasn't fucking impervious to injury or something. But he's dead now, so that's obviously not true. So I'm telling the story, and he can haunt me tonight if he's got a problem with it. I've got some things to say to him, anyway." The look in her eye, and that cocky half-smile, make it pretty clear that if Harald WERE to haunt her, it wouldn't be her regretting that decision. "Anyway." She clears her throat. "We were getting the camp together and getting ready to advance when we unexpectedly ran up against some Abandoned outriders, and in the skirmish that followed, some lucky motherfucker managed to put a crossbow bolt in Harald -- Duke Grimhall's -- arm, right up near his neck." She shows on her own arm/shoulder where the bolt went in, up near the collarbone. "Mangata was looking after him that day, because somehow, it didn't hit anything important. Eirene took a look at it, and didn't think it was serious. Didn't even really need to be stitched up." She leans forward. "What we didn't know until it was almost too late was that the crossbow bolt was poisoned."

Macda laughs deeply "should I play a song?" she looks over to Drake then the others laughing deeply and drinking deeply she moves over to the bar.

Medeia makes her way over to Haakon's side, collecting a glass of whiskey for herself along the way. She suspects Calypso is a fine, and long, storyteller.

Drake was sincerely about to do it. You can see him going for it. Then Medeia asks him not to... and though he looks disappointed, he stops. "Maybe I'll save that for tomorrow," he says. "Or after a few more drinks." He cedes the floor to Calypso of course, going back to the bar for another round, and a listen.

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Calypso scans the room, giving these words time to sink in, then picks up the tale. "I was off doing my usual shit, and Eirene, who'd decided to keep and eye on Harald just in case, turns up and tells me he's taken a turn for the worse. She's figured out about the poison by now. She knows what it is, but she doesn't have the antidote, and it's going to kill him if we don't figure out a way to get our hands on it. We put our heads together, and reasoned that if the Abandoned were using the poison, they probably had the antidote in their camp somewhere. Which means I was gonna have to go in there, find it, and bring it back."

Calypso takes a sip of whiskey and swirls the glass in front of her, the print from her dark lipstick visible on the glass. "Getting past the sentries wasn't a big deal. Half the time sentries are asleep on the fucking job anyway, and it was that way for this. But there was no way I was going to be able to search the Abandoned camp for whatever passed for a medical tent for them without someone seeing me. I'm standing there at the edge of the camp, looking it over, trying to figure out what I'm gonna do, with one of my best fucking friends dying back in my camp, and then it hits me." Her lips curl into a slow, sly smile. "I stripped bare-ass naked and marched right into their fucking camp."

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar arrive, following Hamish.

Haakon calls toward Valerius when Calypso's story reaches the 'bare ass naked' point of her story: "Told you it were one of those nights!"

Thea listens to Calypso and snorts. "Why...Why does this not surprise me,"she when bare ass is mentioned. Taking a drink, she realizes. "This is a family trait. I knew it!"

Medeia laughs at Haakon's words and looks appreciatively at Calypso. She murmurs something to Haakon.

Calypso rolls her eyes at Haakon's exclamation. "I'm Lycene. What do you want? Most of my stories end up with someone naked." Still laughing, she leans forward, crossing her arms loosely on her knee, watching the audience with an arrogant smile. "My thinking was this. It's dark, right? Nobody's going to look too close at some butt naked soldier walking through the camp. It's probably just someone who needs to take a piss. So disguised in my birthday suit, I make my way through this camp, until I find the medical tent -- turns out they actually had a tent of sorts -- and manage to slip in and find the antidote. And a bottle of whiskey, which I also liberated, and then I marched my naked butt right back out of the camp again." She laughs under her breath. "Eirene had Questions when I got back, but at least I got her the antidote. Harald was better by the next day." She rolls her eyes. "And the fucker paid me back with a joke about winning the battle by backstabbing my troops and blaming it on the Silence. At least I think he was joking. But that's another story." She sits back and drains her glass, her tale complete.

Valerius goes to raise his drink to Haakon, but it is swipped by Poppy. So he simply shouts back, "I should know better when you're involved!"

Drake is obviously, doing his very best, to picture this in his head. Squinting.

Merek has joined the line.

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

Macda laughs a little as she claps a little to Calypso's story. She looks over to the drink at her table, before she smiles a bit.. "alowing your drink to be swipped M'lord?" she chuckles winking to Poppy as she sips on her own drink

Haakon has joined the line.

Flora raises a glass when Calypso finishes. "Now that's heroics, my Lady!" Either she missed or is obviously ignoring some details of the story, it seems.

Poppy smirks at both Haakon and Valerius "Doesn't count unless we see a bare ass."

Domonico enters the Black Fox and a blast of cold air follows him in until he slams the door shut after him and taking the time to look around, brushing snow off of his shoulders and pausing as he catches the tail end of his Duchesses story.

Macda laughs at Poppy winking to her "here here."

Domonico gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Drake laughs again at Poppy's exclamation. "This really is that kind of party, whether you want it to be or not, Medeia. This must be that kind of whiskey."

Calypso slides her empty glass across the bar to get it refilled. "I'm not quite drunk enough yet to give you all visual aids," she remarks with pale, glittering eyes. Not drunk enough yet, but clearly she's working on it.

Esme gets Costa Lavica, a smoke-and-caramel Saikland whisky from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Macda:is deep in her ale before she looks about her eyes flashing playfully and happily around the room before she shakes her head to Poppy.

Turn in line: Korka

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dycard before departing.

Medeia paid attention to Calypso's story almost without looking away. She is applauding the story as she moves back to the stage to call the next, but grins out to the crowd. "Oh, I have nothing against it being that kind of night, or that kind of whiskey, Lord Drake." There's a wink, which she would deny if ever asked about it. "Next up? Ah! Korka!"

Hamish makes his way through the door, a heavy cloak of the fur of some very large beast pulled around his shoulders. After giving the place a suspicious once-over the two Templars that follow him in make their way over to a table where they cna keep giving people suspicious once overs while playing a little Cribbage. Hamish heads over to the bar, drops heavily into a protesting stool and orders a glass of whatever's seasonal on tap, then turns to watch the show. When he sees Korka heading up he grimaces.

Korka drains the rest of her glass before she slides from her seat at the bar in one languid motion, heading up to the stage and motioning for the bartender to bring her another glass so she doesn't have to stand there empty handed, "This is a tale about how I once rode a dragon," she begins, looking out over the crowd.

"Many of you know that I'm originally from the Telmarch, which isn't much known for anything except cows and sheep. And me, of course, but that comes later. A neighbor's flock had been steadily losing sheep as they wandered through some nearby pastures and I volunteered to help look for them, being inclined towards investigation at an early age."

A server runs a newly refilled glass over to her and she has a sip and then continues, "I'd walked about following what I thought was the faint sound of alarmed bleating when I rounded the corner and saw him. He had a lamb by the ankle in an iron grip and was hauling it towards the river. At that moment the clouds parted and I was nearly blinded by the way it bounced off his armor. He was, at that point, the largest, most beautiful thing I had ever seen. But being young and full of an unchecked sort of bravery I hitched my skirts and ran up to grab the lamb by the front legs and we engaged momentarily in a tug of war that of course ended in his favor with me atumble on the ground as he sliced the lamb's throat open right there and then."

She twirls the dark red wine in her glass a moment, "And then to my everlasting surprise, he gently helped me to my feet and invited me to partake in the kill of the lamb. One thing led to another and as the sun dipped below the tree line he took me to heights I had never before experienced in my young life, leaving me breathless and trembling and seeing the world from an entirely new angle."

She takes a deep drink, looking a bit nostalgic as she spreads her hands to conclude, "And that's why I'll always have a fondness for Valardin Princes."

Then she bows and moves off the stage pretty quickly to get back to the bar.

Dycard has joined the line.

The door opens to allow the heavily covered mass of moving clothing known as Esme to enter in. She moves with Domonico as she shivers and smiles vibrantly at the assistant at the door. "I don't know if I have a tale worthy yet, I think I should hear the others before signing up. Thank you though for your efficiency." She starts to hand off the outer garments to Joy and then a hand will come out to attempt to take purchase of Domonico's arm for a moment. "Where are we sitting?" A pause. A pout. "Please say somewhere warm. OH! And we should greet the amazing people that are hosting."

Slipping into the Fox with a wide grin and fetching one of the complimentary bottles of liquor, Dycard furtively slipped into the line leading to the stage while glancing around as if trying to piece together what exactly the line was for and who he knew in the room. He offered a nod here and there to faces he recognized as he examined his new acquisition.

Drake listens to the story a bit, looks confused, in part, and then seems to get it when she explains the punchline. "Ah. Another story where someone ends up naked," Drake says.

Narcissa has left the A dark wooden bar with leather stools.

Nevermore, the sulking raven have been dismissed.

3 Fidante House Guards have been dismissed.

Macda frowns a little to the story, she looks at her table as she murmers to it

Thea cheers Medeia, Neilda, and Lucita with amusement. "Pant dropping whisky. Great job,"but then Korka is telling her story and her eyebrow lifts. "I think you win..."

Turn in line: Neilda

"Okay, it is, /in fact/, that kind of night." Medeia says, laughter in her voice. "Thank you, Korka! Our next delightful storyteller shall be my sister, Lady Neilda Saik."

"Should gave taken your shirt off," Calypso needles Drake over the rim of her glass, just after taking another sip of her drink.

Neilda moves over to the space to tell her story, scooping up a glass of whiskey from an appropriate place as she goes; she's leaning on her dimples for charm. "Ok, um - this is a story Thea wants to hear, because I was a big jerk and dangled it in front of her in the whites. A story where nobody did anything right, nothing was accomplished, a prince's nose was broken, a Harlequin TREMBLED AT THE IDEA OF GHOSTS - but I found my /ultimate fashion goal/: GLITTER SHARKS. I went to an island that has - wow, just like, the most intriguing-sounding problems. Rivers of blood! Sunken ruins, shipwrecks! And the most stunningly targeted weather. Our ship was almost capsized by a freak thunderstorm that rolled over a peak RIGHT as we passed. I was super impatient because - after we got past the /weather/, I could see the shipwreck we were navigating toward, and it was just -" she spreads her hands, in demonstration. "RIGHT THERE. So I stripped off my armor, which - this is one of those 'nobody did anything right' moments, okay, don't strip off your armor if there's a chance there's sharks? I -did- still have my under-layers on though, no naked ladies in this, sorrrrry."

"And I jump in the water, and take a rope to the ruins. But there's this freeakish rainbow sand, and it's CAMOFLAGING these sharks that are like... pale and sparkly and honestly my first thought should have been 'hey, there's a SHARK right there, but it was too camoflaged to really tell that's what it was. So anyway everyone else is in the water by then, and FULLY freaking out about the sharks, so much so that pretty much nobody does anything to the shark but it swims away in sheer confusion. Not before the aforementioned harlequin pitched some kind of vile grossness in its mouth, and it died."

Neilda gestures at Drake. "Shark sorted out, we checked out the shipwreck, and - blah blah. Some Eurusi writing and a spooooky ghost, and SOME PEOPLE pissing themselves, and Drake turned out to be the one with the balls to actually open a chest, but hoenstly - glitter sharks, some I'm gonna skip past this whole bit. Because we got back out of the ship and there are SO MANY. Luckily, they're kinda all preoccupied with the shark-carcass. So while they're all doing the feeding frenzy thing on the shark-cass, we sneak back through the water to the ship, almost entirely empty handed, and Lord Pasquale -" she gestures to him, "shoots a shark trying to sneak up and eat us, but we make it back to the boat, and I put my armor back on, the end."

She starts to traipse back to her seat, but says: "Oh - I need people to go with me. Back to the island. I need glitter-shark armor." She flashes a brilliant, dimpled smile, and THEN sits.

Thea casts Neilda a glare! Her gold-flecked green eyes wide---"You are the worse friend and we are going to this island,"her gaze looking to Drake accusingly as well. "That sounds like the best adventure next to naked octo--"but pauses her words.

Macda laughs deeply as she hears Thea "yes....indeed invite me too!"

Drake looks at Thea and Macda. "It's honestly a nice swim, if you don't ... mind the sharks."

Kiera wanders in the door to the fox and wander up to her brother tapping on the shoulder "Hey"

Domonico hmmms as he sweeps his gaze around the room again and gives Esme's hand a squeeze, "The sofa looks free... Or we can join them at the bar?" He hmmms as he listens to the various stories. "A lot of getting naked it seems in some of them... not that I would know anything about that sort of thing."

"Plenty of sailors saw glittering sharks in the war against the Gyre," drawls Hamish. "Still, send the scared Harlequin to me. Someone needs a quick talking to about the difference between ghosts and shadows." He nods to the server when the man hands off a drink and has himself a pull before raising his eyes to Korka, but saying nothing in response to her thrilling adventure.

Turn in line: Merek

"Well, you know I'm on board. Hah. For such an adventure, sis." Medeia grins at Neilda, taking another sip of her own whislkey before taking the stage agian to see who is next. "Okay, Merek, your turn!"

Merek looks when he's called up then walks along to nod a bit, "Not sure what that is, I uh... Story, right. I don't know what I'm doing, alright. There was a." Then he goes on to explain things that make only a little sense, and walks off!

Somewhere, a scholar is crying. Merek nods like he did something important.

Lucita laughs softly as she hears the 'blah blah part of Neilda's story and gives her a second laugh and grin at the glitter shark bit of the tale.

Turn in line: Haakon

Medeia is pretty sure a story happened, somehow, just then. She applauds and calls up the next storyteller. "Lord Haakon? Won't you regale us with a tale?"

Haakon takes his turn, drawing a breath and recounting, "In olden days before the rise of men, there dwelt in the seas all manner of legends," the Eswynd begins, giving a few fanciful examples, before describing Sea Dragons, the size of islands, for which they were often mistaken, when asleep. "So vast were they that smaller fish would latch onto their hides, be pulled along by the great beast to feed on the scraps of its kills. We call them Anchorfish, now, for though the Deep Dragons are centuries gone, the Anchorfish still survive in Abandoned waters, each larger than a Longship."

He goes on to describe an encounter with one such Anchorfish, in which the massive fish attached itself to the hull of a large sailing ship, mistaking it for a Deep Dragon. The weight slowed their vessel to a stop, "Thus the name of the fucking fish," he adds. "No arrows could reach it, so I take my harpoon, strip down to my tattoos- which I'd demonstrate but the hostess asked for shirts to stay on-" MEDEIA. "And don't be overboard to try and pry it off. No such luck! By no coincidence, a tribe of Abandoned would watch for the Anchorfish to grab a vessel then row out to kill the crews and steal their shit." He describes coming back up from a dive to find a full battle underway, with dozens dead. "I leave for ONE fucking minute," he claims with a sharp sniff, in conclusion.

Valerius checks charm and diplomacy at normal. Valerius is successful.

Hamish has joined the A dark wooden bar with leather stools.

Esme looks over at Domonico for a long moment. "Riiiight. You know nothing about that. I'm impressed you have a shirt. In fact, I'm going to tell a story. It's just going to be Domonico wore a shirt. No one will believe it." Her smile is teasing as she sweeps a hand for him to lead the way to where he wants to sit. She does wave at everyone she knows, luckily the hugs are reined in ... for now.

Turn in line: Dycard

"Show us, anyway!" Calypso may have only really been paying attention to that one part of Haakon's story. "Where's the tattoo?"

There's an almost sheepish look when Haakon mentions keeping shirts on and she shakes her head with a grin. "Thank you... Next, Captain Dycard!"

Poppy mutters, "Only ... that ... ... of ... better ... if he removed his shirt and ... it."

Macda looks over to Domonico as shirts are mentioned she laughs a little, and she nods her head to Esme "you are so right about that.

Domonico has joined the A dark wooden bar with leather stools.

Esme has joined the A dark wooden bar with leather stools.

Haakon calls back to Calyso in retaking his seat, "Three of them," tattoos. "Show you after."

Esme offers quickly to Haakon, "Calypso said I can come too." She's not really sure what she just invited herself to. Something something. Tattoo viewing.

Calypso's smile widens, and it's hard to tell exactly how serious she is at this point. Or how drunk. "Is that a promise?" She all but purrs the words.

Poppy laments a little too loudly to Macda. "I never get to see shirtless men. Damn this cold weather."

Shuffling up onto the stage, Dycard opens his jacket to stuff his purloined bottle of whiskey inside, grinning from beneath his hat at the crowd. "So...stories then, hm? I didn't really arrive prepared to tell one, but I suppose I can spin a yarn since i'm here," he began, taking a breath as he pursed his lips, "I was married once, and young - not many of you probably know, i'd bet. To royalty at that. You see - it all began before time away from Arx. I was sailing with my brother aboard a ship. I think her name was The Frosty Maiden..." he trailed off wistfully, smiling fondly before preparing to continue.

Macda grins a little "hey if we are having a viewing Haakon Tattoo night I want to come." she says teasingly

Kiera has joined the A dark wooden bar with leather stools.

Domonico hmmphs on his way to the bar at the comment by Esme. "I own several shirts... somewhere... I just never care much for them." He slides onto a barstool and then asks, "Why? Are people fed up of me going barechested? I know Thea probably is."

Calypso makes an exaggerated gesture towards Haakon while she says something to Hamish in an impatient tone of voice.

Haakon holds a finger up, even as he winks aside at a (probably) drunk Calypso/Esme/Macda. He mouths 'after'. Storyteller's courtesy keeps him quiet as Dycard starts to tell his tale.

"You see - I was engaged in suitable derring do, as you'd expect of a younger Dycard. Leaping aboard a ship, knife between my teeth, hair blowing about in the breeze, it was a fine sight - except I ended up falling into the briny deeps! Lost my footing on the deck of this ship because it was covered in fish guts and the like. Anyway, I fell into the sea and thought I was sure to die," he continued, leaping on the stage to demonstrate his point before feigning falling over. "When I awoke it was in a lightless fathom and the air felt heavy,"

Medeia settles alongside Haakon again, as Dycard tells his story, a refreshed whiskey in hand. Something whispered drawing a laugh she hides behind her hand.

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Valencia happily applauds for each storyteller, her dark eyes glittering with emotion as each tale is told. A little glance to her companion and she speaks softly aside.

Esme gives a bright smile towards Domonico's grumpiness. Her emerald eyes slide to the stool beside him, then his lap, then the stool beside him, and then to /Thea's/ lap. Then to the stool. So many decisions. There is laugh as she says something towards those at the bar. Then she offers to Dom, "Of course not. Everyone enjoys you barechested. Lady Poppy is upset she has not seen it yet." Her eyes slide over towards Dycard and he gets a bright smile and a wave as she listens.

Glancing around, Dycard began to shake his head while glancing down at the floor, "As I came to, I found myself unable to breath, when the most beautiful maiden in the world pushed some kind of plant between my lips and forced me to swallow it with a kiss that would make the most rowdy of wenches blush. Next I knew, the depths came alight and I found myself able to breath! I had fallen into the clutches of the court of none other than Llethandaris, King of the Bathyal Stretch and a renowned mermaid conqueror. He demanded I marry his daughter and help father a scion for this great region he ruled!"

Haakon calls to Dycard, helpfully, "Were you bare ass naked?"

Macda looks confused then she laughs deeply her eyes flicker happily before she nods her head to Esme "yes yes, we will have a barechested night just for Lady poppy." she laughs deeply "if she can keep her eyes open." she looks over then to Dycard as people are still talking about bare-chested men as he tells his tale, "you married a Mermaid?" she asks

Patrizio chuckles quietly, green eyes dancing briefly when he's listening to whatever it is that Valencia's murmuring to him, before turning to respond in kind.

"I can assure you, Im tired of seeing my brother with no shirt,"Thea assures Esme as she listens to Dycard. But she squints at him at the mention of marrying a mermaid. "Um...,"draining off her glass.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Neilda shouts, and then laughs. She... probably doesn't mean it. Right? It's the whiskey.

Poppy is wildly waving her arms and gesturing at Haakon to the table. The word bastard and gesture to a drink are certainly used. She does however pause to squint at Dycard's story. A real deep squint.

Gaining momentum, Dycard began to sweep about the stage, "No, no - unfortunately this story is a tragedy and I never got to the naked part! As we were being rushed to the mermaid chapel to be married, King Llethandaris forgot to ask my name! So, his daughter, Alanassori, was in full regalia - which is to say not much at all, being mermaids and all - and we were saying our vows to one another...and as this merman priest pronounced us married, he called allowed my name! As it turns out, Dycard is the name of a prophesied vagabond that would bring ruin to the kingdom by drinking their stores dry and scaring off all of the deep sea game!"

Valencia smiles to Patrizio again and nods cheerfully. "Especially in it being so young, yes?" A happy sigh brings her gaze and she looks out to watch Quenia take the stage next. "I can only imagine the wonderful tales she will tell. She is a very remarkable woman. As is the Baroness Lucita. She is a true wonder."

Pasquale gives a little laugh at Dycard's story.

Pasquale is overheard praising Medeia.

Kiera keeps her eyes firmly on Dycard as she slips ontu the stools largely unnoticed

Calypso snorts at the end of Dycard's story and gives a quick grin between sips of whiskey.

"So, no sooner had I been married, than the king invoked a decree to annul my marriage to the lass and I was chased from the deep sea kingdom of... what was it, Bathyal? I surfaced near where I had fallen overboard and my brother was still leading a party to search for me! I climbed aboard his ship without a word and haven't been back in those waters since - just in case my erstwhile bride is looking for me or the like," he concluded, bowing low as he drew his hat from his head and making his way off the stage. "Do I ever need a drink after that one," he murmured to himself.

Valerius waits until the story is done then stands up at the table. Raising his glass which he has now reclaimed. "Men of Arx, there appears to be some ladies that are missing out on the fun of our bare chests. Who here will help aide this call?"

Drake applauds that story. It took a lot of guts to go in that crazy direction and for that he's impressed, even though it's clearly a very tall tale.

Turn in line: Quenia

"Captain, we should talk..." Medeia's eyes skew to Neilda with a glimmer of inspiration. "Alright, It looks like our /last/ storyteller this evening is Marquessa Quenia Igniseri!"

Esme listens to the story and claps from her friend, although her eyes look a little disbelieving.

Quenia seems to give her cousin Lucita a dubious look when she mentions the story at her table might be an intersting one, but none the less she rises from her seat to tell it.

"If bawdy stories are the tale for the evening then I have one to tell. I think. maybe." She looks bashful of a sudden, but goes on. "Once upon a time I was engage to Prince Aurelian Valardin. Two weeks before we were to be married I was contacted by the Inquisition to help them investigate him. As it turns out, my would be fiancee was an imposter, and not Prince Aurelian but a cultist set to do harm to the Valardin family."

Quenia pauses a moment to take a breath, " The wedding cancelled, the man executed, and copious amounts of rum involved, there might have been some naked skinny dipping in the Navegant's hot springs that can neither be confirmed nor denied. As a result, a duel was issued against Count Duarte. Days later, champions were called. Apologies made. And the prize? A kiss. Our first." With that Quenia lets the story rest, retaking her seat. "Oh, and he was proven to be a cold hearted cad, as his champion won. Though that kiss....." she closes her eyes, a coy smile coming to her lips. "It was ever sweet."

Quenia opens her eyes again. "And, alas, no one has been brave enough to seek a marriage alliance with myself since that time." She gives a small shrug of her shoulder. "It's the Igniseri curse." She's sure of it! "All alliances are doomed." Her voice takes on a spooky tone and she wiggles her fingers for affect, her expression amused. She winks at the crowd and turns back to her table.

Domonico muses to himself and those near him, "The only story tall tale I can think of is of the one time I got washed overboard by the sea on the maiden journey of the Tempest but... I don't think it stands up to these stories..."

Macda has left the A private booth.

Macda looks about and she shakes her head "I aught to be going, it was nice to see you all!"

Drake is getting up from the bar, and gives Macda a wave as she's on her way out. "Save travels, Princess." But he's standing with some purpose.

Caprice arrives late! A fact unlikely to be noticed at all, given the pack of bodies, were she not calling loudly from somewhere near the front door, "Hello! Is Lord Dycard Blackshore here somewhere? Someone was asking for him down by the docks. Some urgent message about duty - or booty, I'm not entirely sure. Garbled words."

"But I think the name was Alana something?"

Valencia looks a little sad at the Quenia's storytelling. Dark eyes dip and lift a she musters a smile and warmly offers her appause.

"All, Marquessa?" Medeia asks, coming back to the stage. "Alright, well, that was all of our storytellers! Please give them all a round of applause, thank you for coming!" She makes to leave the stage without offering a story herself.

1 Grayson House Guards, a small twilit kingsnake, Thistleton, an elderly and devoted manservant leave, following Macda.

Drake barks a laugh. "Ha ha! You brought an accomplice! Sir you are even a better storyteller than I give you credit for," he says to Dycard.

"Hold up!" Calypso points to Caprice and Dycard. "There's another story there that needs telling. What about Alana and the booty?"

Unsubtly, Neilda makes a skeptical look at her sister, and a gesture like: turn it around and get back up there.

"Medeia! You don't get to leave your own event without a story!"

Thea isn't subtle either. "Hey Medeia! You forgot your own story!"

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Medeia is overheard praising Haakon.

Medeia is overheard praising Calypso.

Medeia is overheard praising Drake.

Medeia is overheard praising Neilda.

Medeia is overheard praising Merek.

Haakon shouts helpfully to the hostess, "Story or shirt!"

Offers some applause to the half heard story as he paced about trying to find himself a drink. At the mention of his name he perked up and began to wave a hand in protest, "Oh no, i'm not going back to any mermaid and her demented soothsaying father! Besides, Lady Saik has to share her story!"

Dycard is overheard praising Haakon.

Dycard is overheard praising Drake.

Dycard is overheard praising Korka.

Dycard is overheard praising Merek.

"Hey, she's got FAMILY HERE," Neilda shouts at Haakon. So civilized.

Dycard is overheard praising Neilda.

Dycard is overheard praising Calypso.

Haakon doesn't answer Valerian directly, but does take off his coat and begins to shed the fine green silk tunic he wears.

Poppy cheers and shouts and is about to leave when Haakon starts removing his shirt. "Yes! About damn time."

Medeia has already started to wander off, singing the praises of the storytellers when the calls for her story come. "Oh no, I couldn't." And the Haakon gets A Look. "There isn't much more to show!" She says, gesturing at her dress. Even so, she sighs and makes her way back to the stage. "Well, if you all really want one, I suppose."

The little vixen's cheeks flush at the call for the hostess to disrobe and she glances aside to Patrizio with a little smile. "It is obviously most excellent whiskey," Vaelncia laughs softly and shakes her head.

Seeing Haakon removing his tunic, Thea snorts. Nudging Drake forward, she murmurs,"Here it is. You're time to--do shine,"glancing at Hamish too. Will he? Won't he...Guess we'll see.

Calypso is no longer paying attention to the stage. Maybe it's the alcohol. Maybe she has a type. (She definitely has a type.) Point being, Haakon currently has all her attention.

Haakon has multiple tattoos, all of intricate, many-armed spirals in the Isles Shav'arvani style. The largest begins over his heart and spreads to the left shoulder, another on the back of his left shoulder, and a third at the center of his torso, in the hollow of his ribs. Multiple scars mark him as well, but the tattoos are the most notable ornaments. He drinks and eyes the hostess as Medeia relents to telling a story.

Esme starts to say something and pauses. There are shirts coming off. Her hand comes up to rest on Domonico's chest. "Dom. Let others this time. It's time for shirtless wonders. It's okay. We all know you are the champion." This is said with obvious teasing.

"It is at that." Patrizio smiles as he's savouring it, even as he's shaking his head at the calls for alternatives to another story. "It'd be quite the prize to add to your collection to offer your guests," he concurs to Valencia.

Caprice flashes Drake a quick grin as she hunts down a free space at the bar for a sample, Calypso earning a quiet laugh and bared palms in surrender; she's got nothing else to add to Dycard's story, it seems. "Sorry I'm l-" Is Haakon undressing? "Oh, I'm right on time."

Poppy whistles impressedly at Haakon's chest before slipping out of the bar.

Poppy has left the A private booth.

Shakes his head as he sees Haakon starting to remove his clothes. He takes a quick sip of the cup he had just received before setting it down on the bar and following suit. His cloak and coat shed easily enough, before he begins to unbutton his doublet. "Can't even get a damned drink without having to join this spectacle or that..."

Neilda leans back in her seat, squinting at Haakon, and turns her attention on Medeia up at the front, corner of her mouth curling. Op success.

Drake was going to wait until the hostess was done. He's polite, after all, really he is. But as Haakon is raising the bar, and he called to this in the first place, he's finally got to rise to the challenge as Thea pokes him in the side. He also takes his shirt off. Well. He waits at least for Haakon to be finished, but it's a quick action. Then he rolls it off with a bit of showmanship, and tosses it -- well in the direction of the bar. Maybe Thea will catch it, maybe Korka, maybe Calypso, it's in that general direction.

Drake does not have any tattoos. He just has a few impressive scars, mostly the scratch marks he showed off earlier. There's a big one on his chest that's probably from a bear. It's faded a bit. There's a likewise one on his bicep, as if the bear (?) tried to pin his sword arm. For someone who has spent winter indoors, he's still in excellent fighting shape, but a Champion rarely gets that much rest.

Hamish looks over Haakon for a moment when the man goes ahead and shows off his chest, more interested in the tattoos than all the pecs and abs and delts and blarmps and florps. Despite Thea's encouragement his robes stay where the are, but he says something to Haakon before knocking back the rest of his drink.

Hamish says in Isles shav, "Respect to the last of the Island Kings."

Pasquale stays in his seat with all his clothes on.

Valerius is not about to be outdone, though only manages to get his coat off before the assistant comes out of nowhere making sure that decorum is kept for the Marquis.

Calypso has no qualms whatsoever about open admiration. Her ice colored eyes follow the tattoos on Haakon's chest. "I'm not sure I count three, Lord Eswynd." Hopefully Thea is catching Drake's shirt, because if not, it's liable to get dirty on the floor of the bar.

Domonico, surprisingly enough, keeps his cuirass on, although his arms *are* bare as they usually are. "I don't see the point in taken off my top for the sake of it. Training, swimming or..." he pauses and waves his hand. " know what I mean."

Haakon looks to Hamish with a smile that is only twisted toward a sneer by a scarred lip, rather than sentiment. He dips head and shoulders to the man, answering, "All must pass, the best is remembered. Respect."

Dycard is by no means built, but toned enough as expected of an islander. A claw shaped scar rakes down from the top of his left shoulder blade and down about his ribs - he is otherwise unadorned of injury or tattoos, though is covered in light brown hairs about his chest. Having suitably undressed, he retrieved his drink from the bar and kicked his coat and cloak into a pile near him.

One dark brow lifts as shirts start coming off, but Korka does not make a grab for the one Drake throws to the bar, looking from one bare chest to another, then to Hamish in surprise as he says whatever it is he says, "I mean, I'd take mine off as well but it's attached ot the skirt and I'm not sure this is that kind of party. Yet."

Thea isn't bothered by Hamish NOT doing anything. But she IS curious by what he said. The shirt Drake throws practically LANDS on Thea, causing her to almost MISS whatever it is going on, so she snatches it. "Same Korka. Same. I'm sure we'll know when it gets to that point,"her eyes drifting from chest to chest, glass at her lips. "You may need to rename your whisky,"Thea teases the Saiks.

Valencia's cheeks turn pink despite herself at the sudden turn to stripping. A little look to Patrizio is offered, perhaps to see if she might be joining the spirited new fad that seems to be overtaking the room.

Haakon keeps quiet as Medeia begins to speak (apparently he thinks it's polite to begin heckling halfway through), but he eyes Calypso, sniffs and touches above his heart, the back of his shoulder, and the upper abdomen in turn. Three.

Kiera eyes haakon with open curiosity, tracing the tatoos with her eyes,sadly having missed the stories accompanying them

Patrizio seems to turn slightly when he's noticing Valencia's look to him, and there's a slight shake of his head. No, he's not about to partake himself, even as he's watching how the party's tone is shifting.

Valerius has left the A private booth.

Azzurra, a proper personal assistant leaves, following Valerius.

Calypso leans back against the bar and, in a lazy motion, uncrosses and re-crosses her legs. Haakon actually gets a brief pout when he spoils her fun by pointing out that all three of his tattoos are, in fact, currently visible.

Neilda's head tips, eyes ranging around the room. "Have a launch party for the whiskey, she said," she says. "It'll be fun, she said. I should never, ever be skeptical of anything Deia does. Ever."

Flora takes a few silent peeks at the bare chests now coming on display, but she doesn't comment, only quickly returning her eyes to her drink in a blithe attempt at displaying modesty.

Medeia is momentarily distracted by Haakon disrobing, gaze unsubtle in appreciation. She downs the rest of her whiskey, then clears her throat. "Alright, so, the octopus story. Some of you have heard this, some of you were there, forgive me." She flashes a bright grin to the crowd. "Just as soon as the whirlpool vanished, a group of us slipped out for the city for a brief trip to Nilanza, where we went out for a day of diving. The 'secret' behind this trip was that it was actually meant to be a surprise octopus-getting trip for a birthday gift for my sister Nel," she motions over to Neilda. "And because my sister is the best, I put on my big-girl britches - well, actually, this story involves being naked - and went to Nilanza and helped get her an octopus."

She sets the glass down before continuing, using both hands to gesture along the way. "So, we're out on a boat - me, Nel, Thea, Haakon, and Marquis Valerius there? Pasquale, where /were/ you? Anyway, Nel finds out why we're really on this boat and I'm /determined/ to make this happen. Especially since I've failed at getting her a mermaid girlfriend. We all strip down and jump in the water and we're looking around. If you've never gone diving around a reef, you should do that, it's incredible." She's getting a little lost in (sea) weeds of the tale and stops, looking at everyone.

She might need more whiskey. There's a difference between hosting and telling a story. "I managed to have a couple dart right out of a hidey hole next to me and I chased after one, but I can only hold my breath so long, you know? So, I resurface to the sound of Haakon swearing - normal - and holding his quarry. Well, that won't do. So, swim back down and corner the thing in a small cave, pretty much just big enough for me to get my hand in, and it takes a bit, but I manage to grab ahold of a tentacle and make it back up. The thing had wrapped so tight around my arm!" She holds out her left arm, indicating where bruises had been. "Just, the weirdest looking series of bruises for a while after from the suckers and tentacles. By then, Thea had gotten one, too, and the Marquis was after some weird fish."

"So then, we still think we need another octopus, and Nela and Thea and I go back down and find two, but Nel is trying to mime something at us? I never did figure out what she was trying to say. And Thea is using a dagger or something sharp to try to coax the other fellow out of his little cave, and I'm holding a satchel. We're underwater breath holding champions, just so you know, and the thing comes flying out and I catch it in the bag and we all get back on the boat? and? That's pretty much it. That's the story of diving naked off a boat to catch an octopus barehanded."

Haakon raises his cup and calls, "Bare ass naked!" when Medeia speaks the word 'naked'. Tonight has a theme.

Lucita leans back in her seat, taking a sip of whiskey as she continues to listen to the stories. "If you keep something like that, don't let it be around the dogs. They are likely to try to eat it, live seafood."

Neilda, in her seat, goes from grinning a little to a blazing smile through the course of Medeia's story. Of course she does. "You're the best!" she shouts, when it's done, and scowls theatrically at Haakon.

Dycard furrows his brow as a sailor in The Intrepid's uniform - he looks only slightly vexed at his captain's attire or lack thereof - enters and has a quiet word with the man. Dycard quickly begins to dress as he waves toward Medeia, "It sounds like I miss out on all of your exciting trips, Lady Saik, between naked diving with scores of women and whatever that bull riding affair was, but I must take my leave," he calls as he applauds her story while making for the door.

Drake sits back at the bar again, now minus his shirt, which Thea has for safekeeping. It wasn't a terribly fancy one, but he does lose more shirts this way. (Actually, he probably loses more of them in fights.) There was one bad thing about this plan. It's actually really cold, even though the fire is keeping the inside warm. He gets more whisky to keep warm as he listens to the story. This one, he also knew... looking at Thea when she's mentioned, and half-smiling. "That octopus."

Pasquale lifts his head and smiles at Medeia. "Working. We can't all lark about on boats you know? Besides, the last time I went on a boating trip with Neilda, I ended up in the water wading for hours." He glances at Neilda with another smile. "Better not to risk it."

Calypso is distracted from her appreciation of Haakon by the word picture Medeia is now painting. She doesn't look like she's entirely sure what to make of it.

Dycard is overheard praising Medeia.

Drake is overheard praising Medeia.

There's a flash of a grin to Haakon before Medeia looks seriously at Lucita. "Locked bedroom door." She shrugs. But Neilda? Gets a shake of the head. "Pretty sure that's you, but we can share 'best' if you insist." Everyone else gets a grin, and a curtsy. "Thank you. Thank you all for being here, and sharing in the good spirits."

Neilda grins at Lucita. "Ringo is /terrified/ of them," she says, and laughs.

"Fitting." Pasquale adds. "Since we're terrified of Ringo."

Domonico actually takes the time to look over the barechested men, eyes flicking from scars to tattoos before giving a few small nods of approval before he takes a drink and then calls out a loud, "Well done to the host! Medeia! A credit to the Saik Lions!"

Valencianods again to Quenia, Lucita, Pasqual and Neilda as she gracefully rises from her seat to offer her applause to Media, the hostest wtih the mostest. Slipping her hand back into Patrizio's arm, she nods up at him. "At your ready, sir."

The line has been dismissed by Medeia.

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