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Patrons and Proteges Night II

Once more, Whisper House invites attendees to come mingle and get to know each other. To come seek out that special someone who can make you shine. That's right; a patron, or a protege. Enjoy the food and the drink and the live music. Perhaps bring along your protege to perform. Meet someone new and exciting.

Paying members of Whisper House are welcome without question. Non-members will be asked to declare whether they are part of an existing patron-protege bond, or whether they are seeking a patron or protege.

If a Patron and Protege wishes to display their Protege's talents, it is asked that they contact Anisha Whisper ahead of time.

[OOC: please use +roomtitle during the event to notify other people if you're looking for a patron, a protege, both, or neither.]


Oct. 12, 2020, 4:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Anisha Bliss Ilira Selene


Talwyn Maharet Valerius(RIP) Desma Felix Medeia Alessia Kael Zoey Caprice Ripley Iseulet Ryhalt Svana Abby Romulius Leena Athaur Pasquale Damiana Jaenelle Lexir Gwenys Nijah Rebecca Gehenna Piccola Grimgar




Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - Elysian Ballroom

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Valerius has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Another patron and proteges night, and while she has brought neither patron nor protege, the Softest Whisper Anisha does have _someone_ to watch over and preen about. The Softest wears her radiant aeterna and rich jewelry, hints of spring found in her garb. Moving along, offering small greetings, and keeping an eye on her apprentices present - especially Ilira, who is being tested and is taking on co-hosting duties. She sighs happily, moving to the door to offer greetings and check in on Tamorin, who is doling out suns and stars for those in need.

Arriving with Iseulet on his arm, Tawlyn offers up a bright smile. "It looks so lovely here." he says as he looks around. When offered a sun or a star, he accepts both, but chuckles. "I probably should put in a warning that I may no longer be a Prince soonish." he says quietly aside to Iseulet, leading her to a table once she's made her decision.

Maharet, with her parasol over her shoulder, smiles lightly as she steps in, moving close to the Softest Whisper Anisha. She dips, her curtsy respectful and demure, smiling just a touch as she turns to study the room as a whole, considering "I hope" She murmurs softly to the Softest "My presence is not unwelcome. I would be delighted to see in practice how your peers support one another."

Valerius enters the Elysian Ballroom with an small stumble as if being pushed through the doors, well he was pushed but politely by his new assistant, who is now pretending that she had nothing to do with how Valerius entered the room. He looks over the room nodding to those that he recognizes and slowly smiling to those that he does not.

It's been less days than you could count on one hand since Desma had stepped of the ship which had brought her from Southport to Arx, yet already she's seeking a patron for herself. Having deposited a cloak that's slightly worse for wear from being dragged through snow and slush with whomever is collecting such things at the door, she makes her way to the ballroom. She's not even attempted to wear any finery tonight, but has donned instead her workaday leathers in which she's far more comfortable anyway. "Star," she says curtly when the significance of the pins are explained to her, and fastening it to her shirt above the line of her corset, she lifts her chin and heads on in.

With no fanfare, Felix arrives, accompanied only by a goat. Cleaned up but still dressed for the work at the forge, he makes his greetings to those who offer them, taking a moment to reaquaint himself with the space he hasn't been in in some time. It doesn't take long for him to pick out a table and move to claim a seat for himself, turning it so he can look over the room while giving him space to stretch his legs out.

Alone, and not looking any less confident for it, Medeia arrives at Whisper House and makes her way into the ballroom after shedding her cape. The umbra and rose gold bedecked lady looks around for a moment before spotting Anisha and heading for the woman for a brief greeting. "Softest Whisper Anisha, you are resplendent as always." Once done, she begins to mingle, finding her way towards Talwyn and Iseulet. "Prince Talwyn, allow me to use that title to its fullest for now then, hm?" She smiles and dips a curtsy.

Arriving on her own, besides... is that a cat or two trying to dart behind furniture? Alessia beams when she passes by Anisha. "Whisper, it's lovely to see you." She nods to the room. "Lovely event." Her hand gestures around.

It is a little awkward, the way that Kael enters in the room. Maybe that is due to the fact that Valerius, who arrived just before him, had that little stumble. Still, once Kael has made it a few steps further into the chamber he is pausing and casting a look over his shoulder as though deliberating if it might be a fine time to just slip back the way that he came. Yet no, in the end, he takes a deep breath and squares his shoulders before approaching the table with the apprentice Whisper. "Good evening. Ah, a sun please."

Zoey follows Ilira in, quietly wishing the apprentice luck before going to collect both sun and star pins. She attaches them to her red velvet gown before collecting a glass of wine for herself and looking for a seat.

Ilira glides through the gilt doors with Lady Zoey on her arm, her form swathed in silk that pours like ink along her curves as long curls spill down the length of her back. She pauses a moment to await Zoey's choice of sun or star, then guides her to a round table draped in lace. "Seat yourself. Indulge," she invites with a subtle smile. "I've to go play hostess," she murmurs with a conspiratory wink, then steps away to greet the flood of comers at the door. "Prince Talwyn, Lady Medeia, Lady Alessia," she absorbs the names as they are spoken and bows her head to all that pass her, though a brighter smile touches her lips to see Iseulet. "Welcome, welcome."

Rising from the table, Talwyn smiles warmly and greets Medeia. "It may be for a little bit longer yet." he offers with amusement. "Negotiations have only just begun. But, I should introduce the product of that negotiation. Lady Media Saik, may I present Marquessa Iseulet Seryn. Iseulet, this is Medeia Saik, sister by marriage to Baroness Lucita Saik."

Zoey has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Caprice is an early arrival, a star pinned prominently to her cloak. She helps herself to a small plate with an assortment of appetizers but it's as much to keep her seat at a table as to eat, yet; instead, with a drink in hand, she people-watches, counting stars and suns alike and smiling warmly to various familiar faces.

There's no slouching today for Ripley, no mopey eyes or shaggy hair to hide them. Hair is trimmed (Don't look too close, it's not that even) and beard as well and in clean neat clothing, the tall and jovial Thornburn claps his hands upon entry and looks around like he's ready to take on the world.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrives, following Svana.

Iseulet arrives with Talwyn, smiling and greeting everyone she comes into contact with, especially Ilira here, beaming. "Well hello there Ilira, it's lovely to see you." And then, to Talwyn and Medeia. "It's a pleasure to meet you my Lady. I adore the Baroness, she's always been very lovely to me."

Arriving with a smile, Ryhalt looks about the Ballroom as he waits for his turn with the apprentice. "A sun, please." He thanks the apprentice and dons the sun as he makes his way further into the room.

After Ilira departs to see to her guests, Zoey makes herself comfortable at one of the tables. People she recognizes get smiles and a flutter of her fingers as she takes stock of those present.

When Ilira greets her, Medeia gives the woman a brilliant smile. "Ah, my 'twin,' it has been too long, I hope you've been well." Another curtsy is offered to Iseulet. "Marquessa, a pleasure to finally meet you, as well." She smiles brightly at the kind words for Lucita. Tamorin comes by and she takes a sun pin to affix to her dress. Waves are offered to Caprice, Valerius, Ryhalt, and Zoey as she excuses herself to collect a drink.

Svana enters, nabbing a sun pin, and then makes her way straight to the food. She asides to an apprentice, "I don't know why you didn't make a pin with just a chicken leg on it for people who are seeking a free meal, but I did come looking for a protege too. This will do."

Anisha offers a bright little smile to Maharet, and laughs. "Ah, precious Maharet. You are learning our ways and an apprentice of Whisper House. Of course you are welcome here. To learn of our ways and to display yourself. Will you be taking a sun or a star, mm?" She inquires. Looking over as the people slowly arrive and filter in, a glass of wine quickly finding its way to her hand. Giving gentle waves of greetings to people as she moves, pausing as she's approahced.

"Ah, Lady Medeia. You look absolutely beautiful. And your umbra contrasts the aeterna so well." She gestures to Maharet. "I hope you've had the pleasure of meeting the precious Maharet, Voice of Tremorus?" She inquires, and gives a curtsey to Iseulet and Talwyn. "Marquessa Iseulet, Prince Talwyn. Thank you so much for coming," She declares, chuckling to Alessia, with only a slight glance towards any wayward cats. "It's good to see you, Alessia, and thank you. We do try."

She beams bright as Zoey and Ilira enters, gesturing to the apprentice. "And here's tonight's star. Darling Ilira, thank you for looking after Lady Zoey."

Valerius heads over to the apprentice with the pins. "Both, one of each sounds good. Also where's the wine? I'm parched."

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

Desma hasn't ever been in the position of patron seeking before, and it shows. No attempt is made to approach any of those that are wearing a star, and she instead follows the lead of others and moseys on over to the food tables. "Looks good," she comments to Caprice, loading her plate with the precision of a structural engineer. It's quite artistic. Also terribly full. "So how does this work?" She gestures to the room and the various tables as they start to fill up.

"And a wonderful job she did of it, too," Zoey says brightly to Anisha. "This looks to be a very good turnout."

Maharet smiles at Anisha's words, listening and musing before she answers "In truth, I had not considered either, at this time. I thought it best to find my feet in this great city before attaching myself to another; representing two bodies as I do, both Tremorus and Whisper, I would be loathe to work with any who have disrespected either organisation thus far" The parasol twirls lightly over her shoulder, and she bows her head deeply to Iseulet and Talwyn, and then Medeia "It's good to see you again, Lady Medeia."

"Alrighty." Alessia claps her hands together as she looks around the room. "Where does one begin?" She arches a brow. "/Should/ I have parchment pinned to myself that says 'looking for protege'?" She asks, possibly only partly serious. "I've never done this in a room before."

Bowing his head lightly in greetings, Talwyn smiles warmly as he gives his doublet a soft tug. "A pleasure to meet you, Mistress Maharet." he offers with a glance towards Iseulet before he is retaking his seat. "And it is very wise for you to take your time in deciding what it is that you are looking for. I admire that."

"I have had the pleasure, yes," Medeia says to Anisha of Maharet, "In fact, I owe the Voice of Tremorus a bit of my time, soon." She turns a winning smile to Maharet, "Do forgive me for not sending word yet? My schedule has been hectic. You're settling in well, I hope?" She stays attentive to the crimson haired woman while still managing to scan the room, giving a wave to Alessia.

A beautiful songbird arrives, delivering a message to Valerius before departing.

Finding somewhere to sit once she's gotten a plate full of nibbles, Svana moves toward Caprice and Valerius, sitting down at their table. "I don't think I'll come away with a protege tonight, but I won't have to eat my own cooking which is sort of like a treat." She winks at the two. "How does the day find you, Mistress Caprice, Marquis Valerius?"

Once he has acquired his pin for the evening, Kael pivots so that he can take stock of the ballroom as a whole. It takes approximately a moment or two until he is sidestepping neatly to get out of the way of another individual that is in search of their pin. Still, he is moving onward, traveling around the outskirts of the ballroom before finding a lonely table that evidently suits him just fine. He takes his seat, posture proper, and begins the process of people watching.

Medeia has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Kael has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Svana has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"The pins, Lady Alessia," Zoey says, tapping the sun and star she wears. "That is how they know. Though I too am unsure of how to begin, short of standing up and declaring what I am looking for in a patron or protege."

Ryhalt has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"You are far too kind, Prince Talwyn" Maharet smiles, offering her bare hand, without glove or ring, to him, tilted to be kissed or shaken with ease "But thank you. I have many responsibilities, and I would not shirk them in any way, or disappoint those who put their trust in me." She says seriously. To Medeia, she merely nods, with a lightness to her tone "It is well. This has been a busy time. I understand, and look forward to our meeting more closely."

Caprice's responsive smile ticks a little wider as her attention shifts down to Desma's plate. Impressive! "Mm, I'm not sure if they plan for any ice breakers," she admits aside, with a curious glance towards the hostesses. "It may be that we thaw out a little, pamper ourselves with good food and drink and then help ourselves to conversation with those wearing the appropriate bauble. I'd honestly considered writing out a short list of needs, wants, pros and cons," she adds with a flash of good humor, "to save others a bit of time."

Iseulet excuses herself from the table with Talwyn ever so politely and heads to the young man, Ripley, that looks like he might be ready to take on the world. Offering a dip of her head and then her hand for a warm shake, she introduces herself. "I'm Marquessa Iseulet Seryn. I see you're maybe seeing a patron? Would you like to come have a seat with me for a little chat?"

Talwyn accepts the hand, lifting it to press a gentle kiss to the top of it, very courtly in the process as he lowers the hand and nods. "That is admirable." he offers to Maharet as he settles back down at the table.

Ilira passes the pins off with an elegant flow of repetition, flickering her smile all the while. To Ripley, she inclines her head, "Good evening! A sun or a star, for you?" Anisha's words catch her ear, and she turns her head to flash a quirky little grin at her superior. "No trouble at all," she intones with a laugh under her voice. Alessia and Desma draw her eye as she scans the chamber for those in need of guidance, slipping past guests to meet them. "Greetings, Ladies. I understand that one of you seeks a protege, the other a patron?" Smile ever poised, she hands both a respective pin, before her attention settles to Zoey for a moment. "Do mingle! Look for those with a star first, I recommend."

"Oh hello there!" Ripley's bobbing his had in a bow to the Marquessa before taking her hand and enthusiastically pumping it. "I could do that. Sure! My sister said I needed to find myself a patron. She thinks it will keep me from wallowing." It's a strong rough grip n Iseulet's hand before he lets it go. Sun or star. Ripley's head swings around to Ilira. "Pardon? The moon maybe?"

"Caprice Artiglio," Caprice adds an introduction for Desma's benefit. "What are you hoping to find? I'm- Svana!" she interrupts herself to smile Svana's way. "Any event where you start with a win is a success in my book," she offers agreeably, comparing yet another full plate to her own smaller bird pickings.

"Oh." Alessia's brows rise, as she pins the appropriate sign onto herself. "Well that makes it easier." She nods to Anisha in approval, before lifting a hand to return the greeting to Medeia. Then she's settling onto a seat at the bar.

Alessia has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

With a kind smile, Medeia dips her head to Maharet. "Your patience is appreciated." She leans in to say something quietly to the woman and awaits response before inviting her to join the table that seats Caprice, Valerius, and Svana.

"A star, if you seek a patron, and a sun if you desire a protege," Ilira explains to Ripley.

Svana watches between Ilira and Anisha for a long moment, her expression neutral enough. Smiling as Medeia joins, she reaches out to squeeze the other woman's hand. "Hello, Lady Medeia." Despite having a plate heaped with food, Svana is picking at it, nibbling here and there - mostly looking around anxiously at the various Whispers in the room as if sizing them up. Her eyes drift to the others who are sporting star pins, lips curling into a smile.

"Measured and precise is exactly what I expect of you, precious Maharet," Anisha assures the Saffroner. Giving a pleased nod to Medeia at her recognition, and gesturing to Tamorin for Alessia. "Why don't you tell Tamorin what you're after, and you will get a star or sun as pertaining to your needs," She explains, giving a small nod of thanks to Zoey as well "Mingle, seek each other out. Discuss in groups what you are looking for, see if you find it here or can be pointed in the right direction. This is meant as a first step, but communication is always key, Lady Zoey," She adds, with a wink and a sip of wine.

When the Softest spots Svana, she gives a little wave of the hand to the woman - and to Caprice and Valerius, offering a bright smile to Kael. "Marquis Kael. I trust you and your wife are well? It's been too long, I should see about a visit soon," She decides, with a small smile - glancing pleased over at Ripley and Iseulet, and taking another moment to check in on Ilira as she turns, a satisfied nod at the woman's performance so far.

Finishing murmuring with the Saiklander, Maharet nods to Anisha "Thank you, Softest. I shall exercise discretion, I think, for the moment" With a gleam in her golden eyes. She nods to Medeia, settling at the table

Maharet has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Desma ghosts a smile to Ilira. "Thank you. Yes. Thinking of a patron." It's Caprice's introduction that catches her attention as she's about to pop a bit of lobster into her mouth, so her hand's left hovering as she makes her own introduction. "Lady Desma Magnotta." Her plate /certainly/ dwarfs Caprice's, it's the product of a military mind. It doesn't even teeter as she finally relinquishes the fishy morsel to her mouth, and filches a tartlet from the top. She notices both Felix and Ryhalt, both met only the once, but hey, a face is still a face, and smiles and offers a reserved wave in both of their directions.

"Oh!" Fingers scratch at his beard. "A star then. Can it be a pretty star? With a ruby in the middle?" He bats his eyes at Ilira, but takes the star offered regardless. "So lovely. The star is too." Once it's secured to his person he turns that bright gaze to Iseulet. "Lead on oh lovely flower of the evening, to whom none compare!" He offers his arm to he, elbow bent and at the right level.

Svana has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Her eyes twinkle with delight at his enthusiastic shaking of her hand. "You must be an artist. I have a nose for them." Then, Iseulet looks down at Ripley's shoes, her smile broadening. "Those slippers are delightful," she says as she takes his arm and leads him back to her table. "You're too kind. May I ask your name? Get you a drink?"

Ripley has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

When the Softest Whisper Anisha is addressing him, Kael rises politely from that seat that he just inhabited. "We are," he tells her with a smile in turn. To be fair, there's a bit of rueful edge to that smile, a hint of something thankful within it. He dips his head in a low, humble manner toward her, and continues with, "And you should. We have hosted far too few dinners as of late." He gestures, to the ballroom, the event, and adds, "It is lovely." There, with that compliment done, he dips his head once more before starting to lower back to his seat.

Zoey has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Ryhalt returns Zoey's smile and wave. Seeing Desma, he also offers her a smile on the way to a table. It seems the suns far outnumber the stars once more, he notes with a chuckle as he looks around the room, watching people as they mingle.

Noticing Desma, after meeting her earlier, Talwyn offers her a brief wave before he notices Zoey. "Lady Kennex, a pleasure to see you again! I didn't expect to see you here." His smile is bright as he looks around. "It seems to be a protege's market."

"Oh shit. I left the slippers on?" Ripley looks down at the soggy wool animal slippers. "Reid's gonna murder me." And he hightails it with Iseulet to a table.

Zoey nods to Anisha and gets up from her table, taking a moment to look around again. She return's Ryhalt's wave, then drifts near Talwyn before answering, "Oh no? I have been looking for a new patron for some time now, and ever since Mimi left the city I have been in search of an artist to take on as protege."

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance," Caprice directs to Desma, sincere if somewhat hasty as others seek the lady's attention. But she does fire off a soft, "Good luck!" before retreating with her drink.

After a moment of looking strangely lost near the center of the room, Svana pulls her pin off and leaves it on an end table somewhere, departing.

Medeia gives Svana's hand a squeeze in return, before turning her attention to intrducing Maharet to the people at the table. Her eyes looks around the room, yet, observing who else is present.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leaves, following Svana.

Wandering in on scuffed boots and a long dress of aeterna, Sister Abby brings her curious eyes around the procession. Left, right, this way and that. Plenty of stranger faces in the crowd. She takes to wandering, eventually choosing a table at random.

Off separate from the crowd, Romulius scans various tables searchingly, his eyes unsure, as if attempting to pick out a specific face.

"Hmm." Talwyn looks thoughtful as he considers Zoey's words. "I've tried finding a protege a few times. So far, no takers. I'm tempted to start asking them why the rejection, but I guess I'm too afraid to hear the answer." he admits with a brief frown. When Iseulet returns with Ripley, he chuckles. "A successful cast of your line, Iseulet?"

Abby has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

"Please, enjoy the food and drink, my lord, my ladies, mistress and precious." Anisha offers bright. Sketching a curtsey to Desma and offering another smile to Kael. "Thank you. Please do not hesitate to call upon me, or any of the apprentices." She gestures to Maharet and Ilira. "And -" Spotting Svana leaving, her brow furrows a little. "Excuse me for a moment." Moving along, her smile soon returns, and she gives little wiggles of her fingers of greeting here and there to the newcomers and those on the edges, like Romulius and Abby. Picking up a piece of parchment, and scribbling a message, murmuring under her breath to Tamorin.

Zoey notes new people coming in, and then says something quietly to Talwyn.

A smile flickers on the corner of Ilira's lips for Ripley, her eyes lifting to Iseulet a moment. The wink is subtle. Her attentions flit elsewhere as she occupies a vantage point in the ballroom, noting the turn and flow of the crowd. Zoey's meet with Talwyn draws another smile as she crosses the room to them, the click-clack of diamond heels an echo to her step. "Your highness," she greets with a lithe curtsey to the royal, "My Lady. You both take an interest in patroning the arts?" Her attention settles to Caprice a few paces away, as her hand lifts to gesture her over. "Messere Caprice," she smiles, "This is Prince Talwyn Valardin and Lady Zoey Kennex. I think you three should meet," she offers.

A curious glance is thrown toward the Blackshore lord before Alessia hops off her seat with a glass in hand. "Hello there." She greets Romulius with a grin. "Vodka?" She offers, lifting the glass up. "I'm Lady Alessia Mazetti. It's a pleasure."

Ilira is offered a smile, small, but sweet. "I have have the pleasure." Talwyn responds. "She will make someone a lovely protege, but alas, our stars did not align." he admits as he bows his head to Caprice. "It is good to see you again."

Desma lifts a hand to Talwyn and sends a smile his way. It seems she remembers him too. She simply watches the proceedings for a minute before, plate in hand, though when Anisha addresses her, she cocks her head to an angle. "I'm looking for a patron who's interested in me. In what I might achieve. Someone that's happy to keep company with me and perhaps be dragged on an adventure or three. I'm unlikely to make them rich, for I have no skills for that. Am I likely to find one such as that here, or am I better served looking elsewhere..."

Zoey smiles to Caprice. "Well now, what are you seeking in a patron, Miss Caprice? Perhaps we can discuss the possibility."

Leena is completely made up today, with her hair groomed with precision yet tousled to give it a perfectly planned imperfect look to it. A red shade across her lips, and a fine satin red dress with straps to hold it up, but a flattering view of her shoulders and chestline. Flaring out at the hips she's wearing knee-length leather boots that are tied with red lacing.

Usually she tries to not leave the Igniseri home, but she's been prodded out far more often than usual lately. So she's here and she looks about at the unfamiliar hall. Her sister is probably familiar, but Leena isn't one that visits so taking it all in it's quite new to her.

Romulius gratefully accepts the drink, perhaps too eagerly. "Thank you, My Lady - I pray you'll forgive my being late." He takes a gulp of the drink in hand. "I had a... family ordeal that required my attention."

While looking around the room again, Medeia spots Abby with a curious, if not entirely knowing look. She waves at the woman, beckoning her away from the table she randomly chose.

Kael tips his head toward Anisha in a most polite manner, another smile offered toward her. When she indicates the other Whispers, his focus moves accordingly to Maharet and Ilira. Naturally his head inclines their way as well should eye contact be made, but it is a brief thing, and no intent is made to interrupt the conversations at hand. Now Desma? With that commentary? That catches Kael's attention. His focus shifts toward her and he studies her for a quiet stretch of time in silence.

"Ordeal?" Alessia asks with a tilt of the head, though a curious smile appears. "That is such an interesting word. I hope it wasn't anything that'd ruin the mood /far/ too much." She shakes her head. "And you have no reason to apologize. At all." She assures him, before accepting a glass from her maid.

Anisha offers a bright smile to Desma. "Ah," She studies the woman carefully, considering her. "... Well, with the garb you wear and the way you carry yourself, I imagine you might. You're of noble blood," She notes. "So money should not be a concern for neither you nor your patron. As for one interested in you, is that not the dream for all of us?" She offers a gentle smile. Looking around her. "I'd recommend asking around. You might be surprised. If they cannot offer their own patronage, perhaps they can turn you on the right path, mm?" Holding her glass in both hands now, and she looks around them. "I'm afraid I didn't catch your name, my lady. I'm terribly sorry."

Romulius nods, offering a small chuckle. "Nothing quite so interesting, I'm afraid. Just a spirited reunion after some time at sea." He gestures around the room. "I must admit, sailing isn't quite so exciting. This is all a bit much, for me."

"Who?" Abby's head cocks to the side, spying Medeia beckoning her from across the way. She squints. "Oh. I hope I'm not in trouble." Her lips flatten into a thin line, with Ripley's gesturing catching her off guard next. "My hair? What about it?" Fingers thread through her locks and stay there. "Is it bad? You know what, tell me when I get back." Up on her boots, she shuffles away in the direction of Medeia's table. Hasty, hasty, hasty. Once she's there, she kneels beside the Lady of Saik's chair. "Hi. Can I help you?"

Valerius spots Romulius in the crowd and heads over offering a smile and a laugh as he steps into the conversation. "Lord Romulius, have they given you a drink yet?"

"Lady Desma Magnotta." There's a hint of pride there for the fledling Lycene house. "Nevermind. I think I got something." Plate supremely balanced in the palm of her hand, she threads through the tables to one in particular. Without a word, she sits herself down.

"I'm delighted to have met them both, as it happens," Caprice replies to Ilira, a grateful smile offered her way all the same for the introductions. Talwyn's comment seems to give her pause, but in answer to Zoey, she cheats out in her seat just a little bit to keep her table included in the conversation should they be interested.

"If I'm not being conservative in my wish list? I could align with someone who is appreciative of art in all its forms or at least with some willingness to explore them together. An interest in fashion is also ideal as I'm a clothier by trade, and the wider an audience can appreciate my work, the happier I'll be. My comfort is, really, rooted in the social. I'm not against venturing out into places unknown with some guidance from an enthusiastic and knowledgeable sort. Particularly if there are some assurances that my embarrassing failures out in the sticks can remain our little secret."

Desma has joined the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Romulius nods and gestures towards Alessia. "Yes, My Lord, the Lady here was gracious enough to offer me one." Clearly not in his comfort zone, eyes darting between the Lord and Lady, Romulius takes another sip of his drink.

Ilira lingers a few moments longer to observe introductions, then, her expression subtly pleased, she slips away to attend her next target. "Brother Felix!" she greets brightly, her hand settled on her hip as she looks up to him. "I wonder, what are you looking for in a protege?" Her eyes briefly sweep the crowd to spy fellow commoners, at little avail.

"Some time at sea? You sounded like an Islander." Alessia smiles as she studies the Blackshore curiously. "And who might you be?" She takes a drink from her glass. "I'm Lady Alessia Mazetti. It's a pleasure to meet you. "Gracious is a word to use for me." She winks, nodding when Valerius joins them.

Kael's still regarding Desma with a keen amount of interest and indeed, when she is moving toward his table, he rises up to stand. No bow is offered forth, but he does incline his head to her before he takes a seat and begins to converse quietly.

Zoey listens and nods as Caprice answers, smiling when she mentions fashion. "I happen to be a fan of fashion myself, and add to my wardrobe regularly. As I said, I do seek an artist. I have a great love for performance as well as crafts, and I keep the portrait my first protege made for me on prominent display in the family library," she says. She adds something else, though a bit quieter.

Anisha quirks a brow, looking after Desma as she slips over towards Kael, a hint of a smile on her lips. Considering the groups, she next decides to move along to Ryhalt. "Duke Ryhalt. I trust Westrock Reach is doing well? You know, we keep some of your coffee in the house at all times," She muses. "How are you and your darling wife, mm?" She scans him, just so, spotting his displayed sun. "Any notion on what you are looking for?"

"I wear it on my sleeve, I suppose. Lord Romulius Blackshore." He offers a polite bow, and after a quick glance at Valerius, a smile. "I fortunately share a mutual friend with the Marquis here, hence my interest in attending."

Valerius whispers to Romulius then turns his attention to Alessia. A slow bite of his lip. "Lady Alessia, I don't believe we've met before, and if we have my deepest apologies for not remembering your visage. Valerius Malespero, Marquis. At your service."

"I've been in the city long enough to detect the accent, my lord." Alessia says with a wink to Romulius. "I don't think my Lycene accent is difficult to detect either, if it helps." She beams at Valerius' words. "We have not met, Marquis. Though I'm remiss. Your words flatter me though. Hopefully this meeting proves unforgettable." Her brows rise a little.

Felix looks up from the chair that he's claimed for himself, to give Ilira a faint grin and a lifted hand to go with the greeting. "You know, I've no vast preference, though my skills and ability more support those - as a patron - who might have need of my craft, or my investments into exploration and research. I'm less inclined towards social things, myself, but." a playful quirk of brow to go with it. "Why, are you seeking others in the field?" though the words are entirely teasing.

Leena manages her pin-seeking affair at the door, then there's all the lamps and..she thought somehow there would be dancing. Yet..she is glad there is not. Moving to the buffet table she selects a glass of white wine, taking a sip as her eyes move over unfamilar faces.

Still glancing around the room from timt to time, Medeia gives Leena a warm smile and wave before returning to hushed conversations with Caprice and Abby.

After a brief exchange with Talwyn, Zoey removes the star pin on her chest. The sun alone now remains.

Romulius clears his throat, gesturing towards the table that Alessia vacated. "I would hate to ask you to stand out of courtesy towards me, My Lady. Perhaps we'd best sit?" He pulls a chair out, offering it to Alessia and looking between the two.

Ryhalt smiles warmly as Anisha approaches and speaks to him. "Good evening, Softest Whisper Anisha. Yes, Westrock is doing quite well, especially as trade's returning to normal now that that whirlpool has dissipated. You do? I am very pleased to hear that, it is an ambition of mine to bring it to the whole of Arvum one day." Grinning, he goes on to say about his wife, "Starting to get very pregnant, but keeping herself busy. Even I barely get to see her these days!" He chuckles with fond amusement.

"I'm looking for any focus, really." Ryhalt says of what he is looking for in a protege. "I have projects planned or in thought that'll take the help or advice of someone with expertise in that area. Or, just plain company."

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"The dissipation did bring a relief," Anisha agrees. "I'm seeing far more smiles in the markets of late." She muses. There's a nod, and a chuckle. "That and Laurent honey. It was a clever thing, combining the two. I do use the honey in my tea as well." She clicks her tongue, and pats his hand. "Please do give her my regards, your wife. May the Mother of Beginnings and the triad of Creation all look favourably upon her when the time comes." She glances over to the other tables as Ryhalt speaks. "I can see that. You should be an attractive patron, as well." She furrows her brow. "I do need to actually speak and introduce myself to some of these people, but I will absolutely keep your name in mind if I speak with any of our sparkling stars tonight."

1 Malespero guard, Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman arrive, following Pasquale.

1 Rivenshari Clansman, Lucky, the fishing cat, Patock, A clever Youth arrive, following Athaur.

"Thank you. We do pray and appreciate yours that all will go well." Ryhalt smiles to Anisha. When she expresses the need to continue on, he nods. "I should hope to think so. Thank you, though it is looking far more are looking for a protege, so I understand if there is no luck tonight, and thank you for hosting this evening."

Leena takes a few sips of wine, however does not see a particular social 'in' at any of the tables nor conversations. She purses her lips a little..then puts the ine aside. She makes her way back to turn her pins in on her way out.

Athaur arrives with the jingling of the bells that are sewn into his clothing and braided through his hair. He checks in with the Apprentice at the door, giving his title of Marquis and collecting both a Sun and a star pin. He studies them for a moment, before slipping them into the front of his coat. He steps into the room, looking around curiously.

"WATCH WHERE YOU STEP! SHE HAS LOST HER SPIDER!" Ripley cups his hands and bellows then gestures to Abby at the table. "IF FOUND PLEASE RETURN IT TO.... I DON'T KNOW WHAT HER NAME IS! SHE HAS BROWN HAIR!" He points to Abby again just to make sure everyone knows to send the spider back to her. There's a bow for the table he was at and the man is fleeing as fast as he can. "Fifty seven fucking cats..." And looking for another table.

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"If nothing else, Duke Ryhalt, you have shown your interest in public, and it is now known, so even if you have no luck tonight, hopefully word will spread along and you'll have your luck with that." She points out. "Thank you so much for coming. It really does matter." She gives him a little wink, and if he'll allow it, a gentle squeeze of the hand before she moves along - spotting Zoey's removed pin, glancing between her and Tyrwal with a bright little smile. Moving closer to Ilira, giving her a gentle press to the back, murmuring on her way, seeking and checking in on people - pausing as she sees Leena move to leave.

"Ah, my lady. I didn't catch your name. Well met, and welcome. I am the Softest Whisper Anisha, a pleasure. May I have your name? Make some introductions, perha-" She doesn't get further before the call goes out, and she blinks as she looks tio Ripley and Abby.

"...Please do be careful where you step." She sighs. "Tamorin, could you get some of the junior apprentices to come help look?"

Medeia is staring in amusement at Ripley, but also a bit concerned about the lost spider. And the number of cats. What did she miss?

"Easy enough," Ilira smiles up to Felix as her voice lowers for proximity, "I'll hold an eye open for some lucky commoner to introduce. Afraid there seems few here tonight, though," she remarks as her eyes fall to a sweep of the crowd once more. A slim, chic blonde alone across the room snags her, though her lips briefly quirk in knowing humor at Ripley's announcement. Lifting her branded hand, she gestures Leena to she and Felix with a little flutter of her fingers.

Pasquale takes a few moments to contemplate who exactly is here before making his way to Ilira' side.

Leena was on her way of being free of social entanglement. She almost startles when approached! "Ah! G..Greetings! I am Lady Leena Igniseri6+93

Abby has a frozen, mortified look on her face. Slowly, she lifts a hand to the side of her face and scratches at her cheek. "My name is Abby Laurent." She offers helpfully as Ripley flees, although it's spoken in a very soft mutter.

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A beautiful songbird arrives, delivering a message to Ryhalt before departing.

Oh look. Someone's looking at him. Like a seagull with tired wings, having flown long miles into the suthryn sea's, Riley quickly ambles over toward the table that Medeia is looking at him from. He snatches up a glass of something from somewhere along the way, throwing back a mouthful then immediately has the look of regret on his face as whatever he took up most certainly didn't agree with him and he's shaking his head, moving his tongue in and out like he can't get the taste off his mouth. That cup is swiftly put down in a different spot and he slides himself into a chair at the table.

Maharet rising from the table, she smiles. A small curtsy, and she makes her way out, upstairs

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Ilira's face brightens with a beam at Pasquale's arrival. "Pasquale!" she chimes, a familiarity clear. "It is a joy to see you. The sun or the star, tonight?" she asks with a little wink, "A star for a patron and a sun for a protege." Her smile turns to Leena as she approaches, sweeping into a smooth curtsey that brushes her hair to the carpet. Iseulet's departure draws her eye a moment, frowning.

Leena Leena was on her way of being free of social entanglement. She almost startles when approached! "Ah! G..Greetings! I am Lady Leena Igniseri. I.." she flinches at the sudden yelling and blurts out to Anisha "Do you need to handle that situation, your softness?" She peers at Ilira as she seems to be waved over "I think..I'm being invited over?"

"I had a prospective one, but I think others have lured her services off to others." Felix gives a shrug to go with it, then turns his attention to the gesture and follows the gaze to Leena when she approaches. A bow of his head. "Welcome, Lady Igniseri. Brother Felix Meadson, a pleasure to meet you." the call of the missing spider has him looking around - less with alarm, and more to make sure his goat isn't eating any spiders

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Athaur looks around curiously at the gathered group, lifting a brow slightly at the call of missing spiders. He looks down at the floor and then over himself for any runaway arachnids. Finding none he steps in. He nods to Talwyn, a quick bow to the Valardin Prince. But then he spies Felix, flittering his fingers in greeting before he jingles over towards the Smith.

Anisha glances over at Iseulet as she leaves, at Ripley and Abby, and quirks her lips, giving a gentle shake of her head. "There are apprentices on the way to help," She offers to Leena. "The matter will be handled." She inclines her head. "I'm glad you came here tonight, Lady Leena. Please, enjoy the food and the drink - and if you need introductions, please do not hesitate to call upon me." She grins. Giving a small nod. "Please do speak to Ilira, and once you're done, if he catches your eye, perhaps you might go speak to Duke Ryhalt, as he is seeking proteges, mm?" She gestures to the duke, then sketches a curtsey, and takes a step back. "And I'll be... Well. Here."

Ilira inclines her head to Felix in understanding. "We'll keep looking," she assures with a little grin. "Good evening to you, Lady Igniseri. I note two pins! I am curious, what do you seek in either?"

Rising to his feet, there's a brief frown. When he catches sight of Athaur's nod, Talwyn returns it, but he's moving to unfasten his pins. He's had one success. Any others will have to wait as he speaks quietly to Anisha before he prepares to depart.

Pasquale smiles briefly at Ilira's exuberent greeting. "I could be either. Or both." he looks at the busy room. "Does anyone strike you as being particularly fitting or should I just roam around being my usual charming self?"

Talwyn is overheard praising Anisha: Holder of the best events.

Zoey exchanges a few words with Caprice, and when Talwyn gets up her brow furrows a bit with concern. After refilling her wine glass she takes a seat at the table.

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Talwyn is overheard praising Zoey: A new protege, I am proud to call her mine!

Ilira flickers a brief, subtle look after Iseulet's departure, settling to Talwyn a moment.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Desma before departing.

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Talwyn shakes his head, a brief breath blown out before the Prince is making his way out, lips set in a thin line.

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Anisha offers a gentle touch to Talwyn's arm, murmuring something in turn, her smile faltering only briefly. She exhales and raises herself a little straighter, looking around the room, considering carefully. She inclines her head in greeting to Lexir, and offers another bright smile to Athaur. "Marquis. How lovely to see you. I trust your wife is well?" She inquires. "DO you need introductions? I'm making my way around the room learning to know the various people myself," She admits.

While Abby would rather be vanishing into thin air, weaving through the crowd with a dipped chin and a defensive posture will have to do for now. "Excuse me, excuse me. Sorry." Eventually she manages to shuffle herself into an out-of-the-way corner, where she can keep low to the floor in search.

Leena moves over towards Ilira, keeping a downcase gaze to make sure not to squish multi-leg squishables as best she can. "Ah, very well. I'll be there in a minute..barring any encounters of the arachnid kind..." She does snag a wine again, thinking..this could be useful. "Ah...there." She looks over to Anisha and raises a glass "I managed to make it!" A smile to Ilira "Well, I am always interested in learning things I do not know - particuarly in a scientific nature. Ship design and engineering has been a passion of mine, though I haven't been able to pair down my boat designs enough to be particularly useful beyond exploration. As for my own skills, I suppose I should pass on any knowledge or skill upon someone if it's within my power to do so."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

Felix lifts a hand when Athaur gets close, turning a smile towards the man. "Marquis Athaur, good to see you, since it has been a time. I hope things are well - both for you and the Rivenshari?" before making introductions. "The Lady Leena Igniseri, and Whisper Ilira, who occasionally delights my shop with her company." and a motion, down towards the well behaved goat. Who at least only /looks/ at people like he wants to bite them. "And Ralph."

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington arrive, following Jaenelle.

Medeia checks perception and athletics at easy. Critical Success! Medeia is spectacularly successful.

Valerius shouts from nearby, "Sister!"

Ilira returns full attention to her group at hand. "Pardon me, raised voices and lost spiders can distract somewhat," she intones in a more playful murmur. "Lady Leena, Felix, are you yet acquainted with Lord Pasquale?" She inclines her head to the man in black at her left. From the corner of her eye, Abby's struggles draw another warm smile and gesture of beckoning.

"Felix, my friend. How are you. We do so miss having you around. But I hope that business and your affairs are well." He turns to those Felix introduces him do and drops into a flourshing bow, sending the bells on his person to jingle merrily. "Marquis Athaur Rivenshari. A pleasure to meet all of you." He turns to Anisha, smiling warmly and dipping his head. "There are so few people here that I know. I am afraid I have let the social scene leave me so far behind. The Marquessa Joslyn is doing quite well, thank you for asking. I would love introductions."

Having heard that Abby did, truly, lose her spider, Medeia excuses herself from her table and scans the room. Spotting the spider, she slips through the crowd and gently scoops it up and cradles it to bring to Abby.

"SISTER!" Ripley calls out too after Valerius does, from his table. "I just wanted to say that! Join in the fun!" He pipes back down at his table.

Pasquale inclines his head towards Leena. "Lady Leena. I've heard of you but I don't believe we've ever met." Felix gets a smile or recognition. "Always a pleasure to see you Felix."

"Doing well. The shop is as it usually is - busy when I need it to be slow. Slow when I need it to be busy." said with more amusement than anything else. "And Mistress Ilira here is the best choice for that, next to our gracious hostess." a bow of the head follows. "Lord Pasquale, the pleasure is mine, certainly." before shifting back to Athaur. "And I am glad to hear it. Given the chaos surrounding much of everything in these times."

Damiana arrives with a handmaiden at her side as she arrives to the ballroom, fashionably late. Without causing much to call attention to herself, she has a sun badge pinned to her velvet gown before the new face to Arx makes her way towards more of the group while her handmaiden declines a drink for Damiana.

Abby lifts her head up, hopping off her knees when Medeia arrives as the knight in shining armor. "Oh thank youuu." She gently cups the tiny, eight legged runaway in her hands. "His mother would be most displeased if he wasn't at the shrine before sundown. Curious thing, getting into trouble." The spider does a lap around her wrist and disappears beneath her aeterna. "I owe you." Seeing Ilira's beckoning, she offers one more hushed thank for the Lady Saik before shuffling over that-a-way. "Hiii. Sorry about that, I was in crisis."

Jaenelle looks around as she enters the whisper house, hearing a familiar voice. Amusement touches her eyes as they find the screaming man and she grins towards Valerius. Then that same look gets passed towards Ripley, "not quite, though I will trade one of my brothers for a new one should they displease me."

Zoey smiles from her table and gives Jaenelle a friendly wave. For the moment she sits alone with her glass of wine, a sun pinned to her chest and a star on the table before her.

Anisha raises her glass to Leena, encouraging, then looks to Felix and beams bright. "Ah, Master Felix. Thank you so much for coming. Hopefully we'll be able to point a star towards your sun tonight." Because, well, Athaur and Felix know each other and it's a start. She gestures. "Well, I don't think I've had the pleasure of that one," She notes, gesturing to Pasquale, wiggling her fingers a little in greeting. "And I'm sure you know Lady Alessia, that's the Marquis Malespero with her if I'm not mistaken. Ilira here has captured the attention of the lovely Lady Leena Igniseri, Duke Ryhalt is keeping an eye out for interesting personages whom he might take as a protege, and over there is Marquis Kael Keaton with Lady Desma Magnotta, and there we have Lady Medeia, Mistress Caprice... And I don't know the loud man." She admits. "But there's Lady Zoey Kennex, and that one with the spider is Sister Abby Laurent.

She pauses, brightens at seeing Jaenelle enter, and gives Athaur a squeeze. "And of course, here we have been honoured by the presence of one that needs no introduction, but I will give one anyway. Your grace, welcome, well met. Please, step on in, have a drink, a seat." She beams. "The Archduchess-Regent of Lenosia herself, Princess Jaenelle Velenosa." And with that, she sketches a deep curtsey

Looking to his table, whispering something to Alessia, then standing up, "Sister, /Princess/ Jaenelle. Come, sit."

After seeing the spider safely returned to Abby, Medeia begins to make her way back to her table when she spots Jaenelle. "Oh, Archduchess!" She dips a curtsy and makes an introduction. "Harlequin Medeia Saik, Lady of and Minister of the Hearth for House Saik. It is good to meet you in person, rather than just through correspondence." Once the introductions are done, she returns to her table, apologizing for dashing off.

Lexir inclines his head back cordially in Anisha's direction, a glass of wine casually held - and swished and drunk on occasion - in one hand, the other closed into a loose fist behind his back.

Leena shakes her head with a soft movement "I'm afraid I do not have the same recognization, however with that being rather remidied now by introduction, it is a pleasure to make your aquaintance to both of you. I am Marquessa Quenia's younger sister. I often sit about and design and build things, I think sometimes my sister shoo's me out of the house for functions so she can dust off my room and so that I can get some sun. In fact.." she looks thoughtful a moment "I'm pretty sure that's what she does." Shaking her head with a soft smile "Nonetheless, thank you for calling me over. I cannot say I have been to a such a party..I know Quenia has taken on proteges, I have not. What does one look for in a protege? A willingness to learn?"

Gaze drifting from Romulius to Jaenelle, Alessia rises from her seat with a beaming smile. "Your grace. It's lovely to see you here." She dips her head in greeting. "Your brother is the finest company."

Leena is overheard praising Medeia: Like some kind of nimble dexterious assassin, she finds a lost spider in the middle of a busy, loud, hectic ballroom. Her powers of observation miss little.

Desma rises from the table she's shared with Kael, a frown on her face. The frown's not for him however, it's for the note she grips in her hand. Messengers can be irksome at times. Gathering up her food, she pulls the star pin from her shirt and pauses in her egress to the doors to touch a light hand to Anisha's shoulder. "Thank you." It's praise indeed from the young Magnotta, and out she heads.

Athaur turns towards Jaenelle as Anisha announces her, dropping into a deep bow of respect to her. He looks over towards Leena then and smiles. "Well, it depends entirely on what you wish to find in a Protege. The few I have accepted are individuals that I wished to help make their home here in Arx, and in the Compact as a whole. Unfortunately, I am not able to support with coin to often, but I am able to contribute my influence, knowledge and skill."

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Splinter, the golden-eyed osprey leaves, following Desma.

"Someone you can help better themselves, whatever way that might be." Pasquale says to Leena. "And who can in turn benefit from the association. Its not written in stone." there is a brief nod at Athaur's words. "The marquis put it perfectly. My current protege is a prodigal and I have been helping her to get properly established."

Kael rises from his table and shifts his focus toward Anisha as she supplies his name. He is not so unaware as to be oblivious of that, it seems. The Marquis delivers a bow to the host, inclines his head to other Whispers when he might catch their eye, but it seems that he too is on the way out. He does however return that pin to the apprentice at the table and murmur a few words of gratitude on his way.

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Ilira turns at the arrival of a man bedecked in bells to flow into a gracious curtsey. "Good evening," she beams, "And welcome." She dips her head in deference to the archduchesses as she passes, lips faintly quirking at her commentary. Her focus settles back as she greets Abby, "And hello to you, Sister Abby. Is your little friend alright?" she asks with a gesture to the sleeve up which the spider has scurried. "May I introduce you to Brother Felix, Lady Leena, Lord Pasquale, and Marquis Athaur." A gesture for each address, the silk of her glove gleams liquid in the light. To Leena's query, she ponders. "In personal preference, I look for one who shares a handful of interests, passions, quirks, but with enough contrast for a mutual learning experience. You say you've interest in scientifics and boats? I would recommend a sailor with curiosity for alchemy, or vice versa!" She dips a little nod to Pasquale's joint explanation.

Jaenelle wiggles her fingers in Zoey's direction, offering her a dip of her head in familiar greeting. Then she is soon being introduced to the room by the hostess, and she lets out a soft laugh and offers another dip of her head towards Anisha's direction, "thank you for such a welcoming greeting, Mistress Anisha. You are well I hope?" Then she turns back towards Zoey as well, "and you Lady Zoey? I received your latest cake, and I must say you and your chefs have outdone yourselves this time. I might more into the Kennex estate just to eat that more often." Then she turns back towards her brother and offers him a sigh, "you are too much. I am glad that you find him charming Lady Alessia, because the rest of us have been listening to him for a rather long time and relish when he sleeps." She looks rather fondly towards Valerius regardless of her words. "Lady Medeia, the Harlequins are my absolute favorites, and it is lovely to be able to meet you face to face, though I do enjoy your letters even if I am terrible at responding sometimes in a timely manner. I do hope you will forgive me?" Her attention shifts to Athaur after, offering the man a dip of her head in response, "we have never met" she accuses. "We should fix that. I like to meet everyone."

Gwenys walks into the Elysian Ballroom with all the grace, dressed in travelling leathers and practical armor that is quite fitting for an itinerant adventurer but doesn't make her look very knightly. Her sword is full ribbons and such to denote she won't be drawing it, and she discusses with someone at the door about proteges and patrons. "Mark me up for a protege, I suppose, but I am unsure if anyone who would want my patronage would frequent such a fancy place!" With her hands on her hips, she about and like someone about to go into a panicked state over the crowd. Exhaling dramatically, Gwenys resigns herself and walks inside, smiling and waving at people, only rarely remembering to do her bows and curtsies as she did learn once upon a time in Sanctum. When she does, it is a little awkward, out of practice. She beelines towards Damiana, trying to find some solace there, under the wings of her social butterfly of a sister. She quickly clings to that arm, "Surprise, and also help! This place is packed!"

Ilira beams her attentions to the arriving Valardin sisters with a flutter of her fingers and a dip of her head. "Welcome," she calls warmly.

"Nothing to forgive, Archduchess!" Medeia reassures Jaenelle, giving the woman a warm smile. She wraps up conversation at her table and decides to mingle some more, spotting Pasquale. She steps close and rests a hand on his arm. "Seeking another protege, Pasquale?" As she asks, she looks around the room and gives a smile and wave to Lexir.

Athaur looks to the group he is with and inclines his head. "If you excuse me. I believe it is unwise to disregard a request from an Arch-Duchess." He wiggles his fingers to them before he strides over towards Jaenelle with a beaming smile. "I too love to meet everyone. I am Marquis Athaur Rivenshari, at your service, Your Grace." He drops into a deep bow, the bells sewn into his clothing and braided through his hair jingle with the movements.

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Anisha offers a little smile. "Of course, your grace. I am doing splendidly. Apprentice Ilira will be taking the name of Whisper tonight, we've already had one pair of patron and protege find each other, and people seem to be doing very well," She assures. Giving a bow of her head. "It is good to see you - I really must write you again, soon. I think I still owe you the proofs of the sparklegas research that was done, if you haven't heard from someone else before now." She notes, with a chuckle. "At any rate - I don't know everyone yet, but I must try to be a good hostess." She gives a wiggle of her fingers as Kael slips out, then nods to Pasquale. "I'll be back to take your name, my lord." She gives Lexir another little smile, and curtsies to Abby. "Good to meet you. Softest Whisper Anisha - I'm glad Lady Medeia took good care of your spider - if you'll excuse me, please let me slip away for just one moment..."

And that she does, moving over to the arriving Valardin sisters, and offering a gentle curtsey. "Your highnesses. Well met and welcome. the Softest Whisper Anisha, at your service."

Back from another table leaps Ripley, striking out another patron from the list and goes on the hunt for more alcohol and maybe another attempt to find someone, idly scratching at the back of his ear and then peering at his fingers after he pulls his hadn back. "Missed a spot"

"Oh he's fine!" Abby lifts up her arm. Bends at the elbow. Shifts it left and right. The little bump in her dress travels further north and comes to a stop at her shoulders. Hints of little black legs peak out by her neck. "Just a little spooked, if I had to guess. I'm usually guessing. I don't know how spiders think most of the time. But I've never been bit, so I assume I'm doing alright for myself. And the Queen." She pauses in her brief ramble to dip into a curtsy for each introduction. "Hello Brother, Lady, Lord, Marquis." And one extra for Anisha. "Softest Whisper." Finally, back to Ilira. "And uhm... What might I call you? Sister Abby Laurent, hello."

Felix offers Abby a smile, and a bow of the head to go with it. "Sister Abby, a pleasure to meet you." then a lifted hand for Anisha, somewhat belated. "Anisha, it is always a pleasure - I do indeed. I think most have at least had chance to cross the threshold of my shop, for one reason or another." and a nod for Athaur to see him off, before he pushes himself up to his feet. "Speaking of, I've spent my allotted time in seeking a protege for the day - I should return so that the ones I left in charge do not burn my shop down." a bow for those gathered. "With many thanks for the hosting of the event in question."

Zoey stands up then, leaving an empty wine glass behind. "Softest Anisha, thank you again for this wonderful and successful event. You and Ilira both," she says to the hostess. "I had best return home now, but only because my duties demand it. Be well." She nods to Anisha, then as she passes Jaenelle replies, "The cakes are always best at three in the morning, are they not? Please feel free to come visit whenever you would like." With smiles and waves to the other familiar faces she departs, leaving her pins at the door.

Zoey is overheard praising Anisha: Thank you for the wonderful event!

Zoey is overheard praising Ilira: Thank you for the wonderful event!

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"Somewhat Medeia." Pasquale says "It seemed wrong to come here and not take the pins. I am terribly picky though." He briefly turns his attention onto Gwenys, or more specifically the evidence of violence upon her face. "Hmm." he murmurs mostly to himself before letting the comment by Anisha distract him her way. "There is no hurry Whisper Anisha."

Leena smiles as Medeia joins Pasquale, whom she happens to be standing by. "I see you have quite the keen eye of observation, sister-in-law." As people come and go and move to different tables she finds herself a bit overrun. So she indulges in the wine in her hand, which is intended for just such occasions! "I should have expected it, however my expectations were not that this event would be quite this sucessful."

Damiana gets attacked by Gwenys who scoots the handmaiden off, and she smirks. "I'm here to see all the amazing proteges and patrons, I was suitably impressed with Messere Locke and her patron Legate Bianca the other day that I thought there must be some amazing competition here tonight." As Anisha introduces herself, she smiles and says "It's a very nice pleasure to meet the softest whisper of this wonderful house. May I introduce my older sister, Gwenys Valardin of Sanctum and myself, Damiana. We have sun pins, hopefully we're as radiant as the stars that are twinkling here today. I didn't know there'd be such a huge draw for a protege or patron, I think this is a great idea."

Medeia grins at Leena. "Well, I can hardly let one of the Queen's spiders be lost and scared in a crowd, can I? Pretty sure it is part of my service." She nods up at Pasquale, shifting to let her hand go from resting on his arm to lightly looping his elbow. "Ah, I am glad that it has been successful for some. It is a wonderful grouping of people."

"Always" Jaenelle tells Zoey without hesitation. Then she is turning towards Abby, "when we were creating spidersilk I can not tell you how many times we were all bitten. You get used to it," she adds with a grin, and her own larger spider sits on her head where Jaenelle is clearly just the vessel that Ellani uses to travel. She looks rather comfortable in the crown of the Archduchess' head. Her attention is pulled towards Athaur when the man approaches and her grin turns into a brightly lit smile and she curtsys in return, "Marquis Athaur Rivenshari. It is delightful to meet you. And what service would that be, you are offering?" she teases.

Ilira settles a pale hand on her black-clad hip as she bows her head politely to Abby. "Ilira Starlys, until later this eve," she winks. "Go well and keep well, Felix," she adds as the smith rises for his departure. "Good to see you here tonight." She allows Pasquale a moment to mingle with the Ladies as she settles a calm gaze on Abby, "In search of a patron. What do you look for, I wonder? There are several here to potentially suit you, I suspect."

After a time of waiting, Ryhalt unfolds himself from his seat a table and strolls out with a smile.

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To her sister, Gwenys smiles, arm hooked around Damiana's so that the Blind Dragon won't need for anything. "Very few are like Verity Locke and Legate Bianca. There is some righteousness to that I can't quite put my finger on. It just works." Ilira and Anisha both get a bow from Gwenys, even if it is quite rough coming from the rough and tumble Valardin export. "Thank you for having us," she says briefly, staring at Damiana to check if she is doing this whole thing right or if she is somehow fucking up a simple hello. That not being the case, and Damiana not squeezing her arm to shut up, Gwenys continues. "This party looks great. You Whispers know how to throw them! I am the younger sister, by the way. Damiana just likes to put me down because she looks the best." She pokes her sister's side.

Athaur smiles as he straightens from his bow. "Besides my charming and musical company? Whatever Your Grace may desire. Should I not be able to provide it is likely that I know someone who could."

Striding in, perhaps a bit late (fashionably so!) Nijah presses through the doors to the Elysium ballroom, seasilk dress with blue embroidery and a soft scent of floral perfume wafting in after her. Her eyes cast around curiously at the assembled people and smiles broadly, taking long confident strides through the room. "Oh, now this is being a good turnout," she says in a Eurusi accent. "Softest Anisha, you have certainly doing well to be bringing so many people together. Perhaps now I can be finding a new patron? We will be seeing."

"Well, fret not, your highness," Anisha assures to Damiana. "Even if you don't get a protege tonight, you will have put your name out there. And we will be hosting other nights like this, rest assured. It is good to let people mingle and have a theme upon which to speak, mm? I'm glad you like it, though. Please feel free to enjoy the food and drink, and mingle freely. If you wish for an introduction, I can do my very best to supply," She assures. Pausing briefly, and raising her glass to Pasquale.

"I think I've placed you now, my lord." She assures. "But a formal introduction will hardly hurt." There's a small nod of thanks to Medeia for using the man's name, then glances back at Gwenys - apparently unfazed by a knightly princess wearing a bruise or two. "I'm glad you like it," She beams bright. "And I think that quite a few women and men have a thing for the knightly look, your highness." She muses. Gesturing broadly. "I'm still making my way around, but if you have a need, I'll be happy to assist." A beat, and she brightens, as Nijah joins them. "Ah, Nijah. You missed precious Maharet and darling Svana, I'm afraid. But I'm sure you'll have a splendid time here. Please, mingle and enjoy, mm?"

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Felix is overheard praising Anisha: Hosting a great event.

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Ralph the wrecking messenger goat leaves, following Felix.


"Well, you already told me no, and I don't beg, messere." Medeia says dryly in Ripley's direction. Turning back to Anisha, she smiles. "This is Lord Pasquale Malespero, nearly a brother, just as dear to me. Pasquale, Softest Whisper Anisha."

"Ilira Starlys." Abby repeats. "Until later? Strange. But I wish you luck in your name change?" At the question, the Sister folds her hands at her waist. "I'm not entirely sure. I think I'm here to find that out. My cousin offered me her patronage originally, but she's unfortunately gone out of town. So I suppose I'm free. And lost. Very lost, very free. But there are some nice people here..." An eye is on the Archduchess. "The Archduchess-Regent Jaenelle for instance! Never been in the same room as a ruler of so much... And she brings a spider." The Harlequin drifts a little closer. Index finger extended toward Ellani. If permissable, to gently touch the top of the arachnid's head.

Leena winces when someone begins yelling suddenly again. When Medeia heads away with Lord Pasquale, she decides it's time to make a calculated retreat. Finishing the wine she reaches out to touch Ilria's arm to give a soft word of thanks before she makes her way outward

Ripley's head swivels to Medeia's direction. "You didn't strike me as the time. A use em and lose em kinda gal! Don't worry!" But someone's saying something and towards Valerius' table ambles Ripley.

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There is definitely a brindle fur cat in the room glaring at Ripley.

Pasquale pats the hand that Medeia has looped through his elbow. "Pasquale Malespero." he offers to Anisha at much the same time that Medeia does. "My apologies. I was certain we had met before but I guess we must just have been in the same place, at the same time, with different people." his mouth twitches upwards at the corner as Ripley calls out his cat-less comment.

And also a gray wild cat glaring at him. And a Medeia. Medeia doesn't use and lose people.

Damiana says to Gwenys with a wry smile, "If I keep repeating it, one day it'll be truth." She laughs a bit and thanks Anisha. "Introductions are always lovely, especially seeing how we've just arrived the other day and Arx is such a busy place. Having the opportunity to meet people here as we battle for proteges sounds like an opportunity we shouldn't miss."

Leena is overheard praising Anisha: One heck of a successful party, the Whisper house earns it's reputation yet again.

Leena is overheard praising Ilira: A wonderful hostess in the midst of so much chaos, someone that can be genuininely engaging is hard to find!

A woman with proper posture wearing an aeterna cloak with deep blue velvet lining, white gloves and white boots, her billows of red hair hand freely around her shoulders. Lady Rebecca Malespero pauses near the door and she surveys the room with a soft vacant stare that belies her oftentimes rigid posture, dreamy lidded eyes taking everything in with a jaded sigh.

Jaenelle laughs, brows arching at Athaur's words before she nods in understanding or agreement, or perhaps acceptance. "Is this a self admitted charm, or have others accused you of being charming and therefore you have accepted your lot in life? Do you wish to be charming, or is it an unavoidable truth you have never been able to free yourself from?" She looks towards Ripley, "that poor man."

As swiftly as Ripley sat at the table with Alessia and Valerius, the man is up and hopping out. "NO PIANO'S! NO CATS! I MAKE PRETTY JEWELRY! I AM A THORNBURN AND AURORA IS MAKING ME DO THIS!" And he's back to circulating and looking for a drink that doesn't make his sniff and sneer.

To Ilira, Medeia leans in and murmurs, "Are you to become a Whisper proper, then? Congratulations, my 'twin.'" She raises a hand in Gwenys's direction. "Dame Princess! Princess Damiana!" She looses her hand from Pasquale's elbow, "Pardon, Pasquale," she says as she approaches the Valardin princesses.

Athaur gives a bright smile, his head tilting to one side. "Why, all of those things are true, Arch-Duchess. Naturally." He follows her gaze towards Ripley, making a small face. "My poor ears. What sort of individual dislikes cats."

Gwenys watches her sister handle the situation with a contained smile and ends up just smiling at the end of it all, "What she said, completely agree." She nods for emphasis, and whenever Damiana is ready to roam, and needs someone to take her there, Gwenys does as needed. She often stops when there are drinks being offered, describing how they look and how they smell, asking about their label and doing her best to replace Damiana's vision, even if she can't describe the taste of the drinks to save her life. When Medeia comes towards them, Gwenys leans in to whisper to her sister, "Harlequin Medeia Saik coming over. Met her today. She is pretty nice."

"I most certainly will," Nijah says with a polite dip of her head towards Anisha. "Most are looking rather engaged at the moment but I will be finding a chance to make myself known." Tilt of her head as she turns once more to face the crowd she speaks in a gentle but commanding voice. "Greetings guests, many welcomes to the whisper house. I am Nijah, I am from Eurus, but am coming to Arvum to be free to be my own woman. So I am an apprentice whisper here, I am also being a merchant and can be getting many good deals for prospective patrons. So if anybody is being interested, please be coming to speak with me."

It might be ironic that the Crazy Cat Lady of Arx is giving Ripley an odd look for his aversion, but nonetheless she brazenly does. And then with a kiss blown toward the softest Whisper, she heads out of the room. A couple of cats (where did they come from?) following her out.

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Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, 3 House Mazetti Guardians, Lance, a rebellious swan that likes to headbutt leave, following Alessia.

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Ilira flourishes a lissome bow to the blind dragon and the scarred princess. "A pleasure to make the acquaintance, Highnesses. Welcome to the evening, and thank you for coming. Please, may I introduce Sister Abby Laurent, in search of her own patron." She slips in the introduction before Abby's attentions fall to Jaenelle, noted with a wry quirk of amusement. "We have a bit of a gathering here," she indicates with a sweep of her gloved hand to Pasquale, Medeia, and the steps away archduchess with her entourage. Her head tilts to heed Medeia's murmur amongst the din, flickering a smile to her fellow of short stature. "Aye," she whispers in reply. "And thank you. Perhaps you'll join me for a celebration?" Smile ever lingering on her red lips, she steps away from Medeia with a swift brush of fingertips along her wrist as she slips through the throng. "Messere Nijah," she greets her fellow apprentice with a beam. "I am so glad for you to join us tonight."

Damiana begins to roam slowly but just as quick as she started she hears from Gwenys and Medeia's voice about the Saik. She pauses, looking to Medeia's general direction if she's coming over and says to Gwenys, "I think we should give time to speak with lady Medeia." And that is exactly what the two Valardin princesses will do. "How are you doing, lady Medeia? I was thinking of sending you a letter of invitation to come have lunch with us. My other sister Emma has arrived after her and her knights dealt with a problem and it'd be nice to have us all three together and spend some time with you."

Anisha glances in Ripley's direction, blinking. "And with a very powerful set of lungs. Surely a catch. Though perhaps in need of a little polish. Still, Thornburn is a prestigious name." She decides with a small smile. "And I can at least vouch for having a Jeweler as a protege being a worthy effort. My dear Seren is remarkable in her talent, and a wonderous performer as well. Ravashari," She notes, with a sparkle in her eye and a glance to Athaur. And, at finally being properly introduced (possibly for the second time!), she sketches a curtsey. "Lord Pasquale. I know I've seen you around but it is lovely to finally have a name to go with the face," She declares happily. Taking a step back to give room for Medeia as she approaches, and gestures over. "Let's see, you seem to know Lady Medeia, which is no surprise. The Archduchess-Regent Princess Jaenelle Velenosa needs no introduction," But she gets one anyway. Anisha blows a kiss back to Alessia, "That charming lady was Alessia Mazetti, that man she left by the table is Marquis Valerius Malespero..." She exhales. "This is the lovely Mistress Caprice, that is Marquis Athaur Rivenshari, and of course, Apprentice Whispers Ilira Starlys and Nijah. I'm not entirely sure who the gent by the wall is, but I intend to make my way over to him eventually," She notes, nodding at Lexir.

"And of course, the charming lady with the Spider is Sister Abby Laurent."

Standing up from the table, Valerius takes a look around the room. He might have been in a bit of daze and forgotten that there was an event occurring. He makes his way over to Jaenelle, a light bow of his head, to come back up with a huge smile. "I see you're doing well with the what?" slowly counting the entourage.

Lady Rebecca, or Beck as she likes to sign in her paintings, is hard to miss in her ensemble of brilliant whites and deep sapphire blues but she edges the gathering trying to look for her cousins or anyone she knew, probably here for a patron but from the look on her face she lacks the enthusiasm to draw the spotlight in her direction during the long list of introductions taking over the moment. She comes up behind Valerius at the table and whispers something from behind his shoulder, "Good to see you, congratulations on the title."

As Medeia makes her way to Gwenys and Damiana, Nijah's words catch her ear. She looks over curiously, but keeps her course. "Princesses, how delightful to be in your presence." For Damiana, the Lycene accented voice should be quickly becoming familiar. "Are you looking for proteges? Or simply to mingle? This is a rather lively group of wonderful people." Her eyes track back to Nijah, though.

"I would have introduced myself sooner if I had realised." Pasquale says to Anisha but he is mostly silent through the introduction and also Nijah's words. "You say you are an apprentice whisper and merchant, messere Nijah? That will make you very sought after, as far as being a protege is concerned." He notes Rebecca and nods his recognition her way. "Have you thought about what you want in a patron?"

"Ah!" Jaenelle lifts a finger as if to have Athaur hold his thought, "when Prince Luca lived at the Velenosa estate he brought a rather large amount of cats with him. They were everywhere. Cats shed, fur all over the furniture. They liked to leave small, dead animals in shoes and beds and boxes as gifts. There is most definitely a number of cats that is too many cats. One cat, that is fine. Two cats, acceptable, cats need friends. But why does one need many many cats?" As Abby comes closer, Ellani seems to regard the woman with a bit more attention than the average spider. Ellani backs up from the touch, all of the spider's eyes shifting from the hand to the woman then she extends herself and offers what appears to be a curtsy, a rather proper curtsy, in greeting instead of the petting. "You will have to forgive her," Jaenelle tells Abby with a grin, "she takes her etiquette lessons seriously." When Valerius approaches, he gets a big, tight hug, she is a hugger. "Hello Val. You look well." Then she releases him!

The Sister Harlequin scrunches up her nose when Ellani backs from her touch. Nonetheless, Abby returns the curtsy in earnest. "It's quite alright. I'm not always well with strangers either. But she is very lovely. Very beautiful. I hope to make her acquaintance sometime." These words spoken to Jaenelle, while her eyes never leave the spider atop the Archduchess' head. "I can't believe how much royalty is here tonight..." Abby notes with awe. "So many Oathlanders as well. Just like being back home." Deep inhale, long exhale. The Sister seems to be settling into a bit of relaxation at last. The introduction Ilira gives to the pair of Princesses has her dipping into another, deep curtsy. "Your highness. Your highness."

Athaur grins brightly. "Ah, but people shed as well. And the dead animals are gifts, given of love. But they can be a handful sometimes. My own cat is quite a handful. But he is bigger then most." He looks around for a moment. "Speaking of, I wonder where he is. Hopefully not stalking the other animals..."

"Ah, think nothing of it," Anisha offers brightly to Pasquale. "We have corrected and now we are sure to become the best of friends, no?" She suggests, with a wink. Looking to Valerius, sketching a curtsey. "Marquis Valerius, well met. The Softest Whisper Anisha, as I'm sure you've caught," She quirks her lips. Sketching a curtsey to Rebecca. "Well met to you as well, my lady." She declares. Giving Gwenys and Damiana just a little pause, and glancing over to Jaenelle. "If Lady Alessia hadn't left, I'd suggest we ask her. She's quite good with cats." She muses. Beaming at Ellani's curtsey to Abby. "Well, royalty is not a guaranteed presence, but thankfully Whisper House can usually manage a decent draw." She explains. Glancing to Athaur. "...We'll presume he's not."

Ripley just touches his finger to his forehead at Anisha's proclamations of his prowess and turns on a heel, marching out. "GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!" Bellowed out before he exits through the front door. Probably much to everyones auditory joy.

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It's not that Caprice means to follow that act out, but her departure will be quieter for sure! And after a detour to seek out Ilira and Anisha, if they're available.

Gwenys is just as lively as she usually is, but less mobile, when clinging to Damiana and going about in her speed. She seems to store all her careful demeanor for her sister, as opposite of what her looks might indicate about how she behaves alone, she is quite careful with the other Valardin. "It is a delight to be with you once more, Harlequin! I have no hope to find a protege, but I would be over the moon if Damiana could find one that suited her. Then again, those are some high standards. Are you looking as well?" She smiles at the Saik, and then at Abby, giving the woman a brief bow, "Well met. Princess Gwenys, and Princess Damiana. I don't believe we've met before?"

Rebecca returns the curtsy to Anisha a touch sheepishly but with good intentions and more of that glassy soft placid expression she wears, saying in cool metered tones with a Nilanzan accent, "Well met, Softest." Her voice is as gentle as her jawline and she doesn't seem to mind standing behind her older cousins and having shy side conversations when people take the time to notice her presence, to Pasquale she responds, "Oh, not really, it would be nice to meet another painter I suppose, or a writer who need an illustrator for books."

Ilira steps aside to attend Caprice brightly. "Greetings, Messere!" she smiles.

Anisha, as well, looks to Caprice with a smile, sparing at least some of her attention for the woman. "Hello, dear Mistress Caprice. I am so pleased you made it. Did you have good conversations tonight?"

Continuing to hold his smile, as he does, Valerius leans into the hug from Jaenelle. Siblings after all. "We really should figure out our schedules to be able sit down outside of the social events to catch up."

Turning to Anisha, "Valerius is fine. I was just speaking with Lady Alessia. What is this about needing a cat wrangler?"

"Thank you Messere Ilira," Nijah says with a dip of her head. "You have done such a good job of organizing this, the both of you," she smiles, her attention shifting over to Pasquale as Anisha introduces him around, Nijah giving a polite dip of her head when her name is mentioned. Turning back to the group she does have a moment where she locks eues with Medeia, giving her a smile, her hands clasped before her, before her attention shifts once more to Pasquale whom is addressing her directly then. "I would be thinking that the goals of my patron and myself would be... how do you say... compatible. Somebody that it can be a relationship where we are all benefiting," she says with a smile. "Are you looking for a protege? What are you looking for in a protege?" she wonders, head tilting with a smile.

"Greetings and farewells, and thanks," Caprice answers Ilira with a quiet chuckle. She bows her head to her, and Anisha in turn, answering the latter, "I've had a lovely time, and only wished to thank you both for hosting. It's all been wonderful."

Damiana says to Medeia, "I'm on the hunt for a protege, someone to help build up and support their goals while in return giving them an opportunity to be involved with my family. After all, it isn't just me they'd get the support from but the whole family. And I'm not specifically looking for a particular type of protege, I'm open to being persuaded." She seems happy to have the Saik nearby. "Gwenys, you ought to get a protege. Or, maybe not a protege and instead getting a squire? Yes, a squire. At least then I can have a bard track them as they'll make mistakes and hopefully not be so good at eluding my vigilance." To the newcomers, Gwenys makes introductions and she gives a polite nod of her head to them.

"I have never had a cat," Jaenelle admits to Athaur. "A rabbit once, but Prince Talen's snake got loose and ate it. Poor Icicle died defending me. Or at least that is what I always imagined. Most likely the snake was tired of eating mice and wanted something larger, and I am slightly too big," though she is rather small. "Ellani lived within the catacombs for a very long time. Void of any companionship" Jaenelle explains to Abby as her eyes shift upward to look towards the palm sized spider. "I have decided that no one should live like that, away from beauty, so I have decided that she and I are on an adventure together to find such wonders above ground. We would be happy to visit you when it is less crowded." There is a slight sigh once more for Valerius, though not for him but the lack of opportunities, she might even look a bit tired. "Soon I hope? I long for something that is not a meeting."

"I am seeking a protege, yes," Medeia says to Gwenys. "Though I seem not to be having much luck on that front. Perhaps it is just as well." Her eyes move to Damiana, smiling fondly though she cannot see it - she can hear it in the expressive voice, "I believe anyone would be lucky in benefitting from your patronage, Princess Damiana. Were I not already in such a relationship, I might clamor for that attention."

"I offer the same," Ilira murmurs to Caprice, eyes alight under her lashes. "I thank you for the grace of your presence. You and Lady Zoey did not turn out, or am I mistaken?" she inquires with a tilt of her head.

"That would be a great honor." Pasquale replies to Anisha. He looks briefly to Jaenelle, gives a nod and a smile to Rebecca, and then his full attention goes back to Nijah. "If I come across the perfect match, then yes, I would take a protege." he tells them. "But I think, tonight, you would gain more from Lady Medeia over there than me, and if not Medeia then the less bruised of those two Valardin sisters she is with. Damiana. I'm about to go over if you want to join me."

Anisha beams to Rebecca as well. "I do paint and sculpt, my lady, so if it's just the conversation or perhaps the collaboration, I should be glad to help however I can," She assures her. Inclining her head in thanks to Caprice, and offering Valerius a little nod as well, but gestures to Jaenelle for the matter of cat-wrangling. Nijah and Ilira both gets a wink and a downright grin, and she takes a sip of wine, glancing to Lexir again. Gesturing for him to join them. And at Medeia's comment, she chuckles. "Ah, if I could be protege to multiple people, I should gladly do so. Alas, I suspect I might be very busy with just one protege, one patron, and a house full of Whispers."

She inclines her head to Pasquale, and draws another little breath. Finding a small measure of quiet, in the eye of the storm as it were.

"Oh no, I don't believe so. But I am aware of you. You both, that is. By face and name. Not by, not by anything else." Sister Abby quickly rattles off for Gwenys and Damiana each. "Sister Abby Laurent. Ducal family from the Oathlands, I grew up in Artshall. We were made familiar with all of your line. Dragons. It's lovely to make your acquaintance, both of you. Honored as well." She drifts down into another curtsy, lifting the frayed, web-like skirt she wore a little higher for emphasis. To Jaenelle, the sister's attention is straight up once again. Her words provoking another shining, ear-to-ear smile. "Would you? That would be so nice. I'm usually in the Shrine of the Queen. Sweeping. Or tending to the babies. Usually spiders, but occasionally human babe. But that's usually at the mother's house."

Ilira beams her thanks to Nijah for her comment, before her focus settles back.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Ilira.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Anisha.

Athaur looks over towards Anisha, lifting his hand to his chest in mock shock. "You think I could not be a royal?" He smiles slightly. "Well you would be accurate. I am but a Marquis though sometimes I feel as if that makes me more unique in this city. If you did not think I was an Oathlander I would not blame you for the assumption. But I am actually one of them."

Caprice's response is quiet to Ilira, and with a dipping curtsey for her and others nearby, she continues on and out of the ballroom.

Ilira sweeps the curtsey in kind to her fellow tailor, smiling after her as she goes.

Nodding in agreement to Jaenelle, "I'll send messengers until you tell your scheduler to make them stop". Smiling, and taking a sip of his wine. "I'm going to continue talking to these people over here, actually trying to step up for my position. Must have hit my head or something." Valerius laughs a little, then gives Jaenelle another hug.

Listening to Abby speak, Damiana's attention moves from Medeia to focus on the Laurent who talks about sweeping duties and caring for arachnid babies. "I'm to have a meeting with Duke Laurent this week over tea and I'll have to mention to him that I met you. From the bee hive to the spider den, that's interesting." She offers a smile and then asks "Do you wear the star or the sun pin today, Sister Abby? And what compelled you to become godsworn?"

Rebecca continues to happily wallflower around as she finds herself a glass of wine and dedicates herself to a seat somewhere inconspicuous.

Nijah gives a nod towards Pasquale and smiles. "Well I would be loving to join you," she says to him, turning to allow him to lead the way to Medeia and the others she's with. "Lady Medeia is her name? I was noticing her before," she adds with a smile, before she adds. "It would be Princess Damania? So many names I am needing to learn before the night is out. Perfect matches are sure to be hard to come by, and not likely to be very likely in one night. I am wishing you luck in finding such a relationship."

Hearing Pasquale, Medeia turns and beckons. "You said my name?" She smiles at Gwenys. "Princess Gwenys Valardin, may I introduce you to Lord Pasquale Malespero? Princess Damiana is already familiar." She says for the benefit of Damiana.

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Damiana adds a "Hello lord Pasquale." to the Malespero. "Have you had a chance to try guozhun to clear your mind from the other day's drinks?"

"No, no - I meant that I'm hoping your cat isn't hunting any other animals, Marquis. I'm well aware of your station. And fond friends with your wife," She points out, with a wink. "And I do have some experience with the Rivenshari and Ravashari, so I think you have a very interesting take on being Oathlanders - but you are most definitively Oathlanders, mm?" She muses. Listening to Sister Abby, as she speaks, studying the woman with some amusement. "It is a fascinating place, the Mother's shrine," She decides. "I'm glad they have devoted people like you among them.

She takes a moment, and lets Nijah handle Pasquale and instead she focuses on Rebecca. "Would you like to go with me and meet this mysterious gent over there?" She inquires of her. "Perhaps we can discuss art. Maybe he's an art lover?" She gestures to Lexir.

Is he? Who knows. He's certainly a wine lover though, having gone through several glasses thus far with no seeming visible effect to his demeanor or poise.

When Pasquale dips his head, Jaenelle offers him a warm smile and something more softly shared. She might be passing notes in class. "Unfortunately I do have a meeting I need to go to. This was a beautiful balance between them, and I have enjoyed meeting new people. I am looking for a new protege though, which is why I came, though the company turned out to be fastinating and I became distracted. Now it is off to make sure the world doesn't break." She shoos her brother off to go mingle somewhere else as she turns towards Athaur, "and now we do know one another!" Her attention easily shifts after to the hosts, "thank you Whisper House for your fine work in bringing many people from many walks of life together."

Gwenys looks at Abby with a frozen smile on her face. She is so sure the woman talked about tending to baby spiders at the temple that she just can't get over it for a good while. It might take Damiana poking her and rebooting Gwenys' brain for the Valardin to slog over that hill and go back to working properly, "Of course, the Laurent! Everyone knows of them, and we could not ask for a more competent man to serve as Voice to Alis at this moment. Your House is held in high steem where I am concerned, and I am sure that is the case with the whole Oathlands." Gwenys is all smiles, and as Pasquale approaches, she gives a bow, "Lord Pasquale Malespero." She obviously follows Damiana's lead and Medeia's suggestion, surviving as possible in the social scene.

With all around her set in conversation, Ilira slips to a dimmer corner of the ballroom and passes Rebecca on her way, lips forming a soundless, "Just one moment," over her shoulder. Beside him before Anisha moves, Ilira disturbs the prince's stare with a brush of gloved fingertips to his wrist. "Here simply to watch?" she murmurs, the smile subtle on her lips. "Come and meet my superior and guest."

"Yes. Lady Medeia." Pasquale says to Nijah as he starts steering the pair of them over to where Medeia, Damiana and Gwenys currently are. "The reason I suggested you might have a lot in common is that she is currently working on a plan to help a number of Eurasi refugees settle in Saikland Green and I imagine you can offer her a lot of excellent advice. She is also, of course, quite adept socially. I don't know the Princess very well but she seems to have talent in that area too. I am more of a military man" he explains just before he and Nijah reach the two princesses and the Saik, "and investigator." As he reaches the group he dips his head in a just-enough-of-a-bow to the princesses. "I'm afraid I might still be drunk Princess Damiana." he tells the blind Princess. Since Medeia has already introduced him he gives both a smile, waiting for any greetings, before adding. "This is Messere Nijah."

Athaur blinks a few times, looking around. "Ah, yes. Of course. I am sure Lucky is off getting into trouble elsewhere. He is not so fond of social gatherings as I am." He bows to Jaenelle before drifting back over. He offers a smile to Damiana and Gwenys before bowing deeply to the two Princesses. "Your Highnesses. A pleasure to meet you both. If it has not yet been mentioned, I am Marquis Athaur Rivenshari."

Rebecca looks up from her glass of wine and smiles when she offered a chance to meet some mysterious gent, "He might be, yes, we won't know until we ask, will we?" Rebecca muses and then rises from her seat to seek out Lexir with her new aquaintance. Her voice is soft and delicate, almost shy, but again her haughty posture belies her vocal cues as he comments, "You say hello first?"

Rebecca has left the Round guest table draped in lace and silk.

Lexir tips his head slightly in Ilira's direction, acknowledging her remark. "Mhm. We already talked about patrons and protegees," he replies to Ilira, over another sip of wine. His eyes drift when she mentions superiors and guests, wandering over to meet Anisha's briefly. "Do you mean the Softest Whisper? I think she saved in my direction just now."

Pasquale nods at whatever it is Jaenelle said to him. "Tomorrow?"

Abby focuses soley on Damiana for the moment. "It was inspiration from my cousin, really. Legate Cassandra. Although she was just Archlector back then. I suppose I just... never quite felt like nobility was where I fit? If such a thing could make sense? I liked it. I liked it a lot. I loved all of my family. But it just didn't feel like..." She scrunches her nose in thought, hands hovering at either side of her face. "It didn't feel like /me/. Not /all/ of me. What could, what should be, what might be of me. When I tended to a church for the first time, I knew where I was going to be. For me." A beat. "Am I making sense?" Another pause. "Oh, and Harlequins was because I tripped into an open grave on my way home one day. The skeleton was very pretty."

Anisha slips along towards Lexir with Rebecca, chuckling as Ilira slips past. "Oh, wonderful to have an assistant, isn't there, mm?"

"Hello, and well met," She offers brightly to the Prince. "This is Lady Rebecca Malespero, an artist of some renown. I am the Softest Whisper Anisha, as you so cleverly sussed out. A pleasure." Her eyes twinkle with mischief. "We wondered if, perhaps, we could have your name - and if you have any interest in the arts?" Offering her hand to Ilira, to give a gentle squeeze. "And this is Ilira Starlys, soon to be Ilira Whisper."

"A military man?" Nijah nods. "I can see how I may be a less than perfect match in that case." she admits with a nod, listening along to his explanations. When they approach the princesses, Nijah dips herself into a bow, practiced and precise and in Arvani fashions. "Many pleasures to be meeting you all. Lord Pasquale is telling me that you are working with Eurusi refugees to be helping them to relocate? That is very good work, and something that I am very supporting." she says towards Medeia. "And of course it is good to be meeting you both also, I am not knowing your work but I am betting you are also doing good things?"

"Have life. Be social," Ilira chides the prince, fingers slid thorugh his and laced. "I do mean that one," she adds with a note of humor as her eyes meet Anisha's, glimmering. A low curtsey sweeps to the Lady Rebecca with a warm, "And a pleasure to meet you, my Lady." Her eyes stray back to the Pravus a moment, her smile faint as she bows her head. "He knows," she assures the Softest.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrives, following Svana.

Medeia briefly casts her attention toward Anisha, Lexir, and Rebecca, a curious look on her face, but she turns back to the group she is with, smiling. A quiet exchange with Gwenys passes before turning to Nijah. "Yes! Well, it is in the early stages, but I have begun learning to speak Eurusi." Her eyes dart back to Rebecca before murmuring an aside to Pasquale.

Rebecca offers an inclination of her head and a shy smile when Anisha introduces her, the gentle voice saying with some modesty, "I'm just a painter in my free time. Well met." She looks around the room at all the activity but her gaze eventually slinks back around to the conversation she was actually having with a smile of interest.

"I can be social anywhere, but only here can I enjoy the best of the Whispers's wine," Lexir teasingly reports to Ilira, before shifting his dark eyes upon Anisha and her companion as they approach. "Lexir Pravus," he tells her smoothly, with a cordial smile. "Now as for art... a more difficult question to answer." There occurs a sip of wine. "I've an amateur's appreciation for the aesthetically pleasing, let's say."

The story of tripping into an open grave has a polite smile on Damiana's face that doesn't totally fade. "Well I'm glad that you found your calling, it's important we do the very best we can with the life we live, isn't it. Maybe we can meet at the shrine for seventh hour prayers and you can introduce me to the spider babies? And maybe there's a local canticle of the Queen's that you can teach me. As for your cousin legate Cassandra, she's a legend but we shouldn't think any of us are lost in a shadow of another. Each of us have goals, aspirations, dreams and challenges to overcome. Then when we see the Queen at the end, she can be happy with us." she says to Abby. She hears someone and turns her head slightly towards Athaur. She's surrounded by discussions, but she easily picks his voice and accent.

"An honor to meet you, Marquis Rivenshari. I've prayed for your march to be peaceful and blessed this winter and I'm hoping to speak with you regarding incorporating a bridge between two cultures however you caught me before I had a chance to have that letter sent to you. Have you met my sister, Gwenys? Gwenys, surely on your adventures you passed through Riva."

Svana does eventually make it back to the Whisper House ballroom, finding a new pin and plate full of food. She situates herself at a table once more and looks at the offering of people, taking in a breath. As a servant comes by with something non-alcoholic, Svana takes it off the tray and sips it, crossing her legs while she looks around the room.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington leave, following Jaenelle.

"Oh, well early stages are still being progress yes?" Nijah smiles. "I am still learning your Arvani, it is not very good but I am hoping it can be better soon. Having somebody that is understanding the Eurusi situation is no doubt something that could be useful?" Nijah points out with a smile. "I can also be helping with Eurusi practice, that is being the most important part of learning a new language."

Sister Abby smiles and stares on, nodding her head slowly along with every word. Then, something dawns on her. "Oh! I'm here for erm. I have the pin." Her hands wander around her tunic. The disturbed baby tarantula beneath her sleeve briefly appears to do a quick scurry around her forearm before vanishing from sight again. "Star? Star. Moon? Is it a moon? Actually I only have one. And it's looking for a patron. So it doesn't matter! But it probably does matter that I have no idea what I'm looking for. I am improvising." She waves her hands, as if to banish the thought physically. "Nonetheless, the babies would be happy for your company." She cants her head toward Anisha then. "And yours too if you like, Softest Whisper. The Queen's shrine is magnificent. The skulls are freshly painted. I have books. If you need books. I have them. I have many books."

Medeia turns one of her signature bright smiles on Nijah. "I would love to exchange language practice." Her expression softens, "And hear any stories you might wish to tell to help me understand those I seek to help." She's distracted, though. "Would you excuse me, please?"

Rebecca nods to the response from Lexir and remarks, "I appreciate a practical approach to art, beauty is important to capture but so is architecture and history.. I like to paint things that will last, but my brother once told me that paintings of great battles would be in poor taste. So I've stuck to landscapes and castle corridors in the bulk of my work. Occasionally flowers." The soft spoken Malespero glances over her shoulder as other conversations swirl around her and she can't help but try to follow each one with a floating curiosity.

Athaur smiles at Damiana and inclines his head. "Your prayers are appreciated, especially since there may be struggles to maintain a peaceful existence in the near future. I am always appreciative of finding ways to bridge our cultures together." He turns towards Gwenys and smiles at her. "But I have not had the pleasure of meeting your sister, no."

"Prince Lexir - I do try to ensure we have a decent amount of Setarcan vintages as well," She offers brightly. "But I suppose that would count among the best wine in Whisper House, mm?" She regards him, then looks to Rebecca. "Well, then. Perhaps we'll have a chance to enjoy art together. Mayhaps Whisper House should host an art exhibit next, let people bring some things and put them on display. Perhasp even arrange for a silent auction, or some such." She muses. "Let everyone enjoy the art aesthetically, and then let the artisans and the appreciators claim some benefit as well." She concludes. Giving another nod of thanks to Ilira. "You've been wonderful tonight," She tells her. "So thank you. I am so pleased."

The Softest glances over to Abby, and gives a bright smile to Abby. "Well, I will certainly have to visit. And as far as babies go -" She laughs, as Svana rejoins them. "Svana, have you met Sister Abby? She tends the Shrine of the Mother, perhaps you should speak to her?" She suggests, with a little smile. Wiggling her fingers in greeting to the pregnant seamstress.

Nijah returns a bright smile of her own to Medeia. "Whenever you are wanting to, just be sending me a messenger and I would love to help," Nijah says before a slight furrow of her brow in concern before she nods. "Oh yes of course. Like I was saying, sending for me and I will love to meet and be speaking with you. Do be taking care."

Gwenys stares at Abby and her baby tarantula, and even if Damiana is blind and amazingly polite, the knightly Valardin is far less subtle, and given it is her sister she needs to protect, Famiana gets spaced away from Abby a little. It is nothing personal, but tarantulas, baby or not, are a huge no-no. Gwenys stares at Abby for a moment, a little aghast that the woman would just walk with tarantulas in her robe, but she seems to focus on not saying anything about it. Instead, she moves to look at Athaur, and she smiles, "Oh yes! Riva. I loved the region, to be honest. I spent a lot of my time as a squire in the regions around the Telmarch. There is something about the place that will always call to me. The people there are some of the strongest in the Oathlands, resilient and true. It is all very inspiring. You have reason to be proud of them. What do you make of this Eurusi refugee crisis?"

"Yes, I will!" Medeia tells Nijah, before moving to join Anisha, Rebecca, and Lexir. She smiles brightly at the prince. "Your highness, I have not seen you for some time. Is all well? You know I am always good for a bottle of wine or three shared." And then she looks at Rebecca again, a flicker of doubt in her expression before she leans in and whispers something to the woman.

Svana looks in the direction of Abby, smiling at Anisha first and winking at her before she stands up and makes her way over, offering a hand to Abby. "A pleasure to meet you," Svana says softly. "I have two nine month olds at home, and I've got one on the way," Svana says, patting a stomach that has only recently become a tad pudgy. "What does the Shrine of the Mother entail? I'm very interested to hear more about that," the seamstress says in a heavy Northern accent. "I'm still learning more about the Pantheon."

Gehenna arrives wearing a lovely, if understated, Islander-style gown and thick velvet cloak; this she hands off to a servant before continuing on into the ballroom. Accepting a sun and star both, she sets them carefully in place and casts her gaze about the room.

It's hard to mistake the hostess. She approaches, waiting politely for an opening before raising a hand in greeting to Anisha. "Thank you," sh says, "for opening Whisper House to us all tonight."

With a slight bow of his head, Valerius steps back from Damiana, "It was a pleasure to meet you. May you have a lovely remainder of your evening."

"Excuse me." Pasquale murmurs, mostly to Nijah. "But business calls. I hope to meet you again in less busy circumstances." a slight bow to the princesses and he makes for the exit.

The General cuts a dashing profile tonight.

Dress shirt? Check. Dress pants? Check. Ironwool cloak for the winter? Check. Belt on? Cheeeeeck. And sword? Definitely check. Those who know her would recognize that she looks as if she //may// have gotten a little done up for the event. Except, of course, her face: looks like she took a punch to the eye recently, and the swelling and bruising have only come down a little. Oh well. No one's perfect; she's definitely not perfect.

But she looks like she's here for a reason, as she steps forward as if she owns the damn place.

Rebecca's naturally listless demeanor is momentarily shattered as her placid expression breaks when Lady Medeia swoops in to whisper something to her and she is aghast for a few seconds before her features clear and she shakes her head at the woman, "Not anymore, no." She has goner far more pale than her once already ivory visage, the warmth having suddenly left her cheeks and an eerie blue glow cast on her jawline from the lining of her cloak. She seems to have forgotten the rest of the room and she looks back over to Anisha and the Prince with a rehearsed expression, "I'm sorry, I thought I saw a ghost.. I think I should retire, I'm feeling rather faint all of a sudden."

Lexir's gaze roams thoughtfully about Rebecca for a moment before an agreeable nod dips his head. "I call myself but an amateur, because the knowledge of the technical nuances that often enhance one's appreciation of a skill are beyond me," he tells Rebecca apologetically. "But I do like a pretty piece." His attention then switches to Medeia, along with his apologetic expression and cast. "I've been away from Arx on account of business for a while - was rather sudden, to be honest. I hope I have not been a cause for concern!"

Ilira fixes an implaccably calm stare up at Lexir a moment, her hand in his still. "Enjoy it with us, not behind us," she huffs. "Happy your face could show tonight, though," she ammends as she lifts his hand to her lips for a soft buss to the knuckles. Her affections smooth right back into effortless polish as her eyes turn up to meet Rebecca's, musing in the curve of her smile. "To paint things that will last," she echoes. "I know the calling to create against the ephemeral." Her attention diverts to Medeia's approach with a soft dip of her head, before Anisha's words make her take pause. "You are? I was?" she asks with real joy behind her humor, cheeks blushed in delight despite herself. "Thank you so much, for your faith and tutelage, Softest." The approach of a fifth draws her into another sleek curtsey, silks rustling as her hair brushes from the floor with her rise.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valerius before departing.

Athaur inclines his head to Gwenys. "It is lovely country that we have settled on. If I must be held to one location I am pleased that it was Riva. I do get the urge to sail off to other areas from time to time." He smiles at the Princess Gwenys and nods. "As for the Eurusi Refugee crisis I am quite pleased that Valardin has taken such a strong step in finding them homes and taking them in. Riva took in quite a bit of misplaced Shavs and Thraxian Thralls a few years back. Everyone should have a place to call home and feel safe. I wish we could do more to assist, but with things as they are it may not be safe."

Damiana appears to either be blissfully unaware of eight legged creepy-crawlies or fine with spider friends although her sister does a good job keeping them at bay. Turning to Valerius she says "May your house rise." as he is heading away and passes her. She focuses on the conversation now with her sister and Athaur, taking a moment to enjoy not talking.

Nijah nods to Pasquale and smiles, dipping her head towards him. "Of course, if you are ever in need of anything that I can be providing, do not hesitate to send me a messenger, and I will be doing what I can."

Medeia smiles at Lexir. "Only happy to see you are back and well, your highness. When you have time, we shall catch up and drink wine enough to drown lesser beings." She puts a steadying hand on Rebecca's arm, trying her best to look as non-threatening as possible. "We have not seen each other in... a very long time, cousin, my apologies for startling you."

"Oh hello!" Abby turns right toward Svana at Anisha's ushering, saddling up alongside her. Both hands threaded behind her back as she looks the woman up and down. "You appear to be in good health. Very good for your babe." She offers a warm smile. "I am Sister Abby, Harlequin Godsworn. Godsworn Harlequin, depending on etiquette of the land. The Softest speaks of Death. The Mother of Beginnings, Queen of Endings. For life begins with her and life ends with her. She is responsible for curating souls. Mine, yours, your yet-to-be-born, and all in this room. She spins them out from her wheel and places them into the world. All are placed with purpose. And when we shall meet the grave, our souls return to the Wheel, where the Queen will expect to hear your story of life in death. That is... most simplified I could make it. The specifics go deeper. Especially when you start to think of the Nox'Alfar."

Medeia gets a smile as she joins the group, and a chuckle at her offer to Lexir. "And is that offer good solely for the Prince, my lady Medeia, or may I come an call upon you as well, mm?" She inquires with a smile. Then, of course, there's a lovely Islander woman in a stylish dress, and Gehenna receives a curtsey. "Well met, and welcome, my lady. And Whisper House exists to serve the nobility, mm? It is our pleasure to host. Please let myself or any of my darling Whispers know if we can be of assistance - enjoy the food, the drink, and mingle. And if you need introductions, we shall be glad to serve." She gestures to the small crowd around her. Of course, Rebecca's sudden distress has her blinking. Furrowing her brow. "Well, if you - if you need a moment, we can prepare one of the suites upstairs." She suggests to the woman. Giving Ilira another gentle smile, a little assurance. Though sticking close to Rebecca to guide and support if needed. Still, since Medeia appears to have it in hand, she glances to Svana and Abby, and offers an incline of her head in greeting to the arriving Piccola.

Azzurra, a proper personal assistant leaves, following Valerius.

Rebecca narrows her eyes at Medeia and there is a moment of dark concern before her normally melancholy features erupt into a wide smiles, "Medeia?" She asks with a touch of confusion, then she moves to turn the contact into an embrace, "I didn't recognize you for a moment-" She laughs and looks back to the Prince and Anisha, "Forgive me for my dramatics. I should still retire soon, but with a lighter heart for having seen an old friend."

1 Malespero guard, Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman leave, following Pasquale.

"Oh, Softest one," says Piccola to Anisha in passing, adding, "We should talk some time."

There's something sly about the way she says it. As if she knows something. The General smiles widely, as is most definitely not her style, and then carries on through the room, walking towards Medeia. Along the way, she holds up a hand to wave at Ilira, calling out her name, also in passing, "Signora Starlys." But, lo, her mission tonight? Apparently it is to hunt down Medeia. Or get her attention. Or something like that.

Not that the short woman ever makes things easy to read.

Svana's eyes grow a little wide, darting between Anisha and Abby as she protectively wraps an arm around her stomach when Abby starts to talk about Death. "Oh, I try not to think of the elves," Svana says simply. "Do... do you think that bad people get a chance at the wheel? Or do their souls have to complete a penance before they go into a newborn?" She asks Abby. "Funny, I thought your position was rooted in life and not death - but then I see your... tarantula friends there," Svana says, furrowing her brows. She sucks in a breath. "I'm sorry, this is far too deep for a patron-protege meeting party, isn't it?" Svana asks with a laugh. "I like deep conversations. Small talk bores me to death!"

Gehenna nods to Anisha, a small smile lingering about her lips. "You're most kind, Whisper Anisha." She backs off to allow the rest of those who want Anisha's or Ilira's attention to have it - and instead turns hers towards the room at large, spying out a place to sit. Spotting Damiana, she makes a motion as if to greet her from across the room and then remembers that would be idiotic. So instead she makes her way over to the Princess sisters and curtsies. "Princess Damiana, it's a pleasure to see you again."

Having heard of a social gathering Grimgar Redrain finally got up the nerve to actually attend. Not the most social of bears the tall honey haired man, strides slowly into the room. Tall, bordering on giant and clad in black and red he might cut something of an intimidating figure for some as he peers arounf trying to collect his bearings and see whats going on here.

Medeia hugs Rebecca and promises, "We'll catch up soon." Because at that moment, the ever observant Saik sees an influx of people and one is Piccola, seemingly aimed for her. "Piccola, good evening!"

Gwenys nods at Athaur on the matter of Riva, but it is when it comes to the Eurusi refugees, the pale-haired woman tilts her head, focusing a little more. "What do you say of their integration, however? Do you believe these refugees have been adapting well to the Faith? It must be quite the challenge to deal it, how does the Marquis does it in Riva?" She smiles, curious, trying to listen to those who actually govern as to learn a little. Gwenys looks and acts every bit as a warrior, not really one for politics. "I must admit, this is what has been keeping me awake."

Turning curiously towards Anisha and Ilira, Nijah moves to rejoin them with a wiggle of her fingers. "Did I hear that right?" she wonders. "Many congratulations, I am hoping I can be joining you someday soon! But there is still much work for me to be doing. You are very deserving," she beams. "I am needing to get better at navigating these crowds, so much happening all at once!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Nijah before departing.

Athaur pauses for a moment, taking the time to consider his words. He hums thoughtfully. "I may not be best placed to answer such a question, Your Highness. My own people are newly come to the Faith. We are still but learning the teachings and integrating it into our lives."

"Lady Saik, good evening."

The General continues on towards the other woman. She does pause to nod her head to Rebecca, but the dashing woman leans forward to murmur a short message to Medeia. She says what she says, and then steps back, turning her head just so. "And who is this?" she asks, chin-bobbing in Rebecca's direction. Of course, as she does so, she sneaks a glance in Grimgar's direction. Her eyebrows raise, and she mumbles what most people probably think when looking at the man.

"Holy shit."

Rebecca appreciates the opportunity to dodge a conversation with a general and she pats Medeia on the arm once before seperating from her with a silent self assured nod. She turns back to Lexir with a quick curtsy, turning to Anisha next and then formally excusing her self with a silently suffering smile that tries to come across as casual, "I do hope you both enjoy the evening, it was a delightful event."

Abby gives a small giggle at Svana's words. "Bad people? Good and evil? It makes little difference to the Queen. As we are taught by Skald, the choices we make are our own. Every life is given that equal opportunity to do with it as they wish. But I have never heard of a soul requiring penance before their return. It is ultimately the Queen's decision when we return to the world. Many old souls walk among us today. Warlords, Heroes, Crusaders and Apostates. Wearing different faces, possessing different character, leading different lives. Your child may be one of them. Or perhaps, they will be a new soul. A blank canvas to begin their journey of eternity." As she waxes on, she lifts a hand to her chin and crosses the other over her waist. Much more soft-spoken and concise when speaking of her patron deity, it seems. "You are correct. We work as much in Life as we do in Death. Someone must be there to help the journey start, and help the journey reach its final end. The Harlequins act as midwives and conduct funeral services in equal measure." Her eyes trail lower, gently prodding the bump of the baby spider in her sleeve. It briefly pokes its head out, sprawled over her palm. "The Queen loves spiders the most of any of Petrichor's creatures. As do the Nox'alfar. They are wonderful companions for the long road."

"Well. If you and Lady Medeia have need of a room, please let me know, and I'll see that something is arranged for. Personal invitation of the Softest," Anisha offers to Rebbeca and Medeia with a little smile. Leaving Abby and Svana to their discussion, albeit with a small glance, she gives a small curtsey to Lexir. "May my darling Ilira Whisper and our lovely apprentice Nijah keep you company a moment? I appear to be needed," She offers with a little smile. Inclining her head to Piccola. "No time like the present, darling. We've been missing each other. Come, let's refresh my drink and get you one, maybe a nibble," She suggests. Pausing, she glances over to the new arrival - then looks to her fellow Whispers and offers a little smile. Ignoring the outburst from the general.

Damiana is listening to her sister Gwenys and Athaur talking about Riva and Eurusi refugees, it's quite an interesting conversation. But hearing a voice speaking her name nearby, she smiles in Gehenna's general direction. "Hello again, lady Gehenna it's nice to know you're here. Are you wearing a star or sun pin today? Your name has been in my ear on two separate occasions today, both in praise for your work for your house. No good deed goes unpunished, so you get my public praise for being a good example. My sister Gwenys is here by my side. Gwenys, have you met lady Gehenna Redreef? I'm positive that you'd like to visit Redreef Shores and hear the legends of their house." She makes a little swish of her hand as if holding a sword to show that it's about hardcore battles. "And lady Gehenna, that's marquis Rivenshari near my sister. No doubt you two ought to know each other."

The General's outburst does not go unoticed by Grimgar. The giant of a man lofts a honey colored eyebrow at the woman and offers a faint smile. Moving over that way he regards her with mild curiousity. "Something wrong?" He rumbles out in a deep voice.

As Rebecca steps back, Medeia nods and lets her go. Whatever she was expecting Piccola to do or say, it wasn't what Piccola did or said. Her expression is serious as Piccola steps back from murmuring quietly to her. As Anisha moves past, she catches the Softest Whisper briefly, saying, "Of course that invitation extends to you, and not just our quiet Prince Lexir." Her smile is quick, genuine, but sharp. She turns to Piccola then, saying, "Of course. I can be available as you need..." Her eyes also follow to Grimgar, eyebrows lofting. She murmurs something that only Piccola can hear.

"Absolutely not," says Piccola in Grimgar's direction.

She then looks to Medeia, and touches her shoulder. "Another time, maybe." A snort follows, perhaps to whatever the other woman whispers to her. "Definitely another time." Snicker. Attention turns, then, to Anisha. "I do not wish to draw you from this event, Softest Whisper, but if you will have me -- yes, there is no time like the present." She adjusts the sword at her hip. "If you wanted to lead the way -- " She nods her head curtly, respectfully.

And she then prepares to follow Anisha to wherever.

Gone to fetch another glass of wine, Lexir gives Medeia a brief toast of acknowledgement upon hearing his name, then turns his attention back onto the crowd in general, dark eyes meadering here and there leisurely. Grimgar earns an appreciative lookover.

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Svana looks at Anisha, then over to Nijah with a big smile. She turns her attention back to Abby, and for a long moment, the only thing she's taken away from the conversation is the spider in Abby's palm: "Can I pet your spider?" Svana asks. "We've talked about past lives at length, a few others and I. Aureth says that I should be happy living for this life, as I have many blessings, but I feel strongly in that I... need to know what my past life was like - or at least the past life that will come to me via meditation, if you believe in such a thing. The wheel is big. I have lived many lives before this," Svana acknowledges. "Perhaps I don't have one. But I have certain talents in this lifetime that make me think it's... a line of thinking worth pursuing." She smiles and chuckles at Abby then. "Two of the Harlequins helped catch my twins - Raymesin and Tanith, but Tanith is my sister-in-law."

Svana seems to pick up on Piccola leading Anisha away, and her eyes follow that direction quite carefully for a moment.

"Both in fact, Your Highness," Gehenna says to Damiana, the little smile on her face reflected in her voice. "And thank you for the introductions. Princess Gwenys, Marquis. It's a pleasure to meet you both." Athaur gets a slightly longer look, as the Islander notes the bells and weapons he wears. "Please don't let me interrupt your conversation, the Eurusi crisis is heavy on everyone's minds lately."

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"New or old, what matters is that the Faith binds us, right? I suppose that is the crux of it, and something we Oathlanders must figure sooner rather than latter. The Faith and the Oathlands are connected deeply, and I wonder how they will remain so in face of this new ideological issue." She is only distracted when she looks at her sister mimicking sword slashes. Gwenys stares, and then she laughs. "Oh gods, do that again! It was so cute!" Of course she is going to tease Damiana over it, leaning in to bite the woman's shoulder, playfully, "Woosh! Wash! Do we need to restart the swordplay lessons, sister?!" She is surely messes with Damiana before looking at Gehenna, "Princess Gwenys Valardin, it is my pleasure to make the acquaintance!" All the while, she is hugging Damiana, the cutest swordswoman of Sanctum.

Medeia nods in response to Piccola and gives a flash of a smile to Lexir, but her eyes are on Grimgar. "Nothing wrong at all," she echoes Piccola's statement. She shakes herself and goes to get another drink.

Anisha moves to guide along Piccola, taking her to the bar where drinks can be refreshed, nibbles can be ordered, and a hushed conversation can be had. She offers a bright smile to Grimgar, and sketches a curtsey. "Welcome and well met, my lord. I am the Softest Whisper Anisha, a pleasure. Please, enjoy our drink and food, mingle and make friendly, and if you have need of anything, do not hesitate to speak to me or one of the other Whispers," She assures, gesturing to Ilira and Nijah. Medeia gets another nod of thanks, and Svana gets an encouraging wink, before she draws a breath, and leans in to focus on Piccola.

Dipping his head to the group he had approched Grimgar changes course. Trying to find a drink or so it seems. Lexir's gaze faling on him has him peering back, looking the other over with equal appreciation and a faint little smile.

Athaur nods his head, perhaps half a beat slower then he should of. "Oh, of course. Yes, your Highness." He turns towards Gehenna and offers a flourishing bow, the bells in his clothing and hair jingling. "A pleasure to meet you Lady Gehenna."

Ondine, a red-breasted sparrowhawk arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Nijah smiles broadly towards Anisha and then shares another smile with Svana, hands clasped gently before her as she looks around at all the other conversations taking place around her, keeping a watchful eye open for anybody she should be attending to.

Medeia is just about to grab that glass of wine when a messenger arrives. She unfolds the parchment and reads it, eyes widening. "Well," she says to no one in particular, "It seems today is a day for important news..." She looks around, and approaches Piccola and Anisha. "Pardon my interruption, I must head out, midwife emergency, but thank you so much for the lovely evening!" She makes her way out quickly.

Ilira tilts back her head to let the dark of her curls spill away from the curve of her neck down her back, arching her spine in a little stretch. Languorous as the party winds down, she sketches a lithe curtsey to Nijah and flashes a smile, all dimples and luminous eyes. "Thank you so much," she warms, "And I trust you'll be amongst us soon. You slip through and hold a crowd exceptionally, my dear." With a curl of her gloved fingers in Lexir's, she says, "I hope you'll forgive, but I am to retire. Ready to head out, love?" she asks in a softer murmur to the prince. The sable-clad Whisper glides her way through the thinner throng and bows her head to the ones she passes--Medeia, Piccola, the giant with honey hair--and briefly turns to call to the General. "Lady Piccola! Great to see you about. Catch me in the rink, sometime when my garb is less liable to tear." The smile lingers on her lips as she makes her way, at last, to the double doors. With a last flash of a smile to Anisha, she is gone.

Lexir tosses back his glass of wine, taking less time to enjoy it than typical, before making his way leisurely out after Ilira, trailing in her footsteps.

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1 Saik Guard, Fortescue, a snooty and disinterested Lycene coxcomb, Fluffy, the wary wildcat leave, following Medeia.

Anisha looks up from her conversation to Medeia, inclining her head. "Be well, my lady, Mother bless your hands," She assures her.

"Of course you can." Abby holds her hand forward. The baby tarantula gives the smallest, most threatening of hisses in response. Both of its forelegs up, threat-posture and all. "Don't worry, his fangs aren't developed enough to break the skin. He needs to learn that humans are alright at some point." The sister gently pokes at each outstretched leg until they're twitched then. Admonishing until the baby spider is back to a neutral stance. "It's wholly possible to learn more of your past lives, if you lived them. Though it's not often recommended you delve too deeply. If one unlocks the memories of the soul, there is always the chance one loses the ability to differentiate between the now and then. Madness is always a threat." A beat. "But, there's insight to be learned. How one conducted themselves before. What one wielded in their time. Especially enticing if one was a sorcerer, or royalty in another life."

Damiana is completely teased by Gwenys and then glomped with the sisterly hug. "I wouldn't take up swords as those are your legends to be the author of in the future, Gwenys. If you'll slow down long enough for history to be written!" There's a little laugh to Gwenys and then there's Gehenna and Athaur in the orbit of her attention. "But I am serious, you should know about Redreef Shores straight from the source instead of a stuffy book you'll only set aside. Trust me, it's important for your strategy discussions with Emma later on regarding the apostate threat that's looming like a cloud's bleak shadow. But that cloud will be dealt with one day, and the sun will shine brightly again. Topics though better suited for later instead of sullying this beautiful event with such talk." To Athaur and Gehenna she asks them both, "Are you each planning an event to introduce your houses this winter before the season passes?"

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"Now, royalty - or a sorcerer, there's a thought. I'm so lowborn now that I highly doubt these things." Svana smirks and winks at Abby before reaching out to run a finger down the spider's back timidly, tilting her head at it. "I like it," Svana decides. "But I'm not afraid of most things. I used to throw snakes at flouncy little boys." She nods to Abby when the Sister mentions not delving too deeply, sighing softly. "I want that insight. I am too curious for my own good. Please, excuse me - I need to loop around to the Apprentice. Can I call on you again?" Svana asks, getting in a pet on the spider once more before eyeballing Nijah.

Grimgar finds himself a drink and then moves towards the outskirts of the party. He does not seem to know anyone here. So he props himself up and sips from his glass. His green eyes drift over the party and its guests, alert and aware.

"Military stretegy is not my forte," Gehenna says blythely, unconcerned to admit such a thing. "But I would be glad to introduce you to other members of my House for whom war /is/ their business, Princess Gwenys. I'm sure they would be of much more use to you. That goes for you as well, Marquis." She nods slightly to Athaur.

"But Princess Damiana is right: It's too beautiful an evening and too lovely a place to bring ourselves down. I trust you won't think me too forward if I ask what qualities each of you is looking for this evening in others?"

Spotting Grimgar as he heads over to the outside of the party, Nijah glides over in his direction until she's standing before him, dipping her head into a deep bow. "Many greetings Messere, I am Nijah, apprentice whisper. Is there anything I can be helping you find today?" she wonders, though her gaze momentarily widens as she watches Svana reaching to pet a spider, a little grimace complete with a shudder before she gives her a grin from across the room.

The tiny spider gives another hiss. Desperate to be feared, but so powerless against the giants surrounding it. "Of course you may. I'm usually close to the Shrine. Or you can slip a note at the Rectory. I get most of my mail under the door." Abby replies with a bright smile. "I'm so happy you're interested. Please, don't be a stranger." Lifting her hand, she stares the little spider in its many eyes. "We should be getting you home before your mother fears."

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Damiana lifts a brow up. Did she hear someone near her hiss? It was so small, she glances in a direction. "You shouldn't hiss at people, Gwenys." she says to her sister.

Svana smiles at Abby. "I will slip a note to you then! I'm sure I'll bore you with theoretical questions all day long," she says. Her smile is warm as she moves behind Nijah, looping her arm into the Apprentice's as she approaches Grimgar. Svana looks at Grimgar and smiles widely. "And I'm Mistress Svana Grayhope, friend to the Whisper House, seamstress too... among other things, reputable or not." She chuckles.

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Grimgar regards Nijah calmly and dips his head politely. "A pleasure to meet you Nijah, I am Grimgar Redrain." He straightens back up and peers down at Nijah thoughtfully. "Honestly? I am not sure entirely what I seek, perhaps I will find it though?" He smiles faintly to her. He dips his head to Svana as well as she approches them now. "A pleasure to meet you as well Mistress Grayhope." His voice is deep, like the rumbling of a bear and he studies them both curiously.

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Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Damiana before departing.

Nijah gives a brief jump of surprise as Svana comes up along behind her. As the seamstress's arm loops through hers, she smiles, leaning a bit more closely towards Svana. "Mistress Grayhope is always a welcome sight here in the whisper house," she grins. "Grimgar Redain? It is being very good to meet you Your Highness. Perhaps you will be finding something here, it may be something you are not expecting, yes?"

Svana bows her head to Grimgar. "Prince Grimgar, a pleasure. I'm one of your commoners. Loyal to House Crovane, House Halfshav, and the fealty of Redrain." She looks at Nijah and smiles, squeezing Nijah's arm. "May we sit with you, Prince Grimgar? I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you before, but I'm well acquainted with some of the other Redrain nobles. Apprentice Nijah is new to the City, and she might like some stories of the North," Svana suggests.

Grimgar nods to Svana and Nijah both. Taking a sip from his glass he gestures to the seats nearby. "Please, make yourselves comfortable. I would not mind exchanging stories if you desire, I am still quite new to the city, I have much to learn of this place it would seem. Perhaps you are right, perhaps I may find something here that I did not expect."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Damiana before departing.

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Damiana before departing.

"I am not only being new to the city but to Arvum too. I am not knowing many from the north and I would love to be hearing stories," Nijah smiles. "She and I both are learning of many things, though I am betting me more than her," Nijah grins sidelong at Svana, squeezing her arm in turn. "How are you settling into the city, Prince Grimgar?" she asks, the Eurusi accent plain on her tongue.

Anisha has been deep in conversation with Piccola, but now she rises - halfway through another glass of wine, and with a platter of rolled-up fried and spiced ham in hand, the hint of half-melted cheese in the rolls notable. "Who would you like to be introduced to first, General?"

The flurry of messengers entering makes Svana laugh softly. She comments quietly, "I am rarely ever that popular unless someone wants something from me." Looking between Grimgar and Nijah as she takes a seat, she chuckles. "We could start by telling Nijah how dreadfully cold it gets in the North! She thinks she has it rough now in the City, but I come from the Bonespire myself." She makes a motion to a servant and orders a non-alcoholic cider for herself. "Would you two care for anything?" Svana asks Grimgar and Nijah before tuning back in to the conversation. "Yes, how do you find the City, Prince Grimgar? Have you fallen in love yet or does your heart still pitter patter for the North?"

"I can make my own introductions, you know," replies Piccola to Anisha.

Not that she makes a scene of it. She just laughs and reaches out to take one of the rolls. The glint in her eyes shows that she's definitely fond of the Softest Whisper, although the two of them seem to be just talking amicably.

"Whomever," she decides indifferently as she moves away from the bar, letting the other woman choose their direction.

"You -can-, General," Anisha acknowledges, graciously holding up her plate so Piccola may have her bite. "But it is what a good hostess does. And I do strive to be the best." She exhales softly, regarding the room. "I expect that the Princesses Valardin might be best able to speak about with your cause, and there's Lady Gehenna Redreef and Marquis Athaur along with them, she points out. "But I am personally tempted to say hello at least briefly hello to the Redrain Prince among us, aren't you? He did seem to make an impression." So, that's where she's moving towards.

"He was enormous," murmurs Piccola as she lets Anisha take her to where the Redrain Prince is seated with others.

Grimgar chuckles softly at Svana's question. "Undecided. The city so far has been rather pleasant, I would not be so hasty to say its love at first sight. However there are less she-bears trying to wrestle me here. That is...nice I suppose." He glances over at the pair who are approching him and smiles faintly. He sits up straight in his seat sipping from a glass of something alcoholic.

Something said near Damiana has her head shake no in a polite way. "Interesting. I would say I disagree. The Compact was built not on unity, but communion that was tested over many moments that threatened to shatter it and destroy everything. Communion, not unity, shows that with share and exchange between each other our trust on the highest level. It's why I can appreciate the Weijan's Jade Moon and their performances. Or the Eurusi thirst for freedom. If my late mother and father could not only find a union in marriage that bound two houses politically but the rare thing of actual deep love? Then I believe that requires us to seek communion once more with one another like we are queens seeking to build a Compact from its infancy."

"Oh a glass of wine would be sounding nice right now," Nijah decides when Svana is ordering a drink. "I would not be saying that it was love at first sight for me either," she says. "But I am meeting many good people since I have been here. I should be glad to hear that I am not needing to be worried about she-bears trying to wrestling me when I'm walking through the city." As Anisha and Piccola approach, Nijah gives a smile towards them both.

Gehenna turns at her table to fetch a glass off a passing tray, a light smile lingering about her lips. "But there must be limits," she says, turning back to face Damiana and Athaur. "Some laws and rules must be universal. The question is where to draw the line, don't you think?"

There's a bit of a snort when Grimgar mentions she-bears trying to wrestle him. "Oh, you should be careful. There are plenty of she-bears here in the City, Prince Grimgar. Plenty of hungry noblewomen and commoners alike that will jump at the chance to wrestle you into marriage!" Svana chortles and orders a glass of wine for Nijah, reaching out to pat the other woman's hand. She smiles at Anisha and Piccola as they reach the table, looking to Prince Grimgar. "Here are two very beautiful jewels in their own right, though I would call General Piccola more of a metal - like fine alaricite."

Anisha glances towards the table with Damiana and her table, drawn curious by the subject. Still, she sketches a curtsey. "Prince Grimgar Redrain, was it? Well met again. This is General Lady Piccola Tessere." She quirks her lips. "And you know Svana, of course," She concludes to the General. "This is Nijah, a fine apprentice of Whisper House." She explains. "She, too, enjoys meeting new people," She notes. Looking to Svana, with a smile. "You are sharing stories of the North, was it?"

The General curtsies as well.

It's a funny thing to see. She's wearing pants, after all, but the petite woman looks too stern and serious for the grace with which she curtsies. Like someone's practiced. Like someone's been //trained// to deliver a curtsy. Like someone's learned how to be //nice//. "Your Highness." To Grimgar. "Signora Grayhope." To Svana. "Nijah." To, well, Nijah. "The Softest is bringing me about like the wonderful hostess she is," she continues in an even tone that holds a single note of amusement.

"I should have asked for a drink before being led about, but life must have regrets."

The conversations continue. There is still drink and food to be had. This will go on for some time yet, it seems.

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