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Godsworn Oathtaking: A Family Affair

The Faith of the Pantheon celebrates the oathtaking of brand new godsworn Hana Grayhope.


Dec. 6, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Aureth Hana


Fortunato Felix Juniper Shard Merek Dianna Jeffeth Sorrel Swift Khanne Aleksei Hamish Harper Talia Lethe



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Fortunato settles in a half moment after Talia, with a quick sweep of his eyebrows in surprise. "Ah! Been a while since I've seen you. Fancy meeting you here." He is dressed fancy, but he always is of late. Umbra and gold and duskstone.

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Hamish.

Felix eases in before the proceedings to take a seat amongst the commoner pews with no fanfare. Settling in, with his glaive leaning against one shoulder and tucked between his feet so as not to get in the way of others.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

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"Pardon! Beg pardon, excuse me, I'm so sorry, pardon me!" That would be Juniper, toe-walking past those already assembled on the commoner pew. She gets to a clear patch and squeezes herself into it, compacting herself into a small fluffy sphere of Lagoma-colours. All that fire shading is a match for the warmth of the smile given those seated around her.

Shard enters quietly, and drops onto the end of one of the commoner pews without comment. Only when she's seated does she glance around at the others gathering, with the same sort of open scrutiny she almost always seems to have. There's a distinct set to her frown. Maybe it's a little deeper than usual, but nothing particular out of the normal. Not for Shard.

Hana stands to one side of the cathedral, dressed not in her usual forge-work clothing or even a cotton dress, but a white robe appropriate to someone preparing to take her vows to the Pantheon. She watches the crowd filing in, spotting familiar faces among them and offering each a smile in greeting. The woman's expression is a mixture of excitement, happiness, and perhaps a touch of either nervousness or outright terror. Yes, this is a long-awaited moment... but what if she does it /wrong/? The gods won't be /too/ upset, will they?

Merek appears mostly to observe, his scholar robes on while the hood also is pulled up, making a way to settle in.

For a while, as Godsworn and others file into the Cathedral, Sister Dianna Godsworn stands near the back, attempting to decide where she quite belongs. The Nobles' pews /would/ have been her place but a month ago; and, though one of her closest Godsworn friends - Brother Felix Meadson - joins the Commoner pews, Dianna just stands quietly, considering. At last, she spots a quiet alcove to the side, one from which she might watch the forthcoming ceremony - which is, already, so very different from her own recent oathtaking. The Mirrormask Godsworn curtsies, at last, in reverent elegance to the Pantheon, then quietly clips on feathered heels to the small alcove.

Standing near the front near the altar, Jeffeth Bayweather stands with his hands clasped in front of him. Fully wearing his full suit of gleaming armor, the newly minted Grandmaster glances down to the pews as Juniper comes pardoning through the pews. A slow grin curls up broadly on his lips. The massive knight looks over to Aureth, then down the aisle to Hana. His smile curls up even broader, eyes practically dancing.

Sorrel slips in quietly after stopping briefly at the market for aeterna, which she tucks away to be gifted later. She glances around at the crowd and smiles eagerly, then heads over to find herself a place to sit not far from Lady Khanne.

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Swift arrives quietly, slipping inside and making her way around the edges of the room to join the rest of the commoners. She offers a faint smile for those she knows and skirts her way in to settle onto the benches. Dressed in her usual nondescript cottons and wools, she carries no weapons and shows really nothing overtly special or particular about herself, rather just blending into the scenery.

Khanne walks into the Great Cathedral quietly, looking around with a bit of awe before she moves to find a seat in the noble pews, but not anywhere near right up front. She is known as Vala Khanne after all. Settling comfortably, she looks around and smiles to see all the people who are in attendance, lifting a hand to wave to those she knows fairly well. Seeing Jeffeth there, she lifts one hand with her palm up and pretends to be holding a writing utensil in the other, mimicking the movement of writing a letter. She points to herself then, then him, then smiles. Her eyes shift then towards Hana and she smiles brightly. The soon-to-be Godsworn gets a larger wave from the redhead. Hana being the guest of honor after all. A nod and another wave are given to Sorrel when she sits nearby.

Aleksei is dressed in his usual dark-bronzed leathers, his sword neatly peacebound, hurrying in with a bright smile gracing his lips. He slips into the commoner pews, clearly familiar with quite a few people present.

Aureth emerges from the clergy chambers, dressed festively, but simply, in the simple tabard he habitually wore when he, himself, was a simple godsworn priest, neither legate nor archlector. It's worn over an outfit that glimmers with rose and cherry, brightly springtime. His hair has been brushed out in a silver-threaded golden fall, and he walks to the altar to stand before the public with his hands folded before him, proffering a general smile to all and sundry. He waits for a moment, giving arrivals a chance to situate themselves in the brightly lit sanctuary.

Since Hamish took over Aureth's old job it feels like he should probably be here. Like going to the boss's birthday party. On entering Hamish glances around at those present, then steps aside, hands together so the long sleeves of his umbra robes conceal them entirely. Rather than joining any of the pews he remains standing in the back, so as not to stand out or block anyone's view of all the vow-taking action.

Fortunato looks up from his conversation at the commoner pews to watch Hana, sharp and, really, oversharp. As if making sure her steps place properly.

"Good evening, Faithful," Aureth says, pitching his voice to carry. "Thank you all for coming tonight. We are gathered in joy, and in honor. We are gathered as the Faith of the Pantheon opens its arms to its newest sister." He bows his head slightly, his smile wide enough to split his face. His breath is a soft puff past his nose, and he says, "The greatest of all the gifts that the Mother of Beginnings gives to a parent is in the children that we bring into the world, and there is no greater gift that Hana Grayhope brings back to that world than her service. I could not possibly be prouder of her than I am. Thank you all for joining us today. Hana...?"

There's a deliberate nod to Khanne, though being at the front he doesn't dare move his hands around. He just gives a very pronounced nod, a full motion, bending his chin all the way down to his chest. Jeffeth shifts on his feet some, looking to Aureth as he begins talkng before looking down the aisle to Hana once more, his smile redoubling in luminous brilliance.

Hana steps forward from her position, approaching her father -- approaching the Legate -- with a slightly uneven gait, as though she's not certain whether to run to him or to walk as slowly and with as much dignity as she can muster. Jeffeth, too, receives a glance, as though she's seeking some additional reassurance that she's not making any missteps in how she does all of this. When she reaches Aureth's side, however, she turns to look at the assembled audience. "This is a really big crowd! More than I'm ever used to seeing look at /me/, anyway, rather than being part of. Some of you are familiar faces -- family, or people who might as well be family. Others are friends I've known as long as I've been in Arx, or ones I've met more recently. Some of you I don't know well, or even at all really, but I'm glad that you're here anyway to share this. Thank you all for coming!"

Dot, the war-wiener, Judy, an investigative assistant arrive, following Harper.

Aleksei gives Hana an encouraging pair of thumbs up. YOU'RE DOING GREAT.

Khanne sits in quiet conversation before Aureth begins to speak. She then gives him her fll attention, even resisting for a moment to go, "awwww..." For a moment. It eventually came out. Clearing her throat, she she turns to look at Hana once more, smiling wide again when she hears her words.

Fortunato is doing his best to look supportive, send due supportive glances at his niece. He does not, however, flash thumbs up.

There's another rapid nod when Hana looks up, the large knight shoving two thumbs up on either side of a gleaming smile. Looking down to catch Aleksei also giving thumbs up, his smile brightens even further. Good idea thumbs up friend. When Hana makes her way up to Aureth however, Jeffeth quickly goes to fold his hands back in front of himself once more trying to tame that gleaming smile of his to look at least slightly more stoic. So Jeffeth wears a very stoic shining smile.

With Hana's final remark, Juniper claps... twice. Two times is about when she realizes that wasn't a cue for applause, and her smile shades self-conscious as she performs a quick glance around before dropping her hands into her lap.

Harper slips into the back and quickly side steps to find a corner as out of the way as possible. She seems distracted at first, until she spots Aureth and Hana. A huge grin splits across her face and lifts a hand in a wave, but she just stays quiet. Disrupting things probably wouldn't be too appreciated. When she sees Fortunato, she makes her way over toward him to slide into a pew nearby.

Talia's maybe the only one frowning in the room. That's ok.

Aureth drops his hand to Hana's shoulder and gives her a quick squeeze thereon. He pitches his voice to carry to the four corners of the sanctuary, and says: "Because Hana is a commoner, sworn to the Crown, she need not be released from the oaths of her fealty. Yet as she joins the Faith, she gives up the close material ties she has to her family. Though the bonds of home and love shall forever remain," Aureth lays his hand inevitably over his own heart, "she gives up her responsibilities to her family, and shall no longer provide succor or shelter save as the Faith of the Pantheon might provide succor or shelter to any congregant." Eyebrows swept high, he glances across the breadth of the room, and asks: "Who is here to speak for the Grayhopes?"

Talia stands.

Hamish has joined the Quiet Alcove.

Fortunato also stands. He looks at Talia in hard puzzlement.

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Hamish moves around the side of the room and settles down in the quiet alcove, lest he be confused for someone speaking up for Grayhope.

Shard is frowning, because she always frowns. She's not frowning quite so /much/, however. Her frown level is moderate. And when Talia stands, she slants a glance toward the other woman, squinting faintly.

So silent is the white-feathered Mirrormask that she may not be noticed from her perch in the quiet alcove. But, there is Hamish, suddenly joining her. Dianna Godsworn softly smiles and nods to him, her visage warming.

Talia's words start in a mumble, flushing deep from roots to feet. Her first words are a mumble, barely recognized, before she clears her throat. Her voice quavers, hesitating, but she lifts it to announce: "Myrinda Grayhope, daughter of Mikail and Laurel Viest, wife of Tobias Grayhope, mother of Aureth and Fortunato, and grandmother of Hana Grayhope, does not give her permission for this aspirant godsworn to forsake her oath to family, at least not until her soul is returned to the Queen of Endings."

Juniper's eyes go very, very round.

"Um," Aleksei says a bit louder.

Hana checked composure at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Aureth checked composure + performance at difficulty 40, rolling 15 higher.

Fortunato checked composure at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Felix checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Felix's feet shift a bit, as eyes begin to turn to Talia's way. Preparing, but not yet actually pushing up to his own feet, though the shift of his hand seems in readiness. At least until Talia begins speaking, and then he stills. He closes his mouth before something involuntarily slips out, however.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Hamish checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Jeffeth is smiling very brightly, nodding deeply to Talia's words she did a very good job. Then it's back to smiling at Hana.

Fortunato looks sidelong at Harper. He starts, "I don't actually bear the name of Grayhope anymore, so you may be a better choice--" And then he's looking back at Talia. Staring, rather. He takes his breath in, sharp, then, "Even if that were true, that's hardly fair!" He's /quite/ strained about it.

Hamish may be about to say something quietly to Dianna, but then Talia makes that pronouncement. So instead, like everyone else, he looks in that direction. Though unlike everyone else he says, "I'm sorry?"

Then after a moment, Jeffeth slowly looks back to Talia, his smile slowly fading. "Wait, what?"

"She says that life is never fair, Fortunato; you've known that for a long time," Talia murmurs quietly, shaking where she stands as she says it.

Khanne blinks slowly a couple times and looks at Talia in disbelief. She frowns deeply, blinks some more before whispering to those near her (Sorrel and Lethe), "did I hear her right?"

Merek just looks up vaguely towards Talia, then to Fortunato in thought, while his fingers rub the thick stubble upon his face in clear thought. He seems to watch this all play while he shifts his gaze back to the front.

Hearing the words from Talia, Dianna stares, dumbfounded, pained as she turns her gaze to Hana with such extreme sympathy that her amber eyes well with tears.

Hana gives Talia a quizzical look when the woman stands as though to speak for the Grayhopes. When Talia's voice becomes audible -- when that first word, 'Myrinda', is audible -- the smith's eyes go wide and her jaw drops somewhat. "But you're not... and grandmother's... wait, /what/?" After a moment she simply asks, "/Why/?" It's not clear whether she means 'why would Myrinda object' or 'why would you stand up and say this' or 'why did I get out of bed this morning'. Possibly even Hana doesn't know for certain which one it might be.

Sorrel looks to Khanne with surprise. "I... think you did, although, I also think Myrinda Grayhope is dead, which means..." she replies, squinting a bit and shaking her head.

"Yes, life is never fair, least of all mine, but she shouldn't be laying a geas on her granddaughter like that!" Fortunato says, strain gone to snapping.

Harper's eyes get a bit wide at Fort and she shakes her head adamantly. In a low tone, she says, "Nah, you go ahead. You're as much family as me, Fort, if not more." Besides, whatever is going on, she doesn't want in the middle of that mess. She eyes Talia with a confused look, then looks back to Fort. "Can she do that?"

Aleksei looks between Fortunato and Talia with wide eyes and a sloooow shift of his gaze. U H M.

Brows knit in puzzlement, Khanne says to Sorrel, "that... it doesn't matter? Cuz she has returned to the wheel."

Talia trembles, and only murmurs a helpless: "I am sorry." Possibly to Hana, possibly to Fortunato.

Lethe looks to Sorrel and Khanne with surprise. "I think so too. This is all very confusing."

Shard is quiet, but her gaze shifts between various speakers. She's still squinting, though her eyebrows have arched about as high as they can go.

There's another look up to Hana and Aureth, then a look into the common pews. Jeffeth lets out a quiet grunt before the giant armored behemoth starts lumbering his way over to the pews like he's going to go get this all settled.

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It is definitely plain that Aureth is taken aback, though there is a flicker of expression across his face hat appears like calculation. He scrubs his hand over his mouth, looking quickly to Hana, and then back to the young woman that was his mother's apprentice. "You are here, then, to speak for the dead?" He rolls a glance through the room, as though checking if he recognizes any other Deathspeakers in here. He looks really, really puzzled. Also, this is more public than he 100% knows what to do with.

"May be as she's in some communication with Myrinda, may be as not. Certainly I don't see any reason why Goodwoman Talia would do this on her own," Fortunato says to Harper, although with Talia's apology, he seems poised to step forward. Aureth's words stop him, though, leave him poised.

"At any rate, that woman is not Myrinda Grayhope; she's not old enough, for one," Sorrel points out, motioning to Talia. "I think she's just relaying a very awkward message." She looks to Khanne and shrugs helplessly.

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Khanne "So either, Myrinda is retrned to the wheel and this was just... amusing? Or, Myrinda's soul has not gone to the wheel and...." Khanne trails off, not knowing what that would mean to the proceedings, but understanding what it means otherwise.

Felix does stand, finally - being amongst the commoner pews. It is with careful measure that he shifts closer to Talia, leaning in with both hands on the haft of his glaive. Not reaching for her, so as not to make her shy away, but if she doesn't move too far, would utter something a bit more quietly.

Talia glances to a spot near Hana, before glancing back to Aureth. She nods, answering: "Yes, I am here to speak for Myrinda. I mean, for the dead. I am here to speak for the dead." It's all she can do to stay in place as Aureth levels that question at her, and she certainly flinches when Felix draws near, scared.

Aureth rolls a look out into the congregation to try and pick out a couple of people by eye to see if he can communicate with them telepathically.

With everyone focused on Talia and Aureth, Juniper squeezes out of the pew to one side and makes for the altar. To Hana. She steps in close to the smith, ducked down, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible as she reaches to take the other woman's hand.

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Hamish pushes himself to his feet, offering a quick apology to Dianna before making his way over to Aureth and the others. Apparently he can't speak telepathically either.

Words tumble out as Felix asks Talia a quiet question, her own response a mumble but not a whisper: "... no debt. Myrinda ... until she's gone."

Merek frowns a bit in thought, while he looks to Aureth, "Should any not involved in this be upon our way? I wouldn't wish to intrude on... This," he says, looking completely composed although curious to if he should be here to hear all this.

"Well, no offense to her, but I think this might be one of those 'get over it' moments," Aleksei opines to whatever Talia has mumbled.

Shard says, a little flatly, a little too loudly, and roughly in Talia's direction, "Well, maybe she should just sit--" Aleksei beats her. She nods instead.

Tears spark in Talia's eyes, and she nods, but splays her hands helplessly. "She's heard you, and she says you are an idiot," she tells Jeffeth softly, flushing.

Felix inclines his head in thanks for the answering of the question. "Thank you." is given to Talia, before he eases out of the pews, slowly making his way down to approach Aureth and Hana as well. Though there is a moment of coughing, where his free hand covers his mouth during it as he walks.

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Shard says, "Well, she's an ass."

Hana takes Juniper's hand readily, though she continues to stare at Talia. "/Why/ would grandmother object?" A pause, and then a flood of concerned questions tumble out at a much faster pace, "And more importantly, if she /is/ here, why /hasn't/ she gone back to the Wheel? She shouldn't be stuck. Or did she /want/ to stay? Or..." But then Felix is approaching, and the godsworn-to-(may)be falls silent to glance over at the other smith.

Were any to note Sister Dianna Godsworn as Hamish moves from the quiet alcove where they sat together, they would see her bronzed cheeks are rosy and covered with wet tears, her lovely lips twisted in a pained frown as she watches with a beseeching expression after the Archlector of Death - until he nears the altar. Dianna's sparkling, dampened gaze flicks to Hana, then, full of worry and concern. Dianna's knuckles are white as she peers out of the alcove at the woman, gripping the wall tightly.

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Lethe looks to Hana with concerrn as she remains seated near Sorrel and Khanne.

Juniper transfers Hana's hand to her other, so she can slip an arm about the smith's shoulders. Moral support. It's all the little priestess can offer at the moment, as she looks from one speaker to the next.

With a deep frown after some exchanged words, the massive knight moves back towards the altar. Jeffeth goes to lay one massive hand on Juniper's shoulder, the other tucking under Juniper's arm on Hana's shoulder. Both shoulders get affectionate squeezes as he leans in to murmur lowly.

Khanne checked mana + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Khanne looks towards Talia, tilting her head. She's not looking AT Talia, but around her. "So... Myrinda, why?"

While a number of priests and disciples appear to be murmuring to one another in uncertainty, the Legate of the Lost and the Archlector of Death exchange a few brief murmured words at the side of the altar. Aureth slants a look between Hana and Juniper with gratitude in his glance for the latter, and clears his throat. "Talia, it is of great concern to me and to Hana if you have reason to know that her grandmother's soul has not passed into the arms of the Queen," he says. "Yet this night is for Hana, and this choice is Hana's." A beat. "Oh, and we have a Deathspeaker present," he says, in tones of-- obvious relief, despite the fact that this remains a very public contretemps.

Talia's eyes flicker with surprise, her gaze going to Khanne. She trembles and nods, as Aureth announces there is a Deathspeaker presence, and takes her own seat back in the pew. She mumbles something that sounds a lot like 'Myrinda, please'.

Felix pauses to lean in and whisper to Hana, giving her a smile to go with the words, and a squeeze to her hand, since her shoulders are so weighted down. A bow of the head to Aureth, before he would move back to take his seat once more.

Something makes Khanne smirk and she shakes her head. "I am really not known as that sort of noble. And I am not backtalking. I just want to know why... Why are you against Hana giving her oath and... why are you not returned to the wheel? And...also to ask, if there is something I can do to help you get there, if that is where you wish to be." But she looks to Aureth then. "I don't know if I am a Deathspeaker fully... but, I have a connection..."

"I'm not either, but between the two of us we're probably close enough," Aureth editorializes to Khanne in a slightly more sotto voce.

Lethe watches Khanne with fascination but continues to sit quietly.

"I..." Hana's voice falters, as she turns her attention back to Talia once more. Khanne's query earns a firm nod, as the one looking to take her vows seems to find her voice again. "I want to know /why/ she'd object." Her gaze seems to skim the area around Talia, as though perhaps she could catch a glimpse of Myrinda's spirit. "I don't want to disappoint you, grandmother -- but I /do/ want to understand. Why you'd object, and why you're still here." That last seems to fill her with concern once again. Sure, she's trying hard not to be upset at this particular and unexpected bump in the road, but that's buried a bit beneath the concern as to why her grandmother's soul might not have moved on.

Hamish stands back to watch the Deathspeaker speak, eyeing Talia with a dubious expression. Also maybe around her, just in case he can give the ghost a good glower.

The massive knight just rubs Hana and Juniper's shoulders as they murmur together quietly. Well he's not really talking anymore, just frowning. Jeffeth stares hard at Talia.

Sorrel is listening politely now, since she's not really in a position to negotiate with ghosts. She makes a fairly inscrutable face and glances from Khanne to Hana, then nods to herself slightly.

"I've an inkling," Fortunato mutters, "of what she wants. Hope that wasn't enough to keep her here, ghosting. She ought to rest. We're doing all right."

Talia flushes at something, nodding quietly. She watches her hands, rather than the proceedings.

Merek has his ghost like quota filled for the week, so he's kind of just, watching.

Khanne keeps her focus on the person in the room that most cannot see, despite the others around her. She gives a nod to Myrinda and opens her mouth to speak, then closes it with another furrowed brow. "Well, i don't understand why I shouldn't, in regards to that last part... For the first..." She looks to Aureth then, her gaze shifting slowly from him to Fortunato, then to Hana. "She doesn't want to stay in Arx. She says she tried. Well, she says 'we've' tried, and failed. She wants you all to help her." She shrugs then, looking back to Aureth. "I mean... you probably have the best knowledge on how to help. She objects until she is able to pass on."

Khanne also gives a smile to Talia, a bit of reassurance, perhaps, or sympathetic understanding.

Harper stays quiet during all of it, having little to add to this chaos that is helpful. She gives Hana a sympathetic look, then peers around a bit uncertaintly. Hearing Fort, she says, "Err... yeah Hana's doing real well, so are the Grayhopes." Maybe it doesn't help but at least she tried to back up Fort? She gets quiet again when Khanne speaks up.

Hamish tilts his head toward Aureth and grumbles, "That's not a great reason. I stand by my first statement." He looks back to Khanne, "Does she know why she can't move forward?" Though his eyebrows pull together as he gives that a second thought. "We've? How many are with her?"

Fortunato goes mute, waiting in clear and stormy turmoil. He darts a hurricane glance at Hana.

Aureth sidles a step closer to his daughter, not veering into the space of those who are busy stroking her already, but merely offering her what support he can by dint of presence alone. He drops a murmur towards her, quieter than to carry.

"She means me. I have tried to help her," murmurs Talia quietly in answer to Hamish, chewing at her lip. She glances to Khanne and then to where Khanne is looking, in the aisle of the Great Cathedral.

""Oh...!" Hana's eyes widen at Khanne's words, a hand rising to cover her mouth as she casts her gaze to where Khanne has been looking -- she can't see Myrinda, but it seems only polite to look in someone's direction when you're speaking to them. "Oh, grandmother. It's been /years/. You've been stuck here all this time?" Her tone is pained; whatever upset she's feeling -- and she doubtless is feeling quite a bit -- Myrinda's plight seems to have overridden it. At least for the moment.

Twisting her lips to the side, Khanne looks from that center aisle up towards Aureth. "She um.. said.. Don't be an idiot. Remember the promises you made before and after her death." She nods towards the aisle again then looks to Hana. "She has been.. here.. since she died. She was in Bastion with Talia." She pauses. "Oh, the 'we' is her and Talia. Talia has tried to help her..." She looks then back to Myrinda. "Do you have any inkling as to why you didn't pass immediately?" Then to Talia. "What have you tried so far?"

"Yes, well, that's _helpful_," Aureth grumps back at Talia-Myrinda-whoever. "If _entirely_ in character." Inhalation long, Aureth gives Hana a slow nod, and then turns to address the crowd. "Congregants," he raises his voice to say, a faint pinch reflecting in gravity across his brow, "we offer our thanks for attending tonight. But in light of this unexpected turn, Hana has chosen to wait on swearing her vows to the gods and her oaths to the Faith." He pauses for a moment, and extemporizes in the most priestly way he knows how, which is by saying, "Let us pray. For the peace of the soul."

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Talia opens her mouth to answer, but then Aureth invites them to pray. She takes that cue, at least, even if she completely blew the cue earlier. She bows her head over her hands.

Fortunato lets his turmoil down a little bit, eases the storm behind his eyes. Tries to. "Important to get her where she belongs," Fortunato says, not quite looking at Talia. "All right. Let's pray. If that's what Hana wants."

Lethe has tears in her eyes as she listens to those around her. She nods to what Aureth says and bows her eyes to pray.

The shaman, who nonetheless has a close spiritual connection to some of the Gods, closes her eyes and lowers her head. Khanne does, however, open the misty-grey orbs to peek up towards Hana to see if she is okay.

Merek nods a bit, then he offers a nod to Hana with an incline, then he's adjusting the scholar robes a bit also.

Khanne peeking one eye open again, she asks Myrinda in a whisper, because they are about to pray, "um... do you want me to tell him that?"

Brushing her naked fingers over tear-stained, ruddy cheeks, Sister Dianna Godsworn retreats again into the quiet alcove. She kneels, bowing her head gently and resting her fingertips softly on her barely-moving lips.

Hana is not okay. Hana is very, very far from okay. But she's doing her best to bear up under the weight of tonight's events. "I think I know." She glances over towards her father. "The way she died... we never did learn who did it, not really, did we. Or why. I tried, but I hit a dead end, and then it was the Silent War and other things were happening, and by the time that was done the trail seemed cold."

Hamish nods to the legate and says something quietly to him, then turns back to the congregation, closes his eyes and lifts his hands to his head. Though when Khanne appears to hear more from the departed he opens a squinty eye to peek.

Shard sinks a little further into her seat. She glances down along the pew, and then back toward the front, toward the altar.

"That's not your fault. That's none of your faults," Juniper murmurs beneath the hum of prayer. She tightens her arm around Hana's shoulder while bowing her head. Her sigh is far, far less graceful than the usual benediction.

Khanne closes her eyes again and clears her throat, head still bowed.

Sorrel closes her eyes and bows her head, to participate in the prayer. Because it seems appropriate. Even though none of the rest of this managed to be normal at all.

Harper reaches over and gives Fort an awkward pat on the shoulder, intended to be comforting. At the call for prayer, she bows her head quietly.

"Me too," Aureth murmurs aside to Hana. He reaches his arm out so that he can catch Hana's hand and squeeze it now. His gaze skips up to Juniper, out across the room. He says, with a firm, weighted certainty, "We'll figure it out."

Then Aureth lifts his gaze to the congregation and begins to extemporize a very different benediction than any he expected to be giving tonight: a prayer to Vellichor, for knowledge; to Lagoma, for change; to Death, for the grace of the soul; and to Jayus, for hope -- "--For in strange times, hope is our greatest blessing," he prays, and comes to the end. "May the grace of the gods guide all our paths," he concludes, "and let us say amen."

Jeffeth is Frowning Deeply. Rubbing at Hana and Juniper's shoulders like if he stops the world will end.

Fortunato speaks low. "For the Sentinel's justice and the transformation of the Wheel."

"Amen," Khanne whispered before opening her eyes once more. Quieter, she says to Sorrel and Lethe, "I just want to go hug them all now..."

Khanne says, "And I am not even a hugger..."

Hana continues to gaze at the empty space where -- presumably -- Myrinda might be. Finally, the Disciple -- for Disciple it seems she'll remain, for now -- takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, bowing her head in her own prayers. And if a tear or two might run down her cheeks... well, no one can easily see that, can they?

"I'm going to go give her the aeterna anyway. She can just have a larger wardrobe when she does manage to sort this out," Sorrel whispers to Khanne, slipping up out of her seat now that the prayer's been spoken. She heads quietly towards Hana with a bundle of aeterna fabric. "Here, honey. Have something pretty made to wear for when things resolve. Or just to work in. Aeterna doesn't stain. And if you need help, we're here for you. Lady Khanne and I, we're both here for you."

The prayer done, Aureth seems inclined to chivvy most of the general public out of here, doing so by wrapping his 'show' -- so to speak -- and then gathering other priests and disciples by eye to gently encourage at least the relatively uninvolved away. He doesn't leave Hana's side, but does murmur, "I'm sorry, sweetheart. Let's get you a seat. I'll have Greguin get you some water," which he does by flapping a hand at his assistant until the older man disappears off into the chambers.

Talia rises quietly, hesitating for a moment, but then the shy seamstress moves to slip out of the Cathedral.

Lethe nods to Khanne and says softly. "I would too. I wish there was more I could do for them."

"Amen," rumbles Hamish before he moves to assist the assorted priests in shooing people toward the door. "Go home. No snacks in the cathedral. Probably."

"Mother, do you mind!" Aureth says archly to a ghost that cannot answer him directly.

Khanne rises, watching Talia slip out. She looks towards Fortunato then, again, not at him, then her gaze follows some invisible line out towards the exit as well. Letting out a sigh after, she turns to look back towards the Grayhopes once more. "Seriously, if I can do anything to help, like Sorrel said, please do let me know. I mean, you are sort of like family to me after all, what with Magpie and... you know. I am so sorry, Hana."

Shard mutters something under her breath as she pushes up from the pew. It might be 'ass' again. But she doesn't seem particularly inclined to stick around, with priests starting to usher them out. She heads briskly for the exit.

Fortunato stays put. He folds his narrow arms across his narrow chest. He makes a low growl. He says, "If vengeance must be done, so be it."

It isn't until most of the crowd has dispersed that Hana finally makes her way to one of the pews. She sits down with a thump, her hands trembling as she rests them in her lap. The evening has been an emotional roller coaster, and clearly the adrenaline from the revelations is wearing off. "Thanks, dad. I..." She lifts her head to meet Aureth's gaze. "Where do we even /start/?"

Shard has left the Commoner Pews.

Lethe stands and shakes her head with a sigh before makingvher way outside.

Lethe has left the Noble Pews.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

Talia has left the Commoner Pews.

Rising with such swift grace that the plumes of her cloak actually ruffle, Sister Dianna Godsworn is hardly one to be ushered away from the Cathedral - much less from the woman who was to take her oaths to the gods. With a determined clip of her feathered heels, her feathered cloak ruffling in the quickness of her step, Dianna steps directly to Hana, pausing only to catch, first, Hamish's gaze along the way. She closes her eyes and drops her head into a respectful nod, then finishes her route to the altar, dropping into a humbled curtsy before Aureth. "Legate Aureth," Dianna softly intones. "I am Sister Dianna Godsworn." She finds his gaze with her amber eyes and expresses a lingering note of empathy before moving to Hana.

"My dear," Dianna quietly speaks. "I am so very sorry. If you need to speak with someone who ...was very nearly in your place, please let me know. I am Sister Dianna Godsworn - born, in my previous life: Lady Dianna Mazetti."

Jeffeth doesn't leave.

Aureth drops to one knee before the pew, and lifts his hand to weight across Hana's clasped hands in her lap. He says, "Well, the Deathspeakers are one beginning. The trail may be cold, but there are parts of it that are clearer now than they were when she died ... maybe." His brow knits. He looks up at Dianna and gives her a grave nod. "Thank you for the kindness, Sister."

Merek makes a way from the place, looking to Hana, "You will do well when it does come the time to join," then scholar robes are shifting while he waves away.

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"I have more people that I can contact. Than I did a few years ago," Fortunato says, still in that low burr of tension.

Hamish has left the Quiet Alcove.

Layne, the withered veteran have been dismissed.

1 Greenmarch Guard have been dismissed.

Quietly, Harper mutters to Fort. "I gotta get back home to check on Aurelle. But, if there's anything Hana needs. Count me in." She raises a hand to those that are left, then turns to head out.

Harper has left the Commoner Pews.

Dot, the war-wiener, Judy, an investigative assistant leave, following Harper.

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Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Sorrel.

Biting her lower lip, Khanne gives a nod and simply trusts that if any of them need her, they know where to find her. She leaves them to their discussions and exiting the pew, turns to walk up the aisle towards the exit.

Khanne has left the Noble Pews.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice leaves, following Khanne.

Aureth is overheard praising Khanne: I must remember to always keep a Khanne in my pocket for emergencies.

Hana lets out a long, slow sigh. "I... think maybe I should get home, dad. I don't know that I'm going to be much in the way of company here tonight."

"Of course," Aureth says, nodding, even as Greguin reappears with the summoned glass of water. Aureth rises and takes it from him, to proffer it towards her. "Take what time you need. We'll all tackle this together."

"Right." Fortunato starts pacing in a compressed spot. Square. One step, two step. "You can talk to mystics, I can talk to trouble."

The former Mazetti can certainly take a hint, and Dianna respectfully nods to Aureth. "I wish you and yours Vellichor's wisdom and knowledge in your search, Legate... messeres," Dianna gently speaks, glancing first to Hana and then to Fortunato. Dianna curtsies again with careful grace, then moves with unhurried, echoing steps to Hamish, to whom she leans and appears to speak with in near-silent tones.

Hana takes the offered water, taking a good long drink. "R-right. Yes. I... there's probably a few people I can ask. Favors I can call in. Maybe I can make something to help find things." She puts the now-empty water aside, then rubs at her eyes. "Okay. We can do this. Right?" She glances at her father and at her uncle, as though making certain they can, in fact, do this.

"I will help however I can, Father Aureth. If she's looking to resolve something here, that says ghost to me. Generally in those rare cases where one is denied the Wheel the Queen is not shy about letting one know why." Hamish listens to Dianna's whisper and gives her a questioning look before finally nodding slowly. "Of course. I will come and find you or make time at the Queen's shrine."

Aureth nods his agreement with Hamish, and turns his pale gaze back to his daughter. He says, with absolute certainty, "We can, and we will. I'm only sorry that we only now discovered it, and that it interfered with something so important to you."

Fortunato continues his tight pacing near the pew. "Suppose Whispers don't exactly have swearing in ceremonies, usually. Regret that now. Shoulda been me over Hana. But we'll be fast. We'll send her home."

Gently lifting her slender fingers to Hamish's hand and grasping with tender warmth as she gazes freely into his questioning eyes, Dianna murmurs, "I thank you, Blessed Hamish." Dianna dips her head again to Hamish and leans in to kiss his cheek in true Lycene fashion, then steps away directly, cloak fluttering in her wake.

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