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Duel: Jaenelle v. Darren

The long overdue duel issued by Prince Darren Redrain and accepted by Archduchess Regent Jaenelle Velenosa is finally happening! Fighting for Jaenelle will be Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, while Lady Brianna Halfshav will be defending dad bods everywhere as she fights for Darren.


Sept. 12, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

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Jaenelle Darren Brianna Jeffeth


Arik Sofia Aksel Lucita Ophelia Arcadia Mirella Quenia Artur Stygia Bhandn Delia Ras Belladonna Drusila



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Comments and Log


This was too much of a theater production to suit my tastes. I don't see how anyone's honor was assuaged by the performance. I was not the only one who thought there was not enough blood, but was probably the only one that voiced it. This is why I am not champion knight.

Those at odds were satisfied, so I guess it worked out.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 19 higher.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 29 higher.

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Jaenelle moves towards the judges stand with an air of someone who is completely correct in all things regarding this duel. Spotting Darren, she flashes him a grin and a finger wiggle in his direction as she takes the seat beside him. "Soo..." she says idle, looking towards the dueling ring for a moment. "Have you prepared yourself when you lose?" People in Velenosa finery than move through he crowds offering alcohol, it is a party after all.

Arik arrives with Lucita walking side by side towards the noble stands as he looks to the dueling field before remarking, "Brianna always likes a dramatic entrance... I bet she's hiding in a haw wagon or something." and then turns off to go up the steps to the posh seating.

As the crowds start to fill up for the duel. Neither duelist can be seen on the grounds.

Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.

That's disappointing, a duel with no duelists. It probably won't be extremely thrilling.


As the nobles take their seats, and those hosting the duel get comfortable there is still no sign of either Lady Brianna nor--

Thunk-a-thunk-a-thunk. Sprinting into the proving grounds, a giant man in full plate armor comes flying into view at a silly speed for a man wearing all plate armor. Barreling into proving grounds the armored behemoth is running straight for the sands, stupid fast.

And then- Oh no, he tripped! Or at least it seems like he does for just a second. The big man is flying head over heels, giant hands slapping into the grass and propelling the massive man upwards into the sky. Careening heavenward, the large knight goes into a twist which morphs into a somersault. When the giant knight lands on his feet, he leaps again, going into a back handspring before once more landing on his feet.

Facing the crowd at this point, Jeffeth Bayweather bows deeply to the crowd. He then slowly stands up and places his hands on his waist. Then starts shuffling back where he came from. He left his hammer back there...

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Sofia wanders in with her guards in tow, stopping to give Jeffeth a favor or two as she passes. "Don't hurt his pride too, too much when you crush the opposition Sir Jeffeth." she murmurs merrily in greeting on her way to sit on the benches, or lounge as is her trademark, with not a glass but entire bottle of the finest wine.

Darren narrows his eyes toward the approaching figure of Jaenelle, arms crossed casually over his front. "I've prepared myself for nothing short of gallantly having one of my men pick your face up off the ground when you lose, my darling cousin," he smoothly reassures her sidelong, lifting his glass of whiskey lifted from a serving platter toward the Archduchess expectantly. "Surely you'll do me the Lenosian favor here, Your Grace?"

Jeffeth wields The Butterfly Effect, a giant high quality steel war hammer.

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Aksel enters with the throng of commoners making there way towards the commoner seating. Not much else can really be said about this. He's here. That's got to count for something.

Lucita moves up the steps to take a seat and smiles toward those she recognizes. She settles into place. "This should be a good match to watch."

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Jaenelle lifts her hand as Jeffeth makes his entrance, pressing her palm against Darren's entire face to shush him. She doesnt want to miss this, clearly, as her protege arrives. Once he is done, and moves to gather his hammer, her hand is finally removed and she smiles sweetly towards Darren and reaches out for the whiskey. "Of course, I shall make sure none wish to kill you"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sofia before departing.

Ophelia Velenosa arrives /right/ on time and breezes over to the noble seating with an apple in hand. She lifts it for a bite -- crrrunch -- and then finds a seat with a good view of the grounds. There is a wave to her cousins and to Jaenelle in particular before one of the duelists arrive. She finishes chewing and then smiles brightly, wriggling in her seat. "Yay, Sir Jeffeth! Oh, this'll be /grand./" And a victory for her House, obviously.

Arcadia practically bounces in, excitement evident on her face. Spying the Halfshav lord and Lucita, sheakes her way to sit with them "Baroness. Lord Arik. How are you?" she peers mostly at Arik hoping he looks somewhat still hungover

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Sofia drops a scarlet and gold pennant of the Bull of Solace.

Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Ambra, a plain-faced Lycene scribe arrive, following Mirella.

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No one could ever fault Darren for being a butterfingers in the midst of witnessing Jeffeth's grand entrance into the dueling circle. Whiskey splashes over the front of Jaenelle's jade silk gown, puddling in her lap. Glass drop. The highlord's eyes widen with innocence, the rest of his expression smothered vehind the Archduchess' palm smooshed against his mouth. It couldn't possibly be a shit-eating grin.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle arrives, following Quenia.

Compared to Jeffeth's... whatever that was, Brianna's entrance is simple and elegant. The tall woman strides into the ring, her leather mask under one arm, her axe at her hip. She executes a flawless bow to the crowd, effortlessly demanding their adoration.

Mirella's here somewhere. Watching, lurking. Nothing to see here. Not very interesting, that, but there it is!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brianna before departing.

Arik manages a holler for the redheaded duelist who definitely doesn't bear a familial resemblance to him. There's even some loud clapping almost awkwardly to loud if it weren't for the others in the stands.

Quenia makes her way to the proving grounds with her stalwart companion, Captain Curls, a standard poodle puppy. The puppy seems to stick close to her sides, not liking to be too far away. She pauses a moment to see if she recognizes anyone in the crowd before moving forward to find a seat.

Going back.... <-------- over there. Jeffeth picks up his hammer before jogging on back with the large thing over his shoulders. Striding back over to the dueling ring, the large knight bows deeply to Brianna, fist pressed against his chest and then a deep bow is given to the crowd as well.

Arriving late to the party - I mean duel, Artur quickly shuffles in, but he's got his dad bod own. A large lump is under his tunic as he moves to go take a seat next to Ophelia. "Seems my schedule opened up after all!" he offers to her quickly with a swift smile as he drops into his seat, and pats his 'belly', that sounds hollow. "My support of Prince Darren and his new vivacious figure." he offers to Ophelia, before lifting the side of his shirt to expose the side of a small wooden keg.

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Arcadia cringes a touch when Arik hollars, but not leaving him hanging, she hollars too. Whooping and cheering for the Halfshav champion.

Brianna returns Jeffeth's bow, fist to her chest. She says, loud enough for everyone in the stands to hear. "I promise not to hurt you too badly." Her grin is the shit-eatingest and she is having a ball.

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"I hear," Jaenelle says casually even as a single finger dabs at the whiskey accidently pooled in her lap before its brought to her mouth to taste, "that whiskey has the ability to cause a Northern man to swoon over you. I believe you have provided me enough to find my third husband. But it appears you can not hold your liquor, would you like me to fetch some water for you before you fall down?" Ophelia is given a bright smile and small wave as she makes eye contact with her.

Lucita! Quenia recognies Lucita! That's about all whom she recognizes really. She makes her way toward her cousin, and thusly joins the noble benches, offering Lucita a warm smile as she does, and a nod to anyone around her.

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"We can only hope that you'll actually manage to keep your third husband long enough to have him at the altar, dearest. Not even the strongest of whiskey could keep him blinded enough to willingly fall into your serpent clutches," Darren trades barbs with Jaenelle through personable and charming smiles, his hand stretched up in salute to the familiar faces dotting the crowd. Artur gets a look, oddly enough.

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Whilst preparing to do battle, something from the judge's tent gets Jeffeth's attention. The Bull of Solace pivots on his feet to face Darren. Though his features cannot be seen due to the helm it's possible A Look is happening. The large knight then turns back to face Brianna once more.

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There is a soft amused laugh which follows Jaenelle as she stands once both Champions are on the field. First she announces the crowd, "we are here today to have Gloria settle a disagreement between my cousin, Prince Darren, and I. We have both chosen our Champions well and are honored to have them fight for us this day" with that she turns towards Brianna and Jeffeth and bows her head in thanks in their direction. "Fighting for my honor is Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, the Bayweather Bull. Fighting against him, and for Prince Darren, we are honored to have Lady Brianna Halfshav. Both Champions of great renoun and skill." Then with a smile, her hands extend to the fighters, "when you both are ready!"

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Pulling the keg out to set down between them on the stands, Artur moves to tap it as he gets out a mug to set down. "I call it.. Father Figure Whiskey." he says to Ophelia in pride.

Yes, that was a dad bod joke.

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"I believe in you, Lady Brianna!" Darren shouts with roaring applause, rising to his feet with a thrust of his fist into the air. "The confidence in my roguishly handsome storybook physique depends on this!" He leans forward with arms braced against the judgement desk's edge, watching as the two duelists begin to trade blows.

As she settles back down, Jaenelle turns towards Darren despite the fighting having begun. "Now now, what does that say about your people, Darren? Do you really think they are so weak willed that they would be blinded by me? Though you are sweet for even suggesting I hold that much power over anyone, let alone an entire regional area! Unless you meant to say that Northern men drink too much whiskey? That can't be good." She leans over and sniffs Darren, "you dont /smell/ like a brewery."

"Oh, you were speaking of my people?" Darren turns his head to regard Jaenelle with a scrutinous look. "Darling, you wouldn't even measure up to the standards of a Northlands man. Perhaps one of the Oathlands would be enamored by you enough to be duped into marriage. Just don't devour this one alive too," he utters with an indignant sniff.

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Shifting her weight onto the balls of her feet, Brianna starts to circle Jeffeth, feinting here and there. At Darren's shout she replies, "Don't worry, if you weren't my cousin, I'd probably sleep with you!" Dumb move. Jeffeth is swinging and she almost but not quite avoids it, winging her.

It seems Jeffeth is talking to Brianna, quietly, at the sands. At least for a moment, when Jaenelle introduces them the Bull bows once more. Fist to his chest. When he straightens, his hammer is plucked upwards in both hands. There's a roll of those large shoulders and it's off to work.

Dancing into the sands, the big man starts with a very dramatic high swing in a wide arc over her head. If it hit, it would probably take someones head off. But it's slow and wild and extremely easy to avoid. Brianna easily avoids it. Though the dramatic and hefty swing does bring Jeffeth rather close to Brianna on the downswing. Which ends in the Bull plowing into her with his shoulder before swinging his hips out to give her a POWERFUL hip bump.

If his face could be seen perhaps there is smiling, but instead the large knight moves backwards, raising one arm up as if asking for an answer.

There are a few exchanges where Jeffeth and Brianna swing at each other able to avoid and parry for a few exchanges. Brianna is able to bring a few powerful blows against Jeffeth's plate, but it doesn't seem to hinder the man at all. When Brianna goes to shout she would sleep with her cousin, the haft of his hammer is coming out and the pommel strikes Brianna in the thigh. He looks to her, and then looks over his shoulder to Darren then back. A thumbsup is sent over to Darren with his free hand. Maybe he's saying 'me too'? Hard to tell. Back to the fight.

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"You know she has to say that because she is your family. It is like if Drea said you were smart" Jaenelle points out after Brianna's remarks. "Also my father was a Redrain Prince and he escaped, Mydas was once part of your fealty until he came to his senses as well. Not a good look."

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The pommel strike throws Brianna off balance and she roars, throwing herself bodily at Jeffeth. Sloppy. She knows better. She leaves herself wide open.

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The Bull dances to the side as the roaring Halfshave comes charging at him. Sidestepping and lunging he manages to get her back, the haft of his hammer is then swung freely at the back of Brianna's legs, striking her right in the back of the knee. He is then dancing back a few steps, giving the pair of them space.

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Artur checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty -1, rolling 52 higher.

"And what of your cousin, my wife, when I swept her away from the Isles? Clearly there is something indeniably magical about me, and I can say it is most certainly not just my sword," Darren counters to Jaenelle without a beat missed, his gaze glued to the match as Jeffeth dances around Brianna, trading blow after blow that leaves his Champion notably disbalanced. "It's alright to be an old and bitter hag--woman, Jaenelle. No one could fault you for just being beside yourself with jealousy that you just can't look this good."

Artur drops a short stout keg of Father Figure whiskey.

Stygia slides into the grounds, maybe a bit late and goes to join the commoners with her smelly, smelly possum.

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Jaenelle checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 67 higher.

Ophelia can be heard cheering for Sir Jeffeth from the noble seating, mug of whiskey in hand. "Get 'em, Beastie!" she shouts as loud as she can. The princess then waves with her free hand at Jaenelle in excitement before siiipping said whiskey and returning her focus to the duelists.

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Arik appears to be invested in some debate in the stands and doesn't notice the turn in the course of the battle until some gasps come up from the stands proceeded by a loud and awkwardly timed, "Damnit!"

Taking some space, apparently the Bull sees his opening. He starts rushing forward at Brianna, at a full sprint. His hammer comes up... And then just flies over to the side. The abandoned hammer flies off to the side and goes ker-plunk into the sand. Lowering his shoulders, Jeffeth goes into a full bull gore. Shoulder colliding into Brianna's stomach, he lifts, taking her off the ground before he leaps forward.

Driving them both, (Brianna first) into the sand, his shoulder driving down into the woman as they do. As they are now on the ground, Jeffeth is scrambling forward, flinging his hand out to pin Brianna's arm to the sands. He raises his big old fist as if about to punch Brianna in the face for a little blood. Vintage Jeffeth. But he pauses. Apparently not wanting to do that.

For a moment he hesitates, grunts, and then both hands are going for Brianna's hand. Trying to take her axe. "Give it! Give!" Some might hear the large knight rumbling at Brianna as they struggle for the weapon. "Give itttt."

Jaenelle reaches over to pat Darren's hand gently. Pat, pat. "Donella is one of the greatest people I have been honored to know. I would like to trust her judgement in any decision, political or emotional, that she has been part of making. Even you." One more pat for good luck before she takes her hand back. "I am telling Leona that you called us old." Uhhuh.

"If you lose, Sir, you'll be it until you tag ten of us and don't think I won't try to convince Dame Harthall to approve that!" Totally not shouted from the commoner stands by Sir Bhandn. "And quit flirting with her!" comes a moment later, after the two go down.

It's a damned good thing that he didn't punch Brianna in the face, because she was getting ready to spit in his eye, and she /hates/ spitting. So uncouth. Her knee drives upward to make contact with Jeffeth's (sadly, armored) groin, and she hisses. "No! Mine!" comes her reply as she tries in vain to get the approximately sixteen tons of knight off of her.

"Kick him off!" Delia can be heard shouting, if you're close enough, apparently to Brianna. "You can still beat him!" She has a gigantic beaming grin on, waving frantically at the combatants and really getting into it.

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"No! Give it!" Jeffeth insists as they just try to hands the axe more against each other. Eventually wresting the axe from her grasp, the big man grunts. Then she drives her knee up which has Jeffeth shooting a helmeted Look at her. "Brianna!" Comes from behind the helmet as if scolding. But then, back to the work. The large knight is using one hand to pin her arm to the ground the other to carefully work her own axe just above her forearm. Pressing down, a little more, a little more. There.

The large knight brings the axes up, and shows it to the crowd. A small line of blood dripping from the axe's edge. It is then shown over towards Jaenelle and Darren before Jeffeth looks back to Brianna. "I'm going to give this back, don't /hit/ me with it!" The large man rumbles, carefully going to give her the axe back before quickly scrambling off of her.

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Ras sticks two fingers into his mouth and WHISTLES LOUDLY in appreciation for Jeffeth, and then ducks down behind Stygia in the commoner stands as if she did it.

Ophelia is clapping and cheering for her cousin, Jaenelle, and then to both Champions. "Excellent duel!"

Stygia looks 'round innocently but totally takes credit for the ear splitting whistle, also giving a hoot and a clap for the match.

A wry chuckle rises from Jeffeth and Brianna's antics down within the duelists' circle. "How could you let Sir Jeffeth rob you of your prized axe, Lady Brianna?" he bellows down toward the Halfshav duelist with a shake of his head, eyes bright with humor. The highlord rises to his feet, hands brought together in a rousing applause as the match comes to a decisive end - Jeffeth is the victor.

His face is schooled into an expression of calm acceptance as he turns toward Jaenelle. "The victory was well earned by your Champion, Your Grace," he says graciously, a perfectly well-composed loser.

Belladonna arrives absolutely on the verge of apparently missing the contest, not really aware of how much has passed since it started. However, as Jeffeth begs for it to end, having apparently bested his opponent, the Setarcan gasps. "No! Continue! I just got here! Fight! Fight!" She even does a little punching the air motion that has her aide shaking her head, as the Setarcan ruler goes to the noble stands, waving at her peers. She also spots a few on the commoners stands that have her waving at them, always smiling.

"Bah!" Artur decries as Jeffeth shows his victory, but he calls out to Brianna. "You'll get him next time!" he calls out to her. Because she totally will, right?

Hauling herself to her feet, Brianna does exactly what Jeffeth told her not to do and smacks him in the backside with the flat of her axe. She is a composed and gracious loser, who quickly looks Very Innocent.

Artur is overheard praising Brianna: A valiant effort!

Artur is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Brianna: A great Champion.

Delia is overheard praising Brianna.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Jeffeth: A great Champion.

Darren is overheard praising Brianna: More elegant than wild this day. Someone remember to tell Vercyn.

Esme is overheard praising Brianna.

Delia is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Esme is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Mirella applauds with firm but polite claps of her hands, as loud as they need to be to be of any use, but no louder than that. She lifts her hand in a wave and a courteous nod when she sees Belladonna over in the stands. A brief flick of a smile is also sent the Duchess' way before she turns back to the conversation at the commoner's benches.

Mirk is overheard praising Brianna.

Mirk is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Hopping a little as Brianna claps him in the rear with an /axe/ Jeffeth is quickly composing himself and bowing deeply to Jaenelle and Darren. He then bows to Brianna, and finally the crowd. Straightening up while the crowd claps he moves over to Brianna, going to throw one arm around her shoulders, his free hand lifting to remove his helm. Smiling brightly he starts murmuring to her in the duelists circle.

Darren is overheard praising Jeffeth: Fierce combatant, entertaining to watch.

Delia almost tears out her lungs cheering for both duelists. Even if she did arrive almost too late for the fight itself. She leans over to murmur to her assistant, who then pushes off through the crowd, and gets up, waving to the people in the stands around her.

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Drusila is overheard praising Brianna: Losses just make that victory one day all the more sweeter.

Brianna grins as her friend puts his arm around her, nodding an assent to whatever he said.

Darren is overheard praising Jaenelle: I suppose she does look OKAY in that dress.

Jaenelle stands once more, much as she had when the fight began, to speak to the Champions once first blood is shed and shown. "You both have fought honorably, and valiantly before Gloria. You have made those you fought for proud to have witnessed the outcome. Thank you both." Then she turns towards Darren, "Gloria has spoken. You aren't fat, by the way. Its your winter coat."

Brianna looks up to the stands, mouthing a sheepish 'sorry' to Darren.

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Darren grins down toward Brianna, shaking his head in easy assurance. "You performed well, both of you. You have my gratitude for such an entertaining evening," he says before turning his attention upon Jaenelle. "This has been a most enjoyable turn of events, Your Grace. It was long overdue and I certainly wasn't disappointed for it."

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Jaenelle dips her head towards Darren, doing her best to find the grin that tugs at the corner of her lips. "It has been an enjoyable day of sparring with you, and watching others do it in our honor at the same time. This was the first time I had ever been challenged to a duel, and I found it to be a learning experience. You are one of my favorite High Lord Cousins. I have three. You, Victus, and Edain can fight over which is the actual favorite." Turning towards Jeffeth, she pulls something from a pouch, holding up a single dragonweep stone, "for you, my Champion."

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Drusila leaves the commoner stands, a hand touching a moment to shield her nose from something assaulting her senses so she can make her way over towards the nobility near Belladonna sit.

Brianna walks over to the edge of the ring, making puppy eyes up at Darren. "I hope you got me something prettier than what Jaenelle got Jeffeth."

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Mirella stands from the commoner... um, stands... and makes a slow, quiet retreat from the proving grounds. She stops for a moment to dip into a curtsy for Belladonna's benefit, mainly, and then is gone!

Stygia also seems to be making for a retreat, tipping her hat to Belladonna on the way out, whistling as she does so.

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