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The People's Tournament - Fist Fight

The Compact has the Tournament of Roses but the lowers and uppers of Arx has the People's Tournament. Entry to the People's Tournament is open only to the common born and the events held are the kind of activities that those not born with silk wrapped around them would be familiar with.

From delivering a wagon loaded down with goods around the lowers, with the fastest time and with accuracy, catching fish from the Gray River, running through the lowers as swiftly as possible and overcoming obstacles to a good bought of pugilism, the People's Tournament lends more to the tastes and familiarity of the commons of Arx.

With cash prizes for the overall winners (Combined points from all events), crowns for the individual event winners and an abundance of alcohol and a gala at the end to celebrate, it's an excellent time to be a commoner.

1st - 150,000 silver
2nd - 75,000 silver
3rd - 25,000 silver

Ooc: These events are for commoners to participate in. Nobles are welcome to observe, cheer on even, but actual participation in the event is restricted to commoners only.

Link to event doc's:


April 21, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Josephine Orathy


Brady Acacia Merek Arcadia Harper Graham Magpie Sparte Willow Kamon Rowenova Maja Draven Giada Mirk



Arx - Lower Boroughs - The Hollow - Arena and Bar

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Dot, the war-wiener, Judy, an investigative assistant arrive, following Harper.

Brady mutters, "Smoke? Smoke ... ... ..."

Aida, the hypochondriac Setarcan maid arrives, delivering a message to Orathy before departing.

Down the gloomy, dirty staircase and into the devil's den strolls a curvy redhead wearing dark, fitted leathers and a sight smile. She surveys the room with a flash of mischief in her eye and offers a wink as she moves into the crowd to find a perch with an excellent view of the ring. Acacia has arrived.

Jesmond the Giant, 2 Leary House Guards arrive, following Arcadia.

The hollows is standing room only with the day having been taken up with fights. So many fights. Everyone descending for the last event and that chance at the pots that come with the overall winner. Organized matches, names plucked at random from a hat have paired up people and people enter the steel walled ring and leave. Sometimes even under their own power.

There's a few teeth rattling about the floors from where they've been knocked loose and a few splatters of blood. Thus far there's been a total of five broken limbs, easily a couple dozen broken or cracked ribs and the clinic in the lowers the next day is likely to get a few clients coming in for care despite that there are a few healers on hand for the more serious cases of exuberance.

A fist cracks across a jaw sending a man crashing into the steel walls, an overwhelming cheer going up as the behemoth of a man slithers to the ground and clearly won't be getting up. One eye has already started to close up and everyone looks to Orathy who is overseeing the actual fighting, for the decision.

Josephine and other members of the Arcuri family are handling the betting on the various fights and who will actually win the event as is. Over in one corner, Magpie's 'Shinies' are lifting their mugs and singing some very bawdy song about the man in question, here to cheer on their favoured contestant. Maja's "Silkies" as they have been dubbed are in force as well and following in when the Whisper in training comes. Somewhere are some Knights of Solace here for Jeffeth and chanting "BULL! BULL! BULL! BULL!"

It's hot, it's loud and everything seems deafening. Hanging off one pillar of the ring is the crown that's up for grabs for the event and part of what everyione is fighting for. That steel and bejeweled crown, the event engraved on the inside band. Sparkling in the light - what little of it there is - and tempting everyone.

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Merek walks into the Hollow with his best brocade pants, as well as his wrapped up feet for the floor. He takes a drink of some watered down whiskey to clear himself up, while he takes a moment to walk to where other folk are gathering for participation.

Josephine takes People's Tournament 1010 - Fist Fight winner from Stormryder's garment bag.

Arcadia steps in, carefully avoiding all teeth and blood. Murmuring to her giant of a guard, he starts pushing people aside making way for the little lady to find a spot to watch.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brady before departing.

With all her usual guard attire swapped for simple leathers and a tunic tonight, Harper makes her way into the Hollow, looking much like the rest of the crowd. She's a Lower's brat and knows how to just blend in, except the bright red hair that's hard to hide. Glancing around, she catches an earful of the bawdy songs being sung about her husband. With a grin that she can't help, she raises her eyebrows and gives them a shake of her head, before starting to work her way through the crowd to see if she can find Magpie.

Graham is running late which is unlike him but he'd had more to do today than usual. The young noble is dressed in his armor without his helm which rests upon his hip for ease of putting it on if needed. He looks about as he walks further in perhaps trying to see if he knows anyone.

Brady wanders about aimlessly, less focused on the current fight than he is mingling and sharing a bit of gossip or a joke. He's already dressed to participate, wearing only slacks and padding around on dirty feet. Brady upnods Magpie as he passes a table, before veering towards Maja's group of followers.

Arcadia sticks out like sore thumb. Dressed head to toe in gold and exasperated guards in tow, she beams down at the participants, already shouting whoops of encouragement to nameless faces.

Magpie is here, red bandana wrapped about his head and regular charming smiles thrown to his cheering squad. The man has stripped off his shirt and while he's not a knight or soldier, he does have the physique of a sailor, with strong arms and shoulders and his fair share of scars from fights in the past. As Harper arrives he sweeps the woman up and lays a long kiss on her lips, then leans in to murmur something in her ear while throwing Brady a wave.

Sparte is dressed down to just his common clothes. No sign of his iron guardsman gear, just simple clothes and some things on his belt. He is practically unrecognizable, if not for his trademarked big goofy grin.

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a massive cat with long black fur arrives, following Willow.

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Merek wraps up his palms with bandages, while he takes a moment to drink from the whiskey, then he lets a sigh and rolls a hand up for the others, "Woo!" He's noticable to those that know him, especially some of the big names of the Lowers, he seems to not have any of his Iron Guard stuff on though.

As the last fight ends, Brady gets a tap on the shoulder from a friendly neighborhood thug, and is pointed towards the direction of the ring. He steps onto the shallow arena floor and tightens the cloth bindings on his hands.

Dusty have been dismissed.

Zavi have been dismissed.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Willow Edging in, Willow's arrival is accompanied by the sound of bells. The diminutive Lady waves at Brady enthusiastically before wandering off to sit near Arcadia where she can watch the floor without her stature handicapping her view.

Sparte steps into the ring, taking a ready stance. "I've been meaning to learn how to do this. Don't be gentle, rare you'll get an invite to punch an iron guardsman."

Josephine limps her way around the room, from time to time there's a look to someone, a need to close her eyes and concentrate. Demetria remains close at her side for whatever reason. But while Orathy oversee's the fight, Josephine is overseeing the betting and things not fighting.

Kamon is finally here. He has been running all the way from his room to here. He is soaked in his own sweat from up and down. Panting, he leans against the wall as he lets out a sigh of relief "Phew, it seems that I am not that late."

Arcadia grasps Willow's hand. A mixture of fear and excitement. Already shouting for both her friends in the ring

Orathy lights a cigarillo from the sidelines, leaning over as he watches with his dark hooded eyes the Iron Guardsmen entering a ring against a familiar Grayhope. Bets are quickly flourishing throughout the crowd. It's almost as if it were planned to have such a match as this. There's a half curl of his whiskery 'stach as Orathy's amusement flares.

Twitchy arrives, following Draven.

Draven arrives, following Rowenova.

Harper squeaks when Magpie sweeps her up for a kiss. It's not a sound one hears from the guard very often, but it happened. When he leans in to whisper, she just says out loud, "Good, that means I only gotta kick one of your arses." She grins at him though, and it's obvious that it's a fond one, totally derailing any bite to her words. Glancing around, she asks, "You're really gonna do this again, huh?" When Brady and Sparte are called first, she settles in to watch, saying, "Well, this oughta be entertaining." But when she spots Brady having to get directions to the ring, she just reaches up to rub her face.

"Of course I am! Besides, just fists this time. A lot less hazardous. I won't need Jeffeth to carry me out." Magpie says cheerfully, draping an arm around the redhead's shoulders. "And don't kick his ass. He's ... not in a good place. I think he needs people to be nice to him right now. He sent me a really nice apology. It meant a lot."

Scout Rowenova and Professor Draven show up. Her right hand in his left one, with their matching rings of star iron with ruby hearts held together. Also, that soulful hound Sir Floppington dutifully follows them as a watch dog who made sure they were left alone during their Lowers travel.

Graham doesnt seem to know too many of the people here, or at least not well, so the next best thing try to meet people he sees others who are watching the fight and so heads that direction to hopefully find a good place to watch and to meeet people.

Someone from in the crowd howls out: "HIT HIM ALREADY"

The apprentice Whisper is standing near Acacia and Maja laughs at something whispered between the two of them. Folding her arms, she looks out over the arena -- at the ones already in the ring and those outside it waiting to compete. Dark eyes squint slightly and then she leans in again, murmuring to the curvy redhead and pointing at Merek.

Flashing Arcadia a smile as she sits next to her, Willow's cheers are decidedly more one sided. "Brady! Brady! Brady! Whoop whoop whoop whoop!" Picturr Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman cheering on the derby event, she even fist pumps in a like fashion.

Giggling happily and bouncing along with Nova, Draven brings his typical storm of physical energy, shifting, shimmying and dancing along to a song that he cheerfully giggles out, scooting in various different directions as he holds hands with his Nova. "I bet you are going to punch so many people! So many! Don't punch them too hard! You don't want to make them cry too hard! A little crying is okay! Watch! You'll win so good!" He giggles happily.

Arcadia cheers along side Willow. Both of them doing a dreadful job being ladies "Hit 'im where it hurts Shady! "

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"Yeah he wrote me too," Harper says to Magpie. "I agreed to have his back if you ever do anything as stupid as he did, and kick your arse for him." She says it flatly but the look on her face is clearly amused. Still, she leans against her husband, and turns to watch the fight, adding, "I cleaned him up and stayed up all night to make sure he was alright. He'll be fine, as long as he doesn't do something so stupid again." She wrinkles her nose and looks over at Magpie, "And you damned well better not need carrying out. Get in there and kick some arse." Jerking a thumb behind her toward his groupies, she adds, "You don't wanna disappoint your fans. Though if I find any more of them trying to climb in our windows, I'm gonna be kicking their arses, next."

As the punches start landing and flying, more noise erupts in the arena as the folk cheer or taunt for their favored fighter.

Trouble, the waddling raccoon, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Giada.

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The redhead replies to Maja and smirks. She takes another sip form the battered silver flask and tucks it away. "Alright, deal," she smirks slowly and looks back to the ring. "I'm going to regret this in the morning," she grins a little more. "I'll think on the charity," she nods aside, her eyes turning back to the others to offer a playful wink. "Let's play."

Acacia claims.

As Draven shifts and shimmies, Nova does so, too. It is almost like they are doing a line dance or some such! All the way to the medical station where the Halfshav scout/scribe/servant pulls off her outer armors until she is down to simple linens (shirt and pants) which are laced up with blue ribbons which are the same hue as Draven's eyes. She pulls off her wedding ring, too, which is deftly tucked into one of Draven's side pockets whilst their loyal companion Sir Floppington watches over the big items, even laying right down on top of that armor pile. She pulls off the wolfy helm last, which she puts on Draven, giving him a wolfish grin after doing so. "I do hope I win so good. I have an actual chance now that you are here to show off to." Then, she snugs up Draven into a big hug before letting go and getting ready to head over to go fight!

Magpie just snickers and gives Harper another kiss. "You're the only one for me, love. But don't tell them that. I like the support." He watches the fight and grins as their cousin seems to be doing well in the ring. "GO BRADY! YOU GOT THIS!" He yells.

Giada strides in and works her way around the room to post up at the bar and order something simply described as "strong as fuck". She sighs and turns back to the fight.

Sparte gives a fairly good showing of footwork as he goes back and forth with Brady, but it becomes very clear immediately that his blows - when they land at all - have no pop to them. Whereas the blows from Brady are leaving an impact with some quickly forming bruises on the guardsman. Sparte seems to be having a blast of it, but eventually steps back and holds up a hand. "You've the clear edge and either of us would be ruined for the finals if we kept on. I wish you luck." Sparte looks off to the officiators. "I yield!"

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Mirk.

Giggling wildly, Draven oogles his Wife as she strips out of her armor, even if she doesn't actually take any clothes off, yet you would think she is getting butt naked, with the way he stares at her. Which, doesn't stop him from bouncing in his own little dance, shaking and shimmying along with his Nova. "Oh! I bet you could win without me! I bet! Watch!"

Willow applauds for the sporting attitude shown by Sparte, liftimg

Maja beams at Acacia and looks pleased -- very pleased -- that she has representation in this first fight. Her gaze turns to the brawl taking place which seemed to have started .. last week and is still going on? Goodness. Maybe they need some encouragement. "HIT HIM IN THE FACE," she shouts helpfully, clapping her hands as she does so. Almost a moment later, Sparte calls out that he yields. The apprentice Whisper grins and nods. See? Encouragement works.

Willow applauds for the sporting attitude shown by Sparte, lifting thumb and forefinger to whistle at Brady's victory.

Brady seems to be just getting into, and mutters harshly as the opportunity to hurt someone, even himself, is postponed. He heads over to the edge of the arena and slips out, "Who's got the brandy?"

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Orathy makes a few nods and directions to those who are helping him with the fights, adding his thump of approval by way of his fist coming down on the railing when Sparte yields. "Aye, reckon it ain't as easy with a stick as it be with yer fists, is it?" He asks toward Sparte, though there's a suspicious lift in his brow when the man yields and a following eye that sees to where the Guardsman ends up afterward. The next pairing: Magpie and Rowenova are up, evidently.

With a grin toward Magpie's cheering section, Harper kisses him back and makes sure to give a good show of it. Eat your hearts out, ladies, he's taken. But at the cheers for Brady, she gets distracted again by the fight and lets out a loud woop for their cousin. "Good fighting Sparte, but way to go Brady!" she belts out at the top of her lungs.

Mirk arrives, late but not too late to see some of the show. He heads up to the elevated section of the stands, looking down at the arena floor with interest. "Looks like I arrived just in time to see it," he comments in a wry tone, and then nods his head to Willow and Arcadia.

Acacialeans back against the wall and silently watches, a slight chuckle escapes her lips and Maja hollers out her encouragement.

"Place your bets! Fifty thousand pot! Who will come out as winner of the fist fight" Josephine calls out above the din.

After hearing what Draven says, Rowenova turns back to him with a huge grin before leaning in and planting a kiss on his lips. A few seconds pass before the kiss breaks, and then she turns away and jogs up to her first opponent, doing so with a flourishing bow in Magpie's direction before she hops up to her full height and bounces lightly on the fore section of her lithe feet. "Greetings!"

Sparte grins over at Orathy. "Not half as easy! I'll have to get some lessons before I try to embarass myself like this again!"

"What's the buy in?" Giada calls right back at Josephine.

"Oh, I'm next." Magpie says, getting to his feet. He blows kisses to the 'Shinies', then heads down into the ring and does a couple of stretches before throwing a grin to Rowenova. "Ready when you are." He says with a smile and a sloppy sweep of a bow before falling into a crouch with fists at the ready.

Merek cheers then for Brady, although he looks to Sparte, "Now I'm out of the pot!"

Sparte goes to join Draven off in the back, giving the apothecary a friendly grin as he settles. "Don't suppose you brought a salve, did you?"

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Brady checked willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Receiving that kiss from his his Nova, Draven beams brightly as she takes off to go fight, then he turns to take a look at Sparte, looking him over quickly and then digging into his medical bag. "Oh! Yes! Lots of medicine! So much! I bet I can help you! Let me see!"

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Rowenova pushes her thick, platinum braid back behind her. It is likely to not really stay there, though. Many ribbons (about 40) of different colors are woven through the Northerner's hair, each set of two showing a different age than all the rest of them, due to their wear and tear. "Alright, go!"

It doesn't take long for him to pull out a thin, long vial of some strange blue-ish liquid, which he hands over to Sparte with a bright smile. "Here! Drink this! I bet that'll help! Just plug your nose when you drink it! And don't let it sit on your tongue for too long! You won't even notice the taste! I bet! Watch! Drink it all in one gulp! Super quick like!"

Maja shouts from nearby, "Come on, Magpie! Knock her flat!"

Magpie checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 47 higher.

Magpie remains capable of fighting.

Magpie checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 18 higher.

Magpie remains capable of fighting.

Magpie checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 36, rolling 3 lower.

Magpie checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 26 higher.

Magpie remains alive, but close to death.

Magpie is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Brady shouts from nearby, "Let's see some blood! Break somethin'!"

Acacia puts her fingers to her lips and lets loose a shrill whistle, "Come on, Birdie! Show em how its done!" she calls out getting into the spirit of things.

Willow winces a little at the combinatiom of knockout and well timed yelling.

"Oh! Yes! Break something on him Nova! I haven't set a bone in a week! I need the practice!" Draven giggles out, which may be unsettling news...

Okay, it's her turn! Or, well, Acacia's turn on her behalf. Maja turns to the redhead and gives her two thumbs up. "Just have fun in there," she tells the woman. "Thank you for stepping up for me." Turning now, she looks over at Merek. "You know, you could just yield. It would save your pretty face!" She winks at the guy.

Giada peers over at Draven. "Uh. If anyone needs a bone set and doesn't mind not being practiced on... I'm available."

Sparte accepts the drink from Draven, taking a breath to prepare himself... Then downs it in one, trusting gulp as directed. There is a small twitch of one eye as he swallows.

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Sated by a drink and a smoke at the curved stone bar, Brady makes his way to the elevated seating, padding along shirtless and barefoot on the grimy floor.

Merek also cheers for the next round, and makes his way to the floor with Acacia, as he adjusts his bandages a bit, and nods to the woman. "Looks like we meet again, how's work been?" he asks.

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Magpie is not one to fight cautiously in these sorts of bouts and today is hardly the exception. The man rushes in with hard, fast punches that are born of dirty fighting in the Lowers and nothing in the way of formal training. He's all heart and no discipline. And when it's to the point where she's just beating the tar out of the sailor? He just grits his teeth and stays in the fight with the same gusto, refusing to back down. Then, he's looking entirely unsteady on his feet but he pulls that red bandana from his head and holds it up over his head, "This is for my Shinies!!" And the Grayhope makes one last reckless rush at Rowenova.

Harper just glares over at Draven at the mention of broken bones. With a snort, she says, "Watch it, pretty boy. I'd rather not have his bones broken." Looking back over to the fight, she can't help but reach up to rub her face, but peeks through her fingers.

The redhead winks and pushes off the wall and begins to prowl her way down to the ring. Rings and leathers are removed, leaving her not much more than a linen shift, leggings and a big bold smile. "Nice fight," she offers to Magpie and Rowenova as she passes and locks her eyes on Merek. "Evening," she winks.

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"Oh! Thank you! I think I am fairly good looking! Oh! And I hope no one actually gets hurt!" Draven calls out towards Harper with his bright smile, bouncing in place after he has fed his medicine to Sparte. As Nova seems to have won the fight, he erupts into even more bounces, shifting and dancing around happily. "Go Nova! Woo!!!"

Sparte is overheard praising Brady: A fine opponent! But not too fine, reputation to keep up and all

Sparte is overheard praising Rowenova: Well fought!

Brady shouts from nearby, "Get 'im, Acacia! Free drinks for a year if you keep his eye!"

Sparte glances around, getting to his feet. He gives a small wave to Merek and Harper, then ducks out. Other things to do it seems.

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Since Magpie is a tad taller than she is, the scrappy Northerner manages to dodge and duck a few times, using the slight difference in their heights, but otherwise takes many blows, herself. Although Northerners generally seem loud and so on, she does not seem to make much noise except for the sound which is much like slabs of meat being slapped against a solid surface from each punch which she mostly doles to the man's gut. That last rush he makes her way ends with her sliding sideways and yanking one ankle against his, pulling his legs right out from under him and landing him on his back as her hand help push him right down onto it on the floor, leaving him stunned but unbroken. "Phew!" Then, after the count down is finally over (which she tensely watches), then the scrappy scout helps Magpie up and dusts him off some if he is willing. "Thanks!" says she to Harper, Draven, and Sparte!

The Shinies errupt into boo's as their beloved Magpie - each one bearing a strip of red linen around thier heads - eats the floor. "Rigged! RIGGED!" "GET UP MAGPIE!" "TAKE HER OUT BACK AND SHANK HER!" It looks like Magpie's groupies may very well look to do that, starting to move to where Rowenova is departing the ring but they are faced with a tall bulky man with biceps to spare who just looks down at them. The Arcuri family grows their men well and there's a point of one finger to essentially tell them to fuck off.

And they do, slinking back into the crowd.

Orathy watches as Magpie and Rowenova go at it, his eyes narrowing at the outcome, spitting to the side of the ring as he thumps his fist down again on the railing. His attention moves to the group that supports Magpie and seeing that Arcuri family is here to help, he dismisses the entire non-incident and grumbles a few words to those little sparrows who are weaving in and out updating him on the bets. He waves on the next contenders to come into the ring, "Bring 'em in then. C'mon. Silver to make aye!?"

Magpie groans, but accepts the hand up with a smile. "Thanks. Nice work." He says, wincing as he rises. He gimps off to the sidelines, looking towards the Shinies. "Whoa whoa whoa. Ladies. She won. It's okay. Cheer for my cousin, Brady. He's still in it." He says with a friendly smile for them before he goes to collapse on a bench and catch his breath.

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Acacia grins Brady's way and gives a softly laugh and wink. Her honey brown eyes slide to Maya and she flashes a smile before getting back to business. "You ready to dance, love?" she grins a little more, her gaze dipping down and then up Merek's form as if taking his measure. "Aye, you're a healthy one," she says with a little swivel and crack of her neck and a roll of her shoulder. "Shall we?" she asks with a flash of grin.

Harper snorts over at Draven, then makes her way over to Magpie once the fight is done. She pauses to give Sparte a wave, then her attention is fully on her husband as she helps him, asking, "You alright?" Glancing over at Nova, she says, "Good fight."

When this talk about shanking her comes up as she helps Magpie out of the ring into Harper's care, Nova sharply regards the Shinies who spake such with an intense gaze from her cobalt-blue, kohl-lined eyes. She growls lowly before simmering down then nodding softly to Harper. "Aye, thank you. Good fight you, too." says she to Magpie before giving him a few pats on the shoulder where there was no damage during the fighting. Then, she slinks off to the med spot where she can get checked up when it might be her turn. She looks up into the elevated portion of the stands above, though, on her way, and she grins big.

Rallying the Silkies, Maja encourages cheering for Acacia. "Make him sorry that he was ever born!" shouts one. "Break his nose!" bellows another. "Punch him in the nuts," shrieks someone else and everyone turns around and /frowns/ at whoever yelled that. "Now, now, that isn't nice," says Maja, shaking her head. "There are to be something /there/ for her to punch." Wink!

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Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 58 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 17, rolling 60 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 47 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 36, rolling 18 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 37, rolling 22 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 55, rolling 12 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek has rolled a critical success!
Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 66, rolling 76 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 70, rolling 35 lower.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 36, rolling 19 higher.

Merek remains alive, but close to death.

Merek is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Brady shouts from nearby, "Fuck 'is world up! Give 'em the southside slam!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Willow before departing.

Oh gosh, Acacia is doing it! She's slugging it out! Maja claps her hands together, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Elbow his face!" she offers her champion helpfully! "Make him bleed!" Some of the Silkies look at her askance, not expecting their favored Whisper to have this kind of bloodlust. HEY. It's a brawl! There's nothing more entertaining that a good 'ol fist fight.

One match saw almost no strikes exchanged, another saw one get pummeled in one. This next match seems to actually be on for a while. Merek makes a show of it, for the spectators, give and take. His martial skills are not the usual form one uses when in combat unarmed, but he manages all the same. To his credit, he doesn't yield even when he's beaten pretty roughly, and he manages to make the Lowers woman Acacia work for her win. After it all, after a series of spinning maneuvers, he eventually is taken to the ground into submission. He lifts up his hand with a thumbs up for Acacia.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

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The smiling Acacia wastes no time and comes in hard. Smaller than her opponent but as fierce as wildfire, the redhead bobs and weave, throwing punch after punch with a savage grin. There's no doubt about it, this girl has seen a few brawls before. A hit to her ribs cause her to lose her breath but she rises again and an upper cut hard into Merek's jaw only to have it returned. She grunts and wipes the blood from her lip, "Okay, let's dance," she grins and Merek is faced with another barrage. As he lifts up his hand, Acacia's stance relaxes and she laughs and offers her head, "You're tough. I thought you'd never stay down," she grins to the man. "Well fought," she nods. Allowing Merek to leave the ring first, she pauses to give Orathy a wink and Maja a smile as she grabs a rag and holds it to her lip.

Orathy's interest had been listing like a ship on calm waters without wind in the sails, until a Culler was named to be fighting. Orathy's attention stood up and his body position changed as he watches the ring, watching Acacia with sudden fatherly pride showing on his features - shit, the man can do more than brood ya know! Either way, Orathy is getting right into the match with his fist smacking on the railing and his spittal flying as he cheers on for Acacia. "C'mon RED you got this!" He may not have known a fellow Culler was in this, but he's enjoying the sight as he watches how she moves on the arena. There's a few times that he looks ready to call the fight but he backs down, seeing that Merek continues to stand up and how'd that look anyway if he called it for a Culler to win? Nonetheless, Acacia proves her own merit in the end as she ends the Iron Guardsmen into the ground one final time. When Acacia winks to him, he gives her a side-smirking grin. HE DOES SMILE. Take a picture. No, that's a wolfish look even still.

Merek is overheard praising Acacia: Wonderful fighting!

Willow whistles loudly for Acacia as she lights some haze, leaning forward in the high seats to prop elbows on knees to watch the fight.

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Magpie gives Harper a smile, "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm gonna be feeling it bad later though." He says with a chuckle. His abdomen is starting to show the signs of the pummeling he stubbornly stood through and he just lays there, taking advantage of one of the few places open for seating. He feels he earned it. "Let me know who wins. I hope it's Acacia... "

Brady hops up and jogs back to the Arena, bouncing lightly on his feet as he sizes Kamon up and down.

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Rowenova shouts from nearby, "Woo, Brady!"

Willow shouts from nearby, "Go Brady! Kick some ass!"

She won! Maja and the Silkies let out a roar of approval when Acacia knocks Merek low. Turning to her -- and now Acacia's -- fan club, she grins. "I knew she'd do well," she says sweetly. "Redheads are /fire/." As her champion comes up out of the arena, she offers the woman a mug of something and a pat on the back. "You did well! But I knew you would."

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The redhead gives a slight grin. "It was a good fight. He's a fast one," she nods and smile. Acacia settles back against the walll to watch the next battle

Kamon steps to the ring. He keeps stretching his body and cracking his neck. He makes all kind of weird sounds to look as intimidating as possible. Maybe his opponent may surrender before a fight that way. He snorts and gives the man a cold look. "Ready?"

Brady tells Kamon, "Don't stop till I'm dead on the floor." He flashes a lopsided grin, rushing the man.

Giada leans back on the bar, trying to wave Josephine down. Eventually, she grumps and walks over to the woman, sad to leave her spot.

Kamon curses, "Fuck it, lets go then"

Arcadia cheers for Kamon, likely because she believes no one else will "C'mon my favorite cranky nerd!"

Harper raises her eyebrows at Magpie, "S'alright, I got some stuff from the Mercies at home. Smells like shite but it works." With a grin, she adds, "Reckon I get beat up enough on patrols, they just keep shoving the stuff at me." Glancing back over to the ring, she shakes her head, then says, "Nah, I'm cheering on Brady. He's family." She narrows her eyes at Brady, calling over, "No dying, Brady! Kick his arse!"

"I meant.. in .. the.. ok, sounds like Acacia won." Magpie says, grinning. "But now Brady's up so we can cheer for him." He slowly pushes up to a sitting position and leans against Harper, smiling as he watches his cousin move in again.

Giada nods at @jos with a smile and returns to the bar. In fact, this time, she sits on the edge of the bartop itself, the better to warch the fisticuffs.

Giada nods at Josephine with a smile and returns to the bar. In fact, this time, she sits on the edge of the bartop itself, the better to warch the fisticuffs.

"Get in there 'n hit 'em!" Orathy cries out at all the fancy foot work going on, "Charge 'em!"

"Get on it, Brady!" Willow yells, slowly climbing to her feet in the stands and smoking like a chimney.

Acacia takes a sip and winces at the sting, she gives a little grin to the calls about her, her eyes falling on Rowenova. "I like her. She's got skills," she says aside to Maja as her her eyes move back to the fight in the ring.

Brady is overheard praising Kamon: If I had to have a champion fight for /me/, it'd be this beast of a man.

Rowenova stands up from the med bench, gives Draven another kiss (unless he is super busy) then she turns back to look toward Acacia. She smiles softly after having heard what was spake.

"Good gods, man. What a fucking fight!" Back on top of the bar, Giada leans forward to watch for the final decision.

Orathy took notice of the equal match in the ring. He started to make note of each punch thrown. Then, at some point when it's dragged on long enough, Orathy actually jumps in the ring after a certain amount of time has gone by... long enough that he hears the crowd growing discontent, long enough that he sees the boys are sucking wind and entirely too exhausted for the fight to go on. He moves in to break them up, since if it continued they'd likely kill eachother. He knows when there's a limit and that limit was nearly reached. He grumbles "well fought boy" to Kamon but it is Brady who's arm he takes and declares as the winner. "Brady be the winner by number of hits, aye!" (The last one really did secure it).

The (almost) Whisper leans forward and looks over at Rowenova, sizing her up. "Unless I am mistaken, if you defeat her, you'll at least come in third in this event and that /should/ push me up into the top three overall." Maja shifts her gaze back to Acacia and grins brightly. "You can like her but beat her, too." Wink!

:never fights without a weapon for all his life. Still, he is tring his hardest for the money. He is clearly lacking in the muscle department, although his agile feet make up for it. Seeing the time is already running out, he thows all caution to the wind as he lunges forward in his last charge, yelling "Just let me win already!!!!!"

Willow stomps one foot to add to wild applause as the fight is called, offering her smoke over to others in the elevated stands.

Rowenova shouts from nearby, "Ah yeah, good job, Brady!"

Arcadia applauds the ring and shoots a look to Kamon, knowing how much he wanted to win.

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Brady neighs and whinnies like a horse in retort to Kamon, blood and spit spraying from his split lips. When the fight is called, he grins a bloody grin, and from the look of his busted up face, raw knuckles, no one can contest it wasn't a damn close call. Once Orathy lets his arm down, Brady staggers towards Kamon again, fists up, but is soon directed towards the edge of the ring, and towarda the back area for some patching up.

"Well, we'll see," Acacia grins to Maja and tosses the rag on a nearby table and cheers loudly for Brady and Kamon. "Good fight, boys!"

In her soft shoes and simple linens, Nova jogs down to the grimy ring whilst her hair ribbons of many colors and varying wear flutter softly as she goes.

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The last fight done, Acacia gives Maja a wink and pushes off of the wall and walks down the ring with a slight wince. The last fight took its toll. She offers Rowenova respectful nod and a hand. "You're good. Whoever wins, we give the final round hell, aye?" she says with a playful flash of a grin as she shakes out her shoulders and loosens her hands. "Good fight, love. Show me what you have. Let's give them a pretty show, aye?" she winks.

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Orathy nods firmly at Brady but reminds Kamon, "Ya got one fight left in ya son? Reckon there still be points fer third to fight over..?" He doesn't offer a hand out but he does exit the arena once the other two are making their way in. "Reckon after this one, we be settling the bronze match-" because there's such thing as gold, silver, bronze, yes? Either way, he retakes his position and nods to Acacia, "Don't take it too quickly this time Red."

Rowenova lithely leaps over the edge into the ring next to Acacia. Once there, the Halfshav commoner bows low then pops up and shakes hands, too, doing so with a firm grip but nothing crushing, only sincere. She quickly nods, "Aye, sounds good to me!" She backs up and then sets up an angled stance with her dukes up, forearms ready to block and elbows ready for use.

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Maja shouts from nearby, "Come on, Acacia! Knock her down!"

Brady staggers to the edge of the arena to spectate, wearing a weary, bloody grin. He watches with grim delight.

Mirk shouts from nearby, "Go, Rowenova!"

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Giada hops off the bar and circles around towards the medical alcove... And pokes her head in.

Acacia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 111, rolling 42 lower.

Acacia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 69, rolling 25 lower.

Acacia is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

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Arcadia nods to her guards who begin to help push through the people so the little lady can walk through without getting mugged or shanked as she leaves. She gives a quick worried look towards Brady and Kamon before slipping out into the night.

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The fight is rough. Perhaps Acacia is out of practice, or drunk, or injured more than she let's on. Maybe it's just a bad fight. Whatever it is, she moves to the ring with a slight grin and the ladies of the Lowers let flight, most hits taking Acacia hard. She missteps and reels, turning far to late only to meet another hard hit from Rowenova. Dancing back she tries to regain her head, but before she can do much, the northern woman is there again. A vicious left has her landing hard, a puff of air breaking free. She tries to rise but the black closes in and she slumps to the ground quiet unconscious.

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This time, Nova's opponent is a bit shorter than she is (but not by much), so ducking does not seem to be something she relies on this time. Instead, the Northern lass uses many blocks with the edge of her hands (sometimes failing) to push some of those incoming swings from Acacia away before using any opportunity of an opening to thrust forth a palm at her forehead, shoulders, and diaphragm with quick and short bursts here and there (doing so while not too keen to do bone breaking, face damage, or chest wounding: all avoided). Indeed, that vicious left comes quick with a side sweep and finishing throw, and then Nova bounces back and carefully regards her unconscious opponent... doing so just in case she is not really down. Who knows if she might get up. Though, once the count is through, she bounds forth and tries to help her up.

Her fighter goes down but Maja is not disappointed. Because, dude, she made it farther than she could have hoped for if it had been herself in the arena. So the Whisper cheers wildly for Acacia and, once the woman recovers her sense, pushes a mug of ale into her hands. "Here, drink this," she tells her. "You still have a fight ahead of you. We still have a chance at third! Try to sweep his legs and get him down where you can pummel him." She is talking to Acacia as if she's a ring-side couch, as if she has any idea how to fight.

The redhead groans and tries to laugh, then winces and grabs her ribs, only to laugh again. "The thinks I fucking do for charity," she grins. "Fuck, that is going to fucking end me in the morning. Well fought, lass," Acacia nods to Rowenova as she helps her stand. Another wincing chuckle and grin is shot Maja's way and somehow the curvy Culler rises. "Fuck me," she breathes, holding her side, her brows lifting a little. "What? Another? Double fuck me," she laughs and immediately regrets it.

The fights will rage on... Orathy reminds Acacia, "Show 'em what a Culler knows how to do best eh? Survive anything thrown at us!"

Kamon was lying down in the alcove relaxedly getting bandaged when his name is called out again. "What? again? Oh well" he reluctantly gets up and makes his way to the ring.

Rowenova takes care to move carefully yet steadily with Acacia, "Would you like my husband, Professor Draven, to look you over and make sure you are okay?" Nodding over to the medical station, there is that tiny man over there, doing what good medics do.

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Brady cups his hands and yells out, "Go Red! You got this!" He claps his hands loudly together, "But Shards it'll hurt!"

Brady is overheard praising Orathy: An amazingly fun event, right here in the real heart of Arx.

Brady is overheard praising Josephine: An amazingly fun event, right here in the real heart of Arx.

Merek is overheard praising Josephine.

"Fucking aye, or death or dishonor, or some such noble shite," Acacia laughs with a grin Orathy's way. Rising she nods to Rowenova. "Let me take care of this next one. Whoever lives gets to the the man first," she teases good naturedly. A breath and the redhead is shaking off the pain and rolling her shoulders like a champ. A pretty well hard hit champ, but she's standing and grinning regardless. Looking up to Kamon she smiles. "Alright, handsome," she grins up at him. "Shall give it a go?" she winks.

Kamon looks at the redhead in front of him, up and down. He is not bothering cracking his neck this time, since he already cant get the first place. He just give her a tired sigh and a shrug of his shoulder "Lets just get this over quickly."

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"Worst words every spoken by a man ever," Acacia shakes her head and lifts her fists.

Rowenova watches Acacia move off to the next fight then mosies over to Draven, settling down on a bench near the med station. "Good luck!" she calls out.

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Maja shouts from nearby, "YES! Get him, Acacia!"

Harper looks up from her quiet conversation with Magpie and calls over, "Kick his arse, Acacia! I know you got it in you!" She grins, then goes back to propping up Magpie a little more sedately.

Giada quietly wanders out.

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Kamon checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 34 higher.

Kamon remains capable of fighting.

Kamon checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 6, rolling 48 higher.

Kamon remains capable of fighting.

Kamon checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 29 higher.

Kamon remains capable of fighting.

Poor Acacia! She's on her third fight -- she must be exhausted! Maja cheers her on, hoping that her hollering will give her the strength to continue. "Get him!" she shouts and the Silkies join in. "Get him! Get him! Get him!"

Brady shouts from nearby, "Get him! Get him!"

Once again Orathy is leaping over the ring as it turns a little bloodier than normal - you know when the blood turns a dark shade of nearly black and it splatters everywhere? Something like that. Orathy manages to get in between the fighters before anything serious happens to Kamon that will keep him from waking up in the morning. Though with how the lad staggered down a few times and got back up, it's certainly no surprise when Orathy indicates Acacia as the winner of the round. "Get yerself mended up lad, yer gunna need it fer all the drinkin ya gunna do tonight eh? That was some show. Dem ladies and reckon some of 'em fellers will be keen on you tonight boy." And then he issues some help to come into the ring to grab Kamon if he can't stand on his own. To Acacia he simply nods with that proud gleam in his eye.

Although he said that, Kamon is still serious about the fight, he is, after all, always serious. He tries to dodge his way out of the redhead's blows but it seems that he has met his match this time. Speed no longer working for him, he quickly losing the upper hand as he keeps getting pushed back. Yet, he still stands, he cant go down without a fight, can he?

The fight begins and Acacia takes note of Kamon's serious approach. Strangely enough, that only makes the redhead grin brighter. It's clear that despite injuries dealt by Rowenova's keen hands, the adrenaline along with a healthy does of Culler grit and Acacia's cockiness seem to save the day, and the ferociously fiery redhead gives no quarter. The fight lasts a fair time and only when the match is called does she relent. A bigger smile couldn't be seen in all of Arx and she offers him a respectful hand, "Well fought. Nice to dust it up with ye," she offers good naturedly. "Y'all right?"

Rowenova shouts from nearby, "Ah yeah!"

Willow applauds enthusiastically.

Graham had been silent watching each fight in turn and clapping when appropriate. He seems to also study each of the styles of fighting as well perhaps a good thing to teach his own people.

The redhead tries to draw a breath and grimaces then grins. "Eyup, that hurts. Earned that one," Acacia chuckles as she makes her way from the ring and sits heavily in a chair. "Whiskey. Lots of it," she grins with a nod to her uncle and Maja. "Send a bottle to that man. He's earned it," she nods to Kamon.

Still trying to catch his breath, Kamon accepts her good intention as he grabs her hand. A smirk appeared on his face, "You too, well fought"

Brady stops by the bar to get a shot of something on his way back to the arena. He does a little half-ass bit of stretching, then slaps his bare abdomen a few times, gearing up.

Hopping up to her feet again, Nova offers a kiss to Draven for good luck and just because she likes kissing him, of course.

Acacia is overheard praising Orathy: Best uncle and fightmaster ever

Acacia is overheard praising Josephine: Hostess with the mostest

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Launching over the edge of the arena, Nova lands on her soft shoes inside the grimy ring and then cordially bows to Brady before popping up to full height, which is a bit shorter than he is, which she will probably try to use. "Greetings!"

And so it was... the last two fighters of the night's round of fighting are set against one another. All the silver has amounted to this moment, between two people. Between their bruised and battered fists. Spectators rush to put in their last minute bets. It's standing room only in the Hollows. The noise is very much like being in a bee hive, voices having long since turned into drones with echoing shouts punctuating the air. Who was it going to be, who was the Fist Fighting champ of the tournament?

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kamon before departing.

Brady tries to keep a straight face when facing Rowenova, but can't quite manage. He lifts his fists, stating only, "Let's watch the faces, mmm?" He advances on her with no pomp or much ado.

Rowenova says, "Of course. I might slap your forehead, or your cheeks, but not punch your nose or your teeth." She points out as Brady makes his advance and she starts to move to meet him, "Alright!""

Brady checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 46 higher.

Brady remains capable of fighting.

Willow is on the edge of her seat.

Brady checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 19, rolling 18 higher.

Brady remains capable of fighting.

Even Josephine has stopped moving about, made her way ring side to watch the fight.

Brady checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 31 higher.

Brady remains capable of fighting.

Willow shouts from nearby, "Get'er Brady!"

Brady checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 28, rolling 7 higher.

Brady remains capable of fighting.

Brady checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Brady remains capable of fighting.

"C'mon kid, stick with 'er--" Orathy is heard grumbling from his corner! Was he cheering for a Grayhope? He'll deny it.

Brady checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 39, rolling 1 higher.

Brady remains capable of fighting.

Brady checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 44, rolling 9 lower.

Brady checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Brady remains alive, but close to death.

Brady is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Acacia grins and shouts out with glee, winces then shouts out again as another hard hit is taken. She cringes at that and then applauds. "Good fight!"

Brady is overheard praising Rowenova: She beat our ass like mama beat the rugs.

Orathy is overheard praising Rowenova: Supreme Champion

Orathy is overheard praising Brady: Worthy Adversary

Acacia rises and offers her applauds. A fight light that deserves respect. Turning to Kaja, she offers a nod, "Hopefully I did you honor. My brawling days are far and few between. You can send that donation to my Uncle Torian's school. It will help the kinds learn their trade. Thank you for doing that," the redhead smiles. "Nice to help the kids out and have a bit o'fun. Good fight, Rowenova! Well done, Brady. Nice fight."

These last two fighters clash with a reckless torrent of hand-to-hand attacks, doing so with not-so-nice moments where bars, elbows, knees, pinches, prods, punches, and twists are doled out along with several slams not only against that arena wall but also to the floor below. Even though Nova usually stays fairly quiet whilst being beat up, Brady manages to get her to let out a yowl at one particular point before she finally recovers at the last moment enough to turn the tables and flip him over her back by his hips and then land atop, using her weight to smash him to the floor. Of course, he is not through then, and they end up battering one another to the bitter end. It looks like the Grayhope man really gives the Halfshav commoner a run for her money, but then she finally manages a mighty throw which sends him sailing across the ring, where he lands in the corner like a rag doll. They will both be feeling this, at least until they get their miraculous Arvum medical attention. Again, the Northern woman cautiously eyes her downed opponent, ready to spring if he is getting up, but he does not. She goes to help him up after the count down has finally passed, just like all the others before him, but this time, she is actually limping. "Good job."

On the verge of more yelling for Brady, Willow registers only a little surprise when he goes down. Not missing a beat, she bellows, "Nova! Nova! Star of the North!" Nightgold she is, she came out with someone to cheer for no matter which of them won, ultimately.

Maja? She's /ecstatic/! She takes both of Acacia's hands in hers -- bloody as they may be -- and hops a bit. "You came in /third/! You placed!" she says gleefully. "I wouldn't have been able to fight at all if it were me down in that arena. I /could/ be wrong but I think this also places me third overall in this tournament." Her smile is brighter than bright -- it gleams! Looking over her shoulder, she nods to her fan club and they all start chanting Acacia's name, waving their silk hankies. As the cries go up -- 'Aca-cia! Aca-cia! Aca-cia!' -- Maja leans in and whispers something to the curvy redhead.

"Star of the North," Mirk echoes, calling out to Rowenova as she limps off the arena. He stands up to cheer for Rowenova's victory, if only for a few moments, before sitting back down as stoically and as composed as if it had never happened at all. Nothing to see here.

Brady takes the hand up, and gives Rowenova a pained grimace, "I almost thought I had ya. Really." He spits blood on to the floor as he rises and clasps the Halfshav on the back. "Damn impressive."

"Star of the north!" Josephine calls out. "Come claim your crown!" One of her children passes the pbject over, all gaudy and sparkly and seeming a beautiful parody of what might be on the head of a noble

Kamon gets up and applaud loudly when the battle ended. He praises them both, "Good fight! Good fight! Truly a fight that makes one's own blood boil." He keeps applauding and giving them an approving nod. He acts more like he is some noble offering praise to the commoner rather than a participant that has just lost his fight.

"And where is this Mirk?" Josephine looks around, a purse of coin. "Chose the winner and wins the pot"

Nova loops her arm around Brady as they make their way out of the ring to the Arcuri child who comes their way. "Aye, me, too. I thought you had me, too." Then, she momentarily pauses and graciously receives the gaudy crown. "Why, thank you." She peeks up to the elevated risers and smiles brightly toward where Willow and Mirk are. "Thank you!" Then, she helps guide Brady to the closest seat where they can can sit down for a short spell and maybe recover.

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Mirk rises to his feet, holding up a hand to mark himself out as the winner of the pot. "That would be me." He heads down to accept his coin purse, the real prize in his estimation, and takes the opportunity to comment to Rowenova, "I knew there was a reason you're my favorite of the Halfshav servants." He winks at Rowenova as he pockets the coin.

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Without waiting the champion gets crowned. Kamon gives the others an appropriate farewells before quietly heading out.

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Willow saunters off close to Brady and bends to whisper something in his ear.

After they have found their respective places at the curved stone bar there, Nova swivels toward Mirk with a wolfy grin, even if she is not wearing her special headdress right now. "Thank you so much for putting your faith in me, My Lord. How much did you win?"

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