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The People's Tournament - Muddy City Run

The Compact has the Tournament of Roses but the lowers and uppers of Arx has the People's Tournament. Entry to the People's Tournament is open only to the common born and the events held are the kind of activities that those not born with silk wrapped around them would be familiar with.

From delivering a wagon loaded down with goods around the lowers, with the fastest time and with accuracy, catching fish from the Gray River, running through the lowers as swiftly as possible and overcoming obstacles to a good bought of pugilism, the People's Tournament lends more to the tastes and familiarity of the commons of Arx.

With cash prizes for the overall winners (Combined points from all events), crowns for the individual event winners and an abundance of alcohol and a gala at the end to celebrate, it's an excellent time to be a commoner.

1st - 150,000 silver
2nd - 75,000 silver
3rd - 25,000 silver

Ooc: These events are for commoners to participate in. Nobles are welcome to observe, cheer on even, but actual participation in the event is restricted to commoners only.

Link to event doc's:


April 20, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Josephine Orathy


Lisebet Nurie Cadern Merek Maja Pharamond Jeffeth Brady Arcadia Magpie Alexio Olivia



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Commons Square

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Zavi have been dismissed.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 4 Ashford House Guard arrive, following Lisebet.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 30 higher.

Jeffeth checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 38 higher.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 54 higher.

Jeffeth has rolled a critical success!
Jeffeth checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 78 higher.

Lisebet gets herself a pastry with cinnamon and apple, and a drink. Then she heads over to find Pharamond, since she's promised not to stray too far from her escort, this evening.

Nurie has come prepared for action today, and is ready to get down and dirty. (At least for a dainty tailor!) Her hair is braided back and then coiled into a bun, she's got linen wraps on her hands, and is clothed very simply in warm woolen breeches, a linen shirt, and a brown wool tunic, with wool slippers on her feet. Muddy, soaked, or dirty, at lesat she won't be shivering with cold by the time things are over. She's got her serious competitor's face on, too, which is to say she is trying awfully hard to frown and look extremely fierce, but her bubbly excitement just can't help but shine through as well, which makes her look somewhat like someone playing dress-up, or a very inexperienced fourth rate mummer's apprentice or something. She probably means to give a gentleman's nod to all her other people in the running, especially those she recognizes from the wagon race, but instead she ends up giving out excited little waves instead.

Brady checked perception + streetwise at difficulty 20, rolling 26 higher.

Brady checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Brady checked dexterity + streetwise at difficulty 20, rolling 45 higher.

Cadern picks his way into the Commons square. Cadern walks seeming pretty casual but his eyes are watching the area with interest. Of note is probably the shiny magistrate chains as he finds himself a seat from which to watch things with interest.

Merek makes his way to the mud run, while he has his leathers on, while he takes a moment to stretch and wait for things to begin as he does, relaxing.

Brady checked charm + streetwise at difficulty 20, rolling 52 higher.

Much like the wagon run two days ago, pennants and streamers flutter in the breeze where they indicate it is safe to stand, not get in the way and also provide a rough direction for the runners on where to go.

Not that some people are going to take the proper route and in truth, if you can find a short cut, you probably deserve to find the short cut. But at the docks, the next wave of runners are getting ready. Their persona cheer teams are there, some elbowing their way to the front and yelling loud as they can. The fangirls who are now calling themselves the shinies because they're there supporting Magpie, are all bearing red bandana's now and Maja's got her groupies in fine clothing, waving seasilk hankies all embroidered with M's on them and chanting "Whisper! Whisper! Whisper!"

There's some clear favourites of the crowd. Jeffeth has his own in the Knights of Solace who are in town and time on their hands, coming down to clap gauntlets and make a racket for him, the same for the guardsman for Sparte.

There's members of the Arcuri family again, recording times, keeping an eye on things and other folks who were paid to be here and help ensure fairness and equality. It's a large amount of money at stake after all.

"Next wave get ready!" is called out. Across the length of the race track, so to speak, stations of commonr quality grog and alcohol - all to be found outside of the race at the Murder of Crows, gotta keep it local - is had for all and nobles have come down to mingle with the commoners and see the spectable.

Brady checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 25, rolling 28 higher.

"Well," Maja says to Pharamond, accepting that bit of his cinnamon pastry. "You are speaking with Her Royal Majesty, Maja Darling, First of Her Name, Queen of the Wagon Run." The commoner gives the noble lord a mirthful wink before popping the morsel into her mouth. She chews lightly and starts to point people out. "Sparte Greyfallow. He is a member of the Iron Guard I believe so he knows the streets well. Sir Jeffeth," her finger moves off of the gangly man over to the giant that is Knight Commander of Solace. "..he is a legendary athlete and always a safe bet in these kind of contests. Now me," -- she presses a hand against her chest. "I am neither a guard nor a great physical specimen but I grew up in this city and am well acquainted with its secrets."

She finishes chewing and then gives him a pat on the shoulder. "Enjoy the race, m'lord! See you at the finish line." Then she wanders away, waving to her fans with the monogrammed seasilk hankies.

Nurie moves towards the starting area. She doesn't have a fanbase, but it doesn't seem to dampen her spirits. Instead, the Lycene tailor stretches a little--probably because others are doing it. She might eeeeven might be seen to side-eye people as they do theirs in an attempt to mimic them. She tries one of the leather-clad Merek's stretches, and then promptly winces and decides to not. Maybe non athletic folks aren't supposed to bend that way!

Pharamond grins as Lisebet comes by and he smiles, "Your Majesty," he says to Maja then, bowing politely as he looks at the others. Though as some of the introductions are done, he just laughs as he looks to Jeffeth. "Pretty hard for anyone who uses a weapon not to be familiar with him," he says and grins as he looks to Lisebet. "Not a Queen, but this is Duchess-Consort Lisebet Ashford, and I am Pharmamond Ashford," he says with a smile, the nobility implied at that point when using the same name. "Best of luck to you. I will remember that by the way...your knowledge of secrets." He doesn't seem to mind the pat, and grins, looking to Lisebet. "I think I like her," he says teasingly as he takes another sip of his drink and looks out to the competitors.

Azolla arrives, following Erik.

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Ajax.

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Ajax.

Lisebet moves to Pharamond's side, accepting the introduction to Her Majesty with equilibrium. "A pleasure," she says, with a smile to Maja. "And good luck!" She glances at all those around and then she shrugs delicately. "Even those of us who do not use weapons have heard of Sir Jeffeth," she points out mildly. "Which reminds me I did want to speak with him at some point."

Jeffeth slowly looks down to Maja, blinking. As if just now realizing she has been talking to him this whole time. "You say something, Darling?" The barechested behemoth blink-blink-blinks and reaches up to rub his face as if rubbing sleep from it. Or something like that. The large man looks to Pharamond and goes into a deep bow, fist pressing to his chest. "My Lord." Before straightning up and clapping Maja on the shoulder with one hand.

"Now just remember that even though you want to win you neeed sto stay safe." Jeffeth is rumbling lowly, pulling one leg up he reaches down to pull on his toe to give the old quad a good streeeetch. Then he goes to the other leg. "And if you get in some trouble just start hollering alright?" A beat. "Unless you're too far behind, I'll come running back for you." Subtle shade from the tree of a man with a broad grin before he releases and gives a wave over to Sparte. "Time really flew by didn't it? I feel like the fishing literally just ended."

He grins as he goes to take his place giving a wave to those looking on, and a pumped fist to his fellows in the Solace.

WHen everyone is in place, one of Josephine's sons lifts a hand and a red pennant then lets it drop. "RUNNER'S OFF!" And there's someone steadily counting, others ready to take the times of people coming in for accuracy.

And the runners are off!

Lisebet checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Pharamond checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Azolla checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Erik checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Cadern checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Lisebet checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 5, rolling 25 higher.

Once the signal is dropped, Nurie is off! She appears to be copying more than just Merek's stretch, but is carefully watching to see how he makes his way towards the obstacles. She keeps her focus, making her way around crates and under wagon wheels with finesse rather than power, as fast as she can! Her hand wraps seem to give her more confidence and boldness now that she at least feels like she can be a little more aggressive without ruining her livelihood, and before she knows it she is almost right behind the Lycene knight, her wool slippers already squelching but holding steady.

Brady gathers around a small group of friends and hangers on, one of them pulling a small wagon by hand. All but the rickshaw driver are entering, and each stretch and joke and laugh. More than one of them wave to Jeffeth and Maja, encouraging them on.

When the race starts off, though, Brady bolts ahead and circles around the edge of the docks, running along the open boardwalk people use for transporting goods instead of stacking them, off to the side and all up towards the scattered warehouses. Screaming his head off, he yells, "Gangway! We're running here!" Some care, some don't, so he's not the fastest of sprinters.

Azolla leaves, following Erik.

Merek is off to a wonderful beginning, while he moves to dodge and make his way through each of the things on the path, along the docks. He makes through the alleys as well as the mud which covers his leathers a bit.

She's not wearing seasilk for this event, Maja making certain that she's outfitted in something that she doesn't mind ruining. She looks more like her former self, a Lowers girl in her common cloth that does little for her figure. With the gleam of competitiveness lighting up her dark eyes, the apprentice Whisper gives a nod to her fellow competitors and then 3 .. 2 .. 1 ...

They're off!

Maja will never be the fastest but she is a clever woman who knows the streets. She finds the short cuts and navigates the comings and goings of the dock. Crates are being moved over here? Well, then, she goes over there! A crowd of dock workers congregate around a gangplank? She makes certain to steer clear.

Before long, she's left the docks and in on her way into the Lowers -- although there are a great many people ahead of her. Never fear, admirers! She has some tricks up her sleeve..

Pharamond tips an imaginary hat over towards Jeffeth, a smile to the big man that he's seen at least at a few sip'n'spars. He doesn't answer back to the My Lord part though, not wanting to draw any more attention to that part than he has to. He is in a slightly relaxed guardlike stance though with Lisebet here, the Duchess his responsibility as it were even though she has her small retinue. He takes the last bite of the cinnamon pastry and cheers as the race starts. "GOOOOO YOU GUYS! AND GALS!" Yup, he doesn't know all the names but he can still cheer and yell out loud. Competition is fun, and he enjoys it.

2 Leary House Guards, Jesmond the Giant arrive, following Arcadia.

Brady stops by a trader to ask if they're unloading fireweave from that crate? "It's for a friend, oh!" He sprints off again.

Arcadia checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Lisebet grins at Pharamond, mock rubbing at her ears as he shouts. She shakes her head, amusement showing, and watches as the race starts. As she's watching she doesn't notice that there is mud flying nearly her way. So close in fact that she hears it squelch as it hits the ground. "Oh!" She manages, turning to look at it. "That was very close." She inches a bit closer to Pharamond, as if that will protect her from raining mud.

The large man bolts and starts his run along the dock. The legendary athlete starts dashing through the docks as the others start flooding along. There are calls to him Sir Jeffeth! Jeffeth! With a gleaming smile the man runs along. Though he soon falls behind. A couple of folks along the docks ask him to stop along the way.

"Sir Jeffeth we could really use help with the armoire..." Is one elderly voice sounding out. There is a cringe from the large man as he gives a somewhat panicked look.

"Right but this is a race.. I can't very well--"

Cut to Jeffeth speedmoving an armoire out from a shop onto the dock for a local elderly business owner and Jeffeth is then quickly sprinting forwards once more at the back of the pack.

Brady is overheard praising Jeffeth: Always putting others before himself, Sir Jeffeth.

Arcadia comes over after hearing all the hollering. Seeing Pharamond and Lisabet she shifts to their company, murmuring befuddledly as Sir Jeffeth moves an armoire, "What is happening?"

Cadern settles into the benches and watches people running with interest. He smiles as his eyes continue to watch the crowds as well as the people obviously enjoying the revelry and the partying. He does laugh as awell as he looks amused as Jeffeth moves things and he offers to Arcadia, "Races are no excuse to avoid good deeds."

And they are indeed, off. As that red piece of cloth touches the groud, off people go. Right out the gate is Merek, with a burst of speed that puts a great many to shame and Nurie, that pravus scrapper is right there on his heels. But it's Magpie who's right at the back end of it, having to battle his way out from the back of the pack. No respect it seems for the man from the Murder.

Maja's off to a good start, neck and neck with Brady what with all her keen eye for seeing ways around obstacles though the odd occasional person seems to get in her way. Don't they know she's a Whisper in training! Which is really just a Whisper, where's that respect! Brady can see her, the both of them with much the same mind, but it's his loud mouth that gets things moving and the both of them swiftly heading out of the dock area.

The nobles who gather here and there aren't immune from the ongoings as handfuls of mud are flung - this is a muddy city run after all - and though there is a close call for Lisebet, Pharamond, Cadern and Arcadia find themself safe enough. Lisebet catches it out of the corner of her eye and her umbra is safe.

But for how long?

And Jeffeth. This is the burden of a Knight of Solace. The one who always is there, sweeping paths in the shrines, helping get kittens out of tree's, go across the ends of Arvum for a song. Helping move armoires in the middle of... a race...


Pharamond checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Lisebet checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Pharamond seems slightly asmused himself and as Arcadia comes to join over he gently makes sure she doesn't step in the area of the last mud ball but does seem amused. "Well the Queen Darling is busy racing along with everyone else. Jeffeth is going to continue to impress the ladies with the fact that he's a one man racing and wrecking crue," he says with amusement, and looking to the crowd he decides to have a little fun. Reaching down he scoops up the mud ball and he puts it on his cheeks, rubbing his hands togeher and putting on like a 'warrior's mask' with it and he sticks his tongue out, looking to any of the kids about. "BAAAAAAAAAH!" He teasingly goes to scare them with his new mud mask and wide eyes before he gets back to looking at the race.

Magpie is a bit late, but he shows up just as the race is starting and the man is conveniently already moving at full tilt. He's lagging, but he's confidently grinning and blowing kisses to the masses as he passes them. Though he does briefly skid to a halt at the red cloth, "Wait a minute! Is that my bandana!? I don't care, I need it!" He'll make a grab for the penant so he can put it on to replace the stocking he lost in the river, then hustle on ahead.

Arcadia checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

The alleyways and winding roads of the lowers are a much more of a challenge. Nurie loses sight of the one who helped her get through the dock obstacles, instead ducking into a laundry-lined alleyway to take a "shortcut." She does okay, managing to NOT accidentally knock or nick anyone's knickers but as she's rounding the corner, so is a stout older woman with a load of laundry to hang. The matron screams and drops her basket at the same time Nurie screams with surprise at suddenly seeing someone THERE when she turns her eyes forward again. Both burst into laughter, and Nurie can't help herself but help the older woman pick up her laundry before she moves on, after kissing the matron on the cheek. It costs her timewise, though, and by the time she makes her way out of the lowers after a few more false turns, she can see quite a few more people ahead of her and Maja is neck and neck. "Hi!" she chirrups at the apprentice Whisper, but her cheeks are already red and her breath is hard, clearly athleticism is NOT her strong suit!

Arcadia grimaces as Pharamond rubs the mud on his cheeks, but gives a good laugh "I see." She moves away from the crazy man and sits herseld next to Cadern instead "And yes. Always time for good deeds."

Lisebet laughs, the sound merry and musical. She nods to Arcadia as well, with a "Seems like people are having fun - I think that's the important bit." Pharamond's scary face draws more laughter from her, and she looks around to see if he's managed to frighten anyone at all. Hopefully not!

Brady takes a shortcut home he's taken all his life. Sure you used to have to pay a tax to Barefoot Joe, but he's long since stopped drinking. Right? Indeed he has, allowing Brady to cut through most of the traffic, but wheb he comes out an intersection, there's a horse in the middle of the road, outside Slippet Inn and Tavern, where Grandma makes her famous Cod Rolls. Big, black, shiny and wild-eyed, it stares at Brady with animal menace, and the young Grayhope just freezes. How long does he carefully watch this beast, inching backwards? Who knows, but doubling back through Barefoot Joe's alley was a mistake, because there he is, cursing and swinging his knife. And he knows ol' Shady Brady's always good for a crown. Even more time lost.

Magpie stays on the race course proper for aboooout, a minute. Then he disappears. The man grew up down here in the Lowers, (despite what *some* people said, Jeffeth) and he grew up running packages for less than legal merchants selling less than legal goods. He knows these streets. This is his home. He also knows secret routes that few others know of.

With furniture moved the race is most definitely on. Jeffeth sprints down the next street, lowering his shoulders and charging forward. He sprints out of the docks and struggles through the lowers, hurdling some crates, there ducking under a few clotheslines there. Down a particular ally Jeffeth rushes down a wagon has stopped. "Someone didn't return their wagon from the race!" Jeffeth /gasps/.

Two large hands grip the edge of it and the huge man launches himself into the air over the cart. He turns a little and yells out to the alleyway in general. "Someone needs to return that wagon. Those dockmasters work /very/ hard!" Spinning forward, Jeffeth turns and darts up another street to rush towards Magpie's home, the upper boroughs.

"Here," Maja says, grabbing Nurie's hand when she catches up to the woman. "This way! Follow me!" Sure, they are competitors. But the field is mostly men and ladies need to stick together. As they race through the Lowers, the pair of them stick to the short cuts and alley ways that Maja is well acquainted with.

Oddly, she takes a turn into a house. What? "Boris!" she shouts as she starts to barrel up the stairs. "You don't mind if we cut through here, do you love?" A portly man sitting at the main room's table looks up from his mug of ale and waves a hand at the former orphan of the Tragedy (although does one ever really stop being an orphan from the Tragedy? ..nah). "Just make sure ya come back 'round and give us a kiss," he chuckles as the two women sprint out of view.

Through a second floor window, across a plank laid across it to the home on the other side of the alley, and down another set of stairs -- it was a strange detour but it gained Maja a lot of ground and kept Nurie from falling too far back.

Cadern grins at Arcadia, "Well some people prioritize good deeds more than others I think." He says in amusement and he shifts not seeming overly worried about the mud as he watches. He looks to Arcadia, "I think I should have looked up the odds before coming to this perhaps I'll do that for the next."

Arcadia grins at Cadern, a impish smile on her painted red lips, "I'm betting on Maja Darling winning. Care to wager? "

Merek moves on to the next part of the mud run, managing to get even dirtier while he moves along with that also.

Deserra, a shy merchant's assistant, Alfonzo, a hawkish accountant arrive, following Alexio.

Children scatters and scream as Pharamond turns on them with his mud streaked face, then giggle and spill out. "Oy! Silk! Stop scaring our brats!" Someone calls out. That there happens to be a -maybe- slightly rotten apple flyign toward him but easily batted away, may or may not upset him.

"On it Sir Jeffeth!" The gaggle of following Knights soon are dealing with the wagon, not about to let the armoire moving man derail his sojurn across the lowers and towards the uppers.

Through and through the street they run, some panting and already out of breath given that this is -all- uphill. This is a cliff face that they're climbing, the city built into it, the docks at the bottom. A look behind can show the breathtaking view of the harbor, the bay of Thrax far far far off, and the mouth of the Gray river. And the two ships of the foreign dignitaries that have yet to sail away. The Platinum Empire's set out in the harbor and the great black ship of Cardia that can't get in and so parks at the mouth of the river.

While Magpie might have disappeared, as Sparte is speeding his way through - many nights of working on the foot patrols of the lowers means he can pick through the uppers with the least amount of exhertion - that and chasing down miscreants makes for good stamina - suddenly, out of nowhere is the mad lad of the crow! Red penant flapping, he cuts in from the left of an alleyway and overtakes the lead. Much to the dismay and jeers of the Iron guardsman who cheer on sparte with one or two claiming foul!

But the volunteers shake their head and indicate that Magpie Grayhope is not cheating and in fact, keeping within the rules and completely legal.

For once.

Nurie and Maja side by side, the two working hand in hand. Beccause when you're down here, you gotta stick together. You got only your mind, your hands and your best mate at your side and while the Tessere commoner (not pravus, what was this narrator thinking!) may not be a best mate, up and coming whisper needs up and coming tailors to know who helped them out when they needed it and won't you make that dress for me tomorrow, instead of two weeks from now?


Merek runs. So does Brady and finds himself a few silver richer too for his little side venture.

Cadern checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Pharamond checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 21 lower.

Arcadia checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Nurie probably would have fallen a few more spots behind had it not been for Maja grabbing her hand and ducking through a shortcuts in the lowers, and she is doing her best to keep up and not slow the Whisper down, blinking quickly to clear sweat dripping into her eyes. Though by the time they are in the upper boroughs proper, she's truly winded, grit keeping her going, with a stubbon set to an dainty jaw. However, when she hears a very demanding voice call out her name, the tailor kicks it into high gear as a dowager merchant's wife can be heard calling out, "Mistress Nurie, is that you? Are my three gowns let out yet? I know you said next week but I MUST have them NOOOOOOW!!!"

"Run, run!" Nurie whispers, breathlessly, to Maja. "That's--oh goodness! Gods save us! I'd rather make a codpiece for the Thirteenth's reflection!" She brings Maja's hand to her lips and kisses the top of it, since there's no way in hell she can manage to kiss a cheek. "Run like the wind, darling," she says, offering a grin. "I'll see you at the finish line!" And then she keeps running with dogged determination, though she's clearly flagging.

Now, Nurie is no stranger to the Upper Boroughs, being well known to many of the richer merchants and civil servants that live there--some of whom might be able to afford the clothing she makes more than some of the lower ranking nobles! It does make trying to race rather hard to do, what with so many people wanting to stop and say hello or inquire about when she'll be restocked, or asking her if she's all right, given her sweaty and flushed appearance and not at all like her more well groomed self. She manages to stay at least a half block ahead after the client who's chasing her though, which is good enough for her even if she's at the back of the pack now.

Alexio checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

Alexio checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 32 higher.

Alexio checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Valor, a beautiful fan-tailed pigeon have been dismissed.

Dulce, a snow white Artshall destrier have been dismissed.

Alexio checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 20, rolling 52 higher.

Alexio checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 21 higher.

Pharamond is entertained as he looks over to the commoners and he waves a hand. Yes of course he will go to bat the apple down, but either he earns respect by not acting all uppity, or he's viewed as being dismissive when he brushes it to the side and turns to face the event again. Of course, sadly, there have been a lot of horses and other beasts about, and he may or may not be very disappointed now when he gets back to the Ashford Manor and realizes that he's got a bit of stuff to clean off his boots...stuff that definitely is not mud...or chocolate.

Cadern walks along as they watch the racers. He glances down blanching at something but scrapes his boots without seeming too upset. He does gesture at Magpie, "I'm thinking that one she seems pretty enthusiastic. A hundred coins?" He suggests brightly watching things with interest.

"Hey Sparte!" Magpie crows cheerfully, and maybe it's because there is in fact a *guard* behind him that he keeps up his pace. Or maybe it's just that he's done this run so many times growing up, it's second nature. He's speeding down the street and then he's veering to the right and running right up onto a bench and scrambling over a low wall in front of an estate. Lucky for him it's the Grayhope Estate, so no one accosts the smuggler.

Arcadia tries to keep her gown from the mud, but likely fails. Not surprising since she's normally covered in mud and twigs "Alright. A hundred coin. " With that, she let's out a whoop for Maja "C'mon Darling! Bring it home."

Wow what a Magpie place. As Jeffeth bolts out into the Upper Boroughs, his feet keep pumping against the ground carrying him towards the front of the pack. While others may be getting favors or getting rides or.. Whatever these people are doing, Jeffeth has been running and pumping those massive arms the whole time. Except when he stopped to move an armoire. Other than that, hundo percent running.

As he nears Magpie the large man belts out, "Not such a bad place to grow up!" Economic inequality shade. The Bull of Solace lowers those gargantuan shoulders and charges forward up the hills and towards the market.

The two women run, run, run and make it into the Uppers. As much as Maja would like to drag Nurie along with her, her companion-competitor is starting to slow her down. "I'm sorry," she tells the tailor as she lets go of her hand. As the apprentice Whisper starts to pull away, she shouts out a few short-cuts for her friend to try. Hey, she can at least give her the tools to cut some seconds off her time.

Now that she is on her own, Maja grabs onto the skirts of her dress and hauls the hem up higher so she can run unimpeded. She works her relationships in this part of town, people she knows popping out here and there to help clear the way or lead her to pathways the other runners might not know about. The curly-haired cutie -- rather covered in mud at this point but she makes it work! mud is the new black, y'all -- hears her name being shouted out and she lifts her hand to wave as she points herself toward .. a building?


She races up a wall alongside it and makes her way up onto the roof as she gets near the marketplace. The quickest way forward is a straight line and there are no twists and turns on the rooftops. Just a long way down in the case of a missed step..

Merek keeps running, he does his best to do that while he moves forward. He does his best also to keep tactful about the situation also.

Brady scans the Outrage when he reaches it, his 'sure thing' showing up late. Eventually his wagon-puller arrives, but soon they start arguing over prices. Brady retorts, "I'm not giving you half, mate. How about five percent." The wagon puller guffaws, "Five cent? What is that, a quarter silver?!" "No, like five silver for every hundred silver." The youth seems taken aback, "Oh. Alright, hope on." Brady groans in frustration, more time lost.

After having clamber over, run around, hop over and navigated his way past the docks; and winded and twisted his way past the alleyways full of dangers. Alexio, finally, makes it to the uppers! Although it is less muddy, other sort of dangers await! However, being popular among the people here, he manages to sweet-talk his way out of this one by persuading, and charming, some of the people and merchants around to let him through their homes, "Ah, lovely Mistress Petunia, those pendants look gorgeous on you! Oh my, your skin looks radiant today! May I please take your home as a shortcut, it is of great importance --oh, yes, I can? Thank you so much! "; and, so, off he goes, "Apollo! Quick! Let me through!" towards his first home, the market.

Olivia wanders her way in and latches right on to Pharamond. She whispers in his ear.

Olivia checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Through the uppers, past the Grayhope estate the route takes them. Here, people hang out of buildings and throw down bits of petals and other colorful things down on the runners.

A few just flat out call it quits and veer off and into their homes. Forget this, not worth it, not with a run into the market coming up and it might prove to be a little more dangerous than a chance at half a million silver.

"Magpie! You forgot something!" Someone calls from the estate as he's passing. A little bag of something thrown at him. Who knows what it is, but the speedy notorious commoner keeps going. Sparte just smiles to Magpie and keeps hoofing it, those many hours of training paying off though Magpie keeps gaining grounds on the others, foot by foot, yard by yard.

Speaking of codpieces, there's one on a guy, a glaring orange and purple piece that the man is wearing, and clearly is over compensating as he chats up a giggling young woman. Nurie knows she could have made him something a little better than that, or at least, in better colors. That fabric was never meant for that purpose.

Maja? Maja taking the high road. Fancy roofs, provide ease of movement and no one else to run into and soon she's seen skimming across the closely built roof tops, and heading for the market. "Be careful Queen Darling! First of her name!" One of her entourage speaks, a gasp when it looks like she might not make the jump to the next roof but she succeeds!

Merek, there he is, middle of the pack with the rest of the horde running.

Brady may have time lost, but there's still a wagon to save him some energy and soon he's off, riding in style and getting dirty looks from others who start to protest. But he's protected, as the rule keeper who keeps pace, points to the person who is running the cart. 'Foot power, not hoof power. He's still in the race!"

Alexio shows the power of charm as Mistress Petunia plant a smooch on his cheek, a pat on the back and he's permitted through and just like that, within the top five.

Merek does his best to keep with the others, though he's mostly to the middle of the folk that are here. Still, he begins shifting back to the back while he takes a moment to do what he can, managing although slow with that also.

Olivia acks! and hides behind Pharamond. Her uncle can deal with it at this point.

Dusty have been dismissed.

Pharamond checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 10, rolling 51 higher.

Dusty have been dismissed.

Pharamondpoints to the race and he smiles to Olivia...."That one..." he says, laughing slightly as he watches the ongoing race. He's enjoying it, sometimes holding his hands up, other times continuing to walk easiy enough, and still at times making a face at people with his mud mask on. Still to Olivia, 'that one' is probably not th emost helpful answer to her whisper and he stays with Olivia and Lisebet, their human shield it seems. On occasion he still has to duck but he's a good spirit. He doesn't seem to mind being the target of mud pies. Those are not dangerous to anything but pride and he drank that away years ago.

Magpie might have had something to say to Jeffeth about that jab, but he's too far ahead to hear the man! Oh darn! When that bag is thrown to him he slows enough to catch it, then jogs a bit as he tugs it open. His eyes light up and he laughs. "Perfect! Thanks!" The man brings the bag up to his nose and gives a snort, then shoves the bag into his pocket and leans into a hard run. "Hey Jeffy!" He calls when he reconnects with the pack. "Isn't this bracing?!" The man doesn't look nearly as winded as he should and his blue eyes are about as wide as they can get. He holds out his hand, giving people high-fives as he passes. At some point he passes off that leather bag. "Here's your order, Patty!"

Dusty have been dismissed.

She's starting to lose ground, Maja is. Even though her path is a direct one, up there on the rooftops ringing the marketplace, there are other people who are simply /faster/. Magpie -- she doesn't even remember when she last glimpsed him. For all she knows, he's already finished the race. But there are a few people she sees up ahead of her. Sparte. Alexio. Jef..

"Jeffy!" she shouts from the rooftops as she notices the Knight surge ahead. "Wait! Wait for me!" Recklessly, she flings herself toward the ground, reaching out to grab onto an awning on her way down. Does she manage to do it? Yes! But .. no. Because Brady is up there on the rooftops as well and, having not noticed him, the apprentice bumps against him and it sends her tumbling. There is a shriek that pierces through the cheering and she grabs onto the awning with only one hand as her other claws at the empty air, her trajectory knocked off course by Shady Brady's hip.

She doesn't fall, not fully, but she does hit the ground at a bit of a tumble. When she pops up and continues, the first few paces are taken at a limp before she recovers herself fully and pushes ahead for the final stretch.

Cadern continues to cheer now for Magpie encouraging what might lead to his victory. He glances to Arcadia, "Makes you wish they cleaned off the street before hand huh? But..." He shrugs and he smiles, "It's still a fun show isn't it?"

If there's one place Alexio ever feels at home, is the market! The insanity and high traffic of it; is his daily ordeal, and he knows //ALL//l of the shortcuts. "Oh, I've got this! This is my zone!" His merchant friends, who are clearly rooting for him, let him through the stalls and alleys, making it all easier. "Danae! Make way! Let me through! Thank you darling! I owe you one!" It doesn't take long, before he, somehow, finds his way right behind Magpie's trail. "Move it o'l Grayhope! You're blocking my way! Make way for the youth!"

Oh that darn Magpie.

When it comes to the market, Jeffeth, being a very big man should likely have more than a few problems. But the market is when Jeffeth Bayweather turns his sprint into a beautiful dance. It starts with a lunge to the side, spinning around to Maja's words. That doesn't sound like real trouble. Probably. A pirouette to a side step around a market cart.

Making himself flat he squeezes between two passing groups of men carrying large crates, another spin brings him around another market stall. He vaults over a barrel before spinning around another group of shoppers. It's dizzying watch the behemoth of a man spin and dart through the market rather than just tackle everyone out of his way, which he could certainly do. But it seems something he's not willing to do as he slides under a table, his sheer heft giving the table he slides under a bit of a bump. Grabbing his head, Jeffeth grunts and pushes on.

Arcadia steadies herself by grasping Cadern's forearm, isn't he the gentleman! She winces as Maja falls "Curses. Is it too late to change my bet? " She grins up at Cadern, clearly joking.

Dusty have been dismissed.

The market is harrowing. Up here one can smell the crisp air, the fires in hearths to keep houses and businesses warm.

There's a screech as runners go through and a display of potatoes goes tumbling from one person who thinks he's being smart while going through the market to take a shortcut. Potatoes spill everywhere.

Much like Maja almost did. There's screams from the fanclub. Someone faints and there's a call for a mercy! But the littlest whisper that could springs back up and onward! Middle of the pack. But she's already got a crown for her head. Does she need two?


But as people careen through the market, dodging the wagons and carriages of unsuspecting - mostly ignorant rather than unsuspecting - nobles who ventured out of the house today, they pass by the bakery, Sparte given a nice pastry as he's running on by. Some incentive for the last stretch one supposes as the cliffs and gate that demarcates the market and the uppers from the lowers looms.

The bull of Solace plows, and respect is given to the man. People move out of the way, someone gives a yell and points for him to come this way and shows him just a small shortcut to help him gain some ground. Conveniently enough it's the same ont hat Alexio knows and is already going through.

Nurie is still as ever, that steadfast seamstress and there's calls out at recognition of her and another person who stares at her 'Who's manning your shop?!"

And then, the last leg. Down the cliffs, zig zagging through the lowers to the commoner square where everyone waits for this wave of runners.

"I'm not old!!" Magpie protests as Alexio closes on his heels. "I'm at the perfect age! You're just too young! You don't have the experience and the connections!" He just grins to the other man. Oh look, downhill! This is bound to end badly. Magpie just runs full tilt, saying a few prayers to the godly lady of the sea to help one of her favorite sailors survive a reckless haul. He does a lot of skidding, sliding, and bouncing off of people or objects to keep from wiping out completely. There's almost nothing left of his boots by the end and he's going to be damned sore later, but he can't feel a thing right now!

Cadern happily supports Arcadia as she leans. He considers her and he grins, "Change that one? Sure but you can always add a new one. Or come up with an alternate fee." He says beaming though he claps his hands then as they come to an end, "Oh excellent!"

Cadern is overheard praising Magpie: Best bet this week.

He made it past the market; and, now all that is left is that final stretch back to the commoners' square! The mad dash, as they call it! The peacock-like merchant from the south keeps running, but with all that yelling and shouting at Magpie, he seems to be getting tired and exhausted, "Aish! What's this? Oh- I shouldn't have...ugh-" -there's lots of panting and heavy breathing, and he seems to be slowing down. The "old" man is clearly way ahead by now. "What?!" there's a shocked expression on his face, " I've got to run down all the way over //there//?!" he looks from side to side, "AGAIN?! Isn't there another shortcut?! No?! Anyone?! Oh...I don't think I can do this..." he seems like he's about to faint, which is when a few of the other runners go right past him; there goes the giant Jeffeth, and the scholarly and quite athletic Sparte, once more ahead of him. But the people still won't let him give up! What's that?! A crowd of merchants, hagglers and who knows what else are carrying him all the way over back to the square?!! He gets there on fourth place, but he makes it!

Merek makes through the place, as they finish it all up, his leathers soaked in mud while he makes his way through the place also.

Run-limp-hop! Maja falls back into sixth place? Seventh? But the Whisper has a few tricks left up her muddy sleeve and in this last leg, she slips through some little known short cuts to move ahead of a couple people. She might not win this thing but she already has a crown so it's all good, right? With that in mind, certainly she will just relax and stroll over the finish line.

Not a chance.

Brady -- Shady Brady who accidentally knocked her from the rooftops -- is coming dangerously close to overtaking her and she cannot. let. that. come. to. pass.

The curly-haired young woman throws everything she's got into the last few yards, her skirt hiked up to nearly her upper thighs to give her legs the freedom to /run/. With her lungs threatening to explode and her heart feeling like it is going to pound itself out of her chest, she flings herself at the finish line.


The woman dives forward, sailing through the air briefly before she hits the mud and sliiiiiiides forward, finishing just a hair before Brady. Covered in dirt from head to tow, her teeth gleam white as she laughs, rolls over onto her back and points at Brady. "Suck it!" she taunts merrily, breathlessly, very un-Whisperly.

Arcadia laughs at Cadern "An alternative fee?" She applauds too, her hand to her tummy laughing at the antics "It seems you are the winner, I will have to pick earlier next time."

/Sheer/ endurance!

When other people fatigue, Jeffeth keeps on. When other people conveniently take a break to make sure the straps on their boots are tight and just so happen to take a short break, Jeffeth keeps on.

The large man is barely huffing as he descends the mountain back to the starting line, arms pumpng, legs pushing, brows knit.

And slowly he pushes through the pack and descends towards the end of the race. Though there is an arched brow when Famous-Uppers-Guy Magpie is already here! Crossing the line and taking a few moments to recover, the big man tilts his head down breathing heavily before looking up over to Magpie with a broad smile, reaching out to give the man an affectionate squeeze of the shoulder.

Lisebet finishes her pastry, and her drink, as she watches quietly. A nod for Olivia's arrival, and for Pharamond's human shieldness, Lisebet definitely appreciates being here with company. "Do you think there's time for another drink?" she asks, curiously. "Or should I wait until we are back home?"

Cadern grins, "Well... I wouldn't presume as to what is worth 100 coins. But. I am always happy to take other collateral." He says brightly and he lets his eyes watching the final result of the competitors clearly pleased with the event.

Pharamond cheers on the competitors some more, his mud face having still stayed on. Fortunately, he's lucky, that was definiltey mud at the time he rubbed it on his face and smiles as he looks to Olivia and Lisebet. "I think we can take one to go," he intones. "That was fun to watch but we shoudl let them celebrate without having to worry about us silks," he says with a little bit of a grin. "Come on, let's head back to the house." As he's walking though he has his hands raises in the air, clapping for the participants

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 4 Ashford House Guard leave, following Lisebet.

Olivia, Lisebet leave, following Pharamond.

Arcadia playfully sighs at Cadern, her hand finding her purse "I am not sure myself." Finding her money, she then realizes, "I don't think we've met. I'm Lady Arcadia Leary, but everyone calls me Cady. "

And just like that, this wave comes crashing into the square with all the dramatics that is expected of the crew.

Less rolling birds and horses this time.

But they have thier cheering squads and as Magpie makes his entrance ahead of everyone else, the "Shinies' are there, screaming and hooting, red bandana's flying up in the air and there's much rejoicing. Jeffeth's there too, not tt far behind and as he makes it in, the knight of solace all gathered there rush in to jeft the man up in joy. These are the kind of people who celebrate second place just as much as first.

The same for the Iron Guardsmen who are soon hauling Sparte up on their shoulders and cups of who knows what are thrust into hands to celebrate. Alexio has no crowd of groupies, or maybe he does. They're just a little busy counting the money they won or lost, over there. Maja's seasilk clad crew are there to lift her up fromw here she bounced in ahead of Brady with bellows for a mercy and promises that that will wash out, it really will, road rash -is- all the rage.

One even manages to go run and slide to get some himself -just- to prove it. That he bounces into Brady is conincidental. Here's the little seamstress huffing and puffing along and she's soon welcomed by Tessere commoners who wrap her in clouds of the softed silk and dance. Mirella meets the same welcome and Merek?

Well, He gets to join in with the other Iron Guardsman.

And just like that, the next wave is set up and everyone gets to watch the next batch of runners take off but eventually?

Eventually the dust sniffing grayhope who knows the lowers, uppers and market like the back of his hand soon finds perched above his head and a mug of his own special brew thrust into his hand, the crown for the winner of the muddy city run.

Which leaves just the fist fight the following day, to see who goes home with the money.

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