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Lord Maru Seliki Birthday Feast

Lord Maru Seliki's birthday is coming up shortly. House Bisland would like to welcome himself, and other Selikis to Arx again. Food will be provided, as well as a dance floor.


March 9, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Michael Kaia Kaldur Lailah Samantha


Catriona Peri Mikani Drake Olivia Ilmia Maru Lisebet Orrin Liara Athaur Eshra Sabella Niklas



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Bisland Manor - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

The arrival of a festive night is upon the House of Bisland. The Manor has been rather excessively decorated, streamers of silk decorate chairs and ceiling rafters. Entertainment has settled in a corner to tune and strum their instruments in preparation for the night.

Michael Bisland is here, out of armor and into silks. Comfortable silk, and directing various servants to do various things. "Kaia is supposed to be doing this..."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards, 1 Redoubt Buccaneers arrive, following Mikani.

Peri showed up earlier to help out for her beloved great uncle's party. She currently placing some pots of shrubbery around a bench.

Mikani enters and looks around. She had met Maru a few times. But she had surprised the man and that made an impression on her. Mikani spotting Peri. "Peri. Good to see you again. Need some help?"

Drake lounging casually with easy confidence at the grey and yellow table. His brown eyes study the event but he seems to sit quietly for now.

Olivia wanders in. She is still dressed in her finest gown and slippers. She has a smile on her face, even if she looks a tad distracted. Her eyes widen as she sees all the pies, but she controls herself. She sees Michael directing traffic. She walks up to him. "Lord Michael. I owe you some thanks I believe."

Kaia would return to the great hall from the direction of the west gardens, standing near Michael, "What am I supposed to be doing?" she queries with a raised brow.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 4 Ashford House Guard arrive, following Lisebet.

Peri grins at Mikani, happy to see that she decided to attend. "Hmmm" She sizes up the pot of shrubbery. "You think here? or there?" She turns to see what Mikani thinks.

Mikani shrugs to Peri. "I have no idea. Um ... there?" Mikani looks at the plants she wasn't the one to do the designing.

Ilmia had finally traded out her traveling clothes for a seasilk gown. She'd planned on sticking around so she figured dressing like a proper Lady would be better than pants and shirts. The tall redhead makes her way in with a confident stride. Her green eyes looking for familiar faces. She spots one and heads across to Olivia. Not interrupting her conversation though.

"If I knew what you were supposed to be doing, I would be doing it. Thats what you're here, dear cousin." Michael waves off the servants. They probably know what they are doing anyways. Immediately people begin arriving! "Welcome to the Bisland Manor! Lady Olivia. There is no need to thank me, leaving the Golden Hart that swiftly probably saved me from losing quite a bit of silver."

Maru shows up he usually does. It is, at least, his better-looking clothes. A creame-colored doublet with mother-of-pearl buttons and gray linen pants, both embroidered with waves in gold thread and beltet at the waist with black leather that matches his well-worn boots. He looks, well, tired. The bags under his eyes, and the slow pace of his gait suggest he may be a bit tired. But he smiles when he sees everybody gathered.

Peri shouts from nearby, "GuMaru!"

Peri sees her Great Uncle Maru and shouts with joy, "Gooooooo Maru!". She runs grabs her grand relative and attempts to swing him around. "I have a suprise! I have a suprise!"

Peri takes A carefully-wrapped piece of Yaya's rhubarb cake.

Lisebet is behind Olivia, but she's made her way to the party in any event. She's not quite so sure if she knows everyone, though she does know quite a few folks. She pauses though after coming in, to take a look around, letting her curiosity show.

Olivia smiles at Michael and curtseys a little bit. She hears someone approaching and turns to Ilmia. "Ah Lady Ilmia. So good to see you. I take it the journey to Arx went well? Come come, you shall have to meet my friends." She waves Ilmia closer. "We can start with Lady Kaia and Lord Michael Bisland. It is their home we may end up making a mess of!"

Drake stands walks over to greet Lord Maru with a bow. "Lord Maru, I do not believe we have met. I am Lord Drake Wyrmguard. I guess a Happy birthday is in order," he says smoothly with an easy confidence. "Sorry I did not get a gift for you," he adds.

Kaia chuckles at that, "They've already been told what to do, cousin dear." she says, with a bit of eye-rolling. Her attention now shifting to the new arrivals as well, a beaming smile on her face as she joins her cousin Michael to aid him with the greetings of guest, "Welcome!~ Do feel free to find a sit. Make yourselves comfortable, we have plenty of food and drinks...specially sweets."

In the background, a lively tune seems to be playing for those who wish to dance.

Diane, a bright-eyed peregrine falcon arrives, following Orrin.

Ilmia gives a smile to Olivia and there's a dip of her head to her, "Lady Olivia." she greets her. "It's good to see you again. I've returned from working in the Northlands, so I'm especially excited to be in warmer climes." she smiles to that. Then there's a smile to Kaia and Michael, "It's very good to meet you Lady Kaia and Lord Michael." she tells them.

Maru is tackle-hugged. Oof. His arms reflexively come up to give Peri a hug and he chuckles. "Hi, little one," he says to her, his baritone voice easily heard. "What's your surprise?" But, before she even has a chance to tell him, he's unwrapping his arms, turning toward Drake and extending a hand. "It's a pleasure, Lord Drake, and don't worry. I long since passed the age where I need gifts at my birthday." There's a pause and a glance toward their hosts--Michael, in particular--and he adds, "I _thought_ I was past the age where I even celebrated it. But then I guess somebody wanted to have a party."

Mikani smiles as she sees Maru. Mikani lets his family greet him as she wanders off to get herself a drink.

Lisebet notices Olivia and drifts her way, to start with.

Drake shake Lord Maru's hand and says, "I will let your other guests have their time with you. I am glad to have met you though." With that he returns back to his seat at the grey and yellow table.

1 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Kaia says, "Likewise Lady Leary, welcome, please help yourself to some food or a drink." she says amicably, before continuing to aid Michael greet the other guests."

Orrin shows up fashionably late - or at least, in a manner of speaking; he's just rolling a message and eyeing the skies for his falcon before fully committing. When the bird comes around, he lets it light on his arm, tucks that messenger in, and whispers a few brief words before she flies off again. Then he moves on in, giving nods and brief bows as he picks his way through.

Olivia smiles as she sees Lisebet approaching. She leans to Ilmia, "Here is Duke Harlans new bride. Duchess Lisebet. My new sister."

"First," Peri says, "I got this for you." She bows, all proper and passes a raven feather to the man. For his writing desk. But her poise soon lapses into giddyness and she can no longer keep her news in check, "I found some of Yaya's best rhubarb cake!" eeeeeee! "Here!" She is excited. "It is so carefully wrapped that it survived the trip." Very excited. This might be the best gift ever. It is, certainly, from the giver's point of view. She hopes he shares.

Ilmia gives a smile to Kaia and then moves out of the way, so that others can be greeted. The taller woman gives a bit of a grin and there's a nod, "Thank you for keeping me up to date with all of this." she tells Olivia softly. Then she waits to greet Lisebet. Though her eyes do spy the bird that Orrin is dealing with and there's a smile to that. She did love birds.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The arrival of a festive night is upon the House of Bisland. The Manor has been rather excessively decorated, streamers of silk decorate chairs and ceiling rafters. Entertainment has settled in a corner to tune and strum their instruments in preparation for the night.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The arrival of a festive night is upon the House of Bisland. The Manor has been rather excessively decorated, streamers of silk decorate chairs and ceiling rafters. Entertainment has settled in a corner to tune and strum their instruments in preparation for the night.

Emerging into the great hall, Liara smiles at the sight of the gathering there. She gives a little flutter of her fingers in a wave to those familiar to her who she might happen across on her way through.

Lisebet smiles, giving Olivia a warm look. "Thank you for the introductions, Olivia. I'm very pleased to meet you, my lady?" She turns her attention to Ilmia at that, looking her over with the intent to remember her should they meet again. Because manners matter.

Drake sits with casual easy confidence, his brown eyes watching the comotion quietly. He seems to be trying not to draw attention to himself but also does not seem to uncomfortable about being there.

Maru smiles and gives a dip of his head to Drake. "A pleasure for me as well," he says to Drake before the young lord heads off. He accepts the gifts from Peri and looks down at his hands--each with something in them--and he laughs. "Oh my. Thank you, little one," he says with a chuckle. "You really didn't have to. I need to find a place to start keeping things, as I've already run out of hands!" He gives Peri a pat on the shoulder and then steps off, looking for a likely place to collect any more gifts he might be given.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm Lady Ilmia Leary. I was distracted." Ilmia gives a bit of an apologetic look to Lisebet. "I'm very happy to hear that Duke Harlan has married. How are you settling in to Ashford, Duchess Lisebet?" she asks her with a smile.

The people about Maru - and particularly the enthusiasm from Peri - slows Orrin's steps, and he chuckles a moment there in place. After sending eyes about the venue, he considers, then diverts toward Mikani, moving to gesture to the seat next to her. "Hello, Lady Mikani," he offers. "Would you care for a bit of company?"

"Oh. Is that Lady Ilmia?" Michael gets a fluttering hand drawn up towards his face to fan himself. "If you must know, you were the lady of an 11-year-old's heart back in the day." Michael passes a glass of wine to Ilmia before venturing off to /not/ be around an old crush.

Lisebet considers for a moment. "I have met Marquis Fairen in the past, though it's been a while. Most definitely a pleasure to meet you, Lady Ilmia," she says. "I am getting used to living in a new house with the help of the wonderful family I'm now part of. It's a little strange to have two families now, but I guess I will get used to it." She grins at Michael's admission, and inclines her head. "My Lord Bisland, how lovely to see you again."

Kaia has joined the a grey and yellow table set upon a raised dais.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Maru before departing.

Taking note of Liara's arrival, Kaia proceeds to greet her royal friend, "Princess Liara! I'm so glad you could make it!"

2 Rivenshari Clansman arrives, following Eshra.

1 Rivenshari Clansman, Lucky, the fishing cat, Patok, a clever lad, Eshra arrive, following Athaur.

"I do adore parties," Liara replies to Kaia, then adds the caveat, "I have yet to actually meet Lord Maru, however. That would ordinarily be a key requirement of wishing a person a happy birthday." The Grayson offers a quick grin then.

Ilmia just blinks a bit before her cheeks turn a bright red, "I..." she looks to Michael, clearly stunned by his admission. The glass of wine is taken and there's a smile, "Thank you." she tells him. She gives a look to Olivia and Lisebet, her cheeks still flushed crimson, "Getting used to new places and new homes can be quite the experience sometimes, but it should settle soon enough. I always take something with me that reminds me of home when I travel. I'm not sure if having familiar things around you might help." she offers to Lisebet.

Mikani smiles at Orrin. "I would love the company. How are you?" Mikani smiles warmly at Orrin.

Peri, bestower of gifts, makes room for all of the other guests now that she has seen to her great uncle. She steps aside to relax at a bench, waiting for Mikani and perhaps her father to return with a drink. Is that a fisher cat! She looks to see if a certain count has arrived.

Kaia chuckles, "That is true. Allow me to make the proper introcuctions then." she says leading her towards the Seliki lord, "Lord Maru, congratulations! Allow me to introduce you to the princess Liara Grayson." she says, when she's able to find an appropiate moment for Maru to listen.

Maru walks around, cake in one hand and potted quill in the other, and finally elects to simply set them down on one of the bankquet tables. That's when he hears his name called, and looks up to see if he can spot where he heard it from. He crosses the floor to approach Liara, all smiles and then bows and says, "Thank you for coming to my party, Your Highness." As if this party was his idea all along.

Drake still quietly sitting at the grey and yellow table. He has a casual confidence but still seems to not try and draw attention to himself. He watches the activity happening around him.

Orrin settles down there, then. "Well enough," he says. "Busy, as per usual, of course. The Assembly tomorrow presses. But of course there is time to celebrate my uncle, if only a little while. How fare you, then?" His eyes flick over to note Maru greeting the princess, but return immediately; as a rule, he offers fairly complete attention to whoever he speaks with.

With a flash of a smile for Maru, Liara replies after she has been introduced, easy and light-hearted, "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Maru. Which birthday might this be? I would hazard a guess at thirty, perhaps."

A Fisher cat does make its way into the hall. It looks around, tail twitching slightly as it observes the residence with a superior look. Then it sits down and starts to clean itself. It is at that point that the melody of bells are heard. Two sets, jingling in unison as Athaur and Eshra make their way into the hall. Athaur smiles down at his sister for a moment before looking around the hall. "Quite an impressive occasion, don't you think?"

Liara checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Lisebet inclines her head to Ilmia. "That is a wonderful idea, I shall have to find something to bring. Harlan has already suggested if I want to redecorate I am welcome to do so. I just find I need a bit of time to envision what I want things to look like." She shrugs delicately, as she watches the retreating Bisland lord, a hint of amusement lighting up her features. "I wonder though if someone might introduce me to the star of the party at some point? I don't believe I have met him."

Mikani looks at Orrin and the rest of the group. "I understand that. My Cousin .. Master Caspian will be giving an address I know. I hope he does well." She takes a sip of her drink. "Will you be speaking?"

Kaia chuckles at that, and then proceeds to excuse herself from both Liara and Maru, before heading back to both greeting guests by the door, or simply trying to make those present feel pehaps more at home -this was after all a somewhat casual gathering to celebrate a man getting well...old. "Count of Riva, welcome to Bisland Manor, please help yourself to some food or a drink perhaps. The lord Maru Seliki is over ther, feel free to offer him your best wishes." she greets amicably.

Orrin shakes his head. "No, no," he tells Mikani. "Master Caspian comports himself quite well, and I think his testimony more powerful than anything I might add - I've every confidence in him. I did, however, call for a small contingent of souls also previously in bondage to stand with him while he speaks. I merely sponsor his words - I shall not speak them."

Eshra out oof her leathers or clashing silks, is in sea-silks and opals, her wild dark curls caught behind her so that the hidden bells woven within chime softer than normal. Stopping beside her brother as they enter, dark eyes slowly moving around the room with a slight arch to her brow before nodding at Athaur's question. "It is, though I do not beleive I would have expected less." her whiskey dark voice tinted with humor. As Kaia calls out to Athaur, Eshra's gaze slides to the Lady, studying her for a moment.

"Just take your time and I'm sure you'll figure out tiny things to change that might make you feel at home. I have a journal that my mother gave me to keep new adventures in and it keeps me feeling anchored wherever I go most times." Ilmia admits to Lisebet. "And weddings are always such great things." she smiles to that. "I myself have not met Lord Maru either. I've not been home in years actually." she mentions. "We could go introduce ourselves if you like?" she looks to the Duchess.

"I think we should do that, definitely," Lisebet says with a smile. "And perhaps find a drink while we're at it?" She gestures to let Ilmia lead the way, now glancing around in an attempt to find the birthday boy, just as if she can recognize the man on sight. somehow.

Mikani looks at Orrin. She smiles warmly. "Thank you. I was worried about him. I was going to stand guard for him if he so needed it. But I fear that there are those that see me as part of the problem as well." Her eyes move about the crowd before looking at Orrin. "If there is anything Redreef can do to help ask. Caspian is too proud to ask me for help. I think ... he thinks he's keeping me safe."

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Kaia offers a smile to the lady accompanying the Count of Riva, (Athaur) and offers a greeting as well "My lady. I do not recall meeting you; even so, welcome! Do help yourself to some food and drink as well." she offers, before shifting her gaze to the newest arrivals.

Olivia returns from having a talk with Bethany. She rushes to catch up with Lisebet. She leans in and whispers something to her.

Athaur smiles and offers a bow to Kaia. "Thank you so much for welcoming us to your home, Lady Kaia. This vision with my is my Sister, and Voice. The Lady Eshra." He offers a hand towards Eshra and smiles at her before stepping back so that she may make her greetings.

Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette arrives, delivering a message to Orrin before departing.

"Then let us go meet him." Ilmia states with a bright smile. She didn't seem afraid to set out and introduce herself to Maru. But she does give a look to see where Michael went. And if he was going to be alright. She had no idea. Then there's a smile as Olivia catches up with them and she waits to see if they need to hold off on the introductions.

Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette arrives, delivering a message to Orrin before departing.

There's a tip of his head, and Orrin considers that. "In all honesty, I think him quite safe; there were quite enough surprises at the last Assembly, and though hardly the picture of good order owing to circumstances a certain degree of civility was managed. All the same, I shall be at his side, and would see no ill befall him. All matters between our houses I think can hold until after it is concluded, hmm?" There's a friendly smile offered Mikani; he's tracking arrivals in a loose sense, but only a /very/ loose sense.

Maru laughs. It's a loud laugh, his baritone voice just booming. "Oh, your highness, you are too kind," he says with a broad grin for Liara. He follows up those words with another chuckle. "Thirty was a long time ago, but I feel younger just for hearing your compliment." He turns when he hears Athaur's bells and offers the Count a wave. Then returning his attention to the princess, "If you'll excuse me. My totally-not-thirty bones need a rest." Then he heads off to sit down at the banquet table where he left his things.

Kaia nods, "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Eshra." she says, once the introduction is finally made, and she gestures for them to go in.

Maru has joined the a large banquet table dressed in gold linens.

Peri hears the bells chime the arrival of the Count and Lady of Riva. After the hostess welcomes them, Peri steps forward. "Count Athaur and Lady Eshra, It is a pleasure to see you again." She waves to where Maru is, "My Great Uncle is there. You can recognize him by his skill at charms. And I hope you will greet my father and Lady Mikani. I am standing with them over there."

With an easy smile for Maru, Liara offers a quick reply of, "In that case, I wish you a very happy slightly older birthday, my lord." Then when Maru's on his way, Liara turns to make for a table herself, joining a few others.

After a while, Kaia finally approaches the Duchess Lisebet, "Duchess Lisebet, pardon the delay. How lovely to find you here, welcome to our home. Have you met the guest of honor?" she wonders.

Liara has joined the a grey and yellow table set upon a raised dais.

Mikani looks at Orrin curiously, "We have other matters between our Houses, Count Seliki? Color me very curious. I will wait as patiently until then as I am able." Mika says with a grin before turning that same stunning smile to Peri. "I know the Lord Maru. I think I confused him once." She laughed softly. "Are you having a good time wishing him a good birthday?"

Lisebet waits for Olivia to catch up, linking her arm with her new sister's. She smiles at Ilmia, and then shrugs. "Let's the three of us go find - Ah, Lady Kaia, thank you. We have none of us met the guest of honor and we would love to wish him a happy birthday."

Eshra bows her head slightly, like Athaur, every move brings with it the soft chime of silvery bells, though the voice that answers is warm and dark. "It is a pleasure, Lady Grayson. Thank you." Then eyes turn to Peri as the woman steps forward and amusement warms Eshra's eyes. "Lady Peri, a pleasure to see you again." Glancing to those that she points out and nodding. "I am sure we will meet with them."

Sabella comes sweeping into the Great Hall, beaming a smile at everyone that's assembled, "It has been so long since I've been here! Far too long. You ought to throw parties more often," she tells Michael, zeroing in on him immediately, "First garden parties, now birthday parties, Liara and I are going to start to feel threatened."

Peri is overheard praising Kaia: She hosts a pleasant party and attends to the needs of so many guests with such grace

Athaur inclines his head to Peri with a warm smile. "I have had an opportunity to meet Lord Maru a few times and am acquainted with the Lady Mikani as well. But of course I would be eager to speak with both of them further. Thank you, My Lady." He looks over towards Eshra and grins. "Shall we great the guest of honor first?"

Roland, the worst bard in Arvum arrives, following Niklas.

Peri is overheard praising Michael: What a great idea! A party for my great uncle. What great skill in convincing his cousin to do all the work.

Peri has left the a pine bench near the bushes.

Orrin laughs. "I am not so mysterious," he tells Mikani. "I wish to offer to your house the same assistance I would offer any Thrax household; to lend our experience and support integrating former thralls into general population with all due care. It is my hope that absent the weight and expense associated with all that, more progressive houses such as Redreef might be moved to abolition more swiftly than the otherwise might." A brief smile, then he says: "Of course, it is not particularly politic to discuss at a party, but - perhaps less so to have you in suspense."

Peri has joined the a large banquet table dressed in gold linens.

Olivia is overheard praising Kaia.

Kaia smiles at the Duchess, at the lady Leary and her friend Olivia, "Ah, Livie! I missed your arrival!" she says, slightly embarrased. Then, she gestures for the three ladies to follow, "Please, do follow me." she says, leading them towards Maru, "Lord Maru, I bring you more guests to meet. The Duchess Lisebet Ashford, Lady Olivia Ashford, and the Lady Ilmia Leary." she says, gesturing at each as she says the names.

Drake stille quietly observes the event from his seat. He tries to politley greet anyone who makes an attempt to speak to him but seems still to not actively seek to draw attention to himself.

Mikani laughs softly and nods. "Aye. Redreef is working on trying to build up the infrastructure needed to support such an indeavor. As a Barony ... that takes more than you would think. You are right though. Birthday party probably not the best time to speak of such things." She leans forward to drop her voice. "As a former Thrall myself. I thank the gods there are those like you able and willing to help."

"That would be lovely, Lady Kaia. Thank you so much." Ilmia tells her with a grateful look. Then there's a smile to Olivia and Lisebet, "Looks like we were worried over nothing." she tells them. Then she settles into following Kaia, who leaves them over to Maru. She gives a smile to the man, "Happy Birthday, Lord Maru." she tells him.

Eshra tilts her head glancing towards Maru before inclining it towards Athaur. "Of course. It is only polite." Moving at the Count's side as they turn to head towards the Guest of Honor and the crowd around him. "Remind me to never let you do this to me. I promise I will disappear before you have it half planned."

Maru looks up from where he just sat and smiles. "Duchess, Lady Olivia, it's a pleasure to see you both again. Lady Ilmia, it's a pleasure to meet you." He looks to each of the women as they're introduced. "You'll forgive me if I don't stand. This party just serves to remind me exactly how old I am, and the weight of all of that makes my bones tired."

Olivia smiles and curtseys as she is introduced. "Lord Maru, Happy birthday. Ashford House has sent out best to wish you well." She gestures over to the other two Ladies with her.

Peri returns to be near her family and friend. She leans in to her father and Mika, "We have politics covered, next shall we discuss religion?" She grins like an imp at them. She then speaks a little more quietly with her father.

When more guests arrive, Kaia graciously greets them in behalf of Bisland, since...where have the other Bisland's gone to hide at?! She doesn't know, she doesn't show it, instead she smiles, she greets, "Princess Sabella, welcome! I do hope, that's not true. A Grayson should never feel threatened by it's most loyal vassal." she offers with an amicable grin, "Please, help yourself to some food and drink, the lord Maru Seliki is over there." she says, gesturing towards the guest of honor.

Mikani laughs, "I could. Though I have studied many." Mika grins slightly at Peri. "Beautiful party." Noticing a man standing quietly and offishly she calls out. "Hello ... you (Drake), I am Mikani. You should come over and talk." She motions for Drake to come over and bring more drinks. Yay drinks.

Lisebet inclines her head. "A pleasure to meet you again, my lord," Lisebet says with a smile, recognition showing on her face. She maybe did not recall the name, alas. "We won't keep you overly long, I'm quite sure you've many to meet today, but we did want to provide our happy birthday wishes." Olivia's charming sentence gets a crooked grin of mischief from the young duchess.

Athaur laughs loudly as he makes his way towards the crowd around Lord Maru. "Ah, but see if I were to do such a terrible thing to you, I would keep it secret so that you would not know to escape." He grins brightly at Eshra before looking around for a moment, lifting a hand to Drake when he spies the man.

Seated over at one of the tables, Liara offers a cheery wave towards Sabella, gaze drawn to her cousin by the mention of her own name. Her gaze then flits on about the hall, taking in a few more unfamiliar faces.

"Thank you, Lady Kaia! And don't worry, there can never be enough parties!" Sabella says with a smile, going where directed so she can get a glass of something sweet and bubbly. And maybe something chocolate. "Lord Maru! Happy Birthday! We are all grateful that you're turning a year old so that we can celebrate!"

Orrin bows his head where he sits, gratitude rather obvious for Mikani's words. When Peri approaches, he lifts his head and chuckles. "I had quite a fill of the Faith the other night," he says. "Darling," - that would be Peri he's speaking to, "- nobody came to see /me/. Perhaps you might give uncle assistance with the guests."

Maru's attention swings around to Sabella and he raises a hand to wave and smile. "Thank you so much, your highness," he says, his booming baritone easy to hear in nearly all corners of the room. "Time marches on, and that's as good an excuse as any for a party, isn't it?"

Drake seems startled by Mikani's aproch but stands fluidly and bows to her offering his left hand to take one of hers to kiss. "Lord Drake Wyrmguard, pleased to meet you. Forgive me but events like this are somewhat overwhelming. I will do my best to accompany you," he says smoothly.

Mikani smiles at Drake and his kiss. "Oooo a hand kisser." Mikani says warmly with a soft laugh. "Lady Mikani Redreef. Pleasure to meet you as well." She leans in to whisper to him. "I get overwhelmed as well. I'm not a social creature like most people around here. I prefer an adventure or a ship." She grins to him. "But stick with me and I will make sure you have good drinks."

There is a dry smirk, a slight arch of the brow at answers Athaur's laugh. "Brother, you aren't that good." Eshra points out in the pointed daring tone that only a sibling can master. Then as they close on Maru, in their giggling presence pauses until the Lord is free to look to them.

Eshra has joined the a large banquet table dressed in gold linens.

Athaur has joined the a large banquet table dressed in gold linens.

Drake chuckles and says, "I am thankful you recued me from myself than. I just hope I won't cause a big scene today."

Orrin has joined the a large banquet table dressed in gold linens.

When Sabella said 'let's go to Lord Maru's birthday!' Niklas only had one thing to say. Yes, ma'am! And also a second thing of 'who?' but that was less important than getting away from the children for a night and having an excuse to eat as much as he wants without people getting all judgy of his increasingly softening dad bod. Upon entry he looks around, then does an impromptu dances where he moves from person to person, greeting them without actually interacting until he's standing by his wife at the refreshments table. "Lady Lailah!" a gracious nod. "Lady Olivia!" a welcoming smile. "Lady Lisebet!" a sketch of a bow. "Princess Liara!" a flourish of his cape. "Lord Michael!" a vague salute. "Princess Sabella!" a peck on the cheek. "Rich squash soup!" pour, spoon, eat.

Mikani grins and leans in to murmur to Drake. Before laughing softly she gets them some drinks and hands him a glass. "That's what I do I rescue those that need rescuing." Her dark eyes look over the group. "You know Lord Maru?"

Olivia smiles at Niklas and curtseys.

At some point, Kaia finally makes her way over to the first guest (Drake) and the Lady he was speaking to, who she did not know at all, but hey she was here, and it was a party so, smiles for everyone! "Lord Wyrmguard; my lady - I've not had the pleasure of knowing your name, even so, welcome!~ Have you met the guest of honor yet?" she wonders, hoping to introduce them if they did not.

Orrin gives Mikani a smile as she engages Drake, and rises from that place there at the table to fetch himself a refreshment. As there's enough room, he comes about the table with beverage in hand, and as he comes behind Maru, gives him a good clap on the shoulder, looking down at him. He doesn't even say happy birthday! At some point you stop needing words to communicate. Instead, after a smile that likely means that greeting, he gestures with his cup. "Quite a celebration, uncle," he says.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Maru before departing.

Mikani smiles warmly at Kaia. "Lady Mikani Redreef. I have met him in the past and he made an impression. So I wanted to come by and give my well wishes to Lord Maru. I just don't want to intrupt him with his family and friends." Mikani's tone is warm and calm as always. "I'm sorry, I don't know you either ... Lady?" She asks of Kaia.

Eshra glances to her brother, as he answers then back to the Lord Maru with a small jingling nod to her head. "Lord Seliki, a pleasure and congradulations on your survival of another year, may your course hold true." the words given in voice that is dark and warm, the humor shinning from behind her lashes keeping the greating from sounding dry.

Drake nods and says, "Lord Maru and I met briefly, yes." He seems to be lead around by Mikani with drink in hand.

Following a flash of a smile for Niklas, Liara detaches herself from the table she was at and strolls over to where she spots at least one unfamiliar face - Ilmia, to be precise. She makes a mild query then, "Did I overhear that you are a Leary, my lady?"

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Maru offers smiles to both Athaur and Eshra at their greetings and says a few quiet words--he _is_ capable of them, occasionally--then his head cranes around at the sound of his name being spoken elsewhere. "Lady Mikani," he calls out with a wave. "Do I need to come over there to say hello? Please don't make me get up. My years are catching up with me."

Kaia smiles at the Redreef, "Kaia Bisland, lovely to have you here, both." she says, "Do let me know if I can get the servants to bring you anything." she offers, before graciously moving away after the brief introductions.

Ilmia looks up from things when the name Leary is brought up and there's a smile to Liara, "Yes, your highness I'm Lady Ilmia Leary. I just arrived in Arx recently from traveling abroad." she tells her.

Lisebet offers Niklas a nod of her head, and a smile. "Prince Niklas. Princess Sabella," she greets, before she turns to Olivia and Ilmia. "Princess Liara, how nice to see you again. I'd do an introduction, but it seems you are already halfway through and I only just met Lady Ilmia myself."

"Duchess Lisebet! How is married life treating you?" Sabella asks, taking a sip of wine and giving her husband a smile, "I didn't mean to leave you behind, but I heard there might be a chocolate fountain here and you know how much I love those! Also I wanted to see Lord Maru, of course." She adds quickly. "...but have you ever been to a party with a chocolate fountain? They're amazing!"

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"Lovely to see you too, my lady," Liara replies to Lisebet, with an easy smile, before her gaze turns fully back to Ilmia. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Ilmia. I am Liara Grayson, although it appears that you may have gathered as much already. I hope that you have found Arx entirely as accommodating as one might hope for."

With all the moving around Kaia was starting to feel in need of taking a rest, and so she finally swayed her way over to the family table, and took a sit there. Her stance ever so graceful; altough, she probably felt like dropping dead right there and then.

Lisebet inclines her head to Sabella, acknowledging her comment. "So far very well, thank you. I look forward to more of it." She assumes the comment about the hcocolate fountain is for Niklas as well, so leaves that comment to them. "Olivia, shall we maybe find a table to settle at and chat?"

Orrin offers a bow to the Rivenshari pair there. "My lord, my lady," he says, easily. "How pleasant that you were able to attend, and bring your delightful music with you." The smile there is no more effortful than the greeting. "It has been some time; I trust it has been no less busy for you than for I."

Olivia smiles and nods at Lisebet

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Ilmia gives a bow of her head to Liara and there's a smile, "It's been very interesting since I've arrived. So far I'm trying to figure out where I can be the most helpful." she admits to her. The blush had at least bled out of her cheeks from what Michael had done. Then there's a smile to Lisebet, "Thank you, Duchess." she tells her.

Peri is chatting with people at the table with her Great Uncle who says something to cause Peri's lips to purse in bemusement.

Mikani laughs at Maru's words and drags Drake along with her. "Have you met Lord Maru. He seems gruff and he likes to frown a lot but once he knows you are nice he's really quite pleasant." Mikani then smiles at Maru. "You my Lord are not old .. just wise. And your body doesn't like it." She winks at him playfully before sipping her drink.

"There is an abundance of worthwhile things to involve one's self in, my lady - I am sure you have been inundated with options by now." Liara offers Ilmia a light smile and adds, "Those of your family that I have met have tended to have somewhat scholarly interests. Do your own interests follow a similar trend?"

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Maru looks up from his conversation at the table and grins to Mikani. "You're too kind, my lady," he says with a smile. Where's that gruff man she just described? He seems rather affable tonight. "No amount of kindess can change that I've seen quite a few years pass, though. Here's hoping I see several more, though."

After a while, Kaia stands up once more from her sit, and she gives the servants some instructions before proceeding to make her way quietly up the stairs towards the Atrium.

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Ilmia gives a nod to Liara, "I do tend to be a scholar. I'm a member of the group here as well." she admits. "I tend to like adventuring and things of that nature. I sometimes think that going out and finding answer is more fun that sitting in the library for days though. But that's me." she offers with a smile. "I'm happy to lend my research skills and other things to those that need them though." she tells her.

Straightening from his position behind Maru, Orrin gives Maru a nod before noting his falcon flying in; he lets the beast light on his arm and takes a message, a rather lengthy thing, followed by drawn brows. "Pardon me," he murmurs. "It does not end. Enjoy the gathering, uncle. My lord, my lady." He bows, and then heads out, still reading missives as he goes.

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Mikani makes a tisking sound. "Lord Maru, I wasn't being kind. I was being honest. I'm far too blunt to be kind." She teases softly as she looks around the room.

Lisebet and Olivia finally settle at a table, at least for a bit.

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Diane, a bright-eyed peregrine falcon leaves, following Orrin.

"There is ample opportunity for both such things, my lady. I imagine you will find yourself spoiled for choice." Liara offers that in mild reply to Ilmia, then, in addendum, with a quick grin, "Or you may find yourself coming close to being overwhelmed by sundry researchers in search of aid. In any case, welcome to Arx."

Peri is in animated discussion at her table.

Ilmia gives a soft smile to Liara, "Thank you for that, your highness. I will make sure not to let myself get overwhelmed by too much." she admits. Then there's a look around, "I should get going though. It was lovely to see old faces again and meet new ones." she grins. And with that, she finds her way out.

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