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Redrain Velenosa Reception

Prince Lorenzo and Princess Gwenna Redrain always hoped to have a summer evening wedding and reception. They were quietly wed on the deck of a ship returning from Stormward, instead, and often joked that by the time they managed to plan the party? They would end up with a summer reception anyhow. Thus, here we are. All are welcome to come join the celebration hosted in the exquisite gardens of The Arcadia at the famed Whisper House.

Their first project as a married couple is the creation of a grand library in the Redrain ward. In lieu of gifts, items that they might use there would be quite humbly accepted.


Feb. 16, 2019, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Gwenna Bliss Lorenzo


Gretchen Marian Radhilde Drea Helena Evaristo Willow Mirk Margret Arthen Elgana Gilroy Gianna Lycoris Sophie


Whisper Redrain Velenosa


Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - The Arcadia

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Comments and Log


To say that the reception as hosted by Champion Bliss at the Whisper House's Arcadia was exquisite would to be doing the event so very, very little justice. It was both extravagant and humbling; a reminder of how precious this life is, of the beauty and value of love, joy, and even duty. That to stop living because of the shadows that worry us is to have already let the enemies win. That the tempest blizzards of the northlands can marry the hurricane summers of the southlands and work together in harmony.

On a lighter note, the chocolate fountain is a wonder that, I think, trumped even the icewine.

An unusual time for a party to start, it's certain, particularly in the midst of summer, but it's an hour or so after twilight that people begin to arrive at Whisper House in order to attend the wedding reception for the union of one Gwenna and one Lorenzo Redrain. True, the Princess and the former Velenosan Prince have been married for some time now - but this and that happens, and the time for the celebration is now. It's clear, immediately, what the style of the decoration is - the Arcadia of Whisper House has been transformed into a setting that could be straight out of Lenosia itself, from the sparkling lights and dangling mirrors to the large and still reflecting pool itself.

But this is Whisper House - and this is also a Redrain party.

While there is Lenosian wine (that now rare thing) and others from the Lyceum a-plenty, there are also Northern beers, ales, and whiskey. The delicacies and spices of the south have been blended with the dishes of the North - it's not uncommon here to see a northern meat pie flavored with clove and spice, or other such dishes that are blends of the two cultures. But what there also is plenty of are the staple dishes of each culture. Whispers abound in this area, of course, happy to converse, sing and dance with those attending, and soft music begins to play from a few lyre players on the side as guests filter in, their voices calm and meant to be underneath the speech of the guests.

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper leaves, following Bliss.

Fancy, the highly discerning Graypeak Mountain pup arrives, following Evaristo.

Fancy, the highly discerning Graypeak Mountain pup have been dismissed.

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper arrives, following Bliss.

"I don't actually know either of them," Gretchen replies conversationally to another party goer that's getting some wine, "But who really knows anyone in this life and why should not knowing someone stop you from making connections, right? Right." With a winning smile and a firm nod she moves on to mingle with the crowd.

Marian steps into the wedding reception, looking around the room with a piercing gaze. She looks touched at the beauty that is celebrating Gwenna and Lorenzo's happy day. She lightly places a scarred hand over her heart to show just how touched she is. For the wedding reception, Marian has put away her armor and instead is wearing a stunning emerald dress with matching slippers. She dons on the earrings her dear Fergus gave her shortly before they married. Her blood red hair is braided with gold leaves decorating her temples, giving her an etherial look. There is no plus one by her side. This scarred warrior princess is going to the party alone. Once she enters the party, she seeks out the happy couple to greet them.

Right at the appointed time, Lorenzo arrives arm-in-arm with Gwenna, the former in sleek umbra and the latter draped in radiant aeterna. He is leaning towards her and speaking in loud enough tones to be overheard by anyone nearby. "... honestly, I promise we're not late. Well, we're six months late to be throwing this party at all, but isn't that why we waited until summer anyway?" Then, looking up, he brightens as he spots family and friends, happiness like a glow around them, just as if today was their wedding day.

Entering the party along with the other guests, Radhilde looks around slowly, clutching her hands together as she takes in her surroundings with a drawn breath and soon smiles, her teeth showing with her joy and she shuffles in still with others, a line seeming to quickly form near the couple.

Gwenna seems quite merry, Lorenzo's words drawing a delicate laugh and nod of her head. "It would hardly be /us/ if we did anything at the expected time, hmm?" Glancing around, she lets out an audible sigh. "Champion Bliss and the Whisper House have truly outdone themselves. Look how beautiful!" Taking everything in, that warm and cheerful smile remains at the sight of family and friends. "Thank you all so much for coming to celebrate!"

The Redrain matriarch is already there, or she just appears. Not usually one for fancy clothes and feminine things, she is actually wearing a dress and watching as people arrive. No need to interrupt, she can wait her turn. Drea does get a glass of wine, though. Such things must take time to be appreciated.

Gwenna is overheard praising Whisper: Little can outshine the beauty of the Whisper House, especially for an important social occasion!

Hurrying in, in a rush of fluttery silk, Helena's a touch rosy-cheeked from running about in the warm night, perhaps. She stops to a more sedate and proper Princess gait when she enters the room proper, gazing about at the beautiful decor and those present in beautiful gowns and finery. Her eyes find Gwenna and Lorenzo and she moves toward them. "You look divine," she tells Gwenna, before giving the married-in-Redrain a more appraising look, before her lips curve into a grin. "And you look very handsome. Congratulations again," she tells the still newlyweds. "This is just beautiful. Bliss is so talented."

Helena is overheard praising Whisper.

Helena is overheard praising Bliss.

Evaristo arrived before the wedded couple, but just barely - he's sauntering around without much aim, taking in the atmosphere, giving Marian a broad grin and a wink and making some gestures that suggest 'we'll have lots of drinks later, it'll be great' at the princess (after bowing, of course), like the are old best drinking buddies. But, once the wedded couple is here, he turns their way and bows, smiling wide. Helena? She's given a wink there.

It isn't long before Willow is spotted wandering in past the mirrors and candlelight, smiling up at the silver chains hanging and every other present member of ths Redrain family she passes until she reaches Gwenna, whom she tries to offer a hug to. It's been too long since their painting lessons together in their youth and she exclaims to the Princess, "You look /wonderful/. Like you're glowing." She smiles to both Gwenna and then to Lorenzo. "Congratulations on your union. I delivered your gift to the Library already."

Bliss has been here the whole time, and she never stepped away, really. She is dressed in a gown of silver and white, keeping to the monochromatic look of the decorations, and she might have even blended in perfectly if not for the sable hair on top of her head - though the feathers cresting from her shoulders and framing her face are doing their best to distract from it. Not that this room isn't full of colors from the gardens surrounding them, of course. With a smile on her face and a book held against her chest, she waits until Gwenna and Lorenzo have made their way in before walking to them - her head dipping to greet each other guest in turn as well. "Prince Lorenzo and Princess Gwenna, welcome, as always, to Whisper House. Allow us to celebrate your wedding with a gift from our collection." Handing the book over, she tilts her head in and murmurs something quietly.

Mirk arrives to the party quietly, dressed plainly compared to his lavish surroundings, in simple linens and wool in earthen tones, a direwolf fur cloak draped across his shoulders. "High Shaman," he says, offering Drea a dip of his head as he arrives. The rest of the familiar faces among the crowd get a more subtle nod of his head as he passes them, and a more enthusiastic "Congratulations," to Gwenna and Lorenzo. "I hope you both find happiness - or have found it already, given the timing."

Marian gives a greeting to the happy couple, "You did well to choose the Whisper House for this event, it's simply lovely." And it appears that Marian agrees with Gwenna that the Whisper House and Champion Bliss outdid themselves. She then offers her well wishes, "I am so glad to finally be able to celebrate your union. Congratulations on your nuptials." She winks at Lorenzo because indeed it's been 6 months.

Margret arrives on the arm of Alessandro in a dark blue seasilk gown that glitters with chips of champagne silver and crystals and mimics the night sky in a way that is fitting for the event. "Oh this looks so lovely!" She gushes before spotting Lorenzo and Gwenna. Then she gushes again, "Oh they look so lovely!" Alessandro agrees, probably, before he goes off to do something. Margret lifts an arm to wave at the bride and groom, but since they have so many well-wishers already she hangs back.

Finally nearing the couple, Radhilde curtseys to them both then grins warmly, her whole face alight as she addresses the joyous pair, "Congratulations to you both. You look quite -blissful- I must say! Congrats again." To Gwenna she seems to show off the dress some, her smile sheepish now and then she dips her head to Lorenzo before she continues on.

Arthen Dayne has his nicest shirt on when he gets to the place, seeing as the occasion is such a fine one. He's got one thumb tucked into his belt, but his other arm's all taken up by Princess Elgana Redrain, who he is escorting around. "I was thinkin' maybe once this summer blows over and we are headed into the lateness of the year, I got a thing we could see about. It's islander stuff. Could be exciting..". That's the conversation just as they pass into the Arcadia, but now there's company around and he clears his throat, "Well, would ya look at this? Ain't it somethin'." He takes a moment to admire, openly, all the work what's gone into the place.

Lorenzo looks around at the amazing decorations and gives Gwenna's arm a little squeeze. "You're right. I know we spoke about all these things, but Whisper House has really outdone themselves. Thank you all for coming!" he adds to the family and friends who have gathered. "Helena, thank you so much. And that silk gown is amazing." He gives Willow a warm smile. "Thank you, I saw the book earlier when I stopped in to see how the construction was coming. Every contribution is important and much appreciated." He turns and gives Bliss a smile as well. "Champion Bliss Whisper, thank you so much. The work you have done here has been amazing."

"/You/ look divine," Gwenna replies happily to Helena. "That gown is beyond. It's like the palest of roses that goes with your jewelry perfectly." Willow's remarks tug her next and she returns the hug. "You are too kind, Lady Willow, and look quite stunning as well. As for the glow, well, I do think I've had it since meeting this handsome prince," is said with a grin and glance to Lorenzo. When Bliss welcomes them and gifts them with the book, she says, "We are so grateful for the generosity of Whisper House, and your attention to detail here is beyond my wildest dreams, Champion Bliss. I'm nearly speechless at the beauty." The quieter words offered make Gwenna arch her brows a little and smile a touch wider. Mirk's remarks make her laugh. "Thank you, my lord." Margret and Alessandro get waves in returns, of course, and then turns yet again, this time to Radhilde. "I'm so glad you came, my lady! Thank you for such kind words, truly. Please do enjoy yourself. It would be hard not to here, hmm?"

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"Oh, this is breathtaking!" Elgana enthuses as she enters the Arcadia with Arthen. She pauses to take in everything from the little mirrors to the flowers, and then, of course, those gathered. Her dark eyes are aglow with joy as she skips over everyone gathered before landing on the happy couple, her smile growing as she says to Dayne, "We should go say hello," which is then chased by, "Islander stuff is it? You know I'm certain /that/ would be interesting." It is a gentle tug she gives on her companion's arm before she is in motion again. Helena gets a warm smile when Elgana and Arthen get closer to where her little sister is, and of course Bliss and then Marian get that smile and a waggle of fingers in greeting.

Drea smiles at Mirk as he arrives and she takes a sip of wine, waiting for things to die down a bit before she tries approaching the happy couple. She does so love to watch her family so happy that it's hard to just not bask in how amazing they are.

Marian knows that Gwenna and Lorenzo have many more people to greet so she takes a glass of wine and heads off to the reflecting pool to observe the water and give those celebrating the wedding to have their fun. The solemn warrior princess is clearly happy for the couple, but seems less comfortable in a dress in a party than she does in armor in the battlefield.

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Lorenzo gives Mirk a warm smile. "Cousin Mirk! Thank you, it means so much to me that you could come. And all of the Redrain fealty has been so welcoming. We certainly have started things on a wonderful note." He reaches out to Marian and touches her hand in greeting. "Thank you so much for coming and putting up with our delay in actually throwing a party. Good things come to those who wait, though, right?" Hugs are given to his brother Alessandro and his wife Marget. "So glad you could come. You set such a high bar with your own wedding reception, we just wanted to try to match it."

Gretchen does not approach the happy couple yet since so many people seem to be swarming them. Instead she has a seat at one of the tables, sipping wine and looking around the room.

"Oh, thank you! But no one can outshine you," says Helena brightly. There's so many people to see and look at, and Helena does her best. Evaristo's appearance draws her eyes and she grins at him, before waving to Elgana and Arthen when they arrive, still near the door. She steps out of the path of those seeking Gwenna and Lorenzo, given they are far more important than she is at this moment (and let's be fair, most moments!). Margret and Alessandro get quick hugs and cheek kisses too. "You look beautiful," she tells Elgana, "so mysterious," she adds -- the two look as opposite as they ever do, but for their similar blue eyes, and yet there is that Redrain quality about both. "And Mister Dayne, you look so dashing. What a gorgeous color on you." She smiles brightly at the man, before turning to gesture Evaristo closer. "Captain Evaristo. Have you met my sister and Mister Arthen Dayne?" she asks.

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Radhilde's lips cast a smile Gwenna's way and she continues further into the room, her steps taking her near the pool. She is all smiles really, as she soaks everything in and attempts to mingle with the crowd.

Evaristo seems quite lazily content to wait to greet the couple the party is for, hovering around near a table with a drink - he glances at Gretchen who is doing the exact same thing, raising his glass to her in a little toast and a half amused smile. However, he's drawn out of it by Helena - he blinks and then settles his most charming smile on his lips, sauntering over and bowing. "I don't believe I have," he confesses. "I came here because I have a... well, let's say I admire Prince Lorenzo's work and am a staunch supporter of the copper solidarity movement." He introduces himself fully with: "Captain Evaristo Arterius."

"Cousin," Mirk replies to Lorenzo with a dip of his head. "I couldn't miss the wedding reception for my kin, now, could I?" He reaches under his cloak and produces a small tome, holding it out to Gwenna and Lorenzo both. "I brought a small gift. It's a trivial thing, I'm sure, a single book, but it's something to mark the occasion and I hope it might prove valuable to someone in your House." There's a subtle smile as he offers the gift over to them, barely tugging at the corners of his lips.

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Gift given, Bliss dips her head toward Lorenzo and Gwenna, saying to them both, "You both are welcome, and it was my honor to be able to make your vision come to life. And don't worry - I haven't forgotten about your other request. That's best saved for when people have settled in." A small wink is given, and then she steps back, her eyes trailing over the other guests, and a bright smile on her face. Looking around a moment, she wanders toward a table, seeming content to do so and wiggling her fingers back in greeting to those who had done so to her.

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Willow joins Marian's direction of choice once her greeting of the bride and groom has passed, so as not to hold up the reception of guests.

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"I don't see a chance of it not bein' interesting. A lot of uh.. interesting sorts in certain parts of the Mourning Isles. I got a book I'll loan you before..", Arthen Dayne responds with. Though as Princess Elgana is tugging on his arm the explorer follows along in her enthusiasm with a laugh, "I expect that's where we're headin', to say hello." On the way over, Helena greets them and he finds a smile for the other noblewoman, "Princess Helena! Thank you. Dame Morrighan made this shirt for me. I about hit the floor when I saw it. Can't say I ever owned a thing so nice." He shares the smile with Evaristo as he's introduced too, "Pleasure's mine.", and offers to shake.

Margret returns the hugs given to her, first Helena's and then Lorenzo's. "Congradulations! And this is so beautiful! But oh you should get back to your other guests don't let me keep you!" She drifts towards Elgana to greet her with a brief hug if she allows it before she says, "Princess Helena is right you look so beautiful!" Arthen is given a polite smile and nod of the head in greeting. Then she heads towards the table where Bliss has camped out to sit down with her.

Lorenzo catches sight of Arthen with Elgana on his arm, and he gives the couple a wave. "Master Arthen! You and I have to catch up to talk soon. And Elgana, it's wonderful to see you again too. Those hairpins are stunning." Then to Mirk, he smiles warmly. "Thank you so much. Gwenna and I both wanted the library to be a project of our union, with as many people contributing to it as possible. It's a place where we want everyone to feel like they're welcome and they're a part of it." He gives Bliss a grateful look. "I appreciate everything you've done so far, that's for sure. We've certainly been given so much by Whisper House as is."

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The smile can't seem to fade from Gwenna's lips, but her expression does grow curious when Mirk offers the book. "My lord, anything for the library is truly a gift beyond measure. Thank you so much, quite sincerely." She makes a little 'oooo' sound once she's able to read the title, her features betraying no lack of delight, as with the book gifted by Bliss. She waves cheerfully at Elgana and Arthen when she espies them, the princess still quite mirthful. Bliss' wink makes her laugh and then she notes to those nearby, "This is just a small reason why contracts with the Whisper House are simply something every house should have." Turning to Lorenzo, she lets out a contented sigh. "This? Was so very much worth the wait, I think. You were so very right about an evening reception during summer."

"Sister you look lovely as always," Elgana says warmly to Helena once she and Arthen have made their way over. She is a hugger so it is natural that Helena gets a one-armed hug from her older sister. And then there is a Margret! Elgana contains her squeal of delight at seeing her best friend but is quick to get swept up in that hug, Arthen's arm perhaps thankfully not getting tugged out of its socket by the excited princess. "Mags! You look divine!" she exclaims as she pulls back from the hug, her smile turned up another notch. "Thank you both." And then to Evaristo, she dips into a curtsy as she turns that warm smile upon him, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I think I've heard my sister mention you in passing before so it is terribly lovely to put a face to a name." But Elgana has not forgotten her reason for heading in this direction so that smile, all warm and gentle, gets turned upon her favorite cousin and that cousin's husband - Lorenzo and Gwenna both get a cheerful wave, "Congratulations you both, you are some of my favorite people!" And then she adds on to Lorenzo, "Dame Ida's work, of course!" A little pride shifting into her words as she reaches up to adjust one of those hairsticks.

"That is," Evaristo says as he squints at Arthen's shirt, "one of the nicest shirts I've ever seen," he admits admiringly, shaking Arthen's hand firmly and friendly-like, grinning wide and charming. "However," he says and turns to Elgana, "it is no match for the beauty of Lady Elgana on your arm, and I would not have even noticed the shirt had you not pointed it out." He bows once more as she heads to greet the couple, turning a glance at Helena with some amusement.

Mirk hands over his gift, flashing a grin at their thanks, and offers a bow to the married couple. "My best wishes on your project, and I'll keep my eyes out for anything that ought to make its way into the Redrain libraries," he offers. "I'm sure that it will be the pride of all of Arx, by the time you're done." Then he withdraws smoothly, making his way over to the reflecting pool to find a seat and watch others exchange their pleasantries.

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Marian stays for about the first hour while others come and greet the happy couple. Just long enough to have a drink and chat with Lady Willow by the reflecting pool. Of course, she makes a point of circulating the crowd, giving a greeting to all those that came. But of course it's not long before she steps away from the party, slipping out quietly.

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"It's truly a beautiful shirt," says Helena with a bright smile for the cheerful tall man, before bestowing a bright one on Evaristo. "As is yours, Captain." She nods to Lorenzo. "Have you met the prince yet? I can introduce you. I'm sure he's thrilled with all that you have done for his brilliant idea, especially in the commons," she says. She doesn't move that way just yet, letting Elgana and Arthen and Evaristo continue to make their introductions, and then for Elgana to go greet the happy couple of the hour. "But I'm her favorite!" she calls over with a grin -- it's not really true. Just a multiple-way tie, maybe.

Evaristo's words make the Redrain look his way with a brow lift and an impish grin. "All right, silvertongue, come over here and meet the married couple you are here to celebrate." Helena takes him by the hand to lead him closer to Gwenna and Lorenzo. "Captain Evaristo, Princess Gwenna and Prince Lorenzo."

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Ender, a Silver Gyrfalcon, Ursa, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Marian.

Drea is so quiet at her table, just watching everyone go back and forth. There's no doubt that she is enjoying all the Redrain family around and about. There is a small package on the table in front of her, though she hasn't approached to do anything with it. She makes sure that Mirk sees her wave.

"Oh yeah," says Gilroy as he wanders into the Arcadia, "I've been friends with," eyes dart around until he spies a name, then he says, "Gwenna?" like he doubts it could possibly really be someone's name, then looks back to the person to whom he is speaking, "for years and years." The person looks doubtful, but hey, they said anyone was invited so why argue? Once they're inside Gilroy peels off to go and really get into the reception spirit. Which means he goes and grabs a plate and then piles it higher than is possibly healthy with free food before going to plop down at a free seat. As he walks he throws out waves to those few people he recognizes, though he actually stops to give Evaristo a smack on the back. "Captain Evaristo, you old so and so! Are you also a friend of Gwenenzo and Lorenna too? Good folks, good folks. Have you tried these little spinach pinwheels?"

"She's certainly somethin' else. I can't say they make Redrain royals what can escape the notice much.", Arthen Dayne answers in response to Evaristo while shaking the other man's hand, smile warm and creasing the corners of his eyes even. But Elgana seems off to greet the newly-married couple and so too are the folks he's speaking with. He follows along, especially as Lorenzo's calling over to him. "Prince Lorenzo! Do we have some catchin' up to do? We best ought to do that, I suppose. Soon. Congratulations on the new life..". To both he and Princess Gwenna, he says, "I'm real excited for this library. I've got some books I'll bring along for it. Enough that it'd be real impolite to bring them to a reception. We can square it all away later!".

As the guests settle in, the food begins to go around, house servants coming by and asking people for their preferences in their drinks and meals - if something isn't on display, it's usually only a brief dip inside before they manage to bring out whatever is to the satisfaction of those asking. Also of note is that an extra wine glass - empty for now - is given to each guest, provided without explanation, and usually set down beside them. The music shifts from the softer music earlier to something a little livelier, but it begins to bear that eerie quality that is so noticeable about music from Lenosia - played in minor key, and while still joyful, there is a slightly ominous air to it. Not anything unusual to anyone from the Lyceum, of course. Have to stay on your toes. There might be poison in the food, so we always have to remember we're just that close to death by natural causes.

The arrival of Gilroy is called to Willow's attention when he says Gwenna's name. The part that follows gets a reaction that mingles skepticism with laughter. So he acts like that here, too.

"Let's talk more later, nice to meet you," Evaristo says and sounds like he means it, giving Arthen one of those 'I got to go be social'-looks - he follows Helena like an obedient puppy, eyes glittering; he seems to enjoy himself here. "So you like my shirt? I love the color. Like a punch in the face, just with silk and pink," he notes cheerfully. On the way, he's stopped by Gilroy, snags one of those snacks and says; "Yep, known them since forever, they're naming their first child after me. Or is that second?" he says with a squint, "And now I have tried the snacks, thanks. Going to go talk with them now, catch you later." He grins at Gilroy and THEN finally, goes to greet the wedded couple, bowing deeply. "Your highnesses - I'm honored to be here, I mean, you invited anyone, but still. I'm honored. Captain Evaristo Arterius."

Mirk returns the wave in Drea's direction, as he settles himself at his seat, along with a small smile, though it's followed by a neutral expression that accompanies a flat look at Gilroy, as if he's not entirely sure what to make of the man.

"The spinach pinwheels aren't as good as these bacon wrapped scallops," Gretchen points out, snagging a few from a passion tray. "Did you say you were a Captain?" she asks Evaristo curiously.

Lorenzo gives Gwenna's arm a gentle pat. "I'm really looking forward to looking through all of these books as well. They all seem beautiful and amazing, and I'm sure they'll all create such a wonderful legacy for the Redrain family." He grins brightly as Elgana brings Evaristo over to them. "Captain Evaristo, I'm so glad you could come. It has been so wonderful to have your contributions on the Copper Solidarity project. I almost feel like we should have a party for that as well, but considering how long it has taken us to put this one together..." He trails off with a self-depricating laugh. He gives Arthen a grin. "Thank you so much. We'll have spots in there to display interesting artifacts too, if there are any you'd like to leave out for the public to see. And if you'd like to post tales of your adventures there, those would be welcome as well."

When Helena introduces Evaristo, Gwenna seems to nearly light up. "Captain Evaristo, how wonderful to meet you officially, though I have heard much about you already. I have one of the copper scarves, in fact! I wore it to the Assembly actually. I am indebted to you for your support and endeavors with the Copper movement. Thank you so much." Elgana is given an affectionate cheek-kiss. "You too sweet, cousin! And snowballs, you look /stunning/ too, as always. Ah, Master Arthen, I can hardly wait to see what you might offer to the library, given your travels." Overhearing Gretchen mention bacon wrapped scallops seems to tug Gwenna's attention next and a hand rests on her stomach. Not in a gossip-inspiring way, but a she's-probably-just-hungry way. Nodding again to Lorenzo, she grins. "I'm really looking forward to it, too. Even moreso when the library is furnished," is said with a chuckle. "The display cases are in the works, at least."

Just a small blush manages to make its way onto Elgana's cheeks at Evaristo's words but she laughs and then resumes her hold on Arthen's arm, delicately as she says, "Too kind but thanks you." And then off they drift toward that happy and beloved pair! Once more she unthreads her arm from Arthen's and makes to give her favorite people, at least this pair of her favorite people, hugs. No one escapes Elgana Redrain hugs! "I too will have some gifts for the library and cannot wait to fill it with more and more over the months and years to follow. Especially with Redrain history," She leans into the cheek-kiss from Gwenna before returning it and then stepping back so she can regard the pair and not crowd them so much. "You both look amazing but that's no surprise to me at all. I'm so happy for you both and can't wait to see what the future holds in store for our family."

"Well yes, I thought - what's a better way to meet the man behind the copper solidarity than crashing their wedding reception?" Evaristo jokes. "Which, by the way, is absolutely amazing." He looks surprised at the suggestion about writing about his adventures, then contemplative, rubbing his jaw. "I could try that. Maybe. If I feel like it and got the time... However, I'll make some nice copies of the songs I've written and send those over, if you'd like. Thank you for your kind words, and I'm sure I could whip up a good party in a few days - that IS a good idea." He bows once more, gives Helena a warm look and murmurs something to her, before he leaves room for others to greet the couple, heading towards Gretchen. "I am indeed, my lady. Captain of Josie, a nice little caravel I own myself. Captain Evaristo ARterius, cousin to guildmaster Joscelin Arterius but I'm afraid I never inherited the crafter gene. Someone in my family must have had sea-water in their veins and passed it on to me."

To both Gwenna and Lorenzo, Arthen Dayne answers, "You know, I got a couple of nice lookin' finds that wouldn't look terrible in there, I bet. They're good pieces of Redrain history. I'll bring 'em, you might want 'em.", he says, but the explorer takes a step back when Princess Elgana does, trusting her etiquette over his own by any stretch. "Again, congratulations. You know I am always happy to see House Redrain flourishin', and Prince Lorenzo here seems like a kind man by all accounts. Somethin' to be said for tryin' a little kindness..". After that, he glances back over to Elgana, smile deepening for a second, then he dips in to ask something.

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"Lady Gretchen Moore," The woman introduced herself and gestures to a waiter to send him towards the bride with some of that bacon deliciousness, "What is your ship named after, if I might ask?"

Lorenzo nods to Gwenna. "I hope the main construction of the library itself will be finished soon. We can worry about the details later." He returns Elgana's hug warmly and laughs. "It's no rush to fill the library with books. I'm sure that will be a lifetime task for us, and perhaps the work of many lifetimes in the future. There's so much fascinating family history out there, I can't wait to help discover it." Evaristo is given a grin. "You're completely welcome here! Isn't the movement all about standing together? We aren't shutting anyone out!" He brightens at Arthen's words and nods. "I'll look forward to seeing them, in that case. I'm sure they'll fit in perfectly."

When Evaristo whispers to her, Helena nods, reaching up to cup her hands around his ear to murmur something back, then settling back with a smile. "I have books for you too. I'll send them to the library so you don't have to lug them around," she tells Gwenna and Lorenzo. "You do look amazing." The music in the background makes her draw her brows together just a little. "Lady Moore. What a beautiful pendant you are wearing," she tells Gretchen, before she nods to where Margret, Bliss and Al sit at a table. "If you'll excuse me, I need to go tell my lovely protege something," she says with a smile to both Evaristo and Gretchen.

Gilroy gives Evaristo a surprised look at the news that the couple would be naming their baby after him. Once the Captain has left, Gilroy turns to the person next to him and, expression completely aghast, says, "Who would name a child Captain Dipshit?" He shakes his head and tsks, then starts in on little pastries filled with marinated pork and then something glazed and on a bone and make a few forkfuls of carmelized onions. It's all good because it's all free! He narrows his eyes at Gretchen and snaps, "You stay away from Eva, he's my guy. He proposed to me with a ring we'd just taken from some dread pirate or another. They all mesh into one after a while." With a bit of a sigh he adds, "Who are the happy couple? I should go introduce myself so we can be old friends."

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Radhilde settles down at a seat at the same table as Drea, smiling over to her then allowing her gaze to fall on those gathered as she quietly sips on a drink.

Gianna drops a marble fountain flowing with rich chocolate.

Gwenna bobs her head to Arthen, grinning wide still. "We've commissioned cases that lock so that everything should remain safe," she tells him. "I may ask His Grace if he will put a few guards there as well, since we hope to have items of import to not only Redrain, but perhaps the Compact in general." Lorenzo's remarks draw her attention and she laughs a little. "Well, the walls of the library are there, just...not much else. Soon though!" Turning to Helena, she then says, "I would love your poem for the library, cousin. It is so beautiful. As well, Captain Evaristo, your songs would be a wonderful addition." As people start to settle at tables, she wonders in an amused tone, "Maybe we should sit soon, my love? Everything smells so divine that I fear my stomach may rumble before too long."

Evaristo looks a bit distracted as Helena whispers to him, fumbling a bit with his glass and snacks he just grabbed, spilling some wine and juggling a bacon roll before he composes himself, turning to Gretchen with a very neutral expression at first. He squints at the pendant when pointed out to by Helena and grins a bit wider - he recognizes the design, no doubt. "Ah, I had one minute to think of a name when registering the building of her, so I named her after my cousin, which as it turns out is the perfect name and I will never change it. Joscelin - Josie," he explains readily enough. He shoots Gilroy a smirk and a chuckle, but just shakes his head at the comments. "Lady Gretchen - I heard about your spa, and fully intend to visit. Sounds like the best of indulgences while healing your body from all the stress and hardships."

On the way to the table with Margret and Bliss, Helena veers a little to stop and say hello to Drea. "Princess Drea, you look incredible. That gown is divine!" the younger Redrain tells Drea, crouching beside Drea's chair so she can give the matriarch a quick kiss on the cheek, because Darren's mom is everyone's mom, okay? "Hi," she greets Radhilde with a bright smile. "I'm Helena," she offers, giving a hand to the Acheron lady. "You look familiar but I can't place your name...? Your gown is beautiful as well. That color is simply stunning."

Did somebody say chocolate fountain? No? Well! About the chocolate fountain: it's working. Gianna has been supervising the troubleshooting, which has all been very discreet, and she has tested it with a bit of strawberry and now it is functioning properly.

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Drea reaches out to touch Helena's face with her hand and then smiles at her, tugging her into a hug. "Ah, hello my dear girl. It is a pleasure to see you here and with such a smile on your face." She is the Redrain mom, isn't she? "You look lovely. All the lovelies of Redrain, I fear for the other houses."

"No hurry, no. But I'm excited to see just how far I can get before this turn on the Wheel is done," Elgana says cheerfully to Lorenzo before she turns toward Arthen's whisper. Whatever he says gets the Redrain's smile to grow before she leans back in to whisper something in return. Once the whispering is done she turns back to Gwenna and Lorenzo, "I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to catch up!" And just as Elgana turns she notices something that makes her gasp, "Chocolate! Fountain!" And then she's off toward it and Gianna. Sorry, Arthen.

"Why thank you," Gretchen reaches up to touch her pendant, giving Helena a smile, "My cousin Tessa have it to me when I got to the city. And I do hope you'll stop by," she ignores Gilroy to give Evaristo an even bigger smile, "First shave is on the house for such a good friend of Master Gilroy's."

Even as Helena is approaching, though, Bliss is standing slowly, bringing her hand to a chair. She turns her head to Jared, giving him a single nod - to which he steps away inside the building for a moment. She clears her throat and brings her empty glass of wine up, along with a spoon to tap against it a few times to try to catch the attention of everyone. Whether or not she succeeds, she waits a moment before beginning to speak. As she does so, a few Whispers emerge from inside holding bottles of a dark blue color, beginning to fan out to each of the guests - and the empty glasses that had been placed next to them, or handed to them. Into these glasses is the liquid from the bottle poured - a light red in color, smelling strongly sweet - icewine, for those familiar, that incredibly rare, expensive, and delectfully sweet dessert wine. As it's served, she begins to speak. "Princess Gwenna, Prince Lorenzo, the union between you two has been an example which the Compact can take many lessons from. North and South working together to the betterment of all of us, despite the many differences, and it simply working in a way that the rest of us can only sit back and admire. Each of you find a strength in the other, and the success has been obvious to anyone who has been watching. Once again, let me lift my glass in honor to you and your houses. To the Last, No One May Harm us Unpunished, and to the Compact as a whole, let us drink." She waits until everyone has been served, and then, she takes a sip herself, holding up the glass in a toast to the couple before sitting down once more.

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Radhilde's smile reaches her eyes as she looks to Helena and rises to take her hand, giving a warm squeeze before introducing herself in return, "Radhilde and thank you for the compliment.. I suppose you may have heard of me before.. myself and my sister, Umbroise."

Willow lifts her glass to Gwenna and Lorenzo, and then to Bliss' toast after it is filled, holding it aloft for a beat before sipping enthusiastically at it.

"Oh, Lady Acheron, of course," Helena says with a bright smile for Radhilde. "So good to meet you in person. Oh, I should go sit. I need to chat with Lady Margret, will you excuse me?" she asks, seeing the service coming for the toast, and moving to the nearby table to sit with Margret, taking the drink and lifting it up. "Hear hear!" she says warmly, lifting her glass to take a sip.

Gianna's lips quirk up at the corners in one of her faint smiles as Elgana approaches. She makes way for the enthusiastic princess. That's what it means to be favoured by the Bard's College! You don't get attacked at the chocolate fountain. Gianna raises her wine glass in toast and has a sip to honour the couple.

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As Bliss makes her toast Margret's gaze goes towards where her brother-in-law and his wife are. She smiles broadly at both of them as the toast goes on, and then she picks up her own ice wine and takes a sip. Then she claps rather energetically.

Across the aisle, Helena grins back to Drea. "I don't think they deserve that much sympathy, Princess Drea, or if so, not because we're so lovely," she quips, lifting her glass to the Redrain matriarch and taking another sip.

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"Really? I'm amazed Gilroy managed to befriend someone so much his friends gets a free shave. Or is that a free... 'shave'?" he says and makes a line across his throat with a finger, eyeing Gilroy suspiciously. Distracted then by the toasting, he eyes the oddly colored wine with some widening of eyes, then toasts the couple with a loud shout of 'Congratulations' and takes a sip. "Wooah. I.. this is amazing," he says and takes another sip. "Alright, I'll dare it and come visit anyway," he promises Gretchen with a grin.

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Lorenzo grins at Gwenna. "Oh no, we should definitely sit down and eat something, then, before you faint away from hunger." He notices the chocolate fountain being brought in and gives his wife a sly look. "Anything you want, just let me know." A small laugh at all the excitement surrounding the chocolate fountain, before he smiles at Elgana and nods. "Of course, let's get together soon once all this is settled." Then Bliss is bringing out the icewine, and he accepts a glass as one is passed to him. He lifts it in toast to Bliss's words, and then says, "Thank you, all, for joining us today. It means the world to me to count you all as friends and family." A gesture around, and he takes a sip.

Elgana is quick to snag something alcoholic just in time for Bliss' toast. Oh, chocolate, you are so close. But for now, the Redrain princess turns back toward the happy pair, "Hear hear! To the last!" she exclaims, glass lifted and then tipped back. Once the toast is done she turns her eyes on the prize, snagging up a strawberry to dip into that rich fountain of deliciousness. "Nightingale," she offers in greeting to Gianna before she nibbles that chocolate enveloped berry and sighs content.

Radhilde dips her head quickly to Helena, watching her depart with a smile and she too lifts her glass with the toast before her attention is drawn to Gilroy as she takes a slow sip from her glass then shifts her gaze back to the couple when hearing Lorenzo's voice.

Thank the Gods and Spirits that aeterna does not stain. Gwenna can hardly help to notice the chocolate fountain is flowing with beautiful sugary liquid goodness. Her husband's words draw a bit of a wicked tug at the corner of her mouth. "Anything?" That look does not linger, though, as Bliss - impossible to ignore in a room even when she's /not/ standing and clinking a glass - calls for everyone's attention. The Redrain has some faint color on her cheeks and the delighted expression she has worn so often this evening is quickly back on display. When the icewine fills her glass, she quietly seems to marvel at it for a minute; the hue along with the rarity of the vintage seems something worth appreciating. Not too long, though, as such things are meant to be enjoyed. "Thank you, Champion Bliss, for an evening of absolute magic. How grateful we are for you, Whisper House, and our own Houses. We are fortunate beyond measure and, truly, I am the luckiest woman in Arx." A few nods are added to Lorenzo's words. "Yes. Thank you everyone who is here to celebrate as well."

Oh sure, on to the chocolate fountain. Arthen Dayne follows along in the wake of Princess Elgana's enthusiasm, right over to where Gianna is. There's a curious look for the fountain, but another warm smile for the Nightingale, "How are you, Nightingale Gianna? It's been a minute since all those months I wandered over to talk about that thing with you." In regards to the fountain, and with a glance at it, he adds, "That thing looks dangerous.." Icewine is being poured though, and a toast is made. He follows along, smiling, and adds a, "To the last!", at the end, raising his own glass and then taking a taste.

Gianna helps herself to another strawberry, giving Elgana a conspiratorial look. She inclines her head to Arthen when he appears. "Mister Dayne, so good to see you again. It has been a while, hasn't it? You never did take me on an adventure."

Mirk doesn't have a glass, but he raises a hip flask in recognition of the toast, and when it ends, he takes a pull of the whiskey before stowing the hip flask again.

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Drea salutes Helena with her glass of wine. "Well, I say it is because our ladies are far too lovely, talented and beautiful. Who else can compare?"

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper arrives, following Bliss.

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Gilroy clucks his tongue at Evaristo. "How dare you, Captain. I make friends everywhere I go. Even if sometimes my new friends need a little convincing." He waves down a server and orders himself a tall glass of the good stuff and a few more of these pork pasties please oh thank you that would be delightful.

Gretchen raised her glass in toast and then laughs at Evaristo's comment, "We're rivals. At least, that's what I hear he says. Me? I'm so amazing it is just nice to see people try to aspire to my greatness. It never happens, but it is fun to watch," she grins again and has a sip of wine.

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"I wouldn't worry overly much then, if Gilroy is your rival," Evaristo says lightly, eyes glittering with humor, ribbing his friend Gilroy right back here. However? He's got his eyes set on that chocolate fountain now. Wide eyes. " that chocolate?" he asks with amazement. "Gil! There's a fountain with CHOCOLATE! Alright, this even beats the party I went to that had a pool with whiskey in it, that wasn't even planned - it was an accident with crashed whiskey barrels, but man that was a good party. Until the owner of the house came back, anyway. Anyway, chocolate!" He looks around to see if anyone else is going to take some of it, if it's open for consumtion yet.

Oh it is dangerous, that chocolate fountain, but Elgana helps herself to a second berry after the first is gone. "Oh, I bet going on an adventure with you would be dreadfully fun," she says to Gianna with a smile, her tones turning conspiratorial. "We should make that happen," gets added on as she turns toward Arthen then, her smile turning playful.

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Arthen Dayne manages a look that's a little apologetic-like for Gianna, "Well, things have been a bit quiet while I am layin' groundwork, but I got an adventure of three comin' up.", he promises her. He pauses for Elgana's words, and gives that fountain of chocolate another skeptical look, before turning back to the conversation, "Yeah, I figure we can make that happen. I'll tell you where we are thinkin' of heading out to soon.." he begins, finally relenting and picking up a fat strawberry. Not for the chocolate, just to bite into.

Gilroy shakes his head at Evaristo. "She says rival, but she's the one who keeps writing vast tomes of poetry and sending them to me even as I assure her that they're weird and I'd rather she didn't." He looks at his table and assures the pair there, "I don't even know what a heliotrope is." But then Evaristo is talking about a fountain that sprays out chocolate and honestly that's gotta be a sight to see. He hops to his feet and hurries over to Evaristo. "Is this artifice? I might have to change my mind about Brass if he makes more stuff like this."

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Lorenzo draws Gwenna over to the chocolate fountain so they can try different snacks dipped in the rich chocolate... fruit, cookies, and the like. "Anything you desire, you have only to ask, my dearest," he says quietly to Gwenna. And this may lead to endless, outrageous conversation later, but it's an easy promise to make this evening, in a garden under the stars, with their glasses filled with icewine.

Spying some familiar faces on their way to the chocolate fountain, Gianna inclines her head to them. "Mister Grayhope, Captain Evaristo, Lady Moore. How lovely to see you. Please try the chocolate fountain; it's delicious." Hardly any bugs get in it. Gianna inclines her head to Elgana, because yes, who wouldn't love going on an adventure with her? And arches her brows at Arthen. "Do go on."

Gwenna got a bit caught up in the moment, but blinks and gives a little shake of her head, smiling up at Lorenzo again with that hint of wickedness at the corner of her mouth. "I wonder if we could get one of these for the villa," is mused as she studies the fountain. "Do they have fountains like this in Lenosia? With perhaps wine instead of chocolate?"

Evaristo calls out to Lorenzo and Gwenna. "This is AMAZING! I've never seen a chocolate fountain before, but I think I'd like to get married just so I can have one." He gets a plate with some of the dipping treats; strawberries, cookies, some other fruit, seeing that that's he way to do it. "It's probably magic," he whispers rather loudly to Gilroy. He gives Gwenna such a big happy smile, he momentarily looks like a five year old getting a sweet treat.

Helena watches the excitement at the chocolate and laughs merrily. "All right, I have to check out this fountain. I will probably end up with chocolate all over my gown like when *I* was eight," she says with a shake of her head and gets up to join in the chocolate fun.

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Bliss just smiles as she watches people rush to the chocolate fountain, and offers no clues as to how it continues flowing. Is it artifice? Is it some form of Whisper technology? Is there just a servant inside cranking furiously away at a corkscrew, or one doing so from a distance discreetly? Who knows! The mystery is the fun.

"I saw one of these when I was in Caith," Gretchen says, going to fill up a plate with things to stick into chocolate, "Never knew the Gildens had it in them. I was certainly surprised. Didn't eat any chocolate for like a month afterwards. In case you're wondering shrimp and chocolate do not work together." she gives a shudder.

"It certainly tastes like magic," says Gilroy, coming up from dipping everything he can find in the chocolate long enough to actually speak to Evaristo. "So dipping the cake in there is pretty good, and dipping the melon in there is pretty good, but you should try dipping the scallops in there!"

While Arthen might not dip his strawberry into the chocolate, Elgana is already on berry number fou when others start to make their way over. A cloth napkin has even found its way into her hand to help keep chocolate off her gown but heavenly messes are bound to happen. "Isn't it?" she enthuses to Evaristo. "I have heard of these but never got to experience a chocolate fountain until today! I dare say I almost wish we had one back at the villa." Berry number five gets eyed but she manages to hold back. "Lady Moore it is a pleasure to meet you. I was sad to have missed the opening of your spa but hope to venture that way one day myself."

The youngest of the Redrain princesses joins those at the fountain, reaching for something to dip into the chocolate. "There's nothing like liquid flowing chocolate to make children of us all, is there?" Helena says, eyes on the bit of fruit she's skewered as she twists it this way and that under ribbons of chocolate. She leans against her sister, resting her golden-head on Elgana's shoulder as she studies the chocolate and the fountain. She looks up as two people suggest not putting seafood in the chocolate and smirks. "Duly noted."

Gwenna lifts one shoulder in a half-shrug to Evaristo. "Well, I will be the last person to wrinkle their nose at magic that makes chocolate flow and cover strawberries so delightfully, Captain," she says with a bit of a grin. Gretchen's words make her laugh and yet shudder as well. "I would not think a pairing of shrimp and it might go well, but I have heard of odder things, I'll admit," she tells the Moore noblewoman. "My mother, a Laurent before she married into House Redrain, said that sometimes people would candy bark." A laugh and roll of the eyes follows the remark.

Lorenzo looks over at Gwenna and laughs. "Honestly, I have never seen such a thing in my entire life. It would be amazing if they had something similiar with wine. If word gets out about this, I'm sure that someone will decide they have to try it. Hopefully after the shortage of Lenosian red is resolved, though." Lorenzo is Lycene, so of course he is concerned about such things. At Evaristo's suggestion that it could be magic, he laughs. "If it is, it must be Whisper House magic. They're clearly capable of amazing things, just going by this party."

Evaristo is stuffing himself and manages somehow not to get chocolate all over himself, mostly cause he's leaning out each time he eats something. He likes his cerise sea-silk shirt, damn it. He nods in agreement to Gilroy, then eyes the bacon snack he still has... and sloooooowly dips it in the chocolate. He takes a bite, tilts his head. "Hmmmm. Yes, I can eat this," he notes and munches it down. "Though, I wouldn't try it more than once," he tells the highnesses with a chuckle. He turns a look at Bliss now, gives her a wide grin and a little bow of respect, recognizing and honoring the party planner. Then he idly dips a strawberry and sort of casually offers it to Helena there with a charming smile.

Gretchen smiles to Elgana, "There is always time to pamper yourself. I have several lovely workers who keep the place staffed at all hours and I'm working on a bunch of different perfumed oils to keep the hair soft, shiny, and scented." she pops a strawberry in her mouth to have a bite and closes her eyes, "It really doesn't get much better than that. Clearly I need a chocolate fountain in my life."

Gwenna chuckles at Lorenzo. "Whisper House magic, without doubt. This is why every House should have a contract with them, truly," she notes and then Gretchen's words again steal her attention. Brows arch with curiosity as she says, "Oils for the hair, did you say? I swear the humidity of summer is the very worst thing about leaving Farhaven. It is why I end up with far more braids in the warmer months than otherwise."

Drea gets up and walks over to Gwenna and Lorenzo with that package in her hands. She leans down to whisper in Gwenna's ear before handing over the package and then she heads off.

Arriving late, hopefully only fashionably so, and sliding in as quietly as a mouse is Lycoris. Her hands, casually resting in the pockets of her breezy white slacks present a relaxed disposition to accompany a small smile. Looking through the crowds, she spots a familiar face in Willow and to her she gives a dip of her head. Moving throughout the garden, the little mirrors suspended on from the tree branches catch her attention. "What a lovely touch. Makes the lights dance," she says to herself.

Lorenzo smiles warmly at Drea and leans in to give her a hug as she passes off the package to them. "Thank you so much for coming. We will have to get together again soon."

Gilroy leaves it to Evaristo to keep Glooping it up. Instead he grabs a fork, stabs a strawberry, gives it a quick dip and turns to eye Gretchen. He pulls the fork back and looks to Evaristo. "Care to make a wager?"

Gwenna leans in to hear the quiet words of the Princess Mother of Farhaven, a woman who the whole family turns to in times of war and peace. The younger Redrain nods her head. "Lorenzo is right. We should all go to dinner together soon, Princess Drea. It's been too long."

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Drea hugs Lorenzo, touching each of the pair's face and then she makes her way off, a little smile on her lips, a wave to the party. "I think a family dinner is just the thing, darlings. Don't forget the drinking contest tonight."

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Someone should probably take the chocolate away from Elgana or get her away from it, but she smiles to Gretchen. "That sounds amazing! I am going to have to come by very soon to see everything and see if I can't come away with something new. I can imagine it's going to be a very popular spot."

"I did!" Gretchen turns her attention on the bride, since even brides buy things, "It's perfect for taming curls in this humidity. You ought to stop by sometime. The spa is just south of the market. Come in to browse or to stay awhile for a steam." She nods to Helena, "That sounds like an amazing idea! Just let me know when and I will make sure we are all stocked up."

Mirk rises to his feet, where he's been sitting off beside the reflecting pools, and offers a dip of his head to Willow. "A pleasure to see you again, Lady Willow. We should speak again in the near future," he says. "And a pleasure to see all of you here today, though I think I'll be taking my leave. Congratulations again, Prince Lorenzo, Princess Gwenna. I hope you both have many years of happiness together." He slips out, but not before he stops by the chocolate fountain and dips a small piece of fruit into the chocolate to cover the lower half of it. He's seen snacking on it as he leaves. Apparently, even Mirk isn't immune to the temptation of a little chocolate, as stoic and pragmatic as he is.

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Making her way curiously to the chocolate fountain, Radhilde gets herself some fruit and dips one end into the fountain with a little giggle before she takes a bite of the chocolate half of it., her eyes shifting around as she chews.

"I /heard/ about that spa opening," Gwenna tells Gretchen with a bright smile. "I will certainly be visiting," she tells the other woman and sounds quite sincere. Mirk gets a warm smile as well. "Thank you, my lord, for the words and coming tonight. It is always good to have family with us on such occasions."

As Drea heads out, Lorenzo gives Gwenna a warm smile. "Is that our next planned event? A family dinner? Other Houses do it too... perhaps we could host one and see how it goes. Provided we could manage with just our household staff and not the assistance of Whisper House behind us." Oh dear, they will actually have to plan things themselves and... do work. A nod and smile to Mirk. "Thank you so much for coming. We will certainly have to get together again soon, under quieter circumstances."

Gwenna clasps her hands together when Lorenzo mentions a family dinner. "That's a wonderful idea. To be honest, we've all talked about doing one for the longest time." She pauses to glance around the glorious decor of the gardens and their hostess before looking back to her husband. "I think, though, that this reception has ruined all other events for me," she teases lightly. "What do you think of the fountain, Lady Radhilde?" That asked, she notices Lycoris' entrance and sends a friendly wave in the woman's direction. "You really must try the chocolate," is also offered.

Gretchen gives Gilroy a look like don't you dare, before turning her attention to Radhilde, "What an interesting name. Redrain?" She asks with curiosity.

Evaristo has to give up the fountain now, he's had a bit too much. He glances at Gilroy, eyes that fork, eyes him. "I..." he begins, so tempted. Wagers are HARD to resist. "... need to get going," he says and eyes the chocolate fountain sadly. However, he lingers to listen to ARthen and nods thoughtfully at him. "I only know a little - some stories the Bard's college has collected. Having just run into some Shav'arvani pirates that I believe were cultists of some sort or another? Yeah, perhaps one should read it with a critical eye. As for experience, sure - but so does many others. Still, I offer my services." He turns a bow at Gwenna and Lorenzo once more. "Your highnesses - thank you once more, I've had such a good time and will dream of chocolate, no doubt." A bright happy smile at the two and then he's bowing around to everyone else before he turns to head out with his lazy stroll.

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A bit of the chocolate having gotten on her finger, Radhilde was in the process of discreetly cleaning it off when addressed and she grins slightly as she rakes a bit of chocolate from her lower lip, "It is simply amazing. I didn't know there would be such a thing at this party. Whisper House has done an exceptional job of things." She praises with a look to the fruit and smiling, careful not to let it drip onto the clothing she wears.

Her attention pulled away from the spinning mirrors, Lycoris makes her way over to the chocolate fountain, giving the Princess a bow of her head. "It is indeed, very impressive. I'll happily take a taste." She takes a skewer and lines up a couple of pieces of fruit that are then dipped in the flowing chocolate. "This must be your wedding reception." She says to Gwenna, noticing her outfit. "I'm Marquessa Lycoris Hawkmour. I've just married myself and arrived in Arx; I thought I might congratulate you. Congratulations. This must be your husband." She turns her attention to Lorenzo, dipping her head to him as well.

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"Thank you so much for coming," Lorenzo calls to Evaristo with a wave. "We should definitely get together soon! Ah, at this rate, I'm going to have to make a list," he muses more quietly to himself. His bright smile returns, though, as Lycoris approaches them. "Marquessa, how very nice to meet you! Lorenzo Redrain, and my lovely wife Gwenna. And I'm glad you could come. Truthfully, Gwenna and I were married a few months back, but we put off the reception for the sake of a summer party. And honestly, I think it was completely worth it."

Better late than never, right? That's the story of the Mother of Mercy's life, always running late because she's putting out one fire or another. Tonight, at least, she's not wearing the robes of Mercy that she normally wears. She's wearing an actual gown, and the hair that usually hangs down in back in a no-nonsense golden braid is loose and flows down to the small of her back. She stops inside the entry to glance around before entering the throng of people.

When Radhilde makes her way to the chocolate fountain, Elgana offers her a warm smile, "Isn't this quite the marvel? Whisper House never fails to impress me." Another berry but then Elgana reaches for a little cube of cake that's been skewered and she pushes it just a bit more down the little wooden rod before she impales the strawberry on that exposed end and then dips both into the chocolate wonder. The ebb and flow of the conversation gets paid attention to as she nibbles on berry-and-cake all enrobed by that chocolate.

Gianna looks pleased at something Arthen says; she offers one of her flickers of a smile at Lorenzo and Gwenna. Lycoris is given a slight nod and a curious look, but almost immediately Gianna's attention is drawn to the woman's dragonweep pendant. "Oh, that's lovely," she says, and there's envy in her eyes.

"Congratulations to you as well, Marquessa," says Helena to the newly arrived Lycoris. She too steps away from the fountain, not quite as capable of eating multiple pieces as some of those in the room with stronger constitutions -- or maybe it's the Lycene music messing with her head -- she's always so sensitive to it, those strange undertones. She heads back to sit with Margret, and murmurs something to the other woman, with a smile.

"I'm going to take you up on that," Bliss says to Margret, a little louder as the redheaded woman seems to be standing up - and she seems entirely serious, grinning at her as she stands up, before folding her arms across the table and watching. While not the center of attention tonight, she certainly seems to be rather happy with how the party has been going, and on seeing Sophie, she brightens up considerably. A hand comes up into the air, motioning the Valardin Princess over to join her.

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"The pleasure is all mine, Prince Lorenzo. Still, even if your wedding was a while ago... congratulations are in order. And the reception is quite unique. " Lycoris looks to Helena and dips her head, a smile appearing at the corners of her mouth, growing wide. "Thank you." Then to Gianna with a soft chuckle, "Thank you as well. It was my wedding gift from the Marquis."

Thank you so much for joining us, Captain Evaristo," Gwenna tells him prior to him departing, of course. Turning to Lycoris when the noblewoman joins them at he fountain, she smiles. "A pleasure to meet you, Marquessa, and welcome to Arx. Thank you for the congratulations and ours to you as well. Was your reception already held? If not, I can't recommend Whisper House more." She gives a little nod to the room, which really speaks for itself. Like Gianna, it seems, she is taken with the Hawkmour's pendant. "That is a /stunning/ piece. Please tell me it was bought it here in the city? So that I might visit the same jeweler." The nods of her head soon betray a complete agreement with Lorenzo's words. "So very much worth the wait."

Margret has been speaking softly to Bliss at one of the tables. Bliss's words elicit a laugh from her. "I hope you do." She stands up slowly from the table, stretching out her bad leg as she does, and takes a step towards where Gwenna and Lorenzo are. But then Helena is coming in that direction. And so is Sophie. Mother Mercy how lovely to see you." She says with a warm smile. To Helena she says, "I thought I'd properly say hello now that they've greeted everyone. Would you like to walk with me?"

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Though he's been floating around the chocolate fountain, picking at particular berries and having them alone, there comes a point where Arthen Dayne seems to remember something, and he glances over to Elgana, wandering closer to tell her, "Half just brought me a message sayin' we've got business, soon. I've gotta go see to it. You want I should walk you home?", he asks, polite-like. And after a second, he finds fit to add, "I mean, to get your leathers."

Belatedly to Gretchen, Radhilde nods to the woman's question, giving a warm smile, "I'm Lady Radhilde Acheron, I don't think we met.. but I have heard mention of the spa opening." She grins then and looks to Elgana, responding to her, "Oh yes, a marvel indeed.. I love it all." She soon pierces more fruit to a skewer, dipping them anew into the chocolate.

As Bliss waves her over, Sophie moves in that direction, picking up liquid refreshment on her way there. She smiles at those she makes eye contact with and when she reaches the table she smiles warmly to Margret, "Lady Margret! I was hoping to see you again soon. I shall invite you to tea." She squeezes Margret's arm and then her eyes turn to Bliss and she slips into the table next to her.

Lycoris laughs, "Thank you, thank you. And yes, none other than the esteemed Joscelin Arterius to credit to the piece. And yes, the wedding and reception have been held, the Marquis finds himself buried in his duties as always in Brassfall. Maybe one day he'll join me here and we will hold a very, very belated reception for Arx. I wouldn't dream of having it anywhere else. Where else has a ~chocolate~ fountain. Genius touch."

"I actually need to go. The combination of music and wine and chocolate and you know, a general lack of sleep due to recurring nightmares," says Helena, with a gesture to her head. "Getting a little headachey. But it's all so lovely I don't want to go," she says with a wide smile. "But go give your besties your love, of course." She reaches to give Margret another quick hug and then heads for the door herself, waving to those still assembled there.

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2 Redrain Guards leaves, following Helena.

Lorenzo nods to Lycoris. "Whisper House and Champion Bliss Whisper are all to thank for the amazing reception here. I wish I could take credit for it, but we just threw some ideas at Bliss, and she put it together as you see here. And if you are new to Arx, then I hope you will settle in easily. I think I had a few challenging moments not long after arriving, but there's so much to see and do." He smiles at Gwenna and gives her arm an affectionate squeeze.

Gwenna is overheard praising Gianna: Bringer of the Chocolate Fountain!

Finally, Elgana takes a step back from the chocolate fountain. "This thing is far too amazing to not be considered some great wonder of the world," she says to Gianna. "Whisper House and its marvels have always been some of my favorite things about Arx. But that said, I don't honestly wish to be chased about with a broom again." A tease there as she winks but then looks to Arthen and says, "Speaking of ships there is something I wanted to discuss with you about caravels and an idea of mine. If you have the time, of course."

Lorenzo is overheard praising Gianna: Whisper House magic!

"Tea would be lovely. I look forward to it." Margret says to Sophie, and she smiles warmly at the Valardin woman as she does to sit with Bliss. She says to Helena, "I'm going to send you a tea for some sleep. Goodnight, and take care of yourself!" With Helena gone she continues onwards towards Gwenna and Lorenzo and the magical chocolate fountain. She smiles warmly at both of them, but lets them continue their conversation without adding in. To Elgana she says, "We should rent the garden and just have a party with a few of us and this fountain." She snags a fruit skewer to dunk.

Gretchen's head swivels towards Lycoris, "You just missed Joscelin's...cousin?" she realizes she isn't quite sure of the relation but shrugs, "Lady Gretchen Moore, owner and operator of Moore Serenity Spa." She offers for anyone nearby that doesn't know.

"Joscelin does amazing work," Gianna tells Lycoris. "I'm envious." She keeps eyeing the dragonweep sidelong. Margret is given one of her faint little smiles, and Gianna leans in to murmur something to the woman.

Gwenna gives an 'aaaah' sound in reply to Lycoris. "I knew the Guildmaster's work quite well. I have a delicate silver brooch that is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that she crafted." As people begin to depart, the princess gives them each a warm smile. Margret's words gets several enthusiastic nods. "We /should/, Lady Margret. I will happily pitch in." Lorenzo's squeeze to her arms only brightens her smile. "We have quite a list of things to see and do, don't we my love? Slowly but surely, though, we are ticking things off."

"Do you think they'd let us?" Elgana wonders at Magret's suggestion, a fond nearly wistful glance given toward the fountain that perhaps just touches /too/ wanting. "I bet we could arrange a little something, if not that. We deserve a nice relaxing time after some of the trials that have dragged themselves across the threshold."

Lorenzo flashes a smile at Margret. "I believe that those with a contract with Whisper House are allowed use of the rooms here for small gatherings. It shouldn't be a problem if we had family together for tea or drinks or what have you." Wherever his brother Alessandro got to, that's a matter he should discuss with him as well. He gives a nod to Gwenna. "We've gotten so many great ideas just tonight, I think we'll be busy for some time making them happen."

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Gilroy pops one last strawberry, then heads for the exit, his desire for fellowship and good times and forever friends and free food having been fully sated. "Good evening, all!" Then he heads out.

Gilroy is overheard praising Lorenzo: Three cheers for Count Lorenna! I think!

"Sure, we can chat about it..", Arthen Dayne says, smile on his lips, and he looks over to Gianna, "It was nice seein' you again Nightingale. You'll hear from me sometime soon on account of that expedition.", and then he turns to wave to Prince Lorenzo and Princess Gwenna, "Have fun, you two! You are lookin' good! I'll bring those books by!". As Elgana starts making eyes at the chocolate fountain again, he goes a little wide-eyed himself, letting her linger around the thing as long as she'd like.

Radhilde's eyes squint mildly at the departing Gilroy before her attention returns to the fountain and she exhales a briefly, "This has been amazing. Truly. I will forever remember this. I wish my sister could've made it to see you both, Princess Gwenna and Prince Lorenzo." She smiles to them both warmly.

"We could always try pleading and begging." Margret jokes to Elgana before she says more seriously as Gwenna and Lorenzo chime in. "Well it's settled. We'll see if we can't use the space for a small informal family chocolate dipping event." She pops her piece of chocolate covered fruit in her mouth, ad whatever Gianna whispers to her causes her to give the Whisper an apologetic look. "Oh! Yes!" She then whispers something back.

Gretchen has a few more pieces of chocolate flavored with fruit before saying to Margret, "Lady Margret, I need to chat with you some day about the Physicians Guild. Perhaps one afternoon while you're getting your nails done?" she suggests with a winning smile.

Lorenzo waves goodbye to Arthen. "Thanks, you too! And a particularly charming date you managed to catch, too!" he calls to the man. He nods to Radhilde and gives her a smile. "Thank you so much for coming. I'm glad you had a good time." He gives an amused look to Marget as she seems to be having an exchange, but he's delighted people are enjoying themselves.

"Nightingale, it is always a pleasure to see you and it'll be even more fun to perhaps one day go on an adventure with you too!" Elgana says as she starts to pull herself away from the magnetic grip of that chocolate fountain. Margret gets a hug and a cheek kiss as the Redrain murmurs to her bestie, "Let's have a party here soon then. We'll invite the people we like and just drink and indulge the night away!" To the others gathered near that fountain, she dips into a curtsy, quick and polite, "It was lovely seeing you all. Especially you and Lorenzo, Gwenna. Nothing but the best for you both." Turning then toward Arthen she snags up the explorer's arm, gentle like, "So I have this idea, it might be crazy. You'd tell me if it were crazy, right? I think I want a caravel." She lets that sink in just so as she starts to lead him off, giving Sophie and Bliss both a waggle of fingers as they pass, "You throw the best parties!"

Gianna inclines her head to Elgana and Arthen. "Thank you both," she calls. A nod to Margret, and a low comment.

We are truly glad you, at least, could join us, my lday," Gwenna tells Radhilde kindly, her smile still warm. "Sometimes duties keep us away from these joys, but such is the way of the Compact." Arthen makes her grin a bit wider and nod her head. "I can hardly wait to see what you'll bring to the library, Master Arthen! Thank you so much." As more people begin to make their departure, and no few other events about to commence around the city, Gwenna takes a moment to rest her head on Lorenzo's shoulder. "This was perfect," she murmurs to him happily. Not relishing the moment long, she leans her head back and and wiggles her fingers at Elgana. "Thank you for coming, too. It means so much having family around. I look forward to this future chocolate family dinner," she says with a glance from Elgana to Margret. "Champion Bliss, this was extraordinary. No amount of silver or accolades could possibly properly thank you for all you have done."

"Thank you, darling!" Bliss says to Elgana happily, returning the wiggle of her fingers, and then blowing a kiss to Elgana as she goes by. Then she turns her head, smiling at Gwenna and Lorenzo as the party begins to wind down, saying to her, "It really was my honor to help out and make this the day you two wanted it to be. I always love a chance to get to put on something extravagant."

Margret whispers something back to Gianna. She hugs Elgana in return and kisses her cheek as well. "See you soon!" She smiles to Gretchen, "I would gladly discuss the guild with you anytime, my lady." She then smiles broadly at Gwenna and Lorenzo before she syas, "Congratulations to you both. What a beautiful wedding. The wait was worth it."

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